The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, July 27, 1865, Image 1

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;lON —T , 1 , , t.t..i0 FirmCI,TS p,r
&...ivonco ; Tunow. it not
I •'. ./p1...11.11 4I Li..StIJACILLef
rirr Xlll be charge I }brill' C 6117.1111
—One Svittre of Ten Line, one in
, ';'. , ) l ; two invertione $l,O ; there loiter
it ; one month ; two mouths ;
~,,”tne $1,50: eix months $5,50; one year $9 00:
„ t o nto•vutente in proportion. Three rates
adhered to, naive■ changed by special
att . , option of the publishere. Audi
\ .: 4 trayn, Divorcee and like advertise
•trator's Notices $3. 4 •0; Local
, lit,e; Marr...ige Notices SWEVTY
, ~ t ibausry Notice/ (over three lines
.vot- I.e, Due. Original poetry, an
. , t` r- , ,uext of the editor, one d.llar
r.,:Lonent; wil be continued at
porioci advertising, until ordered
utitese a specified period is
vue of the best Jobbing
ready to do any work to
otruAted to as, in equal style
r.t °fate largest cities.
xbould be addressed to
111.:%,1'N WHITMAN,
Pub caber and Proprietor.
T usiuess Directory.
If I E . : J..
; rActica, in adjoining Counties
ef; t TI.Elt.
T Tows 1 , T AT LAW, Girard, 'Erie County,
, „, blames& attended to with
%TT , ,INP:T A? LAW, In Walker's Of-
Pa. ane7'62
01. h.
ivnett, BLA.x: Boo& MA.aysurirtnuu
. • 4 .n 4 4rnanht's PA.
JOSSIMLIRR and Deslor In Stationery,
C.mipapers, km. Country dealer,
• :e Etrown'a liotelgrooting the Park.
cos has taken the Lime Kiln ►t
near the Philadelphia •depot,
,re i to tarnish Wb:te Limn, in large
lowest market ?Hews.
tlt ,t; V tft TIN,
• , 1 AND C0C:f1 4 1[1.L017.5 AT L.AW.
tlyar North Went corner of the
j, ,•$ .1 rte PSACY. oisee SPCOOd
t Street, between Fifth and
I. 11 It • ••••
Paorocakru GALLERY.
I.!, RI LIB It.
STS 0 •
Y. AT JAW, Ridgway, P►.
,r nn and Jefferson countie_.
-t:-et—one square east of
Sept. trA--I.T.
,11.11 NI - . \,
n• r Pickni, Paragon Block,
‘unroey n; Law and J. P.
, . .• •, , ',.nv.yatacer and C.,ile.tor.
• u;natat corner of }dal and
npl Tt.s tf
o`tN riZONFNESIIRGrR at the new
. LI hand a large asnort
.l... WO./ and Billow
••. .care, . to' wh,e., t i e re.
VI- public Pat n6ed that
.- -ow; an can Pe bad in any part
ETU 1111TEI,
• , brtween 4th and sth streets,
Frit. Railroad Depot, Erie, Pa.,
• i-,etort Extenaive aecammoda
• : Board by the day of
. Z atta,tieu. apr2s . 63tt.
BEI, S. lilt()T1.1 Fat
'l . 4.L2at Aewing Machin,-
-•,•, , tieet:lbetereen Bth end 9th Ste,
-• :e to order in the flneet style.
l.lrf HT A ., 1, S•LIC ST•BLIS, on F.lghtb
•^ ` . . l • l•wd Freceh. .Finellorees end Car
~ , e ntoie terms. rek .
d: q ( ' ItT it It,
r ea . - mucks of Stwam Envinags,Botlirs
4„-I,llltural implrmanta, Railroad Cara,
I ‘1•11.1., • sr —
Dr.vrievr, Office In Res In- , /fa. .•
.11e of the Park. Erie. Pa. 28.
~ 1 11
WAT, }.LIC CO, PA. Mn, E. 0 ettaloani.
a new and handa.,mely fittad or
.I-t of (Went the beat Tronting and Hunt
n Penallylv tom. Commndi , c‘a tionma,CleAn
Ta..le and Moderate Prices. The public
rem , ec , fu Iva I,e,ted aaq'ttl-t,•
ATTOILSCY AT LAW-0134:00U 6thstrest,
th. Cnurt House, Brie. Pa.
OU I.D, 31. D.
01/101 Oa SCriNTLI . TILNKT, anat
Nnt- 4. ISM —3tnna*.
'.‘s are, Halls, Lassa, Seed. Piaster, ets , a and Seiner*, F.rle, Pa. j+ VI .1.
I'(KER do SUT 0 IL,
Provlrtuna. 'Flour and Fec ,, ,, Wood anc
Tobacco, S• gar 4., kn., Stat.
Farntrl En.oriurn
tn r 'fib-tt
110 t ta., Wiaterfortl. P•t•.
aud eau elul sttentton Oven to
11,6 6.5-1)•
CS 1 / 4 1 hl:It
4; AND Commission! If,
n I Cook, Fast Corner of
,r) Coal, Salt, F)312, Flour,
N. 8.--Particulur attention
L - to
n.! sud Forwarding of Petro•
e l, to all parts of the °Quail.)
Tllv K LEH.
•, ~ r Priv.lnce, Proviniona,
; • ' •.; inen, Liquors, &e.,
t , • - -•• Enn, es.
111 VI HI. -1
• is. Treavurr Department and
, .• • for r‘oldiere, Wa•hlogton,
• •,.;-• • , ES,vjamtn Ora it. Esq.
_ I •,,• Er e, Pa,
t • t • • e•tv,t. with 6,lehty and thi•
and eoliectect. Applieationx
• e t o Mr. Y. hariaz had s'v .
•• a of the Various De
• • •••., I•:•r most A duirActory
Government elaima.
k AB •ND CarlitlELLolol•T LAW
:.'1 , 1N.; , eryoello Crittenden
and all other ~i t*l bat"
ze o r A, Ar AI
E,, Warren and FOrrt.
' A hantan & Brecht
• P. Juhnson, W. D. Brown
.., '• .il. f ' •
'ltTill\ To Ner 'one sutler
- .•, I of Nervous llrbihty, ltt•
Youthful Error, to
•. w t others, will be hspp:. to
• of chime) the recipe
the e.mple remedy need in
w P.g . to pobt by the uivertteeee
;' •. wst - e and vatutble renteds,
, pace at his place of bust
, 'ortaation—A' vital impot•
eet.t by return
Naseau tet , New York.
• ot both sexes will find the
apl3'63 3m
I t . ‘%l'ol To HY. CURNDV—DR. BU.
" r; •Pr.clFic PILLS gam in I. U
z•zotoloal Weeknees, InannitYi
Nsryous Affections, no mat
•" Prlce one d.llar per box.
r+ 'n reee,pt of an otter. One bon
• ,n Le,•!. ea., ....litres'
,:eat, 4.27 tsroadway, New Y ork.
" ‘ V I- .. " 1 0 ISN,PECItI ENCE
01 A NY:liVui/S INVALID.
and es a caution to young
from Nervous Debillty, Pre
&c., supplying at the same
By Onal.rbo tuka cured himself
rnble queekery. By enclosing
coulee may be bad
llTOOklyn. Kings Co.. N. Y.
- - _
1 1 `ti , "It.. Th. Mk whitings fine let of lehilk•
t r a b•autiful head of glossy
." 1, card of Td(id. F. CHAPMAN,
EV ` K NEW' . pluaphlet direct.-
'" 's tillnt ite tea ai 1 wITw up doe
P.: by mlll, (rye. on ree•lpt of 10
E. It. 14)0ff., It D.,
11:10 firod.ay, • •ow York.
Bin I) t V.IIBBIt, an F.siay of Warn.
" hr Young Wen—publlihed by
." I,,,,, nitlon, A nd saint free of chirp in sealed
"". 1 , Di. J. MUM( HOUGHTON
Celebrated •Painsle Pills.
BY ROYAL eAk 4 ',e h % PATENT
:41 1 r '*et
pared fro% a Prescript:en of Dtr J. Clarke, M. A,
Physicuix Faintord,nary to the queen.
his li:trainable medicine is unfailing in the cure of all
Lore painful and d.engeroas diseases to which the female
constitution is subject. It moderates all excess and re-
MOT!s all obstructions, and a speedy cure may be relied
It Is peculiarly suited. It will, in a abort time, bring on
th e monthly period with regularity.
Eseh bottle, price One Dollar, bean the GoTernment
Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent counterfeit&
Tkeae Pille eitoithl mot be take,. by Females daring tit
FIRST THREE MONTHS of Pregnancy, as Mg are
fare to bring oa Nisei:magi, but at say other time City
are mid.
In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Attentions, Painsin
the Beek and Limb., Petiole on Flight exertion,Palpita
tton of the Heart, Hysteria and Whites, theta Pitts will
effect & cure when all other means hays failed: and al
though & powerful • emedyedo not contain Iron, calomel.
antimony or anything hurtful to the cOnstitution.
Full directions to the pamphlet around each package,
which should be carefully preserved.
Sole Agent for the United States and Canada,
JOB MOSES, 27 Cortlandt St., New York.
N. 8.—51,00 and 8 postags stamps enclosed to any an
horlsed agent, will insure a bottle, containing 50 Pills
DR. ell I LLrst CAT Ittlll rINUFF.—This
Sn AI has thoroughly proved itself to be the best
article known for curing CaTAasn, COLO to Tau Hain
and Misname. It has been found an excellent remedy
to many CaS.l of Soot ETES. Dia/NrB3 haa been removed
by it. and HF.I.IIING often been greatly improved by
its use. It is fragrant and agreeable, and gives ItilliEnt.
ATE RELIF.• to the dull hexer pains caused by Inseams
of the Head. The sensations after using it are delightful
and in,gorating. It opens and purges out all ob
structione strength.-ns the glands and gives a healthy
action to the Parts affected.
More then thirty years of sale and use of Dr Marshall's
Catarrh and Headache Sotid has proved Its great value
for all the common di...roes of the head, and at this mo
ment it stands higher than ever before It isreeommend
ed by many of the best physicians, and to used with great
success and satisfaction every where. Read the Certificate
of Wholesale Druggists in 1 , 454:
The rindersi4ned having for many yews been acquain
ted with Dr. Marshall's Citarrh and Heads he Snuff, and
sold in our wholesale trade, cheerfulfr state that we be
lieve it to be canal, in every respect, to the recommenda
tions given oft for the cure of Catarrh Affection; and
that it is decidedly the beet article we hare ever known
for all common diseases of the Bead.
Burr k Perry. Reed, Austin .t Co., Brown, Lamson &
Co.. Reed. fut!er k Co. Seth W. Fowl,. W,lann , Fairbank
k Co., Ho-ton ; Renshaw, Edmands & Co., H. H Ha;
Portland, Me.; Roe-ne. k Park, A B. & i.. Sande, Stephen
van' k inrael ‘llnor & Co , IfcCessmon k Robbing, A.
L. Senvill & Co., M. Ward, Close & Co., Bash At Gee,
New York.
Fnr .ale 1.• %II - trorrio. Tr. it.
lilt Pi I.l.x.—They expel this poi
sons which threaten 1 fe. Every time • sick per
son is purged by this vegetable real.dr, he has less vi
tiated humors and more life and vigor, ris soy one can
prove by taking a sihgle dose. Persons of spare halite
gota flesh and strength while using them. Every time
we rest a few days Or weegs from this purgation.we male
new natio from our foul, which replace the unsound
ones that tin pillo Lee cou-ed to be evacuated. Each
time we repeat this process we expel further gum:v.:Men
of impurities, which are ii;olo replaced by Boli'e less and
leis impure, ea tint in • short time, by continuing this
treatment, we bring bock the whole mars of fluids or
humors to that state of purity which constitutes health,
for Brandreth's Pills only take away humors wbtch are
Sold by all respectable dealers In medicines.
T, l IUIsIrStED Feise lighta are extlngutahed when •
I's great truth shisk-s forth, and the inconteatible fact
that the h.i: tame fro Af' ay, red or sandy to a glori•
ous black or brown, h ht tt the ehamellon changes
Ito hues, under the operation of
now known tgrorghont the American continent. It
h,r uleee, Contains no caustic, improves the fibre►,
produces a rich, a►tnral and testi g color of guy shade
'rum ► warm br ,wa to a glossy ishle.sod Ls endorsed by
the most e ninent analytic chemists in the United
lialaufautured by J. CRISTADORO. No. 0 Astor House.
New York. Sold by all Druggists sad applied by all Flair
iresi.r a. marY6s-lm.
WISH Tea BR CURED If en, swallow two or
three hogshead+ of .8:mho," "Tonic Bitters," ..6arsa.
pantie," -.Nervous Antidotes," &e.,
&c.. , and after
von are satisfied with the rewilt, then try one box of
—end be restored to health and •Igor in less than
thirty de... They are purel7 vegetable. pleaaant to
take. prompt and salutary to th,ie effects on the broken
down and •hattered wuntliutinn. Old andyoung can
take them with advantage. DR. t 4 UCII N'S EvGLIB:I
CPiCIFIC I'ILLS cure in leas than 30 dam the wont
c.a.; of Nervorign•ss. Im,otenty, Premature Dec,,a
4 em , n Weak,w. Inssoltr, and all Urinary. Sexual,
and Nervous tffeetione, no matter from what cause pro.
diced. Pnee, One Dollar per box. 'hint, postpaid, by
mail, on receipt of an order. Addren,
No 41 Broadway, N. Y., General Agent.
P. .9.—A box cent to any &admits on receipt of price—
which le rhee Dollar—post free. A diner piles Circular
sent on application. J719.2m
/ever having been restored to beelth in a few dam after
many years of misery, is willing to usist biz mattering
feDow-creatures by sending (free,) on the receipt of •
postpaid add•essed envelope, a copy of the forstihs o
cnre empin ed Direct to
JOHN M. DAGNALL, Box 163 Poet Office,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
muB 65-1 y
meat.—lD pint bottle+, prier 60 coots.
540 Main St. Hartford, Coma.
Dr. Tostse—De sr sir : I bees been in the livery bald
ness for the last twenty years. and during that time
have used all the various liniments and lotions of the
cloy, but never bare found an article equal to yotir Ven
etian Horse Liniment. I have fairly tested it on my
horses in distemper, sprains, cats, calks, swelling of the
glands, toas also for rheumatism on myself, and have
always found it an invaluable remedy.
Respectfully yours, 11. LITCIIITIELD.
• stold by all druggists. Ofilca, be Cortiandt Street,
Vow York.
may i I'tb-6m
AUNLVEItS iL MeniciNs•—'y what we eat,
by the air we b.eathe, or by the water we drink, we
can be made sick ; or by fatizus, OT from debility Induced
be heat, because these effi , te end by producing impurity
of blood To regain beCth we must purity the blood,
oy the organ of the stomach and bowels ; these organs
mast b.) continued to the wilier performance of that
duty which nature has suisigutal them, and should there
oe any impediment, to wh , t does experience pointy
whteb cannot Wier", and which will merely restore the
bote.le to the regalar petforrosttoe of their dullest.
The dyppeptic, the bilious w.II find them a treasure of
health. and the same ma* be said in all ►hn are sick in
any way —take Brandreth's Pals and be cured Sold by
all respectable dealers is trieliteirleg. apt'6S- lm
A CANDID NTA.TEfiIENT.—Ifori eon procure o
any drugest in this city and vicinity [Jr. Tabled
Venetian Liniment. It is a sure and speedy cure for
sore throat, be sdaebe, toothache, chrome rheumatiqn,
colic, croups and pain in the - ileitis. We ►dnn every
nowt° give tt a trial. The expense it a mere trifle-IS
cont.-and we are confident no person millersr be with
out it. Everr family should hare a bottle in the house
in case of sudden aecidenic such as cuts, barns, scalds,
Al. Its pew relieving qualities are miraculous. Al for
croup. it hap saved hundreds, we have the certificates
to prove it.
Price 4.5 nod 50 cents. Sold by all druggists. Office
56 Cortiandt Street, New York. marl-Im.
1 Drs. Firmenich & Co., of Buffalo, have discover, d
I Dew Caring method, by which ail digeliapp an be
readily and radically cored by the patient, without the
aid of a physician.. Dr. P. Is the author of a toadies'
work of 800 pages, price $2 00. giving a full explanation
~ the Indoor treatment. They also publish a mouth!.
Medical Journal; of which esusPle embers will be
free, by addressing Drs. J. FIRIIKNICFI h 04/
Cue Baffin°, N.
no you wept Whlskins or Moustaches ? Our
Oreetan Compound will forte them to grow on the
smoothest ta.A or chin. or heir on bald bead% In ilx
we-k■ Price SI 00. Sent by mail everywhere, closely
Sealed, no reesi,t of pries.
Addreee. k Cil. , Bn: 1311, Brooklyn, N. Y
quiet BRIO tI. 12111‘71131fli.—A. Note of w irniog
1 and cc vice t • those audrriug with Seminal Weak.
erre, 11.neral Drbility, or Proca•ture peal, fora what
en canes proclaead. Read, ponder, and reflect! Be
wile le time.
Peat tree to any address, ka• the benefit of the ere*
Sesibmbra mall. Address
JAVits 8. itTrLut
• t _ £29 Broady, Kw York.
Special Notices.
Cristadoro's Hair Die.
_ _
We would respectfully call the attenUon of the public
to our (militias for doing Job Printing or every descrip
tion. Having rapid Presses alld the latest Styles of Type,
we are prepared to do anything iti,the Jobbing line, in •
manner equal to any other establishment, and on terms
as reasonable as the Btillaio or Cleveland olmet. Ws
have a hied nearly two thousand dollars worth of =tee
real to the °face since it has bee., in our possession, with
the object of mating it what we thought the communi•
ty needed. Hew wellies her, succeeded we leave the
specimens of our Jobbing, which may ne seek in every
part of Ni rth Western Pennerlininia, to testify. Theis
who went tasty work are invited to eve us a call. W.
can do any kind of Printing tLat can is done elsewhere,
—such for instance is
All kinds need by Coal Operators,
Ail kinds used by Coal Shippers,
All kinds need by Coil Pellets,
' All kinds oust by Merchants sod Storekeepers,
All kinds mod by Retailers and Grocer,,
All kinds used by Manufacturers.
All kinds used by Medicine Dealers,
All kinds used by Anctionern,
All kindsused by Railroad Agents,
..11 kinds need by wanks,
All kinds used by Insurance °Mom,
All kind, used by Stook Compatible, easerally,
Il kinds used by Brokers, •
All kinds aced by C 0.,. and For. M.ershaata,
Allkinds used by Esprru Yen,
s kinds need by Pro'essional ken
A 11 kinds used by Literary Societbd,
All kinds used by Public OMmert,
All kinds used by Patentees,
All kinds used by Producers of Articles,
All kinds used by Mere haute of all Tender,
•it kinds aid by Architeets,
All kinds used by Dagnerreas Establbelunients, •
All kinds need by Artiste generally,
All kinds need by Public Kshibitors,
All kinds need by Managers of Social Asnestabliss, •
All kinds used by Political Managers,
All kinds used by Travelling Arent;
Ail kinds need by Farmers, or sellers dried estate.
All kind, weid by the sellers of Poisoned Property,
All kinds used by Renters,
In short, all kinds used by all clams.
Orden by mail,when sent by responalblie parties,Prompt
ly attended to. Agents for Shows, Concerts, &b., whose
reeponsib lily we ars net acquainted with, must pay In
advance. In cases where packages are sent out of the
city by expreaaand the oersans for whom they are intend
ed have not a reguLaraccount at the canes, the bill for
collection will inraziabli be forwarded with them.
Important Announcement.
GREAT SALE of Watches, Chains, Dia
mood Rinke, Ito One Million Dollar,' worth to
be disposed of at One Dollar Rich I Without regard to
Va ue I Not to be pald for until you know what )ou are
to receive I Sploodld Lout of Antolini All to lee sold
for One Dollar each.
250 Gents' Gold Guntinrease Watehes 230 to $l6O
250 Lades Gold and Enamelled hunting case
Watches ...... g 5 to 70
600 Gents' hunting-cave Sliver Wab.has 85 to 70
2" Diamond Rlnrs 60 to 100
6,000 Gold Vest and Neck Chains. 4-ta 30
3 " Gold Oval Band Bracelets 4to B
6 " Gold and Jet Bracelets 6to 10
2 " Chatelaine Chains and Guard Chains— 6to 20
7 " Solitaire and Gold Brooches 4to 1
6 . Coral, Opal, and Emerald Brooches.... 4to
3 a Gold, Cameo. and Pearl Ear Drops 4 to
6 " koala°, Jet, Lava, as FlYntine ear drops. 4to
7,6" Coral, Opal, and Emerald " 4to
4 " California Diamond Breast-plat 8,50 to 1
3 " Gold lob and Vest Watch keys 2,60 to
4 " Fob and Vest !Rahbon slides 3to 1
5 " sets Solitaire Fleave-buttans, Studs, kc. 3to .
3 " Gold Thimbles. Pencils, &c 4to
10" Miniature 1 nekets 2,50 to 1
4 " leariustore Lo9r-ta, Magic Spring 10 b 20
S " Gold Toothpick*, Crones, 4c.c 2to 8
6i. Plato Gold Sums 4to 1 , .)
s'. Chased Gold hinge.... 4to 11
9.. Stns. Set and Signet Rings 2,60 to 10
9 " California 11 almond Glop 2to 10
75 " set. Lalies' Jewelry—Jet and Gold—. 6to 16
6 " seta Ladisa' Jewalry—Cameo, Pearl, Opal
and other stones 4to 16
9 " Gold Pens, Site., extension holders and
' 4 Gold Pens and Gold mnanted Holders...
Go.d Pens and OAd extenilon " 16 to 26
b " Ladles• Gilt and Jet Buckles 6to , lb
" Ltittra' Gilt and Jet Hai , Bare it 81111.. 6to 10
" Silver 0 biota and Drinking Caps 6to 60
Slyer Caatora 15 to 60
" Silver Frult,Card, and Cake Baskets.... 20 to 50
" dozen Silver Tee rtpoons I per d , a) 11 to 21
" dozen 4 iiver Toole opoons and Yorks—. 21 to 41
AR Re D Yanara•terers' Argils, N 0.167
madway, New York. announce that all of the above
st g ode will be sold for I lee Dollar each.
In noose 'nonce of the great etagnaton of trade in the
menufzeturing distriata of Ragland, through the war
having cut off the supply of 041 in. a large quantit• o
valuable Jewelry, originally tote-ids t for the Kaglielz
market, has been sent off for sale In this country, and
meet be sold at so• sacrifice I under thee* emirs
stances, SKR •NDSLE k Co., acing as agents fir the
principal European ma Lufacturen. have resolved until
a Great Gift Distribut.on, subject to the Cottoning regu
lations :
rontfiettes of the various argots* ere finft font into
envelopes meted up, sod mined ; so,l when ordered, are
taken out without rega•d to choice, and sent by mail,
tans (tater all a fair chance. on the receipt of the
certificate, you will si • what you are to have. sod then
it lest fur option to send .be dotter and tate the arti
ste or not Foramen may this obtain a Gold Watch,
Diamond Ring, or any Set of Jewelry on our Litt for one
in all tr nasetlona by man, we ahall charge for for
warding the CerUltrate, paying postage, and doing the
brielneve.,26 cents va.h which malt be el:lntoned when
the Centßeats Le sent for. Flee Certificates will be sent
for $l. eleven .nr $2, thirty for .$6, sixty-fire for $lO, and
• handrrd for $l6.
AG TN TS.— We want agents In every regiment, and in
every t .wn and now tr to the country, and those acting
as inch will be allowed ten cents on every Certificate or
nem' for them provided their r..m.ttance ainonnta to
one dollar. A gents will collect 26 c-nta for every Cir.
Uncut., and result 16 cents to as, either in au& or poet.
age stamps. _
apx.:l3.3m 107 Broadway, N. T.
Mato 806116, Brown k C 0..)
Military & Naval Claims,
2 Park ?lace, New York. .
Corresponding house to Washington, D. C., .7. W. Mah
er & Co., 474 14th dtreet.
Mario.: had three years' experience in the collection
of Claims and the general Inoue lon of business In all
department. of Govcrument, we eau assure our clients
and e rrespondents that all businems %garroted to us
add be vigorously and promptly attended to. We are
prepared to make advances upon and negotiate the see
of claims, and purchase Quartermutees bills and
checks, as well as collect the following classes :
Penelope for invalids, Widows, Mothers and Orphan
Bounties for Soldiers, disch•rred to: wounds received
In battle, those who have served two years, and the
heirs of deceased; also otate bounty to such as are en—
A rreari of pay for Officers and Soldiers, and the heirs
of deceased.
Nary prize money for all captures.
Navr pension and balance ol pay.
Accounts of discharged Akers settled. ordnance sad
clothing returns properly made out and collected, and
clearances obtained from Ordnance and Quartermaster's
Departs.en ts.
U.S. Harem:L.B[llmpg for sale at a discount of 3..1( to
4) per cent.
Wholesale and Retail -
are now receiving at theirold stand, Ameri
can Block, State street, a large and superior
stock, of
NUTS, itc., /tr..;
together with every thing found in a House
of this kind, which they will sell as cheap
as any other establishment in this city for
Cash or most kinds of country produce.
They ben also on hand ons of the lupe and finest
Stooks of Toboeso sad Megan ever breath,. to ids, to
which they invite the attention of the patina
ar all and en es- a nimble sixpenee is better than
a slow shilling, conamisently Cash bay= will And treat
bargains by atlnnt at the
Grocery Head Quarters!
Jilm2.lBBo . r.igtommsnwm.
Pleasure Excursions.
tin Zulu:ions on the Bay, art° stilt tha Panics*
wilt Sod tba as le sigma always roily to actoodoo.
date 'tom vth good boots. I hay. 2 Yachts *spread,
attad oat f pl. start parties. In *Mit no to • o nos.
of Mow Boats. Fishing Tackle sad Balt all the time on
hand. -
Persona &siring to biro the on. of owy of ms boats
will 1101 no aosuitsatly on hood,
J n.
fi the al stand, loot
of Blots street AL Nsati
Ray 11, 1566-laM
---e_ \
.„...,....7-... - 7 1 -.
• - -7--- '''...-•
- • -:-.,•afr". -i: A•G ..--.Z;:1":*-. ,-- - -
-.:.-1..•••`,..._--.7,..7-_---;-:"-----. -
. s. _:• ' •,:c..a.t. , ....7,,
A resit curtained cradle, where, nestled within
Soft cambiio flannel, lie pounds seventeen,
Ia the throne of a tyrant that pink little
Lathe autocrat august, for Baby Ia King.
Good, solemn grandfather dares hardly to
Or walk lest the sleeper should hear his bopts
Grandma is a martyr, in habits and cap,
Which the monarch' unsettles as well as her
Papa, wise and mighty, just home from the
Rouge, •0 -
Grows meek on the threshold, and moves like
To stare at the bundle, then outward be goes,
Like an elephant trying to walk onlas.toes.
The queen of the ball-room throws loyally
Before him the roses she• wore in her crown.
And slogs little love•songs of how she loves
The fair baby-blossom she rocks on her breast.
Good aunties and cousins before him bow low,
Though be rumples the ringlets, twists collar
and bow ; •
He bids hie nurse walk with his majesty's self,
And cries when she stops like a merciless elf.
Re lings rigid andleft his saucy fat fist,
And then the next moment expects to be kis—
He demands people's watches to batter about,
And meets a refusal with struggle and shout.
Then, failing to conquer, with a passionate
Ile quivers his' lips, keeps a tear in his eye ;
Aod so wins the battle, this wise little thing
Ile knows the world over that Baby is King.
Accidents and Crimes.
—A Km. Adeline Ridey, last Monday
night entered a drinking-house on Third
street, near Girard avenue, Philadelphia,
and, without apparent provocation, drew
a dagger and instantly stabbed one of the
proprietors, named Joseph Sides, and his
brother, Isaac Sides, who rushed to Jo
seph's assistance. Both the men died
soon after. The woman fled and conceal
ed herself, but Was subsequently arrested
and committed for trial. The murderess
was also the keeper of a drinking. house,
in St. John street, between Wiflow and
Noble, and had 2 a number of women
boarders. She is married, but her hus
band had left her, and was living atithe
house kept by Joseph Sides, who'also en
tertained female boarders. Rum and
jealousy appear to have been the cause of
this bloody tragedy. Adeline is twenty
four years of age, and has once been hand
some, but bears upon her face the wrin
kles that are the signs of ungoverned pas
'ions and habits of irregularity and dissi-
DROWNED —We learned late Wednesday
evening Jf a terrible accident at Dyers
ville, by which six persons, citizens of that
place. were drowned on Wednesday morn
ing while returning from a wedding party.
A party of nineteen persons; all of whose
names we did not learn, went on Tuesday
afternoon to a wedding at Colesburg,
where they remained over night, starting
to return early Wednesday morning
They had got within about a mile of Dy
ersville on their return, at 9 o'clock in
the forenoon, salien, in attempting to
cross Bear Creek, the tatal accident, which
so sadly put an end - to the pleasure on
the trip, occurred. The stream had be
come swollen with the heavy rains of
Tuesday night, and the water was above
the bridge, but the driver of the team
which conveyed "seven of the party
thought he could strike it and made ihe
attempt. The bridge is approached on
each aide by a turnpike road, and failing
to keep this, when nearly upon the bridge.
sod in quite deep water, the horses and
the wagon with It' living freight were
precipitated down the embankment into
the swift current, where five of the seven,
four men and a child, were drowned in
the presence of the remaining twelve,
who were in the wagon behind, and were
powerless to pave them from their fate.
The wife of Mr. Holscher, of Dyersville,
and the mother of the child, was, after
some time, heard calling for help a king
distance down the stream, and when
found was clinging to the bough of a tree,
and nearly exhausted. A farmer, living
near by, mounted his horse and swam in
to her, and with much difficulty succeed
ed in taking her ashore. Our informant
said it was not expected that she could
live, and she died on the evening of Wed
nesday. Mr. Holscher's father-in-law was
also one of the number of those drciwned.
But one man of those in the wagon was
safely rescued. The party were princi
pally Germans, and were among the best
citizens of Dyeraville."—Dulaque (Iowa)
4to It'
Bto 10
ATROCIOUS OUTRACT..-011 Thursday even
ing last a young woman of most respecta
ble family, and herself most respectable,
was, white crossing the New Green, set
upon by a gang of soldiers, said to be ten
in number, and most horribly outraged.
All she remembers is that she wag thrown
to the earth and gagged. She then be
came insensible. She was, after the fiends
had accomplished their purposes, found
and tenderly cared for, and taken to her
home. Medical aid was called at once,
and since then everything possible has
been done for the unfortunate young
woman ; but there seems to be little hope
of ber recovery. She was most dreadfully
abused, and if she lives it is doubtful
whether she will ever be her former self.
Every effort is now being made to appre
hend and bring to justice the wretches
who were concerned in the horrid crime,
but there seems to be really but little
prospect of their being found. The poor
girl's agony of mind is even greater than
her terrible bodily sufferings.—New Haven
Palladium, June 9th.
11ORRIBLI ACCIDENT.—Of all the Fourth
of •July acoidents which we have ever
read, none equals in revolting and heart
sickening horror that which happened on
board the steamer Ottawa last Tuesday,
while making a pleasure excursion to
Put-in-Bay—the particulars of which are
furnished by the Sandurky Register:
"The shaft of the vessel is situated
some eighteen inches above, the main
deck, and spliced in the center. From
the splices a nut protrudes, which in its
revolutions, caught the crinoline of a Miss
Whitehead, who, in her efforts to extri
cate herself from being wound around the
shaft, caught hold of a Mrs. Montgomery
with a deadly grasp. Mrs. Montgomery
immediately grasped a Mrs. Fisher, and
the three 'were wound around the shaft
together, end crushed in the moat horri
ble manner. The parties all belonged to
Locust point. The husbands, children
and friends of the unfortunate persons
were on board, and beheld the horrible
sight without any power to relieve them.
The boat was turned and headed for
home, and the party that bad started out
for a day of pleasure end rejoicing; re
turned in grief andsmourning."
The Conneaut (Ohio) Repartee says the
parties were from that vicinity, and gives
the following additional particulars :
." The statement as given •by the Ban
duslLy Register is partly correct, partly in
error. The name of the steamer (a one
Baby Is Mtg..
de^kerl is correct. She is commanded by
Capt. Reuben Grant, son of Whitney
Grant, of this town, and the "Mrs. Mont
gomery " spoken of, is a sister'of the Cap
tain's wife ; and the " Mrs. Fisher," wife
of Mr. Southwick. Mr. S. having been
employed on the same boat until the day
before. Several ladies were on board,
and had been cautioned to hold up their
clothes in stepping over the shaft. Mrs.
Montgomery having a headache had lain
down in a berth, directly over the shaft,
and. contiguous to the crossing, while
- Mrs. Southwick sat near by in a chair
holding a babe. Miss Whitehead stood
astride the shaft, talking to Mrs. Mont
gomery, and as soon as her clothing was
caught, seized hold of , Mrs. M., lying in
the berth, who, as she was dragged out,
caught Mrs. Southwick, when the three
were killed, as above stated, before the
machinery was stopped. Miss Whitehead.
went round with the shaft twice, Mrs.
Montgomery once, and Mrs. Southwick
halt way. The bodies of the first two
were badly torn, the clothing and flesh.
being tangled into a shapeless mass ; Mrs,
Southwick making but a part of a revo
lution, was not as badly mangled, having
only her legs and back broken. The
child which Mrs. S. was bolding at the
time, though covered with blood, was not
injured, and is supposed to have fallen
upon deck as the mother was caught. Mr.
Southwick did not witness the terrible
scene, having but a moment before gone
forward, where fare was being collected.
The first intimation he had of it was some
one came towards hide bringing his child
covered with blood, and then the sad
truth flashed upon his mind.
--Seine cowardly Fcamp sent us a while
ago a notice of what purported to be the
marriage of a couple at Oneida Valley,'
Madison county. We published it be
cause we have a number of subscribers in
that place. We have since learned that
the notice was a cruel hoax. The names
given were of well known parties, but no
marriage between them occurred or was
ever d7eamed of. As it turned out, the
affair was attended with a very sad result.
A correspondent writes us that a young
lady was .accused of being the author of
the hoax, and her feelings were so wrought
upon by the . opprobrious charge that she
went into spasms and died almost IMEGG.
Tax Era DE lc or Citric—Our exchangis
from all sections come to us with their
columns loaded with "Horrible Murders,"
" Suicides," "Rapes," "Robberies," "Gar—
roting," "Executions," "Counterfeiting,"
&c. In fact, we are having a perfect flood
of horrors now-a-days.
A yout. ,, man named Lucas, who had
just returned from Sherman's army, was
shot and killed in Mscan City, Mo., a few
dip' ago, by a " colored militiaman." The
Times, of that place, calls it an " unfortu
nate affair."
Mrs. John White accidentally caught
her dress in the coupling of a shaft in her
husband's mill, at Belfast, Me., the other
day, and her head was literally tors from
her body. She was 68 years old.
Au Exquisite Ballad.
[The following ballad is the imagery of an
Irish poot, whose name has escaped us, but all
Iva' agree in pronouncing It highly imagina—
tive, purely affectionate, and singularly melo
dious :]
Come to me dearest, I'm lonely, without thee,
Daytime end night-time I'm thinking about
thee ;
Night time and daytime in dreams I behold
Unwelcome the waking which Gauen to fold
thee ;
Come to me darling, my sorrows to lighten,
Cume in thy beauty to bless and to brighten ;
Come in thy womanhood, meekly and lowly ;
Come in thy lovingness, queenly and holy.
Swallows shall flit around the desolate ruin,
Telling of Spring and its joyous renewing;
And thoughts of thy love and its manifold
Are circling my heart with the promise of
Oh ! Spring of my spirit, oh ! May of my
Shine out on my soul till it bud and blossom ;
The waste of my life has a rose—root within it;
Aad thy foadness alone to the sunlight can
win IL
Figure wltioh moves like a song through the
Features lit up with the reflex of heaven,
Eyes like the skies of poor Erin our mother,
Where sunshine and shadows are chasing each
oiler ;
Smiles coming seldom, but ohild•like and
And op'aing their eyes from a heart of a dim-
ple •
Oh, than ks to the Savior that even thy seeming
Is left to the sleeper to brighten his dreaming.
You have been glad when you knew I was
Dear, are you sad now to hear I am saddened ?
Our hearts ever answer in tune and in time
le ve,
As octave unto octave, or rhyme unto rhyme
I cannot !mile, but your cheeks will be glow
ing ;
You cannot weep, but my tears will be flow
You will not Huger when I have died, love.
Come to me, dear, ere I die of my sorrow,
Rise on my gloom like the sun on to-morrow.
Strong, swift and fond as the words which I
speak, love,
With a song at lip, and a smile on your cheek,
Come, for my heart in your absence is dreary ;
flute, for my spirit is sickened and weary ;
Come to the arms which alone ■hall caress
Come to the heart which is throbbing to bless
DESIRABLE.-A small reward will be paid
for the discovery of a dozen original ad
jectives to• be used in complimenting
actors, generals, teachers, and steamboat
men. All the American adjectives in cur
rent use are now worn threadbare. There
is no-river man who is not weekly • pro
claimed in at least a dozen newspapers,
" Courteous, prompt, energetic, reliable,
gentlemanly, affable," &o. There is no
star actor or actress who is not puffed ad
nauseam as "brilliant, natural, versatile,
gifted, admirable, talented," &o. There
is no general who is not landed while - he
is in command as " brave, skillful, clear
headed., judicious, soldierly," and the
like. There are no teachers who are not
" competent, laborious, worthy, devoted,
and faithful," and there are no school
children who are not " praiseworthy, in
telligent and studious." The adjectives
now used are generally alittle too sweet.
A DAltEllell IDRA. cr Woxart.- - -Dey may
rail against wimmia ae much as dey like,
dey can't Bet me up against dem. I bab
always in my life found dem rust in luh
-fuat in a quarrel—fust in dance—de fast,
in de ice cream saloon—and de fast, best
and last in de sick room. What would
we poor debbles do without dem ? Let
us be born as little. as ugly, and as help.
less as you please, and a woman's arms
am open to receib us. She it ma who gibe
up our helpless naked limbs, and rubbers
as our foots and toses in long" Sinnen
petticoats, and it am she who, a* we grow
up, fills our dinner baskets with apples as
we start to skool, and licks us when we
tears our trousers.
Pew Talk.
That tall young fellow's here ! i
I wonder what's his name
His eyes aro fixed upon onr pew—
Do look at Sallie Dame.
Who'a that young lady Dressed in maul
It can't be Mrs. Leach;
There's Mr. Jones with Deacon Giles—
'. wonder it he'll preach?
Lend me your fan, it is so warm ;
We both will sit in prayers ;
Mourning beoomes the Widow Ames—
/low Mary's bonnet tares t
Do look at Nancy Sleeper's veil,
It's fell a breadth too wide ;
I wonder if Snsannab Ayres
Appears to day as bride
Lord! what a voice Jam Rica Lae got ;
Oh ! how that organ !oars ;
I'm glad we've left the singer's seat ;
How hard Mies Johnsm snores !
What ugly•shswle those are in front !
Did you observe Ann Wild 2
Her new strew bonnet's Maimed with black—
I guess she's lost s child ;
I'm half asleep ; that Mr. Jones;
His sermons are so long ;
This afteraoart we'll stay at hbate,
And pTtice that new song.
Girls Should Learn to Keep House.
'No young lady can be too well in
structed in anything which will affect the
comfort of a family. Whatever position
in society she occupies, she needs a prac
tical knowledge of household duties. She
may be placed in such circumstances that
it will not be necessary for her to perform
such domestic labor ; but on this account
she needs no less knowledge than if she
ware obliged personally to attend'over the
cooking stove and pantry. Indeed. I have
often thought that it is more cittE3ult to
direct others, and requires more eaperi•
ence, than to do the same work with our
own hands.
' Mothers are frequently so nice and par
ticular that they do not like to give ill
any part of their care'to their children
This is a great mistake in their manage
ment, for they are often burdened with
their labor and need relief. ' Cnildren
should be early taught to make them
selves useful ; to assist their parents every
way in their power, and to consider it , a
privilege to do so.
Young people cannot realize the im
portance of a thorough knowledge of
house-wifery ; but those who have suffered
the inconvenience and mortification of
ignorance can well appreciate it. They
should be early indulged in their disposi
tion to bake, and experiment , in cooking
in various ways. It is often but a trouble
some help that they aff)rd ; still it is' a
,great advantage to them. ,
I knoW a little girl who at .nine yeirs
old made a loaf of bread every week dur
ing the winter. Her mother ,tausrht her
how much yeast, and 'salt arid flour to
use, and she became qUite an expert
bakir. Whenever she is disposed to try
her skill in making simple cakes or pies,
she is permitted to do so. She is thus,
while amusing herself, learning an im•
portant lesson. Her mother calls her her
little housekeeper, and often permits her
to get what is necessary for the table. She
bangs the keys by her side, and very
musical the jingling is to her ears. I think
before she is out ol•her teens. upon which
she is not'yet entered, she will have some
idea ho,v to cook.
Soma mothers give their daughters the
care of housekeeping, each a week by
turns. -It seems to me a goimi a-range•
meat, and a most useful part of their edu•
Damtstic labor is by no means incom
patible with the highest degree of refile
ment and mental culture. Nisny of. the
moat elegant, accomplished women I have
known have looked well to their houie
hold duties. and have honored themselves
and their husbands by so doing."
Thus far from Anna Hope ; and who
Anna Hope is, we know not ; but one
thing we are sure of, she is not wise above
what is written. Solomon speaks the
praise and properties of a good wife, in
Proverbs, xxxi. Girls will ypu read it ?
Begin at verse 10.
Economy, taste, skill in cooking. and
neatness of the kitchen, have . a great deal
to do in making life happy and prosper
ous. The charm of good houSekeeping is
in the order, economy, and taste displayed
in attention to little things, and these lit
tle things have a wonderful influence. A
dirty kitchen and bad cooking have driv
en many a one from home to seek com-
fort and happiness somewherts else. None
of our excellent girls are fit to be msrried
until they are thorough educated in the
deep and profound mysteries of the kitch
June number of garper's Hagizine has an
interesting article, entitled " Recollections
on Grant," giving anecdotes' illustrative
of his character and an estimate of his
military genius. It seems that the niotto
of the Scottish clan from which Grant de
rives his surname, is "Stand ; fast, stand
firm, stand sure." 'The following extract
is interesting: • i
" He is a more inveterate smoker than
either Sherman or Rosecrans, but he
smokes in a different style and for a dif
ferent effect. Both Sherman and Rose
crans take to tobacco as a stimulant to
their nervous orianizations. (rant smokes
with the listless, absorbed, and satisfied
air of -an opium -smoker, his mind and
body being soothed into repose rather
than excited by the effect of the weed.
Neither Sherman nor Rosecrans are neat
smokers, the velvet breest-facing of their
coats and their shirt-bosoms being gener
ally soiled. Grant, on the 'contrary, is
very neat, and smokes only i the best of
cigars. He smokes almost without cessa
tion, and is never at ease when employed
at anything which forbids smoking as an
accompaniment. During the famous in
terview with Pemberton' before Vicksburg
he smoked with his usual' ; composure.
5We pardon Gen. Grant for smoking a
cigar as he entered the smouldering ruins
of the ,town of 'Vicksburg,' ;said a rebel
paper after the surrender. ' b little stage
effect, it added, is admirable ,in great cap
tains.' .put Grant never smokes dramati
cally. His cigar is a necessary part of
himself, and isueither assumed nor aban
doned for state occasions. He has been
known to smoke at reviews, and has fre
quently been brought to a halt, and Noti
fied by sentinels or, guards over commis
sary stores, 'No smoking allowed here,
sir.' On entering ,the Senate, Chamber he
had to be requested to leave his cigar out
A WZALTHIr Cuuacu.—The real estate
of Trinity Church, New York, originally
consisted of 2,068 lots, grinted it by King
William 111, in 1897, Since,l74B, 318 lots
have been, - given away, 1,050 have been
sold, 691 remain ; yet, owing to the rise
of property, the value of the remaining
lota is very moth greater than the orieinal
value of the .whole. William B. Astor
'leases a large number of the lots, which
!elutes will expire at the Close of May,
1866, When the Chuieh'wilt eCoine into full
possession of them. Their value is esti
mated at $6,000,000. The Astor lease in
eludes 336 lota, which were let, in 1767, at
seventy-five cents yearly per lot fora term
of ninety-nine years. They are all occu
pied by buildings which bring Mr. Astor
high rents, and comprise ,some of Abe
most valuable sites in the First, Third,
Filth, Eighth and Ninth Wards. Mr.
Astor pays Trinity Ciiapel $269 per annuul
for all the lots, being about seventy-five
cents each. If we estimate the rental
f►om each building on these lots at the
low average of $5OO, the .fortunate lease
holder must receive on an invested capi
tal of $269, an income of $169,000 per
annum ! In a few years all the leases
given by Trinity to various parties will
expire; and the property will revert back
to the corporation. The value of the
whole real estate will then, it is said, not
fall short of twenty millions of dollars.
To Me Editor of the N. Y. Tribune
Will you kindly permit a small
space in your paper to say something rel
ative to the theater bearing my name in
Washington ? In that building I have
always conducted one business. For that
purpose, after infinite exertions, I secured
its erection.. In it I invested all the earn
ings of my life and considerable sums ob
tained from friends. I have offered it for
sale ; the price was named as less than its
Arable by (among others) Mr. W. E'. Spald
ing, the owner of a similar theater, known
as "Grover's," in the same city. The thea
ter wee not 40 7 d. I waited until-July 1, so
as to afford the parties every opportunity.
My action in the premises has been ac
knowledged as "courteous, kind and
libeml." I now have no other resource
but to resume my legitimate and lawful
business. The claims upon the - building,
the claims of raV own fitnlif—my owe
rights as .2 eanti-li lus Net nud excuse this
intention. I did not desire to ao vtutet.e...
to public sentiment ; the failure to pur
chase was in it..elf to me some evidence
that the public was not averse to the le
gitimate use- of the property. I could not
perceive any disposition to interfere with
me by violence; but on all sides in' Wash
ington I found warm sympathies and gen
erous patronage. When I announced the
opening—which I did one week itt ad,
vance,-a large number of seats were en
gaged, and a large number of ladies went
to the theater on the evening named.
The Mayor of the city assured me that he
had no apprehension whatever about any,
disturbance. The Marshal of Police gave
me the same assurance. At 6 p. m., on the
day of the intended performance, my
theater was taken in charge by the mili
tary "to prevent any performance." Since
then I have had two interviews with the
Secretary of War. At first I was inform
ed that the act of the military was " from
fear of violence " I assured the Secretary.
that I had no such fears and was willing
to take the risk, and advised him of the
views of the city authorities. At the se
cond interview I was told " that it was de•
cided that the theater must not be used
for theatrical entertainments." I am, as
I have been, willing to please those who
desire to change the character of my pro
perty by selling it at a fair price; but I
mu - t protest against my being deprived
of the privilege of conducting a lawful and
legitimate business within Inv own property, if
not purchased—the same business I have
always conducted, and for which, as I said
'before, the property Was constructedt I
but claim my rights as a citizen of the
country. Very respectfully,
There is something exceedingly melan
choly in the accounts which are, given of
the custom of courtship in Greenland.
G2nerally,.wornen enter upon the blessed
estate with more willingness and less so
licitude than men. Tue women. of Green
land are an exception to this rule. A
Greenlander, having fixed his affections
upon some female, acquaints his parents
with the state of -
to the parents of the girl, and if the par
ties thus far are agreed. the next proceed
ing is to appoint two female negotiators,
whose duty it is to broach the subject to
the young lady. This is a matter of great
tact and delicacy. The lady ambassadors
do not shock the young lady to whom
they are sent by any sudden or abrupt
avowal of the awful subject of their mis
sion. Instead of doing this, they launch
out in praises of the gentleman who seeks
her hand. They speak of the splendor
of his house, the sumptuousness of his
furniture, of his courage .and skill in
catching seals, and other accomplish-
In en til.
The lady, pretending to be affronted,
even at these remote hints, runs away,'
tearing the ringlets of her hair as she re
tires, while the ambassadresses, having
got the content of her parents, pursue
her, drag her from her concealment, take
her by force to tue house of her destined
husband, and there leave her. Compelled
to remain in there, she sits for days with
dishevelled hair, silent and dejected, re
fusing every kind of sustenance, till at
last, it kind entreaties do not prevail, she
"is compelled by force, and even by blqws
to submit to the detested union. In some
cases, Greenland women faint at the pro
posals of marriage—in others they fly to
the mountains, and only return when
compelled to dojo by hunger and cold.
If one cuts off her hair, it is a sign that
she is determined to resist to the death.
All this appears so unnatural to us that
we seek for the reason of such an appa
rent violation of the first principles of hu
man nature, The Greenland wife is the
slave of her husband, doomed to a life of
toil, drudgery, and privations, and if he
die, she and her children have no resource
against starvation. The married state is
a miserable condition, while widowhood
is a still more appalling fate.
Panosortm—We are apt to hait them
who won't take our advise, and despise
them who do.
It is dreadful esy to be a phool—a man
can be one and not know it.
Elegant lezzure—chawing plug terback
er, and - spitting in a dorg's eye.
Real happiness don't consist so much in
what a man don't have az it duz in what
he don't want.
Fear is the fust lesson larn't and the
last one forgotten.
Nqbody but a phool gits bit twice by the
same dog. •
A pet lam Mimi makes a cross ram.
Epitatis aro like circuss bills, there is
more in the bills than is ever perforined.
Tew be healthy—eat onions and go
PILLS —The Weak, the Cou
p suroptive, Rheumatic, Costive, Billions and Delicate,
after 4 ome days' um, will rind renewed strength and life
pervade every organ of their frames.
Ivory dose makes the Wood purer. the nerves com
mence in the arteries and terminate in the veins. These
pills, as a Brat effect, ant upon the arterial blood, in•
creasing the circulation, by which Impurities are depos
ited in the veins, and they throw off mach collection'
into the bowels, which organs, by the energy, derived
from Brandreth's PUN,- expel them from the syetem.
When first need, the Pills may occasion griping, end even
mote the patient feel worse. This is an excellent otein.
and shows the disease will soon be cured. No great g od
Is often achieved without some trouble in its attainment
and thth rule applies to the recovery of health. Bold by
all rupeetabhe dealers In medicines. lereb
Ford's Theator, Washington.
Jortm T. FORD
Ford's Theater, July 13, 18(15.
Courtship in Greenland.
HUU3Ii AND LOT it Ott SAUL —The eonteol
out and desirable residents now at:erupted by 0. A.
Linden. on Eighth street.ttstween Peach and State., wal
be sold low for oseb. Pouseeon giren Ist of April
nett. The Lot is 323 by 9234, and the House is well
built ant in.excellent repair. •
jy201 . 45-0 Wit. A. GALBRAITH.
first rate Farm or Ten H Ina aoand and kind, T
years old foe tale ; or will be 'welshed for i good
family or boggy bongo.
Voquiro at this Oka
minietratbin on the @date of Frederick Struchen,
decemied. late .5( Girard town•hip, Iris county, Pa,
haying been granted ro the undersigned, notice is hereby
siren tenell. indebted to the mos to make Immediate
Pigment, and tnose haying claims aolust the said. es
tate, will present theta, properly authenticated, for 'at
tic meat. JOHN IsTIAUCHMI.
Girard, Soli 20, 188b-4w.
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