The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, April 20, 1865, Image 3

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    U, S. 7-30 LOAN.
.0 , . 4 • ..t try of th• Treviun tho
, e , I n • ••.r•r+lrh rd utrieript rue Cy
n furl-1 t"tell Orr...nry hearinz
II tl. rrr to,.thp r r pet aupufl.
••' " '
• .4 u,.h d.l • .1 00." 41, Inf
• .." th.t t ra • r•..
I. nt o lie. 1:14./der
t' • sIX PER rErcr
worth 1 preumutua of nine. par
I ,lsll $ t 1014 lufermit from Notemher, whaeh
k• OW sl• , sk Is l, ak ssa the i -30 luau, at earreut
owiallog iatelent, about tru perceut. per allolllll,
“fferflaelrese Malt Sr lissitin•al legation
h h od, you our to three per Celll.llll/11..seenialug to
other properle The luteiest la pay
., r attache.' to each rmt..,
wt I, ,asy he vat otl moi * sold to our [auk or banker
,11:e re, aul4uluia to
ifoe cent per day on a sante
" " " " r• 6O -
• " " 114)0 ••
.1. 46 14,000 64
Ni r o, et all the defifoulustinust named will he prJr ropt.
rufele-.1 up o n receipt of subncriptioni. Thin in the ,
0 ,.• offered In the tioveroutent, and it In confidently en •
I atilt Aapvnor s lant/Low will make it <he
Great Popular Loan of the People.
th,„ $11.10,00,000 remain. witsold, which will
floy -of of lir ttl/ to the next 60 or 90 dam
eh.,. the U..i .4 14 all command IL premium,
a. 1.6 1111,10011 h 4414111 -the/ ro•e no ottiftiot thesubacrip-
Woo to other /WWI.
Is order thst ~11z•ud la every torn and section of The
muntn rue I. it .Lied facilities for timing the tnii3,
the Ns' e off.l ,took'. Mite Banks And htvato Hankers
thr ffhfloof t the country hate Knuvrally agreed to reeeire
.t par fltuboieriLers will select thou or. u
sew*, on oloful the) tare coutideuee and aho oily nip
to ,00lde for the deliver) ut the mote. for wit eh
SUIS,TKIPTitni tuKAT, F'tdadrlphi t.
they orderm
rp,teive..l by tbx Vital liuktosoil of Corn, Corry Natioust Sauk o( Corry, Firt.t
Nahoull of Erie, Bneoc.l listtobst
Nation,' Haut of Erie, Fad National Hank of
tbr•r.14.1.1 Natiousl Houk of North Emo
I FYRitY NINO relating to - the human aystest4.male
sod lemele; the cause,' and t cut o diseases; the
soarnaie customs of the world: how to ma y well. and
a ito.uctud things never publiehed before, ad the ro-
NlAed and enlarged edition of Urrt/Calo COMMON Bases,
a curious book for curious people, and a good book for
every our. 41e1 pages, 100 illastrations. , Trice $ 1 (4
Contents table s ,ut free to any address ftiioks may be
had aLthe book stores, or will be sent by mall, poet
paid, on receipt of the price. Address, ,
1130 Broadway, New York.
q‘o Tins NERVous, hizas
fuer baring been restored to health to •fess days, after
maul years of misery. le willlag to assist hta AtutTelnug
fellow-areatures by sending kiree,l oo the rozeipt of a
postpaid addressed sure lope, a ropy of We formate o
aura zuplu•ed Direct to
JOHN H. DAON I. 1.., Birs lea rost Odlce,
Brooklyn, `S. Y.
I Latent.- fo pct bottlei, prict 60 coots
SW Yalu St. Hartford, Como
ri Dear air • I hare been In the livery btiAl
semi lot the last twenty stars and durtn* that time
, ,
bare all the various- olio:aeons and iu‘inns of the
liy, but two bare loisokiso artlite cosi to your Vett
ellen 'Horse Lialment. I hare fairly tested it on my
tiiirses In distemper, epratos, cute, calks, a. ailing of the
Owls, he., lie also for rheumatism on o3s self, and base
steers fou nd It an Invaluable remedy.
It. , speetfally yams, 11. LITCH I ' IF.Idf.
by all drusgiete ()Wee, e 6 s'nrtiondt Street,
Nor Yntli
D 1 1,4 I/ft ISTIV+ YI I.l.4.—They expel the poi- .
tbre•tea Ite. Every time a nick per
too .4 lie ged by ;Ale on.retAble remedy, he 1419 lens ri
t.‘til 1 . 113 l; 'ad .uore life ■nd ngor; tawny one can
prop cq t:..04 3 .1•14. e .1 - . 1.2 Persons of !WI, bat Its
gam n.t•h 11l strength whilo utiug them ; F.very time
es a few dap' or weess from this porgation,we make
4•ou food, which reprayki the unsound
sow chef. the pine have cal:seed to be evacuated. Each
p•ce we repeat thit process we expel_forther quantitlee
of unpurales, which are &galls replaced by tlaide lees and
Ise impure, to that in a short time, by co utinulag this
treixtulent, we briug back the whole mum of fluids or
hamare to that state of purity which constitutes health,
far Braudreth's Pills out, takeaway humors which -are
4 , 0.1 by all reapectable .leslert to ra.llaileg
1 ICU rstED: False lights are extinguished when
1 1 4 great truth shines forth, and the inconteatib le fact
that the hair tarns from gray, red or sandy to a glori
osa black or brown, quicker than the ehamelion changes
Its hues, under the operation of
Cristadoro's Hair Die.
now known throughout the diaerican continent. It
haratlese, contain@ no caustic, improves the fibres,
gladness a rieti, natural and tasti .g color of any shade
from • warm brows to a glowitaable,aed is endorsed by
the most eninent aualyfi7iehendsta . in the United
• Moeutsetarod by J. CKIATA moo', Yo. 6 Astor House,
Mew. York. Sold by all LI rugglata sod applied by all lisle
Dram.. marl ' Bb-I m.
by the we breathe, or by the eater we dri• k,
can be Elude Sick ; or by fatigue, or from debility induced
by heat,beeauste tbeae effeets end by producing impurity
of blood. To regain health we most purify the blood,
by the organs of the stomach and bowels ; these organs
taut be cautioned In the regular performance of that
duty which nature has assigned them, and should there
be ear imbedtment; to what dose experience point?
winch cannot injure, and which will surely, restore the
Mesh to the regular performance of their dirties.
The dyspeptic, the bilious will End them ♦ treasure of
Width, aad the same may be said he all if ho are Meg 'in
any way.—tales Firandrettes Ptils and be anted gold by
alt respectable dealers is medicines. - tipt`6s-tin
A 1iA5111141 STATILMIRNT.—Yon tan procure of
1. say drugstat lu this city sod vicinity Ur. Tobin'
Venetian Limo:tent. It is • sure and speedy cure for
sore throat, haadaeha, toothache, chronic rheumatism,
collo, croups sad pads is the limbs. We *dela ovary
0139 to give it a tail. The slipcase is s mere trifle-25
ant.—sod ire are confident so penes will ever be with
out Eters rawlip should bare a bottle in the house
Ica case of sadden accidells, such la cuts, burin, scalds,
W. Ito pato relievltig qualities are miraculous. La fur
cusp, it hu saved hundreds, we bare the certificates
to prove It. '
Priest, and 60 cents. :told by all dragAista; Ofspir,
illeortlandt Street. New York. taselisot
Virroenich JaCo., of Burbach have diseovered
mi . curing wurthod, by which all diseases can be
r . aid hy and radludly cured by the patient, without the
1114 of • phinlttArl. Dr. P. I. the author of a medical
sort of Wu pages, price 11.2.00, giving a full wsplanation
of the mode of treatment, They also publish a monthly
itheal Jaunt!, of which ample numbing will be seat
ftte, by sddrerideg Drs. J. FIRM:NICE{ & 00.,
Cu. Batik', N. Y.
al Card to the Suffering.
szw u.i.tpoi tau or three hogaheada 41
kr ••701,,a ditt4ri,"
S- , 4 e s ervous •tati•
S- • , after rout era lied with the
malt, than tri oti•aboa of OLD DOCTOR, SUCH aN•rt
PeAl Vie r11,L4--and be restored to health
saki rot io fres than thirty days. They ars purely
regitab?e, plawat to take, ptaltapt sad liklat4l7 Is their
Wfwir oa lila Prole!' doe* sad - Abstbuid tonatitatbm
Old and yotreg eau take them with advatatsate. WPC?'
ted ant aolalu the United Mates wily by •
JAI d 13U rI.IIK, No 417 Browlway,
New York,
*pot for the Unite Stake. '
—4 but 0; the wearely puked.. d %Ai!'
Wto ear addreee on Psceipt of rip. 'blob li Olas row
idrt pat paid---moriay reitsded by 'the Aesop! entire
eatistaction hi not /given. ' • j723-Bat.
WiIisKUIL•4!.WUi KAMM: - " G t . '
t you wont Whiaketeur bloodeebee ? Our
IttLA Contpun , sui VOt tont; these to Valve, on the
emoottest fate or dila, or butt as bite
irwls rr:ce $1 uO. Sent 14 toel(enrywhere, cop.,
ise.ed, to retei,t of rte.
Addrep.. W ONER t (.1 - „?.. Box 1814 BrotAire, N.
LIOiToo OF OttoKRINII.—DgAz 31a)—With
LA roar kind permission I Mehl.) may to the nylon
el your paper that I will wood, by return mall. tonli who
'ebb it, (free ) Recipe, with fo il direction, far making
and using a simple Veritable Balm, that willattectinny
mown, in Ise days. Vimpks„ Blotches, • lan; Freckles
and all Impurities of - the Skin, loallog,Oo mos clear.
'-month and boanUfal.
I Will oleo nail fn. to thou having Bald Heads, or
Bars laces, simple dinettes@ and lahuntation that will
enable thew to start a full growth of briuri 4ist Hair,
%%Saloon or suouataraiill to 1011 tbas thirty Aa.,
Al! afplinatioris Lowered, by ratan ma ul, wltb..ut
abatis.. , Respectfully yours.
I HOS. V: ddAPYAN, Mantel."'
1111 Broadway, New York.
- .
, •
his . * HAWK' NISW--1.01 . 330,1•t. ;Feet
-1.1 ti v W .pandit) notore right Nora eye op dor
4kb:ie. Sour by asoll.lato. oo tosalpi of3o
lddnw , K. g rourst:ll D.,, '
1133 Bro4loll. Nog Yor.
VVrelAXPlliftlPde -Those eriehlag • doe eet of' •
e, • oiee vuonetaebt, or • beautifat hesdoo gnus
b.?, ills pla.ottea4 the card of TllO 4 . - F. CliAPNat
usolh.r 110 tO title paper. 'Tlaggitagh
mitt( URI 1.16 101113161 t, au;rweity of Woio
1. to g sod loetructb• ter Vowel; Moo—pit I I shed by
the Howard Aeauelation. and aeart free of ciiints *smiled
e 1 •4 01.1. Adlisos, Dr. J. 31:11.1/11 HOUGHTON
alte 4tprie irrekitt *Wryer,
; RIE. PA.. APRIL 20th. 1865.
Seel - Clary SIWOO has issued orders ta stop
u.I drafting .cud recruiting to the Northern
: 4 lvtleS: ill curtail the purchases of sans end
supplies, sod reduce' the expenves of the miff
tary emiablishment in its several branches;
to reduce t he number- of" general and eisa
officers to the actual necessities of the service;
and to Temove ell restrictions upon 'trade end
commerce, so far as may he consistent with
the public safety. In New Jersey, and some
parts of Pennsylvania, orders hive been re
from the War Department to releases!!
itraf ell men who had been held to service
under the late call.
Messrs. W. L. Ross and A. T. Loomis, both
well known young gentlemen of Ibis city,
have taken a lease of 'Brown's ,Hotel
sad will conduct it hereafter, We are
much gratified to know that the hones. has
fillen into such good hands. Both of them
are men of unusual public spirit, and indomi
table curry, and we fetil satiated that cinder
their management the hikel will moon acquire
a better reputation. There hu been a great
deal of complaint of the accommodatituts' is
this city, by travelers, but we Mel quite con
fident that with the change in the manage
ment of Brown's Hotel, and the Improvements
being made in our other public houses, the
grounds for complaint will soon pus sway.
The Mournlag In the City.
tin Saturday morning last the news of Om
assassination of President Lincoln win re
ceived in this
.city, and in accordance with
the suggestion of the Mayor and the general
feeling of grief among the people, the places
b te
of lai s aineas were closed and emblems ofimatt
ing were suspended from both pu is and
i.eivate buildings. - During the Interval of
three days before the funeral ceremonies this
week, there were meetings of the Comma.
and Select Councils and of. the citizens,. at
Which appropriate resoludous were passed:
:on Wednesday, at an early hour in the
morning, the places of business began toolese
anti at eleven o'clock the streets were draped
in black At fifteen minutes to twelve the
bells of all the churches were tolled and mils-.
ate guns fired on the United States steamer
Michigan, and on the public square. Serviette
were held - in all the churches, wad discourses
delivered appropriate to the or:mien. . •
k Goon Measuar.--The Legislature of
New York has passed an act prohibiting the
defacement of walls, bridges, fences, mow
ments, buildings and rooks with advertise.
manta of patent nostrums. This is an szoel•
lent law. Latterly there is seemly a- place
any prominence or beauty whioh is not die.
figured by placard or paint, announcing the
virtut's of patent nostrums. Noticee . of these
things are thrust Upon the people in the most
offensive manner, and_no Beene of beauty or
place of popular resort is safe from the im
pudent intrusion of the paint pot of the patent
Ine.licine vender. Nothing but legislative
action eon cure this evil, and the Legislature
of New York has done a good thing in 'taking
tinbl of if.—Piflaburg Post .
Our city has not felt the evil alluded to in
the above paragraph, up to this time, owing
to that blessing unenjoyed by other places, a
park fence which could not fail lobe improved
by anything which would - cover it frem the
eye. When the new one is erected, we Will
cordially recommend the passage of a itiat*
law by the Legialiture of our own State. •
A Card.
Entron.Oesgsysa: I understand that gr..
I. Murphy has reported that on the receipt
of the news of the President's assassination I
expressed gratification; and that I said I tru
glad ho was killed. I4ls alleged that this lrio.
mark,was mule by me to his servant girl when
I was delivering milk-st kis tome: - I trouble
you to say that the charge is not On
the contrary, when I was deliverlosig milk to
customers,] expressed my regret that, the
_President was killed, to which I think all wM
testify that heard me e•tiy anything *Vont - It.
Very truly yours, ft N. Doss.
NSW RULE IN PENSION CAses —ln 1111 appli
cations for pension', the witnesses should, if
possible, he otber_tharrrelstives of claimants;
they mutt swear that they aro disinterested
Their credibility must be certilred•to If they
sign by mark, their. signatures must be wit
nessed, and the person administering the oath
mu-t certify that he is disinterested, and that
the contents of papers were carefully read
and explained to applicants—it they sign by
mark—before execution. - If possible, get wit=
neeses who can write their owe names.
iCtiotto BANKING.-1 dozen wealthya,grnee
frotii Boston; New York, Philadelphia, Wish-'
ington' and elsewhere, one of theta having
$150,000 invested in Government et4olte r have
applied for authority , to start a bank is Wash
ington, to be called the Freedman'eNatiele
al Bank," with a capital of $800,600.. , if Aka
State banks, which are .ehauging tO:thites- ,
Gone' system, and which have the prefertil,
don't absorb the aggregate capital altowed . by'
aw, their request will be granted.
ALAUASTIR 7110111 rug 31a*worif
The Louisville-Journai says tkatirtgs 9ttanti
ties of pure white alabaster, of the fisitst qua'
are being taken from the Idammeth Cask.
and manufactured Into ornaments et -visitant'
kinds, such as necklaces, breastlias,f ear
rings, crosses, - chart:is, ko. This substaaoa
is susceptible of the highest polish, Ind - Chi"
ornaments into which it is. converted are
greatly admired for their brillisney • as*
RAILROAD accinanr.- 7 -A brake
man, whose name we did not learn, walltillad
at Corry on Tuesday, while coupling care.
The accident nu caused by the eughselffilikt
ing his train to quickly. ano.Ctlua•isittditite
tte unfortunate brakeman.' The victim lived
in Warren, our neighboring county.,„Thit ie
the third accident which_ has, otiO r id •ia thi
Came neighborhood within a short; tintioneid:
RD from the same cause !---Diteitehi.
. Hour 'SOLD rellailTlfil AT autretow.—con=
sisting of Parlor, Bed Rang), Skiing Rae
and Kitchen Furniture, • and everrAimbe
loOging 'to a well famished •House, on Nati
unrniug, April 21st. 1865. 1 1at' foleek,.".,
at the residence of- Mrs. Ross tools* Case'
of Fifth and Walnut strata, Jeruisleit.
J. li. Runigrosh
ap'2o'6s It Auctioneer.
DYING Orr.—Of eighty three , onroiter's
quests, held la Philadelphia during the nonth
of March, tweatyeeten were colored persons.
Are these utt.fltanstee disgusted With i ;lllt.if
new toned freedom. and resort to vitas" to
put an end to their entering ? Who can ii—
plain the figures ?
Ames Bat Rs.--Tke, Net Ickrk Twiesinsasys.
justly: "Let, not the viete . vy of • the repel:llW
be stained by I siegle set at Vengeance, by
one wanton teilieli KVAmtu. Let not tike
national assign be Nnieed by alai dteOr el
blood stied to punish vatlestr.theil to save."
Truth, crushed to earth, 'ball rise gala: .
The eternal years of 6od•arm here:
Ent Error, wounded, writhes with a 4,
Ana dies among Ma
There were 739,163 babies bail is Ragland
last year. -
Walsas F--
a_titat the water will be let Into the
Canal on or about the fiat of lisp - - -
Thayer & Noyes' United States Circus is at
present performing in Belt ere, after a very
1 Y8 0 P. 31.1 4 1 seaspn in Washlogton.
The entire populationof all the /States and
Territories on the Pacific, beloaging to Usti%
'lam, is 676,000.
Jolla ti: Gazer sae; a long and sems ill
ness, is so far - convilescent as' very nearly to
have regained his customary good health.
The first arrival of the season in the pert
of Erie, is the Canadian salmons? Donnie
Doon. Several clearances have been made
but this is the first arrival.
Slabaugh, chniged wittt setting Are to the
tavern recently burned on Walnut Creek, has
been bound over in Si,ooo bonds to lIPPettY et
the May term of the Court.
Mr. Greer, „r Noah East. Injured la an
array noticed in our last Issue, with Dr.
Mott. died of hii wounds during the past
week, We have not !peened of the arrest of
Dr. Mott.
"It is not proper for you to play school,
nay dear. to-day. f)r it is Sunday." ti I know
it, mamma," replied the little girl. "-hut it le
Sunday—sohool that I aro pisyleg."
It is found that women make the very but
clerks for the eteetrie telegraph: The only
difficulty is to prevent each, young lady 'at
the end" of the line from having the last
A shrewd Obseivor says, "I got friends and
menage to keep them by not asking than for
anything but advice. You isn't ask anytking
Of a man-that be loves to give wore, and that
nests him less than advice."
A tall fellow, standing in the pargnette of
theatre. wan repeatedly desired to sit down,
but would not.: when a voice from the second
oink called out. "Let him alone, be's a tailor,
and he's resting himself !"
The NYPY *bold to bs issued,
ebows , a total or 583 vessels, of which sixty
four are iron eladi. Sixty vassals were added
In 1864, and 14 were destroyed or captured
during the year. • .
•Capt. Derrickoon. 'Provost ,Mirsttal of the
Crawford district; h r beenlastrueted to re
lieve all drafted men'ader the last call who
have not been forwarded. : to..,tbe. general 'co—
de:sous; sad that all drafting sad recruiting
will be dismoinueduntil Atelier artier," *
A new. counterfeit United States Treatury
este of the denomination of five dotter, Is said
Its be in circulation. The engraving is-tioarse
and poorly executed The green on the back
is of a shade MUM) pater than-that o f Lb o
g "
Row long E'vr. the first iwounce. lived, we
de not know ft is a curious fact that in gaited
history the age death and burial of only one
woman, Sarah, the wife of Abraham, is die-
Linetly noted.. Woman's age ever since OP
pears not to have been . ft 'abject for his
tory or discussion.
In hie fleet: annual address, Jegareoh, the
fattier ef the Democratic party, said : "Lit
as reflect, that having banished treat our land
that religious intolerance utador which man
kind so long bled nrol.nuffered, we I!itve yet
gained little if wO &on:Aeolians a political in.
tolerance as tlespotio,:as tricked, ad (spoil%
if at bitter and bloody pent:cations."
These noble wor,te Tire Greek to Lb* present
gesenktion of furious f•tnatios.
The Colored rotors of -Itho4e Wald ire or
pulsings movement le tlefent 4 .4W.ltsmOdkteg
for the Legislature of tlia!• State *he' oppose
as sending of their children to public schools,
with white chil.treu. This lea little more than
Spode (stand AbalitaiStiTips,bergained for, but
it firihe natural- risult of-their teachings.
Ped►at:—" What does o.h•a 'pall ?"
Orion Girl. Don't know."
4 ' Wh►t do yon sonotimea sit on ?"_
walet . t , tell."
ff But you mum ."
"I set on Tien' 't knee once, bot 4 l'll never
do it again."
The Philn , lelphis firatefin emit:nitre the
prevent strength of:
,tlie reitlersti armies
425,000 —Sherman •100.1100; In the Southwest
75.000. Grant's army 2.50,000. The Conte(' -,
erste force it estimatov at.only 100,000
them figures are approalmatety correct it is
evident that further conseription is u.olesti .
The Csur.hey well; wo.noterstena.. cons) - 3-
iii; to blow gLS a Strong that it is impossi
ble to work the pomp. It is to be hoped that
she will soon get her blow - out' so that opera
tions can be again resumed. The parties
engaged at this well lire confident of getting
on in paying quantities as soon as they can
ezhatust the gisr► and waler.,-Oirard Union.
'Ws understand dial the Union and Titus-
Cie Railroad 'Company will prosecute their
Nark wWenergy'until its completion. It is
expected that the preliminary surveys, will
soon be commenced• The - says:4o4es' of this
"road to the traveling public-sad to the city of
Erie cannot be over estimated.
"Doctor, Leramt =cg to prescribe for me."
. !The dootni *l s her pulse. " There is
nothing the matter, madam; you only need
" NetiocdOatof;')fidt. look at my tolgt&e:
just took at it ; look at it now say, what
does that need !" " I think that needs rest,
'Oa," Fait isolate of great excite
The Cattaringus Prienutn says " some tea
:i.i.fifteen boys in that village have formed an
organisatimil for the , purpose of sewing and
splitting tkeiweatof women whose husbands
are In the army, and have already split IV :
Amu cords lady, and about twenty tor'
Mother." good idea, and one yr hipfi we
would like to see carried out In . . uuol
suffering would be alleviated, and many a
weak and feeble woman saved from. : !shot:
:Which she is Ill;ahle to "plena,
We are requested' to satsumas that Dupre:
IFOreen's !Wastrel troupe will :exhibit in
Pirrar EIW-tokiditnik9Zl !Telling wilt, lb.
Ilsft r W tle resolutely !;10., sae
i foot, 4 , sgaiost pitifing 'shy show the merits of
Nridilt=tre kodte:loo)iiii 0 01 .4' sod It.s;Pl*,
/ tau p e come. *Lillis the category,' we eau do
settling more that reakesbe bare ststiottuee
soot of their ;Mende d perineum, It is due
them, howeveriiisfarit esy they have
very oomplissetrutry ttatleeilrest the preu is
ether platifeihey have performed.
Awarding' 'i* the bigpettsh,lbe dilkolty of
supplying the Erie extenaiqu clonal with water,
occasioned by the 1,443)141%y Of :MN .aoil on
'French Crick' Feeder, and 'the seenitnistion
'of merle, Eli reWsvied:FtyoW of
valor. on*:llt : 4fwea shut chi st . wlTOo.
about to be readied brip*ruf
A NK L.h.e . Netneoli Adm. bi , soilis of
midoh SiftimpiA euppUotermit'a - .40 - 4,
stoat sterna four feet deep and eleitTeiffiride
The wheel' is Cr be driven by two . *ll4l4w:of
lime !nwired :and qty. herd, prfitii.44wsi. The
work I. to. be coaansinceJ lomat:Way; and
completed' by the Ist of August, avaaApot of
SINtMoV94I k - 4 V, P k ! . late mas ___ A tir lalaslll4s
on the elevation sod n
* valtrware i liiik Iwo
'1104 1 114410. 04 0 4 "Ali ,yetrif• •
!le nut=l 7
, .
Tbo htdoloitable Rusts boa takes the Cott
ptopiirty. at the corner of French and Fourth
Streets, and converted it intoa first-class
boarding house He alreatir has all his rooms
occupied, and tton3 wont we know of Herrin,
wa.•!Mra,t&cssert Allot his boarders will
hive to rialtos to complain of the anoint
quality evadable' set before them. Ths it-
UMW* grounds connected with the house lir .
H. Winds converting into an lee cream gar.
des is saunter. They the pie as
satest thing of the sort ever had in the oily.
Ths ..ixtitosla belonging to Dan Rice, and,
wktoh ars to forma part of 40 Dan Rice's Clam
moth Mansgsrle," will he shipped by rail to
Chicago on Saturday- of this - week, prepars.'
tarp to, starting on their summer campaign
tut the 24th inst. We _understand that this
menagerie will comprise the largeet and rarest
sollection of animal■ ever exhibited tinder eve
canvass in this country. The pavilion is capa
ble of accommodating from 10,000• to 12,000
*pia at one time.—tiirard Union.
Faentos.—The shape of the hats this sea
son does •not essentially differ from those
Introduced last autumn, with this exception,
that they are - rtnaller, and allow the hair to
be fancifully were. The Hat has no curtain,
a band with a row of narrow ribbon crossing
the cintre of the waterfall, or a fall of lace
and flowers over it, being worn 'tweed.
There are no curtailments in the use of costly
materials, which consist chiefly of matins
and crape. Chip also is in favor. Feathers
are not much' used, but Sowers and laces pre—
dominate. Prices take i wide range--tisy
from $2O to sloo—which are paid by thou
who 'vivo more money than brains. But ens
cannot expect to have all the good things.—
The Titusville Reporter states that the Crafts
well on the Farrell farm, which began to
flow sixty barrels a dny about a fortnight
since, is now inereased to two hundred and
fifty barrels, and is still gaining. This well
is forty rods up Bull Run, opposite the Fos
ter Farm. The ISF/Linney well one fourth
mile up Bull Run, is flowing from fifteen to
twenty barrels per day. A new well one
mile below Cherry Tree Run commenced to
.dow on the 17th at the rate of 100 barrels
per day, but has since been stoped by the
bursting of the sand bag.
The damage resultiug to oil wells and ether
property along the Allegheny from. the late
good immense-; but from the energy display
ed /Ranking repairs to . dwellings, wells, &c.,
it will only be a abort time until there will
be no traces of its ravages. On every band
the work goes bravelton.
13th, by the Rev J. F.
Spaulding, at the residence of the bride's
• mother, Mr. T. J. Elliot and Miss ?single
Shaw, of Erie, Ye
Wicsua—Batearr—At the residence of Mr.
J. S. Wilbur. in Warren, April tith, 1865,
by the Rev. Dr. Hamiltcn, William W. Wil-
bur, Eng , to lfien•Aonir M. Buren, both
of Itlclewsy, Pa. .-,
Bournatto—Mtacasa—At the. parsoaage. s ju
'Sugar Grove,,lVarren Co , Ps ,- on the &th
• Inst., by Rev. D. K Steele, Mr. Henry S.
Southard, of North East, to Mies Sarah R 7
honer, daughter of Rev. D. Mizener.
INEttrrranvon —At We residence of Edmund
Griffin, on Tenth street, on Friday even—
ing, April 14th, Thomas+ Whittington, ne
tive of Nkno , tev , ev. Earland, aged 74 years
Haooaar —At the the Riee House. Girard
Popo; on IYedneaday. April 12th. Mr
Sherwood lioggart, or Glovereville, Fallon
Co:. N. Y., aged 49 years.
BOSWORTII-11l Concord, March 23d, Mrs.
Eleanor C., wife of Nelson Bosworth, and
daughter of James Gray, aged 36 years, 5
months and 23 days. c
FOX - in Corry, on the evening of the sth
inst., Alice J., danyhter.of M. II ' and
Olivia J. For, aged 15 years.
PORIU—In North - East, March 20th, Mrs.
Sixth sorter, aged SO years.
BOUTTIARD—KiIIed on C:o butte geld of Hatch
. er's Run. Feb. 6th, 1245, William H. South-
ard, of East Greene Erie Co , Pa., in the
21st year of hie age
WAIDLIGT. —ln Itlillcreek Township, on Sun—
,. day, April 9, George Edward Waidley, aged
Id yearn
I 1 1 %CV Mr EMI, ' %Vie !retard, „
Konenl.eatan, raneluaTort.
4:—s4 .1 , 411) n3lO o tints a, and careful attention gives to
the enmfurt guesug. ape'6s-1y•
, r 4 ttu. w. utotto"011,
Alt t haw laid J. P.
P..a.Ltrs and -taiga alo•rit, Conv.y&ucer and Coll to r
Office In (Gazette building, anuthwort corner of PM and
Mao atiustii, Nye, Pa.
• Notice.
THE cx)RPottit'fOßS OF Tfl E EILI
Ocmctary ire hereby “otiar,l that Quo annual meat
hid or mail corporator', for the eloctloo of noinagars and
other pwrpoesa, will be bold at the office of the Socrotary
on Asti day of Stay. befog tha first Tomas, of ear. at
o'clook.p. m. A. R. FOSTRIt, Sari.
. April a, 11166-3",
nix ItATTICSOH, has lott, mor bed sod board
'without lay loot muss of provogottog, I hereby forbid..
*grope h. re do : or truatiog bier oo azysecooot. , '
0110 4, 0 0. W. IdArritSON.
Administrators' Notice.
on Um .Ifctste of James halms, Seramied.
se - of Summit Township, kris mianty. Pit . berme
Men granted to the undersigned : males is hereby eV.
ea •to all thews mowing theonselves indebted to the
mum to make inimieliste cement, and those basing
Maims spinet the said estate will puma them, pro
petiy antlemtleited, fur settlement.'
splrmrdr-" Admisistnito.N.
Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia:
region a. i
.SW4 HONOLULU visorrAahe
sad has tbla new name on second
,of gibe" flair Nis.
tsinet Whig consolidattsd with ,it by topartnerahlp of
the proprietors of the two - preparatioui It la Craving
an traniewe sale. for the following meow, .
tat. It restores Gray Heir to lies unglue' totto.' 4l
gd. It Imparts a beautiful Anbern to , . light, red or
faded hair.
14. It =mall Humors and dimes' of the 3-eilp,
4th. It Is an infallit•lo eradicator of Dandruff •
J Lsh,, , lt Is a richly perfumed HaioDreasing.
ladies I Do you astir, to get rid of,„,your old, faded
artlbeisl Front Pieces? Theo nee the Ambrosia and
restore your Gray Hair to tho dark, Unstrung' silken
tome. of youth. s - sty- ,
Oentienseu I Dn your
thus.. use heads show the luelplautiggrk
of Bal Then u the Ambrosia outset. the u,
moots vitt:A are caueing your Nair to lassie out.
It Is not a dye I It dais net color the ektirdr Oho Ilir
od Masa I It to not composed of nuziess "ENO; boil
ebte9y cat hanalosa vegetables, and le NOW** *aka
Restorative. Try it and b. convlnatil•
Tubb, t Co.,.oprietors, Peterborough, N. H.
_ N. T. Hone, Habit Mlle, Nrieoo ,Wholesale Agent foe
Northwestern Tonasylagela
Loutl Apata—Hall &; d'arde, trle, Pa ; Jenniaip k
Co.. 'Maine ; R. D. 'llteper, WihteTtord iksest .14
NOtOla 4;4PrT7- •-s-. &0i44104
riaURI 4.1114116814—A Note of warsiort
are* t) thaw kulteriug with Seastrial Witsh•
a m% tzezierei Deb city , u• .•rediriture Oecablessorbeit
ww• • emit or rclowea. Hood, plodet) • •al, VP!i l l 7 :2lti
*bets tiaea.• ,
Soot tree to soy 'Adze's, tur the benefit Ottlii4,liitiela:,
Not by Moro intl. Address
'lllllte S. i It RR
-40131154% 1.11 Broadway, New York.
SI.OiVOHJILATIOtiI vita To flee ewes 1442111-;
ItttS: • reitleuma cured Of Nervosa Debility,
aompetney, Premature Donay, 'sal Toothed , itseoq moo
w o od by a do ore to henelt others, wItP boa hidelyr , tha
tarnish to Ul Ina meet it (free a nary) the, recipe
and &tedium far rtatipg tie &sale Mamie mod la
Ida case. taßtrari *lease teAmehltry (be airktiaart ,
laalimporieape a•id ;masses a sari aaa aalaatie remedy,
en do Do by a ormeruellairiplan of bust
sem The leCip• slur fail lat, vital
. 1141 i:
§,li be abeettutty oi mW ve -
Addiem. • • - RIDS
No Ile Kiosk 8 L 4
P.9.—NstweaiSalllbesta of betlialaeta.
tofeirmstiedi limidetahle.: • ! 1 ,„ ap
TO Bost luul,,,,VaiejOurners.
TV We a Salla :slack or par lie or at kunfiliiid
mum; stAo.•
wool TU. brU oil wiars kid IMwrl
byes prairie*: ; dying prod
parties to ovitresee• - daapasaa. X 071 UAW of PIA it thig 1
manias. inallbsa da t a... an t110;■ • mt Market
L. Wass, mad we Wok slap Saiseat Wad atmonaliti:.
Up faits ma olia will ite pitaimPlie
eared from •
✓ friteriplian 71 - 1 Sir Ji
iteirdieiNkserg S. fa' bf
ale invatuable uu,lielne in unfailing lalreareitY ‘i
two painful and ilaugernas diollll4.lto whttb the Wm%
eatualtattfia is aubjatt. it moderates aU neon sad re
moves all olottuation,auti a opeoly curt tool a tilted
rtr ItItIRIttIED t.Aulius
tie porn llatly aultal. It will, to a abort time, being - on
the monthly period with regularity.
Earh bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Goiorsioot
titatop of groat trititio, to portent reittotiolto.
These Pills should sot to tat-ex by Psalms arise tta
FIRST WIRES . MONTHS sr ?muss% iss gay en
lure to bring- on Aliaearrive, tort at ay sties emu thy
erre 11441 t.
, la all come of Berretta and Spinal Affectionill Pala. la
the Back and L4abr, Fatigue oa Wight exeztio!oP Bl l/ 144.
hen alike Haut ilysteries and Whites, Una Pill. will
effect a cure when all other mean, Mt* failed: and ale
though e powerful remedy, do not ...stain honiandoloil%
antimeni or anything hurtful to the eonetitatioa.
Full tlireclione is lb* pataphlst mead Mak pub"
alatchabould be carefully preasseed.
Sole Arent for 1141101 W Stites end Canna;
JOB MOSKS, 27 Cortlendt St., New York.
N. tt.—sl,ou end 6 portage Marini enclosed to say se
hortml spot, will brews 1 bottle, sonteialag 60 • Pfllf.
DRe :MANIALea leLfiu CA TAltlitEl
Soule has thoroughly proved HMO to be ADO bast
article known for miring CATAltall i , cotes! 31 HUD
and flammoug. It has been fouid to "exerillent remedy
in slimy cases of Seat Eves. Dasselealust been removed
by It, and Eleaurgo ban often been greatly Unproved My
IL are. It U fragrant and agreeable, and glees 'MUM
ATE KELLEY to the dull heavy pains ceased by disease
of the Meal. The sensations after ruing it are dehgbthil
and invigorating. It open* and purges out all ob
dructions, strengthens the gland* and gives
.11 healthy
action to the parts affected.
More than thirty yearn of isle and use of Dr. Marshall's
Catarrh and Headache Snuff has proved Its great wafts
for all the common diseases of the head, and at this mo
ment It item's higher than ever before it is reeommend
al by many of the beat physicians, and is need with ' great
success and satisfaction everywhere. Real the Certificate
of Wbolevale Droggida In 1854 • ' ~• • .
The undersigned having for many years been 'Legman
tad with Dr. Marahall'e Catarrh end 'LaSalle] Banff,and
mild In our wholesale trail,, cheerful] , state that we be.
Have it to be equal, in every teepee, to the reeommeadie
Mons given of it for the cure of Catarrh Alleestlesm dad
that it is decidedly the beet article we hive ever knows
for all common theemeee of the Head. .
Burt k, Parry, Hoed, Austin & Co , Brown, lairoikott. as.
Co., Herd. Cutler k SAG W. Fowle '
Wileon, Fatrbaak
As Flortnu.: Ileashaw, Edmatala ds Co., H. H. Hay,
Portland, 11e.; Ramat & Patk, A. B.& liauda,Stsplien
Paul !a Co., btratol %limit as Co, lietraaou & Robbins. k.
L ttroillt 8; Co., SS. hard, Clow. & , Um& it Vale,
New Yorl.
For aale'by all DrußKista. - Try It
LI. jest Prepivation ever pressed tons, pnblia ;
fiat tp blcL tholitiinlivilo have used it us wady to
A few sppikittleme of thin Compound will 'Amp braeb,
dry and wiry [(air to the mod beautiful
lithe Hair to tallies off, sr becoming gray, the nee of
Ile Renewer will surely arrest its deca), and emus It to
heimitteThrs *bad time, all its amiss besukt. It MD'
pletely eradieitee geed sod DsodruiX and kill. Hedr
eaters, so destrortire to the roots of the Hdr, mkt
Cures all Diseaseaur Hunker. Of the
The Ficoe re, I. un4.l!jilled by eisvothyi 11a1rFreparattos
friFFr,Propriht.rer tho kW'
Ripewer to the pubtit, entirely confident that it wm
Promote its Croinith,
And In u..arry emu.* where it has titles off, will res
tore It. tle/PSII the pertron in very sitsdr • This is
not like. iber Propsratlons, iuskingthe hair
"dry awl briihr,-6of witt keep It moist,
' ;eat 'alit/ 'flossy. • '
H. P. lIA CO:: Proprietors;
Ho. trt Maim' Stmt. M rhos. N. H.
. •
IRu, A kit ARFF.I., Exclu.ivo, Agouti' for Welders
Petin•liftnia, Won - tarp New Yoriuumi Niukte . csa Ohio.
app es-em
''Dr. J. L. 32.riVir.ILBT
- 0U1,1) respectfully italurnl 'his friends
the public that 4 suer es -Mimes of must"
to.. • ?neat -Idurgsee.s. th• chum, of large Amy
Ile( •• • ^nd eimprO, he Isetteitssuessl the practice Whim
' ...n Erie.. ' 1, • '
:". , attsetine Riven tii.ousrative And coniervetive
aure.ry, and mils in this Meech tit the peofeeiton will
le...ttesded In In this and theriwieinisnimenties.
• ••'•,11 Ilene Penton Sleet, myth side o:
Nash street. • itodadmusom S• E. Goodvi4sai,
• hours from 8 to* 5i.m..12 to l mould 'lto
and ice Ileum of Harlon it iriggs. I destre to
nottloaltih littilglas fink E daring the hot season of
yrilthespeeplOsidnigipply them daily art* the
brat quality of Win Erie Ic% iiitl•er 'to hots% flandlina,
litteniala fle to +relent ? stesk,ts Unit largeet ever
atereitio Erie, and taloa iflethrtelbe beet S ostreate
for the season •may be bade, or arrangements mitered
into fur any kind of a aupply . by calling on me at the
E.sten=litrasepat.tbe o toetr, or by leaf lag online
at II 's Saloon it them through the Pest
arrso-it .
it ,
eft . ', - -,-.. fii;„„ ;
- - - -- • - . •
11 - 14 ' '
• • Ito p ...gogi Is *papa siteptresustor sad
Ritstorer •F•tudelld or fade/ n 11 I
The avil should be certain to mi ei the_ Miasma a
b"llll4oMV4•idliallnt h as it will rend.'
f lin feelinu and In sirssgth. and enable hensilie,lWZ.
01' a; Nrainkithe day.. ofAlig r r i VlLlog : it , mutual,
ethf bas lib, biida n invaluable.
pleasing, especially to those aii o 1,11;77e sedum., t tk ,
a sonditios -- f over, Ility, self-ahuse, Eala`oransal or ttedb._
nary *morns, No matter what' the cause) of tb• 1 pia
Wary b(anrlitamapl4ripm; thatpdhly r ut,
core th , aMt st ones Ind C-11-• ter. ,
' ' ,Mk jr, 4;:. xr.'re. AEI 1%111111 • -.-
rig INWIT ( KISP • ysdA DV, punt! mkt,.
*tam al. lowar,raiNt.4B or Tfia
matazw- 4, , N ilial% , Lirn IIIidITILS
r id novel effect oboe the narrow.
Veal% find aIII yrtio Pry iftlixtrorikrirostratsd by nor
-301110114121/1/11*Wi prolld i tisitt,tfeletset-ta papk.a guns la
OddllVlPt.lltdOgrlt 44 1 ,*. 114 4 . 15tin• . ."."
Persons r '
- ,bylmbrddetreqftive • dalt, their satinet'
!rigor, wi4.-ssapeady„ rekrerratanin dare In the
-=..- 4 14c. - 2.Z.z - a za. a
, .....1. .1. fc,,,,; - .
lb e t a w % the I,,pnduld. the Dispairldryddr4de„Y4
abaddd siva thli vapab illisedworra Asisdaedhoettf he
Apaild-pIaUY '4llls nOit. 'thin all
,!o thim *Volum Ina
,i ttlik
eameperpoere. ' ' ''
• " ` '- .'
''' ' "• 4.* •'' ' 7.1 ,
TO EOM %LlM—Thin preparation ia i, l , 2ttotasw •
-ap r m At .p.kniimai of ell Clods , 4/1 it . tit'
smiled strength wlttrarontterrol-peramodawk Lett i e. r e 0 .,
„ g ar
?? IA ti al p grand,:lonie, sad will iii. tallisPa Mom.
aba 1 . , Its .060. 4 414. --:,k - brie.- porststiosos to It .. RIM ,
'IN 11 3 3 . - al the otiatie tivei 4orreP•ei sr fribboriii
44 40 Ty ... poi anata o , , l-
tii ,,,,,,,. ,
Onto .1)0016:„dr , Ait Was 440 : ,41•14 14,
f tIIIII IOI F-40 . lit• • - ' — ' l r. , ! ,, tp 1 ,,,... :::. 1.4- - .r.z.
went fit PIO lat ifiretiliabd It
;. 11 U:TCJI4-1134- *,,-Jll US, oprWira,
,:'• c! " , : tillAiiiiiii;4l4 ' ' NetrilEsttler , z,.,
.... . ... .
'4..: . les, 11 1 11313 Mr .IVO r i tt h,, :! ,- , t. tl
::‘ ~-...• -r. ' - ' '''' - ''' 0 7 4 44 '-.. :-
,c0.,0r Freitli'villiftits ltrier
.' : „ AVOR DEN #6,II?UNN. pr 44014401% •: ri
,'..,.,,, ' . • 1 c0..0 c': ...r,
. The abon Eisdoclne —" - to sittol . nen, to
wimps* tot Moo inn . • P I -
.... •*tintotloishoovili IL _ , ±. grt .11111.
notobn • . -, . -1 6:otigrv . ir. .. ,
1 *zits* silken 47-
*. f ItAgdiaimbig - lainwSolo.l.l4.!
A iittarit of the pablle isaro kii,
Asid.,;; , Szo..l Cl .z....A1 &'C,;•- GC: pd".' • , ^,
!oprillFltp . 3r3 ~ ! 71.7. - 1 av . : ~7 • &MAL ,;,,11.
1.. p .) twAvvitikiev_
__,cy -,..:- k - " 4 ' e - ' 1.11
i , ./ 3.,,milo•iummairt Au. • fiartisare.:
= rie,pl,4talagenimaroort„. , 1 ',' linklblislirpf
•ffiliilb Rama vielv,ileali7.l , ' ti risif,dnassi„
' Ets.t.r"lilientebisicer..,... . .
~,,•4 1 .. tu attikauoe.,
t Wa s e
, isoptalarmik
..... l roi. p . i . T
ends Illab 4/14/4 kg 'V r' , .. • :
~',, ,
q.l. 1... 7.3‘.•'.?..
1 , . ev, - .21t . , 4,4 7.C.L2
~)oitoT4 - _
;:J• PIT; !
Celebrated Female Pill".
Being a Vegetable Compound.
Tarshisk silver Mining tenpin.
CAPITAL $1,200,000. _
Six thommid Mares lo the Treasury, to be acid, ai
required, to raise the necessary working capital. Ma
mine Is cow befog partially worked with the most prom
bin, moults.
. -1 1.11 ma g Aka comps' see stock, or p.
snitch iiiiTriat saint Dot iletiorty bee old, are effuse
for wee, to rain mosey for the purchase of the mt.% •p •
proved mickinemp. ?rice forty dollars' per
paid, and sot subject to ermsrment.
.'ll4O more limb this moon! is for sale below per This
dock is offered to the utmost eoeff.leore
. . . .
That we have one of the richest 1011711.01 Sn t evade;
nit every share of the company's .t.irk will be worth
Oa Mee to gold within one year frem tble time;
. That we shall be paying large . monthly .heidentle la
gold Wore lbw end of the year;
That there is withing offier.av at the pre.eot time to
Which capital, etil Ood a more en'e or profit %hie I 411 P. t
TWA the foods to be faired will he ampl• for the to 1
ISiTalll,4llllllt of our absolco,..l
tog twomorio Of tbf , C1 , 141410,! .. .1 a hark .It I in the
Treemmy. • ;
Tllollllll ll llolllllia of the emuj ell. ls rooito.ll.
to a Beard of Tin:lateen, eompo•..l of el.Drigi , k. r lino
tiltnebtteirreinl MUM, In Wilotll tl”" 1 .111,11a Tony ept re the
most froplicit wonOenes.
. All desired lifarmati..a will I. forntohr ' upon Per
sonal or written ion. •either Ls the Pre•-dent,
C. S. Brown, at hilt i; Front -4tmet: by lie. Feel.
ratio,. A. A. Post, Cashier ot Avit-•riroit hatioin.l ttonk.
78 led ID Broadway, or by Ift: ' Amp, oil thee,
100 11.4.. y.
for Sala at the A ta*.r.c hair... at Bent.
CLIA BROW N. Preiet.
-Atm:. A. POST, Natry awl Treas.
lair.* St
Would reepeutibily Inform the Pthila that_ the) bee.
parebaaed the
8/CDCW OP OROCEIOPS J dltiXs d Wass .
001021 01/ 8111 AID Malt nu,
Wlitie.they I,tona to keep LK XOO4 11,11 aaeurt;neiat of
u latent in Erie.
But Brands of Erie County Flour
tt gigot 000atently on baud and
ArtimurneD 000.11 ARTICLIc,
isat Th. blithest Illarkort hies paid ler all kiada,o
Coludary Produce
cur amb, delivered free of charge to any part of the
City. '
A. YINNIA. [outr3o . 66a] J. RCigIiCLL •
411011 MAN 11001) •
Now Lost How Restored.
TUST PUBLISHED a New Edition of
ILF DIL:CoLr EnwaLeel Ciel.enierre'D reaan ou the
rashest awe (without medicine) ill SrannlAtOltlLUOßA, or
Seminal Weaboras, Involuntary ;trustee! boson, bile-
TIMM Meotal and Physical lueapaeity, Impedimenta to
Marriage, etc ; also, CONlSCaririom, gint.nreT and FITS,
b sett-indolgenee or seaual extravapoce.
m•Pr a *mal t ed envelope, only 6 cents.
• Wevtelebra ther,rin tide admirable easy. clearly
dentoostrates, front a thirty years sacaseatul prudes,
that the alarming row.equenees of. self-abuse um be rad
ically cored without the dangerous use of Internal med
icine or the ipplicat ion of the knife—pointing Out a mode
of care at Dada eitapte, certain sad attectual, by aurae of
which every ea trerer, no matter wine his condition way
be care hianielt cheaply, privately and radically. ,
- ?hie JeletiLeo s§ankt be to the heads of Geary
you sad every Mao in the tend.
Seat trader seal, In a plain en elope, -- to any whines, on
the reesipt ot ee,ta ewrit.a, or two poet ere stamps. addier
the pablkhn - CHAP). .C. MLINIC kCO.,
11 ttuwere, tirll Yll7ll,
IMatierit6-tt Poet GM** Res. 4AN
INV/GURATING. Ji N' lig Z.l 1.1 1: ND/ G
Tortilla the.system ogsitakt the era effeete of I,t.arh,rlit
Win curellrpepsla.
- Will cure V. seamen.
Will cure flenersl j7ebtlitp.
Will cure Runlaabo.
Will ear, Liver Complaint.
Will *lselin and ergots 111 MAUL, &pi/WM.
lirrigotata the organs of digestion nod moderate
ly inerease theta superatdre of the hod, and the faros 6'
cintislatien, acting in act as a gene:al eorroborant of Us
szatenl; containing no poisonous drugs, and Is
A fair trial is earnestly so,icited.
OF:o. C. k Proprietor!, -
~ ' Hudsoo, N. T.
Cantral Depot, Atoeticao ExPresn, Roll.lios bb um
For sale by all Druggirtm, Grocer!, he:
Eir NONNI° Erie, Wholesale Mreute,
lad km ode itritoKii, Warfel,Ca c rter & Carver and Wil.
idna Jr Booth.
inured. ' A * hi' 1
- .•
803 Broadway, New York,
(c 011.141111. IMAMS STARICT,) •• -
100,000 Watches, Chains, Gold Peas,
WORTH $500,0001
To BR S 1 1.1.1) AT ONR
And not to beiriiii until you Anow what you will
All to 1y sold 1.. r O.NE IWLT.AK cteb
' 100 a 014 ,liantlog Cleee %Vat..hes, each. --- —. 0100 00
160 Gold Wattb.e_.... 60.00
210 Laalica' watches... _. .. __ 4 .
. . 35 00
aye Sheer Watches - ..._ $1.5.170 - te V. 5 00
2.0 Ovid Neck-arid Vent I'haioft-- ---- . 12 . 3)0 t 6 15 . 00
1004 Chatelain &oat:wird Chal WI --- 6.00 t o 15.00
0000 Vest and Neck Plaint; 4.(41 to 12 00
4600 Polltatre Jefaxel Gold BrOoebei.... Lgo to too
1000 Coral, Zara, aa'roet, .tr., Tirooches.-; 3.00 to 11-00
7000 Bold, Jet t Opal, arc., Bar Drops 800 to 8.00
5000 Beata' Breast sad Fear( Pins ' 3.00 to 8.00
6000 Oral Band Bracelets '3.00 to 800
2000 Mord Bracelet( 5.00 to 10,00
. _
OalilbroiapialllClA4 Vine and Wags.. ' 240'W $4O
20006°W Watch Key■ 2 50 to' 6.00
6000 Solitaire Siesta tluttona and Stud... 2.00 to 11.90
'3OOO Rold Tbnables 4.00 to e on
6000 itiatature Lockets 200 to 700
1100 0 RitaintOts Lockets, Magic....,. 400 to 0.00
2600001.1 Toothpick.. Crosses, &c, 24'0 to 600
3000 Poles d Ribhon Slides 2.00 to 6.00
6000 alma) Gold Rtngs 200 to 600
4000 R too• Set Rings 2.00% am
45008ets Ladies' Jewelry—Jet and (told . 6.00 to 15.09
1300Mttets Lake Jawilzy—varied styles.. to. 16 00
11000 (told rens, Sitter Cass and Ponca).— 4.00 to 800
4000 tiold Peas, Ramos 1;1(.141..1. and Cass.. 800 to 10.00
6000 Gold Peas, Roosted Mulder' ' 200 to 8.00
All ! h e Im ola in .he above List will he sold, without
r epeen i trad, foe oNiil 001,LAR. KAM - . Certificates of
ail the various arti, lea 'are placed iu shaliar eeralopea.
sealed lord - talked - These envelopes will be sent by malt
or,ilsititered at, our °thee without regard to choice. Os
reedstag &Caitiff:ate, yen will ' what article it repre
sent., and it is optinnel with 'oath - send one dollar and
rewire tberartieur named, ur ssO) other in the list of .14
setae vase. , •
By ibis male we Kiwi Feu ctiotti Irvin a vatted sloe% of
RIO fofidea6/c ths.bael lat , at and of In
Waste an h. nominal pries, ohne all liavin thanes
of sectoring articles of lb* ver) Iligkeet value,
In all trassaellone by niellt we charge tor l forwsnling
the Certitleste, pavluK onetime, ant olotn4 tho bakatnesa
. 15p l ata oath. not cerfibiCatell riff karat fee LW
aura' V:' Tlliieditr $5; Siztyfor $10; and Owe Hu
0 N S- tY it y
• ht 1:01 , fawn Malan oar ane essay-
Jowl our woHrof Unrivalled excellern e; one owing/we
pSetnalfy °beeriest:: itarerntriol local on hying - ens year
the moot mango points '1.40r . • ere new trona the
tnenutsetut anoto+thlflatestsonl !LAI*
gonesiespe Wesoloi.stul the_tettall are li""ltioNPm•—•
Alliertloptelo onlerslsee forwarded tot , 7AI - rad wail,
1110 lennesntels walk° astisfectlov , inelryten inst• l o.
t=tieytriatterwrid be sty oeraou dixenttaied a ity any
Tlicei"o l3lo .l eirokir as,i
ilunusty Intuit
it and the pti_novi 1 to rerun/en: •
e4low,those anti o l tas agents ten orate on
amebic ttartllktelo , ovilied• ,thotr multiaxias
amount to out
Tbs . , vvillitolleet,24 cent. for every Cbrtificate, arid re
Water - W*ou% refiSit t 6 viels volts for melt.
• af f ei N V, plantar ag co.,
- neabat. , ; ,•, 403 RioadWV. Now York.
- ,
rridklat •
•*. i 4, I • , 400 a Crantairkaata. at Ito nay
dam ?rah ra :Iddid_a tar assort
itat ,
snot at tit; itl7llFitiow Win,
Whop Liqsors..robooco. !extra, to *bleb do ro•
tilettfoilly mai ttip,atto Won eft.bologrtßie, named tut
cLs oo no osa ii rilior iesais iu . r . soiL L l7 ,,t_ rgoicy bul zaa i ras o f er ny ?art y
li.s: uor lb trot cornet or in
ttriskilearesh4,:-.4s t , . ri ie. on the cross road
remain ..Mallishics tc. - - -; the old stone school
MM on Atsultsio r c taloa 46 sacs of very
Otte hank t . ts tooti cal tt.t., loth s t rtsurtore hots"
tillitimessolscs, out butidittml arid • superior orchard,
mintudaik apples; pears. peached grapes sod almoit - ati
,kiallearAraltatrapted to the eliteate.• Eire acres are-tim•
bat. lead; t4ace m hists abOuttence of Tieing ester an ea.
milleat !yeti U. Lake Mori; and the h'ins is to
alltesseeM VW to
a the mOst'deitrattle of its size to Kris
constr. :Toms rissaorable—one third to be paid down:
thu intemoe panda., lath Interest, le Um, thres, f.. r or
• .yeanyße Mai be' Mold, convenient, with sutatiest
ase= i ppld ta the undersigsed • is the prentises.
• At.ll-X. RilstSgt.L.
asittioiet 41301:1118ttRA NCB Co
•.-, mAirestnain., varei gut twit.
• ti10011111111011A724 111110, CTa
goncnomproeum. prod. 4Pt.
, C. A IlirMitr
z viiiviikrean t oweiseriarr.
lipqQgPolll.47ll:D tS47. PITO.
ft..SMIT.RB Pied. 4 0..(1.. vr kin; Sair•
tocitNoß in the Rhein old atid Tali
. - n u e atib• li d
d •• andiestloi is
• -•AMLL N , aria.
-6 L., - ,
Om.. wstpr
An anteillad mare for SperaterAirrhast, &Maga
ifivlatril, Jruchecne4l Essirrinar, mid all dimmer,
tumid by alitiishotiess, Inch as Lor, yr Memory,
Vailersal Lanilrudt, in Ile Bark, 'Mose& of
Totims, Premolars OW Ape, /risk Wiest, DiPlesedy
_Trois/Wog, frablashun, ' Erqptiow
cosilli4 Act, Rao Clitteletsanes, &Tastily, Ontrumis.
Ism sad all the-direful complaints caused by de.
parting from the path of aature.
This samilcine Is a simple vegetable extract,
and ono ow which all lan rely, u It has bean used
la our prattles forsosny years, and with thousands
treated, it has mot tailed In a single Instance. It.
curative powers have been sufficient to gain vie.
WIT over liar aunt stubborn ease.
SatrTo thaw who have &Vat with Voir. Anunti.
e: wail they think themselves beyond the
reach of median al we WOW/ say, 11E31.11R /COT t
the OIIIIIIOENX C URE will rotor° you to health
and 'lgor, sad after all gnash doctors have failed
lar Primp Two Dollars per bottle, or three bot
tles Ler Ylve Dollars, and - forwarded by Expreallei
all plate of Use world.
Sr" Parphlet NM by mall fro* of postage, by
1111 librir N., lbw York, Sole Ytroprbsbois.
IN Igg set far Diseavored at Last
OHM infrom one
to three days.
Ocutpeandeafrom Boots, Barka and Lama
, OZZLOILINI REMEDY, the great Indian Ahura,:
suss sit thesses of tle• Urinary Organs, 'itch se
Ilieltitti se the Urine, roltanowfool of the
Afarklar= w
ient of the t krtdmp, Stops of ar
&ed, gintorrhea, eiteet, and
Is especially tewleiewitolided to thoso eases of Firm,
LOW, (lt India Ia females ) where all the 011
maw= madam lave felled. .1
up- It la revebewl la a !Andy eonoentralled
fbm, the dole bag bang from ono L, tvrn'tesninnon-
We Qom fish per die.
likonek sad olferoliee In Ito Litton
sad alweauiwg the blood, causing it to dot
dt dfilliddl purity sad rigor ; - thua reneav•
bis trim dm mini sir pernle4nas centre Whlllb
Sri fadased dbmae.
Old sar . sr aadablea to the Cherokee Item.
=and diaald be uod- to conjunction with that
in all wee of Blest, Gonorrhea, Fluor
Alban, IT Mimi. Ita idiects ate healing, soothing,
aid dosslesst ; removing all scalding, heat and
pas, lashed of the burning and almost unendurable
paw thaus fops:tested with nearly all the Asap
'sack lakeoloss.
SW' By taut 'use of the I.ITIEROK ItENINDY,
sat autumn Dincriox- the two la,llcirws
at dia was duo all Improper Owe la Ames are
tionotad, sad dm weakened urgent are snootily tee
Wed td fall visor and strength
rar Una, Cherokee Remedy, $ll per
bouts, or tkra• bottles for $;.
sir Price, Cherokee [Welton, cg per
WM, or Wee bottles for 45.
cant by Irpreas to any addreas on receipt of price.
reerke Cherokee. Remedy. CherO.
Igoe Illuteetlon and Cherokee etrt., ere
told by all enterprising Druggists-In tho tit lilted
world. Boma unprineipled dealers, henevet, try to
hell worthless Oeteponads In plat., Owe, • these
'Mob they eau ptusksse at a cheap pile-, au.' make
Mete looney by Wang, than they can en thee. nte.l
IchH. As yes 'fake your health, ale, the health
or your filler* stroprlug, do not lec. lord by such
anprinelpiell Prtiggtste, ask for throe trAirirtes
kal no e th ers. If tbe Draggles will not bny
for you, enclose the money to a letter, end ire sill
amdthem to yea by Express, securely
t elled crud
packed free from ebeerratinn.
Ladles or Gentlemen ern address u , In perfect
oonlitleseir Aitsting fully and plainly their .litinwree
and umpteen% as we treat. all of a ehrente
balm* In Wide Ot ratlent , need nut heeltate
Decant° of their inability to ue, as we have
tree:ad PanSnilitC6llBl , lll3 , In all pnriions o• the &f
-litted globe, by correspondence.
Paktum euldressing us will please ,rtate pleb e t,
all t h e s y m pt o ms of %Az. enniplaint 4, and write Pink.
°dice, County, State and name of writer, plain. and
Who, postage *hump far reply.
We soul saris. pares rimiphht for. to any ad
drein. Address all totter, icr Panipitlele or adliot to
Ibe proprksora.
Or. W. R. MERWIN . Co.,
No. 62 Liberty N•s Y4t.
U4 l
1 ti
IF Dutzumic. , , 4 FOLLOWED.
OW Cal for *Co
~y"Y:u:: y I~ZIII9 S
The aymptoms of Catarrh as they generally appear
ate at Int very Might Pre•.e. os find they have a col I.
that they tare frequont attacks, and are more sensitise
to the changes of tempsatuzia In this condition P.
glom may be dry, or a slight discharge, thin and emir, ,
alleYearda becoming thick end adhesive. As the dig
ease %Nome throats, the diebharges are increased to
quantity end changed in qualify; they ere now !bleb
and hoary, :sad am hawked or coughed u 1). The seem
tione are ottaceirn, cawing a bail breath ; the roles ••
thiek sod nasal the eyes are week ; the sense of It*
small is lessened or destroyed; deafness fre,,uently tab./
pleas. Another conmon and important e)mptour at
Catarrh *that the perion is obliged to clear Ina throat
la the morning of a thick or slimy mucus. which lat
%Ilea down from the head during the night. Wif a
this tau place the person map be ear. that his disuse
Is on its way to the hinge, and should lon , LP Waal*
strestihg it.
The (Anil are Ina • fee of the many Gather* gime
A single Bottle will last a atith—
to be used three times a day.
Testimonial :'
rem Mu. Thelap J. "Aria., Ez•Membrr of Cos: ref •
from Illinois, lois Speaker.( Moons Hoare of Repro.
seatottiresouoi Grind Master of L. F. 2111 i .1. M., Olt.
State of-illiweis.
kamitrogr, Ott. 21,163.
DR.p. IL Unlit
DIA* reply to your notice of the 18th lads.
I would say that 1 was moiety afflicted with Catarrh
fa years, when I became acquainted with you, a. d
bestitit two bottles of your Liquid Cent h Remedy b.
fore IMO used one bottle, I was sensibly Improved, am ,
before the mooed bottle was Uniahed, was coincides
mama. 1 eao recommend the medicine to all afttletedi
with Catarrh.
Rospeetfully yours,
Mot} ?amino's, Chicago, Illinois.
or- !Abort tory at Freeport, Illinois
STRONG & •RIIISTRONG, Cleveland. Olt
JOHN 1, PARE, eineinoati 3 Oble
WM. JOHNSON, T Detroit, Mieti
sou) ni XIII WI
And for its by ALL DRUGGISTS.
Fifth below State Stroot,
Opiploadte the D['pitch Printteg Ones.
For Sale. ----
OUT -LOTS No. 135 and 136 and known
as the Patton property, on eb.cli are meted.
substantial brick hones, barn and outbuildings; sh oa l ed
3( mile southeast of the city linaita, and "4 wire petit
Of the, cinnsing of the Posadephia ft Erie and B. Z.
r gi na g s . gag D roparty ooatalaatan atm of land, sad
I„, „ 4 o f the boiaand moat pleasant locations in the y.
gait; of .gria, Wing a rues Mann, trait tre. a„
aims, earrant bomb s% Im o having also a tine iI AO
o tt i joy, lake and sallroada. The above property arlllbr
sobl together or lo pans& to saitpurebaoara. Yora,
sad partifalafa lA** of
8. A. DAVENPORT Sri% as
suadi4le Q. J. EUSELILL. BIM gang .
• 1 -
~ "Asoriloing all Symp