The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, October 26, 1865, Image 2

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Ant 1 .4 '1 at
pot* of Gen. GeOr !Jr 'tisk' Of
Pittsburgh, , intend 'to prestml: h sname
..beibrellse next Democratic State deneen-
Cott Ise candidate for Governor; .Witheht
committing . ourielvea 'to hie snppci ;. we
eau liefailmer witness to the isteteateet
of the Clemgand , Pleindeskr that (fee: Chas
Ss one efitie mostutientplished finsticieri
in the eeunuy, an , able, honest, Omuta•
one gentleman, who has the confidence of
the'comniereiat inannfriiig end *m
ing cointmtnitiei, of Our'slater Stiktis,
Western Penisylvanii is entitled to-the
notninstiovi; end whoever. , the delegates
from thikpart of . the State, met Unite no•
.on - as their choice, we &Wire will be
ceded without; difficult,. . •
AN6I/ . 41 1 111_ AND. 41411161,10.11.
The oinnial 'London girsetu publishes an
importanC s ociisiipiindefice tietireen
Adams concerning the
depredations committed by the- Shenan
doah: Er: Adams givistmcsmore antics
that the United States, will hold Great
Britain' responsible far sir the deniers ,
caused br,these Anglo-Rebel erniseas.—
Earl Rcissell, as in !orates replies, insists
that ' Ragland. has not violated.' any
national lairs, and, . therefor* it not re
spondble.for 'the rebeturuisers. In a sec
ond Ruisell :mentions it state
ment made in a letter from Mr, Adams in
1883, se bathe -Government of the
United &sites beinglready to refer these
'disputes to`srbitration, and he declines to
*inept -.this :offer. The only concession
Earl Russell is willing to make is the sp
potato:tent .of s' Commission; to which
shall lifiyaiiored all claims arising during
the late civil war; whtch the two powers
shall agree to refer to the CoMmiesioners.
The Anal ieply of. Mr. Adam; dated Sept.
18, le - very serious in its tone. and expres
ses the opinion that the proposal. of 'Earl
Russell will 'not be accepted by the United
States.' 'Mr. Adams, in thislast reply,
again mai the attention. of the English
Government to the fact that if its doii.
trines and practices are allowed to become
the rule; the United States will not bethe
greatest losers. The London papers which
editorially refer to the correspondence,
'Teak 'of .the importance of the intern*
tional questions to be settled .in this dis
pute, but do not appear to expect any
*int complications between tit% two con*
trletto arise therefrom. , •
Tat late election in this State presented
some curious and•interesting facts.- Both
thiicandidatea for Igurveyoi General lived
in tee:saute town, both were members of
the borough oonnoil,„ and. both had be
longed to the same regiment in• the ser
vice. -'Cel. Democratic candi
date, is in moderate_ oircumatances ; Col.
Campbell, the Republican, is very wealthy.
Yet the former• ran largely ahead of his
ticket in Johnstown, the place where they
reside, while the latter ran as largely be.
hind his. The county of Cambria, of
which Johnstown is the capitalAtor6ol4l
its Democratic majority this year over
that of 1864. The successful candidates,
both live in conntiee'whic;l2 give majorities
against them, while the counties in which
our candidates reside each cast a majority
of their votes for Davis and Linton. The
township where Gen. Hartranft, the Re
erlidateltfor Auditor General,.
wu born, cut only 61 votes for him to 276
for Colonel Davis, while the adjoining
township voted still less favorably for him,
giving but 15 in his support to 259 against .
him. -These facts all look very well for
the borne standing of bur nominees, and
show that the Democratic party, if not
successful, had the honor of sustaining:
men who were worthy of the positions to
which they were nominated.
The New York Evenqi . Post ropeato. as a
historical fact, the statement that in the
German : States no person has been r ltilW
by a railroad since the origin of that mode,
of traveling. thirty oriOrty years ago. Yet
in the United States the deaths are count.
ed by thousands . careful account,.
compiled and inintudAy underwriters of .
insurance companies,, computes them for
the last eight months, giving the pa3tiou
lamof each thus: '
Total iceidenfs . for eight Months— . 128
Total number, kiilAed 266
Total number' wounded 1,109
Now why should there be such an awful
waste of life in the United States,-when
none such existain , the 'German States?
Precisely, betiause we are humbugged by
railroad compeniee and their agents into
considering them to be "unavoidable,"
while the -Germ:arr. know them to be
avoidable. The terrible alinghter rePoitiid
daily in the papers will' never cease utitil
we have laws male& such offences punt
ishable is other murders are, and officers
with courage and integrity enough to en:
force them.. r - ,
Political -Paragraph'.
At three of the polls opened in Wash
iiiiton for the MC' election the Berth*
can ticket had 119 votes and the Demo-
cratic 121. .. ' •
Wendell 'Phillips' new lecture for the
season is "The South. Victorious." .The .
perpetual , grumbler l whit will he do if
they let hips into &wren I
Henschel" V. Johnson, in Augusta, gave
good advice to hie Men* !re told them
to support the President and elect , men u
members ot. Congress whose antecedents
can fang* the radicals with no preteit
to oppose them taking their masts.
The - Washington'eerrimpotrifent of the
New, Rork 4rprsu isiylOf the 7,000 rotes
out in the recent B a ltimore election, it
is stated, that 4,000 were Germans. Three
fourths of the American citizens are ex
cluded-NM noting by the - sbeititiiii test
law. •
it taalool be inoconfolly disguised that
it L the dalibatata purpose of the radical
leaders to open &broadside of opposition
preielent Johnson. thii 'doter. all the
more to be deplored because• at this pe.
riod of all - others. harmony should pm-
Tan ter the,4e saffhiclotts read& 4f the
critical experiment now pending: If it
was 'diekoyal to criticise the : Preeiskitt-
Odle war ism raging, it is the lass so
io db it now; liDd especially to or
omission open opposition to that polity
Wlllo l o,o l ..Pulittentii Pl** *tiffs
' gitiercolicallmmion that we ham
' r J A..`
Ae tr igaftyt e ' Avv, •
as "i - t gu
Cooke.lraq, at
. his beautiful residence on
Put.m.Bay Lake Beier
luxuriating in the magnificent vineyards
in that locality, and whiling,Fathe
time, a la old Ism lialfresp: in
black bass." tJ 0 I
We wonder whether - tale extlebses of 1 ,
Chief justice al l by. Govefl-
Meat, as they were Wiwi Itetuxuiriated ofn
the steamer maunnibilorei 2 Perry." Tea
or three days of pleasuring on Lake - !fie
cost the,ta t a payers tiro ttimuinit dollars.
Wilton!: gisubliciat oity ootemporaries
Another "loyarltidividnal has conks to
vie/.Major John A. limldo . (At, of the
Elmira hrtlitaty Depa.hasheen sentenced
tole cashiered and disabled-front bolding
any office In the service of be United
States, and to. pey a fine' of $lO,OOO for
frauds, receiving bribes, complicity with
benntijnaipers, &a. The work of 'oleo
ing out the Aegean Stable, of - Black le:
pitb!icanisro is piogressing as pollee Could
be reasons* expected.
The other day President 'Johnson , gave
a bit of advice to a negro reement wbicti
wag far -lens applicable to them than to the
radicals. He said : • ,
It should be the duty of every patriot
and every one who cslla himself a
tisn, to remember that with the termina
tion of the war his resentments should
cease, that Autry feelings 'should subside,
and that every man should become calm
and tranquil, and be prepared for what is
before him."
The New York Express -thus photo.
graphs the radicals; 'lf radicalism could
only learn to cook its own 'eggs, bOil its
own cloths, and 'let other people's pots
end eggs and clothes alone, we could . live
in a peicefal, happy and contented'conn:
try ; but the real live radical will boil in
everybody's pot, cook everybody's eggs,
and mend everybody's clothes—taking ail
the eggi, pots and clothes, however, for
doing theism:le.!'
The unity of the Republican party is
charmingly demodstrated by the fact that
Thurlow Weed, their mist prominent
leader in New York, is described by the
Trawle sa s•" Judas Iscariot," while Gen.
Amin, their most prominent Candidate in
Msesaehusetts, is politely indorsed. by
Wendell Phillips SA "vagrant moanW
bank." Decent people will do well to
wash their hands of a party which paints
itself In i s itch colors.
The ()now& Abolition peps" aotottnts
for the defeat of the Republican ticket in
this manner "A negro offered his vote in
Harris township. This coasted so much
excitement that the township was revoln.•
tionized, giving forty Democratic major : :
Hy, when itabould have given seventy-five
Republican. The 'big nigger' scared the'
Harrisonians." What a pity the ' , big ,
nigger" didn't attempt to vote in a thou. ;
sand other townships. „
At the Gubernatorial election :in Ohio'
in 1863, the Abolition' 'majority was a few'
hundred over one hundred thousand I In!
just f.wo years it tiro bean reduced abot*
seventy thousand. If- the -vote:of the!
Abolitionists diminishes each yeirin the
future, as it has during the. mist: two
years,•theirreiga. in Obio is of short dura
tion. .• '
The radicals hat;e become so miven
omed against President Johan:se Abet,
they have begun to attack him with poi-
Boned weapons. The New Nation says : ,
"The' blow which struck Lincoln ban
reached the heart of the Narib end Wiyenl
back lite to the - South'. Scihnson has done,
"more for it 'than ten victories ssitte4i.:o;
The netes'and' Mama are fighting say-,
age!) , with one another to„deoiiii - the.
"real issue s '• before . the „12epublicaria qfi
„New York.. The radicals of Wiseonsiol
.have already settled this question. '•Who4
ever votes for the Democratie ticket;'
sayi a leading paper, "Trite. for 110;4.4
elusion of the blank raw from- thatallot-,
The 'tiiilliburs Chronicle, Republican,
in a recent inns*, says: -
''•The deeided gains of the 'Democratic
party in inch places u Cleveland aid Cin-.
•einnati, aid in many c ounties in
our /Mite, to say nothing of thnron.
neationt matter ,show that the oft=repeated
assertion Mit the party is dead is simply
The Bon.: 'John Cochrane, Attorneri
General of York, for whose 'election:
the whole RepubliOan party 'TOW, hss
declared hie intention to, take the field
for the Democratic ticket, and the glori,
one platform of patriotism and nat►onallLY
oa which it stands. . 1,
A Winn Pancras 111 . 0 tin.-A
graphic dispatch from Aihland i , 7ohioi
says thsti political preacher , thSra:'
been! held to bail in eight htandred,dolj
lave for false 'voting; and. for perjtu7 in
potting it through. '
mom the 'bind Tab as 'fidepesaent ' linnet
It needs no demonstration to show that
the United Stites of 1865 diXsir , very, mate.
daily from the 'United State - P.4s they Were
before the war. Previous to'1861„ the ani
mating principle in our institutions was
that government derives its just powers
from the consent of the governed. Se•
cession had been dismissed speculatively,
but had not been attempted eetlodly. and
hence it was not oertaln whit amount. of
resistance it would arouse.' le oeWatill,
the • rule of consent held, good in town•
ship, uutnicipal, State and Federal gov.
enunentso Tn. war, . however, changed
all this. , Force took the 'piece of co nsen t,.
Virginia of" longer belonsolo the United
States because she is willing, but. because
she must, audio of all the seceded Stator.
The result it that the American Republic,
no lodger a confedergtiow of willing
States, has ' become a nation exhting-b4
iti k owet might, and deastandieg 'the obed
epee of Om States that compose. it. •
yet Our people do not fully: realise the fact
o f thfiglediangs, still lesswhat it portendit.'
Let snob' review the salientleaturse of
pallet o! ' the. administration sines .186
ne time was when Coupes* wvoqd; t '
been stirred to ha Very depths by it ' '
against interference with ltirseHon• z
President ; yet, during the past foil=
aid frhalf, thsr White House ' hasi
supreme, - aid the few . voted' 'spiel's
what .was termed fteeftve'usUrpstkin ,
have been feeble and unheeded.' ireftio
n ot oiestioe this to impugn Abeineilfires
of the Executive or the lelidont of Coli
ma. but limply state it as a. fact, end i 6
most important dot ii oaf. hiitory. 'Mtn
have - been' arrested 'without - kit**
the charges against them, i= tita
without examinathe;:,' arid' "
without explariatiOn or" triskind no iti
exitdd' be - found to MO to 'their' ecuis.
plaidts:Vatiro!Omaikve POiiiIPPSIi4
and Only, their, coodOtor iiii4 . peritmai
gdistgents . found fault. ‘ tosised,:paiiref
the ithist notable woreut - or the, "*.
OW shic. l 4.lll l .***974 o **l l i6o. -
• .0- . •
Our Altered Clover*inent,.
by `the general government. During thei
last two years of Mr. Lincoln's life the op
position made all the capital it could of
these unusual ings ; yet it is to mumsd
-, a
matter of that, however waif fou*
&Ow. e eelevi i r s ittle , pure,-
plAeneiee it P4ll
ju t ireni t i s of intuit
in (And eini lir hsilivilajoull
dig _ VilloOtkipt i vy tilsloSsi
the mass o the people so ninth as some
= striking exhibition of power by - the Fede•
re* goittritnect. ItOr ; hisre' Viee • On
needless Gassed with thews*. -111Dlibui
commutsiona l sulFiscreii 41 but,ifris. Min
.at _ the national _ snitel. wig • tnetker
eliding nitres of' this Tinfoil. The Beare
tary et , War liguilehiNit- photographs and
destroyed them; on a,,quution of taste as
to exhibiting pletwies of •Me. Li nco l n ' s
body us 41 , lay inistoe.: He hes taken pos
sessionUf.—a theater because the manager
had this bad taste to resumeperfornianees
in the house in which. Hr.- Lenssoln was
assassinated. And quite :scantly a man
was breasted and - bp:ought- In ,trons to
Washington, against whom the only crime
alleged was swindling a party campaign
committees of seven hundred dollars. dur
ing the late Presidential canvass: These
and similar sets, despite a few feeble pro
tests from thei adenhuitration- and opposi-
tion press, seemed to be either universally
ignored or universally acquiescedfa • by
the people. As to the bight or wrong of
each -acts, we le not now prnnounos an
opinion ; it is enough for our present par
pose to state them and the evident. appro
val of them by the mamiotthe American
people. , .
The loss by the burning of the freight
pot of the liGohigan Central railroad,
Ditroik .6cl Wea!leadV,lWAl $250,000.
Gen. Slocum has written a letter deny.
ing _the charges,. of Iris connection • with
°often sPeonlationaln
Jlizehousandecres of land in Arkansas
behiggios to Gag. Pillow, have . been .re
stored to him by the Government.
; The seittenee of the court-martial which
tried Gea. Paine, at Paducah. Kentucky,
soma months ago. has been = approved.. by
the Seeretary of War. It is that Briga
dier General A. Paine -be reprimanded
in general orders by the President.
• Ttie !triplication of Henry A. Wise,' of
'Virginia, for a' restoration of his property
held by the - Government. which -was re
ferred to Gen. Grant, has been refused by
the tatter. Wise declined to take the
oath of allegianoe.•
Henry J Raymond, of New York, is
in Washington. -He has made several un
successful attempts to obtain an interview
with the President. "Straws show which
*ay the wind 'blows."
President Johnson reointly telegraphed
to Governor Holden, expressing the hope
that North Carolina would repudiate her
rebel debt.,
President Johnsen bas,-by proclamation
revoked the act of July, 1864, in relation
to Kentucky, so far as to declare that
State no longer under martial law.
A ttuin who gave his name as Robbins
Sumner, a brother of Gen. Sumner, sp
at the White House last week, and
entrance to the President. On
being denied he drew a pistol and would
have fired had not his arms been seised
from liehind.• •He stated that he had just
come from Alexandria.
The North Carolina Convention has idop
ted a resolution submitting to the people
the ordinances abolishing slavery and an
nulling the act of secession. The Con
riention has decided to meet again in May,
UM. The Convention adjourned on
Thuniday, after passing a resolution repu
diating the rebel State debt. '
The pangerfusld Property of Alexandria,
valued at'about $50,000, which w a s
by the Government, het been restored 16
Mr.. Dangerfisid, - by , direction of the
.Monntliroecl, Oregon, has been in a
state of, eruption since Sept. 9.8.1 It is
thought this may hare aims animation
with the ?anent earthquake shooks in Cal
"hie ineetne of 04 - 6weimnient!
Internal Revenue . t hanigh the put week,,
amain Ca 6115,927%8M Malting *total' or
'11106,909;149 dace the coMmencament'of
theyreaerAcurrent fiscrii - par,kily 1. '
Gesiseavani i g4gicililbiniiolf Useful.)
Ilia.tmder gtmete!ingpia ooldred troops,
.reduce }_the, effective force now in the field
to 70000 teen, and. this.
batoilaled by another of. mock
On Friday. Messrs. Clay and Mitchel:
mere tralurferesd from their casemate cells
in., Fortress .
Moro to the more com
fortable quarters at Carroll Milk, It was"
(sainted on Retarder in the Fenian
Congress, AM Mitchel had been unooo
- released, but this is since
Marshal Goodies has Just returned ,to
Washington from North Carolina. Nersays
that two thieds of the published stories
of 1 cruelty to'Colored
. people are Wei.
4 ww,
and that 'in sery particular the people
of,ithat • State are mmodeting them.
selves *their' e yid - relations.
'Tbs . grand Fie r! it's parade m in Philadel.
phia,.lset week, web ani mposing deob.;
striitti l m.'' Thilre w ere in the procession
10211 MS earrlage.s7 steamers, 11 band
engines, -12 liosii6f ladder carriages and
21 ambolaneek including 3CI Cotopaolis
to id:irikid. It is estimated. that the 'Loa
was isii - Miles in length. The day wits
fine and, the °Wenn' tarried 'out en malls
to do Meer to the firemen,; -
. - 'President Johnson has blued . * precis.:
'nation releasing On parole John A. Camp.
bell, of Alabama. Totin .E.lteageo, of Ter..
as, AleVinsfer 11; Stephens, oraecrgia,
(*Nita 4. Trephigm, of.Etouth Carotins, '
cia Chines Clerk of lifisefulppl. Theee
Ontiedied tad to remain within the lira-
As of.their,respective Slates uotil•llie Its.
(native shalt semi fit to pardon 'them. -
A negro in Alexaidria, Va., halving re.
osoll, been depriiiid of a gun by a, mg.
ideals; id accordance wAth' the laws of
Virginia. Provost bdge, Itambriiik . 1111.
Witten to the Ifeybr of Alexandris' . that
hereafter on such oroosediop - will be al.
lowed, and that, by order of thelfelor
General oaramandmg the Department, tile
gun moat-be returned to thernegrO'..,
On ; ;be tiparoiolg .of Ib . : 118th lost.,
theri, -,war a eerioue oCiifiagratiou in
cbgebsiogi,.l3. C., destroyuig - 2418 Pow*
ofSee and a number of buildings scijoli.
hog ,cm lEtaymi•st. Elmira
anir werraiuson
falling walla, - and-.(gaiit..mau, the Qiiii of the Military Peilitier wis badly
and it, 9s leered fatally huureil.
~ ,
Meilooms by ihe burniog:of the freigia
buildings . belonging' to the Michigan'
Central Railroad, it bi now nnlertiode , will
not fall ba.lobort. of $1,500,000. "The Value
of thellessr Alone destroyed was upwar4.
of saockow.
Ili is reported from Washinetori Set
Joseph • Mirth, ' a *Other of Jefferson
Delis, has rands a Niemand" for the
teitotadon of sot only his Genii butt his
.hrothetos property in ltississippii Aim
is ptabibly idishtly *Wetted. • .
Width:VOW' dsis 0.4 ^ Fo+bnike. )34•
ken, luirtettitution to 04,40 7
itelt lif don county, Ve., of pro i
41104 , ovoinappholotorore,* lig
shigdened,_ ?Orders here beeo - I f or
the'reatoratiOn teether priverty,i n lo u :
don atuLAlezendidn_oouniles. i '
Alfred •Loo, , •Thdiert Attennoi
Ginaval' nailer Fraidant John Adana*,
diacten .Thursday in Fairfax comity, Ifir 4 .
ighni, o • : • . • • •'.;
" The people ofNortliern't;melets' lowif
'Oaklofted Goren*? -Welly to Mk* tees !
Mira lot , the prevention if,e iggreloinr
,*o43o.• - - ,
the'lteidesi'- hie peoloaid ell the
of 14.0.,Aelath Carolina, %wee.
General 'Revs.
f.._.. „~~~',
,;) • t•
h.. 14"
idcipted, it constitution, modeled upon'
%test of the United States, and elected
President and Senators for the Irish Re.
General Grog, iaselbht:erith . other
leading officers, Won.!dieresse of the
regular army . so 75,090 . sows.
There le rat excitement - ha Golds
coneerningthe Fades movement. 3i hr asserted that the Faidans are transport
intorms late . l Province.
General Grant has 'recommended the
discharge of all m*jpr and .brigadier
emir' thi the volunteer genies who base
beondiesided. . w -- ,
The neport. of a seismal etnnesty to all
political offenders,4gpaars - to bs prams
tare—tor the present at, least.
A. a. Stephens arrived in- RiohtnoCid,
on his way house, on Sunday.
Pierre-Sonle had s 'permits -interview
with the
_President yesterday.
_ ,
Item of Loral Interest.
The city Councils bars' ordered tali repair
of the old Pennsylvania engine, ..ter the use of
Co. 8, provided the expenders do :not ex
ceed $125. She is now at the Bay State Iran
Works,* undergoing improvement under the
'direction of Chief Engineer Stafford. The
Pennsylvania is undoubtedly ,the beett, engine
is the city, throwing even farther Clan the
Osamu, and the only'objectioa has bees her
rummies heaviness, requiring • regiment al.
"tied to work and draw her. Company 8, we
understadd, pupses to min her_with 150 men.
Democratic ticket in Bit county is
sleeted, with the eruption of the candidate
for ecnirety Treasurer, J. C. Chapin, Esq., for
merly of Wattsburg, who was defeated on se
. seute local defution„ by Mr. Coyne,
an independent DeMoeratio candidate. Dr.
Early, who ran *Lan independent candidate
for Assembly, is the Elk, elesiteld•and For
est district, is elected over Dr. Boyer, .he
regu)ar. Dentoorstie nominee. The former
gentleman, we believe, claims to be quite u
good a Democrat as his opponent, and our
party , will Is.. no rote in the -Legislature in
outiequenee of his election. The_vots for Dr.
Marty In Elk county cru nearly unanimous
—They have healthy Damoorstio keen-
Sloe La Rik county. Beasinger township gave
the - hut elution ,167 votes for Col. Davis to
12 for Gen. Hartranft, St. Marrs dose still
better, giving 115 Democratic vetee to 1 (1)
Reptiblioss. We imagine those must be de
lightful' communities to live in. Mr.
Aaron Lyons died at New Albany, Indiana.
on the 17th inst., aged 60 years. He resided
in Louisville, Ky., whin the rebellion broke
Out, and was it min of such intense loyalty
that hs often expressed a desire that tut should
to heeled in Northern soil. In his will he
left his body at the disposal of L. W. Olds, of
Ibis city, to be interred in our Cemetery. The
funeral services Wail held on Sunday. ' at 8
o'clock. The people of Girard, through
their committee, have invited the .aeunells,
are departmint, members of the press, and a
number of the prominent persons of oar oily,
to particdpetO in the dedication ceremonies of
the Soldiers' Monument at that plate,' on the
lit• 'of liersiaber.—Pithole • rejoices in'
firti . piettei of public anicieenieit--one Acadia.
my,ef Music, one Opera Houk two Thestret
ands Minstrel Hall,—besides billiard saloons,
Maids alleys, gambling dooms' and ether
places of entertainment, good, bad and indif
ferent, without number. The railroad.
*pot at Swan Station was burned "to the
!mad on Friday aftesnoon last, and a eon
sidirable quantity of wood 'scrod veer was
lanientaird.—The "friends of human Pro
ipeas,"- (whoever aad. whatever. they tnaypeji
commences Meeting at Con, on elm 2ith
hilt.; to fast three days. Whether the organ
isation is a religious or political one, or a
combination of both, is more the% we *missy.
Wednesday of lUt.weelt. says the
Amu* Mr-0. 3.
.Chnktre s et Titusville,
was waylaid on the road between Plume? and
• Wilt , Bickery, and his money demanded, by
ruffian who threatened him with a dirk. With
- great. present:col mind, Mr. - Cheshire, while
.pretending to look for his money, drew a re •
'elver and shot him through the breast, the
.fie low falling Vs if deed. Mr. 0. then pro
ceeded to the °Moe of the Union Oil Company,
where he procured help, and returned to the
spot.. Biped vu discovered in thartikadi but
thins= had vanished.--Gen. Averill,tbe
noted saisbry commander, is at present loos.
ted on 'Oil Creek, and is the proprietor of
some half a (tom teams which are ha.alleg
oil from ?Mole to Millar's Station. Mr.
James B. MiteOooli, the famous elocutionist,
intends returning to the stage as soon as his
liiitth permits. •• The lovers of the drama
. eren.where !will give him Slearty 'Out*.
--774. The Blakeslee Mien. qisoting • a °Us
plimentarj notice of Superintendent Great
Item the..sbloweede, add;: • "The Lake Short
Roskfratalinfelo to Brie and Menne% is
'itedeiritts insentient; and is sot only one of
the best, bat the best conOnetsti plotter rail
way, is the country, No Toad rides smoother
or is more exempt from accidente."--.--The
Ripdbfan mejoeity `Div the Suitt ticket is
Warren county Is 788. Allot, for Assembly,
has 418. majority over Stone, independent, Re
lioßean county gives the &Tali
can State ticket 185 majority.-4,......00i of
ditillistites, at the German Catholic church,
' died on Sunday, morning. She was a stranger
and had been sent here as a teseher.—Mr.
Cook t the enterprisini principal of. the Coll
meielel Sohn!, in orgsniiiig a oollege Bud,
from the young men connected with that in.
Kits - Sen. The members are practising fri
,quentry Sad expet scion to be ' protlpient
encroth to appear in Publio.--.-ThsTitus!ille
Nereid cemplimeats the Ossnaela by saying
that "although differing - with it in a:political
Hies, it is one of 'thi most interim - tier cod
acceptable papers on'eur, guiltier) list." ---1
Divi a monkey As o feast coat, out his tail,
trun kis whiskers. and you have a Williams
pertilitady." says the Gantt& of that pine:
Aids* by theii similmity, we sit.old say
it ejtrte sad 101111oreporf dandies must. be
Iles Ives.--6.....We perceive by the po
inter Intefitymeer, that Wm. B. Hall, former.
"rat the Continentals, who remained about
tills city for a long period. has Itielmi alp'
sea oonevetiser. He le a good' singer.
uminestionatdy, and W I for his uni.ortnnits
'ts fir strong drink, sad habit of forgetting
to stay hie bi ll s , would, be sa pendia. as be is
sioeUeal as • muleisn.-7The 9 11116 "
Citizen is doirn on the Philadelphia railroad
for Its *squat seohisats, "like a tilolll46d
41. bidet." It pays, In language zatimfoiott
hie than correct, t h at "packing one's raise
fee a Aare joufney now; la and*. 'ir sot
gawk, the eqtdealeat to the purehmting a vol lin
the eve of lesth."—En the adjoining
kientably' dietriet of Warren and Pinang°,
the Republieu candidates_ are both electst.'
In Towage *owl too Tots. is pretty desk
Col.. Allen ' receiving 43 'Anil, ever :Col,
Stone, and Mr. Whoa 281 over Cal. Honer-
T .-z--Two new wanly papers have jut been
'Anted in the eil region-4e fine at Soap,
Vonougo toonati, sad the 04roniele at Tidl-.
otats.=....Theßalfabe Cartier tails tba
log: 44A lurtal„liadlord, lotions Slat% bear
-lag OP wittreabontitiktf a gun who had
&swirl Withoeltalair ibo ussi For.
... , _
Hr. —, Dear air : Will yen send moon
of your bill, and oblige,' etc. To which the
delinqueot made "easter : ' The smont is
$8 , 0,021 . yours respecifully.T•T.... , ybe W es t
Greenville ibeg - :_your pierdoi, i •oritlaville,)
Amos elk+ toy- he ‘'Lreir, We* gplled to
that town PO Its rietemempli ! *ABS that It
has bet dOppatiandliseklass ii *Or Mows
dmply iisGreeriville.—Thiirilipse. on
Thursday moril - ig of fart 'week, was totally
*hemmed by the heavy elotids. fltd- fefi
weather eseutred it would have been worthy
of intlea•basides being a remarkable eariosi
ty.* WO otherlotireldrpOirtirtlisiltrillriTtble
visible ,ig the Hatted jitateet until, Asyut.
1889. In 1876 there will be.,suother, and in
the year 1 800 Vhiete will be lin in total
darkaess for - the pried of two bottre and thir•
ty-seven telantes.±Geh. CinZerott and Mor
ton MeMieliel, Mettir pleat', of ,Philadelphia,
visited oir eityleat week, king the guests of
Mr. Lowry, .Whet'uln , divvied It ilia Wawa ,
secured the support of our lumber!' in his 1
Senatorial.' sepiretiotui 7 -•,-•:-i:'., if, : knitter, I
a former editor of the Oireausa, who after
wards tuned Abolitleilst, 'acrd isehow editing
the Lawreneslonnist, to ipiginit.o by 'ii . 'oar- I
respondent of the
,littsburgh, - 6tetslis as a
itepublimuzemadidete focCongress-frons that
district. The GaaeUe, referring to the mailer;
exclaims : "Ts GOdi I 4t." - zie.ti ?";---Sir.
Jeremiah Elliott, of. Eprhzgdieik .toiieship,
Elk county, *sad,' the editor or.the. Ridgway
Dower** a sirs* potato, raised' en his ;fern),
weighing ounces. Who trill dare to say
hereafter that little 111k,'hts na it fertile soil t
—4. Dennis James, Esq., of Warren, has
writtena letter to the Moil, li*riply to &brief
paragraph in the 05servei t two week' .ago,
giving kis rearms for sup Porting Cal. Allen,
in pretenses' to OoL Bums. - Fie says they
were both Repablissee, and of the tire, ha
preferred Cot: Allen personally ti . that; as he
had to decide between them; he sipported the
sae •he thought best Itted.for•the, plow,: that
he has the 'videos* to Mei* Cal. Stone of
having been it 'nest bitter ratifier ot,Hea'Ho'-
Clelian : sad that the latter cenl4:nat-have
held a •post in the Legislature if he had been
elected, net Doyley burn sr•resident`Of the
district for the apses of a 'year lb:mediate!,
preeetling the aleatios.., He. further, says he'
eaPPillted Coll • Hoover. •the•regalar Democrat.
id candidate. 'We - give these ;oatmeals in
justice to Mr. Tames, 'ited wltbeit key desire,
to perileipato in, the dispute whiehlieseprung
up between hie: and some of the members of
our party in Warren. - , ---The BorVeria .is the
atres of a new paper-started in Union, by
efr. Wes.C..74zokson. ~ It is Independent in
polities..ind lethistgied aie ea advocate of the.
Weal int erests of therprosperooz commaeity
in which Gls printed. Oa - the entire of, type-
graphical neatness It has few iszperices,, and
its editorial columns beer merbur of industry
and vigor. We wish lie - pabllither abandiat .
•••••••,..---.xr..P. Turley, late of the U. 0.
8. brlabigen, and a firmer city policeman,
has bee* eppointal ees of ,the two special
pollee einem to be , employed at the Union
depot. He is a good •man. for the place',-wedwe oongratulate the eompau ,oil their : ease
lion.—Chief Justice. Chaet`e' i `j t het,ting
tour with'. hit friends. :on the Commodore- ,
Perry, Ina the !Miss. •the Philapielge says,.
sew Ike eenet.ry $2,000,' a bill to that Usenet •
having been -
,Previated , tcr the - Collikkiiit at,
8a1f.4i,, pent by him to like .tigt,4 l 4oPiiiciii- ,
and returne'd;with, tit 4iiiifrfe psi it.-
Ties'. the relied 'regent: Or Ake, people's
porrkeL—Gatteettelk;•an - asiabeigirnays;has
ooiriposer a piece er Math feljthirtY pilules
add arabeatra- - 77 - T l4 Or 'o o4r#Y:ar„‘hal . T'at L l'
mai school at Editbero hat, greet that
inereesed sooommailatiaavare ) 'illielied. ; •A .
mooting * af thar.willriers' lied Weeds,. of - the .
school laitibil K 014 1 014111 - , inivipit:ll to 44, f;
lain means for eietiting 4 -, Witt : r oost baildiege.-
" 7 T7( 16 -,
.C4 l l l 4eihailja/Olatireiftl 11. new.
.drop °WWI fetittek..ll4:4l4,l- !Alen, !a
Corry, which . will ...ea .varyr.lsurgely . tahis
reportitioit for nigstlii ittilE''' T6iellOr26leet
In size and repreeente':i
• "lively Malket scene
In'thicitY Of Conet*tianWe.:i .4 jeenic
artist - Idr. C. bas siet-ohY saiedaraef sad. be
hal 'givebi'onr
,CorrThelglibtiran pfefere•they
can hoist r if.--c--The theitrioir cosittniy 7 per
forming heir fer, two leeks pauti - ,Otpited he
1 .'
'lt a ' 47 .1 "i
• ' iii .eagageatent 04 i a nes i.•,Ter lit.. , e re
peat our opinion that it wee ono.A7,4al,best
which her ovar visited oar sit and •iffiterring
of mere petronsg*: than •it . freesiiret. , :l l- The
mategerir deter," *pedal credit fo-; , Prit!ent=,
lag ,guy f or 'th'e•v,utgail Parroriasnpes which.
, have diserefited most of the other.oor•maiez:
'.(bet' Itiewvisited Erie. - rn Janaarror Potrre -,
dry Mr. Meier; the famons'Cleveleataiint
'eer; will violins, with'l,:o6rpe le Sid Maio
eicte're. ,Wp,•!fia . r:a that „Ferrer HO hie 'peen
I engaged, for :every : Articling; op*, that ;timer.
'4....tMesari: Crawford, Christina ll Roth have
' enlarged" their grocery! ?else, by taking - oat
- theptrtitien between that' iriginal'ionm 'pod
the, one adjoialoc.awiNtlTairl a the . t#ll44,
anor They have notion' - af4l:taa 4 °Ma i -
-- liatitande is the eity,.*el latmaLentbegking
Pere largely in the wholiiieleiradil Omni they,
'have been' berelotbre. 'tie trill, one of the
most entarprizing in the aii4:-- r --lb tie glare'
, of the nottetuter Bonnie Boon, 144 here tor '
allowed trielaUen of the reveeue leute, - 44) tr.'
B. Court' at Pittsburgh havdiechsrged; tie
CePtida; ' for went of saMitimit aVideriee to
sustain the °huge against Itlin.-The thee-,
tre at Oil City 'is built against - the side hill:.
The froatAr fear stories- itigli„witilet at the:
feet the roof tenches the , ground. queer
pliz'oes those oil kilns.— Gipi. tirseidei has,
;a stened the auperintendeney; of . e railroad to
be built in sixty days,coanetitingPithole with
1 Itiao,.on the Allegheny.
The Soldiers• Iliontmeat.
- titeaatl, Pa., Dot. 2f4:1886.
' Editor Odserver i—lioout paper of last
week there appeared *4 A Card" from a for
mai ealsen of ear -village, liedleatAng . the
cores of the opponents Webs erection of the
monument in mown et the fallen patriot.
from this anti., We 'have an desire to ell.
ter lOW any eostroversroa the matter, nor do
we suppose lbwould interest a the
readers of the Oicerrer;.yet that nese tee/ be
misled by toyed'' , or ooednot of 'fold oiti-
Slak.", • few facts' misht Rot belies. ;
liberal, patriotic man .effers, to erect a
chosen place a monument. to. tie .petriotlein dof
the aitiaea
. eoldiery - of, our .scanty Wi o liid
dove their lives Chit we might live. • There
le only &lir offer; end they who, oppoie Woe
.cartalaly:ailt u.les w/4 0 .1 11 001. lee dOttataents
erected to heroes *her have - paind' sway,.
blowing-UM tbiulluio for the sift to'lleen
py 'selected spot,,, and
,none ether. Maay
may bare their °rt. oPlttictis es tolfia piost
imitable spat,,yet • a `very `tie indeed hive so
emiplefely fOrgotteet their4rstitade and - pa - -
tried* is to *Wet WON oreetion , of the
!Meg memorial hoar patella bitted' and
COMIC side. The • Dispatch: lee 'needy. the
entreetiiew of Ow taatterotad hes aptly aim ,
pressed it. The faarnegi at the gentletean
"heti the' surd ederred to -would extmerete to.
'lt Destotwate WI al 1 Jovial :sad thair pipits
are traltorans alteetai"-.4tediib thek,4 l ley
" ebkises who Opposes the, lendable seder.
isktag.• Naar, ."444811 , 8
withMandieg the lintaa.,44PoaitiAlt._ Act*, or
three. , the "Ira,
will rale,:and the work toe. ailblibtk. - 3) 1 7 1 1P - '
**lmmo* ludo ,for MO tints, itia;
dik a .! and editors' of
,!!treiterous sheets" ! arm'
invited iiith the reit of.
Truly ' 0141610'
anoti—le Wry, on the 24th jail., Milk
AU. A!. 1 4 e ! ) , 4 A1": 40 : 11" : j .• 1 "
- • - . r • -..-
FICRADACKER—DOLL—On the 17th inst.,
by Rev. A. Stithlmp at the reeidenet. of the
bride's father, Mr. Martin Solvihnoiter sod
bliss Elizsbeth Doll, both of this city:
MILAY-11 this cilF, on the
25 Ins i t i al ik byites. J.-V. Spaulding. Mr. IL
ciaoan [es Alike T. Barclay.
.1411--itINOST—Oit the 17th inst., by
Rat. Mr.lagg, Mr. J, Weigle, Of Fair•
snintfilt C. Mosey, of Manchester,
Brirnounkr, Pa. .
sbip 4 Eris Co., Ps, es the lbta bast.,by'
Rev.-B. J. L. Bt ken, Mr, isms B.:Bolen,
of Titusville, sad lilisildsryA. Osinthers,
FULLERr..4IIBNOONAL the Girard Goose,
on the Hith of October, 'by Henry 13a11,
Mr. Alonzo Faller, of Conneaut, 0.,
to 'Silas AticelobtuFon;ql.9le'ssidilylsofi.
'LODDODT-r• DUNN ran Girard, Thursday,
1885. Bin. Esq., Mr. Ira
441 London, of Jantestova; Meroer Co., Pa.,
and, Was Martha . A. Dunn, of Unerring,
Ciaircezd Co., Pa.
• "'
JAIIIB-6 tp., on the 18th lest.,
" Kittle kielsies; daughter of M. W...and
$l6 „Team- aged 2 years and 1 week.
'Ciltir l B —ID Girard; /IL ow the 15th, inst., of
-typhoid fever, John Curtis, Esq., aged 64
years. - • '
Mr. Curtis •as for many years a resident
Of McKean and Su minit townships, Erie coun
ty, Pa. -.
WILSON—Ou Saturday morning, the 21st
inst., Elisabeth IdoCalmont Wilson, wife of
Capt. Edwin C. Wilson, 11. S. A.
The 'announcement of the' sudden death of
Mn.s Wilson has carried gloom and sadness
wherever ehewas knowa. A wide oirole of
»leaves and friends" era left to lament this
most nnlooked for and &filleting bereavement.
As exemplary °bristles; a kind hearted.
benevolent and 'amiable. wassail ; to Apsoted
wifi and mother; dutiful dinghter ;' and af
feetionate sister; tetras and steadfast friend.
"-‘,Nose kEtew her
,bUt to, love her, none named
hie but to Ostia:" •
From herehildhood she was distinguished
by the fintiit and most strongly marked - traits
of character. Posseselug ninenal in tellectui
endowsintiana e strong end *leer titled; she
WAS* the kindest and, moSt genial of dispe
eitiots. Hhtt was always the same warm
lestaeted,.true Sad noble woman. Thoroughly
wolfish, always preferring others to herself,
she wuWnivsually beloved and respected.
The poor, will long remember her, and the
teem of many a:child of
_poverty will-for yr are
-se °ewe-moisten the green turf on her grave.
Mrs. Wilson was the only danightfr tribe
late Judge Alexander McCalmout of Venaneo,
and, her brothers, Cot: John& McCalmont and
°es-Alfred B. McCalmon4 both bore promi
mit • in& distinguished parts in the recent
•war for the Union.
Her beren-00. r,”-row stricken hnsbsnd,and
new motherlers children, have •the sincere
itympathies Of our whole community: Her
remains were -followed to their laid-resting
plikee on Tuesday. by an unusually Jerre
concourse of sincere_moorners.
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord;
they test from their labors, end their works
dwfoltew them," G.
. Cady an Retract of 'CommOn Sant
Wewell =Just so, - yet ere venture the assertion
that it itt nuarpassed by •any other Medici*•
hoed Arial* tha, - ;each of common people,
both as in inward and outward Remedy. Be
lot Penetrating, Itesolvent and Anodyne,
qii•filti,fallOing the moat violent painsorbath •
••eria-tie head, aide o beek or limbs, reducing
vrerelllitg,'seatterieg isillemelation, and quiet—
ing thi nerves; 'while its:lnward use induces
.free perspiraiion,-diffusen a general warmth
throughout the eyelets, reusing every aerie
endlibre - to feerits latlueace, anti thus quick
ly remove obstruotioas ;. throws off telds,.re—
liavertrenti soreness, pain in the back, cramps
sud,bowel,oomplaintoond that without in the
leaskareaketting tho . system. • To souls who
-regard the herb-sere mewl/weed, this account
*my Ale t em _Warlike, • it ; patent estedicint
put. r": But a fair Wei will confirm all that we
hark said of it, for We have reporded brit, the
testimony of tbiike who have proved . - it in
- tb - eir own eases; we hope, - therefore, - -no one
will let their prejudice:o.g '. the bettereftheir
judriotat, and cause them , to reject thisinost
useful l_midiolne. because It is mere common
Eirriart Weis& We honestly sithire the reader
that 'we never sold a medicirie of Any kind
- that has gives , such universal satisfaction ,as
this h.s. In face,.. there is Ana one report
: front all irho use it, and that is, they never
used its'equal. •
inn 1» told at nubile sale, at the Market limn* in
the elty of Erie. on Saturday Nov. 4th. between 9 and IS
*clock a- . '
m.. the Real - Estate of Stephen UMW* Milo.,
fiessumed,' inhaled mil , . West of arta and Irdiabbtm
Plank Send, and toffee South of Ski* eontaluing
29Si ames . of eulthrstid land, with • good orakant, dwell
ing house and magma:Magi. 1911911 mode knows on day
of sm.. (mown •
0e26.2w. Administrator.
D 'IL . Y GOODS' •
/ largo sail Rill ialoatod stook of •
•:••'- DRY GOODS!
, •
• WM satire tb• Bak to' Its
Sizascmcssa sod Taoism, tka mirth dills 'vinare
• ws; daps, its falliag oat to throe days; k..
• Om hood claws, cool sad basithr; con
D. and treat ,y• cantatas moth-
: • Sag lajartoss;
Itis nocaiotsided tad and by Ltd beat medical author'
V. Sold at the Dry; Stem, and at my ot•ce,
No. 1.12$ Broadway, New yea
lame all at Or &bon trepar►Uoa ELI do el
that b el for it;
Itm. • Innis A. CRT.VALITX, IL D.
pest Ilso ;monks the Northers sad Mort/mot
seestits of Pontunarsats to the. Ott, of Ma, os
Wu Mc It tour been lowa by the Pesurlssota /ea.
rodaCestrossh sod Is operated • by, them
Kill Testis ' 1230.12.
W. gzi0010.Tri15....,............_
..... 2 02
u. Ma Amami. 140 4. M..
Warrens Loosa-4 t —........, —: 400 p. tes
Zit's* Westward: '
Yet- Trigs— .. 3 23 p.
ETU Iraibpias • ..,.....
Via Amos. 6 41 p.m.
Warm Awn.. 4 —.— . 20 a. 111:
PMINIM o n rat . lita;glton'tb4l ********** sad Ex.
pro* Wag aithosl thane ba th ways batinea ralladat
phi; aad Rm. L
NOV VIA emaualtaii Leave Wow Tort a' 2 00 p. ia.
mire at Cris 340 stmt. Luxe Erlo at 393 p. m.,
St Now Trek It po. ,
Ne Auto of an lootilpen Trio sod Kele York.
iteriat Sleeping Cu* Len di night traits. .
Tbelattinastios pr vastness 'apply
at th• 8. Z. foga& 11= s tforkstins. ;bed /44! rtigkit
Bs fat tits Cloorriara eolith •
B, Bsygetoß, jIL. moor Lith ILIApt Streets,
-V. BROW V. Agent H.S. ILL.
finthitoticaingerstrirdAt 44ist. Phila. •
31. W. AMMO. Tiettet Agt, Thila.
A...16.111kii Wllltumport.
Dila W.Y. Ptellefiitillikh,D/INTlalte
fhniasteeittha Pewslavas dollop of Dental Ser.
vory. Me Ifeight'fallkealk (ow, Vim k
Drug Rom) Ws, Pa.
O. 11' , . D. 1!„ S., Nutt Ilinosatti ItN t , thiladel
• •
D. 11, 1 No.. lar Oath Ms to
- • . -,• • , ; 1
r t, g•n
mew .4.dv'ertiaeinenta
nu N raituotazz TRAM .CP MIL
Lars Esstward. .
L a L T. ANTHONY It ss ,
ertketegra l id e %tok
• , • Apionee"... are WAN
601 BILOADWAT, s • y:.
* IMO* Ile*, mem Um** .4
TICEIJALS. *me beeequeletb* tba -- ,,
num re and Sterroseopie - e
IN tbem *ln e• beaks.. . Lei%
or rialir4" 4 %
obw.i. eh met 414 MS MA imrabt ~
11111011061tAPILICI =Ma or =I Gnat rim
DO SIM Dutch
T Poste:kw
iliettp "iii lnisf lin4 leo ' BalLerer hen,
his Oaks, Lookout %new;
grow Swain,Chickaltewi a ct
~ Prederiaksirargh, ' City poiu
Trittea. /Whin e ,
Bisluand, Petersberib,
. beep Bettina, A Belle Pima,
Iltotitere. . , autu
. mns,
NTS literris• Adams. ..
Otunisilani liobile,
Medd& Strawberry
. - Jim ac. --".•
await= am roots CI gm useftp., •
• notogrophie AIbUZEM,
We OM tbs fed 11. bang.* Wee tete Oyu,
, end me eftied•etenr beue•a•• eeestit* ter. • •,,
.. a jletrg "6°.O rs " biet_t•T: t•ss2 a te ~6 .
lu g will*** by a ural , "AMC, a nc , ,,,,eii.,
.2116 in ata leill uji rA ßLD Orlr a IL' el ks
i g al 1
• . . 1141 11 0 1 .0 they eaa boy.
0. • C.lseaeri . so. CAlLD •wbeeer ni" . ZArlL
tobjette(*.eleele sedbibsesayenibmily e..,
' . rat imartabs...ii4, VA. : grad
we 11,4.0 r. . Nib Lot-Cole Ito ...••....
jak Bei . IS4 otkete Memel, II) 1....,4 * -- "
. rs c.c.,* i TS Navy Muni, 123 est"
, illb M . 4
r !
isdadebc_ reprodattb•st .4 bile to ..t We.
Pleisil•lK MEM& *6 Cdal•Vtil int ,
As aerie ter Mt tftleni littbnet *la et, L.._
Wed es eeeerpt et 61.60, and int by *Li. nu
- Pfeemleselese• ad otbers tarter: p 5 1 .xt. c 4 D ,
Mgt Imaity-thre per awl p( th..... 1 Ir. Q e a .
• urn, pricps*d ..g eality at ear gawk *re WI;
Ter W itessmat of Oadructiatu
etrite is the Rieterratos
MroatAGl .Fincdr.
Er They eon or obviate them of
tbs t
roseeeem i iT y ing front irregularity,
llffey cure Eupprmed,,Excesein
They cure Green tilcknem (Chloral")
They care Neryoue and Aphis, Al
to back , lad lower parts of
essinesi PaAgue en alight exerti ,
=curt, Lamas of tpirtte7,'
(iiddisim, etc., me In
swing the hvviPadur, %Imp remot
and with it ALL the elects that sprian
gar Composed of Ample vegetable r
etratain nothing deleterious to any
however delicate, their function being
aliringtb for weakness, which, when pr
they never WI to do,
Or They day be safely Used et
any period, mart 001110 tan neat
during witch the =Ealing odds
wild infallibly earner pregnr
W All lettsrsieekinginfoT
be promptly, freely tad d iscreetly
Fall direct ion accompany cart t
Pales .1.41ir los, or de bone fa
BOA by 11140 free of PAM%
17 PlinpbAote sad by mail tree'
' oLtbetty
' Or, Bilitinat . OE OF
rmirsma milt r‘ri, var i za
big solliftS grieve
s*- • '. •
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