The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 18, 1864, Image 1

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"UM= IS UN "OSISSTIVI. Bonacm,•_avosimaimvi
°proem too Port Otncii.
ADTERTISNNENTS.--Oue Sonar. of Ten linos one in.
section 7,5 Cents ; two insertions 111,00.; three ismer.
clone *1,26; one month $1,50 ; two months 111,10; !
three months $3,00: six monthilfs.oo; one year VI 00;
other advertisements in proportion. Three rated
will be strictly adhered to, unless changed by special , • -
sontmet, or at the option of the publisher.. Anal ,
tor. Noticed, /Um.; Divorces and like advertise !
mint, $1,60 ; ldmintstratoes -Notts .@ $2,110; Lowell
Notices Trri cents a line; Ilaniage Notices TWBITY.
RR ants a plies; Obituary Notiori(over three lines ;
in extent) Mr* cents par line. Original poetry, uu. '
ler written at the request of the editor, one de liar
per line. All advertisements will be continued at
the expos,/ of the person, advertising, until ordered
ant by his direction, u nless • specified period is
agreed upon for its insertion.
rEfSCRIPTiONT TWO DOLLARS per annum la ad.
JOB PRINTING.—We hare ens or the but Jobbing'
.dicer in the State, and are ready to do ■nt sort la
that line that may he intruated to am, In equal style
to any estatillsherset outalde of the largest cities.
WIIIIILIN k BRACH?, Publishers.
tri A'r the variety of now style Bed
,t,adg, 4 Gothic, Cottage, Congress, Round Core
col, Camp rota, Jenny Lind sod other patterns, onth
, ri ,Lt,flP and 'trait ftont,hendaogoely s t ow e d
r iteu , ron, itreakfaat, Centre and other Table;
iruatooto, Quaker Staude, Carpet and Itarmak Lotinitne,
;WA Pt•dS, !Lair end Sea Grass Mattresses, Feather Reda
. „,l'itolitters with other nousehold furniture, tort, sll
,„ n ofictnred from well awaanned lumber end healthy
.00teriole, by et perl-nced workmen and not by approntkw
irdr. fur style, quality and low prime I will tlefy vv.
,o-o-priee deolers to undersell me. Feathers bettirlifilurd
cane seas, Parlor, Redinom, Reocldoc &min&
s at , and otter Chairs, of Eastern and Western =MI`
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.ny other part of the chat r, where others made
a .4 o.dd ore only ns,tled, and by po 171111L:lidarable. Wood
it oe si n c, sewing and Nurse, are chairs of hard
moots clinched through the seat and slued. MIN
ratted to etAnti. Handsomely painted, and can't be bee.
ten h.. rolor - iotzthi,price and finish. Spring Reds. 1 have
P. 13 (qt. - 10 and Lave the higheat testimonials with a
rot of pores of all goods sent oa applhation. Iraihing
. ad shipping fres.
Atter tore expenence and contending nth cm
p;turipeleti two price dealers, I am determined to tell
one price to all, give worth for your pay, Sod it Justine
to ell who ititle with ue.
lumber, Lath, Snore', Live Sleek, Crudeand Refine
Oil, Store Pay, Produce &c, taken at fair market valued
tit per Iteurenshkx the r iaLu, nest corner of nth street
n ••‘. tote, Floe, Ps.f; 17. ELLSF.Y
- Manufacer and Commiren Salesman. I
Comer of the Park ir French Strut,
Would rkspectfally call the attention of the community
to hialarze Stock of
Which he in deniroaa to *al at th•
awlortmeot of
• - FISH, &C.,
i. not aurroutud in the city,ae hi u prepared to pro?. to
AI .ho give tam a cal!.
re gig., Levi, cooAtantly nu boat • caportor lot of
the It holesa'a MAP, to which he diteete the attention
the publiz
t. cants I I. Nock 1 4 a1e% Small Profits and • tall
pt - rvelt the Motley.' aprllll.3tt.
n I R , Apa2tra ly inform tho rnblie that las has armed
. a Store in
No. 2 Hughes' Block, Erie,
e he #lllalsea! r keep on Land a largo supply of
%%1.41 , 4, LlQuoits, cluAtt.,,,
t ILIJZ is ALI establishment of
•erne as rrn,nnable ss any ntLcr store la ilia
1%. ;aula'Sitf
u,letrd.turd hare 0t1 , 4 a new arocory Store, on
Where tlary intend keeping a tall supply ni
ROCE: Itlt is
i ; 110112•10Ki!l,
ever)thinir ulanvily lin 11.anvl to am sitablishamest
We are detorealned to otter lUI good induruisaarta asatay—
n. r dealers !litho city, and inriie the public to call,
an,:ent that we can p, firs entire satisfaction.
r A. k U dR.
II E Sultscrib‹.r would respect
viv thford h'S frieuds aid customers It /
he is .hll at hin r \._
lc3 Washington Fhb Market, New If est,
A th.l to prepared to furnish
with the test
market affords, at Wholesale and. Retail, at short
.•1:4, and at t o LOWII,T Livia° Pagan.
rr Alldo Orders from the Country Promptly
ttond. to. •
B —Oysters and Clams Prekled to Order.
`;•., York, Jane 20, 1863.-Iy. 11. C41711Y.
U. S. 10-4.0 LOAN:
DF.PO-(TORY OT TAB U. B.—lhis Bank hereby
L 1 ,111 1 ,1 n that it_ce prepared to receive subectiptlow on
aunt of [toiled Rees Bonds, authorized by tba act of
17th 3, 1861, boariog date March 1,1864, redeemable at
e r:ovure of the Government after 10 yeti.", and pap
.40 ,aaacalcoan data, having interest at eve per emit
~ ,uanyable In own annually, on Bonds not over
10, and aemt.onnualle on all other Bonds.
tuoscrib:rs wLil receive, either Registered or Coupon
,ds, u they may prefer. It Is expected that Coupon
nds will be ready to , denier . / about the Ith of April.
•uttei Were will be required to pay, to addition to the
uet of the principal of the Ilona in Lariat money,
1nt...., 1 cot.", Inc In United States Notes,
'iolta of National Bauka adding fifty per tient. for
m. m, until further,) from lb° let (ley of Marsh
t 1 the '. r f euhe-ription.
tease .• d Ronde nil be ifsa •,1 of the denominations
o ft Ka, $5.04, /1.030., si 3 Oaos,flo,ooos ; and Con
fl,rn 4 ot the f:ennirltriclor.s and
Stab n rity of the gei.reary of the Trtunry.
e x i ttl. PA:0 7 011D. Caehier.
ler in Boots & Shoes'!
, CLD take' thiq method of return
ir,z, t his fiends ;Lai the blkt
rin r their lit , eral petrol:rag r e heretofore pud
.nd hope. to hue a continuation of the same.
p'essure to inform the public that f am still eel-
ant • Lute - Clasper,
ant il , dtta to VI a grace, and I am still making the
t iatlities of Gaols' Bonta ard , hoep, for which I em
s elle I,lthe 13F. 4 1' of WGRESICN.nudsr th• &Viz.!
•Idtar• of O. idinv:rt_
;s.finz ohtaiard al cootie to use the
Plumer Patent Last, •
r reptre4 to make the Plumer Patent Boots
~ .hoes to s manner, not to be aorta - hod in Style and
1 Illta , p kelp no hand a Weetion of the but
taorh ar d AmPrtaut Caland Kips.
Iterattlng attended In. • surl2'6atf.
delphia, Sr, Erie R. R. .
' 4l /111MMINN
( line trairerees tlie Nortl;vrri and '4orthweet
Its orPentmylmtis to the city of Fria. on
It has been leaarei by the Peamploctia RAU
;arty, andiaider Their al:Apices la rapidly being
Utroutlattot ito stain, length,
orry to mo t ter Peeeenger acid Freight billiD.llo
larrtatmrc to Rt. three, (216 railer) en the Kaste'
fmm ShefllPld to Krio, (14 mars) on the
nil It/nth:tn.
Ttyll op PAIMPINtIeR ?aura AT cce.
nm Leases 3 ai r r
"' 1.earee............ • 114 50 a. r.
rain Arne. .... r.
mzuetwa re‘pectlng l'Aeserizfir but iniess apply
ealluer 1 Ith and Market A. Ind for Trelibt
nt ace Com piILUTS
K- 14 CM1?l, JR., corner lath and StaOrstAiie•eti,
• Rrr , ;(11,0A, rrie.
' D RILL agaza R. C. R. R., lialtina,re
H. FRAJATOM, General Yreight Ageot,
: Wial.. EMT:Pr, C4aerat Titter Arent, rhtlate,
3.1) PPt r 4 ..3easorxt nncgor,.
. ourlefoll.
e 11.% mined Trait, hake, PePig Mat ;
At milli-La. MIR ilvasl2B.
A Farewell Ode ie M 7 ion,. Aged Three
Years and FivejFertha.
Thou tapiy.'happy elf 1
' (Sot atofr•—hrst Lit me Wm away that tear
?bow Oar Wig* 4ofispie)f. I I
(My kg% brm poem iota Ids fat I)
T httlaWnierlaneling Wit. I I .
With lOWA feather light;
tfatortehert by morrow sad aaeoltad by 4i.—
(Good laaeaau f tit* ohtld Im erralloWleir a pie
Thou Ilttis tri I ckasy Pack I .
With antis tops as filially beatnik, 1 ' .. .
lAght as the singing bkit that wlagi tbsair—
(The door I the doer! hell iambi* down tie stslr I)
Thou darliss of thy sirs I ,
(Why, tins. hen set hie pinafore op In 1) ,
Thou fail of Writ and Joy I
In loves dose sheds so strong sai l bsight a fink
Thoa idol of thy panints—(brae *simy I
Thies pas any bag I)
Thou cherub—bet of earth ;
Fit plaphillaw tot Fay; by mesa/Jot pale,
to hareems !port sad mirth,
(that dog will bits hi* it ha palls his tall it -
Thra hums heary-bes, extrietiar honey
From sway blowout la the 'arid that Wm,
131agieg in youth's eltidula "Tar ansli/
( Another amble I—that's his lamina nose I)
Thy father's pride and hope I I
(He'd breathe mirror with that sitiProg reps !)
With pate heart newly stumped bolo Suitors's oda—,
(Thee did he learwto wyalatt)
Thou Inanities estis dee*
(Hell base that Jug (Wart% another shove I),
Dear nursling of the hymnist neat I
• (An those torn sloth's his hest n•
Litho apnoeas ot masa I • i
(Hell&lobo epos tha tables , that's hie plea fl
Toeclisd with the hogateoss tints of distant( Mo—
(Hs's got a knife I)
Then abatable thing I 1
No stoma, no ohm& la thy clog sky Ihrassaing I
Play on, play on,
Sly atta John I
Ton lb* light ball —tastilda the atieh. i
(I knewtaa assay ethos would soaks hint reek I
Withjanotee buoyant a the tidal!' down"
Prompting the Was grotesque and antic brisk,
With :many a laatbAlks frith,
' (Be. got the Nissen. nipple( at jolt gown !)
Thou grotty opening roil
(Go to Poor mother, thlld, aid wipe. parr nose I)
Balmy and kniethingantsis like the Beath,
(ile really brims my heart lute sty mo+tk !)
Fresh at the cum, and brtiriant u its 4tar— '
(I with that window had an boa bar
Bold ea the kopek, yet gentle se the dors—
(t tell yon what, my Wil t
I cannot writs salon he's sent thorn)
Verrespesilleace batman! Jeff.
Prom th?. Petersburg I.sprns, Way 2$ 104.]
Stars of 2101211 C11t0147/4, Euc. Dart.
Ilasuog, Doesmbir 80. 1863.
To His'Excetlencie Prudent Da*:
My Din Sta—After a careful consider
of all the sources of discontent in
North Carolina I have conclnded that it
will be impossible to remove it, except by
making. some effort at negotiation with
the enemy. The recent action ;of the Fed•
eral House of Representatives, though
meaning very little, has greatly excited
the public hope that . the Northern mind.
is looking toward peace. I cis premised
by all men who advocate this course
. that
if fair terms are rejected it willtend great
ly to strengthen and intensify the war
feeling, and will rally all classes to a more
cordial support of the Governtient. And,
although our position is welt; known as
demanding only to be let alone, yet it
seems to me that for the rake i of human
ity, without having any weak or improper.
motive* attributed to us we might, with
propriety, constantly tender negotiations: In
doing so we - would keep conspicuously
before' the world a disclaimer :of • our re
sponsibility for the great slaughter of our
race, and convince the humblest of our
citisens—who sometimes forget Mir actual
situation—that the Government is tender
of their lives and happiness t land would
not prolong their sufferings ahnecoassrily
one moment. Though statesmen might
regard this as useless, the people will not,
and I think our cause 'blight Mt strength
ened thereby. I have not suggested 'the
method 'of these riegatiatinni or their
terms. The effort .- to'obtain peace is the
principal matter. _ . •
- Allow me tobeg your earn' est'oonsideram
tontion of this suggestion. '
Very reapec - trail; Yours.
Z,13, Votes.
Dias Sia—l have received your letter
of the 30th ult., containing suggestions of
the measures to be adopted for The pur
pose of renioving the " source of dirion
tent" in ' North Carolina. The contents
of the letter are substantially the lame as
those of the letter addressed by you to
Senator Dortch, extracts of which were
by him read to me. I reinarked to
Dortch that you were probably not aware
of the obstacles to the course you indica
ted, and, without expressing an opinion
on the merits of the proposed policy, I
desired him, in answering your letter, to
write suggestions as to the, method of
opening negotiation!, and as to the terms
which you thought should be offered to
the enemy. I felt persuaded you weold
appreciate the difficulties as some; your
attention was called to the nec!ssity of
considering the subject in detail., Awn
have made , no suggestions touching the
manner of overcoming the obstaeles,;l
fer .that you were not apprised by
Dona of my remarks to him. , •
Apart from insuperable objeetions to
thb of policy you• propeice - taind to
which I will presently -ad vert)-T !I , ll:ittot
see bow the more' material obsticles are
to, be surmounted. We have made tFrew
distinct efforts to communicate with the
authorities at Washington, and have been
invariably unsuccessful. Commissioners
were sent before hostilities were begun;
and the Washington . ern men t 'refused
to receive them or bear what they haci to
say. A second time I sent a military offi
cer with a cointaunication addressed
myself to President Lincoln. The letter.
was reoeived by General Scott, who did
not permit the officer to see Mr. Lincoln,
hut promised that an answer, Would be
sent. do answer has ever been received.
The third time, a few tnctnis sgq. aien-tlentan was *stt whose poiitku, chaise
ter and teputakion wore inicit - et_to insure
tits reception,. if the enemy were not „de r
tennined to receive no proposals .whatever
l-froni the gorerntnont. vine Provident
♦L sad elm.
/111. zar,,,v,
Illsartni s, • 1
ammo. Jaavary 4, 0rn011 164. $
ti ..
I \ " • ... . .
'''4.:,..i.;110, ". ..;ri",!.:3- - 1 , . " , f. f,.. --- .X1C1Vr. , 011 4 = 1 .9:z.%'. 7 .. - .. --•- • ,-- ,-;^-•
• ' .
.•• • :,
. .
.... -
t‘ ~...- • , ••• L . ,
__ :
• -.r i -
c r
,_. ...mi...., .
~' 4II
‘ '.. - - .
I , •tc . el , i r . i ef: -. _•: . ' •
. : :-....:•,-,----- '''....•;= ir-i? == - 1.1. - f •.:.•
I «.77
Stiobens modes Patrietiettiiiiilf*air
services, in ;the hops of being' at/olb)
mote the - Cause of brunanity, V
thottgh tittle tenet WAI entreteined ; QE,
sumps., I cheikelly yielded to kb l U UN.
Um; that the experiment should be triad,
The enemy refused folet him pricithAMA
their line; or to hbld aey;ortiforMissi
him. was stopped befogs.) ha em
rewired' rietieui r lifousiiie on his way to
lionis!rinatOo. attempt . again (in the
face of these repeated rejectioss of elieon•
far+ with us) to senstoommissiouers or
agents to propose peso% is folaidgeriaindt
sad Contumely, and subject eerselyei
to ibdignity without the slightest thine,
of being listened to.
NO true amen, no aim who bar our
goseau at heart ran' desire this, ion ; the
people of North Carolina wonld be
the let to approve of suob an attempt, if
swans of all the ficta. , SO`failroin remov
ing sources of diametral, such & course
would rewire, as it would merit, the con
demeation of those true patriots who hive
given their blood and their treasure to
maintain the freedom, equality. and Inds
postdates which descended to thent from
the immortal heroes of King's Mountain.
If, - then, these proposals -cannot be made
thrmigh envoys, because the enemy could
not receive them, how is it . possible to
communicate - our desire for peat* other
wise than by, the public semencentents
contitined in almost every message I e'er
sent tO Congnssa 2;
I cannot serail at this time one instance I
in which I have failed to announce that !
our only desire was peace, and the only
terzni which formed a silts pia nos wire
precisely those that, you suggested, name-'
ly, l'i demand only to be let alone." But
suppose it were practicable to obtain a I
conference through rammissieners with
the Orarerninent of President Lincoln, is
it at this moment that we are to consider
it desirable or even admissible? ' Have we ,
not just been apprised by that derpst that
Ire cin oelyezpect his gracious pardon by '
Stmeseipeting ell enzrehtver; swearing all*.
giance avalehediraeiltiiiinfand his pro- :
clamition, and becoming in Point of feet
the sieves of our own negroes f Can there
be in North Carolina one citizen to.fallen
beneath the dignity of his ancestors as to ,
accept or enter into conference ,en the,
basis of these terms t That there ere a '
few traitoriin the State who would be wil- .
Hug to betray their fellow-citizens .to such
a degraded position, in hoPelg‘absing re
war* for tresobery, by an escape from ,
the ,common doom ; may be true. But I
do not believe that the vilest wretch would i
accept sorb terms tbr himself" tif cannot
aoncelve boW the people et , yottr State,
than *bias none has sent nobler 'or More
gallant soldier! to the field of- battle (one 1
of which it is your honor to be) ran hale t
been derailed by anything to which vim
iefer in "thn recent - Refl.:in 'of thtk Federal ,
Houseof Representativeio Lhave seen I
- ,
no action of that Nouse that does not fn-1
dicate,l by a Eery decided irisjority the I
terms"purpoSe of the enemy to reft - ,Sse lill
of the South, except atWolute, uncondi-
tional Subjugation or etteratimition. But.
if it were otherwise, how ere we to treit
with the House of Representatives I
It is with Lincoln atone that we ever
could confer, and hie own pattisaisat the
North avow unequivocally that - 16i par
pose ist his-teenage and proclamation was
,to shut out all hope that he tould'evei%
treat with us on any terse.. If , we' will s _
break •lup our governthent, Aisaolve the ,
Confederacy. disband our armies. ethanol. ;
pate one slafee, take an oath of allegiancel
binding . ourselves to Obedience to,hironcid' i
of dish:, ettr—us, he prove
see In r ps n,tle, Anti th.-toder us of
yttlf i ntinoll, pethierty already
stolen ,from us and'sach eaves , as, stiff
ma4"il order to Fel!!ilei bia proposals do - 1
insulting as to, 'secure their rejeetkeh he -- ;
joins to them a promise a support. with
his army one -tenth of': this" People Or. any,
State . Who will attempt to set npa goir
ernment over . the other nine-t0:41,40dt
seeki4 to sow discord ~a nd auspic i cld.
ausong_the people ,of, thr own I %utak,
aid .41 incite civil war in 4uPthei- t
aria of his ends. - I I know •well it realer
be imiteerible to , get your people. it they
pomeesed full. knowledge ou Abase facts
to conaent that 'proposalitehould-now-be !
made by us to those who control the Gov
ernment at Washington. , Yourowu well=
known devotion to the great cause of
arty aid independence. to which weheve
aacoMmitted whatever we have of siartli
ly partitions,- would induce you to
the lead in repellbig, the bare thoeght t
abject I,subniiseion tO the enemy: , • Yet
peace on Other_ terms is now impossible:
To' obtain the solatiums to width you 'or
I could listen this Struggle must ooistinue
until tits enemy is beaten out of • his vain
confidence in our suttiugssion. Then, 'and
Lunt fig then will birpossible tavreat 'of
poochl Till then all ! tender mitre to
the enemy will be received as pest that
weareirendy far submission, and :will an
eouregir th• atreelotts warfare
which "' -
I irindh Nom the tabor LiitiVp ! me
I nag rion2lsoitfi aist6 ot-
Vintit:lhrin •be made ' , hy soMe:bed
• • m . 44460 •
Faiitigin!te o!aments•
fort ta : itie
should to prt . t:d(ien - At :, .a rt nl COVi.I
You tnif Onntiten My 6kt:4i:every
to sistrelintr i4take the scenes 0 • f civil war
"fare which wit devastate if,sbe
deeigpa `Of theie traitors tie '
Buffeer47to '
make hei:dwiy. I. know that;rri:
place yourself in y , nisr , legitimate poidtioa
in the leadof three Who will not; suffer ,
'the olt(ifibith Mite
• 16. ?i''blackseW
ladsl4 V - 11 you pardon meror9g
lasting ltbat my Oily' source. of ,Illiquie•
the. feat
that yon will .delay 100 lons s olba
which More •tit lbat
l)y earnest, demise 'to tectaila: 14 ,
POINAIMOVIaMitv whom 306 bilk•etvbi
Somas heart, bat wheal loyalty is tattii
thee sasspiebeil elosistsw*lett tat pate
• •
-1 5.,:
• .
r '
- I • • . $ $ $ ' 4\
NE 40 1864.14 - -
them to vibes. such strength es to require
'MOM violent eseesures. than ire nod'
needed f With your Winona. assi post.
Lion the promoters of the unbiiiittled
'Mutsu& now prevalent in your State
*Odd be put down 'wkthout the use of
Oldest force if you would abandon, A
policy of conciliation mod set thetn at; di•
lanes. Isithis worse. frankly intktlnnly
pursued, you will rally around you- all
thllt is best and noblest in your State, and
Aur triumph would be bloodless. 4f :the
contrary policy be adOpted. I much fear
you will be driven to the use of. tome to
repress treason. In either event, howeier,
be matured that you will,, hers my Itiordisi
ecmcormmoe end assistance in mabstaining
with you the honor, dignity aid fair name
of your State, and in your efforts to iriOlt
trcason, whether incipient. as I believe it
now lo be, or more matured,-is I believer,
if slot properly met, it *AI in our future
inevitably become.
I have the honor to be,
Very respect/ally yours,
Jamie** Daus.
Rio Rioellenoy Z. BL- Vance. Governor of
North Carolina, Raleigh, N. C. ,
;4..41 the charts which have recently been
published showing the fluctuations in the
price of gold are worthless. There has
been no fluctuation in the price of that
Metal, but there has ten a very great vr
nation in the vain of the paper money
floated by the government and the banks.
The production of gold 'and its non-use as
currency in the-United States for the last
' two years may have cheapened it a trifle
in tbe - tharkets of the world, but the ac
tual variations in the etiolate nine 'of
gold for the last ten years are among t h e
fractions of one per cent. These charts,
therefore,. which represent gold as waiving
up and down a line between one and two
hundred, are worthless. While the, sun
appears to go around the earth, it is really
the eirth which it going around the sun.
Our present system of quotation is most
strously deceptive_ In California they dir
much better, as there the , paper ith - as it
should be, 'voted at a discount. • It this
were dens, it would be much more boned,
tad would-cure people of many delusion.
Man who now think they are worth one
hundred thousand dollars would be con- •
etantly reminded (if the.apparent pre.
mium on gold remained at ninety) that
they were redly in possession of only fifty',
three du:inane dollars of real money,
white emPkoYes• in receipt of one thousand'
ip;eenback dollars per ,azusuni would know
that their actual inpoin,. was only five
hundred and thirtfidolleri.-- When the
day of reckoningau; as nine it mind,
the whole country i w dbe saved bitter
dileppointatent ifpeople realised . day by'
day, that. instead of ghtting;richer
were really getting poorer. One of the'
delusions of the hour, for instance, is teat
bur national aecurities•are fiont eleven to,
thirteen 'per cent. above ,43 - itr. when real=
ly they are somewhere in 3l a eixties.with
gold at its present apparent. rPrindutu:
It is a mortifying fact, but it is a fact. that
the yet-to-be-crowned Emperor of Mexico
—this puppet potentate forced upon an
unwilling 'people by foreign -bayonets—
has just negotiated a loan with, the bank
ers of London end Paris at better terms
than the great republic of the United
Stated could get. The new Mexican Inn
was , taken at sixty-three. hfr Chase
would do well if he could get sixty; "
But we suppose it ie useleis tb try . tb im
duce the country .to rotten its steps. We
'are given over "to:feigns', to believe! a
lie," for 'the present, end we elk not realise
the truth until pay-day romes, and. the
ghastly fact of our, real poverty' becomes
so apparent that the eayfarint
though a fool, cannot be mistaken. •
A Naas° li"sceur or vas attn.—The La.
-Crosse (Wisconsia) lkoicrat, a phut* Worst
'they hare lately been• drafting, says:—
"Amongthe eictima of the draft in this
city was Sam; a graceful inotloued Contra.
bsirsd - , Who was given leave Li Lem the
South last spring and become a free man
' "up Norfl" Early in the spring be did
ichores,at the Harrington house .. Wain
the season be hoed gardens, giot married,
and blacked the stoves till they rivaled
! tto . gloss on his cheeks. -Monday helms
drifted, and on Tuesday sertrod with a
notice to be at the repdesvou. within. ten
lldays along with his white brethrep, or be
considered a deserter. He took the' lice :
I tics to a friend, who read it and inasie him
understand the nature thereof, And this 1
1 • • -
is the way he took -on •Wat—erat--trat
dumb foolish tins am dis yeah ? Ise a free
man l Las' spring deysend me up Norf
and tell me Ise a free man--dat de lin- .
cum infers hab libtrated 1:1114 Now sat am
din dumb foolish tang for I' dun ton
for if Ise got to Wee to die yeh siati.l A
nigger don't stand ne show.tlown•
now. Hapl_aktutaf head iigitieitirecii
oull .If I'd kw! liec,4l4:prieteak Meg wa*
I'd -trow .thitu down in de street jes like,
dis, (he - threw the Dodoe into the street
with a-jerk,) -an den 'dey peter fbol dis
Digger. t Why didn't dex - fit'de . isifitirs7r !tar.
date ot stay beak ?!' • •
-Yost Onaacosz..Kelleyosf tbeensytere,
nta, in , his speech in Congress, thiki oink-
American citizens of Ati igen deacent2
'icor, -the mew •.tt 44 3 Etre • Of
whoa' the poet wili• sins` his 'highest
strains,' the men whom tiiii
most entogize, thr men4ooo4
war of. whom the 4istorifin write his
.namt ?glowing panegyriot. are the negro
'platers Wf the . loyal itiny: 4 ' The White
stehd .ibe
Metitol this war .1i disoussed., as to a
&Wire. • - • •
Maim as OM.
• A' Gams - Hrs:—The racy Oboe' of the
- fiv iiiies Advertiser ears: i, •
,4±lll the this a dm degooOmpy of-the
*imp •Eatisinh one Of the ,roaperas OP.
Pb4Ysti' his contempt 1 /4.440 1 7 ,
dos akkessii ia, ofilefe.,„ ZsivAbashaso:
liaiWkaus itii Imam Parisett, has played
al ms ameba ot ow is diker-
- • 1 ?;" 1 " . " 4 " 4 " •
; flefflliolll atit.
: Of iii‘tio• . 4 1 " grip:' ;Kb : OM"
- Tig.ra"sietioen , • ,
_ • liiiiiipteita—iressdit
rip ainat aus4 she vast.
tb isser*lbtrili e
Aug weir 01 " ,
Use Itittaiimil sett NW this ti -
SsolothilSit their ism. '
Yoe lastsa i sit w Dahl* hits
' Wll4 4 01 11 0 141 4 41 ,
At :liltaishsisikse ,
' - istiotisse,
l ' it)rtaliaittakl , '
'Of sew
Ia stagbAls sort of vs, '
, , Sap Waal* et MS •
, • Tat pin ata_dfral • - -
11.•—•Hbas gala paittylik fra y
Bat fox tar natamoramaat
raw haft lt *be Warred •
That imitate latch too fas,
, Asa drake loan* an sat lane
Whoa armala seep as la I
~, . .
Tim Ms, Cl— l rrouttlo lOW 1101140.
.'"Csal Walt bow ths. -
111.11,k nth a 11,14 as hen. ,
. ,
- . t .,. crna "ir lid l i Or a rm."- -
• '
._ 1 i
.Aellitlet. 0 '. l l, galls aarodept
, Millar Poet *emir -' ! '
Skeet" *Nikon{ lei Wig seat of gnats,
la eositterredy Iteeb."
.onager ,' •,
limn ona *ewe lite hp'
la 141tilirtVe gild bra, .-
..., 4 selOkidlir 1
al! Is at pee* lima 1 ' •
. _
• la wort, die liisedilia sad to sad.
. _
. Ape she beee.allia beide, . ' '
. Is Peerlod,lai elflukdbdi • .
. ,Me araiiital;ottag telt : '
wboi i Their* 407teleba lIM 6 4 4 0 124 .
Mk! "SO aid miePed Volt. ,
Asilitie die dine* bin tato .
. a +(lbst. ON woe. •• ; ;
taper lortairliwiralkolisa
qa )1111 row',th e d
of Dr. .Tainia !Otis! a -aWrgwon 11 ha
arcoj o 4 iori and au
. 11,23, of Albaay, l he
pie 4rarsuiesii,papar MOLley of tlaak i dlm
written under arts ot September,. /Thr.`
which was aftwi the Roatiainial carriaii
beesioe ialalirss : . ; •
Theltliiiinantel• paper 'money hiving
f 42
j r inop
mtneered tbst . pres purpOse Of clirryi - join
the war Atithernh 4 being tleforeciated a
mete: shadow, hullo" to etre!:
broommon oonsent or shfr: `le,' luti
brit* izeraordfinnrrie WOO, biennia
Ibetweelarrentry,l6errupthig the itior
-1 ids oflhe peugila3ty, inching ~ i t rage fot
speculation among skotairwmi.', Redd , 's.
of , all cookie:mines :Of Abettor; . 'ditties.
gratitude For htunanitir„the reeehaule,„•the
&Puler; the Weiiskult and min) of acienoe
serupled-nol to in'eOlve•thettiselyei id pa;
per aslin ipecuttistkats, in :.trier brothere
defrauded ern otrildrerwparenta. std`
they iii`their thin spare& , 001 , thehrchild;
yen. • - Widely" sad , orphan., whine anttiel
interests , were their .enlyport, yierep
lei l
impoeerished an ruined. itors.Were
freryifently obit : by-he eaderhlire,l to
receiver shell. nee ih ilettreidated nicitiey
ros specie that lted.htatkfent is full "he.
denceof,reidiainglioviikue iii retttru.i In:
stinces were not wsoting of old debts he•
ing piiid'when 'the' piper money was' ie.,
dared in veins . to Mori than seventy-for
one: and in Virginia, it in! said. , when
three htincired. tor ow.- • - .
. Tbe . tisson taught by the etcperience of
the rerolutionary' fathers is ,not ..wyliout
. , —7
iii "ivki4eancee at this time.. itr,ltention
J. ',gossip& excellent republic uan author t il,
in his "Yield ,Brk.of the ifevoliation4"
opens his Chapter, ten Continental money
by. the very •eupeatitikabserraeion that the
paper-adwiiim-4444.6-4iime,-whieh 'aria
a the hastening, prcireiLa guiii
in the and." And ha tells us how it did - so.,
In 17T6. this Continental Congress began to
Logue its bills on the ',light*/ faith of tile
Oonfederasszolonies. just 41 Mr. Chase in
1862 oommenoed to utter his promises to'
pay in the name of the UndiniBtate. The
, &sr :emission was only 4wci-ntilllocsi of
dollars, but from sinus so 'nue othera r fcd ,
towed. tuttil at the beginning 0f . .1704 ,or
liP a Utik' cwer , four • Yew*, lite enormous
Imam for that time ; of tiro hundredisil-j
Hoes .of dollars :had been put :adositi;.—
"While' says bir,•Lossing, , the sawn
of the issues was mall, the twedit of ililie
billswerirood •, Wit when new emissions
took plebe,' and titr:tectestiite measures for
redetiption wisiisbittsi, the iieophi , bet
tame ittipleiout 'of those'frall repr;itie . sinti,.
tives of money sad,'. their *slue begsh!to.
i depreciate.: This effeet did not otwar tin-,
tit eighteen months iO - ,m the titre. of 1 4se.
flistninissiOn bad elapsed. Prises i!;ists'ss
the rooey tank in . val u e Boa every . bleb
of tr*de was destroye. .In weird 1301118 ,1
'laws limiting prices Were issaeted . and the 1
" ' ' * 4 di V' t hrew
Isspidsleprisciabb 'of e illi all
eon tr4rts int** .eortfusi,*:" - Congress was
powerless to stay the downward tetshineY , .
of the, riper oottity7,. - It. - Oontinned to ,
deprii#l4 . iici prices to rise ! .. EarlYAn
1780 forty paper dollars were worth Only ,
one in . specie. '. The 'iximmissitriss found. it _
ottreihelY cliffieeit tl. purobaie 11 . 01.5*
f r ti this army, for, the; "poirle refilinat' to
a chair their' artioltis for the afinnet ,
'wVrtliltipapiti . ." • ;In illi - nitretio'd of :.,11:141
414e . R . Cor4itierital 930 1 psi' jp_rilli. 'nly
fire years aiteriZs first 4,ii444::16:,
1 .0..
sing Oesetits a As c sistili of a hilt ' 'psi . .b1
- Copt. A. 11,'Leao r thellwindfatitiir of *IS.
ittliMit'Leta.Atiiistiai;t4r4titu' e' &Alai
at ollirirtagilkirltriWtiAliiitif bitsiAed
*Ai VilkOriiiski.oll4littli r icia odieVbi
-eieietar siesteev.iiiisii . ; '- ffifiiisi
fain' Ifiealivibthiiioeifitelliy Aii'lliiill4
b. , . , -ty of ' 4 . ; of the lad.
sag chase ore n t I ftd jest, trieo at
4:4z.10011,4111°511?$110114)!, AlTereitent
Whist artiag na-th*Qinsteetwiesteen De..
,pdirsteiliiitlt, - t" • ' .4,W Pe . o - , v'l ',l
, .;Upt;.. • , -11011111410 Uhlitii °: •' = 'LI . - ::. NI
, - ' • Cbile ACililaiiip Fe: l' - ';I'" - .14
1 a y • t - bl io mi4
rr - lMli '' . " .r . .•s— ...10
e i l" -Tl,
- •• nisi se. • - - "as , ,
f i r a ,=l"assaa sit es-:_....r..: tit li . •
Ifodtt la irieji!- - .. , - ".`..;,•:itit - - f..1 .-4 . "',' 1 2 ;
-',7, l ; e i hr i Mb, Ivil. Jei* how. I
Xi. I . 4eitn' iiilk)giviiii iiiiaokotir s t4l,Mai
4 doii*iiitetei o f Wiiti,ieiki r itl , m ousy ` • , ',
vilify ihe Eki* i. 44: / 4 dia. '...ii 6 1 4:1
, tin "Ms:" :Mt '' 'it*" lin
Pa. ._ ,T,_,
• n.
• Cif"-
.........„..,_ ...0%..., - - r„.. :710_ 141 4 7...
.-;:. ,"...: Zi...afT •.: 2, - ; •,- '
. t , . ,
.. ._,
.1)7) l..ra : •rt , . 4 a ,: _ ,
c.:A. T 1 • `""i. , 7' - 7 `... .1 • ,
ress.lar.:o7. 111..f7:
tut=4":' 8744646: 11:11.4.11
1,401 01.00
4.1. 11,01 "
2.11 &so too 73,00 "
Iletwilbat, 1.01 5,40- stee •- no)
14. 6010 16,14 espt
It linty bi said that the Continental
Sow and the Federal ourrenoy of to-day
'sce not upon # parallel—that in view of
the oerarttion and resources then and now
their; relations are far apart. A careful
application, however, of the rules of pro
porilan to the various features of the two
show to the contrary. And facts
Are mo re
i stubborn and condoning than
thOolliee or argument": If we ictroduce a
entinnsiaon between t, Mendips of Cow
09004 and Federal wiles we find that it
,sty is favor of 1.4 c former. , The
Mt imue of Contisten4l notes ares made
in 17.15, Yet in Janniaw 1777, two years
later,lll,os Would buy. St in gold ; or, in
Other winds, the L:ontinental dollar was
worth 93 cents in specie. It ess not till
towards the else. of ,that year that it
reached the standard of the currency of
today,twoyears sifter issue, 51,95 of which
is TiOquiredlo bur ot specie dolias ; or, in
other Words, the • Folirai dollar is worth
only fifoicents in gold. •
Another. noticeable feature is the fact
that the lowest ebb of depreciation reach
ed by the Continental money was in July,
.1750,-when $1 in specie - was worth $B9 iu
notes, andthist in March,' 1781 , the cur
rency. ju mped into utter worthlessness
front the point of $73 to the specie dollar.
Then, too; u now, paper was made "le
litr:Lusing tells Aar briefly
with what 'aut.:,
the. tens Ptitires were then. recommen
ded by coagresa to pass, Jaws makingpa-
Per IncineTAleSal Wader: at, its nom inal
trine,_, for; the discharge . of debts which
bad hen'txiaitrioted. to,, be paid in. hard.
,ItudiAapromentertected.and many
.4fekkeetetcdebtrirs toOk acivan tags of. them.
Aitt!,4 l ,a Via „were passing at the
titelitylitri one,: they were- wade
a hiwini tender end debts diecharged
at it cheap rate. It was. one of the =mit
unjust, and unwiae apts• committed by
cops:was during the war. she booed, end
Wei rogues wets immense gainers,Muh
l/Via opposathisseasisre from the /ineing as
dad trirmght with dirge evils.
Among the most protamentesils arising
rota the rapid depreciation of the paper
Oral alpisttof speculation and fraud which
excited hnfonndixi..jealousies, and suapi
dons. Individual speculator; and monop•
AM" were the extortioners and oppreei
ors of the peopleotaii of them Washington
said, in a -letter to President Reed :
woukfto Gad that some or the'roore taro.
*us in each &etc were hung in 'gibbets
epos s gallawi four times .the
otte,prepFed foe Hannan." •
• Theieire the Lessens of history . taught
,bf 'the "schcoilof experience. They 'reef
*is?' ZtoP4,tablis .to .the "patriots" of
ties preeent time who till theinterpal rev
enue ofßees, the poet -*Mora; and all . the
cithir °Bice. Aisfieinied from Washington.
andfatten Upon..the spoils, while they cry
"traitor" 'against their neighbors - who pay
the expenses of the itniggl• in which we
are engaged. • These lessons will °townie
have ts::, weight wiih*the fanatics and fools
who tecograte in the clank-of 10.Q:se's
pressek•turnusg out an alatiett unlimited
iisue - cfiquiper money, the hum 'and music
of propictive industry, or whit gulp.down
truth the absurdities of the arrant
demagogue. Seward, uttered - in his Au
•buirt speech on the bre "or oar late elw
doh, iri nitiihlS ''fa, the loyal re-
" gions there is . notes State which is not
"Atroteger or I citizen who I.'net richer
eottieipsenci Of the war." 'But they
are suggestiia to and worthy the studyof
the candid and thoughtful, end to such
we Common(' them,
Guam WNW a Moak
• 4 - 4 ermF l !IcaTPlyoudent of a lkotoo
tactical paper writes from • Washington! as
- follows; ^As for Mr. Litman he liii not
pail leitsk! interest for me. ' Mis, i 6, . from
every ideal view, a total cult---a-good us.-•
tared monster totally devoid°, ideas, up •
held simply, by his concealed waning, a
011614 vrhieb harmonises so well with
vosivenam. Here,' it Washington, he has
tow friends, -A.ll speak of him with cbn
tempt.. *. *. * His love of - shod alone,
moulds:nits any ispublioan. indignation.'
Two cavalrymen hold volitional guard at
his get* and two infantrymen it the ea
tome of his -door. Mrs. Lincoln, they
my, wants it so, and to please, the Repub
lican President must makeT lemma of a
dosen.citiaeus every day. Even in &trope
no Prince 'permits himself snob humbug.
Congress uughs •Mi take bold of this mat;
ter. On* of this most prominent - 'valid-
Maps- in liiirsiahhagton told .me be beard
Mr, lanooln my; ''file Wit. policy I'4 to have
no ,poLiog.;st all.' • I. replied, *".friinslateri
1 •
1 into German, that' means it is, have .
no principles at - all, ; and as little sense' as '
possible,' This is aptly (=prettied by our
Gomm" proverb: ~ tie, gets along_ by. hi! , '
letuitidity. _. And it_vs very, simple; tor
00$11 .. whconmunattiir -ankke -u s e °I Aim -
, said those !ciao are stilt mom. stupid aid
him!" • ~.. i-
... • .• •.
(iiivaiilci • 11.isnoCa:: - -A. Pennsylvania
soldier vi-4es 'ln ..thei::lftitional Atetagenzer
that "the Rsokicrata arq for - Grant s -or Mci
lidlan.' 40 - ne",,of 'the& Obit' oft4ik,‘o,f
aiixicig,ao What 1-cindilleie hiiViild
iiiikti illiktlitiiiiiiiirsititit* ttie4bOle
- iiiiiii:''' Ille'riftiii'liPia"elier, 'Oa Ur'
fintin: ' Hi; iia :)oininelait!ofioldlofiti,
whom ni ni it .'es3.4 to 1 i lib' biAbaiibbliiiily
lai, , i',lL3 Disci el I..iliqn'q..f 'frileiendittice.
ne.' he had iii heti teo :•1.::4• tiff pitii,;(izei
:sou all'the "
1 I courage' . i hie is - te n .forth vo
' Alt fa
1 defitiiitly• in thiflailif - signature to the
' 't proefahisttori r dhifosinifiqui
~ tie
would' sweep', etivia'itaiti'tiuudredthousand
ioldlit iretalrind Pentisylvatiii - ete,i.ii'."
'' ' Nnittimn'Ari3atilf.. l LA - noni*);' or the
Man eivit4, eifidoittilded Iri:Ciiit. 124i.u
-niii:.'Cof 'Seciiil,9oo, hii . 'been.4pOitited •
tali' guk tfi the Piniiditit.' They are
iniiiiireti i * ie - igiOind• t'Soilth . 01 the
TreelifitiVer bonne. 'AI N.eptgentli FIFA and
s Tbintisad tett. Wit' igatird=-Ceesir and
Crontietr sit ifinii4'l - -elf 'the 'European
litoosrobi' ie body guirill; 'Wit* shoiipl
RS Xi, La6iiiiia-haviiiiiii—tii.
:.Keay!-<=:. _~-_ _i
i- ' I
nit " Delle
"1 4 : 4:1r 0 'r
% . ' 2 WFM. I betiotaaislaid
thntimmloadunee Late been made every
ear iiheee the
commas the war,
-18/1-°6' the eked bonsai:4 the Amy of the
Totowa.. Titopopuler idea le that whets
the Itoeitsaisti tspp the_ shoat, he is
ISomlisi lo emite . field: oriel tto molder is
loather earth: :tbe.,woode sonewhese.
worthsfifty cents a set. Then the hoofs
are mit off. - They bring alxitit two dollars
a set.l Then oomea the caudal appendage,
'Worth half a dollar. Theit' the hide—l
don'tlknow what that 'sells for. Then the
tallow 1; if it , is
, possible to extract tallow
from f L'.. Armi hoist); which r think ex.
"vme,ly loubtful, unless ' he die immedi
ately zf! Jr entering' he service. And last.
but - ...1it, least, tbe.shinbcioes are valuable.
beidgto, avertible, into a viiiety of articles
that . kbany believe to betoinposed of pure
ivory,laueh arcane hesth. knife . handles,
&c. By the. time the
, 00ntraelor gets
through with the "late lamented" steed,
there Is hardly enough of him left to feed
a bul p up on. _ ' ' ' .
II f ter , kind reader, when you see a
dead 'boss" don't turn up your nose at
him, but regard aka ' thotightfully, aa the
foundation of a
.large 'fortune in a,single
year. ,He may, 'individually, be a'nnisance;
bat "there is that within' 'which passeth
show7—sloo,oo a year.
What It vie Cod.
Throop, of Utica, in his book upon
"The Future," enters into a• calculation
that Will set thinking men to thinking a
little more earnestly, Under , the subju.
EstialH . policy of Administration he
supposes that we must keep hp'an army
of at least 300,000 men,. and ,a nevy,cost
ins at least $50,000,000 annually. • The
estimate for the navy for the year '64 and
65 is over $142,000,000.„ The lowest calcu
lation for the cost of the army is $216,-
000,111. He calculates, that it will .cost
$100,111,000 to' pay 5 per cent,. interest on
the nation's!' debt of $2,000.00 . 0,000; and
$50,000,004 for the civil service and "mis
cellaneous expenses. "these figures loot
up $416,000,000 as the
. whole amount of
'the annual expeoditure bulb(' future, on
the subjugation, emanCipittion basis of the
praseht Admiuistratiop„ This, he
. finds,
upon calculatiou, cent, upob e the
whole taxable property. of the countrz, as
it,existed before the war broke - out, in
cluding sieves. To' this is to be added the
local taxation of the States, swollen to an
enormous amount by the heavy kowedies,
and he calculates that both togethev, at
the North, will he a tax, of s,per cent. upon
the whole taxable property. The Secre
tary of the Treasury e7timates that the
income bf the Government for the fiscal .
year to wine will be $201;000,600. This
is exclusive of luaus. This incoma - only
is obtained at the present filmy rates of
Federal taxation: But an income of
$416,000,000 is more than double the
amount calculated for this year, and, of a
necessity, to realise this amount we must
more than double the present rates of
Federal taxation.
;IOW! TO•Sr i trP THE Suret.r.-;—Heber
Kimball inform ed a recent traveler in
Utah how he expected the•proper number
of women were to be provided for the
saints in that locality: "*hy," said the
old man, twinkling •his little black eyes
like a godly Menus,
.and nursing one of
his fat legs with 'a lickerish smile, "Isn't
the LOrd Almighty providin' for His be.
loved heritage just as feat as he any way
kin? This war's goiu' on till the biggest
part o 1 you mate Gentiles hes killed each
other Off; then the leetle- handful that's
left and oontesi ileein' to our asylum 'di
bring all the women o' the Nation along
with 'em, and we shall hey women enodgb
to give every ode on 'em ell they want,
and her a large balance left over to dis
tribute rounded - tont othod i lt s aints that hes
been terts 'from beginiiin':o' the tribu
It appear . * thet a Henry Warn Beecher
and other Republican' Wends of
• I
young j min Joseph Ttolard, are urging
I .ltr d: Dix the propriety of releasing
liowara, oti thU around that ite wiut led
into forgery of the proclamation by
opiert - .
iThe alac'ea
.in the couuties of Di-.
viess, tleilereo:t and IJiliou, in Koa
tuckY4 ai.e Aleserting , ,t - ii? I.clantittions by
sell Making ttieir way to the Union
lines. 1 the ' . l.moistrille
~.rocirmat says "the
blacks litre eutireli' demoralized .aiid citn
not be leptitrcilled hi their craters.?
Tr lin - to Rktikl3l.lAl3..-4enetal Butler
havin+tticoally anuouneei t thsOce holds
the key. to Richmond, - tre should likkto
know 4-4.11,e .P!'sicluut . does um, direct
him - to) hand. it over to Generik Gtant.
Butler Cevidently can't find thi4. key- 0 h l
An„eachiseiie asks Tory innocently, is
it any h arm for young ladies to sit in , the
lapse o ages? - A - n - Ofttit:leplies, that it all
depend a Rif ilic -- kind 'of . ages selected.
'Mole' kith Wghteen to twenty-five are put
dowii - ei baltaidons. ' : : • .
The eat number or the' NsW ,Yerk-rs
dipnideitt ditfsrs with thicOlSo this thtioh :
"A soldier with's; bayonet walking Upend
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