The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, March 09, 1865, Image 1

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, .011NLKVICII TlC:Lulus," iTiTI 8111 R.
" •orrom rt THE - COAT 0/Ploll.'
tlPrios —Two Pou.mre AID rtrrT MUMS per
it pal , l Ia adraure ; TURIN MILLA,ReIf not
Ib• e xpiration a the jeer. Sutocriberi
.I//,Aa ctiergol Fiat Ctivi a
0.145111,,.:T4 V.idskre or ten. I.lue* au* 111
trweritntiol $1,60; three loser
. I; s2,uu :two mouths $2.7
f rt,,othmss, 6o ; coo year $9 iri;
proportion. These rate/
ti tb , .rel to, uuleeaebauged by 0p , C11.1
r .t of the puhlteliere. Audi
orree and lika adverUse
, ~b,-t.ab, t 's Notices o, l 'o Lueel
f r, rul••P"•, 114 '.' ' ,4llsl,t•
obituz.rc Votlevo over three, Iluse
twe ork t ou•l ...try, al"
..; the rditlif, utile .1:11.0
wit' rd •t
•I Le •.;
, S II IT a, It II V.Cll.l‘
f TOICiNI" 6111. d, halo
40 lo.muly,
,1 Aire. Li. 141041 utteliflted ID With
51,.1 ‘it.pif
.MSikt •T LAW. lu Walker', Hf
ptir.t l'
„. I'• _ 666 7 '62
t •••
r. r.,,,,14.,•
MIA tu•al•r lu Statluuery.
N•".l.lwr' lc. Country dratery
- • .
truutiog th• Part.
1 NI C
Ling has takita the Liam Ella it
tottt,o.t,rtrst, the Philadelphia depot,
►tJl a prepared t,, tarnish Wh:ta Lima, fu large
11 the loarct mirket rift,.
N utot & 11 le: IN,
e urar North West corner of the
1111.,1A11, •
twuhouiariy yours (luauty
to guircy or make nun. or blips'
`)" r • • 4) • in COLDII3OI3 Council Boom.
, • t
,Col 15 , ,et -apr23l4-Iy.
1,...tw5r..1 , 15u Amu Cassialoos Leicussrr,
on Dublin Dock, East Corner of
StnA de...1.,: in Coal, salt, Fish, Flour,
0,17 f 1.1[n0„5..7 . N. R.--Particular Atlantis,'
t,, Iteo•tviug and Forwarding of Petro
id, ere. to all parts of the country.
'llllll `titan., - -
Titit PRAM Oak* St.COMI
sttonl, between Fifth and
t I I{ . ' .k
I:VE.I,II'I°N emorokkiuril GALL•titi,
Ulu: §. l'a. jaciltreltf.
API!. S W11.111:11,
AITOKNETi At, Ridgwiy, u: Kean, Cutiorou and Jefferson eonnUeo.
C. CH APIV jac3T6s-1v•I W.W WILBUR.
.1 n. 1i ,
)14 tN Hut E.
let ,treet -one hymns eaat of
, " xrr..o, Pa. Sept. 29-11.
l' 1 111' 11 U
'i - .;•••••• or HIE Pli4(11, hal.goa Block,
Erio, Pi
EU. \l , .4;1
n'r Cr, r.? TEL InCAUIr. OitlCe in Gazette
ilk. • cr .•..rnrr of Fd 6 hod State streets.
nncac!'.r , o •• 4tLc ftnd ~ I loctinila made prompt
1: I do'nme !it' s Block, line, Ps.
tv 11 ert. HOTEL,
4 rench street. heti:roe° 4th and bth streets,
Phila.., I ; his S F.:14 Railroad Depot, Erie,
r, Proprietor. Extensive at-commode
iqrsoor, add trawlers Board by the day or
.tabhoc: attached.,W.
i.ltillEl..o lIKOTIIKU,
IreittIIONABLI Timone and
•nta frr it'ayeeee Pistant. flowing Machines
beat tc ttgrt • irate Stro,t, between oth and oth 813,
,i i Cl othee mad. to Ardor in the !Inert style.
U. OS:I3OIt.N P.,
twermStall itact French. Vine Honies and eau . .
ota roam ultde tenon. my:M*64l-Iy.
AgrTACTUR luta :..4tAsta Enrituia,Botlars,
A grle 1.1 tnnal implosriraa, Railroad Cull.
NA. Ph.
a r E. m•GILL.
IV • thmisr, O@o6 la Roma
:.l r )(kik I.orrit br.4.) of it,* Perk. Erie. Pt. - .
RIDGWAY, ELA r.. Uri Z. O. C7II/1011211,
Ilopristor Thls fe a new sad handsomely fitted up
1.,-ek, in the midst cf one of the beet Troating sad Mtt.
le In Penasilttate. Commodious Koorae,Cluot
,vod Table Jud Moderate Prices. The pablto
tge 13 nopeetfully eollttted. sero4-17.
krro Rawl Az LAw—Laiabou athictru!Pl.
014 Late the Court Douai, liiris,Pli.
Orrice ox Ssurriqristr, sear
Nov. 4, 1664—insole.
Dtatta ut Du' nouns, lisoczetts.
octcy, it4rdwize, 244118, tilau, Seed. Platter.
etc. *lwo
Sttth street and Pula° *mere. Er* N. Anti.
lal3 a.. 1 e4latwri,el and papUll.2 mod clue by Even
4. eitenrsaely t.ecd d :ring the last twenty years In
Arinirnrcat and I nog deems with more decided ea
:him any ~ ;her medicine before the patty Not
*cid vt readviii.'n dation tenet year, to those fatalltiu
tit:, de manta Its numerous and speedy Cores In put
tare hive won a &vie of confidence In its Tains king
tie 4i:writ:yr,: This remedy is safe, plenaltile a rtel
nd , hcroagh It. operation—ls atapted to aces
‘dt-hitiiiimii—v.v.l should be kept In every home
11:1 ct Late uyy O tau required. It throat and /sing
rettprs ato treated with the CM of this Remedy Is
aarl.or !tag. 3, a Isis numb 9 of deaths will b.
.au.+iy Conivnia , on.
lIALL'S COUGIi REMEDY le the beat remedy kaowo
!Irwi n the con-phi:as.
di - 111Na cr Haw SIC, BRONCHITIS,
110 IR SE.YJE x, wHooraa-coMill.
31 ;1.ealtat tkil Faits aid brosiprralts the Lem"
idetall Trice—SO Cents to 111 Per 1561411.
HALL & Ifincifecturers and Proprietor*,
atata Strata, .econd cour north of Seventy street. Erie.
Pt irraate 5y Pingo:a and deatere,throothont the
,v. Tit to :It U 'V kr P 4 'A' I I/ UPI Y.
W., t 4.. uLdArli f Lod sutuLroa . f Erin City and rininit&,
i u
.... .. iD r ? HALL' ti llelet ritod .COtligh RaumdLmm.wi
ii i tla t suc,:etA, to coney dolour.* of the „Throat anda
sad lato 7lr Awn- in r conminetwinritieuse to tbao ai addle -
as a spew, An' .1. e anal rKnotly, fully worthy of Plant
...r.ll ue Lt..
.14.71/41, iti.Vll.4ll. Ni•ltlitli ii&U.lntOb D HDtzta
ohs, 11 , horo, , i I W. Hjan, . Riehartilifts.
John A log, Robert Cocnniii, J. T. C,ase,
iota, W. IrLar,-, D.L.twol FlAar, Daniel Haver s
hill W hays,' J Robiniion, C. H. Matt,
Juno P. C(..,,.,r113 W. P. Illo4orooota, J. llootullf t
tout 2. Lltxuars,, P. E Barton, J. WW. Wres t
on, if . WSMiG, A !anion Shenr69d, Win. Eta
/aka 3 Brovr t , V. IL Cooper,
:3 I. Font..., 1...i.pb liaetniat, K. • .
i W. Hull, ilpoi. Grant, .1. Salsbury.
°mos Smith Lutras ii. Hull, li. Maor,
C. Ductra, [Lomas li'ge.i, ,' 1. L.
A u 31:w 1, A II Glaginex, - J liablainsa4.
Ci , ' , ..0 rZ.r, .:tan. W. Kgar/.. Mina H. Plank.
CA.41.1 Ein .1 fw, P r ns , 4
II a - rici, t „,
C.O. Howell,
Eris, Dec. 7S,'B{--0m
THE ~ ut, r eiiber will shSerfutly sena (free
of ehergrr to ell wso desire it, WI copy of •SJVII
Rem.? by n mob he soul czrei of that DIU ditelldle
i, =pLoy.
iieSeieire cad LoSeVeteeiosi, blloll3ll= DI
n4"til if t0..1n0.r.1y hop-411141 try woman
they en they rill to more titan
riktiso,nult. Thank/RI for his ours restorii.
u°4 be ia anZlOl.3 Os,. in the hands of rrsry sliffsree
OA moors of cure_ Thr,., wishing the • with (OP
itmetioss, kr , WI obi or ad
, :r.l
~ Inht, , t met, Neve Toelli
Di•LZ3 ti
Vale bule w State Street,
loirtg Cate.
1 Ifs 1 1V1•1:1 CUltntt t—DR.
C ! , tl PPA;IFIC PILLS core. In am
in. • k r.; ,
to•-ct. of SERlfirniN • E.3%lo-
P"-n.Fu Nowlual IS'ealo*Na. Inl4FnitY.
14.4 Vilt AgettiOaN 09 sat..
401 Z .11.1LL,11/1, V . MitiCed. Price Goo dlllar per box.
p 4 1 ,1, by mad, on rocciot of an order. Ono box
L l+ P. 116 ,3 o' , or. 114 sort urea. AditoXO
asoirol Aireat, aresd ir y, Nov re*
• I t
*Lai in
Mit a , •luwi. ibt ILe
r ,
th .We of tl.,* Park
S F Uri IC KJA A tilt
•LANALN,A, , ,
COUGH BALff.llll is warranted to clue enifflis.
Golds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Whosping Omagh, Eon
Throat, Consumption, and all affections or the Threld
and Longs. •
Fos Web, druegiats.General depot, Ne.ll Sort Foutb
street, Cincinnati, Ohio,
ALL the Medical men and the .Preaa
ritomnimad Dr. Strickland's Anti•Cbolma
Lure Uam only certain remady Diarrhea tad Dye
entely. It is a comblaatiou of Astringestedlbsorimmets.
Stimulants sad Carminatives, and is warranted its Mint
a cure after all other mean' hat • failed.
For sale by Druggists. Geoernl depot, eLat rateib
street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
E ‘3l
10 1- ROOPYJ
D R. trickland's Pile Remedytea cured
aras& of the worst eases of BMW a ad Blood
ing Piles. It lures immediate relief, and edicts a per
ounent cure. Try it directly. It is warranted to ea».
For sale by drassists. General depot. 0 least ?earth
street, Cincinnati, °lgo.
Dispepsia, Nervousness and
-Secommead those saluting with las otAppelite.
In tuition, or Dispepaia, Nem:mimes& and Nervous
Debility, to use Strickland's Tonic. It Is a vegetable
preparation. Imo from Alcoholic Liquors; it strositiume
the whole Nervous system; it emaila a good awirtibe.
and la warranted to cure Nerrersam sad Nervosa
Tor pleby Druggist& generally. at $1 per bottle.—
Prepared by Dr. A. Strickland. 8 - East Fourth stmt.
-Ciscianati,, Ohio.
Great Gift Distribution.
- .• - OF
Watches,, Chains, Lockets, Bracelets,
Gold Pens, &c., &c.
S. •M. WARD & Co,
_ 208 Broadway, Now York.
HOMO Watches ' Millis, Lockets, Bracelets,
Rings; Gold Pens, &e., be.,
And not to be paid for until you know what you an to
re;str.‘., and not to bi kept unless you uo
per eetly satisfied.
Splendid List of Artiele4 to be sold for $1 each:
too Gold Huntlog Case,_... $lOO 00 saebi
100 old Watch, 1 , 3 ..... ........ ..... 40 Oteach
'MO Ladies Watches. ... 85 00 sae&
600 Silver Watches lia lino 2600 each
t3JO Cold Neck and Vest Chain.,... 12 00 to 16 00 eft&
1.000 Chattelatne ant Guard Chains, 600 to 16 00 cash
3.000 Nee . and Viet .. . .. 400 to 12 00 each
4 000 Solitaire Jet & Gold Broaches, •00 to $OO ash
4,000 Coe 1, 1 ava, &e., Brooches,— 300 to $OO each
7,000 Gold Jet, 66 , Ear Drooa, 300 to $OO sash
6,000 Gents' Breut and Suet t lee,. 300 to. a Womb
4,000 oval Band tinatalste, 300 to 1100 each
2,000 Chased Bracelets,— . ... 600t•10 09 am&
3,100 Cal. Diamond Piss and Wings,. 2 AO% 000 alai
2,000 Gold Watch goy& 250 to . 600 each
3 000 Solitaire Sleeve But. & Studs, 200 to 100 eult
3,000 Gold Thimbles ' 400 to 6 00 - imeli
F,OOO diniatore Lockets, 200 to 000 lath
3,6ooNin,l.7ekett„ Magic Spriog,.. 400 to 900 each
3,000 New Style Belt Cackles,.._
... 400 Ka $OO &k s 6).' ro
2,000 Gold Toothllcks, Cssee,.ke., 200 to •00 o esti
8, 0 00 Fob and Ritbon Sado*, 2 00to 600 eat
6,000 Chased Gold Rings, 300 to 3 Maki
4,000 Stone Set Rings, 200 to 600 emit .
0,500 Sens Ladtee Jewelryiet & gold 6COtolO 00 each
6,000 .* •• various style" 300 to 16 00 ask
6,000 Gold Tensitilvei cue & pencil, •00 to 1100 each
4100661 d Pens, Geld Cue & Pencil 600 to lit 00 each
9,000 Gold Pens,gold mounted holder 3 00 to 000 oak
Certificates ofthe various artleles are placed to envy.
lores, sealed and mixed. These envelope* will he Mt
by mail u ordered, withont regard to choke. After to.
miring the certilleate mad seeing whet article it leper
seats, yen are at liberty to *end and get the artiste, Asa
any ether on the list oft he mane value, sad OW mein
the articia, rf tt dose not eve perfect eatistaatlem, we
desire yin to return it and get tbe 1210 • Sr• la all teem
actions by mall we sharp for one certifies, 24 sate,
Ave aertiticates will he sent rot $1 Maven for $3, thirty
fee $6, Obi Issidied for $l6. Jageota as every.
whela We allow agouti tea wrote on each °sett/kat*,
provided:their remittance amounts to one drilar. Als,
extra premiums for large orders.'
Sitar Bataan —rim the receipt of $1 60, Se will mad
a solid silver shield (rare coin) or hedge, for either
division or corps in the army, or a cavalry, lute/dry.
artillery. (Ingham or pootooner a plc, with your tame,
regiment, sod company handsomely engraved tiameoes,
together with our wholesale illastrated eirtulat to
B. M. WARD & Co.,_
208 Broadway, New York
North-East Osirwerist tAl l Park 4, Frisch Strum,
Woobi rb.ppostfully call; the ►ttenttop of the wassottity
to httlarge Stock of
Which hi Li daeirous Logan al this
dl. urnortment of
Usu..; rarpasse4 fn p the city, lie he preparod to prove to
all whoere tam call.
W. oleo /jeeps 000stantly orilmod a superior lot el
IE4 ilia wholesale trade, to which ha &roots tiu sitratlar
of the public.
His crirtto is, 'manta &Ito, Smstl fiats said Is fall
Equtralso for the Mom." WUrtf,
J. & A. tiENNIG
Wood r.epeettally inform the Mlle tbss tbay bare
parchend the
0010111 01/ eTIIAXD ars.,
artier/Aber intend to keep es good en estertmeat at
. es is 1;410 Ltf tritt.
But Brands of Brio County Flour
Sept constantly on hand sad
ar not highest liazkot t Flies paid fez oil Wads o
Couotry ?roars
r Goods doellystol froo of amp to say }WOW tho,
£JNNIG. Marettil A. 114:111(1a,
Jnited Staten . Claim Ag
. ompuvrANNA,_ _
B 0 II N:T Y ,
And all other Claims against the Government attended
to with promptness.
CHAIM Bei • se kAstopuumg.
Cir Afigieldinti by Mail stteed.ed to the muse so V
mad. in person.
Crawtbrd, Chrislan & Ruti,
Dealers ID - -
• Dried and Soiled Fruits, .
rams 14-011.9.,
Ship Chandlery. Boat Stone, &e., &e.;
NO- 7 ffRATIT's BLOCS. PARA r Ittnr. •
Alan, Public Dock, Foote of - Stara Street; _
Wt. a. , :RAWfORD. , - C. Y CORIAMI-0.
J46414:64-0 .7. BYRON RUTH. -
ALARGE 1•01 %
Of Dream 'Awe mai Illgamegsai . T
1110.4 Rs
. ,
. .
•: 47. : f
. •
F •
. .
• e
. .
- •
01Ville 801111131.
Pray UN LOadon Oacu Week.] this [earful struggle between the North
sad the Smith there are hundreds.of cases la
whieh Cabers are arrayed against eons. and
brothers against brothers."—America. paper.
"Rifleman, shbot me a tansy shot is
Straight at the heart of yon prowling vs•
dells ;
Ring me a ball in the glittering spot
That shines on his breast like an amulet."
4 .Ab. Captain! here goes for a fine times
There's mnsie around when nay barrel's in
Clack !Arent the rifle, the messenger aped.
And dead from his holse fell the ranging
dragoon _
Rifleman, *teal through the bushes
and snatch
Pram-your victim some trinket to handsel
Grit blood—
A button, s loop, or that luminous patch
That' gleams in the - moon like a diamond
stud!" '!-
%.ob, Captain ! I etaggered and slunk on my
When I gazed on the feoe" - of the fallen re
For he looked eo like you %I he laid on• big
That my heart rose upon me and masters
me yet.
"But I snatched off the trinket—this locket
of gold,
An inch from the centre my lead broke its
Beane grating the picture so fair to beheld,
Of s beautiful lady in bridal array,"
Rifleman, fling me the locket—Ms she,
• My brother's young bride ! and the fallen
Wu her husband! flush, soldier, 'twas Hea
ven's decree :
We must bury him here by the light of the
"But hark ! the far bugles their warning
unite : •
War is a virtue---weakness a sin
There's a lurking and loping' . around us to
- night ;
Load again, Riflemen, keep your hand in."
Popular fauperstltlous.
The belief in "signs," "wonders," and
"tokens" is very generally entertained among
the people in the "old rountry;" and even in
the United &etre, which boasts superior in
telligence, there are many good persons who
do not hesitate to X.zpre‘s their faith in the
same.- A ootemporary has been at some pains
to collect the most common of - these supersti
tions, and they present a curious conglochera•
lion, to say the least. Odd anp ridiculous as
they may appear to many of 0.1, however, we
venture to assert that one-third of the people
yea meet, especially among the older class of
the community will give their unhessitating
endorsement to more than one of these novel
imperiqltions :
Bnnsizza :
If yeursneese on Monday, it indicates danger,
/house on Tuesday, you will meet with a
• stranger ;
Bases, on Wednesday, you will receive a let-
ter ;'
Sneeze on Thursday, you will get something
" better.;
ensiling tin Friday indicates narrow :
Sneeze on Saturday you will hare a beau to•
morrow; •
game before you est,you will have company
before you sleep ; .
If yea Inoue before you are dressed, you will
ue your beta before you go to rest.
Tag liiteon.--If the broom is mowed with
the reet4l the household furniture._ yon wiU
not- be encomia': -but the broom 'must be
burned while standing in the corner, being
watched to prevent the house feklug fire.
KNITN I " AND Poss.-1111cu drop i s fork and
it:sticks in the floor luid remains in a stand
ing position, it is a sign a gentleman will call;
but if s knife, a lady.
DISAPPOINTAIRST.—When yuu put on your
'heel and stockings, if you complete dressing
one foot before commencing the other, it is a
sign that you will be disappointed.
DEATH IN TUN FANITLT.—The breakiag of a
mirror by a member signifies• death in the
family before the year closes.
Alt itolllo FooT.—lf the right foot itches
on tam bottom, you are going where yen are
wanted; if the left foot, where you are not
welcome. 4-13sthe the feet on rising every
morning and they will not itch.] • )
MitiIILAGIL-If a young lady tind4 four
•lsand elover and puce it into her hair,tke first
;bung man she meets she will marry, It a
hfdy dons a gentleman's hat it is a sign she
Ilkinti a kiss. If you swallow a chicken's
beartirhols, the first young mtn who kisses
4an, ion will marry. If one pits on the table
It IsAtaign they wish to be filarried.
Pumas NAILII.-If you oat your huger nail'
owlloaday without speaking or thinking of 6
red tea's tail, you will . have a present daring
tin week. -
• Alltrrweit.—lf the . natls be out on Monday
mcoising before eating, e present may he ex
pect-tad; but if, white cutting, you think of 4 et
while oars tail, it will,spoil the oh arm
' 'Or One two persons mmidentally
malts the same remark at the eame tints, you
Most join little fingers and wish. Snob a
' WWI will come to pass and be realised.
- 4nOsanto Hume.—lf four poisons sashimi
ally *roes bands when shaking, some one of.
the-OetsPemy will soon be married. Resets•
der, it mat be accidental in order to have it
prose. tree.
As trostim EAS.-If the left ear itch and
bunt, it is an indication that some 003 is
speaking ill of you. If the right ear. - they
at. opeaking well- of you- • [Undoubtedly,
Mir tip itelt. ) .
• Dzer,t49fizarat.—lf a dish cloth be dropped
if 41; ; ..Isse,lit is a sign you wi ll - tare stlin
Par _ _ , n sr!
:. law, 111011.—It you see the new moon for
dolma t ine through glass. or through the
. it indicates that you unfor
imizate ; 'but if you see it over.the right 11110ta•
fier,. or directly is front., that you 'will be
iseby. _._ _
As IrcuriaHann..-If the - right - hand lichee
you wilt receive inoney; . if. the left, you will
acesati - mossy.. . [Dune ostsb,a,mo doonht about
.Hilt] _The letter &stands for "receive, the
IstiestLflor 'let go." : If the right' eye itches
- yen Will cry; if thd ieft, you. will Issei: a
elands for,euem, and L for laugh. Dirt:44.l 6
101 -337 i ..- .._
, --Au -Immo Noss.--3o important is-this
tits'ibis' tt - issa•been poetized we totters z -
If. the hose itches,
-t_ ',Th. south's. is duoger
4W - 4mi - tau iitii Jlsool
-t • • Orkia :
; Maar, PoitraD Oar Ctrrnmo.—Present a
Mead with a 'hulk mdszors or needles,• and
they will MR your friendship. - •
A Funaw..--lilhoaid you, when on a pleas
ure•e:aarsion, meet a fkineral procession. you
will have us enjoyment that day. [The better
way, therefore, is to take another road,where
they hare no funerals.]
Tan BRIDAL Daass.—Anything but white
garments tobe married in indicates bad inch
for the bride, white-being emblematical ofin•
nocence. [White ie very pretty, bat we
should riak it with a good girl even in pink or
Tea CRADLIII.—To rock an empty cradle
•will give baby' the belly ache. [Ws odon't
set it," but can imagine a hungry little one
sucking an empty bottle would soon feel an
"aching rola."
tilaorpteo.4-Lsdies beware When going
oat ahoppiog,ihtvins closed the door after
you, you disctorer that you have forgotten
something, yOu must-nut turn back and open
the door Gs any acetiust-4t would bring.yau
bad luck. Let some one band you the mbming
article through the window, or bring it'at
another door.
THE tiar.--Lf you are moving from one
house to anoteer, never take a oat with you,
or she will surely bring bed luck to your new
home, whereas she will add luck to the old
house and those whet:note into It.
Snor.s.--Sive the old shoes to throw after
the carriage when one of the family starts on
ajourney; it will insure a safe return.
Disuwarga.—Never let your dishwater
come to a boil, as every bubble brings-bad
luck to the family. Elf too hot it might burn
your fingers. Don't you seal •
CHANCIINQ Rooms.—lt is - a bad sign if
sick person! deqires to be removed from one
room to an ther ; they are sure to die some
time, if allowed to r
gotvsatio or rue EVELlol.—Should you
experience this sensution it iodicates that
some person is stepping.on the spot where you
are to be buried.
PLANTING IN THE Moos.,—Potatoes OWE&
in the new of the moon will go chiefly to tope;
but if planted
,in the old moon, it will bring
large potatoes_ Peas and cucumbers may be
planted in the new moon, for their -products
are above ground.
said that if hogs_ be killed in
the full moon, that,the meat will swell in the
pot when cooking ; but if killed in the old or
waning of the moon, it will shrink.
GONI TO you leave port on a Fri.
day, bad look will come to the ship. [So .
firmly believed is this whim, that wafts ab
solutely refuse to go to sea on that day nor
do owners attempt to overcome this foolish
prejudice. Friday is called hangmin'a day,
and criminals are usually sentenced to be
executed on Friday.]
A Bun x E:repent. —Some 'months since.
when Luoretia Borgia was being • clone
with slow murder at the Howard theatre,
Boston, the deathlike stillness which pre
vailed was iktddenly. broken. by. the-sob
bing, of some tender-hearted• fsiaislet
whose sycapithetic soul was - keenly alive
to the unfortunate condition of the afore
said victims. A modest young- men be.
gan to be interested on discovering the
female whose heart; like his oin; 'was so
susoeptible to human feeling. IWhilo the
young Romeo was looking frotif the par.
quet and scanning the couotenances.
the fair ones, he thought he experienced
& sensation a; it satnething was upon his
head. Raising his hint he found to his
delight that some young lady had acci
dentally dropped her cambric' handker
chief from the box directly above.
Our young Romed began to discover
that here was an opportunity to display
his gallantry. He arose, and, after pri
vately pressing the cambric to his lips,
'extended it, delicately secured between
the tips of his fingera,for the fair claimant
to take - possession of. At this moment a
head protruded over the gallery above,
and exclaimed in a low but distinct tone :
•"Chuck it up, soh !"
The young nun suddenly raised his
Ayes, and beheld ibe blackest wench that
white man ever laid eyes on. It is need
less to add that he dropped almost lifeless
into his seat, and a fsvored• few who
chanced to witness this ludicrous scene,
burst into uncontrollable laughter.
Tile "Boss' ) or rue Nkrunt:—Just after
the return of the President from the ex
perimental conference on the James river
be was palled upon by one of the mem
bers of the Foreign Legation. The Min
ister, who speaks very good English, al
though not an Englishman, upon being
ushered into the ordinary reception room
at ,the White House, Viand the Chief
Magid:it& oontfortably curled up upon
one or two chairs, his elbow resting upon
a table, his hand partially concealing his
powerful features, and the entire man
wrapped in profound meditation, 'Behind
Mr. Lincoln, upon a sofa, sat Mr. Seward
with a cigar. "Mr. Linooln;" said ihe
Minister,"l have called to pay my respects
and congratulate your Excellenty upon
your return to the capitiolley I venture
to inquire whether you have suecieeded in
the humane and ganerOtl mission you so
promptly. undertook 7" .Without chang
ing his 'position. or outing an eye upon
pis Visitor, our esteemed Prestdent mo:
tiorie4 : witic the thumb of his -left - tend
tows* the Secretary, and said ::"I.don't
knowinythincabout- Ask-40.
ifetimm-r-.-/fre "t:Srk-WarkkF.Rseisso.
tug FOLLY or LoTess...-Tiiiii Wipe, i n
all nature anything so rblicitions ist a insa_
so numb in love al not_ te be able to con
peitit-.oitis the reit of Aiiitinistitr. Not
only it hi sidiaitioni., beilati, be gate
tO. - bare mbar: ciniaSSlcte; aclit %.**, „fa as
innpeetiaeAE niid' thespians- siente. we a t
. Islisbablit... 4els.eletsys either ex
treuteli-kapP7 or . *di
wittiest- fawfpparertio r This cases
l ot enw ybp yrotqapse < tbeir fortune
for cool of tinifs impstitessitl,4l4 or s
piece ethic shoe-atii4, s ,jefierlllC - prike
the vont busbandiin tbeworb/..-44erite
_ _
.1414404 4 _ `
OD &miss istiniviipted
by **jam rititTesolkomeidigii - &ugh
ter '14:0 48 :
~ ,: i 'ri i. i i.:
SlSTWisme fir s Draft.
Since the authorities have disoOvered
that, men who are drafted and unfit for
soldiers may 'yet be made servo-their
country as hospital rit!trsea and in various
other capacities, I have reflected deeply
upon the subject and am at length ena
bled to submit the following suggestions,
which the government is at liberty to
adopt or reject as it pleases :
It is a well . known.fact that blind men
have the sense of touch more fully devel
oped than those who can See. Draft a few
regiments of blind men to feel the pia
tion and strength of the enemy. No ex
emptions 'granted on the ground that
they "can't, see it."-
Blind' men and lame: men might be
drafted together, the blind-men to carry
the lame on their back on going into
Men who have lost one or even both
their arms should no longer be lastempt.
GovernMent is prepared 'to arm any quan
tity of men on the shortest possible no
Idiots should not be debarred the priv
ilege of serving their country in the make
when we have so many among our gene
Draft all in the lunatic asylums—the
madder men get the better they fight.
Dumb men ought to make the Most
serviceable soldiers ; a they can't cry
"quarter." their motto must be "oe our.
It is absurd to exempt fat men, they are
so well calculated to fill up the depleted
ranks of the army. If you want to °rush
the enmity by precipitating upon 'them
large bodies of troops, let fat. men be
drafted' by all means.
Confirmed drunkards have been ob
jected to because they are not. so anxious
to whip the enemy as they are to 'have
them treat, A regiment of them armed
with rifle whiskey, and sustained by a bit
tery _delirium tremens, would do great
execution—to somebody.
I have not heretofore' favored the idea
of drafting the other sex, but a brigsde-of
old maids would certainly be useful in re.
pulsing the enemy. They are sometimes
.good in en attack.
By all mearurdraft Congressmen. They
might do a little good in the army, and
they are of no possible good where they
Elitora of war newspapers should be
drafted in a body. They have penned
war articles so long, that they themselves
should, bii pence(' by the "Articles of
Conscript 'nil lawyers—their' chirges
would tie most disastrous to the enemy. _
A certain maiden lady was twiceitfj her
life time engaged to be married, and twine
some unforeleeiteverit interposed to de
stroy her hopes of matrimouiatblisi.-•-•
Here was a Bad case. Time begin to wrin
kle her fair brow. and 'there were'nci,new
suitors to offer themselves. To add to her
distress , she - became sick, "nigh - unto
death." The jun kir curate .of the parish
—bashful youth—was sent for. The sick
room was filled with sympathising neigh
bors' when the young divine entered; Stitt
after some remarks, proceeded to reed a
portion of Scripture. He fell upon the
chapter where the woman of Samaria is
introduced: When he read the Words,
"Go call thy husband," the sick - unman
groaned a little. but when he uttered the
words, ,"The woman answered and laid, I
have no husbesid," the old lady roes up.
right in her bed, her eyes flashing fire. as
she squeaked out the following :
"I ain't a going to stand yes taunt', if
you are a preacher I Get out of the house
directly I I've bad two chances for a hits
band, and will live to see another—see if
I &mit 1". •
_ •
number of languages spoken is 2,064. The
number of. men is equal to the number of
women. The average of human life is
about 33 years. One quarter die' before
the age of seven. To every one thousand
Persons, one rarely reaches the age of one
hundred years, and not more than one in
five hundrpd will roach the age of eighty.
There are on earth 1,000,000,000 inhabi
tants. Of these about 33,333,333 die every
year, 91,824 die every day, -7,789 evert
hour, and GO every minute. The losses
are balanced by an equal number of
births. The married are. longer . lived
than the single. Tall men Ilia longerlonger
than short ones. Women have more
chances or life previous to the age of fifty
years. but fewer after" than men. The
number of marriages is in proportion of
seventy to 'one hundred. • lifarringea are
more frequent after the ow:aflame, 'that
is, during the months of June end De
comber. Those :born in the spring are
more robust than others. Births aid
deaths are more frequent by night than
by day. - • - -
tfornintaxo Qum Dacoraza:—.A. weak
Ago Teat. Saturday, a Abs. Lucretia Ash.
burn and• child, residing In Tremont
torrt i tehip, Taiewell county, I:ll.oease their
death -In the following- teen*:: Her
young et etzildmo isfant eigyteeit t?tonthe,
old, while playing .in-thiryardA in 0,4'
Yrs. A. *
tied rapwaiohad her:
wait, dowirlie4 it 1 0 t , bF4,
wet anahlelovitern. -liar ilriaaskdldrea;
494 fink and ill yew% bet teciaa4.
Ara down a
. ohair, a alure
but were too yonhg to go for, aashisnee,
and the ttifoitnnate WODittil and child
both. trere4rovine4.- • The: teethe* had
plased-:the Rabe in the Oii*E tbiektrig
pr?lxthlY that it would be safe, enebtheis, -
wire oat with her efforts, seek 'bdew th
eurfsse. , When:her hurbao d dm horn
the two - ehtldree told. hba - tharifie baby
wika - lh the cistern. On pia% to title, ant
Aiming up_theTrope, he fimi4 .-- the dead:
bodies of his Rife and child. i ; •
—gym in inspooda of' the •:_giiiatford.
itgintei, it'' is , found tiskifil
widow subsequently 24ftried t - 7 • •14119 c
mdrard Ur! tainmxamect
: • '
Ceit Thine be "ism is 'Eisele".
I'hl t wiNe! ~[es she pebbly ehtire.
711 s ',fedi ell kiss• the hills
saibesnie kiss the tulip bud e r
For the odor It distills.
The dw•drope kin the rose at morn,
We IMAM dew at eve.
And fern sad Sower in circling °lamp
Theis ninths beautin weave.
The moon—bsoula kiss the donde at night,
The stsr•beams kiss the yes..
While shadows, drasiny, soft and light,
Are kissing on the lea . •
Tin zephyrs kin the blushing pins •
Tbrt blooms on beauty's lip •
And ruder Unite though cold and chill,
Its ruby nectars sip.
The triads, the waves, the budding
The laughing, merry rill*, [flowers,
/trellising ill from morn to ewe ;
And donde still kiss the bills.
E'en heaven and earth do tneet, to kiee,
Through teen of iporkllng dew ;
L kilobit then, eau there be harm ?
I don't thiak you ?
Opidei a as
Fonsera Prima of Isarwiek..l
The fonrteeia thousand rebel troops
which • garrisoned Charleston have, in
obedience to the rebel policy of concen
tration, fallen back to the mortliward.
Those who believe that the evacuation of
r Charleston indicates the despair of the
retool /eallers, are in great' error. This
evacuation of the coast is "miching male
"Cho ;" ltmeans mischief. ; It Means that,
battle is to be given to Sherman ; that all
the scattered forces of the enemy are. to
be drawn - together, to offer stubborn and
bloOdy resistance to Grant. Though. :the
capture of Charleston will be of incalcula
ble:cane to 111 in future. it at present
is mare glorions thantseful. We are but
on the threshold of great events, and it,in
the coming bittles, we are not victorious,
these minor triumphs will be eclipsed.
To dedisively_cOntend against the con
centration of the rebel armies, we must
put every Man ta in the' field. Now is the
time for volunteers, Now is the moment
for the draft.
Gins wyrucurr Bssus.—Gov. Andrew,
in his annual Message, calls attention to
theestiess of women in Massachusetts,and
to the surplus - of men in Oregon, Califor
nia, and Other remote western districts.
In Oregon, hating 52,160 inhabitants, ac
cording to the census of 1860, there are
19;961 males " over• - fifteen years old, and .
only 9,878 fimales above that age. Its
population' ii now estimatid: - at - -over
100,000-thls disproport ion '
yet rercialnin g.
In Maisachisetts there were 257,833
*ales betissei the ages of fifteen and
forii;'sind 217,06:Ifeittahui, or a:surplus eif
26,1.0,':The excises, the Governor says;
ofpoittein:of above . ffteen years,
was 3 . 0,846 c reocitrateads the adoptiOn
of !lON kfigti4lV. by_ whioh young
'women may be. eiiibled crquite to the
of zoitaicoony in the Western
Ax- Ott.* - .Toks:-..President Lineoln at,
tended !Shay,' Slintworilleistnre on l'Our
NitliWideinfliet" the other night. The
W:Vs - feature marks down the disoov•
ery idtsditbrota gold, the invention of the
4 4iiiiiirtb e .Am rn
proveesits' in . ordnance,
and 'many otSer - butty tntees, sipooial
pirk*kor designed by Deity to help us
through witb,..o l o:_liationo inill0;.!or! --
seen ao4 . reparecli for by Hilt. After th e
Bishop was _through, Lincoln walked
upisktioithamle, and addressed him that.:
"Bishop, that was a good lecture-4 Very
good lecture Out one thing you omitted.
Among all yottr,speadal proyiderices, you
wig coma aosic4 ilo." There was pileup°
in th e _ • auditorium for the ewe 'of Ave
moods ;. and . than an oleaginous smite
broke over UM Bishop's eTuntenania.—
Wattisofea dater.:
A quit= ox Liountir.—"Ab." said
a sestinas! collegian to an old Quaker, "I
Kipp* you ars one of those fanatics who
believe the Bible ?" Said the old man,
"I do believe the Bible. Do you believe
. "No, I have no prOof of its truth."
"Then," inquired the old man, "doss thee
believe it; France ?" "Yes, for although
I have not seen it,l have seen °then who
have. Besides, there is plenty of corrobo
rative evidence that' such e country ex.
ism." "Then thee will not believe any
thing thee or others have not seen ?"
"No." Did thee ever see thy own brains?"
•INo." "Byer see a man who did - see
them?" "No." "Does thee believe thee
bailey?" This last question put an end
to the discussion. -
Doter List.itti, Loose.—rk sheriff was
once sant 4o,ezgdate a"Writ - agiiinsi IL pa.
ker. ,ittn• *Tiring at his house, he se:wilts
clookoel.wAN who in
wkiidw!str• hus!atad was at me;, said
he wu ; a ibusasciet time she retreated
him to be esated, and ber husband woad'
speedily see him. The officer waited pa:
timely fbrsorne time.:when the Fair Qus
kerma comiaginto the Tomb' reminded
. her other promise that he might-see - ber
husband. - • .
1 " "Nay, Mond; rpromiied that he would
iiietheet Hd tdid = not like thy leeks;
.;, ♦ioided thee, end. - hath de.
*tit fiehit - the'hotemt hylinether psth.",
../attigirmieoirbowac consoling a - young
witty , * ispitm* the - rdeeh of her hatband,
eriakeinra csri - eoriouT ' 3 tia• mimicking
that nhiiwas' one of the few. - Yinc can
goegigo figid 'his • equal; you linow.". To
. .itidebilitritobbing fait 1014
an Omit broken heart; "I don's know,
but ril -
iittie :.•being , 4611 to the store to'
purchase view dye-stuff, . awl forgetting
lisenathe of */ adele. sea to the clerk,
Nehe,Whet do folks dye with ?" "Why,
asoleteiseteetiotei," irepliediJohe - .. "Well
I belleeciihat'ithe name of it: I_wasit to
ie threiceente t wtiPttl." : - _
Thiosolvied Aitiseas of
,Naw Chlinun
waved send e o„glit value of supoo,
aykasii-thiy now have a daily; news
papet,the, priny,od and ,edlted
breelarldialph• • -
7:7 NUMBER: 41.
NA!/1:?e11033' 3 WLS 03bn 4 bpi.
iii- him
him in A circle. 4 •W
1," 'mid he, "attend a myniit aria`
welt to the precepts which I am
about to promulgate to you for observatioti'
in time of war. Fight with br.tvery and
loyalty. Never use artifice 'or perfidy
towards :your enemies - ; do not mutilate
the fallen, do not. slay the aged, nor the
children, nor The women; do not destroy
the palm tree; do not destroy the crops ;
do not cut down the fruit trees, nor do
not slaughter the cattle except what will
be necessary for your nourishment. 'Yon
will find on your route men living in soli
tude,in Meditation,and adoration of God ;
do them no injury ; give them no offense."
—Lamartines Turkr,y._
• A walk of a few bainutes . in ibis city,
says the Washington correspondent of the
New York &p: es, will easily enable one
to "look upon this picture and then ou
that." A ramble thrones 011 P lanspit4l, _
swarmed with emaciated and maimed vet
eran soldiers, and th› suburbs,
in the colonies of destituta, suffering and
abandoned negroes, will present one pic•
Mitre incident to the war, and thence to
the national capitol, whore thousands of
both sexes, richly and costly actired, and
decked with sumptons j lwels, evidently
satisfied watt therrisolvet and ali the world
will present the other picttire.
The following anecdote i 3 told of the
celebrated surgeon, Dr.Abernethy; One
day, dariog an examination of a class of
students,.he asked one of them what he
would do in the case of a mut being blown
up by gunpowder.. "I till he
came down . again," was the cool reply.
"True," rejoined Abernethy. "Apd sun*
pose I should kick you for such art imper.
tinent reply, what muscles would I put in
mcitiont" .."The flexors and extensor 3 of
my right arm," said the student ; "for I
should floor you directly."
A correspondent-9f the New York Jour.
miler tornmorce says .tblit he recently sent
* box containing some of the luxuries of
life to his nephew, stationed at iieWbern,
North - Carolina, and all the articles
reached their destination safely, but two
bottles of fine old cherry brandy which
had been provided fir "medicinal pur
pose" by his good aunt. -Toe nephew
vrtites: "Hereafter, when you send any
liquids - please hive them labeled 'David's
Pain Oilier,' end they will turely come to
Goma To .Lew.—l = tho Si perior Court
of Connectieut,there is a cue his;v7 on trial
in which are coinoerned two citizena of
Glastonbury who g) to law about a grind
stone. - TAstone cost $5. and the costs
have alAdy exceeded $3OO with an inter
eating prospect ahead for more. The
parties under the lead of the lawyers,
threaten - to inamiinons pretty much All
Glastonbury to prove the scan adreliem of
principals luad Witnesses.
A. man came to the Duke 6f Wellineton
—"What have you' to offer ?" A bullet.
proof jacket, your grace." -Put - it on."
The Inventor obeyed. Tne Duke rang a
bell. An ald'de-camp presented himself.
"Tell the captain of the guard to order
one of the men to load With ball and cart.
ridge." The inventor cli.dgpe.lred and
wail never seen again near the florae
Guards. No money was in trying
that invention.
The hat was paitoi around a certsin
congregation for the purpose of taking up 4
a collection. After it /134 made the cir-1
Celt of the church, it was handed to the
minister, who had "exchanged rulpits"
with the -regular minister, ari.l li inund
not a penny in it. , Ete invertej tl,•+ hat
over ttie-pulpit -cushion add shook it,that
itienstitineas might be known, then look•
iug toward the ceiling, he exclaimed with
gieat fervor, "I thank G 3 -3 that I got my
bat batik from this congregation 1"
There s in Lettington, UM., a woman
Who has& buslund in the army, and one
child to support h and is exciti.ig , the admi•
ration of the farmers by hPlr pr - inress as a
workmen, for she dresses like a man. and
is engaged in chopping wo)cl at, $125 per
coil. &menus one cord per day, amuses
herself while in the swamp by catching
rabbits, at which she is very saccessful.
Tat BRITON AT 'Olit.—Ctntain de Smith
remonstrates with Dir. )Inros, the vet.
erinary Of hie regimeot, for -pronund
ciation of the word horse—'.o la; m the
Vet.—" Well, if a haitch, and a ho, and a
her, and a hese, and a he, don't 81101 'one,
my name ain't 'Eary 'o:mes."
A traveler who, met a c3tintryman in
mourning:llnd* the observation, "You
have lost some of your friend's, I see."
"Yes, sir," was the reply. "Was it a near
of distant relative ?" "Well. putty dia.
dant—'bout twenty.four mite."
♦ pretty Irish girl went to the post-office
a few evenings since with a letter that direction on it, requestiog the
clerk tcrsend it to her svreettieart. - What
is his rime 1" iovired the clerk. "Att I"
replied Bridget; -th‘t's just what,' dont
want anyone f knesw.'
Amite. Tos Szn (Instal:se —We have set
lected the follow/rag poraoas as agents for the
Cassius* in theirrespectieo localities. They
are antitorised to collect. bills for subscrip.
don, advertising and job work due this effice,
and receipt for the same. Parties who know
themselves indebted to the office will muck
oblige- nay calling upon thee gentlemen
and making immediate payment :
,Stone. Fairview, Amos
Girard, Capt. D. Tv—Hutchinson.
Lockport, J. C ChUffaIREL.
Albion, . C. E. Lincoln.
'Wtitierford. W. C. White.
Corry, .- Amo; ficoat.
North East, ./3. A. Tabor.
YonopviLle, . Olt G. J. WLit.ttey.
Tis Ltrans.—The- cold- and changeable
weather tglaterribly on those who have weak
and disteaedinoge. - Many are suffering at
this time "Ws affections of the tbrMit•and
hogs. Bronshitis is becoming A very com.
tllow 'Minion. noes who ore prti.lispored
to: Colds, Coughs, Brooebilis • Er.c , should
avoid the-nicht stir The , -e'itro many prepa—
rations recommended for these di-o..etto but
there ie•not a doubt but th i r Strieltittbd's
ittellißocons Cough Bsirgn IN the best remedy.
Ws have koovu is to effect - cures in the worst
Waite of Cotes, Colds, Z.:. Debi:is, Asthma,
sat* priniary cases of Consumption
Sa o Poulain, Bounties. Arrears of Pay,
1k0.,4aw be procured by the Widows, Orphans,
ma next-of kin of those who have died is the
Marries sfthe United State:; also, by Soldiers
WI Seamen who aro disabled by armada re
odassior ditties° contracted, .upon. application
to O. p. • . 014rink r Licensed Military and
'Naval 'Claim- Agent. Office in the Common
Council Boom, Wright's Block, corner State
"sad -111M1 041 e, (ustder the Dispatch
Nriti, Pe: ' -