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    rieiftekig Obanter.
ERIE, PA., NOV. 23, 1865
rni'L.Us WalliTCU.—We will purchase
, i j‘y uf payers that m.ty Le brought
'try mug bo uncut sad In a clean
Growth of Erie.
Harrisburg Patriot, in an article oom.
t h e population and vote of several
Isola cities, remarks that 413ria, f r i m
:sown cause, le of slow growth, many
'tern and western towns exceeding
iiitt t ow . ,, The Patriot is either eery
:painted with the progress of this
t h e state, or it makes a wilful mis—
t. The truth is, that, in proportion
)pnlittion, Erie, for the last thirty
grown with as much, if not greater,
tmt , l op other city be the Btate.-
2 yore up to 1860, our numbers
t i t l e d, and we have now, it is within
tds to say, a population of fall 16,
city pr operi in addition to not lees
n the suburbs, making 18,000 in
coot of 1860 gave us only 9,000,
g is the five years jest poised will
te en to have been precisely 100 per
ratio which we feel quite confident
•:ity in the State, not even Harris-
Jo e prosperity since the war has been
.marked of any, has surpassed.
,ople of this section feel that they
,on to complain of the treatment they
it the hands of the eastern part of the
The press of that section seem to treat
we bad no interests in common with
of the Commonwealth, — end rarely
is except in a tone of disparagement,
tvinces either the grossest ignorance,
mess of malignity. Knowing as we
state of information relative to us
are more disposed to attribute it.
(onset thsi to the latter. Ninety%
Idredths of the citizens of Eastern
ranis have never visited the North
counties, and actually know as little
as they do of the most remote die—
' the.far West. Considering the ease
mutative! the dominant party here
in the habit of sending to the Leg
it is not surprising that
should look upon our section
sort of indifference ; but. if they were
7 become better acquainted with us,
the fruitfulness of our soil, learn the
ity of our people, and witness the
progress which is everywhere maul
would soon conclude that we are
ttion of the State to be sneered at
to promote our interests more than
, done in the past, because in doing
would be advancing the interests of
EAST Issxs.—A gentleman living
East township furnishes us the fol.
items of local interest, which hap
that locality
who was drafted here last spring,
the army—came back in summer,
buck nigger along—nig. worked on
two or three weeks ago—found to
len sloo—matter hunted up and $BO
l—some spent in buying knick-naeks
e lady of African descent living near
weat to search house—goods discov
' lady much troubled in mind in con.
•feared reputation tone—one of
couldn't help leg of reputation,
r goods—old lady indignant, got
td gills, 'eared to goodness, if day
out she'd knock all de white men
'de house—end of ibis sad, eventful
, darkey went back to work out the
had spent.
Sunday a week a Dutchman thought
a barrel—rolled down the almost per.
, lar bank at Golf, near railroad
ibont 80 feet—lodged on rocks, a eon
from water—Lid there. kicking, and
for help—parties went to his relief—
unhurt—asked him what made him
kelp—said be was so badly fright
idn't know how far he had roiled—
it was fifty ALA yet to bottom—
th;nks he won't try it again.
ITUIT CITY 1.)ILDINAN011 —The city
have adopted an ordizance,which has
proved by the Mayor, providing that
person shall hitch or in any way fas
t animal to the park fence, or fasten
ough to enable such animal to reach
•e, or shall in any way damage, injure
roy such enclosure, or commit or eer
y animal belonging \ to him or her to
any trespass upon the public grounds,
II be fined therefor not lees than one
•re than fifty dollars; and, for the sec.
Mee, in addition to the above penalty,
imprisoned in4he county jail, at the
::n of 'the justice, not less than one day
e than thirty days." The clerk of
et and wood measurer are appointed
ptlieemes, for the purposs of better
g oat this ordinance, and are author—
unit any person violating it, and Te
animal hitched to the fence, or
lag oa the grounds. They are anti
t fee of one dollar for every such arrest
I be made, to be paid by the person
ors FLACDO ♦T PlTllol.l.—The Titus
?maid lap it a considerable sense
tern awakened at Pithole by the
by Government officers, of ell the
.Itqlog to the United States Petrol
°°l44, on the Holmden farm. The
Di it in consequence of fraudulent
Da the part of the company, to the
RIVIIMO Collector. One of the So
dolts hie been arrested, and is still
I tE l 7. The seizure took place en
11 1 lett. It 'include, Noi. 47, 19, 64
The owners of the property are
' to take care of the oil, but cannot
truster any portion until they than
wiled with "Uncle Sam.'! The (lo•
titian a deficit of $75,000 from the
7, and the Coogremionol•Aot provide.
penalty for Internal Revenue frauds
tlital the amount, to which the Govern-.
troald legally have been entitled-428k
t stunning aggregate of $150,000.
19 (Pool) and 54 (Grant) are the
on Pithole. Pity they can't afferal to
it taxes !"
Horse•—This is the name of
ittel lately opened near the Philadel
i Erie railrosd shops, by Mr. T. C. Car
It is Ivge, convenient, and well far
- and is doing a thriving business. Mr.
ty, the landlord, is one of the most ,ao
" ring men we know of, and deserves
iper;a 3 we have no question but he
}tenons stopping is that part'of the
Ikonld patronise the Boston House.
e dvertieement of the Pittsburgh B'll'-
801(14re Home, which appears in our
lo g column., Is afespecisi interest to
1 01 l number of dissbled f oldiers In Ibis
t 7. We are not pinseisaa'y acqllahlted
tie merits of this Institut! 312, bat, from
we know of its °USN, Ire should judge
b 'welt r 3 by et eitatidenoe.
The Work of Charity.
Eau, Pa., Nov. 18, /885
St. Vincent's, Hospital, on 4th street, for
the benefit of which a Fair will bo held in
Farm:Hall during the coming holidays, was
parchased by the Bev. Bishop Young, to be
used as a general hospital, without regard to
sect or denomination. The Hospital was
opened in July last, since which it has been
tilled to its utmost capacity. The Sisters,
after taking charge of the Hospital, collected
email amodut of money, which was ntt sufll
°lent to furnish the building with the neces
sary beds, bedding, &0., to make it comforts
ble. There have been no means provided for
the support of the hospital, the Sisters being
entirely, dependent upon private contribu
lions, which have not been su ffi cient to meet
the many deinands constantly being msde on
This is the only Hospital we have•in this
section of the State, and, although the build
ing is very small, it is a blessing to the sick
and destitute of the city and vicinity. "The
Sisters do not confine themselves exclusively
to the Hospital, but wherever there is sick
ness and suffering, no matter how loathesome
or contagious the disease, there they are to
be found, if their services are required.
The- soldiers and sailors who have served
in the desperate struggle just closed, need
not be reminded of the many sacrifices made
by the Sisters of Charity - for them, when
thousands of miles from home they were suf
fering from wounds and disease ; no need to
remind them—they will naverlorget it. For
those who remained et home, and therefore
cannot understand the horrors of war, I will
mention one circumstance to show , how devo
ted and untiring the Sisters ire in their work
of love and mercy. The General Hospital,
Mound City, 11l , after the battles of Forts
Henry, and D3neleon, &0., was crowded to
excess. Many of the wounded were so long
without proper medical attendance that their
wounds were in a horrible condition, inertia
station baring set in. It will be remembered
that at the taking of Fort Henry the flag ship
with Commodore Bill Porter on board, had
her boiler exploded by s shell from the fort.
Many of the crew Were kilted; the scalded
who were alive were taken "to Mound City.
Although the wards of the Hospital were well
vent! lated, the stench in consequence of the
large number of patients, and the of ture of
their wounds, was almost unbearable. The
scalded sailors, perhaps, Faltered the most.
The Sisters were occupied each morning in
washing the maggots out of the wounds of
those poor sufferers, and sometimes out of
their eyes. Did those gentle women falter in
their work of mercy N,o ! For weeks their
services were eo constantly demanded that
they (to use their own words) thanked God
when they could rest themselves for the short
space of five minutes.
For a long time we have felt the necessity
of a properly conducted Hospital in our city,
and now let it not be said tLat it wanted the
generous support that it should receive. The
proceeds of the coming Fair will be applied
to furnish end support the Hospital, and
either enlarge it, or build a now one during
the coming summer, or as soon u the neces
sary funds can be procured. Alt persons are
earnestly requested to contribute and assist
in this charitable and laudable work.
J. H. W.
Caen Fon TRIAL.—The following cases are
eet down for trial at the court commencing on
the 2d Monday of December:
Benson vs McLean; Alcott vs Bank of Che
nango; Murphy vs Stephens, et al; Barker
and wife vs Dagget's Ex'rs; Oldfleld vs Ste
phens and wife; Caryl vs McFarland and Bro;
Robinson vs Siegel, et al; Stough vs Wright;
Merchants' Bank vs Stearns & Sou; Hatch vs
Penn'a R R Co; Gilbert vs Coover; Jones vs
McCray; Hill vs Finn & Stearns; Matchett vs
Benson & West ; Brown vs Caughey, et al;
Gorenflo vs Reed; Use Ramsey vs Blyatone &
Flaugh ; Wallace, et al, vs Latbame, et al ;
Gilbert vs Thomas; McConkey & Shannon vs
Coleman, Westerman Sr. Co; Goebel and wife
vs Diesterdich and wife: Law vs Rawie &
Tennant; Seymour vs Sherman ; Gauld vs
Warner and wife; Ward vs Danlavy; Thomas
vs Downey; Haversack vs Simon; Jenne' TS
Hay; Commonwealth, Ex Rel., Carry vsJohn
son; Wright, et al, vs Dunham. et al; Wilkin
son vs Blakeslee; Frisbee vs Frisbee; Webster
heirs vs Webster; Miner vs Lszelle; Ficken
ger vs Finn & Stearin; Hays vs Sherman, et
al; Gail vs Yandreusr; Mayer vs Clark; Hay
barter vs Haybarger; Luelle vs Miner; Fritz
vs Saeger; Lytle & Constable vs Thompson;
Crosby vs Marvin, Rend & Co; Tuner vs
Howard; Bracken vs Himrod; Young vs Nei,
ler & Warren; Morton vs Dunlap; Rea vs
Keith, et al; Honneeker vs Moore•, Mortoays
Starr, et al; O'Brien and wife vs Young; Hay
barger vs Jarecki, et al; Haybarger vs Ja
recki; Butterfield vs Mills ; Brie Gas Co vs
Haversack; Tibbals vs Kelley; Landphere vs
Zinn, et ci.
Our friends in the country do not appear to
be generally aware that the red back fifty
cent postal currency does not circulate here
say longer, our business men of all CISSIMI
refusing to receive them. We hays had a
number sent us lately, in part payment of in
debtedness due, and, of course, being unable
to use them, we are obliged to return the
stuff to its owners. Our impression is that
the sweeping discrimination against this issue
of postal currency is not proper. The coun
terfeits are as easily told as those upon the
other sorts, and the jest way would be to do
with them as with the rest—receire the good
and cast out the bad. P. B:—Since the above
was written, we learn that the genuine notes
of this issue are taken at the Postofftoe in
payment for stamps.
and consumers always find it to their advant
age to buy their goods where the largest stook
and best assortment can be found. In• the
Confectionery and Notion line we do not know
of a larger and better selected assortment
than is to be found at Bauer & Burgess' Vari
ety Store. They are doing their best to keep
up the supply and meet the demand for their
goads. For the Holiday trade they can offer
an almost endless variety of auger Toys, Can
dies, Notions and Small Wares, suited to the
trade of the season. Dealers will do well to
order and buy early, as the demand for this
class of goods will be immense. Do not wait
until the last moment,-as the chances for get
ting an assortment lessen-every day.
—"Pa," said a lad to his father, "I often
hear of people poor, but honest; why don't they
sometimes say rich but hosue ?" "Tut, my
son," said the father, "nobody would believe
them."---The District Attorney of Crawford
county has withdrawn the suits entered
a;aiut Democratic election officers, for so
*opting the votes el alleged deserters from
the draft. This, we take it, is a tacit admis
sion that the law of Congress is tmoonstitn
lions', or rather that the view of the act ta.,
ken by the Republicans is wrong.
pondest of the Meadville Republican writes
as article abusive of mules. The editor should
not slow such family difilitulties to get into
his eolummi.—Vaumgo Spectator.
is We believe that good people, when they
die, go to Pithole."—Dispatch.
—We desk There are too may "bottom•
lose Pito" there.— Fituroale Nereid.
Man Snot HY ♦ POLiOliAli. man amid
Edward Kimball, was shot by special pollee
man, Captain John Dunlap, in the saloon of
Reed & Thomp , on, on Saturday evening last.
The particulars of the occurrence are about
as follows : "A party of some six or eight,
most of them employees in tho Philadelphia
& Erie shop, were in the saloon drinking, and
making considerable noise. Mr. Dunlap came
in with two or three friends, and, while there,
two of the parties commenced fighting. He
insisted on separating them, when he was in
stilted in a gross manner by several of the
crowd, one of whom defied him to take him.
Mr. Dunlap, who kept very cool during the
whole affair, took him by the collar, and led
him up stairs, where he wan followed by the
-companions of the prisoner, who, upon reach
ing the sidewalk, fell all together upon the
officer, beating him badly and taking away
the prisoner. Mr. Dunlap, finding his life in
danger, fired three or four shots, which had
the effect of scattering them somewhat. He
then went, as we understand, into another
saloon for help, and as he was coming out,-
was again assailed, when he fired the last and
fatal shot. He states that he was coming up
the steps when one of the party who was
standing at the top of the stairs, exclaimed,
"Here he is !" and aimed a kick at his face.
As be threw back his head to avoid the blow,
he fired. The ball Struck the unfortunate
man in the right breast, passing about two
inches above the heart, and burying itself
in the right lung. Another of the party
named Williams, was shot through the hand.
The wounded man seemed to be unconscious
of his hurt, and walked up State street as far
as the Atherican House, where he fell upon
the sidewalk. He was assisted into the hall,
and his hurt discovered. A physician, Dr.
Braude'', was immediately sent for, and a
clergyman. The wounded man made an affi—
davit as to the oircumstances,and exhonerated
the officer from all blame. He declared, how
ever, his innocence of any assault at the time
of the firing of the pistol." Although at first
supposed to be bejond recovery, he is now
thought to be out of danger. Three other* of
the alleged rioters, giving their names as
Hendricks, Williams and Kelley, were subse
quently arrested, and held to bail in the sum
of $3OO each, to appear at the next term of
JURY Lzer.—The following are the jurors
drawn for the civil court commencing on the
2d Monday in December:
Erie—Chas Metcalf, E P Bennett., Phil*
Liebel, James P Uaggin.
Miltoreek—H Janes, Alex McKee, H Loyer,
,T H Carter, Clark McCann, John Nem
flarborereek—Jos Stinson, GO W Tupper
North But born— H D Selkrigg.
Greenfield—Jae H Wilson, Nat Coburn.
Venango—Asro Elliott.. .
Amity—Wm Hatch.
Concord—B'Bngbee. .
Union borough—Win Putnam.
Le Ikenff—Wm Crater, J G Carroll.
Greene —0 P Gunnison.
Summit—Wm Graham.
Washington—John Muter, Win Herrick.
Elkoreek—E Matthews, Jai Woodruff, Fred
Conneaut—Wm Oriffey, Wilson Spaulding,
.1 Joslyn, H Smith.
Springfield—Ward Hills, E Bea.
dirarci—Thoe Smith, J C Rockwell.
The following are the Jurors for the civil
court commencing on the Sd Monday in De
eember :
Erie-7 C Burgess, &E Netler, D 0 Orms•_
by, 0 A Landon, Peter Emling, Wm F Eli
blilloreek l -John Elliott, Wm Stacy.
North East tp—J B Milliken.
Venango—F H Chapin.
Amity—A L Hukell.
Wayne —H D Francis, 0 Abbey, Jesse Ly
- Concord—John M Baker.
Corry—Warren Fuller.
Union—A Fields, Josiah Emerson, Jai G.
Union Mills—P 0 Btranshan.
Leßoeuff—A J Colt.
Waterford tp—Wm bloWilllams, John W
Middleton - .
Greene—A Parker.
Summit—T S Curtis, Myron Rays.
McKean-8 Washburn, Otis Reed.
Middleboro—John Hostetter;
Washington—John Lefever, N McLellan.
Conneaut—A Barney, L B White.
Bpringfteld—L D Prosser.
Girard tp—Baml Methorn.
Fula 701 Tin 81111777 07 Tall HOIII7ITAL.
The hospital established by the Sisters of
Charity, on Fifth street, is ■o crowded with
occupants, that an absolute necessity exists
for its enlargement. In order to obtain means
for the purpose, a Fair will be held in Farrar
Hall, on the 20th of December, under
the auspices of the' ladies connected
with St.. Patrick's congregation, which we
hope to see patronized with more than usual
liberality. It should be remembered that
the benefits of the hospital are not confined
to the Catholic denomination. Persons of any
creed are received and treated with equal
kindness, and the charitable zeal of the good
Sisters has been the means of alleviating the
sufferings of many a poor fellow. The devo—
tion they have displayed is their noble cause
entitles them to the gratitude and generosity
of our citizens.
oar The holidays are close at hand and
our dealers are preparing to meet the wants
of the season. The largest and beet stook of
goods for this trade will be found at Better
Burgess' confectionary establishment, Erie,
Pa. They manufacture and keep everything
in the candy line,as well as a general assort
ment of Notions, Toys, &a
Everybody knows them by the reputation
of their -Popular Cough Candy—Moss and
Elm. It proves itself the best article of the
kind ever introduced. The immense quanti
ties they ship every day is proof that the
public appreciate a good article. They are
prepared to fill orders for it in any quantity.
Everybody who tries it says it is just, the
thing. (novl4'
Tan correspondent of the Cincinnati Ga—
ulle says there is not a newspaper writer of
an average position in Washington whose
salary is not equal to or greater than that of
• Congressman, while his expenses need not
be half so Brest. —Exchange.
Well, why shouldn't the newspaper writers
have the largest salaries? It takes more
brains to be a successful editor or oorrespoi
dent than soy Congressman we ever met was
possessed of.
&sat BAKIIIIT.4.WII refer country 11101 -
chants end families in the oily, purchasing
bread, crackers or cakes, to the advertisement
of Mr. Sands' steam bakery. Mr. B. has fit.
ted up his establishment in the most improied
manner, and it is generally acknowledged to
be the best of the kind in North-Western
Pennsylvania. His facilities are suck that we
have no doubt he out do what he Oahu—.
supply retail dealers with u goad an article
es they can get elsewhere, of better taus.
/Umta t a Bars.—The kg annual bell of
Keystone Hose Co., Ns. 1, will be given at
Furor Hall, on Wednesday evening, Deo. 6th,
1866. A large and plesiaat stile is antici
The odyntisemeet of Qom. Stevens for Ap•
pre#toes is the Navy, to desertiog of mast
om. We AO multimor to give Anther
of tb my getout is some Altar.
~ s .
Wettable"' Election Cant '
WA111111111(1, Nov, 11th, 1866.
Editor Erie Observer: Molex seen in the
Erie Ditpatch a statement - in regard to the
election beard refusing to -revive the vote of
Jasper W Davis, and in order that the public
may know the facts in the case, I send you a
statement of • the proceedings as they trans
pired, willtthe result.
At the election on the 10th of Caleb-a-4'3u
per W Davis offered his rote to the board of
electicn, can/Posed of Daniel Bishop and F.
W. Chapin, Inspector, and J. M. Jenkins,
Judge. At the suggestion of Bev. B. 8. HIP,
a thing by the name of Skinner challenged
Davis' vote. Davis eked,“On what 'roundel"
Skinner. replied, "As a deserter." Davis
said, "Prove it." Some words permed, when
the board administered to Davis the oath re.
quired, and after the questions asked touch
ing his qualifications as a voter, such as age.
residence, assessment, fice., which were all
answered in the affirmative, the Judge decided
that be was not -a voter, and F. H. Chapin,
one of the Inspectors, agreeing with him,
Davis' vote was rejected.
Some two weeks after, Davis, feeling him—
self aggrieved, applied to Allen Bosworth;
Esq.. fdr legal proceedings, and after mak
ing the necessary complaints, a warrant was
issued for said Chapin and Jenkins, and put
in the beads of Constable Nichols to be
After some two day's delay, the defendants
were brought before said Enswerth, and on
hearing, were held to bail, and refused to give
said bail, whereupon the court made a mitti
mus committing them to jail. The mittimus
was placed In the hands of said Constable
Nichol!, and he allowed the defendants to ran
at large for something over a week, and then
sent the mittimus with one of the default:Ws
to court.
In the mean time influences were brought
to bear upon One of the Grand Jurors, through
whose influence, it is balieved, a false im
pression was produced upon the minds of the
Grand Jury, who found no bill against the
defendants, and put the costs on the com
plainant. Thus showing that a an whose
political opinions differ from the party in
power, has no, rights to be observed in our
should be Courts of Justice. I should add
that there was no evidence before the board
that Davis was a deserter—simply the eharye.
In addition to the above statement of facts,
there was another case at the same election.
A man by the name of A. N. Read, who for
merly resided in our borough, but who left
about six months since, and has lived with
his brother in Amity, offered hie vote; and,
on inquiry by the board, stated that he had
not lived in the borough for the last six
months, and did not intend to ; that he had
not stayed but ens night in the borough ' for
three weeks prior to the election. But the
same parties allowed him to vote, and even
urged him after he had. declined to do so un
less it was satisfactory. Still said Chapin
and Jenkins reOditial-',Wfkad'a,Tote, _ Thus
It is we are imitated" tirrillatilk
4, 4
Almost: *Ors
of some amilliOpirotlboll=r,
our •Pgo l 4.l l .llol.kiefaMi 14 11.
to be too hsaiy in vitamin basks of ebb
sort. A reliablehisiory bt the _jam
, anaat .
be written for ten or twenty years to come,
when the prejudices of the present will be
allayed, l and the necessary facts to make such
a work correct, be obtained from both sides.
The books now published give wierely the
Northern view of the events of the war, and
like all one•eided productions, mujit be in
'templet*, partial and erroneous.
Naw Mostc.—Horace Waters, the celebra—
ted music dealer, No. 481 Broadway, New
York, has sent us copies of hie latest publics
tions,-as follows : " The First Kiss at the
Gate:" "The Gem of the Mountains," (Ma
:irks) by Mrs. Parkhurst; "Our Soldiers'
Last March," introducing the bilebrated
"Peace Jubilee," by Mrs. Parkhtirst.
Pour Cr.osan.--Capt. James Dunlap, Har
bor Muter, has received information from the
authorities of Port Btuvell, Canada, that the
harbor of that place is considered unsafe of
entrance, from the formation of a shifting sand
bar off its mouth, and has been declared
closed for the season. The light will be re
moved after the Ist of December.
Tan property at the corner of State and
Bighth streets, fronting some sixty feet on
the farmer, and running back one hundred
and sixty five feet, has been , purchased of
Thos. L. Mahaffey, by Isaac Rosenzweig, for
$22,500. The location is one of the best In
the city.
Let every tenon that wishes to keep a
Family Medicine on head, as all prudent
familles'do, to be ready for the oft occurring
ills and accidents against which no• foresight
can guard and no skill avert, provide them
selves with a bottle of that most extraordinary
diffassble stimulant—Carter's Extract .of
Smart Weed. In this they will always And s
ready relief, a prompt and powerful remedy,
with which to arrest and prevent the often
rapid and fatal progress of a malignant dis—
ease. It is both safe and pleasant to take.
4 , Of earthly good, the best is a good wife,
A bad—the bitterest curse of human life."
Voles, we except, perhaps , that, dre adful
disease Catarrh, whisk, however, can be per
manently cured by the use of Dr. D: H. See—
lye's Liquid , Catarrh Remedy.
In this city, on the 20th inst., by Rev. J.
F. Spaulding, at the residence of the bride's
father, Mr. CHAS. C. EDDY, (U. 8. N.) and
Miss EMMA 8. KELSO, daughter of E. J.
Hello, of this city.
[ For the present of wedding sake a000m•
panying the above,the happy bride will please
accept our thanks. May their wedded life be
a long and prosperous one, unmarred by
single cocurrence that may tend to lessen
their bliss.]
Oa the 19th inst., in Summit township, by
Rev. David 'force, of McKean, Mr. JOHN O.
of Summit township, daughter of Nathan
At the residence of the bride's father; Nov.
9th, by Rev. A. Burgess, Mr. T. 0. MILLS,
and Wu M. I. FULLERTON, all of Conneaut
tp., Pa.
In Wellsburg, Nov. 12th. 1885, by J
chester, Esq., Mr. E. C. MOSIER, of Penang°
borough, Crawford county, Pa., to Miss ANN
GINNETT LANODON, of Spring tp., Craw
ford °county, Pa.
In Girard, Nov. 15, by Rev. H. 0 Howland,
Mr. HERMON H. SUMNER, of Albion, (for.
merly of Middlebury, Vermont,) to Miss
VINNIE E. MARCH, of• Worcester, Massa
At the residence of the bride's fader, in
this city, on the 15th inst.. by Rev. A. G.
Laurie, assisted by Rev. J. M. Pressley, Mr.
JAMES 0. DUMARS, of Millorealt, and Miss
In Albion. on the 19th lust., by J. WeUs,
Erg., Mr. GEORGE SPAULDING, late of the
146th Reg't Pa. Vols., and Mies JOSEPHINE
PALMER, daughter of Garner and Folly Pal
mer, of Albion.
Op the 16th inet., by Rev. A. M. Tennant,
BEACH, both of Union.
At St. Paul's Church, Cleveland, O, on the
16th lust.. by the R't Rev. Q H..Ryland, Dr.
of Erie.
At Mtbasil's, Sept. 29th, KARA A. STER
RETT. aged 17, youngest daughter of Themes
T. sad Harriet Sterrett.
In Girard. Oet. 28th, of heart disuse, Mr.
year of his age.
In Corry, Sept, 15th, LILY M., daughter
of E. E. and H. Curtis, nod on o y e ar, B i z
months and twenty days.
On the 161ik inst., JOHN FITZPATRICK,
unties of Ballynarslok, county thaeriek, h t .
On Sunday, the 19th fait., Oot wuxima.
/t. MoNLICIL of Millonek, gad 08 Tara, G.
maths and 18 days. -
On the 14th ult., TROlldflMoni o of Mitt
Creek, apt 66 yows.
B **bpi' •ti, 111
NAI/t7A1711111111 WI
We WS use bst pave Clodmasesty. using %be but
imitertal and coloring matter. Oar stook
of Boor Goods Is_lir.. ambritelag
el the saleable varieties.
100 alliesat deo •f
GOODS, tin; 'mows, • Sc., ao,
Iror llama
119131',VAILITT 0!
Yids arprosaly kr as
Oar Stock In thla line le Tztenalve, and eelseted aped.
ally toe the
00171flItY TIADI
Moss & Elm Candy !
t • Tex—
4 " • i#V L litt
1. , ^.f . ',i,"A
, 41,1111-:
All Goods is this lbas smugly lu it tpt by amen
Ire are asilhe at
lid It burns either wood, anthracite or bituminous covl.
4th. A die muty be kept with entire safely during the_ night,
and breakfast and dinner prepared next day with no additions
. is a lake. it Is unrivalled.
Moss & Elm
Laid* &Tildes In the
Rankles, •
Lied PeeUs,
. sag Gans,
Mato PeasUm,
Mal 7,4
Tobseoo - Bons, Cigar Taboo, Combs, Pocket Barks.
Gas Ow,
Eat/ 014
Pods:ism ' .
raw/ ga•Ps
Jambi:pd. Nvath Orr&l4
Moss & Elm Candy.
WI have a good amortmeat d
purumeaT, cauntra GUY. LOZOGIA, &C,
At Lowest Market hien.
Moss & Elm Candy.
Ii Largo or Small Quratitiss.
V. bate • bogs emostmeat et 10010. sad Om plowed
to mpg, anion promptly. Oar Mak will
M Mad salted to the mato or the
ltotellor. osd el Obit Clam
Moss & Elm Candy!
Is tie Nadal,
sem *an would§ sad Mari Ls SS ersatey.
The seamed eat rep mate a . new sad improved four kaki Comm Box.. greatly soperkm to 0 •7 bur lab , '
I t
hold Cutter ill am hi I ell% durability. eon/below, eelf-liediag adjua'Ale throat and Wive, eume awl,
sienplklte rattle( all kin of Geed equally well. different lanutk of _IPA oPergod b 7 Mid 01 ha** 1 0 wW. all
" 1011 Z ri to i l lin the iln Feed Cattier the deolded preference over new Mbar bur klahl Otiter. It wow 'dm
Pant era at the Ne York State feir, in 1862. We offer %sea to the publis with fall eealideelee Unettiey
wig eve satire estisfeetio
rheas kr Bead Cutters r No. 1, 64; No. 2. $3O; N 0.3, 836. • liberal diro, list to the trade.
. L
We tab pl. agars in calling the attinUon of dealers and
all who sell or WO Cutting Boxes, to the Improved Boehm
tar Teed Cagey, a machine combining Strength, aleaniteltr
and Utility In ro gnat a degree that it must commend iteeti
to every man at drat sight It dos" ite work with the great
est ease and rapidity, cutting Corn Stilks, el the wet or d:y,
with equal ease as hay or straw. There is no chance for
chugging It Is mit feeding, calling from gre—Ogh the to one
inch inlength.
An estentlve denier in airricaltural Imphelmets at ■ of
our Feed Cutter: "We consider it the most perfect Cutter
made, and ever them to our Wants with the fullest confi
dence." It hue always taketelie Arst malum at gluts and
Comity Fars,and deservedly stands at Um head aid!, reed
Outten of West.
Priest No 1, Improved, Single Knife, I With throat, $l6;
N 0.2, improved. eines kid% 9 inch, $l6. • liberal
discount to the trade.
• This
pdass Apt _
let. The peernainr — iniTtlinie
heat out either be thrown out, _
Steve. (The hid's@ know boy to at"
fel. The ere is ander perfect control. sad asp
beat desirable can to obtained.
111 , - All o 'th• above articles for sale at Wholesale or Min by
W. W. PIERCE & CO., Corner of State and Strith Sta.. Ids,
where also will always be found a general assortment of every
article usually sold in a drat elan Hardware and Heusi Fartalah.
gaglish Brussels, Elegant Patterns, New styles 3 ply ravels ; Good all Wool Ingrain. at $ 1,30 - y : Flee
Drauets and Felt Cloths, Hemp Carpets of the Seantlfel Damesh Pattern, Cocoa Matting, Floor Oil
Cloths, all prices , styles and widths; Stair Oil Cloth. heavy; Oil Cloth by the ahei largo '
enough to cover • large room without piecing, Velvet Saes sad Hata. Cocos
and Manilla Door Mats. Stair Carpets sad Hodge. all styles alit
and Plain Window Shades. • Sal and Green inglish
Holland. for Shades, all widths.
Miller's new
The ae►trt thing out. Cows and ass It. laigsat Gilt and armed Window Corniest, Carta % Hooka, Picture
Nails, Tassels, Cords, kr., ka. Evarythleg In this lint can be band has. A sp:encikl Aascatinsat
Montagham Lam by the yard, Iles sot Dolga. for 85 oesta—thesper than Kash. Ifsallm Hush. Muslin Wog Laos
Zdi. Handsome Laos for Vestibule Windows, with rods and natures. The lamed aatortmell et •-•.
Wall and Window Paper In tile lown. • <<
If • -
. . .
The Urged atuntmaut of Linea Goode to this Market at prime that defy com?etition. Elepnt
Uses% IM yards wide, at VW per yard. We cam show thesegoode in all grade,, from the mamma bitlbe
Doubt* Dona*. Napkins, all styles mid plum We have • Job lot of these goods at $3 per deessoill hie"
which we Loaaiiier the as 'to care lathe market.
Rubber Bingo
Th io ub ea k and Duna Linen, PpUndid linektbaek TO 1/1111 $2,60 per dos., all Linea. Elegant If acksbuk Soy
sling, bleached, by the yard, h's wide, at the very tow sides of 66 cents. Irish Linens, ilbsetlng Liana.
Shirting Urgent, rillow Liam, Etc.. Etc. °eats'. Ladles' and Children's Linen liandkar
chiefs., A cood, all linen, Ladles' dnereklef at 1.2 a fir dos.
Cleata, Ladles, Illases, Boys an
dss Cettni and WOoi Here. all prices. The best stock la town. • soot)
Cott Hose at 2i cts. per pair. Winter Glover for Everybody.
Blewlced Shatetinge, Starlings. Pillow he. Also, a good stock of Domestio Goods at tow prices. We
lorep stakes.o Dram Goods, thereby 'mobiles of to keep a larger stock of Purnisklag Goods. Call before al the bargains
No. S Rood House Block. Rd% Pia
leir She above is ander the supervision of Ilic.S. &GRISWOLD, who Is well known in this vicinity.
nilf• 66.
Celebrated Female Pill.
I.IY R0YAL 4 .; 11 . 7 ,„ PATENT !
hie involuable medicine IN natening is the eat" of all
pose *dal and daagero ar diseases to which the female
000rtnatioa ie eobjeet. It moderates an exam sad »-
mores all obetraeiloae, and a spsedy eon may be riffled
tis pawaliarly suited. It will, In a ahoritime, bring oa
be monthly period with regularity.
Leh bettis, prim One Dollar, be the .ooverameat
Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent deauterileits.
21e PiibraissAi est be mine ity ' lnman' during tie
FIALIT MLLE MONTHS of Pries:icy, es tirep ere
sure to firing is ifiscorriags, bat at :my Naar time May
half Wes of Nervous and Spinal Lebetbros, Pains In
the Sick end Limbs, Fatties • a tiled turUon,Palpitiv
Non of the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, those Mr will
Moot seam when all other roam hive tidied: sad al
though a povidal remedy, do not rentaintrobn, calomel.
antimony or anything hurtnal•to the constitatiou.
Toll directions is the pamphlet amend each pee imp,
which should be earefully preserved.
!MrAgent for the United Iltetor sad Caned.;
JOB KOS= 2t Cortlandt Bt., Nu To&
N A rti lk4 l , oll and S Image rt O23 MS attained to soy oa
thaspat. will bows a bottto, *Main II MIL
1111M011," IMMIX IMP.
I'. Cl. ALLY/141'mA G. 111. 0014 IMO
CITY 11111011A1111 COMPANY
TUSURANCE in the abooe old and reli
alto Ou it aits eta Io WARM
L _ L toto_ • kto
Tom It. W. 1111111fi. Arsat
Brooral vary woe bulgur MO ea Ws Stook boa
Woos Smith awl IVA am% but rid% us of
rind fin Woos very raminibb toms, 11,appiliod for
- los& Logoko of
mita • Tril. .11 . .GALSILIngs knit.
lneented by the celebrated P. P. STEWART; met la brick ar of portable form
This new Furnace la offered to tha public in the confident belief that It see
ms*. all others in am. The County Commladoners, after ersialnlary •aaa•
ber of blab, unanimously adopted this for the Court House, se the best they
had seen. Its merits may be bristly stated as follow, r
It does not clog by dust sad ashes, so u to impede thi draft.
It can be put In infect working order in Are minutes time, so matter berw
long it hes b.orn In use.
It hes the best radlathrg surface of any Flume* constructed, avid minima tilse
least fuel.
It is easily controlled, and can be managed by those most unskilled In 4
matters, eller eery little esperiesee.
T O W E L I N 08.
parelfros a Preerriptiss de Sir J. Ciarks, M. A,
Physicists Estramliairp ti the Qescs.
w. w. mut - " azo. s.
Cbrner of State and Ni nt h -A5t,:08.%;
Dohs to Cal opoolol attention to the WIWI*
ortiotis In dub' stook
A s'ogto saroloatioa will satisfy any parson of its great superiority.
Mil at W. W. PIMA k Co.'s story sod essailse it, or mad Ja s pOseptiet.
P 1110211: No 1, s—; No. lt , $7l, No. s.—..
7011 MATHIS AITSICACITS oft 111197111M101111 COAL
The Fiat Han, Parlor or Sill
Jost, opined.
Bog Ism trilnikaas the citizens et iris mad 'Walt,
that they have removed their steak et
To the RIESZ BLOCK, bs tits building fanssely saw
phi try Mews. HAYES k Will, when they
Dress Goods, Fancy Silks,
Batman thanks to oar outman ler their pot
_ •
liberal patros46olo Nopsettall7 ask a essigzusse et
lb. manip.
Key Ono liational Bask of *Oki
CAPITAL, $150,000., 40%.,
minx MARVIN.. JOHN V. nallio4. J.
luau HARM, MT=
ORANGE, NOBlJ=d4int.
TIN abate beak will be ceased hefts lommtkes
buboes es •
finishl s t , ' Mag. is Bubo' M*
West aids et, bitliplNl See..* and !belle.
datlataatery pseir dlaeoilWed.
Nesse smelted as Dapoatt
Oellsattess nada sad premeds iessisisd: at albs
Das% Spode :ad Bask Notes Weed sad odd
A abets of Palle Patrassre laisseettelly eadlelbible
MM . D. 081101110111,
Livar &ma limn; al Waft
IVA lshous ads sad ?malts WhisnommasiOur.
daps *Mei neemble mylll4-17.
WhoNisi, sad let sit draws is
'sit, PA..
intend keeping • lam ••••rtemi of
rafs, Jan. Si WU.
.4 7-