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skTURDAY, JUNE 25, 1844
AXlll.loal Lamm —datnrap Jackson.
(MOUE B. !MULLIS, of Peauylvasia.
- /INES =Mfg, .f [.*tack=.
onwet to the docloloo of the Democrats Nstionel
Gnat aM lhaelbui.The Diferesee.
In no respect is the unfsirness'and par
tisan littleness of the Abolit ion presi more
plainly shown than in the labored efforts
they all niake st the present period to dis
parage Gen. McClellan by contrasting his
services with those of Gen. Grant in Vit.-
giins, We do not take up a copy of these
unprincipled organs of a still more un
principled administration without finding
souse paragraph in it eulogising General
Grant to the skies, coupled with sneering
allusions to_the assumed timidity, treason
or want of generalship of the man who,
more than any other living public per
sonage, possesses the affections of the
troops who fought under him, and of the
country. The wide-spread manner in
which this system of misrepresentation is
conducted leaves no room for doubt as to
the motives that induce it. The opposi
tion leaders fear Gen. McClellan as the
candidate of the' Democratic party; they
know his- popularity among the people
and the esteem possessed for him by the
soldiers, and they are determined, if pos
sible, to secure their seats of profit and
power for four more years, even at the
cruel sacrifice of his reputation.
We do not believe that General Grant
sympathises •with or is in the slightest
manner responsible for these efforts. The
little opportunity the public has had of
judging of his personal character does not
encourage the belief that he would be a
party to the wanton destruction of a- bro
ther officer's fame, for political ends, much
less build up his own by the same du
badly efforts. '•On the contrary, we have
information from lu!liareeS that deserve
much credit, that at the outset of his cam
paign he solicited the assistance of Mc-
Clellan, and was prevented by the same
malicious spirit which has ever prompted
the Administration to risk any disaster
to our cause rather than abate one jot of
its partisan fealousy and meanness.
The persistency with which the Aboli
tionists continue to draw comparisons be
tween the results achieved by the two
generals, to the apparent discredit of Mc-
Clellan, obliges his friends to step forward
in his defense, and if in doing so the facts
should not appear as creditably to General
Grant's services as his new found admirers
declare, we have only to say, that it is out
of no ill , will towards him they are pre
sented. Far be it from us to say one word
in disparagement of his admitted abilities
or to •=press a doubt of the patriotic
spirit which contrels his actions. He may
not have done what we believe could bare
been done, but until we know all the cir
cumstances, which :Controlled him, we
shall not be guilty of adopting the disre
putable course of the Administration press,
by assailing him for acts the responsibility
of which do not probably lie at his door.
What we desire to show . is simply this,
*that General Grant,whatever may be his
talents, has really done no' more nor even
as much, taking all things , into considera
tion, as Genesal McClellan did and could
have performed had he been given the
opportunity. To prove this position let
facts be submitted to the consideration of
a candid public. Here is a brief statement
of the comparative situation . and treat
ment of the two which cannot be truth
fully gainsayed :
. Grant has an army of 15u,000 men; Mc
Clellan bad but 95,000.
_Grant has full control of the entire for
ces in Virginia ; McClellan was restriated .
to those under his immediate command.
Grant has the active co-operation of all
the Departments at Washington ; McClel
lan was incessantly interfered with by
some of them, and the chiefs of two at
least were his- avowed and, unrelenting
Grant procures all the reinforcements
the Government can• send him ;
lan had • 40,000 of his army taken away
from him at tIS outset of the campaign,
and afterwards appealed in vain, for them
to be sent to his assistance.
Grant has the advantage of 'a trained
and experienced body of men ; McClellan
had to convert his army out et raw troops
and with inferior facilities.
Orant has the t ie,4 .. ;mfit of atll his prede.
cessors' experience in Virginia; McClel
lan had to obtain his information as beat
he could and often under the moat dis
tressing difficulties.
Grant has an army doable the aim or
Lee's ; McClellan's was never equal to the:
enemy* and at the commencement of the
seven days' retreat it was hardly more
thin half that of the latter. ,
Grant is sustained by the entire Admin.
istrstion and its party ; McClellan we , th e
object of their most vindictive hatred, and
they did all.they could to embarrass his
Grant has• only to ask anything at
Wubington that he desires, end it is sent
to him; McClellan's appeals ware fre
quently not listened to, and when they
were, the answers were so dilatory as al
most to have been useless.
The _ respective results are familiar to.
the country, and can be judged by the
reader for .himself. If it should appear
that, with fewer men, len advantages, a
stronger foe, and against the steady inter
ference of those who should have sus
tained instead' of endeavoring to crippl.,
"'shim, Gen. McClellan led hit, army nears I.
to Richmond; with smaller loss of lift,
aid in a shorter, time than Gen. Grant,
then we contend
,that nothing in the lat.
ter's career shall be construed to the dis
paragement of the former, not to use
stronger language.
HON. John P. Hale said, some timiago,
that the itealinp under Lincoln's admin
istration-were more than the entire legiti.
mite expenses of the . s ol l 3lllMellt. At
the late election for United States Senator
in New Hampshire, Mr. Hale was defeated
in his party caucus. Can any one doubt
the reason ? The shoddyites cannot tole
rate-an honest nun, eren.when he ait='
pears in the ships of maoh an inveterate
Abolitionist as John P. Hale. .
Senator Wilson, chairman of the Rill- The New York News is informed that
tary Committee in the Senate, in a recent Mr. Belmont, Cnairzniin of the National
debate upon a motion to amend the con- Democratic Committee, has refused to pall
scription law, stated Alt& lseettniflor teesideratiottri of-i the
of October last, six thtiMand eloper& *pcistptiMe the dititiegttcellten
white men and one hundifed thditsand; don. A vis Buffalo biper6S :undfrsOds.
negroes have been anlisthdin the tElnioni - that , e bacon given for this lifusall
armies; ho also stated ttataince that time that e conferred with tha l menitiers
ono hundred - and twenty-ti eMillifirtidic i thiCointaitte;isnd `that they have si
tars were expended in bountiea.. Saved premed themselves in oPpositi?n to the
hundred thoulaid - rifenilnee fait Octobeir proposed postponement. We, of course;
is a pretty heavy draft upon the people, shall bow submissively to 'Bit itehilont's
especially in view of the praise r theipiedidlotilhat
ing conscriptien. 'But *bat in the name he will ,regret it before the campaign is
of all that is horrible have become:of all half. ended.
these men ? • Without the aid of thole Llallt—Tus CONVINTION rovriOtteli.
previously in the field. these seven hud-. Sinee the above was put in type, we
dred thousand ought to be' sofficient,to., have received the following Offieial an
have marched from Washington :to nouncement of the ..postponement of the
CharlestOn, S. C. We may with 'propriOY Convention
N dTemphasis echo the World by enquir
ing, "was there ever such waste of blciod
and treasure since 'the earth began , ?"
Were this statement; to come from some
Democrat, -it might-be 'disputed by :the
Loyal Leaguers and exclusive patriots ;
but its author is no less wpersonage than
the heavy Abolition chairmen of the 1
tary Committee of the United States Sen..;
ate; its - reliability, therefore cannot be
questioned. It follows then that dpring
the past six months men s and money
enough . have been raised to have crenated
the rebellion at once. The question ari
ses, why has it dot been accomplished t
Senator Wilson may well say, remarks the
World, that no nation in history hat ever
made such tremendous exertions "Shave
the people of the North to supply men
and money to their Government ; anti he
might have added, with equal justice, that
history records •no other instance of vast
means so wickedly and idiotically wasted.'
We presuMe, however, that the secret of
this matter is, that . the . money hmi been
spent, the men put upon the pay rolls, but
that they are not to be found in the armyc
We verily believe that an investigation
would show that of the, one hundred and
twenty-five million dollars appropriated
for recruits, at least one-halt of if found
its way into the pockets of the fellovis
who are now bawling for LincOln and
Johnston. If seven hundred thousand
men have been recruited, the country has
a right to know where they are, and it is
amazing that this matter has not 4ttraoted
more attention in Congress. It should be
understood, moreover, that the number
mentioned by Senator Wilson does not
include the hundred day men, two thou
sand of whom, it is known, have been sent
to the field.
Another fact mentioned in this official
debate throws some light upon the capon
ditnres of hpman " life during the recent
battles in Virginia. General Grant, it is
officially stated, was re-inforced by forty.
eight thousand men up to the Bth of June
last.' How many more since then is not
known ; but it must be a very gfeat num
ber, as reinforcements are constantly go
ing forward.—Pittibuiy Post.
Republican Papers en tie helped, ei the
Military Campaign.
The Washington correspon.deint of the
Springfield Ikpubikan writes as follows:
" The rebels claim that they have had
si series of victories since the present year
opened,.and no defeats to speak of. The
rebel papers know very well how to lie,
and when i to lie ; but on the whole, they
do not quite equal our own. ;Look into
almost any of our journals; and you will
see that 'Grant's successes' are!the theme
of daily Comment. One would think to
read them-that the march upon Richmond
had been crowned with immense victories
and that Lee was holding hisi breath in
mortal terror-of his foe. What are the
facts ? Simply these : Gen. Grant has lost
fifty thousand men ' • has fought pluckily
with Lee, inflicting heavy leases upon the
enemy ; and is in front of Richmond. He
has not beaten the enemy, and has two or
three times attempted a general assault,
and been repulsed. These are the simple
facts of this situation ; yet senseless scrib
blers have bees describing brillient
ries as if the campaign was won. The fact
is that the campaign has just, begun, and
that nothing that has yet transpired is in
dicative of the result. There is no cause
for, despondency, unless it be for those
foolish people who expected _that this
great conflict could be entirely settled by
the gourth of July. Mr. Lincoln said to
a friend of his two or three dansago.: "If
Gran cleiirs the rebels out of Virginta by
the Fohrth of July of next, year, it frill be
all that I have ever- expected." Mr. Stan
ton does not talk of complete success this
year, nor does Mr. Chase. jln short, the
men who. best comprehend i the situation
do not confidently expect ,that the war
will be closed in the year 1864."
The Washington correspOndent of the
Boston Traveler, Administration also, is
not more sanguine. He says:
"It is not certain that Grant will drive
Lee out of Virginia during this campaign,
but that one more army and one more
year will insure their defeat.- A call for
200,000 more men will be tnade in a few
days or weeks. It is probable that another
call for 300,000 more will ; fie made next
winter. The campaign oVaext yea, will
find the Federal. army composed of 800.-
000 men in the field, while . •the rebels will
not be able to muster over 200,000. This
may be a disconsolate view of the subject
to thoserwho expected that Grant would
finish the war this eummarl ,But be can't
do. it. The war will go on for a year or
two longer—certainly till ,the autumn of
1865. It is cowardly to cover up the
truth—and this is the truth."
- Ir is somewhat remarkable thatthe Ga
ss*, which has such an antipathy to Mc-
Clellan, because he used "spades" on the
Peninsula, should not have told ita rotors
before this that Grant is following the ex
ample of "his illustrious predecessor." In
other words, the Army of r,he Potomac is
entrenching. preparatory to entering upon
a reg
uit e
siege of Richmond, and "spades"
are for e time substituted again for "ri
fles.", promoe our warlike ootorapo•
temporary has totally overlooked this cir...
- s•timstanoe, or we should bi thistimri have
seen a powerful denunciation of Grant or
a manly recantation of its abuse of Mo-
Clellan. Our neighbor has too mtich hon•
esty, we trustl to allow so , signal an ; ens
&ornament of the latter's coarse by its
favorite General, to pass without some
prOpriate editorial reference. - ,
CAL netielhat Oradea,
The Albany Journal, the leading Repub
lican organ in the State, outside of New
York city, pronounces Gen. }l'Clellanie
late oration at West Point chaste and
eloquent production," and tle gourmets(
Cbvintsree says': "It was one of those no-
ble efforts which place the; authorat once
in the hkghestranits of literature and ora
tory. Rarely is such a man given to the
world--a sold*, a statesman, an orator,
and a good warm-hearted ; Christien gen !
Nor You, ;lane 22
At a meeting of the Ekecutive Commit
tee or the National Democratic Commit
tee, held here today, it was voted that, in
deference to . the desire of a( very large
number of the Conservative Union;Demo
cratic party throughout the country, tlif
meeting of the Democratic National on
vention b postponed to Monday ! August
29th, 1864, at 12 o'clock at noon, in Chica
co. [Signed.] AUG. BELMONT,
Far. K. 0. Buick, Chairman.
Tui House of Representatives, on Tues.
day, refused,. by 100 against 60 td' repeal
the $3OO clause in the enroOmnt bill.
Such a result, by so large a majority, took
everybody by surprise. The proposition
has also been defeated in the Senate by 3
majority. We shall probably hear no
more about it until after the Prepideutial
election. '
Oss of the reeolations adopted, by the
BaltimOre Abolition Convention _recom
mends "economy and rigid responsibilit
iir the public expenditure I" We suspect
that to be another of Dishonest Old Abe's
jokes. It has one advantage over most of
them, though ; it is not a smutty one.
The intelligence froin the Aimy of the Po•
toms° details persistent efforts on the part of
Gen. Grant to obtain possession of the ene
mytoiworis at Peteribarg, and an equally de.,
termined disposition on the part of the rebels
to retain them, or at least if they mast be
given up, to surrender them as dearly as pos
sible. Oa Friday night, Gen. Ledlie's divis
ion of the 9th corps succeeded, after i dupe
rate 'charge, in Gaming s line of works run
ning along the left of the 2d cOrps, and which
as it subsequently proved, fOrnad a sort of
key to the rebel antrasehmenti in this QOM
kr of the Sold. The Importahca of this cue
cssi was not made apparent until Saturday
morning, when, while preparihg to make ano
ther demonstration it. was found that the ene
my had abandoned that line,and fallen back
to a position less than one mile from Peters
burg. The advantage was not gained without
heavy loss on our sidi, particularly in officers.
The lines of the army were advanced, and the
foe was again confronted at hie second series
of entrenchments. It was then ,discover*
that, the rebel position was so foaled as to
entirely cover Petersburg, bah of his flanks
resting upon the river. By Saturday our en
tire army had got up. Geh. Smith's corps
was on the north side of the Appomattox,
while the remaining corps *ere disposed an
the south side of that river. Buiregard was
_known to be in command, and there was
abundant evidence of his havihg been rein
forced .by a portion of Longstreet's,
sad Wileox's corps, from Lee's main body.
The line of works to which the rebel's retired
was found, by a reconnobaace, to be very
strong, and constructed in Bus most thorough
manner. Gen. Grant will be compelled to.lose
large number of men if he, attempts to carry
them by assault. The eapture of Petersburg,
from present indications, will prove a formi,
dable task. Communioatioh with Richmond
would seem to be intact, and ',Lee has every
facility for massing his laicals against those
of Grant.
Dispashes from City Point, at 4:80 ors:gook,
Tuesday evening, report no fighting. `ildovo.
manta are in progress whioh are not now
proper for publication. The Richmond paper!
report. an attack nor Lynoltbarg by Cionerel
lEittster,on Saturday, and thit he was repulsed.
lt4s believed, however, thli there was nothiat
more than a reconnoissance, and that having
asoertained the plane to be strongly defended,
Geri. Hunter withdrew undl is operating upon
the enemy's muninenications at other points.
General Grant reports that the change of
bass from the Chiokahominy to the south side
of the James was effected without the loss of
"a wagon 'or plea of artilleiy, and that only
about one hundred and thy stragglers were
picked up by the enemy. Ia pouring - the
movement General Warren's corps end Wil—
son's cavalry lost from fifty to sixty killed
and wounded rails skirmishing with the
From New Orleans we ltant that the per.
rills blockade o the Micsissippi river has;
stain been broken, and tale is now cooper.'
&lively uninterrupted. Ges. Canby is
paring for active o orations.
General Foster announces to the War De
partment that the rebel Gen. Jones, IS 00111;
mend at Omission, has officially notified him
that five general s *Moors, priodum of war,
have been placed in Citarboton to be retained
there ender the fire of ant. batteries. In re=
spouse to a request from ,liimeral 'Foster, en
equal number of rebel officers of equal rank
hes been sent * the' 1/4 Department to Nil.
ton Head, South Carolina to be retained on
Morris Island tinder the fire of the rebel bat
An official thirtieth from Gen. Sherman so
nonnoes that hi was mistaken in stating that
the ribeinrmy lied retired from his front and
retracted on the Chataisoooldo. ri er. H.
based his report upon tits statements of army
oommandere. Jelinski* lam throws back his
dank and ebaskined all ids works in frost of
Unseat moeitain, butt holds that.-dose
as the Apex Of his poldtion, with his Saab
behind - Noonday sad Miss creek!. General
Sherman reports that he has pressed the.ene
my pretty slant, bit that a heavy rata Le-
Wes army inCrements., ;Wort= Is probably
awaiting the arrival of !rwhiforomitanis from
the Weil. General ilkarinan wW, twist the
oiroatustusus, l lad hip onapsiga whist At
lanta a very porlgonini sad Moult one, for
Johnston seems to manifest no disposition to
make a precipitate retnit..
A dispatch from CM. Sherman's headqnsic
ten, dated Tuesday arming st half-past 8
o'clock, states that it has raised almost laces.
sandy, in spiti of whieh our lines hare been
praised- fawned steadily and an hapertant
position babe's gained by Gm Howard.—
Thy enemy nide a disPirste attempt to re
take this pogtine Intl night, making MEI
distinct asse4te on O. Whiliker's bripde
of Stanley's dirbdon, and Josiag not less then
700 or 800 mp, '2BB • trilled was left on
Whitaker's fiat. olln" new& wee followed
t`"M"X"I Irt'r :1 6, ^" •;.".3"
position was fortified end ie nuw safe. bur
cavalry is across Noonday creek on our left
and one Nip...of die- gad corps is Soros
Voss creek on 41114104 tutfthltibel left la
)tishind a swamp, and l ila' Ma:ts prevent any
Absence: The liglatteiphat heist quita Revere
44 all points, 4. ene m y resistingwisbhoutly
and attempthigibe °Stasis* whenever hens&
The intelligence of ! Oen. Hunt er's _ opera-,
tines is from rebel sources. Ii appein dal
hia cavalry h2ve_raided. through
_Nelson co.,
VS., uppn the line of the Charlottesville mill—
Julsn oisi?e!..l. t ° 4 0 ° F 0 t 1 : 1 ! , .
18 miles cut fromi Lync hburg, and upon
Ctrapbell Coma, Hodse, in a southerly dm°.
lion. The purpose seems to have been to Ise.
late Lynchburg, and possibly to 14 liege to
The - Aituvian Of Gen. /Linter L 'fast
growing critical. The fillaris of eien. Sheri.
din to accomplish the purposes of his raid
will release the recently reinforced garrilon
at . Gordonsviro, to loperate against him.—
Lynchburg is e-.!1 to be strongly defended
and the rebel genertil.iit reported to be tient: .
dent'of *hie . ability'to mll'o4'll2 his
Under these eircuststaneei Gen. Hunter Must
dispose his troops to meet all possible condo
geacies that msy arise, and at the same time
abandon his present intention of raiding ex •
tensively upon the 'enemy's lines of railroad.
"MAIM° on rill Batt.."—Under this gen:
eras title, 0. P. Patusai & Co., 'of New York
have published a merles of cheap volumes, di.'
alpeeespeolally for reading oti the cars. We
have reeelvedfrom the publishers the follow
lug eoplekbelog all that have' been Isstied to
date :
0/map/a Adventure. By General Henry Lee
Price lEq3enta.;
An account of the adventures of Sergeant.
Champ, on his saireet mission to capture !ion-
Idiot Arnold. The author of this narrative
'was then a msjor under Washington, and him
self arranged the' preliminaries of "Champlin
The Spy Unmasked. Price 4U cents
A Penalise of the actual experiences, of
Enoch Crosby, (Cooper's "Haney Birch" in
write Spy,") founded on memoranda taken by
s short hand _reporter, from the verbal ac—
counts of "the spy" himself during his visit
to New York:about 1825. Ile was then (tier
seventy years old.. The publishers say : "This
book Alain a' striking and suggestive similar
ity between the diffioulties encountered from
factious opposition to liberty chiring, the *v
olution, and the difficulties impedinft the pro
gran of liberty now."
Amnie and Her Mister. A Love BtorT,lfro m
Blaekwood. Price 20 cent!
This story, has attracted great A - Meath% by
its purity and. rigor, and especially by its'
freedom from false sentimentalism. • ' '
Tits following will be ready it a few .days
Mr. and Yrs. limak Berry. By William' M
Thaekeray. Price 20 neat!.
One d the heat of Thnokeray's short
• 4
"A Mu of 47nexampkd Prosperity." By Wash
ington Irving. (From 4 .Wooltert's Roost.'')
Pries 20 Gents.
An atioeunt of John Law's " Miseieaippt
Bobble,': end, the strange end reciting inch-
dents 'attending LaW's career. The apposite
ness of this story %soon peeultsrities of the
present time gives it s special interest: •
joined trunkful and appreciative notice of tije
fair now open in ,Philadelphia is copied from
the New York/boning Pori :
"As a citizen -of New York, I might wish
that Philadelphia should be second to her in
all good doeils, as ehe is in most; but in her
Sanitary lair AG is first. Justice must be
done though the heavens . falL This
tion, in detail and is iot a , Jar eireedi OM of
our great metropolis. It is better planned,' more
tastefully decorated, end infinitely better7ar
ranged. The great Gothic nave * that divides
it in the middle is' the most. imposing roof
under the stars on this continent. The trel
lised arches which 'support it define the per
spective frin either end with rare effeot,,
while the decorations in all colon, assisted
by the branches of trees roofed in at inter
vals, mkt up, by gaslight especially, a scene
of febliolike magnificence. The side avenues
are on a smiler male, but, as parts of the
whole, in eseellent proportion and faultless
tad'. lam told that the extent of a walk
through all is two and a halt, miles. Think
of that 1' Two and a half Miles of American
flag, evergreen, endless .variety of roses—
every purchasable article under the
a uhlor
use, ornament or gratification f -and doable
row (five miles) of beautiful, amilintilegant,
ly &mend ladies. Need I Say another Word
to bring a stream as long of lookeri said buy=
ere here from New Pal?"
The Value of Paper Mosey.
The frillowing table, prepared by a °Mem
parlay, will show at a glatieti tie vane 4tif
paper money as compared with Gold'at rates
of premium varying from 6 to 100 per rent ; •
Whoa Gold , . Tim ilateraat " -AM $lOO la
la at t on Gnaw papa will 104 . 1 a
SKIM.: Gold: •
106 1 • 4 77 per 0t.,-- : • $96;28 -
110 : 910 , ' 90;90
115 18 05 , • • 86j95
120 ' 16 67 . ' 83138
126 • 20 00 -80;00
130 ' 28 OS - , 76 92
135 25 9$ '1 74'07
140 23 68 ' 71 42
146 81 04 , 68, 95
160 : . - 83 84 ' 66 65
166 8649 '6461
160 87 60 - 62 60
166 89 40 • 60 60
170 ) 41 IS 6.8 82
`17642 86 67 14
180 44 46 t
05 65
186 46 96
190 47 87 • 62 66
196 • 48 72 51 28 •
200 60 00 ' ..60 00
A ' , Lam Mai" TSIIMSD Ur.--4. good eta.
ry - is told of Dr. Wilbur, a member of the
Aloud of Enrolment in - the Third District. 'A
drafted man presented ?unseat for ei l aminal
Lion who wee so deaf that it tennis' 'ea the
utmost power of the Doctor's luny to Mein
him hear. The doctor stooped down — and
contemned I critical examination' of, one- of
the drafted nuta's renklutint, In 's low
tone,,"that is sufficient to eiempt 'any man:"
“431 to heir you say so'," Said the diorama,
who had- suddenly recovered hie heeling;
"What did you say wee the , trouble with my
knee, Dr. Wilbur ?"
Ash II perfectly sound end
the doctor; "I was only o:wedelns yaps..
ears." - •
The sea paid his three hundred j dollars,
said was onstept. It war afterrarde disavo
wed that be was the 'sadist Bop/Mein In
his township, the Wei stun .ie all flee party
morsteents,Wad glamorous for the war to go
on Wail slavery should U. entirely 'Voted out,
if it took seamy au and wog dollar., •
Ur. IL B. lirewn, editor of the Clarion
Ihistrai,had the pleasure of dratrins a ticket
in 014 Abel lottnry, lately hold in ut 410-,
mot.says; !'Webegin to y °outlast
oureeif guile a vel,ersa4harios been, within
two yisro, twice in the itililary eon*, Woe
hoaor i ably sliedisrsed aiid Woe drafted.'"
E. 11. Chase, Esq.. of *ituarille, annoutt—
esshimself as s candidate 'fie Laiilslature. 1
A r il - opij untky 'pp I,4l:esttiont in 144
estate off Nr.. L: 10inson 61
Watts . • *e•-• —. ' 1
*sine %. an B laa' efflam is not
!walled-4y iNher 'tPt.Fasiiilies or ps4'
tiettitlfflinti bribes* on reasonable terms.
•- Mr. IL B.'ffunter nfferathis highest msrket
rttoislcii wool. Persoie,A•allast with him
will Ida hiin caterer and, honorable men.
Seinotboard ot Pairtielf Wert TIMID ,
of $25 for the tionvietioni.ot asp person will
fully damaging any of - tic sekool houses in
that township.
. During the eight months ending December
81st, 1863, the number, Of passengers who
bought tickets at * CorYy tp Tido upon the A. St
G. W. railroad was 10.231.'
At Marquette, on the Bth inst., a train of
twenty-nine cats;'each Idaded with seven tons
of iron, broke loose on a steep - grade and
plunged out of - sight in thelake.`
The Gqefie furnishes,- its readers with the
gratifyingintelligence that ."the war is lino
,greasing towards successful termination."
It has told -them the - note' thing every week,
for the last three yearn.l
- Thu Sabbath sehoolsleonnected with Park
(Presbyterian)' and St. Paul's (Episcopal)
churches have both declined to
i participate in
the Union Sabbath School Celebration on the
Fourth of July. '
. , .
We direct special attention to'the card of
Dr. P. Faulkner, in another column. He le
one of our oldest and ,'beet physicians, and
stands deservedlt high , hi the estimation of
the public.
Job was undonbtedly:a very patient man—
s perfect model-of• fortitude—litit he a
undertook to , edit ' paper, and have some -,
person dropping in do interrupt him every
die or ten minutes. If he had, we fear that
we should never have bad an account of his
Ire item; of notoo4iiiiierkwhatevei
city towards celebratiiig:the Fourth of July,
with 'the exception. , of the, union Sunday
school pio.nlo. It is a Shaine that our citizens
shoe `d allow the annillersary of that ever-to
be honored event—the signing of the Dealer. :
ation—to pass by withent *general and appro.
priste demoristration
' The Crawford Denstierat says that out of the
Ave or six hundred men drafted in that cm
ty recently "not a Bakery one" has mattifie
ted a willingness to eater the army. We pre
some there- were no "loyal" men among the
number—they certainly would not hesitate to
obey their "oonntry'sj call I"
The Little Girls' Fair, on Monday evening,
taking all thingeinto: consideration, was 'the
greatest mous in sj charitable line, that we
have ever had in Erie. The large sum 'of
$660 was obtained, arhioh is Ao be sent to the
Christian 'Commission, for the benefit - . of the
soldiers. Much 'praise is to be awarded to all
eonorrned. •
wee Elde r Whalion in Watteburg recently
and delivered himself of another, furious tirade
from the pulpit against "Copperheads." It IN,
difficult to understand the persevering simmer
in which this political parson continues to
.drigrese his profeseina, and insult the, people
who ars obliged to listen to him. We can only
account for. it on the supposition that he is
not in his right mind.
The proposed iceprovement of the Ppst Ufa
floe building in this city, we learn from the
Gaulle; hea been indefinitely postponed, by
the opposition of Prretary Chase, who objee.
ted to the expense at this time: The people
will hail with delight the information jthat the
fat Secretary has Ot length got a @freak of
economy, if it is it so small a matter, as the
improvement of our Post Office.
Godey's ady's Book foy July has bean re
ceived. The engraving is a very spirited anti
handsome one of "Yankee Doodle," which
will please everybOdy. Besides the rich fade
ion plates, in whiSh Oodey bas no equal, the
. book contains a latis amount of reading mat
tei of; the sort that the• ladies generally most
atiaire. JWe shoullYjadge it' an indispensable
article to any family that wants to be "up
with the times." :
Re learn froulthe Detroit Free Press, of
Saturday, that Captain Wud, • leading An
publican, and proprietor of the Abolition
newspaper is tha4.eityr, well known all, along
the Lakes, has been convicted of defrauding
the Government, and 'judgment of $22,541 98
obtained againstikint. The suit was brought
by the United States. The whole amount of
money fraudulently obtained; is stated by the
Ave Prom at $46e000.
• La the editorial department of the Daily
Dispatch Dir.'LYUn is assisted by ~ Mr. E. L.
Clark, late of Cohoes, N. Y., s young man,
but an experienced and talented writer. The
politiisiviews of the Dispatch of course We
cannot endorse, but it is only the simple jtm
lice to . say, that for vigor, enterprise and
'neatness few papers in communities of - peen
larger size than Erie excel it. We regret to
learn that its patronage. ls not thne far pro•
portionate to its merits.
, •
Oa our outside page will be found the con
cluding article Of the series uponl "The Re
publioan Party," which have appeared in oar
columns st Intervals for • the last Ow months.
We think It will be admitted by all wholave
raid them, whether they agree with the views
presented or not, that' these communications
have displayed i rare order of ability, . peculiar
polish as literary productions, and,argumen
tative powers of unsurpassed skill. The
writer is a yoing resident of this city, and
we predict that. he will •yet attain- a distin
guished position in the literary world.
•The correspondent of the Girard, Union, in
this city, writing of the Baltimore Conveatien,
lets the publie into a secret which is worthy
of repetition :
"To Senator Lowry is largely due the sound
ness of the antislavery plank of our platform.
He was the 'Pennsylvania member of the
Committee, end Messrs. Raymond.and Lowry
were specialirseleated•in Committee to , draft
the resolutions. One took the Monroe doc
trine, Pacific Railroad, &0., and the ether
-took the nigger,' as Raymond expressed it.
tt is very , clear to my mind which 'took the
nigger. •
The writer;intenUs, undoubtedly, that this
!halt be reisrded as a compliment , to the man
who "took the nigger," but hoir the
"nigger" f eel on the subject ?
We have; been favored by visit. frost Mr.
L P. Williams,
of Fredonia, N. Y. agent for
the introdeoilen of Ellsworth's ;System of
Pennisnadil new series that has ithiady
commasded the' approbation of isms of the
best tescheri is the country. , The test-boak
used in connection with this system is the
finest work of the kind we • have ever seen,
and we are well satisfied tkat *Leaman who
has owes asainhted it, would do without
The copy books Appetir to be superior to all
fernier styles, And, on the whole, we think the
distsid that; adopts lillsworth's system win
lot RIPS the set afterwards. Mr. Williams
Will Warn elms, when he will visit our school
diem and mike an effort to have his * boas
latiodimeti into , thi schools of this city" sad
Arsuniiikamsppmeilmsiligilks44 -
ty that she Adana h, . dieit - Wisieri isprosd
company have secured the charter for a branch
railroad from a point. near Waterford to this
Illoily, and jptand Fs g it completed before
4 ,
t with 810 41. - this be the fact, our
_ 1* *our' lend i giberal encouragement
to ,he Ireclant.• ' advantages that would
aokrne m 011111ving alainterprising 4 company
as the ttlamiielk Great Western interested in
our harbor eawbe appreciated by the commu
nity better than we can describe them.
We notice that Col. A. J. Herr, of Harris
!intgtis urged for congress from the Dauphin:
digest, of thli Stile, now represented by' ;
Gen. 111lief.' • IFeleal want to sso n Repub.
liesn from that or any other dletriit in the
next; Congress, but if the fain should have it
otherwise, we don't knoir of any man we
would as leave see in the' position. as Col.
Herr. He was a triad to ni whs* we 11001114
friends, i4dwe intend to us the day that he
shall be relpaid with interest, , ,
1 ,
We caution the publio against purchasi g
books rirporting to be histories of the war,
the aro* for wititih are traversing. the conn•
try in ejtiry direction. No reliable history' of
any great event one be written at the period
when it is transpiring, foi let the writer en
deavor to be as free from prejudice as possible,
he cannot fall - to be tinctured, to • large de
gree, by the passions of the times. A ttuthfill
history of this war cannot be written before at
least ten years after it hasanded.
Ws regret to notice in the list of Federatpri
goners sent to Charleston by the rsbelti the
name of Col. U. L. Brown, of •this oily. ' The
rebels claim that the bombardment of Charles
ton as now being conducted by. den. Poster is
contrary to the rules of drilled 'uteri!, and
hare placed these prisoners in Inch a position
in the city that they will be subject to the.
same beconvealeaties sad dangers as Om la
habitants. '
The Girard Stift, says, "a man named Max.:
well, for several years past a resident of
Wellsburg, and in the employ of J. B. Wells,
recently mode a sodden exit from that place
after forging notes on his employer to x con
siderable amount. As a further proof of his
character, we might mention that he his besis
supporting two wives for a few yearS, past."
Perhaps Brigham Young could give informs.
Lion of his whereabouts.
Mr. N. Stafford, of Summit. township„hu a
curiosity in his garden which has canied con
siderable attention in the vicinity. It Is a
white eau growing out of the brim* of an
apple tree. The rose is about two inches in
diameter, and Is as *feet as if it * grown
upon its natural stem.
]toady -last was the longest day of the
year. The sun rose at four o'clock and thirty.
four - mrscatos and set at seven. o'clock sad
twenty-six minute,, making the dad fourteen
hours and fifty-two imitate, in. length. The
shortest day will be the twenty-iiro of De
cember next. .
Gen. W. B. Franklin, whom the delegates
froM this county were instructed to support
for Governor last yser, Is in Boskin an sick
fern, to recruit hisitsalth, as he is sell suf.
feting from the wound received in the Red
River expedition. 4"
The oats and ghss crops in thin vicinity
have bean so much damaged by the protracted
drangth that they are not expected to furnish
more than half_the Ohms yield: Vnleas rain
falls soon, we far that all the crops will be
ruined. •
The editor of the Lswflburg digits (Demo
erstlo) having been drafted, the ladies of the .
town raised • collection to help b e im pay hi e
and- presented hire with the
handsonui sum of $212.
Persons wanting buildings reillaied are di
rected to the advertisement of E. C. Godfrey
1 Co., of Girard. They fieve hid long ex
piator* in the business, and wiriest their
Torii lAA terms to be sidisfictorY. _
The short poem on our- first pep, entitled
siA Prsyer tor Pace," is one of the sweetest
ars bait ever reed. It should Is set to music
sad sag in every family, church sad school
la ibe lsad.
Robinson & Howe'. circus will visit this
city on Thnzsday nest, the 80th Inst. Our
ezeitawiee,in plum where it Ku exhibited,
.peat of it al a good show.
A tract of ground, - Eileen ecru in extent,
:mar l Fairview, has been putwhaled by an
ineorporated.Umpany, and is to!be laid out u
a cemetery. ,
A to of $l,BOO has been levied in Waterford
to ibtain volunteers in, antioiPatton of the
next draft. time of pesos prepare for
war." . '
Never, perhaps, were ohildren dearer to
their parents thaa at present, daring the ex
isting prioes of clothing and food.
We are informed that Geo. W . .,DeCamp,Esq.,
intends being a eandidatef or the Opposition
nomination for the State Smits. "
A mond national bask is to:be witablished
in this 'city- by W. C. Carry it Co., with a
capital of ;200,000.
The retail price of coal in :this istaritet
*now 'seven and a half dollars per ton. ,
go the use loy Geo. W. Ganaison, Captila
at Lammas coasta s Pam's.
Solas'o ativertispinto.
Panzetas MID etneelelit. respeattay
aneosteee ha the *Olio that be will stead to ait-ra.
sponnble H. for Ida amteek withdn *lady voila of the
city, lt medals daylight.
• Wool"- Wool 1
bo paid to V. S. Oriontosks lb: "sod, stout imam!
Ladled wool. Nov 1. tits Woo to pt
i ott toasty took. S. e. BUMS.
611 t.
i tcPerwits Wanting Mil
" ings itanevaL
aE UNDERSIGNED . o ff er their sen
tees to the paws es amen or
Ws see of the best itsehlaes ler the wawa swat tette
tweed. sad barite had loft ozgatisaee to the butane,
fad amides! of gitistasitiOss, kW' alt raw
Beildistre Mina and =Rea to sky desired totality VOA
speed sad takt,t. Z. O. WWl= a CO.,
thstd. , pa.
Osatisets take. ia so pert of Zzle toOottatl ga i t,' the
edged Crawford Sr the edge olOhle. jeltbato
Real /Wats for Bale.
for *Oda derma haadzed aerie of
Laudw4 to ICri• *peaty, to Thick be directs tbs stiestloa of
an to tame la Neal 'Estate. t laelacles
bothbapresed sod wild Mails. Obe tabst I i especially
last s ? awl Inn be oat up to adtpeenisseera A demo
Itor lasettus V offered. /Adria
ir• L 11011111110 X, Watialburg. Pa.
IRMISITFIC EOM 11110111010. •
sialittigood logs tom to Sitars kis old moto
rists sod tho patio possogy,aorA ouky M head
Tax ozamtoP OF 8. PRIG
OX USN= aux"
oar ttio 01604 shows nob to 4. latanlag vs RitOtt
sotto sad la expert miaow. 'To my aidpatron%
Oho blow olost loy shoot's is, I owl soy sotkbig. to
stkos 1 WOW
ar ot lletkoat rism % r illOOD at toosoaablo
Thaw Tim% Co& I NoUtit shato
$5 Reward.,
QTRATID OR STOLEN from the sub.
‘,7 witibir, se INN% of lbw 1501616 rear raw 014
iloW L _Nliwllol re / , with • UM, Indio Nok
tr. TM Om rifinwi ant ip•ls ass mow TN
will NM= limry itystakei ills 4 win 11•4 lAcw
Robinson ,& Howell
rill A M PION C 11
The Largest and Best in t
with - 114.
On ether ilsssispbenrt Tho ltnst IV(
Prettiest Faulk Porf,rmers !
titedieas l More Buries, rqllllll she
concern ever orptitse4
Mostillod with theVeet—The eels
sAsr BOY, who look prettier sae
Wit midi*. The.enle DOCIRLK s
sonntry, It& 9 tiitettilAtiT it
PERTORMER3 than wets 'met sr'
In addition to the above special
pl to ennotusee the subjoined:
BOIWIAC and cmut. to great
inie s .diseing the Donble Ti
Fiddlers sad the emir t , at
Condom W. H. LICSTM
VW, Sag ft IbTICHART, J. Bt.
/RANK 1 . ROW eq)
resat. ettl be led by
The harem of the hoar
baited Meths,
Among the trained etas&
attention, is the jet black
mad champion white war
ride • dllterent act at $llOll
Wen VW travel by milt ,
by the Yanamtraent loi
interior of the Pavillor
appearance, with the
Ts poetry.
WLU tayariably be
112. whoa the publ.
and besting PIK
BAND. Ibe Chem)
Z2Z, lir
Doors open
Cleveland and Erie It'
after Mon ti df, Junel3th,
Oil and
to .11/3Olin
Uowa, zr - DO , Der MIDI
9 43 A. M Day Express, stops at 'Wills
- - TULIN Madison, Genera, Aabtabals,
Girard, arrives at Erie at 1 19 P. 11 '
8 20 P. M., Cincinnati Exprets, stop. at
AshtabaLs and Girard, arrive' at Erie at
50 P. it., Mall and ,Accotoznodation Train,,
stataona, and 6 / 1 47911 at Erie at 11 00 P.
II 10 P.• IL 'Night, Salinas Train Ropy at
Aalitabula andAirard„ only, and arrii
12 42 P. 51.
1 25 A. Y. Night ExpreasTrain steps at Gli
bola and Painesville only, an ameer
6 00.1. .M.
8 00 A. Y, Mail and Aceommoiiatton
all the stations and arrives at Cleve.
A. M.
10 00 A. M., Toledo Express, stopping at ad it
apt Swaurills, 'Saybrook, Unionville. Pt
for and Wickliffe, sari* at Cleveland 1
2 40 Day grpreaa, stops at Girard, Conneaut.
and Painesville, arrives, at Cleveland at
AU the through trains going Wei:nal-4
Cleveland with trains for Telado, ~ I;
einnati, Indianapolis, he. ke. i
111 the through traits, going Eattxarl.:unte:
kirk with the train' of the N. Y A i ,t Rs. ra
Beige with the Y. Y. Central an I 13 u,ralo tz. V
taiir!mels, for Sew York, Albany, tto.ton
Administrator's Notic e
LETTERS of Administration
been granted to the undersigned, rs •
%Alen Cotter. deed . late of sarborcre•k 17
eonsty Pa.; Maffei la hereby given to a:I ks
IMAM indebted to the sald estate to rare
payment, and those haring claims 'genus tzi
present there, properly authenticated. for fir.
Jell E. 3 COI!
'934-60' Ada;
Ihrbortreet, Jag+ 1
Mih[nibe city limits, atuttile for :al
— Mated modistaly. Address BOX &4
These Ilier.hLusa make the look•atitoh atki
aides, and us Less than half the thread La!,
Biagio or double thread loop. stitch Illahiat
End, Tell, Gather, Cord, Braid, ar.;
adapted thee sop other Suing Machin* to
Welton cheapn and great misty of 'awl
Wally, for they erUl sew from ohs to tf
ea of Itaroettlee without stopping, Lad o'
plaint, or from the finest pox* to the
sloth, or area nit' stoutest hornets h
oborortng the food, noodle or tendon, or t
jnotatoot of Ilaohtno whatever 1 11
nay tern simple in construction and of
Ng if any part is broken by accident, It
Then an nortaAa •sore. Mid If LI go
the nobs of May Intelligent buyer.
Plasma Call sad Examine or tend for Cirra•
N.B.—Load is wanted in whose not
Ont. Addreits,
seph'634y. No. 423 - BRO W AY,
as - azo IX PaILAD)
.1111 lltnol, vas 00MITUTIOS AND Tit
width advoostee the principles and po:'
trade party, is lamed emery morning. (i
sad eouWas th. LA TM TIILMATi
of th. world ; with carefully svpAre
arum; Politics, Trade, Finances, et
total coanneate on the goestiens etic
Market Reports, Prices Current, Stork
Aso Intallisese% lteports of Public Get
and Demotic Correpondence. Level Psi
Ciltiedsl a Revlows Literature, Art
cultural tten, discrusdons of wt
of general interest aid lorporteare.
is a coathisto ootopadittin of the Neel
sontathe the chief editorials, the priers
kit rigor* stock qaotations,
MO UMW published in the DAILT Aei
LIM • {real variety sleeker wetter, •
• ant class fatuity journal, F. r i rolitteiaa. the klershint, the
le, the Literary taw and all clams ei
In Ilect, 'swap characteristic of s
fitted for the Counting House, the Wo:
wort rind& and the Gagers t Helder
01111 Year by Katy-13,00 One Ye.
Ell Youths ... ... .... 4,00 'SI: Mont
Three Months, tee Three Ma
For soy period tem than Clubs of ZA
three month; 44 the rate
of fleestity.Ttle Ceuta per Witt, es olv ,
month. • fur gotta,:
A71M1T1.10711119 Drflit'trati IN AD , -
etjrf the Daily and Wr. te
031 application.
Theibllahers Or fl. e no
Mall "RA - t . Unsought et'
Was of the pram thiongh,”
pro* that It should stand tv:
PIA/ await/tea, well know n
Ulm it has so Aired this rep
totstmestases and dadependenee with vc
amsdutted,threngh times of extreor , t
WOW oh palls 'abject; mid istier4
04 plane trial. It is now, and Ina
t u g ir r ut =
&D efray national
io orinni4
e the malutintaaos of good gorernwer t
TharPubUthelsof 'he Arrieonceire thet .
peentilar senkes and has peculiar tit , ' . . c ,"‘
whom its principles are rained, sod
mem, look to promote and war*
restoratioa of the Union. 't'h'ese col
Mass Of 1111 untiring efforts of the c.3r 04 , - ,
of this great sad unpanilleled ow, br
this piper in all itsilsbneioree tr?t,'"7.rdlo
No. 430 Chfnto lq.'"
THE Subscriber has reraor 6l ;
of Greeerim the 'Madero+, pi
Depot to the room line brick b:oci:e
wags of PoJrtle„ where be will 14
61 • 0111 and cashmere and till Mgrowf o q
t. j or
of Groceries lu;
t i stook d at the lowest r i
tes togsnd
nsiscent m o ,
st o
tovitoe 'all in need of enltid g i