The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, September 29, 1864, Image 2

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~.;_ I , . .._._ _ --- _ cm Bigler. .
1E "
rrt- ' ', ll, tr • , q-'"ig ____
• ler was only able to meet the
... -, • ! roopl , ilt six points in thitcounty, and •
, 1. : oi,e in Warren, owiri to ngagwe is
BTIC4R3t)AYISEftVEIERO, I ill I. I that he made beft as arelpf a
g11"41 4 - Ire A litt ir t.Z?1 ?. .4 r :1 61, ,e,,, j6i i., t :: I : : : ' .4 ' r r ' ''N .
" r . I NV(• li 11 e ~-' ( lay after ro tniath in' e , W es-
Ammeamirroc. , ii 3 V f' 1 . t. Ili I I g ; Ir '
... • 4841. art ern n;
.• . ~ .. ,
. . Nr4tit II i-1 .:f iursday eVening ; _ Union,
. Devattevartte National !Vetter. '
„,- • , i I t .•.
• Frid-ty sfierneon : Corry, Friday evening;
~... racaira:Nt., .. • .•
GMT; GEORGE )3, - It'CLEIJI;IN. ! "'I - d-1
Written on. Saturd4y afternoon an
I even in d _L. ,A, q a of these places large and
„.. . itc:n iizsitimir, . , ,- , ~,..',.•
.• ... 1 . • ',
' i entltu , isstie au, 'epee” turnekogiikamt,,
GEORGE IT. PENDLETON. . --1 -f\,„,-. at North Easi,hcm . eurre t d a severe
• told, , JinCh c'lnthe(l 'a - hi tnre •ohisvoine, j
, and he W 33 unable to speak.more than a'
few words to the people -of , union• and.;
Corry. By the: Gin e i lir‘ Apatdiett,,A,arrep i ,
his voice had recovered its list's! htrAtigth, i
*-i • I
• t
and, he af.toke ,to the large loam bilsgel
I gathcred to hoar him with if onytlimg,
morethAn his usuallpit`o ; ttriti titfirist.. , ,
Ilia 'visit to this part et the Btatti line
' i,'left 'a Vert; tine impress:inn. espee . ially'
_;'among those who obtained hie personal
I,acquaint,ince. Ilis urtass , uming deport.
Democratic 'District: Nositriatireci
• coxaazas„ Lipent,niml'ille apitit:iii“nderat ion ,tcotir2
WILLIAM BIGLER, of Clear field po :,i tes y and patriotism that he ditipltiyed on
112•111 Ed/14M i all ,ocoasions, strengthened the ileibtioni
• -
- . .. I,
Cot.. DAN RICE, o.Erie County. .of iii,)oli,iiell it ietuls,andlia t d an:agree , :
' -; a,Li f il effect-km waity,:llepiiblicans. .',f , ,
: It 'must not -he inider;tood ' thistov
-- Bigler i; making tlill - tliavicf4,lrfaiite bO
.is aolieitous to . rerenter political 4t ;lion':
Up-to • tli". 4- tithe . oc his nominatton he' , , insd-1
' leNtiently expre4edbis intentionall4% to
1 as-el: any more p ubli c duties, and bits s'iv
ieetirm wris quit( - ;11 of -
.XoRfir Just tstiaN, ct Lambda Co.nt
IIICLURD 1741.7 X, *1 Tn.
totrracT :I!CP3ctt :
L Lontitho,; .• rat l i.t e l,!..;
Ilicleard R. ITelotb I' Rol.eitSweir4otd,
8. I:Award P. Dane. . ii. John
4. Thos. McCullough, 16 It nr: G. ;Inllth,
a. Edward T. Hvi, •111. Thtqticuc Paulo,
I. nap cmchcci,c a. , Pugh lIfIrIlZ4410f),
t. ‘o l loglre G. lolicr, "'HI John M. Trait:,
8. Michael .91.1 . 2.r,11.0. K ;11?7n.T.:0N
• Patrick IPA': '1; "
104 Thomas, ft. Walkar, P. el_ T,
11. rillver 5. D mattel- , , L I 1. WI; Itoout , ,
A. B. Danattql " TVW MOuthrar).
Democraic County .77cket.
11.1) FRANCIS,' WAterfOra;
Pao/ LAY- 64WAGE, Springfield
- ' • inr4.:rr. •
0 COLT,. Waterford.
,' Tr:mu. R. - •
- A. -24Ev'KE11., Erie;
F W EOefILER, Milt Creek.
olnirsi:6vv," • • •
iiciiitioa au rclus ! aoii, ,
inta t3Ci3LIJR4TP: tlrrA
.11ALPI1 gOWNtAN Con amtl
,• ~ v artrxia4r4g Aciptxr, -
.r .rata WAlf. t ll, V 0111) AC SinaCt..
expect eucceea, bat the latter'will at least
•• havo had the astiafeetion , of t i pporting
RALLY! FREEMEN! ',WALLY! ! I did:t 'eft Or
, can o r acts n the pay
ty, the Govenior will have the mutt-
Oncifore :Efort for the Union and: ranee of', contributing to the gratificatidin
the Coneti4ution ler his friends and the, strength of the
' -- ' -' ~ We Lind the following remarks under
UP, PATRIOTS, AND . ,A. l l l THEII! the above caption in:a late mmiber of the
- .
Philadelphia inquiiir. It is at the same
Grand Mass Meeting'
time a just tribute to the honor and ben=
! evolence of the Hon. Holster Clymer, and
• - - - • a fitting rebuke to tht centrolling lefla
- '' • - ..-r:-.. -
, .... , .• - •„, v - , encein the Legislature, which, instead of
• 1 ^, . ' . • • .- vff - T.4,
• 11, j a. t .s ''l- ,e. k: tr,..;.... lightening the burthens of the people,
" •,... r -•---P: - .= t•
e1au.1011,......-.: 'a. .:......wiil .JoiliCtlin the unholy raids for plunder, at
,' , • -......-"-,_—,--, "-I t r., -1 - ! this at V2O common : - - '
-,,,,_-..--.-f . 4...,-..., --'"..':' , '
.. Ar. Clymer, State:Senistor : from 4erks
--- ,- .,--.......„,....z.- ' -.0..... „„,, ,
county, has preSented •to the Reading
OF THE • DEMOCRACY! , Benevolent Society two hundred and for
- I, ty-nine dollars, which were ipaid to him
I under peculiar circumstances 311. CI mer
The people of Erin and adjoining served during the last regutar s ession of
counties, without distinction of par- 1 the Legislature, and during the extr&ses
per_ i x n i r ovalled by the Governor. The pay
ty, who desire to see the 'Union e members of the Legislature
petuatef t l 4! the Constitution main- ter a regular session has been fixed bylaw
tamed, and the Government restored at the sum Of be,VeLl hundred dollirs;which
' to' the principle; of Freedom, lloneg- 1 for about three months service is veil- lib
ty, Jastkie and Edonorn y upon which er i d. :Flie same law allows three dollars
' p•-r day for extra sessions. • ,
it was foUnded,•are invites to meet The late session occupied twenty-one
in 3lass Convention, at ERIE, on days, and at the regular per diem would
I • '' ..0 have brought to eacja member fifty-one
THI7.4BD r eI..Y, October 6th, 1864 dollars. But before the adjournment the
members voted themselves three hundred
, .." , . 1
1 ---..: . . • •
• dollars each for their fifteen dayaserv'c'44
The following eminent speakers base : t making their whole pay for the twsr; se.
unitten'that they will Positively . alone one thousand dollars., There are
be in attendance,:', I ! one hundred and thirty-three members in
SENATOIL RICHARDSON, of 111. i.a ti e le tioT na tre; a s d rvi • li ngl u e s : trans.a tta d lta i t h e is ont
HON. liV3l. II; WITTE, of Philada. twenty-three thouseindtwo hundred; an%
HoN. JAS. 'S. -L TITAYER, of :N. y: ! seventeen dollars, and mileage extra:
HON. 11.03. CILVAIPLIN, N. Y.Mr, Clymer has determined oto present
- the overplus paid him to the benevolent
HON. Al - P. 11.-LNNE'.O-, Buffalo. society of 'his native - town for the ulie of
HON, JSO. W. 3lußprn - ,' " ,: i , the i)obr. - Most. probably he willhethe
C. -S. -MACOMBER,' EsQ., 4 , . ' only member of either House who Will do
Reading : . that much. We would like to hear pi mu
VoOL. W31 % .:R05LNT.11,11.4, ~ Philadelphia members doing the same for
Cot.. JA3IES K. KERR, Franklin.; the Cooper Shop and Union Volunteer.
and ' 4 : I saloons, or the Citizens' Volunteer hospi
HON. GAYLORD CHURCH. --1 " 1 .." the Christian-er Veeiteereemmil+'
7• 1 7; t 1 ,4 • among them- Tive thougand
No . ONE AVVEIITrSED'WEIO fIAS j three hundred and geventy-eight dollars
NO Pro?p • fsED..T i ?. „ which t)ley "conveyed" to their own
144. 3 . 0 %•k0ra th e • Stitedlestary•ltuieff
'ince of honesty and decency. Will they
• ~ , - • appropriate that amount to a good cause,
oir SPEECUES, IN ENGLISH! or do.shey Ivan to koep t iliwithomt 'barna
, because They obtained shameful vio
lation of honor? • -
qtaZ In this county, Messrs. Lowa„Corlran
Earnest efforts are being made to. ricytti6i9 ieiYr 11 is~enp ) ~ee~ of We last'
2 Legislature, are candidates for re-election.
MIL R. C. WINTHROP, of Mass. We wouldlike to know if , any of these
- HON. D. W. VOORHEES, of Ind. gentlemen were guilty of pOckethig any
and of the money above alluded to, over and
HON. EMERSON ETHERIDGE, abose'tho sum actually due them for the
of Tennessee. few days service at thespeclal session. If
they did, it is important that the people,
Let there be a gMnd outpouring of the alre Id; overburdened with taxes, and
Patriotic Masses, that will teach reeling under appalling national and State
the enemies of the Nationaldebts, should be aware of the fact. Will
b o th N ort h I - I
they or theti friends please explain ?
- and South, that
the people
are thoroughly aroused, and deter:
mined no longer to tolerate the over
throw of their cherished rights and
'Come in Processions _
Come With'your Carritiges
Come by the Railroads
Come on Horseback !
Come on Foot.:
Brine. your Wiree and Children
, r l:4Y'rapinis Coungr
Iwt no One
Stay bokatt i 9 able
to Bide or.lralk
The eniergencies of the Nation do
mama a all that they shall spare
no effort for the 'success of
your glorious cau...,e.,
Will nin lan the Phila. & Erie R. R.,
carrying passengers 'at half price.
EndeaVore are belly , made to effect
fifigai kirtangernefirs with rtheniher
ued,s, and if successful, notice will
be given in duntime.
Will firm on Federal Hill nboni 10
tyska, antler competent marshals.
, Wumsts, who was quoted by
the Gaud*, bust fall, ae.a aupporter of Cur
tin. Iva lorrittafkan able and eloquent lot
to: in favor of the Chicago nominees.
as j oineL aarprtie to
it was.tniffie people of the (lir
,ttict. 131st ,be felt atilt hating been hon
ore l wit ti a unanimous - and unsolicited
nomination, it, would not' 'have bean re-:
; I;ect.fal to the conferee's or consistent with
duty to - decline ;',aink)enteripm tbe,oontest
I - with this ilispoeilion,. he, is tletertnitidd to
111:ike tt:i.gallant a light es oiretnnstaneAs
' permit. In view of the politipal character ,
ot the tljiulet, neither his friends
, _ •
As some of, Or . Abolition orators in this
minty are not possessed of, tite,very- best
spe :king laleni, and seldorn succeed in
getting up any enthitsiasm iii the atudien
ees they address, we will give hint
on the subjeat that may prove invaluable.
Let them carefully prepare afew passages
like the followitig, and, after 'committing
then) to memory, intnyinoe them at those
passages in their epeechee which produce
the'utost drowsy effect :
The speaker, when a boy, was deeply
impressed by the fable in .Eaop; of the
hufnane husbandman who Sias stung by
tile frozen - snake, - whose rigid odds he
tha!ed out at his fire. Esop is dead,and
commenfatora Laval yet asuesed t , that
snake. It- must hew been • copper
head." •
TVA receipt we warrant to protean the
most startling and rinlosaintedoct. it
tin's report tells us, "deafening applatse."
'lMmeti lately on hearing the word Copper
hea 1. every half-asleep Lincolnite in the
criA (I trill prick up his earti Jerk hip ace
ktito c9ritortions'ot the nest ezquiaiM de
light, and set his heels to pounding in a
style that eclipses any negro hoe down.
"Copperhead's" the word, gentlemen—we
never knew it Rt. fail in "bringing down
the home." '
'fa; Republican pipers are in . great
trouble because, they say, Mr. Pendleton
has wit i bcen officially nctifusqf his nom.
Sidce l tk. Pendlilo4 has made
no complaint at the neglect, we cannot for
the life, of . us see why the friends of Lin
coln should - pat tliennelves in such a
fearful agony on- the subject. But, lest
serious results midst ensue from their
deep distress, we trust the Committee will
take pity on our suffering frienita, and
notify Mr. Pendleton.
Ills Earnest _ E.fforte to Avert C I ar.
4,- T preen 000 r gi end or
t. • 1 udieilt m ' e biairi of e p "le,
erlitig ha he is 4 " tre m " a
1 , ii
, 1 15 - with-the A on," anti one
who has no - true affection for the' Union. To
OPP , *bp tutd: the: 'Pimento" of heitriiig hhala
'his various addresses tn this -county, during
the last week, itlijorsiterietitaril(piiielA irtai.
• •
' - 2- - I
uMor l2 PuI Ol 4 Chows- . lu : op.siry speech thit
he delivered, 'ho, seL silly took the li!igheiir
Usioi round; Ifnit denounced 'weoeslien is.
~ , , . ....
terms of the. utmost" ,
repugnance and in, lan
se 'age 4nst• coul, ; not be mlitaken...,. No (air
minded elan, after hearing kin•remarkst on,
Chit subject",.eouhl- retain' any doubts ' - Of his
patricitism... '" • :, :.
. ~ ~:.
4u.i, A le said that,Gov: Bigler having united
on party iquestions' , wit h. the • Southern men
ftt , C'tingress/ he - iniiSt'peCese&rily 'aimpsthise
wi"jt;',t,hrtt to it ce,risinte'speet., , Wi are pet.
pa"re"d 4 fr i.ov; fion 4ocuravats that no person
can diet - lute, that he has Dot only been a 0011.
*Went upholder ofilit Union Ontußi';, in'Con.
gross and our,otit,.but that h e Warned
4lie,seneseion-lai:ders" Of the conseettineei of
their-condrict: .. Ills course in the Senate Was
cinecetinfinued series `of % ardent, able and pa
tfotle,itchori td' tvert, di;uoion - Pe stood
side by aide with Douglas and. Crittenden in,
advocacy of the Compromise measures, and
wail Warmly eulogised by the initri: in .Ii
ttpeecli Wei may 'buifehind in smellier column s ,
;or hli manly devotien i te,the, standard of tits
sation. , i: lii, arguments evilest seeeselon Are
AniongsVihe iUroneeet int' thattopiti that hale,
ever been matie,'Sott istitiCl. hicit.fte hi "de
pounced by all the-hot-heads who plunged the
South-.into disunion. in order , it' : eteinvinot
our readers of the truth . or 'what Lwelivly, we
copy below an extract from his great speech In
the Satiate, delivered en the 21st ofJnly,lB6l.,
It is . batu'enniple of 'nil 'his speech i f gorin g .
tiiii,e:o46i'pe f fod 6 wb64 ii was mach:
• tint:. in God's natee,•if thisegitation is to go
on, i('u party is one mootibn of fhb country is
to bworganized and derive its 'vital trark of
-eximmice from ibis agitation, let tor knokleirhat
is to de acoompliehed: what' geed .eiol : it to
reenittroik it ; what can be done'by the white
or Vieille& race by it.. 11 1, whttpbettiblirway
is she condition of either to be improred ?
Wvaldgot make the'llstres freemen T Unless
yeti morn this, you mean tiothing- if freeman,
holt, when and` where? - You seknowledge the
restrictions of the Constitution as to Melds,.
Swett. [But suppose these were relieved and
the San - Chem people wire to say, bete are our
slayeS;" we set them free; they mutt be clothed
and fed ; ' emu& and take thent—i-then whet
would you do! Nothing, gentlemen; abho r
lutely nothing, The most abolitionised State
in th i Union would not agree to receive her
of slaves in order'to give them freedom.
Theyloonlanot he brought North; and if such
a thing were possible, every sane man tenet
know l that, their condition would be infiniterj
worse. They would not only be slaves, but'
miseiehle; starving, degraded slaves. As was
remarked liy the Senator from Virginia the
other day, in tracing the consequences of war
,betw en the two sections, and justly denying
the ight and possibility of subduing , the
Soul , if you' had the South subdued, what
weul you do with the slaves! • i
II said, es-I say. you would have to retain
themlthere ; and if the South were conquered
provinces of the North, the institution of slav
ery Would have to be *maintained, and, the
righti, of property in slaves recognised. What
a begird we are running, then, Mr. Presi
dent; for an idle abstraction or a vain delu
sion! .
I have no pleasure,, air, in this kind of talk.
As ( od is my judge, I have no heart in it at
all. lam in, no spirit of criminatiou. I stand
her between' the extremes of the: North`and
the outh, getting but little cocintenancie or
sym athy from either side; bit I stand for my
country, for the Union of thes&States, for the
curiae or justice and humanity, for the right,
for duty and lidellty,on all bands, and against
a fratricidal war st all times and In every con
tingency. ... .
I I have already said : that"! do not , hold
Southern men blameless on this subject. They
have indulged a spirit of recrimination and
retaliation collards the North neither wise nor
phi 'osophi,cal i &atilt cannet•be denied that •
vex lions spited' of espionage has been kept
up n type Southern States as . to Northern
meviiiting that region, and in' some instan
ces cruel add' condign punishment Inflicted
upo them In a 'manner disgraceful lb the age,
and well : calculated to provoke aggression and
r l
hos ility. They have, in adlition,'been un
nec ssarjly sensitive and exacting in unim
po ant points, and at all times have left the
imp ession that nothing . that the Northern
peel le could do 'or say would relieve their ap
prehensions or assuage their feelings.
..01 for eecession, — l am utterly opposed to it.
I deny the right and abhor the consequences.
Bat I shall indulge in no argument en that
point ; it is'no remedy for any one of the evils
lam toted, and, 'in m,y judgment, it will aggra
vate rather than remove them; and, in addi
tion, superinduce countless others of a more
distressing and destructive character. di It
were wiser to bear the ills that we have than
o others thud we know not of." Will die
tinn arrest aggressions upon the rights of
South? Will it extend the area of their
, liar . institution ? Will it break up the
hinations of those who conspire to carry
slave property ? Will it assuage popular
in` in the North as to slavery ? Will it
vatiditional security to the holders of slaves?
will it prevent insurrection? In, my
pent it 11411 do neither of these ttifilie.
can,it-by any r oasibility improve the ma
al interests of either section of the Union
I do-not intend to dwell upon the question .
aterial interests in considering the value
he Unica. It we could have two republics
f qua! size, and live in harmony and wire
tr iced commeroiatind political intercourse
national growth might be seriously affect
ed But would this - Devolution stop with two
üblica:., and, can pnecaful.. relations be
m intained? Both are possible, but neither
th one non'a bli. , ,Otheeirs ?probable, If once
di ruptiontdchmelfliernititent, the history of
th world would seem to teach that subdivi—
if n!tiould folio,. tUtill:thi• AmeticanlAtnion
w old be divided into a score or more of petty,
w angling and demoralised republics, exciting
on y the pity and-contempt of the world.
Acknowledging the j usiice of the complaints
ofthterjoligiertr fitaigelte, **lnconsiderable
extent, 1 deprecate with all my heart the rear..
,edy they pursue, and am prepared to resist it
by all pro'per means in my power. 'Even if
the right of secession were clear, Mr. Presi
dent, I maintein that justice and good faith to
the ; *he f Wars ,ljtOrten, Mttl'ilres s for
aßeged grievance's to the 'BOti - ilt 'should first
low alight et the heeds of the geoplef-thi
tiptatfill or polillsel authority—and; 14 1 , the
le the Onstltntioe. The
Sputhera States should have petitioned Cam.
=l:.a.isoarentioa of Stated ; to revise the
lice and iestevi Ilso'grieessoes of
Whish they is:alpha*. In this way they egad
ve ascertained the real sentiments and Jetta.
t of Ihn,Northern people towards them,
s i ted 'glint alienas' te' of ainenak Union
or peaceful separation could have been deter
signed upon. This was the course of our fath-:
ere in reference to the old confederation, and
was intended to, be perpetual,but was changed
beeanse it' did net answer the purposes for
fhioh it seat created. Let our Southern
riends follow this example, even at this late
(ist, and all may yet be saved. Better coun
sels will prevail in such a body than in Con
gross. Men will oome fresh from the people,
unembarraesit by 'arty politics and . party
platforms , ' Thli--'ssitd- by the North, and
then, and not till then, could violent remedies
pith any ibow of justice be Invoked. The
lonititution was intended to_meet just such
i oto n ts s ion is Wa n rm:d urr e ' ;o lil r d th " e 4-a w tn ea. o e f
he States, end none fortltweoeroion of States
site Obediende to Elie finifiersintaf ley of the
piton. The men who made the Constitution
were in the prsotieti of Att peaceful limedy
et the time and doubtless intended to leave the
same remedy and none other to posterity.—
This remedy should still be embraced, unless
Congress should promptly submit to the
States sonnisneasure of pandentien, end re-
• I •
In my opin i on. ieceasioa le the oral possi
ble remedy tor the arils complain of by the
South . •sod :the maddest of
all the T.ion. Th
Stites ought ero al ode, but
'thy will net; itholfwee•haif put arother to
the otrottrirititoolvoithi. ono or oz•
teratoaliii4:oll4iodeidd enaction
sodlt: thi Noidwiti - Boatio - , d iiewqtari
what would they do with the Sou horn States
as provisoes? no &altos from met
thaVpoiat theWther dot to , List
need not discuss- ii. Bat God forhid that war
I h r id J i ma Loia
41‘; sat f a/Atario InYdilu#
and the offended puple. I' em 7 to int'
.rots 0 121 . 1 ,141 P gesumnipthe IT* ; I lim roe
y to fight for their constitutio el rights to
the last hour; but is sheds thews blood
in listricridaLiren. IT shall —suer l,
i x
never l
But su ._,- L :' , ,-; • , u:•••• •
, it I have an abiding f ai th 'that the
lletton cal 'lie sated; not by m re hosannas
to the Union. though I like them eudingly,
It will require marks as Well as Stith. • When
Buie was in the, full this iof )a4? detains, It
was the bout of the Romani that while the
Colliseum itandsilome will stand. The bout
was vein, tot- istime's arising finger" ever
=to thtfallaey of the expeetation. ' The
id pride and departed gnuOdeur 'of the
once mistrial of the world are I fitting cunt
mutter? on worldly ambition. 0011 the Ain't
loan boast that while the Union stands Amer!.
an.will stand, is fog more rational. But 111111111111
must be used. Then bouts may, be indulged.
The adoption of the resolutions cif the Senator
from Kentuelcy by the'vote of nil parties in
Congress, would -at ones 'give lusuranee of
reunion and continued rounion„d would be
the voles of pease and good will
thiland. - What a blueing it w 'aid be to go
treelbling over the wires, from
to 4tats to State,
fromjoity to city , from fawn turs, • hill to
valleyr hope to house, throughluk t this broad
,and how many hearts you d inipialtivell
thank'Clod for its mercies:
. . ,
'' ' '" • Another 'Republican Cr:invert.
"Among the . pntlimen employed . t 1 one p!
his 'assistant's, by Mr. Livitigitin, Assessor of
Petieril Taieti, far this districi;iiiiii Mi. H. 0.
Gillespie, Oriefferson imminty. '1 Mr. id. yam
formerly I veil 'active Lincoln iliiin.' but has
had hib'eyseoitened'to the lathecility and
reef:AMY' et the Adminisiration,lb Ok pas recent
ly taken strcing" grontid in favorl of Den. Mc-
Clellan's eleition. At-s'uffieiing hell in Jeff
erson county, a (sir Weeks egcq he made an
earnest speech in fever of our candidates. The
Abolitionists were shocked and horrified at the
idei that a mu holiiiiii a , Pedeval °Mos would
dare take snob an indepsiiiint,; study' stand,
and immediately dispatched word UM.: Lit
ingston that Mr. Gillespie muss be removed.
That faithful eervint of Abraham Lincoln
hastened at onde to perforiwthWork he wu
bidlo do, and Mr. Oillesplei n e was added
m t na
to the thousands of victims irh filhotal heads
have been decapitated to' gratify the intease
partisan spleen of the zeta whcf are now driv
ing the nation on to rule'. But, though re-r
moved, he hits not been intintiditeA. He has
entered the campaign with his term, off," and
promises to reiderr good service for the cease
of Pease and' Union. At thlt great Mass
Meeting in Philadelphia, on thel-rth, he mad/
the following'esoellesit address r . l .-
Unix or int.'tCILLIiPI/.
Mr. Chairman and Fellow Cttisens:—Aftex
the exhaustive speech of Tliy yeneiable friend,
who has just finished abusing you, I feel
that anything I might add to his ,remarks
would be superfluous. 'But, al I some from
the forest, wile» every breeze that passes
through the pines of the; North West, where
indeed everything breathes of IMMBellakand
victory. I feel that I malt sap somethink to
you. (Cheers.) The audience that is before me
lithe largest that I aver sa t i l lr ii I have often
hearda of sea of freer , bit ,gathering, my
friends, looks like a vast ;wilderness of patri
ots. (Cheers.)
.I greet, you with good will and
tidings of good• cheer. • The , rural districts
will do their duty, but yin can do much to
stem the tide of Adel corrisrion and mad
fanaticism. (Cheers.) Lit use here say that
my whale life, heretofore ? has, been spent in
bitter opposition to the Tarty I now address.
1; 4 0
(Cheers.) flops it 'will not off nd my friends
of the 'Republican party to kn w that I was
a member of the publican State
Committee. I also held the lion of .Assis.
taut Collector for Jefferson coUnty. under the
present Administration,' and I resigned both
positions Dessau the Republican party desired
of me self stultificstion. 4Cheers.) I have not
in my possession very MuchOf .this• world's
goods, but poor as I am, !I am free to say that
this Administration lip' not, greenbuki
enough to purchase my free' extrusion of
,optaioa. (Churl.) The first vete I out was
for Henry Clay, one of the purest of states.
men, whose goal I trust Sow ruts in/leaven.
My life, u I before said,' was spent in opposi
tion to the DeMooratie party, but when those
who oppose that party violate the rights of
the people—when the Republican Adminis
tration of Abraham Lincoln &rutty' violate
and even condemn the lairs of the nation, then
m 3 I against them. (Cheers.) Judas betrayed
his mutts for thirty pieces of 'silver, -and
there are Men now living - who would, I think,
for 10 per omit. one shoddy contract. (Laugh
ter.) 'I folloiad the Republican party so limg
as they folloired thi rutolutios of Congress
explustory, of the object fol which the war
is waged.. (Cheers.) I will stand upon that'
resolutio, whicts was adopted by Controls
almost without dissent, until we vindicate its
purpose Or go ~in oblivion . (Cheers.) I
challenge Itepu Us to meet me upon the
resolution of Co tress, if which the immortal
Crittenden, who,' I hope, now sits near the
seat of Eternal Truth, was the framer. When
the flag was fired upon at Fort Sumter, we all
felt oar hearts fired with more fervent devo
tion to the Unicor ' and sacrificed ch - ii — nm, dear
odes- nd all for its perpetuity—not for the
abandonment of slavery,. -There are now but
two questions before the Americas people—
whether we prefer the restoration of the Union
and air early peace, or' the abandonment of
slavery' sad years of war: If,two or three
Burnous of nutmeg are 'worth more than the
Units; then Abe Plucoln and his satellites are
right. But if the Union our fathers gave us
in piaci be spore valuable than the freedom of
slaves, then Ire are right. The abandonment
of slavery should be steins', audit the policy
of the present Adtainistnition IsJo be followed,
picture to yourself the desolation that will fair
upon as. 'I left the Republican party because
I religiously bellueethat the Union can only :
be saved by the Democraarand the Conserve
dye citizens of the country. I conjure all by r
the love thiy bear the land of Freedom; by ;
every fond attachment on earth - , to join us in.
our good work. I slily feel that my country
is yet lobe Caved ; and that the wisdom of our
people will Coudizet us 'safely from a sea of
trouble. - ;
Abraham Muth is likened by some to /do-
Ss, the wee it down to liberate theLaiel-'
its. when the land of lggypt was covered with
. hiker Abrakiat - proposes to aid us - by
no frog, veringorrland Ca tizischerers. (Laugh
tini)" • the best
Yon psy this isGovernment given
to man, and arewilling to acknowledge the
guidance of thi trainers of the Constitution
and Union by the Hand of Ream.' Iron be-
Here that oar fatheri•or the Revolution meri
ted in their work the ski of Heaven. If this,
than, be true. I would Zak : Why, It God gave
it to us said everything mast be perfect that
comp from Illmehow ti it that he permitted
slavery to cast in one half of it ? If - our
Goverment-Is from the buds of Heaven
what right have we to, attempt its alteration
against the ordinances Of the Almighty? What
is proposed by the Abolitionists t Abraham
Lined* says that this Isar shall sot aloes un
til the whole hod be settusted with the blood
of freemen. His plan mull be luseeptod or
mlllioni of freemen mist die upon the battle
field. Yes,to fris the Shires of the Beath, Abra -
ham Lineoln has old that all the bloo4 had tree
sure of the North and Routh shall be exhausted.
The hollow.hsartedipidiaithropy of the North
is a sham—it is mockery. Who are the men
thai-dare to make the issue between preserva
tion-of the Chios and the abolition of negro
slavery upon which oft liberties and lives
4epend ? Win. Lloyd Gkvison is, one i he that
I heard for two heart harangue against the
sanctity of the Lord's day. Hers Greelei
is anoth'er, who believes is *odds but negro
worthippleg. Plies this Government in the
heads if men who are - traitors to Hearen, 1
*hat "el &MOM as asap ER Mr ale
.... , ,
(cheers.) .We hay)) in McClellan 111 Madera As we expected, ExGovernor Bigler, in
Moses, who tollillilliiiinPan OW incluniaiii top, . his speech at Wayne Hall, on Wednesdky
not to receive the tahlss of the old law, but to evening of last week, failed to utter a sin
foster and preservr, yes, to defend the Coo-
..____ • g le word iridrinunciation 'or ~1.. ff. D.lvis,
*"."iici his IrTab„) Thk - aus^ and the Southern - Confederacy. • '
s enses w hey t f to battle platted tie ii U.
mtlt of cob tin their front. I we, too; , L l 7
ri As • • e expected," the above appears in
liout tibial* liberty. with thiConsilti Ill* Goetze of this week. It is flUt It ipg
din of Ihrtiglit in oar front. tilers the i mace or less than a balkl•facefl takelieed.
ClitstitoloB.34 11101' •0 112 0/7-7 0 0OPTOT7 PI I I n "---- • elm 'meet+ ilftlirereci by Oev. Bigler
and tittlelif It—be domed, there can be no
Union. . 4 •ThiCoastitution sad the Onion are lin this and Warren county he plainly and
iitrabli" lithe name of thin:emery of / pointedly denounced the. sebession con-
Wzsi 16°11.—in °leftism* of be that gave you I spinier' as no -one who heard him but a
the l eherter of. Übe*, is the alma of those i • "
wheraliver have been offered upoi the altar 'liar and aby rile Will deny. We knots
if-litiffr tietanalyeil -shame you. leek tett - that 9ov. Bigler-well; and , 4. know bins to be
the Constitution be defended. Cling to it as as ardent a lover of th l n Union as any 'man
your only 'the mariner clings to the i s the nation. -t
-hat plank.l Were il upon semi mountain peak,
and Fay voice could be heard throughout the
land, I would Cry out to the ishabi4nts there.
hf;- 4 •Berve God and rote for •Geueral Geo. B,
Ittelellsa.r (Cheers.) • , I •
7 ,
THE WAR inaws.l
Sheridan - is reported to have gained an
other consplete victory, at Strasburg. in
the Shenandoah valley. Thusifar in the
battles at'Wittoheater and Strasburg, 5,000
prisoners and 21 guns ire said to; have been
captured., . Sheridan bas great difficulty
in getting his trains forward, ai l the cow n -.
try swartns with guerrillas. Heavy guards
will be required to escort the Supplies.—
No report whiCh bears any official sanction
has yet been received of the F+leral loss
es, and it is not likely that any' will be re
ceived until after the October election.—
The telegraph is now worked With an ex
clusive CYoto the political campaign.
It is announced that the sit:goof Mobile
ha. beeti abandoned. , The grater part of
the landloroie have returned to New Or
leins.l Farnigut will tnaintain a strict
it pretty strong rebel force tits come up
into Missouri once more. Shelby, with
4,000 or Asioq cavalry, thought to be Pri
ce's ativance, was reported at thought
town, 20 miles east of Pilot Knob, on the
24th. ! Price is '_thought to have 30,000
troops, and to be advancing in three coi
tal:Ml, intending to effect a firtit lodgment
in * the , centre of the State. Kirby
Smith Ls expected to join i him with
10,000 or - 12,000 more men. Gen. Rose
'oranslis 'calling the people to 4trms.
. The confederate General Forrest is ope
rating in Sherman's rear'. Hislentire com
p.= is said to be 8,000 men with 10 guns.
He attacked4thens, a town; in Georgia,
occuined byL Federal • troopa,land after a
fight of two hours duratton, °impelled its
snirehder. A detachment of 1300 Federal
soldientien6o re.enforce the' garrison at
Atheits, are 'reported to harts also been
captured. The • ConfederatSe have de
stroyed : several miles 'of the Tennessee
and Vabanta Railroad, between Decatur
and Athens. 1
; sigmas". I. ati Degiiiirati.- .
There are a number of !things that
should fbe donti by the Demcaarats of our
'city On the occasion of the 6th of October
meetng, which we trust theiwill not for
get. 1 Among them are, the fo owing :
Let every Democrat in t e city keep
open! house on that day, and invite as
many &noes from the country to stop
withL him as he can accomModate. No
matter ,if you are not acquainted with
them—in a time like this all Democrats
are friends, and shoUld treat one another
' 1 •
as Etch. f
. IfiyMa have a flag or an emblem, fling it
to the breeze, and let it fleet there during
the day. Republican husinets men never
.fail to "display their colors" en occasions
Where, :their party is ooncereect, and why
shonW Democrats hesitite: to do the
same ? • • • .
Resolve to devote the day-to your coun
try, 'and let business have the go by. The
man who cannot afford one Whole day for
the use must not have much heart in it.
} •
Turn out yourself, and as far as possible
let iota family and workmen do so.
Lttbor with all your might ; in endeavor
ing to Make the meeting a success. No
tifyallyotir frienda,iar sod near, and in
duce them to attend. /
One ;political friends ini the country
complain that the Democrat's of the city,
with! a very few notable eioeptio' ns, are
not pp to the spirit of the times. With
them ell is energy and enthksitunn—with
us it-ii—well, you know as well as we
conk , ' state it. Let city Democrats prove
to tim gallant men from th+ountry, who
Will I be here, by their liberality, activity
&tidiest on the 6th, that the day of slug
gishtees is past, never more .to appear, we
trus during the campaign.;
Millers Voting: attention once more to the ur
gent necessity of having every soldier who
is ffiiendly to General IdeClellin properly
assessed and qualified for koting. The
law ! requiies that the assessment shall be
made ten days previous to the day of elec
tier!, and a tax of ten cents' paid. A cer
tificate of the assessment and a receipt, for
the'. tax must then be sent to the soldier
by letter, and if they 'do not reach him
befere the day of election_he will be dis-
qualified for voting. We can do no more
in the hurried condition of our business,
thirt. to state thelaw on the subject, and
if, after doing this, our DemOcratic readers
neglect so important a matter, and their
ioldier friends are deprived of their votes,
they can blame no person bid themselves.
Ler every , one who has a 11011 air a relative
in he army, see to it, at once, that he , is
no dlifrinohised by neglect of the re
quirements of the law.
ke a. generally conceded that Hon.
Montgomery Blair, who had, just resigned
the office of Postmaster-General, was a
`eatable and efficient officer: In times of
Zreanational embarrassment he admin.
the Whirs of his department in a
Manner satisfactory to his amociates in the
Gbeeinment and the country generally.—
then, was. he _rewired ? Mr. Lin
coln said it wai t bad policy te "swap horses
when crossing a strejam," snd yet here,
when we are in the midst Of the rapids,
he swaps Mr. Blair, *limn the Gmetts pro
nouncies "a competent and efficient offi
oti,"' for one who, to say the least, is still
tint:led. If it is right for kr. Lincoln to
"swap" nap when he pleases, wby is it
not equally right for the pcople to do the
isms t
Ix one line the Abolition papers say the
rebels will ha's no peace but a disunion
one, and In the.nest they claim that the
rebellion 4 in desperate stritits, and i!lmost,
ready to succumb. Nonitif the enemy's
4111118 is as low as the Abolitionists repro.
Sent it t is it not likely that tkeir leaders, in
Order to 'save their property and their
lives, would consent to eltirst any terms
of pesos f Them is *Domes libillyias
Tin Philadelphia ptiffrtin has a long edi
torial article based on ...the supposition of
General McClellun's,election. It is going
a considerable distance for a Lincoln or
gan to even ."suppose" such an event. A
few months agb the Republican papers
hooted at the idea of lir. Lihooln's de
feat; now they contain alarming articles
on the damaging results of his defeat.. The
tune is changing.
Tim following appeared at the head of
the leading column of the Ohio Sfatesinau
of Saturday :
The appointments hcitetofore made for
Hon. C. L. Vallandichfun. are withdrawn.
Chair. Dem. State Ctn. Com
-F. J•ouza.•Secretary.
Campaign Oimerrm.
Fifty Cent. for Three Months.
In order to place the Cassavas within
the reach of all who desite hi read sound
Union doctrines, we have decided to tako
subscribers for the space of three months,
commencing with the 6iFt of August, and
ending with the next issue after the Pres
idential election. The price will be Farr
CENTS, invariably in advance. Each subscrip
tion will be promptly discontinued at the
expiration of the time, unless other, direc
tions are given by the persons receiving
'the ppaper.
We earnestly urge the Democrats of
Erie, Warren, Crawford - and Ashtabula
*counties to make a special effort to in
crease the circulation of the 011aritilt
during the exciting andimportant politi
cal campaign so soon to open. Let 'no
man wait upon , his neighbor to commence
the work of obtaining subscriptions, but
enter upon it himself, with energy, deter
mination and persistency. • The crisis de
mands the services of all, and no one can
excuse himsell'who fails to perfornihis
dutyo3 this hour of his country ' s danger.
We should hive at least two thousand.
campaign subscribers on our books before
the close of August. Let others do their ditty
and we will not fail to perform oars.
Viratehwerdafor the Campaign.
NW So soon as it is clear, or even proba—
ble, that our resent adversaries - are ready for
peace upon the basis of the'Uttion, we should
exhibit all the resources of statesmanship
practiced by civilized nations, and taught by
the fraditione of the American people—contra,
tent with the honor and interests of the,coun
try—to secure such ' '
peace, re-establish the
Union, and guarantee for the' future the
constitutional rights of every State. --General
ileCleitan'* Letter of Acceptance.
mer The preservation emir Union was the
sole avowed object for which the war was
commenbed,and it should have been conducted
in accordance with those principles, which I
took occasion to declare .when in aotive'ser—
vice. Thus conducted, the work of reconstruc
tion would have - been easy, and we might
hake reapdd the benefit of dur many victories
en land and sea. —Gen. McClellan's Litter' of
Acceptance.. • .
MP' I need only say that I should seek in
the Constitution of the United'States, and the
laws framed in accordance therewith, the rule
of my_ duty and the limitations of Executive
power ; endeavor to restore economy in public
expenditure; re-establish the' supremacy of
law, and by the operation of a more vigorous
nationality resume our commanding position
among the nations of the earth.—Gen. MeC/411-
/wee Letter of Acceptance. •
sor I could not look in the face of;my
lank comrades of the army and navy who have
fought in so many bloody battles, suck) tell
them that their labors and the sacrifiiie of so
many of our slain and wounded bretkirett had
been in - vain, that -we had abandoned, that
Union for whiSh we . have so often perilled
our lives.—(lea. McClellan's Letter of Accept-.
Urn. vast majority of our people, whether
in the army or navy, or at home,,wotdd as I
would, hail with unbounded joy the permanent
restoration of peace, on the basis of the Union
under the 'Constitution, without the effusion of
Another drop of blood; but no 'peace can be
peimsnent without- Union.-4471. hicetellan's
Letter of Acceptance.
$ Let me-add what I doubt not was,
although tutexpessed, the sentiment of the
Convention, 4 as it is of the people they repre—
sent, alit when any one State is willing to .
return to the Union, it should be received at
onoe with a full griarstdee of its constitutional
rights.—Gmeral McClellan's Letter of Accept
if a trent, earnest smd persistent ef
fort to obtain these Objects should fail, the
responsibility for ulterior consequences will
fall upon those who remain in arms igaitet
the Union ; but the Union mist be preserved
at all hasards.—Gen. McCietlan's - Letter of Ac:-
tor The Union win originally fornied by
the exercise of a spirit of conciliation'
compromise, and to restore and preserve it the
same spirit must prevail in our councils, and
in the hearts of the people.—Gen. McClellan's
Letter of Acceptance.
Mr The existence of more than one gov
ernment over the land which -once owned our
Rag is incompatible with the peace, the power
and the happiness of the people.— (den, Me-
Cleltan's Letter of Acceptance.
lir The Union is the 'one ootaditiOn of
peeetr—we ask no more,-- , Gnural Aifeasltes's
Letter of Acceptance.
air No pews Can be permanent, 'without
Union.—Geural iirearelZas's &Mr of dectipt-
Solag's Nartiottuntto.
Stray Cow. •
CAME to the residenoe of the '
anbaesiber, is East 1111lossek tp., near"!
the Balkh, a Fab B. IL Ulla* Buss, on
Swab). night bat, • light nd Cow—erooked
harm lags shied, sad end of tall eat off. The crust is
requated to owns [onsid e prove ProPerti, e i =los
aM take ha: away ; otherwise she will os du of
sooording to law.
sep.2o-3tr• EDWaltrailtalt.
Oliver lUD, 1 4 : Common Mao of Erie Coon •
Ti. v. Alfa Sob. la Divorce. No
Ensi/7 RaE. Am. Tern, 1864.
Yonne hereby notified to appear at - Court of
Cowen Pleas. to be helnurat fen, on the Ist Monday
of November 1864, sad show nese. lf any you hays, why
divorce shoi.d net be masted to peUtloaer. .
.1. W. BWALLEY,Deputy Ueda:
Sheriff's Ofilco; Sept. 28, 1664 -4w.
House for Sale.
IT II .13 - lINDERSIONED offer* for
Ws his one led &hall story Brisk' Rouse. di
Righth deeet,liast of Pas& etteet,just outside*"
city limit& • pod press, with seediest hail, seller,
well sail bent aro Weheetsd with the ptedissir Ise
=r2 lee to bespla is pellina m akill
0/104.6 -
%.1. MAN I I otit ) .
How Lost HOW Rest ertd
Da. Crtwattwevtni Pete thArrn ;
radical cirri (wa11..., ~ctn.) u ~? 4
r..lll3iLil Weal. carra 11,• ' r e ;
TiNGT. kreo lAI in 11' * •
Maniac., et. } „.„;
!winced by aer-indul7e2 '22 r •t• t i 2 „
er erten, 19 . t r , „ •
The celebiat • 2l - „.
demonatratev, trot.' a t . , ' r„.
that the 11111Mtna Co...ttinvuere of all
iratly cured without inta m a e
Kee or the applicati on of t he itn,f —crir
of rare stow* alrni,lo, Cert.llll an •1
which everhanittl , r, no ina . t. r %Lai .1. c
be, calicoes binuvlf uheaule, pri an' - r n, , c„,, u •
Illar !hit Lecture should t o t,,„ hit t. ,
youth and every =an M the lano
Sent under in a plata e.,2 2 e,,e, t , y
the receipt of a •I , d, 22r I 0 mu
the pabliehers, etit. .4 2 . Hi '2 22
1 Buwerr, % '
— P", t 4
The attention ul the Public I. Inv
th• COrDfr Oftitnte and Filth
fitted :up In hAtiasomo aty'•. ,•,; 4 -
teteTed to b. o' th• ;.I, 4 ,„.„ '
re•r;rta u the e 1.,.
And MI hinds a•tie , ee uras , o Lela In e
op to mietotosi• in • neteiinr MUM',
' 11% PEVA
• he Her le supplied with it,.
re Feeling that my art angenirntg are, ,$
(ail to give eatix'action, I reep‘.mrt, 1 y %.
r 0 DUO of the eommunity.
, . THN
Prepare for Winter,
Tint -soun elm L
Before It Coes Highei,
Now Is your thee ts, lei Irr your rupply cf
constantly on the slat The old ethLittLrd
Ou it:teams', te the bast p1•^• to the c,t, t,
have on hand a qnsiatity of the teAt •
i lllTu.s:lNOtris COAL,
Preto the Mercer County Mures, Inc u'izr It.
and Old Ormsby, which we ,are prepared to
abort notice to any part of the elty .t th e Irow.n r ,
print. Don't delay, tart mid In y'or ro,!e.t.• •
Viab, at the increase bf the price of rcrbz,
of coal at the !ninon, and other carom, etmbm ,
ly advance the price.
We, therefore, solicit a eali•frow it etc No cm,
guarantee rettaliellon, both in peaty aril prim.
D. flUbloNt vain,,
Eighth e•nat tr.
Would most respectfully announce that they
their new Store,
And have Just opened • very largs
Embracing everything In th•
'hien they Invite the attention of the Lat.,
and rfefmtr
boded their stock with the reatatt
noun, they feel contldent th'T ,
dace of all to give them then cu a z
!ICULAZ Arnartzas given to Dyes,,'
im. .....
re .4
0 , 2 -i? ,
w -
s ;
• e 7-4 0 ----
. , 0
: 14 '.4 • 4 UZ W .i
s 4 r. = 0 10. CI
: '''.
E i I CO r A I 4 7,, 1 c : am
."- .w. "
0 '
„ I+ - .
: .!
._4r: 0 fffik r ....
.1 '5 vi
~./.. 4 ......
.. - ?:
. ,
-: 0 t .1 "
et mil P .
' 0 • 0 v; . •
CO ai;..,
MOISit4Y. MAY in, 1841
atm+ will - Ipar* Dunkirk ault,nat
Eastward Bound—Depan
Night Express
Steamboat Err-real .
Accommodation, ..........
Way Freig ht
The Accommodation rune every da.
Revolutions Iri Europ
The above book for the timer, giring • biAlcr , '
rope, from the earliest to tho reg•rt re- n
gal referenoe to the•
subversion of the Romeo,enll.racu,„: ;rt.":
Grissom, Polio:Id. Relearn. Frame, I t
Hungary. French Republic to election of Lout s+;
to year 11157.
Query.--Who would not turn • litt't , ren
of books on our gliantic rebellion; an t tal•
lar voyage, Oita hot weather, acmes the vet , : '
It should ;envier* every noprejolired
gollay which at present controls
la erroneous., and that the only wa! ur.: •
pion Oar dietruted country <0,6
which Itsme can be done only Ly
who adcoloiater the Government. l 1,, k 4 t '""
have a wide circhlation.
Yours very respectfully,
[From Mr. Cali::.!!:-L;
.; •2..
• • --t
Dale "Ad Painesville only, en ,
6 00. A. Y.
0 00 A. 11.,.11%.11 and Acoomasodatim, fr.l:
all Ms station* and., arrives at
A. M.
10 00 A. 11., Toledo Espress, stoppw; A: 1
eapt Swaurllle, Saybrook, Cui. , . ••, '
for and Wickliffe, arriven at Clerelv.Si
2.40 Day Expreoo,stopsot
and Painesville, armee at Cle rr!ai *".
Alt the through tnatoa going Wt..;
Cleveland with trains for rabid°, `• "
clans,ll, hidishepolls, ke. ke.
All the through trim going Easte•oo.,
kirk with the trains of the h. Y
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