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Now that Seeretary Chase is out of offioe
and has no more patronage to bestow,
many of the papers and politicians which
before sustained him, have, to - use Old
Abe's model expression, "turned tail and
run" into the rankle of his enemies. Elton
those that still make a pretence of ,
friendly to him " damn him with -faint
ptaise"--so -faint indeed that we - find it
hard to decide whether it is really inten
ded. for compliment or sarossin. Ai a
specimen of the general style we quote
the following from the Philadelphia &Be-
Caistat ix Tax • Casiirr.—Han. Salm l bn
P. Chase has imigned the secretaryship
of the Treasury. and Hon. David Tod, of
Ohio, succeeds him. Thii intelligenoe will
take the country by surprise, but Ise believe'
Quill be /mid that tee Aug* is submitageous.
Mr. Chase has shown great ability. bat it is
not to be (taxied that ale kis lost the confide= of
many leading financial Wen in tRe artillery. The
news.reaches ns too late for detailed com
Mr. Chase will doubtless find the infor
mation very consoling that, although he
"hu shown great Ability," yet "it will be
found that the change is advantageous."
Perhaps, too, like Mr. Lineoln, he will be
reminded of a little story—something, for
instance, like that of the. honest Quaker,
who. about te'discharge one of his hands,
wished to do it in the least offensive Way.
and thus remarked to him : ". William,
thou hest served me long and well ; , thou
halt tended faithfully to the cattle; thou
had been one of my best hands ; but the
fact is, William—that is, William—met
thinks it will do thee some good to go
about the world a little." But if the Bul
letin's treatment of the Ex-Secretary is un
kind, what will he think of the following
broadside ffom 'the Albany Journd, over
the familiar signature of the old wsr•hor?e
of Republicanistn. in that State, Thurlow:
Weed ?
The people will breathe more freely—
hope. almost worn out, will revive with
the intelligence of to-asp-11r. Chase out
of. and Governor Tod in. the Tressary- De
partment ! Heaven be raised tor this
gleam of national sunshine. It is more
precious even than a military victory. It
is a glorious fit:and:l_l achievement. Tlie
long. weary day of despotism Is over. One
clog is removed. A MUM saw did yi..x dine
a res:o/.460n rj o'4 Liiio/i is cut of tlm (.74.6ine.
We. begin now to penetrate the darkness
which has so long shrouded the political
horizon. T. W.
One cannot help but reflebt with what a
howl of indignation the wholi, radicalpack
would have set upon any Democratic pa
per that would hal , e used such, language
as that previous to the Secretary's resig
nation. The Abolition dictionary of bil
lingsgate would have been let loose upon
it without stint, and it would have.been
regarded as a rare interposition of Provi
dence if ,the "disloyil sheet" had not been
suppressed, and its "sympathizing" editors
sent to Fort Lafayette, Presto, ape—the
lion is dead, and the r very creatures that
almost smothered him with their caresses
are now engaged in kicking his decaying
Not many days sinee we beard from the
lips of en Feie county Democrat expres
'ions of fear that the "country would be
ruined if Abraham Lincoln should be re
elected." He was a Democrat, not of the
Daniel S. Dickenson but of the James
Buchanan stripe. We beg to commend
to him. and to all of his way' of thinking,
the remark of Hon. J. L. M. Qtrry, the
secession leader in Alabama, in a recent
speech, that "if Lincoln should be re
elected our fond .hopes will be dashed to
_ the ground." In other words. if Mr. Lin
coln is retained, in his present potation
longer than the 4th of Mare next, the
rebellion will prove a signal failure."—
Our (*temporary would confer a great
favor on a large portion of the community
b publishing at length the speech of Mr.
t, . from which the above remarks
to be an extract. We read our
exohanges. Deasocratin and Rapublicsa.
very carefully. and do not remember ever
seeing. any remarks of that or a aimilar
cheracter ever attributed to a leading rebel
by any reputable scoria On the contrary.
all the public es:prosaic= of prominent
Southern speakers and editors concur in
the opinion that Lincoln has been their
"best friend," and that him' reelection
mould inevitably accomplish their inde
pendence. As a sample, we quote from
the Richatood ,Emotimr; which says: "We
at least. of the Confederacy, might to be
satisfied with him, for la Asa petiraei ar
'spar gm* at toe org l / 4 b y44' i: Mlauclibi.
ite Aar coal door that wen ewer*,
Aprtei red-Jiat Liesibial oar axracit , competed
coiliadifercax ato Airiest possiM, and =fry&
brims nom's Coe 6iai patricidal. As
.for the military operations coaceived and
executed under his auspices. surely we
have no right to oomplain. • * • For
these reasons we are awitirdly in favor of
Old Abe, reei Wire reila mamma a rtitavi cf
wets ia Fieielebrit 4r tiaidd ham Mew a".:.
Ili Us murk At &ad de pima iciLal I people
We n%&I &eta ..k.t as brazier;
and for that he &series the lively ate.
fade of every Southern matt." -
a Siralgisq flame:"
The Ph.lladetlettia, Age, alltillng to Mr.
Lot' coin's cheek story about ;"swapping
horses when crowing a stream" thinks
that he " has not the merit _toe consisten
cy with his own jokes." It pins reminds
the public of some of his rouet promi
nent swapping transactions : wile swapped
McDowell for McClellan, aviitg the Po
tomac. He swapped McClellan for Burn
side. crossing the Itappatumeock. He
swapped Burnside for Hooks r. crossing
the same ricer. He swapped Hooker for
Meade, crossing the Potomac. He swapped
Meade for Grant, essiaing UM Rapids'''.
He swapped Butler for Bar* crossing
the Wusissippi. He swappedl Banks for
Canby, crossing the Red river. He swapped
Hunter for Gibilesse, crossing ;Charleston
Bar. He swapped Dupont far Dahlgnert,
before Fort Sumpter. Them' are only a
few of his *espy, Wets show his appreci
ation of his own apophthegm. 1 But let us
look •et his him and greatest; swap—he
sisal4wi Hamlin for Johnston. crossing
Ws Tries?: statement thst the - den' f the Rubicon l"--And it may be ridded.
era in gold in New York ci• -. Are trait -; he swapped Cansetta for Startion, at one
and sympathisers with the reh. , :s, is char -of the most impossent epochs in mak.
acterined by the Ws a monstrous and tary career. Inst,hat set least. he swapped
ecceuscheby libel upon oar importers, bro.. clune fm Thd, in the midst or an almost
keni and Inas:Weis men. .4.11 persons who unexampled financial crisis;-clad finally,
hare Urge oranateriW dealings are, of when the Senate could not "Ilse ihrsjokr,'
neetelity, boxers or sellers of gold, and it Ihe swapped TrAl for Fresendest. The pea:
ffrwaritonly Melons to assail them for a pie may take a =lkon in I btkir heads, to
what they cannot help. Baying and mil. s swap Mr. lie coin this fall for some more
ing, or. if you.. will, speculating in, gold, is ; honest, statessianlitre sad . petricsie seen,
as legitimate an employscasut aadealin g i and if ihey cbs, he mist eat hhune them,
in pork. wheat, carton or sugar. It is, i for he has baruishey4 precedents b 7 the
moreover, notorious that the regular deal- ; score. /a that case, the amp will be le
as in gold, and the largest operators, ere I perfectly legitimate sed proAtable attar.
Loyal Lavas Eapabliceas, Does the Tri- i for we shall get a fall gruss.lacsand and
'kart mesa to my that Kenii Ketchum, I telisble'nag for a hiekingiaCkfUl•
lOteige taker` /ay Cooke, L. Yanks k ! --
esc6, aro traitors, ; balmier ithisy buy
sad seq, or aperabite in, obi We tare
the 21-aar to ital4h . a list of the princi
pal gold nparsi ce i bill Wan streei. It the
maw are ever gives to the Atlilie, it will
be famaci that three-towittis the rpm"-
Mimes is gold are rank radio&
le Cameento4llilrertilies ; 73
The striking out of :the ernismufithan
clause from the conscription not by the
Howe of Represeatatities ftrrnishes a con
spicuous instance - or the"
naremsentative character of that ihedy.
Bet a few daysby a vote of L i no to
one,• it re fi ned' tq abolish the principle of
tensitatancw; mind itatialliti
ed by every considerable organ of :public
opinion in•the North. Were the members
of the Republican party polled to-niurruw,
nineteen to twenty would vote Sgainst
striking out the three hundred dollar com
mutation clause ; yet, in the face of ibis all
but unanimous public opinion, and with
its own record committed to the same
view, the House covered itself with con
tempt and 'popular odium at the edict ef .
the War Department. One of the most
disheartening signs of the times is the ut
ter want of character and independende
in the two Houses of Congress. They have
become mere appendages or registering
bureaus of the Treasury and War Depart
ments. Secretary Chase can propose noth
ing so absurd in the *ay of financial mea
sures that, they will not indorae,ner Secre
tary Stanton anything so unpoptdar that
it is not meekly acquiesced in. i Ameri
cans, the world over, have abundant rea
son to-hang theii heads for shame at the
contemptible specimen of a Congress
which is now abont adjourning in Wash
It. is not to be disguised that the whole
country is thoroughly alarmed and disgus
ted at these incessant calls for more sol
diers, in view of Senator Wilson's official
statement that seven hundreed thousand
men have been enlisted or resonlisted-into
our armies since the lith of October.last.
As these were in addition to the troops
already in the field, every one iA asking
where, in the name of wonder, has this
vast multitude of men gone to? A million'
of men properly handled and husbanded'
shonld be sufficient to conquer the whole
continent from Greenland to Patagonia;
yet - this wretched, blundering ; :wasteful
Administration has had nearlyqtWo mil
lions of men altogether, and wet seem to
be as far off from final victory over the
Sauth as ever. In truth, this rel i ance up
on mere numbers is a signal proof of the
eitentiat weakness of our-military *Amin !.
Ist ration . It was not - thncuyriads of Xerxes
which always prevailed: the skill and
bravery of the Greeks 'who"opposed were
more than a match for them. The nation
cannot stand these terrible drain upon its
population, and any one caw see• l that. one
year more of this fearful waste of human
life will produce exhaustion and 'lead to
an enforced peace.—World.
Mather Great lON Ital 4.
The rebels have undertaken another
raid into Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Their force, at first estimated aOront five
to twelve thousand, was, by last_:dispstch
" es, fixed at thirty thousand. including an
entire corps of Lee's army. It is led by
Gen. Early, who succeeds Ewell in com
mand of. Stonewall JacksOn's division.
The rebels first marched' on Martins urg.
on the line of the Baltimore & Ohio here
General Sigel was posted'wit a small
force. The 'latter hastily evacuated the
town, which was immedistelyl seised by
the rebels, who then destroyed all the
railroad track and property in the vicini
ty. Sigel took up a position at ;Maryland
Heights. opposite Harper's Ferry, where
the rebels quickly followed him, and at
last accounts they were 'beiseiging the
place,- - He has been joined by considera
ble reinforcements; and it is believed can
hold out until assistance is obtained. A
small force of rebels has been posted at
Point of Rocks. where they command the
railroad for,* long distance and prevent
Sigel from getting relief by of Wash
ington. i • •
, •
When Ou r accounts closed, the following
was the position of affairs t The Confeder
ates were in the town of, Harper's Ferry
on the south bank and on the bills arannd
it. A force was at Bharpsburgosit-Miles
north. and another coating towesd Sharps
burg from 'Falling Waters. • Hagersnsrn,
ten miles north of A:ha/paha*, had been
abandoned, and was believed. ;to be held
by the Confedesoun. Frederick, fifteen
aim . north-east of Harper's IFerry, bert
hed all the Federal supplies and wounded
taken away from it, and its rupture - was
feared. There are no troops now defend
ing Pennsylvania; very few- sit
ton that can be sent westward; ,
and it will
take Hunter nearly two weeiks to come
fives Western Virginia.
Ws *rely Zia Snide tiSo larsdit
is des ts bin for sigisgttiss
peal of ass eseassisiis' s sham! Beeinrst
by tido se tilt be it ors of tber_fowilbdintbli.
ails in Congress irks sill ret4bio iolopes
densi sweet totkial fee tkundmilets is *Ss
of Usk Arenas sad bib si she Ai.
1 ' . =.0 iii trimah6t4ostr Aix 1. e fr — di c 1
Itle fasPlittretsi foal the artily, thei t -
Eit*€ And cabin. itboliti4 piteisi'ths„ he
Maw-uettinitiic-Ftste did in-the lighting
worthy orotettlitot: end thet the seven
handred7thonsand white nice who hive
been ink in the field sinc e itie - 17th of
Oetobei bet were not of ninth siectiuni al
-Mint& 'Wbitrolitietiftfotta
by ibis coartmaillositibatioh of the negro
race is not apptient. It certainly will not
tend to increase 'ohm toiling in the loyal.
States, nor reconcile thi s _ peiip) the im.
pending4draft. If kegroeo . Fe:a4S mush
braver and better aoldieka
e Government
should - 4clusive
01.0 Aea's story about "swapping honeS
wbeakerossiog a stream," islikely to prove
rather an unfortunate on4fer him. The
Fremont, men ridicule ,it without mercy.
At their meat wormier. deirsonstration in
St. Lour no less than a desert of tbet ern.'
bleats were devoted to the horse swapping
question;,, One of theto..w4inb was Peril
liarn-happy, "represented „Linixdu: as a
worthless old • horse.. ridden by the God
dess of Idherty. and •crossing .a stormy
river, visibly exhausted... At his side. arid
a little ahead; was•a proud Arabian horse,
swimming wjtti ease." Near the Goidesi
was the Spirit of Rain; erying out in:a
stentorian voice, "Don't swap horses.",
Tnir: Fremont menhave gone )acrd to
work, and intend '
to ?row the Adniinistra
tionists that., their movement is not so in
significant a'taittei as• the latter pretend
to believe. Meetings hSve lately been
held in New York city, St; Louis, Chicago
and Syracuse, each of which was largely
attended, and very enthuSiastic its
dernonitiltions. The principal speakers
who have thus far appeared hr the Fre
mont interest are Gen. Cochrane, Colonel
'Noes, citlfisinuri, Dr. Brownson, of the R,eview, Caspar Buis, of Chicago,
and S. Wolf, of Washington, all able men
and attractive orators.
The New Conscription Act.
The following is an abstract of the amended
CottScriplion Act as it passed both Rouses of
. ,
Congress :
..The President of the United States may, at
his discretion, - it Toy , time beresiter; esti for
any number of' nigal is . '"voitinteers, for the
impactive terms of area, two, or three year*,
for 'military genies. sad say suah velsateer--
or, in case of a draft, as lieritioatker provided,
say substitute shill be credited to the town.
towsebip. ward or city preainct, or election
distriet of a comity, toward the quote of which
he rosy have' v"olnnteered :or engaged as
. a
substittee,.sud every volunteer who is accep- .
lel and mustered istoVhe Service for a term
of one year, unless sooner :discharged, shall
receive and be paid by thi United States a
bounty of $lO9, and if furs trim of two years,
unless sooner discharged, a bounty of $ 200 :
and if for a term of three years, unless sooner
discharged; a batiati of $300; one third of
which bounty shall be paid:the soldier st*-ibe
tints of hfs being mustered into the service,
one-third at the expiration of one-half of his
Arai of service, awl in case of his death while
is the service, theta the residue of his bounty
unpaid shall be paid to his Widow, if he shall
have left ti widow, If not, to his children, or if
there be sons, to his ;monist., in cue sb • be a
widow. 1 •
la we the quota or say put thereof of say
tows, township, "ward of s city, precinct, or
elsenka district, or oif any county - not subdi
vide', shall not be tiled within the space of
fifty days after such call, then the ; President
shall immedistely,nider a draft for one year
to AU such quota or any Out thereof which
may be nettled ; sad hi case of such draft no
papas:at ammo, shall be lioespiad or received
by the Goversseest se conMentatioz to release
say *smiled or drafted Man front perWinal
obligation to perform military Berries. .
It skall be lawful for the Eseentiie of any
of,,ths Stets to send reerniting agents into
any of the States declared to be in rebellion,
except the States of Arkansas; Tennessee and
Louisiana, sad to roernit:valuateera under any
call tinder the provisions of this act, who shall
be credited to the State and to the respective_
attbdivisulantiterast spay procure the
salisumest. -
Drafted man. siabstitaten sad tolttteers,
wise mnstersd **mil hie ergsailehl in or
ansigpied to regismats, betUrieN or other or
palestina et *Ms urn flume, sad. as far u
pramiesbls. shell. tbstamMigned be permitted
to select their urn esgiMeats, batteries or
War orpnisetioas from anon throe of their
respest#re States witiek at tits time of their
assiiminut may not be tilled to their ataximus
The throttled, section -of the act entitled
"Aa act, to mead an Oct ;entitled An set for
enrolling and sailing out the Italia' nal farces,"
approved Feb."l:4,' OK shall be construed to
mesa that the Bs!reetary of War shall fruwkarge
allots ander the age of 18 years, under , the
eireasestaiess end ea the Coalitions prescribed
la mid amnia ; Oita airtlitic, if any name
of thetedied twos sb U eaUst er waster into
thatillitary melee say persoaaader the ago
of 16 years, faith' er oritheat the ceaseat• of
his priests sr gasarosskinnele Penns se en
listed or recruited shah to ianseriaudy sad
aneandltionslly dbitharged, upon the repay,
meat of aH boolYrecei4 oil: and such s'eeraile
lag or sisistaring Wm:lth* lthealagly eats
peruse nailer 16 yearn of age shall be dis
missed the service, with the feefeitarn Of all
pay tad Ifiaseemies* sal 'shall be" litoset to
es& farther pasishansai as a sear/-martial
say decide.
Erik Soetko them of 'am art waded ' 4 .4a
act to otosail ma met eatitiat: eat Ile
oweelliat mei ankle mat the Itetieael beim
oat far Mbar perpeaeo'i. approved fib. 14.
be MA 01111111111111 is aareby amosioul l so
as to asobaripea Itiebnieti Promo Umbels,
Oak, the eireetiaa oaf tbo Provost Itarebal
Glameral, to took* o draft tee 100 per *ago=
is iditiaa to $U *Ott, mitt# ol ul 61 the
gam, et oay efeloa as provided by said
Saari T ho : ji mia ,a' at tz;,4i,g Pay. salt yew, tie selliegess 0 tie Oil cfißli:tailla
Aft rams . nr , golve , itai ," or, maw _ $0 Ibe New teek Central sedl Peammllvaida
nee *it be sawed essmepseafies to tide g ettltll T1fi11.146- • Th• " 11114 of " ''''''
phew et reekiime. .- -- . - . asst vat* tin el's's* et die !i/ii i reeds red
. 4:ipitic XL person is Um betel smirks of t "' 111141 'w Page, mrkieb ersTl , aiii3;ect the
she raised Stale e. *ea bare Wage* Sad pee- oil "l i r' ( 4.1 1 15. ‘rtil Nelr Tork sal POll
vice during tbe p!enat.. e:bowel. Irks lista 44b1 S, - ul * 41 ** * * cti ". 14 be ; .'ll'as vita via
as bee* mamas tootle , - geese et, ear sines, ."'"`": ‘ .,,,, tit l nm . - 4 b " , """ 3 a. tie Let. 1 9 1 . 1 re sad
aerie. wider State i bir mesa etsbeir beieHi :, - _ - ' elt `"" """ 9 L''''' **4 " IL% "" t ` llll . 14
i* maid rirldoi. $l4 ao4 maned peer se p r r hatliel P i th i t Eric /lii it/ "bvittio
F4 rall 2.44.:464:_akai1, Ca t eatald4ll4 r h. .... 14"il t a t a rtal-f r a i " i aa t 4 Thai-
P r " ( a 416 * eadmovaimemiame tbe liereturi -''' , L !!_„ : "...".- ...'" ia O. 71 ` lll , th ,_
. Th *lf 1 4 .'4 69 4
eit gars bis eavatimod aril meiiited is *yeses i ' 7 - t-"" 19 "! 2 . 4 , . 4 Pr i i_g!'!". ,* 4 . °I Pliia Ira/
at UN tem bard, & w oo. eir &ass.: iii. irkich :ia ta i heal saessare - give to remasstreaks' $
tb "'Peery* milk., ' , ,
. .ipek, tf aaul permiLA.l4 . 4l
. . - ii ak ait - !sitbre - beei tles emee.—Deely.!: wvieiiii , r "
. ..
— 7,8
*eat Ikea leis ia ibt iinkeeletiee it bier
seal 1311 a 111 . 6 .14 Pined itanaii et,*
&series obeli came - lira to dey . i.iiimi se
uses ea my be, sat- be ebell as be deemed
a demean ter Viable as lied'. mesa setae isme
bees plies be bime sad suposisble s slimed
- ;44'
tyis .K 7 •
for lim3o 4th. Provo
MandFill or* `Oat si
not '11&11000101641114* -
act. •
- wad- Meow* Notlitag - a.
thts-let to be nonsltited to OW oriti saymtly
•et With* toosikimitioatlf
_bipofgcti):bootialt kuitti:
f r" -YEWS 0' 7, 0 W4V-If.
The NeW rork' World prints interesting de
tills ofGenersl s rata apktit ibtrititch•
Men& and 'Danville "road, from over Olf their
special torrespondeitilwith 13mated Otant's
army. The erpeditioneeme aim proving dia.
istrons, and it was" only by the most
tent efforts on the part et cavalry thattAlen
"oral Wilson "succeeded is triaging Itiasem
mend Off in saiety.• Eves then be lost all his
lte' destruction, o: the railroad
ever 'palish he raided mists to, have
restoreete, and is order to reeto it.the rebels will
be compelled to entirely ~reconstruct the
greater portion, the rape and ties being ren
dered wholly WO atietlible. The raid was of
seen days* duration. Orer two hundred miles
of the - enemy's country was traversed; and the
psthiray was liettedbY pillars of flre'by
and by clouds ,or smoke by day. The coin•
nand, including General 'Wilson's end Gen•
erid Banta's divisions, left a 'point On the
'ftlackwater river,ffour miles smith of Prince
George's Court House, on the morning of the
221 ult. The Weldon reed cos, crossed at
Resale's Station,'Aeu ranee' from Petersburg.
sad 4 portion wasi detached to destroy the
road in that_ vicinity. -The farce then' pro
ceeded to -Dinviddiel- end. thence- to Ander:
son's mills, nest Sutherland -station, on the
Petersburg and Lytichnurg road, and ten
miles from the - former plef:e. Here sixteen
cars, two locomotives; and a Jerre quintity of
stores were burned or rendered- useittsc. On ,
the morning of the 211, Gemmel Eatum in ad •,
reattbel the Ilurkesville junction of the I
Petersburg rosy about the aims time, ns "Gen
eral Wilson • reached Nottiway Court—House,
nine miles four tinsirevrille junction, on the
`Peteribiirg 'raid • General' Vents theeteeneed
his work of destruction, meeting with no op
position. General Wilson found a large force
of rebels at Hathaway station, winch he ea
gaged, and after a severe fight defeated them,
sustaining te joss of about sixty killed and,
wounded. .tn cd was thee dispatcluel to,
General Kautz with instructions to join the .
rasitt holy, while detiersl Wilson pushed on'
Nuberris station, on the Dsnyille road; twelve
miles _from Burkeivite junction. Uere ; Gen •
era! Etna joined .general Wilson, end the'
nnited c?mmands moved down to Keysville,
eigliemiles from Newberria, where they biv- .
on'acked on the nigitt of the 24th. The next
morning the command Moved deern the reiL
road to Roanoke, in orleF"To "Ti isle`oy the
bridges spinning the litsatiton braneYof the
Roanoke river. The entity rola - trout Burkett
rifle to-this point was destroyed; bat in, con
seqUenee of the,presenee ore superior oody
of the rebels, the'beitige rental not bei„ con
sumes', and only oleo Spill SAS rellideeett
serviceable. A retrograde covet:matt was then
Made in the direction of Williesbarg, and
theses to and through Giniatianville to the
bridges over the illyttairey river, which , point,
was resche.l in the 2St/e. Here the enemy
was driven nearly to Stony Creek elation,
twenty-two miles from Petersburg and twelve
miles from Iteime's station". _ As -this point
the enemy was found 111/ tote. tao 'disposed an
to dispute the passage of ono troops- An en
gagement Instal, extending over a period, of
nearly three days, at the close of which Gen
eral Wilson managed to extricate his ems
mind, not, however,withaut sastaining severe
losses of men and material. The fact that
Early had been sent off upon a foraging expe
dition attests the 'efficiency of the work of
destruction by oar troops. The condition of
the roads railed over sheers conclusively At
the rebel mesas of transportation are very
incomplete. So important roads' 411 these,
however. will not long be suffered to be an
servicesble, bat their restoration will require
time, talc large amount, of labor and material.
The rail was complete in all its respects, and
probably the service renderel- more than
counterbalances the loss of material sustained.
The army correspoyaitnt of the St d Louis
ffrpubliecti, who is with Gen. Sheraton, thus
writes: 4•The rebel army is more ntinierods
than has been supposed, and numbers 90,000
to 100,000 men, inc.lading the Georgic militia
and other bodies, beatify organized and
briinght from that State as 'ion as the dan.
ger of en intisiera•bemunet intmident." l
It appears that the rebels are netirei on the
Iftssittsippl, and lorvelTeanded the river be
low Memphis. The loss of the gunboat Queen
City is quite a dismay, for ill-hough a •!tin
did" Ode elms sitiists, being light drift and
istPervissi to ilimigte7, are raq awkimahle
is riser operations. : •
The rebels in Arkansas . are &Owe. Aparty
of fit pet cavalry reaantlf au.aalted anOistes at
Pine Bluffs, tress repodaad, and pursuedthit'
mars. Another party of rebels also failed t.
destroy the railroad at Brottrare,ille. -Shelby
is reported to be in eoulliand of thi paitywho
made Lie' attack upon tits latter; point.
- Pririte sivices front Port Hudson stale that
the enemy are somewhat active in that id
- sal are 1 . ettleavoting !'to irstablish
themselves at Tunica Bend &Ai Pori .sank,
on the Mtwissippi. It is re/hostel that the
Coafederste General Disk TayLir had crossed
the Atchafalaya River, ael hal - sa l tame
cleat, but no
_partentars had been
A dispatch front Cairo, ittbinis is that
sit Union firm ander the esitiniini cf Gam
etal CavwConfrontoi the enenty,: nailer Go:t
eed SitsktiY, Charles, 'Asti, on the
27th nititao, and defeated them. earatiag two
timbal. pismire sad frtr eironntainjkawits
es. Oeir lose is reportel to: be aheat 1113
inaired, whits that of the Satiny is said to
reach Sri kaaderi.
Thersisterutteg then wat i alpil.beriett of
super d preabineet saitresi men this
city. useimg, whoa was Thee. New, of the
Peiuseylvenia Ceemal, Demi itiograeowl. *fibs
New Tort Gee trei. fad Dr. filoreyer, et doe
Oacrisk es& ritealief telemeethis
• no Teals Laiiiire Pair is ramie Oak an
roljall ' ag 7aatkvall r lialakaki
success. Tbe receipts win t..S&) above et
peeves, toting, tke Gsieve says, -die largest
ssa eette realised for a like etaattfieseat is
this cAp."
_SO Of oar 4ditorts4 *Wen in the adjoin •
liskifiqi e lf i ddebrited th e Fourth by not:lissu
tutporpoil during the priesent week. , •
-- th'e . jerops
throughout the oonstry, Yield
-there are 'better
prospects now of a falr Yield et corn sad po
The Corry News says a 44 hard trosi. ' oc
curred in that vicinity on Tuesday night of
list week, "making thel botrds and fences as
whiting snow." ;
The New Nceen faithifulty sums up ti me edi
tonal ootidetce of the it:rw York Times in this
terse sentence: 44 natty words, few ideas and
no principles." .
le anticipation otitbtrspeal of the commu
tation clause, the ekes in . the Departments
at Washington have alitady put in tour hun
dred negro enbstitates. Loyal men! They all
go in for the var. ' • -
, Candidates for office:in Crawford county are
as thick as shinplester4mtes. The Meadville
pipers contain the follOwisig announ9ementa
among others: Congress, D. A. Finney, U.
Itichmoad; Sestaie.i hi. B. Lowry. I
The editor of the Maioe Farmer enters into
calculation that if the hens of the Country
were pushed ttp to their full egg producing
ospacity the market Thou thereof wonlgrx
coed twenty million dollars per annum. •
A lamp with s flat f wick six eights of an
inch broad, supplied Istith petroleum. gives
light equal to ;15,110 candles, trbie if fed
with the beet olive oil, the effeeti 14j that of
220,100 candles." t
The daily,Dispairituays ••there\ has been a
third more shipping in the itarbori of Erie ao
far this sown than during the tome time in
eny previous season.'t Next year our. lake
trade will be doubtaa4 -
in'Franae they "ernra'''pspers three times.
before suppressing than. In this country,
which onoe borate,' of being till '"freest on
the face of the eartb," wipers ere not even
"warned'' before being auppresse,l.
General Grant, itls sail, has ordered the
distribution of one ration of whiskey per di . ) ,
among the troops before Petersburg. 0130 of
oar escheat's says it would not be Surprised
if the Secretary of State should now '
We are indebted 10 Col. Geo. 11. Morgan,
Assist:it Librarian, for the . annual 'report of I
the State Librarian. We learn from it the
gratifyiagfeet, that the library of the Com -
uthawealtit Is the hirgest belonging to any
State in the Baku with one exception.
Dan Ries is gala s% back into this neigh•
l borhood again. He is advertised to Le at
Cony on this llth. Dan has traveled conch!.
'erable ia his time, bet Brie county, after alt,
appears to be the "dUrest spot on enth" for
' On Tnesdsy of this week s span of horses
attached to * wage* belonging to C. W. Nich
edge.Meek frit lit stot.( eon away , breaking the
arson to pidstisaadoeverely injuring a son of
Mr. W. Dr. 11: - AtiSpencer was called in and
reordered medical issistance.
I. R. Bntggins,;lEsq., late editor of the
Cittenesulvills ReectrAhts been appointed route
with on the Erie 86 !ittsbarg Railreed. Since
*Republican must.have the office, we cannot
think of say member of the pari ths t t vre
would rather see ••
. Xa luck" than friend Brag-
EuU 4
The Franklin Sp'Ttator has changed hands,
Mi r . Whitaker haling sold the office to Messrs.
B. L. & C. C. Co th ran. We shall miss Whit
aker's racy pen very much, and hope that he
hat gone into eomebetter business than print
ing a local paper.; The new editors start well,
and will sot failles judge, to keep the .Ipec:3-
for up to its old reputation.
The wool market is very much etched and
has advanced tepidly during the present
week. Buyers have been paying 85, cents and
we have hesrd of l sales even higher. The
probabilities are Out it will stilt advance.
thotigh the privet' will be regulated by the
stoeunents of Liquor ;ad the price, of gold.
A *gee crop eitiool has been raised in this
sanity this over before. and owners of sheep
see reaping.a rick harvest..---:Girirrd Union,
July Lat.
ddr. B, A. Taber, of North East, is menu.
festering a medicine which, from the eertifi,
class which have; been -gives in its favor by
citizens of that lUaiity, is well' deserving of
public *Unties. lie calls it the ;.• Magic
Regulator," and claims for it that 'it is one of
the best articles 4r regulating the system that
was ever mainaf+red. Mr. Taber is a re
dness veil known in North East and vicini
ty.i sad his itatenuste can be fully relied on.
the Vsnaago ,Ipeetator, alluding to the at
tic's of the Philadelphia Board of Trade, soak.
lag inquiry into the cause of the falling off, of
the petroleum' trade at that port, thinks it "is
afashh4l by the fact that Sew
Yerlainterprise has extended twb railroads
isle the oil regiee, and; as a cinsequesee,
the treasportatioU by longer mites has great
ly deerossod. Let, Philadelphia push to tem
pletiet her ecatalaptate.l railroads in this part
o the age, amid she will soon tome is for
her fall attars eif the vast and growing oil
The IldEtillt the coammaritz, sword says
trip through the usetern pen of Crawford
aos,ty he. enovilmeed him that the prospects
fee as isunge crop of grain' eta.. are a
pea deal WSW this gtherally repent L The
wheat crop .will be at /east -an average , one
and we think that tie mate may be said of
bay Oath &o 1.0 leak listalfy as erell,bat then
thus is* chases for it to ;deli up tioasidsrably
yet. Cora is beekirsrd but leeks leattliyAnd
ressoaably 104 semen will bes. 'plat
ed crop. Tits farmers are not going to Kano
ter some
.days is spite of lroutb and
On the ant ado* of •the Foie k Pitts- tPralull" t h ey will get Un IrP some UM "'
raostial. azot •perhap; they mat famish
bin narowd ariPsaY- 1 1 11 / 1 is tgaiiT, the ; funds to provide him with a sew rend.—
SIMMS NUM *SS granted a ree":e* the At- The destro,:tion of the Atabanut is as lu
lled@ A •Oresti Wester* satiely fiosorsu t y t o miring item of news. The damage in
drew eons wijt as Wm:ethos sitohld net be : eict 4 "4 by this - Piratical craft upon our
hand ito r i ga * tams tins bo i t .k og: to be computed in millions..
For nesiiy three years the has evaded art
linath t a "la 4-Bhar ° ll . Nat° , " c ° pursuit and almost driven oar mercluint
hambill abet bees at wort Po this men from the seas in which the sailed.
brume far theism six weeks. sad 'it the so.. The following is further news by the
inns 'Coat should bees the ittnietiso it steamer '
Ira oortatai . a
... at ion to tito,cota _ T Tate oMeers and seamen of the Alabama
2- ". ea tared blthe
lend a great ' it 7 st;age ."- te tie baths/warn sal o , : 1 3 1 co Kea " aen - been ilber
plunLe at Clertmrg: A l•rt:.-r in
le/aisles of Shifisa sad bast nelstbs - ornsU- ' the Path P,Mie states that Somme. has
/fasrte Whip - antioanced that on the Lath :of he
' a nal . ( r akkr i beekte , 'WM again embark on 3 near Alsbasna
which will on that date beTeompleted.--
i = e - Ny meir - r u z; - -
k z7 The seamen of Car old „kitbag= will con
* L__ ' ;Anne to receive pay Ana form part of ties -
fwawa' moojewk l iciwlt ix - am maim' ct Flia.Get..yceett far t h e am cruiser. & moor potoi ; •
8. ird„ Amtea, sal wilith will be yob-1 to the steamer Itappnhannock, the ez- -
I Wet by Uppitsext is fee days. Fetes,- ; British war vessel, which mote, away from
ate t a b b a mmo eaiiitty of tt i ece i tutouo tattirttess to Phials. • A comniittee, be
wados. data .4 l , e, orgastootati*oal hy' 4Miral Anson, has Lein formed in •
, Loaders, totals*, by galas* Subscriptions,
ANL ell la ',WWI !able ," au i s the - a fned for the part-Nome or, s. handsome;
der t the Marmise, emerhsfas the wsnahee,l sword to replies that which Cap:- SeIXICIR'‘
The prassar amber is a esailiashie war i "Usk with his ship.
pr'avemoac sa W pailesesessw, sena if it Lam j
sat Tot salami tam plum or enterprise of its ' t ut et.. l eaf -
rases& wassolarter. sad it is settaialy as Well' . J ..." 1 - 1 . ' = " 4 " 7 ... t ie t a i ta "e- ' 11 " 4 161 ' 1 °' ' o4 ' 7
worth rwatfing is stay of the tasithly saga. X. Ile
siaits.~S. Irma . . tat Aso mid Zak & lAnrca. mesa 11 rim
I ;
11$,y die Lintu''Pr -Citalrcio of the Ulth of
riceived Or hat steamer, we see?thtt
ott?fellaw town= tn, Commodore Laninan, in
catimand of the U. S. Ship Lancaster, tut also
Sloop of War St. Ni4riv, Commander Middle
ton, were at Cilia iat that dot Commodore
L. has been on the-Pacific for, three
years and is expectel horns as soon as his
telleires out, which will be before loan,
althoughiseveral officers hive declined the
command. "Obey orders" is the word in
these war .times, and undo Gideon Welles
should Mikahis subordinate, tor the mark
The Fourth et July in this city was . a de—
cidedly tame day. The only celebration of a
puhlc nature was the Union Sabbath :ethool
pie nie, which passed off in a pletsani.Man—
ner and to tIT satisfaction of all concerned I
Ile usual number of pic-nics, sailing parties,
so.. took place. • In the evening there were a
number of private displays of fire 'thrift, some
of which were on. quite an extensive &Cale. A
number of parties imbibed patriotic whiskey
with entirely too much freedom and did not
recover for a day or two afterwards.
county; lOl
The /Vest advance in the price 'of hinting
materials has obliged the poblishasa of the
Philadelphia Age to increase the Pricti of their
daily edition from eight to ten dollars a year.
The Age is a paper 'of which Phtladerlithia and
the Democrats of 'Pennsylvania rev be proud,
and we are ;fey much mistaken in the temper
of• our party friends throughout the State if
they fail to give it a liberal support under all
circumstances - . ft should have a larger-cir
culation in this city. - `• • •
. • The-dedicstion . of the now house or worship
of the second Bar list eburch, - situsted on 4-
fayet le street, - t etween Peach and Sassafras
streets, will take Owe nest Sabbath, July
10th. The public services will be as follows:
Sermon in German by the pastor at:10, a. m.
Sermon, in English by Rev. L.' Bays, of
first; Baptist church, at 2, p. m. 13 , trmon in
German at S. p. m. The public generally are
respectfully invited to attend.
The Armstrong Democrat, the old -Demo
cratic organ in that county, has hoisted the
ticket of Lincoln and Johnston.-4Actlitton
&change. - ,
The Armstrong Dfniderat has for years been
dirty Ahulit iott sheet, and the asseition now
that it is a Detrocratic organ is simply a
falsehowl, known to be such by 'the shollyite
who wrote it.—Gelyvburq Contparr,;
Generous as the people of this :city have
usually been, they were exceeded by the citi
zens of North East at their festival on the
Fourth, when the large SUM Of, one thousand
dollars wee raised, For a . real whole-souled,
hospitable and- liberal community, we put
North East ahead of any other place of like
she th►t we have ever visited.
The celebration at Corry was very largely
attended, many pera.ins hsving beet present
from this city and other points on the line of
the Philadelphia and A. & G. W. railioads
The• address 1111. L. fitebtaoad,
•s represented to us to hue b-en
a strongly partiran production of the stper-
Erne `•loyal" sort
We are gratified to learn that. Major 34-,at
gonsery, of the re:rates array, who is well
known itt this city, has at length been re—
stored to his ollicr, with allowance of back
pay; Sc. His removal was Inck t l upon by
our people generally as a small piece of
aortal or political nasligaity.
The Johnstown Democrat is evidently cot
very friendly disposed towards our —slates
men" at Washington. It says: wishing
to disparate others who aspire to he charac
ter, we have no hesitation in !via* that a set
of. greater foals than now competse our :Na
tional Congress can not be found in the Cnited
Mr. A. C. Schnell, lately chief (telegrapher
or the Philadelphia &
.Erie railroad et
point, has been appointed agent tor the Penn
sylrania railroad company in the: oil regions.
We are sorry to part with SeheeLl, but we
hive the consolation that ••what 4s our loss is
his gait." ,
We have often met men who claimed to be
too pooi to take $ paper, to wear decent Oa
thing, to rapport their families. ; comfortably,
or start themselves in baldness, but who ever
met one toe poor -to go to a circus
The Governor has signed the, act allowing
day as the pay-of oar ,county,rcom
missioners, and permitting the present county
tresaarer to hail offsee for two successive
The sellers of wool cannot certainly com
plain of the price this year. It; brings from
.E.O 10'100 cents a pound and many holders are
expecting still more of as advance.
Wool, on the sth inst , was 'wanted in New
York, and 'cinote-.1 at 30 cents to $1 for washed
per pound, and 50 to tie) cents for. annsalted:
The lab: rail oa Cat Phiitielphia.& Erie
EL P. sal laid on Satarday Bast, st s point
nese JOhnsesbura., Elk elanty.
A serioas busk bms oeearred in the Preach
Creek feeler of the daaal, whirh. it is said,
will deity asrigatioa for two weeks.
The rebel privateer Alabama was defeat
ed and sunk by the United States cruiser
Sausage off Cherbourg. on Sonday. June
1'?. The entagernent began 'between 10
and 11 o'clock a. rn., and at 12:10 the last
shot was tired, when the Alabama was
found to be in a sinking condition. The
Kesmige had about 50 more men and
hastier guns than the Alabama.' and a
chain Cable triced along her aides to break
the force of the shot from the Alabama.
Her ire proved the most destructive. and
anent the rebel. officers admitted that they
had been greatly mistaken ias to her
strength. The Keasarge was but
damaged, and only three of ber crew were
wounded. Of the Alabama, 5 men were
'killed. 17 wounded an-/- drowned and 66
captured. Capt. SAmmes. with 14 officers
and men, were picked np by an English
steam yacht. When the Kearsage search
ed for Semmes bee men were , told by the
English that he was drowned. Our kind
cousins at 33athainpton comforted Sem
mes by aaeff...r of a public dinner. We
*aim*. K the .Ushists.
lilt. •144.14t...1 •I Vt.: tt ,
Carter & Carver,
By , Ph , gll It,* VP. t ',I
at eh. old Rhad. Wvb onta I.: ,k
cllaws th-f bops t•
+vat G• cIPTot,..! f , t_
Dealers In the oeightoormi to •,t a•• „
Tittil to give us a e... 1 hef..a.eparchtt,-,
Witi M eooduct ,, i, htntofor.„ z
wits •.I:npositioti to utilize eai
We puUsaiarly call tire natc. '4 .
Stock r I
Which sal 6nait frn ;nit
rryrnieriptvlas preparo l iv
aa.l yrosoptntsi.
Executor's Notice.
LETTEIts te..twEnent:ary on lb ,
of Gardntr C. Johnson, la':
Pt, 4/ - zo:. 1 to IL<
Not,oe Is 101011 kLOW)
mod tntatt cats Lz/rO , <L
and (!rase havttg elL:ta.ta;s44l,.. 24-tae
tb O M., dlly f
a ri:(1.13. II
w.c F t
Leßzi Jlly 2, 1!•.i,3N
Stray Colt.
A 3.1 E to the premi3e , , Of u
114 1
la - i-OWD4h fp, oft lt Ene
Rona, mile* f ro m Idle, &bout •.= •.-t
norm Colt. 2 or 3 years old, with •.,:s•-.2
had on wil-n' he came ooe
uther notte.Ve mute. Tne O.IA, r..
inward, Dross property. pay Clitro,,
otherewe he will m its,?..ted
AT PUMA Di:Li 12
$19,026 52 Erie Cana) to,
By crler c 1 Asolgto-411.c. c •
DAYJULY l ab, at c ....(-
Exell ' Aztgo,--
130 Ei.,a•ce Erie C 4 /41 C In;
cattail of do do w .
FILTER AND Cs."./L).i:
mire GI t tisefa/ reonA.r... F
w i Va.. t - of eh A,-
flat. raacame •• • L
Y‘J _ •
tpleti 1. a
BILOOkk!, k'tTt.%r
‘VIt I f LNG A.:D
CJsrArsoici r
?z /
141 M, 111,
a Cs.. 1 . : •
t•l.-t-is, t • .
ri 6 w.rt useut ant/
•-• 1,..< •to s
:Scr tr.• •—• • •
& 4 14 .1 :IST, • e
7—V? . I
1 1 .GKair.. 0 .X8
C.. j. .r
WOOll WOOl t .
?pi HILT It f
• proper. 7. w L r
Important to I Persons Want*
I'IIE I:NDI.i.:A.3SEL , •
ha., OVA o 1 the ton:
an] halo; 1344
Ley co:4l4mt of tint
BaLrfasp, to az.. =,,ccirt
trot: szl safety.
jT Coatner's takes Is •ay '
1•44 , 2 ,r edre
Real Estate for Ss:
j,„ Yu: :Se 11111.* Mural
:ail uonuty;
puruss rushlup Ls :arts: a Be, slit
both Lagsses! .. Ist J.
cat up U na_:
i = 4„. bazgasus us offs:ed.
The esviereweed. leep
lam /Le-Ith* •
ON •
&ear ebat (laza, -
sotito wad in a sip. - .:1 • =
arto lealw vtat . •.!
ethers 1 sat Sat a :r-.11-,
rjr o' .
paresart._ bell-la-
Administrat9r's - N 7--
bon o
ra.: lioUoie is 3:error ;:roc. '
'arms; asi
primal tt.m. jawps,s4
HSrbMilek, i--
v-- : :,-.
TllEs Mbsz,i->
WVIC,I 22452 rrep.Kll - a: y sc-z,
BEE3g4 La!:
As 1 Lase 01. s
Ns. 1
Haat:4 ftwevad to*
rusiamed sca •
tot* L. • 1, •
1113 r ?Ail • A T - 7 . •
Farni for SaFe•
t ass - •
:sib- Law:ANIL
I- :1 C 4.4.4 1 1 114.1;1
. 14:._t ?, H .t
11: 44.4/0 1 4er. 1-4;47 a
2.71 . a tit
ara.aea..!- az; .t
LS s 31.2- ;" -•
• -
B 0 NN IYr
Vat f
L 1 _
as• • ,
Bonnets, Hats, Ftib.-
D Et Y
__ , ..
4.7.4.L1i' I
•-• •
&Of. rslllll4 .
az :045 - ;
~• .✓p