The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, January 25, 1866, Image 1

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Au c i mm unicstions should be eddressed to
Editor and . Proprietor.
;, non' ess Directory.
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AtfoIIZIIT AT Law, Ridgway
0.110 prsatieo in adjoining Comoilea.
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11,0ANST Al' LAW, @Wird, Ibis °Duty,
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riff & WILBUR,
.11ToILTITII AY Law, Ride's', Ps.
lk, Yaw, Cameron and Jefferson counties.
CHAPIN. pan33ls-le] W. W. WILBUR.
/mum Or nrs Pttaoa, Pampa Ilk•ek.
• I s Ault of Farrar Hall, grid, ft,
Amon at LAT min Surma os Tun PRAM.
Agent, Conveynnor and Collector,
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Joan Caneuranaana, at. the now
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appetite the Cold Hon" Brie, Pa.
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LIMY AND Sala 211 . 1.11L2, 011 Eighth .
bettri/n Stag; and Flout. Tice Elbrus' and Car
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Cowl or rwcu AND 7,1 TZIIIII, EmL
hear, Proprietor. good ammo &Ad Carriages
PI bud at moderate pries". Sept. Is, 1161.47
CLAM & Buten,
sod. Rovitioni, floor sad And, Wood snd
fin, Finer , Liquors, Tobacco, Sagan, ka., tato
iut to 'nines Hour Finuishing Smvariam
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Dealer In Groceries, Produce, Provision%
Tdlow ►ad Stone Ware. Mimes, Liquors, kc,
opposite the PostoMee, Eris, Pa.
- Dunn, Ones in Rem
Mot. mil dflo of the Put. Zrfo. Pa. N.
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ILL.—Drucitm rftrosiTz mlo-Lizaciarryx
•T, PA.. Behat newly fitted up in the 10-et er
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the arrlval,of ell Paeacam ?rates. elltt •
hy. 0/ALIT BROS, Proprl:
Book Burma. Bum Boac litisinuorous
I Story of thillornocbts Block, trio, Pe.
ILK HOTEL, Waterford. rm..
Bomar Loam*, Paortusroa.
motatmodations, aud amoeba atioatlon rim to
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iTitle WHILLDIN Ills D.,
LID Eknearea
td Gear keeity's Leek, West Past. Erie, Ps,
I, Irbtd, Christian k itath's 24 tor,. Residener
Juan Williams, FlithStreet s East el ?mask.
boon-1 to 10 a. n, and 2to 3 r.l.
' et the Pennsylvania College or Natal Sur.
Wright's Etkr-k, (over VW* & ZUlatt's
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arrusce IT PillglaßOlG
. /NM D. D. S., North 3oreqtliittrod,,
totirghuo, D. D. 8., Ifo. 2Ct. Worth Nil
109 SPRING Sr.. *motto Crittenden ItsU
Pa- Collo - along sebd an other toad bed
NAM. Venanto. Erie, Warren and Torn
)rstnlly sod promptly.
. Galbraith Whitman k Brecht
Erie, Pa.
Ja. 8. P. JOlllllllOll2. W. D. &town
arm. Pa.
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.11r. W. Sharer us no longs/
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martial Law, Commercial Atter
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pleasant, prattle"' sod mina-
Citr of Schools." ?netted Ai
% employed- Tuna—Tnitino
I twit %ditties sadirrodost lr
and f.r Cirmlara.
t T. GOOK .
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11.1 .,ta 1i rt714 4 r w ril ebbTdifi t tii, Pott4 D bill
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17 050. V. WEBS;
JAY 8. mums,
' 1180 !" e N 111.4241321%, .
tit 0.....,_1W•m5ww to vveire J. Wales,
WskibiZuwoo hersMa% Wheless's Mobs
I l i 1 ,...,, Aitsesseas C 1 Aosta for N. Y.
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C°T 4 °. e .,. " r n 8^1 , 41 , 1 ._•f10 l . W adtog io i. front as P titles AMYL. Ilal4 girms•oatels• II sem of
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it - ~.....' ''''...._, t 'ls ",,°'''' 1 °, 2 ..",_ 1,1 1 / 164, ,___ land ander good improves:He .t. with geed trim boo",
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• ••• ' I " claiw e01 , •, , t0d Wi th fidelity and ate. oug o r e hard, barlootail. bole , sad good water, paid
._" 11,, e8 , hteleed Lad , ollectiat All! listio° B land 5 401'4.101d to gram sad spring 'raise with good.
Il k ," 7,t'v 'Nadel to. illy. P. harks tot ser se h oo l and lad,' alivilee•• sear by . eater also • ea'ublile
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a Wade of Eilevennad elates. 4.. ulkpowises.
arrhill4f *tow. 10*Mit, i
MAAR SRI DA L CHAMBER. aa Easy al Wareing
arid Inetractiou to wil lati — Pablideld . lo Raw
ard Aarstatioa, a d seat fray of &mega Nam easel.
apse. Address Dr. J. A ELLIN ROM:WON.
Philadelphia, Pa.
R It TO D X 811.17 Y. Bemtsal Wastages. ite.q
1,11 no ims-agral by one who hes eared himself asd kits*
drat' ot others, sai grill tell yen agthtair bat the bilk
Malmo with stump.
j. 11135.17. BOX £7, Boston. Wass.
kWMITTRIVO relating to the basin system, male
and female* the mutes and treatateat of disown; the
so arriage cistorns
et the world; how I. 4)&111 wills sad
• thonssod things never publish/4 Wore, read the re
vised and ealarrd 'ditto& of MEDICAL 00.1101 SSW.
• curious book or cartons people, sod • good book for
every one. 400 pit. 100 Mastrattoes. Price $1
Contents table • wst nee to any address. gooks may be
had at the book dons, or will be sent by mall, post
paid, on receipt of the pries. Ad
R. 11 4 . 12 Mrpg,
drsi MO Broadway. New York.
rpo VONAVMPTI !Pig. The 'advertiser having
J. lien restored to health In • few weeks by • yew
Mciple remedy, steer halt,' suffered several years with
a emirs tang adestims, and that dread dies Oen.
eamption—is auxtoas to make knoen to lals Ballow-est.
lOC err the mews of ewe.
To all who desire It, be will seed • sow et the pm-,
riptioa used, ((re of charm) with the "Unctions for
preparing and wing the same, which tbey will end a
sere care if* 0 etanseptlen, Asthma, Brotiehltis, Colds,
Codes*, he. The oval; objest of the ednetiser fa mad-.
lag the emearipticao is to benefit the anicted.and
information *blithe emu:eters to be invaluable; L il d zi e
hopes every snow*! will try tie remedy, se It will debt
them notklag„ and 11111, prowl a 111,40 dar•
Parties the preset , ption,fl,z, by return mail,
will please address Rev. - WOW CRri t. WILSON,
deartl&ly. W r illismacargh, Kings C0., - N. T.
ERHONA 01 YOUTIL—k gentleman who his
so Herod for years 'from Novena Debilit , herr
tors Nay, aadntl the elects of yoathhal 1a n,
will for the make of mistrals' Mutuality. rad foto to all
who need it. the reedy' and directions tar inking the
simple roorkly by which he was cored. itelheiss trWag
to prollt by the advertises's oxportoooo, woo doao by ad
di using JOHN it. 00DiN,
dealt. 17. No. U Chardon et., N.Y.
OTIBANGIL Teo e.—Kress, yeast lady Clad
gantiamaa to the Vatted stales can bear sowathsur
eery much to their advantage by rata= mail,. (Iran of
chirp) by addressing the undersigned. Than having
few net belie humbugged sin (Wigs by not wealthy this
cerd. All othaniwill please address their obadlnal sere.
dac2l'6s-Iy. 831 Broadway. N,Y.
original and Genuine A Illinois is
bf J. A l en Resses sad is *alost boirdreesing p
served* cow to ma. It store t he hair Wits( out.
amass It grow Melt and long and primal* ft frons
forcing rematanly gm. It surliest* dandruf f elean•
see, beautifies and renders the h it sok. Ow* sod ear
ly. Bay it, try It and be *evinced. Don't be pet sR
with a spurious *tide. A* for Eames' Ambradt sad
take se other. gar awls by Draggists sad Dialers la
fancy Goods everywhere.
Prise U onto per bottle—ld per &son. Address.
oI pet-am laltooSL ' New Ts* Oft.
TN ft. DI ANEMIA LLtall CAI% HRH 81117,11.—thie
linui has thoroughly proved itself to be' the bet
artiste knows for airing COPAIURE, COLD IZ TIM Hain
and Hunks's. It has been found an ezwillent remedy
bloomy ems of Scats ITO& DWPDRIO MI been renioad
brit. and Hums° has often been gristly improved by
Its nee. It is fragrant antleureashis, and era IItItHOI.
ATE MIL , ' to the doll heavy pats caused by erased
of the Head. the sensatiou after using it are delwktfal
and lavigorattag. It open sad purges oat all oh
stourticra. strengthens the gawks aid afros a healthy
action to the parts affected. .
More than thirty dale and step of Dr Kaaba:re
- Caturh and Hen nuff tau - proved its great value
for all the canape disuses of the had, and at this natal
sleet It stub& higher than era hairs It is raosemead4
• 4 by aof the but rhYsisians , and le used fitkpeat
norms andatheistical ever. where. NW the te
of Wholesale Drupi in lilt r,
the aide rdesed beetAg for me, years been sequin
tad with Dr. klarshall's Catarrh and Haiderhe &Auld
Sold in oar wholesale' trade, chserfall• stale that we be-
Here lt to be eq . cal. la *very respect, to the reeoaaeada•
does 11esa old for the out of Caterrli Allectlemea and
that it Is decidedly the best 'Wel& _we hare nee halm
for all common amuse of the Read.
Barr at Awry. Road, audio i Co,, Dianna, Lawn
Co., Road. Cutler k Co.. Both W. Irowto, Vika% rakasak
& Co.. Boston • Heaughor r idasaods & Co, H. H Hay,
poltoad, karma k Park, A. B. at U. dooda,Staybut
Pal k Co., !mat tenor & Co., NeCoaron k kobbtaa, A:.
L 8oa•111 i 00., Y. Wand, Claw & Co., Bali di Hsi,
New York.
To? aalo by all Draftlsta. Try It. aoptrilli-ly
cob es Dome , Ws attention and should be
Bellowed to continue. irritation of the liege, a perma
nent throat affection or an ionizable lung disgusts sign
the resat. Browe's Bronchial Troches having a direst
to lemee on the parts, ewe innealas rile Ifen bran•
clan, asthma.. .and), einummstloe and threadiness'
Troches are sund with always geed MOM& einem and
Palle Speakers will fiad Troches es fel in clearing the
vase when taken bdo.• singing or swain& and relieve
destined alter as annsaal exertion atlas soca organs.
The Trochee are recommended and proscribed by physi
cians and have has teetneenials from eminent men
thrashed the esastry. Being an article atm" semis,
and Wring proved their Olney by a feet of many yaw,
each year finds them la new localities la varlet= pies
of the world, endgame Trodwe an waveringly
Nitta. than any ether male's. Obtain sal?
'Brown's Bronchial Trochee." and do not tabs any of
ibe wattles" imitations that may be blend. Bold
everywhere In t h e Crafted States, and in forage man:
tries at BS eats per bot.
I ---
aniras ly
These Drops are a sotentidoally_ componndsd
=Oen, and better than sty pills, powders or nos:
Being liquid, their action Is direct sad positive,
rinderlog them a reliable, speedy sad certain spathe
for the ours of all otertrestiorm sad sappeenekons et *a
tom Moir popularity is indlestedby the bet that
over 100,000 bottle, are annually gild sod eounmed by
the Wks of Asamlos, ovary IMO of whom speak la
the strongest tams of prises of their peat .naseitso-i
They are rapidly taki{ng the plea. of ereryather female
remedy, and are enslaved b! an who know nigh t .
them, u the latest, What and stoat tnfallibla
tics la the world, for the eareof all female scarar l uts„
the removal of all obutrnet'ons of nature, and the pro.
motion of health, rogalseity and strength. Expliteif
nations, stating vbss they may be need, and explain
lag when sad why they should sot. and ...old sot be
Appdlhorttpradncinirelbete contrary to plan's alba'
ran kw; will - folded arena each
bottle, . with the -minas signatnew of John L. Lyon,
without which wow are genuine.
?mama by De. .101111 L. Llfoll. let Chapel street.
New Haven. Coon who can be consulted either peri
sonallr or by let ter, (ssormiag dump) eenourilne all
private disease, and tamale weaksauwa.
Sold by Druggists everywhere.
C. Cl. CLAM It CO.,
noffill•ly Garet Agents for U. B. had Canada.
014112 111/130,'
Composed -of highly Concentrated 'extracts hour
Roots and Herbs of the greatest medical value. prepared
from Use enigma"prescription of Um celebrated Dv. Tal
bott; Lad used by him - with remarkable seems for
twenty, years. An Infallible remedy in all mai sin
of the tire% or say dersagenortst of the blagernre,
They Cure Diarrheas, Dyspepsia, Der eras; Jeaudirte
Blllossonss Liver drargalut.
The well-known Dr. Kott says of thin Tills r " I hart
seed Us. Sormula from whiek your has are made, in
air prudes for OM' 1 3 years ; thiy have the last if
aso upon the Liver and Digeetin Orgies of soy meal.
ciao In - the weed, and are the most perfect Purgative
which has ever yet been made by anybody.. Thew are
safe and pleasant to take, but powerful to cure. Their
wtratiag properties somulate the vital actirities of
the body, remove the olistrulateme of ter orgenh puffy
the Wood, and expel disease. They purge out the fiat
humors which breed and-grow distemper, stimulate.
sluggish or disordered organs into their mahout action 4
and impart a healthy to with strength to the whole
system. Mat only do they sure? the' imam day coma
of everybody, bat also formidable sad dentine*
a, tied being partly vegetable are hen hem alt 7
itek or harm." ,
They create pus blood sad Timor* all imperitisci
from thehammertoe a -positive care for revers;
Headaches ystem,, Piles. Mercurial Miaow and Bereditarp,
Knots. Doss—for adults, one Pill is the morals'
for skildron under II years,luilf a rip.
Price One Dellar per Box. Trade oupplied, or mot by
ttsi allxt paid, to say part of tke Dolled States of
en receipt of prior. Nellll ganaine without the
h' simile signature of V. Mott Talbott, IL D.
V. 111 O?? TALBOT? h Clo., Preprietars,
• No. in Tattoo street, New York.
ones ql Briadwas. NO* Yogi. ,
I i TyAUZITIL—Aner dar trial. if oar pi_ osoa deal sa4
regard the Viable k Lrail kawiaelfasWo• a suPerldf
to soy ammoblowia =drat, be owl mann It and Imo bla
mammy. It has takes loamy of the bighrot prisaa-la las
esprotioabod thaw soy other lintel= .iwashio•-14410 •
wider rugs of - fork without obsopiug-'pains as
tads; lout to slow or oil, and so - "lssreas” to wt oar
• dis, rispaisls oropseats washiso.
N. 11.-Aay (71ortswas water 11. two orders for e
ells's. shall rsoUvoisse kr hhaself w • 'Twat. The
saws propssitkua is sartwelsd to Profuse - es sad %whom
WA luwei wow ossaploW4 war Noel ilwrokrelory at •
coal of pew 1200,•00 I oriwilog saw ?Aram and im
*wheat utraorsonis; and the object of the ahoy* Iwo
=is to Moque ths haridiabe lotiviostiso of our
sashimi lobo envy tows of the Coifed Stahl.
without Weaning the gnat mows of • tearsitse @ by pla t
This pesposilisa °moot anti to tow= owapiod oar
os swats.
Plows sod for arsseptiro Catalogas, with swiepeas of
jareitt. • - • • LIMOS LTOlt,
• *
. .
. ~,
.. RIF ~.....,.: 7 „,.....: „ .....„.
.B .
E .•
Special Notices. . , I
rill ORM?sTssrt tsAlera TOXIC
Opt a Irldslery I:l,anbUgao
vfil sure
Debility raialtiag ben ay epeetrialaeor, Itestiatlea
et llie system, awed by severe bazdaltipa k eirposana.
lean ay dimmest al amp Kik BMW% alums mile
at rem* adaltaer ma. Dad la tide Men spare
astdepesend ea bed Uquii Ibr Wilt ahem lai•
rasaleat amt.
DYS PlirlilAs
Lad Causes essaltlag arm disocdsts et Che User sad
Dlaistly• orgasm, ass eared Its
• •
This Bitters bee yerforsaid Isere ow. One boiler
ististsettes, has sort testismay, bas MOT* le
PO** to vow* for It tbs. say other snide hi air
set. We ibly say one to elistrethot this ireertioe„ amt
will pay $40‘,0 to say oar 'Mosel aredsai si setillieste
pabiLlied by as that is sot irississ.
WM we *my con of ahroolo amass debility sad
Mows of the Wags. Mown thatolievdag armOomo
rosaltfai from Wooden of the flagottir• origami t
a, board fill% Palm= et Mood to the
, J il lar; of the Storroack Kamm, Plaratbroa, Dis•
gaol for rood, Mama or yoloht to the Stomach, &rat
Mattimmoilakiag es Ilattalat at the Pit of the
Isimmbag of She Rood; mod damn
Broarldag, flatcar* at Um Heart Choking mg dalaosa.
umammaliona 'bra la a left portal% Slalom of Tr
im, Dottorlf Oa Woo t.illettt, Pam sal Dill Pala
falba Road. Zrodciasor PornStatt;:olkotaeot ot
the kla 'ad Ciao, Pala hi tio &doh Chmk.
be. Saddam Irhasbm *taw, Saratag la Mak, Ow
stoat Ititraisdago of Nell aadvtoat Doproosioa of d *Ha.
luntemosa. that Walk USN M sot alehoolia, ostatas
.so ram or whikkey. and amid make iniakazdiy bat la
the bait tonic ta t world.
111140 WHO BAYS 80.
Trent Bev. W. D. Beighted, Paster of Twelfth Loth*
Chard, Mad& . .
Gastientea- nave r reeky bees laming .
wader the
dintreestne Whets of bsehrealtes, 110031tpasiedl by a pew
trldie• 51 the carers. signs. ifs rensedges were
resouseniint by him* sad some of tine tooted, bat
without retie Your Boogied's Geroge ' Mars were
n o m mi sisi s m i by poseas who bad rid wish, sad whose
tavorablelneutkw et these Bitters ladueed ow to try
tam. I welt soars that I bad so averring to ?East
Nediehree trona the °thousand and cue" quack "Bitten"
whose ela mom to be to pals of sweetened sad
drusiod timer upon the eosin »laity to • -sly way, old
the unarm, of width, I rut,. ill to Bahr amity • eon,
firmed drunkard. 17post Isandag that • own mg really
twellebast preparation I task It with happy sad: Ito
Wipe, wet only upon the stir Auk but upon the nervous
sista" woe omelet Ind gratify_ leg. I het that ,I Inttit
'derived great tad permanent bermdt how the u s e. Otw
yw, wigs& Very esepetthigs
W. D. ligll3/1 1 110, ite.'2s4 . Theehawszon gt.
from the Rev. I. D. Tbudell, Asehrturt Tditor Chrildise
Cbroabsio; Plait&
novo dedved doebied basalt groan UN age ofileolloote
amnia Bitten, and Mel it my privilege to verwoomeed
than Sea tweet valoWie totde to oil wbo w tottferiag
fres gesersi debility sr on diserwoo seater grow the
dweageweut of the
; Tow trial:.
Fraaastr. D. liarrlie. Pastor of tkiPaarayvak Baptist
(bank Maas.
lroas %a assay raspeotabla atermanwalatkara ghat to
Dr. floalube• Wants Rittva , t iris induced to en thou
a trial. .afar tutus auroral bottles, / fowl Ur tab* •
cal=fir dadlity. asthma" or ni g
i f; r
Tema Mew. Wu. ((edit'. brawl, Pletee et The. Please.
lowa ea 4 KOMI* N. ) Itaptist *tent...
• Vistas seat la ay lean, a apraber.of you
Iltieltbsee Gersten Bitters. llaire smy regard thin
&east asedleat mamdtelee; widen. 'edasto.l th remote
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It certainly did look very suspicious 1-
-Their conscious air; his attitude of devotion
as be bent tenderly over her; her look, half
shy, half pleased, all betokened either a bone
Ado love affair, or the very perfection of im
agination. , As gay voices approached ' he
started back a little, though not before the
whole party bad seen and appreciated the
.significance of the scene ; but she never
moved, not even when Laurence Denver., as
he passed her, murmured carelessly, "One
more unfortunate." She flashed a single
glance it him, end then lowering her black
dashes, began again to speak to Edward Mil
ler, who bent over her as if nervously fearful
of losing one of her low spokes words. Of
course it was all commented on afterward by
the various , epectators, who delivered judg
ment according to their different stand-points.
Some pronounced Miss Holland a shocking
flirt, who made a business of coquetry, and
who had no sooner bound Laurence Denver'
securely in her toils, than she dropped him,
the better to ensnare poor Miller, who was
going the -lay of all the rest. To this,
others replied that her snares must have been
so weakly woven that Laurence had broken
them in the fall, for his attention to Alice
Walsh, that morning, had certainly been sug
gestive of anything Sooner than a deluded
victim. One hinted that the 'change might
be the fault, of Laurence; another that the
names differed with the different speakers";
the vault was the same with all—that it Was
en unmistakable. flirtation; while still that
low, musical voice, made Edwar' •
the rustle piazza a fairy palace, the $ tile '
patch of land which sported a fiv ournnt
bushes, • bed of sags and some tall hollyhocks,
a very garden of paradise.
• Presently , another couple joined them—
Miss Walsh and Mr. Denver'. The latter
made a somewhat ostentatious show of atten
tion to his fair companion, who was charming
enough to have deserved a really instead' of
the rather labored devotion just then offered
her; apparently, however, she found no fault
with it. for her face was as bright as the
morning as they walked up and down , under
the cherry trees. Very lovely she looked.
Her fair, wavy hair "was drawn back from a
rounded brow, contrasting with and height
ening the effect of her large dark eyes ' whose
lashes and brows were of the deepest brown.
A bril li ant complexion lighted up the whole,
and rendered more effective stilt the charms
that bad made havoc with many a masculine
heart. Was it strange that Laurence looked
often into such a face, especially with the
knowledge that every movement was per
ceptible from the piazza? When they had
finished their walk he lingered a moment be
side the door, allowing Alice to pass in first,
while he spoke is a low tone to Miss Holland,
who shook her head haughtily in reply. At
tits be tuned away with a lip compressed
somewhat more than usual, and joined Miss
Walsh again.
" Where shall we go to day ? This morning
is too lovely to be wasted in -doors, but it
seems to me that we have explored the cur
rounding country, inch by inch !" said Jennie
Tracy, rather despondently.
"Shall we try the Willow 'toad?" said ens
of the attendant gentlemen.
" What! again to day ? Why, we cantered
I don't knew how many miles on it last eve
ning." -
" To be sure 1 The Two Ledges, then !"
"Why, hive yen fcrgotten that our plc -nio
is to be there next Friday ? " demanded , Jen
nie, reproachfully.
" My suggestions are unfortunate. I shall
venture only one more, and I know you will
laugh at that—Holly Hill."
" Holly Hill? and why not ? " said Jeanie ;
the idea striking her favorably. " How many
of the people will go ? You and Alice. I
reckon, of course, on Laurence."
Indeed, that arrangement bad now became
recognized one. Several days had passed
sine* the one with which our story begins,
and Miss Holland had not again had occasions
to refuse Laurence Heaves' request, while
in that time he had quite deserted her, and
' , devoted himself eatirety to Alice, with what
seemed a sincere feeling. Edward Miller had
taken Laurence's former place with Alma Hol
land, and these, also, were of the party pro
' posing to take a drive.
,• Holly Hill was a Small elevation some six
, miles dieteint—a wild. woodland spot.. At the
foot they alighted and began to c:imb the hill.
"Whose ascent was just sufficiently difficult le
admit of pleasant little episodes in the way of
assistance. At the top they all sat down to
rest. Oats of the party, a mischievous look
ing girl, after outlaying the group before
her; 'whispered something to Jeanie Tracy,
who nodded and laughed in reply. Laurence,
who had caught his own name, laughingly de.
minded that the whisper should be repeated
aloud, and Jennie, who never took thought of
her words, it once complied.
"She esys that you and Alice, both being
1.• tight, sad Miss Holland and Mr. Miller, just
the saves, are min-meted, and lose half your
steistkieness for want of contrast. And for
my part." pursued Jennie, half shutting one
eye, and gazing meditatively at the objects of
bee stricture', "I think she is quite right."
Joanna laughed. Miss Helfand glanced
at him, but he did not once look her way.
"Wha4 a pity," hi said, lightly, "that we
east regulate our likings to suit your artistic,
aye, Oasis Jeanie 1 "
Anna Holland's face for a moment grew
dark. _but the pallor initially passed away
With the emotion. - whatever it was, which
. caused IL When they resivi eel their guirgb
her cheek - voreltratual brilliant color. Ed- ,
lased' Miller, far his reasons, sugared tb.
party to go- on so far in &demos that he lost!
sight of it, and turned in the wrong dirsoton.
When this act was discovered—erbloh Was,
het until they proceeded some distaaes—they
pissed upon n rising Luise of rook to look for
the rest. Now there was a certain quertion
which Ediard bad been longing to ask, and
timiplanned this very wandering is order the
bolter to &skit. So, upon the bat, opportn-
JO spoke whot was ia his heart, witika
sad slaw* to which Ids compaaloo
/Lager ba too to ammo;
Lot it pas)
Brood not dirkly VW a weal
Whisk will dtsanifar to 1011111
Bather sing this cheery was-.
Let dom . }
Lot it pail
flytis corroded the purest .
Let it pare , •
Vthe nagnanted wind. '
Let it p en
Lay ridges sot& that the 1
Kay condoms willed repesar
Tla the as who forgive. 1
Let it paw f i *
Let it penal—
I t •
Zabel not as angry word; . i
Let it p re :
Think how often you have ;
Lit It p an e Fi.
Since oar days mast pans
Its the dew-drope on thertjag;
hangar* should Ortirlay T" -- -
Let them pan I
Let them pass I
U karma fallen taken W.
Let it pave I
Oh t WI kind and gentle still;
.Lat it pare 1
Shoe at tut optimal' thing' atratibt;
141 ea not mint, bat wait,
and sir triumph shall be great;
Lit it paul
Let It pan 1
Bid leer angst to depart;
Lot it mu 1
Lisi times homsl7 words to heart;
Let it pane !
rollow not the giddy throng;
&Ater to to Imaged then wrong;
Therefore stag the cheer/4 0, 4
LO: it pa. e
Let it pea
Lovers' :Quarrels.
UARY 25. 1866
listened, sorrowful and ashamed. Now little
she seemed to herself at, that moment, in the
light of truth which revealed but toe plainly
her own motives. Bhe hat won, the rove of it
noble, menly nsture—not ' with a 'deliberate
intention, eertainkr, bit, while her fittisitione
wen. luring on her victim, -she bad taken
neither thought air ears for the possible eon
sequences. No, shrfelt, with a keen
and atingle:l
eanseleasneee, with her the d had
everything—the means nothing. But since ;
through her culpable earelessaesa, this lava
was gained and could not be repressed by an,
sets of hen, what return could she make for,
It 1 Could she marry one man. eonselons that
her love belonged to another r If shi had,
wronged Miller, already, would not this be a
far deeper wrong? She shrank from it, and,,
resolving to tell him everything, and oast her-;
self-upon his generosity, she lifted her head
to speak, but as she did so the sight which:
met her eyes drove from her mind the, purpose,
of a moment before, to 11l its place with bit.
terness. Walking leisurely down the narrow
path, talking with low tole lad lingerie',
Vann, and what seemed to Anna's watchful,
gaze a most lover—like *spool, Came Anse
Walsh and Laurence Denten. That moment
changed the current of Anna's theughte, end
redoubled the intensity of the holier she
had just conquered. Why should she show
the faith ehe could not And elsewhere ? Sinn
Edward Miller loved her truly, she bed the
right to accept the happiness he offered her.
Reseoniog, or rather blindly feeling, thus,
she gave him a, hasty answer—an answer
wherein the betrayed herself no less than
Presently Alice, pang her eyes, beanie
aware of the presence of others near at hand,
and after a moment!. hesitation the new comer
ascended the ledge.
"Do we interrupt . a tete-a.tae " asked
miechievonely, as she eat dews.
"Not unless it is your own," replied Anna,
carelessly and somewhat scornfully. Alias
colored, for bee 'shaft had rebounded upein
herself; but Laurence Deaver* looked keenly
from one to the other. Hie quick perception
instinctively felt that there had been some
change in the relations of the two befcite hint
Why he thought so, be could scarcely have
told, for Miller had too much good taste to
parade devotion, and Anna wore her society
mask. Still, an indescribable soniething warned
Laurence of what had taken place. Perhaps
his glat.ce was more observant than attether's
would have been; 'be that as it might, he was
moody and distrait all the way Larne , and so
very entertaining companion for Miss Walsh.
Anna Holland stood alone in the moonlight,
leaning upon one of the pillars of the low
roofed. piazze, looking away over the. green
meadow-land. A step behind her made her
start sad shrink guiltily into the shadow, but
the step mane nearer.
"Anna," said a voice close beside, " why
do you wish to avoid me "
"I hese no such wish," she said, hastily;
" Indeed t You are to be interpreted by
contraries, that.- But Ido not wonder," he
continued, bitterly, " that anything should be
more agreeable to your - eyes than I. Tender
hearts a like to look upon the misery they
have caused..' Mr. Miller, perhaps—"
"You remind me," she quietly interrupted;
"of something I have wished to say to yon.
I am—l have promised—" but she hesitated
and stopped, tiniiing the communication even
more difficult than she bad expected.
eso help you, perhaps," said Laurens*,
es she paused. "You are going to say that.
you ►ad accepted Miller, and had no farther,
Ilse for me. That is the plain English, I be.
Here t "
Without attempting to answer, she 'neatly
K oat told" ithinkl.ho, took and
ironed aides foot. •
6e perish the compact of w It was a
11 11 11 ." he said. " riog is throws aside to
make room 'for his, and L—" Be stopped
abruptly. "It is to be hoped that you will
keep better faith - with him thaa you hime with
She lifted her bead at that " The reproach
comes well from yoo, faith! You have kept ,
yours co truly, you hive a right to expect it
of others ! '
"Ask your own conscience what I mesa. *
think—Alice Walsh -would have no difficulty'
in understanding me. Ido not mean to speak,
of this to - you, but your reproaches, after.the
part you have acted, are too cruel."
"Anna:" exclaimed Laurence, snatching
her hand, "listen to me. The part I have
acted may have been foolish, may have,-
wrong. I will not try to defend it, bull you
drove me to it, and I swear to you that I 'have
not had one feeling that was false to you, or
one wish with which you were not connected.
Your pride and mine held me back, but
single word from you would have brought me
to your side. never dreamed that yon
would have cast me away so coldly,,without
a single regret to break the blow. Anna, you
loved me once "—but idle could hear no moro
n sob interrupted his passionate speech. as
her head fell upon his shoulder. Bat soon.
angry with her 'own witakness, she drew her
self from his inoiroling arm.
"Leave me," she said, "I have bee bit
terly wrong—wrong throughout, I think, but
Rebell end here. If I have betrayed tour I
will not betray, another. Edward Miller must
never know of:thit. His truth and sincerity
I muff respect, even though I leak them my•
self, and he shall know suffering caused
by me. So much, at least, I owe him. For
give me, and try to forget whit I have said
to-night, and all that has been between us "
From this mood Laurence could not move
her. To all his protestations' and entreaties
she replied only, "I must not hear you,'.' and
in despair at last he left her.
Left alone in the still moonlight she closed
her eyes for a moment in weariness of the
Balm beauty which so cruelly contrasted her
own agitation, and, opening them again,
started to see a man's shadow thrown across
the level green. Looking around, she beheld
Edward Miller slowly advancing up the path
from the garden. A glance at his face made
her fear that he knew what' had paned. and
she waited hit approach with a guilty dread..,
" Anna," said he, 4* I know all. I have not
come to reproach you, but to give back the
promise it costs you so much to keep. Nay," j
he continued, cheekleg her hesitating words, 1
"for my own sake, also, Ido so. Neither my
love nor my pride would allow me to receive
a forced frith. Could not you have trusted
me enough." he said, clasping her trembling
bend, "to tell me all ? The pain would have
been slight, compared with the lifelong misery
that concealment must cause us both. Now;
you, at least,.can be happy."
He paused, but Anna could answer only
with tears.
"It distresses me to sae you weep," he said
at length. "I wish only your happiness."
" Ah," she answered, with an effort, "you
an too kind. Your generosity shames me."
"I am going away to-morrow," he said,
after a moment's hesitation. " Grod bye.
Femember me is one who will always lie a
friend, if be may be nothing more.' '•
"I will remember you as the noblest friend
I ever knew," she replied as_
Miller felt his self control giving 'way be
meth her grateful look, and raising her hand
to his lips ' he turned away abruptly. Be hi
vanished from Anna's life, though net from
'her memory.
Laurence of course, (snails theseleshness
of niaiikind,) was very happy at the turn af.
fairs bad taken. But there was one little
awkwardness in his way which be hardly
knew bow to dispose of. . His attentions to
Alice Walsh. as he had snared Anna, had
been dictated only by reasons connected with.
the latter. and in thought, he bad been true
to her, while false in appearance. 'But he
was etweious that, in order le. east kis pur
pose, he had net scrupled to say and de many
thiagrwhich seemed slight enoug'h at the me.
meet, but upon reflation lamed into alarm
, ins importance.
He email net no his way dear. An aka) $
withdrawal of attention, which be felt- bad
gone far enough to justify her in expecting
more, would be unkind and ungentleinen/y
Jet, of lease, to cutlass them sow was out
• of the gnostic& Worst of a ll would be say
, • enplanatien, for that would Imply
that asked attached •to 'Haab; friendship'
value widish it had, parboil, never possessed
la her eyes. But Alice, herself. very 'sex
mealy delivered biro from the dificulties la
which his own unjustifiable eoadoet had In
volved him, In the midst of a conversation
with her.leturenes, meditating upon the eat'
borrasemente of hie .position, woe becoming
very improperly abreast Minded, when AM*
broke to Upon his rettOtions in a most Wirt-
Uag maaner. , ' •
"Mr.livOrs," she said, " I know you are
.dyingto tell me something! What would you
giro to have me guava it, and can you the
awkwardasso of speaking ? Will, then, lib.
ten. Having quarrelled with Hiss Holland,
you devoted yourself to me .with the praise '
worthy . Intention of making her jealous, but:
the quarrel being iserwasetUd, of course, youl
lotto& to desert me, though, with your usual!
thoughtfulness, you hesitate to infcrm me of
it. I suppose you are afraid of a scene, or;
blighted hopes,' or sometbiog or that sort ;,
but prey don't trouble your kind heart cu-my
account. You are quite -welcome to any at
damn°, I Intro beau 111)/111411NITarikrOt the
eisthow you like this race?" Unetasp
lug from to align about her
-sect a locket' en.
gaining the picture of a reckless, handsome
youth, she added, as she held .it out to her
companion We tare been ',gaged for
some time, but it is rather a secret."
Laurence had listened. optn eyed, and al
most open mouthed, with astonishment, to
the words of Alice, spoken in her Usual care
less, languid manner, but at the connlesion of
her speech his face changed. "So," be said,
as he returned the picture, "you have beep
engaged all the time you.. wore flirting "
(here a sudden recollection of his own share
in, the transaction preveatsd his finishing the
sentence as he had intended,) 7 - 4 .! flirting with
"Ob,. yes," said' Alloy 000lly, answering
the unspoken words, is she °leaped the locket,
Fred and I understood each other very Well.
Sloe* we can't be together, we both agree to
*rause ourselves ae well as posaible apart.
He writes me very entertaining accounts of
all ids flirtations," she added, in the most
matter•of--fact tone.
Laurence colored elightly. 6, And you, of
coarse, return his kindness in the use way,"
he said. ' , lt is • new view to .take of the
ease, certainly, but I am happy to have af
forded an additional spice to . your letters,
Miss Alice, little as they would be supposed
to need one."
" Remember, I havn't admitted your
charge "- else said, laughingly-, as ehe left
him. Bbe knew very well, in her heart of
hearts, that her flirtations with Laurence bad
ed nearly passed the limit of a jets with
As for Lauren* himsolf-.." What a little
flirt I " bad been his mental soliloquy, as he
gazed after her retreating Agure. "Suess
tie, too ; talking of my ' laud heart,' and
my usual thoughtfulness.' But I certainly
deserved all She said. At lout my bars on
her scosiat wars wasted, as the pretty plainly
Some one may have the curiosity to wonder
-what was the cause of all this jealousy sad
bitterness. AS. drat the merest triflesome
slight difference about a walk or a drive ;
some mark of fueled preference bietowed
upon another by Anna, had been magnified by
Laurence to a matter of the last importance.
Now that it was all over, they saw how small
s thing it had really,been, and wondered how
they could ever let it divide them. ' But the
experience had been useful, if not pleasant,
and they are too wise now to suffer such a
'tblDg to Item slain.—Boston Cultivator.
Al a Damoctstia i rsondsg in Brooklyn, N.
Y. Hon. George,Tickier Curtis, in the course,
dna elegant eddrinti, related the following
scene in the chamber of the Hon. Daniel
Webster, during the last days of his life:
In the earlier part of my life, I was a
political follower of Daniel Webster. The
school in which he trained the young, men
who cams under his influence and really gave
themselves to his teachings, was entirely in
consistent with any sympathy or co-operation
in a sectional party ; and it was only a short :
time before his death that the tendencies of a
large 'part of the Northern Whigs to convert
ihemselves into a sectional party began to
'appear. But the signs of this change did ap
pear, and Mr. Webster saw and comrre-
te idel their full import. He meant to
warn me, as he did others, against them :
and the manner in which he did it in ay
SW* I can pities forget. The scene was
in that plainly furnished apartment, his own
chamber, in the large house at,llarshfield,
now so memorable, end the time was three
days before his death. Beneath the-window,
on 'little artificial lake, there rods ilways a
small beat at anchor, with an American flag
at its mast bead, so placed that his eyes could
rest upon it, if light sufficed, as he closed
them at eight, and could opei upon it with the
dawn. ; Beyond the lake stretched the great
farm, irhich he so loved to at:titivate, and then
the low,besch and the ocean. He' bad been
very ill for several weeks, and it was appar
ent to all about him that his life. was now
driwing to a clime. He had that morning,
for the first time during several days, paid
some attention to political news; it Was just
before the Presidential election which resulted
in the choice of General Pierce over General
Scott, and the returns from some of the pre
vious State elections were coming in pretty
heavily against the Whigs. We were alone
together, and I mentioned to him the news
which h ad come down from Boston the night
before. Calling me to his be laid, by my
-Christian name, his said: *The Whig can.
didate will not be elected. Yon love your
country, and you think its welfare involved
in Whig nieces'. This has been so ; but,
let me warn you, as you love your country,
to give no actuntanance to a sectional, geo
graphical party., The Whip, after,this.eleo-
Lion will break up, and upon the ruins of our
party s sectional party will aria. The sta
bility of the Unions will hereafter depend upon the
Evening Before e Wedding.
"I will tell you." continued bor Aunt to
Louisa, "two things which I have fully proved.
The Arse will go towards the possibility of
any discord after wrings s tle second is the
best and surest preservative of feminine char
"Tell ,se," said Louisa, anxiously.
• • The first is this—to demand of your
bridegroom, u soon u the marriage ceremony
is over, a solemn vet, sod proml-e yourself,
never, even in jest, to dispute or express say,
disagreement;-1 tellyou never :— f i r what be•
gins in mere bantering, will lead to , serious
earnest. Avoid expressing any irritation at
one anther's words. Shaul- forbearance is
the one great secret of domestic happiness.—
If you have erred, contest it freely._ even if
confession costs- you some tears - Viarther,
prontise faithfully and solemnly never, upon
any pretext or excuse, to,bere_any secrets er
ceatteahnesta from each other, , but to keep
your private affairs from Sather. mother, els
ter. brother, relations tad the world. Let
them be kaown to each other and your God.
Itemeinber that say third person admitted
into your oontidesce, becomes a party in
stand between. yen. and you will naturalky
stand for one or the other. Premise to avoid
this, and renew the vow ipon'evely tempts.
!ion. It will preserve thatperfese unildensei
that union whist' will 'abed leaks you one.
0, if tbe newly married wouldprudes this
secret of connubial peace; how ploy
would be happy which sr* new •ftleersble I talons'
do IriskAiwpaper announce - a the deliiv
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The Special 'Committee on'construction
his been in cession several tim s, under lock
and key, with a determination te keep pro
fouadly secret all its doings, fo the present,
at least. That spirit of enterprise 'which
laughs stlocksmiths, and which is indispets- -
able to the retention of a position like-mine
ea the Cincinnati Commersial, was not Is be
bellied by tiny such precautions on the part
of Thiddens & Co. After due deliberation I
sotacluded to secure the services of a kerhele
""rht- 16 :4rtg -In lainhar t nti ti l
&MIN filp 0 001 0 0
.important witness before the Committee.
I regret to lay that I have net been able to
learn the name of this witness ; but the reader
'can judge for himself.
Without-further introduction, ,I arpend the
report as transcribed from the- notes of my
faithful and efficient reporter :
Q. What is your ?
A. (My key-hole reporter was unable to
catch the answer of the witness.)
Q. Were ycu in the Southern States lad
summer ?
A. I was.
Q. Did you go down the coast and up the
Mississippi ?
A. I did.
Q (By a copperhead committeeman.) Is
ether words, you went hellwards by water,
like Wird's qualm?
(Objected to an important.)
Q. (By ?on. -William Fees Pitteaden.)-..
Your visit, as I understand it, was for the
purpose of ascertaining by personal observa
tion the condition - of tie States lately' in re
A. Yes, sir; that was the object, of my
visit. _ ,
Q. What do you think u to the loyalty of
the Southern people?
A. I think they are still rebels at heart.
Q. (By a copperhead.) Have they not
agreed to the requirements of the President's
plan of reconstruction?
A. Their obedience is only from the lips
outward; they are disloyal at heart.
-Q. (By the obnoxious fellow.) Did you ex.
amine any Southern hearts while you were
down the coast t .
A. No; but. I took it for granted that they
were disloyal at heart feom the disrespectful
tone in which they 'pose of General Butler
and the
,prominent men is our party.
Q. (By a copperhead.) You thick, then,
that the Radicals are the only loyal folks in
the North ?
A. I'do.
Q. (By a lo} al person. ...) You are confident,
then, that the South ought not tote neon
structed just at present?
A. I am.
44. When do you think the Southern States
might be readmitted without eodangering the
Radical party?
A. Not before they adopt univereal our.
Q. Now, - tie door's locked, you knew, and
we're all sworn to secrecy, so you needn't.
mind these copperheads; tell us how many
votes we shall count in the South, including
the nigger'?
- A. About hatii MMlsti=enougb to early
most dike Southern States.
Q. You found a great deal .of distindein oa
monad of color in the Southern &We a?
A. Yes, sir, a grog deal, iadeed, (witness
moved almost to tears.)
Q.-In social as well as political life this
'distinction existed?
A. Yes. 1 here was a determination to
draw a strong line of demarkation beterieu
the two races, especially is social life.
Q. That is to say, the freedmen were ex
cluded from the parlor entertainments, tea
parties and social gatherings .for whites, for
no other reason than that they were colored ?
A. Yes, sir; that's true, (almost weeping.),
Q. (By this 0. C.) While you were on that
trip, did you have some plessent, social
on the steamship and elsewhere!
A. I - certainly did.
Q (By the O. -C.). Did you invite the
freedmen to be present. at your festive gather
(Objected to as a disloyal interrogation.)
A. May it please the Comml:tee; I will au
ewer that question, too, thoughi do not think
it. obligatory on me to 'do so. I invited the
freedmen to several conferences with
while in the South.
Q. (By the 0. C.) But were these con
ferences of a sccial or political character, sad
was anything said about universal sates* at
them ?
A. They were rather more political than
social, it is true. Nevertheless, I talked ta
the freedmen without distinction of color.
Q By the 0. C.) What did you sari*
them I'
(Cries of " None of your Insiness " from
the loyal side, and question objected to.)
A. I have n othiog to conceal from this com
mittee,. therefore I will answer the question
just asked. I bad many friendly converse.
Lions with the freedmen.
Q. (By the 0. C.) But you complain of the.
unwillingness. of the Seithern people to ad—
mit the freedmen to social equality. Now I
would like to hive you state to the committee
howmany freedmen you admitted to social
equality with you oft your trip? How 'mazy
bottles of champagne did you share with par.
sons of African descent ?
.(Indignaatly objected to u impudent, irre
levant, and strictly personal 4
Q. (By a loyal committeeman.) Do you
think we can carry the Booth with the vets
of the freedmen, and not without It ?
A. I do.
Q. Wouldn't it be well to territorialize the
Bough for a while'
A. I think it would.: I know of several
persons who would make good territorial
Governors, ant are strictly loyal, haiingbee4
Treasury agents for some time. -
Q. Do you thinks little territorialising
Would bring them up to the Baikal, or, i;
other words, to the loyal standard.
L. I do.
Q. (By the 0. 0) While you were dew"
South did you buy any plantations ?
A. I did not.
4. (By the 0. C.) Did any of those wke
were with you de so?' '
A. I believe they did:
Q. From whom did they purchase ?
A. From the oonfiscationary authorities, I
_ _ _
,(azyn Tarnow—A Loin irtic) -'
1.4 U ll - 10 ear, mtquint Jena 1.,
I Ihin mould broths my tale otter*:
"o—John. I don't bolioro there's any
Wood oat for the kitchen stove."
Whim thee I on,- tits full atlatun _
Of Poesy-0 glorious ban -
Coss tamer oad..J•Jobta tM potatoes
Orlin to he wooded porky lottgi:',
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Smatio tby 4me mist, loss, as ttsl pan,
Wilamolog—l 0 stop your baying.
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thyhisi trial le like thelephli.
That biers the harass* of the =WU;
Thy faro V like—• o lbat blasted Wier
'8 gee. sad got it. the eon r
Then listen to toy sail oensplialaient,
Bear. Jenniebias, thy loves W.
—"John, tt sorter Nobble raining, • •
' "nose we go and dkh the lay."
Quest of say tane3's Wry/Aim!
- Sweet thane of all the pinyon tatter I
wilt thou, 0, wilt thou—" Jo hn dear,
Cooke, take a hold sad *burs tatter."
Another Good Bur
Q. Hew much did they pay ?
A. To the beat of my knowledge, twenty -
two tests an acre.
Q. Wu there any cotton pinhead on the
A. I don't know. I shouldn't be surprised
if there was, however.
Q. Was there any body en the trip who was
interested in the purchase sad manufacture
of cotton?
Objected - to u personal.
. Cross.exan.ined. (By en infernal copper
head) Don't know who paid the expenses
of that trip ; it must have cost a great deal ;
suppose the GoVernment paid fort; can't
swear that I like Andy Johnson; swear
that I loved Llieoln ; never4sid UAW.* wee
.a dammed ignoramus; will swear al to the
&tined, but not as to Ignoramus; memo*
: bad on that point.
The above is all that my key-hole inform
'sat has been able to transcribe from his notes
in time for to-day's mail. -)
ii Waage, Oa, Tees Mu Wnstut I "—Where
Is Fry, the astute and ready matheresticiaar
We look in vain through the notices of the
different business colleges and institutions of
limning, to us his nime as professor of