The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, May 11, 1865, Image 1

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a.i and and Market S treet—One rinse* mat al
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Claataltall, Ohio.
Dispepsia, Nervousness and
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reiionstornd those sairesing with lees or Appetite,
ririreattan, or Diterlisia, Nervousness and Nervous
Debra/I-Ito use Striellsod's Topic. It is a vegetable
Ptsearstion, tree from Alcoholic Liquors; It strenthetin
til,e whole Nervous system; it amiss • good appetite,
amid iY vrarronted to sore Hereon/raw sod Nervosa
Por sato by Druggists generally, et 11 , per botttlit-:-
PretAret . br t)r. A. Strietlaud. 6 East Fourth street,
Cincinnati, Obto. • . •
Great Gift Distribution.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Bracelets,
Gold Pens, &c.,
S. M. WARD &. Co,
100,000 Watches, Chains, -Lockets, Bracelets,
Rings, Gold Pens,4e.,
And tto be paid for natil yott know what you are to
. and not to ba kept unteas you are •
per eel ir µtided,
Splendid List of Artlets: to to sold for $1 each s
100 Goiti fluatiog 2lOO 00041
100 Gold Watches,
200 Ladies Watches, ... 33 00 sea
NO W slaws. .... 6 . 00 .- to 25 00 aae3s
1300 Gold Neck sad Vest Chains,.. 13 00 to 16 00 aka
1,000 Cbetteiertie'to 1 o.lard Chaise, 600 Wl6 O 9 web
8,000 Nee . and-Vest Chains,..., _ . 400 to la OKI esols
4 000 Solitaire Jet & Gold Brooches, 4 64) to 800 each
4,600 Cor 1, i era, .te., Broorhes„.. 300 to 800 itch
7,ooo'Gold Jet, ko ' far Props, ._. 900 to 800 garb
4.000K/eats' Brent and dead rigs. 300 to 800 rreeki
6,000 t.rat Bend Bro.:el:IN 300 to 600 soak
3,000 Chased a race's ta,....... .- 600 to /0 00 Mich
8,600 cal. Diamond Pies and loge, 260 to 800 slick
2,000 Gold thatch .• •i a,. 200 to 000 each
6 000 Solitaire Stasis But -A rands, . 2 00 144. li 00 loth
3,000 Gold Thfrobli s . . ' 4to to4oo oa th '
NOO3 sltaistare Lockets, 200 to 800 met
3,C00 Win. Llckets, Magic 8 pring,.. 400 to 900 each
3moo New aisle Beet Iluekles, ... .. 400 to 800 e.cti
2,060.44014 -ToothActs, Prosses, /to , 2.00 - to s 1 , 4 .seti
3,000 Fob and tuition :lades 260 to 500 ..aft
6,0. hated Gold Blom ...... -- - 300 to 800 each
4,600 Stone Set kings, 2OU to 6oi each
II,N) SOU Leah.' Jewelry jet At gold 600 to Is 00 owl
6,000 " •. various styles 800 to 16 00 swat
8,000 Gold Pene,ellrer case ik pencil, 400 tr. 800 mach
4,04 Gold Nue, (told Ouse & Pencil 600 to 1600 each
9,600 Gold Penn gold n.o anted holder 300 to 600 WI&
Certitieatei of the various articles Ire placed is' save-
Woo. waled std no ird These envelopes will be sent
by wail ea ordered, without regard to choice After re..,
ailing the cattier:ate and seeing eh .t article It repre
ssors,yea are at liberty to amid and get the article, or
soy idler on the hat of the same value, sod after eosin{
the artothkiltdt-dieo tio l ,ille Whilvt.c.ofirt" ) . we
&sire J. Lk 14 rattus ti suit est t. : e wooer a a 'trail'
t ty
Selena by rnaillee dieter for- oaf eirtulealy 14 ta 44
Ord eartitiolbro will L. boot lot. $1.4141. es for tt. kb
for 46, one hundred tor Stio 4 geute wiwitt4 *TO
1166.0. At. • allow agents tea c rota .ura each confiscate,
provided their reallttuace amount. to use d. Bar, also.
extra petal DM, for large orders
ARAI T ham's* -..ii ibe merit,* al II LO, we will oosoll
a solid silver shield (pure ono) or bedew, kw artier
die/slow o , r corps in 412 e army, or . caviar,. traintiye
arttibery,acigisear Or loOta.ater • wu, with your plows
regitiwut, and company haudveurely esoirarod thereon,
togstbst - with our wholesale Illualretod circular to
. .ii . - 'Ss' IL WABI) & .(Co:,
208 Broadway, New York
. _
Mwth East Corner el the Pare Fetich Stria„,
Wouhl reeseetfaily -tan the attention of the eomninalty
to history Stook of •
Which he Is itesircese euwu.t the
VMR I LOwitivr • PILIMMIBLIt leftlettle!
S RS, • ', • .., t
• , .
FISH, &C. 4
hi sot surpassed in the city, as bs is prepared to prove t 4
613 wbo gin him • eau.
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01.4.111 nrnia
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Bo alio keeps constaatly Go kind ouptaiGi lot at
for the wboluale trails; to ohteti holittootarth.attentlot
of the public
Ma motto iif "Quick Sales, Small Praia l liad a fall
4.4 4 9e1 d kr tt!triloper." - Aprlr eata
Jiiited States Claim
BOUICTY; • •• • ii
and all otbai Clam waist the Gammas altobd
to with promptaloo. • •
viifittimus u!LemisititiMir:
a ir Application by pill attended to the r ,
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Orkin CAA':
Dried and 'Mae& Pratte. - 1.
- .7A vorivea t i f ic,.ll) /`f 01
8 4 1 P 061011 • 1 7 , / kat Mora t.. 4
1, 4 1104„ 1 1A1,1 11 " 1 BLOCK, PARE 114. M,
.41w, Public Dock, Foot of, Side
tilt. A. ciairroßD.
. ,01124144( J. BYRON Jean.*
':,Reteves' • Ambrossu
- - !OR Tat - HAIR. „ L,
~dad raderfal tat_ , a
208 Broadway, New Vork
HL arortmat oT
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THURSDAY. MAY 11th. 1865.
R Visskssos IT yrs ?soma is Sus Psios o►
u[4110&1 LI BELOT - lwdrnr Jackson. '
Our Hays Are Coining Home.
Thank' Omi the sky is clearing!
The cloud 4 are hurrying past; j
Thank Outi is ttgarim.l . .„,.l
The dawn is coming fast.
And istion'glad herald voice"
Shall tell us peace has come,
This thought ei hall most rejoice us,
"Our boys are coming home."
Soon shall the voice of singing . •
Drown war's tremendous din
Soon shall the joy bells' ringing
,„,; - Bring peace and union in.
, !The jubilee bonfires burning
Shall soon light up the dome,
And soon, .t.t3 soothe our yearnings,
Oar boys are coming -bone
The vacant fireside places
Have waited for them long ;
The love-light lacks their faces,
The chorus waits their song.
A Ph dowy fear hap hauuted
The long deserted ro,
But now out• prayers are grauted
Our boys - are coming home !
0 mother, calmly waiting
For that beloved eon,
0 editor.. proudly dating •
The victories he has won I
0 molder., softly bumming
The love-song while you roam—
Joy, joy, the boys sre ocitaiag-
Our boys are coming home I .
And yet ! 0 keenest sorrow !
They're coming but not all,
Full many a dark to-morrow
Shall wear its sable pall
For thouiands who are sleeping
Beneath the empui pled loam ; '
. Woe! woe! for those who're weeping
Who newer will came home!
O sad heart,, bush thy grieving:
Wait but h little while!
With hoping and believing
Thy wue and fear beguile.,
Wa.t for the j,iyous meeting
the starry dome;
For lbee our boys are waiting
To bid us wieleotue h..tne.
Johnston's Surrender
A correspondent of the New York Daily
News gives the following particulars of the
surrender of Johnston's army to Sherman
• "Gen Grant arrived at Sherman's head
qmirters at 7 o'clock on the morotng of
the 24th, and immediately informed 'him
tla the decision of the GovernMent on the
!'memorandum of agreement" with John
ston. Gen. Grant merely communicated
the desire of the President that no propo
sition regarding the political or 'civil
Status of the States should be entertained
by Shermao or any other, military com
mander. and that hostilities shOiild be re
Burned as soon as practicable, and Jobe;
uton's army pushed vigorously until it
must surrender .11,i expressed no' per
sonaldissatiolict on whatever, nor did he
at any time or in any way obtrude his au
thority as general•in-chief. He merely
;spoke as the representative of the Gcv
:eminent, end carehilly avoided any ex
-4.lretetion that might he offensive to his
distinguished -uhoritinain Sheri:don
reoprellully to tiotiowtrtictionW of
his superior, making no c.minent on what
was, said, nor giving %My indication
"obstinacy " and immediately sent word
ioJuhesuni iha• the •igreeineut had beep'
dimapprovra, all t ll,ilthe, expiratiou
of forty.eight li•eir• hostilities wool t , tie
resumed Tile for.ty•eight hours would ex : ,
rive on , the morning of the.26tb. and Sher.
man notified Johriaton that he •would
move forward at that time . This com
munication reached Johnston about noon,
on the 24th Sherman and Grant reinain•
ed 'iti , eontsultation for several bourn.,-and
the kindest feeling charseterized their
' Grant expressed s desire to re
viewsome of his old command,, and the
Seienteenth corps was moon iu line, march-
Inked(' counter-marching before tkieGeb..-
,•. , •
eral tnat first led them to victory. • Giant
then returned to Sherman's headquarters,!
linSthele (Somtnanication. emir sent to,'
demanding the suseender-ofi
hii isiMfr'oft' the same eonditihns "maple&
bq den: Lee.
On the following mcirtiih'g, a nfitetrisi
ibt wed from Johnston,
fertile* for the purpose of reconsidermi
the' termsembraced .in the first • agree.;
meat. lie proposed to surrender • hid
army, but intimated a desire to confer
WithShermaeon some sutjecta that were
'rot - strictly within the scope of Sherman?.
ft atti:wily: - These were notclearlydefine4
titit" they were wily andenstotett-by the
Araseologj of the' communication: John:
Mon asked a conferenCe for the'pOrpose
of " modifying the previous agreemeint,l o
Nit this Was promptly 'declined by Gen.
Sheiman, who replied that he would not
entertain eny,proposition except suety - ai d
watittrit;tlY confined 'lB' the ihriender of
the forces then modem Yeblis'&ll iCo
mind. In conclulion Gen: 56'46441111
he would meet Johnston' at , iamb :
place woere the prerioni agreement ads,
"there arra n 'beide tails . /
thelu'reinider: This conirtittiieation
'reCeiVk 3 / 4 44cilitititbirtitr the aftfttutoti of:
he 251. h. It shOuld be h'erictiheirvia gist
,a,.4).ilditioris on 'which 'die ditrtentildir
rihnstiirt f t;'irtnyWOUltt be - 16(0,44.4w
foitit' in this 'Ciote, and jelitietikii iat
icmce decided' to comply, with ,
-was in view of tlie i iropoWd `surreaddrelf
'loft i ristotNi 'Bestiregird telex
ArtOrd to, 'l:anirillareqbetitiiig' the. itd
flitice,ol, the Sixth czi . rpdtp be suspende d arta his, object was . thepiidpte
the route of the iidvab`O frbm
and destrUctiOn 'Of IdOPereftWit'
rely attend - the .inatch , ol Be
,4iesir aouipiujii4tioniitaisaaclil
)linsioa awl' Slierailfolo, ivy!?
were about fifty, , ra!!rs "ti . gii t !i' L lik!kr . ..,
sok,At 'WOO , I P4 bklyi t o a '
wawa* :46014,...4 1 i91fa11„, 1 1! lk
'Mid. Grqqaebo.q, ,E ts fiii,p
a 1
rail to,. D.akr.1“,14 1`444 1 4 1 45M.40 411 '
alter* iirs‘Taispil4l44o9 l MP, de'
airrraiseidaailtoia-AeOffikl INrl-t
MOlRairivasi bat, ,64,
.f.ixtrt ,-, r vier it i;a nrow
ERIE, PA., THAR,SD4 * ',AfTAR it/f t , :M-A.Y 11 , isss.
• . .
T ai c , *le peasieettot.thei;t!zeisating,4lo.
49 1 41Vti!iK VionikeverSitettuaa's•
. staffr itti*lao but il!d:hot , Mead'
the intents:4i jlall►sett the tpu,4gt yank
ern. After a few wards of gr.qatiagSherr.
man and dolanatoo prate 44 ilketle4o9loo.
where .the:firstaaterriew, was iltildoliP44
there arranged Abe. Isms. of .surreader-•,,
nil did Vat-Woo& more than efeeft
utes, as theteasiowesiiiialreolyisodsealload. I
on both itideloked Milking was tOrtealosze
but redttee *Mit. 1 -- tVirkile
Shermanond •JObestott stereOureepeed
the officers dtriteoonnitoted Wuxi , i rtes
ternized glum alipstiSsibly , with each etbier;
and made Art biiitaillettgli , of Views ei tits
past -The' Confederate
officers COlulitcied'tliebiselviisi 'With Itiscrit•
ed dignity. Tl 4 fitted that thrieWhi4e .
at last ohligoo etititiib,lae se bur
strength was greater Mien 4heire i .hialthey
felt Uti huMiliatinn in their position; artd
saw in tbe•past nothing• of 'which they'
might be ashamed i !3hormait's Maoisti
coneeded all' that was claimed by their
late enemies, freely* admitting that the
Confederates bad fought well, and assur
ing them that as soldiers they were enti
tled to the respect of all their tthiantry
me*. All were pleased that the war was
coming to an end, and expressed the hope
that good will would soon bind the . tWo
seetioite tegether.
„ ,
When the stipulations for surrender
we've fully agreed upon, Gen. Sherman
and staff returned tto Raleigh. but Graaf.
•had been already advised of the egret,-
meta and dispatched a messencee to this
city with the' intelligence. Gen. Grant's
greet .respect for Sherman i f t,suffuliently
14PPI) in the manner in which the negotia•
crone were conducted. He took no part
in i them whatt•i - ver, except to inform Sher
man '4 'the wishes of the Government.,
and state the conditions that-.should ,be
offered. His delicacy on the nousion.will
form one of the fstiest pages of . his his
tory. .IL' left the whole matter to Sher
ri:eau, confidant that
.the honor .of the
country was safe in the hands o 'the noble
nlinded t4tsn to whom that country /sin
deb Ad foiihe Llkk bloody And meet im
p?itant viitortes that - have crowned its
frr years of war
It not •itif.isestary to repast this' terms
of Johnston'd slit render; u they areidan
-tica Ily the `glittielis' were granted , to• Gen.
rrourthe Albs., Journal.] - •
• • 'Booth l s Body.
yome re .i . o 44 4, till body of Booth
has beep subjeousti„io suate marked indig
4ity, • Oise zloty was rthat after being sev
Sired in different pienee, at was ibtow,n into ,
the Potomac. another- that it boo been
burned. and, soother Ost,kt. .was buried
face tiowatraci• on eLzetad y titt0rt , 4444 1 3 8
from Washington. The eneftigMag Ow.
inter of these statements4sMors Oat their,
*others -were proceeding Wank mere gums
work We hope they, are alimistaken.
There may bei r0,..1n - why'the pliceref
th,i' in driA l + e r+. l * l a rim kitnaivi two kept me
cret. But WA delubt even that •It known,,
it would tio" remembered Anly , .to connect
with' it 'ih4 37otv of hoi lafamtarsorlme ,
awl in isot.thl. nnd •to' fix the *thud.
ft-ring art44l - I.ltl or ;Ili who saw lt,'upon
the:Penaltiee 41114 guilt ; the hi:mid end,
the undying We' are yet In%
Iconvieced at', tlioenN"Of . juntice
b interfered with,' if the'friifds of the
miserable, men wore perinitted the pdor
privilege of burying his remains. -'This,
however, lea lexititnnte"subjecttir difrer•
gene, +4J...opinion .
.13ut thinselot ,n? fle"1100 se to the y
untattigatod,hprroriffith. which , the chili.:
tied world . oOld fegercl the ePeetaelal?f
. a
great :Government, ~, this eolightiOnea
land` in Ore broad synshicus of thin nicen
mouth COnt4i7. Pfartett%. w4lt.spas ,an
inanimate body—reating,the fampf
tiitelesstrt7ngeanco upon a decaying corpse.
It, wan § 9 roggi k who iiimantl4 Kinel Bench
of•B1141and, added tathesentenie *if Men
condemned to Jiang, for trit i ainh, the Odir
.that -they ,altottla be_ tktoll*. fitierte•
diiiemboweled: awl b ra, ( UM AlKOegke
of Screws en bright ajluttpre up**, the;
page• of hisinryl,thatiellY!APOlr3cat4 l o*Mi
to write hisown. brifide it?,re}
Member what a
,thrill of .
westAbranghythe land l4lBol4 learne,t
hew the .body.of poor VtriOsPehtilreerf,hetk
been+ pletriged. There 'eserell , fieei
'about! death ;es soletenitY hickißvol'tl
he sitrroutidinge withom ,peetkliar,arypert
and isentinient this pintos reattit of•Oen;
'%A:tries' -of el:Askant develalmase to« r 'aPi
likittY to be Changed by the madness of
an hour. There would be nothing ttoonvy
in the future reputation ora man believed
'toi be privy tolquartering or burning ewin
they *Web twee murderer. ,
'Ot.' fft.rdirer toAbOsit
pare!?," • „! tr
_have aeon e`dc&OPllcis gboth, tiior
'"" • ''l - 6A4 of ; th far
for,de i ferapol tii:the son t
. t e
iteckie.ttat 4 Tlbl„ L e i'l °6‘" argil.
eruji! , .`
rood 4 .AM,d1 , 441 , ,,v,
character and the honor of the Anteriesni•
namrc +We 1T,44 ,
tiambligiwo alqpiP4;f e P7,•tfflicy why!!
wool& altainntk 111. ikeYlSWfCtetWik i
we , think our pathltelemktfiffitiliT,A
itatiosalreinte nolo re. t kitttflifltettX79 l ,lP l e
goimptactegareastimabtold (3 , 144411111144 1 b
barbarism upon them are n gtki4y,nt,t
based teisrepregeelettolt4l , ..m.A -I.IT
•,,• • -
Wattp DO" ra ert,oinc , - Fseirf.: 43l idir44-
fir0ni7 ,..,“47..) ~„,
"4,4 I
" Where do the 131sloo fonifilitibtstu
1 - -)4 ~,. .2 :: .:, a i - • .1 adz 1 i 1...1,,..,_1,
,i,. i '
r tTr i ti ' .: • ^ I C . ; - .1 Gl I Jetttigli: j el • iii,j :" '
Engl4ll4: " . . 43,
k:A,f el ;94ll ~a li • e •,. ,
Assiythere do the,ailtlitTisev ,
..,..-; , ,-. Sl:t..rf , t. 21 /3.:71.1 ed - CP:
cV SI ? •:•7 ' -' , -II- 1 •-^ 2 c ' A' ' 1 t. '
‘ ;. VISIiii FliioOlS ~.. ' ''
, 1 . 1 " 11 ' ' • r .,
I ••".
:,4 w li h' ' ' erecia l tiiW,Yesiftiti ith 'theft!
~,,„,,, , ,T --,- e s . Li ni. r Uil- i ...4 ,- .) , ;1ii,., , , I
frottkr;t,vc,:, c..z.:, , il 16,,D1.1.!;-, f
Fifftat 11:t strajignt tram"' ifie
otre to i•tr e .tierir al i t ii , , , i o
thylF,„ MIN oreFi:zi ,raiirfirehp 4 .. a r l i
.oilecra gi 000
1) 9111 CI lv
. .
• - ,
LI , . 4 ..
. ~
by : ~ ,
...,;., .$l7. ''',...., ..., !
Ye , •: 4 4
, . , ..:,
.... • •
sw~ i
Yaws tbe Plalladotpkie AP. Key 114
Gen. , 'Great's itasidsime,
,haulgoine fur!li!ke4., milurion oik
'Weld Cheitrltitreet, purahusalk . 'ilbi
ted up at a' !Oat el 'Shy tionisiiedollani
bytbe citizens oft'hiladelidde as a pry
,T.ientenat Generid,,vniappeoed
pn43atiiiiiej for inspection. and in Abe
°Nine Af the day wee visited by, le t zge
amyl** . 1 0* t and geild"r.
iaanl4ol/ frog',
hundred and Pp! fief de, " juur
Mari" in beiitht. I:he front le
" 6 " , and kif R, 41 0 94 1 - 1 40 .1 ____ . _ t tatia ;. •
Mary wind,* , tie ?minor Itamar.:.
ftat . iv44ten4 c.kin*ut
Idea* ;II A9o°4" ,a 4 POra.
fon dsain(k.r_ 6 4itrkt.4f APP•PcURS Ai,*
the igt 67 'rf ad
the reef. There ahoe : a pfltati4leijdn*
aiding to the dining racist and Idtehert:-
lack of - thefiebemberinhir
and third floors are bath rooms, which err
elegantly fitted- up. The parlor, about
seventeen by forty feet, is superbly fur
nished, the' carpets being of velvet, .the
furniture of walnut, and the curtains of
the richest lace: The piano and all the
articles of furniture in the room are in
the highest style of mechanics.) art. Vases
of an antique pattern deocirate the richly
carved marble mantle; and an elegant
cloak, surinonnted fby a figure represent
ing the historia*, is in the center of it .
On the center tehle' is & magnificent copy
of the
Pairing on .to the dining roods are ex
pose:l- to an extension :table,' a
silver tea set and a china dinner iod tes
j ast, together, with pearl handled knives
and silver fcirk,i A Prominent 'figure on
it is a large silxerssudelabizt akct flower
. •
stand combined. lit the ;lining room is a
st.ry beautiful 4idisboard. •!" -
. The chambers cti, the 4ecand fl oor are
totalled in almost as costly a style as the
'parlors. Velvet carpet • are on the floors,
41.mpleodid Jenny hind bedstead is in each
Loom, with beautiful dressing bureaus and
wardrobes. room,' on the wood
floor back, is also neatly furnished. In the
third story chambers the floors are.covered
with Brussels carpeting. and the furniture
is of a superior kind All portions of the
house are furnished in the InusttOntldint
manner, and when the family of thettihins
eral takes possesSion of it, which.they ar
expected to d • to day, they will and in
the pantry some 'of the autititutitials of
life, and coal in the tatter with which `ter
do the cnokitig. •
CABDI MAN • ►SOCK—Wbea Dan Rice
visited Kentucky, afew years since; with
his circus troup,.he was accompanied, as
usual, hy‘oonfectionary dealers, who dis
displayed their stook of delectable-edibles
tinder small canvasses outside the•iiain
' One morning early; Dan Riceiissat the
tiarfi cr of and the candy men soon
fail their' . good things oivesed' to the
crowd of boys who surrounded and
entered great' inducements tei 4fitchas
tire " One big, red heeded fellow#iained
n l rticuierty desirous to °Union "liiii'-itOrn
nt;titorii,'and'Cried off his - goods in the fol
lowing manner.:
here's yer ' nice (mit* and eindiee, and
Wed leninti Ad e I Ten isokitie ivertkiet‘ady
for half edittia r. This ls , the , ptaee to gel'
thW virorticol'i;tmertikoney,D &e. • •
'Oce little' l'ello%•,'Bosobt 'tab •itiosiordir
I.pp(!d, up IU . the cotanter and iath3344Tor
cent w orth of candy,: Hating" re;
ceivect two "sticks," i3ach natf 'afloat U
his arm, he demited fip':and'iliarted
otY. • - • • "
" Hello l" cris red-head; didn't
'Ave me money enough."
Yes, I did," mid the youngster: 4 Yen
said you would give. ten Cents' WiWth'l 6:W
five cents." ,
•And off trotted the little wag, laughing
in his sleeve at having " sold " the candy
poee the war twee and peace deolaired.r To
&So Is only looking a little *ay into the
future. '''Penee-i tieing declared, .and
itrtngi haring ?reedited - 'their' time
iGutine,'Whit•fs'tir beeome•of the vistairas
df'the polliieil Brigadier-Omani* itwai
4 th irds 'of *both bare loafed and Wed; Said
litidored uP at the'expensn'ettiGekiEleak-,
'del. Where will the poor Brigidleta goo
to find comfort, not to say salary 1 - On(
'training days, in' times gcme byin
dier was an euoreiens heittit' sod- a" mlat-!
ter of awe, and cocked :hat, spurs,' . gold
lace to'the gaping crowd, and • fearfully ;
pui3lmaj?stioakly waUderini:
regarded . ismoat, , instincei is 4
joke, a political imitumtuttPon itielailitil
ry, 144 4 reeir,t' raid'
, 54,49 00 0if 3 4 1 '..P 2 aii '
' that of
,an Orderlyiiergeant or ei "li e u
Ma or. AkSii for theiligedier Brindles.
FlOll Tilt SZNTININTAL TO Tliii RTbled• '
I:4ifli r " l-AolgirgeObtlit deacriptibe of the
*r-gfipe of the yresidentlit remains i iii
*ow Vark, aeiereh lii flketriliewOreltit'
Ll•httt l A ° l i '?U.„ : . .
!„1441,0ar,,,w,1if., Mir.—ihe '64iii'iffii -
Ilia great'ptocession Mai brifriiiiibraW,
soir,C - lbut 'the gmodeur- of thowitoott -,
whiehisspoe •thurfoocadioa Ara t ip/A.l'o ' 1
sisoutd 1 aelptlfr elk. toitior l Fp "r
NerotitatitiorriPotitil an viih.*o•
to recorci the following. ; 'As AL..' pr-e r.
non 'tamed h 'Br
ifo' idirit. l b lifith a 141,
iiebealsimied . 44 •ea elderly,ledesilifo4d t
,ber of . the .70. during a fetntiqrary,Dllo,
" Please,Sir l ' lei maibiliii #6&'6l6d' I I,
emit lo it6Menther this dri lieff swill.'
The littaisett yams folderkher 0/what&
'i n hialbielid vadat fer" - fe110110 0 184•407 1
Moistest from bill Gyp 104 glek f pi
forAhlio i husky toms • ', r shawroott4
it too ;. for Tys-goi bii tliskaiM
tightest pair of boots that , ever:noarmil A
roar olisorotkioß9fi*llV4 l 4'. t qitiPmf , t.
"I• u P u ssoc I an;
°I tblifibhi re•prisssribrowerWa eh imbirrh
iboiiif for afraid ladyeetetelbropisecria•
tiiitilAiditigliktitiiisdidaiiit•cissids lit
,',y, iii i ivkiad a.. sfe. ikeereatef , , !Qir
aS c i r 4i4iratiiiiai - tatisattibbililetielse l
Iltiiiireplifstrci si greatmaipi: ;11,,h c k• lin
+ 4 Plopirilifit Mpg
4Mblifor ~ , litlxa -rio
ilin , 31Avem..itq iivnirrpq I'3 rbr.micidT -tr:
Made *Greg Weston Mina&
11111P11. loam GLUON
ri1i. 0 04 111 1 111 4 -OK rsipress aid Tao
lath Os SA* Man'
A1L1,1141.10,0484181x root T
Truk Eros New Teri
dor uldvidird.Allt dad alter
En le, sees,
lio••l9..rarMma i Tease will be ma ners
NEW /tit
4 114#01T PAitedigglit Rom
tineetve ?novo
liassieniern by ads Uls hies . abet* Mee dill rent
tritieeme View Sark and Nostra. 711120U041
% 110 1 11 . 01 = SI ell of the Mom of tbe
ticsapd all Oltem etatiectiag Limns
arcs ow UMW, tbs. at the 4:onetral -Ikket 01Ilee,
the,WieddeU Botteeplileveistd. Ol°.
;1, W fkorlpitiOs via. the -
At• 0 6 ;.*N4iFif g are , YeN
beiteiplintell Is the coometry.-
Nal` ANDIIII4IIO/1,4 4 : 64.4 70tifT LINZ, 41Z
astreasiz 'between New York'ilid
"woman' the Westami Southwest will find It to
t , 41/ to
4s /enneds
=1144111.4 aanr
• *pedal attention will be given to the speedy traapor
1100a of i lgkt gig kWh Vat: or West..
Tho toginee, can and other equipment( or this Com
pety',allitedizely wiriest Of %almost improved tendon
Myth • t,
• ! Eireet two te to the
• Vit. Netiteille or Coml.
laseettademb. tem , Nahmeing Bisset num to
Yoaliptowt sad the CIA, Woes.
Vida Roadie bNbsimiMaded, sad wel soon be to sons.
piste main ceder to Galion, Urbana, Dayton and Cin
olnnettoritieet brook of rues.
.1. FaIItNIIWONTELGei'I neigh! agent. . '
• T. FL 4100DNAN, die! Ticket A relit
. El. Ire M WlCETtlili t Eleaq Supt.
lift. Briny; I.N. Bat' Arr, W .III, 911MIWOOD.
FA k oLF t ,. f ourrpßYi
„ ; • itAlei St., alsig N . .. 1 Ms
,Ihrjraly Sr* Ps.
, "'miry, Bryant & Sherwood,
el tdadebestro 6 liarry;)
Rally Store rola by us warranted to glee satidaetkin
Kettles Milersbora, Sad b ona, on hand or eua
■faelarad to enter.
PLOWS LID Prow Potare of napertcrr make and ditni
batty slava on hand. A mill and a fair trial of oar arti
cles le all we ask El R.Y,BRYANT & HRER WOOD.
lataie National Bank of Brio.
CAPITAL; $150,000,
KPfliff Bitsrilt TOWN,
OitiNffit Nta S i bleat
, JOHN .1 TOW N..Csuldcr.
l i bb tiara biz& wiii be opened for the traneartiou at
betimes os ,
sudsy, Dec. 50, in Hughes', Maki
set aide of State St.. betels's-Seventh sad Eighth.
Beilstactor7 paper diseouated. •
*rum noshed on Deposit
Coilsettotia M. sad proaseds accounted for with
lOtits, Specie sad Doak Notre bought arid sold.
A.tare • of' Public Datroisige is reapeel solicited.
. - ittegaSOTP TO
.! •
J..&,J., 8.-C,ARVBB,
ileawaotams • tzwst• D2411131:11 DI
their,. ' Hides, &e.,,
84k/m . llmi, State St, trio, Ps. •
Comksitiy on hind a large stock of
I '' : .,!,`,!iirigiiiiitiis,' • ' ' ' '
!}BENCH it AMERICAN CALF ithiii, Ws,
' diitical'ltiirth:its, iisis; • '
- Bei ' liiiiipliC Oiil.ooloi, act.
Aas ci aria ifti 'di 's ks; hi AILE RS' TOOLS,'
i , ', 'An afield& they WOW lbw 'tor • • •
4 ,, VASS VW 'Pk 011112,21 PA.V.
1 Aptil2W--tf,
WHOLsIBALE 1/1 • • ir•: •i• .
Flour t .Porkßeet Sslt., Grain
attire n;
.27.46 TO Y Skßl),.;ft
So.' 2, Wayne Bleck,
&tame "fit do•C BM* Imo • t. KR%
, • -
- Sewing Machines!
. .
stry liprmut, Tine ASPIRE OR
r The itaftenti 'Rod ha althea:, appointed agent to gee
ettp"&ti ii e` ahem* bitted llaelian rhipiettally
1161141 bee Went lipit of public. to tha *M '
, they am aelmowlad to be the beet in and
11616ahaapailt In tlya ket.
14ltatt Machias has all the latest imptovem•ota, whith
!wadi* thimi faralliaeloo to Katy other bow sold
tilMnsa.desitiog to potolowe a Sewing Yukio* will
lad ft or wdvairtate to WI Wad eritattre theto b Ito"
rpm oa eithiloutla it my store, leo 6, Atateteaa`
Sheik Meru:6lnel; Wevesith Areal.
5 , 0) 1 , ! EAP,i QUAVATOS,
G:H. EA! p „.G ,O, S !
'Wholesale and Retail ,
I,l4iYOßti. ' •%;
oLc i:lr*_> • • !: •
o.l:itrirrn pv.o
'ttsnmemiriecekringialareir 01ti04144a, equeri
-"--&-Ristikstrpo,4,large sp24,!ipperior
' •
' '
/.! I rAND
9.1 . 1 gt K
s °ll.. Vi II ',I 1", '
i..1 41 1 .1 :' • ' L'
• ) •
11 A :ti p •
t'iliftWitlitf thin ground-litn,lionss
3 tiiititimUidsieb ihyr, uell. as cheap
as any other establishment in this city' for
butt et ittoilcitildi of eountsy produce.
' l Ql‘," torilateo WA Abed
V. 411 m
t itame-dttyti=ar;i
, higr= ro t "
bepro l orgricyjlead-, ,QmiirtOrs!•- '
virsithettPMPOSl: ••
$ in inIitAkSWIMARNIALrn
• n.> / 'kr" t .797
i'1111) im,-149/144girko:
Lin iiii i aliil .a tthcap.' zawk..r.sw.
amtuiL LIII WOO ei l V a galrt 24:21414- d la g "-
iniefr ""`TrVr.` et (110E1 odt !1N4 1 49417f-Api,
~ Ittazi r
n io Inht lo alo2Pzs euoilp3 ad, 2i7;zin;t ..IqD
I lath= aim* so 3 a a .
l • ,3
it 11
" f ER 49.
DIDIFOXXXXIVrXO/114111 groat , sat
boor bails( bs Neterldiii tillable stew dam stiss
may years asilsore
Om wA/ 11 1, s t°4lB4 hb
iglowkostorositisssang .) on Us »estet i
pestpald:sibbsised 'amok's, s sop, of Ois female •
ars isiplsist Besot to-
JOHN X. DIXXXLI4Bas In Post Me t _
Ir , IPP BnielThas 11•_
Tolltr := 6o ligirjr,
• 6W Hata St. Hartford, Coaa.
Dr ; roams—Dow 04r:,1 has. bun in the lin* heal.
sem tor. the het tweetroars, and during that Um
hate used all the various lialuentia and lotions of the
dry, but sever bare foist mu aril Chlequal to your Vet
ethos Hum Liniment. 1 Lars feisty tested it on say
Wig" io dialtoPer, aptsias, outs, eslka, seining of fhlt
!lands, kn., testi° toe rheumatism nn Myself, sad bare
►lwege found it as ta►atuablu mital.
Realms:MaUr yours, U. LITCHTUCI.D.
gold try oil demists - 06100, 66 Cortland& atm;
Nur York. ; -
IILANDICIPIPersa hill to—They saps' the pol
l) pona latc4 threats's. hr.. Every time a sick par- ,
sere it paned by title vsgetthis :maid,. he 'has has et-
UMW! humors and more life cud vigor, as say oes ma
prate , by taking a single dose. remiss of spars hatits
gala Alma sad strength while aging stoma, Very time
ere vest a fsw:days or trots from this purgatloaore make
sew Cads from dllr food, 'Meta replace the unsound
ouestketehe pUlchase Seellg CI he ovocittlla•
time we repeat this procemseesipel further 1 1.41. 6 " 0.1 .
pi iltirtritilM4 'bleb are agate replaced bp d u ids ism sad
Ism impairs, so that in a short time hr eo attuning thla
titietment, we brief iliamain. eit;ltekti or
huroors to that state of purity whirls constitutes heatth r
fur Brandreth's PUIg mar take away lumens which are
• sold hy al rtspeclahle dealers to medtainea,.
I,lol.lrring, t roll* ligite•re extteignxibed •whea •
•`, traittOrtpt Alamo forth. self the inconteatlh le feet,
that the , Siting !via gnu, red or send ? to • 'tort.
nos fAittle'ltrbeirit; gral t<se*toa'!hi'eh*etiea_ihaage•
it, hue., under the operation of
Criatadoro's 'Hair Die.
no■ known throughout the American cuntment. , It
hinnies; contains no caustic, improves the fibres,
predation a rich, natural and last +a color of any shads
from a Irani brown to a glossy sable.aod Is endorsed by
the moat sittlnant analytic chemists is the United
Ilanalsorand by $. COSTA DOW% Sf... 6 4Ator Hours,
blaw York. Sold by all Druggists and appll.l by all Hair
Dream a. cnarres.lni.
AUNIVERSAL 416DIVINE.—ay what we eat.
by thloir we heaths, or by the water se drlilr, we
eau be =Weida! ; orby fatigue, or from debility Induced
by has; bemuse thaw diets hod by producing impolite'
,of blcad. To regain health we must purify the blood,
by the arose of the itoosel and bowels ; these cross
must be cestlaued la the regular performance of that
duty which =twee bum emehrsed them, and should there
bean, inepedlataat, to what dose experience point
- which cannot Injure, and which will Barely restore the
bowels to the regalar,perfornuince of their duties.
The dyspeptic, the bilious will And them a treasure of
health, sod the woe ma► be said to all who are sick to
any way,—take Orandreth's Pills and be cured Sold by
all respectable &aim Ie mediclues. apt'64-tin
A CANDID NTATINM ENT.—You can procure of
ay druggist In this city and vicinity Ur. Tobias'
Venetian i.►nbneut. It Is a sure and speedy cure for
sore throat, headache, toothache, chronic rheamatina,
coils, croups and pain in the limbs. We advise every
tie tb el* It a trial. 'The expense is a Mere trifle-46
essite—asul we are confident no person waterer be with
out It. liver► family ahopid have a bottle in the house
In ease of madden accidents, snob as cuts, burns, seakis,
&a. Its pain relieving Qualities are miraculous. As for
croup, it has saved hundreds, we have the certificates
to prove it.
Price 26 and 50 mints. Sold by all druggists. Pace
64 Cortiandt Sheet, New York. -
1: Drs. flrEssulah k Co., of Buffalo, have (lissome d
a sew caring method, by which all diseamw eau ke
readily and radically cured by the patient, without the
all of a pbysielas. Dr. P. Is the rialtos of a medical
work of dOO pgey pits IlaDd. giving a fall explanation
of the usedealtrestwest...They also publish a mostbly
Ilediesi Journal, of whiekessaple numbers will be seat
611‘. by • -Ths...I,FIIIIIMNICEI to 00..
Balfaio, N.Y.
A Card to the Suffering.
'4Z WALLOW two or three hogrheeds of alinchnr
"Tanis- Bitten," "SersegarWas" "Nervous Anti
doter," ke..; ko.. and after you are satisfied with the
resalt, then try ens box of OLD , DOCTOR BITCH AN'S
SPBC/TIO PULLS—and be restored to heath
and vigor in bee than thirty dais. They are purely
vegetable, plemenst to take, prompt and astatary la their
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