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    Brie 0 botrber.
Tug Gazette of Wednesday oontaius a
sworn statement from S. A. Davenport,
Esq., to the effect that he is sole owner of
that establishment, that in purchasing it
he acted as the agent of no man or set of
men, and that he Intends now and always
has intended, that it shall remain an or
pin of opposition to the Democratic par
ty. The publisher of the Dispateit has al
so editorially disclaimed the connection
of any outside party with his. office, and
asserts that no person but himself exer
cises any control over its columns—a
'tatement which very few who are ac
quainted with his disposition will be
likely to dispute. The assertion of Mr.
E. L. Clark, in his now famous " extra,"
that Mr. Galbraith was - the owner and
controller of all the printing offices in
Erie, is thus proved a falsehood so far as
the Gazette sod Dispatch are concerned.
It may seem hardly worth our while,
but since some . parties who do not know
Mr. Clark's nature as well u we do, may
be induced to believe his statements, we
desire to say explicitly, that Mr. Galbraith
does net own even so much se a type in
this of 1.v.,n0r in any manner, either direct
or indirect, has he any interest, aside from
that general one, which all our party
friends should entertain, in its financial
condition. Neither does he now, nor has
he at any time, exercised any " control"
or attempted to exercise any over its edi
torial coarse. That we regard him with
exceedingly warm sentiments of friend-
ship is very true, and that his opinions
like those of other leading Democrats in
the city, are held by us in great esteem.
we do not dony, but he haitoo much self
respect, and knows our independence of
spirit too well, to undertake to dictate
what we shall print or what not.
So much for the veracity of this reck
less and contemptible little mischief-ma
ker, E. L. Clark. The three fold testimo
ny of each of the newspaper proprietors
of the city convict■ him of being a bare
faced falsifier, and hereafter he wilt be
known to the public in his true character.
We make no pretensions to speak for
Mr. Gslbraith, but deem it due to him tie
state that aR the foolish, .tvrtr.t..
ambition to • become Governor, are
simple freaks of the imagination. He
dsfoes not desire that office or any other.
*ten besought by his friends to permit
them to use t his name in connection with
the Gubernatorial nomination, he has in-
variably declined the proposed honor. If
k had beenlambitious in that way, does
my one of good sense suppose he would
have declined the endorsement of our
late county convention, which was unani
mously tendered him. and promptly re
fue(gh This bandying about of the
name of an enterprising citizervwho seeks
no political favors, and is so unfortunate
as to be attached to the party ' which
could give him none if he did, seems to
us about the moat silly and shameful thing
that we ham seen in our newspaper ex
The telegraph furnishes us a report of
the interview which took place between
the President and a delegation of South
CarOlinians, consisting of Judge Wardlsw,
Alfred Huger, and COl. Dawson, on Fri
day afternoon. These gentlemen presen
ted memorials from the State Convention
ofSonth Carolina asking for the pardon of
M Davis, A. H. Stephens,
A. Wenholm and Governor liagrath..
Stephens and Mr. Wenholm had been re
lasted before their arrival, and the dele
gation seemed particularly anxious to ob
tain the freedom of Governor Migrath, on
the ground that helvould be influential
in securing harmony between the State
and the Federal Government. In the
course of the President's response he
said :--
"If treason has been 'committed, there
ought to be some test to determine the
Tower of the Government to punish the
crime. He was free to say that it was not
a mere contest between political parties,
or a que.tion as to the fact of Governments.
L3oking at the - government as we do—the
laws violated, and an attempt made at
the life of a nation—there should be vin
dication of the G,3vernment and the ems
titution. 'even if the pardoning- powers
were exercised thereafter. If treason has
been nominated. it ought to be determin
ed by the highest tribunal, and the feet
declared, even if clemency should come
afterwards. 'There was no malice or pre
u boe in carying out that duty."
We infer from this_ that the President
has determined that Jefferson Davis shall
be tri-d by the ! Supreme Court for the
crime of treason, and that, if he is found
guilty, the Executive clemency will be ex
ercised. Th. President assured the dele
gation that no disposition exists for pers
ecution, or thirst for blood, and be said ;
further : "If I could be instrumental in
restoring the governmenX to its former
relations, and see the people onoe more
united and happy, I should feel that I had
more than filled the measure or my ambi
tion. If I could feel that I had contribu
ted to this in ary degree, my heart would
be more than gratified, and my ambition
full." The President is moving steadily
and irresistibly forward to the consumma
tion of his Restoration policy, in spite of
Radical denuneiation. He wiU succeed
not only in having the South represented
in Congress, but In developing and organ.
isiog the Union sentiment in the South ad
as 'to create a dominant party there, which
will act in harmony with the true Union
party of the North.
Chu. A. DAM, formerly associate ad,-
* tor of the New York Tribune, says
"There is, perhaps, no other man in all
the Northern States who, within the lad
three years. has done so much es Yr. Ore*.
ley to weaken, divide shad' degrade his
country ; iced a is fortunate he has not
• had the pniet . ige'of such an o ffi ce to make
, his e ff orts more effective and pernicious."
Andint,':Dana is as bad as Greeley ever
was—or would be if he had the same
sammt of brains.
Tun Southern newspapers are filling up
with advertisements of Northern busing=
men., In fact some of thens'are eompell-
ed to issue 'lmplements, so great is the
run made on their columns. If straws
nay 'bow which way the wind blows,
there 111 *Wray some 'Slue in *Undo
o'lllo'oM saivity or the oommerelsJ .
nut CAMS ARO sill 11111111py.
It must he apparent to every intelligent
mind, says the Lancaster Infelligateer, that
the principal cause of our defeat in Ake
State was a want of thorough orgallisstkon
in the Democratic party. ' This was
the case in this city and. county. aed
judging from the vote polled in the strong
Democratic counties, it Was the same
everywhere. Look for initance at Barks,
Northampton, Montgomery, York, Cum
berland, Schuylkill, Westmoreland, Ly
coming, etc. In almost every county end
election district in the Commonwealth,
whilst the Republican vote Was not
increased, Indeed did not come near up to
what it was last year, there was a greater
falling off in the Democratic vote,• show
ing conclusively en almost total, sok of
This defeat, if it should have the effect
of a thorough organisation of the Demo.
oratie party foe future operations, may re
sult in good. We now know the full
strength of our opponents, and will not
have to act in the dark hereafter. Let a
complete and thorough organisation be
the watchword, and let that be accom
plished without delay. It will not do to
wait until the eve of another election to
do that which should be done from one
year's end to another. The party should
be kept organised all the time, so that up
on any and every occasion a full vote an
be polled. If that is done now and kept
done, the Democracy of Pennsylvania
have met with their last defeat.. If it be
not done, we-cannot expect, nor do we do.
serve, success. t Will our friends in this
city and county reflect seriously on these
suggestions and act accordingly?
A speech of John Brown, son of "Old
03sowattomie," delivered in Ohio a few
days ago to a oompany of negroea, is re
ported by Jhe Ottawa New as follows ' ,
My colored : friends. you have now the
right to a boX; and that Is the cartridge
box ; but there are two other boxes whieh
you ought to'blaim, one of which is the
ballot box an the other the jury boz.—
If the white people fail to give you these,
and if you cannot get them in a peaceable
_way, I advise you to arm yourselves and
demand your full rights from the govern
That is just what the - Radical leaders
are aiming to bring about, but have not
the courage, at present, to boldly avow.—
The Sumners, Wades and Stevens's of
the Radical party, not satisflad with the
blood and treasure that has already been
Spilt in the fratricidal war, are straining
every nerve to defeat the policy of Presi
dent Johnson in the next Congress, which
would bring on a war of noes that would
be horrible to contemplate. Humanity
requires that these wicked men should be
defeated id their cruel schemes.
Tea We:ache Post, the Radical German
organ of St. Louis, is authorised tosay
that President Johnson did not say to
Governor Fletcher, of Missouri, in a re
cent conversation, as has been alleged.
"This is a white man's country—and •by
God, while I am President,•it shall be a:
white mates government." The report is
incorrect, and it was not Governor Fletch
er who suthorize•i the papers to publish
it. As far as Governor Fletcher remem
bers, President Johnson used about the
following words :—"I am in favor of the
White man;" or, "I belong to the white
man's party." Is short to accept the Posts
version, Mr. Johnson expressed the sen
timent attributed to him, and omitted the,
oath, as we prefer that the President of
a country like this should not be a swear
ing man, we gladly accept the Poses cot-
Irection. Mr. Johnson is giving trouble
enough to our Republican brethren with
out shocking their "great moral ideas,"
still further by profanity.
We made the prediction just before the
election, that. regardless of their denbils
during the campaign. that their party fa
vored• negro snifter , . a
,Republican vic
tory would be claimed by their organs as
an endorsement et that doctrine. The
smoke of the battle hsis hardly blown
away until we receive a verification 'of our
assertion. The Pittsburg Gazette accepts
the verdict of the people in this spirit r.
"The Democrats made this a special
issue in the late election throughout the
State. and have ben beaten. They in
sisted upon it that it was the lose. and
the only issue. We accept the result as
decisive upon that point, and the Demo
crats being iudges, may fairly shim that
Pennsylvania has decided against the ad.
mission of Southern States unless man
hood suffrage k first ennobled and se•
Deluca Acr.—On Saturday last. the
schooner Ada left this port for Buns*
laden with cost, and when out a short
distance was struok by a northeaster, and
so disabled thatshe would soon have gone
to wreck and allots board been lost. Her
condition was disoovered on shore, and,
although a very dangerous sea was run
niog, the tug Home, commanded by Capt.
Mark Morrisonorent out to her relief, and
succeeded In saving the' vessel. Some
idea of the danger incurred may be
Judged from the fact that all the windows
of Abe tug were stove in by the waves,
and the water ran into her hold to a fear.
fiat extent, being within two feet of the
Ores when she reached the dock. The
heroism displayed by Capt. Morrison is
the subject st mush- commendation by
those interested in the Lake business.
Imp:wren To ALL—Our readers who
are in need of Parlor, Hail or' Cooking
Stoves, will find at the store of W. W.
Pierce I Co., one of the best, If not the
best, assortments in thee city. The Stew
art style of stoves, of which they are the
sole agents here, is certainly ' not sur
passed, if. equalled. This firin liereelsO
the aria* for the eslebeeAui Liwtois
Heater, which is rapidly taking the lead•
wherever it is known. They bin already,
disposed of a number in this chi; ansoai.
others who have purchased weasel MlN
lion the County Oomadesioners, - (for
court House.) X. B. Lowry, Orange-..N0.
hie, Bobt. Gray and the "Baptist Coo silk •
gation. We shall notice norsai Isagth of
the stook of News. P. • Co., neat week
and meentinserefer to their pictorial col
umn, in another )41 of the paper., •
• tostiaatua exehame.heade the
that Mares frost ate :aim et: its
State: 'Glorious Resalt In Froakila Cauri
ty 1" We are gratified to labow there are,
"slalom" man from oar Am at hag.
They •bevel been very Various; to ou r
view, ban any hod* about -"we
TUI *L107101116
The election returns are not as favors.'
ale as we anticipated lett , week. and dis
plext lack of orpuisstion and negligence
of ditty a the: Part Of Democrats which
absolutely fiaezdasable. Oft - the lightest
vote cast ' in the for many years, we
are defeated bye midority hir exceeding.
that usually obtained by the Republi
cans in the most exciting campaigns. No
one of honesty will presume to say that
the Democratic strength has fallen off to
this oxtail, sell- the dimetrons result is '
saltily to be attributed to the failure on the
part; of our leaders to use proper efforts to
get Out the full party vote. While there
was 's singular carelessness on both sides in
regard to the issues involved, the Repub.
Hems, either through their secret Leagues
or by some other mysterious means, have
suomeeded in - marching a larger proper.
Lion of their voters to the polls, and the
irictory thus obtained, though notoriously
an unfair criterion of the actual strength
of parties in Pennsylvania, will be used
by them to the best advantage.
Rotorua, official and unofficial, give s
Republican majority in the State of not
Jess than twenty or twenty-five thousand.
That party make an increase in the num
ber of their State Senators and Represen
tatives, and will have two-thirds of the
numbers of the Legislature, thus insuring`
the return of &mon Cameron to the Uni
ted States Senate.
In Ohio the Republican candidate for
Governor hu about 28,000 majority, while
the rest of the ticket exceed him by sev
eral thousand. The Legislature will be
largely Republican.
The majority in lowa for Stone, Repub
lican, who was an outspoken negro suf
frage advocate, and opposed by Col. Ban
ton, an independent Republican, will be
in the neighborhood of 15.000.
We are not surprised at the result in
either Ohio of lowa, but that in our own
State is mortifying in the extreme. The
Democracy had it in their power. if not
to elect their ticket, at least to reduce
the Republican majority in Pennsylvania
to a merely uprising number, and have
lost the opportunity simply by their care
lessness and want of organisation. We
fear very mach the consequences will be
a depression on the part emu friends in
Now York and New Jersey, which will
end in giving up those States also to the
"Goths and Vandals."
Otto.— According to the Cleveland
MONA/irk', the Republican victory , is not
so much of a victory after all. It is one
of that class, of which the opposition may
exclaim' "one more such and I am un
done 1" That paper, alluding to the Re
publican rejoicing over the result, says,
" they have triumphed over the Democ
racy by a majority of from 20,000 to 28,-
000 ! Call it 30,000, and what of it? That
simply is a mortifying admission on their
part that the Democratic gain in two
years amounts to the snug little number
of Eighty Thousand 1 and in one year to
just about. half of that—namely, 40,000.
Hence the radicals boast of the loss of
40,000 votes from Lincoln's' majority last
year, and of 80,000 from their majority
two years ago! At this rate, if the Demo
crats do half MI well next year as they have
this year, we shall carry the State and put
the black Republicans where they belong
—into a helpless and hopeless minority.
Besides we shall have at least twelve or
thirteen Senators against five last year.
and forty members of the Hcuse against
eighteen or twenty last year.
.So let us
pick our flints and' try it again." The
Plctilsdealsr says farther that the Democra
cy have aioamplithed all they expected.
Chue friends in that State have been so
hopelessly in the minority for some years
that . they have, probably attained that
philosophical condition wherein men be
come thankful for small favors.
Zsts Corm Etscrion straws.—The
result in the Co.. as declared officially by
the Board of Return Judges, ,foots up on
Auditor Gene& as follows :
Hartrauft 3 845
Davis (D) (R) '
2 051
Republican majority, 1,794
The vote last year for President wss •s
Lincoln . •6.911
lisClellan .. —.3.722
Lincoln's majority,....... _3,189
1 794
Republican loss, 1,395
To the vote of this year must be added
that of the soldiers, which will be very
trifling, probably not going over a hun
dred, at the most.
Tii States in which elections were held
last week toted as follows in 1864. It may
be interesting to some to compare the
returns of . this year with those of the
last election : •
Lincoln. ' 296 391
McClellan, 276,316
Repubkican Majority, 20,075
Lineoln,.... .. 264.975
McClellan, • 20.5,559
Republican Majority, . 59,418
Lincoln. 89.120
McClellan, 49,641
aopublicam Majiortty, 39,479
Mr. A. It Griswold, the celebrated
•' rat Contributor," will exhibit his
"show" in this city. on Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, ereninp next, the 2 6 th,
2711. and 28th haste. From whet we bare
been informed of this entertainment, it
ii well worth attending. Mr. Griswold
has prepared a panorama of the' oil coun
try, which he sommapanies with a comic
lecture on tlicsatne subject. He has been
meeting with good sueoests in 'the Ohio
*Wok and is so well known here that he
will arm* fail to " draw " large houses.
The 11. 8. •8. liielkigsn is still at Buffa
lo, whirs abs is undergoin g repairs. it
will lopeest'oeir raiders to ?now that she
is to remain there Until spridg, instead of
elated:ll'in Erie, u %weal . When we
made a prediction to this effect, some
menthe so, loins of oar citizens scouted
SA 'it. and emend tis that the Oaptain
would dosoanob. thin&.Titer are prom
ably . centineed - now that we were about
''• • • '
Jags. Ibras;--Ths Mugs .2 7 nlions says
tie llepabilsess seilidi the pi ilia& sus
eg. bossy, ingikA live sees.
- 4
The Theatre in Farrar Hall continues
to draw fine audiences nightly. Rome of
the most popular pieces of the day have
been presented in an exoellett . manner.
We repeat our opinion of last week that
the present company is the best which
has visited Erie for a long period. Mr.
Evans and Mr. Ryan, especially, have few
superiors in their parts. ,
Dam of Local laterest.
The general that whipped tbn Democracy
in the late election--Genertii
The eir.onmstances under whist ear paper
was pat 13 press' last week, caused it to be
full of typographical errors.. We have a
corps of int-class printers at wort
now, and expect to prevent all such entrees
of mortification hireafter.---Lawyers end
justices of the peace will always end on band
at this office a complete assortment of bloats,
at as low rates as they can. be bought say—
where.—The ;total Toth of Murillo at
the late election was 141. Either the popu
lation of that plaee haa been vastly over7ra
top'. or there was more apathy in that cam•
munity than elsewhere. If the town has
10,000 inhabitants, as its citizens claim, the
vote should not be less than 1.200.—,--
Clark Ewing, Esq., formerly of this city,
who wu the Democratic candidate for District
Attorney in Crawford county, ran some 20
votes ahead of hie ticket., in Titusville, the
Owe of his present residence. His numer
ous friends in our city and county ST* glad
to hear of the popularity he has attained in
his new home. A better hearted man or:tru
er friend than Clark Ewing cannot be found.
carriers are already making prep.
&rations for the Issue of the Observer, Jr., No.
2, which they have determined to present to
their readers on New t Year's day, in lieu of
tae trashy poetical "'offerings " common on
that occasion. Among other things of Inter
est it will contain will be an accurate history
of the bench, bar, press and pulpit of the
city, written by a gentleman who is familiar
with the subject. The history of the Obser
ver will include a sketch of its different edi-
tors, and be• especially, interesting to
friends of the office. Our little Junior last
year met with a surprising sale, and we rely
confidently on presenting an improusect
upon it nest New Year's day. We see
by the telegrams to the daily press, that
Com. Lanman, forsierly of our city,,, left For•
tree Monroe on Thursday last, in his* deg
ship, the Yantio, for Charleston and Saran.
nab, to inspect the North Atlantic squadron.
The Gazette, audit Mr. Graham's edi
torial charge, 1.3 improvini in local interest
•very much. We regret that we cannot say
the same of its polities.--The election
being over, and the necessity for political 11-
gamut, for the time at least, obviated, the
papers will begin to resume their former at
tention to literary matter. Yoetry, love tales
and profoundnoral mays will take-the place
of stump speeches, is astounding exposures,"
hard words, and foolish charges. The com
munity in general will net regret it.—On
Wednesday of last week,'a 'young man And
his peekst picked of $l9O, while staadisg to
the crowd at the Union
number of journyemen printers seeking stn
plangent now is very large. In response to
an advertisement of ours fee a compositor,
we had readied up to Friday Inning not less
than ten applications. G. W. F. Sher
win, the Republican candidate for County
Surveyor, ran 31 votes behind the candidate
of his party for Surveyor Genital, in Harbor
Creek, the place of hie residence, while Capt.
Miller, his opponent, ran 15 votes ahead of
our candidate for Surveyor General in the
same township. 'The people of Harbor Creek
appreciate Sherwin according to his actual
merits. Bill Powers was arrested last
week for continual drunkenness and making,
himself a nuisance. In default of $25 fine
he was sent to Warren's Fifth Avnue Hotel.
Two other charges are made against the atom
mad Bill—one for beating and threatening his
wife, and one for attempting the life of a
neighbor woman. Bill will have a tough
time of it when he gets before Judge, John
son.--The sum of $1,200 was contributed
during the year just pest for the !itemise of
the Edinboro Normal School Library, by fibs
following gentlemen : MUM. C. V. Culver,
500; G. B. Delamater, '250; W. Reynolds,
100 ; T. Haidekoper, 100; V. M. Thomplon,
100 ; Charles iamb, 50. Thera is one
blessing in being an editor—you are never in
any danger of having your hone entered by
burglars, or being knocked down by high
waymen. Anthracite coal is now brought
to this oily by way of the Philadelphia road
and skipped from here to Buffalo. The vee
gels are loaded, through shut's, directly froin
the can. A great revolution is taking .. glace
in this trade-up to the present year Wale
supplied Erie with anthracite coal; now vies
verga.--Meadville has a permanent daily
paper. The Repshfien commenced its regu •
lar daily inns on Monday, and the publisher
claims to have liberal encouragement. Five
daily papers are now printed in North West
ern Pennaylvania—one at Erie, one at Cor-
ry, one at Meadville, one at Tittniille, and
one it Pinhole. Raab of them will compare
favorably in Ilse, enterprise and typograpb-
teal appearance with those of any part of
the country. outside of the largest cities.—
Messrs. Duncan & Prather, late owners of
the Hotmdca Farm, Pithole, are to make
their permanent residence in Cleveland. We
learn that on Wednesday Mr. Duncan purr
chased a private residence in that city for
the sum of $35,000, and that Mr. Prather is
pfespeetlng in the same neighborhood with
a irioor to s @tallier investment.---A nom
pany is boring time oil In Cumberland county
and as usual hanging they have Int•elass
prospects for a lowing well. The Carlisle
Democrat says " opentlons will be *outlined
day and night until oil is found or the augur
rune entirely through the globe." The mew
ben of the company will hive I. live longer
than Methuselah before they eau realise a
consummation rot their intentions.--The
Titusvilte Herald says an " experienced Co'o
rfrio miner has discovered, in a spur of the
Alleghenies, about forty miles west of that
Vacs, as extensive lode batwing quarts ; •
sample of which may be seen at the Pendle
ton Rouse. A. person residing is Titusville,
who has had great experience in gold mining
quarts to California, pronounces it to eoatain
a very fair per outage fer a surface, sped.
men." Perhaps so.— —Beeline Baldwin
advertises for two ugood,-active sad bonsai (1)
boys" to sell the daily Cony Iltbraph. Men
be gets tbem we trust he will seed us w4m!,
Bosh nstmml authorities would bit worth gobs
many miles to see.--Pithole -is rajah:lag
in a new sensation. A veritable ghost has
made its appearanee la that easily locality,
and for ilia time beiag monopolises pane
attention. It pulsated itself at the foot
of s boarder's bed is the Morey Pus Hotel,
and beckoned the aforesaid boaster to hies,
He. Making he had as good s right to tbj
bed, as any ghost, flatly refused, and bid
kimeelf under the coviriag. Whoa he bad
planked up courage eumagit to poop .out, Mt.
Ghost bad disappeared.--Nr. Rites"
Kelsey has naked from the edltoxial control
of the Conneaut Reports?, and is succeeded by
Mr. J. P. Iteig, his former partner.—
Under Mr. K.'s managenient the paper has
been one of our best lull exchange's, and a
fluorite visitor is our °floe. Mr. K. assumes
a position in the Ogssll9 ofßee.—The
GreenvUle Argne notices . 4 that the-number
of hogs and cattle running at large within'
the borough, has materially increased during
the past few weeks," 10 annonnose with
astonishment, that, notwithstanding up fact,
she " authorities sit - back, supinely resting
en their °Soled dignity I " Poor fellow;
how they are to be pitied. If they continue
" resting " in the manner described, we
should judge their " dignities " must be
very soreby this tine. The Pitholo,
Record says the 'number of letters passing
through the post silee there ,each day Is Sr.
thousand, and the number of boxes roe tad is
twelve hundred. Wouldn't our ootempority
conseit to reduce its figures just a lit.le ?
At a Democratic mu s meeting - held in Pithole
just before the election, Maj. Gen. Brooks,
who will be remembered by many of our old
senses commander for a time in the Western
department' of the State, including Brie, wee
the presiding °Sur. The course of recent
events is inducing many of our beet generals
to join the Democratic ranks.— 11l our
exchanges nearly ire publishing the follow—
log: Major Gelieral Holier was married
on the 8d inst. to Miss Olivia Groesbeck of
Clocianati." Well, who in the deuce cares ?
,General had much batter -be married
Ikon live as he has been during four years
part. to exchange says : st There are
6 000 scree on the shores and islands of Lake
Iris devoted. to - the culture
,of the grape.
The Catawba, Isabelle, Delswsre and
I are the principsl varieties. This year's
crop on 8,500 of the 5,000 sores will average
5,000 pounds to the acre, making it env of
the most profitible crops raised."--In
the hurried condition of our business during
the politlosl cunpaign, we neglected to notice
the enlargement of the Titusville Herald. It
is our a+ Urge a paper as thi Observer, end
heirs all the indications of prosperity. The
local and editorial columns are well sustained,
sad the special attention given to oil matters
makes it partioulmijdesirable to prison* bar
isg interests in that . section. We wiek its
gentlemanly and enterprising proprietors
every enceesOhey may desire.--A. writer
in the Rochester Rural Sew Yorker capitally
kits off the modern .exquisite style of ex
pression, by Addressieg, Mr- Moore, the edi
tor, who is also Mayor of the city, as , g Mis
tah &bosh, Mayah of Rocheitsh: and Editah
of the Morel Nee Yawkia." Erie, of course,
has no people who talk in this way, but if
any of our ales young ladies and gentlemen.
should incur the idea that it is pretty, we
advise then► is 4, reinembah " thCabove, and
cease forthwith.--The Buffalo Commercial
says: Counterhit one dollar greenbacks
are in circulation. Excepting a few minor
discrepancies, the spurious note is as exact
ha simile of the genuine bill. The general
appearance of the bill,is also very good. The
green ink is of a somowtiat, lighter • shade
than, that used on the genuine, and some parts
of the note look poratchedland blurred. The
"guns It 1" on the green. scrollwork on the
lower right partite of the note are printed in
green; tulle genuine they are white. The,
face of Chaim, in the counterfeit., is badly
exectuted.-- 4 .--The horse of the Messrs..
Morrison. valued at $5OO, after being driven
at the Fair lest week, wu left unblanketed
while warm, took cold, and died. He was
one of the finest animals' in this vicinity.—
Amu employed on ,the' A. a G. W. K. W.
fell between the cars on that road, While they
wan, in motion, and had' his head completely
severed from hie body. The accident oc
curred on Saturday, near Conozrd.--
James Baker, a carpenter, living on Third
street, while gathering, Otestauts near the
city on Sunday, fell from the tree and broke
his nook, dying almost instantly. ---A.
vigilance system has been organized in the
oil region, extindieg from Cony to Oil City,
and embracing many of the active business
men, which le designed to rid the country
of the numerous pickpockets, thieve's and.vii
kiss of a - worse degree who infest that
lty. It is the intention' to administer
"lynch law" to all this class of customers.
Several of the 'wash, hare already been
caught, tarred and feathered and branded.
--Mr. Guy Lunde, the old and well
known jeweler of this city, has located at
Pleasantville. Crawfd , rd county.— —Two
oar loads of oil open the PM ladelphia It: IL
siding tiear the crossibg, were set on fire by
the spirts of a passiig locomotive, on Set
tled'''. afternoon, and entirely destroyed.
Perry Elea. and Its infant namesake
retched the piece. but of course could be of
little or no' benefit.---A min named A.
H. Babcock has been arrested for passing
$lO counterfeit greenbs ok at Baker's cloth—
ing-store, on the 12th inst. Iu default of
bail he was committed to jail, ana on Mon
day Polio:mom Vainey escorted him to Pitts
bare for" a hearing before the U. 8. officers.
--The demand for new houses still eon •
limns in this city. Numeroni las are the
building' that have been rented this season,
theyare not one-third of what are needed.
rife believe the census of 1870 will show the
population of Erie to be not lees than 25,-
000.--The Republican majority in Craw-
ford county is 1,170, being 735 lase? than
they had in 1864. The' rote there, as in
most of the State, wu renterksbly light.
Mon LID, ELX CINDY. —The popularity of
the Moss and Elm Cough candy, manufactured
by Better & Burgess, of this oily, must be-
come more general. Wherever it has been
lutroducted it has met with wonderful success.
It is pleasant and effective as a remedy far
coughs, hoarseness and throat diseases. While
strong cough mixtures prodar* nausean and
sicken the patient, the Moss and Elm Candy
soothes and relieves :without any of the nu.
pleasant effects from the use of a strong mix
ture. It rarely fails to relieve if taken in
time and persevered In. Phydioiaes recem.
mend it. and in unity cases prescribe it. As
a soothing expectorant it has no equal. *
It is maid of the Wimp of Prance, that, u a
class, they are the handsomest in the world.
With their rosy cheeks and black •hair, who
can kelp but ohink so. Dr. Yelpan's Pills
serer fail to make the complexion of a healthy
sad miry hue. Ladles, try them: Bold by
all Druggists. 005-Im
Hon. 14014001111111 f Baste.-Mr. Lincoln's
Postmuter General. and Gen. - Daniel E.
Sickles, who acted with the gepublicans
during the war, are supporting the Demo
cratie ticket in New York.
Coma or taws an to envoi% Ism
RAC Sum. troristor. 1 Good H mos sad Canines
sheasess heed se reolinstot priers. , Espt.lll,lol6-13,
7114140111 * RA WWI CLIME! OMAN
I fort, 111111 lost ebbs. adopted to gaud tad Neck
staida. kr $lO be WO Nab. Thirty-boo gold or Mho
_s,&s. N Ohm trot otroohnis swarvtdol tlomi. Moo
tratott Citstanos froa. Addrooo. Mg OL RAWL%
llastas, NUNN 1110TRIC1.1. Nor Tort aorill.ty
11. . XAGi g ili num, One, la Um- ' •
virUg4 Nook tuft sided the Put. silk
New Advertisements.
Prom tea, .
Thim Thumb , imolai. Oet. 19th the perfornatoee Rttl
ogeneewee with the great play of
ATELTNI 'STARS Tawas? In his groat rendi-
Ilos or 'Claud* Ifolootta, to .bleb b. lo sekoowknigt4
by Ow press and public to to without a rlra'.
Awl other pnpaltr pietas an In coarse of pnrparetios.
dr*dulisten. 60 testa: Rerreed Beets, 76 eesti:
r 26 eta. Doers epee at T 16. Perforateen to rest
ates., at I. testa may be marvel at Zoefako's Book
Ave ao hoe opened hie store at 14.116 Fres& st.,
•bete au he towed everything needed In the line of
Bile hail, to say that tmhaa eagapd that inll kaolin
sad popular maa
b• happy to roe ht. old Mande at all them
CANNBD IlttilTto,
Suet' u
•lerays on hand at
aoFrs, No. 616 French St.
TISYYS, BA' E, lißEtcllollll, BASIL, EN.,
lt-GOFF'S, 515 French 8t
At Wha'saila or Retail, at
Watt oorrs, 615 Preach St
Ones, Std door Mrafty's Block. Wog nark. Erie, Pa.,
mon. Crawford, Cbestlin * th's 4 torr. Resiiene6
it Mrs. Jsm►s W'll'ams. Elf thgtroot. East of Pieced,
Older boars-11 to 10 a. x., and 2to; P. It.
Illorelderable eicitoment was created on the sob
lie dock, tut night, by the arrival of Miss Membeva it,.
tir, hom Marqestts, on schooner Ploler. They bad
quite a nice little sociable party. Whisky sad b - er
:wed soplously from the bar, which tended to erllven
the disco to no small dares. The whole afrsir passed
off qaistly. and amoo'her than was 'screed by lookers
ma and monad up with • jig Ova by Prelsagor DaMio.
from Buffalo, in which he gas joined by Mies Master's
sister. oet-11-1e
.vir now open theft large and a plendld r nortreent c
MUFFS. . •
Also the fin •st asiortesentn f
Evarbtfors offered by them, all of which are waft-ranted
to b as•d.
octl 8 4
OF l'Hl. WAR
Criple:it is eaks
,sery Msg. yahoos of seer 1000 pelts .
This work has no rival as a candid, Isicid, Complete,
asthmatic and reliable history of the "great conflict."
It eantsins reading matter equal to three large royal oe
tavo volumes, rpleadidly illustrated with over 150. erre
portraits of generale. battle .stun, Maps and diagrams.
Returned and disabled officer' sad soldiers, and user-
Retie want nes in want of profitable employment will
Bed tlkia a rare stance to make 131 , 12111/. We have agents
elearias IMO a month, which we will pray* to arty doubt
ingapplicast; for proof of the above, rend for circulars
sad see our tires& Address.
• • JONES BROTHERS It CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Dose all this—la entirely out of eight, in doors and
windows, and is the belt 'strip in nee for the following
reasons! Ist. It is more eff-ctual. 2d. It costs one
third lees. Bd, it will not hinder opening area closing
door's - or winiows. 4th, it is better than double win
dows—dots not obstruct the view—dote not- hindh
openlog and closing the blinds—windows can Is opened
DO as to 'fettle* at any time. This strip will stop the
duet in summer when your double windows are off. Yon
bane no benefit from your double windo we only In vic
tor. Thib Strip keeps out the cold in winter and dust
and water in summer, and does not cost one-halt the
pries of doub'a window..
io Strip is now °Mood to the Inhabitants of this
city., Town awn' MI PAL..
F. W. KOEHLER, Erie, Pa
Agent for Erie Co., Pa.
• .
- Strayed or stolen from the barn or E. J. Kelso, rented
by SP es. Illresey, a large white II 15 1, weighing three hoes
bred Donn& of over. has • long tail with a kick In it—
no other nodal mark .A reward °Lars dollars In bird
money, either roll or all rsr, wl,l be p id for bee rotors.
• be Is a Tarr aims animal, broug , l from Canada, and al-.
though I dont believe In the British Somnolent, I rat
cm her very highly. I am bound to get, and will yet her.
d la order to show-.the black Repoblicans that I hare
little old fashioned Deraoerat'c money left , et. am
Ming to pay in bard-currency. Wit. MACKEY.
Erie. Oct. 12. 11161-11 t.
'A• A. AVA 31 S & C 0 . ,
t .
. .
- SHOES - .
1 .
• t
. • .
. .
I r
Iris, September 211 11165. as2l3-3ns
D %nit& CARSON, rr :
Dealers In
Otrept, batman State and Franck , Ens Pa
Having pcustbasod our stock before
the late rise in prime, we
.10.1 confident of bairn
able to airs Sete
faction, both In
pries and
Country Prodnos of emn7 sort bought and sold. Farmers
ears ahrays depend *a receiving the. highest mar•
; kat pries far thdr articles.
And on the : Liao* of Ratlzotd,
Olve el a Cal!
Vim was?.,,
le sew wiling the largest auortasent of
Goon lostbors. Ifstraosoo; Loiaogoa, and othor
tart' ewer brougbt to ibis city.
...Doyle k Evans ,
.1 Wars
2. 2. T. ANTHONY ,
Illoanfootnrors of Photographic 1;4 443,
1.014.6• L• AND larrl,l,
oialtles 1. MI m.. bum,. nf , }t ,
TEM A L`l, sr* sr• bet/lusrton ~22
itareceeepes and Stereoscope Viet,.
of Are yrs kr. aa .2.2v411,,,, 2
VIEWS 01 THE Walk' " 4
m0d22 , 22 . 4 gt rte np/11•111M4 Sormist
reerooadsrew 1120/7011' 0 , 1 MS to tzar L
Inn Bun, buteh Ga, " ( " 4 " 4,
Yorktown, • Pontoon ' Duly
Ge it — is - far - 0, Hanover Juliet t e,
Fair Oaks,
Lookout Notetg„
Savage Station. Chickah9tain. -4
Trederieksbasgh, City Point.
Nalrfaz, Nashville,
Richmond. Petarabnigh,
Deep Bottom, Bello Plain,
lionitoni Cluattanoork
Tart *organ, • Atlanta.
Blonds. Strawberry m a *
az. &e,
Americas es 4 Fercivw Clam and
mgr., gr. Also, Karol rine Aterearqm, r
osliblikra Oar Caudate., *Mt lo LS,
if Stamp.
Photographic Albums.
w. was dm &rah AO t
ltatamas• sntatott.ns a j ar 1\
is prim from .4) cams to e.i 0,, a t:pr•v,
Milos of talc: &apart., la Gaut. act 4.•.' t• t, . 4 . la
They will be mart by FRER. , a rwco o 746 ‘.
tar rixo ILAUII3 11•14. To hatta.a,Apa.
The Trade will and per Albame,
Saleable they can bay.
ow Casale. If 0.• di•aK•4l. Orel iv. T.
mbrata (tat ar kb 04410at0 .. ,
anal Arammaaahtll , -.
100 Itaklota• 1 , /1.1•41-Cale •
100 Beg .750 othrr nillettre, I
4,4c. 4 tan,b4 711 avy Oflors, 11l tt
. 4, Any,. • 115 Nem l'r
Sp.) Copia. et' Work. f
Iseladlear roprodactiou of tt.. rcat
Palanara, Saatuat. Catal.rar , neat • ra ~,flr7 o
As °Mos for Oa. hates Phrtarm. ,TL r
Mid es recipe of SI so 4 rut
rbdoca.pbera 141.4 others oh!, to , r• t• •-• y„
Nett meaty-Am pm Celt of ateatii4i•Ut •
0.. i.
CrTbeprims sad qual:ty el ore
lbr flla Reasocal qJ Obrfruetioni and che huv
of Refraktrity fn Mt R eretrrenes el al
_Vontliy Anode'.
s frip•• They mire or obviate these numerics
maws, that spring from Imp/arty, by remat
the Irregularity ltsdr.
fo r. They care Suppressed, Excessive sod Pa
ha Nettrrait'qn
They cure Green Sickness (Calnrosis).
XlThey care Nemo. and Spinal Affect! '1
tne back, and lower pans or th e t e lt
liewvillem, YWlrat On alight exertions Rat4c
, pt r i d
of tu H e art, Limas of spin le, fireterra,
- iffadigh , , Gbllineaf, etc., etc. In a word, by
moving the Irreostarity, they remove the
and with it ALL the effect,. that spring frou
jr Composed of slinple vegetable extra:4, ,
contain nothing deleterious to any cncaff
however delicate, their function Leine 4 I,
strength for we:at:tea, which, when properiy w.,
"they never tall to do. ,
far They may be safety need at any 10, w
any period, II 1C111.7 DIMINO TIM 1 / 1 11.21T THILI jk
daring which the unfailing nature of .4 2
would Infallibly PISTIL! pregnancy.
rir All letters seek Inc informatmr. o? cn o ,
be prom y p u t l ly l
d ,
each tot
Price $1 per box, or dx boxes ;?r I',
Beat by mail, free of postaye, ca rt.,,
Fir Pamphlets lest by nail tree of pogo,
• 63 Liberty St., New York, Prog
r,,,,,andi tram 1 4 Aire Vortabl• E.trtes
los soliklas &parlous ts the
nos& ilallcals.
: . '
Ames feels the aakes of tub%
emtmmated whit esw ure—.o dear tri.
re i. To isto the eyeless and ..errs.
or The Rejuvenating Elixir is the rear
ern discoveries In the vegetal'', it.Lti.mi
an entirely nett and abstract 1:2 th 0 , 1 of
pective of all tErt old and worn out !you
This medicine has been tested le
eminent medlcal men of the day, and ty
nounced Lo be *aka the greatest rue Ica.a
of the age.
4 or One bottle will cure general Den,ty
Er - A few doses cures Hysterics b. 'ee_-asi
'Mr One bottle cures Paltntatign 'tt the E
or Prom one to three bottles restereathit
news and full vigor of youth.
Nr• A Veer doses restores the appetite
tip , Three bottles cure the 'runt cut
rir . A few data cares the low rpi.,tel.
One bottle restores mental pour.
red Jew dome restores Me organs ~f;
gar A few doembrinig the rose to the c!
gar This medicine restores to eanly
robust health the poor debilitated, wcr,-1.•
or The listless, enervated path, ter'
ed man of business, the victim of nervom,
the Individual sa fferlog from gerxril r
frrna weakness of a eiailie organ, , r , 'l 011
dime and permanent relief by the me a: 33
or Essence of Life.
Or Price, $2 per bottle or three b,-...1•03
tad forteerded by Express, on recetpc
to any address.
17" The Cherokee Pllts cr.!
venating 1311121 r, are sold by tll ee.
Druggiets In the civilised world. Someze.7
denier; however, try to sell worthiest:a
In place of these: those which they m:
• camp price, and mate more toime!
Lug, than they can on these medicloes. ti!
your health, aye, the health of yr%r bl;
spring do Dot be deceived by such c:7 ,
Druggist', ask for Mess esedkines and
era. If the Druggist will not bay the= f.:1 1
close the money In a letter, acid we s 9: \
to you by Clore's, securely seakd sod pan ,
from observation.
Ladies or Gentlemen cas adders/ el 41
cronfidence, mating fully and clue:, urie
and ariploolS, Oa WO troll al; Image of 1 C
nature In Mile or tamale. Padects need not
tate became of Lblir efe: as, use
treated patients anommistiliy la pzeiltot
civilized globe, by correeptuattce•
Patients addressing as will please gate plilt
the symptoms of their mempititis, aoi weal
office, County, State and tame of miter, t'
inclose postage instep for reply.
dress " . ge:addrnresBl4llP'lertersitifonrlPPam'ilsiptif7ts t:l4
Gm proprietors,
No. CI Llbch, itrett,s4
She combination of ingredient. in td
result of long and eitensive
their operation and cannot do barn t.
eats; certain in correcting all !near
Meng ti attiring, removing all otatrumnr
cold or otherwise, headache, ram In thi
•f the heart, 'whites, all nervou ,, st.r
fa alai. pan In the back and halt*, kr
which arise from interruption of not
Have been used over a quarter of s at
oSered u the only safe means of regal ,
r enatruatton. but Ladles fOOll. tear
to sag estaktigoo of Ms lostote wins y
mina be taken macre Fr( dittneg
SULT. Tee conistios remora to LI
al falai; MiSCARRfiGE: Such
tsodeney of the to reFtore
to a n rmal condition, that even the r
of notate cannot twist lt. T F. Y CA.
In any , Abor way.
Dr. Cheeseman's
have been a atanderd remedy t.r ‘ yrr
are the most effecto•l ens vier t oo•it
recall*, to F males T all cle:Ws .ht)
Inducing with certain', petto,Lcsi eel
are known to boutands, .to oLie
kSt period., th roughou the couct:),
tion of soma et the most t.rogro at ph;
Expll It duwetioni, stator wtro thr
With each bot—the ruics fI sts sur,
eon twining LJ o tiCe
Pills sent by mail, prroautly, and eee
'Won. by wmitting
81 Cedar St., et
Sold it's Erie by Carter k Carver, TO
Warfel, rnd Wm. Niel. Sold so C'
& Rowland.
in rolls reed, to he 13101 , 30 UL
Fact.rieu and thlll,llttzs of alt tit
ititterhtle th a Eva* 'ton tir , t•ol of '
te‘nuttetured on 4 ,,
than soy other eompiaitto rootoi 10 lt
patent. Verr aura`de an lat ioe er‘c7
11,1.4 sent free by mall. R.:01
ee21 . 65 Ir, No. llatJ.e7
A LisuEL &
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events for Planer k POO
bolt In am— state lt
IRINA" , I:Melbas made to order to