The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, March 15, 1866, Image 1

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t aortiremm es to pr4ortlon. These rates
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stokoption of the pulabhere. And! -
r". W :es, Divoices and Mt assets,-
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131°Aoo ; Adlnlstrator's Notices 33,00 ; Locia
, 440 , f ee cents line; Karrlase frottoesywitereT
100eus ekes °Wharf Noldelie (orei three lines
mi tes) Itre cents per line. Chit* " Ito .; 115. .
v ow st tbel t recuest of the editor, out dollar
All s awertlsementa oontin'tred at
mo o of the person adrertlainir, until ordered
his direeiloo , unless_ a speeded pOriod Is
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` tea _tTc bare one of tits beet lobiolris
{t the State, and are may to to iIl - wort Is
7.32, the at i be entrusted to us, in serial style
utsbll!hrnent outside of the Wiest
tcmva eznations should be addressed to
Editor and
Business Directory.
crt1.1371. ,
irrbissr AT LAW, Gtraid. Tee Coiraty,
,isop La d °the! bumbler, atteaded to wink
uldAP ita. • •
wrllitOtK ,
Avoloirr ! Ist Watkies'Of
irats gin 4, Frio, ra.. sturt,t2
ewes and Dealer In Stationary,
Npaper*.lka. °aviary dealiira
a' 4 7 4 an,...•Sotel,fronting the Park.
Rica, near North Weit — earotar of the,
/rimes or Tin PLUM. 01los wooiod
Sbuk, Frroch Street, botireen Fifth sod
& W 11.604
irroltslSTll AT LAW, Ridgway, Pa.
Maw; Co
es-mer*" sad .7effemen aestatift.
i tg r;. r l auv - 11 - . 1 - W: 3911.8 UR.
c ylPnlrS
Iry roc or est Pram, Pumas Block,
is;Kti•of /arm Ho, RA*, ?a,
If. 01 . NNI`itiN,
Ilia ^:011:., Conveyancer and Collonton.
i•lin 7, c.vthveat corner ot Fifth and
File, N. apl3'66•t
Jon enonlyeinain. at the new
.bas • n band a taro Limon
"sn,. Proisinng, Wood and Willow Ware,
the-cn, :=ezais, 4he , to *bleb he re-
t-ration of the public. mt!mHed that
c ic,i bargains as can be had in any part
,tea. mar 30•66—19
te,T7l rrc Tans of 8 tmaz-iturinal,Rollara,
„!, Arr i n otar.-.1 ut7lezavuts, Railroad Ciaza,
. ,
.Aw--CHlNadorit 81.111tr•st,
IFrit- Cwart N o use, E r i e , p,
Dra.tra to DIST GOODS, GEOCIntin t
Ned. Glen, Seed. Plaater, etc., er
% o d Pat!tc Sorare, Erie, Pa. 1117 tf.
I ~,~
Wiry Lyn Saar Seas; ou Ei
LSlate and Fresab. Firs Uorses and - G
resinnable terms. say2B•64-Iy.
n or PUN ott Ant lye Insarrs. Dux.
roprlrtor. Good II von sad Carriage'
tacklerste prices. Srpt.lll, Mo.
titer In Grantees, Praise*, Prowl:lona,
Val anJ 'Stone Were, Mao, Liquors, an,
..corponita the Postoalee, Erie, ' •
Dirriar„. Weil is
Bled, worth et the Park, Eel ., Pa. •
011 T, Pa, lielpg newly fitted up in the ¢art r •
tylt, la now mopes to the pnbile. Meats watt t.e
al the arrival of all Paraenzer Trains. eitto
NEAT. 011./CLIKY DSOS,. t.rr.
•L Iit;TEL, Waterford. Fn.
Boar?Lague. Annum'''.
, troyoroo4atlons, sod eatefol attention gives to
Jot of guests. - .i4e65-ty•
. .
rude by
1G Ma Them
Pars Dots. aim Borate's
2d floor lassoes flock, West Park. Erie, Pa.,
wford, Christian k Ruth's Store. Residence
James Williams:. ialtliStraht. East of Fteoeit.
boars--8 to 10 A.m., and 2t03 P. 11. •
Oetti. ,
:14, of tlfis Pennellvaniz Colloge of Dental Sur
(;fice in Wright's Rica. (over Viers & ELllott's
.1)30 Pe. - •
REFEILIVICIS ar 11221181110. T.
Pluto, D. D. 9., North clri.ath itroet,lottot-
Btrektogbaro, D. e., Nit. 24 North KW th
tflftlS d: EWING,
Arrogant's Aim norantaost AT LA.
(PI 3PRP fl dry ommite Crittenden ria
Coned:km' end - all etkar, legal but
Altigrd. Tentnart. Erie, Manse and Porn
tided to ea Wally and preen fly.
A. Galbraith. Wititroan i Brecht
leer k Barrio; trim Pa.
Aim non. B. Paohnson,, W. D. Brom.
,tazt. Warm, Pa.
. Principal. ONO. W. Gcsmsos Esq,
of. or Comrsierelal Law.
Simplilled,' new Manilla&tloa of de
train-is Practice, Ornacattatal sad Baal ,
p. Commercial Law. Commercial Alitli
terals, tee., for ladies sod goats. Tho
comprollead this whoe . basis of
led est every possible •aria
ctaed closing boots. No expense will be
ke this a rileasant, practical sod perms
m. "tie tidy of Schools."
_Practical As
sn •Ili be employed. Ternip—Taltion
rh• '.oat f-ilities aad greatestt in
.:e14,1, for Cir:alars. _
ISLE ivrrett
AL 217117F.P.N SECOND & Tap]) STA.,
F. 8111., rEr3I.A.
tsrz veoebtle,i themeelvee, under
rte o!'.: ebb G Made, In the Pottery buel
read, Cll the eats!, between See en
.;ttroe,•,» tht4 customers of the old
.gtin of tho nntlie generally, proEolgliag
tx+.avor to give pert et
(AM. F. WR.BD,
) N SG W,
iirecrwors to flo•rg.. J. Morten,
Wheirszle ifesiers
itf.Hiiwcionca Coul.• ducts for N. Y.
cf Steamers. End Public Doato
al tin C. S. Tresucary Department and
ozni..ioaPr for Soldiers, W 011 00 94,
Cain Again', Farrar Vali finilding,
Karal and Civil claims
t!el'ty and d:arateb. l'euatotup obtained
irJrnntiona by sail prompt!, at t er' ; ', /e4
hvi expsrienca la the
nrlova Der , arleteritt, [elan toadel o ' hi
Itillatatry aid In prosscnting all kinds
11 . 11 FOR MALE,
t .letaillasinou sitee ea te
o eel fliblh ' , treats, Eut Sta aide. are df
Tery relloaable tams, if applied for
C. OINK. M. D.,
'readers Ida pcor-faiooslinstialn
aiad cidaify. Vino susd reed/coo No.
It balance, of Episcopal absinth.' ;
BLUR 13optitlinrwatu
t's gloat. Zs' Ita
4Trotirrt win_mwr-,"
• in adjoittiog Mitatiel•
to nt Jamul Crewlez
• 4ntr, hinpit
ge., to hereby
AtemeCetepsyst et
:he tame win p t
Miametd. • •
Special Notices.
Wit ft WU DAL (111.%,1111414 as Essiyof Warottig
sad Instruction to Torun Illi.o—tiabilibed by Clow
ard A uoelation. a •d sent free of clam* to Rooted amt.
ores. Address Dr. J. SHILLIN HOUGHTON.
j• 11.61.11. rbibidtlphlit, Pa.
ATnuroola fliliillll.ll . lf, Seminal Wiakaess. eta,.
re* be owed br one who' tau eund himself and him
diode of others, awl lad you nothing bet the firma..
AddAddnea salt atunp,
. nox 57, Sodlan, Wm.
Ti' YOU WANT To &No w A LlVrlelt OF
KV 61t1rTtil KG relating to the blues& eystem. male
and female;, the canine and treatment of disstasa; the
itstrrisge =Mum of the world ; how to *arty well, slut
'a thousand things never published before, read the re
-wised sod enlarged es:little of Mammal. Osuon lism.
,a euriont book for cartons people, and a good book for
every one. 400 pacos. 100 Plustrations: Pries At 30.
Contents table s ant free to any address. Books may be
had at the book Eton's, or will be seat by mall, post
path, on reonipt of the price. Addrvete,
E. B. rooT.°4 w.D,
eta 1130 Broadway, Now Tait.
1110 CON etIVIIPTI 1 4 . Tho adrertieer haring
I been restored to health in a few weeks by & elm
simple rernedy,aiter kart g antlered aereral years loth
stverro tuna affeftlan, and that d mad dim. • se, Con.
Onnaption—is anxiono to make known to hla fellow -Gaf
fe, era the tome of sore.
To all who-Aware It , be will send a copy of the pro
scription need, (free of charge.) with the dimetiona trr
P re r aia rend chlug the same, which they will Sod •
mire eine f C_mmtoptioo. Aatbe s% Broseltitta. Colds.
Coogb.4 Tlie only oliect or the advertiser to send
ing the preacrlptloe Is to benefit the afilleted.and round
meormation wbash Le conceives to be loysimible; sad he
hopes every softer will try his reused/. as ft will 'Ott
them nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties willing the preseeption,mtxx, by return mall,
will please address Rey. RDW.Rn A. WILSON,
dee2r66-1/ llamsourgb, Rings Co,. N. T.
nRJIOII.B OY YOUTH. -. 4 dentin:no .ho has
1J suffered Coe years trim% Nervous Dobility. Prema
ture Dim, and al the alTocts of Joatfifnl indiscretion,
will tor the sake of waffarinc }tumult/. and free to all
wit* need it. the recipe and directions for mainly the
stacileawnadv by which he was mired. Sufferers wishing,
to omit by the adrertlati's experlencP Cll2 do so by ad. :owl R. OGORN,
d. 63 ly. No. 13.Chainberrs St., N. Y.
ST""R. BUT TRUIC.- 7 Every vonng lady and
gentis•sari iu the United , tates can hear soniatlung
veil ranch to their advantage by rata= mail„ (free or
charge) br,addresaing the and-reigned. Trawl baring
fe• re of beinghumbugged will obligo by not noticing this
c•sd. All otl,ers trill please address their obedient serv
dee:B'6s4y. 831 Broadway. N. Y.
17\ IL. :MA CATA
j.l Snug has thoroughly proved itself to he the best
article knotrn for Miring CATAIVOS, COLD IN TEC Rasa
and Ilitanamra. It has been found an excellent remedy
In many eases of Soar( NYC& DISYNIrJar has boon re - rioted
by it. and lix.tuutp has often been greatly' improved b.T
use.lts lt is fragrant and sererable, and gires
ATE RRLIE le to the doll hear" pet na etinsed by disesaea
of the Read. The sensations after tieing it are delightful
and inrigorriting• It opens amd puma out all ob
striae:in:lA. streagth.ns the glands and gives a healthy
action to the parts affected.
Mote than thirty years of sale and use of Dr Marshall's
Catarrh and Deadache Snuff has proved Ha great rale*
for all the common dleeaeee of the head, and at this mo
ment It stands idehor than ever ie.flre It It rev:mime:A
nd by many of the beet I hyslatans, and la used with rrest
tr.:CCM and eat isfaetiOn eye' , where. Read the CertLtitate
of Wholesale Druggists in 1R54 :
The uedersizned having for many wove heed &equals
ted with Dr. fAirsliell's Catarrh and Headovhe :tondos/A
told in our wholesale trade, cheerfull.- state that we tee
Here it to be equal, in *spry respect, to the neon:mends.
Hone ren it for the cure of
Catarrh A ffectona. mid
that IS decidedly the best artiee we hire seer known
for al common diseases of the Head.
Barr & Perry. Reed, Austin & Co., Brown, Lamson k
Co., Reed. Cutler k Co.. Seth W. Towle, Wilson; Fahhank
k Co., Roston ; Mamba', Eataaude k Co., H. H , Hey,
Portland. Hs.; nernes As Part, A. B. k L. flands,fitephen
Paul k Co., Israel Minor & Co., ReCesson k Robbins, A.
L. Sccndilk Co., H. Ward, Close & Co., Bosh AgHale,
,Yew Ye*. •
Por 1.1 . 48 by all ;hugest& 'fry It. sep2ll4-Iy.
ii i i
. These'prope a scientifically eomponaded field
;reparation, arid tter than any pills. powders or nos.
tram.. Beirut 1 i, their action is direct ant positive,
rendering them reliable, eprede-ant eertain Ere*
for the cure of al obetructions and el ppressiosa of eta.
tun. Their po Dimity is indicated by the feet that
e i ti
orerlol,ooo hut es are annually ~11 acid consumed 'by
the ladle, of A dick, every one of whom speak in
tLe strongest t sof pine of their great enerits.-+
They are npidi taking the pleat of every other female
remedy. wed are eons dered be all who know aught of
them, as the surest, West and mod infallible prepare.
don in the world, for tbe - enre of all female Oomelaints,
the removal of all obetruet:ons of nature, and the pro.
mctlon of health, regalaetty and strength. lispUcit di
rections, s'atlog when they may be u.ed, and explain
* when and by they phould not, and c •uld not be
awed wi bout producing effect , ' contrary to nature's cho
sen lain, will .te found carefully failed around each
bottle, with the written signature of John L. Lyon,
without which :lone are genuine.
Prepared by. Dr. JOHN L. LYON, 19S Chapel street,
New Diaren. Conn, who cut be consulted either per.
sonalir or be latter, (enclosing 'tamp) concerning all
private diseases and female weaknesses.
Sold by Drags-Mr everywhere.
CAIM lir CO„
Enill 1-ly Cull Agents for tr. L
S. 1411 Cana da'.
I, atlo'6s ly
Cempoted of Mealy ANTI-DT
Concentrated PTlC.)
R.:tracts from
Roots *ad Herbs of the areatset raoiicat ostno , prepared
from the origael prescription of the celebrated Dr. Tel..
bet, nd used by him with remarkable steno's for
twenty years. Au iniallible remedy in all DI861811:11
of the LIFER, or say derangement of the DIOBSTIVE
They Coro Dlarrhees, Dysfop Scrotal% :Liundlne
111Hominess Liver Complaint.
Thb well-known Dr. Mott says of them Pills t " I have
used the fonnala from which your Yale are twit', la
practice for over 12 years ; thgy htre the finest of
feet upon the Liver an/ Digestive Organs of any wadi.
eineln the Weed, ext 4 are the most perfect Purgative
which hue ever yet been made by anybody. Thew are
este and pleasant to take but powerful to sun Thetr
panetrating propertinCatimialats the vital anthills. of
the body. remove the abstractions of itai crone. verity
the tecad, and expelolissase. They Duro oat the foul
humors which breed and grow disteniper, stimulate
vingglett or disordered Organs Into their natural action,
and impart a healthy tams with strength do the whole
system. Not only do they core the, every day tom
p 'Onto of everybody, but ilio formidable Lad dangerous
die-aces, and being purely 7egetable are free from any
nit or harm."
They create pare blood and remove all impurities
from the system, hartee area positive core for Fevers,
Headache, Piles. 'terminal Diseases and Hereditary
Bunion. Does—for adults, one Pill to the morning ;
for children under 8 years, half s
Price One Dolly p'r Bog. Trade supplied. or rant by
Mill. post paid, to any part of the Baited States or
Carutdas en receipt of pr: r. Non. eannitas without the
tas-eimile sly
_nature of V. lint: Talbott.; D.
/LOTT TALBOTT is Co., Proprietors,
• ne.YB5-ly No 82 Fulton street, New York.
Ofsce 511 Broadway, NPar York.
firAAAllTtr.—Aftor o fillr trial. tf any Denims does not
regard th• Finkle k Lyen , Sewlog Machine as superior
to any machine in market, ha can return it And have his
money. It has taken many or the highest prime—ts less
ne in !Wetted than any other Bret Maar macbta•—does a
wider range of wore without clianging—reqatres no
taking apart to clean or oil, and no °lessons" to set nee
dle. regulate, tens on or operate machine. .
N. 11.—kny Clew ono rending us two orders for Ma
chires, shall receive ens for hinualf as • resent, The
same proposition is extended to Prof:tun:sant Teachers.
, Te herr-now ecrapleted nur New Manufactory at •
co=t of some $200,000 including sritw PATEITS sod int
roan& IMPP.OrIIge-Vre: and the object of the above pro •
neitiro is to se.nre the imne: date introduction of our
Improved manilla.i late every town of the United States
witheat loearriogthe great expellee of a traveling neut.
This proposAion eanaot avail in towns oocapied by our
oe n scente.
Nemo rend or descriptive Catalogue, with samples or
eel inr.
jai B'sstf. LUCIUS LYON, Seep.
milts al %SUN dic 11.% MUM C.I.I3IMET ORGAN
I forty different style% adapted to /send sad twenlar
anal; tarp° to 11800 wadi. Fifty -one gold or elver
medals, or other dna precalinna awarded thew. Mee
totted Catalornes tree. addreaa, MASON k nAmtrx,
Soafoa.or MASON BROTIIERS. New York. .lalll6.
1 -L PIMA, PA.—Diseases of the Urinary sod i3exos
:4 , stems--new an 4 reliable treat:ront. Also the Beds
Chamber, an Easy of Ward'? and Inetroetioo, sent in
'toted enrellpre, free of ch* e. I Address Dr. .1.
tintighton, !toward Aisor:4 on* No. 2, Booth Ninth
treet, Philadelphia. Po. - 1y2015.1y
ti •
Where he NW's all hta Meads to eall sad me him.
Callum Work, Bepildng mt; Cuttlog ittouidod to
promptly. Clew:dog &nolo the beat manner,
Tabs: 6-I,y
C A•U. D
M. - M4GILL'I3 8 T
irreri n„ mire= 3D Asp des.
Stock *lntl to an ix the elf:y o ga 0014 Si NOD.
rate. miry
The subscriber has removvd 13(a Mott of Grow:riot
from .the stead above the Labe Doper to the
room is the brick 14°4 on State Oriel, saran of.
7 0 ,,rth. when be will be bappy to 40. Meads est.
eirtesters sot su tbeir orders ter pots Sie
oxemeire blow ; attoi wk really selected sod •olletei
at, the lowest rates toast/tent with the original seat.
He huller an is seed of arrithtor hr hitithei to Ore
" " .•,'T • r • t
E --
• .1 111 T.
; •
.• • ..
Liu tamoved to
Wlliikey 6 . 13141.1 . 04a 5 )
win so"
- , •
Dotards' 'realtiog (oot obi "Axis 'Wear. IN:eattot . ' ties
of the ',sum; towed by osoolo.bbortletipo; tropotam,
Won teatime. otoomp WI. 114416e* 4=•
or tamale, totbato or youth. will flu to two it ma orb
'Moir, not dopeadebt as bad Itqlsoil far pelt i•
?anemia sad. •
D TO P11?-11TAi '
And dean semltlairttesresedes et ibe Urea: mid
Dißettlimetilnk Gel wont
110 0 5FLAND'8 0.141145'
mt. Bitty, Ms Ism Coyest sun , ssees, Ova batter
latistsetisa, ban aeon laitimies. Ala MN nislaetalphs
prop's. toirowsla forit Lisa, say stberiattisla si Z
t taa aria
to We irty say <mato oontralliet van sa t
inn lay SIAS* ta say ass ithfi predaai !WOW,
pabikhod by as WWl' Del 1011111111.4
VIII ears away IMO adult:At ar aervourdildilta sad
'dhow* at as kidneys. Chem% falliffalag mapiaina
malting from disorders of the A m ou r " °roma
Conettpallon. %want Plies • ?titian' of 'Blood to thei
Ilea, ',Wait, of tho Stomach: Naomi, Elorthara, Ob.
Shat for Foot, Fiancee or wolohl, to the Stomach. Soot,
&notations. Staking or Pottering_ at the Pit of th e
Stomach, Silmioth 11
it. of the •44 - Sorriod aud f dlltealt
Broartitno, Plattortaaat the Hula. Mothers, Illittleost•
Soaselloaa whoa Ina Wee Roston% . Dawes of Vto
Loa. Dot; er Webs before the fight, hmor eat Pon Pate
he the need. Detetonet PerotetVOlniewi of
the Fhte bee. Its:
ee. Pala' Lb•Blds. B Bliestvliegbas
frodiladdati Mal/ma at Best, Saralattta nab. Owl
stint has i guans. of soil midmost Ihm realm ofdplietto.
azargons, that thlailittorsts sot slottoollo, eootatoi
no rem or wittsboy, sad cahoot make droakiolo. bat hi
the bud tool* to th• world.
REID wilt tATI SO. • • • -
Prom Be,. W, a. Balghted Pamtor of Twelfth liptlst
Chard'. Pellada. _
Gentleuson—/ hare reeently tore Abode" suede, the
&stressing effects of Ludianstiosocoostreeind b a pm*,
tratloo of the nervous system.'. Numerate were
recommended by Meads. and some of them Mated, tat
without relit Your /loodaturs -German Aitless were
recommended-by persons who bad :lied them, and whose
favorable rneAlon of these Bitters induced me to 'try
them. I mast 'confess that t had an aversion I* Patent
Medicines from the "thousand sad one" quell "Bitters"
whose only Wm BOOM to be to palm off sweetened and
drugged liquor upon the commesitrin_a sty way, sad
the tondo:mywhioh. I hist, f• to mate mall • acs.
firmed drosluard. Upon laming thatteurs was really
a medicinal preparation I tack it with happy effect., Its -
action, not only upon the stomach , betatron the nervous
system. ems prompt and "ratifying. I feel that I hare
derived groat and permanent bonen from the IMO of 14
fee bottles. Very respectfully yours.
A. D. sktg,fellrD; No. ffati Thaelmmaxon St.
Froza thie Se•. Z. D Peadall, Assytaat Moe Chriartlaa
I have derived decided beetefttfrom the 'muffle°lisod's
Derecao Ihttam, and It tt my privilege to meormbead
them at •moet valuable tonic, to all who ars /mffering
from general debility or from &mama arising from the
derangement-ef the Deer.
YeariValy, X. D. Pr...VDILL.'
From Rev. D. Muer*. Pastor of thelPassartok r aptly!
Church. Milled&
From the :Ow respectable reaommeadettoita giret bo
Dr. if °Acute Dermas liatter• watiirelesed twe than
s trial. Aftu using several bottles. I feud them Lobe •
good remedy far deoility, ands most szesliett tout. for
the stomach. . • D. Mitltai6ll:. ,
From Bey. Wm. 8131 ith. formerly Pastor. of the irinate ,
town end Mi lytlla (.1, I) Itaptist Ohntehes.
Revise used In my samDy t amebae of bottles et yea
Heolted's German Wlten.l lien to say sped them
es an steeliest meditlas, specially adapted to moors
the &seams they are remmtmended"or.'lltey mrengthiti
and !selvage the systems wheat deldlltatsd,eadarsese•
tat in disorders of the line, NM of afrititC te. 1 14111
also reanemanded them to • snood of m • friends. whe
bays UM them, and feted th e m fleMtlY to the
reetonitkin of health. Tours'
wx., suns, we 81., Thila4. , ,
flee that the signature of "C:tE.faCtilObt• *sieve'
snap* °teach bsitte.'s •
Should yo nearest druggist set her - thlk 4B l lolo de
not to put off by any et the intoxicating..
tbstmay be offered to its glom limped tre
win forward. meouretryseked. ley *sprees.' , l , 7 1
tr. Principal Odlos and If anoledory, No. tit heat
iiireetiflabstanadiaa. _ •
'.loltel &IMAM&
• faseessecue to O. M. Jeans i C10.,1 erciptiOus • -
Poe We by &anis* sad dotter, to grimy tows tag*
United States.
timoonarme 4 . anzsGT6>attire,
Forties' the system against Ow evil dhoti oi nimble*
' . doss War.
Will me Dpipepoin, •
:Will coo Weaknenk. .
Will owe Gerken]
Will can Eleauiburn.
. W ill ours Besditabo.
Will ears Lim Complaint.
Will mite mod crests healthy appetite.
Will tiorigonte the organs etd4iktion and modierati:
ly Increase the tetoperstur• *IQ* body and the forte o•
circulation" actin in toots. around ootroberunt GNI,
system, oontsininn no poisonous drugs, sail is
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A tile Ii lid muddily modelled.
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Central Depot. And loan armies Baildian 'hi Mb
Tor sale by all Drs' &Btu Groom ks.
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J i ro an by Ball ilk Wattg,thrturib Prat idlod WO.
Ids' at Booth.
NoTies To Psuesselzoillavine retorrOVll
rOl'ea t ta:
We an maw nubs , a Zulu% Use tram Ids to. air
m aze all tbe Philade
of lphia & lisle railroad. sad' wiil4.ift
To gun , It on, base ertabliatiod pi D,pot on
In the rear of tha old Nod Rata,
wherere we will be at all time' ready to receive mad payl,
EMI= ithuccr 11111:3
for the same. Alrhartaie Produce for male aeo revisit:l
ett. to giro us a all. Inquire Tar Kukla Depot, S
a0g10,188.11 . MAY a JACMSON.
Wealth reepeetfally inform the patille that , he 6:s ovaari,
a Stens
Insist. 'Malmo ice 4 ea Amid a largesapple
tits anitithiairmsaakr for aals r / stalblistine!
kind. . . • - • .
cir Terre as rosisinsaie so any cabst ti•ie • .
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Obtains ffosios lad Atom forth - Du iraidtar,kod
atom,. Hebb' sad thoielltorith or •liYeit
funottooo.lok Qom strami sp,ioloptagid Alamo
all Wads of
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norms,'imutoscs, 'NvEtnv Alni ci I
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matey as any ookrialogootololoodot
We by swede& Th om bailor ~•/ .Itoof
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ti oft
edingtf: :ex T.. ..T.
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pip ALL aimsSOP MON'i7AIMII*.
'Oita atm add Ittpoirgenialid • jOi . •
rumor. roarlinimi it "oda ,
CrAllsoaliWl - . Cr , • ,
it l a BIRK & BURGESS,-
*"ii 4i "cciii#7to'fiok.iitft.
ial - dshisai fa an
RANGES, tilitOltrlTlWW., keg
j ti It. E . " No x zi,1347',"
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WHO L*l3 -B:
Agsab toe tie !
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- Ttte Cbeepes 1. and Kest Plereastr
IN -THE N Till' I
It will do all that La elalmad for it,
i A i, 0 . 4 i. 1. . 4;yy A dki',l,c3lo3,
~.a,y~,~+..u . .
MILD kriara WEC'Attrr
iwurcriP.acr:raTa, ossr
IiENER ttrndzsir,
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A largo lot of Hoesoloild (Ali& of *gni inoWlTOdUmir
• somAaraapsout MAIL The abqva ItMetts,s, ;
brltotO )10olt, BEDROOM &AMR= SliklatllNlM
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'T AU. Knn:e OT 912PICTWO, 4/11. Qunt. a., •
Thai Is • tanokisuo holiookows to St t=
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awl exults* them. The highest pries paid lot all ktads
of housobuld reeds, *MIT la mho,
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111 - BOLINAM DRUG. "purr a eLA89:III4111111,
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of cos bossoglSl 11r WI JAMS
Ulm sfry. I •74, d i tspoand l ip i r atr,
agent; would port terpostfallk 7
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oho keep all sky goods huh sod otos t o Asa,
1151 F . stigi for floods' arm:Ws. tillagSflWs, aai
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fur sity tire of Ms . .. vip .
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Vocal her of the 00, 'r&
tor itleelgiootta %pane • ' 4Co ' 0. ,
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Too Itooktrood sad oar iNG of um Swag MJ 1 ; _
i.,r •Liwkwis =ad &of ttki itorrim...lll W • 4
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?hi !stared of Mini pirinctraala to lakoricaa Aiding
is rather latcreamod than dtgittalatrat aboarttrinarboy
osatatn oa *sr istanioliverao r aad though IllonletSaw
swot prifsakrn= t tap natitereloa ir t:
liar ignat "I LIU mid
talP llo 4 Ilitd lot advastelle
,thapeopte at titts araat!y.aloyary re" 34 sad party.
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Abet) time sa l„ol==itti-ziattrtott
Alfa Immolles: Ole frit: .4.160.4414
sytar llooosadcwir. Roo low.
kfigira ill a i r lai Stit a -get - alba- wit ost i r liMs rf
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balks hi
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" fitip Chs".lllfts. •Post etoi** o .;` I - r
30. 7 szAreps'BlAOlS,`Piltli ROW
,c Pock f.441 1, 14 4 **N0ner.--
• 7.10 . 1 , 3 1.111.311,:I- r:
VAL A. CIMAIIIMP. e. irPtilditt4r, J. =Wm
- 4 A. '7
817138011,1111 Mil
IY 15,. 1866.
-Over. the it /Ter, - -..- , - ~
: 11,
iitiiiiii ihey hetes tO no— .
r:iiit fib.. wideisriailace • ti thiiki:r4a.; • : •
gisearaf Soli how* Mimi stir„- r , • A ' :.: • -
l A t 01,11, 104 0, dP 6 . 1 •31 4 , ib Aks Maio. vas
' fliberfa„ase wiltriagiets of etas" gold,
' I 'Am eyeith Na le
i mab if beirlistr cif hies;
lisem i ned hilts Itwillittiniasi
1 ;ha Ste lab michig bia tn. iiiptiortaire ::. r
iw• taw ' net the "firbill iebo soot Was hen— . ..
The stai of Ain elti inieeld net nee •
Shortie ' sh 4a Iliis . ' i=; '' -• •••' •: •
IXi Iboiliisomitaiis watt* nelhentso I'. .:
I rpoi r uge-stmitas Sorimit'
1 • 1 4 6 14 , 441 1 4 , 1 1 1-41*,)** lOU, . .
.11ntroeu,surigr!,M. is thelia q l• tale 7 -
i oirniOuraii - 1 I ere *weld. ' .
, S sreasedAbilssr hippie Inn /bight buds. ' -
'And Santini* estend tba Phnlitlnstinla ' ' '
'w•triAohed it gUdeboas the ellyes sende r . , .
' Ailb all our sunshine grew,siussply dark.
,We how she is mak on lb& flatten either' . '
Mere all the huhiered ind isSeis bog ' .
Peer the neer, the myldlo river,
• ' /spelnidhash idol is venlig for 1111. L
t .
For ;soh letup% Atom *me quiet shone. '
1 'lrrto iialig 4,l th Aft. banana celdand pals; • '
Ire bear a dfp of th (Mies dara,' , ••• • . '
: •
And cola o ghee ot the inesTiall= •
. . Aad, WS: User pasepeesellitonlmsurindies Meet;
y, noes the minus egd orege , minbre/
'•• IN say 'sot au*, thi vellipoit, - ,-
That Addle ikon oar vines theatre May.
',Ye oils how that thehr bash ow nem '
' ..
MAT nelltfltith OW We steassess;
i Yit soinwinwe.ll;isi, ea the name sham
I • the* sunk aodiseiresy OM unit Semee. -
. ,
I sit and thiii, Shea the 'liiiiiiinisigeid
s '4lr Ihutitag river;iad bill. asd Mori; '
I. hen oils ini Ohl bly the wastes sold;
And list for the touadAtbspoptmaa's 4;441
I Shall hear toe hat m it pis; the strand;
i I shall pan from'stelt *MIAs hennas in*
• Toth* bitter Mem of he spirit hid; • . . •
' '„L shall /now the loved' who have tom before—
I indjoyfilly sweet will the fiseausi !•2 - ' ~_
Whirl:itwit, Han. tie *sante river,- ...
- litre Angel of Deal shell een7 1 ". •
!Litter Iron Tlddy
.rarztaotarat Ourrinut, - inn. 12, 1864,,
' lliartura learnt: Vire ibeezt.titinkii far
janto time Piteht that I'd writhe a lett!'till
yes; and be ether-411in yerself -OatA nate
things Whir , bin. higipertia-wid. ene\tat fly ;
but ladatte .1. wan. fairful..that I mlitht be
frightenin the ehuperatatione azid wake minded,
so that dirti the onoyud free dare till' inarry-,'
whither - they wunthed to or not; Audi wade
thinkin,,-too, that nobody. wad belays the
truth if I did till at, fur among _all the 'pare
throes thit pee err hear% *boo t si-the Kent
time, its•that:nth I'mathinkia isitheatranget
1 thing Mail,,. Howscuniver,, ita,nok, yerailf,
Idibure, that'll - be after thiokin that I don't
- tells the troth whin I'M nyin that rieslll be
Hein in `a ''. hantid" house,. and that-1. - Yawl
the anther wid me a r t two. ey e s , that.
41 what's you . call 'him " iwearalt kno ether
thing bat's ghoeht, and I warrafjafther tillin
jet all shioe it 'legible*, Intel wens ihiakin
it: aright, beer one bluets eararely,,•sad-I'd ,
be loan a dale of money, whin mailif be not
there till makes the papel swain till kayo the
this* a sierit,; : iad sot lie' ether; tulle *sly'
bedrsbolti Lk: Bat sines yerallf and pater
printhere have sans one of the, 'aahn kinds of
bastes 'la Art., Vat thinkle the iet It is that's
now !Whom* trusly, , and "he'd 'Naha leitema-
i psny, too, far lie nal liertgentilieas that the:
,st ether beam wid Ida prieluce. and thiabis
till distal , . us,-too; ? by !mini likes it female ;
but divil the woman is it, far it- Yates a boatel
f ot - -rildslaity that, ha elitavelease *id Lite eery
' first thne be called on, pnii,,,Alankin.lill.him
ellf till - frithin me whin sound aslaye iabid;
Bit'divil•the bit wane i selape - ebin l'hurd a
great noise at lin dower aboot - miditight. sad
lee I, , who-, is it. that's 4,We; distitorbis ms
pus at 'this lets hour ? em,l, its inesilf,so,
It Li, that'yes knew will enough vihtal wane
*young glued in the Meld: tnenthry, Yes- the
ghoebt, ansi,lo , an Mektimt I gee" a idereke
oar me lied likes- yid,* bathe sad I slier
.. , •
audit witishlry planer in me life's time; ant
divilthe hand or tilt &old I beafther movie,
while 1 lab round sad taw yid me two eyes
the eratiner 'koala, wid her long, alitaarrues
stretched out readhy till imbrue and rime
melall deth, while her fut wan. tappin a clog
dime', oaths gni,' and her teeth wasedateeria
in her betty bead,,,forao Bell bad she oiler,
and evil the bit o' hair, ircipt what wane tied'
up in her 61 wither fill," and that wane not
hair si 'sit'. bat wins en mild black lattockin
fall- of • Potell • Pallilie.• which the candler
dhropped while I, frithined her away by bay.
lie mane?! niurther I! louder Mtn my
baste was , irde - hued till porno beton this,
$l, as aeon ski ektopped ,ma ;mane* Ivry
ir% was _quiet, and no ghoaht did I see
`shoot me,' and - yes 1, till meallf, les I, Be
fetal,. **Cies tits tannage this' be the
weber thedivil, aria 11, the oak, girrot Biddy
et was after tersathertme 4ipmcry her before
I' left - Irettni raid three lorid. raps IL,watia
i thit I hiiitd wider niabid,'btit diva tire'les
titer 'ennebt mail! see, 'tilLs - saialt or tea at.
4 1 toFWardei , 14kIll .4 1 1 *-MOPM•iii4 l ,an; li ghtei
oip, and ivry 'dower and windy 1a it wide
Lepel; sid - tittliYitiilr Oa Ilse - agthrbut
t.% asleatfieet.ef ei gierel abtaidlemlibbfer , 1
iitinst , Tralt OF* , * WM la math "mesa., and„it
was-.plats; enoug h that meeilt tread sear a :
' Yilitiper lit each 'ohne - twa eare:eaytit;' Tid- - ;
- dyi , nte datlint, l' labs jets fent - algid; tab t
;X , tOliglitt X ,•tend, : mol t: wait etamme.,thsti
made lily bare, shtand upright on me had,!
'the cratlierAlitiPpefred, 'and all 'vie quiet!
again txrdpc ir leaf that yea Iduilthi sad Unit-,
'tide: till .4 tla Oat pt bitioad wee Ake' A* heavy '
itilf tea up, wid the laim toads that good etddi
,Tit. Ts rick tilt In heisted; bdt as
,good is I
yelled' tiketiter, E, -the brinier cried . 4 lTiddY,";
sad ie-eaa nothing stall that , l could beer Or
see !Aber-that, furanhour, whli I,thishurd
somethin a/ the int id. me bid; minable '' like
lira t aid; 'MA sr tits ' sale !time trait hives
- .that seined till come from: a libhttiif pubs!
, vodka nndher me pillar, and epringia up . in
bid, I- saw - t h e -aelea ♦ ll of a Rhos& pass
before 1790 two eyes, • and wid another earstehe
lab tilt iii,de - before she 'areappiared, - brit
the terrible donna had coarsely died away till
thud Another 'tithe saint earth, mad shoes
peso :Aloe,: 1 I from- a fairful Ipokin ow), erlut
, wane , etirin st:,_tais - , lei Win "irie: like 'net, '
'nadir:. tbrer itiot :oft omelet ' , enema a
blade rya could In e, and diril thayord
ctumetk Ishpaire tail a thottestul-aom cats begs*
,tilt 150 , 4 under- meitift, whalt vans . 14 Meal
trier I T :id: " MIA!" Mit I screamed Yid ill
the lunge I hiul in'ttylhtomaeh, whioh Woke
tite,, the neighbors, veld' 'await !vitas to bib
_omit; " !t
le; . t hat's the meths { wid yet;
Tiddy!'''' add *eye I, 1, Ili Mull? tinier mu}.
the:edited kilt by a sheiks," and 'I Maths&
all .11 3 , .tritle •a- 'fait, seer* It was that wp
,tasid,.but civil the wither whatmaniveread ,
we find'exciptlatiertilakkybothel, - which' 7l -
imietfitd— hi' s "short • time. Bat 'Makin: ti
inseilf:that ,lbete, ethrange , frakte that-I tie.
witness* malt bare been a thrick or .ill ow
tie, I becalm grainy lolled, bad 'aes d l i il i ,
'the giitiesien priaistr;••• l Blhow me tits m
:thim athruek Billy • Pante/eon, it yes. ,
401'11 show yeti broth of a tatty that's. eat
to -,be -frititined at thi ``host *id that
*lathed me till marry her:" , • - - i
.'-Tani O'llariewir. i
•Om Prubbakii oafs, font, udqd
dusk!! smii te t hAve Amide dm "aim ahait•
si tiniliglith - traalar; WildMak*'ltl s
I:naiads* ilisaintimaimitea of a Mak , •
bale St "kWh At din
Oast thidlO*ol 4 . POdieg t. t. l O RePi
flit IoWIN "gad; agrithsl l 7, " Quank k
cask ft* ' Mauna 'ghat IN
signify .I* , sat-repttni" ilgaillantly r
01 ,11. PhOsivtia atei &Tr TM , "
Mks Wagtail/tan sOrsalyalidsatoof 14 ,
- .bloat Goat/ states, aa,aa ladleitleal of a
'Whig itiel *faith! to Radical Orals!,
ate at dm prataiant , bombers. of 06 if , a
gala: • ,t 1 have *trivia adasaitagsly, acastio t
atiaaaa‘ alOk iII,PY P 911 09 to 1 190 40 1 1,b
*my; aateproviat a alitaratioa,bell IlaPir a
rtiiikar..lisat soli tiWissaVelash: I a
Wow aside my Alma, ladl:ilistahrik li b.
Ins to the bah 0 c
Qucotations team the Irribuneo
•The Joe'rdil ot l s Ceonacrre reproduces the'fol
whijr.ope o' fioni fire 'frribues fbr two
i• . as: , drat, to shoirthe dhthoaeoCand par.
, purposes of thou who aim advise their
Niers .ICi keep op old partilicies end re '
Is fit" old anieftlio, sow to prevent method
.1 ppert rot tho •IPradeleie; aid' nevoid. be.
;:„' • tboy Aesop& illaierstioaa, of the Preolq
, yr. uepertiono , that thew/ radical mss are
; . munaila Of' the, tialan;mcd it !reel) to re
. elkaliero it'Ulieir eatseleg remora :
i Whou-mie who' doelarod -that :-Lincoln's
"glom provoked and justified leoeteion head
, I _, .• :too, deka you to eiga a political cell,
9. a't do'nt--ftitemo, mirth 8,1866. •-"
IWe halm emietilmt them for is imam. The
' to secede may bo,a reOlutionary one,
4 . e it exists nevertheleee.—Trannu, Nov. 9,
When oneilitto deflated the war for the
Union eldest and proclaimed on the streets
that. the reb el, were fighting for the defence
of their rights and their homes, asks you to
unite with hint in an &royal of political sen
timent and
.parpose, don't dolt 1-21ihwas,
larch 0, 3866.
If the cotton Stites unitedly and 'gauntly.
Valk to withdraw peaceflilly from the Union,
we AMA they Should and wield be allowed
to, do so. , Any ntipapt to comp,' them by
forte to remain would be contrary to the grin
alpha essaelaied in the immoral Declaration
of Indspendeuot ocultrary to the fundamental
ideas an - which h uman liberty is based.—Trt
bow. . 26, 3060,
When obi Who trantetto eons' traitor, to.
desist from Wag on In flag; solaing the
lirtnamo, ato.. • . 41 &as you to
unite. with him In a political movement, don't
do itt—Dibuse, 'Peb. 28, 1866.
Whenever. it shall brooms. clear that the
great body of the Southern people lasi. be
come :conoineirelf alienated from the Union,
and anxious to escape from it, we will do our
;best 'to forward' their iviews.— Tribune, P 4.
29, 1861. • '
When one who steadfastly. Insisted through•
out oar great straggle that the rebels were
shrive victorious—tha our aims made no
progress— 11 * —that the' Union
wild only be restored y first giving it up as
lost' and then 'saltine the iiotors to let ue
ereep In at the hack door of their triumphant
qoafedereey, snow ttkigeb you teraympathise
end fraternise with him in deMouncing as
!rafters and disunionisti the foremost chem.
pions of ~ !Marty end Union, now and for
ever. one and inseparable,' don't (is hi—Tri
bune. dared 8, 1866. ' • -
If three months more '6f earnest fighting
shall not serve to make a serious impression
on the rebehp r 4f the end of thit - term shall
find 'us no farther, advanced than its begin-:
niug—if some malignant fate ,has decreed
that- the. blood 'sad treasure, of the Cation
shall ever be entiandered in ,fruitless efforts,
it us bow to our destiny. and make the best
attalaable peace.—reibtats, Jos, 20, 1862.
Moons - latency.
Daring the last month Fred. Donglaes•
stopped at a hotel in -Maine, but was refused
admittance te'llhe dinner table by the propel
etor en aesount of Ids complesioa, which the
boardere tank *minion tp, and-intrimed the
landlord that they would not *madam:end to
lit at. the same table with a black man.
' This was is Maim. Let us' see *hat oo
altered In, Alabama in theatme-month.- At
litirreson, is that Anna, oompany ef 'novo
troops' is stationed, under command of a.C•Pa
nuctinan. The. negro., having become tired
of Government food took it into their heads
that they would secure board where a better
quality teal to be obtained. Application was
accordingly • made in writing to the proprie.
tors Olin sating house in the town, and they
promptly refused to accommodate the negroes
with NCO. The sequel is shown in the fol.
liwiisg aided letter :
RZiLDQVA*IIIII4I U. 7011411110
• Eirtrenneew, Aut., Jas. 24, 1866.
Mauro. Aker.* Qs.:
Hewing not complied with the commanica•
lion sent to you this evening from these head:
quartiers,-your establishment is hereby closed
and put under guard until further orders, or
until ample apology is made at these head.
quarters for the insult offered to tho govern.
leant of
United States by you disregard.
lag the right. of one of her braes defenders:
Many. Humus,
Capt. 40th U. 8. C. L, Conid'g.
This shows the inoensittenoy of the whole
African programme. In New England public
opinion excludes a negro from a hotel table
where white people are eating ; while in Ala&
hams, in spite of public °pulpit, a landlord
must 'caber test a Dew at theism, table
with hie White guest. or hiVe his house closed
Let ni wo longer talk abbot Austrian and
Russian' tyranny. Martin Hurtnian
negro Janaiza4es are. reconstructing " the
South with W ”oteanes.
Outrages upon Negroes.
'lleW that the war to the knife his been cla.
blared apCtithe Vresiderit and his penny; we
may etyma to no' the radial 'papers filled
with boon eteriet of outnigil .upon 'the is
'green to" create prejudice-against the Smith.
There hie. been la good marry Muth
already ast:allent, the greatest 'amber of
whioh have been related. The Cincinnati
leamiaerviat, a Republioan paper, thcur glades
,toeeriahr Of the Kentucky stamp:. • •
The Joint Committee appointed by the Gen
erniAsseditly,of Kentucky to investigate the
tanth - ef the statements sande. by-Oen. Fisk in
this oily relative to- the treatment of. feIIIKILID
negro soldiers of tii, United
,StatasaOsy iq
the vicinity Lexington have made thiir re
:pert,. which' has been printed in pamphlet
-form, : ,,General Fisk stated is effect, that he
lied seen thirteen discharged colored soldier!,
in `fnil,dight of Henry Clay's mouument,"with
their bodice lacerated, their backe-bleeding
frees the cruel lash, Their -heads oat to the
sdalp,and one or two of them with-thoicayes
Frit out, &c. The committee went into a pa
tient. Inrestigetion, and verb 'citia'ale to find
the.srifartamacs• thirteen, :orto'list anybody
mho did !es them in the plight they presented
thtimselves to Genexat Fiat. They, thereupon
concluded that the general - didn't eel them,
lied that: be laboibed =under-att illusion. -In.
deed" theyi de not :hesitate to ally that General
Ficklras guilt; of moat false sacillanderons
charges 1, .
' Ihittthel committee did 'fad 'that an actinic
kid beet atmunitted upon $ negro, and lyre
it is is the language of Iowa( the witcressis
A w e s kicked is the.stern by a man
dressed', roundabout, with his breeches
etiffedriSis bests '• - • •
, 1 411:00mPle.elei. we Amoy; will, soak .0
WNW defies cone whoa sifted
,to the bot
Sred , Douglals, in a eourersatioa is Wash.
lagton; Jost after Ms intandow,with the Pres,
idont, is reported to bare remarked : 44 The
Priiildetit' charges at with 'hoitill to the
•poor *burl of whites at Ike homey
Dotard Mahe* sitios isith th em against
its, for hi beings to their mks. Ilium up
a earl' among the beldame) , of Wayland,.
while - be is only a low bred tailor; and It is
sets urpridair,. thireare, that I Sulam stet
!Poor„TrlsPu .Buoh la.thchoisht of
htiblosuCto whlob. Mit pet ;Alfa Bag: WO
-philitifitophrhoo beet educated: '•
propelety_of theq u i:f ?rank John.
'ittoungYl bahathe oOttly !hooked, by
the istertage, near that ' list week, of
Jobs Leaders, • well to d. farmer sada whits
mas s with knagro won= named Abasibm.
Hy.. Landers was formerly s chisel of re.
hut his for - lasey , 'yetrs'been a
violent' Abolitionist. Ho has prbbably wed
with awe beauty thas most qt his Aboillios
brethren, eriChas priotieally depsonstretep
his thilth by his work: ' hhwthenoitetneni pre,
veils -in the mehrhhaihood regard to the,
sertime l l.
_sad' Landers wad sehtehridi
wlif !Really 'lad that it it nedeminer four
don to vatnerterthe reilditiii leder Wave
ikewhis from Wm to
My sinti my afar tis#2l awe !
4 Lioniiiiirikaibofil kir *mu, -;
, alit itas tie ielttlyi tlaaQ
That !Aids Lei tlrgin tone.
I know it Mart* Iter=ttleagb she lcoic.
la thief nl withotoottrf '
flu 14 cralplspLats het bk.;
L'et Wit la Li.t
My aunt! gat pour deluded &apt !
f 7 - . 1 . ‘ net hu h lilac's!! lope" ~%-,;;;•
vat ahb
tftth th at triatelti-I 14 '''" • t
L such a opriarlita 1 27 ?
nos rie /ay 4r glataa!4loll4l.
And ougy alter: ads ee wsll tt • -
When through ► donlaeoin Y knir
. Shejestinakee oat to 'seal t
rim father...sminimm brit, ^ -
This erring Up ita
Toend he would make the gale girl
tltikla a hamtrad NUJ.
Me seal bee to a stylish oehoeli -
'Wash' her thirteenth Jae,,
Mid with heri ai the mass regnhat,
nes townie and a iijoeno
'They zay cant wind • bosrd,l
Ira he liti stra , ght sad telt
They laeed her sp. they "Weather deco,
To sake tam Ugght saditegt; • . -
They Pinched heeled, they 'Spied her hay,
Theisen/rod t up ilth plat ' '
ram mortal entered rare
In peashee lbs her sin.
Bo •tta ay nedolous sort Mee dote,
Ify grandalre brought her begat
(P 7 dayUght, lest some rab:d youth
%fight follow on the tretk;)
I "Ait t" wad my grandsint, iutba shook
Borne powder la his pen,
'What ermid this Mealy erestare de
' Ageimet • August* pawl lo
Ain! nor chariot, not: barontbe,
Ner bandit nonleade,
Tate from the trinnbt4 Atberea ants
His all anompllaheil Mai
Fa ler haw happy had it bon;
• Lad BOUMn had apatad
Tons one sad, in/OMM lin
'Oa ny sanutosl Lisa..' •
Slue the speech of Mr. Job&Son, Mr.. For••
ney has been in recept of aaveral kitten dl
rsoted.Jolin W. Forney, D. D. . •
A.ootemporary estimates that fifty million • '
dollars $ year will be saved to the tax payers
by the veto of the Negro Bureau Dill. • That, ,
of itself, is enough to be thankful for, isn't
Daring. the rebellion, when the Eiecutive
assumed illegal powers, John W. :Forney (D.
D.) gave utterance to en expression which .at.
once became famous. "The President," esigi
this place hunting toady, " the -
the State." Dun isfeliciumus. • • • • . •
There was a good deal •ssitt at onetime
about, the eloquent, argument against slavery
of Stimner's " vacant chair " in the Senate.
There are twenty-two argiiments.of the same.
kind just at this time on behalf of a reunited '
Union. •
•It - woman in Pennsylvania ha's Petitioacti!.'
for a divorce " because she and,her,.linibind; .
do not agree on . politics "' She la for Andy.
Senator Pomeroy; of Kimmel, in a, - recent!"
speech, taterecrthe following , 4 loyal " senti.:;
meat: "I wo tdd rather "hely tear =down the
capital than allow the Southern Stales to came,,.
back Info' the 'Eldon without letting the negro c
vote ! " That •is the kind of sentiment that '
pervades the benevolent,breaata of the Bath- ;
The Johnson offlowholders, since the "con•
veriaiion," aro getting ready Li , a "right
about face " on the negro auffrage *question.
trnessi are the heads decorated with - offtoial
TIIILLEI [revs CRAISOIIB.-41.111 : btlt i 'short
time since when it wae declared tiesison to - take
issue with the President. By. mani of ; it is new held to be• trauma not, to
take iesne with him- :
A ftwillnal pater says ; "Ismaili ye on ideas." ,
Whatseanty ling the eonla or these Radicals
omit - hive had who bare been fed ems 411,1 e
idea for. the last thirty ~yease.
The Judiciary Committee of t_lif HOCioeliere
before them a bill ettbmltted eltif t 3nB;
providing that no redoeal of any- oßleer 'of '
government shall 'be made by the PXtedilliSiw.
withdat the coueerit .of the 4enata, provided
tbat bed, In the first imitanoe imaftrated.t)te
appointment. Tba °gait of each a - bail:teed.
as explanation. • •
.. , .
"As to integrity, Deuglakhissival, said of
hint : 'Lincoln lAthe hoaestest man I ever
knew, l " . • ,- - „
' The above - is an }}:tract from Baserdit's ora
tion on Lincoln. .1t Weld pesee the historian,
to give arty authentic evidence that Hr. Doug
las ever made the above remark. • We have no
doubt it. is erroneously credited to him. Lin
coln was never considered politically honest •
until he was nominated for Preeident,,and it
suited party demagoguee to give him that' de -
egnativa.—Viseitutati Ettptirer. -
. Do the Republican clergy still think there
was- to special, providence' in Andrew Jahn;
son's sadden elevation to-the Presidency?
Harms Doae .— lt is said that when the dogs
of Norfolk end Portsmouth, Va., heard of,
Butter's resignation they held a. glorilliation`
Meeting to commemorate the auspicious eittiit.
There has not been so much•bciw-weningthere
at say time &ice the, nat.. • • •. ,
ootemporary rays thethreetts of thaßsA T
lola in Congress ate no 'moreslangstous to
thiMesinistration than their rsattntbotati
of pauiotista warn; to the rebels diribg the
war. The: would like to annihilate; all ; wks
oppose them, but they hero not the 'FOurage
to do any lighting.. • •
Forney says " the faithful Iniiet abandon
all aapirstione far place.r. 'Diet be Intend t o
abandon his Vitae It don't grand well for
him to advido 'his political* ifrienda to rend
gulch the flesh. poti • while'he ItitePt Ifs- own
stuint4in . the-trough.. . . • .
• A iiitmonnolr.disPaiciinPorts tC.Tecent, hoary
fire at Hilton. Head, whereby great
of Government - property ' were oopsuited:.=
Big fires, which consume large quantified,
of liorerame;.Cp,reperty, sometimes Douai up
a groat - amount or villainy. They haye 'been
very frequetst Matte the 'close of the•Wer.....= ;
PAilc• A r eirst.l4.) : •
a caricature in. private .eiroulation yrbiett the
Riehniond '!tons thinks 'worthy a.wider
It prevents Mr. Johnson standing oa the tlnveli.
old of the •Qouetitation;, his expression. and
_attitude, denoting extreme anxiety and per—
plexity. ' In the foregrouzid are two figures, a
big Boy and a little•one, repreeentlng tespo—
the North sod the:Bouth.. - :Titer large
urchin !slitlgo rourly pounding the aznallitr one.
who is el:retching his bends imploringly to. -
swardeitr. 'Johnson and the Certustitniton, dlid
struggling• violently to set tn:ittuni:••. Me.
Johnson looks not thy struggle, and
olitires: • wg anybody ever sea the like! „I
sent that-boy ont anybody
bring his little brotherin
out of-the cold, and see—the child wants to
come beeti.ind the ivies' wtiti- let ! Ile
is actually holding him.outothere end ifitOlf•
lag him in the mud and ettew-1- : ?, , •
A - greater truth Tea nserreuttered than the
following trout the !ping:field AntooOknow:—
!i The men who put 4Qini 44,,zet1,140n. do qot
join in the'cleinand foribe (Wire Punishment
of tbe,rettels;.if there is a general trtui niter
won a battle ; a soldier who invaritthlvdtulked
when fighting was to •be done; a camp fol.
lower who 'was ever On Itead•lo plunder
towns: & civilian who leseldwaywieedy to ,
pour oott,the blood and mouep.-of everybody
else to save the aation=theee are the men
who'sre' now *eget. to `ktok Aitti prostrate toe
and:s3eatigiateAda:ealtsalklest..4liose see the
men who are otintdutoalp se&hittg *forth . * ,
.tempts to ar ousees old hatred' and pm pop.
Ulu heart tro tengeteee.". - " •
A eerrespondest °fibs ICIt 4 iftleiblip Ns*
s p ers ai s that the Radblehr Neill the Roble
aestiessats of the lamented Uwe°le, With
inane* toward none
_with . charity for MI,"
U.,' led also the newerthe kind and salable
ft is not long lines John W. Foray, pp
ntteiiihol• to the now celebrated saying that
4. the: Prelidearts thio State." sorbs* Stale "
neat' prosonecea, ;Ahoy • - "!dead duck."
Yoram .prinounos4 4 , w•at of coolidenoq la
the'Prisideht Co lbsittste. If Forpey
viola ibt ieleirtelaNnitrdeted 'of tressoti by
Zia ova hoisted 'retort hinted! 'hi •
gibed duck" lad Moe ids ,pokiiiesliisssk
Political ParagespluL
"Abram asawfaairs as
II at at mos foretala paws
Vb. talaxies of war, , •
Mid ghw!lkigreat Ipa '
A triwayambasas."