The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, September 29, 1864, Image 1

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I. THE "Oilmiknitt BVILDINCiti," STATE!:
Rpr OTTO*rric THE rosy Orricr.
ipv62Tl22llENT.4.—One Square of Ten Linea one in.
f ortiori 75 Cecile ; tee inserttono $1,00; three lose*.
bo as $1,25; one month $1,50 ; two montba $2,60;
weer:motile $1, 0 0; aix menthe $3,00; one year $2 00:
other Ivivertlpennrutq in proportion. Theste rates
• „ill he lett-lc:Iv adhered tr, uuletts changed be special
orator!, et the option of the publishers. Anal
pets Settee., Slot) a, Poor-Tea end like advertioat 7
$1,50 : Adntinistrator'e Milken s2,bu ; Local
Flrx cent, a line; da-riage Notices TWIOITY
/frt. rents a piece; ohiluare Notie:es (over three lines
osbno fire rents pet line Original poetry, ou.
ton at the request of the editor, one dollar
hoe All advertise nenta will be continued at
iii+„ r s.a . of the person advertising, until ordered
br his direction, unleset.a specified period In
gree Ltiran tor l its insertion '
-- Two Nitta** per anemia In *d
, -W» Intro ono of the hod JobbinK
t .41. to, r9").1 Itre r 0 4 ,1, to do eny work In
n o t lim Ibnr t I 1.1, Iw .11tI11,111Id to 12., in flutil Jlts le
r••t rhli •l o a»ut outside of ttso,lar i gmit cities.
McClellan and the Union.
isle and published by William St !Carrell, Lou
'eviller, Ky.]
. • ,
Wtion rose the gloomy cloud of War.
And brother rushed at brother,
'And hind+ so late in friendship c'arp'd
swords against each other ;
rtarceantry hailed with pride and
led every tongue wail deillyg
the leader's name who's star had dawn'd ,
fhe younicand brave eftlellan.
iround the old nag wa will rally like men,
u'i II rklly like men In the noblest commuriloa,
our leader, we'll rally again,
And fight to restore the old Union.
.'The Union of lakes and the Union of land.,
The Union which none shell dissever ;
The Union of hearts and the Union of hand.,
Our glorious old Union forever I"
but wild and Itercer_gr i ww the strife,
And armies dant, ni;eticq,
stood face to face on mutual ground
And thunder' ti hostile greeting ;
Then brighter grew hisglorious name,
And patriot voiCis swelling,
Rariew'd the soldier's Shout and cr et,.
Our hero is McClellan.
But !Off al= at all there hifght,
And etrlkes themobleat quarry
$o who but be, slur gallant chief,
Should doge of party worry?
Bnt never half an pore 4 and true,
His fame emahrtn'd la
Aa when his foes their futile shaft.,
.Fhsot harmless at ileclellatt.
Above thewest' and faaticius throng,
Whom transient power debases,
trial shows him nobler still,
An I ev'ry wrong but gisees.
fern here's to him, the just and brave,
ho, all his luemei quelling,
• hell yet redeem bliconatrre cause,
our hope
14saleg for the Noldlero.
• liar Democratic friends throughout the
c,unt ry must bear the tact constantly in
nnrristhat, through some management oa
ua put of the administration. nope b!it
Republican journals are allowed to circa
es among the soldiers in the armies. In
i by the order of the local mill
, t.ry ' , straps, the opposition newspapers
sr..4uppressed outright within the
n hoes ; so that there can be no mistake;
o,o_,ltrorit, Chicago Times, Cincinnati En
r, etc., are speCitied by name as being
.‘eluded and so our Western armies can
its,in nothing cif politicd matters except
thy:nigh the mooliuth of partizan sheets in
the intere:t of Lkncoln. Here at.the
East the DemoeraiiapaPers are excluded
secretly, hut no lees effectually. The mo
nopoly of the,b)4,143 of the papers in Gen.
drant's and Sheralan's armies is given to
agents, with the distinct , '" understanding
that as few as pos-ible _of the Democratic
oper. shall be sold by Ihain. We are in
constant receipt of complaints, some of
which are from officers high in rank,.
touching the impessihilities of. getting
W„rbly in the Army of the Potomac. Hun
-41 and Butler make no bones of suppres
-;nv our issues outright, while the • pack
.4:s. sent. through the post offices are tol
.rAhly sure to miscarry. The only papers
ltir soldiers are allowed to see are the
Baltimore .Interican„ the •Washington
ru , ,h-le and occasionally the Philadelphia
juirrr—all violent administration sheets,
.Ifily filled with calumnies on the Demo
.rmie party and its candidates.
Now this state of things is outrageous.
I demand should be made upon the ad-,
ministi:ation tat free consultation of all
iolitical docutuents, shall be permitted in
at armies. • Democrats voted
,freely in
- fvery State to give - soii:iiersthelight to
fate; hut in doing so we had no notion of
Leing cheated out, of
expression of
opinion in the army, nor will we be.
Until this matter is settled, Democrats
i pasts of the country have a duty to
perform to our soldiers which they must
not neglect. ' Campaign, daily and week!) ,
Lrhis, c and other Democratic papers,
~ us( be scut to our soldiers i, wrappers through
or by hand when it is possible.
The thieves who work the poet
the . Intereit .01 the administration, can
prevent packages of Worlds or bundles of
impaign documents `from reaching the
Hierg ; but they cannot supervise all
the letters or papers in wrappers. This
a practical impossibility. In view
this fact, we make the following recom
41!"46tions to Democrats throughout the
1. Let those who have friends in the
nay he sure to send thi:na Oatnpaign and
holy Worttti in single wrappers ; also
irnpnigu docuinents—such as Gen. Mc
lettef of acceptance, the %Vest
?dint ormion, etc.,—with the request that
iLw he shown to their comrades, to nett
calizolhe effect of the lies of the favored
Republican papers.
'2. LA -Democratic county, township,
whyl and lecal clubs make it their butii
ttss to get the names of soldiers in the
Irom their several localitie4,' and
4111 them Dethocratic papers and flocu-
Lley-, to every case in sing& icrappirs, so am
' "I aNI pasted that they cannot - be tampered
tAc lost (;t7ice tritlout icing destroyed
No doubt - many will he withheld,
'ut all cannot, be, and. when the soldiers
toilsnt;iv that they are being treated
i'lli)(h cti - , they will
,yesent the insult
1,110 adininictration ha .% put upon
Dvill , wrals who write.lelltrs to
blionld warn them againat he•
1, 111:g the ca,101311,14-K of the papera they
I. Sinking editorial itrlieleq, and facile
"I ho-d Irorn the tleWslutptrA, Might. be
“ti , rl:-.1 iu tho
1.1 these t•uggestions are heeded by Dem.
"clm , thii,ughout the
, country, we have
1 01,-Ar of the re4ult in the army ; "Little
/ lac" i(lolizoil by hig out compau•
lo pe it, ann., :471-iiti new - recruits are
inieett,l 1 . 1 the enthusiasm or the
"loans. At least one hundred thousand
Wort(it of-Its various editions can be circa
'tiled in the army until the Bth of NoVetn
her. Let. Democrats , everywhere take a
hand in this good work.—N. F . World
The Cincinnati Times and the Albany
kaaterman, both Republican papers. predict
the defeat of Mr. Lincoln, and urge his
withdrawal from the canvass.
?MING OP Till Elommaas.—Eight
out of every ten returned soldiers are for
Little. laic. In. the army the same pro.:
portibn Will hold. When the Anderson
vale prisoners get back, they will vote in
solid 'columti for the patriot General who
is our candidate fdr the Presidency.
—A vote was taken on the steamer St.
John on , her upward trip Friday night,
with the following result. :
All the waiters (colored) on board the
boat voted, except one.
—A correspondent writing from lAfay
ette; Indiana, says : " Indiana will elect
the Democratic State ticket by 20,000
majority. These are no wild figures. The
State has been carefully canvassed, and
the majority will aimed, rather than: fall
below the figures I name.
—A regiment of soldiers passing to the
front from Pittsburg, Pa., on Monday
night, while at the depot,, were requested
to give three cheers for Abe Lincoln.—
Three terrific groans met the request, and
"nary" cheer, One of the men proposed
three cheers for Little Mae, which was re
sponded to in nine rounds and a tiger.
A letter from} a private soldier in the
Arniy of the Potomac, received at Albany
a fa days since, says: "The army is very
enthusiastic over the nomination of Gen.
MeClellan. He will receive .the largest
part of the votes of the army, and if Abra
ham Lincoln does not see that the-army.
is paid he will receive no votes at all."
' —Ctithoaccomfoodation train the same
day; a rote was taken between Newark
and Palmyra. The result was as follows:
McClellan, forty-seven ; Lincoln, thirty
seven ; Freniont, two ; Fred Douglas,
two; neutral, three.
On the Auburn road train the vote
stood: McClellan 50; Lincpin 4i; Fremont
1; neutral 4.
—We hear the moat cheering news of
the 'canvass froth the West. • A distin
guished citizen of Indiana informs us that
there is no doubt at all of the election of
a Democratic governor in that
fifteen thousand majority in October tiext;
and so popular is the name of McClellan
that he is sure to carry Indiana by at least
twenty-five thousand majority.
The local election la i st Tuesday in
Alton, Illinois, tells bow •the tide is run
ning in the West. The Democratic ticket
was elected by majoritigs ranging from
two to three hundred. Lincoln carried
that city hr 1860 by thirteen votes. As
great a change in other parts of the State
. all our private advices promise
heavy gains—would give Illinois to Little
Mac by thirty thousand majority. All
hail Illinois.
, ALL FOR McCLELLsx.—The Hon. George
If. Hollenhack, one of the most worthy
and far seeing capitalists in the Si ate,pre
sided at the ratification meeting recently
held at Wilkesbarre. Judge Hollenback,
and men of his class, can readily sen•the
effect of another four years rule of the
madmen and plunderers et Washington. ,
We are pleased to notice that the Hon.
Hendrick B: Wright offered the resolu
tions and made an address on the occa
sion. Lnzerne county is all right.
.. During' the last couple of weeks a
great number of troops (the new volun
teers) have loft this place for the-seat of
war. In passing through Wifn in the cars
they have made the welkin ring in cheer--
ing for McClellan. Indeed the soldiers
appear almost unanimous for Little Mac,
and if not disfranchised by Abolition
traitors, they will give him a big lift on the
day of the election.— Carlisle Volunteer.
The Schenectady Star (independent,
but which has sustained the administra
tion in the main) speaks of McClellan
from the knOwledge pf-its editor. It calls
him "a Jackson inlintiness, a Douglas in
all that is strictly just between the North
and the South.". And again, "the superior
of even' Honest Abe in statesmanship, in
military ability, and in ,that natural dig
nity which should always be attached to
the office of. President."
—The Democrats and conservativelLuen
of Lewistown, Mifilin county, held a' ire
'mendoua ratification meeting in that place
on the evening of tbe•3d instant:* Abner
Thomas, Esq., who was last year chairman
of the Republican county committee, pre
sided, and a powerful speech was made by
Colonel Wm. H. Irwin, who for two years
has commanded the gallant 49th Penna.
regiment in the Army of the Potoniac.—
Qel. Irwin has always been e bitter oppo
nent of the Democratic party, but like
tens of thousands of other gallant sol
diers, he is for Little Mac first., lastand'all
the . time.
—An extract of a private letter from a
soldier in the Army of the PotomaC, writ
ten to a gentleman in Boston, under date
of September 1, 1864;and published in the
Morning rod, says : "I am well, and love
my country as dearly-as.ever, aillicitigh I
anichanged in my politica troth a Repot).
Real when 1' came oat to that of. a Demo
brat, and like three-fourths of our officers
and privates here in the field king. 'All
hail, General Geoige IV. McClellan.' lie
is a man for the ship of• the Union. If the
StaArwill allow the soldiers to vote, you
may rest assured that Little Mao is for the
Whit° House way on the Chesapeake Bay
for the neitt four years. A 'Republican
here is as rare as a twenty dollar gold
Major General MoUernand bas•nvawed
his intention to vote for Gen. IttoCteflan
Gen. Anderson,. of Fort Sampler fame it
also a warm advocate of the election of
- "Little Mai." w .7, a
t r r•INDf.:7.
4tf 1 Li -. .11••• •
T•J., i •
. .
, ...;•61,:er
• .. _ , . , .
1I ' L
.11 .
1 ‘77174 ',.. / _, '. ". :c
••• .
4 r -A
Mat, f'A,VBtrikSPATATTEVIOOIf,,SEtTEMBER 29, 1864.
f ' • , , '
. have Already linnonnced ,the
abandonment ( of the ,Lincoln Come 'by
some half.:doX . in jburnale in roil:hitt - parts
of the conntry : amt. the cry is atill 2 . Ihtiy
come. We have another -conversion in
note this weekrzAtte -- Weitchester county
(N. Y:)' -Wider reiatneeti!the Republican
party in favor of General IfcCiellan. The
editor enys :
".The truth is, the administration of
Abrahain Lincoln is a lamentabi t
With the miamimagethent In thliTreistn)'
Department, financial' 'ruin staree• In:in,
• ..
the face; with 'want of statesmanahip
the Department of State, diplomanyii
a discount; and in 'the Navy Departineng,
that right arm br the nation's defence on
the ocean, imbecility, vacillation and'aor
ruptiori,rlßook the people ; while in lawny
other department of the Government the
same' characteristics rule the conduct of
the present administration of the Federal
Government. ' In view of these indict
ments against the Lincoln administration,
the revolution in public sentiment. is 'we
tounding, and,the country with onettecord
exclaims, give ua a change in the adniits- -
istration. Inlluentittl 'presses, heretofore
its advocates, all • cry aloud, , "give us a
changel" certainly cannot be any
worse off. We must have it, or may high
Heaven alone protect our cernmbn coun
try from the impending doom that-awaita•
us in the downfall of our Government. •[
'The editor of the Illinois 'State Register',
in a ; a - letter to his paper hairs* the f -
lowinglneitlent of an old .
slaam for McClellan:
i Yesterday heard' an old soldier giving
hid reasons for supporting McClellan tot
President. •He said. he voted for-Mr. Lidi
coin in 1861, that he still admired him as
a man, - and believed ,in his integrity . and
ability; but that he did net•believe it poik
Bible for' the government to be adminik
tared npdn the sectional and proscriptive'
principles , of the , party of which Lineolri
is the representative. 110;said he believed
that peace arid' reunion ere utterly iota
possible under' an admi istratton ieprez
senting the principles n w oilleialbrprit . ..
mitigated. ' General Mee ellen, he said, is
a wise,fiallant,,ltud twig animous ,offloer;
who will wage war onl as a matter of
public duty upon honora le principled
for a salutary end, sieve , permitting any,
atrocity by his soldiers. He was regardeck
as a just and noble foe by .hia ailversarici, a
whatever were the torte es of the field;
and, tlierefore, wheneve the way of fir'
ture negotiation for a pe ceful - settlement
i ll
of OUT, national Traub' ' shal l be open:.
there •lik;ileo Mini in wh e engagements
the people of the South would hive so .
niuch confidence as McClellan. For these
reasons, and because he believel that riOn•
ciliation should accompany the seord, he.
and hundreds of other soldiers, - will yield
a hearty support to Gelsral George B:
McClellan.' 't
- —The 'Cincinnati Eitqiiirer says: , ".1..,
Lincolnite of this city, who has just , re
turned from a business toil. thro' 800n.,',
Grant, Harrison, .Pendleion, Scott and:
other counties, saga that everybody hesaw
was for McClellan. Of all theoffleers and
soldiers he camdiu contac with, not one
was in favor of the re-elec iun of Lincoln.
Although ha fa a zealous s u pporter of the
present Administration, sed would gladly
see Kentucky go for, Lincoln, he'says thit
It is his.firm conviction I at General Ma t
Clelhin will receive nine. :nthi of all-tl4
vote* polled in the State a the November
-::-The Albany Atla.t and /I.rrjus says a full
and fair tote was taken or . the Hendiick
Hudson, on Tuesday night, by fafri
Keller, of King's county ; Mr. D. Carter
(Rerf,frnd Thomas'llurns (Dem.) acting
as umpires, with - this resu t : '
. •
Lincoln: 7G
Little Mae ,' • . 177
'There were tkinkeen iers and'oleven
officers on' 13olril,\ (ono c loneL two me.
jot's, four csiptstin and • f r lieutenants)
who were - ull; for-Little M c. If' this deck
hands, &c , hkd been included, the vote.,
would • have' been filly mire for General
—A veteran soldier o
*train'a few dalyn ago heari
litical disiussion, hie old
justly criticised, threw 11
called for_ three cheAv fc
Clellan. The cheers Wei
will, whereupon some a
man ,demanded a vote, a
the admirersof Old Abe
the crowd. Abode half a
amid the laughterof thq
who received the result
their favorite candidate,
number of soldiers in tt
ene voted for ' t ittle Mac
—ln Libby prisoi — a ote was taken on
hearing of.'the nomina tion of Cieorgoi Ff
McClellan. The eatient 'soldiers,' now
enflering there /E.C.A114C4 hey can't 'be' ex.•
changed, owing to Lin In's :refusingun ;
less negro soldiers are ;idle
,equal' ,with
white men, voted as fol na :
For McClellan
For Lincoln
" Thus 'the soldiers ►o e when not (her
sired by the War Deps ment.
• —At the New Ypils
on Saturday night, ma
merchants- and btuakeTl
Grinnell, Jiunesflallatini
Ron: C 'Godfrey Ounth
otheii toOki ptomipen
ceediegi The late
Spites Tressiner, Iton:
J . /tide/OP. ißridy,' Itt
anilVinnnis B. Cutting
Vice Presidents
7 -The Peoria (W.) Mall states that there,
are only four Germans it /hat pity; out of
!even hundred 'German \ voters; that .will
vote for Lincoln. Four ease agirLinColit
got nearly five hundred (ierman votes in'
that nityi • That's about the way the thing
ii going ail' around this fill.
, 1
' —Gen, John A. illcefereand,of-Illineiti ,
who ' has .fouglit on nearly 'all'the Utile'
fields , of the West_ during the - Wiii:, 'has
written A letter • in whiefi ho•declares he
shall snFirkortlefeClellan and that Ginieral
Login willdo the same thing.'
—The New IlampshireTatool says, that
the i•ntliusioirn .for lifceleltrif in the,pid
Granite state 4.initnense. Ele'publicana
ire flocking to his: A upporrby scores. ',•,'
--Thesoniertiet (ALL) .lleral44 heretofore
, seti-PelpoorAtic, has raised the isteCliqlsiii' i
flag. ., ;. , "--;: rfoa ;P:.
eleiTaltA s . e
„ rear t .itirtai istriOiwiilinrit are relit , —
, .14 giui4 That II illirgli,pOrtiOS.Ot OUT nodal
-km powdered tke:APpeurifi ‘ Yr. ifeaseilieu,
our sew Secretary of the Trefintri Thirisp- -
vire. of it, is that the ; yeciple $l, tisi , Rafted
Se4illis-loaolt. se t+ bod ill 4 hroaltlyikok /Olds,
the Goveriatat, wish isdividuahttoleadthwa
fielituldiwi istillicile ofSollari rot Wrillteitis.
Of Area :..4 usiiif=4o4ipi,444:'MOll4l
interest, payablwarery wiz easaibliv "Fee •,
they of& uccsuty actitilLthat; :is; is isciito,
mik es,
notisi „ kiilw7fcrCiiiiisid . t.i 7•44 , , -- ' in
the q.. ii4joipt la wanted 4e, i
tuitional purpoPe, to offset which every ' ;
We* he be a traitor at heart if not la ' riot
able*nly pledged.:, ' - , . ;.. _
,• The . 'appeal iliddiresiid not merely to •Oir
great capitalists, but ale* to the 'my 'km!
iftWegate vosaacoons!itat• the tam 'cfltile
"Wte,/th of the l and ,” The Weiss up4'ititiek
41104 an ti Asked are fir! SIJCI weed.. Sty
'Usti who has Sity 'Wart Wm take part ia lids
teas: ; Acpirs (toil . " paitrhslimc awS;thedWy
which all 6We lc' itseWiliiiiotiii4i.47o!fliat'
s so desirable aulliiii—:. _
It is, 1 !!!'b 04F14.1".rY 661 "
property is pledged for the punctual' weenie
of th e interest. and 4;44' deht ilten'cits4. l 4-
fhe swell, is lacrreastng insane. For posse.
jean before the war w} were earning 1,000
millions a jeer more than j ive spent. During
the three yeari.of the war, owingtoShe Mgt
prices and coostantdemand for lihor,
4 niore that; writ. hefoin. 14 man .whe
• I.
could or would work has beep ldie ; *TT
cePt'for the war,
,we: i ttern ipentlees Oaf to
foie. The 'tine ireloation, proper . s.jl4f
the United according to the census of
1860, was
.$4,16i1 f 000,9136, at which' ;10,7
0E4,448,956 was in thef S Loyal Otmoe.„ - This
*nation; according to the usual rate , of sup-,.
sessment, was not ;pore lima' twoffitlidanf the
tunnel cash value of:the\ propisly. The 6-
°rue° of P r4 P,"4.:ii11th44 1 7 410 A4P 444 s
the last ten yeen4nas 01et%126 per oast.; ; or
1111 average of 12 6-10 -
In years of the vox we of the Visited
States hate earao l B,ooo, Inst• fr#4 ll k.
we heti 'peat, apart, front the star.. Theaost
of the war ut,Nr,pe art down *2.000 milllone.
Deducting this !ma i ntir',.nl earning, the
people, who are Securltj.,for ,this loan. 4 74
1.000 millions richer to : oley than they we!
when the Wit broke *M t . - •, • i
No other investment can bit,eo sad; ooti
rertibie., Tye . plan, whe has ,Tresetu7 note
for $5O, or T.lOO, or $l,OOO can turn it LIM
money snoro„:reatilty,
_thin if hirers Lammed sipon•boad m o d mort—
gage or in railroad stoeiti. • • •
The interest offered u blgLir than cab , be
'realised trout nay other o,trt.tted'oeilrerii‘k
inrestimmt. 'lt isoeinnover,riads4 collectable,
when die; To °mei •note are affixed-live '"loon—
pone," or interest :tide's; ;alba expiration
of 'soh saceensire lttat ye 4 The balder 'of
note has simply to meter one tif. these eau
pone, present it at, the mateiti bank' or' Gov . —,
eminent Agency, and Me' Mei hie latimist ; tee
'note itself need not be temeated at ail. Or a'
coupes thus payable mill everywhere be mei—
vatent, wheirduo,' ,
Thus, while this loan preseate great *dumb
itages; to large capitalists, it idlers 'pedal,
iad.Memeate to thee* who wish tomake's safe
arid profitable investment of • Emil eavlngl.lft,
oh in ecery way (her best Savings' Ihnk ; for
every institution of this kind must smelt° I
lowest , its depoilts profitably. le - .Order to pay
interest and eipesses. They will Invest large
ly In this loin' as the best investment. But
from the gross interest which they. reoeive
they must deduct largely for the expeases'of
the Bank. Their usual rate of interest al
lowed to depoeltois is b per cent. upon lulus
Ocer $BOO. The• person mho invest. directly
with the Govesinneut will receive almost 50
i percent. menti :Thue r . the Min who deposits
44'000 in a BaCiage! Ba n k' receive.
S6Q a year intermit.; ,*f he deposits the.satnit,
sum le this National Savings' Bank he reeelres
dollar.. `For ilioes i>iho with to Bad a safe,
Convenient ,sad profitable meitutoi iertmling
the surplus 'arsine which they have reserved
for their old 'age • or for the' benefit •Of iheir
•etilldren; there is nothing which presents so
many adiaatages as this Nation's' Lose.
his convertible iatoa six per cent. gold
bearing bond. At \ the expiration_ of three
years a holder of the notes of the 7.80 loan
Its. lbe option of emoting payment In 101
or of funding his notes is a Six percent. gold
intermit bond, the . prfnelpil payable In not lemi
than the uv Mire thou twenty years from its
date, as the Government may elect. For six
mewls past, these bonds have ranged at an
average pretalum of about eight per cent. in
tie New York Markel, and have sold at 109
to-day, '(Aug. 12th.) thee making the real rate
of interest' over ten per cent. ; and besides, to
'make the induesnieui even. greater,. Congress
by special act, *mops no Treasury notes
from Butte aad• mualeipal Uriatiou. • Could
Bhyldck ask more! Was patelAiism ever so
liberally iewirded !-4/erimee Marasco. •
'514q1 Hews .
ng, during it'ps
cominander un
ip .his'cap'and-
T George 1 0. .Mc
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linguine Lincoln
ind called upon
to step out from ,
losen responded,
McClellan -men,
with cheers for
There were It
e cars, and, every
Mr. LineolnAram , his pilyltr sold; and
lee ail the rest of us to:take our'irages
greenhicks., , It is said that somebody
recently . otdeeted to this as -tiejnet, and
'told hiethat While tuon 7
ey for bis'execntire labors. the meobaaio
was compelled to take tlitizsy paper for his
•day's work.. 4 , 4 Pnet'y'stAtt /..I;;eislleney;_
oai t hat
soore,.forrOttasew:uttMeybslwkials ie. OM
to the laborer / is just the hardest nietfey - F
ki ;s4 i y i 'one, e::11
eelellan meeting
l y of the leniiing
suchLis Henry,
Wm. A. Knnhbe,
r, fr#Ptniditous
past in tlie'pro
Aisiehual , United
obn Cilset4ltoiu.
were amoni,th9
4 - ero;hd4i,eit W)itta Rama was 1600164
oratav f *AL Gioe • cif another
Jill - algal - with int whiln he was sigwieg the
alesth *inlaid* of charleo I ;Fag! Abhsbans
Lin:.. l 4 2 ,c.alll4l;:far c . e,.,116 siiiiro Emig
tt Ito was autrouuded 1 1 corpses capon
'the battle field of Antietsin t ' •
Aiwkistallassaut.—.Tka Oil City ftiater
soya , oilke. .oil City Duality thane Marled a
fere days' ago,alier walking into the eontdeut;
pf ociino r of the 44liena of our town 'u depot
, liars aaalaali la: Oallalda? that 11Wilioneye
4 44 1 7 11 sfe: 1W0!'tr4444 Aka*
Kolbe 41/W l Atik uNZairilel=re
3/014WAPWV611. f
Tits Ow WiKiiv—The . N. Y.. Eionat is
authorixed.44 state that ilt•Presidaat Fill
more wilt dart lirnt ibtarfai Xe4tßellani and
'1 ; 'OndlOon,„ pa. the
neaten of that , tiepootia the. aalia
tfoh- of ihe:thittotrY. The old' line con
'Whigs wilt alt Ivoto the same
Maros Jsog Dowstmee Limemis...= l lfe here
seeilved fromiliseadey A Os:, of Nov s
• py of the "Lettere of Iliejorkek
neatly printed is book form. The AM Oda, g
that strikes oar eye le a life like portrait of
MI Wet himself. and the work is Ilbtatrehed
with• mesa ether *MOW &OARS wino
• which the Major so graphissUy deesribes With
his pen., The artist has derajastice td his
subject, .not..less so this the Major t has
le - describing his various Mileiviswe with
.I'qiieldn sad its Cabyset." The impoitant,
restore of the Major's Ogle is his plain'sed.
direst way of explaining poiltioal goalies&
He he. an appropriate story to illustrate every
position he "ma* sad is eves better at skis
teases* then Ullman himself. We km* of
Ao work better eslowlated to have saddest
dining the campaign than these letters of the
"Nor. 'Comblalig lestroction with halm,
sad Impairs by the kenos& satire the eiMes
and tellies of the present adadnistraties, it is
just the tmiok cakadated to epee the eyes of
a public,. We commend it with emeldebee
to our readers. Of course all the old
friends will insist upon having lit .4 '•
las permaneso form, in order to refresh their
messorias, while to then who have eot..tied
the privilege of - peruses` them as the)
peered in the New York Day Dalkon Oka
eeioeire of so wisher treat Uwe "rho' pre~oat
volume. The pries is $1.261e Meth,. sad $ .00
io pa
_er Address , Bromley I Co., box OM
New York Poet 011100, or J. F. rooks. No. 26.
las street, N. Y. •
.A Dasossous LADY AT. Lams—The
sissies //aim is rssioessibli for the following
capital bit - : -
A lady entered esti of the &sin strait ears
,and found easy' seat takes , A
pellemisrois and bathed the lady to sawspt
the sesit he bad vacated. Elbe did so, politely
i kits for his Wads's& The lady store
st lli =lais. dress, plots shawl, and an, or-
Alsery tea colored straw . basset. &lie Ilse a
faja. ,ocastilenion. sealing oottstesssee; keen
black eyes, and as espressies that. Wasted a
good dopes of intelligence, • Her sweats*
was seat sad tidy, her fees Irwin* front flirt
awl paint,. her Asir was smoothly eostlrd,
without ouris,,Arississ •or bees
Time was nothing is the sppeeresee orAe
miasma of thicindividett that would , surest
'postai, stiestios • or. lead say osello impact
Oad•s4.wtla sot is amid Salad. Bate the gut
that Ake bowed psilitely add 'basked the gon
dolas who gars • her Yli seat. This sates
&ridgy la salelest so ahoy that the 1547 limo&
of &wad sated,. asd she ought sot to be at
' ATTENTION Bova I—A I Cktpion To 11141111
lifoxer.—Very few penotis are aware, that by
a meat inventioa, newsplipere sad serape of
printed paper, can be conVerted into material
for printing upon again. 'The high prints of
paper la s. made an .aetive deemed foe old
natrepapera, books, pamphlets and eerePot of,
paper for this purpose, ' and it is 'e 'lj
bought up by parties contu4ted with the 0. ,
per mills. By' eolleeting-i4d saviag a pla
material of thy kind about ilteir housee,l and
Wiles It, teeny h family eau put "mousy, in
their ptirves,rwhieh would otherwise bk)est.
The highest prioe,"in yeah, will be paid for it
at this olliee.' if.
1 ,
NOIII . IIIO par "Werra TaAie."—The pork
Press' of . this niornieg, his the following
"Unei livening last week,. s" train of white'
and negro soldiers pined through our tons
oft their way to the seat of war. ' The white
Men burden cars, such is srehnied to
°ono., hogs, sheep, cattle, &q., over the rood,
while the bleak men were snugly ensconced in
comfortable passenger cars.. of our
citizens were witnesses to the truth of this
statempt, and our negro worshipping fattatia
will scarcely undertake to de it, as they ! do
others of a similar nature, w hich, we hear, of
almost daily. Thank God the rule of Aboli-
tionism is drawing, to s close,"
1 1 Wedding and Visiting Cards. '
We a s s!!, special attention ito the superior
styles of Wedding and Waling Cjrde printed
at this Ohre. Having procured several new
fonts of type especially for thin kind of work.
we arc enable to print cards - a ,style egital
to those obtained in any of lie larger cities.
itsi nothing less than foolishness for persons
to go abroid and pay extnfragaht prices ,for
eegraved cards when they eau gat jut *attend
souls ones at home for leas titan one-third the
' voi)'Penaloas, Sounties, .Arreius of Pay,
&c., can be procured by the Widows, Orphans,
and next of kin of those who have died la the,
service'of the United States; also, by SOldiers
sad fleimen who are disabled by wows& re.
eeived er disease contracted, upon application
to G. P. tliurrwrit- Licensed Military and
Naval Claim Agent. Once is the Common
Council Boom, Wright's Block, 'corner State
and Fifth etc., (under. the' Dispatut Olio%)
Eris. Pa. 7-y
rewind our resders that the facili
ties of the Observer office are not excelled by
any establishment in North Western iPena
ylvaala for 'doing Job Printing. Persons in
-need of Vendee Bills, Election Ticket.,
Heads, Blanks, or key kind ;of Plain or Fancy
Printing, wilt dia it to their advaatue to
give as • ' •tf
. —We keep twasuudly oa hood a
largo salaam' of Legal Blaaks, of apkoved
forme, each as Deeds. .Motigaires, Judipoeut
sod Cameo, Nola; BalusailuN fhibpcolas sad
=toy °theirs, sot is such metal use. !Those
to seed of these ordain: will Ind It tO their
'Armitage to give our CACI swan.. ! tf.
I ,
Sae ireeektor :Alb him la um Dreg Truk Dr. J. t.
CAtirte, pee the Tine Ws 41
arter 4 Carver, . .
. • •.
the the beets& sill &Mites is imitaitea t
ef theoldreteamt, With /waive disk ealsurhoottr.
'ditties the f lergele meth
P. 4 A. O fn . AiTaN
am b• divots/I'l6llli •
1 •
147101.213AL1C TRADE:
nudism No oslehliorts, Soorso nopostfolly
.vitioktoi Om so • sill Odor _ parasols, eloolikots.
Wllllo. l bd, ' adact so torototoro, o sites' U 11111 1 1604/ awl
w ith ,ropootttos to OAP oar !",11!''H011'il
Ws rortioslsity Intl Os sulks . of Pliyotioso to oar
1 4• 41 e f 1
to Ik. ivjest.oa lost ...r bruised to Ibis
, Wondeital Tvelaneotype.
.1U43:3 EiIIIA.ABCOR iitilliiirObitilect. at
,M iia aiiiinamiatraw.thailramterial isaaatifla.
.tisilikkili imbligm 'Kilo Saks a cornet
itlalatare'of la• petiole yairrill lain?, gad by her is.
araragOol /Wiwi es, t mail tilt *aft to *a barn
Mat.] timid law feat sieP. autatiirap bait 1144 Ws,
sad wirtiber of ilibt or 'little ~plos onelookti so*
toIIOX UM P2TlOMlll47ftotail ilia wittsmilittiais.
tate prose^ •.• L. —.: . • . • ../... ..
op• , :, - .1...,...
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It. !
i is
:Iwolour Canis boated to tkie wham al tti. !of* of
num ad the Dollen per yam]
to tiorgoeiivlie - sia
Mu o Alkalls sad Ilailsal, to all parts sh owser,.
i f e • CIAJI/ti t
S L Wootaaata LID Irma Maria n
am hadakw& Maar sad Teri. Weed sod
Wary Ware. Wlaar,Llgaor; Torrasse, Sows, &OM,
Street. matt tp Tamara Beam razalsidag •INtare,
Lift Pa. , jam 1-4tIL
E . ruilici sarecirr,
Janos or m haoa.. Oise isesed
11ot Frumak,Stesel, betimes rah sad
; Jaaatll4.
ir) mutest co.,
; Damao is Au mass ad isissmus
s• ikastistarmsi sad Jabbers ts Tin sad Wino
Is OM sad Raw Ills, to Ps.
emu= rarsassate
Mock, trio P.. *dna?. •
COM 11 , 1Inj ew =
A? LAW. liaillaway.
Praathe lalelk i lidreaa. Clansisa sad laldasea aosatir.
J. IL CRAM . Daadird4.4•9 W. R. WILIIIIII.
V. w. HOLL. nornkrot.
Comer 'of WWI load Mute% Strost—ou wan oast et
filhalsoges Ming% PG. Sr" 1111-11.
Jaw or In Paula. '
WWII ac;ittli-weet Gonne et MY ' "es
Clopromilig dr, auglv sad eollissZ d e BeirowillegeeLpi
ly. i ' kilinWly.•
ta doom diary afailiguitsbre MAWR Cl* P•
• Nog* d. Windex.
I Arnim of LaW. 111=00oSri
•86 C.Uioimo sad ear toiling to
•romytooos thesisik. • •
b 0.ir4,01 lantraa Dohs to iltataimiley,
andiesi onatri b talses
alaparalltf. Nat.
L !Lodi": iiiitiksti the Ids ills at
the foot ot bomb I ,l =, oar tbe
i nte=e in dete4
te Walsh
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.ftl _PseN allid t She tweet motet Prima ,
" w 101443' t • hat
S. saris. t MC DATIL
',aimsat DAMS,
• I AITIMM AD Lav Chmblit
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w. wriMoiti,
ATTOMT a? Lam fa , Waists Ut
ica, on 84011 stmt. Eris, Pa. ' u1t7113
' Dims% Duattfa Riadi„ North via* alibi, Past,
State ens Ida. Pa. . 7 tt.
TM* stip*, balms 4th ma Sak rtrartsi,
eau Me risiss •line Rabaul Dept% :wok
itzimbe ar
• • 4M h ali4 lllll = asam4 fty the day
• ,
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A L Ai 1120151111 1
.111. • razitoxeme Times aid
Atrium Ite.Pliests it IliS se Peteet Seines Meek
--tie beetle me • Male totem Ink aid Mt Ste w
Id% Pe.. Clothes Ms& to to the lasi style. .:•-
vorli;11. .
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D. 110110111411,
UVA 101 L.:num AA) ULU WAWA oa
!data aad !wk. Tim Seem LW
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.1101iLL, .-
vV • Dossier we.
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ittatrwet. Sur Co, Pe. lin 1.0. Osaitouti,
Proprietor' hue ia • raw mad haademely at tail up
how, to the stideA of easel the beet Treating sad Bust
lag regions Is PeourytOleatimedloue Zonar,Clania
node. sewed Tale lad admit Mon. Thu public
pomace is elly salielted. • .pllll-le
Arm= es Lew—olleeeiathstraele
early opperitts the Court House, Itrie.Ps.
L & REAM, ' 11111DRN NARVW.
FFICR, Paragon Bleck, near North
Wort lOorser of tar PIM' &pun. lA,. Ps.
C'tDurant Dar aooas Gamaztak,
Q•alawy. Nan% Gue. Sam& sta., eat%
ter of &Uhler,* sad Patio Square, Xs* ra•
And show It to Your Friends;
- inn un eellutenrledaed fa be the Ma Mg I sew
la kite this ammatry. Their unveiled maim
not Daly la this eseatry; bat all am the World, hit
melle It by 16/ the /sea popular Maeda* we la ane.
They have "BAs tile lead at eil other IleshbuiC bat
also Ilbe late laproveneete have bees added, miry ye
eleq et welt le perinsked •ritk ash ewe sad ty
that tlev
Latta Aix IN =Ow . and °via I?!
Aed it wiles the adeeleados .t ALL. We vernal them
to atilteli evra , ry variety Gr i mm:loos the Wasik mulls
to tie tbletiert do*. Ths7 spike Ike edeteated "leek
stitch; *kWh le impoesible to tl, or ma ' This lir
thisee irt.l do tbefottoenag wort WITHOUT ANT 11481'.
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tarots( of WOK It :•;thoy wt.t cello, load mite' croft
ow tto mop ;At yOU da. t bittora tt,
- The donned ior these estetrtated Viseldati. since we
have boa toasted to ads. has Wee astonishing. At
Uses we Ind grist tfildealty la dlliag oar order; bet we
lueafe afoot bid rasetred, sad ma radar Se ISO sa.l
and all trio usay NW or wad as their Sr)... Ow rooms
ate elelnUy tided sad teralsbrd,, and ow weewrooda•
Urns for sandal:Oaf the baldness are not squalled
These lkolOdars vies awarded Oes highest wisdoms
" The 1/06.1111 TAM re Landon. '
ma uteurrum, =Pommy. Par* lla'.
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Lad at Wary stair aad Coast/ tar whore ira.•
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ant hill. abooot aotallena.
• , I mal eta la agaratioa. 'lf low mama amp.
'Mad for alma. of *ark sad a einahr by mil.
4 HOLT at BOOTH. appate. rates *look,
40,4!► imp, it,“. t :„. Oast Mark) Ms"
S% Mai
Fit 1. TERI! ,1"-rN3
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i " ' • *IRIS. PA.'
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' s....illsrsignimi leiviaa takes fioinge of the More
vallthoira Hotel and netted It t • *seeder 9131 e, r
spatted] atheits a Mere of the public petromp. Tories
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;the vital Modes or Lb heat K tloo MN& iltio
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_lO4. Ses,t'nedies - t the Iteh—e
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MM. 4 . 11•109.y0riA1. Itirr:ol% MO_ e#Lor
New Tact ClrouNk Dm Jobs lisrpset.
*sew' I. TON. Bag. Garda' UMW.
Roc Sylvia*. OsibMilliV.mor.ltkej , Ohm 111210elia
Nuto r Jr.. Um. Join% 11 DMA. • Mr. assay 17tbia.
Ihn. T. C. tad VAIN/Mae& Lewis Jets •
ass, D. D ;WWI KliestAL D S. o.llsedall. V. D,
W.I. D. D.,lta= „ l:r iir ms. N. D, Jimairli
Slosh M. D;'. iiisiellitaal• D, A. A. Biqa,
M.D.. Abesion Trapieit.ll.ll;.:T. ;,CUstuai D. D, H.
D. IL D.
Er lbws weft ki iireirir Imre Um eta Wm
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TRIAL. wove year niimedir
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1 - I, tes sra g o illetal mr li pritlMPX . ? ", : :
movies ma. -Padisen bought
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