The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 01, 1865, Image 1

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0 tromrs Mil Poor Winos.
IKIVTION—Twab Dou.411•11 •oID Jrierr OUTS pet
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to 43.11.1t0 11
sTs - I Square of Too Iloilo ono fa•
fi t krO, Iwo tesertions $lO4 tittle i
fi,lo'uo.,tooth $3,00; Swo moutile $2,70
l,rrW„utt,,i. ,usluouthasitte%oilsyears.oo:
I,rheruv.pal• ‘ls pooponina. rhao mu,
unl.qour,lputrod opeetal
~ptiuo or .I.lto pobliabow. kodt
Ilirorceo awl Ilk* advertise
-1,1.1“IAll $3.1131;
Mar:lairs Natives ?WIWI/.
•iollUart Notteimi (uric .
~,t. + „rf l oeOtirlett poetry, ti.l
~,deogl of the • 14:
it % .I‘ , tire ..allt• will to COtittilueJ
v e, .0 • Jviertking, not .1 .4 . Ir. rd
1,, r,,, d..eLik.u, 1104 S• • •p•Cifled
„„. t.r
„r a. ts re ui tba beet Jobbing
-1.1 res 3, La du any *ors La
.t ti..l viatinsted to us, la eita,t style
k•• t-toat•tttout u.itside ottbs largest outs.
• ytw Ntoold be addressed to
drNJ ' AI
vioa.b» . 7 gad hoptidat.
dy.a.en. Ztmd la this aulmola at thy
t n -ergs 1.),..11va per year—accoritag to
1 . 1 TEEK.
at Law, Girard, fah, County,
"AidiUdlS attoodad to wttt
N 11 1.,1111?“11.,
irruluisr AW LAW. In iVilktßl4
, r n ut UMW.,
k , t•t , • • 'flock, Nuitti side of tue nut
aprlll . B3 tr
- --
eredliN. and Dealer la atellouery,
NYwbpapers,&e. Country dealer&
;,„1.:•lort• lirovau's Ifotal,freating the flirt.
t. • -
j eimins bad taken lb* Lime Ella at
1,1,th Monet, twat th• Phlboielphia depot,
~h, igpl.rotmte4 to fortdah Una, in lage
q ualittee, at tLe loweet market prime.
,w nJ l 7 -
k - -- lIILD I I MARTI/O.
Alze, Pir.too Block, ueor North West corner of t h e
roc Squirt, Kne,Ya
. .
MIN 11. 511111.1.4 1 t,
CITY grilling, bang many yule county
el or, 14 pre var.! to earn, or make Plans or Yaps
rv.t:uunt , ,, l'l Utltte to Ccantooa Connell Room,
IX& 11luck . aprilX6ll-17.
1.1.1 tie.regETT,
J cams or TIM PUOI. °SACO woad
rub Stritel. Witirsau lelfth and
I au•l6-2.
t; I. IL '
Xxosi-sios gaorooßtrsaol6 GALLIIIII.
Black. Eri• Pa.
11'1 wi
- AI i TORNITS A? LAW, Ridglay,
it, Is cKesn. Clar.eruo awl JeUersou COCILIItiat
LH VI , 1 iAtri‘edt. 1, • J W. W. WILBUR.
t 1., ritoPRIRTOR
k 7,1 ll rrket StI•111.-- - 013111101/11 east o
Warren, Sept. •:11-17.
icsnoil or TR■ PIACI, Paragon Block,
tc,it alarm( Bail, Erie, Ps
Ail or t I.nw nod J. P.
ClAlm .pent, Conveyancer and Collector.
la &heate bucdiuf, c,uthweat corner of Fifth and
greets, Male, Pa. aplrd6 it
EW 4TOIth.
Jona CRAIIII3I3/L1443. at the new
k Flare VIII/Ige. has u hand a brio awn
t dilrocenrs Prat-lawn, Wood and Willow Were,
LlyaJri, f..bacco, regale, ac , to which he re
cett4 the at tatilloo of the public. elithided that
:Irr int) t talrplllll Li can N kaA in any
llfYK2re HOTEL,
SVsech street, between 4th and 6th Breen,
IL, rLILL.IsiLhia & Erie Railroad Depot, Erie, Pa,
• •t,n.alAr, Proprietor Exteasive accommoda
o,,sisis and travelers Board by tba day or
. .txt.libg attached apr26'6311.
IrmuttoiAsus TAlWita and
• ;,. & liayeaea Pateut .towtog Machtoes
uk 11,,e- State Stzeat,betweeu 91.1 s and 9th its.
LIALes awls to order iu the Itaaat style
U. ovidOUNII,
I.lllaT 4,2 D 2.11'1111i, 011 Elgtith
ttr.kan State and Preach. Fine Horses and Car
t lel oil reasonable terms. zny29l4-Iy.
Sc al CA UMW,
tt • suwaoarossas of litmus Ita t tloas t iftratars,
noicultuna liapleatent4 Halittowl CUM
. PA
h. 31 AGI
Dartnis„ Vale* to Masao
task north aids ot She Park, Eris. Pa
k ust HUUM6JJ,
Rs DOLLY. XLI PA. Mn Y. O ~t . utuars,
~,tur This is a saw and haadsooddy tined ap
,is the midst of ormsa9 the bead Troa Slug and Haat
toils lo rannsylvains. Canuandinaa Munina.Class
s duod Table and moderate Prises. The smalls
• - -a Is ',spectrally solicited. sep'64-1y•
ATTOZURT AT Lair —Ulla oft athatnit,
,H,osite the Court Hogue, Brie,Ps.
h;li UM/ L.D,
0111101 OX Samara SIMS hT, gear
Not .4, 11164.--thnole.
t.. OKltßit,
kin!. PA
DILLUM 17 OAT GOODS, 4iii002.11/i/4
, Uhrthigs, Nth. Maas, 8444 Piaster. etc., tor
LtIA .treat Lad hablia Square. &d., Pa. jiblltt.
i,tt:uces & MUTON,
Wuousais.3 Ln iftrrAS4 utiLllie 11
huTtaions, flour sad Fed, Wood and
. , Liquors, Tubiseco i _ . S•igars, dm, Mut*
at to Young's HUtieu Funialtlag fusionism
I.F. HOTEL, Wotefiord, Pu..
R4.alditT Lunn, Pitorwrrolt.
„t ociraodations, and caretul &Motion "gives to
1 0 ,: . gun:"•
wA taint,
I,,,•6IIFAIZABa AID Ccuunsatox Ilbuantanir.
viadt.o2to on Public Dock, gut Corns, of
tre,,t Aka, ‘ Clillar in Coal Salt, Flab, Float,
N ate tc- N. B.—Particular animation
14 0 it tee :TlDit and Forwarding of Patro•
to all parts at the onaany.
1444.1er to Groostiel,Zrovia°" ,
Lae' Lad Stn. Wire, Man, s.stscirs,
41.0.ita ths Pedals,. Kris, rs.
& tt.141r443,
A 1,0115114 LID 000111112ALOAA AT LAW
It OS !TILING 87.. G ir t° Critill"11"
lectioaa an d en other lepl Mud
tniiirt, Vining°, Et* Warren end Pare,
6, mauled to =Many and promptly.
Erten—Wm. A Gabia/tb, Whftin & Bright
qll,Sosor it Marvin, Yrte, Pa.
. 13 /,roro, Boa. g P.Johnion, W. D. Brawn
r. Clan, Winn, Pa.
and popular ined4ine has been
1 ••••• , Elf geed dales the last twenty years to
rat a nd Lung douses with nuns decided eft*
pan Yother 196 41 cine before the pobLo. Not
r..adoeodallon M incendiary to those fandlilat
a.r.le its amanita end speedy CMS in peg:
r e vuo a degree of eentlehenoe in its seine song
etatitd Thu remedy ha safe, pleasant, 9. 9 d,
Ito ope.ation—la adapted to all agar
Mallow—and ahorad be kept 13 every home
was 014 when requiroi. It throat and hunt
Ste aw with tba not of thia itarnad
her g M ages, • leas number of deaths will g
aemEDY Is the beat remedy !loom%
the followlut cowsheds. •
COUGHS, CIOUP er surrLes,
or pinwale; ARONCIII7I3,
uistNE.9s, WHOOPING-00MM
w 'Votes ionf the LiangiS
P rICS-3111 Cashs to Pow
tfaltPely Mannfactortra sod Propriotork
a, Wood door north of Smuts throat id..
billgittil aoti &Wont throughout Oa
l'auali VS*7llllOll V.
44414 r . P
s citiasos leis eity sad -viatub
' cl et
sOestsd Conga Sohn. ki , Am
cariag dinars of the rim* sad
411 111103 0:044141ag Its ass to Um
u.l ea,taal moody, full worthy of ;alba,
..14...., hiattlov Hudnall, U. 3hlnl.
t.hi, :!r 1 W.HVII4 tina
l'lciL,. itot4,lCochrsa. I. T •Camt
u . U6ulel elm( ' Dasial HUM,
nal it, tiOtAP34ol. C. K. itiblst,
' - - 1, ... *v. valuisnarcat, J• YOGgish
0 .•‘ , ..., ? ii, Etiartoa, J. w.aans.
'4,,,.. Ai.....)3•Abe1v0.4., Wo. ii. ill ' i 8
th ii
• oper,
A. M. '
- 1
.r.l.r, iq•apti Desisit, -
,ii, K. •. Beans%
'41,1 ticU) Grant, J. 244Lsbury,
1 , . 1..:,,,us A. HALL 91.• 99•194
- mamas Wilms, J. L Loog,
* .11 lalat r agtu ... rr : I itobinam,24,
41 . cla IV
d. . A dilsoff. ilaeh,
-- - 4 . 0, i• ga l 4 n , CO. tionoti,
fide, Mc 92,454 --iko
euLacrilber will cheertuay sena (tree
u,.1 14 all 6 'l2.o:boars it, Me a*/ of • ' Mi n i.
oft wu CYO ut thikt Dina disease tioa-
wilts cask, ortuds, Asitsta4, Sllklulogsrid,
0 +4W% tor skaoirrrly !topes rill try We it
' K
,1 d 4 SO May urIA be more titan Ito
441, Ttmakrol for Ws ow& eumplotat ronsors
"lwo+ to wino in ilia Ma& everl thilko
"a. ?boor within the mile wi th
I, wais• ail ow or widths
Jobas Sinai ilem Yost.
• - Slit JAMES CI.AKI“..:s
CelebratedFeniale Pilla.
dirrECTED LElrEtt . M
di • • ,•- ‘ 1 / 4
pared frame Promotion's' of sir I. Clarks, N. D.,
Payne' tan istraerdinarp t. as Quasi.
alb lumina* nonticia• is unfailing In %Ours of all
no.• painful 'ma dangaro as dloosses to stbleb As lambs
constitutlea Is intdoct. it modsrates all excess and re•
stores all obstructions, and a speedy curs may be rano d
tis .pscu hotly salted. It will, la a short tune, bring on
the monthly pairlod with regularity.
Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Doveramot
Sunny of Brest Britain, to prevent onnterfelts.
Them Pills skald sat be taken .bg Fannin during tits
FIRST THREE MONTHS of Progniaqt, ea as, are
owe to bring on Miscarriage, but at any War fits they
are safe.
lo all cases of /lemons and Spinal Affections, halm in
the Back and Limbs, Fatigue on elightexertion,Palpita
two of the Heart, Hysterics awl Whites, them Pills' will
eliect a cure when all other means hare felled: and al
though a powerful remedy, do not contain hop , calomel,
sotto:may or anything hurtful to the constitutioo.
Full dtractlorta in the pamphlet 'swami each pa. kegs,
which should be carefully prtsterrsd.
■u. 78:
Sole A teat for the United States awl Caaada,
JOEr MOSS% 27 Cortlaudt St., New York ;
N N - tI.W sad 6 postaaa stumps enclosed to soy to
hortrad agent,wlll losare a bottle, containing 60 Ma
J 066-17.
timed has thoroughly proved Half to be the beet
artiele known for satin CXYLIIIII. COLD Ix 11131 Blatt
and EinAnecan. It has been band an e.uollest remedy
in many ceased Sore taut bnatirtas his been removed
by lt, and LinAnsina hes often been greatly improveithy
Its use. It is fragrant aid agreeable, and gives IMMEDI
ATE RELIE r to the dull limey pains caused by diallinall
of the Head. The sensations after using It are delightful
and lorlgorating. It opine and purges out all oh
et:nations, strengthens the glenda and gives a healthy
action to the party affected.
More than thirty years of sale sad use of Dr Marshall's
Catarrh and EfeadseheHnuff has proved its great value
for all the common diseases of the bead, and at this mo
ment it stands higher than ever before It is resomtesud
ad by tinny of the best physicians, cud is used with great
furcate and satisfaction every where li , ad the Calibrate
of Wholesale Druggtsts in 19b4:
The undersigned having for many yesra bean Aegean
ted with Dr. Marshall's Catarrh and tisadevhe donff, and
sold in our wholesale trade, eheerfulla 'state that we be
lieve it to be equal, In every rrepect,to ibe rsininnienda
dons given old for the cure of Catalth Affection; and
that it is decidedly the best article We have ever known
for all common diseases 01 the Heed.
Barr & Perry, Reed, aamtta & Co., Brown, Lannon &
Co., Reed, Cada k Co., Beth W. Fowls, Wileon, Fel:bank
k Co., Boodon ; Retudeaw, Edictal:de &Co B. B. Hay,
Portland, He.; Barnes k Park, Ai B. t U . ganda,Stspluen
Pail & Co., Israel Minor & Co., klefleuson & Robbins, A.
& Co., V. Ward, Close & Co , Bash R Gala,
New York.
For sal* by all Druggists. Try it. 0,64-Iy.
BuAtioesTa.i. Plll.l.l4.— They expel the poi
sous which threaten life. Seery time a sick per.
eon is purged by this vegetable remedy, he Ina less vi
tiated burners and more life and vigor, as any one aaa
prove by taking i single dose. Persona of spare habits
flesh and strength while Gan them. Every time
we rest a few:days orate's.' from this pargationare make
new fluids from our food, which replace the unsound
°nutlet the pills here sawed ti be eructated. Each
time we repeat this process we expel further quantities
of impuritiee, which are again replaced by fluids leas and
less impure, so that in a abort time, by continuing this
treatment, wo bring back the wha l e mites of 'fluids or
humors to that state of purity which constitutes health,
for Brandreth's Pills Golf take away humors wblcb are
SIOCI by all r 'potable dealers to modiciu re
LiCLIPPIND: Feiss lights are extingauthsd when •
rj groat truth shines teeth, and the ineontestible fast
that the hair tuna fro° 24 ' ay, red or sandy to a glori
ous blacker ha t , th e at iataa li a a c h ange .
its hoes, leader the operation of
now knows' tbroaghont the Americas eoaUseet. • It
itcr.alasa, contains act caustic. Improves the fibres,
produces • flab, spars' iusd g color of any sheds
from brow .warm bwp to ailusey table, and la eadormid by
tbe. most •nlnant analytic chemists lu the United
Ilaanfaatand by J. Celli UMW, :Id 13 tear How*,
Now York. Sold by all t1.ng41.116 ID .3 applied by all flair
Urlaalr►. matretv
DItSPOIIDENT OF barn :SFEBa.—J gront nut
fare? baying been restored to health In stew ilays, after
nanny Jean of mammy. Is willing to easel his motoring
fellow-enottoran by Huang (free,) on the r►oeipt of •
postpaid addivisisod envelop*, • copy of the furenl• o
airs amplo•ed. Direct to
JOHN Y. DAGNALL, Box Banat Wilco,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
tent.—lo plot bottles. prior 60 coati.
640 Hata St. Hartford, Cow.
Dr. Toatae—Dear air : I have boats to the livery brut
/thee for the last twenty years, and daring that time
ban used all the various Ultimata and lotions of the
day, but have bond an article equal to your Yen•
titian Horse Liniment. I hare fairly tested It on thy
Loney to &thumper, sprains, cuts, oaths, &eoliths of the
slant% tie, as also for rlulamaUsal on myself, sad bare
always found It as invaluable rowdy.
BasiolettailV years, U. LITOSIIILD.
Pold by all ingests Oftee, lb Cortlaadt Stant,
New York.
c.•u SVISO
g PllSDlVlNilit.—gy what we eat,
/1„ by the air we breathe, or by the water se &lA, we
eau be inadealcit ; or by hit Apes, or from dsbUtty Indeed
by heat,teeasse these 'fleets end by producing impunity
Of blood. To regain health we most puri f y '4.11 o°4
bj the organs the stomach and bowels ; these 'maul
must te maimed hi the regular pinformume of that
dirty which natare has assigned them, cad should there
beans impediment, to whit doesimpedance point?,
which cannot injure, and which will eunly resters the
bowels to the regular ,performance of their duties.
The dyspeptic, the bilious will end them a trams of
health, and the same may be said to all who are sick in
any way,—take Brandreth's Pille and be cured. Sold by
all respectable dealers in medicines.. !
ACANDID NVATEMENT.—You can procure of
any druggist in this city and vicinity Dr. Tobias'
Venetian Liniment. It is a cure sod 'speedy care for
sore throat, headache, toothache, chronic rhettmati , in,
colic, croups and pain in the limbs. We advise every
.us to give it a trial. Its expense is • MUM trills-0
swats—and we are eonikleat no person 'allover be with•
out it. Ster7 family should have a bottle In the boas,
In ease of sadden accidents, such as cute, barns, scalds,
ke. Its pain ralleting googlies are udranalons. As for
croup, it Me sand handreft, we hate the eertileates
ta preys it.
Prim* sad 60 cents. Sold br ill druggleta. 011ee
Oettlaadt Street, Mew Yort. marl-lm.
Drs. Yinoimigh i Co., of Beiblo, hen &Wearer* d
• iww wing method, by which ell diseases eau be
readily cad ridiedly cued by:tbe palliat e Tithed the
aid Os physieles. Dr. P. hi the author of a =died
wait GIP) pages, price $2 00, Wince fall ezplasetkw
of the mode of tnateiwol. . They also publish • monthly
Italica Jame/, of which maple Iniatlers will be seat
tree, by. addressing Dia J. 11111ESION 00,
4m•Eagfm, S. Y.
A. Card to the Buffering.
`WALLOW two or=s‘le of
.TOllle Bitttwer " "Nervosa La •
dote," he, Am, kc., and attar you are matialled with the
resalt, than try ooe bow of OLD DOOrPR 111701142111
tNOLISH BP CIAO PlLLS—and ba reatlinid to health
and rigor to less than thirty di" They are Ism_ l!
to tat., pampa sad Weary In
eNocts on e broken down and shattered eonstitatiola
Old and young can take them with amities. Isepor-,
cod and sold in the United ritsue only by
JAS. S. BUTLER, No afil Nrcoidway,
New York.
Arm! fOr the United States.
P. S.—A box of the Pills,aecni:g o Cii will Le EMU'
ad to any address on receipt of which is Oyu Dot;
far, pal pad—mow retreaded by Apia If eat t.
sattdi Is not Ova.'
EOl7Oll. UP oassavaa-mus in •-with
you Una pattairica 1 wiak to bay to thi nab=
st los i gr that I will asaikEtato siall,to al/ who
wiab ($, ( ) a IWO" with dirolthota for gasbag
and eking a aliari74lW that wilt ailleakally
roaava t fik tea Fames% e Wallas, 1 is. r rillik4
sad all hovering, Ma Ws, loaf lag ths map *iv
tabootti and bseititel. - -
win also T ri l l, tn. to Moir !win LA Book or
Ban Pismo, staple dissoCosi sod islocassitos
suable them to nut a fall- wink of Lussrlast fistr,
Wbtaksrs or raosstaabs LWu thss tlitrty'days. - - .
all application' asseand,rots= Imo. without
"VP- nospestfolty
I ROC CaWlLLl,Clostat,
maim. ariedway, Mrs Toot.
. .
. ..:
„, • , ,
, ~
...-..,.•• . . • ' • • • ,
• • . -- 0,..q.4464,....aa- . z -..--„. - . i..-....4,- - r.,•,-,. !..,,,, ..,,,,... -.„`.l.,plin upg.
~.• 1.". ,........ ...., ;•, , , 4;•....*,.. - 4. - • < 4.-c - 4 ....,-.:-.•-• 'A - 4 . - .0.,A4 . ........f.•••„yr,z i t o rf..,... :-.„--...-. '. ' „ ...Ihro• -,`,.--_.'. t'-'-: , .:' , r. , * 'c•c - ' 7. -' , ..-•
. ,
imillinleilicrif •>:* -- ' 4 -- ,
, ,
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.... ,
.... .. .
... , j.:
4 . ,. .,
..., . -, v • .f. , :a...14. II ,::-=-••;: • ...:A . ifivt.:3 s.l 4 - I .1 I
4#1 4 r it b ' ks ' '.
^ .•
' . 1 ' ''
• ••
IRA , • ...„ - -,
''.• - I .;•-• •-‘,.*- -1,.41... i •
• :: • 4: 4 -: f :-. ••; f: !• ,-..*•..: 1 - -• • - - , --..-J'4- , ••••-a•41,t.'fili ''. 't .. . 1.. .. . ... '; r.; -• . t A ranualtable auttactlea /
t ' L - 4...4 4 - - ;: .4 -.,i , . ' .1”
.',. -, t ^.: , 3;.: ~ • - Of ibi ts pettleast ear.eyee have lately fen ; •
: , , , , ...: -
. .
'-,.• :!, •,- i ~,, 1 , .: ^ f••
. .1
CA \
eapakaalatladlee. &say ,
- .•
- ' •
4.. 4 think
1 -
~ . Onilllitt
,- • •
~..... ,
._. :
zry ,,-) ‘ L
%....,..., ;
' il , tirentlass
. :
_ 1 f• :: 4
. _
. :.• ..,,,.. :.......,
. 4
, .
• ... • - • -4 ,... , •• , ' --, P ...z.t . '• tl - 1-alr-cr-'
TO 1111ARKIED 11.101101
Cristadoro's Hair Die.
rwo DoLL,Afig Apt) !i.:*ALF PER :YEARM 4“11. „
I Sect, ,11.11TI01 1 t FUN: :Ta Notion* Betpri
Kw": geotlainto aural or Nervosa "Debilltyilei
competeocy, rreinatone lawny, and Vestigial itrrora••
Waited ors desire to benefit °thong, ari/l be bawl*
barob•L w sit who need it (reea of apart.) the recipe
so 4 lirectlma for exalting ili•• *.xople.rentede end la
Inc cua 'offerers' Wishing to profit by the advertiser's
ba4 tiasticooe, and posseur 4 rare and valuable mot,
aldresxma biro at once at his place of le •
UN.. rh. iacioe and full lolorunticui.-orvilal Wiper
lance- will be clwartully Mint by Moro las U.
JOHN B. 061004
No 60 llama Bt., Now York.
t 3.-%Noryoui didarere or both NV* wilt and the
alortnation tnyaluabla` aplallfilka
Do you tvret, .141 int ClUiltSCUT"..bri. Tatr.
CUAN“rEVI}Li , ii ii>e,clPlo PILLS ear% la kali
than litlllaya, the worst a/apex of a eitYOl7lN
Loner, Pretiatara Dee.) selaabal. Waskaaaa, Laralgth
and all Witter, Sexual sad NPryous alliectlOaa, beard
ter from a bat e.ust produc"l. Moo one dollar pergola
Boot, pat paid, by Mill, Oil receipt al an order. Okekka
will potion a rum in menet cam', Aildateli
JAHFdA 110,1,12
tieuvint garret 111 , trnadiphy:NowYort.
p ig CON & X.PE NI '
010 ♦ 1 , 1 IeRVOUR PTV alit
• Published for the benefit and le I caution to pang
men, and others, who saffor from Nervous Debility, gra
salaam Decay of-Manhood, ac., 'applying .t the sans
thus themes= ofself.cnre. By one who bee ciu.4 blanielf
of - er nadergolligtrinsiderable quackery. tip enelosuig
poet-pald addressed arrelepealngte copies may be bed
of the author, NArtresti .1147741.141:64
sepBll4-1v Brooklyn, Kinn Co., N. Y
Do you wept iirbiskera or Moustaches 1 One
Grecian Compound will force them to grow on the
smoothest face or chin, or hair on bald head., In six
weeks. Price $1 00. :tent by mail erer•-rhere,cloriely
sealed, on receipt of price.
Address, WARNER 4o CO., Box MS, Brooklyn, N. Y
log how to spoodJl
tor of =Akins. Snr
ants. /MIMS
WHISK •'"" • 'la. set of whisk.
*rook Mai mow , ' ' " `") bead atlas) ,
hair, will please read It ".
to inottur part of this paper. mel-au.
rpue MUD tL climatal:it, as rosy of Raw
lug nod instruction for Young flea—pablistami by
Om Howard issociatiou,io milks* radians in assilad
ontologist. Adilresn, ter. J MILIAN 201143/17`011
ilada lab la Pa
~.Importaut Announcement.
CIREA'r SALE of Watches, Chains, Dia-
A_A naiad Mop, kc One Mlllino Dnllars' worth to
ba dispose,' of at Oue Dollar Vlach I Without regard to
Vision I Not to be payt for %mill 'von t boW what lOU are
to news.) I Splonabl Lit of Articled I All to be sold
for Or. Dollar S ach
250 Gents' Gold llutitiog cam ‘‘ etdaes ..__ $2O to 3160
250 1.51. e. Gold and Enetootte 1 Looting e'll •
watches 3i to 70
600 Gen& huntinr-cate Salvor efet,hes......_ 33 to 70
2 . Dismood Rings 60 to 100
6,000 Gold Vest and Neck Chain+ 4to 80
8 " Gold Oval Band Bracelets ' 4to 8
6 " Gold and Jet Bracelets 6to /0
V " Chatelaine Chains and (tani Chains . 6to 20
7 " Solitaire and Gold Brooches._._.. ... ... 4to 1
6•• Coral, Opal, and Emerald Brooches..__ 4to
3 . Gold, Cameo, and Pearl Ear Drop. ‘4 to
6 " MosiacwJava, Lam k Fir'ntine ear drape. 4to
7,6 • Coral. Opel, and Emerald o 4to
4 California Diamond Breast.pine 11,50 to 1
3 " Gold Fob and Vent Watch-key5........2,60 to
4 " Fob and Vest Rlbbou•slides Bto 1
6 " sets Solitaire Elleevehuttons, Pt ids, lte. Bto
8 " Gold Thimbles, Pencils, ko. 4to
10" Miniature Loeketa 2,60 to 1
6 " Miniature Lockets, Magic Spring 11l to 20
3 * Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, lac 2to I
6 " Plain Gold Rings 4to 10
6 . Chased Gold Hinge 6to 11
9 4 Stolle Set and Signet Rings 2,60 to IS
9 " California Diamond Rings 2to 10
76" its Ladies' Jewelry—Jet and G01d... . 6to 16
6 . lets Ladies' Jewelry — Cameo , Pearlieal
and other stones 4to 15
II " Sold Pans, Bacot exteusion holders and
Pencils 4to 10
9 " (101 l Pens and Gold mounted Holders., 6to 10
6 .—dloid Pees and Gold extension " lb to WI
6 . Ladle? Gilt and Jet Buckles .... .. -.... 6to 16
q " Ladies' Gilt and Jet Hair Bars alt Balls— 6to 10
b " Sliver Goblets and Drinking Cape 6to 60
3 " Silver Castor:, 16 to 60
1 " Silver Frult,Card, and Cake Baskets.._. ttu to 60
15 " dozen Silver Tea dpooos toot dot.) 11 to 21
V " dozen 'tiller Vitale Spoons and Yorks—. 21 to 41
ARRAN DA LE k Co, !tinily aver { Agents„ No: 167
Broadway, New York, announdf that all of the above
list of goods will be sold for One Dollar esah.
la consequence of the great stagoation of trade is the
manufseturing dtstriete of Raglan', through the war
having cat of the supply of cotton. a large quantity of
valuableJeweirr, originally intends i fur the Resit&
market, has been sent off for axle lu this country, sad
Mast be sold at sae gamines I Ceder there ensare
dances, ARRaNDALE et Co.. acting as amts. for Um
Oedipal European orinufsetstrinh have resolved upon
a Great Gift Distribution, subject to the following WWI
lotions :
eeetilleatis of the cameo artlobre are first hat Into
eurelopee, waled up, and razed ; •od wbestordened, are
to/mount without regard to choice, sod seat by mad,
thus giving all • far chance. On the naelpt of the
certificate, you will ere what yen JIM to ha►a, sod thou
it is at plot option to aanst the dollar and take Maud
els or not Purchasers may thus obtain a Gold Watch,
Diamond Ring, or our Seto( Jewelry on oar list for out
dititlD 25 LIENTA "OR A CdItTIFIOATh:.
la all Ira:muttons by.mall, we chat charge fur for
warding the Certificate, paying postage, and doing the
basins/, 25 mute each, which mast be endowed when
the Cetilambi 10 seat for. Five Certificates will be Lent
for $l. eleven $2, thirty for . ss, sixty-five for 810, and
• hundred for gib.
AG IeNTS.—We want agents In every reglasisat,aud la
every town and couLty m the country, and those retitle
as such will be allo•ed tru cents on every Certificate or
dare for them, provided their IN-nuisance amounti to
one dollar. Agent , ' will collect -We for every Cer
tificate, cud result 16 coati to ass, either la cash ur post
age stamps.
Address, ARRiPflitt & CO,
apnea...44m te.7 Broadway, Pt. Y.
Mate some., Brown At Co,)
Military & Naval Claims,
2 Park Place New York.
Conespondlog honed la Ws Linton, U. C, J. W. Flab
.e & Co., 479 14tb Street.
Haling had three 3 mine experience In the wheelies
of Mims and the general transaction df hostess/ In all
=1 t of Government, we can assure our climate
*pendent. that all businsee intrastod to 'us
*ill be Operand, and promptly attended tu. We are
prepared to make advances upon and negotiate the sale
et claims, sod purchase Quartormastsei bulls and
didockti is well as collect the following classes .
Pensions for invalids, Widows, Mothers sad Orphan
Bounties for Soldiers, disch.rred to: wounds received
in battle, then who bare served two years, and the
heirs of deceased; also :state bousty to such as are en
Armand pay for Of Deere and Soldiers, and the heirs
of deceased.
Nary prize money for all captures. .
May pension and balance of pay.
Actonnle of discharged 'ulcers settled, urdoasee and
clOVang ratans properly made out and collected, and
clearances obtained from Ordnance and Quartermaster'.
Berenue Stamps fur sale at a discount of 83 to
pir cent.
Ring's Vegeta°le Ambrosia.
rpagpourioN Is WELL KNOWN. IN THIS
ri S gion as
&atm this new name on account of Rlog's Hair Res-
Sorer bufag consolidated with it by a aserrtnership of
the moprootors of the two preparations. It is havirm
ant immure sale, for the following reason. r
Ist.'lt restores Grey Moir to its original rotor.
Ed. It Imparts a beautiful Ankara to light, red et
gd bided hair. ,
It WY all Humors Mid (Bows* Of the Scalp.
nth. It Is an Infaillbit eradicator of Dastdral
Otio. It is r. tidily perfumed Hair Dressleg.'
Lodes I Do you desire try get rid of you g
liedidettl Trout Pieces t Thea use the Ambrosia and
',.store your Gray Hair to the dirit, lustrous ililkos
guVasa of youth.
sty IDo your loads aims the iesipiest
,ofMadams / Menses { h} AnkrOsia tad van - AU lie"
mom whtch are causing year Hair to *doe out.
It is net a dye I does set Soler UM skis°, theta.
ad Hoes i It te not oonsposed of mottoes ISup, - Irst
shied* of hauler mate's, and Is Netare's - ftoad
Esotorstive. Try it and to anninord. -
E. H. Tubbs ft Co., Propristm Potottswough, N. H.
N. T. Home, Union s,
Erie Co ,WbokstisAgoott lor
Northwestern Pesursylvanla.
Local Ageets—Nall Erie, re Asslegs k
Co.; Ittarrille ; it. B. Sleepier, Waistford ; Brows
Wood, Corry. epITASTAtu
ICHOL*I I / 1 1.11 DR&LWieI
Flour, Pork, Beef. Salt, Grain
• No. 2, Wayne Book,
/Wiesnr sat P SRIA
, .
(ryes wish 11 m rry foe asp de so g=
ali I lead l e a. vilibetit mow add
voluble Intend tie', that Till- male pea mom
WWI sad, speedily, irieppeetive *time; wealth or
beedil.• iW indiosiaties wig =
coal You nothing. end if
It merryemigkie. cosh
_seat yes: • MI let•
lited. 'the desired tatereistioaelat
wove' Ugh and no sward asked. MOM useless
posterior staospod eistelope, address, d to
Aetna, BASSO B.
direeopoiat,Ylage CO.. New York.
klak":p.x.ln, !:g4O:-.)igt*:',
Irom the lellowtog oddesesd
M A . N U F A C T U R E B 6- :
Steinway & Sons, Now York.
Wm. Raabe & Co.. Baltimore, hid ,- .. •
Undress St !tone, New +York. _
W. B. limenntry, New York. !... I
Joh* I. Dindmia, New York.
Charmless & Co , New York.
Cleo. A. Prince & Co., Basis, N. Y. - , . •
Caraeri a ,Needkuun SE Co. New Ye*. .
Prices it a Large Disoonie ifitbelowi%
" faaturer's , Prfoes.
PIA NOS FROM 's2so TO sieae 1 1 .'
Also; twitruettou Zook' and intiat 'MOW '' ' r
All persona wisklag • 116, rats Pismo Tortses ,
on, tr. Itlvite4 to eallyoul mottos oar tostnaarata lo
tus purchasing Adsorbs*.
Seed's Fllnck, State street, Rawlyomisooli r Arid
Ce P. 3 - kraal Instrument wilirrialed tot e r Fail.,
as 11.1 y.
3 . 86 4.1064.
- •
ON and after Monday, Oct nat., 1864,
Passenger Trains will run on ibis Goad as follows
06 A. M., /Welt Express, stopping at Westfield,
Dunkirk sod &rot Crook arrives at 90 1 11 1 1 0 41
4 90 A. it..
GO A. Y.,, Asa gad atoning at ell Stations
and salvor at Dultdo, at It 10 A. U.
0 00 P. y tyre% stopping at North rut, West
Donktrk, Oliver Creek, sod Angola, sad
at Dale° at 6TO /I
060 P. daP. .
pping at Wert/kid,
Dealdrk and 81liet=, sad nutria at Bdsla
at 10 00 P. N.
The Day Itrpraml connect. at Dankhit and italMit s
the Nlakt Zairese at italtakt only. with Express
for New York, Philadelphia, Boston, ke.
• al A L . Mar .16tprese, stopping at all saunas ex
cej.t tilpisy Crossing, Morehead sad
Weeleyvillo, ardent at kris at 10 sa6. Y.
166 P. K DOI EZps sal, stopping at Angola, halm
Creek, Dunkirk. Wasitlal.l and North Tao, wader
al Eels at 6 46, P. K.
4 80 P.Y., Mill 4. Acme., stopping at all stations and
arrives at Eris at 9 19 P. LI
IT ld P. 01, Mgkt Crpress, btopping, at Angola, SLIM
Dunkirk sni Westneld, arriving at Eris at
&I A. 11
nailroad these a tau talkat .1 Wade. Mao Ens lima
May 21, Bat . J LEWIS GRANT. iaPt
namphlet direct
nd gin up doe
nmelpt of 10
nic,ll. D.,
44e, New York.
Would inform the public that he has Enema
• liture in
No. 2 Hughes' Block, .lErie.
Where Da will .Tway • keep on band a large *apply of
A.Ol everything anally for sal* in an establishment Eli
the kind. •
ar Tenn a: r-ionaabla as any rato
rr stpre in the
ett . isals4o
JACOB BOOTZ would respectfuliy au
swum. to the people of Cite ail tad ooaotl, tha
has opeued a
Os See HU sd. of Peed Sind, di laws &saws Spoil
of as Las Shots Dam,
*Airs to, kerp hand a o f &nor lof
api sysrpthiag usually lug.' la a Scat ohm. Ord
hi.klgheat Markel Mc* pall fir }lodger,. la 0 XIX
Pr L
X . , e
Ole a - oalk If you wirb t recurs gaud bar
alas. 1 /tilts myself to WI au Ler,. 410 t aawar,itota
kb/ other store to the a% oulr6llll.
stone Stove Works !
Tablas, Sidri, Wk 1064
Haire a Largo sad attaaatve anaartmout at Stares it
Wholesale and Retail.
la a arcs dada* C..);1 1114.0 k &Ore, with r withaai taw
roar, Gn lard or soft a-al, at sped, alai la
WHEAT 8111dAP & 1t W SBA,
{iota tow otron. Coal Cook Sterna - wita wood water—
eau tot tis.(l nithst for coat or, wood.
Via ars still ataaahtatitrias thin a abratad latt ov
Stead for wood—Wah .n witalini memoir
ass Maws for Walt mg la a as, glare at
beaatital *Nam and now for frolo—togroCaor of ti
a large "asaartraent rf obtatad Ono Cook, •
Part , r took for wood or taal,sad Parent - -
sad Olos Stuffs. Mr wood - or Ha
gm, Jw. 11, 11165.—L. •
NiY W FA Kit. • , •
gra Mate St., sr:etyma/3 derreathind
lliediabseribera hate entered into the Cabinet 14414 sa4
FURN uru T RADE, s -
end propose wain to order end keeping acrastalatil on
hand all kinds of Paroiture.
orderer. will receive prompt attention. Repairing done
oo short untie*.
_ UN DEE T G. - •
be subscribers will pro special Weirdos to Ws do.
parte:lent of their eueiuege They will rosouthotOze sod
beep aratitantly
es on hand a large firoortawit of
Cease and Coffins, and hold themseir in to
moot orders In skis lice, progptly. from say part of Qs
washy. Determined to eparb no aorta to gins Atha&
tkto both in the Trellis al thole goods as prisms, Veep
bops to secure is 1.1.1 s I shem of public palm
spllll2-14 isecoasoss to J. IL ittotht.
Erie &Pittabargit
CHANGE OF Mfg, whEMENtalle
goadily.Oat. U.; Mt
• SO A. N i Shoot L is Slaitssil
mad urtirie at 11==11 WA. .11alon =
P. N
. • '
lo 147zoishl No. t. stosif-oll•oloN1011
:Vorso k iipoiss, Coda Peak Amide IlSz=
-vo.NorainNo. Tolnitor Zintftioa-olihorat
.Iraaatll•llSP. 11- • _
• ' i t. la 1t No. 1, oibioi at itililso,, l oad lithos
logos NU P.
Upto-n • .
Plitohnigh ,
orof se wovresolie 41 i E 14 , •• •
ul,lll Lit*Ti ;w l A l ,nith o - 66
4. Ma sail
- oast howls at 4.00 P. r.
- at
laShlo, dope sad
•••itreloos 400 P.m • .s
L 11.1.111 SHARON..
• - ,I s oigho so. 1. stolio at ofa
0.1110 lisiosco r taut. arsptho„-
- swim and Crows, orrhes it Nati at 11 X.
11 4 rmi g ho - No. 2, Stlipo Willi Adios' Shope
• - KootWo Tossoco, Clark lu,ti vino. entroy, Slithe
• sod erloseo—erritio it irk et1111P.11.•
IaaWIW „ .•R. p. ppolim phi".
To BOatand, VilegOlOwoorii,
ode a lame steekof *Gib; olial ki 1I tad
agars; sumo Lire Mar. of LI ersad tont nor gad
boded. br beJoll is er.ll NW for bort add lremied
padattom, Melee Oleo prepared arab
=o,oTernzoie dam • b ru ph o s. ac, te, Sri aro lat
Mesti • r louk .dra lateral of *Uprase about to
ate in' on. sr( 1 Da proaoter§l (Mae am • Oil
" for 8216: • • •
bb ire 11tll On*, to
tbwittlittt titles treat Er" wa the 'W
t a lt o rar g l oso ! me t hi o
& ?mow ding balm. tb want mousy r •
bus, and ail witaitory stlitellinstwa Mitotswipg
orobstd of cholas Mat. Vor tattbor posttests's augalmi
otJain W. Ithaancts, Ole, Pay g gi V a = am
.1111111V-Itt. ,
.F 4 •'e , E 1,, 1865.
Now Music Stoup.
New Grocery!
il ROC Kiti it-
Wlue, Sweet elder mud Liquors.
lialf011•071711111 or
Wend u talUaLiciare Us
• %a:0 iF tzar
• •
• • • ter.
Eimptoynent .for Ihmaybody.
area! aideof , JeweirrAWateluo;Crialae s
sub Mies. eillver.Wave, German *ad
Wiwi -Raney Goods, &LIU, wt eta over'
118•11 1 010*..oU Wee Della wUboat re.
eeeve..ltvory Aloe to kayo
Mau 'Valuable.
I.ILIT OW 'TIES AltiteLllls.
Gents' Gold has tioresee watabos. ..... ..-.110 to 1110
Ladies' Gold Momeeastasso watcher 60 to 115
Gude bunting on sliest watches . 15 to 11
Gear& Gold Watches, doable time Til to: *lO
Gold Plated Witches in 111446 Casa 16 to 80
Ge4l 4tedllfatabos, llioaaseled, for Wisp.. as to 50
60 to 101
ed i allfsdit drains— ; 111 to 10
glOi l lor ld Pll=l 4to II
lb to' DO
Chataishos ctssinoond Guard obsess.. 6bo 20
Solitaire and Dold Brood's. b 4tO 10 •
lava 'and irlaroitiosi Brooeboe . Ito 6,
Coral, Opal, aokinterraki aroochis Ito 0'
I ti Lava, and Ilonintise Ear Drops . Ito. S
Coral, ondMmerald Dar Drops 4to 8
huriond Breast-pins 2,58 to 10
Gold Toband vest watch keys_ -2,110 to t
lob and Vest Ribbon-slides 8 'l
Solitaire sloe". battonsolads, etc Ito 10
llinistar• ThimblL odastses, Pencils. etc 4
to 0
4 to
Minstar. Locket—Magic Spring '6 to 10
Gold Toothpicks, crosses, sic_ 3to 10
PIM* Gold Crowed Gold Rings 4to IL
eloseFffellamil stop. ..... .4—....-..: S
California Diamond Rinp. Sto 10 ,
Ladies' Jewelry in sets—Jet and Gold.. . .... Bto 16•
Ladies' Jewelry in sets—Cameo, Pearl, e tc.... 4to 12
Gold pens,allrer eaten. holders and pencils._ 4to 10
Gold pans and gold mounted holders.. 6to 10.
Gold pens and gold extension balder. 6to lb
rpm goblets and drinking cups 20 so 60
Silver Gaston, Fruit and cake baskets 25 to 60
Sliver tea and table spoons and forks, pr dm. 20 to 40
Sliver plated tea pate and collie arm 36 to 60
Silver plated lee pitchers and molasses er pa.. 26 to 00
See what tbs most popular and widely circulated pe
riodicals my of our establishment :
From the " Diepateh" et February, 6;1166
' W 3 take pleasure in rallies , the attention of oar
alasto the sanouusunent allow& Davao igh *0...•
tiale of Jewelry. allrer Ware, and Pane, Geode. is
oar advertising a annul r. We are personal!, alellialated
with the members of this Arm and harm them to he pi*.
Omen of sterling worth and Integrity. Their stoat or
good', for variety and exhort, we have eoarcelyease per
From the " Mirror of litehlon" March 1.1866
" guard. Deeleigh * CO a Great Sale of JewoLry. el .
°patted on the 15th ult., sad wooeum re to say that ao
Eger display of goods we, ewer exhibited by any estab
lishment to this oily. The ladies throated their ha
m, Wood to tofroottiOtt, lanlOUgh the streets teem
oiudered nearly impassable by the melted mew sod
slush. We predict for them a wonderful success."
From the " Ledger," February 28, 18115.
"Our Daly friends should ,tilt the extensive estabt
DA: neat of Hems. Devaugh dt Co, No. 15 Maiden Lane,
if they wish to Indulge themselves with a sight which.
they will long remember. vroh a profusion of elegant
Watches, Chains, Ringo, gar Kings sod, in ■host, of
Jewelry of every name, kind and description, we nmr
before aluaesead. Their edrer an 3 plated ware is superb
and almost cuts into the shade the other splendid en
tatillehments which hare 1 .ng been the bout of our city.
It is estimated that their stock is worth not Mat /au
one million of dollars."
How You Can Cet a Prize.
said Twenty-tits Cents to us, sad as soon ea we re.
mire it we will mall you a Certificate showing what you
all entitled to it the avid, or articles plasm 300,
send back the Certificate and Ono Dollar and we wIU
forward to pea the art,le, no matter how costly ft may
If the article Is not what you wish, state, when you
'sad the Certificate and dollar, what other article of the
soros raise you praise and we vtli amid it. If jon wish
mora than one Certificate send us $1 and we srUl and
die ; for $3, eleven; for 115, thirty ; for $lO, sixty; for
sld, one hundred.
Agents are wanted in the Army and In every plate.
We ha►e en immense stoat of goods to dispose at, and
need • large number of Agents Oar terms to Agents
am ►eq liberal and awns even of oar Lady Ayala ate
making hum $5 to $3O • day. We give •gpents 60 per
neut. in all OertlAsates they sell provided they remit Dot
Imo than Si for eight.
ar Write you name and address distinctly, end say
only what Is necessary.
15 ifaideo taw. Nair York.
An Elegant Novelty in Watelles.
The cases of this - eairti are an entirely new' Invintion
composed of ale differeot metals combined, rolled.togeth
el and planished, producing an enact Imitation of la
carat gold, relied Arcane, which will always keep Ite
color. They are as beautiful as mond gold, and are of
forded at onolUghtli the sort. The case Is beantrfally
dosigotd with Panel and shield lot name, with Patent
Push Pia, and engraved In the exact style of the eel*
heated Gold Hantin g Lemma, and are sway headman
and deairab , e, and so exact an hoitatlon of jgeld as to
&4 , detection. The movement le manedantored by the
wall known St. Amer Watch Company of kuropv4d
are superbly dulahed, having engraved pallets.
carved bridges, adjusting regulator, with gold balance
end the Improved jewelled action, with line dial soil
Amason kande, and he warranted a goattlime ewpss
Them Watches are of three dlffentotelsea, the smalitirt
fibs for Ladles, and an alt klesUoit Mom •mw et
aft will be mot by Mall or Express for SM. A
mount In a handsome Mom= Chae for $25 ; viii
IY tell for torte Uwe their edit. Wo as owls moots las
shim watch ki the United States, and no an gesalli•
which do not hear our"Trodo gust.' Address • . • .
11411'65-1W Impeders. lb. 1410.8. la* B.Y.
O. B. 8019101.3 Prost. O. O. WAITS, Sooty.
INSURANCE in the above old and reli
able Compasnes can be abstained on application to
marelal—tt R. W. Ittlstiißl 1, knout
Administrator's Notice.
_BA the estate: Charles Colt. deceased, late of Li
lowa township, E ie county, Pa., having been, granted
to-tun `sidersien notice hereby green to all bae•
lug claims against the said-estate to present them pro
poly authenticated for settlement, and those know' s;
tbemeelree-indebted to the woe are required la make
payment on or before the first of augturt,lll6s. -
JOSRPH WALDRON, Ailleislattstor.
' Li Seoul, April ap2r664w•
rrustintAssurs 01 ORGANS,
DICONS, Oft HARYONWHIL—Iisory Co. harlot
say thought of purchasing as Lastrootoot of tine class
now or at arty tutors Uwe Amid send for out of Mason
k Ha olio's Cabinet Organ COl=lam, whist' will to not
to soy Wrists entirely flat of exisenes. This elusion
salad= mach lamentation which will be tweed to marl
pitchour of such as instrusuoi, such as artisiss so
BOW to Judt• of a stasinal Instrounat."l' Elston! of
the Organ " "History of Rand lustruntsitclin.. me.
5013 Broadway. New York.
•Or. WASO:i & HAY L(, 1I Washington at, Bistota
magi 'B9-3w
Pleasure Excursions.
Leo Ram-alone on the B.y, or to Calk the Penlowr
*mill find the undersigned slime ready to *comma*.
,date them weth good boats. I hare 2 Yachts *weedy
dated out f pie mire pullet. to addiVon to a number
:of Row Boats. Fishing Teetle and Bait all the time on
band. ,
Persona dourins to have the me of any of mg boat.
will and me nowt %off,- on hand; at the old .stand, foot
of State street SAS. R. NESBITT.
Kay 11, IS6S.-6a
wsotasaLs I sztuv Milli , ill •
Leather; Hides', 410. 0
No. *Perry 1!look. Skate at, WU, Pa
• °piston tly on Lodi lap abet of
"• • •
11116011a-ounitoAti quirtOttsjppq .
wrzat kirtfrists, .
•••), • in& t
411 of whir/10w car lay for '-
ilasn OR PROMPT PAT. - •
1865. lipll.4 .4 l l*aile. • 1865:
DRYC D 8 .
JOHN C. 118682,.:
INyrrE4 THE -kirmiTioil OF 88t.
la. to his lugs sod carefully aeleeted Axe
I : 44 LIPE*
• D Y.. 'DO 06,4
• •
Ur " a.g i ro • - if- LA
_Kill also midst is idjelsiaz
. ..
- . - . *alt Wears monad.
.„,-. - - - 401110titr“
amwilliku; -
Pissfrapit,fraight, IA
ilia tele
i Papi Zoete.
Coursitlaig at Salamossiosi , N. Y., with the Itrio Kati
wsh arm • issatlasovi a Foot Track trona Now Tort
I. *Mem sr Oftwoload. Oa sod after
Tiaralgh Paisuad !Meld Tails& will bit rug no
lady between i'VKLAND AND NEW YORK.
. ue u MOM sum' I
this Line bare chigoe of live did net
Settee betirees "Neer York and Boston. THROUG 11
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the Itris and Atlantic 411 Qreat Western Railways, thu.
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gepotLii attention will tergiven to thisperdy tramper•
tenon of freight of all kinds, East or Went.
The Zaie, Cars and other equipments of this Com
pon y are Sotirely amend of the most Improved modern
IThe only direct route to the
Vls.lteadvllle or Corry.
rritaborgh, the Yawning Breach runs to
trn end the,Coal Mines.
To -
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is being extended, and mill soon be in eons
1 , • • order to Gallo n n, Urbana, Dayton and Cui
- • • of gag,.
WORTH } Gong height Agent.
KAN,Gen'l %skid Agent.
pi F. EIWRICTSRE, Deng Supt.
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. J. Y. Dairerr. Wm. lilszuwooo.
Peace St., alesilike• "No Read, frig. Ps.
ry, Bryant & Sherwood,
(summon to Ashes= & Heary,)
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Re Ratio al Bank •[ Erie.
CAPITAL, $150,000
MUNOZ NOBLE, Pnit4ent.
JOHN J. TOWN, Oaahier.
'nip "v. bask will be opened for the traneeceton of
kusinees on
Weidly,. Dec. Mb, la Hughes' Meek,
West olds of aim 81., between Seventh and Eighth
.Batifdihator7 paper discounted.
'Stoney received onDapoett.
Colhoettons 'ands and nronasda . accounted for eritlw
Drafts, specle and Bank Notes bought and sold.
A share of Public Patronage le respectfully solicited.
Sewing Machines!
,Thcia • • • •f xi hweinir been Appoluted agent; its Lie
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. bampbes cm exhibition at top store, No 15„ a roetican
Block, bet n the Parka ad ftirenth street.
S ade diem , P WAGNPR.
'U. S . LOAN.
Bonds In amounts of
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Immediate Delivery
Who are
Duly Authorized Subscription
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NOLOfemale and Retail
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OltUr • W rS, AR]; ,
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Xis Omni Pea etlifsetniskra Bleak try, Ps.
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0a the liagetsaesot tbe street
If niatitsrewellestatost, '
He may pale. if petty tolerably lean,
And sufficiently alert,
Stepping not into the . dirt
'Twist th•Aiensel and thy skirt,
Now, when ladies go to Court,
Lett:whops that tio more sport
firey will furnish to the rebble vile cod mesa
While their clothes, for-went of room,
Stick right out of etery broughtitn•;
for retrenehmeat is thy .doom,
There will , soeu to room for us
/n the public omnibus,
W hen the middle class of ladies kind the Queen,
And the fair Princess of Wales, •
And Nobility+, (Aisles,
- , Have all had to reef their sails.
When to uhurob young datasels_go,
Their habiliments to show,
In their bonnets of magenta, mauve and greeo.
A not very spacious pets
Will suffice to hold a few
If the darli; • s but eschew
. ' • Vrinollue.
• '
No more ladi eath will dna,
In their trim f steel calcined,
Set on blazes by ": rate without" a screen ;
Though some maids yet may dare,
Who dress o ! nd don't, take csre,
For the servants still will wear
But the dashing stylish belles, •
And the exquisite fast swelli,
Will deride the grotesque fashion that has base
For so long 'a time the rage
Ina comical past age ; .
Thy.prepciaterons old cage,
WHAT MAW LADY.—W4en Beau .
Brummel was asked what makes the gen
tleman, his quick reply was, " Starch,
starch, myr lord t" This may be true is
but it takes a great deal more to make a
lady; and though -it may to some seem
singular, I am ready to maintain that no
conceivable quantity of muslin, silk or
satin, edging - , frilling, hooping, flouncing,
or furbelowitig, can per se or per dress
maker, constitute a real lady. Was not
Mrs. Abbott Lawrence just as much a lady
when attired in twelve-cent calico, in
Boston, as when arrayed in full court-.
dres at St. Jameeit, London ? "As Mrs.
Washington was sakj to be el grand
says a celebrated English visitor
(Mrs. Thorpe), " we thought we must put
on our best bibs and bands; so we dress
ed ourselves in our most elegant ruffles
and silks, and were introduced to her
ladyship : and don't you think we found
her knitting, and with her check apron
on I She received us very graciously and
easily ; btst, &for the complimenti were
over, she resumed her knitting. There
we were, without a stitch of work, and
sitting in state; but General Washing
ton's lady, with her own hands was knit
ting stockings for her husband i" Does
not that sweet republican simplicity com
mand your admiration ?
To Maus • laooto Wire UNE APPY.—See
her as seldom as-teesilde ; if she is warm
hearted and oheerfhl in temper ; or if
after a day's or week's absence, she meets
you with a smiling face, and in an affec
tionate manner, be sure to look
upon her and answer her with monosyla
bles. Halle force back her tears, and is
resolved to look cheerful, sit down and
gape in her presence till she is fully con
vinced of your indifference. Never think
you have anything to do to make her
happy, but that her happiness IT to flow
from gratifying' your caprices ; and when
she has done all a woman can do, be sure
you do not appear gratified. Never take
an interest in any of her pursuits ; and it
she asks your advice, make her feel that
she is troublesome and impertinent. If
5 1 1 ,.% attempts to rally you good btu:notedly,
on an;
part of your peculiarities, never
join in tb.t.'e laugh,
but frown her into ll
',pc,. If e h.: has faults, (which without
doubt she will In. :7e, and perhaps may, be
Ignorant of,) never
. attempt wi h kind
ness to correct them, btu' con ifmiallv ob
trude upon her, ears, " what a good 7414
Mr. Smith has.,, flow happy is
with his wife." In comdany never ss.‘ezu
to know you hate a wife ;I treat all her re
marks with indifference, And he very sire-
Me and complaisant with every other lady.
H you follow these directiOns you may be
certain of an obedient and heart-broken
RESPIT rue AGIRD.—Many an old per
' son has the pain—not bodily, but sharper
still--a feeling himself in•the way. Some
one wants his place; His very chair in
the chimney corner is grudged him. He
is a burden to son or daughter. The very
arm that props him is taken away from
some productive labor. As he site at the
table, his own guests are too idle or too
unkind to make him a sharer of their
mirth. They, grudge the trouble of that
raided voice, which alone could make-him
one of them; and when he speaks it is
only to be put aside as ignorant or des
pised, as old fashioned or obsolete. Oh I
how little do younger persons know their
rower of giving pain or pleasure. It is a
pain for any man still in this' world to be
made to feel that he is no longer of "it ; to
he driven in upon his own little world of
conspicuous Insolation and btiried enjoy
ment. This is his condition ; -and if any
fretfulness or coietidousness of temper bas
Aggravated it—if Others love him• not be
cause he is not amiable shall we pity that
condition any the less ? Shall we upbraid
with that fault which is itself the worst
pert of it—s)od words ?
For years to onuse old iron will be plea
iiful enough in this section to supply sev
eral large foundries. No one will be
able to stick a epode in the ground east
and south of the city without striking
against a piede, and the plough, in nearly
every furrow, willlurn clip a " lamp post,"
or a mortar, or some kind of missile. Now
'and then we shall probably hear of man,
horse and plough flying towards the
clouds. • When they explode these shells
are norespectoru of flesh. 'They strike a
men harder than Hamm. or Sayers.—,
Fiekribsag 74 rims. '
Subsea* low term.
Oar enbeedlitios term an pew $2 10 re yew ha id-
Dot pild 4011 t$ a tad of the laar.
L AU sebe!iptioss oust be laid 644' Oa
IhreadlrwrilrOf lb a rigid serums
Ursa* sad all prri sot rill for whoa the yrr fis
aplnd will lie illerwilitar.