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tv-lITAANT S itur.crir. PuMiaton;
I The Winds.
c•tene OA
. Th fejel our rutaht.
.1., 4 haiiennicon in our boundles Uight ;
boil. the tuuuntslus aad over thu deep,
_ invieible pinion* Sw.rp
of liberty, wild and fns!
,z• on Our WOrk.l. end own 'tie s. , ;
• ri I ti • the winds, but ihin 3,1 tult
4.), or w lero .0 S•etl
mart as we vary our fount of po•or,
kr.!!::! the terrat er fan the novrer,
the llatrbell mosey rind the rush is bent,
thii spirit is o'erthrewo and the rale le" rout,
11 , r^ welt the bark o'er the slumbering ware,
•tr harry its crews? grave.
IL.I yo rcy, it iv svei t tlit esti Jo tree., •"'
7:- ; 'uric q wits th4tr s.Ceret plow
ii.! whether our breath 1. , low or Wei.
come in a soft and balmy
i-r threatening!' All the lion] with fear
~tr gentle whisperings woo the ear
ivith music asriel, still 'tis we.
air .1.6 list and ye look ; but what do yo sty
on ye hush one eaund of !ha voice to peaty,
I , r waxen one sound when our 'Limbers censa:
oar dwelling Li In the Almighty's hand,
%Se come and goat Ills command;
.Wheterer eorroa•tnsv mark our track,
Ills word i* ourguide and We look not back.
And when iu our wieth we would turn ne &any
or tans our geutlelt air to play,
v:e wilt Open our heart to • Hiat who Linda
Or fi•ek as hi 8111 the obedient winds.
*ow ‘,‘ Greenbacks ", are `Gat Up"
Let Every Honest Man Read and Reflect.
=thePntladelphla Agel
'Ns country is not only affiietkd with'a
riribl. flood of paper money, but nobody
~n 1611 how much of that . flimsy substi
for cum has really been issued: -Idre
e!!ire coiage of the United States Mint
. 1 A periC.(l of seventy-ono years, ending,
r , cemb,Ar, 1563, did not reach, gold,,
4 7 ,r ~nfi copprt• included, nine hundred
:.Eons 3fi doilies. - In eighteen monthi,
.Litrtg iii D ,, ....-ornber,,lSti3, eight hnndred
:4 fifty millions of dollars, in paper, were
:nteri and issued at the "Ilreasnry Depart:.
:I , lnt, in Wa l shington, und6r the directiOn
: I;ingleitian. The name of this main
Clarke, To show 'the entire ab
,CP 1.I . • checks upon his operations, •we
,xtrict the - following from the report of a
Couttoitteo, appoinled labt
to investigate the affairs of the
';oteyrinting - Burettp. The.lir f Ciaitten- -
frierred to is Register of th 4 Treasill
anciMr. Fiel:L is Assistant Secfrntirg
r.lin responsibility, or power, which. Mr.
-ha.4 exclusively in hitisself,
unity of note. It seems by the teatime
•, both of Mr. Chittenden and Mr. Fisk,
in Mr. !Clarke's department is done
..l the printing of the interest bearing
:reasury nOte4, of the bonds Of the Um
:::.lStates, of the Certificates ofitqebted
f,, and of other securities, even t%the
:`fixing of the Red Seal, which was nce
to be a great check and security.
apparently written names. of Mr.
.:iiiktenderv" and of Ur. "Spinner" are
;71a ted by Mr. Clarke. The Red Seal was
' , 7l'nerly affixed under the direct superti of the Secretary ; but Mr. Clarke has
the “inachine".sent down stairs, and
;::ce.l in his (Clarke's) possession
IA(1 expressly says (holding asso one year
ateret bearing-note •
Tee paper on which it is printed is con
:acted for by Mr. Clarke. • The paper is
:-:lvered to birp. The printing is done
.r.le4 his direction ; and the ft:re similti of
, I4naturei of the Register of the-Trea
-1 and the Treasurer, are a.fted under
direction ; so that this; which comes to
ac a blank paper, contracted for by
leaves his hands with all the attri
'ne; of money, in the form of perfected
lad perfect obligation of the Government.
engraving of the plates • is also done
.a ler his direction." .
' early
nine hundred millions of money
•rd of obligations have been thus printed
this Clarke ! Mr. Chittendem and Mr.
are very emphatic in their criticisms
-9ti this mode of making money. Clarke
: , •LrFelf said to both Messrs.' ghittenden
Ord Field, "Nothing hindered hitri from
•=king any sum of money and putting it
3 neulation, and passing it as money;"
tvAigh he adds, it would not be forty
&lZut hours before, under his system, an
L 7 t1.4,q10 would be detected," but by this
:;?;e, he might. be across the rebel lines,
r be nti to Europe. with large sums eon
>rtel into gold, No language can tide
';',-,tely condemn such irresponsibility—
in in a Superintendent of imimpeaeh-,
S) lunch ter th© resyraints: upon Mr
.srice—which, it a cemv, nre_ai4ly sonsi
^roe-, ofconseience and fear of God, as
may chance to ppssess. But the Coin•
• , •Ittee eflectually disposed of his clams to
peculiar or exalted virtue, which
-:cht stand instead of the ordinary seen
.4,,s for the observance of a trust' which
z. , n exact from 'public servants arid from
ce another. - It seems that Clarke
.1. not unaccustomed to official inveatiga-
41t of Ida doings, ft 9(1 had made'arecord
•,; himself in another position, before he
: , -nale printer of j publie money. The ro•
;,Irt to which we have referred, goeis on
state that the:attention of the Commit-
z - „ , ,llrst called to an official l'eport of the
"Jannittee on Expenditures: on --Public
in 1864, (37th Congres, 2d Ses•, Report No. 137,) in which it appears
:,f this Mr. Clark was then 'acting engi
:per In.;charge of the Bureau of Construe
under- the Treasury Department—a
ikee given him, it appears, by the testi
,n'my 'submitted to that Depaltment;
sal: 4l A any training or previous qualifies-
Huts engineer \ The report cistinctly
tt 1 effectively charges and proves that the
r Ew tiperinterident of thed3ures, pf Print
' ng the Public!! Money was, in Juiie, 1861,.
Its of gross collusion and fraud, and,
"engineer in the Treasury Department,
`''unw e d with oontracters (Edw: rd Lear-
Lei & Co.) to defraud thellnited States in
_fi" matter of marble contras s for the
1 .-timieiton (S. C.,) Custom Hou_ , out of
k Very large sum,of money, it, w ich they
sere thwarted then, but in a small part
only, by the - intervention of thefthen Sec
!tary Dix, It is unnecessary here to re- T
this testimony,-as it is already a mat
ter of Record in the arChirea of the House
Re presentativas,mnd can there be seen
and teed at Ifitith. • Ti t o Committee' that
I -
• __
(and thesCommittee, ton, created by a Be.-
publican Efnu - Se ) unhesitatingly advised
tbe_removal of-this S. M. Clarke.
It seems from this statement that in
looking about the count=y to find an hon
est, faithful and competent person to con-
duct the issue 'of an amount of paper
money, shch,as no - tuition-ever before - put
in circulation, Lincoln could find no;
body better than Mr. S.IM. Clarke, whosis
official misconduct had just been etpOsed
in a Congressional report. Here, then, w
have a man whose dereliction_ tohis dut
in a public position had been clearly es•\
tablisb i ed,.placed by air. Lipcoln in anoth- 1
er, poll more responsible. Under "his
system," he says, that he "would. be detec
ted in an over-issue in forty-eight hours."
In other words, the only check upon Mr.
Clarke, is Mr. Clarke's "system." A thief
allowed to forge his own fetters and to ad
just the lock of the jail; might say that he
was held in durance by. "his system:" but
we:suspect the fetters wold have a con
venient flaw in in them, and that the lock .
would not refuse to turn uude4'''thu pres
sure of a secreted nail. Wheni:Mr. Clarke
locked himself within the bounds of hon.
aty with that "system," we wonder if he
didn't take the precaution to provide him
self with means offelling - out. -.Did he
throw away the.key
But the most wonderful
this man's career has been the halcyhood
and contempt, even for itppearance - s, to say
nothing of common decency, which he
bas displayed in his immoralities. We
prefer to adopt the language of the. Com e
mittee on, this subject.. Referring to a
mass of affidavits in their Iposaession,
madoby young ;Vernon who had been em
ployed in the Printing Bureatti-t r hey say :
These affidavits disclose a maps of ire-,
morality and profligacy, the more atro
cious as these women were employees of
Clarke, hired and paid by him 'with the
public money. These women seem to have
been seleited in the Printing Bureau for
their youth and personal attractions.—
Neither the laws of God, or of man, the
'nst 4 itutiob of the 'Sabbath, nor eentmon
decencies of We, seem, to have been re
spected _by Clarke in , his conduct. with
these _ -
A Treasury Bureau, where
is priced the money r - tepresentativa or
expression of the property. aud of all
the indu - stry of the Country, where the
wages of labor are more or,leas regulated.
and upon the faith and good 'conduct of
which depends, more or less; every man's
nrosperity, urtonverted into a place for
aebaucher l and drinking. the very recital
of wllich - la impossible without violating
decency. Letters go .thence arranging to
clothe feinalea in male attire to visit low
haunti of dissipation.,
The statements of the 'committee are
more than borne but by the affidavits re..
ferred to, Aid which are now - iserortrus,
but they are of such a scandelona 'nature
that - witigannot print them in our eel
emus. A person named Henderson Teems
to have been partner of Clarke!ii mid
night orgies; while their - victims were in
varibly yoUng women selected from the
Printing Bureau, mill shown by the ; sworn
statements - 45 f Miss Ella Jackson, Miss
Jennie Germon and As Laura Duvall.
This Henderson• was one of Clarke!,
official deputies. It was proved before the
Committee that this.pair of worthies had
under their care at a single tizito sixty four
titillions of &ars, ready forlisik, and without
anything' in the world bu their own hon
esty and virtue to direct thoni in the dis
charge ,of their official duties.. These
trtorn statements of these young woman,
and others, were laid before Secretary
Chase by Mr. Jordon;-Solicitor of the Tiea
sum who had been desired to investigate
the matter. In presenting the evidence
he said :
I have* further, in obedience to your or
der, called before me most of the persons
whose affidavits are herewith transmitted,
and made-Auch other inquiries as it ;has
been in my power to make touching the
matter stated in the affidavits, and the
result is an entire conviction that the most
material of these statements are true, par
ticularly those :oclntained in the affidavits
of Ella Jackso n,Jennie Germon and Laura
After reading these things, the, *5-xcla
mation of every honest man would be :
"Of course this man ;was removed imme
diately—but have his 'official accounts
been investigated ? Has he been arrest
ed?" These and a thousand like queitions
would rise to the lips of an honest man
on readillt the shameful' story of this
man's debaucheries. What will be his
surprise then, when he is told Clarke
has not been removed at 'all 2 Ho still
holds hie place, still prints his .tens and
hundreds of millions monthly, still enjoys
the unbounded confidence of Mr. Lincoln,
and has the 'same share ikthe affections
of Mr. Fessenden that he had in those of
Mr. Chase. Let the thinking, honest peg•
plc) of this country reflect on these things.
Let them remember thai the control of
our vast paper currency is held by a man
whose official miseoucluct was long ago.
made public ,in a congress ional report,-
and, the wickedness and indecency 'of
whose private life are so dre adf4y shame
ful that the ishote'itory of it dare not be
told in s.reiqaxitatile newspaper,-Let thein
remember that Mr. Lincoln, fully aware
of these things, has retained 'this man in
office, and has thus made himself respon:
sible for misdeeds which he might have
repudiated by turning him out.,,
Striking article bin a Nelms:id Paper.
Lincoln Declared olthe South's best Ally."
[Frew the Ridicule ZZeitheee, Oct. IT.]
Some doubt remains as to the political
complexion of Pennsylvania. The press
of the United States has become so radi
crally mendaCious that it- is impossible to
put trust in the tryst accounts of an event
so publio and_ plain as the result, of an :
election.. Sonia days may yet. 'elapse -be , :
fore certitude is attainad. But we enter
tain strong hopes that the. Republicans
have done what they seemed at first to
have dime, and confers a deep desire that
the present result may foreshadow the re
election of Abraham Lincoln for Abrams
Lincoln is etsSoals's best Ay. This Confed-.,
army had a million and a quarter or
capable of bearing arm- the outset of
the contes t—is ,
lorcestifficienf to meet ' any .
invAing poWer and defy the possibility of
subjugatiiili. . The only danger lay in the
difficulty of bringing' this.fore : e into the
field. Abraham Lincoln.: removed that.
difficulty by' the chartioter 'which he, lie - .
parted_to the war. - rte',iictade Gabs and,
Vandals of hie troppa,.anot-Proclaimiel
devastation; confisoation and externality/
tion as his purpose. It was that; that:he
-invoked into `the field those .Pewerfo
Southern armies which have so Baotou, r.-
fully resisted his Assaults. lkils scarcely
possible to a conflict oe . nld.
have been renderCil moreenvenotned than
the present one has become through
~ the
truculent policy of M. Lincoln. Yet this
man found means of intensifying its feroc
ity. Ho proclaimed- insurrection' to the
slaves, and armed all . the blacks which ho
could seduce into his sorvicp against . the
whites wile had been'their masters: By
this policy he
~ efFectually succeeded in
.calling out 'and conabining'every element
of resistance in the South—a - strong ele
ment of that resistance is yet to come, as
will appear soon after the meeting of- the
Confederate Congress. The- enemy talk of
the despotism which drags conscripts into
the Southern armies, and forces old men
and children into the diltches, but the' des
potisna which coerces the South is:seated
at Washington, and not at Richmond.
'The Confederacy has proved that it had
nerve and resolution to achieve an idde
pendent . destiny ; ,but it. is 'indebted: to
Lincoln or forcing these qualities-into*-
tion. -
- The disruption of old political as:sooia
dons is always a hazardous experiment.
The great majority of minds ii a wealthy
mad prosperous Co munity are averse to
change' and revoln ion, preferring wen
dere great evils ra
her than to resort to
sanguinary measure for tedress. No men
awler felt the -weight of this truth more
forcibly t L 'Ettin those who inaugurated !Ile
for seeeesion. - The whole 'dan
ger and risk-of the experiment consisted
in that' conservative aversion to change .
and convutSion which possesses the popu
lar masies; On : this rack the , secession
cause might have split,.if it bad not been
„safely piloted past it by the pains of Abrit.
ham - Lincoln. The mitre, was saved iu,
1862 by the_conscriptian ; and Lincoln..
net the Erirminer newspaper—may be said
to have been the, author of the conscrip
tion ; because, except for the ferociois
policy Which -he -pursued, it could never,
have been enffirced. He bas rendered re . -
sistance an absolute duty 'and necessity,
and bfrought that duty and neeetality home/
to every nasn's door ; inaopauch', that no,
men In the Siiutit having any self respect
or regard for the opinions of: his neigh
bors dares to dilyobey the call of-his coun
try to armae-
Butlfor the incentives supplied by Mr.
.Ltne4ln, the South, by *Rut of union and ,
energy, might deseiVelhe
respect of mankind': might have been
unable to levy great armies, and the forces
in the field might have fought with little
ergy or restoration. The popular Ma
,,jority might have been disposed, at the
first soft words from the enemy; to re.
nouns* the Southern cause and return to
the enjoyment of repose, prosperity and
dishonor. Mr. Lincoln has prevented such;
a continaqncy, and relieved the South of
all these dangers—by a course of policy
I which rendered reconciliation- impossible.
! By Arising 113 tc; extremity he :has com
bined every element of our strength and
ensured our success.. If the South could
bo'conquered, at all, there is but one mode
I by which it.could be done.. If the armies
of the North were entirely withdrawn and
proposed for convention
of all the States,ifor the purpose.of
ing terms of capitulation, then our inde-
I, pen don ci2: might ha s eriotiary seiadiusgered:
Such would have been the policy of Pierce
or Vallandig - ham ; such possibly, though
helot probably, might become the policy of
But Mr. Lincoln relieves
of this only possit;lollanger by a poi'
which drives every man to arms, and r
ders reconstruction an opprobrium
throughout the facia
While the South has much for which to
thank Mr. Lincoln, the North has still
more , for curse him. Hi e s admin
istration has cost the Upited Stged half a
million . of meat, eleven States 'with Len
millions of population, embracing many
thousands of millions of wealth, and, has
entailed three thousand millions of public
debt. He is the'very genius of ruin and
destruction to his country, and seems to
have, endeared himself in its affections by
the very loss and woe he has inflicted upon
if the peole of the United &idea choose
to re-elect him, 'they thereby proncence it
decree estahlishing 'the independence'. of
the South. k; We ,con ttritg beger armies
into . the field to, fight', Litioolo than guy.
other Oortirint-Preaidetti, ind-b is con tin
.uationinoffsee will inspireleventit•
ern breast With. the -resolve to- win ludo
;pendenee smith° only alternative to ester
ni atiol. • •
The Corropthme it the Meet* Aura
That the people justly view with idarm
the reckless extravagance whiOli pervades
every department of the Federal Govern
ment.; that. a return to rigid economy and
accountability is indispensable to arrest
the systematic plunder of- the public trea
sury by favored partizans; while .the re
cently - Startling developments ,of frauds
and corruptions at the Federal metropolis,
shOw that an /.,ntirechange of Administra
tion is impe#vely- demanded. —R . .epub4-
ces ,Plat form; 060. • '
From the Albany Erealng Joan's!, Rip ]
Collitractont have fattened on fat lobe;
adventnietkhave found the war, a source
of private •gain, moral dearnyloea hay)
docked abotit the National iCapital and
talitin - tiaft'fbr pay; Po govwtAgmailond
hee'pthered about the seuroes of power,
and deilled &hanky its reek snit oiandire
• Trees the If. T.ltmes, .1 . m : •
The mighty interests - Of thelfo t tkm,haye•
been "made Mbordinate the'el4dfatot•
rie=dling 'contractors. ihoy.War
Dt -has been Yirtnallyi the
hands end et,the mercy of mien lijioliarlS
tiff , ,,affeoo of ti10:.'4440,
'except es they may serve their. otOzt suds,
intlgive tilenli a chance to , etviohl theiw.
Salvia out tii6 atailiftied-or elhigl
g agui..rom 1..1* Bsistidiroin Ni,
• :1 declaro;, upon my reolxM;gibliitY- r iis';
El,en itor.that the liberties orthe oonatryat•
in griml6r danger today from the perm!).
tiotA and from, the profligacy practioed in
variolis ,departments of the gosw . iiment,.
than they are from the euernyia the open
field:• ' •
Contractors have varied orrf.hia war:,
The• blood of, our min, the groirna of, our
wounded, the tears of. the wain, the
wail of the widow, have been :trilled into
money. :Monwithout patriotisM`and wis
dom have urged military plan)? which have
not-twoomplished anything. . ,
"Contractors . have carried -on Ibis war:-
The blood of our men; the grighs of the
wounded, the tears , oethe orphan, the
wail of the widow. have beencoined intq
money. * * * This is trne. .Contrac;•
tors have carried on-this war." Theythwie
.swindled the government ontorlitindrede
of mi ll ions. They: have 0,,d fortunes
upon fortunes. * Corruption runs
riot in Washington. EvenTriaiors 'ac
knowledge taking bribes
dyed thousand, while i,the' r ./eadera who_
have tasted the spots4ltineging about
the door of` every tie iiiit office,' and,
by threats and bribes:com vgrat,
Mattion of their wishes." • • •
' , Political purposes and . selfish **ernes
have ruled generalship and Otiiiiicie4 our
armies to ruin 'instead of TiOtory;
papers and' cliques have directed and
changed; frbm . M'on th..' the poll=
'cy of the government, and ninsettled even
the Cabinet itself, so tbtit,ne ono :pees on
this New Year's : morn (063) with - the CO 2 3'
Ilderuie that any' ablekild efflaint , cOurse
of notion will direct the 'administration of
affairs through the fi rst quarter of the
yam ,;.3 (02 .
Nom the Dmr•sinviit4ithig
The larcenies practice* wider ,the
ministratioa tuna) exceeded the•entire ex
penditures under tlia.#trtin 4414Li0n of
J,lngs . L,
leibaride Wiaktilitea Conerndeat.
The tone of morality •hy.bonaiderably
lower than It hitii ev4r , been:befdre. This
'is adniitted On all 'hens*. arid' can be
pioved, or rather lAeede tokßP9f,- the
air is heavy irith public saiLtirivaio'guilt.
* * • The Southernere7ilit !Mau; had
a very idoe tease bf tioctilk* Oiler at
4.44ift -AA% 49 1 0ter_vi
they held the power here, waaeoin•i :
paratively lit tle thieving,- and when any. ,
was-disco - 41°6d, it_ Was promptly; exixtifid
and dettouneed. There has been a change,
a dreadful change for the worse. * *
"Oh, those rascally contractors," says tome
honest man in the rural districts. For
every dollar wrongfully • taken by a con
tractor, five hare been taken .by public
servants. •
1. That oven were the re-election bf
Mr. Lincoln desirable, it is practiCally im
possible, against; the union of influences=
that will be opposed telim.
2. That should ho be re-elected, his
manifest tendency toward compromises
and temporary ; expedients of
,policy• will
become stronger during a second term
than it has been in the first, and the cause
of human liberty and the dignity and
-honor of the nation suffer proportionally,
sir while the war may continue to languish
during his whole Administration, till the public
debt shall become a burden too great to ' be.
:,-3. That the patronage of the Govern
ment, through the; riecessities of war, has
been so rapidly indreased, and to such an
enormous eXtent, and .so loosely placid, as
.to render the application of the one term
Principle absolutely &sandal the-certain Safety
of our Republica* legit: aims*. . >. •
It is a sad, shocking - picture of "life , at
Washington, which our correspondents
are giving us. A. bureau of the Treasury
Department made a house of seduction
and prostitution'. The neoessities of , poor,
pretty women made the means of their'
debauchery,by high government officials..
*embent of Congress putting their mis
tresses into' clerkahips in the departments.
An honorable Senator knocked -down in
the street by a woman whom he had out
raged. Whiskey drinking ad Milton. The
government cheated in contracts, and
'openly robbed by its emPleyees. ".
iWriteaour; ipOst careful', ,Virreittondent
long resident /of. the the , Capital :—.
:"Washington was ".never, so
corrupt. as .st the,preseat iintea.ll.4 the
pawky days of Southern rules there was liot ,
half the corruption thereis now." Wean
not'doubt this is strictly true; and we re
peat; it is a sad, shocking pictures
Is. Pensions, Benntimr, Arrears of Pay,
Ito., can be procured by the Widows:Orph ans.
and next of kin of those who have died ia the
service of the United States : also, by Soldicvs
and Reamen who are dis.ihl. ! by:wounds rc
ceir- I or disease contracted. upon implidation
to t , . P. • Gairrria,, Liceno4 Military • and
Naval Claim Agent. Office in the .Common
,Council Room, Wright's Block, corner State
and Pit% sts., (under i the Dispatch eincitr;)
Erie. Pa.
ifedding . ant, . g Ccrdai_
We call 'the - superior
styles-of Wedding end Visiting Cards printed
at this office: Having prOottred several new.
fonts of type espeelally forthislind. of -work,
we are enable to print wird. •in a. style equal
to those Ss asy ot• the halter cities.
It is nothing less thaw foolisknees der parkins
to go abroad extrataganiprioes.lbr
*ergraved cards when thiy caw getjult aitiand
same ones at home for lees-than one,third the
cost, - tf.
mir The existeinie of mote thee eat• got
teatnest over the leaticrhion once coleed our
aegis ineempittible with -the pew*, thelewer
Ind the. kappineet*thilliteW;ft4FiLlafe• -
OkUstes Law of dleviamea
Brig. ava.
From the Nes Sent 0011141/4.
From the Chas-Pomeroy Circular
Vim the Springfield Republic en.
WO ' ..
4102. - 111etle e Letter or ligosiont. :
1 • t' •
- , . . oa.oci, hl. ~, Sept. li.;', d .
4 , amtiuss-4 have the tonor tb..abiniowl;
ge the receipt of yeuri et:lnforming me
Of My nomination by the oemoonstie Rational
Convention,, recently amesablesk at Chicago, as
their candidate at tht 'hexeleition as Presi
dent of the United State, : -• • •' e • 'I : _:_
• .It is wansoelleary for me o yin that'
this' nomhmtitut zanies to ,unsought.
I ani happy to ittioW:tisa when the nomin
x3 ) l
tion: wirmade - the' record of my public life
.vrailtept in view.
The effect et itnicand.varind servii4 in the 1
,artny, ;during war and peace,, has.. been-to
strengthen and male indelible to my mind end
hekitlthe love and reverence for the Union,
'eeriktitutiest, Lairs, and - Reg of cur country
iinpressed upon ma in early youth.
These feelings. have thup far guided the
eortreeof my life, and nigs; continue to do so
to itsiend. -,
'.. '' The - existence of more than' one Government
over the regisitiooliek shoeouised our Avis in
comPatilile with, the pore, e i pone' cpui the
happiness of the
Theliffesertstion of our aloft was the sole
avowed object for which • t war was com-'
mimed. It *honld have,been conducted for
that object only, and in ace) •danoe, with those
principles which I took ookakion to declare'
when in aotiveservioe, I
'Thienondtteted,-the work r
would have been 'easy, and
reaped the beueilti of our m
land'and sea.,
The Union was originally ,
Iroise 9f a spirit of con
misc. To .restore and pre
spirit nuist..previil kn. our cc
beetle of ,the people.
, The re•establishmmt,o fth
(1114 is, and emit - continue ko
gabble condition in, any settles t
is clear or even probable, it
*Males ere really for nese
o' thelhaten;' we should eth
- sourcelat statemianship prti
nations,' end taught by. the
Ameridan People, consistent
and' iitterMts•of the country, ,
petite, re-establish the: MAO
for the , Intern:the. ,Constito
every State.- The Union is tA
pwlee—we ask no more. • -"*"
. . Let meati&u-whati I -dehb
unexpressed, theeentiment of
as It is of the people they
' when any - chi , ' State is Willie!
Union, it should be received
full,gnaranteeof all iti Cons
If n frank, earnest. and Pc
obtain those objects should •l
bility fur ultericg k oonseq,
Upon those who_rieWin ..,
Ur - But the .0 ' -luta
(Won at preservet„
I.,could not look 'in' the .fafe of my gallant
cotarodes of the army and nary, who have
ifffetiv e d 'MeV bloody battles, And tell
them that:their tabors and.thip ;114erifices of so
many of our Blain wounded brethren had
bee& in Vitiolthat we 'bad abandoned that
Union for which we have'an 'often periletour
Hies. ' _ • • , ,
. • ,
.d vest inefOTIV of our
the army and Derr or at h
wonidotattleth unbounded i
restoration or peorte; on the
and the Constitution, withon
anther drop of blood. B
permanent without .Union.
As to the other subjects
e - of .theConvientim
that I -should seek in the Co)
trotted States. rod the lase,
&bee therewith; the rule of
:limitations of erecuTive
restore OonOaty, in - public
establish 41 pppreprie of
:Operation of h more iigorolt
•Om ok our comeettetlins ye!
Rations of theiatth. " "' •
, The esindition. of our fins
ation of paper money, and th
imposed on labor and'eopital
pity of a return to a sound
while , the rigida of citizer
of Stlites?nnd the binding
over President, army and sot
- of not less vital ,importaneo
Believing that the views .
those bf the Convention, and
represent, I accept the nomt
I realize the weight of t
to be : borne, should the p
.1 ;1
utliority of - law
• .. ple, are subjects
in , war titan in,
, .
a 1
. ie expressed arc i
i (lie people you
t ation.
t ,e, retiPonsibility ,
1 .ple atify .year
i - 005 s, I can only
t • of the ruler of
~ his all-powerful
T. lon and peace to,
blish and guard
•speetfully, your
----- . -.
geoolutleoe of the DAs le !fattiest Cie
. !radian In Regard tr. a_tioldlers..
Resolved, Thit AIM sti; ..'afiil — cliir4ard
of . thessidministratlem to i a duty in respect
to-our fellow citizens w.o are now and
long have been prisoners of war, in a suf
condition, jdeser :s the ,severest
-reprobation, on the seer alike Of public
public and' common hu nity.
Resolved, That the e mpathy of . the
Democratic party is h ear ily mad earnestly
extended to the soldiers f our army, who
are a t rd have been in tat fi eld under the
fiag . f our country, and n it;ent .of
gaining power, ithey will " e the care, protec
tiari, regard'and kindness t the brave So/tilers
of the Republic have so nid, , eigrned. ' • .
Cons'elous or my own Wes)
seek fervently the guldens
the Universe, and relying
aid, dci,my „beet to restore It
a suffering people,and to er
their liberties'an rights. •
r am, gentlemen, very
obedient servant,
GE.O. b.
Campaign 0 ev. "' " '
Fifty Cents for Tb • • Meath%
. In order to place the I - even within.
the reach of all who ii..:' e-to read sound.
Union doctrines, we hay . decided to take
subscribers for the space of three months,
commencing with • the r of eAtegust, and
ending with the next i a ft er the Pres
idential election. ,The. haematite Ferry
Corn, kvicfriab/y in adva e. Each subscrip
tion will be promptly ii . continued at the
expiration of the time, nless other dims
tions ere givenlby the mons receiving
the paper.. . . .
•We earnestly urge a bemocrati of
Erie,' Warren, Crawfor and Ashtabula
counties to make a iat effort to in
-crease- the :circulation• f- the , Ultimatum
daring . the_emching an hnpertant politi--.
cal campaign so . 80011. open. Let no
,man, wait upon hpil neillar to climiuencil
the !lOW bf • Atari' n k scritiffobs, hut
enter upon it-hiknielf, 10th - energy,: deter
reination and. persisteney.-, The crisis de
mands the services of all, and - no one can
excuse himself• who fails to perform his
duty in this heitr t Othie 'country's danger.'
We should have atleitat two . thousand.
campaign subscribers on our books before
the close of August.. Let..fthers dotheir duty
mid we will not hito , Per /Pm. ours..: ~... r '
- • - •
Arrantles Borst—A Citssaa To MALI
hioaty.—Very.felserso are aware, that by
a recent invention, newspapera and scrape of
pentea pope; eatOis i contarted into material
f e printing upon I,Ths..high -- price of
paper has. ntslte. an Soave ibtesand for old
newspapers, books, ptightets and scrap. of
paper for this litigate, and - it ib eagerly'
1014141 g by patties ..tteaniated.with the pa.
petinilla. - 713y — eollesting awl saving all the.
naterial of this kind about their howies, and
selling it, many &family oan_pnt.±‘Anonay iri
their purses," srbieh would otherwise be lest.
The highest price, in cosh, will?' paid for it
at this "Ate. „-'' tf
figl'lre remind our readers" that the faeib
tire of the Otairosi of ors not eatbelled by
illy establishment in North Western. Benn
o/Irma& for ' doing Jo • Printing. Persona in
need of Vendee Bills, Elemion Tickete, Bill
Heads, Blanks, or any kind of Plain or
Printing, wilt lad , i tw. their sibtootapt
gin us a 4:41. • I tf
. - '
• t
f reacauttruption
we might have
.7 irietorles on.
rmed by the ax
on and compro
it, the same
cils awl in the
nion in all its in
e," the incrialieru-
-So soon as It
t our present *d
i. upon die basis
net all tho re—
iced by oitillsed
raditions - of .the
pith the honor
to stove suds
and gustonte
i ii
,tienni • rights • of
e one condition of
not - Weir tithe' ,
the Convention,
represent, that
to return to the
at once; with a
itutional rights.
:rsistent effort to
"l„ the respells'.
woes .will fell
nas against the
.Ir - , - !lititther in
me, 'redid, as I
the permanent
eels of the Union
the effusion of
•n» pulp can be
resented in the
f eun
, 1 need only 117
3 tiotion of the
' ed in accord.
7, duty . and the,
, r ; endeavor. to
, e
nzpenditure, , rer
!sir, and by the
nationality, re—
tion among the
•tte, the depreci-
burdeps thereby
!howl the neeee
naftdint !quern,
and the rights
•-1 • '
111.4ziiii Girls tintid ID thfeeolanus at the rata of
TL„. Old th•Dollati pet yumar . 1 . j
. .
i. .
venlig - Im. KILL Att i
0 , f .Cirri kontra, Wag amity roan Cloudy
ury A ror, to prosts4 to Survey or maks Plana or Napo
In 1414 Count, Pa. r Mos In Comma. Connell Room,
Wrijbfa Block .. ' [ , • t • apard‘ty.
. D. WALK/114
:E." • rotWAIDUFO Aim Communes Mulensir,
Wale, Pa. :Warehouse oe tublhi Dook,l Rut Corner of
State Stmt. Allso, dealer la. Salt, Fish, flour,
Platter, Wida4o LKesr; /to. /1...-Partleutsr atteutlen
be given to the Ileaelting and Yoirudiog of Petra.
Isere 011. Crude and llellmd„ - to all part,' albs meatry.
• i
31:=IDA*111 1 1 I , ''
• ,
.1 4iououzx /BD Dew& DILLIB pir
tad Pro ni, Mont and seed, Wood' and
WiUow wan, Whee.U4un rt. Taw°. f i kitus. &e., Mae
Stma. ;mat tl:Yon*Ara Roos* ' 7nrslabbN ranpawiam,
J unet—Us2.
E . PIULO IlartriETT,
JCIIIIO3 orrale Pun. OEN onond
Boor Wino Dlook,• Meth Street, between Illth and
D eigir m it 4c co.,
•• • Mums to au Raba IThaowstir
and ifsaataetarias sad apirbsss In Tin sad Oor
comer of 911 , sad Maas kl,ts.,.Eris. Pa. Wr6atf.
01g410.1 Pibl'aGiA2ll Clarrsay,
Roeenctieefirs Meek. he Pa. ' Anl664tf.
CUArtri de MUM:44
Atromrsta AT LA !. Ridgwsy, Pa
Praetive ta *Kean. Cameron sad Jefferson Goon&
c. mom.- u•aw64-irl - WSW. WILBUR.
sp. Tuna., PROPRIETOR.
' Corner of lizeonnd and Ifarkei Streit—one quars east of
tohnnan's Wm:Unto. *wren. I B•Pt 29-17.
0.201 W.
0UN1N11.40%,' -
JClrrigi or rnitPnaan. / Wee In Gazette
'building, South-Jailer corner &Val and State streets.
Connyanelog done neatly and Oollarttonz =ads Droluet
ks, Je18.64-Iy.•
T? COLI3, !
Roodonoxik " 1200 it
1, .6ost limnry.taryzis,
BOek.UM Pa.
ATTOUIT AT LAW, CI bilitd, SAO 00111%
n. "Colladticua and other business at to Id
sun:Donor and diapatati.
li) P I F 48 , 19 / 4 ;
• • - Boomnassa aid Dealer in S tat! .
Win Papa % lingestnes, N•
filled - Naps ander' Bro "" 'irn's riotel 4c ,fro ..C° ntin n
nup g the Park.
'•aprwegv, .. .
1.-II . • •
Comm ban take* the Llme Kiln at
the loot of Preach Street, near She. Philadelphia depot,
M. city, end 74 prepared to *mash Uwe. la Urge
er sma3l qualities at the lowest market prices.
/011141•47. •
L NOM! 72177114
ArrOurri AT L ' AIL Cbestnut
I treet, ltadvtli. , ksa. reb.16,97.132
I We WXlllOl2lg, 1
0 . _ Arr i t ie, yrr
p t Lair, In Walker's Of
smolt Wart.
ant 7,62
at all
1.0. PNRILINie, , • • --
DErrxtr; Beattra Block. North aide of the Park.
State street Ms. PL. • • - aprlreS tL
trAlrlderß ticrna„
,Yritock Wad, between 4th And sth streetk
'neartbe - Phlladelphla & Eris Railroad Depot, Erie, Pa.,
Loala Memolar, Proprietor.. Ralsteive seeeetmoda.
Lion for dreams and minium. 1/earil br the &CT _or
week. Good etaklbut arreeked. nutria= '
XX* ' FAteiCutAni talon and
Agents for Plasm & Kayser's Patent Sewing Yochum
—the but le use—Stste txtrest, &Phrase Otb tard-Oth Ste,
Ms, Pa. Clothes nude to order In the dasetstyls.
0 , 3891t1V ' I‘
i,are Sale Scants, on Ede&
Met between State and French. Fine Howl and Car
diva to Wee reasonsbis terms. 1 toM*o44y. '
-r rmailLL, M CIAiLTER, tus • '
I Itiirturersiza of Ea tinia,Ptclers.
Kau Agrie!tittiral" Implements, Manny] Car%
Fria. Pa.
. . . ..
W Ai. 1111.10iLL a i , -
Desti sr, OfDeo Roan
, wises Block. nortksids of the rask in .
gds. Pa. " ***** . •
. !
ITY,DE lio 1715g '' i
C .
&DIVA, ' a s PA. Km [ . E. o.Ctsxorza4
?reprinter Thia is a nee and banAlomely fitted up
hone., in the in ida of mod the brat Treating and Hunt.
ing regions in Vennailennis. - Ciimsnadi sae 11010DI,C1001
Bela. a Geed Table and Weltrita Irina& The pi:IMO
patronage is respectfully a Illeited. "r 1 se .41—Isc I
ATTORXIT AT La..Nce on eth atm%
smut 7 opposite the CIVIIrt Bons*. Stio7s.
- -
a. 8. srEscsk, i 3ELDEN MARVIN.
mrT#Flileirs is COUNSIBLLURS A l l. LAS
CB, Paragon Block, near North
0 Welt Cornpr n f th e Public Fonire. iliP. Pa.
JOHN C. 11E1113E.
Duuts nr DRT ktall3s GiCarinik
Crockery, Hardwire, Nana, Glue.Seer4l. Ptuteh etc., cop
wer of Meth street and Pubius Square,Wria, Pa. jal7tl.
And Shoiv it Yo
. They are aeknowledged to be the IIiAT MACHINE ever
Introdueedinto this actuary. Thing unrivalled aneentia
not. ortly_ltittay country, bat all avec the Arned, has
suds It by far the moat popular Machine now in two. ;
They hate tikes the ; lead of ail, dtbir Mishispe,_hat
sixes the late improvement' hive n added, every 'va
riety of work is performs:l with nue ease and rapidity
that the - !I
, - LAMB ARE Ili ism ovis it!
Awa it wine the adethrsUon of AL . We warrant there
to stitch every sleety otgoode,fro the thinnest muslin,
to the thickest sloth. They make the celebrated "lock
'Wait'," which to Impossible to rio o ravel Thews Ma
chines will do the following work R01:71 . ANY BAST
DELI., C/ RD. miurniatt l :
'They oak. any width of him wit:tient prevlonaly
taming or besting it t they will gather and Mach or paw
on t‘v same; if you don't biller* I
"I •
The demand for those ealebri Muhl:irk sines we
have been located In Erin, Ihu n aatoatahlar. ,At
,times we did great difficult? in fill g our orders, but we
haves Ihll abut Jost twirled, and ready to ae e any
ageg sal srhe =ay mill or nod us orders. Oar 6:100:11
are - elegantly fitted and inntlahril, d our accominoda
thins for conducting the busing* A not egnalled.
Therilasehtnes ware &Cud Du highest premium.
at -
The DORLDS FMB. in Loud n.
And at almost every State and of
Illblted. Thee are warranted ili
pmfratL.misept• to bocuttrowtio*
-eweease. The/ are almost no
1411 and see them In operation.
.land for supple of nor/ and a of
, imi k BOOTS.;
. F . 7,1 7 1
tEDNESDAY, 11141 U
• J. ) A. 0,.0PE
- i• : EDIN4IORO I
8017111 WKST CORNER or TO
• • ERIE,',
The audios*old having 'Urge of the , above
vell-knows Hotel aad refitted t 4 to eapeetar style. re
iipeetlatty solicits a *are of the Ottawa:romp. Tema
teeeoteehlff.,ol4 oleo eV* to sal to the
att L _
Ml= ni g aillouTtatana at frau the otoatry
• gaol boatman • the preinteee.
Ne 11414411. JOatt MITTCAN.
;I ' .
r Friends.
Paris, Wit
• aty Fair where es
. years. They are
:They tate with the
less. -
U yon 01140 t MO*
hr A malt.
t Park) &LINN.
T 17, 1864.
OUSE; - -
A. •
Rumen Wed with •Mr to the Den Eras MAI. I.
CARVER, ender the nits tttl. of
Carter & Cartier,
By when the il;e ee
hostas*** mato be taihesied
at the old stand. With enlarged stock and increased b
elittles they hope to receive a Metal share of
Will be dorotiptl to tbar
Dealers to the seiglibatiag towns are respeetibtlt
Tiled le give al basil before parettuing elsenbeee.
Will Do conducted, u heretofore, in • weal MIMIC soli
•it 6 a 4 1 119 0 dtion to Wigs oar eutoaril.
Ifs poitkrolarly ti s intil of Phyddass our
%%Lob Ls ttii hrgott and flout .Tor broo(ht to this
. •
Prasertptiona p nopired as heretofore, with
acid promptapes. AWllatt. •
PEAT the variety of new style Bed
steads, of Gothic, Cottage, Connie, Round Ckir.
mu, Camp Sofa, Jenny Lind and other patters; wets
.arpentine and strait front, handsomely veneered Bureaus,
Itmemion, Dining, Breakfast, Centre and other Table;
Whatnot; Quaker Stands, Carpet and Damask
l4 =
dohs Beds, Hair and Bea Oran Retinues; Weather
and Bolsters with other nodeehold Waters, te.,a/1 .
manufactured from well seasoned lumber and healthy
materials, by experienced workmen and not by apprentice
lads. For style, quality and low.priass I win defy even
two-prfee dealers to undersell ins. Feathers insinjt=ad -
sold. Cane seat, Parlor, Bedroom, Reeking. ,
blame and other Chairs , of Eastern and Weida" nun- -
facture, are hickory dolled and glued,cothing Una as
strong as any other wt of the chair,athem others made
and sold afeonlyailed, andby so mesas durable. Wood
Windsor, Rocking, 'Sewing •nd Nurse, are theirs of hard
wood rounds clinched throu gh the seat and glad, Tar
ranted to stand. Handso mel y and can't be ha,
tan fo; strength, price sad -lee Springßeds. I ham
sold ever Wu and have the highest trtfmonhlswith •
lino! Irian of all goods sent on application. Packing
tad shipping tree.
after ave years experience and contending with an
printicd two price dashers, I am iletenahted to eon
one p to all, give worth for your pay, mud 6o put*
to AD ho trade with am.
Lumber, Lath, Stung`es, Live Stock, Gratified IteGinr -
Oil, Stars Pay, Prattles he., taco at fair market Talent
for pay. Remember the . place, next corner of lith "etreet
on State, Erie, Pa. ' G. W. 11.1.1311 Y
Itaanfact'r and Commis's Saloons.
• •
Mora• East Comer of as Park y Theta Strut,
• (ortsarenDao
Would remestbilly call the attention of the mmemnattr
to his large Stork of
Mach he is desirous to sell at the
SL assortment of
FISH, &Z.,
Le not impend to ;the city, am he u prepared' to prove to
all who gles him a call.
Be also keepo,emzstantli on hand a sulortoT lot
for the wholesale trade, to which be directs thikatisaticia
of the public. .
His motto' is, "dale! Salo, Small Proati sad a fall
Equitsiestfor the Mosey." -
Atlantic & Great Western Railroad.
Passenger, Freight, Wall, Express ad Tele.
• graph Route.•
Connecting at 81lantana% N. Y., with tbA Srta Hall
toy,farms or
eontlnuona elx Foot Track from New York
Akron or Cleveland. On sad after
Through Pawpaw and Freigbt Trains will be innings
Passengen by this Line have chafes or Flea dill-reat
'Ratites between New York and Boston. THROCION
TICKETS eon be obtalnei at any of the Mesa of the
kris Railway sod all Ticket Officee of connecting Linea
Wood or Aonthweeto; also, at the Central 'Hetet Me%
under the Weddell HOCUMI, Cleveland, Ohl*.
Ask for Tickets the '
rummager Trains stop it Meadville thirty minutes, pr.
log paraeogers ampletime to dine at the "YeEIZNRY
HOUSE," the best Railway line in the e"ltetrY•
Notranebipment or Freight between New York and AL.
, ',rem or Cleveland.
Merchants in the West and Southwest will find it to
their advantage to order their goods to be forwarded Th.
the Erie and'Atlantls t Great Wotan Railways, thaw
moving trouble and expense.
Especial attentioa will be given to the speedy pupa?
talon of Freight of all kinds, Kam or West.
Tha Maniacs, Cars and other ',pigments of this Com.
play le are entTrely new, and of the moat improved modern
The only direct route to the
WONl)litiftrt. OIL nEcaowa or PENNSYLVANIA;
Via. Meadville or Corry.
• Prom Learritebargh, the Wahoning Branch tuna to
YOungatown and 'the Coal Mune.
This Road is being extended, and will aeon be in coma.
plate running order to Gallon. Urbana, Dayton and Cin
cinnati. without break of gunge.
J. FARYZ WORrg, Gen'i Freed Agent. ,
T. H. GOODMAN, Cleo'l,Tickrd Agent.
F.'SWERTHICa, Ginn Sept.
. (Successor to IL, tr. Siosith,)
1 sTATE msuncr, ; •
Siegel, Vincent & Co,
(Sizcossors to C. Ms 44)
Groceries, Flioti, NA; Fhb,
, - •
Merl Wines, laquers, ligari sad
Giiirke.mes t s
A? TEI -
Lowest liarket Prioes.
MIME BMWS 11111 i L I.llllllkalk
r•~ T
• ,'
, r- MOM