The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, July 30, 1864, Image 3

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    U.I ICH leSlVEra—Thia
I - ) Snag` ha* thoroughle proved t
itrelrte ha the beet
rrtWelno.ri for curio; CAT ULM, COL" 111 ?UR 1121,1 ,
tiCAPtrnIC I t b 4. been flond excellent remedy
any c‘a.a , 4: 20, ( Eva , . Dr.Aravea has been re roved
y tr.. And 1111 AR Vta hn■ often been greatly Improved by
It isfragrant and aerreahle, and giveallOrßni
%Tr t, the dull heavy pains canaed by diseases
0 , 'f ee l ,The sentatiota after natng it are dettghtfel
nt I,,cortiting It open. and parrs not all ob
erectiona, etrength• not the ghtudaend given a healthy
the part. affected.
Ore than thirty years "Peale and one of Dr Wry:hairs
end ficadache Snnei bas proved Ito great value
the romnon d! 0` the head, and at thin inn.
pent It stands higher than eyertefore itta recommend
,' , y many of the beat phymiciano, and to tiled with great
R . ti.f,r tl on oror‘ where RHO l * ,P rortill , arte
~ Tl , l , 'II , Dr7nezi.ta In li:4 :
havin, taken argmaht•
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irra it to to elost, In evory voorect, to the recommends.
of 't for the corer I Ca•orrh A ffeetlnno. and
I t L thch , c.llv the blot lirtic`e lye hove ever known
diNe , ..ei . of tilt , Head
ro-rr, Rood, tootio A. , Brown, !Amnon k
k W. Frinle, Mdenn, Foirloonk
orcton Ronohow. F,dmondv k (7n., II 11 Ray.
„ T o n ol nanny< 47 Park, A ft kI. R•ndo,Stoiben
trin Co.:L.I-10Mihnr ‘f , efkgqo k Robb S i
kCn ,31 Word, t'look. A: , ki Role,
Vert .
rcr ndo h... oil Ilrn i t i noth Tr, it IvAT.F..Iy.
Celebrated Female Pills.
BY RoY G ie ;•14 1 "" 4 " PATENT !
-a t r7tf"
P-Ipvtlfr,m a Preseriptiois of Fir J. .Cltrie, At. I) ,
Thysteias Etherordinary to the Quern.
This ini‘loshlo melleino I lan ?Ailing in the cure et all
palatal w I .ianzero diveases to which the Commie
retiLdlne is suhleet, it moderetes all, eV.1.111 and re
ntetroe!ions, end spcotle ehre may he relied
vi. pro Garb/ grated. It will, in a abort timer bang
, r- o.nothly period relit) trzolatitr
raeh Cottle, prier floe Tlnllar, b-ats tho Government
•tamp of Grrtt Itritam, to prevent counterfeita..
Then Pills should not he takex by ,reinalto dim; du
FIRST THREE MOYTHC Pregwity, as airy ars
OUT! to bring on Marcarriagt : bet at awy other trait they
are *aft
In all came, i,f Yen,us and Spins! a ifectionx, rains In
Old !Ida and, Limbs., rstlatee n rtleht esertion, I slpits
tton ntthe Heart, hysterics and Whites, theme Pltls will
.rfect a cure when all other torsos hare failed and al
thnagh a powmeul • ern. dr, do not eentsln iron, ealomel,
Cr Rnythinz hurtful .tn the constitution
Full directions in the esestili let s round each
.td. Ahoul.l he curtails presort. if.
• A nont (r tho Unttod Statoo and Canada,
Jolt n0 , 1E1.27 Cortlandt tit., New York
—tl,oo and 6 ro.ta7o. pitntnp• enelo•erl to any an-
Will lohure a hottlo, containing. 50 Pilla.
Un i pif teo.tiNTIBLE I.Doi nre in a moment
beautified by the operation of CRII4 , I O AnoRO , 9I
.intlt DYE, which, oi,thout the ottghtost trouble.
r.ptrht to th , Mir of the. 11031, the rchlotters, beard or
Ivo...Nebo, et elninito of brown or tbotnnit parfeetblsek.
nn• It :60 , 0 oottiott thol , flngvra. It ia
'be mon! 0014•ltt.nna 1000 r if. 0 Int h. World, and the only
or. f-00 from OVerr rolenn.',”4 Inivtoiliont. and that eon ,
Tito• n nervirnhm.‘ot reciotible principle.
rrtatntlwo'to Ilnlr Preroitrattate,
...Irmo: to th- if , It •tr,..t.10z and promoting
tt • ~orth Int lo ot 110 jolt of 'to bnir, and of Itxelf
,to-n uso,l ntrap., a h atexuard that proteetß the tthren from
ra.; un'i't nil ror , tttptet.htot , arid unaor all clime.,
th n ,,,,,,tn r ., 1 by 'no. 6 tator Holm*,
" .'I .1 inr; amtllo.l he all fittir
A Card to the Sufterittg
O%V %1,1,01 V hn:ol,l,d , “iinehu."
11 tTin' " 't , "Vtotroue Anti
-1 4 tn," k• . tz.• `t •r ytto re cntinfieti wiith the
into!t, thon tt, hfi• 0 , 11". TOR, Ttriciii try
ct;iti —nodhtooit.nre I 110111th
„,1 I„1/4, •
Thaw nre pure n it
p!n,sit , t tlk+, , 11111 t And naintarT In their
nn the hrokeo down and elwi•tered eno , ttitution.
• oid tind •tion,t con tike them with ndrantage.
eold thu rn , to 1 ~1 1...14 only ho
J 14.9 HC N.F,R. lo 4 lirorlany
Ag...Nt For Ow United Staten.
s' —1, tbt. IYI4. • pgrltod• will be mart
to r t ,01,,t nf pri-n, which ill Dol
hir, post patd—m9ney nernni,sl b- the+ Agent if antire
~t'prv, i nn 14 not vic , ol je3-3m.
your kinl pro oul.o lon I with to Ply to the rep , hora
of your paper lila I will Fond, I.v :.turn mil. to +II who
wloth It, (rove) a Pe,ipP, alth fall 4iroolion , for plaklng
and usln; a Finial V zetoo'oo P.olni, that sill elfeetnilly
reniore, In ten .141, l'orno.l.A, 'i an, Freckles
And all I r
mpuritire of lb.. Ain, the nunw cloorr,
moon and heautifoll
I will also mill f-e to 1110.0 14nviag 131 Id IleaAlm nr
Bare rAte4, Pi Crlph/dirert 0(18 and information that w.ll
enable them to !Mr a (WI growth or th.zori nt rale,
IVldakera nr moutttchn in 1•.... than thirty d tya.
All applien'inent an.rere • hr ',then mat), without
.harp. 11.41,ectfolle yours.
11 - 10 4 . F CHAPItAN,
5:',1 Broadway, Sew York.
.0 23-3 m
D7.1)1111.0 VFNETIIN 11101{ 4 41{ TANI.
RENT lirt tulttlAl nt Fifty Cont. , fnr larrionemi,
/DI nther It 1.11.1 ' , V ^". t ' I•nr‘.nmen on Long
Istind enure,. It will not rto r nr blne nor opsylo.
slithers is nn hutment In oxietoner the What it
If ntst.4 In elm it pngitir.le dn., No Doerr of borate
log II be icti hoot afler trysne vac Dott!e. tine d nee revives
snd often the lifeof on olio.-he,l,lnr driven horse.
For to/le end Lfs4 nese, tat lid. Just is porn
se the ,nn j7.t.0 rule is ii,l rdwit)!. 'Liniment
to be lb , llorAe entYnrqtt , n t l the tin. 84)101 by all
Pries 2.i and 54, n.. h • it' , rn.rzi mtg. ()elite
"..3 Cott/anal !ttreet, Now rnrk jylll-Irn.
GENTI,EIII. I IN. cdreil of Naryntin Debility, In
11. competencY,Premetnre Donavan 1 Youthful grrbr,
setnisied by a deqire to bene , it Milers. will 1 happy to
farni.h to ho nee I it. , fr•e.o' charge,l the recipe
end dlnetinn. for mdlrfnsr the simpie remedy awl in his
, ss. Thn.o wishinir to prrint by his experience, end
poetess ss w re' r.' IL,", by
rrliiro mail , (rmirPfull. 11e% , e1.) i,.l(lre•ving
No. t) Sir
04 EXPEtti
robttehea thy Aeneot end a. r, notion to Teallt
men, int] otlers. who .uffeffrom Serrnes Debilitr, Pre.
mature Deese or Menhold, , mopnlrlng at the acme
tim. Oa* cootns of eelf-cn re. Fly one who has eared himself
after nederzoing ronvArriMe vultery.
a post-paid aPree•ei'envelope,pinzle copies may be had
of tbeeotbor, N•rrxrtrr. Varrara. Etei
1.4'64-1r Brooklyn, Kinze Co„ N. Y.
C 1 kVA 11%;GLIITI SPECIFIC, PILLS cum, In len
than 10 days, the worst ClO.l of SERVONNE3 4 , !moo
tonpi, Premature Deety Seminal Weakness, insanity,
and all Urinar:, Sornal and Vernon. Aff.ellonP. no *SM
UT from what canoe produeol. Pnre ()mod qlwr per bor.
Sent, post paid, by-snail, on re•elot of as order. One box
alit per'set a etar: In moot t aae. 11.1,1rsaa
Genarsl Agent: 42,r itrowlwar, New York.
pLa 64-3 a
lhe tinhecniter w Wild nuipei•tfiti it announce to the pub
lin of grip ani cininite ?hit he will continue to deal
i n !'Wei durinx the prifeut c eer, et
it I , t it I, It
)IitNKR. OF S ,
r'1,,0111 dellitin4 toprocorp hi•4l i4 \ Coal
Pflppll.l io
And .t tho
I mini! plying tpreild iltt"Pnti,n to O. ‘‘
Anthracite Coal Tradel
I t•mo npon a Teri far that purpnao at the
iC hors I will koo, on band
of that /clod of Coal.
rer Oid-ra for •lther Anthrarlte or Rltutrrioona Coil
omnptly att.o4l to
D. W. HU'rcEillsiSON,
United Statest,Claim Ag't,
►u I all other Clattne itirtinit th. ciovarnoteht attended
to with promptairs.
rir Application hy Ifni! attand.l to the 'Anil; tie If
-mane in pergon my28•64-31n..
arm oalo.
T HE 5;u114 F f
criber nfl.. r
ra f S
or Sale his Fitrin
Sclmmit tp, Kris On., eam o rlal nk d ot ty
e4ms of good .11, Dine mile* from File city, om the
tatior Shunpike- r,44, and four tol'en from Waterford
rhtrt~well watered, wilt, Bond bouledura. Lairfrelt sid
thl , t.r Ivrea of wood land. Apply on prentlmm tor tiartb.t.
Inforamtlon. kill he told on reasonable terms
.1011 N n.
Jelliia, nadial 4Tat,_ galas.
$07154,a, susalia,
Pitt grit • °Donn
We desire to obtain a correspondent In every
township la the eoanty. Polideal essay. we can obtain
In abundance; what we want is tbl loeal news from all
paila of thew:tuts. Any person Tritinc to as can do.
pend on having his name kept strictly confidential and
!the has fears that the communteatlon Ia not In proper
shape for publication, we will pet It In appropriate trim.
(ttv rutemibers. Served by carrier, charged
twenty-eve cents per year extra. Preams who fall to
melee their papery regularly will confer a favor by noti
fying as of the IMO. We prefer to have ail,subscribers
wi. can oonvezlentlf, pronare their paws al the °II".
of ',obligation.
The hoar at whieh the Obessair to pist to press,
eaeh week, 42 o'clock on Friday afternoon.: Advertise
ments will be received up to 9 o'clock of the 'day of pub.
rr o 'eUl Advertisements. Job Work and Subscriptions
from persons whose rosponsitdlity is not known to the
publishers, moot be in eitilltC4.
We would respectfully call the attention of the petite
to our f ailitha for doing Job Printing oi.erery deserip
non. Having rapid Prames and the latest styles of Type,
we in prepared to do anything In:the jobbing line, In a
' manner equal to say other establishment, and mitoses
as reasonable u the - Binlslo or Cleveland °dices. We
bare aided nearly two thousand dollars worth of mate
rial to the oak* aloft it has been In our poems/on, with
the object of making It what we thought the commn•
ty needed. How welt we have sueceeded we leave the
specimens of our jobbing, which may be seen to every
pert of North West•rn Pennsylvania, to testily. Thu*
who want tasty work are Invited to give us a call. We
can do any kind of Printing that can be done elsewhere,
—inch for instance as
AU kinds used by Coal Operators,
All kinds used by Coal Shippers,
All kinds need by Coal Feller.,
All kinds used by Merchants and Storekeepers,
All kinds need by Retailers and Grocers,
AU kinds need by Manufacturers,
All kinds need by Medieine Dealers,
All kind' need by Auctioneers, •
All kinds used by Italtroal Agents,
All kinds used by Puke,
All kinds need by IntIITSOCS
All kinds need by Stook Companies, generally, •
All kinds used by Brokers,
All kinds used by Com. and For. Merchants,
Anklet& need by Express Men, • _
All kinds need by Professional Men,
All kinds need by Literary Societies,
All kinds used by Patine 011 earl,
All kinds used by Patentees,
AU kinds need by Producer, of New Attest,
'All kinds used by Merchants of all Trades,
All kinds used by Architects; •
All kinds need by Drgnerrean Establishments,
All kinds mad by Artists generally,
All kinds need by Pablle Exhibitors '
All kinds need by Managers of Social Assemblie.
All kinds rued by Political Managers,
All kinds used by Travelling Agents,
All Idea/ used by Palmer,, or sellers of reel estate,
All kinds need by the sellers of Pet sonal Property,
All kinds used by Renters,
In Wort, slain& need by all clam I.
°Hereby mallorhen sent by reeponsiblepartiee,prompt
ly attended to. Agents follows, Concerts, irs., whose
reepontb lily we arenet acquainted with, must pity in
advance. In cams where packages are west out of the
city by espreesoind the Ursons for whom they are Intend
ed have not a regular account at the office, the bill for
collection will levariably be forwarded with them.
A week or two ago, the ()Never addressed
to Mr. Alex. Porter, of Springfield X Roads,
was returned to this office with the announce
ment written on the edge of the wiper, that
Mr. Porter had refused to take it any longer.
Amongst newspaper publishers the sending
back of a - Paper in this manner is looked ttp
oo as one of the very meanest acts in the cal-
Under, and on the impulse of the moment wq
wrote a note to that effect, and printed it in
last week's paper as a warning to evil doers
tin Tuesday afternoon last, Mr. Porter call
ed upon us and gated that ho had never or—
dered the paper returned, that It Was a great
favorite with him, that he was wildly and
ready to pay all intiebtednise due to us, and
that some one, impelled by partilan or per—
,sonal malice, must have sent it back with the
ohject of creating bad feeling between him
and us. After paying up arresrage., he re
newed his subscription, and said that he
should always patronize the °Wryer as long
as - he and it remained true to Democratic
principles. Mr, Porter acted in all respects
like a gentleman, and we ace satisfied that he
is one
We now call upon the Postmaster at Spring
field X Roads to explain to us the meaning of
1 his course, or it be is not at fault, to assist us
1n tracing out the scoundrel who has been In.
umental in causing us to do in injustice to
a respectable man and good citizen. This is
not the first time that we have been wronged
in the same manner at , the hands of the Ad
ministration's petty oiIOWN and we are de--
i terminti to see it there is not a way to pre
vent a repetition of the offence. It is to be
hoped some satisfactory answer may be re
ceived before we find it necessary -to resort to
the head of the Department to ascertain
whether he permits his subordinates tetbus
violate the rules of honor and attempt to in
jure our business. ,
u,,TlntA4 cheaper than
It is a strange fact ,that, notwithstanding
its plain "disloyalty," es pointed out by the
OBEIBBVIR last week, the 'Loyal Leaguers,"
whose special daty it itto "rebuke" all "dop
perhead" manifestationt in the North, have
not yet taken- any action in the case of the
Xrie Gazette. It still continues to pour forth
its rank "treason" without any compunctions
of conscience, endeavoring encourage the
rebels in the hope of winni4 their indepen
dence, by telling them there is a large party
here who are eager to see them succeed, and
dividing the people by its coarse and wicked
use of irritating epithets against, those who
are more "loyal" than its editor. The "gym•
pithy" whieh it. exhibit' "pith the rebellion"
is so bold as to be aactbject of public notorie:
ty; and, in view of all the facts In the ease,
the apathy of those whose duty it is to super
vise the politics and morale of the community
is not only remarkable, but absolutely crimi
nal. If, as the Tribune said some weeks Igo,
the phrase "Copperhead" means "A vile, his
sing enemy of the Union, too cowardly :to
take up arms in favor * of -the South, and too
mean to he a friend of the right," then we do
not know ota piper any where mote: beetling
of the 4 talts . "l:lnitt this same Old '44'U :table
It II a remarkable fact that i t a no section'
that we hear of , do the people expect to fill op
their quotas out of their own citizens. every
community is looking to some other to supply
the men needed, whom they expect to obtain
by liberal (denser money. • In most cases the
Southern Stated, and the negroes of the same,
are the ntalaselisnoe. That most of these ex
pectations are doomed to disappointment, who
can doubt that knows anything of the facts?
If all the e.ble=hodloid tegines of the slave .
States:iithin our reach, could be bribed to
enter the army, they would not mite the fire
hundred'tbousand called for. ; No caution the . ,
public* net. fo delide" themselves'hy hop,* that
cannot be realized. The five hundred thou—
sand o< l be had, find they will not ell be jgoo•
rant contrabands or hired white men either.
Many of \ them will be our brothers and oar
friends, the\ disbands of devoted wives and
the fathers of \ dependent children, and 'if the
isreontintisi will be folloired:* by thou
sand. of others, ',Mil every hearth-stone Is
desolate, and every • dwelling the hobos 'of
mourning. 1 Befotit\lhe lighting is ended on
the basis :411411401111141ifitiveil:''
many.wha never supposed they -would' take i
share it,. will find the, band of the conscript
tem laid. upon them, \he ovarpoiled to
bear s'annsket ta. the rooks.,
ERIE, PA., JULY 30, 1844
Special NOlices.
The Case of Mr. Porter.
„ .
• Pitovosr Manna& fluor.— . -titpt. CooSok,
fhe• l tetnrost Marshal, of the Nreatiati
District, vu shot. os Satitrday flirt, near.
Blairsville, by a taus be wan atteirp , tjag to
arrest. He was very einiously though sot
fatally injured. ' guilty party was cries.
tad sad Maud ansiodr - \
The'.4404e14 , ...)MaziAF - 40 1 -44
agq, it wee noneldered a toot .of "11141,,7" to
accept or rafture, le now gitieially thwittog
by our business men to have bootee Ml
eidersble of; a 11011iS1100. The bankers refine
to receive is oa depait, (eloept In one of two
oases, where the same kind of money has to
be drawn ont,) and parties who obtain large
amounts arS obliged to afore It tip 'ln 'tiily
safes, awaiting a chance to dispose of it at• a
discount, or some action of the county Com-;
missioners !hid will either withdraw it from
circulation lor secure its acceptance by the
brokers. We know of parties who have seve
ral thousands of dollars thus lying idle,and the
natural residt is to disarrange their business
and cause • tightening of the money market.
From some motive for, which we have never
been able to see a cause, the people generally
appear to iook upon it with distrust, and con
trive to get rid of it as soon as possible, in
exchange 't6r goods or other noes. The bur-i
den of its Cirtmlation is thus thrown upon the
business men of the towns, and there is not
one in a doSen of them who does not pronounce
the entire System a great inconvenience, and
who would; not strongly object to its repeti
• • .
Had the ,'Commissioners adopted a common
sease_plaulof raising the bounty fund, there
would havti been no difficulty. But the small
note schen:is was devised, and Immediately all
argument end reason as to its effects, and all
suggestions as to the proper method to be
pdrsued, were drowned in an overwhelming
deluge of epithets and odium. It was the old
song repeated—"disloyalty," "dialoyelty."—
The people now perceive that many foolish
tittle can be done in the name of "loyalty,"
and that se called patriotism doe. not always
mean wisdom. The evils of the county money
system hive been endured quite long enough,
and . therejebould be a united' effort to have
some arrangement effected by the Commission
ers which will secure either its withdrawal
from circulation, or its use its bankable funds/
If we are ;"disloyal" in urging these views, we
-have only to say, that two-thirds, if not all of
our business men, will have to be Included in
the same category. .
Some half dozen or a doyen gentlemen of
this city have procured young men to enter
the navy, hnder the impression that they would
be accepted as substitutes, and exempt them
from liability to the diaft. The parties who
enlisted vrere in all cases under the draftable
age, and they received sums ranging from
$250 to SOCK) and $4OO from the person! in
whose interest they were shipped: The latter
were in a very pleasant frame of mind over
their supposed exemption from the terrible
conscription, and had received many congest
nlations frem their friends, when 10, the dis—
agreeable hanouncement walk made fathom by
Provost Mershal Campbell that i decision had
been publielied by General Fry, that no sub
stitutes in the navy would be aooepted nukes
they were ever 23 years of age, and not liable
in other reepeats to the draft. The impression
that this 'entitle outginng of Washington wis;
'dom has produced oh the minds of the unfor—
tunate *Wilms can 4etter be imagined than
described2iSome of them,whose "loyalty" has
ever before been above . .reproaolt, hire, on
several occesions since, been detected in utter
ing expressions about the Provost Hershel
General that, if not positively "disloyal,"
sounded very "Copperheadisk," to any the
least. '
It is almOst needless for us to say that we
regard the decision . in question as ridienlona
to the utmost extent of absurdity. MI naval
men agree; that tailors of eighteen years of ,
age are quite es good es those who are older,
and this antertion is prtriet 'by the fact that
half of those who have ennead here belong to
that class. They are not liable to draft, and
by depriving them of the peettniary interesito
ship as substitutes, the Government will lose
the services of many who'would otherwise join"
the navy. I '
Otoourie, if the decision is sustained, those
who have paid their money to obtain subsii.'
totes of this class will be obliged to lose the
whole amount, thus adding wrong to absurdi
ty. believe that Mr. Scofield. and Mr.
Lowry have been sent on to Weshiagton Ito
try to hails the matter righted. sad regulate
some other =uteri in dispute relative to our.
quota. lethey can succeed in putting a little'
good sense; into the heads of some person 9 in
that "fount of : iniquity," the Wu Department,
they will be entitled to • place among the
'benefactor! of the race.
[Since the above. article is type, we
learn'that n telegram has been received by
hfr. Scofield from Col„ Pry, authorising the
action of the parties referred to, and Inform
ing him that all naval recruits willbe credited
on our quota. This will be' good news to our
citizens, and should spur them up to renewed
efforts in the matter of avoiding the draft.—
By offering liberal bounties natal recruits clap
be obtained in abundance, that branch of tie,
service being looked upon as safer and pleiww.
aster than the army. A little energy.and
liberality now, and there would be wadithcii•
ty in cloning Seta from the such dreaded
draft. i
A eirsaiger on s visit to this pity for s,fsw
weeks happened. to take ups copy of the do--
Attie. After raiding lit , over fors short time,
he suddenly threir it , down, 'apparently in
great sniper, and turning to s friend by his
side side; said : , 'Why, '1 Ottiit'illid that
allow snob a mean Copperhead paps?• to
be printed in Erie!" Thi.friond- smiled and
replied: 'Yeu are mislakin; that olabna . to
be s loyal journal.'! ' , Loyal ! the dimes"
wu the response. "Do you call that
and that.-and that"—pointiatieet dozen
artialeal l w it inoeimiting thiimbalit4italiug
thee:x.ll4re bitinyin - ibe - who are
- anew:l9'pr their sneers—'4 derAthe
rankest Sort of CopParkesdiaii • :Ili! s i a
Copperhead bat our :OPP;
fort' to the rebellion. ittalfttl!t. chif
effect mitre thawsuok sure
authoritsslto de ipo, I would na11.44 1 1 1 4/ 1t 1 4 1 /
to supptims the e wicked ititt, -- ikliplJAClts Witte
id V'OrilLa‘l'ayet.7:illerala Yard Mat b 4 4 11 11
*a advtiente of, s*4 isplimit.l , 11PrIpl/vt
to any each arbitruteketleureit,:bet
agreed With his iiiitor , ie to the eteisie'of
the Oa itte upon , the morali of
HO readers. t • - -
Tai ATLANTIO,PCIS Aim:tr.—We atit is-,
debtei to the , pabliabers for is edema* eopy''
of ite!Altaitie for Aniwit."',ll4 AOO
- I. M tollowar—eitairlii.ii by
Harriet B. Preeootel Hew Rome ji Gomm,
by GeOrge,W. Orono.; qopoOttl; brirtlo664'
by Hem W. Longfellow • Whit will become
of theta? b J. T. TrowtrAdy Lihsthrtirtora k
of Beer 'lkPkitakeriNen Brook
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Boon by coon
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:lionei,Papere.N141* DaNborrig c t
..The Heart of tbe,Wari by. J. , 11., Holley%
see* Foratip
Itarietia ValaWatili4 l 4o4C, we' et
Longfellow is a tribole to the memory of in -
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Lis...2nm :in thn . ..tast-Gleseas,Leowtt
entinsiastio article on the "Representative
Itentruit" system, urging those who are isms •
, psble of serving in the army themselves to
procure a substitute. The editorial is very, promises to those who take its ad
vice, Preirdsing among other rewards for the
'tot such flattering prospoohi as this:
' The old may be young again ;. the frail
may be strong, the sick well, the woman be a
mem by this admirable system."
• Nem ► lf all these pleasant results are to follow,
I thialt It the advantage of everybody to avail
theme:elven of the privilege of putting a "rep
reientative recruit" into the service at once.
I know many old men who wish to be young,
'many frail who wish to' be strong, many wo
mita_ who sephw to be men—jeldgfieg by the
saidaty they display to get Into • print, and
take part in public demonstrations. freely
confess myself to be one of the number. But,
before spending my " p altry dollars," I would
Uki to know what belief Ike pnbliakers ofihe
Gantt. have in the efficacy of their elm med
icine. They, I believe, are included in the
list of exempts, sad sealously support the war.
Will you be so kind as to inform me if they
have obtained "representative remits" or
been instrumental in inducing any of their
immediate friends to do sot it shall turn
out that they ; "practice what they preach,"
ihim "showing their faith by their-works," I
shell hesitate no further in laying out a few
htindred dollars fora "representative recruit,"
and urge all my non-liable friends to do the
mate. hl.
(We regret our inability to give a positive
answer to our eorrespoadeutie query. His
quickest way of ascertaining the facts would
bey to drop a line to the Provost Marshal, or
viiit Waterford and examine the books for
Dasry Innis.—The quota of this Congres•
sionel district., under the lest call, is officially
announced as being 3,128, of which Erie
county will have to fUrnish iu the neighbor
hood of one third. The apportionment. to
st i tti-districts has not been made yet, and will
bb published as soon as possible :
Boards of Enrollment hive n. authority to
grant certificates of exemption from draft for
three yearsc Certificates of exemption en se
minar, of kiting furnished a substitute must
bO made du in the time of the law, and shall
exempt the-principal only. as prescribed by
law : “Prom draft during the time for which
said substitute iXaot liable to draft, not ex—
ceeding the time for : which he is drafted." If
each substitute is liable to draft, the name of
the 'person tarnishing him shall again be
placed in the wheel and shall bo liable •to
draft in future calls, but not until the present
eprollment shall be exhausted, and this ex—
emption shall not exceed the term for which
such person shell have been drafted.
The Provost Marshal General directs that;
all men who maim themselves for the pur
pose of escaping the draft„be held by the re
spective District Provost Marshals, and their
cues reported to him through this
Men furnished under the call of July 18tb,'
whether enlisted for one, two or three years,
ae. well as all excess or deficiency of three
years' men, on calls heretofore made, will
count as stns for mos.
Substitntes,no matter whether furnished by
drafted persons, or by perequit enrolled, pre
vious to the draft must be enlisted by Provost
Marshals. They are credited oa the quotas of
the places of resblence of the persons fern
iXhing them.
IThe above statements are made by authority.
of Provost Marshal dampbeU, and oan'be re
lied upon as correct.
A Class or NICILIOT.--Wi would call the
attention of the "loyal" to a micas* of net
ltiot on the part of their leaders, villa deserves
the immediate attention of the philanthropic
is the party.,.lt is that of Wm. Thornton, Esq.,
fermerly..lnstice of the Piioi,•.late Clerk of
the Common Council, Wood Measurer, &a.,
Mid at ose time possessor of considtrable lm.
pprtanoe is oar local plittel; mho old mss
; urea an extremely hard worker in the Curtin
'raitits last fan, and it was naturally expected
titat be *tied be rewarded with .soofei snug
birth as a reward for his seal and influence.
Instead of that, however, he has beeti'dePrived
of the last petty office which he held. and has
begged is vain for that recompense which is
due to him from Otose who were so eager for
.14a ; eerelots last fall,but pow .tlytt. they have no
further use for his labors, cruelly desert him
in the hour of his need His care-worn and
poverty stricken appearance as be wanders
. about our streets. oe site alone and dejected
oh the pile of barrels at the earner of French
st i reet and the Park. are familiar to our citi
lens, and have called forth no little comment
4 the '"ingratitude of'—Republicans. We
*rite in no vein of sarcasm, but in the cause
9 ! Justiceslone, whew we ear shat pope old
Squire Thornton deserves some better reward
from his new political allies ikon to be thus'
allowed to drag oat his few remaining year
in cruel neglect.
We are pained to bear of the death of , Col.
Oro. Hi Cobbant,ettits I 1 lth regiment. He was
ifitlsd in.the battle in front of Allanta, Oa.,
on Wednesday, the 20th inst., being at the
time in charge of a brigade. Col. C. was an
oilleer of rare merit, a gentleman in the fall-
Wmuthig At good citizen. de
oted friend and affectionate eon. By his
diralt I t iesit, Col. ThomaTHe. Walker, . this
iill'henonii•Colottel- of the 111th rigi
.;,•J.?" 1 7 41 !lab l ! il lOrcY f f a i o4l '
Three y oung men, who are noellablito the
draft," wanted to enter the navy al eubstitntes.,
This in a plasma' breach of'the service, corn.
'Pliat.liely sate, mad Wan advantage over the
p in affording opportunities to make Prise
money. A liberal sum will be paid ; in addl.
ton to, which the city . gives 109 bounty
htttMes information will be givitrbi making
appliestionat the Otwervaroboe. , 3.•
4 Brest Nairn EINIZAVING or Gas. hloCtatt—
'—l. C. Goitre, No. 48 Franklin street,
New. York, has just issued a large skied steel
'plate engtawlng - of General' McClellan, which
does credit to the artist, sad fairly , represents
that - gallant and distlagnished geneill; The
else of the spiraled Burble is 10 by'l4
ee, oo plate - paper 19 . by 24 inches. Price one
rdollal.t, It will have a large male. It is free
tut4tilliitelet tio..ptioi: , ,
Ton $1 . 300 'EinitrrOs.—Daniel Weiley, of.
Weisenburg toweehip, in Lehigh county, waa
dratted last August, and Iris discharged by .
paying oommutation money. He wu igen
drafted os the pst . of 3msetorhsteit was decided
'by *Or ilidslodt,. gravest Nankai of that
district, that he woo agaiwilable to Berries.—
Applietitios being made to Ifasttiogton, how-
yrjyri ?rusts& Marshal fie .eral Fry has deci
dedill/it tile molest of commutation exempts
him Tor three Oars, -sad th4t . theibtst pa:Moor
4(' a ‘ lll ll' 44- 'i
to: &the l ittitlisizittit" Vitt
the deett•Oliti..itetd at' the Towle
4t[ali a in Mirlaiti;el(teriiialtip, thie (Etstorday)
tv4iitnititie 'SI tt'iarge
full itteoititie'iti l itti a
dieu' all are
')init I)4:Mike! eitiOtef.
' f .' giOinie."--Poetry received. ' , 'li s very
doll—ottlie sort::, We shall eidly Insert it
, upon complisice will oats terms. ' Yogi mill
1 011#e1 l e, / ti t slefierhia io f :our'iubliehed rates 1
14 tie licmi of the frit oiilumn on our outside, 1 - iiishe i china or Oil DOLLAI PIZ
, i . '
444, 1 : 1 “ 4 !i9rlglnal" P 0417 not. written at
q . , ion of Atitditpp i ,- - -
,! - ...1444 1" r.l :
do m es Atamiertire Tiincitsi t Poe Dough*,
O de,il),lm i all!7 avid' dadmietie
i :l:iii6ideri,
: •
',liiiirapungtikilr.Milesoy lky' • or tin 4 annul
tlitei2PLlPP*ll,-10.0041114. tiObeiillabl from
,7:=77 4 ,,;:i'; ( "„;':',..'2.,
.4 . 11. i. -.,... ~1 ,
. .
Genie F4iicilig: rt, sq.. lue been ska
ted a detoir4o to thi . Ohioap, Convention fro
Nebraska Tirritevy. - !! ,
-, :
. , .
The °Mosu l of the Erb 'Academy vtdvertias
for a PriaelPal . sad thruAtudstanta for the
ensuing,yeak. . • • • ~,
' Maley!, tiy's Book for .Aigut ine l been
received. We need say nothing to recommend
it to public)avor, for everybodY knows it to
be the beet I
%rotas of tti dies published.
The French Merit/err has it cut representing
two men leaning against, a guide poet. One
has a telesCops looking towards America. The
other uks, ' qe the American warended yet ?"1
"No, I slam some lah,Lbitants." •
Stabbe said to one of its debtors, "lan't it
about time you paid and that little MN f"—
"My dear Sir," mu the too:tooling reply, "it's
not a question of time, We a question of mon.'
Cy.. I i
The telegraph wire of the Philadelphia &
Erie Kallrosd, is now in eotnplete working or
der from this city to Philadelphia. The first
through =Osage wit received here on Tues..;
It applare that there "r •ai be "three /tich
mends in the field" for the State Senate. In
addition to Messrs, Lowry and DeCamp, we
understand that John P. Vincent is to be a
eandidate, l a
..It teems to be pretty definitely. settled,
Mr. Scofield will be rcaominated as the
publican Congressional candidate in this
triet. Up to this time' no appellate!' to
in his party ranks has appeared.
The Methodist conference at West Green-1
vine has !continued Rev. JAIL Whitton
Presiding•Rlder of this Iclistlof,
.and Rev.
C. Osborne as pastor, of the 7th Street (moire-.
gallon. Rev. J. R. Tagg has been appointed
to•the charge of the Siapeott chareb.
The Corry City News chaeged.publish4
ers, Mr. Stebbins retiring aitd Messrs. Ledsi
Worth lc I Colegrove taking his place, The
editorial management is in the hands of
A boiler exploded it Liddell It McCartsee
Erie Citrlron Worltiothout 7 o'clock on Meal
day,morniag ; and although several person"
were at the time standing' in and around the
building, 'ler no one via Injured. Loss ettl4
mated at poo.—Gautie.
Ambitions females who are flied of the perr l
plexities of their sex, And want to -be men;
will find balm for their relief in the “Rep=
resentati • Recruit" sylstem. Vrds Eris Gese4
of last •wt 4 ielt., article at the heed of second
editorial olumn. I '
A junio r partner in's firm on State street
concluded to raise a snbstitate and applied to
a stout darks)! who wait' standing on the oil.
posits corner, when he received this reply :+
t , Lor blase, you, I've get five hundred dollars
home for tO buy a whiti man for myself." I
The Nei n
York Tribue has advanced its sno-
soription rites on the daily
. to $lO, on ttie
semi weekly $3 and on the weekly to, $24 .
yot; system Is sballskstfliS
Times and Workisaso advertise the price of si,n
gle copies to Igor cents. • • • 1 :
We are lndebte I to Capt.. .1. P. Crass, of
Greene township, for, some .remarkably She
vegetiibleilraised in his own garden.
ing by theimeamples,' the 441tesch Woods"
?lion is capable of furnishing quite as gold
'vegetables; as some more famous sections.
. Pike's World Renowned did
Folk's Coticiert Troup, from Boston," will give
an enterbtinment. in Farrar Rail, on Monday
evening nkt. the let inst. We kilo* nothi;4
ofthe.trobpa, eioept froth others, but ILO*
claimed thst they see one of the best that
In CraWford county drafts are almost oflir
regular ticcurrence ae the eating of ore' s
Four have taken place there within
two monihs—one original and three "supple
mentary,!' to Make up for the deficienciei of
the former—and the prospect is that
of. tire" ;will be kept_ up for soqte,monthe to
eames , Veiipleaaant, indeed .
Some of our patrons complain that cople; of
the Ohseriver, sent to their relatives in the
mg.—flower reach their deltination. We. 'can
put, theinoti a plan which will insure perfect
safety in (heir transmission through the mails.
Let them tie wrapped in a halt sheet of the
Gazette, Brffrilo Erpeess, New York Tributif' or
lone other' Abelitiondisunion sheet, sod i we
will warrant that not one misses the perelp it
is intended for: 1
Psreotot entitled to exemption from Ithe
draft should 'trply without delay to tw4,l7a.
Twit Mairhal's office. .. i Thoy who kiow
that they are enrolled, but are exempt by over. . • ,
acs, or
,by any muse, should have their parses
stricken from the lists, out of regard Cori the
interests If the community,whigh will have so
'many more to furnish if their-names relpaiti
Capt. Robert ,P. T4tle, of the 27th oie
Irtfantry,!o niplusli!be lid=. James Lytle:lvrea
nerioully:wortuded,ip the arm In an en.4agtil
went Oiqtaie- 27th, near lifirrietta, Oa. The
wound proved so aerionti that the arm 11 . 10 to
be amputated. ,Copt. .Lytle has been in nearly
all tte Principal eatasemanta In the West,
and won a high , fliputatloe u a !:irayal:and
skillful afflaer. . - -
After this date the "dead head list* 1111 be
entirely impended , in this oats : Every person
reneivitti the paper, whether minister oij doo •
tor, levier or school teethe.. Mend or'rels
'the, is expected t o pity for it, and will be
Chargedl accordingly. -Those who herniate,.
tofore considered themselves is being On the
free list; and who do not , want thmOtivesvea
thews terms, will plies* 'notify us
du4 1 ,1!! • -" •
We are often asked g#Why.don't yen put"
inch and such an article . "in the Oteal%tur
atioamii.anled by the remark, - thati:lt l ai4d do
the owe agreat deal
seem t2i fiiret much
r*** A
paper hi Ter, islet' Mir &box; you ciailht. so
&nab Itt laud no anti, and ibenedllorAtillng
'll., is avaislarilY mai : good
thingsitside; which' he obittly, lOsert It
0 1.-ra eras Toole. • • .... 1 - •-••- 1- • ;
. . 4 pia* J. If.',Pross, ;off, (rime: township,
steppo into Our office One day hest west, and
after giving us the sass of ileew lublihribei;
handed over the amount die intlrely ler!".
sin, again g hires tie stare than right; fbitt i
. I Copperheaci" . Psper should beitsidAini i.4Cop—
mimed" . money. , We• ntioepteid , the ;tender
With iellombill digaiki4;'l4 . 4lhaii i‘salted" the
pentiliwt don* altingsidCet inftwo end it-half
gold iplibe, 'as a reesialler4f • the good times,
that prevailed when shelielioorsOY Were i''
It *ill surprise the public, • i l s , - .l4ntrn _that
Spriigilel4 township, in it& : midi, Si
akIIIi:US for its • Abolitionism ittid,' - gift ii
'l o 7 l !tr'h,ils /9 1 #4 1 ,11 4 .09 1 ift510 von ill
the doctrine of the. "heetheit,'!,.* i tira
trader in negro 644,', Ali* Suety ~ o l her
eitis'ensi,, held es ifondiy;AS resolution( was
Pulsed iwillvailig AA road - eatemusOnere ,to
levy a Ha •to salve beusties, enttif,eiztlttee
id tkrie—tat believe:alit the iiistsii4that•the
witshall be V 1100448 untillhe I anvils
freE--wiar*hitetilfflisilthlaii 4 ,
• ebtidw eistribsomh to apply en bet
.4.:ktlarL r
„ •
7 ;3 r,
i•-iieek . Oeb*sewsuyillifisior leYroblaiP 4 .
Lytle. and mOst of the officers and men of
e 145th regiment, captured at. Petersburg,
1 1 )m1,Ass oloael •BieOreeo Is
the senior Union o er of;thepost, and has
anperrisory chargelf all the prisoners there.
writes to his Wilk In this city that he Is in
xood health, and receives kind treatment from
;the rebels. •'' . •
The Jefersonfas, pnbli!hed at Brookville, in
'this Congressional District, hoists the . name
•of William A: Galbraith,' Beg , as thei
antic Candidate for,Cougresa,"inbjectlo the,
decision of the Congiessional D.,—;•nventien."—
We know nothing of Mr. Osibrsith's views en
the subjeot, but' is doubt whether' he * has
aspirations to be a candidate for any' office
this year.
We regret; that • bY some unfortunate mis—
take, Rev. A'. O. Tibbetts was not returned as
pastor of the Ship - son (Methodist) church.—
has only teen here a year, and by the
rules of the 'church was entitled to stay anoth•
Gr. Rei leaves Erie with the universal good
wishes of his congregation, and of all his ac
Mr. Swatley, the present Deputy Sheriff,
we understand,' will be ti candidate for Sheriff
haters the next Opposition county convention.
As there is tin / absolute certainty oft Repub
lican being' elected, we would as !save see
Swalley have i the place as any man on that
side that we Can think of.
A considerable numbet: of young men froM
this city and vicinity have enlisted in the na•
val service. , It is understood't hat all such are
credited on our quota and apply the same ae
recruits in the army. A - bounty of $lOO is
paid to them out of the city treasury.
' We reiretto,ttear Out Di. H. A , ipencier
met with a fall, on Wednesday afternoon, by
which one of his legs wu broken, near the
ankle. fhe Doctor has made many Mends
since his reeidence in, this city, all
, rif whom
sympethise'with hinkln his misfartunet
.erof. Agaisis, in the Jutsw-number of the
.Athast:ic Monthly, says the Continent of North
America was once covered with ice a mile in
thleiness. In this hot weather one is almost
tenipted to wish fora return of the eartiecon.
ditioti .of tartars. • _
A !Dunkin train, loaded with cost for the
cowpony's use, came .through on ,the Phila
delphih" 8: Erie R. R. on Friday, being the
first s nee the completion of that improve
_ •
liloxay.—Veiy few persons are aware,' that by
a recent invention, newspapers and scraps sf
printed paper, can be converted late material
for printing upon again. :The high price of
paper has : made an active demand for old
newspapers„booke, pamphlets and scraps of
paper 'for this purpose, and it is eagerly
bought up by parties connected
_with the pa.
per mills. .By collecting and suing all the
material' oflthis kind about their houses, and
sellini it, many
, a family eau put "money in
their:paiaes," which would otherwise be lost.
The highest. pries, in cash, will be paid for it
at this office. , tf.
11%,,. Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay,
Ste., can be procured by the Widows, Orphans,
and 'next of kin of those who have died is the
service of the United States ; also, by Soldiers
and Seamen who are disabled by wounds re
volved or disease contracted, upon application
to (1, I'. :liniment, Licensed .Military and
Naval Claim Agent. Office in the Common
Council Room, Wright's Block, corner . State
and Fifth sta., , (under the Dispatch office,)
Erie, Pa. , .
DT.MAND iron GOLD.—The demand for
is pest, hnt is not'equal to the demand for
the Celebiated Chemical Saleratus, - especially
where thiti Salerattis has been tried and where
its worth ih fully known. Try it and satisfy
yolitivelf. For sale by most merchants, *
►, A. Iflllllll. CU.
?be urUnlined bare open.d a new Grocery Store, on
Wbani they lutead keeping fall supply of
• • ; • intmicsg rurnoms
And evrryth ' l ng usually on hand In an establlshment.nt
1 the *art. •
ire aro &it...malted to offer as good Indianan:mate seamy
other dealers In the city, and the public to WI,
confident that ere eon sire sears nattidactltoa
0ct31 . 63U.• F. A. WgEtligli UNR.
ONTAIMINO Writing Paper, Envelopes, Ink, Scissors,
arc.. Plea, Thread, Tooth &nib, Comb, Pen, Pencil,
ant„ TlM** Buttons and other useful articles. com
bined to 6 Moo 10 loan In.length, wb, eh can be convert
rfitlF earthd
ors tbitpockot. so indispensable article
to leildlors,'eall and tramlers. For mile at
111 70 0- • . .FOU I IOI3 EMPORIUM, kris, Pa.
' Adminbtrator's Notice.
'ETTERS - of Administr a tion on the es
-1.4 tate of Joseph Greiner, deed, late of the city tit
Eris Co., Pa baring been granted to the wider-
11415114, Isaml been
by given to all !mime Mahn* against
the lama' Ikt Ittement them, duly authenticated, for settle
meat, amid Ahoy indal44l to tha mid estate will make
mvdtata payment. • , • JOAN SSITERLE, ,
JeCk-8•• : Admiulstrator.
P. ../
Vi ,
• r
~ r, .
. •
ti -- r ‘
.c. •
1: 1 1
E:a. 1 'ailHi
4/ • , :
o 0.4
C 2 46 211 0
M r. , NI
• ,r 7 ..4. " a,
• n a ca NI ' , 4 ;. "VI
I • re 311 . 4 a
2 I 4 w
se 0. n o r
1; 3, 3 r„, 4 .1 1 ; = z
'; I 0 -1" F. : :.3 imM z lA' l e i
, •al -‘, 2 0 J Oil tr:r Pli
!'• let t" .4 - ..a g i p •"' to•
I•-f .2 . ; - : . kO , SI
0 X f " 1 .... oa• 71 0
4 fa .4" I" ' 03
.11 P i 0
''`. K g .o'' ai '
..-.6 *
:I rid
e. • GI al m
~.• 4 • • ::
The attention of the Public Is bolted to the Saloon, at
the CorsorotAtatteind ruth lttteets, whltb has been
fatted up Ia handsome styli. and Is now
tel eve.' to be one o' the pleasantest
, moats lb* OW" -
1 .6 si , t-TVRqi- , • , - €144,1 E,
lad all Wads sr artless assail Spot to a Saloon, served
I . asp te assts.'s, Ina Ivrea , r manor. •
n't PET
h. ) : 0 1. auppC.,l w!t'u 140
puotc.Nivr LIQ,II4IR - 8 . 'et tiGAIII3.
Viotti,' thlki my errsagoareate are such es esnect
Rita settsfactioa, I ',spectrally solicit the pat:
roma* or Nit sonu4llFatz. •• :• •-•
aptirei-em. ' "V. TRASK. '
Farm for Sale.
Bale bla Parse; situated la flaaaralt tp., about tali
i gnites South of Kra, on the old %c 1 min raid. It coal.
torient 211,
_ages% about 30 good }woodland and the eat
thaaredolneotly free of stnApe, and baring era glen
Waft • A anierlor orchard of grafted fruit Is on the
fora TM land le well adapted to grain and vow .
The haprovosoenta Ares good tircrotory frame Dwelling,
Bogifyll harry Bs* ,itera and bone Be rn, gooa
Borg House and oth.r ont•bulldtaga.
Wilma ray. Apply to do andendined on the "regal
- A1e 441 0. 47.' 1 ir t
\ i'C.itt et 011 1 1 . 1
. ;• • i • t
Cut bo'hirl stmlo: • •
poloirsoson or Kuala.
mem no * lk m :l= w. f iac 3
h alt
to .. Wu!
ea* trig. Per
1# 6 . 1 3 A'mi disoniat; tor
DIM il Rl7lOll
2 11:1114f
.31, 11 3. 8 3 , 3,i , ii i. 3 °sr *
. - " asi Ms* ,••
Doctor Hootland's
1 '
R. C. N. .lACYSON, PiflLAD'*; PA
All r, CAmic or Nesvosa Debility, Diatom
4:f dui Eidtuys, and all DiJauta aria:46,lmm
tioorraward Mee,
Fullness or mood to the
Head, Acidity of this Stoop •
' ash, Nausea, Heartburn,Diagust
for Food. Fullness or Weight sis the
Stomach, Soar Fractatloisa„ Sinking or
Flattering at the pit of the Stomach, Swim.
ming fifths Head. Hurried and diflicult Breathing,
rlattadag at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating ern
&Bone when in a lying pastime, Dimness of Vision, ,•
or Webs before the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the •
. Rani, Debciesey of Perspiration, Yellowness of
the Skin and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Beck,
Chest, Limbs, /se, Sadden Finahos of -
, Heat, Burning In the Mesh, Con
stant imagination of Eni,
and great Heprea
' •ion of
They wn.a. cou is above games lei alaloty-nine cu
..tot a !misdeed.
Pre/ J. BeWes
el fislidr J2rowl, .D. D
a , Mier al SU Xstelclo
Pail im
althea& not ased to favor or recommend Patent
Kodisines in geor through distrust of. their Ingredi
ents and elects; I yet know of ao sufachint reason why
a ruin may not testify to the benefit he believes himself
to bays received from any Ample preparation. In the
that be nay than conbibute to the benefit of others.
do this the more readily in regard to Hoodand's Ger
than Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. Lied:son, of this city,
amuse I was prejudiced aplaut thui for many years,
under the impression that they ware chiefly an Alm boll°
mixture. lam indebted to my Mend Robert Shoemaker,
Esq., for the removal of this prejudice by proper tests,
and for encouragement to try them, when "offering from
great and king continued GebiltV. The au of three bot
tles of these Bitters, at thebotinning.of the preeentyear,
was followed by evident roller, and restoration to • de
gree of bodily and mental vigor which I had not felt fog
as months betouand had almost despaired of repining.
liberality thank God and my Mend for directing me to
the use of them.
J9rs 23, lid. J. NZ WNW BROWN
fbere an many , prepstutlons sold *oder es nun* or
Bitten, put up to guile, bottles, compounded of OA
.•h impost whiskey or common pptt,, costing from 20 to 40
der Seed per piles~ the tails dlsgptsad by Amiss or Conan
. -
This class of Bitters has teased and will continue to
cause, se long u they eau be sold, haadrods to die the ,
lista of the drat:ll=d. their airs the systesa.l9 kept '
continually milder the tonneaus of Alcoholic Stimulants/
of the worst kind, the desire for Liquor la created And,
apt lap, and the truants all the horrors atteralsnt °poll
itrantartre life and death.
/or those mho desire and adt Area a Liquor Bitten;
we publish the following receipt : Get Ofge Bettie Hoof,
hoofs Genus Mahn sad six with /Ikru ewes
flood Bransly or fildskey, and the malt will be a pr+pe
ration that willies. nod in medicinal ?trines and true
eiceilence any of the numerous Liquor Bitten in the
market, and will cost sescA ism. You will Lars all the
virtues of iloqinnis Bitiors in conaectio■ with s R e.d,
article of Litfo►;at a aniehleie price than these ini;rtel
separations will earl Sou.
kiLeathias Mikes. asill ;of
WI oali the attention orall having relations or Merida
in' the army, to the feet that "1100FLAND•ri German
will ear* ainwteuthe claws disease, indneed by
Apo/Fares and privations incident to eamp . life. In the
nets, published almost dally la the newspapers, on the
(rival of the deb, It wUI be noUced that a eery' large
doportiow are maiming from debi/ity. Every:Lease 01
-hat kind can be reedit, eased by Hootland'a
Bltture. - Dhows resulting Loma ; Bordeta of the digee.
Bret flans areCedily remored. We hays no hesna
tiOn . n stating t„ it thew. Bitters were freely used
among our soldiers, hundreds of lives might be eased
,sat otherwise will be lost
We nil puticular attention to the following remark
able and well authenticated core of one of the nation'a
heroes, whose life, to nos his own language, **has been
saved by the Bitten :"
Peutaoax.rius, August 23d, 1843
Mom Agar 4 Lew—W ell, gentlinnim,your Boor
land's German Bitters has saved my life. There is no
nib:tato In Ode. It la touched for by numbers of toy
comrades, sem of whore names are appeoded, and who
were fully cognisant of all the Memo:mu:aces of toy mule
• end hove teem for the last bunt ;eats, a member 01
ehertnan's celebrated battery, sad under the Immediate
eoin sod_of Captain II B. Ayres. Through the sup
,e attendant upon say sr:lnoue duties, t was attacked
November Mat with tatlatturatton of the Wags, ;4:1
oral gfor seventy-two days In the hoapit I. This was tot
tows by great dabs lay; balgbbrood by bp attar.-01 dl
- I woe then removed frogs the White HOUR., at,l
Alat o thhtioty oo board theta mot "dtala of Yatua,"
from which I loaded on the Rath of June. Since thst
,timet hare bean aboukas low as any one cortid be and
.rd !1 retain •ayszt of elutlity. For a week or more
'aas scarcely able to swallow anything, and II 1 did force
a morsel dome, it was intasetUare/y thrown opts/pan.
I could VIOL even kelp a glass of water on my IitOIIIII4h.
Life could not last ander Mw - eireamstanam: and
gordingty the physicians who had balsa working faith -
tall/. though unsuotleesfally, to neon - ate treat the
gnum of the dread Archer, frankly told me that they
could do me snore ter me and adrlsed too to are a clergy
man, and to snake math dispositioo of ray; Woke.: fuo.le
as wtsultod me. Au acquaintance who visited me at
th e ..mapital. Kr. fredittick etstabrels, of Nlith brow
A rah Stmet,adeLsed um, ai a forlorn hop% to try ) oni
io.tters„ and k.ndiy rousted a bottle. Prom the time 1
. o mmenced taking thrum the gloomy shadow of death re
-411. t I am now,Abank 004 for it, getting better.
i ttu: bI We taken but two bottles, t Kara gained ten
Mid I feel eangulue of be ng pet ntildatl to rejota
and daughter, from whom I have Shard et/thing
I •reightmen months for, gentlawon, I em a loyal V it-
Oda% he* the rie tatty 4,1 brun t
_ P• 0 11 0. 70 your la
minable titters I owe the eerMMty of life which ham
+sten the place of vague ihars—to your Blttan trill I owe
rlotious privilege of again clasping to my bosom
moss who are dearest to me in Ufa
Tory truly yours, ISAAC MALONE.
We rally water In the truth ortlie lammer allatiment,
as we bad despaired of'seetng onr comrade, Mr. o
restored to health :
Joon Connwssuumatat New Tort Battery. Giotto' A.
Atatzr, Co. C.,llth Maine. Limos Cancer-mt. tr2d New
Tort, Saturoga, Isj
,ArUllory, , Battery K. .1. B.
sawnat,.oo+2 Old Vermont. Ficalr It James, Co.
8., do. Haar T. 11Aonowatn,"Co. C., CU Maine. /so.
Ir. We" Co. , Maine. itIUMMIII COGS, C 0.11., 724
New York. Warturni. B. noses, Co. r.,ostt Penna.
ANIZIW J. KiltaaLN, Co. A., red Vormont. Joao Jim
, cute, 00. B.,llSik Panne. -
OF 4 o JWrBE~tITf.
See that Qs piggy* et .*C. K. Jaalraoa," Is se tea
"lama at deal %AUL
Mee Per Iletde , Zi ea., or r Ileir hi $4.
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watt* fot •7 sal al the MoUas prougulono
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• iistmlered liver or ASVoniacli,
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