The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, November 17, 1864, Image 1

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The Solder', 'Letter.
Ho. sweet when night her misty veil
-Around the weary soldier throws,
Ati twilight's golden skies grow pale,
• And welting winds invite repose,
To Sit beside the ir m e hg r e s . , bi llse,
Where friendly comrades nightly cont.,
fo sing-the songs of ether days,
And talk of things wo love et home.
cif those we love, who list anl wait, -
Beneath the same benignant moon,
The.postnittn's step behind the gate,
With tidings from tho absent one ;
and beaming smiles their` thoughts reread,
And love is mirrored in their eyes,
As eagerly they break the Real,.
Elate with joy and glad surprise.
But dearer yet the shad that rings
in erAdtation,-loud.awl clear,
To hail the messenger who brings
Letters from home and kindred dear ;
And _!neath the pale modn's sunning light—
_ rill-plaits reads his treienre 'Oar,
And,througlilhe hours of silent night,
In dreams he visite home 01108 more.
In dsrwria he sits beside ths_hearth,
"Alltrfruntscimps and traitor's wiles, -
And deems the dearest spot on earth
Where loving wife and mother smiles : •
And many a face almost forgot,
And many a word so fondly spoken, _
Come Bitting round the aloldier'soot,
Till the sweet dream, at morn, it broken.
0, ye who love the soldier•well,
Lid him be hopeful, brave and gay ;
Bette! heknows than you wan tell,, -
- The perils that attend_his way. ‘ l .: -
dome word of hope in battle's hour.
Whileetriving with a vengeful toe,
tics nerved the soldier's arm with power,
To strike or ward the impending Mow.
The soldier brave fs often prods
'To-deem himself forgotten qnite,
A wanderer. on the earth alone,
When friends at home neglect in...write.
Then cheer him ofV-with words like these,
And tints your deep affeckion prove; ..
Let every-keel that ploughs the seas
Bear him some message full of lova.
Make Home Bright and Pleasant.
More than tuilding eihoiry mansions.
More tlian dress and line array,
More than domes , or lofty steeples,
More than station, power and sway,'—
Make your home both neat and' tastefnl;
Bright and pleasant, slwaynfair,r
Where each heart shall rest oontent'ed,
Grateful for'each beauty there. "
More than lofty swelling titles,
More than fashion's lurid glom •
More than ISlammon's gilded honors,
More chart thoughts Cam well compare—
See that, home is made attractive,
By surroundings pure and bright,
Trees, arriassa math taste and order,
trlowese, with all their sweet delight.
Beek to your home most lovely,
Let it be a smiling spot,
Where in "sweet ooatenuisent resting. -
Care and sorrow ars forgot;
Where the flowers and trees are waving,
Birds will sing their sweetest Bong;
Where the purest thoughts will linger.
Confidence and lore beloak.
There each heart will rest contented,.
81)tiont wishing far roam (
Or, if roaming, still.,will cherish .
Mesa'ries.of that pluvial. A IOIS M •
Bach s home mates mut the bean.
Pure and latter its control;
Home, with pur3 sod bright surroundings,
Levee its impr,ses on the soul.
Sad there they sat, &popping eons,
John Stiles aid Elitestt Cutter;
Jan Stiles as fit-aa any es,
dad Susan fat as butter:
• ,
Aid there they at and ekelied the corn.
And raked and stirred the
And talked of different kinds of ears,
And hitched• their chairs ihonigher,
Ns Susan she the popper stook.
Then John he shook the vipper.
Till both their faces grew as red
Ai eaucephas made of copper.
• _
• ••
And the nthe; ehened and- popped and ate,
411 kinds of fun a•poking—
While he hitir-law'd at her remarks,
And ehelaughed /41iii:JokiPS? •
ALA still they popped and still they ate—
test enVlsas like e. topper,-
lad 'Pined - the fife, sad sprinkled salt,
And shook 'and shook the popper:
jbe itimoi,elooltdOk Wiwi - tie%
And'etill the 'Oil kept — p - opPing= ---
It struck einewnint, Atencstrtek twelve,
And alilnieitignrontopping
And John• he ate, and Sne she thought,
The Corm - FrPriatlyillter,
Till John cried out, "The corn's a tire
Why, Susan,. what's the matter'" _
Said she, "John Stiles, We one o'eloek,
You'll die of indignetienl.
giek of ilkaltis popping *own—
Why don' pop the question r•
The Babyleen Benedict's Soliloquy.
it The queerest little dresses
iyeslicre eier teen,
I ioinetignes catch a &gape of,
And Wonder what they meas.
foldedup-so neatly.
and-fmhioned ontWitti grios,
.h little bowl of ribbon,
,nd huts bits of lace.
ao on theiti l So.ol wonder,
Lnd,in Viola's eyes
y to read the secret, _
tut she is alt too wise. )
. unto all my questions •
he,maltes but tttie reply : .
''iotelj,ltare_justleaoe, dearest,
'II lelryou—by and, by !" -
.sys ago a report was circulated tifit -
Ote soarotty : of "iktioneoerred to the
'prisoners - trt lrttdelittg , they bid
wiled, in the face
!oh nut cook Ms, The report coin•
ears of 'Captain , •Ilsiirent to
to Institute an investigation. lie
ted that the boys reaUy.tetught, kill
-4,0 l some rats. One of the guiily
re eallei up, inidupon being
.the h?pyi had a curiosity to
a young rat, being properly stalled/
Acoordingly several rats were .
nd varied up . ••19e11; bow lid tturY
tho'eoptsin.' The ahlpOyeplled
taste there was very little inference
rat and s young squirrel ; and at—
sail the rations were sufloient,
tort were isterpeoesi L how e itld Likt:to
privilege of 000klog aii`d'esilis
felt like it.
. . ,
. .
. .
. I . _ _
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T..i.'-- ...- _
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i . 1111 15,".— :
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II .
. - .
' • ' ''" ••
s " I - ' i a '• '
SAXO3I4 9 415414 1* 4
. 1 110jugatires«»19hat la t t_-
Do you fls.tiei yourselves that, with the
overthrow of the erganissid military power:,
of the Confederacy we shall have peace
and bsrmony? This hope is a delusion.
'they who - would cause - you to trust there.
in pbint you to the historical examples of
England" and I:Prailee as illustrative cif the
facility with which
r the ravages of war are
obliterated after its termination: -
It may be trills that flaring the civil
wars'inihese ootentries personal anikaosii
ties viere as baler and as intensified as
those now witnessed by us', and that - these
feelings •noon subsided tiftei peace -- was
once established.. But you must recollect
that in thos'a cages the antagonist parties
Were noiteparated by lines,
but were intermingled throughout the
entire country .
We have often witnessed more rxaspe
tatiork between opposing 'political partie4
in Presidential elections than Was exhibi
ted In 1860. But iu previous C 3.051 those
partiea - were interspersed throughout eve
ry State and heighborhOod in not very
unequal proportions. The paiLiesthurri
cane was succeeded iwithin_a fewlays by
a calm which left scarcely a trace of the
recent convulsion. Intelligent men un
detstood :thii difference then.-_ _We can all
appreciate it now.
. Examples more pertinent and sugges-'
tiie.thtin tliet4'ebtive — roferrect - to—might
be-found in English history, In the year
'1172 Henry 11. succeeded in establiihing ,
by force of arms his claim to the sover
eignty over Ireland. The independence
of the latter country - wee thus "crushed
out,"_ an& as it was then thought,forever.
But the two parties to that -contests' were
geographically separated, and tir,imere
the-14:18a liundred, years has the fury otin
dividnal and national hatred sometimes
blazqd and aometingeismouldered, but heti
never been for a.moment extinct,. ,'
TiMe and ag.aiti rebellion reared its
head in that devoted country with tempo
rary success, and as often has England
vindicated ther.iright" of oppression by
the sword. The people have shown them.
idles ever ready to eo-opeTate_wkhia for
eign foe for the - overthrow of a power .
which held them in unwilling subjtctioa,
but the military and naval
, povitrs of
Engleed would at length „proVe... trium
phant,and Ireland would be again quelled,
though unsubdued. Every expedientsthat
vengeance or ambition could suggest has
been exhausted.deireiiatiotratid cinelty
and starvation, but, all in vain. Colonisa
tion has been attempted with a view of
supplanting the whole population by ano
ther race bet Ween Ishom and their fellow.
countrymen On the other aide of tha;031110-
, net no "irrepressible conflict" of religions
opinion should exist, but all - to little pur.
pose, ,until England, despiring Of limas
through measures of mere ban final
ly resorted to those of toleration and juts.
tice.:, But even now, the traditionittbiem 7
grrot seven hundred years of wrcinistill
lives in the bosoms of her children wher
ever scattered on the earth, and the eye
of every hod-carrier end ditch-digger will
still sparkle with the treasured feelings of
hatred unavenged, mention. of a
name which he always couples with the
idea of tiatienal wrong and,individual op
But the example of Scotland is still
more.pertinent and analagous, inaamtich
as the two pepple inhabited the saute
country, and in point •'of -population,
wealth and - po'Wer stood more - nearly to•.
wards eaci other in the relation of the two
belligerents }adv. - - _
Towards the 'close of the thirteenth cen
tury Edward I.; of England. claimed to be
the legitimate sovereign of Scotland—
holding all those to be traitors who re
sisted by the "rebels" under the leader
ship of the celebrated William; W4llace.
In 1299 they were defeatid at the dcisive
battle of. Falkirk. Their military power
wea "crushed" add eootlaii'd was subjuga
ted and "loyal." - - -
Three yeari later Wallace had become
again, as formidable as before, and Edward
had to col:runback' his work of conquest
anew. lie Moved ndithi'ard with the
whole military&Rweryf,kisTealni, accom
panied by his,navy, which bed the entire
command of the sea.
~Aftera war4f two
years the Scotch :Were. -einkreli over
whelmed, arid Wallace taken prlionor and
execute - J. Tielmq_mispr marchedta trig
umph from one end - or tbe-country,to the
other. All vied in their iirofeasWas of
allegiance—all boWed to tb.lf, iirieptre of
the conqueror. He attempted to abrogate
the Scottish customs, to abcdisbAhefScot
tisla name, and .even to substitete%.Engliali
. lke___Scoteh tnbabitants of the 'king
dom. Ali seetued wagq and security;
Two years later the rebellien broke out
afresh under Robert :Bruce.: In ilterrat
the fatal battle of liettren;tlie organized
military power of StalandWes'ettin;,arrni
hilated, and , Bruce becalm ftigitiVO and
a wanderer. tight years_ laterLhe jotted
himself at thu head. hat:pother army. The
battle , of 'Bannockburn , was longht, end
Scotland waa agaiw,, free.
Under the weakstioceis,slriof - *arse the
domination of Engtandwas again, claimed t
and enforced. For three
SCotland often, raised tAestandard'of re - -
bellion, and siezed upon every e_ptrotunti
ty that prgsigted i iiewif for co-operation
with the eneuticlif - 'nglartd; - Ale two
came to be regarded ea' 'natural ,citietniaa
until Janata Vi..-ef Soetlissidi'ai length,
ascended the Engliab - thrOni. The More
Poilierful ceunirx,chut.utiitgOtaelf to 416
Weak - 6; iinsd becaine
,estitiguished by,ReacecttlLstppifratnra : which
would never haveyielded : , to force. The
tapas if" more 'tireltitradittl'ithd fifty
years has seen that. tinjol ;7 " eona l tantty grow
in' stronger, iatuffes a4 s r warand
inutaaLlninep444,;sailiod to thlLite It&
dared wholly
Thus teicistngs : of? , -isiatory of .the.
past are confirmed 'the - lesions of our
own experieice: IFtmuiuri:
,redutted min
;trained loya ty , is again riluigVaulaces&
ful rebellion, 'and must be •corquered
I anew. The same may be said of a great
I portion of Louisiana, Tezas; • Arkansas, as
1 well as some of the States ou this side of
the Mississippi. . .:
Mere conquest never extinguishes na
tional antipathies, but• gives them edge
Nand venom. Themild influences of peace
- and kindness effect - what could neVer be
attained by violence in , the production
I and preservation of nationalunity. They
accomplish their purposes, not by tesist
ing the power to separate, but-by ramp,-
ing the wish and the motive for doing so.
Is the lesson to be lost upon us ? .. .
Government 'pays $l5 &pieta 'for artificial
regi tarniobed to maimed'eoldfere.
General Sheridan was born in.Beston,_ and
need' to be a newsboy on State Street.
Excellent for these bassi flutes ill the name
of a St. Louis tlrin—L•Grins & Barrett.'
There ere 80 people In Great -Britain who
have ►n'tneome yearly of over Lquarter of a
tolllion of dollars.
The other day a negro soldier arrested a
witirronn, in Kentucky, for cheering for
1 IThe:colored laborer,(, .in .nuntber 45(4 . at
'llititby's oyster packing house, in Baltimore,
, lava struck because the boss opened another
store where he employed white women. ,
Gen. Early, we believe has been considered
a hard drinker, but a:Little Sherry on a recent
ocaaSeon proved too much for him.
Aid:m - 4h the Devil Is said to, be - the most
powerful and (formidable of wrested beings,
it is safer to 'tight him than any other living
thing. " • •
A young fellow once offered to kiss a Qna
"'trap- "Friend," said . she, "thee must not
data" "Oh, by Jove, but I must," said the
youth. "Well, friend, as thou hut sworn,
thee may do 4t,but thee must nuanake a rill..
tine -
,Cutoetnit „ Blutic.--a ham-jaSt_ fteeivsci
the following_ • t of music fritm Horace Ws
tees; publisher, 8 Broadway, New York :
"God Says our Nob Union." "Better Times
ire Coming," and "Frio of the Union. we
Greet Yon:" ~ •
• The Oswego Times wants to'know if a. man
has tortioollie, soobylosie of the We. pars
lintlonof the tier &earth ad quartem, marl- -
enlum, obliteration of the laverlabli an co:
els alquirlael, and beside, don't feel Ter, we
himself, !bather he would he exempt from the
draft ? one's he would. • . ._ .
An editor baring read!' anethWr paper the.
the use of a certain kind of tobewso.: if amen
smoke@ or chews, will mike •hist fined that
he owes i; dollar in the world, Innocently oon.
eludes- that many. of hie oUbseribera hive been
furnished with the arttole. -
He who, by straight•Orward mums of
condi:tat, Makes giiod friends on the ens band
land:bitter Were on the other, give, evidence
that there is something of the bald, independ
ent, upright man in his composition; while
the ohicken-hearted, imhipila charan4t is ca
pable of making neither frienda r ner,ioes.'
The high price of coal has ' led- people to
look about for some substitute f One of the
moot aisilable peat, of which 'there are
largediposits in many parts of 'the oonatry.
Specimins merely cut into blocks nod dried,
were exhibited - at the New York State Fair,
indicating a disposition to mike s. trial of it.
. A young 'Woman in Jackson, Mich., has
-in tarrying on the recruiting business in an
original and highly peculiar manner. ' Bh.
marries a man on condition that he will enlist
and - eve her his bounty. Bhe; being striking
ly handsome, the man consents. After he is
gone she marries another.• Four men had abs
true wadded and 'sent to ,the army. On the
drib occasion she was detested. • .
timee'have obanged since learned Edisto!
lan •
Far-office; eca thoughtfal.middle mss.. , .
Opposing abOlition with hie might,
An counting radicals the land's black blight.
Bat now The radicals are on the throne,
Great Ed#rard met and ew.eare by them itoae;
8o shittitthe weather-cook ea the gale blows,
And follows still the wind 'Whys Everett pool"
Ba - mot• Liamena.--We hare NM* within{
•few days, some :specimens ; of A • (*brim
werpresameis no novelty to, our friende f ist the
shoe : trade, but which was entirely new*, 4.
This - fabric iex menshotore from Adam/ emir
sr leather, which are -redacted to a ;ieslp by
grinditeg •sad maneratibili and tlioo/ITeri?4
into solid "aides!! of - pressure.:—:
The artielettkult produced is lava =bay. we.
•utiderstattl,ior the inner Wu—but to en ult.
, probesioisl eye it semis out imitableforall tie
}imnoses et leather sts the •_arigittal. artiste
Sdkon • - - .
Two eons. of ELM-. Batten,. of Kmastsgt?,h,
Conn.rwers out- hunting- Last:-Thelteday,
havieg =k•= • • • •talnto a hollow
log, when the youngeet hey pantie hand W
ent the knedruPed. Verk sou be felt
or; Whit' tffeinght, the *Watch
°TAMS' !saris.- 'Thti: tWerienohr trlcl•
like sentlifioni-:. Itch timelninatee dietitian icf
both oftimenoedttwelling'at as elatteing reti
and.theyetartetrior the revidetele !affis near
irhu Holed thee:Aria , '44iieltity
each •betiatne thorobghly intoldballed.l"%tfter ,
recereing.frons the effeotis .41 the -liqtis
ewetling ersdsittly stibsided;_ , jail Lbatis
soon oaaltithskebt.• • littlest Asrtlisteg was
spilt oposil in the -pissonescof a i.numbereit
Termini, vhditriAli.ths4urirtsipsitsitl,t4s age
snake exhibited itself ittailltilletihsctsrocity.
Daily lilitii4ita4ing to theiirobeiliiisd*: : '
the 't4ette 7 0?tht . ;310', ssi i -i: • l4Pie•
,1144 of
.•s,t ; South filos. - bahhle . ,doirs to ;
the piieiti ' - gnur2 petroleum :manial:tuition ,
nettles kns otrered every thsi
make 4sisOsi to priitAce - 9 . po* - c`tedu ll *
The philoioiAleTr mast hate keen
,tient obthe'inaiiiiinpri - of joint stOOlt."oompi=-
, nide who ploagire4 - . tii'reat tai
being tilinated as to
,cheet." • lie , :Oa oirfi•
`,Ter that rages at PrisitifniMilieti'ritill CAWS
:by hundreds daily ;:and yet hundreds sliply .
daily for the prPilige isfhoin*
few inputhstoso,44ero was • railide — nigold
eatOpettien; ; fo•day it Is ~ p stotSigsts:. Theii
petroleum companies, whose' isdiestiesinieiltei .
itiv4Sis*,d pawl*,
pets, are, in/4014i
fotitions, 'add direct vehiolas of !nod.
specuintniirintrestrwirtrat , of Land in dein '
region, toi'oihe trio
issue 'stack' tifkheisioutt et frai beiclipeif
duce some citizen, who.' iiitty well' known
in the community, to , sot
not si Wadding of
the company, either by siing him s present
of some ten thousand sitarie, or by making
lam - s, dupe as well as the public. ,Th‘ithen
sweat attintion. by skillful an 4 libeial adier
tilling, an 4 the Mechlin to' unarm hail the
net, , By C . Serino ehares — griattY belaki pat`
they'are - always able,? lieepiaramaiti Who
coneePre; that they trei:imittring 'a • spiiikill
bargain. In reility,the glimpse's, mid 'Torii
to sell at niiiety:tiine per cent. below par - mwl
realize at that a'handseme Arent Ow their in::
restment. 'ln nine eases out of.ten,oil enough' .
will not be found to. pity for; boring.. The,
speenlatiire baring disposed of as mush stock
aa possible, buy another tract , of land, form
another company and renew operations: Thin
NAG geOcral rule, lathes*, of ourss thee*
are exceptions." '
It is just 27 years einta the tologra*lras
first put to praotient test.; Thou ant
eldeiast truism toy. In-1851, kowavorcl,,WO
mites were in operation.' Ellice .ibilewinßY
200;000 miles of toter aplikoas besocallokin
to.egistaoot throughout•tha The sire
has panottotarl to olotoskavery tattoo 44},Ifp
earth, "braying all olimil4es. - .
UMW" Rig Ai Um) 011
A BOGUit'iliZTlOltil VP."
Prom tbe Titarvillis Brio - Air of hit woe's 3, .
The t Titusulle
of - • 13.-, )iy arrest & Co,
.hall . ,evaPPreted;,,
ing skit i slight residnni (ha shaPt - iff -an!
empty o gee, Vrith a few. fixtures. and the sivs,
oyer.the doer. - Ileveral drafts en Hew
York, issiedliois the honsC,-came back iro:
tested feat - week, and on Sittfiffii -i ths.
safe, and other assets wart listed
Sheriff on attachment and Ofs
clued tip: W. D. Barrister; the ?spited Piemi,
ident of the concern, bid thei beets - abseil
revers' days.
From the facts that hart been 9/M44'11110
the catastrophe, it seems thit - , E ffalidster' hid
used the money of the OpOsithin 'OAT.
chase of - Cif teriltory,:e•diiiff, n oigiiiiisit
company under $s title of the dirk:4o46u,
Company," with a
000. At the time Of tiii'OVitiff he'eht in ittilir
York for
the company end raising !trade to rep la ce _ ;thee
depcsiA, and waplita the'pnrchaie of 'lbe
territory upon- which •iclvtinciii kad:'strestd
been made, Sortie twOientlts Sautils-
Aer induced &number otathiiis to join
application for 41111iflp ‘ 1 . 14/40, - firlid/C 7471 1 -
ti 4 here._Tba firSitr - " - to
waatung* and lisilistorAsSAKed . sliest t6i
charter had been .gainied,'. Bat HiC4isiithat
• commissioner wee sent frOmithi DeiiiO4 = eit '
at Washington to i•veittigetC : the,mati t ei, r istd,
he reported adventellin thneppliosti*:'
Both Mr. Dann, the l *i*,, and KC Met;
well, the : clerk 14, littel;Aei . "
Made the victim" nisi! _ tool 'aikeillie of
which they had no suspicion. • Mr. Dinii s rai
formerly °annealed with a brokeil •OSioi in
Erie, andwu induced to come'here under the
promise that he should hold the paid= of
cashier of the 'national bank when ft sheuld
have gone Into operation. Hie Ititiraotirs*
with the public here hail' been marked With
courtesy' and uprightness, which have' wo
him many friends.
The. aggro/melon of depositors is about.
'525,000.- It is reported that an amount mei.
if not' quite equal to thiti has been 'idealised
on oil territory. Much of this t ill'doubtless
be - fortified by the non.paymetit of 'further:
lostilments. The history of the institution
has been one of reckless attancial kite-eying,
and speottlatisi. The name of *alien seems
to have been assumed, for no one of that name
has ever been known in connestion with the
banking 'hones.
-Ton. Om os Nozzin—Wuras Asii.oes
4dirliT...rOn and atter Mosaily, OotAlet; 1864,
aud•uatit farther not*. she Mails will doss
as - •
clewsland &Oldasge,, 9.60 a - . m. a 7.80 p. m.
Buffalo„ . 1.15 p. Et a 7.30 p. m.
New Yorklr. Washing. •
: 1.15 p, 4 4 6.60 p. m.
. • m.
Eutern Wey, enpplying all ,
between Erie and Buffalo, : Di,
Weetern Way, supplying -all oft . oes _
*burnt Brie and Cleveland, 8. 0 0 p. in..
Itutolirg Erie. Bt. Pittsburg 11,., R., 9.80 a, m.
Edinboro and Way O ffi bee, 8 00'p, tn.
kliarrieburs; 2 = •43.0013. m.
'Ph ttidelpBli - lad tits -740,
7lNSUeliargivsa'.2neadaysg; Minn. .
Aga mut tur444, 5.80' ca.
:Oefire honis frau 7.BoVinAil 8:00. in.
Sunday ? n Mee opetilietif '7.80 Ea 1.110 a. tit.
' :• • JOS.: A 1.182,118511.1%
-Erie.Zoti ii, /864, , - .
Ears; ti;otha WiiosAfiprs vs
JiirS,4 7 Cirili i. laitta, a
. ilrAfkil4be I • l l.4 l k!''W Pl i tl94:l,`" A r:
gle; dgeitt&ikkrau..aild Viciqz:7,ll l , s P e t''
,tußtiop..4 suirsts equally ikitecoliective:
atutin ita iildirisl u sl.lQE'lbem;
for thsfuoiog of; the priest and 4,,,4scsa
onus Wows ehassgSor.• clittgerolle:tP' the
poems ok society:P . y,... •• • '
The 1T , , er74 1 se l it.44itierr
30; giie a lief of one
,ekttick' clad 414/09.
3 ?
?7 11 i s Plitati) 1 . P 6 2 1 4 9 1 .1- i ku li
*let*l l . l 4l2“Lii c g lie°,/ 1::# 161*(44
0'44 1 : titti ci4oa. • " 1 7
.. 4 1 41 0;5i4 6 4 4
44 , 9 1 itian-sipijOiir
lecoid erdistaiqj kerieiru thilk
and Itittoteithee; leareibrotod' ,
ars3t age
driflirfecir4dzandsomoug liar popish
, A t mwags - 4Tiez.—The'Prialdstit has is.
iuiff - * pridolimatfori iii *Ma NSF aisicifit:
ceitheidasiilloa of If Alta lido
:..1.3077 EX: plf
,FAist.—Purehti• en 'may ion"
f; -t, iitsls befit' Furs at Charles Oakferd dt
- • '
...ligitusautz's Hire. ..-411t , the latest' btytes
it Cheilii Oakfebi ,tlloke;betti4iiitit Hotel,
'Philidelpleil. • 0 . .-4
LV.O2' V.uss:.l44 largeii iisortzusat at
Charles Sips; `Ciitithleittalc,ll€l4lr
s. c,
-41witimis i al.ilAro—Alr the taut. 'sly* at
harriellittbet t Send eatitlititat
lbifpMi:" r
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..44p•trylis, r4 —Furf; las "'
gittioe the bfit Tars to _ k
•-• '
Ms! ~&►laD .
std e~i: lSCChilriat Oished It Elea, eartiaitipil`
Boat; PbM": •I, • . : ; - •
.1 .
.Bvsse g r aa 4 — T le Lareist'assoeuseat,,st
Chu* ti thitastatat gOtel,
L: 4114 •
calgrAIGN 111171111CREBES1.
With the peitiosue of the °Sacrisr will close,
the period' for *blob a large ;timber of our:
itmps4s sulyambers have paid. As • we an
noo.notd atUtetart,the paper will be promptly
discaatincied4ut . - !another directions ire given.
to na bifore ilte expiration of the time. We
shall be plesod to have ea asp," of our friends
continue theifiatronary u -poesible,, but it
would neither be fali , in to, Wilma to theca,.
to audit looser than they have directed.—
Attar the Presidential elution, a much larger
portion of the paper Isn't be devoted to read
ing o6i literary, nein and lust nature than
we have been able to give in the =Min po
litical event; of the pact year. .tf.
Array/roc Bore I—A Cizernia. so Mazz
ltat{si. Very few persons are aware, thbt by
a recent invention, newspapers and serape of
printed paper, can be converted into material
fort elating upon again. The high price of
paper has made an active ;dimmed for old
aewspepers,.books, pamphlets aid scraps of
paper for this purpose, . and it is - eage rly
bought up by parties connected with the pa
-per mills.. -By - oolleethig and saving all the
material of-this kind about their bonzes, old
selling itoitany a family can pet "money is
their parser," which would otherwise be laid.
The highes‘price, us cash, will be paid for it
alibis office.
We call special attentioli to the saperiar
styles of Wedding and Visiting CR* printed
stahis °Soo. Raving procured several new
fonts of type especially for this hint of work,
we are enable to print cards in a style equal
to.,those obtained in any of the Larger titles.
It is nothing lase than' foolishness-for ?Owes
to gp abroad and pay extravagant prices for
engraved ceas when they can get just as hand
some ones at home for less thee one -third the
aft. Paulions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay,
80., can be procured by the Widocre,•Orpitans
and next oft% of thee* who him died is the
amine of thelinite4 fitafas; filso, by Soldiers
andßeemwerho are disabled by wounds re.
calved or - di/mei nontractedi•npon application
to 0.. P. 11 — eifircTsrtinimutd- Military and
Naval ' = l 3llciit the Common
Obtanell Zoom,- Widglati Bleck,. °enter Staff*
sad RINA 1 1 4:1(!miliM the , Al•Pdch. Ofieet)
Ella; ran
kaar.Csair Czrr ,Itaamaxoe roa
lilting about to remon to Philadelphia, I of.
fer for isle stay 044 - feeldenoe and the whole
outlet of the fotaiture v os reasonable terms.
That house ie *no etthe hest in the ulty—tood
vis, atola and giejah, with double parlors on
each side • of ail:l'lam' throughout
iqtb gaVend wirter.• Poseisaion given, if ee
quirad,'cot the /at ofJanruu7, a /at of April
remind our !as ire that the (unli
t* of tha °battier oboe are not excelled by
inky astablitannent in'North Weetarn Penn
ajleahlat for dohs. Priatiag. Pomona in
seed af Veudua,BiUs, Faecilan , Ticket., Bill
Heads, /yanks, orally kind, of Plain or Fancy
PA/tine will tilt ik s tO thes advantage ta
gin ar , II oaf1:: , •p - tr:
'llLsitis.iire Wisp 14,41631.4- on hand s
large selection of Legal WAAL of monied
forms, such sr - Deethr, it or times, Judgment
Witt Contisoi ffeSet e rfintsmkome4ajusasso sod
sonny reduce; hot , in IRA general use . Thoiti
iq mee4 -pf. thus articles. will And it to their
advantage our 'Ace IL call. tf
\ : Trample tollowtrts aolobraokl 1
Gut:lnky Ls oo o.Tow York-
Kat iambs kr Co.„Baltbross, Kt •s
-' Lisaortaa k dots, Nur 'fork.
W. B. Bradt:nary, New Tort. '
Joke L Dui's*, KM York. - ' ,
Greve*** Co , Now York.
' Geo. A. Maas kr: Co , Bah% IC T.
WWI, liksdhileaktio.kierr Tait. - -
Prices areAargei r Diseocuit below Xan
, *
DI tor 's Priam .
Alio. Inotritatan Doebrind Sheet Yids,
All ram! niebing a trot rats Piano Torte or If elode.
on, MI Invited to WI esterearnbee oar lastrmnaiti be
fore purchasing elairerbens.
Seedy Mock, State etrse4, nearly
_oripeidte the Post
or P. fi,=-Ifierr 4fftnuneatmeerranted for Ors, reins
1 - •
Cheagest;Parriiiiire Store
. •
A s.ctinF at tits Coon s tl,
Itaiß ins, " ; •
'Froth 38 dents Ow'pou n d.
• F $5 00
From s4' 00
SPRING BEDS, . Froth $2 50
.„ _ •
' • - • - Prop $6 00
• TANiiiinf -LO/7)11G513,, - inixxAve,
• ..And Ott' Nwitr s Low ..,t6. Loire.
Bol e r o 114, OirattOf Eipstatted Laid,
414,at Assetably t approved lier 80„.11M4 thehot
ean ati4 Ovum Vapetentat Leads ate easutt , e4 to
laits eat *oats for mai hada beton be Ist dal of
Novetaber,_llMS4. Oa tenon to take oat each pitstrts the
Satearorlimeetal la directed !le seekedede the t of
pisreAses taterest 4.4 Au Wes each tny stnuu
erwat,i , vise lisocat , (tesettor ;Mk anal fare) Wiener
escergenrete sone 'skint *MU be /*Sentra a lies &sites
l soipor ass purpose Ent add aa '
liens ate nolo ,
tolorlotediatedi !wily tbit *Mom daeatili as sfislat
„dadalM i dTaioen, soder the Adel April 16,1845.
aealtatior parstatdae attesting' to ell'
tbe Ifla: • Um, sad bating teoll
15ea Ittg autztery ars prepared to pro,
11,11011Wse. ti at of rostut 460143 E .Plss 10S i /4 , albs la ot rius idt ,oustl edistjutce
en usetht ,
tame. Coneepoatkaos solicited sad rasodbuittesded
Irk:-A4losss- -15081151 T 6110M11ABS, es .
• ; ALLA= 1515„rirri
sail4os ,
' Attorneys sail Coauthors's!
_ _
1 ,-- ' - • - lstAw.Etoo,p ;- _..
-Bow Mitred.
-Itliiertittusmar i . IOI4OAN-IgaiiiOn of
3 - ooiiOnivisssl4 , ai dni all.linr 111 "lr. ° a . th.
miles! an ( without o imMahrmalbtaa; or
Etenstall Ifiiiialmeglivolastimi.edlatial loam Info.
ify, Impodlatesta I.
b r ill 7 121. 2 1111 : ZPILMIT sad rqs,f
itmeagatom ' ,
ir 1 ed es pe, o n i e d:a. -•
- =r or. gated lo may, oleortj
ellr Vattly..• Noses safe.,
ofarailas samadissisas ot mitilhom may be radb
tealy eared rithearthe dall role us of lintarnal pod.
adios or th.tlp oats mode
: • didiese osesiapiodandaftiiii sy 'aims of
. . apay oadfmate ss i f itlor what him eoialritian jaw
lots Wog , peitadaly Sal tudiftaily:
i• TiOdoehusidips l I A la 110 i
i %b r
hoods of arm ,
' you at( nary lass is tiro load. - , ' ;. ' I I
d 1 471 =Va al i r
e 1 a t
10 l I I Ir oo lt ° 4
. V is jabirdiffi- • ••,- :.,411141.1= 1" ;,,,,
12,7 Dowry Now York,
' l .iiii 4 drff - • • ' • • Pistols. Bel o ails. :
a . IJ 1
We+lingnnd Visiting Cards.
OLD, PRICIt,. Nei 11:044(CE t
„ !!loss; in? 41DVANC6i3
J -C. saLDB74
IS SilitlNG IW . A 41, PAPER
AT'oer. rpm& • '_.
71isitsess Cards tasted la titia 'ohm' of of
114iril Iln Dolan Per yea 6..)
Tos n. 111 ILLA R, 1
- - - CrrT Aruarsse, bffing mot Taint%
Stitrr. or. it proettd to gum or mks 'Plans or M i t%
In • Coml. Pa. MOO is COMM Culluill ROM;
Wright's Block: • ' itiania4y.
,D. WILKSIt, : . .
{ F 0 111141 1 ,130 Ailstr
ossios Minpononi,
RP*. ' Wateboaso on Pabd Dock, East Came ot
State Stied. Alegi, -dealer to I Coat. 1 1 44, nob, Flour,
Fluter, Water Lim e; 4= N.'' B.—Particular attention
wilt be giros to thn`Jileseirtos lad Forgrardlog of enCroo
team Oil. Crude and &nand; to all Oslo of the constry.
spri2ll4tt. - . r
Wsous.ts.x Rrrim. Disdiai
hottalers mid Provision • floor and feed, Wood and
Willow Wan. Whirs Jaguars% Tobsceo,Serus,
iltrost i rt to .Yonwes HOnmi:Funlisking timporium,
. I , . putol-41152.
E . eitiza-immthrr,- -.' i _
Jcirrios orris Ofileemeeps4
Nor Wain. Block, Fres* Build, between- Plfthaad
Ls*, r, .-
. .. ligtels4. 1
D PIERCE dc CO.. 1 -
Dwain rx .1.14, urn Os Ifailmtni,
and ibatifuitann sad Jobbat* tzt_Tia sad Censer Wars,
comer of 90 sod taqa SU, Etrie.ri• • 6b2r64tr-
S' 1144 43 4. A I A Pi§ "1
Exinxistoai (imam;
Itosewew*f• Mock, Ertiol'a. jaal/061tL.
• •?Omni, A? Lvov.
Practise la Mk, Weßion. Varrierva and JalYr>ren eociotia.
.1.; O. CUMIN. U • 4.-• r•] W. W. WILBIIII4 •
W '
rte 111.7 ht:. morktral. 1
Curuer of Second and Market Street-0m square east pt
rohneen , e Exchange. Warren, Pa. - 5eyt...20.-It, .
G BO. t j emmsoN,J , : •-• •
Soutb-w g ese ri cottr vi o l 4ll,ll l. sag StaiT 41.11411
4.lsmarlinactim dm. seal/ sad, eolleettoaa load*
b: 1 M. COLE,
Boo: Brims, But= ihret
:c.:Ln Sownd Story of litiadornecht's Block. St* Pa.
Gicottia U, VILITLISI4
Artooarr As Law, Mimi, Edo Coosft,.
ottlarlostono. attoolloil to
Aromptnimi and &mach. ,
• Bootal2sia and Dialira ilistkiimpry.
au npe. itagsalzes, Neiripepors, SA. Onatry: &aka
'applied. Store Nadu Brown's Efotalgtontlag 'UM P . ipt.
. aptC 1 ,
. .•
I. In a . . . 1 .
_ . I. A. CEI.Da has taken tlio Lima Ells st
too at"' *et French fittest, mar the PhUslo4hia dopet,
Ms My, sod is pawed to *Mgt Wh:to Um% la losgo
or small qoalitioa, at the tavola motet glom
17914-17;,' , . . : t • „
• Iktswlcal m vf. , Y PASIA DOM
Arroints aT Lair Chaslaat
e lestteills, Ps. Feb. ie-rva
an i snw ei l
st lr t. ro
AT LAW, la Walkar's OS.
E. is, Pa. au 7 'l2
Dzinsrr, Ikattes Block, Ninth Wig ottlh• aszt.
Mat* street. Eris. Pa. apr2l tf.
Moue Kum
. ,
riarariers HOTEL, • ~.
t 1
street, habeas ith sad ath alresta,
seer the Pbnadelptits a Elie Railroad 'Depot, - ette; Pe i
Loaht ahoevaaker. Peeptlator fateavire aviledtatOr
flop fez struagen and traveled. Board kr al lr iri l t dir
weak. Good atabltacsataahaL
LUtillalk Ity.OTHEB.,
Aesitisfor Plat Puma/Asti fugal* L isid
ioh-Ka ysine• Plaint awing lassibusir
—the test In un- StabStmet, Wye= and eta SIN,
Ede, Pa.
y 133 OW* La eatmehrtki West style.
m-Iy. , 1,
m• estwaxg. ' '
• Una' sap lass Brammiamiliith,
Stott and Troach. Irposgozon sad '
riga to let on reasonable terms. • Allii.l,
4 141WAMPlallrof Mum
4....4.46 AgrialatiMa 1' r
es- 16 , 16. Pa.
vvr K. AGILL,
wi Bleek.norrkf l aids 0 8 1 7 b1 :lia°9 la Roses-'ne':
'WOE Rousts,
itipowar, RI Co, Pa Km E. O. OtaMtMrn,'
Mister -This is a new and handsomely Sttad up
hi:ma., in the midst of ousel the best Treating and Ottat.
bag regions to Penosylracia: Comma:ll raa liooese,Cl
Bede, • Nod Table and Moderate Prices. The patella
pstrousgs is respeeluilys incited. , sepl4ly•
ATTOlMArLav—Ollssoatilludaist e
early opposite the Court flows, Erie,Pa. -
a. a. SPENCER, /OLDEN manna.
v . :Tog/agave ae cormom.Loita ar LAW
OFFICE, 'Paragon Block, near North
West Corer of the Path: Souaze. Erie. Pi.
Juan O. MOM
Dural' oar Gems, Cr lexrearis„
Croekery, Hardens*, Nelle,! Wen, Seed, Plaster, ste. ear
ser of Sixth West and Flame Square, Erie, Ps: Witt. •
And Show It to Your Friends.
Thoy are achnowledsea to be theßll4? KAORMI for
tatrotreediato this eoUritrv. Their earl
not only in this country, but all ore! the WOrtd,Vt
made it by Sir the most popular Yalta. aisw is ass:
‘• , • •
Mortars taken the Lead or all other Maeldhro, kat
aloes the late Improvement' hers Han added.every es.
riety °Nark hi performed with rah - ease mad rapidity
that the • , - ! ,
And it vice the admiration of ALL. We warrant them
to mita every variety of gooda,from the thinnest multa
to the thickest cloth. They make the celebrated olodk
stitch, , ' which it torpoesibie to He or ravel. Thais ida.
chlsuwllldeltLefdiovint work wirgop . ANT BAST
• de - QUILT.
• ;, \ •
They mi. 'Any; lildtg of% hem wheat Meanly taunts, or beating they wig istbseluad entekor Ent
osi the tame; If yon don't betiete 8..'
_- . •
COME AND SEE* Foli\s'ounsztr,
GrOo. ery.
Tko.damand for Quo! celebrated Yaeblaes, tines Ire
ham hews located In Etley has heed astonishing., At
they ice gad neat dakllo4 111 'Wag °alp enlace, heave
haves fall stock just ',sabred, and ars ready to see say
and ail *he may can or land as Moir eidela.. Oar rooms
are elegantly ilttedand I urnished, and our seconsmoriss
tints for annitnettng the badness are not squalled. ,
Ttosedisokloas were I awarded thslighisst pnunissis
at "
- onrivoituraretzis Landon: Me&
Thp INDUSTIUAL ESPOiI hOV, Piria.l44l.• V "
rtailigorummixarterrrs, Ar&Aaltesoms.‘
Mutat arociptaygrytitats and Conatil rase whets oat
W air
Whited. Thew are waitud funs years. They are
periectly. is•suaatrisetion, • They ens with the
greatest The/ fH YTmblt noyreless.
. far INatRUUTION VALE. . .
- and see diem Its °pendent. • II yen eannot'oonsit,
waollor maple ot , work sad a illinnlar L'y
di a.? la,800711; A ce:.ta, Union BIN*. •
JyX,ll4-61n. I • •• (Lan rarly)Sillia
Farni for. Sale.
Yr •Tst WrSale. satiated in tHarber tp 5 teal
honk lug had._ get aeseene
Tb -kern V , it e emcee tt story 11Ouis„, Iwo
.`' • " re,:s. .
1.04 ail a tetput Outbuildings-
Th. ..fil•O • ; arisast or coots* Gfilitiedircett Led
bitts:_trw is welt.tip . plied with lincts4ratar. .Th• term
pir;uutlytbeatcd'as 1. reed toad lid - is to 111 good
It of sultizalloa.VriV atlfitt4 10 attlile jts
wsaa..' Also AC, pl• itl e f 'halm o f Lao. 044 - halt Elibe
Swath 'of tho abort/ Wm, with VI sera of tar
provirtoest, • yams orsbard sad Darer tltlllag walk. Al.
so,141)( acres Sod &Myosins ate/mica Tliaberasil, oss
stile Yowl of drat *mad land.
The sbovirell W ealdlogelltat' or 11-0••••, butt
putensma tar particalazi CHA da
of S, =ALLY.
• "Or to 8. A DAVVITORP, .
Spa My.
oat Dbdlm. , • _
in Osesatoot._ 1 le the Conaeseti Prete et•Litia;
AO, F.
Mt ' Cu, No.liaebtserytuan,
Caletestg. - o a s t ''
• - •
" Arnie Wieireby notated to appear at Ails Coate et
puma 1%4; (o beholden at Ira, halted toftbe
oetetrefittte. albs Ist Mislay eit.lterember Mit;
red seam sloe eatd eleagplatat, sad sbew 'Leo VW :
ebb hark why a &throe boo the bode of rabertatmeg
shoal not be granted to add platattlf • <•
110 3 1 tis .6111.14 clet.i4llll4' A. CUP. Illbsite
. 9.1/64+4 •
OtDreare re*sailikrAggetaal
'NUMBER 20.-;
w•iiwJll.naosi - fift,f 4
. •
. .
is wllion tie Qs busliess
iilliallbas - l•
st tb• old Mimi Wilimakepil ing. I.
due Ow baps Se mesh* * xpod bas-l•
. 1 . . •.: 4_
1 / 1 31 1•490•14 ,
. • . •
Dag SI the apitldiorbei te_mMtdrr,l6.
whoa to ere is sou Won
wooodzstodootoki .
ettli a glopodtSba to MO lON smiummes: '
gralisetftaisdr. emil illati• of /1411114* Air •
. t.., • .
if tbi 18411150 pd 1614111 4 01111101
• ; •
Prastipipespriens4 as_ kliebibes
• A TAUT iiiiiiAila rg iddik':
THAT - thos - virW of Is Bed
am** a''
Odt.C l Idad sad ask
TIM itil 4.
data &At and
tad vita other ON
ammo Item soli . osissod trilz
andosisbk by topidomata
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aroleMit Onlimi to liona Pis• - tradthltsb= 4 l l
It alliat Itootess .
boat* us Maori IS &S. 1 .
Simi sow obit pallet umemporoompi mb
R 1 ottd on may masa, of 1p so
r i m 4 d iNt Woado "at
aliall o li f
'staid tools& ' mammal it IGS.
roir s Wl= s tir s
l i wgf arimicrimis ouriklAPP!' Rai
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V ' S 011. Efts *Wide l lsl i rilltic SI id 1 lON
to a* P drab it* M.
Otla Lraabie,a
voh• *lv hlapelk,Lt ilesi iiisies
sisarata Tibiss4
swim s W 1 r si
.ritell~l ocluimc . ,
draw 4 Wiwi
• "'dab is halms Mien Ihe •
SWIM ' 1•011.111/r 101ii1i1 11 1 / 4 7111/4
asalseeinset et '
nsa; 14,
w r imi the dtWee be le ptersiOlie hliiht
lefeflpetalie NIL
. abi i trmila sweat ise : !ii
: PAY E la I Q 170114
@tattobsimaii lad% be _
os. -
Igo =SIM filb. NW* 114101,IPTIftsittar
forahOust ficarste;" -
/thiatic emit Weisni-WEOI4,
raIIMMOIN n 410 1 1411" ibilllNlllllllloo_
Cleassittag id Mamma. N. Ir.siii. Wei
Tay. foram a mats's= air Tsai Tied; New
teAkrimi Orratilid. ¢aaiatfs' -- -
Through ?Low y %
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aiD Tralglij i M e inal lin
lacir Wilma TORIL • ,
NNW AND monis? PAMBllifEtsoms;
ransolieralky tbli Lim Asti lAOI4 et Niv• 411kreat
Dottie Wins' ,Now
nuorra Itt ebtafaei at gni Altar 011bsts se tbs
Res Hallway tatil tear talifitiwidAli Akio
Wed Ai Antliewitt Alps r ai Clottel '4lOO O% soder Us Watekallovae. CWributil, O. ,- •
'tit *enlists fl 4. *lb
As‘ aw. £N OM. 014LLY/Wri, l
Paamiger Trams Out ritnnlithirt
ass it 161 1 = v i
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