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tic Atterlag Obgrreri.
h.titE. PA., JULY J 3, 18G5
ON A GRAND SPREE. -A servant girl
, 4 , un:crtairi region known as "out West."
~ tly tried whiskry to kill rats. She made
eet with sugar, crumbled Ili bread, and
he tikh ih the cellar. A few hours after,
eat down and found several rats glori—
, ofa I lied," engaged in throwing potato
Is and hauling ono another up to drink,
e were wily disposed of ; those not kill . -
it tl,c p . remises immediately, undoubt•
offering with a severe headache.
1:5 account of the Abolition celebration
4rh of July at Cleveland, the Plain
tr fursi3hes this statement :
tae feature of the procession we have
t , the last as the most disgustipg con—
ble. A icsge express wagon had seats
ins around the outside, rising in the
of a pyramid in .she center. Oa these
de seati were ari:anged beautiful little
neatly and tastily dressed, filling the
t trls top of the pyramid, leaving
9C ua tue apes vacant. Upon this seat
laced i nezress We say no mere. It
i cve m
ti tre „ ely disgusting to any
f a reel nand.
Dtwes.trlc Pazss.—Do Democrats
e the Mc: !hit the burden of maintain—
sir priaciple3 rests upon the publishers
a Democr.tie press' Out of large cities
is not a Democratic paper that is not .
Publi.hed at a -lets to its proprietor.
..tdmialstration papers have the treasury
.e General and State Governments to de•
urn The banking and manufacturing
lof the country sympathizes Strongly
the administration and lends its aid to
,:prolion of the Democratic press
I.lDecoaerats permit their defenders to
1,0 .scrifi:ed, or will they come to the
•!! Let the man who takes a Democratic
Asper be the rule, and not the excep—
it now. Let it be a matter of pride
cl ay Democrat that he takes, and pays
Ftly and liberally for his local paper.--,
raTEI Cr DUNEIRK —The Dunkirk °ale—
:11 of liaVpearlerice.dAy ie repryented
epaprs of the place to have h4en, in
r e spects, a very successful one. The
while expressing extreme gratification
11:1;the 3 :her parts of the celebration, is
ad hussar pith the oration, which was
rat by Rev. Dr. Forrester, formerly of
e oration was a fine production as a
oritory, but bein; of a partizan and
al character, It was a disgrace to the
on, to s ty the least that can be said of
was probably written for an election
document in Onto, and if it Is deliver
fore the Loyal League at Oberlin, will
.ht give the best e satisfaction. Here,
Itlrk. up ma sue i an oenasion, the peo
-1 a right to expect an address which
lo credit to our forefathers, credit to
:hers, credit to our institutions, credit
salve', and he a credit to the speaker.
or , n.)n, this wis a failure in each of
and the assembled multitude
t:,;ht ro feel outraged that they should Maud in the heat, and smoke,
us:, 1,7. nearly two mortal hours, to lie
. en itreniously written argument in
c,f t.;ro suffrage." .
ir;! • , hr Dr. Forrester's sake, that the
'rrecnarks may not be well founded. We
ktown him for a number Of years, and
td. :Ti:ult to believe that he w3uld be
of doing so unworthy tin act as to as
rmertin; a patriotic occasion into a
1 1 .11:115.1 meeting
Letter from Lieut. Lowry.
Tammany Society of Democrats, in
' Jrc city, held a celebration on the 4th,
• v 93 largely attended, and passed off in
:eei:ngly pleasant manner. Among the
i guests was Cern. Lowry, of the U. E.
formerly a regident of Erie, who wrote
.11owing letter in response :
:rw - LONDON, CONN., July 4, 1865. *
Dr se Stn: The invitation to join this
aa,v Society in its celebration on the
fJu'y has been receifed. Thanking you
I,e polite compliment, I fear my duties
place will prevent me from accepting.
pond to the sentiments of your invita.
The glorious principles of,the Demon
lte° been cherished in my heart from
it youth, have strengthened with man
end all through the past four years
e tad no reason or desire to change
Abused and misrepresented by pond
ties, Democrats have still unflinch.
to;1 in the front rank, wherever blood
el, valor displayed, or sacrifices were
, :r the " Union and the laws." Hosts
m have died, thousands on thousands
out their blood through their wounds,
e mutt(' and broken in health for
Mn'tuales have opened the purse and
1 with heart and brain, all with one
purpose, " the preservation of the
:f thts notion, the supremacy of the
,u'ion, arol enforcement of the laws."
too bud intolerance having been crush
reb fee 1—le: us hope that the lesson
deep into the understanding of every
.atatl Erure attempts at revolution,
dlsmemberment of this nation of free.
11/ ba pu: teen by the same men or
--zeniAnts, un the same principles. I
,u in tnan:fulness and in gladness,
he s'name nn 1 misery of civil war is at
ati.that the flag cf the United States
! t:n orer tie wit .le land. Let us plant
Trb:re, immovably, in the grave of
1, rase our prostrate foes and country.
em arms against us, from the dust
:r hatter humiliation, and with joined
renew our march toward national
ees I g.te you: Tears for the deed.
`,:r tits pot. Fraternity and hope
eflture. -
te.fully and fiaternally.
B. B. Lowar.
' Lieu -Com'dtr t U. S. Navy.
F Par 17, Et , a 6., Tammany Society
The lieu Oil Dorado.
bee: to Oil Creek a few days ago,
ae-,r e'se on 'he road but
ohl }lobe." I found the
r.y 1)::re:y roosting places of our spec
• co the creek almost, deserted ; no
;:se, oil at aI ; the boarding
dissatisfied landlords staying
c;• : I 'y-aro:m.l with the &wind truth 9a
n•tl that the time of golden harvest,
er c)o I, with impuaity, put throe
.r in sae tel, •besil a legions of the
may be : had gone forever ;
rou t t mike more money they
Jr/ the current—pack up their
;a...ts, beds and move over
n—s The groceries are deserted, too,
issi-l.ey is gi:tiog sour. Oil Creek
a zystofol picture to the man who
to hit its glory.
1 .e co:y, a, place of very recent date
or than two or three weeks—num•
• ao - ff three hundred houses, or
rs Carla every 07e a boarding house.
a , 'e not going to stop there. Right
LC, 10 tile celebrated United States
sal acre you fiat an excited crowd,
trying to nuke all the money
for leases on
I. at.;ea fJr o her purposes than boring
• [Pit w 'rib a chilling to the acre.
p - r y pald as high as $15,000
rare with a royalty of half
t:,e rut rrice is now about $4,000
Jc) let half acre, on the licilmden farm,
!re I:, t ,d s. ates W e ll is located.
iu; , tak.e, tha success which min
n.gatrle I here is unparalleled,
aLtit fJur years ago en Oil Creek.
' 7 ' cow lire wells producing, Sour
Ills r-ds of tram 50'd to 1,003 barrels
Very superior oil, with every
of rapid increase. Numberless
will be started in less than one month
um, Led if Daly t► moderate Success
crowns the eager miner, the production of
oil will rise to n height which cannot fail to
make it a greater staple than cotton used
to bebeforo tho War.
Oil Creek is euffering considerably under
these new strikes. All the tributaries of this
stream in a short time, With the exception of
Cherry run, will be almost entirely aban
doned, and Oil Creek itself of_ secondary im.
portance. Another question arises here, will
not the greater number of wells going down
on Pithole exhaust this newly discovered ter•
ritory ? lam afraid it will, and quicker than
Oil Creel. The operations on Oil Creek have
been gradual, and not all the boreable torri
tory is developed yet. The consequence will
be that a good many—that is those who own
interests, is about one year from now on Pit-
hole—will suffer severe , loss. This is the
opinion of every cool observer. -
Of course, at present, all and everything is
lovely, and in i•a glory, and if a man buys be
cannot help making money, becau3e interests
are going up all the time and will be for a
good while to come.
Prather and Duncan, the most interested
parties in the Holmden farm, laid the )illy
part of it out in town lots, and are realizing
out of this alone enormous profits. A build•
ing lot in Pithole city cannot be had now for
lees than $7OO or $BOO, 83 feet and 100, and
will be higher yet. But they pay willingly
as the people make moaey, and that is the
principal object.
biers were in full feather at the Fair Grounds
on the 4th; and did a very fine business in the
early part of the day. The "sweat board "
was the favorite game, and three or four dif—
ferent stands were in very successful opera—
tion till the arrival of 'Squire Burgess. Upon
reaching the grounds, and discovering these
perfcrmances, the magistrate made a dive
upon table No. 1, sweeping the cloth'of Bev.
eral hundred dollars at the first descent. He
thee proceeded to the next, where he repeat—
ed the performance, but did not realize such
enormous profits. At the third table, the
operator got news of his coming and made a
timely disposition of his greenbacks, but lost
his implemente. The crowd enjoyed the
spectacle, for riot a few had been victimized
by the sleek and plausible scoundrels who
run " the wheel of fortune."—Titusville Daily
ersis.—Dr. Buttley, from England, Magnetic
physician, has opened an office at. parlor 86,
Farmer's Hotel, Erie, for eizty days. Charges
modorate. Office hours from 9to 12 - a. m ,
and from 2 to 6 p. In. •
Those unable to pay are cordially invited
free. Call and examine the numerous testi
monials of cures.
Nor BAD.-A little girl just passed ha. fifth
year, while chatting about the beaux that
visited two of the sex in the same house, of
more mature age, was asked,
" What do you mean by beaux, Anne 7"
" Why, I wean men that have not got much
Mr. Gars, late of the Gazelle, is rusticating
in his native county of Lancaster.
• Chevalier's Stereopticon left for Meadville
on Monday, where it has been exhibiting
during the week.
Gen. Kane, of the tows cf that name in
Cameron county, has donated a beautiful
chlecti site to the Catholics of that place, and
alio a large amount of building material.
We are now in the midst of the dull season
of the year, and all kinds of business—
pneseti. The farmeis are busy with their
crops, and few visit the city, unless when
they are positively compelled to. We have
noticed that it is almost generally the case,
that the 4th of July is succeeded by a month
or two of business stagnation.
We are pained to hear of the sudden death
on Tueeday evening, of Mr. George W.
Brecht, of Mill Creek, at the age of 62 years.
He was widely known throughout the county,
and bore a character beyond reproach.
The Erie conference of the Methodist
church met on Wednesday, is Jamestown, N.
Bishop Baker, of Maine, presiding. A
considerable number of members of the de
nomination. from this city and countyi are in
attendance. The, conference will appoint
ministers for tho different churches within
its !pundit. Rev. Mr. Tagg, of the Simpson
ohuich, will probably be returned, his con
gregation having made a unanimous request
to that effect. Rev. Mr. Osborne, of the Bth
street church, will be appointed to another
place, having beea stationed here the full
number of years allowed by the rules of the
`A, returned soldier, named Foster, was kill
ed on Tuesday morning at the Gingrich well,
about a mile and a half south of this city. He
was standing near the derrick, when some
portion of the machinery broke loose and fall
upcn his head, fearfully mangling it.
Mr. Louis Schumaker, .‘ mice host " of the
Lafayette Hotel, is about te open a refresh•
meat saloon in Fairview. The people of Fair
view are to be congratulated upon obtaining
so jolly and good-hearted a fellow as one of
their citizens.
"Put this in your columns ; it will help to
fill up." How often are editois inflicted with
this expression. Good friend, don't imagine
for a moment that we find it difficult to " fill
up the columns of the Gonave's.. Our trou
ble is to obtain room for one-tenth of the mat
ter that we think would be interesting to our
readers. The, chief annoyance is to decide
what to keep out.
A desperate effort is being made to revive
the speculation in oil territory, and it may
be successful. Practiced oil •
men express
great confidence in a revival of the specula
tive spirit, nndsif, such is the case it will not
be long before the "oil fever" will again sweep
everything before it. We have our doubts,
though, of the probability that as much will
be made by it as heretofore. Capitalists have
had their eyes opened on the subject, and will
not be apt to invest in anything but thorough
ly tested territory.
The following are the delegates from this
city appointed to attend the Commercial Con
vention nt Detroit: John H. Walker (where
did lie got his commercial experience P), Mat
thew R. Barr, John W. Shannon and John
The Dispatch says the new Episcopal church
will be "built of stone throughout, the body
will be of faced rabble, the caps, sills, cor—
ners and finish, of cut gray sandstone. It
will be In the gothio style of architecture,
with heavy buttresses. It will be an elegant
structure, and a great addition to the archi—
tectural beauties of the city. About one year
from this time will probably be required to
complete the work."
There is great complaint in this city of the
soareity of brick. The Reed Rouse Eizook has
been temporarily delayed on this account. A
number of parties who intend building have
been obliged to postpone operations for the
same reason. We know of a dosen good build—
ings that would have been put up during the
present year, if brick could have been obtain
ed. Why the article should be scarce is bel
yond our comprehension.
The Morton House, opposite the Union
depot, has been greatly improved, and is
equal to any in the city. Mr. Van Tassel, the
proprietor, is a ta to of rare enterprise, and
certainly knows how to " keep a hptel."
We regret to loara that parties who have
lately visited the beautify' graunds at the
head of the b Lama as assa3sangio
Point, have committ.,l esasider ahle damage
to the tre Ths o-ra sr ‘.l esiros LIS to
ettte that if them dem iustr alone onntinue he
will be obliged to enelose the grounds, and
refuse permission for their use hereafter. He
has a ottani pride in them, en I we tire not
surprised tint he e'veuld feel vexed . at, the
careleesaese or misehiavousness of those who
have been guilty of defacing them.
The Titusville Duly Herald has come out
or negro suffrage. Every Republican paper
ityCrawford county now advocates the doe--
trine of "equality to all before the law," and
the Tarty in its late convention unhesitatingly
a 'opted the new creed. Yet hundreds of con
servative Itspablioans there, as elsewhere,
who profess to be decidedly opposed to negro
voting, will support the party ticket, and by
their direct aid assist in foisting upon the
country the very thing they now admit to be
so dangerous and absurd.
Most. of the crossings and flag-stones about
the city have been defsioed by a ivertisements
of two quack medicines painted thereon. The
party who placed them there took good care
to do it in the night. If he had been caught,
it is quite likely that he would have been
treated to a " soothing " application of boot
leather, applied to the sensitive part of his
We glad to know that Erie is at last to
have a permanent fire company. The young
men who had charge of the Perry engine on
the,Fourth have determined to keep up their
organization and endeavor to increase its
membership. They comprise some of oar
most enterprising young citizens, and if they
receive proper encouragement , we are satis
fied that they will soon have a fire company
established equal in efficiency to any in the
The Erie county Medical Association will
meet in this city on the Bth of August. A
number of essays on subjects of interest con
nected with the profession wilt be read.
The interest of Wm. 11. Harris in the Colt
Place Bearding HOMO and Ice Cream Garden
has been purchased by Mr. 0. Miller, who
will continue to run the establishment in a
superior manner. Harris retires, we presume,
to embark in some new enterprise.
Of the incomes reported in Rochester,
half a million have come from oil specula.
tions. That city seems to have become the',
favorite locality for successful oil men. .'
The drafted men from Erie county,. with
comparatively few exceptions, have been dis
charged from the service and reached their
Governor Curtin and Judge Holt are ex
petted to visit Oil City the present week.
Items of All Sorts.
At a Protestant church in Devonshire,
England, a confessional is in full force.
There are now twenty thousand Americans
in Europe, who spend on an average $lO per
day in gold.
Two cues of children's death have occurred
recently in Hartford, Conn., in consequence
of excessive exercise in jumping the rope.
An old gentleman of great experience says
he is never satisfied that a lady understands
a kiss unless he has it from her own mouth.
There is said to be a hen in Litchfield,
Conn., which deposits an egg every day but
Sunday, on which she scrupulously omits her
usual effort. She is owned by a minister,
which is supposed to account for the pher
Some surprise and a good deal of indigna—
tion is expressed at the mercenary conduct of
Northern attorneys located in Richmond, who
have engaged in brokerage on the clemency
of the Government by selling their influence
in the service of procuring Executive pardon
for wealthy rebels.
It bas been decided by a court at Waterloo,
New York, that r assengers getting out of s
oar have legal precedeace over those getting
into a car.
CAN ir a■ Taus l—The Pittsburg Post says
that three.fourths of the judges in Pennsyl
vania who are.accustozned to comment frpm
the bench upon the evils of intemperance
and the beauties of total abstinence, " pur.
chase their beverage in large quantities, and
demolish it on the sly."
An old Dutch tavern-keeper had his third
wife, and being asked his views of matrimony,
replied : " Vell, den, you see, de first time I
marries for love—dat wash goot ; den I mar
ried for beauty—dat-waeh goot . too, about as
good as de first ; but this time I marries for
moaieh—and die is petter as both !"
Stuttering Ben, who was touting his shins,
observed that the oil merchant was cheating
a customer in some oil, and called out to him,
"Jim, I can tell you how t-t-o s sell t-t-twice
as much alias you d-do now." " Well, how ?"
groaned Jim. "F—fill your measure."
There is a young lady in Rook Prairie, 111.,
seventeen years old, who drives her father's
reaping team, and frequently takes a load of
grain to market (fifteen miles), and sells it.
She play the piano, sings charmingly, does
the honors of the drawinrroom with dignity,
can make a loaf of bread, or play 4 . Bridget "
in ma's kitchen, with equal readiness. She
is valued at her weight in gold to a sensible
young, man.
It is reported that Miss Anna Dickinson,
well known as a publio lecturer on politics,
is studying to fit herself for the stage, and
will shortly appear in New York city. She
has, says the A/bion,.one essential for success
at the start ; an entire freedom from 1/14W)Clide
A good lady who had two children sick
with the measles wrote to a friend for the
best remedy. The friend had just received a
note from another lady, inquiring the way to
make pickles. In confusion the lady who in
quired about the pickles received the remedy
of the measles, and the anxious mother of the
sick children read with horror the following:
Scald them three or four times in very hot
vinegar and sprinkle them with salt; in a few
days they will be cured."
. The St. Louis Dispatch says : " There is not
a more hopeful sign of reconciliation and per•
manent peace for the whole country than
may be seen-in the mingling of blue costs and
gray coats on every street corner in St. Louis.
There are thousands of returned soldierd of
both classes now in the city, and the Union
soldiers meet and fraternize with their late
antagonists in the true spirit of brave men,
who are as willing to forgive er fallen fee as
they were strong and determined to Gramme
active rebellion.
There is a movement on foot in Chicago to
bring down priees. The retail prices for all
kinds of staple articles are' higher now than'
ever before. A meeting is about to be called
of leading oltimas to take positive lotion in
the matter. If dealers refuse to listen to ,
reason, an assottiatel'aters will be immedl.
MeV started in' the Sanitary Fair building.
where goods will b 3 supplied at a smolt ad
vanes from the wholesale cost.
MOSEDT ns A.LAwrna..--Moszby. the noto
rious guerril:a efieftlia, ityritiL; bees parLlcd
at Lynchburg, on a secoal•lic.t!ioa to be
admitted to that privilege, hit, vita eharac -
teristic pronaptituilo earl en-rg:, hirea,ly ac
tually opsuetl an fir the tine' ice of law
tt Culpepper. The contests in whicb her will
there engage miy be very eharp, but they
will ban the alvantaze or being :note peace
,ful and leas dangerous than those in which
he has figure 3 es einspicuoasly upon another
field. If ho shall display the stall shrewd
ness in the prictica of law waich he eithib i.
tad as a partisan lealir he will bo hard to
head off in the nava igemeat of causes.
_paters ov LEistGosseuczwee Taut' DES.
T/Nl7.—Whoa Philhilleary sought the hand
of the only dtughter mad heiress of Mr. Mat—
thews in marriage, an objection %vas made by
her father, who admitted (hit be was a gen•
t,lem.n, a scholar, bat " They did not even
know where he came from." " True," said
the daughter, who had well weighed the ex—
cellentqualitles and graces of the stranger,
"but I know where he is going, and I should
like to go with hiM." And they walked life's
pilgrimage together. flow ditftrent would
be the world's estimate of men, if they were
judged lees by their origin anti morn by their
The New York papers era exorcised
over the high price of meat in that quarter.
Bath the Time, and the World suggest that
people stop eating meat until fair prices come
in play. Tho World says : "It is quite time
that the retail price of meat approximated to
the gold standard. While all kinds of fa:m
produce have been steadily cheapening, meat
has cc me down but very little. The consum
ers have got the remedy in their own hands,.
Summer Is 'upon us and meat is no longer a
necessity as an article of daily diet. It is
notorious that our people would be much
healtnier if they reduced by one-half their
consumption of flesh during the summer
Capital copying press6—a good many of
our exchanges.—Boston Post.
Special Notices.
I survive,
To mock the expectstiou of the world:
To frustrate prophesies ; and to raze out
Rotten opinion, who bath writ me down
.liter my s.eeming, to be past recovery "
From that fell destroyer Catarrh, b the
judicious tve of Dr. D. 11. Seelye's Liquid Ca•
tarrh Remedy I stand here in the enjoyment
of perfect health.
"Spread out earth's hottest records her:,
Of days: and decd to reverence dear ;"
Let the world understand that Dr. D. 11. See.
lye's Liquid Catarrh Remedy is a, pleasant
and certain cure for Catarrh, Cold in the
Held, and all dit.ease of the head coned by
the abnormal condition of the membrane
A Sorsaton Rrstrnv,—W e caa conscie
tiously recommend to those !•uu...ring from 0
distressing cough, Dr. Strickland's Melliflu•
ous Couf,h 'Balsam. It dives relief almost in
stantaneous, and is withel net disagreeable
to the4aste. There is no doubt but the Mel
lifluous Cough Dal , am is one Lf the best pre
parations in us2..and all that its proprietor
claims fi r it. We hive tried it during the
past week, and found relief from a most die.
tressing cough. It is prepared by Dr. Strick
land, No. 6, East Foursh street, Cincinnati,'
Ohio., and for sale by druggists. jyl3 3m •
The New York Observer, in an able article
on church music, by its senior editor, thus
speaks of the Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organ :
" Here we have an organ, sweet, solemn, so
norous, and grand ; with your eyes shut you
cannot distinguish its sound from that of the
pine organ itself. It is so effective and beau-
tiful as to meet the desires of the most re
fined and fastidious, and,'is all that iJ needed
in any church of ordinary size."
Harvey Sickler, Esq , tlio able editor of the
Tuukhaunock (Pa.) Democrat, publishes the
following in his issue of 30th October, 1861
We deem it duo to Messrs. J. C. Ayer St
Co., and the public, to make known our ex
perience with the use of their Ext. Sarsapa
rilla in our family, by stating the circum
stances under /which it was taken and its
When our only child, now in his third
year, was about eight Months old, a sore ap
peared first in small pinitples on his forehead
over his nose. These rapidly increased and
uniting formed a loathsome, virulent- sore,
which finally spread over his ferehead and
face, not even excepting his eyelids, which
became so swollen that his eyes were closed.
We called a skillful physician, who adminis
tered the usually prescribed remedies. A
solution of nitrate of silver was applied until
the mass of corruption which covered his
entire face turned jet black. The sore again
and again burst through the scorched anti
artificial skin formed by this solution. Mean
while many remedies were employed without
any apparent benefit. For fifteen days and
nights he was constantly held by his parents
to keep him from tearing open with his hands
the corrupt mass which covered his face.
Everything having failed, we were induced
by the high recommendations of Ayer's Sarsa
parilla for the cure of Scrofulous disease, to
give it a trial, In his treatise on Scrofula,
Dr. Ayer directs a mild solution of lodide of
Potase to be used as a wash while taking the
Sarsaparilla, and it was faithfully applied:
Before one bottle of Sarsaparilla had been
given the sore had lost much of its virulence
and commenced to heal. Another bottle ef—
fected an entire cure, and the general predic.
tion that the child must die was contradicted.
His eyelashes which came out, grew again,
and his face is left without a scar, as smooth
as anybody's. It is unnecessary for me to
state in how high esteem we hold Ayer's
Dean lisapaa: Has and experience taught you the
fearful Import of this word ; is there a vacant spot at
your tlieetdel Vei, mining—J. W. litcCtay. Ho en
listed in the 145th regiment, P. V., in August. 1962,
and was taken prisoner late 19. 1963 ; wee east to Am
dersonville, Oa., and in September was Utica so ill he
wu obliged to go to the hospital ; bade his comrade.
adiee,,cheer; ally expressing a hope he would coma out
all right. Bat, alas! poor boy, he will never come
again. Oar fondest hopes and brtzhtest dreams can
never be realised, for he is missing. He had a noble
mind: quiet and unpretending. Those who knew
him best loved him most. t.h I hoe my heart sickens
to think of it, that so runny of our noble boys ahould die
fins, with no one to whi.per one word of comfort, or
lovong hand to wipe the death damp from their brox.,
If I could, f would evea call them ta:k to ropy our
Country's Peace; for who- could enjoy it more than
those poor prisoners who hive fought so nobly and
muttered more than tongue cam ever describe. Bat he
'deeps far from hie childhood home—far from the friend'
who weep. Ile will never be awakened for one of those
tiresome marches ; nor the shrill call of the bugle dis
turb his rest. I shall never for4et Tat? goodoye he
gave me when last we met He trailed, but 'twits a sad,
sweet rails. Would I could visit that lonely spot, and
plant a pure white rose upon his rave. as the last kind
act of eiffdion. He leaves a wife eni three little ones,
tealde a widowed mother. Heaven bless them.
Ceacord, Pa., Jay 13, 1505. bias. C. R. H—.
ill If you wish t r marry you can do so by addressing
tne. I will you. without money and without price,
valuable information. that will enable you to marry
happily and speedily, irrespective of age wealth or
beauty. This information will coat you nothing and if
you wish to marry, 1 will cheerfully assist you. All let
ters strictly conftdentul. The desired information sent
by return mail, and ne reward asked. Please enclose
postage or stamped en. elopo, addressed to yourself.
Address, SARAH B. LAMBERT, -
msig66.3in Greenpoint.Kino Co., New York.
Administrator's Notice.
Winn been granted to the Subscriber on the Es
tate of Thomas S. Sincisiraste of the city of Erie, do
wsed, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to
said estate, to make imt,ediate payment, and those hay
log slalom against it will present them, duly authenti
cated, for settlement. GEO. W. GUNNISON,
At the U.S. Pension and Mika Office, southwest cor
no of State and 7h. streets, Erie, ra.
BitANORSTIVN !PlLL'!—The West, the Con
sumptive, Sheol:n*oe, Costfre, Hilliouesud Delicate,
alter r once days' no, will Sod renewed strength and Ilia
parrs* every organ of their frames,
Every dose mikes the b'nod purer. The nerves rum
' mence in the arteries and ten:aunt* In the yelps. These
a . a gm ei y eeb, i d upon the arterlil blood. in
creasiug the circulation. by which impurities are depos
ited in the veiny and they throw off @Gob aollecuone
into the bowels, which organs, by the energy & l i ve d
ill),. expel them from the system.
lint used, the Pills may oe vision griping. and even
make the patient feel worsa. Thls Lan alealieot 'ego.
mad shows - the disease will soon bemired. No great g rod
is often
ediataits. aehltred ultho at Foam trouble In its a W ttainment,
this rule applies
dioalereta tba moray of bawl'.tetra& g o ld b y
reepect sble to
al tf
- / A le Wanglain, TO DM
t:', - Zstt'Y the meet powerful agent
.. /f.t.`-`..." - Ne„..; -;„:14, for the e't maleh and
ii.... ..,,k 4. , blood of Cattle, Swine,
•i✓ or Sheep, in promating
/t. `‘‘).. dnze t etiuu, nleanting the
, \ Pys inn and transfornng
- ,7
- I f IgIA • ••e, , the purified animal Sold
1 i in flrAb, fat, milk, butter
•• , ~ '•0i...44 ;:'''' and attength. and *slat
t , Selling health and vigur.
1 4,!:
• 2- ~, b i, . .:, „ .- . DOVOIPS
' s~
'..Nt. V ( . 1 Horse and Rule
'-• - w• 4-.
'- • • ......„ Is Ple only raedielno Ia•
-" .'-,.'!":,„.:::-(.::,, gal, patented An France,
' , :N• - .: - ,aCH:7:l•_:,_.. Eng.:and, Switzerland, k
. -- c ..... lio land, and duly ad
/ LL.C.NITO'•`;• 1 ' milted by their Consta,
honored wit:, Prize medal?, and inrented by Mr. Duvoy,
Profuelr of the Imperial Connie for Atrial:attire at
Parta, and now int nufecturod by C. G. Ulmer, Dr. of Z,
and A , Alleatown, l'a.
All dir,.•aa.s of the Stomach, 81001, Lzngl 41,1,1 Bow.
elm. speedily and eertatuly cured. Healthy stock will
be brotg'lt Into Vie highest state of perfection, and one
to two tab'e•poonfuts a week, is of great value t 3 hard
workinz herees, brendin: stoer. and Cola, and saved
tholsands of valuable horses from contagions disease,
83 well at the barnyard as In the Army of the Potomac.
Effectroilly overcome all the objects 'which pre•
root the expel:mg of Worm.. are plea-auC 'o tate. and
' , lto one of the moat sp.- eab:e porgillrea for Children.
So coned •nt is the loventor, of thf aneceas of hta lab i
irons cudiea, to the patbolog cal compositiom of this
prepanition. that he furnishes every tract maid Phyalelan
eit'i a written preacription,.re a cow era is H►teria
lea Powder for the rare extermination of all Vermin,
will never change with ago or climate. and mush prefers,
ble to the old Phosphorous Paste, which harilexs iu a
short time, mating It worthless. For directions and
particulars see the small bills In the Boxer.
Elght;-tbro t•reraioa+ Awsrdel t, the's Prepara
tions since 1855.
lir. Nick, and Carter & Carver, Erie, Whotulle and
Reptil dgrnts for Brio county; R E. Sellers & Co,
Pittoburg ; John Hendert.N. Bro ,PlttaSurgt.and Bon•
ton & Br°, C'ereland, W ate Jobbers.
flog 10/113 to inform the citizens of Erie and vicinity
that they hare re:nosed their stook of
To the RSE32 BLOCK, So the building (ormerlypccu•
plea by Maim ELITES & KF..PLT:tt, where they
hand keeping a large wortnient of
Dress Goods, Fancy Silks,
Raturzing thacts to our customers for their past
11' ere' w.tionete, we respectfally ask a continuance of
the same
'. LT infotm their friends and the public that they
have openeo the aboge bulginess, on the nut aide of the
lhanund, next door to lir. John Bee'woa dry goods
store, when they offer for :isle the best &twitted stock
n the trade scoot of New York, .elected from four
ereat tuinufactorici and bought at
Reduced Prices,
S•pettsl'tdvttatiou Ktft.l
Without their patronage, butanes' would he blockaded.'
NOONAN & 81.7.31 CY.
may 18'65-tf
. ,
New Grocery!
VACOB BOOTZ would respectfully an.
sanune.. to the people of Elie eft ; %ad oeauty v that
Imp has opened a
Qn 1s West Sole of Peach Street, a Short Dist lined Sorg
of the Lake Shore Depot,
Where he will tarp on hands', ar e nectar t of
And vier, thing usually kept in a And clas a ore
ALE 0,
Wine, Sweet Cider and Liquors.
The hl ;heat Market Price paid for Prodnor. is 0 ain
it deka/yd.
27" Give ms • call, if you wish ts escure good bar
cams. 1 plc gs myself to sill ea Law,i 'not Lower, than
say other store in tits city. mr12134t.r.
ILA LT informs his old Mends and the public that be
bee associated his Son. G.L. Atkins, Jr., with him, and
that thee have opened a chop on the north aide of Sev
enth street, between tqate and French, Erie ell'', where
th•r are preparet to receive orders for all kinds of House,
Sign, and Ornamental Painting, Gild:nr, Glazing, G:aln•
Ins and taper Hour Ds, l'ortleutar att< - ntion green to
Carriage Painting• The patronage of the commuultr is
respectfully solicited. jetITS Om
New Clothing Store.
ZD a Clothing Store on the corner, of Fourth and
Stste streets, where they propose to' keep always on
hand as good an assortment of Clothing aa can be found
in the city, made in the best manner from th- test ma
terial, and so nnished as to atford 'satisfaction to the
most critic‘l customer. P-rtoculu attention will be
paid to Custom Work, to which branch we propose to
excel all other estsblishmenta in the city. We will al
ways keep a One stock of Cloths, Cush:Bente, Vestings,
&c , from which customers can select to the very best
Gents' Furnishing Goods,,
Of every description. comprising all srticies in tint line.
The Clothing of Boys will be rosde a speciality. (lire
us a call. BASSEKSIAN fi B,II2:EIDER.
Gco. BAeasnxir, ALBERT W. S..II3IIDER.
Late Cutter with I. Koch. je::"tS•tf
Sewing Machines!
The, underalgrea having been appointed agent In Erie
city for the above celebrated Machines. respectfully
calla the attention of the publte to the same.
1 hey are acknowledged to be the best in use sad are
the cheapest in the market. -
Each Machine has all the latest improvements, which
render them far superior to any other now sold
rernons desiring to purchase a Sewing lacbine will
find It of advantage to call and examine these before
baying elsewhere.
camplea on ezhibition at my store, No. 6, American
Block. between thePaek end Seventh street. I
jant:ls 65-Cmo I'. WAGNER.
Keystone Stove War
Tibbals, Shirk & Whitehead,
Ban a Urge sad extettßive auortmazt of Stoile at and Retail.
Li a ant-elan Coal Cook Store, with or without reser.
•otr, for laird or soft _al, or wood, and is
We al:o zoannfactrre the
Soto low omit Coal Cook Store—wlta wood grate—
csa be used skther for coal or wood.
We ate still nuumfnetnring this oiebtated low oven
Store for wool-41th or wituont reeerrotr.
.4 be Oven Stove fa- We'l. Thu it a new gtovo of
bee radial ee•lga, end now for ta:•=togetaer with
a large assortment of elevatod Oven Cook,
Part , : 0 ,ok for wood or coat. and Parlor
and glee— °meet s :or wood or coal.'
G . viioorel, D. Rini; W. R, ivartea u p
alle, Jan. Lt, I.l*-41.
27 Courtlandt St.. Now York.
Peat, Pencils, 3e, &c., worth Geer BM/ a Niihau
Dollars! To be sold at Otte Dollar Each wltnout retard
to vdne. And not to be paid !cr until you know what
you are to rmlre.
ALIA° bo Sold IGrt.him Itch.
300 Gents' gold lVatchcs, '430 to $l5O
300 Ladies' go;d Watchee, to 70
400 Gents' silver \VeteLee, 33 to 70
200 Diamond, Dings, CO to 100
3,000 Gold Veit & Neck Chains, 15 to 30
3,000 do. 4 to 6
3,000 Gold Oval Data Bracelets, 4to 8
4,000 Chafed Gold Bracelets, sto 10
2,000 Chat alaine & guard chains, 6to 20
6,000 Solitaire & gold brooches, 4 to, 10
2,000 Lava & Florintine brooches, 4 to* 6
2,000 Coral, Opal & Em. brooches, 4to 8
2,000 3tosiae, Jet, Lava & Floren,
tine Ear Drops, 4to 8
4,500 Corti), opal & em. E. drops, 4to 6
4,000 Cal. Diamond breastpins, 2,60 to 10
3,000 Gold fob & vest. watch keys, to 3
4,000 Feb & vest ribbon slides, 3to 10
4,000 Sits sleeve buttons, etc., 3to ' 8'
3,000 Gold thimbles, pencils„eto., 4to 7
6,000 Miniature lockets, sto 8
4,000 Min lockets-magic spring, 3to 20
4,000 Gold toothpicks & crosses, 2to 8
6,000 Plain'gold rings, 4to 11
6,000 Chased gold rings, 4to 11
7,000 Stone set & signet rings 2,60 to 10
5.000 California diamond rings, 2to 10
7,600 Sets ladies' jewelry-jet &..;
gold, sto 15
6,000 Sets ladies jewelry-cameo,
pearl, etc., 4to 15
5,000 Gold pens, silver extension.
holders & pencils, 4to 10
6,000 Gold pens & gold-mounted
holders, 3 to 8
6,000 Gold pens, & pen.holders, 6to 10
6,000 Silver goblets & cups, 6 to- 60
1,000 Silver castors, 15 to 50
2,000 Silver fruit & cake bxskets, 10 to 60
1,000 Dozen silver tea spoons, 10 to 20
1,000 Do. table sßoons a: forks,
Certiflnat.v, naming each article, and ita ♦alne, are
placed in Sealed Envelope., and well mixed. One of
these envelopec, contalnio; the Cent Gnats er Order for
tome Artie!. , (4orth at 1044 0130 1101110 At retnid will
be tient by mail to any addresr without regard to choice,
011 T0.3,11t of i. cents. Tim purchaser will coo what
11010 it t.ra 8, nod ite value, which may be from One to
Fire llucdr..l Doliare, and eau then send One Dollar and
Iceite CA: Article uanoM, or any other on the I st of
the same value, and after mein;; thi• article, if It does
t i;ire perf-c: sot isfictiori. wo ctsi re it to be immcde
gtely returned and the amount p.;id cal be refunded.
Ili thin mode we vice lelectiths from a ot.tboi stock of
foe in 'dr, of the bett ins'Ae and lot •Pt etyice and of in•
tiimic worth, at a nombhal price, while all hare &chance
of eecaring articles or the very ighett calm,
In all to,. we charge for forivardiug the Certificate,
postage and doing the bnainms the sum of Tweuty•live
Cents, whit mutt be enclutel In. the order. Five Cam
tificotes will be tent for at •, e.eren far 52; thirty fur 15;
shll fly" f :10 one hundred Cm . glfi
Eli% .1=61,1855
Parties thlting with us msy dere° 1 on having prompt
returns, and the artier-dr - 11ra w. , 1 be immediately sent
-to at.,) teturu mail o.
Pothe Ar.tlsrte...dn Guaranteed in all cases.
Write yo.r 2.‘„lrat, County a. , -1 State
and ad-I,es SELDEN x CO,
'2.7 Cow tlandt street, New York. .
Horse Hoe, er Cultivator Plow.
EAT has always receive} the First Premium when
ever eshebil:d ; and all who hare need it pronounce it
fa: superior to any thlng else of the kind: The follow
ing are come or the advantages this Cultivator has over
every other .ind now !n use: -
lat. Lightness and duiabelley ; being made of the best
quality or, steel, high:v pnlb.bed, and the whole Imple
ment wel:thing root fifty to sixty pounds.
Adept•tion to m'ere kinds of work than any other
Cultivator known ; being a perfect and thorough Calti.
vator when toed with i.ll the teeth on, leaving the
ground even and level, and working nearer the rows
than any other Cultivator.
V. By removing the small, teeth, and 'attaching the
wings to the shovel, it is the most perfect Implement
for till:tog that can be found.
4th. It es the best implement for covering and dlreng
potatoesever invented. A man and horse can c3ver po
tatoes an fiat as a ho-se can walk, and a man and team
can dig from three hundred to Gee hundred bushels o
potatoes in a day, when the crop is a fair one,. •
sth It works einally well in corn, or any kind of crop
requiring cultivating, and in moat cases hand hoeing
can be despeneel with.
6th. its chespneaa, coneidering the many kinds of
work to which it can be applied ; the farmer having in
oar implement all that is neceasary for cultivating and
hilliny, any kind of crop, or covering aLd digging pota
Numberless certificates from the mrat influential farm
ers in the United States might be riven of the superiori
ty of the above implement over all others designed for
like purpose&
W e shall be pleased to receive a call from any one who
needs a Cultivator or Shovel Plow sad •:plain to there
the urents of the above Horse Noe over all oth r imple
ment. of the kind. We warrant th's Horse Hoe to work
as a Cultivator aswell as WIC Cultivator made—as
Shovel Plow as well a. any shovel Plow....audas a Horse
Hoe a complete mimes', or refund the money if it does
not meet this warrantee.
. .
We also keep en hand to conne!tion with oar Hard
ware, Stores, tinware and Douse Furnishing Goode, a
complete areortment of Horse Rakes, Hand Rakes,
Scythes, Scathes, Grain Cradles, Forks, Hoes, Shores,
Spades, &e. Don't fail to give na'a
w. W. PIERCE it CO..
Sole agents for Horse Hoe in Erie Co., Pa., and astabula
Co., OSIo. Corner State and 11th Its, Erie, Pa.
We. W. Planes, t
Ono. J. RECORD Erie, May 25, ISt5-Sen
The following firms are our antboris-d agents for the
gale of Wright's Horse Roe or Cultivator Plow :
G A. Heine it Co., Waterford ; M. L &H. D. Selkregg,
North East; Gulllford, Hay .h Co.. Girard : J. A. White,
Miles Grove ; A, Landaratb, Union ;
Webst.r & Blood,
Conneaut, Ohio; I'. Mcgulre, Ashtsbula, ()hi° Taleott
& !lodge, Genera, Ohio ; W. Pierce & Co., Branch,
Corner of :store Street and the Patk, Erie.
has payed into the control of the Undersigned,
woo are determined to spare no efforts that will teed to
male it a pleasant stopping place for the traveling pub
lic. A cumber of imports o t improvem.entshaee already
been made, and others lobe cam p'eted at an early pe:iod
will render it one of the finest hotels in the country.
Especial care is taken to furniah the table with all the
seasonable articles, served up In the mom' approved style,
and by accommodating waiters. We took charge of the
Hotel with the resolution to crake it such am the wants
of this section require, and feel confident of meeting the
approb Alen of our guests. LOOMIS .b R 03.9;
A. T Looters, Propneturs.
IV. L. Hoes. Iday 4 Galt
- Z 9
How Lost ! How Restored,
JUST PUBLISHED a New Edition of
radical cure (without medicine) o t SrEansruannoes, or
Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Istro•
Tina, /lentil and Physical Incapacity, Impediments to
Marriage, etc. •, lac°, CowsrarrioN, -Ernerar and Firs,
Induced by acif-indulgeuce or sexual estravagante.
rir Price, in a sealed envelope, only 6 cents.
The celebrated author. In this admirable essay, clearly
demonstrates, trout a thirty years successful practice,
that the alarmist: consequences of self abuse may be rad
ically cured without the dangerous use of Internal med.
kin° c r the application of the knife—pointing out a mode
of care at once simple, certain and effectual, by of
which every sufferer ' no matter what his condition may
be, can cure himself cheaply, privately and raelicadv.
this Lecture should be in the hands of every
youth and every man in the land.
Sent under cutl, in a plain envelope, to r ny address, on
the receipt of dm: cents L or pot tane stamps. Addiess
the publiehers, J:C. ELINE: &- CO.,
Low. ry, Nc - ar York,
Poet Offlew Box. 46F.6.
the )faa•toa [louse, Ind above the Eepot, for
the put four years, has retooyed into the
Where he will try to ottomtnodote twice as many guest.,
and as well, as he did in the old stood. He hopes that
the patronage which WWI ILO liberally extended to hint
there, will be of ended to him to Ills new qtfarters. His
i t
ts nuthelent to aFcemakodate all team:iota:* who
may tairor f ilm with their loitroosCo•
apareiti-tt JOHN BOYLE.
Spring and Sunnier Goods !
reapectfally call attention to her
hit received from New York, embracing
onnets, Hats, Ribbons, dm,
Together with come •
Wbieh she will sell•
yr radio:Liar attention paid to bleaching, coloring
and prenela;,
fa Stan l'eroti St.., T doors above the Depot, Elie,
Brown's Hotel,
Hotel Removed.
Fortifies the systole against the ITD Whets of atrerlteke
scow water.
Will care Dripernia.
Will ear* Weakoese.
_ Will cure General Debility.
Will care Heartburn.
It ill mare Headache.
Will cure Liver Complaint.
Wit !excite and create a healthy &Nettie.
Will invigorate the organs of digettion and moderate*
ly increase the tawperature of the body' and the force
circulation, acting in fact is• gene, al eorroborant et tlor
system, containing no poisonous drags, sad is • I
A fads trial le earnestly solicited.
GEO. C. }UMBEL k CO-, Proprietor;
Hudson, N. Y.
Central Depot, AMPIiC&U Express Belding be HUD.
For sale by all Druggists, Grocers, hz.
RINNIG k WADLEY Erie, Wholesale
and for male by Ball Warfel,.Carter OMIT an 'i nt
kimik Booth.
003 Broadway, New York,
100,000 Watches, Chains, Geld Pens,
PENCILS,• &C., &C.,
WORTH $500,0001
And not to bepaid un/il you know +gat you will
AU to be sold far ON DOLLAR 'mai I
100 Gold Hunting Oases Watches, each . $lOO.OO
100 Gold Watches 60.00
WO Ladies' Watches 86 00
600 Silver Watches $16.00 to 526 00
600 Gold seek and Vest Chains 1200 to 16.00
100) Chatelai a and Guard Chains. 6.00 to 16.00
3000 Vest and Neck Chains 4.00 to 12.00
4000 Solitaire Jet and Gold Brooches... 3.00 to 5.00
4000 Coral, Lam, Garnet, &c., Brooches,.. 3.00 to 8.00
000 Gold, Jet, Opal, dO.. Ear Drops 300 to 8.00
6000 Geote' Breast and Scarf Pins 300 to 8.00
6000 Oral Band Bracelets 3.00 to 800
•COO Chased Bracelets 6.00 to /0.00 .
3000 California Diamond Pins led Binge.. 240 to 8.00
9000 Gold watch fey. 260 to 8.00
60,0 Solitaire Olney. Buttons and Studs.. 2.00 to 11.00
3000 Gold Thimbles. 4.00 to 600
0003 Miniature Lockets 200 to 700
3000 ntniature Locksts, Hagic . 400 to IWO
2;00 Gold Toothpick.. Cremes, Lc., 2/0 to 600
3000 Fob a d R,bbon Slidm 2.00 to 6.00
6000 Chivied Gold Itlngs 200 to 600
4000 Storm Set Rings 2.110 to 6.00
160 'Sets Ladiee Jewelry-Jet and Gold.. 6.00 to 16.00
6000 Sets Ladies' Jewelry-varied styles__ 3.06 to 16.00
6000 Gold Pene,bilver Case and Pencil.... 4.00 to 600
4000 Gold Pena, Ebony Holder and Cass- 6.06 to 10.00
6009 Gold Peal, Mounted Holder 200 to 6.00
All the goods in the above List will be sold, without
reeerration, fur oNs. DOLLAR SACEL Certificates of
all the variout arti:les are placed in similar envelope*
sealed and mixed. These envelopes will be sent by mall
or do:trove lat our oalee without regard to choice. On
receiving a Certificate. you will see what arttele itrepre
taut+, and it is optional with you to send one dollar and
tece/re the artic.e named, or any other ig the list of the
tame value.
By this mode we give wrections from a varied stock of
fine goods, of the best make and latest stylea, and of in•
Waste worth, at a nominal price, while all have ethane*
of securing articles of the very higheat value.
In all transactions by mall we charge for forwarding
the Certificate, paying postage, and doing the btutinese.
2.5 cents each. Fore certvirates will bawd !grin; War
en far $2; TAirtyfer $.5; Sixty for $10; sal Owe Rua
dredfor Slit. •
We should supply your wants; our redlines are nom-.
passed; our work of unrivalled excellence; our promises
punctually observed. Oar rears' I oce Lon brl gs us near
the moot remote potato Our goods are new from the
manufacturers, and of the latest and moat desirable etylos.
fbe good/ must be sold, and the terms are unequalled.—
All articles ordered are forwarded by return mall.
We guarantee ntire latlaraction la every Inataces,
and if there should be any person di/meta/teed with any
article they may receive, they will immediately return
it and the pri e will oe refunded.
Raters —We allow those acting iu agents ten mute on
each Certificate ordered, pi ovidcd their remittance
amount to one dollar.
They will collect 25 cents for every Certifies* mid re
taining 10 cents, remit to as 16 cents for each.
Addref s, GEO. DEMERIT ilit CO,
=2-3m. 803 Broadway, New York.
„, (Late of the U. S. Treasury Department sad
Pennsylvania Commissiouer for soldiers, Washington,
D. C_) General Claim Agent, with Benjamin Grant,sasq.,
Attorney at Law, Wayne Block, Erie, Pa
Naval and Civil claims col'ectest with fidelity and dia.
patch. reclaim:is obtained and collected. Applications
by mail promptly attendel to. Mr. P. having had sev
eral years' experience is the details of the retinue De •
partments, feel,' confident be can render most satisfactory
aid in prosecuting all kinds of Government claims.
may ll'eb-Om
Crawford, Christian & Ruth,
Dealer' in
Dried and Sealed Fruits,
Ship Chandlery, Boat Stores, E - c-, C:a;
Also, Public Dock, Foot of State Street,
WM. A. CRAWFORD. S. T. cunall.:::.
jan.2516-u J. 13YRON RUTH.
Administrator's Sale.
an order of Court to me directed, I will arse to
sale at public vendee or oat-cry,- at the Petroleum
Bowe, Borough of Union, on the Ith day of August,
1865, all the right, title, interest, claim and demand of
James Brant, late of Union, ,deceased, at and immedi
ately before his deeeme in and to the following described
piece or parcel of land, to wit : Situated, laying and
Ming in the township of Union, county a Erie, and
State of Pennsylrania, bounded and deecnbed at follows,
to wit: OCI the west by land of Henry Aldrich, on the
north by land of Jasper King, on the south by land of
Nelsen Thompion, end :on the emit by land of James
Harris, containing Fifty Acres of Lani, be the same
more or less
Teams :—One-third In hand and the balance is three
equal annual payments, to be secured by inclement bond
and mort ;age on the premises. Or at the option et the
purchaser, the purchase money may all be paid !a bsi
J. L. Tlii=" '-
Union, Jane 29, 1865-3 t Ader of Janie,
Administrator's Notice.
the Estste of Frederick Heisler, late of the United
ntates Army, haying been granted to the undersigned,
notice Is hereby glean to all Indebted to the said estate
to make immediate payment, and those haying claims
against tho same will present them, properly authenti
c.ted, for settlement. THADDEUS HEISLER,
je29'6.5 6w Administrator.
Administrator's Notice.
the Estate of A riemus Severance, deceased, late of
Uoton township, Erie county, Pa.., haying been granted
to the undersigned, notice la hereby given to all in
debted to the raid estate to make payment of their in
debtedness on or before the um, of August next, and
those having claims egtinst the same will present them,
properly awthenticated, for settlement.
je2911541w W. 0. SEVIRASCE,Adrier.
eroausoa To .
Leather, Hides, &c.,
No. 3 Perry Block, State St., Bris, Pa.
Constantly on hand a large stock of
ALSO, A 7L - 1.4.
All of which they offer low for
If. ay 16'6.5—tf.
Executor's Notice.
Estate of Catharine Haybarger,..det:t nan d, La o or
North East township. Erie toontv, en , b ar i n g boon
greeted to the undersigned, crt e jin her e by give,/ teal
indebted to the Mid eetlile to make immediate mottle
meat. and those having accounts against the same, will
piesent them, properly authenticated, for payasent.
HENRY WOLF, Executor.
North East, Jane 29, 1565-4 w•
Administratrbee Notice.
the Estate of Christian 13ehwengsl, deceased, late
or Mill Creek teernshlp, Erie eminty,ln, haring keen
granted to the understood ; eotice is hereby Oven to
all knowing themselres indebted to the Pad estate to
m i ke immediate moment, and those baring elaimr
against the mid estate will passant thorn, properly a.
tbstuticated, for settlesnz!,
Stray Cow.
subscriber, In lIUI Creek township
kstli of Bay, a I.4ht Brindle Caw. a^
The owner is requested to come I ,
arty, pay charges sad take her ar '
posed of as the law Oros%