The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, March 01, 1866, Image 1

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Dealer to Jarniseriet, Prodle% ?Milian%
Willow and Stone Wart. Wilma, 1. 1 4 1 1011.•
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Ul. HUTXL, Waterford. Po..
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'mar= IT P121111131140.'
thine, D. D. S., NortiSiaventk Arse% Philadal;
etekloghlra, IV D. No. $43, Worth Ntn tli
)!I mimic' St., opposite Crittenden Ball
Pa. cometions and all' other lint look
'lad. Teams% Re* Warren and Torn
ailed to es totally and promptly.
is—Wm. A. Galbraith, Whitman it Brecht.
Ipenter it Warr* E, PA.
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Pia of Commercial Law.
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I roma, to., for ladies - *rt u gent.. o
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13,1 10611, for Soldiers, Waaktagtob,
t, Merles Nattdlat W. W. waver
at tads* Chareb,Wrie. Military,
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'rfWRB stDAbCHAMUM,asRrgof Ware*:
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aid Atioelidloo, d lout Dee of awls it
opei.- Address Dr. J. extuas Hocanra i r t
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\l' KO VOUS Dblit MTV: Sariaal Waskawat. rte,,
£l l (14 aired by one who bar wad !llama sod ban.,
etch of, °than, an t wtli tstl plan 'thing eat UPI *Ma'
Adam. with stamp, * •
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11',V YOU WA KT TO amour AA. 1 4 1 E: op'
A XV RRYIIII'4O relating , to Ow Inman nab'
and fainater Imam aro trtatkawit the
inairiaro autoira of Um world hp • /4rsarry sad
• thoratad thiap war*, put4labal blif9aa, peipt
wised lad ontanird -*Atha of lhiotoaa Orsini tail;
a aortal. book for various seeds, aid a coed book law
am! MM. Patia. 100 Maiiiiatiess. hie, $1 U.
cc,,,k a t s sots nit fro. - to lairsiitir•ak
bad at the book otos% or will be mart by Sac post
paid, or rooript of the palm Addsma.
R. B.
1110 Broadway, Nair 'rcpt.
CONSUMPTI 9714. 44rpiti ogr l a y*
swan to health 'le • ' Few wets tits eery'
simple remedy, Maw heti la suffered eisiend yeti= ertlik
• paves lama eittetioa, sod that dread dim ie. Cm..
Planlplloll-.41111111011111 to maim Imes to tOe Oar ..f
fs ere the maul of etre. •
lb tin who desire lR he' will send a Mayer the pow•
eetipticia aced. (tree of. eluue46)7eitl the erectness ft•
preps:44r ead *deg tlaa imam Whir i t
seesmare it.r oatemption. titms rose ww.
Oliaelas, fa: The eel, ed.jeet pt the edmetime la •sam4-.
het the p sssrlpUes is to booed* the sathated,asd apaled.
inlgtmarion *Wyk he ooa*rell to to lovenablo; sod bst
blete every tamer will try h a' remedy, as it will awed
th-as sethise, and may prove • lamieg. • ' • .
• Pertise wisbier MS prom Otos, PRIES, hT loterllll.4
will erase addrtm ROT. VIM t„ •rmsosr,
der2dlirrly wn•tmso rg h, Mogi thi:i N. T.
1 11 44)P.P4 1 F 1 4r
moms Or YOUTH.-4 guttlemoy *no 101
174 ovegrett few yeits • trout Norway.' tohilly,
tore May, ez4 CI the 'eats t"t_ pootbfal I
will for the sob of salute= htuaeolts. sendhipti !MI
'who oewd It. the recipe and dtreetlous for metier the
atm at mond, by or cab be was ono& a afoot sidilag
te profit by tbe itturrtlasea ezputeoe• eau 4010 b 7 04-
tudn JOE& R.. 000
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65 lir. No. 13 Cb labors Ist..W. n.
ITiCANGIt. BUY TB 1111.—rverj oung lady nod
geitiroan to the Malted %tabs ea* hear oreortbriog
vary ranch to their advantage by rotors mail. (tree cL.
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e-vd. Ali otters will plow addreas their ehedisat gem
ant. - Ts64 .l. CBAt3{Alt„ 831 Broadway. N. Y. •
T RCMP AMB MOM I IROK TH HA 1114 The Original and Giusatue A etWeita to p
be J. 'Allen Barns and is the Met hair denstimill=
setwative neer W use. It atom tits bah Waist oat.
C 443141 It to ere, thick and long and preventvit from
tungns pWmaturely . 'ray. It ors license daadralr,
rea,beastiftee and renders the h it soft g'ossy madam.
ly. Buy It, try it sad lie eentieeed. Dial be Pot off
with a spurious article. Ask for Reeves' embroil!' Ind
take no other. For eat* by Dranista sad Deigns
Plumy Goods everywhere. -
tri ce 22 cents per bottls—Pl per d sins Address.
6Z TultoaSt. Telt city
, , 01 oi64m.
irt ILI In L Val gl,g TA II u sPankr. —MD
Bine has thoroughly proud Welt Ai be thi teat
aridetelicowo for caring Carsaas. Cora, tri m Baas
sad Elamo.tuto. It has broil Mead an exteßeat mompody
to cony eases of Soso ETA" Diumoicai hashes': op i.ered
bylt. and !lamina his often been goatty hinral us y
- It as.fragraat and aereeable; WI stale
ATE ft tLl Br to Um Mall knot pgaseaused alaigla4
et the Mead. Th• asomatione after aalagltei 04004
and lerigorating. It opium and parr" out .sit ob'
atruction. streegtlhom the stases mad give • health*
Whin lathe parte alhoted. .
More than thirty years aria sad used ,Marsholho
Catarrh and Doodads' blouff ham prorod tle groat mat!
tbr art the amines dlsinies Of the bead,bileai that reel
meat it gouda higher *has orarbmiore B lereiPlommere.
ea by Eau or Dobai Oplioliasohn4 la seed with peat
IMMOe sod datinharloi IWO the
or wholesale Drimmktd in 16 64 : • ' .• - •
nod aiderohrain &Mai tor mosey yeas kw dogmata!
tad with Dr. lianhalr a Catarrkaad Floadm4eAlibilcaall
.old l ear wbotemabe trill.,chop:full. slate Dietsrs
NT, #t to to Naas, to everyrompect,td the yorowommiala.
Carotins, or it kw the sore or Catarrh Akonloaa. 414
that It to doebisdly the bolt article we have ern Anima
for all anuuno• dimmed of the Rea.
Burr & Palm Reed, Acetic & Co., Brown, t
Co., Rao& Clan& Cle. a &dth W. roans. Wllaosi ratradak
k Co w Roston • ifertalaw, Edmsauda Co., S. a By.
Portland. Ms.; 'Barnes Ptah, A. R.& L. Banda, lit mph,
Paul A Co., Waal 'Door A Co., SoCeotoo A Robbhaa A.
L. Boomin A Co., IL Ward, Close It Ca, BsahrA *ie.
/or sal* by all Druggist& Try It.
These Thom are a acioatificelly compounded Amid
an better than may pills, powders or nos
trums. Belo/ Null, their %Woo is direct act 1 positivi.7
rendering them a mliable, sprat, wet pests gaai{a
forties - lune of all obstrustiou aIbaANIPPNINLOOSo f Ilks . •
tam Their popularity la ladinted by {be feet that
over 100,00.3 Dutiful am anewlat7 8114 awl by
it. ladies of America, over/ n‘e -of Ili•bb
tea Armee! terns of miaow of .thely vest yearita....
The 7 are rapi dly Ukiag tbi P4O O of emiry *Yee kends
r.medy, an dare conieneren by aft ark.i know nest if
them, aa the sweat, Witt end meet latlllthhe emulous.
tion the world, for the cure of all lemale.iiioloista,
the removal of all obetrucEcros of natal% Bala* pro
motion o I health. ralatitr and littutith• • r 2 Plitat Al'
mations, Cathie wbe tkN of be med, sat eirphais
toy when and. r it tei they Mould wet, eat omtlel mot he
seed el' bout ag elfectseoetrarY to natures oho
en wit be felted carefully fol Awl mowed each
'bottle, with the written oiesaiure of Jets L. Lye*.
'without which bane are greulow.
Prepared by Dr. /WIN L. LY1.1114 10‘ chapel street,
lees Raven. Comm, who c.n be eowiulted either pew
lineally or by Niter, (aseloeble stomp) www.ereteg lan
private dream sod bomb woantteemil. ~/ •
, .doll by Dragghte everywhere.
C. O. CLUCK k CO, "
DA VI-1y • Ceti Arra for V. Laud Csambis.
DR:TALUOTT 7 4 1•41.V5.
Colupontl of highly Costnettsted factreo te from
Soots and Herbs of the greatest msdleel Taloa. prepared
frock the artful primeription of thieeleoreted Dr. Tel, Lad, used by ilia with teinsaitebte ~seam- tar
comfy yaws. An Infallible tweedy la, WV DIAS SUB
the LIMN or tray dersogeossat of the OfagfrriTt ,
OMAN'S. - .
They Gore Went.% Dy pbas spepelc, Bardale,;- isandleie,
Billowiness Liver Comt. - I
The weil..known Dr. Mott. nye of these Tills r travel
wed the formula from which your Tills are suds, lel
my radio* for eau 1 11 years they hues the least et
that upon the Limas I ihgettiv• Organs of any 1 . .
erns in the weed, sod are the most preset ve
which hu ever yet beamed& by anybody. They site;
safe Oaf plessent to take, bat powertal Their;
penetrating piaperlies ...-elate the OW ostisitine eti
the body. remove the obstructions of its Organs. D* 141 .51
the b'ood, and expel &user. Thor purge out the !halt
humors which breed and row .distemper, etinabite.
finggieb or disordered organs into theirnoiaral agates.
mid /input a healthy tone with strength to the whole
system. Not only do they cure the even , day own ,
p ales of everybody i bat also f rmaidabli a dawn=
diseases. and being purely inegenitde are free from. ear
risk or harm."
They create pore blood and remove aU 4 1. m
from the system, helm are I eordthre cure tor
firnoludie, pike. thammal Diseases .and ileredltery
humor.. Don*—for adellia one Pill ie the moncleg
for children under t years, half a PM. •
Pries One Dollar per Bow. Trade supplied. or neattry
Wall, paid , to atti Part of the Gaited
P. - or
G ea receipt of prier. Wane genaine without the;
fan elm4le eleuture of V. Yott Talbott, M. D.
V. stow Taf.ttATT le Che.,Prirtbrit , : I
No 63 Tatted Ovid, I
an no Icreger
nor am I n•
'one whatever
'that the sale
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N. B—key Ilturgraso swain as two cobra for
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the orty of Rrio,aall Mir the Melee sweat .
k IL X R... Also two laity brii• Nor. lir sod al. CORM'
linsab and Buliblostrosta. The • bon lota wilt to WI
at • bargain itappitod for soon. Eager**, - '
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NrkTIOC..4III m . es Indebted tatboisto I doo of Ml
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Thome lento, delis will pieseereireoest tlyna
DUAL Valtata.lllolo2A
IWO ilitmeirtstPlas, stapled to saved set *relit
waste, for ssO te sash. Yapese geld or slivir
medals, or other Prot premiums warded Sim MU—
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await WIL A. Walla% Apar
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Special. ItotiCea.'
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The sale ay &a:gnawed &Om la arity
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414 " GOLDEN I strrEas: —
" INVIGORATING 71. trrilllllo, •
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Ta too nor et tb, 444 lord Houk
arm= STAT* AND Arica masts.
W ien we will at raid, to rash, andU ,U the
MGM? Luisa Yates
for tbi lupe.- Sakes Ibr irk Ars risviso-i
id to givit el • ea. Isk pfelladist Dope;
as o,llllllot - .• • -MAT iJAMISON. I
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ERIE, - f! A ;,. *se titacy , t - nee. '
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1 I not Pittsfootg iii v i (Reptiblleati eig
gao,ot Alleglieny . count says "it is OW
l' bier a secret that, : t'Averaot Cagle eott:
4 3 P1s**/1 1 40 his office it ibeL'sloaa
iholowevefitivoiow.lo view. of las fm;
;Initial hirdth;awd that he will receive an
appointment as Illaistei to Some Mira.
peso government," , . ,
. .
i TUX gill of Tr o wbridge , of, Mdgan,
whom the Itiputtlirapa,have recentlyu
VlMed • • d
the Rouse of fteprepentatives,
mks •
M thee*einsicirfof Mr, Baldwin, hit Dem
noratio competitor, is in point, salt proof
of. 1 4P-1 1 .9 1111 to r4fah tke leo.eti ''..c., that
'TWA" will resort for the sake of keePiclt
tireniselied•Oftiorer.-BaldWin hil a di'-`
cleit,MC,loritYdri the hoine yeti:. 'This.
sa overoouie by the soldier's rate, whinh
the thaprecee Court of Michigan (ail bat
cusilltjdge, itepubllean,)inibeequintly de.
Uldedwoilliegal and 'void.' Yet,,in dee
inciif this decision. the Bonin Ct, PRP.'
resedlatives exebided Baldwin , and gave,
Ipctio akto Trowbridge. They have just
ai gond a rightio turd old members, who
were legaily Andrei, out of their "mita, as
to admit new ones upon fraudulent re
turns, and, clkuld circumstances render.
It, desirable, we may yet bear of the ex
pulsion of the entire Democratic delega-
Wm from the halls of Congress.
j ' The spirit which dictated iheusesage
et' that ordinance of 146eSSiO13 *bleb still
s(anda anieismiled on the, statute book of
Stassuthusetta, is again at work, as will bell
leen`from the following
" The United States District Court a
abort' dine since decided 'that cetta in
preset:o4am in Massachusetts' should be
transferred to that Court, tinder the pro
;visions of a lima-Con greet, and directing!
yhlt further - .moo. .'dings in the' State'
Courts should : I:le Stopped. The Butreme
,Citurt of the State it its presentsessten. at'
Slem, faith up - the case and declared that
thedeeilliOn of the United Stalin Veers
wsi' net - lair; end ' idinnld'uolbe obeyed 1 4
If . this: hiui „hapiiined a feir intid red,
Issitiesjaritser - South; it would hive been
flat rebellion." As it is, it is only judi•
. •
cial •itidePendende: Climate 'affects the
isiontidnesi of political and lesardoettinee
as much as it does fresh' meat. They
"keep" on ona parallel of latitudee.and
"spoil" an another. ' ' • .:
Mont or, 001CTIyo Juaors.-4 Movement
is,ott foot ,S 4 'FiarrLsburg to change the mode
Of selecting jurors: in 't .t At .tr.x g
DeMooritticeorisitleiel the Staie. :Theireubd
on which Ris edveclied Is the allegation th4t
In theeounties named Itipnbileins set;
dem get upon the juries, ad that the opera.
iloorof, the cohrts are influenced by, partleau
onsideratioes. It is proposed to 'obvinte tit"
by having tiro jury. oolotaissioners !Awn by
the voter of the ,people; - one to be frost elmb
party, who shell have entire 'Control of the
selection Of jurors. We 'do' not doubt that
the new .14Ystma proposed i" a good oye ;
re submit that - UR to good :for Democntio
amattee la also good/or Republican aetts
tie& That there- hive been abusep in, the
yeleetlaw - oUnries is the counties to which
the bill Is applied may be the . fact; but the
!tune sbuse,prevail" i n all strong counties on
either fide, in a .greater oi• less degree, and
the eante remedy would work well throughout
the State. The time has been when in some
of the •NorAreaters Rapnbillian count i es to
be • Democrat vas to bear almost cartel'
exclusion from the list of jurors, sad very
often oases have been decided on partisan
grounds. VW , tbe present system of shoos
ing juries is defective,, admits of no question.
and we should like to see ,ocinti plan adopted
by which the mailer could be carried . entire ly
hyoid. the influence of penile', if
,suolt a
tbiag Is possible. ,:
asoirr Jr Clivnitaxo. —Oar neighboring
*k far
_Cluvuland.uot to be behind Rochester.
Philadelphia end other spiritual haunts, has
had its ghost. It seems that the-spirit of
,7. W. Hughes; who was recently hung at that
place, not being pleased at the inuantari @pct.
*eat of ,hishody from, the public vault of , the
cemetary and its conaignment to the clay
of '" Potter'i Held?' will' not Veen' quiet sad
'hut-been disturbing his -foram , Meads. A
few nights since a German buteher, who bad
Jairsn greet interest in the doctor's welfare,
pretitinsii the hinging, and Who-nth. fifths
habit of visiting him ,in jail. watt frightemed
out of a "second yearn' growlif,';' on visiting
Sts stable. to find the doctor before'him dressed
in the identical suit in 'which he was hung.,
The , members of the Jail have alto been
considerably exercised at the - appeersnoe
of the (lector, whd, entered the , prison'
. es
algak t looked as natural is itti life, talked
about the eorriders,'-ani., and, i Boma *vet,
entered' his volt and wrote itostry. ,As
ghosts, like the alectrical mum" piton In a
circuit, it may not ba long before
- we hive one
of the restless spirits in Buffalo:) , In-that cane
it might not be out of the way, to sequrs, in
*drones, the services of the Bev. Beinuel Dor
borroir, of Philadelphia, who seems Witty.
been very insecessfol id exercising tits siiirint
lu that city.—. Courier. ;.1,
• Tim,Nsciaoss AND run Wit.aLth
'grant filsehood,'Ab generally: acted upon
by the radicals in Congram that-Vie
nettle" were all "loyal" in the late war,
has ;Men to &M agog* a "pone weapon
_before Staten:want women_ •of_the North.
;We kept pretty
ersuli while.the War progrestied,we
remember tic; xigt battle
won 'mot battle
fought by nemes. „The success of our
arms was therMitlt orthe skill and coon.
age of whiti`olThiers and'stddiers. - Eaten.
As o. we believe; 'bad rat s • single tf,ttelt
s oldi er with him ;,:fhomis hid only-, one
or two regiments :a , the battli'lefronfof
. Neet k rille Shirriden had'rfo Peirs;r l P l 4
ar.dGrant•rione .tp aid him meter"' ly. un .
* ov um hand, it his been add thitetiery,
offer °fibs rebel armies . hid nepo•
servant with him ; and of the fourmi on,
staves in the South, not carkeothTsonght
the Federal line.. -and, daring ilte Wet,
they were more than tumidly IslWfnl -to
the *Wm and children :of their •sessterk-
Molt of -wheat were in the rebel arsaiee..
We • know' that Ithese statements are 4p k
conflict wall , the . eurrent assertions among
the reabet:e, and _considered br
rhea as i sionsiketts libel opork the
of the "loyal bleclos,'"7 but they *
true, nevertheless. . . ,
Ofieb great while:Wilmot gme to: the
White Bows to est a fora. literosavid-
Sesaorteeer gitthartrf. VP at- of lelliathiv.
sad rtiereeentatlves who, tam! a lira ;laAt
jemostive amok* deftheek A 3 14 019 la:
vi e Agri alshivs4l"47*V 4 dt ir ":
11411t,$ft mirk* Sim Rewideet, . ,th
fee fees tad twiaty.h.lll4loo
that mightily sm.
; I
1 i.
litho Eta •
0f"r70 1 4. Ig Ifort 0 01 1,0 14 •4 9 fatt S: fl°lo o
4 4 f** 1 ;tel Air Pr"1?04A1P7P014111
web. Pie ales tat belk4i4 r. 1
,44; - •
fime to 60 lig; '
.415idt thefkit .
Imo - ..;0t 6E6 link it :Im'fauf. " • "
A butt backward glum Obi limy. '
• - Etbe 4bl *of epubs tutt,t♦ r
flu tit au! still i
nor f e 1ur;rw .. .... ,1
f•ty iisatalk6tlat' ' •
1- ;lines ttisii,ous. neicamir '•
11,110 Omura, 1 0 7 MortrNiiii „
And etali • klsi Wow war • -
ramg.tbotsi••••beng.o I Imo._ • "
• ...o n Bury si.o4 hal! ell 01 ' k W
u,ilitiertiss bow' hi the wood T
“Don't., Barry, dear t” "Mtn soft sad char,
Maim, It Urined my knit to haul
• l!Obillarm 4101,1 r 1 9rojtabfa irme tl •
Alas, st yet tid; t •
Acoordiog to the radii:34w the ballot it
the , infe,l,ll§lo remedy, for Ali. ,the „aocial.
political and economical evil' .to" Which
the colored' nenntation'or the Muth.; ire
exposed. Wilt some'of their pfnlowiphime
then'tell us,why the ballot ha* been of t}t
advantage. to the white-population
of the South, who , always possesred.
itt The Republican'Pirty ,rottstrreiattit'Of
the greater part of, their own past tette&
'ings, or elm adufitTlVathke httitis not
the sure ,pailadiutii: 'Windt 6 ressioo
; which they now • profess 'ICY** "IL=
Have they foricitten Hinter Helper.'s•fi•
icons' Impfinding Crisial sod' :ite woefu t k
descriptioris of the, ,tittgradttiort_ D arid.
wretchedness of the rest, mass or "the
fiouth'ern whites f Do they recollect - that
gig. Rtewei(inovel, was written
to dePlot the wiFinnoloring of ge
4iiial-the, utterly AlOti etioditiOn'tif ;the
non*vetiolding class in the t3oirth t The
favor witl3 Which these 'hated boo?csitere
received by the Reptiblriain putt', and' the
Pent industry iiith which 14 fcittiaor Of
them oils circulated as •a . polfflief 'dtiott
tneof; attest the they attaohed
to the rci.Ott ineulcatinzis of both. Indeed.
this vela *Oat- iirginnOli'af the Republi
can: Rally ciurioirtbio greater torsion of
its ,existence, lt wasfn %the fine•
ground not'Only_in novels kid Parniiblete;
,csii_ttia Ritqap i in' tria l pint; and An
the, pulpit. It was said and sag in'overy,l
form 14 w hich
, the ear oilheimaitinition
could bereached, thafthinon-slarebold•
int,widtes of the &nth' weie•the
meanest. 'mCst delintdeit, OP - 14inwea' snd
wretched free population on the" race of
titer glptie • . • : T
-Wed, these people all had the ballot;
and, what ,is mortp,,they !ere a maprity.
There were. leat,than four hundred thou
sand- elareholders, ' all told and tharrer
were several *Minns or non-elaveholding
whitek : If .the ballot did tot Us, them '
from oppression and wretehedset•,. though
they were , a nuOority of .eight or ten to
one, bow wIII ICU) made to, appear thif
it wauld'nrore an infalliblespectifie lithe
bands of •the negroet; who -are •
nority ?
It will perhaps beseed that Ate poor
whites, of the South "'Were too ignorant. to
make a good use of . the' billet.. Bit are
not 'men just turned lhose'frotn brutalis-'
ing i. slayersi also" ignorant?' "Pe f rhsPa'we
are sipeeted te . believe.thistkimies are
so 'MO,olt More clever' and'oenibtla•'tliati )
white i teen, i that thefwill not', linty' nse
heir ,polloe4
4), Vet, fieKe dad
! areas . to . ' coioriete suet:4lollly With' the
prnprietot,int the 'plantations in aphitioilt
log the,iotet of the poor'yihitee •
We .wish the astute ;gentlemen mho
swear by itr.43unkner wa n trYtorecloo, ,
cite this contradiction,_ Will they tell us
on Witnt ground tiny, hisTP rthiVedtPe
greater_ portionor their pas malice
Hew can they eipect' the ballot ''to "work
Such Wenders for • the'negroes: when they
'hare scr often demonstrated its uttsr-bs•
efficiency in-the hencls of .thnwhitkpop
ulation of the South f„lf what thilll,M"
claimed diring so oistif Years' he
true, ballots in the heeds of thelmetrand
lanerent in only instruments for Wain
them the Pnlitins PuPP O - 4.4 1 4 h0T t . , au t r
ziors: There - MAY be so me 4 1 :IL In in
reprelentation. -Louie Napoleon 'Bona
parte is the - eiitest stickler of the
for uhirarsat suffrage He elected him
self Emperor of the, French Imiversal
suffrage. • Ey universal suffinge he ideated
EMOror of ffierjeo. ffutto
'is itottiiii 'Wawa hidepetiden&l In'th•
toter. -:Aballot onlynonverta &whether
men into - 1 . •
'NA teak ss. ,
% - -that Niue do voillrirtitr. Vinod it .
'' Whjf.iiii. We not give •thilbelhit to
men ? In good sense, intelligence. vi
~ I
Mot in discerning character, miij le* •
to form opinions. the Masi of 'AIMS •
women isrec'thof infirinio "tiV 'OW Of
one yoking men; fent yet' hardlytanybodyt
mental , to give the the elective fmnobisa.:
:Why T. -,f*cipally for, the - ems= , that
Ahoy. arre not Independent To give them
- the West *gild be" irmait CaloOrierbly,
to "displlesite the iota*, theiriilaslisnds,
beithers,-andlatberi. It !wield, champ
4 6- 41 011 / 116 . 111 . malt, bat , merel y hays the
same „effect :as to allow evey'y , male 'voile
t 43 depmitntio ballot "With his tight fii&l
Sicidln'ollief with his - Isit: Thelikettbern
boglieivisS less intillighnt, andifOr. WWI
years, will be qnice-All dependentlPA the
female sex. ,If they obould. iii , admitted
the suffrage,'" whciiiiM. Xiii:Wnfitrol 'Of
them will'itirinalltestit'theli 'rote's:' ,
President. Johoscitni, *lion 'sew t 4
be to make the: ballot - 'a reel*" hi - the
hands'of the, &it:Ahern whifeik beferre tit;
lisgit At a preeentiie to !poseiblik; Wm* ,
of the negro. , It it hem - , befektforn bite
no, protectip&-to a majewit7. bow esti M
moats be expecte!id from In the band. or
at . hirnOTitT 1 Tray, len sis,litessel.' Widi..l
ells. 'what mean by ?oar tweviutNal-i
AabellOo shoed the ballot. wben.ity- yogi.
own shOWAlWßlningul white-WOMAN is
the4onth..bas. only, Made the While Op.!
idatioii,thi hilifriinients 'deadr esiii4eg-:
iliktiern: 'layover; iffycsi"pletwer, yew.
, Niemen I :•Eliie tit an aMnreti-*Nea Irk
. .
iSssoloaCarrazr-4 91#4 1 ifl i f
Il i r frau
i'Moron to the Pittablisgh wet
the - 7th. Ws: "Senator Go
sato& to bays goal ovWto thit Deassratit
gart7 oattroly.• sot atootilt saws
PM OW XIV: 119100 dos ' 31 . 1 ‘ Mr" or
as Seam. ti r
goblin/Ludt is is •
-1:,;1 ;
• ' ....- .
' . Liz.
' "t • I 'll' , 11 V I iii ^ l', t r.l )
"..1 - ; L.:
4 1. 1 ' .•-, rV. :I
, 11 . !, 1 :
• • .. rvi :i
,%IVi! %atop t 9,11•41 .40016.- lOW qua,
Teel; 'ilene slow togethatitere,f
done, tofu, go; r:ibt Toilrot fame
1.4 mai: is** tba %ger," -
A -gigues gleamed Irco bet bonny he.
, ThiAt•PAPIR4 ,II O I /.01. 7 ;
14 4,f/19 0 1,# 0 '0"i her W 4 at il
iiTatires4 , lairt "
I klaad4 her 464 141 mod ba tsar,
I kisapd bar 4nry siouth, sad sow
W4,4'4410? Woe np4 kba,for kWh : •
86s add is Simry i j troy. , z
Thes . ari forsi arm 160 peasallad,'
lid badly fisy heart abe ridged: -
bluidse Saes aid ftss .deals .
aka a'sapsd as 6 We los* tnisat. is
otoliroi bobiod sa;
It tOnk tiara 1614 to end it; Kato,
Wit preyed . what bliss woo is a
Mill no Ow. toot to shad 44 Kits."'"
11114.1111 PS Pen 90(17 1 / 1 1101 BLIOU.S.
Di!! '
• r." '
- tyIIIFIGIRWW* 'AVMSII.I • WIZ rlll3lltirrl
The.Nitabmitnix• Correspondent: Of:the
who ints,.krien.on
ground from the 'Deli pitia crate Pie?ent 1
aeeilbn'ef"lNicries;• and Whd hart id
pleb tag judge of theibirmittoi
end- , 0 0ndoctlof , ; 414:
ilPks COW POINAD $ll coduct, p,A
tatiOnfyitctelinotni trewbio)i t he y ' Ye as
*t toy -"! ' •
Thelarier House' of leagiei!tustinigie.
sesosti l ocipsasad . of OA( 11,101,ocesiii err
rito t c:l ererytking relating to that portion
Of eloirernotent'satistactOrY toltseif , is
at* evdtifilitto entire ittenticintO 'the
rtegroisin this Diatiiet; :Day riater y
,enbieet, beau , diseisseelitrY and
itsttep lively . jisteoing tQ Ole _.delmtet. I
are !Aimed Ous biportan t 'historical riot
ineetineetion'witb the Wei." rt. 'Li' essen
teat tharthia 'bit shooks - be understood; pr.
.the publicreepteially,by- ajl -wbnin teed
tO,write,a b tatty of the great4r4glo,‘,ltti tie Ore; innoewhet at vineries with
the' general, An d.l ti feet,' thilieerpliellt veto!
. sicurylksztoietrirribeieils;• an fewer Ilion • half;
ji 4 200 , tmlicia speakers isr Goagrembelsw,
4 " e i r ,4l4li"ribt "t 1 *WO: O. the ho,4r.
to prove die v a ver ts ii. and if must there
" .46; 't& telt•
or ober asokirea that• the i autlical Colic
trilitela ere not .-good
might hurt 'their lesdiegs,4 hemtant ,
liiitericar Tact is no,less e etartfint
sisiertion that the “iegreeit 'oar
battles; roa all tour • vietoriteroebnitiered
the rebels, wed -the meson AO secured*.
Peace whiph the white Feldisrs were uosbei.
to do," In all the speeehei whlclt , have
beery - delivered 'by 'hi 'esitteineturen
congreer not 'one' has taken any ottier
groundr or given , ,the white L ao/dies% the
least Rartiole or credit, for . services during
the war . Aiicercling te.their ;version 'every
hattlelolets oils fought by ;whites, and eve
ry viaterr woe: wee the' work of the. ea
grow, If sstrapger. who -knew nothing,
of the grist contest which we have gone,
through" should drop' 'hi ' upon COOgreis
and Mien' to fol ;the argumebte of
Onirerne rasp, heti:l=ld come to no; other ,
I ,Yli Abat ~,,the,.ordored race in
1415 CORDITY igglerlor to any other race
itiThevforldbrive, valiant and capable
hf leifinroplishing almost rate/tem! They
old that the white race, as wittier', ate
tdmpet, wor,tbless, and itunt,pable of tiepin.
ipruthibg **Wiling ; also, that they were
pnittdielcr exips with the enemy, and that
tha neva - bid to stet, in and:fight our bib
tles v or alt would have been, lost. , Tbia ie
he rtdicitl smiop of this 000se,st—s,poiot
whtcb they,lieveieboirecl hour after hint;
teproie: Aticitilirig to their taiketitents,
-Vicksburg wit ot*tared' by totgioei. 'Oat
tyiburg rtitswork by, them, Riotutd sne..
Combed AD the sable warripri. ~surrend
eied Ai their idninee, aud S herman Rev
ered'the Coefeddriey with•the brick War.;
oars; • 7.• • r •
!. This must. be 'esotteding,ly -gralifYinfi to
the hundreds of thousancts,of yOlunteeri
froth thelierth. They whit be spec ally
Catuplitteititid by this constant reitertiflon
on thigh:or& Congress of the asneiticurthat
$h black and not tbe white-soldiers did
Aii oRr gallant, fightirl- It must also Wa
lsh a consolatiOU to. the numerous 'berviir
ed fentilhis to IthoW ' that" their ')htfilbsindi
:d fatheis• who fell ori .the battlefield
were of:no Account, and were worthless
ldiers.„ Such is thb . i fact.
,if red-
{roar members of Cengress ale la ta believ
ed.' lleallY:' 'have they not 'tarried this
Mattel a little too fart In •'the wild at
!tempt to land and glorify the negro_ they.
ibave, sneered, ,at the ..white , soldier: its
though, hey were mere cattle. One or
tWhef'the'pristeipal speakent have evets
,genstiofir as to ridicule the whole white
i nce, antl.speak of it as th ough it were
ibeneath Contempt.. Telksboul, prejudice
against our colored population—ir this
jdoes not increase that rejtitlice it wi I be
beesinie' human nature ' has completely
iclumged end.the :most csutmon feelings
lin human, breast have been obliterated.
ift max esable thole who etigage in it td
!tiarrY 'their point now. but will 'Only in:
'crease the extent,thesevetity and the vets ,
geariceof the reaction when it comes; and,
.0 will materially beaten .the day. .., ._
.. :
'Twit riILINO iw ..nts Bottstr.—The Oil •
cinosa Wiseke publishes' 021.101k:wing ay.
trust koca a.privats lattoriromthe
e L lt-confoderate Geperal, ,4 / ong.,
street.' Its tone,comfog from audit a Source,
axed to Esonvitiee even -the Went skeptti
ad oleo disposition tow:mitt frankly sod
honestly, the results of the., pm.; sod it ;
shopld.ahame those) wful.:f.rFnuewteat,
*erase to allow that Roth* dr thee:wintry
to' isfssuasoits old nelationOvitti:tha Vrqnl i
Gait. Liongitreat says . '
stiodtst IFitn4 ra°6-
the North 'ati)ntill • ittoliOod - i dea&
19”ity at the South, Alsof.
trelittit 04411014 Or for per staritotom:
nlargt Tip do,tOistiWthem,l
wig• Old Its*Actus. tsl lo 4o l 7o 2 *g4hit-is
wanted ono. *video W6,ars kllorie'd to
get on.some constitutional platform. r do
hitZ-lattfiposei thauthere •Stt. a - thsedind
Men in South who :think ditbweelb
!butt InYesif on. this subjeokt 140 L ltiT 4
somodoubta whether there,are as ms,ny
as that who would 'leave this Union tokli*
If the* Wait' eiffersethe 'goltut
or return upon terms of otkrtalityP •
Tbn Washington coirfpondent.of,4l l
Neini.Bvitbrd ifercurxtbus dOeritiele Gene
-rat.!Gran t ae be up pearl &lithe streihrtot
the ifapitai . oGeseral Greet shalt
tows ins onsborse , tanigt,u4dikerelf
other man,. X saw htni. on I.l' r , ttreet,pa4.
tirday. The p hi, briggy
&din; and lie • sit' ' tlieeliftinge ideni
(stinking A cigar, or ooitser) u Mitt „
ooneern a ifssiaaasina . wera,noverr
Fie- guitti.e • ji?rBol94eT, arid, doesn' t
allcniony team to ;slis him pn the road
if he ban • Soli '• Ttildir 6f fiVidllbgten,
'or triapnieon for - vur ownnGsmitnl Wok
to F. eppegrintlM-411u Alregt.i4l, buggy
and driving his own horse r And yektien. ;
oral Grant has aoinglandiiii Wier
, fpught mprip won more victories,'
ovtnieil i cannel:lntl of
th ett ok • H ;
;Tia Lain lifan.—Tha Portant. tral Roefia j
ter, (atrophies - ilti - Aistk i at dale onNTrat.,!,
ow tlint7tie 'sit., of 'aleph tralit.f - baur noir
bit.: MI& 1726;,z awl , who ; bad at.;
ialltialj t Therefore. eko:, amazing age had
kindred! aid forty plate" was'bOits elite
before , 131shrge"Whallingtod. aatk:w
iillylesis old at ilitawatiormat,,of -tita Aomori,
csokeeolatton; so that ka atightoTen thefli
ban Olsiittal inemptioaA rt ItilltarY eh{
iiiiiiantaief faille:2li aid senowtirtb
atiNsigabaifia•wii viiitr.tworwhia-lb.
Met& caiiitilation, mat form* entitwisitt74,
four whes Abraham I t iastola was horn. IN
know Nitwit loser tittiitin ; iiiii hi Yd
yam. that of Parr. thi Engliiitana, who ip
taMidleetie gain t
likareelinik: Jai • Ablic.slll fts- sf ,op
:at* 4 , 4 1 0. 1 •Imipqrs7PM1 1
to be oi"rtoord ertfi
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sem tee h.. ide.math astioatotio.; • ~
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wrai. :Of AMA . Oa 11l , wht6l4 'weed'
eisatiitiiir.'li *1; 1 a taiiiiit lids papeeti4Y
iurriiiioy." This ' b what the dijnyik* 6 04 k
Ws are' 0 7 1 M A, PilmLii Z•lig PriOtat: 1
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.NUMBER 40, (.!
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iTo love, and nett, sad donator&
when Inpled . gitlp,ttr Aolln.or : ,
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Ilewowtot to eneltilie saki way,
1 Where lortiQ NBl4l4lllglAulenngw.T
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thin through' the alitt atij.4 otillit; • '
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That lotin heads iek,
! - lad Way—Om • • _
The Joy
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t las , 4 Dm of; Taciagstirsi, iVfilikir,
, itistitieriii iiii filereifiet ileilliagit't SI llelief
delegation iittthePiiiidsii. snibtbiehrispiy:a
Sy*; -t", di it„ if,. Pro ; a* , 1 0 7,,,' :WWII!' ftt 4 ) , ..1
divides but of gho orgorflf r.ll44ileelin,All
tbentsiy to the 'Periidist. •-• • • • ( I
1 Wilton oi tits 131citnraintintitsiDaring - iihet 7
idreistitritioe of Mr. U11ib04•64 I;44WIRFAto
signed that W Llnepis yest,ya grernsaeit ,
itid - Ili picelematiooti hilt bite; • -- Biiikaiii• Art '
say the giriersidetit - 4 *lite* firilliiitirawc
Clawless; sad Presided& Joiiiiceshee WSW ti
control *Tor k. O'Pa 11 !PiRgien4 l *NE,.,11
The filePihin )44 0 frOor . 41,0 A 1 7- i l
I , We do not•dontit,lbit meet, .6 tits a eis
hay& died 'if . diiitieb, Critelli& byl soma
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uU*41,91 1 1.r4P.V0 , AIM ki r rat,lA , ..
icor in the, armies of
. boil or , sod
Sotiti, • ,ii tbe bail iisigititistenn ti ; F 'l' ' 1
- We 1 sre'cliiting pitlittly fie' einiiii ihnennial-i
*Hon from Os Itopublioss• prestAffMr. , Bllll l 7l
ser's ••mien t, . Woolly - t0 t ti 4 9 40 . 114 1, 1 1. 1 1 4 t:
Stales. Betistc. •In t4it iipeee lia amen ea -
civil' an cfriollt i eil • rfklits`fOi i t eti here' A* 0
threitined' 0 reifiasee:".;-.:4•eitinseirillt.i.-ii
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Ine!'—unleiss,tkey,cextgrao,tedAs yet no if
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before the' datitiis.:. iiiiiieirtillkollgiernfk..krii
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,6tli, In defendidg Wait a 'Neill front Mt 'al I
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.‘‘flit.Viii IV ago* rasp when tiaa Sepublisiiiks I mien. Xle issiiscAli an d
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preteedid 'io•ituniel., - iihdL liars lateen* ay.!
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if it:p reel, or ?indent - 6 nio .- - 11 dep A
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fority grows wider every day,•lntiqumigsmigtion
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pipetpipet' Me, KAI' orsedtielii, iiid bliebahre
' let : thieitago.'t . 1.. (- I , ,ii; i ..-- 9
' - ...G e s 4ri a • Rita 'so 17. wad.- Atis:YearieV.,3 4 4,
utusioi to thivradieols, lop p i nitt Oprlp. IF'
. oigress i • -• • • - •
rUltessesiioti yea' 41 &AV/64 ceiheltstiadt
Wag el . the wide, laitire ere itaii light *lleac
?lon -Pbok it' !nut. ictirr OOP, Illi F e kl./RFAI
tind thit • Jefirsoo Ws (moot —wick,
e ' Stites' seibi °setiedhx-vritathdil idlietlfir
by geatleaust Swill* Aimee- iliiii4P,Sieid Nod
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I,6,ina tosek to toe old ylstform 6 tne a Ps,
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...zr an titd.time that mitt haldiNlAlak,
entiients these, 'ehauld,bu i reßMyitut
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kall• rth ti , •
letter from Washington reveals &SW ae,
'does net usiear
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A Wurri M'sm,sDsr.—lffr. , sir in
olliiiid'a - Prisdibte Mad/ kif fhiltle Masai
at tke.•Thirty alafirtiongraSk.da• attic tun
Paade4 nn y ciLhot itPrO;
'paring —costaros,
antexpectelty keitifediirci
that is larkeitesettes f timid:ma In gait ism
bstialrlefiiO4:freenrati i IkiWA+l%;
Resolved, : 3het the Ooniialttee on the muse
be instructed id ' fifttatre
of reporting s new--rale-for-the government
of the .annite1t4 0 A1:140 1 .114 1 4:1410 4 .7 in
each week be exclusively get apprt for the
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. elety„.l?etwean• . koyd e
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familiar de ithlighdaikedislaiP
1 11 400teaCanteltAskta Prem.lare,Mb t
;lever ten known in this Deanery, itan
1i etaYgl~t ttiieir Cot dkingitisigthitiTht
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