The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, May 25, 1865, Image 1

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[We have published the following Wore,
bat It is worth being reprinter! htlf • doll°
times • year.]
01 could there in this world be found
t Home little spot of happy ground
Where village pleasures might go round
Without the village tattling?
How doubly blest that place would be,
Where ail might dwell in liberty,
Fres from the bitter misery
Of gossip's althea' prattling !
If spat a spot were rewit known,
Dame Peace might claim it ga her own, it ehe might As her thrcme
Forever and forever;
There, likes queen might reign end live
Where every one would coon forgive
The little alights they might receive,
"And be offended never
The mischief makers that, remove
far from our heteta the warmth of love,
And lead us all to disapprove
What gives anotharpleasure
They seem to take one's part, but when
They've heard our oue, unkindly then
They soon retail them all again
Mtzed with_ poisonous teetuare.
And then they have sink a coming way
Of telling tales. They say,
Don't mention what I say, I pray ;
I would not tell another."
Straight to your neighbor's house they go,
Narrating every thing they know, •
And break the peace of high and low—
Wife, husband, friend,*and brother.
0 ! that the mischief-making crew
Were all reduced to one or two, -
And they were paintcd red or blue l
That every one might know them ;
Then would the village coon forget
To rage and quarrel, fume and fret,
And fall into an angry pet,
1 With things too much below them.
For it'e a sad degrading part,
To make another's bosom Smart,
And plant, a dagger in the heart,
We ought to love and cherish ;
Then let us evermore be found
In quietness with all around.
While friendship, peace, and joy abound,
And angry feelings perish.
Letter from Mr. Buchanan.
To the Editor of the N. Y. Everting Ppet :
Sin: In the New York Tribune of yes
terday I read. with no little surprise, an
extract from the Evening Post, (which Ido
not see,) elating in substance that the
Cincinnati Democratic Convention of
June 1856 (not " May "), bad come to a
"dead took." on the evening before Mr.
Bacirtufto's nomination, and had adjourn
ed until the next morning, "with a fair
• prospect it would meet only to adjourn
*hie dis;" but that in the meantime ar
rangements were made to secure his
nomination as soon an the Convention
should re-assemble, in consequence of
Pledges given by his friends. The nature
of these pledges, according to the article
in the Post, was openly avowed by Judge
Black on the floor of the Convention, im
mediately after the nomination. A.ocord
log to it :—" A silence ensued for a few
moments, as if the Convention was an
ticipating something prepared, when
J udge Black, of Pennsylvania, (afterward
Attorney-General under Buchanan,) rose
in his place and made a set speech, in
which be proceeded to denounce Aboli
tionism' and 'Black Republicanism-' very
freely. and to argue that the States pos-
sassed, under the Constitution, the right
of secession. lie went further and told
the Convention that it the nominee was
elected, and a Black Republican should
be elected as'his successor, h- (Mr. Buch
anan) would cl,) nothing to interfere with
the exercise of it. This pledge was ample
and was accepted by the 8 buthern I ced
You will doubtless be astonished to
learn that Judge Black, afterward Mr.
Buchanan's Attorney-tieneral; by whom
this pledge is alleged to have been made,
and through whom the evident purpose
now is to fasten it upon Mr. Buchanan,
wile not a Delegate to the aneinnati Convention,
nor was he within 500 milu of aneinnati, dur
ing its session. Instead, of this, he was at
the very time performing his high official
duties as a Judge of the Supreme Court of
It may be added that from the date of
General Jackson's message against South
Carolina nullification and secession, until
that of his own message of December,
1860, and Indeed ever since, no publio
"man has more steadfastly and uniformly
opposed these dangerous and suicidal
heresies than Mr. Buchanan. Had any
person, in or out of the Convention, dared
to make a pledge in his behalf, on this or
any other subject, such an act would have
been condemned a few days thereafter by
the terms of his letter accepting the nomi
,nation. In this, after expressing his
thanks for the honor conferred, he says
that, " Deeply sensible of the vast and va
ried responsibility, especially at the prep
eat crisis in our affairs, I have carefully
refrained from seeking the nomination
either by word or deed ;" and this state
ment is emphatically true.
A "few words in regard to the alleged
" dead lock " in the Cincinnati Conven
tion at the time of its adjournment, on.
the evening of the sth of June, alter four
teen ballots had been taken for keandi
date. It appears from its prpoecklings, as
officially published, that on each of these
ballotings, Mr. Buchanan received a plu
rality, and on the sixth attained a majori
ty of all the votes of the Ponvention; but
not the required. two-thirds. On the four
teenth and last ballot of that evening, the
vote stood 1521 for Buchanan; 75 for
Pierce ; 63 for Douglass, and 5j for Cass.
This being the state of the case; whoa the
Convention assembled the next morning
the New Ilsmpshit•e (kliegs lion withdrew'
the name of ' Gaiters' tierce'and the
nois delegation withdrew that of Judge
&weak in Obedience to lastmAgiPlftlii
home by telegraph on the day before the
- Whitings haticiatiateocelt.,4l*Alos she
nomination of lir. Buchanan seemed to
t , 4.4100; of aid 1107,0
beard of a " dee(lisik - Se the Vol - lien!.
titte_or anythingllike it, until ha re ed YI
article In the Pod. - •
It may be proper testate that Col. Bait
uel W. Black of Pittsbarg was a delegate
to the CiaoienatiCaeareetles fess Nan-
THE ••
Mischief' Makers.
sylvania, and being well known as steady
and eloquent speaker, " shouts were rais
ed " for a speech from him, immediately
after the nomination wan announced. To
these he briefly responded in an able and
enthusiastic manner. From the identity
of their sur 11411283, had this response,"itte
ported with the procisedings, contained
the infamous 'ple.lgo :ittributed, to 'Judge
Black, or anything like it, we might, in
charity have inferred that the author of
the article had merely mistaken the one
name for the other. But there is nothing
in what Col. Black said which affords the
lest color for any such mistake.,
Col. Black afterward sealed his hostility
to secession with his blood. •At an
early stage of the war, he fell mortally
wounded on the field of battle, while gal
lantly leading on his regiment avant .t the
I doubt not you will cheerfully do me
justice by publishing this letter ; and I
Would thank you for a copy of the paper
containing it.
Yours, very respectfully,
Wheatland, near Lancaster, May 11,'6,.
[Written for the Obrerverj
Letter from Edinboro.
IcDINBORO, May 16, 1865
FRIEND WHITMAN : Will yourself and
readers psrdon me for obtruding upon
your columns with n brief description of
an impromptu mass 'meeting that took
place in the retired and peaoeful village
of Edinboro last evoning, in honor of the
collapse of the rebellion and the capture
of its chief instigator and supporter, Jeff.
The citizens of our borough, without
distinction of sect or party, amid the ring
ing of bells, the firing of cannon, the stir
ring peals of martial music, and the jubi
lant hurrah and exultation of a thousand
tongttle. assemble(' on the village green
around a large bonfire to interchange
greetings and congratulations upon the
arrival of this " gond time." that has been
so long " coming." The assemblage was
addressed in a very happy and appropri
ate manner by Prof. Hamilton of the State
Normal School, a young man of fine tal
ents, pleasant address, and who possesses
the unbounded confidence, lore and es
teem of all our citizens. He acquitted
himself in a manner highly creditable to
himself and the institution with which he
is connected. He was followed by G. A.
Allen, Esq , of the firm of Burlingham &
Allen. who, like the former speaker, took
enlightened, liberal and patriotic viewaof
the condition of. our country in its past ,
present *and future aspects . To the credit
of both these gentlemen be it said, they
indulged in no ribald jokes or jesting., so
unbecoming such a time and such an oc
vision ; and though attached to opposite
political parties in the late Presidential
canvass, neither of them on this occasion
made any allusions to wound the feelings.
of any or mar the happy flow of genial
spirits that, prevailed like an atmosphere
of patriotic devotion around them. And
now would that. I could pause hero in.the
pleasing without delineating the hideous
features of this meeting. But the unkind
thrusts of a Reverend, whose name, out
of respect for his calling, you must, per
wit me to suppress, make it neceseasfy that
I should complete the picture. En par- .
rani 'et me hero say, in vindication of ray
own views touching the disposal 'of the
leaders of this infamous and wicked re
bellion ; I leave them where God has
placed them, or at least many of them, in
the hands of the representatives of a great
and free people ; anti let tts ea:ale-10y
hope and fervently pray that the Great
Disposer of all events work upon
the minds of those in authority by His
Holy Spirit, that these culpable and wick
ed men may be so disposed of as will re
dound pro tonopublico, satisfy the demands
of outraged law and offended justice, and
finally result in the welfare and honor of
civilization, humanity and the great and
holy principles of undefiled chriatiassity.
But the reverend gentleman is afraid to
trust those who have to do with this mat
te r, and after a feeble attempt at carica•
ture he hits out with the bold, defiant
question, " Why, do you think Jeff. Davis
will be hung? I fear he will not be—he
ought to be hanged at both ends," &o.
These and kindred expressions fell from
his lips, all of which time and apace will
not permit me to enumerate. Now, like
" I venerate the man whose heart is warm,
" Whose hands are pure, whose doctrines
and whose life,
"Coincident exhibit lucid proof
"That he is honest in the sacred cause ;
"To such I render more than mere res
But, u the same poet has it,
"He that negotiates between God and
" As God's ambassador, the grand con
"Of judgment and of mercy, skruld be
"Of lightness in his speech. 'Tis pitiful
" To court a grin when you should woo a
"To break a jest when pity should inspire
" Pathetic exhortations."
The morbid, thirst for humai . gore, be
It sai d to the disgrace of thaaniig)i"Mied:f
age and day in which we live, hasa - beeitie
so great that flowing rivers of tbe'redies
will not quench it. With what withering .
rebuke would a tow expreadonti of the;
Sailer come to three gormanditerain hu 6 ,
man flesh and blood, (see Matt. r:44 and
'Luke'Luke rxitt:34,) if their minds were - pro. ,
'Orly prepared to receive those benign,
'messages of truth and mercy which it is,
their office to impart to their fellow men.
Bat" the dog is turned to 'his Owniena
*pun, nod tfle sow. that was ivailied tilir
eskOiring the mire." 1. that
is flithy be filthy still"
?lila imineut divlcerceuld Ads wild vqi
alike tit - r iefiloe44i Vic ou
casting the Orkbridiani
coin in the teeth of thews 4,..h0 opposed
him for the Presidency lot fall, bet in his
swoon on the lgth ult., as will as as Air
... ~~x:w ~._.
0 . 00410 e he euk the blood of our mur>
dared Prusideat upon the skirts et-the
Demooratie potty. Nothing warn lest look
ed for, nee less called for upon that mourn
ful oocaition, when all Warta trere steeped
in grief, and men nt ati parties, sects end
denoininations, were eeob timing with 'the
other in
,every appropriate manner to do
honor and.respect to the solemn duties, of
the hour,-and all were , alike loud, deep,
and sincere in their denunciations' of the
deed and its guilty, perpetrator. But the
' °cession could noepers without the pal
pit being desecrated by reverting to the
political controversy as. being the heed
and front of offense, while a waiting peo
ple in stricken silence courted that conso
lation the hour and bereaved nation so
much needed to staunch the bleeding
To those who are acquainted with all
441040e5 - of republiasp teem of AfeY-•
ertiment, and the warnings of all its po
litical machinery, it is well known that
political preferment will and often does
lead to some extreme and undoubtedly
imprudent expressions toward opposing
candidates. necessarily one of the
features of our system of government, and
Abraham Lincoln, as a candidate before
the people, not as President, understana
me, but as a candidate for the Presidency,
received his share, perhaps an undue
share, of epithets and What
candidate for that office has not received
them ever since the days of Washington ?
and even his fair fame was not proof
against this kind of political usage and
warfare. Yet whoever before thought of
branding as conspiratoni and abettors of
assassination those who in their ephemeral
a-al thus contended for the success of
their political favorite? When the in
cumbent of the Presidential chair happens
to be a candidate, he is no better than
any other candidates, and his public life
and ftel.B then become the property of the
people, and, with those of anv 'other man,
are equally open to criticism and, if needs
be, condemnation. These are the inci
dents to which he hue thrown himself
amenable by his own free will and con
sent, and he it remembered there is no
coronet or crown at Washington to screen
the pablio acts ot' any men, be he Presi
dent, or be he private. These who would
have it otherwise had better go where
kings rule and subjects obey. It is a
homely phrase which says, ",Give the
devil his due," anti I will only add—give
the preacher his. VIGILANT'S.
Dusan: After many trials and tribu
lations I arrived hero in safety. Stopping
in Pittsburg I had an Opportunity of see
ing the great guns in process of manufac
ture, and; many of the iron works for
which that smoky town is celebrated.
Pittsburg needs three things. a patent
smoke lifter and 4006 condenser, a coat of
white paint, and a decent hotel. Having
taken passage on a small but neat steamer
for Cincinnati, we voyaged slowly 'lowa
the Ohio, passing Blaunerhamett's Lsl•ind,
which will always be a spot of interest. in
the night. Guayandotte, in the so-called
State of West Virginia, has suffered in the
war. It seams that in January. 1863, the
inhabitants gave an entertainment at
their houses to the Federal troops sta
tioned there. While they were enjoying
a ball, and untirely unsuspicinus of an
enemy, Jenkins' Confederate cavalry
made a descent upon the town and cap
tured and disper.ed nearly the whole
Federal force. As it was supposed that
the ball was a ruse, and an attack had
been planned by the citizens with the in
tention of bringing down the enemy's
cavalry.. the town was fired by a force af
terwards sent, and nearly 'tine-half des
troyed. .
Having been detained in Cincinnati
over night, we had en opportunity of visit
ing the splendid spent house and seeing
the Florence' in the "Ticket-of-Leave
Man," which was excellently performed,
though a Tittierille man whom we met on
the way. and ,who had seen the play in
the Titusville theater, could not appreci
ate it. We, never having been around the
world, felt our inferiority. Our party
created a sensation at the hotel, where we
ware nearly stared out of countenance by
the natives, two of them following us up
to the desk andratching the registration
of our names witintense and astonished
Crossing the river to Covington, we
stopped at what - we were assured by a
native was the "
"grandest hotel In the
place." We thought so, when we saw it.
,Kentucky Central railroad, from
Covington to Lexington., is itt very bad
order, owing to the great amount of flov
ernment transportation over it, during the
war. About thirty miles on the way we
were:detained by. a laud slide nearly ten
hours. giving na en opportunity of seeing
the totintry..Which is not admirable at
this point. Finally, the train from thi
south coming up, we changed trains, each
onetetoking In its destination. " The road
at Ibis nicks ; runs close to the bank of the
Licking river, aret the passage front one
Vilest ,to the, other was, made by '
splAgls due 700.VOSIQr and . p a is oft.
sum, . long.-slim spee.inteci . of the fair,
d?e 1 ). as
we P. 8994 Will yonPl.f", . 1 i leek at
'My and were gratified.
:The frclai Titusville *nuttiest . himself
by growlieg At- -the niiiroa4. tote. coggtry. :
.and the people; all of witiebbeAtonght .
•vei74efistior ci tk " tNrJIO4.4IO Miiiiktpr!.
„, ;
not only by events before theism; mid in
the hi** ft. et Kitsituoky,bto, by th 4
eirimilidthisims- of , duo mow ..lons
ethos fitimliete lived .Heiry
out pairs house be
and here be is buried. Hit iamb sod
monument are in the center of the mime.
tory hem and is s bauliffel work 40 an.
~~ ~i(: i
(Written for the Otroorrer.J
Letter from Kentucky.
Lsziscrros, 8.r., May 10, 1865.
This is' also the birth place of General
John Morgan, and here he raised his &at
company: I understand his ninths'. in
hill here. Lexington is an old and very
pleasant town, surrounded by a beautiful
and rich farming country. Buinesi is
already reviving, and though it may never
again sea the happy days of the put, it
will always be a place:of interest and im
portance. Base kn.'
Personal Items.
George Turner, • Philadelphia actor,
was meat to prison in that silty on last Fri
day, for pronouncing Pf l itsui Booth " a
nobleman and a gentleman.
Hoe. 8.8. Cox, of Ohio, is about to ro
move hill residence from Columbus to New
York city. Mr. Cox is a gentleman of in
tellectual culture, of sparkling wit, of
ganrous impulses, and of winning iniup
nem beeii a very snecessfttl poit&
tician, always outstripping hi] party asso
ciates on the same ticket, and always win
ning many Yates through his personal
A letter to the Cincinnati Commercial
says "It is due to Sherman to testify
that, from whit I could see on my , ride
Arough North Carolina, meeting with
citisene and soldiers of all ranks, Sherman
seems to have conquered twice ; the second
time by magnanimity, and so effectually
that those I spoke with had 'already
coupled a name so hated by them 'with
sincere honor and reverence. Sherman,
by the South at least, seems likely to be
remembered neat to Lincoln as a pacifi
Mr. Speaker Colfax is going overland to
the Pacific, in company with three mem
bers of the Press. The Secretar3iof War
has given him Government authority. and
protection. The military comma - eiders on
the route ars instructed to tender him
every assistance and favor Re will be
guarded through' all the dangerous parts
of the route, if dangerous any of them
now remain. which is doubted. As an in
stance of the reckless and illegal way in
which the Secretary of War spends the
people's money, it. may be cited that the
entire expenses of this pleasure trip are
to be paid out of the Federal Treasury.
The Washington correspondent of the
N. Y. Ban* I oat, {Republican,) alluding
to the expected arrival of Gen. Sherman,
says that " it will soon be explained that
he had reasons for supposing that the
Governmen.f would agree to his terms, or
if not so, Ow, it would not object to their
consideration. It will hereafter eppea
that Gen. 'Sherman heard that 'tire steps
taken by Gen. Weitzel tosiards reconstruc
tion in Virginia—the calling the rebel
Legislattire together, .to.—were directly
authorised by Mr. Lincoln."
The New York liinss says the President
is said to he exceedingly annoyed at the
attacks made upon' Sherman, and will
tike an early opportunity to express his
high appreciation of his brilliant qualities
and achievemon to.
,The editor of the New Jersey Voljamsn,
a German Democratic paper in Newark.
WM twice fired at through his window the
other night, and narrowly escaped assas
sination. The Mayor of Newark offers a
reward of $l,OOO for the attempted mur
derer. If caught, we wonder if he will
be tried by court martial ; and if killed in
trying to catch him whether his body will
be kept
_from his friends, and buried in
some unknown locality t
Some simple minded people are under
the impression that this country is subject
to a government of law. This is an ab
surd mistake. Edwin M. Stanton. Secre
tory of War, is the autocrat of these Fed
eral States. The other day, while the
duly constituted authoritie.4 of New York
were discussing as to the order of the
procession in which the metropolis was to
celebrate the obsequies of the late Peed
dent, Secretary Stantorisent sudden word
that he wanted things so and go, and the
New York committee men obeyed, and
hung their heads as" if they were sahanted
of • themselves for having dared to have
an opinion which had not first been sealed 1
with the Secretary's approval. few days
afterwards, in the same city, a firm of
photograph artists received permisaion
from the local authorities to take a picture
in the City Hall while the remains of Mr.
Lincoln lay there in state. They did so,
and produced a work of the same charac
ter as, but a thousand times more valua
ble and meritorious than, the moms of
similar ones which have been made.
Straightway the 'Secretary telegraphed an
.order directing somebody else " to go to
the photographers, seise, and destroy the
plates and any pictures and engravings
that may hive been made." Many re
monstrances and expostulatory represen
tations were made, but' the honorable bur;
glar was inexorable. He had the plunder
In his possession, and the valuable 'nets
titres, pictures; &0., from which it was eon
templradi to pioduce a painting of nation
al -interest. were remorselessly smashed.
It behooves every (Attila to be careful '
how he exerts the energies of his brain or i
muscle. , without first obtaining a prom; •
gory ukase from this imperial son'ol - Mars
Or. perhaps, it is barely widish' . it ma)
behoove the Eleorsktary to remember that
he also is mortal like ourselves, And a as
liable - 10* 'Minted up before the police
justice for traipses or • theft, as the hum
blest damn of the Republic.
- Geo. Sherman deckled that no news
paper oorrespoudenta. should be present *
at the formal' surrender_ of the Offireit . .4
aohissume. army. WhersuPQa
Mow takeshim to task. lor *.`,equeoniieh;,
nraa,'' **maudlin tendernesa"Aind kiathed
**milk quaiiiies.
,The .7111"4:444-,bat;
set keep omit , The Wien mi ?no:upend •
Johnaton'a armJ has a Oettet h 1 ,Aa 4
-th an anybudy inJi.e.sf:Y.4;Fkor -ehigirhore:
The trouble with the Tuara:an4,-;;;9014i
swa m i loyalists " Is that they cannot
undentend the iwatintente which vale in
the hearts Of lauesesdamoss asikooldisest
Atlantic & Great Western Railroad.
rafflaWs itrolild, IaII, Express and Tele.
grapit Rode.
Orreiaseting st Salsinneca, N. T., with the Erie Rail
way Gam s ecettlauens CA: Foot Track from New York
be Aire. or Clemdani. On and after
Throstill Annensw_and Freight Trains wilt be run ego
- nfinielfine annEWD tunontii I
leffisingen kir this Line have choice of Fire did rent
Rates between New York end Balton. THROUGH
intrars MS be obtained et any of the Onoes of the
Ilia Mlles,' sod all Ticket Oilers of connecting Lines
West et lestinrest; also, at the Central ileket thew.
Maw the Weddell House. Cleveland, Ohio.
Ask for Tickets via. the
' •A. it fitelN. AND , IMON RA ILWA Vet.
Pessirognif Trains atop st Readville thirty minute!, `iv
/11=CfillUme to dine tit the "if °HENRY
il ri berd, Railway Hotel to the country.
No tnewMpmnat of Freight between New York arid Ak
ron or Cleveland. •
Radiants In the West sad Southwest will And it to
theft Aden e. to order their goeds to be forwarded via.'
She Ed. and Atlantis t Great Rodent Railways, the.
artist tenable and axpenee.
riposte stisottoo will be given to the weed, *woof -
Won of Freight of all kinds, East or welt.
The Inielnes, Can and other equipments of this Com
paq, are entirely new, and of the most improved modern
- The only direct route to the •
Via. Meadville or Corry.
Prom Leavvitsburgh, the Reboiling arena runs to
Teimgettnni sad the Coal Nines.
Thin Road in being extended, and will soon be in cow.
pieta rimaing ordir to Galion, Urbana, Dayton and Cia
o innati,without break of rugs.
J. FARNSWORTH, Ges'l Freight Agent.
T. R. GOODNIAN,Gen'I Ticket Assiut.
J. V. W.
Peace St., slier. as "fa* Amt. Iris, Ps.
Henry, Bryant & Sherwood,
tancessaots to Acheson k Benry,)
11141N07101111.11MS Of
r roor
lIN often ARON Tv ARE,
Every Store sold by us warranted to ere satisfaction
itettlin tilatgb-sbociestod irons, Am, oa band or man
sitartiared to order.
PLOWS LID now Poirri of superior make and dun
elebTalways on band. A call and a fair trial of our arta
sMl aak. HENRY, BRYANT & elilEft WOOD.
mare t—u
keystone Nation' B k of Brie.
CAPITAL, $150,000.
ORANGE NOBLE, Preeldent.
JOHN J. TOWN, Cutter.
The Magi bank 'will be opened for the transaction of
business on
Monday, Doc. 6th, ln . Hughes' Block,
West aids of State St., between Seventh sad Sightli.
Satisiketory pipits diLoocuite4.
Mosey rewired oa Defosit.
Colleettons toads and rrneeeds creosoted for wltb
Malt% Specie sad Bank Notes bought and sold.
A share of Pablie Patronage is rupee . folly solicited.
Sewing' Machines!
the undenigned baying been appointed agent in Mdal
city for the above celebrated Machines. respectfully
cads the attention of the public to the same.
they an acknowledged to be the best in nee and ax,
the cheapest In the market.
• tub Machine has all the latest improvements, which'
reader them ibr anperlov to awry other now sold
PlllllOllll desiring to purchase a hewing Machine will
ladtt of advantage to call and examine these P. fon
hoping elsewhere.
Pimples on exhibition at my atom No. 6. Arnetioan
block, between the Park and Seventh street.
salt* Omo Y womkPt.
7-30 U.- S. LOAN.
.Rouda ia amounts of
Chn hand for
Immbdiate Delivery
who are
Ihdy lititsriseil Subscript's'
CLARK & mum?.
inores-tt 1338181111.
Wholesale and Retail
, 4 1 ' , irold stand, Amen
, SI, ji large awl superior
F. lk
61 ,II: , 0
ti i.
.1 iii 1S .'-t•
• . IQ ORB,
.% ND
, • .‘ :40N
' Vt. AIM. .•
• FROM .
thiptbirWith'esery thing found In *Moose
mit this Mad, which thay will sell SIB cheep
meaay Other establishrr*at in this city for
Cash or mast kinds of c riontry podium..
Thm am sw:eelites iies sr tramt . sii-SiSsi
liiiilsitTsissuissit Isom •Issr• Is IS* Ils
Illosttestios of Um '_
lill 1i5..4 hibasalapsom lirsessis *SI
s 4111.0 fr eisistosilky Crli barn sill Ss' rift
bY 41 1 1 ,tallis I
- Snow Head . Quarters!
"iddiadter 8x,09p., ;'MUTE. STREET.
Jas 11.101111 %, ,- . t. r. & 11, rcpt., IDAICIL
,i,r -von az,...:„ a,,, as Soca lissmovisis
Is geoid stisai stlibsilm eskVs Alsot o nds.ll6 .
fr; 4
j DZSPOIDICHT OP 80TH , 81111314--A gnat ad
firer having Dam reatorsid to kaalth in arm days, after
ounly yam otisdam, I..fatag to assist my set
tallow-oreatains by landing Ores ' ) on tits risalpt at a
postpaid addreesd molar, a espy of this forwrala •
sunk =plowed. Bisset to
JOHN M. DaGNALL, Box 183 Post Otlles,
Brooklyn, N. T.
Meat .-7la pixt WU% prim be cant.. _
, 610 MatsYt Ihrtford, Coia.
D.-. Tomas—Lem id i nave been in the livery be
secs for the hat twenty yams. and !Ruin; tbat tI
hay* awl all the various linimenti" and of Os
d.y, bet never bare found an mil ritecival to fru+ Vern'
alien hone Liniment. I Lars fairly tented it on ais
home In distemper, sprains,,nuts,oilbs, s ..yd I lag of NW
,land., Re, as also for rheumatism on rup elf, and bees
sly , ' s found It so lovaluitde rrmedy.
Respeetfully yours, U. LiTcririrLo.
0. Ii to all druzalets ailleo, ZS Cortiaadt Strad.
vier. Sark.
n it 04 OH ETtior 1.1.04.-- . They expel the poi-
D eons which threaten 1 frt. E:ery time a Moir per.
son k purged by thla ?eget ohle remedy, ho hoe less vl•
tinted humeri and more late and vigor, re any one .caa
pro?* by takings - eingle d+, Perseus of *pare hablti
pin Ugh and streo , lth vdh t twit: them. Every time
we rest a few,daye or wrote from this purgetion.we mai*
new fluldt from onr roplac3 the unseen&
one, that tht tr. rouged t he evacuated. Leek
time repeat li.i. p- WAIN we expel farther quastities
of impurities, which area-wt. replan,.! by dal& teas sad
leis Immure, an thot ti ai , by continuing this
treatment, we bring blck .h., whole mare of fluids or
humors to that cote of panty which constitutes health,
for Etr*ndreth`e Pills only takeaway honors 'bleb 'ars
qnld by all r ep , etybly datl , ra in medicines.
(,1t) L I P!.1¢1.) ! Feiss ItgbtA aro extinvmhe.l ahem •
I'j great trat'l shines forth, and the inconteatib le fact
that the hal: turas froulf : rai or carly to a glori
oaa black or broao 11‘ ,.. Lan the eharnelloo ragas
tee hue% tinder the operation or
Cristadoro's Hair Dio.
now known throughout the American eoutibent. It
tiv ales% contains no caustic, improves she fibres,
produces a rich, natural and g color of sn> shade
from a warm brown to a glossy nahln, sod In endorsed ♦ 7
the , Moat .sneat auslyth chemist,. In the darted
khurctraotared by J. CELIA r t S.o.
New York. Sold by all Druggists and applbrl by ill Hilt
AUNIVIUMAL w h a t we eat,
by the air we inset/Le, or by the water as dri. k„ we
can be made Nick ; or by fatigue, or from debility induced
by heat,beeruse these eTeets end by producing impurity
of blood. To regalia health ire must purify the blood,
by the organs of the stomach and bowels ; these erica's
must ba metal:mod to the regular performance of that
duty which nature has assigned them, and should there
be any Impediment, to what does experience point?
which cannot Injure, and which will surely restore the
bowels to the regular performance of their duties.
The dyspeptic, the biliejo will find them a treasure of
health, and the same may be said to all who are siek in
any way,—take Bytudreth's Pills and be cared Sold by
all respectable dealers In medicines. ' - .sp rah% Im
ACANDID STATIMENTe—You eau procure of
any druggist In this city and vicinity Dr. Tobias'
Venetian Liniment. It le a sure and speedy can 6,r
MUM throat, headache, toothache, chronic rheamatiea,
colic, croup. and pain la the limbs. We advise every
one to give it a trial. The expense 14 a mere trifle-26
Out it. 'Cror tams y
family ahould have a bottle ll
tn the
to cue of sudden accidents, such as cuts, burns scalds,
Its pain relieving qualities are miraculous. Al for
croup, it has saved hundreds, we have the cart/testes
to prove it.
Priced and 60 cents. Sold br all druggists.
66 Cortlandt Street, New - York. marl-lm.
Drs. Firmindsh & Co., itf Buffalo, have discover* d
• new curies method, by which an diseases can be
readily and radically cured by the patient, without thd
aid of a phyileian. Dr. F. is the author of a medkal
work of 800 pages, price $lOO, giving a fall explanation
of the mode of treatment. They also publish - a monthly
Medical Journal, of which sample numbers will be wet
free, by addressing Drs. J. FIRKVIICH & 0 0 ,
Cm* Cuifaio, N. Y.
A Card to the Suffering;
WALLOW two or three hogsheads of "Etuctim"
CI "Tonle Bitters," "Sarsaparilla," "Nervons Anti.
dotes," An., An., Ise, and attar you are aatlsdad with the
result, then try one box of OLD DOCTOR BUGii eNS
ENGLISH F. Man° PlLLS—and be restored to health
and Myer in lees than thirty days. They are purely
vegetable, pleasant to take, prompt and military in that'
elects on the broken down tad shattered constituting.
old and young can take them with advantage.. Lupo,.
ted and sold la the United stales only by
JAB. R. BU rum, No. 427 ikoldway,
New York,
Agent (or the United States.
P. 9.-1 box of the Pills, securely packed, will be mailh
ed to any &Urea' on receipt of price, which I. Osis DeF
kir, post psial—money reloaded by the Agent if entire
satidectiun is not given. irk
TNFORAIATION FRE: , To Ner , oos Sone-
EDS: A gentleman cured of Nervous Debility, In.
competency, Premature Decay, and Ynothfai Error, so.
tented by • desire to benefit others, will be happy to
furnish to all who need it (free of charge) the recipe
and directions for making the cmple remedy used In
his casai. Sufferers wishing to profit by the advertiser's
bad experience, and possess a sure and valuable remedy.
an do so by addressing him at once at his place of bad
ness. The recite and fall information—of vital lripor
tssice—will be cheerfully sent by return mall.
Address, JOHN B. OGDEN.
No 60 Nassau St, New York.
P.S.—Nervous Sufferers of both sere* will find the
nformation Invaluable. ap13115-3m
then CO days, thelrorst cues of SKRVOUniN SSA, Impo
tency, Preipature Betty Seminal Weakne.e, Ineanity.
and all Urinary. Seznal and Nervous Affection% no mat
ter from what canoe produced. Price one &liar per box.
'Sent, post paid, by mail, on receipt of an order. On. box
will perfect a cure in most cases. address
General Agent, 42f Broadway. New Yolk.
1112.64-11 el
Published for the benefit and IA a caution to young
men, arid others, who suffer from Nerroon Debility, Prow
matures Decay of Manhood, !be, cupplyinc at the wane
time the means of self-cure. By one who low ruiv.l himself
of er undergoing considerable quackery. By enclosing
a post-paid addressed envelopeollngle copies . may be bad
of thesatbor, NAtuArinn. aITP/IR. R.q.,
eepBll4-Iv. Brooklyn, !lingo N
Do yen want Whiskers or lionstaohes t One
Grecian Compound • will farce them to grow on the
smoothest face or ghli. or hair ou bald, beads, in Ai
weeks. Price $1 00. Sent by mall everywhere, closely
sealed, on reeslit of.price.
Address, WAIINNR k Cl).,„Bas 138, Orwetlyn, N. if
your kind perm:Won I wish to say to the readers
of your paper that I will send, by retort. mall, to all who
wish it, (free) a Rad" with fall directions for making
and using • simple Vegetable Halm, that will eirretually
remora, In ten days, lqmplee. Blotches. an, Preach*
'Haan Impurities of the Ali; leaving the same clear
intootb and beautiful.
I will also roan Opt to those having Ovid Heads, or
Bare Fares, adopts direction. and Infonnati.n that will
coable them to Martini full growth of I.l.suri ,nt Hair,
Whiskers or moustache in len than thirty days.
All applications answered, by return mall, withi.sit
charge. Respectfully yours.
'MOS. F. CHAPMAN, Chemixt,
831 Broadway, New York.
'al 2-3 ca
XLD SYSh MADE NIIIC—A pamphlet direct,
NJ log how to speedily restore sight and give op doc
tor at st3dlcdne. Sant by mail, free, on receipt of 111
R. B. PORTZ, M. D.
/ 1133 Br/midway. N.r'York
cents. Address
vurttimis KM.ol.—Tnos• wishing a floe set of whisk
,' era, a Wee motuitathe, or • beautiful bead creamy
hair, arfli pleaea road the card of THOS. F. CHAPIIAN,
fa aaelhar part of this paper. rer2-So.
MOS 11111 URAL CHAMBER, as Essay of Wars
ing and lostrsatios for Young Den—published by
the Howard Assxststion,spd sent free of dune is aided
envelopes; Address, Dr. J. MULLIN HOUGHTON
rbilsdidybis. Ts.
Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia.
P i ne= sg
and has thls rant nano on aeroant of Ring's Hair Rs&
torte Wig eons ilklatod with It by • copartnership of
the proprietors ..; the two preparatioas. It is hating
as inunanorfog the following reasons s
Ist. It motor. - Gray Kale to lta original color.
W. It imparts a beautiful Auburn to light, red or
fated hair.
ad. It carman 11=011 and disown of the Scalp.
4th. It la an infallible eradicator of Dandruff.
fah. it Is a rlishly perfssurel Nair Dressing.
WWII Do you desire to get rid of your old, faded
artificial Front Pisces t Theo uas the Ambrosia sal
restore your Gray Hale to the dark. butane silken
trews of youth.
Gentlemen I Do your heads show the Incipient stage*
of Baldness I Than use the Ambrosia sad cure the ha
sots whirls are Gant your Hair to arms out.
It IS sot a dye I It now not polar the situ Of the Is.
eat Inert! It is not composed of Dostoael. drugs; ant
a bbey of hinnies' vegetables, and in Natunea Drawl
BillitiOnlaff, Try it and be convinced.
N. Y. Tubbs t Co., Proprietors, Peterborough. N. IL,
WT. Sautes , tl4loo Mils. ids V4,Wholissi• arstbir
Northwestern renaatleaala.
Leal Agirote-41111 & Awes. link. Pa' Jumbos at
I Co., Titusville I IL 5. Sleeper, Waterford ; Brown &
'Wood, Corry. - - - • '14.34414011.
waosaadui DIAI4IIa ax
- • f•
Flour; Porlt4 : l3oef, balt, Citsiu
csovEß, TIMOTHY RR Ai.
No. 2. Wahine Meek,
MiVir Oak AN
SA 14