The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 22, 1865, Image 1

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0 %._ Two poLLAILS AD Fllttir Cant& per
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. 1 IhA eIvtrILIOLI of the Jear. Oubsesibere
~,irr 'till be charger Firer Cara a
4,12.. re of 1.111111 1 /11 4
){I,SU, tares 10w
,,f ; ter° mouths $2,75 ;
~:feo,.tifft $5,60: one year $9 09;
Th s ree nos
I 10, owes. clkusgs4 Go Pk pedal
If f r , .rk ,tt th• putihet•ee.
„r„ cud Ks .Ireruse
, • °Ws' $3 ; Local
Nndrr• Twiwiy
.1,,,,, ' “1.111 three line
,i i I , OrtOtial uol
of the editor. , n . „.,,,
, u I A wtn lw root' duel
Y r", UL! i I. r letr.l
.”; anlyas • •p•eit.2.l ICI 111 1•
1..1 it. i”...rt,.,
ot the beat Jobbat(
are tra4 to du •uy work 1,,
„,. votru•hal to us, to equal Sty Le
, ,„1, oltbe 'sliest Titled
be wi.letbasemi to
It welitalAN,
14.,,r hopri.wr.
this eulateu et the
w. Off yoas—accotalog to
I 11. Kit.
' I Aw Girard, Erie Couati,
• •
attended to with
ermom •`al ikee.
rug 7'139
ffkifv . •
aide of the eart,
, r of, t,••••I' aprtrfl3 tf
Ev. 10••
and Liosler to titialunerv,
„ Sc. Country deafen
ttr „,,,ca tiottl.tronting the Pull.
e •
Las taken the Lime Ktlu at
F ,„ ; „ ...I n ear the Phltedelth i4 ta depot,
lurotah Wh:le
CI the tuerket prior.
1110AXITII AND CotrynaiLLon Al Law.
,go. til.ckeuear North W..* Collier of tit.
e.rle , Pa.
1111.11 , litt,
C.TT ENCIINKIX, %rem( many 11141111:0111Oty
It prep.irvi to •tarrof or Plum Of 1.1140
pt‘. 1 1 / 4 (Mee l 0 Common Connell itOota„
Jo — li 13 . ii!TE - T - 1 "
J vivo' or viz ?SACS. Mao wood
Stree, biltwoon Firth sad
4: L. 4
Rim. , riverOOKAPX 13411.1.1 T,
Jo's Block, En. V,
liegele, rer..eros [Li Jfferson eouratesi.
Lja.vrti.s-loj We
i•ev.! said Market Street --one square MR of
~ , ,hao Went). Ps. Sept. 29--17.
IL aTICS Jr Tax ?cies, Mangos Block.
W•at .1 Farrar fisli. Ps
Ittorney at and J. P.
ago went, Con Tryaantr and Celfetor,
idel4 Golding, moutla• est corner of Fifth and
C-4, Pa. • p 1341642
JOHN eitOBITIBIELOSII, at the flew
, FLee 'VI has • u baud • buy wort
i'rocittona, Wood and Wallow Ware,
Liya , I-ta•cee. - frericarie, fte ,to which he re
l.:, Ice attoaltwa of the public, outtalk thit
, 2 bar wain aw can tw had to anj putt
• o.ccto. , • taar3o.66-11
?Al NT rt. iitrrkci.,
rvacb street, between ith and sth streets,
:top bla & Erie Railroad Depot, Kris, Pa,
rraprtetor EibPollife moonlit:sods
•.,4l.4.r. arid traveler.. Board by the day or
attache.' apr:15.631.f.
Fesalose.ets Tetwese a 4241
hAyeer's Pitent !geeing Machines
slew use- State, between llth sod 9th Ste..
?s eluttei made to order to the finest style
111-1 T
LiTiai • ro D B al.t %emit*. on Eighth
tet•cen natio and Proueh. Fine Hone* tad Car
t, ..n reamotuible terms. craT4.B4-1,
innil.L,4j VAILThat.
iptranrs of hearir Butttnaa,Boasir,
(mpt.milha. Pailroad
DIUNTIIIV, Office in Rama
31t.ek. north aid* of th. Park. Taie. Pa -A
iDK 110UP4is,
Ranall/47, kLi Co,
'eta TIM i • 'new end tittalannely Aland lig.
, Ln tb• mld•t of one of the b..t Truubag and Hunt.
on• !DPW:mm.ll,lmm. Cuoasiodi..n.
Good Tabby and Mudisrate Priori The pabll4
'awe a reepectfutly solicited. - o,p'b4-1,•
661 4 01111121 ♦T Lot—Ufa on 6 the train,
y posite the Coati Holum, Erie, Ps.
lib 110t11.D, N.
onto' o r Szyrxra Prism •air
-u, 4ltli, PA. Ho.. 4, 1464.-30o8.:
Liaiii - ka to Mr tionDa,
1, liar 1. ge, Nall*, Glass, Seed, Plaster, etc, °gr.
trvet and Public Svaare, Erie, Pa. jal7tl„o
1.161•11. LIC & ISUTOR,
weet.asui MID /LW AIL DILLIJUS is
• nt. ind eror yam. , Flour and Feed, Wood and
hart, Aline., Liquors, Totiaaco Sep" lir"Statio
T.,aues Houma Furnishing igmf.nrinak
r. dS-tr
Ila t.IIOTLI, %Vuterford. rtt..
troo , i LecomtadAttuut, •tail col otul attention givoa to
f:4raf-r? ape'6s-1y•
D. ttAl..ll/ilt,
• Worinoaas no rub& Dock, gut Conisrig
• wStreet 11,n, leAlor in Cool; Salt, Pia,' Ina*,
Cu . laze, Sc. N. B —Particular attantion
to prey to ti.. Racerrtng and FOrwardlate of Petro.
am LW.. Crail and }Waned, to all forte of tkooticruatry.
J. Water to Grocsnes, Produce, Provision*,
ant Ms[l4 Wu, %loos, Liquors, ke,
,g,outo the Fistofine, de, Pa.
symits °LISS Mini
A 17013111 AID Conlin:Ala ILT Lev
mCi. us •fItIMI V,/, oppwits Crittenlea
taliectiou lad all other legal but
" al " "tyletat Values°, Erie, Warren and Pone
itta•eed to esrefally aadMil
lu iwcw-wia. - e Galbraith, W hrecht
tt=tt ilarein. Erie. Pe.
ton.wn, Han. S. W D. Brew°
it• - • it Cut, If Arno , Ps.
et)l3 U it it EAIE In !
T i •, . eat, 4.6.6,61 165 n1s teed eine ho bolsi
et tot', t La, ki4.rus ,r LIM /114- °Mul l j ai" i°
m. kzi 1. a lea,: . stems Less with Luna decided ell
“N ' ,L+sasa, Olt!r.u6dteka before this public. Sot
I Wr . r: •6,z-4m:dation 4 necnniall to lb”. 41411 ... Ili"
ent. k a L.F.1.4 L. nutaornu: wad apseell =MS anmt
)113,1 O. r a a &Tee cf rusilitleace to it. *IOU
Lt. rec.: reed Tic esu d e i l, is inds, pleasant, speed)
L.s •LIOCill 111 ...• Up! •311.111-111 aceists4 to oil LIPN
4 3..! c re - t.t,a. Lod sockithi b. kept in ..try bowl
Qrsedise Lis eatkca sew:west. ii throat aisd Iraq
sesstess us trsetsa eat, the at. of this Pesweie Se
.4. IlLgtll, • ,ess slumber of deaths will bt
suaks.ty C
raampt. so
1 11.4.3 luL s.ti Mil bid I' ts the beet remedy !wort
t 014,,
0 .:•51 Rados tug tot plAnta 1
duiLS, (-OGG/1.% s. /(0 VP to R 4 711.2-9,
lA/6W.! er PllTHiiii, lißelklirat
1G.14101..+1£.5‘, Priiool.ll4l-CoUQH
Llia.,,. lAA 4 61.-• and indego'afdd blei / 10, ._ All
SOUK Tette—AV Coats JO. 14 Ver
a =
l'iLl. c WilleFt., Manufactures Asa lon.
3 h . "'. 12 mu:6141160t nottn of zt.reetits street Irks
F:' ss.• ..1 Linseeuie Lod dealers throuitusat UN
‘TitoNu TEroiri most.
is _-
vo,.e .knatralsowl wanes H line City sad eirlurk,
6oke Or H
r •11:11 Celebrated DinAls 11.1. 11 1w1se
s elns3l diseases of the Throat**
se, 'Or. ewers In Teems/34 , 24180e um ta
e.,, i „,..••.; tad v'scicsal remedy, hale small, of labile
, .
Jab s
4.afn. t 0,., , ' Mt Mf•pi., Mattik•W $1•••111t011. D. Ski*,
, .nds it Mtieheira Dasea.
Uhl A 1,,,, e i: qobart .
J. T. Came.
3.s ii u • L i ,. • L,0.1k1 Bond, beatel Waver.
.4 4 ''
'-is.., J ito .N .A*o; c it, laid.
144 4 .1 ,, SS • k• IL'4 ll / 4 4.Cht* J ifoceali
0.0.k.,k• t" f Bono*,Calvet,
, 'An Ammon zbersrecet lila. flal:14
•" La 3 4
tin it, 14 it Leavers ' A. D M.
$ ...SIC, (4,..p1s ee b:. •• l i la".
all Fick, den ) tirset, mer,
.." 4 / 44 /1..... •
e marzss kt. I :mum A- 111111. .-• ''''''''"
~ 14.,,,„,
[Lomas leliee. J. J.. Lent&
4 , '-. l, *it Gallagher. 1.W0bi1d".241
ut• i, elms W Ks**, iillaa El.
Aka* II s , ti. I. • kt,,,, eII Howell.r; ' , nit t
..—......_____-- latle. N se,•4l-41s.
1:11L tubterwr r WIJ ebeerfu,iy souti 06 1 4
t.i ~taleel *. •••1,1•41t* it, Odin 01 • $11116.11•
6) • tilct, •A• e.4r0.h.11 Oat DIY! tums. Alva
ult.% aNSI. arm., 4rrna. , 01110110 muns
tie .iiiteetely hurt. will it) that itawto k
:1' tnel will C.O inure thau Nutili - et/
( itsulttul lot tits own espaspleSe Totters.
" st , ti , ..n. to ii:scos in the heals tot 4111•11 suihites
Y. Y. Lars It,a• wiattivri he reel with taus*
411,C4,444 &A, ats.... call ow or t ackiwww
tic .
1111 Jaiwt Wife Y.
Celebiated Female Pals.
.t~►PECTED - LEI "E It
per afros a Proieriptios of Sir J. Ciarke, M. D.,
Paysiturn Extrooriltaary to Os Roue.
,beig, & t u sbia mtdlctt s to unfailing in the cure of all
ou.nitainful and dantrepo di diseases to Which the female
c.mititetton is subset it moderates all anise and :n
-innies ell obstructions. and a speedy cure may be relied
1 . la peculiarly salted. It will, la a short time, bring im
the monthly period with revtlarity.
Each bottle, vice One Dollar, beam the Government
Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent counterfeits.
near Pate Maud sot I. taken kg Fernalee during Ifte
FIRST THREE MONTE/Sof Pregisinal, se slay art
oar* lo bring A hfilcarriaga, let et imp also time they
ere mfr.
In aU cameo of X 112701111 sod Spiel Alleetleas. Paisela
the Beek and Limbs, Fatigue,. illghtexertion,Talpita
(tow of the Heart, Hysterics and Whitee, them Pals will
effort a cure when all other meson bare failed: gal al
though a powerful remedy, do uot contain iron, calomel;
antimony or anything hartful to the esestitulloe.
Full dtrectiont in the pamphlet around each partie s
whicoahould be carefully preserved.
Note A gout for the trotted States aad Como*
JOB Ito3tfs, 27 Corti/Ludt St, New Tort.
N . N -- Stott and 6 postage 'taupe enalcoo6 to any au
burlcokl q..t, will Weems bottle, eentaining 10 PULL
plllOllll ItaIITIS
Band bee tharmeghly proved Resit to to the beet
artiste known for erring Cantles. Coto is tea Mau
sad lilsauscum. It has been Mud en esselleat wonsedy
in merry seer of Sou ZTRIL 974/nal has beetremoved
by Mend ELM= boa often been greatly Improved by
Ito usi. It to tregrantend warble, aul gine IN MIDI
ATI RELIC , ' *ea l?lqbaliwr pane eltealed kW dimmer
of Ws Dead. The senistiens Oar ufig it are deltgidditl
end inVigorstleg. it apnea and purges • oat ell of
'Mullions, strengthens the &Ada elit 10 , 4 • healthy
action ta ticeparts albsted.
Mere than thirty imam of eels sedum of Dr. 114irekalTw.
Catarrh end Headache Sand has primed Ate greet vales
for all the common Cowes of the head, and at this ais.
moat It 'tends higher than over before Dia recommead
id by many of the Met physicians. mid Is used with emit
snouts and satisfaction everywhere. Read the Oartghtsta
of Whelan!' Druggists In IBM,:
The undendgeed laving for many years been soetuan
led with Dr. Ibushalro Catarrh end Hesdarhe Boat and
sold in our witeleentetiade,akeerfalle state tied erehe.-
Uses It to be equal, in every respect. to the reecessamtdor
tiots Oren of It for the curt of Catania Labationta std
that ft Is decidedly the beet artiste we two ever baiter*
toren sitismOs diseases of the Head.
Burr k Parry, brad. Mutts k Co.. Brow Lawn
Co, Rod. OsUrr & Co.. Beth W. Tow*
n, k
Ili go., Boston .; libruhaw Edraatula ..11r. Co n W. 13. Pay.
Portland, Ma.; Barna it Party .41. 11. k 14■441W•pliss.
.Paa lit Co., h ail Minor Co., Ilcennan A Robbins. A.
L. Beavin • co., it. Ward, Clop* Co., Bub Gala;
N.. York.
ror ail* by all preggiata. Tn It. lyWd4-11.
1111•1 RANDKRIPHNI P1111.163..—T1ey expel the pel
f) eons -which threaten Ida. &pry time • tisk par
sob la purged bJ thls vegetable remedy, he has Imo vi
tiated homers sad more lite and vigor, as lay one elm
prove by taking t single dose, Pervious of spare heblif
gain hub sod strength while using them. gawp times,
vi rest • fevr.days or west' [roes this purgstles.we malts ,
new adds from our (nod, which reels** the sinsoarml
ones that the pills hue cewed to be evecrested. Seek
time weropeat this proems we expel further quantities
of imptiritlee, which ate agate repleited by fluidal*. sad
lees ionpare, ao that is a abort time, by ea ntintang thin
treatment. vs• bring back the whole mass of licilibr,tir
hamar' to that state of parity which constitutes health,
for Brandretb's Pills only take away humors wtileh ant
Sold by all vipoetable dealer' to medicines
I,IOLIMILD I Table lights extinguuhed when •
IN v isit truth slants forth, and the tneentestlblehict
that the bstr tarns troa b . ay, red or windy to a glad•
ohs blink or brow° Apti f ban the thatnelion &hanged'
lle bath, wider the operettas of
Cristaderfee lteir Die.
now tbeern throughout Um American oonitnent..
• h treated*, °oaten. no rosette, impress* the Woo*,
*redness • rich, Wand and luti eolor of soy shade
Rom • warts borers too gloss . , sable. and to endorsed by
tits most e ninent analytio chemists is the United
$ litansbnbund by J. °nil' 4 DODO, 1.. 6 1106.0.
Iffiplbeat....Albill by all Dragnet" awl apnied 4IT
therm &. coarrtli-Im'
DESPONDENT Or 611TH SEXES --a graat wt
lower hattisgTisis zestared to NW* to ales- 4amie(ter
toar4 yidial l l4l l oo,l* irangl to "Wirt
roes-arastolibremehie tom) as Dm &IWO of a
postpilidr aaralapa. a copy the Anemia o
esualaapio•at. 'West to
toast Y. DADNALL,,DaC =Pad
• inakisa,4
: 3 1140B111APP TENIZTIAPI 11101itelt-LlNi
switat.—ln pint botUes, price *0 ants. '
Dr. Toads—War air : I hull hies la the livery but
sem for the last twenty years, lad during that ties
haul weed all the null= Raiment§ sad lotions of tha
day, bat never have fund an aril equal to year Yea
eflan)iferie Llalmeat. L have fairly tested it on My.
horses to distemper, sprains, eats, Wks, sitelllag et the
glands, no, u also for rlumeastisat oa myself, aad have
always loud it as lasalnable remedy.
Itameetfallr yore, C. LITOLIITILD. •
gold ,by all drnigists 011ae, &I Certlandt Strut,
New York.
A UNIVERSAL iiiLDICiNIC.—.y whit VW fist,
11. by the airualumtlyE hy bits muter ise drib it, me
eau be waded* • Duly Mine, sr tremilebility inducted
by hest; because thus sluts esd by pro:ludo( impurity
of bloat, 'NI ntistu health vs stint purify the ibleA
by the !KIWI/ of - the damask usi bowels ; these *raw
mut be (*attuned Il the regular perfermumme s thut
duty whisk nature bus sniped them, and UWE nem
be ear impeitiama S t I. abet alses one:Mass jogai?
wki4i cannot Injure. sad which will sorely realm the
bowels to the reolarywirfermasse of their datiesi. .
The dyspeptic, the basso w ll dd them a ingenue of
healtk, sad the WWI au. be mid to ell who are sick la
say way„—take Brandreth's Pills aad be eared. Sold by
all respedalle dealers la redldaes.
ACANDID STATEMENT.—Yen cao primer, of,
anr lirnigiat la this city ant viciatty Dr. Tobias%
Venetian Liniment. It is a gars aM speedy own .144
sore Wont, kaadrobe, tootkadie, chronic
colic., croups and pain , ia the limas. We &dna, •
one to give It a trial: The expossas is a tssetis trido74
oiati—iind ors are confident no pinion vitiator boa vital
oat it- Emery family should tare a bottle in tie Mesa
La came of males redden% nett air eats, biome
As pals relieving Atialitias sr* nitrarttar -
wenp;tt hes saved handnade, re have
to prove it.
Primo Viand 60 seam Sold by all dm
64 Cortiandt Street, Near Tara
TravALios, Titkft.44WPICIC
• art. linerideth b Co., of
a . tioorbwilot-ioetbiod, • by. 11141slt
rabdity lad ibildelly condi by tie WWI%
Wards ptrysiobsa. Pr, if. Is Ukcastkat
ifinttof SOO 'lgoe. wallah fhb( • Wk.
of the obi.of trostobba‘ netolob pib&b
Modlool Joarza, of trkisi fampboiinbor
tree, by addreasing t: /11kiyaallUISHII
'Arend to. the, Illatiadat
I;visiit.saw WO or *row
t Ettrir • WoiwildriW: - "lriirrOolimhffi•
SO., oat sake 7es evslictiailif *MOW
veld thimble, sosboi of 9LIP DOOPOIt
di3 ff,=l:7ll24.3—Sid toli.MisSee
sad rigor la low thug - thin', toys. ?toy irolorik,
vsgetinio,"oloioolit this* prooqdrao&Oldatory lo ow -
*Berta ontho broksordookand sbattoriol eorsUkitgeto
Old and young can tollithhi with advaatage.
lad sod sold In tho Mittordtinos col by
lAA H. 111711Afti if It en
. *o list. 3a
howl far tlioV • • ' -ri
P. B.—A Dos of lb. Pillsootently girslip4 • ' • • ,
od to nor Wilma tes soseigl - of peiss. '
pai—nolioy solositod by tho • swim
■ L sot gives.
ENDITOIt. OP tliitlit iffalt— lasi its : q
v a - roar kiisii - lietili le rm*
AU" .
a 'OW paper that I will wok hi istang
'dab iii i iir )_ a
_114040 . 4 WU!' PA
sad al e
Ame'VegitaMs-1/4 1 / 4 Uls& MU
tie tam Towhe e EWAN. 1 &if
rratisPerttlial Si We Skia.*legiag Ski t mai i
- ' - - -
sLicatiVlNl 'llossaWal. .... tA a
L. Yrtfilik• tads fro, to them lariat 141, 11044
Bari has, simple doodles, aid Irformatioa JIM fur
suable Ibis to non Min) stem! of -Lotoo Solif
Whiskers or Esosatiotio illiheirtluis
S3ildtarecV/ii 4ill
11 0 i
b AU eppedien =M b ngro 41,1 i 4
linativ. IRE I
TW'O DOLL&RB. Aitirk 4411414 T:
640 XMAS:. ELartfor4. Cosa
E ,.
~.,.. ~,......,
..... ~. .
.., ...,,...., .
1 90'1 0 1 . 1 ...
.fl ..1 . 1 . if.• Jr'
• t mi. ~ l o •;:'r .1 'APII ,i. 2
~'ER4,7 7 , IW,I*IAt!pAY - AFTERNOON, JUNt 22, 1865.
Trodden Players.
ST 10.1111 SD *2lllllllOlll
Thor, are soma Marts, like Ake roving wins,
Cling to unkindly rooks and raised towers;
Spirit. that 'inter and do sot' relit's— '"
Patient end sweet as lonely trodden flowers
That troia.the passer's heel unhurt 'arise,
And bring book odorous heath instead of
But than lire other hearts that will lust feel
- The lonely love that haunts their eyes sad
earl ;
That wsuad fond faith with sager worse thin
steel ;
And of pity's spring draw idle tears,
inters shall it ever be Ay will
111 things with good to taiogle,good with 111?
Ifity.wheuld the-heavy foot of sorrow press
- The willing heart of unoomplileing love—
Meet charity amt Waitaki sot from distress.
Gen4essee.„leth her f tyrents I. reprove
Thouglp virtue weep forever and teetent,
Wiftel• hard heart turn toward her and
• relent ?
W/ 1 7 t►e reed be bedew that will bend,
And!thay that dry the tears in other's eyes
Peel their own roguish swelling 'without end,
Their summer darkened with the smoke of
Burk 4ote to some fair Eden of his own
Will des at last, sad leave ail hers alone.
Lon weepeth always—impel!' for the peat,
Formosa that are, Tor woosstkaktnay betide.
Why ehosidsspc hard• ambition weep at last.
£si and hatred, ovaries and pride ?
/ate whispers ever sorrow is our lot,
They !would be rebels; lorwrebellesis sot.
[ream the N.Y. Tribue et Jess 11)
To Hang or 'Wet to - Hang.
Wi cannot find time or spine for as
*impure of- - a/1 the . misapprehensions,
miestatements • and ovidenem of., mental.
ehwhisk aredalky sent. uawith regard
tot •o proposed execution of certain lead
otrir the a
lte 'rebellion ; yet some of the
ium mischievous among them seem wor
-00 of azimut sonsidersuen. For instanoe:
lifx.!A, J: Smith, of Danville. Pa., favors
us:With an elaborate misconcaption of all
we have thought or said on this subjeet.
whMtoe we cull the following points that
mein werthy of our atteetioa. He says:
he leaders o& the rebellion. accord
ing! to the Constitution (as shown by a
0 I ing article in your paper a . few days
, are guilty or treason, for which the
• elitists that they- should suffer death ;
Mid, if 'ire, why should not justice lifi ad.
MiOistired to • .: .
-Alesworr—Ho, Mr-Smith 1 the_ Coeitite 7
Hon does not say that "the tears" eve
'otally are guilty of tressmajmt that all of
cons tripzon who bpoe. been concerned.
in 'levying war veinal, fhb trnioa Stntio,
odbering to' their Stllitaille, s gitftg them
aid •iiid‘orttfort "Airir-thns guilty; and ,
thivlaw vreacribes death- fa thei/ ..'ptutish-.
- al . Ili: 1 1 01.Orke. :/eilk 4Jaen• 2 1 m:Ifilfiw et,
kin .men and :women kuivit 'been
guilty of treason, and Are erzpased tO.
t by hailing's/ the legal - 'peatilti ' of'
4:t t
b ly cri to nl4. hen 'll g ow illr tht10 "1 •1310n 1In"16 1r women,
and girl*, any more than, we do ; the
/*test number that any of - your-- 'oboe.'
I T. aver estimated to tut that it vim Pro - -
r . to heng was fiftyltiotistind*; which is
! 4
tr one in' forty of- the -guilty. • °that*
h Ve•iiduoid the number to five damns-
' •4, one thousand, and eves lower. Nor,
I. se r what-Aght bays you.: Who Pkvfogio
to hartgiL3rtieth, or a such smaller pro-
!turtle*, of the guilty, to - pa Von such siln
to ni, wii6 literati treat all the rebels
I pro
Whiiily as you vrOtild — Aist — itiltro immense
prity f • - 11' ifie ari itence in
pr Oetpli between- Of And Whiah of us
-irrincos'theigrukter oniiiiitenef f
t Styli MV. Shills' igaiii f ' "
: i . i ft il toy ileantott'lan't I Wtave iox
14** Ili
. e Teelings'er thOitimids 'of jour
tders), tbat,-if il o jesd'an'df the-rubel
-1 ipii bmkomiai . jig atttoe, li t lictfitduit.
that *hay ,slioUld, ' 'idpi,-ttlit,
e; iipakten
failY io .Pritois.:, 14 if if 'they haviinit.
misted say crime, it 'Ninny unjust that
they should go-ntipunisheoL"
I Very:well, Mr. -Smith : "the leaden"
Hass committed lreesois; and so belie the
; yet you favor the non-puniih
' Ment of the latter ', is clear violation of
pour own priacipl• that, " if they have
eamoritted any cruise, it is urquat that
they should should go unpunished." Justify
Tow as exemptleo of We immense LOA
/knotty from punishment, and youmkll hurt
s justiflid our - position at to the residue.
,Let u hear llr. Smit / h ACC More :
:"1.471 Llia,Wiiiiirt,lo46Ac'
tett by Aus :murder of onr i nob reiiident ;
ibuit, very 'OO4 afterward, Olt!. U 0 01 443
pima to knew that the easanum hid been
.nowt looh liepertilly . for the
sbettiesihm of- 4856 a" irk “hif cue 4r,,..45 11 *
eenneetad with .hisi..--L'144,.707i Ply 4E7 4
One lay that ,tber. ass n tertAlletilluil , .o
death Shaw these Inhabits. bean *0 came
of ineideritig trundreds. of •ithonaande .of
the nettled ead , bravest men oftheland
• "!miei,. lir. fEltaithl yen aey that:. racy
dine 'YOU dt.Thi• the - execution; of ell
the assandeinfliicat dfseritilinition; While
11111:iiiiiii -only "the leaden " or, the re
tiioti You therein proalaim
yew =ewe dear • tiodeeptica- of a radical
' aural 'difieresin 'between rebellion :and
*liirdit l .'" - "raving ••thiscrefuted ,your own
_doctrine yCii' 1;11'14 'sexed *us the trouble.
. The civilized world has ,lcing 40-
;ermined: sad *greed, gut*. witilnto
teen in order Jo overcomes rebellion
V4 74 47. l ismaillabill , to execute, them. as
sVter Altair revolt . ha* been utatirly
lnpptientilf, iwof 'dry. dubialut policy and
• tutelleuable 2 initaiittity. eta. tilled
titatidc-litnigarisen in putting
`,7olrot upprising hide; iteastitb, elan°
thirteen • oily of
10adids stultondlned unooodi,
R ---
'1 04, 14 - 4baki.; NW him lbw bitatiac.of a
Waif ibaki rafoottzthiefiti elmsre"
u r
7 ' dbyl4rialiftiay .aifitalatloa -
Va ' A isitikiet thiiiblaelkaarttakpau
' Wealth *I lit' 'Tama ', 017 4 . . itift. 138 '
04 ,
it,; eve 46frasitiiii..
,'FizgAii. 4 4. . a 'Tr .YAgif . . C . :V• 4;
V ro vii. f t '•.?• " .. ' initElbe 124
iel*ol s . •7` 1 *
1 .44 t'i l • P h , ' SM . : ilo
f ill
'lt . I lik riPIJ '. • " 0 . f.. r
ifiniiiillefit [ 3:4,P0 . ` - i • L. , •
aaanWitaam4ioß, I , • •...,, ,a ' i iti,
f lioLlo prompt. • eat • . jinikk, Or,
hate • • • • • -- (Mho .;
fligiiiii*siwetlirnalpiesitioilhair" II
YAMIVIiPiiii4.4 immeiptiabisekk u
•eafgailgaiiiniVibeikaa#sfr OE iiiiialiel* a i ,
al; - ', • r ' 1 - - diumiestb.› ity,
I T, : - anisinerlikislase. *balmy'
-. -- r- . • • gmhateriraad iso'
•Niiitdibli birrimiaisoitisq iii• of
', r
AnvANcE; .163,00 ,IF. NOT PAID LINTO. THE END OF T#E,l4*.4.
tbeiF,cl4 to citizenship and a • *oioe in
the geveriiineat of-their respective/31sta' ;
henoeAtind for other reasons) :in are in
ftexibty'opposed to it.
To pat.onr idei more completely with
in the manta grisp . of Mr. Smith, we will
express it thus : There are still groat so.
cial and political melioration, tott effect
ed at the South—meliorations w 'we I
deem essential to the ,highest well-tie ~ r g "
of our country and of all our , people. We
see not how to effect these ohangee witty:
out, powerful Souther* help; and, where,
a labor of love is 113 be perforated' we cent
eider one .live than worth two dead ontte-
You can't hang men (even by proxy) and
reasonably' alcultte on ' their future co=
operation ind support ; and we want- the
hearty goad will and active help of as
SonOtern whites as possiblvin 11110 ,
ite Southern blacks in that position
which seems- vital to the well-being •of ,
all clines and of every sectio n : linden"
tamong other reasons) our hostility to
hanging in the premises, and to any
grout tho Halt. elaneay ToLoom of Jaioll.]
The Ilertyie . d Editor;
The public will remember that in our
last issue we called attention to the trial
then progressing in the Circuit Court of
Carroll county, which for the enormity of
the crime; its audacious publicity, and
brutal perpetration entitles it to rank first
among' the blackest deeds that disgrace
our criminal records. The trial has been
concluded and theparties to it acquitted.
It will not be out of place for us now, how
ever, to give a synopsis of what wee un
mistakably proven as a stand-point for
our remarks : •
The history or the terrible tragedy Is as
follows On the 17th day of April an un
knowii, invisible and self-authorised body,
designating themselves as " The Vigilance
Committee," sent the following note . to
Joseph Shaw, late editor of the a l ma
Pwcity Democrat, the original of which
paper was found on the body of the un-
- fortunate victim, and sew in the bands
of his aged father:
Warierstrit, April 17, 1865.
Mr. Joseph. Shaw
SIR; Yon are hereby notified to leave
Carroll county immediately--that is, be
fore sundown to-day--under penalty of
being rode upon a rail out of town. By
order of Tel Vuncipicr Cowatrtse.
Qsi the same day a "body of men' re•
presenting the aforesaid ceannittee, • at
tacked the offica of the 'deceased, corn
plitety gutting it and' destroying beyond
redemption the IX4tirial with which he
earned his bread. The eases containing
.t t he typo were burned, a valuable-library
destroyed, the presses bettiered! and two
ten; the furniture consigned to the
dame% and the destruction in every res
pect, rendered complete. On the receipt
• cif the above note, the persecuted 'man
left; his home and came to this'city. • Re
betting all - eiciternent had quieted dortn,
he negotiated for the purchase of. new
ihsteruti and presses, and on the 24th of
April returned homelor the purpose. of
again resuming hie legitimate avocation.
Whilst in his room at night, this "Com
mittee," or a similar body, piloted by the
,perhaps too timid or credulous betel-keep
er,; attempted an entrance into, his re,
trost L and upon his opening the door, Mr.
Shim waaimmediately fired upon. Upon
his returning - the fire of his sasailantit the
light was extinguished and the knife abb.
atituted for the pistol; the awful tragedy
cobblnding with the dragging_ef the dy
ing man down the stairs to the bar-room,
in! his transition struck brutally over the
head with a club, and thrown face down
wards to the Boor, expiring amid the
brutal iesta and obscene epithets of his
heartless assassins.
;Barbarian tradition preservee no atroci
ty More startling and ctuet than t The
annals of crime furnish no precedent
More shameless, and no condition of so
ciety more demoralized flan - this. Tile
climax of unblushing gu ilt has - been reach
ed, and a Maryland jury sanctions and
"approves the dreadful consanniation.
• A man murdered for "opinion's sake,'
in a free- republican government' Let
'this go to the hearts of every American
citizen, that for "opinion's sake" a dia..
[tenting junto wields the murderous blade,
and a jury of their peers—peer in blood
guiltiness, superiors in crime—tor one
strikes•down a , refiresentative man, the
other cuts with crivainal intent it. the
very existence of law, justice and society
--earea4es the culprit's shoulder and ex.
claims, well done, good and faithful
servant," It was for "opinion's rake ";
that one of this sem° class of " commit
tee' " struck down.the nation's head "and
steeped a whole people In tears; and on
the very day while a national" dirge was
.being chanted to Heaven for the soul of
;the great departed—even while the strains.
of atonement were wafted through tne
.court house from an adjacent charcb Tr it
Carroll. county jury had determined ttr
sanction hi their verdict the same row
tine of fiendish wickedness. •
VILVONT, ANLCDCUT.— The tide Rev. Lab'
Twitchell was the most noted /11.0thodii-t
minister' in Vermont for Shrewd and ,
laughable sayings In the-pulpit he main-
tattled a suitable gravity of manner and .
expression, bat. out. of the pulpit he over-,
_Sowed with fun.
Occasionally be would, if emergency
seemed to requite, introduce something
queer into a sermon' for the sake of won,-
ing the Bagging attention of his bearers.
It watt he wen originated the story of thii
great musquitoes.
Seeing that his audience was getting
sleispy, be paused in- his discourse and di
gressed as follows :
14 Brethren', you haven't any idea of the
suffering of our missionaries in the new
settlements, on aCconut of the , muiqui
'epee. The musquities in some of these ,
.vegions are ettoro3Ons. A! great 'many of
!beta _will' weigh' a pofttid' and they will
set eti,ibe lap Jur.4 bark' when, the tuiv
nominal are solociliifit.f" ' ,- • '
• ; By **time Ali Ks*RA 16 , 1;!,!11 ;
SD d le i pnopeed eti i tofinisli,Auf,Nrihrs.
• Tbronest.disy 044,41,1*.listartrOttlIali
„bu n i te eesestet• foe' keicieliialf 44 • "I lA°
itinlipit,, • •,,_ _ :., - ~. ~ • ••" ~-. -_. n!l , f. , I
•1 1 :A ., Them never ,ra, a ..cutieggikou tuet;
fiffighlidiafpoutedi'leaidatt. . •.. ,? ! ~. , I
i .,- HTBut;4 didn't aiy• beet:. ot . titeekly ,
weigh a pound : I said _ d great mauy-p
ahentmould weiatker utsuitb44sl ....It i 44in
41. gailAckg At. Wool lit_uuld. 4 _ r •
. ,!.'.,ut, 3ttut, Said tikey . 'kuk4 0; Thi , ,,it i
_ i i i ss i a g es.. ) . • -- , -. A 2 ' ' ,- , ;• , ./..—asiN
• "'MO:it° bicr s t6r: I s aid they 4iitilfdzie
On the fogs and' bark..q:l '.':-, 7 r. , 'L tnler3
Ramittito TO Tastx ,Fiiiii. Loi . s. •
.ApOrisans Delia Mittel that ' triciaiii
riskily was given itilifoßliii feiVeiiinEirk
lined:46- I st ieliw4eSs itiiitisd *wanton -4o
both Union and-Oesistkirstle nl4oOrsr-d
tie iterjupahcef:= l : l llAffillgi.Alli itutPl!kii!P
restraint bung over the aseantnage, ;.,
..anythAng but a plel ut time Ras ie . r
: pot. • ' At lot - tile — ifil*l 'Melon
—..... it tie -- 7 =-744114* . e4itiPcsitilli? •
S4l3_ l '.*,l3i 3 ottbenn.ll6 Siptili on
- 41$,Pc9h 6 Path ' l 4 Anfttliiirgt , tittinii
Ifitt-'• xzwAar fel Pontlir• " - lifftlr
few iniiiie its o an z atittiliiiititasiii;.thip
vipple party, Union c Jin e l. rebel, knifed lei,
401 - the Utmeet fitted f linifind'Arriiititi c
• re i_ollid• from! hat Vests forth: ilea Atter
vivo=coy witned - the easerp e rn s p o r
wes ,4 o thew mow*, 494015::: 12 '
' ' !•:, ft ,
.::~.~..~- A
Cie 1191.1 C Gee maim—Tim Nashvilli,4o
Oaf publisbas.the following partial has of
Catholic' geneosls wit° bare served dtiriets,
the war: !..
• •
Major Generale W. S. Boseorane; Clain?
A. oi!More, George G. Meade, E. 0. .
'Ord, Philip H. Sheridan. Jobe C. Poster,
George Stoneman. r.1)113180 Shields, Daniel
E. Siekles, David 8. Stanley, John New
.n, Alfred Pleasanton, Diohardmon. .30-
sejdi B. Cam J.. Hunk Thomai 'Frannie
Meagher. .
Brigadier Generals Michael Corcoran,
:atoms W. Sweeney:Patrick Edward. Con.
M. IL Lawyer, Thomas Ewin Jr.,
Hugh Ewing, aegis sle Trobriand, Thom.
as C. ;'Denin, T. W.. Shaman, Alfred N.
lioting Brigadier Generals Janus Z.
Malone, Patrick:it. CYRouke, M. T. Don-
Jamen.A. „Illuan, Florence M.
Cornyn, Stephenrterty, aichexii
Byrnes, Patrick Kelley, Mathew Murphy.
To this list may be added the name of
the vestal and . most brilliant of all our
Generals, William Tecumseh Sherman,
who;,acnording to the Omens, joined the
communion of the Catholic Church before
entering on active servioe in: the army.
radicals are likely to be disappointed in
President Johnson, in more respects than
one. He has commuted the sentence of
Bowles, Mulligan and Horsey ; he has re
mitted the sentence of l!ongresaman Har
ris, of Maryland, who was recently tried
by a packect star-chamber court, convicted
or alleged offenses, and sentenced to three
years, imprisonment and to be forever
stripped of political rights ; he has per
mitted the release of Governor Brown, of
Georgia, on parole, mud that distinguished
rebels walking aoout the streets of Wash
ington and visiting old friends. The Wash
ington correspondent of the Mims says
that large numbers of " the political lead
ers of the rebellion, who adhered to its
fortunes andinisfortunes to the very. last r ,
and who were among the moat prominent
exceptions to the recent amnesty precl ,
station, are here at large, and some of
there in daily conference with President
Johnson." General Longstreet, who is in
Washington, has tak en the oath of alle
giance and applied for a special pardon,
which he will probably receive. Presi
dent Johnson is not such a blood-thirsty
min a' his late friends advertised him.
Memo • Baer.—An incident.. not gen.
erally known, concerning one of the St.
Albans raiders, has recently come to light.
Immediately after his acquittal, one
the raiders, having little faith in . the•
judge's decision, determined to leave the
con try. It being unsafe-to travel, unlesi
disguhurd, he - .bethought himself for
awhile. The difficulty was perplexing,
and time was sOIVC43. If be stopped much
longer, ha would like!? be arrested, and
there were few disguises the lynX-eigKi
officeri - of the, law had not seen through.
Atridea, bolever, struck, him. Ile hired
baby, paying $4OO as ieburity for its safe
return. He • then dressed himself • - as a
lady and started for Halifax with the
cbild..and for a great part of the way had
tor an escort the very officer detailed to
catch him. He, however, tikes the de;
tectire a very good recommendation - for
gallantry, for (luring the-trip there sus,
Luothing either himself or the-child needed
that the officer of the law. did. not get-for
them. Hikarrived safely in- Halifax and
took a passage for Europe.
GSNt. altan? AND, SHIJUIAN.-•-The Chi
cago correnpoudent of
.the Cincinnati Go
etle relates the followiigincident :
Upon the balbony in full aight ? or thous
inds stood the two heroei-of the age—
Generals Greta and Sherman. Calls were
node for a speech from the latter.-. lq
response, gen. Skerrnau!splio/,, that he'
Onld not he intlnced to comply With 'the
treqtieet that he would ilitays cheerfully
beck tip'tind obey his beloied Ctiestriand . -
/er-in-Chief, and he was sure Gets.Qrant
would not order him -to make r, speedo.
Cries of ; • order him to make s apeeeh,
I General , " broke from all' parts 'or the
building. Gen. Grant quietly, and with
!that self possession_that so eminently
marks him. replied with a mil*: /
never order wooldier to do acy thing. which
I canuot do payselt." The effect was oleo,
ideal. The building tremoled with 'the
applause that this admirable p. liege
evoked. '
Tait - Painizesiie• - biseset Ple-tims,--
One ) folks, Ling is.. hoto :the ,IP/iifitoon
ORKPIP9I .I 4SP* 4 t 9.I . :•SAW Sri kik -4vPie j
Nit a , ' O I C
° ki el e r cittl 111 %a1Oi l re' !l n il l or
grounds of flier hite IfoliSC 10.!useoza
give permission to the neginest -fps isse#
over., this rule. and the per r-lirriP
itteli k 4, tj)e fgar..ef the PEesi erit l i ` Ouse;
A bejtatll,oltqt, wioi, ' the eiiintiefe Wirt
of * our Ye.olbred Irieichi ' l ' hiiiirli Vitt.
*OF!' omit thti' ;Veer ' L i cdepistatilia
Vitil :obloreti Ainerithus citizens of • cASSifis4 -
1 'f: maid, Apap krffisi4sek i •
son, /a ge his ,Cs4. l as O,P•_ *Flit 6 6 :
engtem t . bark the. renos!st It* rPoetv. : ,
• most , decided - n'eibtfire - z Theft ' -
' Iticiiislisio risa tirgtill sitinled:r . 1 .1. - 4 j. i
The. } miss eienati Aftes Airet '
''`.'' I e ' - • "-a ‘ 1 ' -
V a n i.tri g hl So raiz i k. it
time es mutt: Aim tbs- . .
sof rtintifortht—ne. billsb. 142•614tri-twait
ipotisouit .ta 40- tfaigkrk-Pli et ,
1%.11104 1 : , • • "'i
.- _ .. r
The President hasslaid down cettatn retes
for his governtnent., among which are un
deritooti to be the follolving
let. (And most important), the restorer
lion of civil law and its operations every-,
where, through the provisions of the Con
:2 , 1 The restoration of all (as the rule)
'to civil privilegriorho-414:1t of
taking up arms agalnit_ilie government
and evince a determination to loyal
wen to the Union and Constitution. .
Ail sectional principles'and govern
tuont v* . ) bol. disowned and cliecountenane.o
4th. A strict. construction of the Con
51.11. A strictly economical admitistra
tiop of the government as soon as the
present burdens upon'the Treasury can
removed. •
' 6th. The reduction of the publio debt
or ot the present heavy system or taxation
(one or both) as speedily as prudent.
i The President is in constant communi
cation with the heads of departments in
the hope ot carrying 'out- these reform.—
tits; the most difficult task ot all is in stop
ping the leaks of the Treasury.—rN..Y.
Gas, Susieol's itnvics.—Gen. Sherman
made a speech in Chicago, the other even
frig, in which he'traid :
Now there is peace all the way from
here to the Gull,: awl you, gentlemen,
knew what . youmust do sow. , Instead of
destroying, you must build up; instead
of insulting, you must conciliate; Wilted
of discouraging, you must encoaragethose
wh rare Willing to *id oe.3e P bnikAing
.this Widely , diversilled lead. You (=iwi
(expeol, & t he .people o f 4:Ooisiana tUe
rpooßle of, North caroling to Iheigta ire&
alf parties here their 'prejndlOse,lied We
04' resilient theirs• ait'Abe - y »aflag wispier
k With this simple preinuttioniAbet
is - on dill ger of this ,Aitiog PTV
• otlr. Sueele. , . 1 .• -
t t
voirintioortenrintaxt , To Nov roam SeArow.•
'll. Ajgretlematievred of Nervous Debility, In.
aospellsoey.lonewatire Nay, and Yftntitibi Error, m
auled by& 4eiers to boon others, will •be happy to
flarbledi lb all who hood it Mee of eitatiS) the reales
illisetais 15 or slain the SAO,* moth' IleKl le
bloom*. Ilaillereva wishing to profit by the advertiser's
104onowtoeaad a aura mod valuable namely,
Ularde - oe ley Waysides him at ones at las place of bust
/NOW The melon aidt Atli Inibmatioa—of vital laspor
taishe.will 41beedlelly loot by retain Eli IL _
AMMO. JOHlf - D. 00171:7f,
• No SO Nauss St, Now York.
P.llim-Norross flaruiro of both elm wilt find the
sollf NI-1M
nQ YOU WIRE TO OK CUltltill—Dß. BU
-011.1.14Y MUM SP2cUtte KW; can, is WI
SO 4471. th, Walla OMSII ot It ILRVo 14N Dl=
tesq,_Pwlisstere Deasy. bezulluel Weeklong'', t
MI etl Ulleery - , Swami sai NerVoll. Alliellosa. Do ere 4:
ter Osti VW wow produced. Pries ono &liar per bee.
Suits we peikbp NIA co receipt at ea order. Dee be
walyeeliOtklaue Is met ewes. Address
, .. . i , JANOS R. aunts,
ligelersl Astat., 427 Rroedway. New York
121111‘441a. ,
tar Um Wad* sad as a eastles to y Quad
saga, said status:lda sutler from Norma Debility, Pis•
mhos pawoLManhood, ha, seopplyins at tha sates
time the tunas of saeune. By ass who has sand himself
attat tadovisdai itoneblesatAs amatory., ' Ity
aposetodd addressed ansidepeigisahe espies may
ortheasthes. Namsnizalastrars,
malll4-47. Brooklyn, Mass Co., N. T
walissuast WHLOIS.IIIOI
Do yen wait Insiotess or Youtachoi t Oar
GreelLis Componze will force thain to grow on the
amoothist boo or abin, or hair 00 D i ld heads, in six
wash. Prksa $1 00. Sant by mall irrerywherie, closely
osale4t, on recefot of pries.
Addhams, WARNFR t CO., bac I* Brooklyn. N.
wlliNKSlMS.—Tboas wishlag a las sort of whisk.
ors,a also sonstashor, are brastlfal bead aglow
Ws, will please real the card of Tag Y. CHAPMAN.
is ssetbar put of Cats paper.' tar 2-8..
OLD gyre MADE 141t1W....1 pamphlet erect,
tmg how te orpeolily restore eget &id give an dus
ter at modielio. brut by =II, frio, on roottpt of 14
Nati. ♦d&me 1.11. 700 TE, 41. D.,
woo Imegiwer. Nee York.
tag se pi laatreatioa for Tomos. Idea—publiahed by
the Hoooril Ausaiatioa. sad sent free of elkarge to reeled
levelopie. Address. Dr. J. SWUM HOUGHTON
niijostabia. i '
t. portant Announcement.
fIREAT SALE of Watches, Chains, Dia
16,ji'mend Mom ku One IDMon Doflan, worth to
be divert of at Owe DoUer Zech I Without regard to
Voted I Not to be paid for until you know what you are
to moire I Sploodid List or Articles I AU to be sold
'for Om Dollar gull
• Neck
260 Gents' Gold Boating-ease Watahos $6O to $l6O
240 ladas Gold and Famelied bunting cue
Watches . ... 36 to 10
600 drat(' tenth:ream Silver Watebos 66 to TO
2" Dlinionditingn. • , 60 to 100
MOW Gold Vat and Neck Chains 4be 118
5 " Gol4.oval sand lirseslets 4to " 5
5 " Gold end Jot Brosslets.
- ... . Ito 10
It • Chatelaine Chiles a nd Ciyisa.. 6to 20
T 1 Solitaire and Gold Brooches - (to 10
$ O, , Coral, Opal, and teatualtt Ilrooolies.... 4to 8
it " . Bald, Guam. sad Pearl Ear Drops 4to 8
6 0 ' kikedaq, Jet, Lrrta,,Jt Plentine ear drops. 410 6
7,6. Ocinall, Opal and Emerald " 4to 6
- 4
0 ' Coliforals Diamond Breast-pins 1,60 to 10
$ "
" Gold lob and Vest Watch-P.3e 2,50 to 6
4 ' Yob and Ist Sibbon 2 slidat 3to 10
5 0 late SolltalarSharo.battens, nods, Se. 3to 8
01 1 eat littablea, Pomona, 107 4to 6
10"' 1111-aahuo Lockets; - 2,50 to 10
4" • kflnatoro Lotafts, Magicgpring_...... 10 t. 3 20
6" l hold 'foot/mkt; uses, On 2to 8
6 "' p
Pala Gold Sl 6to 10
5 ••• Chased Geld o
Rings 4 to • 11
6,a Stow - Sit Ind Signet Ringo.— 2.60 to 16
• " Signoras DiaaosaAt Mogi --- ..... 2to 10
76 • salsrLaillat Jemolri—Jet and Gobi-- ,8 to 15
• . 4 estiLadko(lbrtalir-Canteo,Pearl,Opal
and ether stoats. .. . 4to 16
0 " Gold Pens, Silva autanaltu:bolders and
I X•eneils 4te 10
a"- Gold Pia, and Gold mounted Hoban— oto 10
5 " Gobi Peas and Gall extonaiou " 15 to zt
.6 " Watt Gilt and Jet Sachlos.. . —.. 6to 16
1 " Lodise: Gilt and Jet Bair Sato 6r. - dalla.. 6to 10
3 4 Misr adttota and Drinking Cups bto 60
I • Mow Costars 16 to 60
. • Sliver Fruit, Card, and Cake Baskets .... 20 to 66
r" doom Myer Tea Spouse (per dos.) " 11 to 21
A " damn Stint Toole dpoone and Forks.— 21 to 41
ARIIAND6LS It Co., Manufacturer( Spats, No. 107
Broaffese, TIM To& a:mouses that all of the above
list of g...ode will be sold for One Dollar each. -
. In oonsequinoe of the great 'typal°. of trade is the
maninottartar &Mail of England, through the war
haring tat off the so r ipip of cotton, • large quantite o
rolloatue Jerrelre, o welly lideadel for the English
*Ault. has been an off for sate to this country, and
60100 basalt at airy ..saalllca i 17ader these dream.
summoilutampApg ig co., acting u agents for • the
plod Kuroposn tnatafketarers, have resolved nom
a anal INft •Dettrilatlen, subject to the following moo.
CerttStates or doe minuet &edema:6 thin put to
up.and raised ; and when ordered, are
taco out without regard to choice, sod soot by MI II 4
thne Ode/ all s Mir chum. tra the receipt or the
;anti/ode, Jon will ere what yen are to hay.. sod thew
it Li at pour option to send dollar and tats the aril. eat .Parchasers may thus obtains Gold Watch,
dßamead Mg, or any Betor Jawetry on our Bat for ass
Is all bniseaMona., by midi, we shall charge for Cor
rea/din the Certibcate, paying pastas*, and doing the
tint.., ti mute maolt. which met be encloord when
the Certlikate is sent for, Fire Certificates will be sent
tor sl94lswOr
ed fat .16.0 r $2, thirty for $6, slily-bee for $lO, lad
AGBPIT3.—Wai went agents in every regiment, and-In
deity twefer wed courts in the-country, and those acting
an sub will be gloss& ten comb; oh every Certilleats or
ler 'them. provided Unit remittance amount. to
One dollar. •gents will collect 26 .canta for every Co r.
*beats, and remit 16 cents to ny either in sash or post
age stamps.
Address, ABB aND t r E Co.
spa:ebb-6m 167 Broadway, N.T.
Mato Boor, Brown k Co,)
Military & Naval Claima,
2 Park Place, New York.
Corresponding honer to Washington, D. C., J. R. Platt
er t Co., 478 14th Stmt.
Maytag had three years' experience In the eel:esti,*
of Chants and the general transaction ql business to air
'departments of Government, we can mare our elitists'
'sad ItusraspesuSenta that all busliseas Intrusted to tit,
will be eigcuously and promptly attended to. We are
I ptipaisd to make advances upon and negotiate the sate
otteihsta, and parchans Qaartermastefs blitz and
lethaska, en well as tolled& the followlnE dames
Pastsioni for LwalitL, Widows, Mothers •ad Orphan
Scraottsa for Soldiers, dtactbried to: wounds received
1 battle. thou who have served two years, and the
helte of 'deceased; also hula bounty to such as are en
Arm* of pay for °filters sad Salaam, and the heirs
of deceased.
Nary ptriss money for all raptures.
Neve pada* and balance of pay.
accounts of discharged .15ceri settled, ordnance sod
clothing returns properly mid. oat and collected, and
cleariacas obtained from Ordnance and Quitters:molar',
. S. Revenue Stamps for sale at a discount of Sit to
11Pf per cent.
Wholesale and Retail
&afraid nand, Amen.
•••et.„ • largo and superior
vo Attg.
: • liii,tltriS. •
together with evething found in s House
of &IS kind; whi ch they Will sell m chesp
es any otheratablittmint in this city fa.
Cmh mnifortidads of country prodties.
:`, "WAN Alia& ilelliViiiiiit-iiii awn art trot
f='! 4 • . - 1:=1•111,1=tet iiir , *h II, :
,iWlidio. „,.- m,ml: —ta -14;:s ..A.
11 (oMd - Quarterst
-I. --ice •-•-r. It V. SCRILNOtt .i • .•
lAS 44 414111. : • ' • • •
isiosonsVit Law; Illadro t w
prsdlis Is aggedal
A. V, likla sad AddioNslieggia g ill 11t5t114491
sad antra* 1kt10519, at It 10 4. 11.
leg stopping at North bet, '
3416. Des sad lageta.'
srurulL immi steam-Arar---
1184 a t 1,0 00 P. 11. 1iilusrli , 111114 . 14 : . 17741 77- 1," •77: - . 1, '„,u . . i
-The Day twos esabosta at. Dunkirk and BalW e i
We Mint Itzproos at Buffalo only, with Ewer
for Now York,Pnlladotphla, Boston, kn.
• 11l a. u., Weds Soren. stapping 'at all StatlOsa qt.
apt 11.rnuto, alplay Crossing, Mombasa, and
tlalgsiDa.atritaa at Ma at it' 6.1 N. • 1 •
1 66 P. IL, Der B: l 6Pral, 110 99 1 9 at L 1 41 019 4. 811 w.
Cnok, Ditaktst. Weatliald and North ..„....
at Etta at a as, P. IL
4Yr P. K., Nail !ft's, sump; as at sip 34441994 r id ,
arrives at Ycle at 9 /1 P. X •
13 It, P. 3t166 11 519 14 %4=311' 4 1 . A 9 3 911,2143 -
Creek Dasktilymul d, antylaig at at'
Ira Woad flaw la tan mwntea Castor than 6
Kay 21,11611. J. L 6 Wl3 GRAN ant.
P. E1C.1144,F,
would respectful ly Ink= the paths that ho has oissed
•Store ts •
No. St illughes'• Block, Edo,
Where be slit always keep es lung * lane supply Of
WIIO6B. Jaw:Jowl, ,c 16211.8,
And muything niosalty for oak, in so ertablfahnikond t
tbs kind.
tip- term ea rosansablo M szty • tabu eters Is tba
fitly islatimit •
New Grocery!
Al ACUB BOOTZ would respectfully sap
A swatter to lb* people of Ibis aft widiplaats, that
de has opened 4
O. Us Wu* Side if Peach Stmt. • Start DiViedle4 1141.1
' ti. LAU Shaw D•pot.
WWII he will keep on kindiv ar • &moor t
ADS ussally kept Ina and doe on
Wad, Sweet Oder and LAtuers..
&2 .4 ogitoot YUMA Prim paid for Progru, uus
lira sr s sLL if yea wish t. wenn good Mr
gsooo..lpiodeo payuVtosoll u Low.l not Lower, Mai
aimer — Othiti irtirre tithe 4114
stone Stove Works !
Tibbals, Shirk Whitehead,
tan a large sad exlassive aasortmest of iltomes a
Wholude gild Rasa.
L • arst,-slass Coal Cook Stove, with or wttbout reass
nix, for bard or !wet cosi. or *owl, sad is
Irsaistossnahatara lira
Beta low area Cool Cook atom—oito wood grates—
. eau be moot oltkor I/8* gaol or wood.
Ws ass still assitstactstisi this oslebrate4 low oissi
etoro for woof:l—With or intim% roortvoir. ,
TEE IhtliNTO-11,
1,0 Oessi Stow jar heel. This la a are Steve et
bseatttal entga, asd now kw eals-.4ogekna al*
•large smortamtat et elevated Ovea Cook,
rorlot Cook for wood or wel t sad Parlor
' sad Oahe Steve& tor timed or coal
12. 11114-tt. • •
. N . .1r- LAM.
'Oa 8t .Bt,Mcrm Sarentl aad Rigiatk.
Vas eabsernarre lava entered into the Cabinet !labia; sai
vuluirrtrit% TRADE,
And prepays inairlag to order sad beeping coastiatkr SO
hand all kiwis of innately.
Orders rill metro proaipt atteatioa. Repairing doss
_ as short *atlas.
Ti. sotworibers will gins special sttantios to this de•
=t of lists bit/isms. They assaidsetio• sal
stastly os bead's largo saisotesasit of Mobil's
Cues sag CoMss,sad hold Abmaaelves to tssdloso I.
meet orders b this Use, Promptly. from any part eras
ooastry. Dettindsid to two so darts to ens sotisibo.
this bosh lo the quality of dills goods and prices, they
taps to some& nasal stare stliablia pmp u.
esoiswous to 1. 8. unsay:
1117004301 TO 4
wsossoAss • t3?W. DILILZIt 11l
Leather, Hides, fix.,
No. S Perry Sleek. - Silts at, RHIN Ps.
- Constaotly oo hood% IseiO dock of
BINDIR11 4 ;
MISS AND f117#3, LASTS, -
.1. • „ • . Ift'LL
All of whlola they olfoi low for ,
B. leave to lotortn the chime of Brie and ►lalelty
that they hate re-mowed tkelr elosk of
To the RIM BLOCH, in the WW2; formerly mien
pled ky Messrs. HUTU h KAPLER, ober. they
intend keeping a Lute assortmsnt
Dress cods, Fancy Silks,
, &darning . thinks to oar customers fur their put
liberal pat:caw, ti teopeatfally ask a nonhuman*, of
it:111111M111 Ma, Jan. 1, UNII.
TV13101•110I9NE)) icEsPscrPut.. -
later*lliatfrisies sod Um pabite test t
sieWleamosi ea Os east midi of_the
Dlamsie„ sist *or * Yr. .7olut
vr Bioemeliik
stirs, iststiwsets far vest ao=
ta tits *do gnat of Yu Tick, ealseted troy fear elf
heout orooketasia sad ba=it at . s •
Reduced Prices, •
• Mgr tatfckale.beilniatd b bunkum.
• - Noomor a mum
ow Wri‘tr, ;.- ,
rift Ullefasz.—Lapms ow eunaume
• V7l._ irialiVs. IN' 4. i. ta i sa
b l odisi rsilag
. MK isstibi. lairmailiverylat
Itrtr mit e ilL • . t I WI
iiiii) TOM loiiiiiitotr az a l oo udaw
loaMiltkto.whis in a l a a 1.4,
wow 461.111. ga l P o o o l l llll.
ki , goA o = 4 l Aig ni 4aked. 4o 4E
' '':isiumie gmeedist A n
• .--t ::. :, -; •. - ~.... ..: ~,-,__.,..N.
01/017111t4 ecrs.
TO ars* ii-ADIEIB.
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