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Bola, or Hozroa.—The following are the
Pennsylvania Congressmen who voted
against forcing negro suffrage upop the
peoppiof the District of Columbia. They
are all Democrats :
Ramuel J. Randall.
B. Markham Boyer.
Sydenham E. Ancona.
Myer Strouse.
Philip Johnson.
Charles Denison.
Adam J. Glosabrenner.
J. L. Dawson.
Row. or ' Disaosoicoa.— The following
are the Congressmen who voted to thrust
negro suffrage upon the people of the
District after they had by a nearly unani
mous vote declared their opposition to snob
• measure. They are all Republicans :
Mac Leimard Myers. Win. D
KeVey, R Thayer. John Broomall.
Thaddeus Stevens. Ulysses }femur, Geo.
F. Miller, Abram A. Barker, Stephen F.
Wilson, Gum' W. SCOFIELD. Jame
It. Moorehead, Thos. Williams, George V.
The Republican member from the Craw.
ford district, Carlton V. Culver, had impor
tant business to take him away, and his vote
is not recorded - on either side. •
The telegraph furnishes an iuteresting
account of an interview recently had be
tween President Johnson and a "distin
guished" member of the United States
Senate, in which the former took occasion
to express ,his views more clearly than
heretofore upon some of the subjects
which are eliciting pnblio - discussion at
the present time. It is stated that on the
question of the proposed amendments to
the Gonatitution, Mr. Johnson expressed
doubts at to the propriety at this time of
;malting any further alterations in that in
strument. "One great amendment," he
said, 're had already been made by which
slavery had forever been abolished within
the limits of the United States and a Na
tional. guarantee given that that institu
tion should never again exist in the land.
Propositions were becoming as numerous
as preambles and resolutions at town
meetings called to consider the most or
dinary questions connected with the ad
ministration of local affairs. All in his
opinion had a tendency to diminish the
dignity and prestige attached to the Con
stitution of the country, and to lessen the
respect and confidence of the people in
their charter of freedom. If, however,
amendments are to be made changing
the basis of • representation and taxation,
(and' he did not deem them at all neces
sary at present,) he knew of nonebetter
than a simple proposition embraced in a
few lines making, in each State the num
ber of qualified voters the basis of:repre
sentation and the value of property
the basis of direct taxation. Such a prop
osition could be embraced in the follow
ing terms
" Representatives shall be apportioned
among the several States which may be
included within the Union according lo
the number of qualified voters in each
State. Direct taxes may be apportioned
among the several States which may be
included within thbarnion according to
the value of all taxable property in each
of the States."
The President in this oonnection,„ the
telegram says, expressed the opinion that
the agitation of the negro franchise ques
tion In the District Qt Colunibis at this
time was the mar!), entering - wedge to the
agitation of, the question throughout the
States, and was ill-timed, uncalled for and
celculated odo great harm. He believed
that it would engender enmity and strife
between the two races, and lead to a war
between-them which would result in great
injury to both, and the certain extermin
ation of the negro population. Prece
dent* he thought should be given to more
inipcirtant and urgent matters, legislation
upon which was essential for the restore
tion - of the Union, the peace of the wan.
try .and .the : prosperity of the pectin—
This is sound Democratic reasoning, and
sounds like the Andy Johnson. of , old
Let him adhere to this position, and we
will be as ready to applaud him for it
' as we have been prompt, to criticise when
he has done wining. •
?NB PRIM IN 11,11A14013.
'thoong the items of foreign news is one
to the effect that the Emperor Napo•
lows has' forbidden the circulation lb
Praton of the ./ndepoulence Bilge, a journal
intensely hostile to him, and which has
hitherto enjoyed an immense patronage
1111100, his enemies in Paris. Referring to
the subject, a Republican newspaper of
the ivied eadh:el type ventures to indulge
in t language
Napoleon' has the credit of beini" a
smart man," and we willingly acknowledge
that ke Ins made good has claim to the
title, but hi this thing of making
d u public journal, As Ass unwillingly
a weakosse wiwortAy of a great ruler.
It irxhihits the rower of the press, and proves
that silliougA he is an Emperor, sw aying a
seeptin ow %seedy forty millions of st4eert, As
sreertAseers is terror qf the influence of a sin
. After his action, who will
are O'boldnees to affirm that the
braise. ' the' type, the ink and the paper
which are combined to make up the daily
journals of the 'age are not in themselves
a power as potent as that which sits upon
a throne and governs an empire
ln reading these liberal reflections and
maul Contingents we are led to wonder
Where in the worbi the innocent child of
!Oar* who Wrote them has spent the five
3 , 41117114Q/A pit. e has, evidently, never
heard.befere of any attempts on the part
ei agervertintent to interfere with the lib
eity of the prep. , We have seen many
uxhibitions-ot eftontery on the part of
lkipthiloan newspapers Onoe the close of
INe war.' but this one surpasses all the
'nag—• amino* is Siberian. Mr. Bum
britt have pronounced-It "ace bruin
sit eiskister." Jilt think of It. A olnis
of people wtio, for four !Ong years, ap
plauded to the echo all the shameful via
lations of the liberty of the press which
disgraced almost every day of our stormy.
history who clamored - continually for
the suppression of every newspaper that
dared to speak a word for constitution and
law—who called the brutal doings of mobs
" bunts ,of enthusiasm," and delicately
dignified the beating and murder of Dem
ocrits as " ebullitions of patriotism"—af
feet to be shocked aid scandalized at the
tyranny of''l,Onis Napoleon in excluding •
foreign newspaper, hostile to his dynasty,
from the coffee houses of Paris !
The Philadelphia Ledger, which has el.
most uniformly acted with the Republi
cans during the l ixwar, but which now
adopts President Johnson's thecry of re
construction, despairing of convincing its
party adherents by any other course of
reasoning, calls their attention to the in
fluenoe of the radical policy upon their
business affairs. It argues that the early
pacification of the country is essential to
the prosperity of the North as well as the
South, and that the continuance of the
present unsettled state of things,must op
erate disastrously upon the interests of
both sections. "If we want trade with the
Southern States or their cities, we must
aid them to have their affairs settled im ,
mediately. People do not engage in plant
ing rice, cotton, sugar, tobacco, kc., or in
producing rosin, pitch, turpentine and
other naval stores, or in merchandising.
with'energy and alacrity, when they do
not know whether they may call the pro
ducts of their labor and capital their own
or not. Nor do they enter into any busi
ness operations with hearty good-will while
all their affairs are so unsettled that they
do not know whether they are controlled
by themselves or other people. If the in
dustry of the South is to be brought into
active operation at an early day, their af
fairs must be settled at an early day, so
that they may know where they stand.—
And this we do not urge any more on
their account than on our own. If Con
grass is going to tax Southern cotton
heavily for the sake of adding largely to
the national revenues, it should first take
care that the people of the Southern States
shall be placed in a position to raise it—
otherwise there may be but littlecotton
to tax. The earlier and more certainly
they are assured o' a generous and perma
nent policy, the more zealously will they
go to raising cotton. So of all other arti
cles and of all other interests. If Congress
would have the South contribute its full
share of the excise and other taxes, tben
Congress should act, so as to set all the
wheels of Southern industry and trade
promptly and actively- in motion!' The
Ledger, in presenting these views before
Its Republican readers, displays rare fore
sight and policy. . With most et that party
the sentiments of justice and charity and
respect for eonstituticoaL rights have be
come so completely absorbed by bigotry
and hatred that an appeal to their it ter
ests is the only one that' will bring them
back to reason. Convince them once that
it is to the advantage of their pockets to
have a speedy return of the Southern
States to the Union, and they will come
flocking to the conservative fain* sheep
to the pasture.
The New York Tribune, with all its fa
naticism, sometimes gives a goodoommon
sense hint. Referring, for instance, to the
proposed increase of the regular army,
and especially to Sens tar Wilson's scheme
for_placing the standard at 50,000, it
Before Gen. Wiieen votes for any such
increase, we shall expect him to meet our
objectigm:t bat there will Le no such increase,
no matter Was Cbnyress may enact. if Con
gress says WOO, there will be a full roster
of °Mu for an army of that number, out
there will not be 25,000 rank and file.—
Washington, Saratoga and Newport will
be liberally decorated with shoulder-stripe,
and we shall have to pay for a large army
yet be served by a small one. Americans
do not take to army Wein times of peace ;
they will put on the uniform when the
country. needs them, and take it of when
Clereturns. Now we object to paying
large army when we only need, and
at all events will may have, a small one.
We can't afford to ornament watering
places with superfluous shoulder-straps in
these times of high taxation.
Tun Radicals. are "disgruntled" beyond the expression of President
Johnson's views on the proposed Consti
tutional amendment,, and negro suffrage
in the District, as given in another part of
this week's paper. The Washington cor
respondent of the Tribune telegraphs that
he has good authority for saying that the
dispatch mentioned, " before being given
to the Associated Press, was revised and
its publication authorized by the President
himself." He adds sthat " this hiving be
come known during the day, it excited
considerable comment on the part of Con
gressmen,who thought it singular that the
President should • send his message and
communicate his views to Congress
through the channel of the Associated
Press." The "distinguished Senator" with
whom the conversation was held is Mr.
Dixon, of Connecticut, one of the , few
members of Congress belonging to the
Republican party who "sustain the Gov
A oattnattan just arrived from here
from Charleston. says that in consequence
of the cruel and oppressive legislation
against the freedmen, enacted by the
South Carolina Legislature, Gen. Sykes
has been compelled to issues very radical
order annulling all such legislative enact
meats.— Tribune. •
A general in the army annulling the
regularly adopted acts of the Legisla,ture
of a sovereign State, strikei us as about as
cool a proceeding as we have heard'of for
wispy a day. .
The persons who are spoken of most
prominently in connection with the Abo•
lition Gubernational gontination are Gin.
Geary, of Cumberland county ; J. IL
MOotehesd, of Allegheny %; and little
john omanit, of Bedford., They are all
Democratic renegades, and like back
sliders generally have become among the
most virulent enemies of their former
Bi►JILT Istraumicno.—Mr. Sce Of Pa., ,
in his epees& io Congress, the other dap, re.'
marked : „ The Republican party would
adhere* to iti priaciples. The mots we de
grade the negro, the more we degrade ear='
selves: and the mere we elevate'oureelves the
more we elevate the megrim." It is salsa
ishlng bow easily the gentleman is ionneseed
by the treatment to hie colored brethren. It
would:behattily safe t 4) nubs
_Ng ha:
beae.--Doyleriewe lowifiret. '
The statement is made by a number of
papers, and appears to be authentic, that
Wm. P. Everts, a leading New York law
yer, has been employed by the Govern-
Mont to assist the Attorney General in
the trial of Davis, and that he is to receive
a hundred thousand dollars for hui services.—
One hundred thousand for • single case
will still's some people man amazing in
stance of liberality, and a few hard shell
Copperheads may be disposed to grumble
at it ; but what of that ? Is not this'the
greatest, freest and richest government
upon the face of the globe•; and how would
it look if it failed to be generous to those
whom it employ,' to_prosecute its charges
against the "arch fiend of the wickedest
rebellion that ever cursed the universe ?"
Close your mouths, ye grumbling 'sym
pathizers," and pay your taxes without a
murmur. The debt is but a trifle, and the
taxes are light, and why should you com
plain of the beggarly expense of a hund
red thousand dollars, to pay a Republican
lawyer for what scores equally as able
would be willing to undertake for a mere
moiety of the sum. It is thus the Gov&rn
ment rewards those who were faithful to
it in the days of its misfortune, and if any
do not like it, let theta curse away ; they
are mere subjugated creatures at any rate;
not worth noticing.
The counsel for Davis are Charles O'Con
nor, of New York, and Hon. George E.
Pugh; of Ohio, both men of rare talent,
and holding a position among the first
lawyers of the nation. Information from
Washington leads us to believe that the
long looked for trial of Davis will not be
delayed more than a few weeks further.
Franklin W. Smith,a Boston' contractor,
was tried by court martial'and found guil
ty of pocketing a thousand or two dollars
out of a contract with the Navy Depart
ment 'for . ' supplies. The report of the
court-martial was sent to President . Lin
coin for his examination, who returned it
with this characteristic endorsement:
" Whereas, Franklin W. Smith had
transactions with the United States Navy
Department to a million and a quarter of
dollars, and had the chance to steal a quar
ter of a
; and whereas. he. was
charged with stealing only $10,000.1 and
from the final revirion of the testimony
it is only claimed that he stole $lOO, I
don't believe be stole anything at all.
" nerefore, The records of the court
martial, together with the finding and sen
tence, are disapproved, declared null and
void, and the defendant is fully,"dis
charged. A. LINCOIS.
Tun widow of Senator Douglas having
rust been quietly married to Major Robert
Williams, we trust the newspapers may
henceforth keep silence with regard to
that estimable lady, wbo—without having
in any way deserved or desired it—bas
throughout her widowhood. been dragged
before the public in a aeries of imperti
nent and generally false paragraphs of
Washington telegraphers' gossip. We
trust we hare now read the last of them.
Judge Scofield.
Our remarkably "loyal" and vigoroei oo•
temporary, the Warren Mail, givep, in its
last issue, some extravagant eulogies of our
vsember of Congress, copied from iarietut Re
publican papers. They unite in bearing tcs
timony to hie "clearness of intellect," "ready
faculty as a debater," and the other qualities
which make up a great man and statesman.
We regret, however, that our cc:temporary,
from oversight or want of room, or some
equally good cause, undoubtedly, should have
overlooked some of the most important testi—
mony in its exchanges to the merits of our ifius
trious M. C. In pert to make amends for its
omission, aad to enable the benighted people
of the district to perceive in what en estima
tion Mr. Scofield is held by the more @alight
lined elsewhere, we copy some extraets whit%
have not appeared in the Mail :
From the Piggsturgli Squeak?" Washington
Correspondence :
Whoever has believed that parliamentary
eloquence died with Clay, Webster. Elapses,
[Prentiss, Corwin, and their cotemporaries,
was convinced of his mistake if he was pres
ent in the gallery of the popular branch of
Congress on Monday. With no desire to die
potato 'the illustrious gentlemen named, I
must be permitted to say that the effort of
Mr. Scofield excelled any ever made by them.
In burning eloquence it surpassed Patrick
Henry. In logio It went ahead of Webster.
In grand and thrilling genius it went beyond
all previous speeches ever delivered in the
body. The members - thronged around the
eminent speaker spell bound. Halt the gal
lery was in tears. and the other half related.
Let it no more be said that America has pro.
duced no great men. He is found at last,
and Scofield is his name.
Frost the Pwikinviile /illuminator:
Mr. 8. is a bright and shining light in the ;
galaxy of our nation's great men at Mullis(
ton. He ranks with the Inst, and he is Ms,
first. A Demosthenes in oratory, a Marshall
in legal lore, a Pitt in the clearness of his
intellect—where bag one bees produced like
him? The citizens of the 19th district should
about hosennu from day to night, and illu
minate their houses from year's end to year
'out, at the thought that they are represented
by snob a.master mind.'
From the Run omen Terrifter :
Judy Scofield is the rising man of Penn
sylvania. He is bound to rise. No such man
has the State ever sent to Washington. How
pitiable do snob dwarfish creatures as Buchan
an, Sergeant, Wilkins, Dawson and Cowan
seem, compared to him. He will be beard
from more let• We have not received a copy
of u his speech, bat we know it is a brilliant
one, because it was made by him. Scofield
From the Back Wooda Beiiptisher :
Big wan. Big firmed:. Greatest chap is
Pa. .Bests everbing ever kiown. All the
rest pigmiu to oof. Aslant intellect. First
class fellow—treated us once. lot the rasa
for us. Bola the district isA his breeches
pocket. Want the post (Moe, asU he on help
us to it. Bully boy with the glass eye. liar.
rah for goof. t3eof's our man:, •
From Me Timbsegoo Shaer :
A -great san—he is witbeut k a rival sines
the days of Webster. May be lire long to
shed as effulgence upon the land. and by the
glory of his Intellect reflect a ray of joy over
the now dark paths which rise up to puzzle
the Weary brains of the statesmen whew w e
hare selected to protect in all his grandeur.
the never to be daunted, unconquered and
unconquerable, defiant and victorious bird of
From Ms Belly Forks Zephyr:
Profound in all the legal lore of the land, as
unrivalled orator. a debater without an equal,
he 1. without a rival in either' Rouse. who
put forget thie brilliant style In which be ex.
anguished like saucy Brooks, of New York.
defyipg the bus copperhead with all the ma.
jest et his kingly nature. nod sent him book
to the:dark dens of lafemy front whams be
*shaded, never to be heard of more? •
The above is all of these interesting u.
tracts we can glee la gor present issue. The
remainder will be fiend is the Warm Will—
iam lee mats a copy.
iMiir D. W. Hutchison. United States Claim
Agent, Girard, Penna. • Pensions, Baok Pay,
Boutit.7, Ind all other claims &glint the Goy,
erniaeat aueaded ; lo with promptness. Charges
" 1413111614 APP 11 0 6 0mi1l ay mail Wended to
iii.WilWilloodola person. (JalB-611.)
Politioal Paragraph&
A meeting of Micah was held in St.
Louis, on Friday night last, at which res
olutions were adopted denouncing the
President as a usurper and calling upon
Congress to undo aUb. has done:
A ootemporary thinks It is refreshing ,to
eee " the names of four Republican mem
bers from Connecticut recorded in favor of
a roessure repudiated by the Republicans
of their own State. It shows bow careful
we are of the consciences of others; ind
how mindless of out own." •
A wicked Copperhead sends the follow -
ing resolution to emigres., as an eMboli
ment of those offered by Sumner ; Bs.
saved. That the Government was estab
lished for the benefit of Massachtuetta and
the Republican party ; that no one has
any rights that we are bound to respect
except gentlemen of African descent.
At the charter election held in Wbeel
ing. West Virginia, on Monday of last
week. the Democratic candidatagweenq,
received 1,498 votes, against 983 Riven to
Wilkinsor, the candidate of the Disunion
party. Wheeling his heretofore been re.
garded as certain for the Disunionist..
WILL Tnzi.—We wonder if the aboli
tion party, after getting through with its
crusade against Democracy and the Con
stitution, for recognising the distinction
between the Caucasian and the AlriOn.
will turn their batteries, resolutions, &c.
against the Creator for making that dis
tinction. We won't be surprised it they
The radicals have introduced over sev
enty amendments to the Corstitution
fore the present Congress. It must have
been a very sickly Constitution. as pre
pared by those old "copperheads," Wash
ington, Jefferson and other ancients of
revolutionary days.
When the opponents of the Democratic
party got into power in New Hampshire
some years ago. they professed to ba as
tonished by the discovery that the State
was in debt to the amount of 117 000!
They rolled up their eyes in well assumed
horror. Since, they have managed totrun
up a debt of four millions, without manifest
ing any qualms of conscience.
A gentle-.pan recently returned from
the South called on the President .and
told him that at Richmond there were
in a single ,school three hundred
white children as poor and ignorant, u
any black to be found in the whole of the
South. and urged that they needed the
aid of the philanthropic everywhere.—
President Johnson replied that be, was
very glad that one Northern man bad dis
covered that there were any white people
at the South.
ington correspondent of the New York
World has adopted a plan in designAting
parties which we think should be folkowed
by the entire Democratic press of, the
country. It chosifies Sumner, Stevens,
Kelley and all who follow their lead in
Congress and out of it as Die-unionists,
and the Democratic and conservative Re-
publicans in Congress and out of „.it as
Unionists. This is • classification which
can be easily understood by every man of
intelligence in th•nation, and places par
ties and individuals in their _proper Char ,
aster before the people. ..
The platform adopted by the so-Called
Republicans in 1860, and on which Hr.
Lincoln was elected to the Presidency,
bad in it the following plain and pcititive
declaration of a principle. Here it is:
" That the maintenance inviolate of the
rights of the States, and especially of each
State to order and control its own domes
tic institutions according to its own judg
ment, exclusively, is essential to that inf
ant* of power on which the perfection
and endurance of our political fabric de
The New York 71Piircas remarks that
"the moral influence which the restoration
of the Union continues to exercise in Eu
rope is marvelous. Even the official organ
of the Prussian Government speaks Cif the
success of American institutions." Will
the Tiitowts inform . = whether it regards
the Union restored. so ' lost -as eleven
States are unrepresented in Congress?
Thaddeus Stevens in his bitter apeecb
the other day, in Congress, - on the question
of restoration, in speaking of the freed
men of the South. says :
"The infernal laws of slavery have pre
vented them from acquiring an education
or from understanding the commonest
laws of contract or from managing the or
dinary business of life."
Yet these men who can't manage " the
ordinary business of. life," er undeivtand
" the commonest laws of contact," Mr.
Stevens is anxious to give the right of suf
frage and place the political destiny of the
South in their bands. This great agitator
has overleapt himself. giving the beat pos
sible reason why the Southern negroes
should not have the right to mote.
[!ms the Hes4tesd Reporter.]
The Great Revival In Towanda, Pa.
A series of religions meetings has been go
ieg on in Towanda for the last two weeks.
forming the most remarkable era in the Mum
of the place. Rev. Edward Payson Ham
mond came down from Elmira, where he had
been preaching for four weeks. ea the 611
inst., and has held one or two meetings hers
daily until the 184. He first appeared on
Saturday night at a meeting is behalf of Sun
day schools. On finedgy he spoke in the
Methodist Church, and the mite afternoon be
addressed a large audience of children sad
others in ilia peculiar manner which hu gives
him his world wide reputation as the chi'
dren's preacher. His message from God, like
good seed "fell into goad ground. and Isn't
forth good fruit" in the conversien of some
of the dear little ones at that first shadren's
meeting. He preached a powerful discourse,
or rather series of short discourses, on Sun
day night, enchaining for hoirs the attentioa
of a large and unwearied congregation by his
peculiarly interesting mode of illutratiag
gospel truth.
The history of the conversion of a Mails
sinner. a description of that woaderfal thing,
a change of heart, must ever be a futile at
tempt. It must be felt to be fully under
stood. Bat how can we depict the loons
where hundreds, of all ages; were "converted
and became as little children." As the cold
ness at the beginning of the steettap was
not peculiar to any denoutinstion, .so the
awakening was general and simullakene.
The "shallow seetarlan pools on the shore
were obliterated" by the in-taming spolig-t
tide of the ocean of Christian love. Metho
dists, Baptista, Episcopalian' sad Proibyte
eau filled the largest hall in tow*, isditeme
times the Court Reuse to overflowing t many
persons 'nee standing daring seuless-pro
tractad to thret or four hours. relitteing to go
away after meeting was dismissed, mere than
once tilling the seats, aisles and standing
places, somelhaes till sear midnight, in the
most utreordistato manner. Aaron, and
Ham the clergy of all the different denomia.
otiose in the town sad visiaity aided la the
good work, and shove iii the voice of feicsat
prayer from the hearts and lips of thousands
ascended to Heaven. Old Cktiatiaas were
revived, "the boarders" who bad been mere
inmsfes in the holm of tied. mast' of whom
had not (or thought they had sot) due IMMO
for the femily to even pay their beard, be.
came active, working Christians, discovering
that it wai not eaough to pray to God to save
sinners, without themselves Baylis, a word is
season to them, or melting out a Wind to
help them. Hundreds upon huadrods who
had heretofore " eared for line .of 'these .
things," gave themselves up wholly to Jew
and sonfeesed their Mae, ruoutted all self
Oighteousaess, looked to the suss, aid were
healed, deputing alone ea Christ and him
eruoilled, sad fining comfort in bellirriag
that' he is willing and able to sale ill that
emu unto hint, while assay itazions %ordure
"what shall wide to be saved' lis
tened with breetitless interest to the *newer
of Christian (rinds, "Jesus has done; iintl,7
Let as one unbolt this a weoe'telo
Tonkel ezettentent. Oa um aciabrart sea and Tonkel
of-all ages, of the best late lipnete and caps'.
city. tradesmen, sterehants and profeettional
men, others and soldiers in the late war, wit.
had faced death in mazy battle fields, Wein
keepers, the profits and visions, 'Lid these
rho had ben e!zilUT aisle 117.14 tiNl
rich and the poor, the ratio and lb. reamed,
the learned and the Ignornst, the talented and
the simple minded, bowed together at the foot
of the cross, friends rejoiced together, and
toss Irma reconciled.
It is very daily:Pt, to estimate lb. numbers
of hoyebtl coovertg, but we think we moy
safely say that et least four hundred, of
twenty five basdred people save outward
evidence of conversion.
TSB Nile Yost WitZLT MAGesnia.—No. 4
of this new and very in'eresting periodical is
now out. •• How I Made a Fortune in. Wall
Street" is the leading ettry—and whoever
wishes to know bow bogus sempanies are
managed and the unsuspecting taken in and
done for—and • also bow a young man Made
fortune and married a wife, bed better read it.
The 'ether leading articles are, "A Bidden
Treasure," a charming story by Mrs. Oli
phant. "In Charge of Treasure." a power
fully written East India skeloh. l "Life in
Algiers." " Why I Never Married, or a Bach
elor!' Etouies." "Old Primrose's Crib," and
" Bow it Was Not Cracked." " Matrimony
over the Water, or How They Do Things in
France." "Greenwich Observatory." "Staple
ford Orange," a thrilling tale. " Dr. Angelo
Annibale. or the Mad Doctor of Rome." "The
Ancient !Penises." "Bridal Musings," &o ,
to. A capital number of forty eight pages,
and for sale by all newedealers, at ten cents a
copy. Published by 0. U. Bailey & Co., N•w
York, at $4.00 a year, or $l,OO for three
months. Specimen copies ten cents.
Tan OLD GOMM—The Februiry number of
this magazine is before us. It has a epl•ndid
steel plate portrait of Gee. Stonewall lath•
son sod a sketch. The leading article is on
the late " Lord Palmerston and his Policy."
The feature of this number, however, are the
Bret chapters of an original and thrilling ro
mance of the war, bye Bouthirn author, en•
titled "Berthalleeley, the Heroine of the Old
Dominion " Among the other articles may
be mentioned, " Review of President John
son's PC/9MM" "Pen Pictures of Puritan.
ism," 11, sad several pieces of poetry. rho
Editor'. Table is sass full and piquant, es
usual. Vas Eyrie, HOrtes & Co., coblis_hers.
New York. Slagle copies 25 casts ; 53,00
per onnum.
Htipw' MOITIILY—For February, hu
the following table of contents
Island Lunatic Asylum ; Euthansy ; Heroic
Dee& of Heroic Men, X; Charles Ellet and
His Naval Steam Rams ; Indian Summer ; An
International Affair ; Sweet Clover ; The Red
Jacket Medal; The Witnesses; Artoadale, by
Wilkie Collies; To The Uoretarning Braves ;
Diamonds and Other Gems; Chrit tans Guests ;
The Holiday., II; New Year's} to Twelfth
Night ; The March to the Sea' , : Charlotte
Bronte's Lucy Stowe: WinninelHis Spun;
Names of Planes; Editor's &iv Chaii;
Monthly Record of Current Events ; Editor's
Prrizson's MACIALIII.—The February num
ber of Peterson's Ladies' National Magazine
le received. The engraving " entitled 1, The
Little Strawberry Girl"is very pretty. The
Fashion Plate contains five fall length figures.
Then owns a score of pictures illustrative of
fashions, Ao.. followed by the usual piece of
innate and literary contents. At $2 pewyear,
no lady can afford to be without Petersen.
Liberal reductions and premiums to getter up
of club*. C. J Peterson, 206 Chestnut street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Dastocazaic ALIIIMIAC.-..W0 have rewired
cop r of the " Desseerilie Maass' ssd Po.
Mod ft 1868," pub li shed 1y
Taa =it Co., 162 Nassau Street,
Nu Tort. It contains a large amount of in
formation, and 'gavial in every respect to the
Tribune and Evening Journal Altoona., and s
eopy of it should be lad in every Democratic
household. Price 25 centa, to be had at this
Ilownum.—We bays jut tueind
the February number -of this now magasi •
It bids fair to rival Harpers', if not surpass
in many instances. It is illustrated and nutty
printed, containing about one hundred paps
*Mayo. Torms-411,00 per year. or in
of five and one extra copy for $lB.
CLAIN Aanacy.-8. Todd Perley. Esq.. has
removed his claim nosey from Wayne Ball
to ()lark's buildieg. Northwest corner of the
Park. directly opposite the let Presbyterian
church. Mr. P. hu bad much experience in
the departments at Washington. and has been
eminently snactestal in the branch of baldness
to which he has given his particulvr attention.
We heartily recommend him to any who have
claims for collection. (Jan.lB.lm.)
ler Clark & Brother, Wholesale and ne—
tail Dealers in Coinfectionery. Oysters, Canned
Emit, fitaionery, Santee Notions, Bakers'
Goods, Toys, Cigar., Tobacco, Pipes, &c.,
West Side of Peach Ftreet. 1 Square South
of the Union Depot, Erie, Pa. Also. Dealers
in all kinds of Country T'roducte. Particular
attention paid to tilling country orders.
ClllNST—S'orrza-0. Month aft , Amity,ly, /110 M
Zariworth. Thomas 0. Mossy, of Routh
Wort, Wino= Co, to Mao Nosey A. Soul% of Laity
(The wedding wee a gey sad amettre lOW, gad all
who attracted were delighted. So mach Han and to. So
Ls not bees had in Amity for may a day. In the
*Met DM& lipplame the Joyful maple did not forget
to lead the printer a Metal slice of eaka-for which, es
la duty Wand, ha adobes thee: all the bills issagieable.]
Incas - Sfrtacur—O. tbe 25th alt.. by Rev. J. H. Prow
ley. Sr. Solana Brace to Mac Mary Wilson, both of
Onoes• fp., Iris CO.
1.0 gwooo—Efamen—ln Cony, ea the Mk alt. by Illyw.
Mr. EMI, Kr. Freak N. Lockwood to Yugo Mom Math,
both of that plate. No lards.
Itassea—atazimes—in ry, oa the leth an by tits
was, Mr. Maass N. RAID• 0112 to NIL Clara Atexander,
both of that place. No cards.
Musa —LOirainir—in Cony, at the tfaloa Hotel, ea
the lath alt., by Jostles Galva", Yr C. B. ilaye%,
to Ntis Y. Z. Loaesbary, all of that item.
Dolrotro—honas—ln Willlasoopcort, oa the 34 sit by
Roe. Mr. Lintels, Mr. W. N. bongo, Alt Cowry,' op mug
Mary H. Naar, of no Samar plies,„ •
lloatramo—Watts—ta this city, on the SS th alt., at
the ntaidesee of the hridiro talker, b lb • too. W. T. r.
Bainbridge, Mr. Charles H. itansarlag of abarb a ra.
• N. T., to NW Nettle 1.. White.
(For the renicabrosoo of Us prtro oe see oegao s ei
the Mem be ream thaakoe sat, Thaw the Ina g ua
amigo lon life. UFOs's* and V rogkortty.)
Laurzo—Srarroxa —la *la ash . oa the Ist tut., by
Nor. Mr. Louis, Mr. TbeVasse A. Wand, of lam
44 to NW Vot7 J. stoma. of Samalit tp, daughter
Mallow Ittottoot• rOrlator amoroberail
Jones—At Al 4 maim. to *hi my, at T I m., ready.
1191 2 SUI 41t" Mater 410111111, shed $1 pars 454 9
thts eith 09 the 24th tut., Yrs. A. Q.
Cain 913 1 692 14 9f. ad SS sun.
19•44449-13" Priaills e , tip . the HA et.. Lies 1. ,
olaseiter of -.raga and lath "eolith aged 307.419,
4 amont94 mid l ups.
Rauh (hoar Ihin)Y.—The public aft/atlas to opts
called to the limits of We old sad popular medicine--
Tam arms mu atm vatioNotoit TIM& PIMPS a PS.
dewy hadllerato Who harm the tiaporktase of
reatortag hag aitiattoao la their early stag= sad malty
ban sad esperleitoo bah Isoraed the danger of duty.
Rare Cough Remedy Is nor neolaseaded as a oars
sJlL eon JILL =LAX ILLS, bat wily ter a spool
de elms el inspaani bested to t h e. sum striatum Wel
ted b the mane huh sad ragairteg taw* the ease
traataioat o violas wily with deport el ?Whose.
it is pleasant to the tide, aefb 1 {to oteratha,
theroagh sad speedy la its aeUoa. Lou exporiases
porn it bat so scram& or Ipo.ll. ht. Plearlter ellethey
for easing omega, atteamare. aIIeeIOSITIS. MOOT,
moire and imam.= maga.
It removes Int*los, teem bee utd east expiate's
.ttoi. Weems the tight aM fall ewe tier to tie loop,
ireoboree the reephstleo to Ile eery. a Vont oefelittea.
laparte heel* sad vigor to the leap aM aloe oleefosee
sod Omega to the votes.
. Oeetittle la postai sulkiest to sure ea ofilosty
Ufa pass 60 mob to $1 yor bottlo.:
Liberal ladootsooola offered to tho t rude.
Sal wbolosato moll Mall by HIM ploptio
. ',mks{ titir dny atOro. Mato* str lot, Zlto. Pa. awl
by lotioia avierallt • .0,21-11•.
Tin Comaineeme .as. Ittruarrortor an Itivoutt—
tablisitiol ter tbo bona sad so MU OMNI* TOIING
NN. lad
,othere t vire setter. fro *nom Debility.
Premature Nisi of Itastiod; io, e eurptlitit as Go
sus limo TEM Yam or tistr•Cery s Py 01114 .bolo.
and Ilineett otter itellergoi mg oi molilerabie tesekerT•
ly eseksetag s poet.paid adebereed. ouserope. elailetter
Iw o Duo of ahem% Noy Ito Mei of Nee testier.
.hob 11111141.
BILIMOLIei Bross* Coisurnustis Coiroorn nein
Irma" Becur.—ls s cattalo end rate remedy, pleassat
is lasts and odor, and lansediats its action Is a I die-
WM of the bladder and kidneys, gravel, dmpiy, female
seloyinklkl, arise* wsoknees. obstruction of grins and
dlentlies el the estuary orgies, In every form, wheth
er exlettig in eV, wr ferns's, nod no matter of how king
stand at•
Tor addles! properties of Buell, see Ell.peoutori of
bs Veined Stater. .
Poo Pr, *moor Ttsurses ralusto's works ou tho Prat' les
of Physic.
Bee resaatis made by the late celebrated Dr. Pbyalck,
l'llledelpht a.
Fee meats made br, Dr. Irphrele WeDarsU, a eels.
bru'ed photo's& and sennter of the Faye' College of
flargoons, Inland, sod pobl'abod to the trannetloto oi
the King aed Queen's Jooese!.
Bee liedloo-Obleargleal review, yoblleto d by BeOM
ado Trams% Fellow of Royil College of garpoos.
Bee most of the late Standazd Wmkt of /fft.dleloe. .
Physicians please notice—l wake oo secret of ingre
Helmbolts Cossmatrated Cis:pound TIoNI Extract •
Desks Is eompood of buebs, eheb its and juniper bsv,
ries, prepared Ilk vacs°, by D. T. HFLIIBOI.D, aid sold
■t his Rms. sad Chemical Wareboses,69l Brosdcay,
N•N York. '' pal 2m
• COCCI Coto 011 0111 TlROLT—Regalleil
medateattention and choald to checked. If allowed
to continue. Irritation of the Nam a permanent'
throat alketion or an Wearable long disease la oftee
the result. Brown's Bronchial Trochee having a direct
Wooer* on the parts. give immediate later. For bros.
chine, seam.. .stank, consumption and throat dwelled
Trochee are used with &leapt good eneeeiltc.. Sincere and
Publie Ppeakere wfp fled Trochee areal in eke-tog the
voice when taken befbal singlet or axa►tog, and reline
the throat after as annemal exertion of tke vocal orraba.
The Trochee are re...outmoded and prescribed by phyai
dans and have hat teatim3otate from emineot mac
throughout the country. Deng an article of true merit,
and having proved their stdmey bye tact of many years.
each year dada them In new localities In Tarim' parts
of the world. and the Trochee are universally pro.
cleansed better then any other &Aide. f btain only
"Brown's Bronchial Troches," and do not Wet any of
the worthless Imitations that may be offered. Sold
everywhere In the rolled States, and in ',reign coon.
trite at SS eenta per box. jail 3m.
Bostuals Clover Seed, at -
615 French Street
TY • • Tete:lore his prof•estoes` melees to the
fetuses of Erie end (trice and residence leo.
SSE Stith St.. SAO Loses west of liptioopel eb larch.
g m OR SALO..
Canal Boat Comet and Tornittro, vis Is throe
home, lamp, leoffollus. Tor partgenlers ell on or ad•
dela E. A. COLLINB„ Plate, Ps •
him 81„000. torsos easy.
Is to Msterford this weak, to remodo snob Um) u
baldness •equirse, and will be happy to methods who
hare "ads es entente for work as soon as they can
Dr. P. Ming nollah'e as an operator, and for kr eptog
hie sp•ointeeeata, Meads in Waterford will do well to
aware hie
febl-lt• W. I. MAGILL, Dentbd.
Proms.le sfli be morieed by • the undersigned for the
Isbeibllng et seitoel hewn Ns. 2. on the Lake Road.
Wm wiles wet of net., lately destroyed b • ire. until
IllaturSey. Tab 24,1ee3 Plan and epeelbeetlese elm be
seen on and after February 10th. at the house of the an
derstreed. on Federal BBL Kilt emit tp. •
hDI 4t. F. W. KOEFILIfIt, Bee'y of Board.
By virtue and Inpursonomr of as ,rdn of the Or
pliaa's Court of iris County. to me directed. f will se
aces to sale. and WI at publle vondus or outer., at the
Court mi t s.,l2 the city of IWO, on the 12th day of
March, 1111111, the *Row's, dseeribod property, to wit :
Unary Beauty Land Warrant No. 112,650 for forty
laud w atharie. Haybarwr. dated Fr h. A, 1163.
Also. Military Mentuty Land Warrant No 41.166. for one
hundoed and tweedy terra, to moms of Catharine Ha -
btrirar, dated Ina. 20,1565. Terms of ale, ash. Bali at
2 o'clock p.m.
HENRY WOLF, Adm'r of C. Maybe:pr.
• largo lot of ffockao'•old Good. of envy misty. 'akar
mos ortoeood hand. Th• aborts lot embraces
'tares of all Rinds,
This is a tare ahem* for housekeepers to at up their
house' at a Tory low pries We sell at Public and . drat,
9ale* l Attetions terlee a week,
Partin noodiatc our of the above goods will ptomain
sad examine them. The hisbset pike paid for all Sleds
of household goods, *LON? to cash or trade. WU:
The suliscriber hu purchased the old established Livery
stand of Jobs' Smith, on
ABA Lamb Largely it:outing the a net, and tasking
it ha every way
♦ splendid lot of slew conveyance.' are to be added, as
Tel as some of the best hones that aur be obtain , d.
}Uhl determined not to be outdone to ant , partleuter
end to midget the concern In niche manner se to ifirio
complete eatletaetien, he rupee:Unity eel kits a share of
thepublic itivor.
1 .12t0 devote spatial attention to &leases of the liye as.
lfar, and Surgery, for the accommodation of pa.
ties* have decided that one of them
shall TIM
Cure diseases of the Erb sad Ur. strulubten ("roma
Z..% (Strabismus). Club Fe t. (Wiper). Creaked
Limbs, ete. Thee operate or Hera• Lip, remora !aware,
Cason§ and • etre awl pe form &IV:lure& OpersUoos.
Meowed Metals are curd without the • hullo.
lasertwd (without usio) so as to look Ilk. the. mutant
ler Ono of tho ars always In the ales, 21,2 Neu St.,
Ptttsburglx, Pa, tobrtk'tf.
Prsibrrod by 01 prsetiesi painter. Try it, sod you will
bass so other. llsoutsabirsd only by
N 0.117 North 'third Street, Ma
Will do wore and better Tort at a given amt. than way
other. Try It. Nanufacit.^ red only by
XR 8 .
No. U North Third Street, Phila.
Sybil& '4.0
the best paper (lOUs MIRO Stab's for Marinade.,
Laveators and 111 aulteturtra is the deli. Me American
It Is he largest In dip, and has by far the wl 'eat
tatla of any other r spar of Its clam la this country.—
it le published weekly. Each number contains at min
pater. valik issiosross illaatrations The ucturbars for a
year sub* too velem aof did pages each. It al.* eon,
Islas sew murmur, pf all the le:fetal intrentloss sod
diseov.ries of the day. valuable illustrated sdr•
elm speak Tools sad Meehinery used la Workanor a, Van
allastalss. Wes= a d Ille•haulesl rniineering, Woolen,,Petrolasmfadallother manuthetur
lag sad proliseteg laterests Also, retVll2ll,!_ War lm
aliments. Weimar's, War Temalr a fladlelly WIWI» y.
rl.etr.e, Cheated sad Mathematical Spparatas,. Wood
sad Lumber Iffeeklnary, Hydrazine', Oil, and maser
Pimp% Water MW*, eta; Bosinkelt, Horticultural
sad Tarsi Implements—this !att.'. ?apartment bele'
very fall end et great value to Farman sad
Mlt. esembtaelea ever7 deputamat of remake Seisms
whlek everybody cam sadersband and which every one
lido to mad.
At... reports ri dientkie Poslitho at. home and
&WNW ; Putust Law Dresisfose, and Dlsmarlans, Preen
ed Boasiate, ate. 11 also mutating sa °Metal lint of all
Use stratCbdros, a special fester, of great value to
Is emirate sed,oinsers of Psteets.
Tiro Publishers also ad se &testi for procuring Pat.
eats tar Nur tiatiationo:
A New Volnmoof tlms Selantide American commenced
January l.
• TERNS.-411 net year: SIM for eta months. Teo eop
WI oil Yew 425., , Caaida subscriptions, 2keento attys.
emplessidties. • Addreee.
21•11 1 1 , ! ' If Part New Title 011ty.'
New Advertisements.
609 French Street,
weemsas, sad Thursday, Irsh .l
7th and 6th.
Assday. and Thursday, Ifiersh ?tit and 6tl .
Wednesday and Thursday, /10414th and sth.
Wednesday and Thursday. May 3d and dd.
ISMS! 1861 1 1866 t
O Fall City I of oo Filichth (tr. et, t o ,
aunt= c. Atoo, the Lot In Um
oonvonlast to canal Very detio4fo!'
Two choice dry Lots on Fourth . 41 ,,
Chestnut, 41 feet 3 forhe s by Int r eq. "1
1/• ban left • number
slid Buffalo Wert", between Holland a-m.-
114 h v•vel irroand sod very default
One ante t of land on Calm shl s t , ,, e
This la a fine, drrlot.
Onefall City Lilt, ennier of ti e ,„ ‘t
side. pd.!. SIAM. //s, et* ota r
of Myrtle. Prim 11.010.
Teti Building Lots, cornet of Ei.,,u,
One fall Cltytot. turner Tenth and V
owe on Tenth St., between Myrtio,
Aide. lbla 100 toot street Ls rut Gehl ? L i
tladetiring io greet Bret eland
One tundrid sem., six miles from 1,6
R. R.--two barns, hoes', orchard,
to the town of Summit.
WO f !for for sale the Farm or tpe !ea jr
in limbo Creek, four tulles east of Lb.
100 aeries of land, laree, 137 , t
borne and out honer', lax; eappl. o „h iri •
psach, pear and plumb trees TI ts Is
Farina in Erie county, and will be sold
A Farm of PS acre. in rbta'aow
firm Is located within r 7 4 4,
About 70 sere' improved:l End e'au
Good barna and oat boasts, ‘o La ? ~: t4 ,
frut•e--apptsa, peaches,pla mi,ete
Twenty scree r t Funr,toz 'i• d gni It, g•
lot. 4 to 4% miles eut of th• c ty. oo th,
Pelee $l2O er tell tee 20
aired. Tine t arn oo the 20
We offer forme the Lot a 11,-.1.
Wrlttihnri Moir licad, ten mi'a !•.,p.b„
leg 118 serve, be y 1!
be dirldrel If plreba4 e
sirsble prope ty can be tr.l2 ;tit chap eptr.
thegnest thirty dole
♦ Farm c f 40 acres, near tb. Eeaa.3re
mild; from the city. .
We have a number it very deviar..F,
tot sale, worth fr $5,0 to $15,70"
YOB 11.111 A—The Unl'e d coke got.
of Focond and Frecch atreetc
HOUSE AND LOT F - .115 1 4 t LE-33 !It
rider ireat from the corner of !tort 'e strwe
Hoagie two t ry and cow. Lot al by IC'
C".TTAGF: nO[•;F. FOR SALE!-On't,
tetween Ninth and n'h Bret t•} Hom
sitting tonal, dieing zoom, kitchen. Iht
. closeta, ee lu, etc ~,n mplete repiir.
street, first door e Art of St .te. House our,
BRICK ROBS Froach street
Fourth streets, known u the Warren
good repels. Wtil be sold at a learesin.
reventh sad Holland emit. Heats
Om strut 22 be 28 feet. Os the er;ui j
Tidy of tholes fruit trees, rapes, etc
HOVeS ANb LOT—Ou Olestnnt 434.
Ayres' property, full tit rot Flout 'NI
npalr. rise butt, surdas, ete.
FOR STORES a OR RA r E ° s r I n ,
test, corner of State and Elerroth ,t ~te
feet on State atrest.south of Loire*
ts decidedly th e beat prop rty for ea
mecbine shops, stank, e te., sad etli
stet the purchasers
COAL, ('iAL.
Dibrered In any part' of tke
And will make greater redoeboo ty
Load We bare ince. on ti:,
Oar Coal only needs a trill to enorza
vimarior quality. 023 e. elrLer Per•b
Vie, Pa. Ord.n kit at Atitsn's 'to
prompt attention. , R ig
R. I
M ANHOOD: How Lost, ligw
Just Published a new editien of
OUT on the radical awe Itr.thent
medicine) of SPILVAT IRHOta, or
Seminal Wesjeneii. Involuntary Stuns
TIMOT Vental and Phrsical In: smelt!
to Vairiasp", etc. ; also, Cosetarrna
TM. Induced by self-indulewl or ,el
re" Price, in a sealed envelope. mat
The celebrated author, So :ho. $47.1 ,
demonstrate'. from a thirty learn
that the alarminr consequences of self 1
tally cared without the danze-e7rt
Leine .1. the application of the trade.-pom_
of care at once simple, certain and efrem
which every 'utterer, no matter what LA
be, no cure himself cheaply, prreatc st.
ri Thie Lecture shoula to in tit '
youth and every man re the land.
Sentunder seal, in a plain envelnpe..4
the receipt of sir cent; Of two post/reit
the publish/1m CHAS.J. C 61
127 Bowery, New T
mill 0"5-tf
I The subscriber bee removed
trot* the stand above the Lair ?.b.e.
rooms in the trick block ca State I.
Fo nth, where he wilt be hippt to p.
casino en an.' all their orders for p. 6
Groceries hi kir and carthaNy sttlecte.!
at the loaert late, eenEstrnt vitt: they
lie invitee all in peed of szytluur In hi
tic a call. F SC
Executed in . the best style of t*,
rfr 4RRA/V TR I) TO GUT $.Ol
Union It'oek, between Brolnio Hcsrl k
S T E A' 31 HA/intl.
Having thoroughly estibPoked =ri
tion of count , !, I have dpiptetri
agents, au 1 wield wire: '."
country patrons to the leading irl'rt
who keep all Icy goods f,th and e•+'
Cr Ask for ands' Cretan*. Giftr
sea that my br►oda are on ever! p,
EWE CITY IRON .11'0118%
♦ll our work Is wade from attest WI
WO &Tetley •Ading Igtge!Y I°°'
Yanafeaturing facilities, 46 rrifPl
mead for oar work. W.
N 0 T 1 ,* .
--- . WI ,
Comtismlstiag • clump in tili ° ' •
wow* eatitall $1 ones.
Atlanta sad Niles;
Are sell ng the best Tati:iyu
Of all grad's.
Pleturis nizSt: is
Leaman to H of fl'i