The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, August 18, 1864, Image 1

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JOHN E. WILLI/4M Jra triar . ' - ' ' 7. it the NMI*. Dank. N. T Ere.
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New Tett Chretefeb. arr. Z. Itllei d4„ ; '
sexton, Ear. Arthur IL Peter.- •
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•r ,trued by N; 1. Ceara; 00.. II 1 All ell illill br 111 . M . ' .
J. P. D 1210110116. 491 Ihrowlway, N. T.
said by all Drealeb. ; . - 4•61P0141.
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ERIE Rano 1
CHANGE OF HoupsoMinguasu
110111. VAX* M.
Tmtaa win LialaiNskiat Against larlsasis
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igaitinit ignad — DePfirte
Wight' Remo 4 illi re 11-
Strait.' aals;sa.. 7.......... S.
Wil 411• S.
ACCOMEIKOdit . • . • ••• .111 le Am 111 ,
Way Wsdekt • ' .a... 4 Li ii. Oh
The Aecesweedetlas now stetilles_ . - -- s-..
12 1 / 4 1W-OT: Wadi Welell`
State NormitSeked.
WEDNESDIT, IlikaT 17, 1811.
Notion to 'Oll
; W I TAVlort'llliLtrirtg="
w.... 1
, rit ica r.
1 1 ':, • - ' i
I I •
.. . • I , , .
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' •1 . -:--1.2 '1
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~ ...
:Ilasboom Oar& =I la this col9ma at the est. o
Throe sad rive Do you.)
GMT /Noma; being many years Goanty
Sarra_ tents' prepared to Purvey or maks - Plana or Yaps
la Selo Coaatr„ - Ps. Oalat in Cbmaion Connell Room,
Wright'. Block. apr23.64-Iy.
V:Pa. Wareham on !Hake Dock, East Cotner of
Matt Stmt. Also, deem in Coal. Salt, Fish, Flour,
Plaktr, Water Una, he. N. B.—Partlenlar attention
will be atm to the iteceving and Forwarding of Petro.
lona 08. Crude and B.Sned, to all parts of the eonatry.
• -
• -• Wzotimaaa on *rpm Dram I!
sod Pro'vtaloaa, Flour and Feed. Wood ana
Willow Wan, Mara ,Llquora, Tobacco, Sews, 10....13tat•
Strort. neatt, to Tonnes Rouse rurntabing Emporium.
isis, Pa. ) unel-4132.
. • orioles TEN Paws. Office second
" at W WI& IWO, Banked 0174.4 bottosn Fifth sad
Driunung a. Co. ,
Intaraes and JobWI In Tim and Copper Ware,
some Of 9110 and State St.., trio, Pa t.1,271k1ef.
Szczcsios Paoroatarn GAT-tier,
sloet.filla Pa Jaal6'64tt
-- ATTOLMITS Law; Ridgway, Pa.
Practise la Elk, Masan, Cameron and Jefferson costal° ..
J. C. CRAPIN. [jaz3o'64-10.] W. W. WILBUR:
111..*. HULL,
Cerra .ptad Maim Street—one puma east of
4stairehti••••iage . . Warm. Pt. Sept %-17.
JUSTICE OP turPaaca. °Mee in °motto
Wading. South-irrat earner drilfdi and State, streeta.
Cloairayandhag don, walla an collections made prompt.
Ei l :. COLE,
iira zioox BUNDZI, 1.14 xx.
wary _ _ ILANarairtraza,
of derneehra Bloek, Res, ,
EsilittiK H. CUTLER.
.J 1 ,- - ArtMIRY A:l%4*w, Girard, line County,
hi. Collodion" and other billinate attended to with
:umplasom and dispatch. , r- • - •
glAtkIG ,
, Boarlitilaz end Dellfrr la it tit louo ry,
iill . Tapw,llapidnes, Newipapers. &et Country dealera
sappasC Store ardor Brown.' Hatel,fronting the Psuir..
M it •
' . J. 8. CHILDS due taken the Lime Kiln at
the-foot of Fransh Street, near the Philadelphia depot,
illib_!ftr, wad Is prepared to furnish WbraiLime, in lame
4. 'Mu ianthlas at th e lowest market peens.
IL "11121r101 PAIPTIII.
321118 & DAM.,
!fret, Meadville, Pi.
, AIIOIIIT AT Law, In Walker's Of.
Sae. aloymath strort, iCrls, Pa. aim 7'82
Durrurr, Beitty'• Block , North xi de of the Park,
Mato stern. NA% Pa. - apill'63
heneh street, between 4th and sth streets,
nee: the Philadelphia & Erie Railroad Depot, Erie, Pa.,
trooB4 l 4l4sr : Propaitor. ~, Zatenstre secounnods
ills ,
Gstranters'ind baattac releii. 13011,1 by:the day or
Weekood stabling hed. apr2s'63tL
A. PLINIO3IIILa Tatum§ and
Ipste for Plasm i Hayser's Patent Sewing Maelunos
—the bold la us— Stall Street, between Sib and 9th Sta y
riPa. Clotho made to order in the flout style.
.111. OSBORNE,
LIITZT Ann Sian STAnt,n, on Eighth
botwogn nits and Ftoneh. Fine Hones sad Cir.
dare to lot on reasonable terms. . ' my. 2.9',6 WT.
LtIItrACITENLI o Steam Engineaßollars,
Will airrLsaltaral impleatonta. Railroad Caro,
Erie. Pa.
W. I. MAGILL, 4 "'
Dirt r, OM as taltosea- 'sal e . ..
4,1(4 ma, ak. sorCksids 40; titPark,SriesPs - • •
warif I.9paril•th•COWl-Blik Erie,Pa.
a. a. aPINCIFJ,
inMaE. Paragon Block. near .North
1 1 , 44 t Corm of the hallo Samara. Erle.
zei ll4•
nli Dtr Goons, asoosatis,
Harding', Nails, Ghia Seed. Naar, rte., cur
ator a Java aid Public El* Ps. 417tf •
* A4I IlhoiN It to Your.igrlends.
aaknowledged to he the BEiT 5A01112 , 16 ever
tntoltda country. natr unrivalled success
not only to this pountry, but all_ over the World, too
Inv:Sett by thr the most popular Mebias now 4i n.e.
• . , .
They bars taken the lead of ill other Heelless. but
ag., ketethaprovennenta hare been added, every ye.
W edicts perkormed •elth eueh rano and rapids ty
the , .
, • k
nut It dies the admiration of ALL.: ifi eismait them
to stiteb every variety of itoode,trom the thinnest muslin
to the Waked cloth. They mike the eelebrat•d ' lock
dinehtwk his im Ibis to rin or ravel These Ma.
Hwyivr work WITHOUT aNY BAST
' ULMa orb :
• .
4 ' 4 fie%tifyt.4"' tittll out Pe;vlOitely
teralag Outing tt they will gather and knell or spw
is t i le funs; Knit,figitt "dim it, '
The dermad for those eelebrated Machines, pines we
-hare bees located In Erie, - has been astonishing. At
Hass we dad great &Beatty to filling Inr orders, but we
knee a All stock jest melted, and are ready to see any
end all wk• may call or send as their orders. Oar rooms
are elegantly Mid and tarnished, and ouraeconrcoods•
Hose tqr emadaetlag the busies= are sot equalled
These Haddam were awarded the highest premiums
Tin WORLD'S /WILLI ',oaken, 1801.
The KEORANICH tsarinrne, Staahingtee, 1643,
lei dabbed every/4We and Oonaty. Pair where ex-
Whited. They are warranted three years. They are
perlialbsimpte la constraction. - They run . with the
greateet sem. They are almost noiseless.
Oall and me them In operation. If you cannot come,
egad tar sample et work end a eirealar by insiL
HOLT k BOOTH, Agents, Union Bloat.
&BTU fin. (Tara Patty) Erie, Pa.
COMA !nitrated Dew s& Bible,
900 DERCIIIPTITE 11116111111108 IND MAPS
llor the itatily, Sabbath Salsooll'esoberror Student of
the 1111Ae, this work, hoe TWELVE desirable Matures,
L Mesa llmambeed Dessetptive Zagraviage.
llsopiltomad Ihninal,Befereatee.
I. reel Itzeletted Steel Wipe.
Numerous Improved Readings.
I. • Chronological Order.
I. • brief stealth Chapter. i
7. P
i. Eeien on - eid i
9. civestiotui at end of stab Chapter for Family exam!.
BlliOlthlstiOnelll le thi Chapters, for 'soh Morning's
sal ithea Beadlag, comprising the whole Bible Ws
11. An Extended Concordanoe.
11. • ^Mgr Illeiaragat Department-
Thlfal.dseNeaot.Pbefegnph Album lea new and
ialleeseteng feature of the work. It comprises 4 quarto
pope, with pp etc tot 111aard pictures, ....bete ran be
pmseareed With eirtralar prapriety,llui fer•fike picture of
a 9•10 , 03 717aarlaa awather. or t ie affectionate mother
lashortehlad the old Parolly Bible an Iseefitsbis
retie. , Us
clammimar•lawilly Bob!., more advantages than any
Abell': work era offered to the pubic. It is well bound
Is owe yolore,preeretiog a seat adoeunaent far Parlor
Th cif Met -
work Is sold exclusively by agent..
prha. Maths; marble edge— . $
taLedee and name in gilt, 10,00
" la gill rem-Asy Metopes, with naatv,...... 16,00'
AAP- who dean the wort, or to C 411373.111 for it,
t it addaws-li.- /A. BALCU, ntesiuk, or Meadville,
,toz LOT
A- r anpuso rgosia . Bird cargrag i.
6r it Obstrtrer.
€7IILNAL riettatell 11r 1 1101 IPII.IOI
Mitlittaall Llllllll -.Andrew Adams.
}from the Youngsville " Hundred Day's
NOM,. BALTIMORE,' July 81, 1884.
Editor of the Obserier .—Alter the qtdetnde
of home and civil lifit, for fourteen months, I
again find myself upon the tented field, ger,-
lag our country upon the soil of "My Mary
land." toy quarteralconsiat of I, shelter tent
—for a bed we have the mother earth, which,
by the way, is rather hard, owing to its being
trod by tho rebs on ; theirlast raid. About
our canwthey have left their mark. We do
not know how 80911 they may pay tbialosality
another visit, but our commanding General
intends to be ready fir theit, judging by an
order issuedyesterday, viz : 60 rounds of am
munition; 2 days rsitions, 'lnd be ready to
march at an hour's notice. An old soldier
would think such looked like light:: . Our (by
which I mean the Captain and two 'l,ieuten
'ants) furniture consists of an old camp Chest,'
to contain cooking - utensils, provisions, her.,
and at night, by turning down the lid, it
makes an excellent bed for one. By the way,
this same chest went through the Mexican
war, and served with the 7th and 16th Penn's
.Vols. You may, theti, truly atyle it an "old
Vet " I am now rising it to write ueoa,
having no other desk) An old Nix for a shelf;
it is set on one side, quo half of the top be
ing taken out, the otter is used as a d epot for
miscellaneous article . For seats, we have
an empty musket - box, tar "hannkers," or
anything else we can ay our hands - upon;—
for transporting our baggage, we have a com
mon leather valise ; for a "flier" and caber,
we have an active cenntry boy, about tide.
teen,,whose duty it is to cook, wash dishes,
blacken hoots and make himself genirally
useful. * - 1
As yoii are award, our little squad from
Youngsville, passed through your city on the
15th inst. We arrived safe in Pittaberg the
next day. After wandering about the city fee
a day or two, we were mustered into the serv
ice of the United States, for 100 days; in a
company commandetftyCapt. IT. W. Harbach.
As we were among strangers, we took the first
opportunity of getting (es the boys say)
"cussed in." I am !happy to say that our
Captain is a fine officer and gentleman, and
through his intinente the boys got the $5O
local bounty of the city, which, in my opin
ion, is a big thing for 100 day's men. On the
departure of the regiment from Pittsburt.a
matority,of the company subscribed anti pur
chased a very beautiful sword, costing $5O,
and brought it hero.l A few days since It was
presented to the Capt.! by private E. G. Belknap
of Youngsville. Oni t reoelving it, the Captain
made a very imposing speech, thanking the
.boys for the honor and promiaing to stand by
them. Enclosed soli will fled the proceedings
of a Meeting of Giro ciompany upon the-coca.'
sioir of a presentation of 9, beautiful silk flag,
which is at present lised as the regimental col
ors and will be until "brother Andy" - sends
On the 19th Insti, we marched to Camp
"Reynolds" and were organised into's - regi.
meat by the election of Rev-'J. B. Clark (late
Ckilortel in the nine month's service) as, Colo
nel; i Capt. Ballentine, Lieut. Colonel:. and
CaptiTyler, Major. i Camp "Reynolds" is a
depot or machine Where drafted men and
"sut&" are put throdgh, prior to being sent,
to tote front, or any other Owe where they
may be needed. The Camp is in command of
Col. Beech, who has! a large number of cap.;
tains and lieutenants to assist him. The ofil
,cere and noldiers.who do guard duty, ,belong
to the Invalid Corps;* (as thereby call them)
"condemned Yanks.'! Our boya were under
the same guards, 1,4 were very strict, always
accompanying them when it was necessary to
pass the line of sea nets ; they thought this
a little hard at first 'for men who had volunze, noes. • •
Leered to defend the borders and Nation
al Capital. On the .sth the Colonel received * Mr.,Cowen said : I think, Mr. Fresh
marching orders to report to Msj. Gen. Auger, ' dent, that ! our' course in regmfd to the
at Washing)on, D C. Upon our arrival at. Southern Teople has been 01 a character
Baltimore we were oSdered to this Camp, and •
entirely thereverse of that which would
are new organized in;the 3d Separate Brigade, .
Bth Arm Corp.,. - I have been i successful in- suppressing the
. ,
Col. C la rk left the ;pulpit to take' the field rebelli o n. I, We were filled witty incorrect
numbersee that he differs from a calla . ideas Of , the - work we were engaged in, or
of, Nlet hodist !preacher'', and - it
less for me to hay that he is an atmomplitthed . of the only; methods by which we could
officer and a perfect gentleman. lam very i g
perfolOi the gigantic task we had under
much pleased with the officers and men of the ; taken : '
We started out with exaggerated \
regiment. The _officers, I believe,. have all ! ...
seen previous servie. • 1 had not the acquaint. notions of our own strength, and we dis
'Mee of any othem before. Our Camp 15 la- dallied to Ihink that our success depeed-
Cted n ear frntle 6sititriere, ill a Pleasant. eti - upo n the loyal men of the South ;we
wood, the Northern Central It:R. Ow • •-, , - -
lag to the extremelylvfarm weather, it is dm. ,Ilviugitt we did not need them, and. treat
-possible to give -the men the drill - that is ';
ed thein 'accordingly. Think .of such a I
aece-sary for a neir regiment. }9e- cannot l i , r o •Liftni that contained • ' this law
1 pow
~ 113 ID
come up doable quick into lice like the old 1 '
111th did, when they were in Baltimore In that if they - do not lay down their arms'in i l
1862, but I have. no doubt the 193 d .regi- sixty days they will be punished by loss of 1
meat could be r made equal- to .it. , although , their 'estatin I How, pray, are they to lay
not in one hundred days. Our friend,•4l. 44,1„,,.th,,i,1 1 Surely we know enough
8. Bates, lute of the 10th Retteryes, • is lot i '''""- -- f arms - -
Sergeant of our company, and W., Yr. Track, - i to know that this is" mere mockery, sad
of the Beek Tails, l's color, bearer of, the regi - that.ittereibel President might-an well. ex
meat. Mr. Trask, l brother,
;had a ,who was p ea soldier in our armies to lay cow s color bearer of the - tuck Tails, killed aL.AU-
_______ r •
tietoM, while carrying the colors of that noted I hie llama W Pon a • Promise of his Protee'
and gallant regiment. Gor littiCequadl are 1 .tion. :. . : . • . . _ .
-hearty and fall of .fight, ehouht their drurr e " i - dirciiretident, 1 have isometiritee-donbt
quire them to meet;the "Johnny Bohai". ~ , - L 1 .
To-day has beenthe warmest-I have /ripe. ,• wo Wom ,. tuff we &mild be serious When . we .
rienced this season', and, of course, on such a 1 expected any good results to wine from
day we are almost hnre to have a review and i stab eneasittres as this, which not - only ex
inspection, and'so it happened with us to-day. ..„,,_.,
-u8 .
All the troops in atid around Mankin's Wocids„ r y""" .
-to ridicule but does harm to ear
numbering about 10,000,were reviewedby Brig. Bused .. What was wanting in this crisis
Gen. Lockwood. 11 was told that over .filly i6l * our hietory with new criminal legisla
soldiers were sun struck, 9 ' . otherwise ' drew ' t tiori,'whep the-code was complete before?
ed by the best, during the review. Ittine , ~,,,,. ~__, ,
regimekt, the sth Mass ., I know of 15 men •W e had a s tat ute pun i s hing treason w ith
droppinledown in the:auks within 15 minutes. ; . death„a lust and proper - nUnishmarlt • one.
Our regiment had bttt three who. had - to leave ' well according with the magnitude of the
the ranks. I have cot ascertained whetter - i
I any deaths occurred. The affair esnleff very 'f
crime, as :well WI with . the majesty . o .
creditably th the Men, who were complimented, law Whioli inflicted IL For all those who
by the General, tint to old soldiersintelt . pa
rades seem' like a humbug, especially when
oonipired the dismemberment of the Re
they have to stand in line two or three hours public, who used themeans and perverted
with knapsacks, boxes &argues, and I ex- the State' Governments to bring it, this is
pact the new recruits would es soon have the fitting , Punishment,' because it is the
been amongst the lookers.on ; however, all mr,h-,..ilind falls upon the guilt y
these things have to be done in order to effect highest - r-
the organizacien of an amity. -Wei hate'-tad where if Ought. I would have bad no ad.
but very lit trioßtOaday so diastase done here 'as ditional4wa ; in war .tbey aye not needed.
yet. Onathingot - zatimeitanissoure cannot gf I Would: have contemplated no reforms
to Baltimore. • Altai. Gen:Willice, a few da a • • i•
since,i ague& an - circler iliat act i officer Or soldier - within tale area of the rebellion; t tbeY
should have a pass,nicepf, In extreme cases, cannot te made at such a-time. What we
and then to be signed b'y 'this - Brig. General, nf wanted Was =Wand money; these gran
the brigade,_no, We Must remain. in camp ,or " i
take a trip t&FOrt McHenry , . It is repteted lad, the true function of Congress was
in Camp that the Rebs have bummed Chemical.: ever until peace was restored and all par
burg and are doing about. as tbeilifettle j en. ties .again represented. But -above .all
the borders of Penn's. Wiltnot Bottle of our
• -,'
"Loyal" friends!turn out with their lanterns things I would not have played into the
and keep the "JOhnnies" away • ,if that ten- hands sit -the enemy ; I would mot have
not be aid, I wish that the 198 i melt beer- done thit which the rebels most desired
'dared back to the old Keyetona- •- 1 le hive ; done, because , I tut ve no doubt
As it is about; time .for .lights• alit, ; l toast
bring thi s 'cu r t (which i /s at , i s is slysisth er t hat thilt arid all - kindred' schen - lei have.
more lengthy .than interesting) to: a elate, - been thi4 viry ones which they mollt,vianted.'
hoping I may soon_receive a coprof4titta.oa--, us to adOpt. 'I do not . kik*tlitit Jefferson
znvcr, also it fair lines. from the editor, and , •
should I have itio key* fortune- to ~ retunt:wt, Da v is e v er prays, but if he does, l . have
the expiration ! of ea - one hundred': days, I' no dotilit'is wotikl . pray for measures on
will c.ill and tilts a glass of beer- r ots/owe-sr ' Ourptiri which were obitoidons 'to all the
.1 Yourritto,,
---:-•••.•••-- '- ' ,•
J. W •
loyal and disloyal,
' .•- . Union ; and disunion..
He would have
prnyocktitat ,Weer should outrage till their
COMCI3O , O prejudices anti. cherished beliefs;
that w 4 should do these - things by giving.
ogroielV'es .over to - the - guidance of men
whamt was part.of their religion tchate;
. ,
to Itatolpetspnally and by, minue t . with, an
. ..,
injetputy, rarely wttnettaett .iq,,,lie, world.
hefeta l, .4:W94 1 4'4 1 f! Pra/VMPS' onngia'•
`PROP Rlrro
letter from a (subscriber in ,Diane hall the
following signiticant•posnieripi:.
doAn lipre irr.tho Chicago coilvgittibn
will only givii lig A cotisprvative'Vilki-titiAe.
you'll h ear p4).1 fiono ,
ate„going tq r , w , ip - liprtit:!iii44;iVr Fhies
go wilt orlst,rckc::ohtAC,6o3l(r,
I " spat Ott.
; 1,
• • Old iktik by I dud kw* thin,
-a, thos6 iliod uses to - I'p beret
- imsjoisete woos wears. dine
et tbs telly
- apish
. _
' it oitildicsinrords driz tby timed;
- r iemsidlra.-+ti.a.&Or, •
rhea toil &Webb Wes loogid.
- dual 'art at • noble 21 M1 1 4
Spook out
• Ilowialt God oboe drall boor ail Work
spook owis radii the Unnollwas word
Shall oriiroark• Ow Gerrard bash,
'Rd alorptog brut 'be surrod l
' ! ' Ilrok oat.
The hurt shatt riloste through ail Oa..
Is oath Ormiggiosght of wary Lour;
For firory blot wog of alas,
Thfrigh ilia to au stoma point,
Spurt out._
psi bravely; cral—larre tip theoilgto bars,
Delp Is thoi6enlag stemma *of lib,
Aa tripsodusii y a lb* alma aey „
Betide* oluental
- Bpmt Out.
I •
death out, saiii,buri thy thripliMjunskt,
Lthi Aiptnt tornado on tint wrong t
Itodnivtion thyllfs is Doubt,
aia la thy traiktiotrihand Is strong,
Wards; ft Trick aid Ilebermss.
Among all, the members of the National
Legislature Who have been called to.give
(mussel' for the safety and welfare of the
Republic in! this dAy of severe trial, we
know of none, says the National, Intelligen
eq:, who hasAdouight to the discharge of
his duties al higher intelligence, a clearer
sagacity, or more patriotic fidelity than
the Hon. Edger Cowan, the learned Sena
tor from the State of Pennsylvania. En
tering the' t4nate at the opening of the
thirty-seventh Congress, he early won for
himself the admiration and respect Of his
associates viithotit distinction of party, by
the leartfing and dignity with which he
explained and defended his viers otpub
policy, while the independence and el
oquence for which he was conspicuons in
debate; earl drew i th him the attention of
al? who mark with interest the progress of
olfr parliamentary discussions .
lir. Cowan, we_ need not say,is a distin
guished meMber of( the Republican party,
but in his whole career as a legislator he
has made itttiparent that he considers his
first aid' highest sllegianne- due to the
country-, and therefore never narrows his
mind so ae to give to the former the hom
age that shciuld be paid only to the latter.
' Objtcl in thits referring atthis time
to the eminent place 'justly held by this
Senator in the eyes at the country, is to
direct the pifrticular, a ttention of our rea
ders to the subjoined •weighty words, held
by likrci . in.#te Senate owthe,27th of ! Tune;
a few
I days hetore' the close of the late
session; w h e n that body had under :Con
sideration r. Trumbull's amendment re
pealing the joint resohition of July 17,
1862, which qualifies the confiscation act
and limits forfeitures under it to tie life
of thei otfeiuler. We' could wish , that
these eordi might sink into the heart :of
every !Alison in-the land, for we verily be
lieve they are-words of truth and 'sober
Bp.s out
OW" ienend and indlialndnid4l; ti(rier
teeing is welfare iletkika of the name:
tIOn as the ampere the:S.l4s ; se well
those we-weie bound to' ressue as those we
were blind tq rinish. Fervently he
would have prayedYisi- our eusansapation
laWs and preolazonSons as rams to Are
the Southern heart!utOre
~potent than nll
:ahem; they would rally the angry popu
lation to his atandaid of revolt as if each
had a personal quarrel. He would then
'have a united South, Willi as thermal*?
, the same measures a distracted and divi
ded North. 1 . . -
That lithe way I! think iiii wool hav e ,
prayed and'would ay now: ,Is any man
so stupid as net td know that the greet
dente on the Part of every rikel is to,llM
bark in - revolt with him' the whoge people
Of the disaffected districts ?, Is not and,
hai not that been oonsidereeeziough to
incurs Biomes to hint ? And where does
history ' how the filltti4 •of any inked
1 , ~, .. . . ~ .
people, numbering Intel , or am udPione,.
when they engaged ;in revolutiO 7, Nci
where ; there is no such case.. ' , '
What did ,we do to bring this , unity
about in the South ? We forgot pur first
resolve in July, 1864, to restore the Union
alone, and we went further, and gave out
that we would also abolish slavery. Now,
that was just euctly the point upon which_
all Southern men Tare the 'mat tender,
and at which they: pie most prone to be
alarmed and - offended. That was of all
things the one beet calculated to make
them of one mind against us ; there was
no other measure, ' indeed, which , could
have lost to the 'Union cads. so many of
them. It is not ssi question either is to
whether they' were right or wrong—that
was matter for their consideration ; not
ours ; for if we "reread desirous of &union
with them, we ought not to hate expected
them to gite up their mos t cherished in
j stitutions In order to effect it. Unionsstre
inade by people taking one another as
they are, and I think it has never yet -oc
curred to any mars who was anxitsuito
form a partnership; with another, that he
should first attempt to force the ' other
either to change hia religion or' his poll
tics. , Is not the answer obvious ; would
not thenther say to. hint : "It you do not
' like my ptinoiples,, why dorYou wish to be
partner with me ? Have I' mot as good a
right to ask you to change yours as a «in
dition precedent V' . •
t So it Was - with the Southern people—
! they were all lit liiicir of' slavery, but one
half of them were Estill for 'union with' is
i. is before; bemuse' they did not beliive we
were Abolitionists: The other half were
its open 'rebellion because they did lielielie
' it. New can nay due conceive bt 'groatir,
. folly .on our part than - thit, we stionld ae•
strey the faith of' cut friend/ .and verify'
that of 'our' enetniesi ? Cciuhfricit angst:ay
I'have foriqold ee'dionld haveloit one-half
by, that; and then we' could hate nis'one
teft 'to{ form a Union with ? t We' drats
, .
that half over to the rebehs. and thereby
increased their strength a thousand fold.
• . .
Is not all this history now ? The great
fact is staring us fun in the face today . ;
we are contending; with a imited people
desperately in earnest to resist us. Our
most powerful armies most skilfully led '
hive heretofore failed to Conquer theO2,
and I think will fail as long as we' pursue
this fatal 'Policy. . :-
No*, iii.'Presidept„ I appeal to*Sena
tors whether it is not time •to pause and
enquire wheiher that policy, which has
certainly united, the Southern people in
their cause and which quite es oertainry!
has divided the Northern people in their
support of ours,ought not tnbeebandoned ; ,
at once. Why persist jn it longer i can ire
do nothing to retrieve our, fortune Ei re-,
tracing our steps?' Can wel:not,divide, the
rebels,and unite the loyajrnen ot the loyal
States by going baiik to the 'single; idea of
war for they,nion •; or is it too lite?
Have we lost irrevocably oor,:hold on the
'affections of on,.
, CountiyMen who were
for the, linionin I£36i—evint in 1h62 T Is
there no wa r p
_by which' we could tiaiisfy
them'i hat we yet : mean tniOn, and not
conquest and subjugatjon ? And what a
• difference in the meaniog of these two
phrases I The hnit offeis,;the, luiod of „is
broller„the second
,thilitene the yoke of
a Inuter.• Or i r e ; we obliged pow, to e x -,
cl4ge the hopes ire, had of 'SOutliero
Union men for that other, ind .ntiesiple
bolt, of the negio,? is he ill that teleft
•of loyalty in, the South, end the only ells ►
we oin rely Upon ' i to:aid no in reatating the
1 Utilool., Ye Gods! what have we _come
toei lash Father to yield to an unholy
rebellion, to dim:Member _ an empire, or
go into national Companionship „frith the
negro I • Is this the allavustiVe to which
our madness has brought ant •
Mr. President,' these thmgaire enough '
to drive a sane Ilan mid After all our
pretension, all our bassting. - bow absurd
will we appear in the eyesof all other nn.
tiOns if we fall id this strirOlerl - Eipecialli
as almost all the tiiiisdreidpon'idiroh . we
have occupied ciuteeiver ii the lideitieti
years 'have been'head itimi . iiiii'lli*iiii
already assumed eii ftied - faCK tire*
vided for confiseetiii:tiiiisaiea of rebels
before We getpossesuon' '' • ;we eman''''api . l.44
slaves before wegot them from their ' mis
ters, and we provided
,for the dis p osition
of conqueets we have not inade 3 we have
disposed,Of the skin of tae 'bear and the
bear itself is if*, uncanght.. All this we
have patupon the reecird ; the', iiitite•
book will bear witness against,,wi lit'ell
coming time ;; and we cannot
. escijoe the
consequences if we fit '
_ r
~, . ' , ,
Mr. l'resident. our*lornment ills in be one of law, pre-eirdnently of
law. There was to. be nothing in - the ad
ministration of it left to the arbitrary - will
of an individual or indivldualo.. Thilivis: I
its merit, or intended so, par alx:slii,s4,.. I
am for prowl/ins its chsticta in tiat. mor'l
,'peat strictly.i,'„Let4o man, ftom the bee
1 aident down tothetnoist,PoniaclitPdare
" to' do --oo.fdtkOg, .irbelJtOr: to ik: Wind or.
entity, except,, no Wein_ lilted by jaw. Let
us PIA*, wai.4°Pord l 4lo4 , 4wr 4 44, 1 45,,
hove Pew* 4444411 Airt -X- wAftiP
4 bOUlsor•t* ?Mille kitiAll AO it , M 111,1•
Ina to the law of nations. on. we , punish
or listaian a refraototy, elitism, let us do it,
by the law of. the land—"by.due Pr°Bl,
of 14.' Had we faith in our Oonstitutinn
; pedlar. endour people, we had not been
in our preen* condition. Had we made
war end, war alone, Um loyal people North
midi Sonar to a meat would home been with
us. 1 The vtdoe of %Won, if not entirely
htuilte4 would have been harmless. The
capital ii the demagogue would have been
wgilelens, and the nation would have been
#:. Had we treated the.negro as
tic lution„tntatn him , as a person,
asenother men ; had we made no distinc
tion or 'daft:once between him and other
atitiOasi, we had not aroused against hint
r trgbal intlpithy which . will be fax
more ' likely; to destroy him than a false
philantbropy will he likely to elevate him
in the scale of. being. If he was friendly
to ns, dilemma use 'could have bees 'made
of hint at we have made ;we could have
ealisteri him in our armies noires we have
betin enlisting him in our navy for long
years. We could hale received him as a
volunr, if , he was able-bodied, without
lonian to his complexion, and we could
bar_ drafted, • him without inquiring into
the rela =tions which' existed between him
and hi4maiter, any more than we inquire
inn?* tho relations of the white man of
t h w a r ig ly4lears of . age with his parent or
Lin. State laws adjusted all . these
e4ttions, but to the United States it
me& no difference whether he owed ser
e ide to! individuals or not ; he owed his
Brat duty to the Republic as military ser
vicle wes 'required. All this was lawful,
and noiloyal man ever did or would have
complained of it, kindly - done. In the pro
per opiit.
I hare only 'to say in conclusion, air.
_thikt I hope that the joint resolution will
not, be ikpm.led, and that this end all kin
dred piOjects . Will fail in the future, for
the sinsplif4eagen that, ' they strengthen
the rebel:l,6y uniting their people with
them, and they weaken the Union cause
-bY, ditlding Its friends -and distracting
them *th unnecessary, isittes.
ON be aid rifts"' *pity of einia4.
- bariptacOniersation yrhich took Ohne'
last week between our 'worthy President
ands iiiatitiguiahed Western Senator, the
recent legislative nominations for_ the
nett Presidency were Incidentally referred
to. "lres," said Mr. Lincoln; nursing his
leg with erilent riatisfaction l l-"yes, Sena
tot,•thti °arrant . iersint to be settling all
- one way." "It does, really, seem to be
settlintall one way," was the answer of
the Se for. "But, Mr. Lincoln, as yOu
hate tOldmnseveral good stories since I
have bin here, permit me, if you please,
to 011 ~ ou otte.: It has always been ob
ser4; that the Atlantic ocean, at the
Straitalof Gibraltar, constantly poor. into
the I p fditerratielln with tremendous vol
41, The e
pospherus mpties into it at its
oilier pd;ind river 'are seen :contribop
1 • •
Ling 10 its Intern_ all along its coast. It
stale foi tinny years the constant pussle of
*eOgrapliers' why the Mediterranean, um
:.ail these aciessions,'never ; got. full,
and ortmin..iti banks. Aft %t a while,
holiiever, a curious fellow took the notion
0f, .4
dropping a' plummet in the centre of
the 13 'to, when to! he discovered that,
theme!' the tremendous body of water on
the suttees. was rushing inward from the
oceiri,!' still a mere powerful body' was
passittii . outward, in a current, at same
tanntyleet Waiver .
--roh, - ith Plaid • Old Abe, seriously, evi-•
dentli noiplasserl for the first time in his
life ; ''that
,does nOt.remind me of any
stOry I ever. heard before!"
! -__
Was Ilesseen- a Ohm
Some of the Administration papprs
+ell that it is "disloyal" to denounce a
watcarried on in the interest oWnmll
fartatrisM. and against the interests of the
veinment, the people and humanity 4
We Understand that. this ie strong • lan
geage, but it is scarcely stronger than Mr.
Lin co ln' /iniiieleUsed in August, 1861,
• • Whom we quote :
10• This war, so far, as 1 have anything to
da with It is carried on on the idea that
therel is a Union sentiment in those Stated,
which set free frost the control now held
Ot , er it by the preseiuce of the Confederate
oirreSel power will be'sufflcientlio replace
thosiOltates iri the, Union: If I am mis
:takei in this; it. there is no such senti
,onent.there, if the people or those States
determined with unanimity, or with a
t i a plia, aptiroaching unanimity, that their
tate;Wshall not be members of this Con
ladowsey. .It is beyond the power of the
people AU the other States to force them
to retrain in the Union ; and in that con
tingeinisv—in the contingency that there
II net that sentiment there—this war'is
riot only an error, but a crime."
A large modern) , of the people of the
lnamient States are ready to return- to
their] allegiance., knit Mr. Lincoln will not
dioneent to peace except upon "the aban
donment of slavery." Acoording to
'411,6 'ai l eery; the war he is now: waging is
olAittitx: No "'Copperhead" has -flied
trot ger language_ than this,- and tiene
more truthful. '
Li . 11OLDIZi in the Artily before Peters.
rg, writing to•hts father (who Whs& Ile.
tt.llllleinthree months ago) say.: "I hope
..0 frrill .1 . sit you can for the eleeticin of
eCilel , II the boys here get &chan t °.
fa ‘fiL!., you may depend 4.4 bus getting a
ierge majors . He i 11
s regarded . the
i ' r. fY
thleilt genera!' in the service, and the best
inati for bringing the country out of diffi..
1 n•
Ilralty. He ismot`enly a good general; but
la noble-hearted' ihancaring always for
thwbomfOrt of hil men." " • '
,T. 81. Louis perwratie fires Press thus
'MU up LimoWs &wow end prophesies
l oflikt fate: "Harlin Van Buren was
{hated at Baltimore, and deferited. Henry
lasi was nominated at Baltimore, and de.
{ ; {fssied.. Lewis Chaff was nominated at 41.
and defeated. Stephen A. Doug
{ las Waanomihated at Baltimore, and fide.
AtOthi,liirtiiiOn was re-noniria
*Po 7 1,111 .9 Pa . 10 .G0 be
I 4 1 1 4 / 1 1 40 1 .4 0 .5 1 - • • '
- The New Totk. /kW, # Iffensont ra
m My. "7Abeoib L. CI all the Miens of
the United States, the least honest and
the most dangerous. ,, • • •
: . The kw-York Rot uriothe Loyd:Us
goers must go armed.. We aer,tainir. !we
no 'objections; provi d ed thee go Vie
right directiou—tc•tkifialt. •
Last, week the Suffolk 'Herald, one of the
most influential of the lb:public= i;ropers
on Long Island. took the name. or the
Baltimore Candidates from the load of its
' A Republi,n paper before in! sa y :
- "We have but one Lh2ooln:" Heath be
thanked for that. May God in kis mewl
grant that ti 4 nation may never be cursed
with another.
tien. Butler kering "retired" to Fort
ress ktonroe,the publio are curious to know
what he has Oone witit the "key to Hick
mond.". which he rovanntingly telepsphed
he had got hold of.
Witt: Haeito.Faszoott Coms.—Tbe New
York Herald cejimates that one million of
negroes hare,been freed or killed by this
war, at an expense of $5,9i10 and the life
of one white men for wrery dead or eman
cipated slave.
'Vote for Curtin and avoid the draft!'
said Ramtblican journals. before the elec
tion. "Tax the people to avoid. the draft,"
is the cry spice the election. . . •
'That will the next bet—Lebanon" Ad
vertiser. - • •
The' 'Daily' .71/wi, ade)phia, ap
ouVand.ouf Abolition 'paper, says •that
"candor as well as a• just' appreciation
its duty as - public journalists, requires
that it should etite• that in its own polit
ical household the element!' of discord
are nineh more rife than is generally aup-
Posid." , * . •
In the Doiteelitisies' Senate the other
day Its, Chandler 'Hitt he was' free froth
the previlent disorder of:"Consiltution on
the brain." It would be more to his cre
dit, and also to the credit of Michigan and
the country, if he was free from "whiskey
in the brain."—Neurbsuidport Herald. •
- Considerable amusement has been caused
in the city emcisvicinity of Detroit by the
circulation within the last- few days of
aprintecl ballot, of which the following is
a copy: • , •
I, ----, who depoint this ballot, hero
by pledge myself, in case it shell* sow-
cessful, So, enlist ht. the army TorAhrilee
years, or during the War.
Dis*zncrjo IN !111 lkitiur.r-rl t ertlyit Arply
of ' the Potonuto and.Nashington corres
pondents of the Rochester Democrat are to
be believed„ there is nanch disaffection in
the army. The former, writes :
"Aa 1-said before ,the sooner , the army
will abandon the trenches in front of Pe
tersbnig, the better the - officers and men
will be pleased."
And the latter says :
"The number of • resignailcina in the
Army during July bas:ibeen ?surprisingly
large. and the number effargcl largely ex
ceeds that Ooepted. Among the proffered .
'resignations ate thoie of not 'less than five
general Offloers." . • • - •
Ms. LINCOLO Liar.-During the time
that the reheliiivere engagedin their born
liardment'el Port; Stevens; . 'Lincoln
happened to piss a short tithe, within the
walls of that fortification. • A shot from
the enemy piseed . into the fort, and strik
ing some projection, glanced off—the ball
'entering the leg of a giddier. Mr. Lincoln
Cast his eye Brit toward the point of iin- •
z:gamed and than it 'the suffering sol
dier end exclai med, "That,was a carom'!"
The unfeetiOg remark was heard by some
soldiers standing sear, and produoed, as
might naturally be expected, considerable
indignation. •
Tna kind of peace to be 'had in tile
slave States under Abolition rule is now
well illustrated in Missouri. Pacificethd
'twice a year, since the rebellion began, by
fire and sword, in the words of the 7W
bum t "A guerrilla ear, to ferootous
than any that has preceded it, has broken
out over the whole State, and imperilled •
the property and the lives of .the ancerti ii
promising Unionists and an ti ai.verp seen,
Indeed; it mar bb safely asserted that,
during the past few weeks, it hat in no
other State of the Union been note dsn
gerons to be pointed out as an unixondi
tionarUnion man than in Missouri "I Let
the radicals achieve all the siumei.i their
wildest dreams ever pictured, and this wfll
be the condition of the amiutred South
A Pnaroaasrnic ecatoserv.—:,A • New
York photographer has published - a por•
trait of President Lincoln, whim, is likelx
to prove acceptable , to all parties. - At first
&nos it appears to be photograph of
"Old Abe," taken when he had the mpall
pox. a few monthe ago but on cheer in
spection the pustules are minute photo=
graphic likenesses of tlistrnguished gener
statesmen, politioiasuk literary men,
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Old Abe, numbs!. four 'hundred mad up
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.Though there are many gold looking men
and women - among the- likeiesses, yet
taken' together they constitute as ugly a
picture of Old Abel's any of the others"
that' have been published,. t • "e, .
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tilled and shot by his' own commanders.
Nothing is of more importanee to the resit.
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Lion. If he is re-elected, the NUMMI- •
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For President,
• For Vice President.
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