The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, May 21, 1864, Image 1

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    giuK WEEKLY On!{svaa.
to fa 40sewsil7 Itrasseirsaurr:
Maass rim :44=ries.
rsoggliT,VTl.—Clee Naar* One Lines on in.
TS Cents ; two Inanfilou 14 00 ; ibree insw.
tioi $425; one month 140 ; two neeathe $210;
_„„th• $3,00; six menthe $6,00; one year $100;
ed its in proportion. name rites
r y
be t r istly odhorod to, unless ehangod by spesial
fi t, or at the option of the publishers. And/.
yfs s e go', Stove, Diroroas and Ilk. 10111261 M
, ; Admintstrstor'• Notices MOO ; 1 ,00 11
ptioe no onto& lino; Mao*. Plotless ?warn
ash,. plies; Obituary Notion (over throe lines
1; 000 dro testa per line. Original paltry, na.
ye win= at the request of the *dile; one dollar
ill advertise seats will be coati:toed at
tb . a pse • of the person adrertisteg. anal otdorHoi
at by he, dire anises a ayonl/led Need to
l.d'spoo lot Ito insertion.
yflOg Two Dostaits per annuls to ad;
ntis rigg.—We bars One of the best jobbing
05e0 , n t h e state, and an ready to do say wort is
t hat Sae that rosy hi entrusted bay la equal style
i . illy establlahuient outside *fibs largest rifles.
iIAT G o thi c,, ety of new style Bed
yew% at Cottage, Congress, N0V241 C.
c m A* Jolley Lind and other patterns. teeth
Use and Walt front. luminously veneered itereane.
p r .ahiet, Centre and other Tables.
. Quaker Stands, Carport and Paws*
b a y Ran and get Orem Katt:same. reathoe l4ll =
mew with other sousehold fernlnsre. deh i
red from well seasoned lumber and heathy
by evidenced workman ch op trpltewrolotlee
For style, quilt, atia low m will
. dialers to and/mall noe. Featbent fZ il d
Cale out, Parlor, Bedroom, Rocking,
sod ot u f clajni, of Eastern and Western mann
ire hickory dolled and glued, maktug than as
u any other part of the Malt, where others mad'
sold In only mind, and by no means durable. Wood
t x ydag, Sewing and Nurse, are chairs of hard
• mob clinched through the seat and 'thud, was ,
• to stand. Handsomely painted, and can't be ben
stmgcn, ;nee and Walt. Spring Bede. I have
"Mr Shand ham the highest teetimoslala with a
. • of all goods sent on application. roctint
Lug fn..
• years exparlaso• awl manacling with on
• two prim dealers, 1 am deterothad to sal
to all, giro worth for your pay, and do J two"
tniairith toe.
, Lath, Souis'ea, Live Stock, Crude and Saline
Pay, Produce la., Warn at fair market valued
~ utter the Puce, nest rof flth street
e, Ps. 0. coW. SLISCY
Manufacrr and Canade'n Salesman.
Arad Conker ef tit Pmrk 4. Frelei Strut, •
Which he la &areas to sell at the
KUM LOWEST 'Ts:4IBL6 rawass:
Ma assortment of
FISH, &C.,
La tba city, u be a prietiaugl toiltoos to
a call.
constantly on band a sap/dor lot .1
olatale trade, to which be &meta tips &Unlike
it, "Quick Sales, Small Profit* and a fall
far the Money." aprlya.ltf.
w Lost How Restored!
.abed. in a Sealed !Curator'. Price 6 Cents.
TAB on the Nature, Treatment and Radical
or Spermatorrhoee or Seminal Wearies,
' or, encomiast an d Invern fury truslarious,
Consomption and Mental and Play
, J. cuLvratwEr.L, M. 0.
Jitant feet that the awful eonsequertars of
may be el6rtually removed without lama!
• the dangerous application of caustics, it 'Hooted boogies, and other empirical de
ers clouts demonstrated. wia the entirely new
r successful treatment M adopted by the eels.
ithor, folly explained, by Which every one hi
ears himself perfectly, and at the least road.
merry avoiding all the advertised nostrums of
This lectern will prove a boon to thousands
Wu rt. al, in a plain envelope, to any address, of
apt of can, or two postage ata ae l lNakorl-
S. CM. CR A.S r
_J. C.
Bowery. Haab—York.
Poet 08*. Bo; 4MI.
P. SCHAA.;,:
ipastfially Info::
st the elle that he has opened
2 HOghes' Block; Erie,
tie wit I Oasis keep on handa Lary supply of
rmi, t.l.Qapa, masses,
• -- mnualy for ad* Is an estatashonnet at
as reeimovable as my ether store to tba
I'. vrzatz.
bane opium! a sew Grocery Store, on
nen they Intend kerpl4 a full !Opp') of
It WA RZ4_
usually as blind in as estalollatuosat et
the sort.
teralned to offer Assad taeacasseats assay
ths *My, 1,3141111 TV,
u lkil ,.c tiblkt ea;
' we elm erg entlr• sat n.
, Subscriber wouldrest
ly totem Ws *toads and It,
IN AM at his old stabi.
Inallintis Fhb ltutd, New DA,
Allkl 11 piepaiod to knish
At% bost •
s affords, at Wholesale and Ratan, at abort
at t••s Levu,' Limo Puna
lettery tram the Countr7 PraMPII7
nand Clams Plated ts Cram.
JIM 20 , III6&—V. ,- U. CleY/ZY.
11. 8. /0-40 LOAN.
' , TORY OT Tag U. 13.-1 hie Rank hereby
It la prepared to receive subscriptkuie
tad Sulu Ronda, anthorined b the ant of
bearing dal. 1,11144,
pal: Al of the Government after 10 seam, sod par
ran from date, Wiring tatarest at flee par mat.
payable In cola annually, Co Bonds not over
sad imrplAnnually on all other Banda.
' , Gyre rrill receive either Ragiatered or Conga
they may peeler. It is expected that Coupon
be randy for delivery about the 4th of April.
en mill bi required Ss pay, in addition to tha
tbe priseimi of Me Ronda in Mutat enemy,
ad baited le coin, (or In United Rake Notes,
los of Matta's! Ranks adding Arty per mat. for
, until farthernotbsa) trees the fat day of Hersh
day of subsertpties.
slid BOWS wilt be tread of the denomiautions
RpOk. PON. $lOOO., $6,0 0 0e,g tO,oooe and Cos
, of tbadatemainstime 11100 e, VOW and
El tenhotity of the of the Taman. -
WM Y. SANFORD. enabler.
Dealer in Boots & Shoes
Mtn ins Boort AID SHOJIS
"OULD take this twithoci r d retuiti
hi/ his !Mats t his Moods psi no Fob&
_Ay for their Mord isSitthhoiro hiso"t4l""
I Isa, sod hem to ttflo estottoitothbasatose of-thosomoo.
16.11tR0 Demo to Worts' tho pates thst I ass otlll
IitSOY Y _ ADS i00T7. 1 . AND SHOrt as CIIICAP,
If set - lithe
nu lei, R 0144 la this Oust, sad 1 its vstilshe tho
hot qsal Was of Goats' Boots and Shoos, for watt low
tic:W the BIM of IFORICHVI, under two Sara.
a O. 111.1,1LICIL
thrift obttlord *Noose to not the
Plumer Patent Lest,
I aft bow P m pax Wto maks the - llama! Pakrat ;WM/
aad vad........_ abzwit s I mautifileFUi bi "!nryiiredln KO! as,
ast!bisiat Air belt
itt LAN ' A O th i ra lades CjaTiait MP& ^
P. 1 1..:- . Rapshisi imas
WE ARE onzituzia_
BIN= it
.86/1/1111111111 Cards faserted ha Ws *dais at do lute It
lino sad Five Dollar par yam) .
CRT Rossma, bass nootrltirt M_Tuts.T
Elarvoyor. Is presftft to Purvey or sato moo I st +NW
to RA. Cougar Po. Min la Commoot CouseU Reeme i ,
Wright's 810 b.. sprffflAr.
. Forwszase ASO COMMINROS arififfalUrt.
e. PC. Wszeboass ea Meta Dosk. last Nesse of
Bate Street. I. atalor La Cool. sat. VW; Mat;
Aeolis. Wskso Liras ha IL 11.---Psztlaslor stamatlea
will be eine to Lb* Itatolvtag bad Petwordlai td Moo.
Lam Oil. ends sad 1.1.5 d . -La sllTtats Itraidilleati7.
spetretd. -
OL. •11111 KY,
Pressretaa Straisam, Wattslhr
Nais i ns' was— Drs. Isitalus. Nodairstre sad klisf r iltt
DU. N. Y.; Drs. Hassaltriy Phelia% tfia!sa t Pir — "saw
Dr. ersoar. Nets. Pa. aPAY.4I6
L i g ii l:2lBll2AKliit,
1 1 1MOUISALII AZ, Iltg,Ay DlAsia Ili
Providdoas, Mar sad Pia.. We'd um!
Inflow Wank Irlass,Ligeon. 'ls4ja Sopa& las,,Mide
litroot, Dui' to Tames Room Caperton.
trio. Pa. jpool--404.
E . PAIL° HMO an% '
Jere= OP viz hum - mud
hoar Irene Block. Track Maw Mb sal
D rums a CO•9
aad kaaataallaran aad J la k g :lr 4 . •WA
Itanesweife Block. Zvi.
11teataiso Parneampit oluzasT o
Ps. isalr enf.:
0 1-1 A AITORNIEMAT Lz i i me ti..
J. Ct. Cal i re asal4 . lirej .44 ll. W. m lllll7lO/L -.
w. HIILL t. 1110,1111 M,
Corner of *wad sad Mutat 812est—ese nous 4114•1
leheaoses belhaave. Warmth ft. &Pt 29-1 T;
Enna; Rua itemalWinatsnsisi,
Stay et ItiaderisektNe Moe. ZAN ft
G icoKaz U. 0011.111.
Collistitima tad Ulm Mims Itunipl id
uoiaptairs sad elagatdi.
p 1 zPusiti a
ik Nw
4 16 Z r fitono 161 =1" . INE:
aparfat f.
s. ninon retirs. it nil=
OPPTIO Se DAVIS, - - - -
Arromorn _
tred, Mob* Ps. . - ' INIA.11417.1111:
W. wmong,
oRINT A? 1 .... W, Waimea
es dem th atraArr, t
id% Pi. • • sr *.
Denim Bodies Mil*. North Ms dais Ito%
dist* stmt. V* Ps.
LA VA VMS 110111 L,
Pros& stmt. bstwss 4th sad Sib *let;
war Ms
ribro ker. Pro b Edo &Aimed Depot,
Loeb oko rioroe.
Clos for Amnon sad trivelots. Baud b thi 411:41ir
week. Goal Mobilo( ottoobod.
. dames m. Psorsnercal. The
isilesteetered at t olesteblieb bee
tailsed • wide reputation. Cltdoe ealtelled dadareen
Cantonese weeds( by the quality boo
delivered at the door. 71111.11 CUMULI 411111111M4
maw a
po r a tala ?minas sad
—ilia beet la ase— State Wawa sat=
gee. Pa. Clothes oak to la th.lasit.tyla
e jOUN C. staitilt,l ~,.
Diazis to Das lic=atiosarm.;
air of ith street aarAls Ihrms. lll ll4lo. Po. :WM '
truly notislt, I. • _ ~
Jon 1134. r. Prestfaste: Corset •
state sad Mal litttestsi'O n i•Mi i6 ; •6
sal a ,
that i 1 anistrarg.l%. Tinos ;
'Nina to tha bust
be la Vie thy, sad Ur lbw al w a
-to p, 1i.41 With th• dinkiest Swim. ate.'
. .
DMILL 11 '
AcirsmaNt l itmalkilaiejleasp,
trio. Gouts& Apisaltsol ispilimmass. &Omit a!" "
ita, Pa.
ur K. MAGILIq -
11 •
. • Minna; 011 e• is • .
vies'. Bleek.anstlasidlof nutattiskas. ,
wig. A. iiimaxikrris.
Lt roater At La—Mesas kit atrial,
oo.rly opposite the Co Roo"
E I .}CiitTfiri.
. —7-
1211010/161re COIMBIII. Lege AT 1 41 Mr
0 M C !: P=lrttaisislea,,,llB"'i.fargl
r c. sugasss al c 0.,, _
. _ itosasass Thiamin Er Gu ams. Ams
'mansion% State Sum; ltd 7 Bassall Wog. .
New Musle.Sfore, - ;:
ham the lellemlageeteMseel
MAtrNF AU T tr'R E 14, :
Stelmrsy /1; Dese.7 re York.
Wm. Kul* 4 Co., liatttmove, ,
Liedeeme Bon. Weer T or t.
wm. B. Stadbary.
_New Teat.
Joh& B. Deahme, New Torts.
J. P. Kale Ce.. Nes Tart.
Gee. A. Aimee es Ce.,14411.4. W. T.
Wheat. Needham &CM. New York.
Prime at aPri
Large Dimwit belzwitse;
° factual me
LestriatMa Baia "a !bat link. l
All meow wields, Ant Mike 'kite Porte etWeistkr
ea, me Melted to all sad mamies m larknomdelm•
tem parskaiNg assitbeits.
lisers Ilea. State eine% wady eeMit the Peel
IT P. 4.—reety Itatnalmit menieli4 kit Ike _
, .
1864. 4044
Spring & Sumer Trades.
a NOW Manlai • TOLL
Now Notice. ' -' = -
N., stab Limos, the isotirrid - ildialiihist ILI hi
000 dollar Nor Mil IMO* M 04111.. ilalear. lilg e N
the largo Cash Capital laroolia V t.
greatly lasroooad prima of Mbar Ati , .
wod. ka. we. lia walordigaot
ood Mo. IN eanillined 11 1 1416 .1 11 41 4 1art il
r CAM to allow tho pries Om qv , 0
to •
Udi 1111111.11 Mos six to rim dant $' . * *O
ak entirely the whit at agoadiag os migiold Nal
lia4 c °1111 " 1 " 14 Sa Wad Mt llri Al,* an
(author and tworawallasatima.._o At*, will hi" 16 I
Wood to tar Iritiv if Sigitilibei ta i VIA.
lirlailield Is bo kitlillaqr adimilla:la Allaoaidirr"
altor tido dal. - , •s. ._ r • !WTI 6 4 Si
Maws oar lawaked Il i triagi ;k Imo ! .
i • tan ISO Mlle
Jaws *mull. HisinurAlr 4 1.,
Jima mu; , mum •
Soo. MU, pie GOilikait... - -1. i '
.. -- , . . , ..,:. I
• • - _ •
Nod°. OU
WII an A gere - imittpaymaig, • oz e
Wpm: Woke& NOW Wised I:r il e lk ow
sunasionem Weft mks to, •
r 4 4.••• ° lt*
:r •
o::000 yr. at
watt. AND PLANKS. .olva
Q. W. MILUNT, him&
, .
I . . •
• ' I y • •/
II . • •
_2l •
~,_* ., ,!..r..•1tt,..:""C'.•:.,... rZ „ :•Z-t.i....".,....1 , .. a... , 17:., ;"..:f. , ••••. - -• -••;;att.•••1..1-n-..z,. -,,- .....- -,, ..z.....0. 4, 0 , .,•:= - :-. 1 - ,, -A , •••--.0",..cdt .-..:cy...i -- ' • ... , • , -„:__.=_ :
.7 .. - •_, - :..- •- -;
. .
- - - - - -- -- -
. 7 __ - _ ..
....- . • . ... .
.. .
4 .
.. ~
.. ,..4 •--. " ,, !••:c..5t .3 (-I (6 7 .41/: 61 • I . . 6
' 7 • • " - 6 ,
~... `/ 6 C 67 E'S
. !qc,rl ti Vcr.- • ‘• ; • • . •
1 •,' . . :7 1 : "':1 • .if : . , i.1 .:/ z i. - .. 7sr i . 7 1 . ::
. 1..
, , .
•:••• :Ito i.l :1 iqtll 1,, ..- - • . '
. . , • • ' • - i r ... 1. !...
• ", 7 . .M . l t i,..t i * a. i.i . t h ~
. r , l - 11.ft.• . -,•, , . ..
••-• ,
,\ -
1 ......
. .
- 1
7 • : : .6 .
nit 1 . t
' ' •1•1: , ! :
!.- ! i 1
...:•. ....,-, !
r .
. • ,
, ..
saLonr MULTDF.
-FOR THE... )
cam is T essulni
100$ 41.' Mit
ba ijk• • .a • : • - it, ••AN • ; vit•Yl • •. • • .(,) :1: '
'Batt ,j 1 ,1A„,*41., 21, MC
timmas. Tsunamis "Tun Mimi Is to Twos .
• Loma . +-.TairsaJulmm.
;The Ml** roni4 of lb. raised yam.
WO cif #2oli: Bin*, is *OM this super
k7alvii4' Oa *pi fork ThriP
Those= from _Louisiana continues to
get worft:and..storaa. Gen. Banks has
given np all thoughts,ol a forward monk.
ment„ Andaman to 1* Just now mainly
deviling means; to get beck td the Mis :
visssis..illsabss bail One third of his ar
my, twenty.= thirty guns, perhaps twice
as muebbsggage as the for= Which de.
foaled Lim'bas had in its possession for
thslast yeakand $1.014000 in greenbacks.
Nor Is that all; it appears by; a letter
froth whishsvpsimisiietaesi =tractsyester.
day, that Owe she u t t three feet of water
on the shoilsafAleiunidria, wh il e a large
partials oar ItnslXots and transports
ereasthiNdevi. ' , Several of the gunboats
lastre bees disabled, and guerrillas swarm
along both :banks of the Red River from
Gmypildote to Fart; de Roney. j This ma
painful Close to' an expedition which was
to Oxtinguithi the rebellion in the whole
=Veit of the Mississippi, and drive
- limithi Dick fraylosand )(rader
iniolhe.,Pillimitalahs. perspective. " And
it mmitoiot be, forgotten that while this is
going on upon the River, the enemy
inre-atiPearing '!along tbe
Vivid bg and Ibutrphis are lmth threat
ened-vend the =Vitiation is tooting again
miAinjared.ei all *nil. I
The Offoo* of. Lou ling radical newspa.
Para 4 0 - forFaJO.ertegro equality and lung'
Penatieft Ad" /*Ate community area=
Withgrnet detennination. Others,
seeing the tendency of the thiug.endearor
to reptcrietsahe idea; but it is inexorably
eitiblithiste.s' Alma iof the creed of t the
radkielehUroh, and no cut is in good and
revile standlnr Who • refuses absolute
iocislitnd politicsairptslity to,'-the negro.
The regalir ifibnierit of the abolition par.
tylinviiiisimid their '041• for th_e spring
Osteliiinbn, triluierstry. The publish
ed :
'Ther4 much td be•done by
the ibbfitiohisht; In the way of labor and
tepthnonny, terAesiiret: full and complete
justice:lo4pm tisolar4:sace, both at the
Made pf Aheitiverungent and with refer
leoonetruation df society on
the pnlikiceltetpsalityin the rebel
lion States. Agit the .-appes&ing
unary, tthereTore;: ?balm!' 'Wended by
tiled row arrd.trombro whose purpose it is
swll is contiaile %hermit moral struggle
antillefere theOntetliutionl i and laws all
are made free, and, rxrplesional Jugissetiewe
ant jakijoilie t if
tfielzineutlie Com.,
• ll.oiii,lnmiumw, President.
Aim cosh ty ther demand of
the redltarpertY !loaders.' I The Senate
and , lidts Wft‘Pmenti•itive are
tag Abair time. *Ali legisioting negroes
lado-radrildinn, negro voters into toil•
tptllil orginualione; negro e4uslity eyery-
Wiese% iss for t4y can, while the coun
try is rushing the downward road to ruin.
' .And: soma sensible men still adhere to
therpertrand think that there is a char.
liable notion• itr ft idt. In 4he meantime
the treefhittnisiel,starving by thousands,
and itilicit"oreriiiielmlng the black
see. - ecc
Tint.agilittatina of, Fremont by the Cleve
land CoavegtionTwill place! the Presides
tial questitmi-hr -a-tatrious aspect before
*tii Ilitititnintretatvintitas . 1 - The selection
briteestedidittragalms irboni Fremont will
infeytile:lffeßt' *ChM -Mein to be - fatal.
Tflankiiiititiutlethe - 'raite imiirety., Frti.
Ili* Vietifftiii i!ohisetti kilter in his handi,
'itietheltaltlinikand must' - either buy,
Wefi : .iiiriColliliiailt MM."! Can They buy
taint ii *e?fOr" S? '*Ma 1 friends ire not,
il').inli. AS iii *h ! olit; the happy family
-fw*o r lisliri kri s, ltinlng - on the. plunder
al: 0 4 9r..-M i a jar- three' Tears
Iget_..l9...,ll*Olfzi„They_ are all "disloyal."
They are abusing each other much more
Tl#lloloo l l-...gkitik We/ farmerly abased
lihmisereht.celiothing raisins -for them.
ItiViallkit)tafniittbi do Means certain to
*piths% Ailinilitari isttocese Is more
iikelystobringamither candidate into the
liblitilt* l tn : help - the fortunes of Mr.
-auk im oblumita: at as hour like this
'O f beWiltlikilto-tortwierr the condition of
.* 1 304:0 41 404 1 ,1, llitrtaitgliNg
,for spoils.
--Tharatinitotintalligiet,tian who believes'
--thit. girdiglttllkrirg 'Thatte men to te.for'
.:-3PAT,al'e li ke valtdraa•
;fthlieLkeilenstagesesita of theshattered
bodytecAliwinserhmi Union: They never
l atitiitlit, l *,4s' l restored, invigorated,
i l itacettatte 44, Einnari, foe - then their
-oestircifostOtlphtatler IMuld be at an end.
111'40 ii_ 4) `tE V . ' .. 4md itnan go for help
-61 4 01694441.04.140. things are man'
Meth mains{ 'the itradms of the relief
ilivait '1f rj 25,0;901 , fie -trocoilittir:il 1 4- owes.'
,). ~ -
-,,!,...• -' . ,
iniwor ,149. : isif*viame u
-Ana 4). P. Jekriom
harressivod , * War.—
*via stifrebraiaraeltirkaat *old, but that
he is noviiditiOM tithe essisoor corps of
iiitfWessitdilidpiiiiktin a. it.-coliesni,
atiestiwiWas tetatit idiVife this ask
si4Viiiddlir.'''tV &Si) Only to ssy that Our
441Atali#d fiom reltobti rats.
the ithe elitis.4 - olti'lott 'ad *mos!
*skdaiiidOnlieto - VS - Alp
ii itii iaioiiiteirhitierrer vs chap
'lllll iiir4tVila that - of his
drat iiirt4At.-CSit - tfity moiatiwi - .
irta elnyl4i4 oo :Li
al b n dia. — Aetbiii tilt,
cull am,* who Apt ileitis:llW
. qOl l 4 . 04 ifY, l 44oes'
"ed toy 'ways te
lipor appliestka
....P. Gamma Liaised Ifilitikt ead
litto mi — Oltee the Common
SSW Wittlit4 Oka." ismer Stale
iikbigke 4stikier' Om. Moab; Ad%)
boak l ib I,z :; ;;T
gliiiillf446l4 l 64l4lPteidletailistlbe tsalli-
Om at slisipbproonaglaaasamatanaellsdli
4 . ( • id itti a lrUe Mas i
a Ttei r Stilt
' •
!Mating, arill lad it tastbairtadmaito tdo
gin as a all. tt
Ow Sits thearverl
. A. sise WWI tibia:Mr
AM goat, tie flab; es Imply
Allks sestosed Ist irertli• ' I
" 'allpsst the sass st Mar
to ihs him. of bet ha.
Ast stew step me adios •
V... id tbiessitest gnosis
Bar tbotokips WI abide -
Wkorefoe BM potty teed—
Toe hely he • Ingham&
no ~al lotto. tot Go&
Ito toque soold ipsok th. vista.;
?bat aroma bar NNW her
Thy Was as do UM, goo hero
h onimeotaatto• Isla. '
du tee rim drawbad
la bop§ ta lamp Oa aartk
Tor meal Nab did videbed bor.
Had &Wand Isertrasi for MAX
One era. a' daylight Ilagrod.
They lam bar prially
And addle) Horamrd asajoyfid.
Oar Warta leo Al at glool.
Ctioat the Rprissil•U Bevellatata.
'I, Mind Iso
The opposition japers publish the ensaittif,to
ot,;()Ov. Pisrpout of Virginia against General
Butler. It is addressed myth. President scud
Congress sad is a formidable document f: is
arse. It is also important in subject matter
sad will probably lead to a Congressional in
vsstiptitin, as it should. The .I Bashingtou
Chronicle depreoates say investigation, or dis
mission of theism,. while Gem. Butler' le
midst of battle," fears the public obeli will be
dennmalisod by considering it sow, sad asks
for a postramasat till the war is over. This
is it new kypotiumis to *pan to Congress,
whisk ha. thought it import sat to put our af
loat ow. trial for 'their military se well as
their general eonduest. • There la af fore* is
the Chnmick's reasons for wishing to make
Oist. Butler's ease espeptionaL Gen Pier.
pontakargas very gross - abases upon General
BOer at 'Norfolk, such as not only involve
great Wattle* to iadirldnals, but serious' dam
age to the canes of the Union. Gen. Butler
sad his friends should got attempt ,4a prevent
aa, iavutigatioa. it lbs charges cannot be
sustained ale investigation will not damage
Oein. Butler, but any attempt to prevent it will
lead to a general suspicion that be dare not
meet the facts.
' Most of 06v. Pierpoat's complaints an Of
extortion practiced upon the people of Nor
folk, sad especially the meirohaats. 'The
amounts in which they are mulcted on various
pratensis go to what Is called the "Provost
Mirshal's toad," .but Gay. .Pierpont can Sod
nii evicienea that they reach the United sista"
tritssary. Gov. Pisvirit speaks well of Oft.
Noses' adinistiteatioe of affairs .at'Norfolk;
saps that whoa flea.• Butler arrived civil
Oldies wail getting Into good condition and
tlis laws wire administered by the proper
admire. Bat Oso, Butler swept aside all the
civil power and brottgtit everything tinder
military mai& The ohlmf . feittnlew -of the *sir
raisin ispielseated to be the ezeitioa ofsaoa
ey for everything -t one per coat. 'trail goods
brought 'lnto the district 1 front live to ton
*AIM for the clearance of it' iossei ; a dollar
Monthly for the privilege of taking oysteis,
aid vary heavy amounts for. Wows to seU
Mysore. The chief grievances Seim to be moo-
Misted with this halloos'. Lo al Virginias"
ate driven out of it on various pretences, their
ilqoars confiscsiedand sold and Massachusetts
men given a monopoly or the trade, who charge
two or three handrail per oent. More than the
Baltimore pries" of liquors and are. said to
share the profits with the "phirost marshal',
bad." Gen:- Butler's seizure of the Norfolk
gas works is denournoed by, Gov. Prerlont alto
flagrant wrong., The owners bad taken lite
oath and thews was no obidenes ofddisloyaity,
brought against them, lint, Gen. Butler chose
to say that he doubted the sincerity of their
Professions, and so took possesslei or their
propeiety, Lad now mates the chinas pay
doable prime for gas. Thera ere aloe aural
instancesiof the seizure of-plats belonging to
Paresis tot charged with disloyalty; and
aorta to recover it are futile. -The 'Ova and
vbs. of Mr. Balmily, President of a savings
bask, wore tikes,_ sad Os* •Batier'seat 'the
pitleniih to jail for impudent
tamers to some of his impudent' queitionic
aid has kept him them for months, with not
imam Woke& IM sleep oa, sad has .refused to
let kiresifs tarnish hist with bedding. • 4•The
'New, Iteilitte," Gen. baler's arras; is printed
sad editad by soldiers paid by the Vomit
.ment; at a cost sof $52,000 per yeir, Gov.
Pis:past Stares oat, which ssaltar It a very
Asap eaterpriso. Gar. Plerpootalso oritildees
this military administration of Gen. Balled,
sad states that the raid on Rielimoad wu
kiomm and, publicly talked about Jo Norfolk
tea days Ware it started, and yet Gem BeitiSr
kaire, sours aka far retooling It at
town long after it got to Richmond from N
folk. Tit* area fee specialist of Goren* , 1
Piorpont's complaint". Rs • saye'lbat ho
satisfied* Gatlitos rule. has done Immo
damage to the Rohm must in Virginia.
us have an itmestigotionby all mesas, lind I t
Oov. Pierpolt, havii a chance- to - prove' is
charges.,, i t' be hart* just CO him' t,sin
at the unpromising work of “ntoonttromi "
BMWs Pirglabk and thowallowliszi.llut or
to kopek oat the moral props of his
in this style.
IWr'lks bins is ti be IMlwed,
The NI I IW ,Orloono oorcsopoodost of tbo
York Shope thus Wits u. nopaktable
troth•: = • - "I
otti bleeds es the Nest& ohoolie to amiss
timatig. r *hi the Idelttitattoilliieiiifttle.
O iabiled flll4 spin
pleas et se &nap apt estreFtainatent., le with,
Basis? the mild trey of lietstster- Baths,- *he
yes, sleeted bi seseekt theosis# majority,
dine' As just so mash oi LoatdwiK Itt (the .
Ersh4 4011eSsiested thititide
ex Nalrittelitshst so' Polon? oillessiAiii eti•
'F1413041 sioliols'eopit
'trio 9itl i sit ire'
*4 l ** 1 0 41 A, OW.ll4lP•fiii?"ll4 /DI
.444 3rt
abatis the , year it ttnilt roelost e•
, it-471
Hord„ liciumso 130 ikkaparielny Vapor-,
Too *Man opus •Is atilioryig t6i eirool t tion:
ookoi4tat 1 41 111 7 Moist
as olootiodi a Ilieseitot ow' protoir Outbid-.
Nolo it WA mato ionistfAl lettior hi
IMP 11/11/1611161a1i Desi‘orgur Air. a
SoA , 4 l ftiViill#ti l
I4otlittitr,t4;: t.t1.4
. 'mph - •
k •st of r ompailia.—lts,iatvo.
, . _.
pew* Oerreseseisase,
dm, erase entail liellisalisiA4'
Gen. drant's headquarters mere leaded hi
a Reid between. the plank road and assail
road leading to wildie hamlet: known ad Pert
karts store.
,During the ight,l, howevM; ha
was principally with general !dude' Whose
headquarters were mil a piney knoll. In the
rear of Warren's corps.; I had Cm Orlin& it
Vicksburg, and in Tenseasee, sad his appear.
&nee wu familiar; butl asl eta:oiled though
tie group of officers militants radar th*trees
at headquarters-I-looked &r him some dine in
vela, such was hie hisiguillesat, uaprettiedhig
aspect masa while the battle was rat
lag hied its fury, A stranger to the ilitivila
of 'military rank ' would have re dreamed
that the , plain quiet men wh sat 'wilt his
back ageing a tie*, apparently heat 41
stamped. eras the ona . upon Whom fbr.
tunes of the day, if, not of I the agii mit
counts 7. witle,hrohtdmi,, It was. only :when
some aid or orderly rods op in hei with
a e menimiteetlei i llrotri Onto 'partial' die
battle told that hire trAi•uptureed to lt In
those of the messenger the purport * die
message. The consultation with Gen: Mule
of the direct suggestion or demised—ill too*.
Omni with that same hiperturbability of,:icoue
tissue for which he has alwayi been vernork
able.-' Ito' movement of the
. eneme waned io
pouts or discoacert kW. Fertile I. reestire*
.the petition for reinforcement! was speedily
answered. ,And whit; all thit transpired he
stood Calmly to the, croup, at thus smoking
his favorite eirgar.-• more vigorous m I mono
frequest poidoi mai indicating the lawaid:
working of O. mind. If soniething 'Mani.
pined which-he denied needed his persontid
atUatioa, &why be darted to the inuneribit:e
ease, with One ,or Iwo of kii aide and ria
orderly warring their utmost te keep up with
him. Arrived en thip spot, he. eshnly Uri:
sidered the matter reqahleg ihit attend+,
with 'ready judgment, temimunicited the intl. 1
sary orders, isalk ibei isdoped away to mu-
titer part of the ileld,! or to hia seat bossed'
the pine tree, there tauter ots the orderbUk
some record of the bustle's progress. It was
mauling. again at mines to cum him
Commander in-Chistrwhittling meaty with hie
knife upon the Laski of a tree,. pausing now
and the, to throw hiie word or eentencei in
LI; eonversation to those gron4l about, and
then going. to work With renewed vieor rayon
the incision Of the.pine. The 'contemplation
of this by thou woe Wore with l hint et Finks.
burg will recall an int:lite:at ofla similar iuil.
rector:ln that Wiensmeble, tdie,.. • *tea Mt*
colored** were,meueted,ii, tof Logut's
lino Cleurat Greet was desires" of unpaid*.
sorting the operations. During the pied
misery "ark at cutting. thekmbraturel he
mounted the epaufemant, and. Fiats the Jebel
bullets Istntok all monad ids., delibmWtely
whittled a rail until Ake vine Were p • • in
position. ' f , ".
Letter beat colambas,*arrew coo •
Iflittos tor tho Ark Obsirior.J ' 3
. Litt us sapposellat we were sow oreetakime
by noise satioold 41.amitiee, such as volume
already Inn Or may tom ate that, Ii the
bane of some Picaidesilal cazapaiga,. sotioalY
ills public latereat,!tuat the private lateritate
of thousands of Individuals 'sight be imeei
thrown or implicated; that prepatrlOre
ohm& be made correepocidles. with the Weeel
aion: War impends; agriculture;
sod amaafecriares ire be wallet the, *oats
*real:diet and the Wages of labor are amide to
antagonise ; North had llouth'are eeafrohted ;
rich and poor, high and low, radical' nd eon: 7
wreathe, are meeting In the fray. The Weer
eeekers,aulnriag,, from several yaw ftt, fa
mine, are rioilag 4ver saticiPated 'pone.
It eertainly reqtdres but littie - effore if the
Imagination to picture forth the ptadonil of all
the parti-eolored bands Into which our; ma
lty is separated, and at thre ad of their re
spective followsr•they are herlog them is
a mightier -army than ever) met 'in *tea
Areopagse oi Roman Cootitier. Antorig this
molly throng whiCh a siagleiday briagi forth.
stand the two aampioas.- Crime antd Igo.-
ranee. Behold on AU side orostsitto the
polls and eves caididates fOy the higheit office
in . tlyigift of the people, 'sre .thosel whose
hands are red with brothers' blood,-14111P)
private quarrel I Close pradag uposi these,
surge forward "it haughty bad, glitterleg is
wealth; but ter every floWthat glitteis from
diamond nd jewel a fs,tiir, si isoilt6r, 104'
helptesi ghillies* are stoloilaid sold Las na
meless hoods/ie. • lavadbag their ! maks,
struggle. forward a troop of• tatiendlaries.
tasalet isd lytiehers, who boils hitherto es.
coped the retributions of It ; sad wool-draped—
hilatititi to w kosoudva disc feet ;411Ma
rashes to the frac, • sea life, coring far
loughs but thiamine; all 1.Y.114
- boadinaned by lb. low of 4!:trd and min. The
wickedness blindness of the people or
jadipente for !ate soglo4 of the sewage.
far to this sad; sod te so liar, wasp suPeri.i
oat, gins to s row, ad the senile of an nog
.P/ 16 . 46 5 14 to . itif.'era4outtotts hOmege, tar
sting* sod Watt Is nittotstaileas. ; Let
those ThettWlttkquelte with apprilientos for
the fate of all theritold4ettr new that Wise.
they feel OT fair is the tribstion of a just
Giol and Haien for a aesleeed ishildhood.
•Retitaber then these :sportive groupO
youth, in whose holoy.o bosons there sleep. -
so man eesreale. meted • by • tetapeet's
etteagth. &anther that these mortals+
these ttnierista-ero le! your_ eau: ' Devote
yourself to the work• of trrovoitest.: heir . ;
light slid truth as era . out- light , sad.
114111111iliO. Di) sot seek lrowledge si the lax . -
.ory l ar r a best hut &Marlt . through .lb It lad.
Thole idols rapids mum listreeted tha •
dniite; theyinntst •be rdirrits . tr to aloartea•- .1
'elation* rue eemprOltensloa of these rat '
trnthscn, Thiel? eyes, .erigavereteesi inn:ens
Ithe , 4e,jfitrtEal 4u4s.idisisient 41 °4 1 04r '
and say hope of arraelbegdararasyrersenp
,preisles4illoinirrist tonelose of the sisttl--`
via Ie by 1,14; I kea bkin itiottgh _
11 °•:! .14 0.!'''0 . 0 t••4 1 4••
41104110ititli:ef O ' tt!.Silt4)4 l ,
ref tiniest. :hy sprisillebilillas Httitleitiar of
'Huse islotsj ihe - oreelh;ssd shellis) of lib.
itiors If Me deptatifi - the'oan' veto
iirdoestetheistoPifti7 i'vig 010 2 77,
itlon stiaresed by Pao iota Cmaidwir,..lik.,
Ate ficadkal: Eduesisi peopis,ll ancolui,
l as t "Itit t arf ef tit 'Mild eltte, 'le' Oh' repittiliii of,
eys 9!klipv!?44lptilfd
Oti :0 1 01. to4uos &swap
. 9 4 4 )0 0,1*5
lialgostffitaiktalPirpalimstvsimt i ! le
' faadiblag &Urea a Isek's sabeisissee."
• I
• ' • fastnefflassaws.3 •.
111, TIN aledred Mo. Pas
' mem Chi Yietbnisrvor.).
This loan Is Athol to two hundred "nal-
Ito* and le lideg rapt* subscribed for bi
tilOp,ople. AI moderate potion of this imetint
has been tau fer NarePto, and 'any reasons.
id* portion of the isinseining amount that the
NemetarY of th e Tressaryinight be Willing to.
designate, could be plaid on the other side,.
with orwithost *akin • the interest pajabli
in London instead of New York, on highly ad
nntageens terms, thus. dieing the command
of :a large amount ef, sterling exchange (10
per went. better than gold, no rates ,itre *Col
lated hare,) through the littanter months. ;H e
has itirrer yin t entertained such propositions
for hie popular loans. We preference is that
our own People should hare the entire advan. ,
tags of the gold. interest which they bear, *or
Ow the premium on their bonds, such as can
new be had on the 5 20's. when bought for
Scrolls. The present object. therefore, is
popular distribution at , home, at par, on are
per, Otni t gold interest, equal W 7} or 11 per
seat. in "mew with gold ai Locet.eo per
:Tint est of Congress 'epeedally pvtreidei that
the o priseipsl of *these bonds shall be Pala in
yid.. If paid off after tee Mare. With the
soonotaleal view of raboirowing at three or
lour per sent. istiAms--for after the war of
ISIS this government borrowed money in Eu
rope at three per_ttest..—the payment will be
lied* is geld.
Oa tide and ell ether funded stocks of the
Malted elutes, Aire's a speedo pledge of the
mime reins. #ii gold, for the eodtinned
payment et the Interior! IsgolL
Tli Mutate and duties, thus PlOded for,
the payment of the. starest. and 'gradual ex.
tinotiesitihsglintdphl.4Atneogit sand pur
sham for the sinking land —ier eke faud.d
radii debt of the ratted States, eonsaftwie a
olden ofiudirsett. lasetion, le - whisk the peo
ple amt ead.tphenys 161011 bein sturnsto med. c • -It ,
fells wpm the: mat only lb proporties:do
their ability or Inellsation lo.ocemume•foreisa
wares sad merchandise, upoa which these
duties are levied. , As, they elect. to forego the
nse of. foreign luzuriei, so they, lighten their
own blather) of the , public, debt, even. while
iniesiing their Means4m it at rstes and on a
setinrity superior io any otter stock, for nni
foiniUnd 'aitintre4 z itteciiie (free of focal taxes)
in'thtCwholi country. - • ,
• 'no laji iserai'Yoiar,lS June 80, 1864, this
genres Of' ricottas hit:edited $69,069,642.
11114iild1iVreta au the Pitblia debt amounted
to' 0n1y'844,729,646, *teethe Prhuitipal of the
old loan of - 1842, $8,250,000, woe' paid off in
gold, -• • • ' . •
The present ewe' year, ending 'on the 80th
Jane, 1664, will show it least 46 pet cent. in-'
er,eseltais geld Sesame; ear $ 96,683,698, on a
gross importation of:less than 20 Per sent, in
crease over het yest. The gold late/eel on
the present funded end fundable debt . for the
asixtenl basil year lilt not extitied"
wiinies• ie
geld frost Gefteall-oven the speeilo ehargs-for
**test tagrat
which surplus the
lleoreaary !las reidily,dlspesed of , at 165 per
cent. for greinbseltit; the priaoipsl ee well se
?toilet of Whioirittll go tri,tke benefit of the
Fund, rad to the, reduction of the
erreirey Interest on tlie 11116'12de:1 or-tempo
awry gebt, suih se ode veer ttertifiestss of lit !
darbtednem.oortiff byesit, &a. '
I Thalithis statement easy net newn:over
&warn, we annex' i soltedule:ef she funded
debt and 7.80 per 'eat. ife - asary notes, soon
to pest irito Aside& debt by voluntary eonver-
Pion, ea whiofi 'gold ittterrist 13 sew being
cold t •
PaitrietSds.ld. MAO &edit* Minh !I, 1111.
f1t649 taj1a,....„...1ip5t ..... 4 61 .41 14 . 605
r r C.M. L0max...140 „ 13806000
leue44llllL ant. „, 61,451,000
Lou of 1811, Feb.,.. ... .. per eve-- —.. 18,416,900
LiMall 011055-0, 5 per emit. ?7,912,000
L• 80•441144-41 1. .11 pet 15,323,000
Leta of 1840: ' per wet 8,415,000
&vim Loft. 1831.4..;.....18 Per 4401 4915.400
Missal Lationatle
*z Cpir
This hawses sharp spas the, same amount
of fad Lot- mill' be maimed the next:BmM
Year tails win of $1,798,524, by the conver
sion:of the 7.80 per seats of 188‘, is August
sad October, *SW •the:6 per enut: of 1881,
leseing, the, Wares& charge upon the same
$788.9 66 , 0 0.0 only $45,887,126,_ for the unit
fiscall year,. wish, mu* the iooroaliod raise
of mato* dudes , sow :immediste4 !contem
plated by gowns, the gold - revenuer, ou the.,
same velum!, of milt importation sp in 188.4;
Mimi to $llOO,OOO Or $ll .000,000.;
Mi. awl IllitableMe*
Bats ea 4 "boot to retire
from business, I. propou prowl*/ " Little
Nellie" Id* a Recipe for ter reedrie , that will
be wortittem to sty rite that intends yelp(
piat tbrousli the cowrie otitis life, than the
colt* tite..ereAldiEsqv for tea year& I bare
Laken hundreds of, jobt,le my life of
conilmaildings.fenoes anclTtry soany,dwellione,
and ewer Veel n i paniele of oil . or spirits of
turpentiae,An4 v tay-norif h” stood longer and
the colors more trililaut .theti Other htillainget
painted' with oil palate; : •
. .
• • ,
I aril. take requlted quanilty or street
boil It.;'an4f while boiling, all 'caul'
Relent quantity' of iih ribOuld pre;
'Wilily . be stirrekrith noir) milk so ss to
break all small lumps.) — ±ike milk and
should boil to slit Same tklokne?e of b.)iletloil.
;ken .taka Os, Gist quality of water for
tai pbatd,Rget, Anil use; any kinu of.colOrloic
Pabala tkat,it akoosa Paint darker
,eolOr of ;water' j•bitres. tress
4iotitlilti,lok for e'..kige - work,ao a
alien tfd ireitsftr artivilw patut
De al : loft for initnedi...
ate t add reli" o 1" a pound of soli
tafitidifiltiti c / Erik' Of this
point arill.itavitW . f i l Trierscitt - of its
. 1atA,411%
.t Intit• iequirep
to: 47•4. 1 011 4 0 , i11,F1 11 14 ai :c4r PAnts.•
vissirrita:..rzwatifid.,ssira.. - .
7, l 'o4"AittlikAH atn
sat, iu eisrolftif stiiieuting aeauite "in rOt- ,
to-Ahtlisbilsgoioic.gotag ea. tip*
istdothilViiite /hued Mt* east theYttstatit
,0Ai1i,t4.Atia40.1,704 ;144 n*
so 414 04 AA ObsbA S r
1 1) . 11 944 4 3 1 1 1 L1V4094004t .,
Weak: .1 , a/11 r.qieici
Letters from aricky L eeeSved by p e
• ;i00 7 ;004111-04 9- 0 1-4- .44; 11 00 1 31
say u= tat ti' `o
rzQJI4 5q42',141
Edward OrsesildarifirristO Truk
Cotvirmi, tail; ofitiellaldei Battk,4as been
ogiteeeel to be Wet.-
The *mai of Mai Kali
the orthegesphy:ef Uteltc-iltetioV-Itkey wit
4411 it Nreff4P4'—'64o9l.;,.l'‘4,l' _. '
The last irojert, tit bring down the Woe of
_gold, 10 1111 146 94 514 . 0!e, Wialdiegton, Union
Leaps, is to hams the'brokers et Wall gimlet. -
QueestVlotariee,sibisour acme tired 511 her,
la the street, ot rectentiY, they
shouted to her, "Resign!" "Raig 1 11 1 !
Prattles thinks that U things go- in the,
Beath as they ire now ping on, the :abet sol-,
diem will Alcoa get to be, as waked so SO tosay :
ladles in a ballroom.. „ • • -
The New York Obsaver tecommond. "sleep-,
ingjewe" for the woommodatioael atom who
sleep and pod during ellurth.seiriam We .
"second the motion." ,
"The shady. grottoes of Lk.. .Treasury De—,
Pertment." wrote the editor or • the St. Paul
Prem. The more honest compositor male it
"shoddy srottoes," end eo it -wentrto press;&
truth told by mistake. •
LIIAL—Last week Mr. Lineoin attended the.
Washington theater to see Mr. - Forrest. in
Haig Lear. He was, we leant, much affected :
Ingratitude seems to wound ,slid ,
that Mr. Chase reminded Alm of. Beg in. and .
Gen. Fremont, pf Gonerll.
Daniel Sheehan. of °time, Illinois, waif -
induced .by his cruel - parents to marry 'the
wrong girl and immediately oocomittv4
side. Hie you( wife, though the had mar—
ried and lost the right frig _ b tdhy, and
took poison with entire rweee.l*.
Tite Detroil Free Preu 4.:eisee4 "digit •
misfortune to bare the vilest:L.lA tue et•tr
of the world constantly looking st I,lo:sd•er
and EI •ward a. representiog the lAbits.4:A4*%lA:
ners,' talent of )lie.iigiu.
•Tho Slack county (Ohio) Democ-at s:.y.S the
Democrats nQiiiineted a one errazd soldier •br
assessor of Sugarcreek: c . 0./is:ad, in tivit ,
county, by tho n:ime of 8..13j. ftipill,'snit the.
Abolitionists best him with is preleh«r:ind.
school tesoher, who his been•A•loral.," and
8 houtiilifwar at borne.
It ie v.:;4 that FA l'r:sident*Piovce', ror•'
trait has heec removed froth the rotusaa tf•
the dorIto! end placed among the'-rob' sh 'of
the building.. ' In due time all the.oliz Proai
dents may follow. It le fitting that their
places should he filled by negroes to harmonize
'lathe character of the administration.• •
' Ltsruots AND ?UM Dsln.—The Way b'ra;
the Fremont organ in Washington city, says":
“Mr. Arnold Says that the devil has no bribe
large enough •to reach a certain- publiCi hums.
tioaary. Whit. occasion has the to try
it, when the functionary alluded. to is doing
just what is desired is thaViverters without
any bribe?" '
6.lurnmen •Daitecamrs."—ln a speech •in
New York city the other night, Chauncey Burr
said : "Daniel 8. Dickinson, Lyman Trernais;
John W. Forney, fto , are in the habit of call
ing themselves • lifelong Demoorate.--jas
Judas Lscariotmight hive strutted about with
his thirty pieees of silver in his pOoket, call
ing himself a disciple of the-4ortl Jeans.
There is'no hope for the.rebel leaders bill
in the defeat of Abraham Linoolit.—Evana
villa Journal.
We :would much rather have Lincoln for
President of the United States, thtin the can
didate of the Conservative perty.-I r ßs'amond
Divatik, s strong and leading rebil newspv
• - -
A man was detected in Boston inserting a
false 'marriage in one of the newspapers: Be
was arrested, tried and punished 'lshii the
utmost severity, witting his crime by con:
Inc:sent in - a prison. Persons who undertake
to impose upon the public and newspapers in
this canner. should understand that, they are
liable to be shut up in a prison for do t ing .. . O—
. ,
"We wonder the Copperheads and grtun
.bling Republicans don't denounoe the imbe
cility of the administration of the !lather.—
.Tamettount 'Journal.- -
In the irtme , parsgrapti the editor of the
•J'oivnol, (irhether se • Copperhead or i &tun
bling Republican we do not pretend to deter
s:lloo,) complains as (divers :.
#oThe weather is growing colder, nastier,
antloore d isagreeable all the time."
The Nei 'York lmkpaulatt
"To couslaide, we are, I think, in 'a Aopcfid
way ; -and if the rebellion lasts ihrei years
longer we shall learn,. much more. .!lesteb
grata it tea) , sot end till`we learn sad We lire
willing tq 41e our whole du4y. Azusa 17%.
This Christian reflection and charitable with
are4idqqed by the fact that in Washington
negroes are permitted to rids in the street
cant and is Philadelphia they are tic 4 ,. Put
interposition of :1,1017110 is asked to continue
the war until the Quaker City changes her
ordinances. —Are vr• nes .4 in . e-hoirfq way 7"
, •
Teutons ST4rs OF eurrAl—LiinWheel
hileiiirtneer of Saturday says: Mr. Brogp,
formerly a memluir - of 'the Legislature Item
Pendleton county; waliu tbiireity on Friday,
auk - represents that a terrible enmity exisiS in
his seotii.o between Union men - and rebels
since. the cold-blooded murder of Captain
harper sod Isierbrother. Be says there is no
inch feeling as humanity longer existing in
the Minds of the people. Several rebels, sup
posed to have been engaged in the Murderrof
the Harpers; base been' otpured end Sided.
Both sides have ceastd taking prisouera.:-.r.
STRALIso 'Seasons 7.7 dr. (11:;;• of ' ffonine'n'y
one of the rep7,e+eniatiie4 o`tO4‘.ix p
of the AdtntniArAtt , in beirouet:i i t tb a n(ere,
made a epe•en" he Otter 014i•gint.G.,1
ernm,mi cults s with lie
said: i•thouel ode of cou'ilb nd s'e •t3itig
iu uf ever_ des%;riti..?d"Or
imagined. flay—are tVitiing ih fi Os.
morislity is the resalt• of yotiiitisitesa tt :, los
care au more for the 7 1 1, 4 rd L/4141, you dys , for•
horee, wen! l rather ba:f. ols.stisiolder
a robber, btealillg all over ' ;14e
ritera, inaugurated : is, worse th„,a ;41 . 8-ayti•
of elive•y. More aiOney is required to,cart:y
it outz ante' iti costs to clothe the slevesif tie
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six *! pm ror piqk dp
ft; order to OA till <Marra siiiiiiiiKirrouriddiOas
Enssible Win the important Preoldootteollifoggn
ouon to open, iiroluTioW an olas for
the isr.c4 otak IliOcala; Miali ocioeidtir rWd May.
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UM imigerfaV49ol4lll•4lP, !thriCsbis Otillinirt d
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Oat time, tutliis Othordhoottolurore tootlrd from iho
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