The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, March 22, 1866, Image 1

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,„, paid serance - ; rflitElf DOLL/X .8 if tot
the expiration et the year. Subseriberof
r&rnor will be charge Prrrr Cwors a
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.er in si :ilia ,
crlsrunnst.7Oue Square of Ten Linen one in -
••.,a 0)1 tiei'verti`"" $476 4 three inner
,,, i , 00; owe swath $3,50; two months $3 Or
• m. ,,,n,,5i,5•1;eis triouths s7,oorone year $l2 00;
re „. ,a,,,,iieernents it proportion. These rates
n i , , ' r i:,. „awed to, unless changed by special
tem option: of the publishers. Audi./
e e r a ,
, sotiop. st r ap, .Dlvorces and like adrerthed
. .., j AN; Administrator's Notices S3,CO;, Loma':
1 ,,, res ee ate i line; Marriage Notieesewarree:.
owl p i e .; Obituary Notices (over three lilies
eat) Vs mute per line. Original poetry, ad.
4 , 43 ,t me request of the editor, one defier
ow i n a drefifiements will be confirmed at
siou , of the peonfidndliinge' until ordered
, 14, &re tie% unless a specified period is
water tbfir insertion. -
itn o,-..tre 'have One of the boat. Jobbing
sthe Mate, and
~ ,, ,i , s t ea sy be to abed to ne, in equal style,
ot . t amment op de of the largest cities;
a wermuleitions should take addreareed to
, . \
Editor aid Proprietor. -
00 „,.......•••••••..........
B u siness ,Directory. -., ...
A 0. C
" i orr L AY, Gins!, Erie Coutity,
a ether basin:so attended to with
, .
d - s tnottE,
In asst A. 7.. LAW, in Walker's Of•
,tul ,,, tree t, Ertl). Ps. r &QC 7'!:
wasen. - {u and Deflarin Stationery;
.44:13,,Nawspapers, &e. Country dealers,
3r , ander prove , RotAtr9ptlng the, Park;
MARVIN. ' . -
Artofortvi Cotreacttosus AT LAW.
Mock, near North West corner or the
• i •
1 .0 BENNETT, • I
ANTI! or Me PRAM'. Mace mond
French-Street, yetereen Fifth and
g 4 W11,1 1 1:1 1 4
epos:rims sat lax. Ridgway, Pa.
Cameron d Jefferson eon n
Ejle6RY6s-109 an W. W. WILBUR.
3111ilt 7 t 4 iNi .
Ir/110110111111P1.4.014 Par,gon Block s
it Writ of FiLltlit Hia4 &sky Pa.
, If. GUNN tsmr,
t ufo . mcent, Con teysocer and csileator.
•iathtsztlatag, southwest earner of Ififth and
i ,vio.Pn. • 5p13151
30113 CRC:MUSLIMS% it the new
Itee Mee, bas n band a large assort
3,.enea ProTiaions. Wood and Wlllow War e ,
. 1 3% Tobaceo, Sews, , hich be re
attYnti on of the publitNatislad,ttat
g er hargaini Ili can be bad in any part
1511. mai3013.5-1, •
I,I„SiSL DEN 41c ,
ylrcrirrraaaect 3 Enirtnott,Boilem
4 , Arta], tdal irapleztapta, Railroad Cu;
' _
AnOILVI7 AT Lair - , olnee 011 ettlatrliet,
Co art Eoaceq EliC.Pis
Du.ttp. boons) Greocrzaraig,
5 21 , Site, GLlas, Seed, ?hurter, etc., car
zw.,engt,,C Pestle Square, Erie, Pa, jariti.
D. 014.3010 E,
fqXll; ET S&LS STAMM, On Eighth
eeP.ste and French. Vine Horses and Car
l: Meltable terms. y, - my28454-Iy.
:outset FRP..SCII aao DPI( sTairrs. RAJA
er, Propriiteit tiled Emits and Carriages
it It 190Srrate pries& Sept. 45,146 -
. .1 littAs
Groceries, Predsoe, Provisions,
.I;if and stone Ware. Wilma, Litilloilt4 Ara,
n,k nomte the Pootoio, Erie, Pa -
- • 1:641115-11
21.1411 LL,
Demeter, °thee in Rosee- , re • .
let:north side of the NAG Erie. Pa. 2d.
.fret :114ZEPPA - nousti r
OPPOSIgn THE Piing/A:3R , pc
PA, Being rienclr fitted up In the IC "it 31
/Otis row "pen to the public. Realm to
.3 tie arrival of all Pasteuirer Treas. fut.4l3
crux 0/ RGRY BROS., Propn Orr.
LE HOTEL, Waterford. In.
' Boum , Lsastx. Paopataroa
4a.ounlodatione, ood earetni attention zireo to
—art of sesta., • ap6'66-1y
rude by
;S. DRUCKER .t.. 00
Sells Them.
. 2(1 floor tiestty's Block, Wei Park. Erie, Pa,
erfncl, ChrLstlan k Rath'e gtore. fteeideaef
amen Wllllary, FlithStreet, East of Freneb.
boure--8 to 10 el, and 2to 3'P. x.
• te of the Pennsylvania College of .Dental Par-
ME* in Wright'e Block. (over Vlere & ELllott's
Art) Erie, Ps.
.Pltrer, D i D. S., North a - otenth otreetjblladel-
BtritieghtM, D. D. 8., No. 24.3, North . NW th
ON SPERM Sr., opposite Crittenden Hall
' -Pt. Collections and all other legal but
Crieford, Vane:leo, Erie, .Warren and Pori%
ittendcd to carefully sod promptly.
.•ccs—Win.•A. MOM% , Whitman & Brecht
SB,Emann a Ramie, Erie, Pa..
it Bum; Ron. 8. P.../sdirisort, W. D. Drown
e Clerk. Warren, Pa. 4
I-Rtti,l4l7l Principal. Ge 0.17. GUNNISON Esq.,
Prof. of Commercial Law.
Oiroplided, new Olassideation of .Ac&
BasinnuProctlim, Ornamental and 13usi•
muldp. Commercial Law. Commercial /Stith
- Ca rd,
/lc, for ladles' and gents. The
comprehend tbe whole basis of
IT4I amoatit, and exhibit every possible earls
"liersod closing books. No expense will he
ra eats this a olessant, practical snd perms
-time:, " The -City of Schools." Practical As
fteles will be empioyed. Terina , •lTnitlim
ittl•stv be; razilitirs - land greatest
' , lnge's. Fiend for Circulars.
• -
Pass. .
1 74 Vet hem ssrustiterl themselves, under .
.P. 14 of lVebb.t. Childs • in the Pottery bun
stsud, on the canal, bvtlesen Sec n
•ae wrong...our the customers of the old
Pur.lin ot-ibe public generally. promising
'fit cliesror to give perf.ct sa•lsfsetinn.
y - 44E0. F.
JAY a. cntl.,D4
a 1 131013 Merebrurts, Who!easie dealers
: „
Ballmineus , Agents - for N. Y.
of Steamers. Flat Public Dr.ek,
r. 0. Treiyary Department and
misricaer far Noldially Wash in gton'
Chisi Agen'i, Farrar Hall Rialidiag,
itiell4'7, , Nasal and Ciril claims
if,lelityeed dispatch. Pension.s obtained
by mail promptly attended
tat bad saverai years' esperiente in Itea
mom Departments, feels Confident' he
1441m.y aid ta proseenting all kinds
,e1"8 FOIL SILE.
mill henget/des on State Stfewts
/ad flghth : - Ireetar t Eset side. are nF
7. 1 7 reasonable perms, If applied fur
l ALBRAITB, Agent,
C ' IV ANS. D.,
. Ttadats hie priltersionst eenteea to the
'de 'tar. Ciao and residence No.
ho rest of Ethreopolehtreh. •
rtl4l7t Root Iburencruazi,
Ikecht's Ithik, Eris, Pa. .
irsetiee I
m the estate of Jamiaerowley
,tP • Elle county. PA, haying
/—.cam: gee; notice if hereby Risen
fad tit i ns! make immadiate payment
41118 the 1131110 will present
t1C1t4.3. for riettlement.
a Ir.
vqL LIME 36.
,e- Special. Notice 1
antis, l ICI DAL tiliAdlitititota FAsty of "igaritsg
-1 and 00.rue:inn tq,loing kien—publi htsl by Bow. -
ard Asrociation,a d sea tlr, of chargo in sealed easel.
Addren c Dr. .l. hEILLINIIO (WON. .
ja.W6B-Iy. Pbllll.lphia,
IikjeUVOUP.I JIMBILITY. semitutt irosticsiwts.
1.1 can be cured . by ono who hits cop d himself and hon
droie nrothere, awl will WI yen n4thing ytittbe truth.
Aildrem with stamp, -
, }511155-1:. BOX 67. Boston*
Tl+' V 01l 'WANT -. Vii it. NOW A LITTLE-?#
1 BVRRYTIIING relating to the human system, nude
400 female; the canoes are tfeatutout of disalses: the,
marriage outgoing of the world ; box to .carry well, ind
a thousand things never published before, read the re—
site(' and enlarged edition of IdentOLL Connalf Sge"
a curlew. book form:Haus people, and a good book for
every one. 1400 pages. 100 illusgratrotts. Price $t GO.
Contents to le a int tree to any address. Bookk may be
had at the book itorea, or will be sent by mail, post
paid, on reoeipt orthe price. Addiegg, .
, X.-. FOOTS, M.D.,
, B
I dm i 1130 Broadway, New York.
CONSUMPTI V IrS. -r- r The advertiser ihaving
' been reetoreJ to ileaith In a &W . weeks ht A ' Er r
eimple remedy, alter lanai te• antlered seems! ion?* with
a severe tun; alfeetioti, and that dread dine ,se, Cod_
qrmption—iiao mons to make known to hie follow-ent-: .
feArs the melee of cure.
o sU who de 're it, he will send a cony of 'the pre
&Option tieed, (free of charge,) with the directions for
Prllllifing end uving the Sarno, which they will Bad a
ware tam ftr C maw - option, asthin BronchtYs. Coldn,l
Coiighs, &c. The only object of the advertiser in send-:,
to the tweeeripthet is to benefit the aillicted.and spreal
Information *bleb. he con:Arcs to be fora%ablet and hei;
hepea evert nutlet eV will try-lia remedy, as it will coat
:tarn nothlnc, and may prove a atoning.
Parties whit - the preeer - '
EtaKfS ar auff‘ring homicitr, and tree,t; 1 . 1
who need it, the recipe, and dire-atom' for mac
simple remedy by whiCh he was cared. Sufferers wishing
to profit by the adrertisei:e experience, can do so by ad
eratew JOHN R. OGDEN.
dealt* ly. • No. 18 Chambers St" N. Y.
QTRAIVOIL BUT TRUE. , -Every young lady and
gentirean In the United can hear sornettatig
Tel.' much to their advantage by return mail, (free of
etverge) br addressing the undersigned. nose haring
rein of . being humbugged will oblige by not noticing fhb'
e-rd. All ?tilers ,sllll please address,thelr obedient 1017..
dee2B'6s -Iy. 831 Broadway: N. Y.
" - -
31111.:411ALLN CATAII4III r3:llliFF.—Thie
13 Snuff ban thoroughly proied itself to be -the beet
article known for Miring CATARRH. Coco to ?ill EiIIAD
and tiAADAOBII. -It bee been found an excellent remedy.
In runny melee of Roan Eves. DRAiranse has been re roved
by it. and Ream s° has often been greatly imprbved by
its nee. It la fragrant and agreeable, and gives
RZLIEf' to the dull heavg.pains caused by diseases
t the Head. The sensations after using it are dolfghtfttl
and faitigoratieg. It epelas and 'purrs out all oh
'tractions. strengthens the glands and givee a healthy
eaten to the parts affected.
More-than thirty years of awls and use of Dr Marginal i a
Catarrh and Headache Snuff ban proved Its great value
.for all the common diseases of the head, and at this mo
ment It Stands higher than ever before It iarenmnmend
ed by many of the beat physician% and is rased with great
success and wittsfaction everywhere: Read the Certificate
of Wholcaale Druggittstin
The undersigned having for many years been sconahr
ted 'frith Dr. IletahnilleCeterrli ssid livadeebe douff, and
mold in our wholesale trarie„ctmelfull. state that we be
lieve it to be equal, in every respect, to the regommenda
tions given of , t for the rare of Catarrh Affections. and
that it is decidedly the best article-we have ever known
for all common dieeeeeen/ the He: d.
Burr & Perry, Reed; auntie & Co., Brown, Lamson &
Co., Reed. Cutler k Co. ‘ Setb W. Fowls. Wilson, Fairbank
N Co., Rocton ; flerohlux, Edmvade & Co., 11. R- Nay,
Portland. Me.; Rarnee & Park, A. B. & it:Naafis, Stepben
Paul & Co.,lsrael Goer Ss Co., MeCerson k Robbins, A.
L. eov l ll do Co., .41. Ward, Clove & Co., Bush & Gale,
Ne York. ,
or sale by all Druggists. - Try it. . sep2l'6s-Iy.
Lvores rEettopictr, paws.
These Drone are a selelatiffeelly conitounded fluid
reparation, and better than any pills. powders or Doi.
trams. Being liquit, their action. is direct au l' positive,
rendering them a reliable, speedy an i certain arcitic
for the cure of all obetrrictions and auppoontions of na•
ture. Their popularity is indleated by the feet that
over 103,000 bottles are annually solkand coosamed by
the ladies . of America', every one of whom speak An
the strongest terms of viv, of their great rewrite.—
They are rapidly - tat - 10 the 'place of every other female
remedy, and are eonaldered by all who, know aught of
them, as the surest. eateet and most infallible propels.
tion in the world, for the cure of all female comslidnl a,
the removal•of all obstinct ens of nature, and the pro
motion of health, regularity and strengtEr' Explicit di
rections, stating when they may ho wed, and explain
lag when and why they should not, and c old not be
used aid:tont producing eiTecte contrary to naturen ti t °.
yen later, will be found carefully folded around each
bottle, with the written signature of John L. ',Lyon,
without which none are genuine. '
Prepared by Dr. JOHN L. LYON, 111 a Chapel street,
New Haven, Coon., who can be consulted either per
sonally or by letter, (enclosing etamr.) concerning all
private diseases and 'female weaknesses.
...dold by Drugglits everywhere. •
C. Oa CLA PS & CO.,
riartlf-ly Gen, Agents for U. S. sMd Canada,.
Att.lols 1 i
TILL TAILgtITV 4 PILLS. , , . . -
Composel of highly Concentrated Egracts from
Roots and fferhe of the greatest medical vatiMprepsrelt
from the origeal prescription of the celeiraWd Dr. Tal
bott, :ad used by him with remarkable success for
twenty vestal, An infallible remedy in all DIS ga 81M
of t be.LIT RR, or soy derangement of the DIGRIT/VR
Ther Curs ifier`rhot I, Dyripepsi.., Scrifula, Jaundice.
Bilioasnos Liver Complaint,. 1,
- The well-known Dr. Mott eive of these Pills : 'II have
used the lonia!' from which your Pills are 'made, in
tay praitlea over 12 years ; th ly have the finest of
feat upon the Myer and Digestive Organs of any midi.
Mire in the 'fond, and are the most perfect Purgative
which has ever yet been by anybody.. :Me • are
safe and pleasant to take. but' powerful to cure 'their
penetrating properties stimulate the vitaractivities of
the body, remora the abstractions of its organs. partly
the Wood, and expel disease. Then pliarge out the (cll
humors ;which breed and grow distemper, stimulate
sluggish r dutorilered organs into their natural action,
and imp t a healthy tone with etzertgth ta the whole
sy s tem. %Not only do they cure the every day corn.
p Lint; everybody, bat Jaen f ',addable and dangerous
disease and being pirely vegetable are free from ant.
risk or harm." ,
They create pore blood and remote all impurities
.frbm the system, hence area posltlre c ettre for Fevers,
Headache, Piles. Mercurial Messes and Herein try
Duman.. D,oso—for adalta, one Pill ix t the morning ;
; for children under' 8 year*, half a Pill. • .
Price One 1)ellar per Box. Trade supplied; or sent by
poet paid, to any part of the Vnitki States or
Oanadiu on receipt of price. None gea r- nine without the
tec-eimfle signature of V. Mott Talbott; If. D.
• V. MOTT rALScITT k 00., Proprietors,
0e5'45-ly N 0.64 Paltoo street, New Yolk.
Sllicels3l Smoderay, New Yel l s.
Orasatriiier--Aftr a fair krial.if any person Awl not
regard tits Finkle b; Lynn Sewing Iltchinsas superior
,tuaor macblois in market, he can return it and live hie
Money. It Ilan taken Mani of the highest prises—is leas
c ,, ropliclted than any other firstetas. , machine -- d oes
wider rarge, of wars without thanging—zrognires
takingAmarr to clean' or oil, and no •le , nions" to;set nee
dle. regulate tens on oroperste mathino.
N. IL—Any Ciergrman reading us two orders for Its
chines. 'hall receive was for rrimeelf as a 'resent.' The
same pro pos,tiOn is extended t:r I t rofeaa t rat sad Teaebere-
We have now completed our Now Manufactory at a
cost Of antla .$20 1 ,0C0, incinding New rATANTB and ,
nortAnt IMPR.Oiltwe.s?,; sod the coject of thee bore pro •
poeltion is to lie •ure theimmtdiste intertineticnint our
improved machine into every town of the United States •
'without itlCUrring the great expense .. .lf a traveling agent.
Thur propositiOn cansot grail in tow=s occupied by our
o n agents.
Plesee send for descr i ptive Catalogue, with samples of
E 13.111117.. I
. int 8116tt
riltio 3i OWN At [l.l l l LIN CM:M.7U OPOAN
t forty different styles, advted to escred tort recnLyi
marl; for $5O to $6OO etch Fifty-one gokf or ether
nj•Qals, or other &rat premiums awarded them. Mee- ,
trated Cataineaes tree. addrers. 1 1 / I SON
Boston, or ILISDN fIROTFIERS. New York. jall'46,
r I °WARD .504.401:1tT10N.• - PIIILADEL.
EillA, L'A.--TlisAssnivot the Urinary and.§exas
S•siews—new and trestwe . Also the !Beds
Chamber.aa Emir of Warning nod inatroetion. sent in
'caked envolopei, free of charge. 11.1dreas Dr. .J Skill in
tbnitliton;,, Finwarl A.simmistioo, No. 2, oath Mato
treet,Phifacielphis. Ya. il2ff'6S.l.r
ti OALDI. 14,
1.1 • -.- .
Fru removed -
Were' tovlevites all his friends to sell and see Mtn.
Custom Work, Baptising and Cutting attended to
promptly Gleaning d• ne in th e beat manner.
Febttrad-ly •
SLATS ffij, amnia! 3D AID tin.
Stack equal to, sof in the elti, And prim u mode ,
241.111. (mart•ti)
AT Law, Magyar,
adJoiniag Chanties.
11 , 51 OyA Is
The subscriber -has -rennortehts ,stack of Grocertee
from the Amid above the Lake S hy , . Depth , . to the
room -in - the - brick block , on State 'tryst, corner of
Fo irth, wbere be will behappy to jt ,,, fib m a l an t
cotton:oriel:id All•their Orden for goods. Ms etock
(Arose:tee tut tstge„and carefully selected smi egad
at the lowest rates conshitent with %hearten/II coat.
Re Invites all-ba need of anything lzi hie One to gin
iums all. - L scR3flGif7SR. ,
7 .E
. ,
• - 1 ' -
I •
* ( "
. a
• •
. - h.
* • "
- . .
I 111:
• ~„ -
• 1.•
Lucrure. LYON, St! 4.91•-
11#0.1)01,LAR$ AND A-HALF PER YEAR, Ix PALO' IN . AD 4 ,VAIICE; $3,00 IF . NOT PAW UNTIL spiE END 4.1F"4.111! YEAR
SDAY -. AFTONO6N . ,,IIARcH 22,\ 1866.
(NOt iithrtskei riepr444
will aura
Dobiltty.irroltlng from any ellitillik . vbstereic Proodrstion'
of Vie oroWn x cau , ord by sew bardahipr, irpcurareo r
fryers or d owl of camp ittr : Soldlyra. *Threw, and*
or remae, 4olto or moth tad in this Baton ra pots
Tonle, not epondent on b d.liwasto tar tbeir'ainomit mt
rat woos " •,- .
9 ,
Atid diseases resulting time disorders of the Unr Mid
• Direattre organs, are oared by , ,
. .
. .
Thra Bitteci has tartan:ad more curet;Ores better
ratistactlow, has more teatimooy. Xis more reepeeteme
people to vntteh,for it Clan any other artieleitt the niar
kat. We defy any one to contrAlet tbis• 'nation. and
will pay $l,OOO to any an who will predate a cortlficale
knhl4hed by us that in not asocial.
cure every cue of ehrouto or naming debility azuS
disgasos of the kidceyi. , Olwerre the following topttnnit
rtialting from disorders of the digestive °roans
ConattiAtien, inward Pile. Frtlinen of Blood to tbio
Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Humes, Heartburn, DI4-
guilt l o ooti, INlnbas or weight In the Stomach, Sour
ti notations, sinking •or fluttering at the -Pit of the
Storoseb, Setituning of the Head, lifurnedand difficult
Brearblngf, Flattving at the H rart,Chatag or f3l2B . oOffte
Sensations when in • lying posture,- Dimness of Vie.
ion. DMA or %Vete b.fore the sight, Fever Dull Pala
in the,'lleted. DefieffDer of Per•OffitfOO, "TfiIOODrOP of
the skin and tree, Pain in the Side. Bank, Chest, Limbs,
-ans Budcign•Flushre of Her, Darning in the Flesh, COO.
BMA Imaginings of Helfand great Depression ofSpirite.
'Brerinee;tbst thle Hitters!. noielehnelle, contains
no. Igna or whliksy,and•cannot make drunkard telt le
the best tonte in the world. •
From Der. W. D. Relefed, Pastor of 'Twelfth Raptlet
• Church. Phil*.
Gentlemen—l hers neatly been laboring seder the
Bestrew ing effects of Indigettion, accompanied by a pros,
tratimi of the termite system. Numerous rerakiles were
recommended by friends. and gums of, them tested, bet
without toast Your Roodand's Gwen- Bitters Were
rata mended by persona who had :tied them, and whose
favorable 'nation of then .11Itters induced me to try
teem. I mast =afar' Rut Ebsd au aversion to Patent
Medicines from the t.thouiand aud one" quack 4 11ittlier
'whose only ahn !learns to be to palm off aweetned and
dragged hurtor upon the commTaity.te a sly way, and
the tesdencr of which, Igen, in to make a m ", a con
firmed drunkard. Upon learning that • oars was really
a medicinal preparatton,l teok-it with happy affect. Its
action, not only upon the stomach, but noon the nervous
eystem., was prompt and gratifying: I feel that I have
.derived great awl permanent benefit froni the use of a
few battier. Pere reswictfuly yours.
W. D. SIM /RIM, No. 244 Thaciarnacon
From the Bee. D Pendell, Ambient SditorChrkthut
- - Chronicle, Phi Las;
/have derived decided benefit from the auto, Hoollaad's
Dorman Bitten, and I feel it my prtrilege to 'recommend
them as a most Valuable tonic to all wbo ate el:UW[lv
4rom eiseral debility or from diseases arising from the
derangement of the liver.
Yours truly,
From Firr. 3): Mint*. reetxr of tha resoillutik Zeiatilt
From tb many reirpeetab!e recommendations alien to
Dr. Hoed/Lad' 'a German B I teem, I ose Mdueedlo glee them
After s ing several bottle*, I found them to be's
;Mod re,miY tar detail!. sad a moat excellent tondo for
*be atatach. . P. HUMBS.
From Rev: , Wm. Smith, formerly Pastor of the Videed
- teem sod tftilNlle ( 'f ) . .12aptist Churches.
Hartag used in my family a number of bottles ei your
Hoottend'a German "Sitters, 1 have to say I regard them
as an excellent, mealeine,
,apr Malty adapted to remove
the 'el*vies they are recommended:Cr. They strengthen
and l&rfgerate the 'stein' debilitated, end are lute
tat in4teerdereof the live!, I= of appetite, he. I • ere
also rtentended them to several of my friends. she
hare tried thee, and (trend them greatly bensfletal in tact
reale "titan cf health. loon truly,
..W.11.841111, Q6s nuteblason Sty ?Wads:
See that the bigusbare of "C. 11..tiplaoli" .14 ea the
wrapper,ofeach bottle
• Should yo clearest droved do l t have the' 'Attie do,
not be. pdt off by soy of 'the Intotticating,Preperatle*
that may be tfiered io its piste, but lead to as sad 3,6
rtrorard. securely pitched, by *Area.
'l 6 Cr Pritenst &Doe sod Manufactory, No. 631 Arch
Street. Philadelphia, Pe.
Vocceitore to C. N. Action , & Co., j Proprietors.
Par the by dragiti#s and dealers In every town in this
United States. . &bra
f r 0 B B 11 . 8,L • 8
Fortifies the system aggasi the eTil ants ig nnthele
DOM. watt:.
Will care Drapepei. •
cane W call:nom . •
Will mire General Debility.
Will cure Heartburn.
Will cure Headache. • ,
It ill care Liras complaint: -
Will excite and treat* • healthy appetite. ,•
invigorate the organs Of digestion and modetate•
ly increase the tenmeratstre of the body and the force o
circulation, acting in fact as a gettersl oorroborant of tir
system, containing no poisonous &twill and is
' A fair 'Olaf!. earnestly so:ielted.
. GEO. O. IarIIDEL & 00., Proprietors,
Beldame. NI Y.
Central Depot, &m elan Express Wading SS MIA
For sale by et Dru nista, Groom, kn.
.113 r Erie, Wholesale Agents,.
and for sale by Hall k Wartel,Carter & Curer ma WU.
kineA Booth. -
oetlE6l , .* •
We are now rooming a Market Una from kris to Ma
oars, on the Phlladelphla & f§rte railroad, and Idaho/
. Mesire all kh:ds of
To awry it' on, have establietked a Depot on
Zn tho rear .of thit old . 11843
. .
Where we will be at all times ready ,- -•- re • . pas
the. • - -
flr the gime. 'AlLbering Produce for sale are request
ed to 'areas 'Cud!. Logan for Market Depot, Filth St.
aug10,18554f MAY & JACRSON.'• •
Would 'moat:Oily inform thop pnblie th;f, he hze overee.
• Store in
Where he will always keep pa hand *largest:43;li ?
And everything ninially for raisin as eatabllenm ,t
the Mad. • •
eir Terme la reasons* aa toy othercite
• ,
arx. lam. W.*.131 1 E
Obtains Houses and Storm for thoreirantiagoind rani
elope; Hotels and Dialling; with or Mee
furniture, for those giving up bousekee* . Also, Int y
'lollrinds of •'
„ -
. ' rawrcrss,Ciaesm 8T ns, 1 1•
PICTIMISS, Esßons„ MUSIO, IN . ND otritoot
- MIMI% dto 4 lo. '
Those • lath'g to sell by private aontraet, sad 'draws
gooney on any .asatal property Wended bar ustrieerred
sale by suction. Those baying or, selling can hsiz to
their advantage brapPbrtat to me at the -
. lINIOdI filliNT/0111'
baltrdatt . -
• , •
PEACH S?, Apra Tar L.... mragutopuzi, Nark PA
HENRY, "BR ANT & stuntw6OD,
(saeosisora to Adman* firaii,) •
111014,PA1111Wil OF •
- TuiAt Sam lio WAR*, .
-AND ALL EMS :or MD claim:Ng&
gran Stan sold by as Itanntad gtei .t 4lloa.
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puma Pw runs ol iu terlolWililib Claw
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sin la att mak. NS2/ars MOUNT ZILISWOOD:
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The dampen and Most Plewasit
• And pm itatif
. F 4ou SALE,
• 0,
SiO Franck stnet..
A lama lot of Souseoold Goods of army olfhwf
+nor or elowitid hand. The &maw Ist maracas
-5- • PARIonr,
Ptorus of all Sisals,
Thls tea rats *holm foi 'honsehlopssa is IE4 that
houses at a very low twits. WasellatPoblioend esiratep
Salo. Auctions twice a week,-,pTh ,
Portia wafts any of the aboriltoolla Will plum all
• d ausnans them . Thep Irlibestig so gold for all Muds
of household goods. Neither In cash of Ai iak *alit
,- 1 1
lime 14111t1LTY warr%zatuo.
Preferred by all practical Inter. It., and Poll wil
- .hare no other. Yannfeetnrid only by
' . V
-- ZLEGvER do siCrlr, ._ •
witousALN DRUO, "PAIN:!
• -
1y • No. UT brorib • Third,S t. Pills. 4.
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rll.ll LIBERVir TILTS 1. 4 *114
win do MUM sod bate: wotkat sem costAloul way
Gam. Try It • Naioxifutuilod olahr
ZIEGLifS , •
BMITH, • • •
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A/ R. 3 ,
N 0.13? North ?hint St*t, Flail •
febi'63 iTa. • -
-. . . .
'ltaring thoroughly established ms goods In tide see-,
Von of country, 1 lows. disposed with my traveling
agents. and scold most responfoily refer. esy retaii.
cosustry patrons to tatleadhigjsbbing houses of lbs ettg
wbo keep in my goods fresh and nlos In stock. - -
,tir Zak folio& Cockers. (lingo Snips, Its., sod
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isethat soy bodubi ars on ion, pick's%
1 , Wt. J. BANDS. -
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THE .EDIXSURGH Eg171.5W. (Whig.
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TR ltORTII•BRITISIT R55717W - (free Church.)
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wiuntsiu, AND RETAIL.
Agents for the
ALi;fooobs - IN OUR mile
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• 1
• AID lire's vani . To 11 " • .
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LRIA . P 4
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rust eat 1880. •- - . '
Toi any one of the Reviews $4 00 pet an it= (
For any two or the Revlon. ... : . .....
12 7 00 CO. .
.." ,
for say three of the Rerietrt.... «....:10 00 - 6 *
for all four of theßeatewe
For Black woofs- Bogeotne...--.,-;•• 4 0 0 t
For BloOkwood and 040 Retires • I PO '
Tot Blackwood and any two of the 114.10 00 " •
Y.r I:Rockwood !nd 3 of the tterlewa.. 18 00 "
Por Blooleroed and the four Beviewr..23oo• : "l• •
?Watered or aloes pottoOtotto to A'ailialinr Agee i
Ii Whorl this diminished sty the ante lip *sr
contain on Mir tale civil war, and thoilph *th l i s ej.
tinged with the, may still, eon-tide deg t
great ability aid the different ststalvelets b Jess whisk
they are written, b red
m issi studied wi th oa . mane by
the people of this eon at evert oreldead party;
1111ALTII TO slaw '
New sabseribeta to say tiro bt the thou pedeasele
tor lithe will be entitled to resolve gratia imp a t us
'tour reviews for Ma. New sub/deftest , all a" o f ake
perindlesla tor ISM, will lie entitled to t man fog y
et the tour Eaviswa tor !SM. :
Subsaibera tag shoo obtain beet rir ague se the Mi.
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last, 18044 theiltelin It. Edlehett .Isamd.the monis
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the Landon Qattletir for the , AT Milk IS US Ws at
it 50year r eath Meet Ravi •Aw. ;
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pot remake alto the tresSeviswith
&F DA at $4 00 a wit s or it J twiny owe.
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- Dried stig . B . e Awl Fruits. Nate OM 04 ' I
. • . Blatt Creanlen. Best Stara' ire . I
, - NO. 1 ,13 Ek 11 1" 8 "BLOCX>PARK.•i i . s
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Poirmi J. BYRON 1117/11
I Snow Thy Rearello-mentbers
. She woell whkhhatfrttosetfine;
And Dream MAUS *St ions Via COO*
Aehright as those ttnit ,
_me; , •
And then some milletny
• from memory'
,withered dower%
'Lonelier o'er my ti
Mend dog of holler bear".
day that died on )under height
• all Ate again to-stotmw—
But when_the heart soil down Sn nllthte,
It dads no mein from sorrow. • ,
The frown of Sight, the antie of daw4
Win sandy gtoorefor gild the
'Lle,li ways ilight,whea thou art gone,
ereiday when thou art nigh.
Thou may% not feeithat there loved
:te man no more mar love theo=- ;
Rant the vows of men MIMS pored
Vlio es theolende abnro. thm;
'g i ft dawn the lihriai tit. of year;
. My *or& win rim with zointerine rife,
Like grate-stones wet with maims teem,
Whieb cannot mil the dead to Urn.
.' . - PussIRENT JuIINSON.
The most egilidrrassing thing to tie Bir--
peblican pasty, fri the present auger of at
fairs,is the necessity of encountering eleo
lien!,The position of Alias party is one'
of - virulent antagonism to the President;
and their embarrassment results from the
President's being so popular .that . .they.
dare net mike an open :declaration of
'hostility during the pendency of tit` elec
tion.. Free and frequent elections are the
life of reptihlican institutions ; - bat the .
find it for their advantage it norriore elec
tions were to be held; which would insure
them that monopoly of offices which they
now hold.",..Xtit,happilyrit -does not 40-
vend' on tliiiii. will whether the practiee
of elections 8411 be continued. •' - .
The chief.: of the issues . now . presented
is the'questibri,which has, arisen between -
Commis and the President
,on 'the gins.
tion'of restoring the Upiori.. i Congress I.
of opinion that the Union ought net:to be
restored, st least not Yet ; the President
Waists that it might& Since elections Must
be held,' thp . Republicans exert alt their
addreis and !confuse this main
issue, and prevent the . people from per
miring hoer broad and irreconcilable iii'
the difference -between' them end - the
President. ' . ,'l . • . • ..
They are; in a very different position
from what they were when our New York •
eleotido took plac_ ,e,list fall: - 7hen they: ,
could eridersethe Presidept without form- •
ally retiouncingjheir owh princitilitskand
making a public: surrender to his policy:
BUt since the Presid'entlkannual message;
veto and anniversary ineeoh, thisis asp
hinter possible.- in - the -present posture
of affairs; a "simple endorsethent of the
President would be a disc*
"lion., And yet they feel constrained Logo
:through the hollow form iff a seeming ap
proval, in order to avoid' shch a total rout
in the elections as would destroy. their
party: - But beige - obliged,
.st • the !RIBA
time, to prevent th& feintheing taken for •
a retreat, they annul theirS praises in -the
vary breath by which they titter them.—
This is more . conspicuo u sly the case in
Pennsylvania than it i, r in - :Connecticut.
We will copy, the princ pakreeolves of. the
Penrisylvsnut •platforns: .7, - . .
Reatilved; That, filled with admiration at
1 the patriotic devotion 'end fearless .criur-'
age with whirl Andrew Johnson resisted
and denounced the efforts if-the rebels to
overthrow the with:nal governictent,.Penn-"
sylvan is rejoiced - to ex press flee erdire eon
&fence In his character Sad principles;
and appreciation of his no le conduct, by I
I bestowing her auffragkuth* him for .the
second position in honor and dignity in
I the country. - His bold ttild outspoken
denunciations ot the c rime of treason.
his firm demands, for the :punishment of
the guilty offenders, end his expression!
of thorough s ympathy' with the friends of
the . Union, secured for him the 141133e11i
attachment of her people, - .erbc.o. remem
bering - hie. great services and' sacrifices,
while tridtors and their.syMpathisers alike
denounced his patriotic sction,-iippeal to,
'him to stand firmly by theeide end repose
upon 'the silpporr• of • the loyal masses
whose votes foogied the foundation of his
promotion, and who pledged to hie - their
' support In all =sawed by which treason
shall he atlgmatice4, loyalty recognis&ii .
and the freedom. stability -and unity of
the nation seoured: - • -r ---- - . -• . • ~
- 7 1'hisIitiorThg - of simmin'gsioniOiltionbrh a ,
real tresignment. - Wilde attempting to!
delude-the simple by an ..appeszancia ,of
Praise, it is an artfully ,00nstrgeted argu
ment to prove that 'President. johnson is
a renegade. who entered og,h course in
which •he • did not'. persevere, and made
promises he has failed to fulfil.: - The Con ,
vention is careful to *aloe him °nit for
the - thinks he' did 'previous to'beginning
the great. Work of ~ reconstruction, on
"Which his-fame wilt rest if sneeeisful, snit'
by which it will be blasted it it fails. The
resolution is careful to convey the impli- '
cation- that consistency
,ilith his put re- .
4.40 M reqtiires Mr., Johnsen 'to renounce,
hi s present-policy:. • It aceuriatim of in-;
cipient apostasy in the eppeed it boa the ,
'insolence to address hint "to stand ,firmly"
by, the party that elected him. , ThiMon- I
Tenth= is earefulto fling into his f the
fict that - he owes his position to Be 'Ali
. can votes, ruAnifobin: • a lecture, a the
1 same time, as told:lithe must do re
ceive . turthei Sephiblican support. This
resolution. puts Its tick arm around ,resi
dentAke johnson'e seek and Us him roth
er,. while with its right it .ts a d gger,
igiderhis fifth rib. • • . - - ! '--
Resolved, That' the work -,Of 4estraing
the late insurrectionary' States ;,to. their
proper rebatins to the Union' necessarily
devolies upon .the' law making poweroind
that, until each actin:el - shall be taken, rio
State lately in inicarreotinn is entitled to,
representation in either 'brerich of COn
gems. "Thst; as -preliminary to snob a re.
turn, it is the right, of Congress to inves•
Algot° for itself the condition of the leg '
illation of these States ; •to inquire r
Specting their lordly, and prescribe eh 7
terms of iestorithin ; and thit to y
this necessary constitutional power is to
deny and imperil ohisof the earest rights '
belonging, to our 4titireientativis form 'Of
government; WO that- we' cordially 'tip ,
Iprove of the action-pUtheljnion repro
sontatives in Congress from . , Pennsylvania
et •thit subject. --, :. .1 . .- .•,..... ..
-, - I This resolution touches , the sparrow , of
• the controversy , between, President ./ohn
-Imti troa-Congress, and. by .deciding: with
dritpiratic confidence: that Congress le. en
flieb" right, it, of course, decides that-in:4
'Prdentis entirely . wrong: , ! - -',-.:
!Jtaebrilf; That ;no man . who liio volun- k
twillengaged in the literehellion z or has
held,Offieii, under the , rebel organisation..
shoold be allowed to sit in therm:greet. or
the. reign. and ~t hat the law-known:as
the. test Oath should not be repealed, but
An n ul-I enforced against_SU clanieite .
forged!. g.figongtells• '". ! - •
'lshii it
thrust - ?iilVlthe President -for
. h t .ii ni. rep& -..,tadleatiiiiin recent INDIVAT.
sad o:* Allite,he Idkltel-oath
to roPPOO.Oi6 Caunt.
ACC() 1
r' -'l'-'
iT tiiRD a. • cuax.
I knolii,t4 ha!! remeziaben *re , •
ia Wits pain and plarans.
And of mine awn pea trek tattme, °
IM MO and driest inwatars.t - i -
'Tin px; aua,ralstarMy am,
And vtowita imaek'otgloss tiMm. I,
And thins to &WWI irowitile,bmac 4: .
truilmd with iteekilldatpair.•
I aansatiman math* Weak 10,01i1030r. ,
~iii/o."ltiL .:~
Resolved. • That in this s erials of public
affeits;fil of grateful recollections of hid
marvelous add memorable sturricea_on-the'
field of battle, w 0 turn to the _example of
Unfaltering and - tincomProniistng loyalty
of Lieutenant-General Grant with a eon&
deuce not the less 'significant and tin- -
shaken beostuto at no petiod of our great.
struggle hike his pront[Pame_heen estiOni
&tad whir. daubtfulkpatriotism, or usod f k
for sinister piltpagelllit the enemies
our com Mon country. 1. '.•
• This Compliment- to General Grant is
obviously introduced as a vehicle for the
fling at the President With which it •is
rounded oft Muni' it la said - by -- tbetie
nialignants - that General Grant's name .
has" ',never been *Waisted with a doubt
" ful patriotism. or used for sinister
poses," the iauendol is clear that the
same cannot be said of 'a certain other
high functionary. Besides - there lurki
ilk . this resolve a belf.forte4 intention to
coddle General Grant as a candidate for
the _ Presidency. r 'lf the • ejections go
;against thent. the Republicans are loolc
log about for a conservative candidate to
run against Mr. 'Johnson. If they _can
not defeat his policy. they hope to crush
its author; "which,"as the desPairing
-devils 'are made to say In Paradise Lost.
." if net victory, ii-yet revinge."—N. .Y.
• Thallope:l;llmin coniention read Sena
tor Cowan out-of their party in the fol
'lowing resolution : •
"liesolt)a, That the Hen. Edgar Cowan,
Eenator from Pennsylvania,. by - his course
in the Senate of the United States, -has
disappointed.the lopes and forfeited the
con,fidence of those to whom be owes his
place, and that_ he is hereby -most ear
nestly requested to resign." • „ -
..,This shaft
• does •riot ' hit Mr. Cowan'
alone. It passes •through him to lodge in
the body of President• Johnson. The head
and front of Mr. Cowan'S offending is that
be has supportedthe President. Solidi
tuts the name of Andrew Johnson for that
of Edgar Cowan, and the language of the
resolution fits the one precisely as well as
the other. If Mr. Cowan "has disap;
pointed the hopes and forfeited the con
fidence of those to whom be owes • his
plice," it is for approving the same things
which' Mr. Johnson has d one; and, by all
fair rules of judging, the ring -leader in a
bad course is more censurable than his
sewmplices and followsrs. If the Miser
offender is "most earnestly requested to
resign," the greater,• by parity of Fea9n.
lug. ought to resign also.
Mr. Cowan is. a man of too strong tieul
'es and too robust and self reliant a char
se •-r to feel his equaniMity much die:
turbed. by this denunciation, leveled
equallylat him and the -President.- lie is
a represenfatiee, not of the Thed. Stevens
cabal4but of the - State of Pennsylvania;
The people of the State approve and will ,
indorse' his course. - ` , 411 the friends of
Senatot Cowan—and he has : multitudes of
friends among the Pennsylvania Repub . .
licans—will, of course; vote ageinst a
' ticket -standing on a platform in. which
he is so immeasurably deinounceci . v. , And
it is fcir.President Johnson to detOmire
whether he Will be an indifferent; epecti
tor of a cofitest in which one party as
sails his policy and attempts to brush to
K -
Dacus* nr Wilms:sets. Pmts.—
week 'there was a sharp decline in ; whole
sale, prices in New York, outstripping
anything since the present, downward
movement commenced—to be followed,
it is hoped, by a - corresponding decline in
he prices of retail , goods. Says the New
York. !'Standard domestic mariu
factures in'the. dry goods market receded
in price about' twenty per cent., end the
average reduction in imported goods was
probably not less than twenty-five per
cent.,Bran at these reduced rates, sales
Were ery Meagre, and it is quite probable
that the decline will continue during the
present; week. In other branches,sof trade
there his also been a material 'reduction
in prices,. although the per centagof de
cline has not been so .uniform as in-the
• It is, evident that pri
are .now rapidly gravitating 'toward
real valugs The • abnormal condition of
trade that was occasioned by the war is
giving way, to a 'peace basis' in matters of
!mines!. and snore steady and uniform
prices will be the result!' •- .
Tei Goon' OLD Tim as."—Many years ago
t~hhere resided in the county of Warren„Penn.
invents, a wealthy gentleman by the name of
Reyes Irish by birth,, but unite to
this country when A lad, and was eStonsivelY
engaged in thp bitnbariag business. lie walk
somewhat jrreligiout; rarely, if over, goad
ing church, and considerably addicted to pre:
faulty;' yet a man of' great nitural!isbilities.
sod possessid of many redeeming qualities.
Toward' the tattle , part of his life be beasire
rheuinstlit ; and at last, fir several years, was
-Wholly csitiftned to the house.- While still able
to, hobble about Stith ( a cane, he discovered
one Sunday, during the time of high lister,
'that. his boom' bad broken and 'his saw-lop
were going'ever the dim.= Methodist services
were In progress at the school house, 'and he
mistrusted such of his sawyers 'as were not
loafing ori,,sho Misers steps wire in attendadoe'
st church'. As the school house was nearer
, than the tavern: : : the old gentleman bustled
himself is that ilirection. • tireathless with
hostelietrpshed up to the 'Open door, in, full
View of i the Andience, who Were filled lrith
astonishment to see him at meeting,-.The
ititaiter %topped ,iii the midst of his eersuon,
' and , the old gentleman sung out.r-i',! George
Taber !" " Here!" said Taber. ",Tyro Mar.;
tint." "" Here: " paid Tom; and so On tilt
he had called over the names ta,f half a' dbien
of his bands. "Good gracious l" °Charmed
he, "yoti he:tend sof logs koingto the doge! "
There was a general st&pede among the men,
women and children, and the .exerciies ,for
that day closedwit' bout benedietion,'—ifinpers'
Monthly. ' I L ,
4 ,Poos Par:sumer l—lhat notorious scold,
Anna Dickinson, hai been pouring out the
vials of her , vituperation upon the President
at .'is Radical gathering in Chicago. ,As a
specimen of-her ability to 111111 foul 'language,
in, which there is neither sense.noiresson,
take the bellowing : ' -
, .
•' And r e w Jobpslin is no less an outgrowth
of American slavery, a system bego en in
ala and ortml by harms, abus s and
crimes `unrigmbered. -Naught sere ach 'a
system emild _have produced it man .eispable
of standing on tlo; give of a dead President
aad shakinglands with his arsassins-I,a,man
With jadgment ea perverted:with instincts
. 110
wrong;with heart tea - eril that he could have
given to the world such .1 - speetacl&,:. The
!world would have been horrified had Bilotti,
the assassin, 'escaped death, lately returned
to Wiulingtai, and there been met and wet
corned by President Johnson. ire, Booth
was but 'the hand that !truck the blow, the
brill' • and 'hear of which was composed of
*Vary' intelligent rebel and' traitor of 'the
Beath with whim the President is shifting
hands'mailtate sisprtai lane.)
The Stories from time to time. pablielted In .
the thw,York rribstes and papers of lie ilk to
the effect that the ffntohmkne•Bureau bill
read,to, the President by Senator Trumbull in
OM, presinite .ef General 0..0. Howard, and
received . the liecritive .sp.proval before Its
passage, are pure fabrications and devoid of
ea truth. The Washington Gotten:Soso:lent of
the New York Hera:die authorised to silty that
the billess.nsiver read by . Senator Trumbull
t o the President at all, and that he never tip
shrived the presence of General 0. 0.•
Howard or any one else. Such t babbles are
Sadly' prkhild
( 'NUIVIB,ER 43.
-- The - Xingn sr sm.
There - Ird a ?owl MAN you may think vet= at rangb.
But camettrno err o .sr a little dtrangq;
Apdif bi (tot, avf beta told.
lie was oa , :w a mei 'a utagowadekimoUt.
Ilse boa woo Ma ldeat tly;ta vas Von,
Flis twout)t r at.od crws 'twist is oast and Lis ado,
At/thane:et he tate it with Ids vadera -
An in talking he 'Ala &if soloourt of noise. ,
He'd an ;um on eat; to use when lie'd PAO.
Bs verervorked bard When he pies_ at)ikeist . '
aro lege be fiad go to mate him '
But Nqtat.Vas roost strange at each enb were his feet.
But lull forts eay, hs could VIII at Mg "
/ad whin he wiawalktog, he never good, stilt;
if /op bad bat use Idal.ysied laugh till yon burst,
Pot on, etas or Yother would always go Ant.
Ailotheir strange thhigrass'oi I did inset s
Was whin he wu hungry Malawi did esti
Hp drink When he orsa dry, 'and their!" you'd no
Wbairwrr lardraStk always wink Qum his -errata
lithlswhttualtal fellow bid s tint toaross.• -
It ai couldn't got over, he stayed where be was:
' And though he ne'er went offtns dry pound.
130 great was bla latek that is never riallrtorrar• •
kttathor strange thing shoot him tell;.
That whoa ha was Wok, ht ir=isalways unwell.
EN pre a deep Witt, then aped his mootti wide,
sorishow or'other this odd fellow died.
•. • ,
Maths reason bodied and the alum of Ida &lath,
Was stanplyi poor sonl, for wintol more breath:
And now he Uhdt la theoold earth to inoiLlilar. • '
If he bad lited4 day longer lied harm beep a day older.
Political Paragraphs.
' Prentice says of a negro equality editor . .•
"who smelt a rat," that if he did, and the=
rat smelt him; the poor rat had the worst
or it. - { . ''' ' - ' '. •
Forney went Spying around • the White ! .
Rem some dila ago, and found Presioeet, • ,
Johnson closeted with Mr. Coyle, one of the •:
editor's of the Net • Intelligence.. ,' H is yin- -
diative attack up n the President is truppoied
f i
tolbe owing to failure to induce the Pres-
ideal to " 'shuffle ff this mortal Coyle.", ~
' ' The editor of e Louisville /owned,. who
has lately return d from Washingtou,:indites ,
the following paragraph. _ have no doubt
of; its correctness. The 'Journal. says : "No
matter; dear reader, what you see in the pa- '
pers, Jff. Davis ' won't have a military trial,.
,and he won't be convicted. 244 if he wire: -
covieted, he would be pardoned. ' Though no
cad player, we 'speak by the Asrd.' '._,' ,
l'he Lancieter Intelligencer condensee the
eqnslity question into a it.lebell, say-:"
in : "Nor man who is not prepared to ad- , _
mit .the negro bathe ballot; box, to the jury
bolx, to office and to entire eeolal and' voila l .
cM equality, San consistently, vole the Repub. ,
li4tt ticket in any coming election - . 'No one,
can any - longer , deny that 1 the- Republican
patty is folly committed ttinegro ettutlity." .
We learn that' the aid veteran and patriot, -,..--
Gen. Scott, unhesitatingly endorses all.that
Went Johnson uttered in his speech on the'
') ult. , The staunch old soldier expressei
th ' hope that ' he will yet see the North and
So th more firinly bound together than ever,
an, 'that to effect this President Johnson Las
adbpted the only true and proper cowee.—Y.
Y. Herald. ;
The Capitol, the principal "Republican "
o'rean of Wisconsin, wet' "We have been
doting four years, and bare expended un-
Icounted blood and treasure to free the liniba '.
, cfltbe black man - from bonds." When Demo •
errata newspapers made inch Statements mobs
were organised and sent upon them. Scores
if printing offices were destroyed' and bun : .
dreds of mer thrust into dungeons for swying
no more than that. , •
A curious incident *named a firw ,days
since in one of the restaurant* its - Philedel.
rough, but shrewd looking country
man seated himself at a table, and having.
ineßected the bill of fare called for a,pleiso of
"Forney.". The waster, who was a black of
more tbati ordinary intelligence, disappeared
grinning, and returned in a .moMertt.with
slice of cold lack. e •
The followiseindicafea the delicate and
laroblike feelings of adicafiam - towards the-
President :
It is , asserted that Coyl the ;liter of the-
Nationiti littellieericer, is the ai ent's Organ . .
It would .he a good thing it the -Piet:ldea&
would "shuffle off this mor I Coyk.).'—Day.;
ton .7ournol. ,
In both senses, Mr. Tournal,—Carsduskyßeg-
inter. • . -
Rum. Ocvned SS " AGAIN, —A leltr from
a traveling correspondent - of one of tie most"'
radical papers in the country, sari: a Here
:I am at borne again. after a pilgrimage:id six'
:thousand miles, having girdled the htte.cota.
federacy in a trip undisturbed by accide nt-oi4
irudeness." :Certainly this islar from inifics.
link Inch a stale of society 'at the South- as
'Senator littmuei "would falsely represent by,
the garbage which hi gathers up and empties
out from his filthy scrap book. —Louisville"
'Courier. .
• We congratulate the Democracy upon the
selection.' of General John W. Geary aa the
Republican candidate for Governor. Re wa'S
our, first choice for the Republican nomina
tion. 'Wei are.aiwnye in favor of' " life lonw
Democrats:" Besides, there are so many'
materials oniecord to make an interesting
account of the heio!s life and adventures,'
that the campaign will be comparatively, easy
.11114 ii•
The N. Y. nne's (Rep".) says: "The age
of bandies and guillotines ha's poised, but •
'there is a disposition •in vOongressits WSW.
ated os that which caused 'France to Weep
tears of ,blood. The majority of the:House.
of Representatives has invested a eommirtne
of• fifteen with powers which, under the-grid:
made of a Jecolvis chairman,, heeovnitig
odious as any triumvirate !eda(' by despot-.'
ism." , .; -
The Cincinnati Commercial 'denies Stites
naughty *to Ilipeaker_ Colfax because he ;voted
in favor of mvarsinteeliig the 'loan for' the
Mexican republic to the extent of $50.000,000.
It nays " That' there ',should he a member
of Congress foolish enough to offer inch - -*
_resolution is bad bnough;, and that 'sixty sour
memberr wanted to reoldis them, and the;
Speaker gave his casting vnte for the'reeep:,
tion of the stupidity, is too bad.. We wad
d 9 well to -pay onr„own debts before we saw
some thi3Bo of Mexico." .
8. 8. Cox, in 'hii recept speech at the Week: .
ington veto ratification 'meeting. dine tersely
stated' the : piesent political issues :1 4, The -
conflict now 'is between Bureaueorateft, and
Democracy; between the rump and the
Executive; between s fliste existence and State -
de:striation ; - ,b,etweee 'the Constitution and
anarchy; between liberty ordered by law; and ,
liberty disordered by radicalism ; betivent
union and disunion ;,between . perpepal peace
and incessant tgitation." ,
The Washington correspondent -of the 'PH-.
ens relates that the confidence of Speaker.
Colfax that. . President: would ti4ga. Alto
freedmen's bill was solptplibit, that he wa—
gered a box of cigars with a prominent mem
froin 'Connecticut, asserting at the. tine
that he bad conversed with the President, and
bad been madel'aware of his views. Wedace.
day )norninethe. otiars Were found on the
desk of the meMber indorsed, "From a inotint:.
of misplaced confidence.", • • • •
John W. Forney, D. D., was-recently waited
on And serenaded by an assemblage of colored
'men. Be responded * a speech, from which
we extract as follow*: "When the rebellion
aloud I-was not one err those wholelieved
that the Union :party of this country would, '
Make the civil enfranchisement of Manumitted
militant part of their policy. "In other Wage
I did not believe that we were Among enough
to take grunt ip favor of what is popularly'
called untversaltuffnage. Buti am R ow h ero
to say that I was mistaken. I dideot camp..
head the full logic-and duty,of the cue ; and
now, Withodt turning tack - upon the past,. t
avow myself in favor of the trial of that peat -
experiment which, the statesman , weuld be to
coward to postpone, and the philanthropist
unworthy of his name if he did not meat it
half way. '
-' 1- •
Pollard. of the Dichmend Ixaniner,
recent trip Nortb, mays 14 .W0 encountered
Whrd Beecher on a railroadtrain in Width he
was on hie way to Newburgh, N. P.,- there to
deliver a lecture.. A change seems to have
come aver the spirit of his dream.' -In Coe.
venting with us he "mowed himself an uncut.
promising peace man. Blood' enough,- be
4hanght,:bed now been spilt, and he was fop
mercy, forgiveness And forbearance: Need+
witted that leis fornier violent views had be,.
come moditad, and be now cordially endorses
the Union policy pikt i be President. He alluded
to the case of lifeDsvis, and expressed the
hope ,that be wonldibo tried, if at all, by, a
eiviltribunal, and if coatioted,, nardonisd.—•
He contended ,that the power of Mr Davis
was forever gone, and- that no good could,
all from Die exisottion." , ,