The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, April 30, 1864, Image 1

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wgitTISF.SfENTS.--One Sonar* of Ten Lines one in.
ortion 75 Cents ; two lasertiona $1,10; three liar.
; one month $1,50 ; biro saantbs $2,60;
o n , nontiv , $ 1 1 4 ); Bit monliiesS.oo;crii year $6,00;
vibe wirernseinenti 311 proportion. ...Ttiespri rates
will be /Hotly satteretto, wiles/ !tuulgail by apeeill
rOotritt, or at the option of thepabliabbra.
t er Notices; Strays, Divorce , / rtild ilk. advertise!
y t rn t, $1,60 Adrolaistrator's Noliceli $2,60; Load
Notices nrs cents R line; lia.riainNotieserwasrr
rrrs cents* piece: ()Winery Nothing (aver three lines
ettent) are cents pet lino. Original poetry, an.
hits frotn, at the rsqnrat of the editor, one dollar '
per hoe All advertisements will be continued at
the styes' • atlas poison edrertleing, until ordered
by his direction, unless a 'epee:Med period is
reed noon for its insertion.
.•cittefinv TWO MILLAR.% per annani le ed.
note. •
03 rnISTINII —1174• bare one ot . the best Jobbing
rt.:a . =tat and aro reads lo &any •ork In
t hat liar that may b.entrustril tette, In squat style
to sal e otabliehrolint outside oftiss largest cities.
MRS. S. - H. git.l,l,
44. . Has jut idtturned frogs
?sf EW
• • UM .
:7. p .
1" .. ; • " 4' - '; I.AR¢f . STOCK
••••:i r
' •
Which will be mold .
attention paid to - ble4u4ilng, eolorirs
lta prentag.
PesA St., 6th door above the Depot, Pa
LIAl t the variety, pf new style. Bed
' steads; of Gothic, Cottage, ConeWs; Round Cor
r, Camp Sofro, Jenny Lind awl other pattern; with,
ern tine and strait front, handsomely veneered Brirsona,
. tension, Dining, Breakfast, Centre and other Table;
blitriots,-quaker Stands, Carpet and Darcatik Lounges,
.Is Beds, Hair and Sea Grass c llatttamea, Feather Beds
I Bolsters with other nousehold furniture, kc
. eget:trod from well seasoned limber and bN.lthy
wrier., by experienced workmen and not by &pp:volute
For style, ipiality and lel/prices I wttl defy ileen
epee* &oleo; to undersell rote, Feathery bong brand
Id. Cane seat,. Parlor. Bedroom, Rock - Inc; Nswilir,
urns and other Chairs, of Easterriaud Western meow;
tore, are Metro,
p dolled a end glued, main, 'them
on an another tof the chatrorltere dhoti Fade
d s o ld are only nailed, and by no torus dnrablck -Wood
Indica-, Rocking . , Sewing and Niro, are chairs of hard
rod rounds clinched through the seat and glued, war.
. ted to stand. Handy:mar ty paieted, aa¢ teal no bat:
n for strength, pore - S . 6d finish. Spring Beds: I have
old ever &Xi and hare the hlgiest teirtlmonlida with a
at of prices of all goods sent on application. rhrkitig
id shipping free.
After are years experience and contending with n.n
ticipeled two price dealers, I am determined to null
$6 pool to all, glee worth for your pay, and do indica
all who trade with use.
Limber, Lath. Snug 'es, Lire Stock, Crndeand Beane
Store Pay, Produce .tc., taken at fair motet valued
r pay. Remember the place, nowt corner of Ith street
-sState, Erie, Pa. ti W. ELLSEY
ee elz-tt, Shinnied' r and Commi en Salesman.
frturth•East Corser et th Park+ French Street,
o a;drespectfully call the attention of the community
to 131411Lnp Stock of
Wh he to desirona. to sill at the
I:4ll,sortment of
FISH, &C.,
in the city, ev he le prepared to prove to
who pre Lint a alt. -
31.0 t.opßconaLlatly on hial a anparior lot of
the whob-ot;e trodo, to which Ito direetalako &flotation
the -
; motto ix. "Qolek Sale*, 9=ll Prottitit and a full
ooratent for the Money." aprllls.3tf.
111ANIIOOD ;),
How laost t Row Restored
Jast PciWelled. la Sealeal Itarelope.. Price 6 Cents
1.11:071:Tti: on the Natore, Treatment and Radical
Cure of Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weakness,
suit Llebility,Serrooimene an dlnvoluntary Emissions,
(toeing Impotency, Consumption and Mental and Kip
tall Debility, by
Hon'T J. CVLVERWELL, 111.-D. •
The important fact that the awful eouffequenees,of
.elf abuse may be effeetnally removed without internal
medicines or the daneerno s application of caustics. in
etrordeuts, medicated lioturiam, and other empirical do
thvg, is here clearly demoustnited, and the entirely new
and highly successful treatment as adopted by the cell,
kilted author, fully explained. by which every el , . IS
Orablatto etre htma9l perfectly, and at the least pew.
Eye vet, thereby, scolding all the advertised nostrums of
the day. Thhrisctom will prove a boon to thousands
and thonunda.
drat Radar ir.3!,,in a plain envelope, to way &lams, of
the rteelpt descents, or two pistace atamiti, by ad•
davoiinc, : DA. CHAS. J. C, KLINE,
. 10 1 4 V 3 41. ,I't 7 111 r 7,
Poet Office Bar, WO.
1882. ' SPRING. ISM
(1 4 de Maki Bennet Store.)
E.:--H.. SMITH,_
supplied with Goodsat New fork ?rine&
Ps/teal/a attention yak! to Blanching And Mtn's,
Ohm, No. 3 linghen' Bloch, State 34 way=
Notice to OH Refiriens.
Ware prepared to sell to Realms OIL VITRIOL
. CAUSTIC SODA and GLUE at the lowest mai
kit-prices. Wet osa etkU 011 Vitrol the est load at the
wasalaeturers, thereby using to the purchaser the ta
t sad securing promptness In shipping*.
Would respeetlttly inform the, public thet be las °pi gad
a Store )ri
No. - 12:44ugfiEtte rStook, Erre,
Whom he willillwaypttep on hand i largtsopply of
ti An : overfilling ascialdy formal,' in an establishment of
ilia kind.
rr Terms as reasonable as any other store in the
ei ty. janl6•64tf.
The andrystgned bare open d' a now GroontrStote, on
- ' „
Why?. they Intend lierphg a foil rupply of
Thrum. Noric.t.4, •
• ivii4.9w WARS,
TOBACCO &iliekmas,
And everything smelly on band in en estabitalunest of
the sort.
sze determined to offer ea good inducemenany
other dealers in the city, and invi.e the pototio y o
esgideot that ere can give entire plishietbn.
. at.31 . 63tf. P. A. %V Fa DKR 6s UM
_ .
Tll P. •Stibgeritker woUllijesPect- -rs
that be
fulls ly
s. I
til nlifttef
hi /II i f s
old nd
nds Ind coetetarrs 4 It, l at sta, \,_
1 4.1 1 Wastilhottoa Ilsh Narktt, New Nitta
airs ys prepared to Curci.S
nonts, STE A .I( BOATA , RMTARA I ITS & 7131"118
with tha best
. -
?L. aartet afforde, at Wholesale and Retail, at shiht
**flee, atid at t e LoWirrT 1.1 TIJIO ?ECM
rir A:uded Oniers tram the Country Promptly
to. - - -
N. is —4,,tsis Clatai Pickled to order.
Nee York, June 20, - H . C e FYZY.
A.dministritor's Notice.
her rig b. en granted to the Underetraq, on tine
eAste of Lawrence Leash, .tetelitt 'Lille cf °llietwk *p,
kne e• Dots, Ya.; Aiot I ev la henkby g ten to at persona
ltwor tog tbinutaltratudebted to the ea. • to snake lamer
liste pkyment .a.. 4 Itio.t. laving Calm against the
es ate rill present limn s pp/peril aulisan t X, fbr
settlement. '• ' —Hi GINGRIC - •
• _ -t' i 0
Mall ell lll kl4'l44ery ', 4 ' • ___ • . - .
1.84341.. : , • 1.1113141'41.
ON and after - Monday, Jan; -4th, 1864.
• 1;
63) A. glad and 4 stopping at lisrbox.ersok
North Bast , Mats Lin% 11Joultiald,POirtlaad,
Banton. Amid* Stlvorarosk„ kiting tad Itaspia,
arriving at Baal°, at 111 00 A. N.
2 00 P. hi, DatiOqrosa stopping 'at North lAA Wirt
gold. Dinldrk,, duns Croak, and Angola, and
arrlyhalt es t a nirslo st 20 P. N. , • -
0 40 P, stopping lit Warteild.
Diaklrt and 1511=, and arrives at Shako
at 0 40 P. N.
I 05 A. N., l Arai. sioPPlne at #M tgold,
Daskirir sad Una Chink - astiesis at Balkan at.
4 30 A. Y.
Th. Day gamma imans'ats at Dunkirk ' l lail in S pi tyr="
th. Night Erpreas at Balkh) min with
for Nair York, Pbiladalphas. Bodes, km.
400 P. It, Akat i a irlr eesa„stap l it xr c i th
• Yvan., kap fartvar • Brea ,
toa. Porik/A4. NANzi, Quincy, Stat. Um. Nth
East sad Earbor Creak arrbriag At Bd. at 'A 24,`
P. Y.
100 A. Wale t Whir. ,Calak,
Dunkirk, Waatit r 7a4 iisrivia at , Fria
kt 10 30 A. Y.
11 35 A. Y., Day Agra% stag at AageLi, Blbrer
Creek, Dim kirk, Wasta•l4 - lad faatorrtatag.
at Brie at 3
P.Y. 11 40 P. IL. "fit atappiag at 211•••11mask,
thutklrk mad artdold. !waiving at lAA
,44 3 20
A. M.
N ltalhaa4 tins titan Want" Gots; thaa Eris thee. •
m 211, kr. a*oYarr s4*
. ,
Cleveland and 'Erie Railroad.
(IN and aftei Monday, April 20th, 1863,
<J `tad until farther untie. . Paestum Trumw 111 rue
as follows. vim ' -
945 P. N I Night Expram Tian stops at Pahmaills,
Sahtabula and Gina* only, and animas at [vie at
..' 103
4 -20 P. If, Ifall and locommodstlon_Traln, stops it all
• . athew, and anima Zee at 696 P. .1 , 0
400 P. Cineinnati Evora, Mope FFt Painesvilia,
Ashtabula and Glrard,arrivas at Erii at 700 P.Y. -
10 00 P. N Day Uprose, stops at Willeaghoy, Maar_
, rHls, Geneva, Asktan)a,Oanumat asdflizard,ar -
rives at Eris at 1,23 P. K.
1 15 A. X. Night 132/proaqrsta stops at &Mint - Arita]
bola and Palmavills Only, and arrival at. Cleveland
411, A. Y.
5 60 A. 11, Mail and Aosommodation • topping at
all the stations and arrives at OI god at 9 64
A. N.
9 66 A. X, Toledo Expren, steiplag at all statisegemt
Inept Beranville, saibrook, Unkieville,'Perry, Wen.
tor mad Wickliffe, arrives at Clandand 1 49 P. IL
1 23 Day &apnea, stops MOirard, Cossmat, Ashtabul a.
and Painesville, antral at Cleveland at 4 SS P.M.
all the through trains Obit Woodward, waned at
Cleveland with trams for TeWo,(lldcage,Cedgesitas,Cl4-
sianati,lndianapolis, kn. kc.
All the throughtrains going Eastmard,ooment at Dust•
kirk with the trains of the 21. Y k Eris Banns& andst
Buffalo with the N. Y. Central sad Buffalo and N Y. City
Rathoury, for New Yea*, illbany,ltoston, Magma Falis,
am, ato: H. NOTTINGHAN, Bapertatesdnet.
Cleveland. April 10,, 1563. ,
Erie 8z Pittsburgh R. R.
*milky, , Jan. 4th, 1564.
4 30 P. IL, Acoommodatios, stops at all itationitand
at Sharon t 9
stoop N.
26 A. Freight No. a l. at all Matiom and ark
rives at Sharon at 315 P. IL -
7 30 A. Y., Autommaatlon. stops at all Eltaition and
arrives at Girard at 11 15 P.M. • •
7 00 A. M , Freight No.l, stop" at at all Btattons except -
Clarksville, Espyville, Centre Road,Spring, vie
mid Onuses, and arrives at Ghard St 1.1-16 I'. IL t •
Freight Malin will run to and from Eris. I • •
jkiernftf. R, N. BROWN; Bop't.
1 564.
Philadellibia & Erie. t. *
rINBIA great lins traverses the Northernand Nortinnee
counties of Pennsylvani a to 'the eny of Ern. on
Lake Eris. It has bean lesesd by the Peamplessimfink
read Cempasp, and under thetr i =eme rapi4ll
throughout°posed lts satire
It Is nor to use for Passenger inS Freight somin
from Garrtabarrto Emporium, (1115 =alms therliastene
Division, and from Sheffield to Erte„ 8 Ellen) on the
Xeatern Division. .
• erna - or PAITIINCIZT TRIM AT tract.
indl Train LIMY 10 P. a l
Express Train Leaves.-- le 60 A. X.
Mill Train knives 960 a. la
Errata Train Arrives.-- . .6 id 11.
oil-Edon:autos rilepig Passenger business apply.
at the S. 1' corner Ilth and Market its, and fir Freight
business of the Company's .gents. -
S. B KINGSTON, .Is., censer 13th sad KesketSizeste,
J. N. DRILL, agent N. C. R. R., Bankston'. ; ; • •
H. H. ROUST° NT, General Freight Agent,.Phinortre
LEWIS L. 11017 PT, General Ticket Agent,'Phfbers,
JOS'. D. POIN, Omura Manager, Williamsport: '
• Faml74l.
YON?. 4Y. Pia . 29, IS •
Trains will !env* Dunkirk at about therein/I'loOn*
vis :
Eastwird Batumi—Depart.
700 a. k.
Stock Ewers ' 9 66 111 i. ,
Feat height... XL& R. •
Way, treitht 6 90
Night txpreditans every dos
-CHAS. IlDiOtairsol "opt
•- •
, .
New Music-1110re;
le Ask •
I P •• .•
Prom Shot/Aim/ft iriekwtod
'IS-A N F A T E• 1 1 , 8 -1;
Steinway dr &rno,Now York. ' ••' • ' " .!
Wm. Inaba it Co., Balsimono, NA. _ $
Lindeman t Sons, New York. ,
Wm. B. Bradbury, New York.
• " ,
:ohs B. Dankam, Now York. ; :r • •
P. Hale et Co.. Mew York.. • .
Goo. A. Primo et Ituftaio,_
What. Nowa= t Co.. Now York. - •
Prices at a Large 11isCouitt belo**P.
factures Prices., •• • -
Also, Instruction 11001[11 and Sheet
A 8 persons wishing a first rate Piano Torte Or
00, are invitee to all and examitie oar tottrikerdeil
foreparekumiag elorebfra
Seed's Block, State street, nearlys t rai
Offi ts P
er. SIM%
rir P. B.—Ever) lutrussent inariatied tow Ave ri:rsi. •
Dealer in Borita & Slit:mat
- ALSO, SiunrirAcivals-
qv, , • 1
curox MELDS BOOTS Are - ago Eciii
WOULD tike this knethdd-of returar
lag hie tbaelti t i bli Mends .adell.bbe public
generally for their Mond patosaame Isretobmie aptemtab
to him, mid hopes to bays a contintatke Of The easim s ,
I take pleasure to Warmth, roll* Wet rem still Del.
Ilug . •
k .. 1 ..., , .. •
*CADY SUDS 1109 I'd Asp $11011.3 AB cealtAP, et
" - - .N.
•••4 • ZAN
_,. • , ''T L. _.'
Than SRI Hoorn In lideplami s and I a m
t' ifik etlli l etilly tan
beet Qualities of Gantt SoeU sod Simi% die OW& imr,
ploy Dona Daub, 'Med Ifddlibillt. indwell, Super
nundate* of O. MLLES.' . . • .:.
Having obtained • 1 cense to use tbe ' • • '
Mailer Patent iitirt; '. ''; ''''
I am sow prepared to make the ilium PlYsit Soo*
and Shoes to a manner not to to 111117111111141 l Styk and :
Workmanship. '
Eir I slings keep on ka.od a aelectien of the beet.
Runde of Friuli and American MINA lOC '
P. B.—Boystriny attended to. , an12.640.`'
Weald tespeettally Wm", the battik ; Ptatt4l7 bIT.
prettiest* the , .‘, r ,„ „ I .t.
../FlpN. -
cocas or Sri sits Milt in, -!•': I
.i ..j.
Where thy, intend to hoop is good is usertmetit ty.
' TAM?- - --. .—
. .
WOOD a WILLOW W/1118 1 AND VijaM, 00 4 D3
ii istyptia Itrte. •-,.. s : 3' L I sl, .
Befit kiwis of Zrio :_cantr,l l ,lo4o.
mommistamos tal 1 1 0 1 414 1 0 ',. f).l I 'IT
11:4RNANtltD Jic,400017.4.1117 art!
Er The highest Warhol Pries paid for all 111.
Oottatty ?nano. • •.;: , , , I ,„,
q'l 6, : r . 4l r t°6 ft PiS fy a
dr 410. 4 .4,41.. 1 4,1 m.
~ 1
1.101101IO...:7 Villgni*.iii:.nii. . •
-- ,~,~
,7,: - .04K.//11C3 Ola
._. .„ .._
T.,,.. ~...,, ..,,,,,,..r
. .
~„ ....,....„,i ~,.:„,
. ‘,.. ... „..,,Ttif
, I I,
, ....
l' .'
i 'II [tilt: 0r... ... ,
' .
a . . 1
ELI • ILI '• -4 , ..": II WipeEi .it ;•J''..' *
• . ?
e .......' ~ \‘..... -7. ....
1. it 'T' ' . - " ' ' -
. ~„
..........."..."." - . S
• • .
, ...,
, .
Hneit we to Sleep.
• itit:tiii;trit; fare baeivent, 0 roe, year
alididwilal jail 'abets-11W
, Itothir, this kaki frees hohelees &ore: '
, TikeLite lois to year joeset is of Ore;p
7 , P 40 , 110 0,4 1 4
theoothe the hrw ethreetheises eet Wig bar
3 ' Beek or Ihirtieje,letitienAkeek te deep I
• 1" -;
Backward. Now 0 fide of Usw yams
T Wary - 46a *I t ' •
rat tame realaipsilow.4siali a Is mfr. •
, 111 , 111. ANA iliesaiemeeettlittheeti spla I
LhOrAire ... ,YR
weer, ofalapag lay seal wealth sway
• itwaii of abihittoiVilierito reap— '
" Seek :dip talisinolositLnidi a: to Woo I
112.4 Oitie hOiloy f the b., the astray
eV limed *lns forlas
Yit~j•idNli~rtTwtriee'hl3 growl pees,
,114/494;01t Ihatas batirain
1 * , 144 , Atr° 4 4 Parituf !At pasibnat• ran.
_ Loci I taraight for year , prune* *pia.
Com tim64, ie &pp— •
Aid:tyke twablog elevipp—toot IN 10 abs.
01*1131/ * alliti, iba'da L yo ttiat ars' war'
foikttilhiliotlear teivii liar has dups•,:
I %Illooothervorahlp ablibirsad *alarm—
• re I .O4 I IIWIPLIAINdied Walla Mut Team ; •
?tole Hid • mether,ege chants away psis
Itrie`the'aids foal and !tie work-wear, brain. --
IlltledNeoft millit'ait my bevy lids weep-.
• Lads et to slip, ether--rooks. to bleep I
• Coe•,' lot TOL I; hatr, Jut Uglits4 witkribl,
Irak! iiii-outiticliil Alain in of old ;
F Let It Ado estr-
~ Medial; ise . era, from the tight I
. pi iTillt,tts
.. Bedews egos eon
Hail, will also - thicsweit vie:leo; yore—
i;ovhirlT;ltheftitiqhf efight, butowiiinsp—
• , WOO lisle , glethe--.. rods me to step 1
II .
• •1, 'i , .
a ' itathil; ffi n ier istot!dr, the Teri have tree V LOIg "
'-#111:11 Ilia nitliiiii4olll . filnab, snag;
tillit;thaV;iiidi 02 !slay soul Udell epee -
V. Wougeheedt g 1 es only a dames—
Cititeietio Togifiert to, • /else lesbrate
With your,light lisheltut sweeping my lite
l '*iiViii herafte tot gike of see—
.. mask As to MO, niiititinir-rodi wit to dee I
limp's -Speedo&
.•).!'ll-..;.',, -'..' A 7 , .. -- • z •
ine coticwtngns the portion of Mr. Loses
iiiech foi: 'toiling Vtbich M. Colfax moved
die extitligon.lhelatter afterwards amended
hit(iitiotiou,'lsi; titatj Mr. Long should be Gen
siired V . :stead C expelled, and it was passed
hy t u f nwovity, : tf.ten, all the Repub li cans vot.
‘,4lg for, an lif
j s ,t l li i tilef i Democrate against It:
;`, Thp,,leicy; bile, :upon which this war is
,jopad4¢ lot fitateit-4,eads to despot
-40P011,4?,11 form of got
qrq say, cOnatitition, under the
br1M4r0 11 .1.9.41k, iitx4rintis now is vogue, is,
-olotrly Imposii* These ecavistiena of the
ecrapiede f >o,vettpro7 of our government,. aro
e fitypr-14441:1-,litt l d nupleisint to me as. they
,arotp/islyta . ber 'nf the House. Would to
Ged i thg l factta4iire+intchd oeuld cherish other,
ootlictkika, 7 May be denounced as disloyal
and unptittiottc for entertaining them, but it
Wili Argi 44 , 37. 1 51'1 4 1 0W : tOOIS . #a d arrant
diftiVes. Vito kitow, or wiU slot admit
rthedifteronat 141w4eis weePanislat a faet and
areatinmfaastaietimee. 4114 may not desire
tibsi but I figveiliteless his, belief will-not
altar thitliaPof his mortaity 7 \ \ l shall not,.in
ploset i rpmentsy ,ravive, ihe 4nitassit sad.
Itcrimpnialeciptrareq of who is visponsible
„d. deatrnetion, of our s epubUo.
I 44 not. mai, putt taw, such , • dismaision ~now
!A/paid 4n r ,prOno49, of good. I entertain
,clear,apd etion co icaiona upon Asa point r .
POII4/4i4nsAittit,i• "heirs no, doubt will
s~atsd,by, tbs imp c tiai historian of - the fu
*M. a 71 7 0*Priff dmat'milliali 44' let the
postorialeivil3le, rooellootious,•rest, provided
we can anatolv r ieccommon rain some of
aim el* rilios Oefreiviren. I;da not share; in
4hedletiefintiketain64-by many of ay political
itittsett — HIM flio*e l eleetritere;, that any
04:eel lama t ilabiAli, Lipari the -beds of 'union
and reconstruction, If the•Demseredie party
were in;giowill 401411 Yr I hire no idea, and
Amseety noropela l 'sue -to declare it, that they
mould seatore, JAI= over, thirty.tour
-80 4e0A, , My, odj ,ttite, undergone as entire
•Ohmtgoitsp4l.l-titot aubtisot., I believe , that
-th ere orechut two oltsmiativss, and these are:
either: ett-milmosiedgo,entlof the ladepead-
Meet,d4s4eoll inlieur Independent Delt4e.
.er.theirtfel,Plekerinkbjagation and *stamina,-
lion wolPestlet ezt.d of- these alternatives I
PreferAber 4 argrl.' ,•' , , .
.r,t,My. Attelstaisn,,l . take little or no interest
, lalthadievimelest Of the question which many
of,sayrpelkieet r fisids would make an lathe
saitehor.44,tides : shall , be prosecuted, Its
. • ei4fddeel• r I retard that as woput 1
titan ' trigs& with, . the-, great • question. , I .do /
sot , 14}4eVeLgente ,eftli .h• eny Preeeentirek of
,4 instimeliest it sovereign State ander ,the i
001181040 01 3 OHO ;Sie ept•eilor* that kW"
ekeesdeitenttlAnihe Prnelen, auk le se to au'
•der.,,it„propeg, Jsuitilieble or ,espedient. : An
Atemtipf4oppl k i,ar. out .only be carded on
4„4'p qupotuOuticita t i. meaner, and to prose-.
T i e 4 1 0.g4tYl u t i er 4 . i f ha et the Petientin
fr9wfarAPFM, I s r, i ll , (Mr.
_ l 3 ( e7ene). 1411. wv
waged against the Confederate' States as an
tild,pppleph tiallisit, for the purpose of eon - -
atuno t s4 , 444Ougsticas ? , as he proposes, and
,#* Fi t uitioilt.nt t tin' -is • in, truth end. in fact
41;14 k act . ,etiu t *lly opposed; . • ,
T,'m I wialltarfurtber, Mr. Chairman, that if
thiEllartisvleike still further prosecuted, I
tprehmiltatit OWL be dose under the Widnes
:411lienolibe.44e3sondoot Its tasnageaent, as
.I.thesoliiisti that. , perty with whinh I ent, con.
Aseledioelshiirrieardegree responsible for its
[reedits, Vtiittldosenet-he otherwise than Ms,.
lesernitsaniL sititidal--lit the responsibility
semaiiii. diereult .la c.tiatil we eau • have a
birdeigli elt palicipinutadef -*so. ,V' ...auelt
ethloguldi pehillic. P Nothing seahl 14 Wow?
hE Mr filsotheis' tie pirty-tlliattoldell to
setnaiiitapider.pledged , th a eontiniumes of
tavritspollepflaunt a poNO•sieuld -be.* libel
rpm iliisteeddit the peat, and the Ideas that
Ili skikeribasia- of all free giteerameSte. and
lieuld4istl di its wimple* demorensatloct *ad
•itin.. c. , :f..i.jr :: . • , ",• . -
• I%sef.talt - mt dui IitISSO of the Do ds:ride
Irpoty se& fse?faisee; that they valid be pieced
Waffle* - polltiotrif ttrhy *Meld besilitate a.
irtiblidloida!foi the , .' Praeldthey,and leek
Ididelia Ai; iessai upon the niwroz - basle of
how the war; should be prosecuted. Foray
, witigiinkc , ll.l have already ladled:id," fears
, diefi e t e l l ,igikanisseitt. canner, . be,preserved
:etifit eader4tettaia dosages, and wader say
Filierthal Shilialt dew adopted; yet ids**
litre* i smi esithesatid party, with-,which 1
rr utubakea.":
6'600 *(144114
hattaroi, iksbdr Kim", whioll•auloi
mfr ids idtiotist 'rook. Weft lasf.
WAN Mese Mi t
Wllbei t ASeliditital'lB 62 ,' %Ileum 'eopsidi'
Na ti P txtiaibodsitheatik
Althea'''. lir. Maw *le: , aboislier• of thir
same Hoose,l metier imp Wasy other Repub
lic, iseenbo l e of. et iseltuttea expel/. or
esiowe Mr .1 Conway Set amain :matt
: '
- szsontrrtons or KR. 4)01M f, .
Conwny—lwilirrthe following resolu
tions, and skonsiderstion be
P l Ntrnoitilitto;MiroVil: :.• :-•
*soloed, That mom knd Storm itianot
coolies in WI flat' teireillikeit i viihbalapiro.;
dnefy oadlennikrifewni , cite Wart: -that
dividol spinet, *elf Aunt stand,"
and thatistbla notion must be free or all
slave' • ' • "' •
Ism bud, Thit the vistwiesn*Union tessista
Of those Eittits..whith MI now lord to, the
!dorsi Constitittion.
' Thsorsud, - Thltt i restoration of the Tritaa.'
alit oxiated prior to the !robeMen•• would•bo ,
a reuse taleasity than thw rebel/Ohl Welk
ohms it wotkld give at, WI to, the ~i rtlTlll'ibis
'ibis cotflint,' and entail' npOn'..the nation'
another cytileLof bitter:lnfhteutlott 'rnicl'efril
wit.. ' - - -7,
Relwlrwi, i'llist ibeilusifiled StoteektinlOnly
be' put down, ; if ILL 4,4 ,fie Ipic liiirded as
out of constituttorial reTiConi witlethe tritiod,
and by being siunsfled' ifiteu' prinelothe of sor
dimity wadare as botwetw,iepunktal nations.
&solved, That if any person it the ample,-
meat of fhe 'United Staten, it either' the'legets
halve ,or 'motif,* hirteehira' irheidd 'propose
to make pet" or should attepttnt 'deist the
acceptance ,of any such preposition. , on any
bails whist. would restore the slave power. to
its former nuprecy' in 'the ' government, of
by any new, comproltalse or sitendasent'of the
Constitution recognise slavery as an element
cri e wer, such personw#ll be gaudily of s high.;
' • „ 1 ,
Rade . al,i ) Tftat the superior' resources tpad
military prowess of the North in the 'sfrtiggle I
onl i
are bey dispute, ant that thelqueetioit :of
Its suedes' urns not upon its relative, al. , i/111..,
bit on the taus of Its Ohio( execttlie.otaglic
trite to give effect to 14 pOtriri. -
;Rereirect,l That. It - 11 - twists to , intrust: the.
eXectitiOsi of any system of sdraitistration to
pernota who ars not . in, cordial' sympathy,
therewith, ; cad that no ohanikif of policy : in
the conduct of \ the war' is more than nominal ,
which is E lnot•\aceompaninti ,by a eouiPlete
chant* ,II the Persesna , of .the executive de •
pirtment. I ~ .
Resolved, That ills a mutter for sericite re
fission whether another elaction for Peed-.
dent must:not supervene before the rightful
authority ,of the' nation Oen be established,
sad whether, in the• utesntiine, it is not a
flagrant wUala of our ewes. to obstieue the
war. 1, ,- . .• „ „
„•-; . . • ,
Resolved, That tutees the 'Articy of the Neat
dual h".4.4l.lo&t..littitiglt, tho_ralley• of the
Mississippi - talte - mono4 - wirthe army Of the
Potomac annihilated :tholagiens'Of Lee and
Jickson, thus subverting the military power
of the rebellion, within nraikatutidole time, the
bilid interests • of. the isometry \wad- humanity
will *Ore a cessation.of hostilities., ~_.\• \ •
Reveir,' That • the
,Ntafed . of " the ' North,
eeelpeeihif the Aeteriest netion *did wielding,
its power;, must ever reeds' else sat indivisi-'
ble on • the basis of hoodlum ,for all. • Without
distinctiOn of race, color, or condition'. that
their million must ever be to exten d
Own civilientiot ;over - the entlecifietitilent;
sad thailwitatosse• darsagesalmeak sliffiectlties,•
asakil. or tiefestiL ow lifV•wittows.ter, they,
must forever eheriiti and,pursie the inspiring
idea of intbinitity etd editinetttit dominion.
The first step, therefore, erhlch should have
bomi tikenid the irckiesi 'cif 'the star Wes to
nakacitiledge a rekation; to ieo'Ognise iher
*nth in''sew ohtir4ite, 'to asitititelhe
locorth tio be ii'idlifiVieirtiieniliZ;it;:and' then'
to pursuit the war for 'o r ciiiqUest, or not OMane.
it all, ae l might' Ease .
seined itnore eitpedietti
and prOPer'ter the .
‘ i ' "'
But, nnfortenstoty, titci4ito whom,eon-,
of i thts ¢rest tratteitiolwee• darnrnitietli
hive nn i t seemed to opmprehen i it their work:
They' have disowned the rarolution: They
have used the war as far se , pos j iihtei to 'artist
it,!and restore the .
It is evident to me that this,,polioy
Prove, disastrous.. The war
,Iti , the,h,ands_ of
those now in authority has an intivitahie tia
ilenoy, to defeat the Iforth—to reu!snd it boot
to its cormer subvrrienoy to the 4outh, Its
waif" ; effect is to produce a r,esetion thee'
which a
. new, port, !in, come into ; power,
pledged mot to . northern .nationalityi bat, to
the old Union at .any-priop. .The war seams.
to ha supported not oily by, tdie i oppositio*,
hut also by the Adattnistrati?n,., tor, the most
Pertvivith reference to this .result,
NoW, ihe war which has between.
thejforth''and Beak tic "the' pelt tie yeibre
' It hie 'elibetituted In
the South inother gbiernmz for thit of the
this is the fektt, and the feat in snob
gruittei. the inipaitent thing.' 'it nettles
the bilk,' 17C iechniOnlity 'in • stiestfoi of
this hind Cca The" war' has biterly
discol*eil the connection heti/eon' the North
aid South,. 1443:rendOi41 flitm sepsrite end
independent powcr c ia Thli is
the nieessizt lepl `elect of °telt war
Whets. It epdiei,
dependent this, betas, sad, ritilese the
; one . sueoCenbc to the, 01, con ntr
flependent of each other forever.
The principle is laid, dawn by itsttel ss,fol;
:lows : , , ,
! • "When a nation becomes divided., into Iwo
pertlesi absolutely Independent, and no longs!
Acknowledging a common superior; the etate
is 'dissolved; and the' wits between She !.two •
parties stunts !upon . 11re use '. 'retied; Id
every respect, u a public war betntson two
different nations.—Book pc r 17,
chap. pap
428. ' • • • : i
It Is '
nof to be troatierent sv, 'ttiere7Oie.. that
so lean:led' and . prolcitind i fails' ne the how.
, 4 1 ..
orable member from PennSylVariit' (Str. - Ste .
vent) 'shoed sipreis the same '0 et' ii. n a . .."' . ,
" ' '
, . • -,•" r• •1 =,•- 4. .
The Dentookie 1 040 the Viten Intol yet
'fathead' tiviiitlttebtotilitleietia mispionsita -
Thiy rice tot iitiviti l lifetii rai4 - 16IIIWIrrion
not fait in Weir:- BoihkiphitliallY the
Oil' Pin •bf ithetelif :l ":ll‘all ;Irto • 'spante'l -
Nd (3fe l NM" 'The Fruitiest - his played
had the has is of these gentlemen most co& .
*Or: Sad kb population that the Main: is
snit itit the war meat be 'Waged •
Only k,to . restore I the - oonetitatleael ;volition.
bet 4 the government and the people ,of
the teedltod . Gimes, Is entirely in their •
feat.' Ile has held the' Line opetL At: le no*
SIMI twee,' as
the strife, tie , spent; Wed ands ilistvettlier
isi•Whissitawfriteseptiartissipagios Cube 1104
its thb diiitsum ) theetNesoorsts , will . toe, !et
'MAW, Ali" lisigiatisate. tar, mil frassat, ,
fedi . a'svaggettiaVilatheirdwOi • mom, ie ,t z ja,- ;
40014 proPdlitlim is-dtkielvot: the tilitea.rue
iilat r atrea* 1%0 etpoesl-.
Chi 06stion'illetkeet tti Valealksilibil rel.
toted VI Rite' ectif innalieintlee!eo J be labswed
• thntieephith 'therlletel &allonyms& ullo?,
that to osetletbot , ofiattiv.z , v.
77 t datiatie,' theentelle, l ll4 istilit , this; use
aid oillerMbelitsii% rii.nsir ' ia t44attlrli
' te; the indite.; ^ • -
i i i
. ,
.v. • ..• . :4; .11,.:* [. , 7:9:'+ t i..) t,[,... , -i
;;Ligiampais•Mtailkii;sailf brllairLlOLlPir
Liefia rz.loiluisv4,l 04$ , t,i 4,1,.:11 .e.i,,,,1tt
slol! , .V1 0
jw oskr.fvel 111.1'
.1.11 1 4 , 44.0 ,0 t
" •
; '•, '
,S ~l
/ 11 11 • ,Js eon' rarpect
doattaily le. It ea sheadeameat, for the
U. beim' of tlie iitteopelo bring the Beath
under byleree if arum
• SW , 44040ail4 o thlajobj•es w.
are already delimie; we. hare defistid•oar
sari& rikit 41; e prateate trOst in.
angm eetio face, caw &Wig
*this ear own., ion. Thia celiac woad.
ociyae, Amply, a planet . political jeziedic
414 *yak**. 2(irth "ad Boca. lkit that
4. 11 !! 4n 00 1 40 fad
• , lc • ••
. .
I ' 'i ' • fleieia Zehaennta fissional.
:,.Ehtne r srn ttsvo i rnturned front the late Dern
-047f14451 0,144, 9ohriatioe, and, have had time
,to reflect uOiss,titS 'proceedings of that body,
we ,are nonvineed that the Derneorney
been greedly:etrengthened by the aoeso—
'ion of such nobltnad able young men as the
Rem Within R. Miller, of Harrisbarg ; Hon;
Winans A. Weans,. of Clearfield ; William
A. Galbraith. liscp,l of Erie; Col. J. K. Pm
of , Iteniutgo: R. L I Johnston. Esq.,' and Hon.
C. L. Perahing, erns, ova, county. sad others
,throughout the Sts...Tt dont:not ?squire the
aid or • kaleidoscope to see the advantage
,httle.„ strong sad intieUlgint young men are in
s,Prosidelltdel esi#olll. 'There have been too
many I'os4:Used ',Machine adopted as leaders,
.who . frown. down the impetuosity and ability
if young Men, at-I,hie very time - that vigor and
tptabseured Inteiloot are nee led It has been
wail Said that corn wilt not grow. in the
shide." our (young men a little 'room
'and enoouragement and they Will prove them
seven' the equalC if not the superiors of some
Of the more aged; and experience/ politicians.
Indeed, we doubt !whether there are many
men in the Btate,!old or young, who are more
able than the gentlemen whoin we have just
mentioned. And While the seri - ors should
always be treateci With deference and respect,
the -young should not •be neglected. The
party, will lose aething by this policy.
TM Wilt '
et Pros SpNYI. ,
The New York lEvening Post, one of the
most r6dlosi . )19Mals lo the • country, in
speaking of the; attenipt to' expel Mr. Long
/°';: • .1.
1 .1 Bat - there Ts
,than a question of
mere 'party 'expittdieney'ln this matter. Mr. •
Lanes ipseek irsul t i r t yerfeetty legitimate taper:
mint of O jliniois. 6 thinks 'hit the rebel,
'must be alloveti i to go in pesos or be extii•
pated, and h 6 stiited - his 'thought calmly sad.
irpeatfally Itt I :propei word!. We do not
octane with hith we do not think it teen
aary feliteneedellie independence of the con
fedorapy„ (which. is an impossibility is our
Viettbl.Thor to ettirptta U. people of the
'Elouttur • ,1
`4•We are not, I:to l tratetl,. unwilling that . those
who lave come tip other" oonolutione shoolcl
‘ e• t
hare the full phetr i ty to.yzprete them. whether
lathe tamrspapers or oit , the..doore of Con
real.% If : thwy'oeirry that. liberty to the ex
tent": of oreikoatet or treason they esti be 111.-
11044 a nd paif,ieEged; , ' • .. .
* \4 * *
—. • .
but if they recati:a ; within the limits of fair
debits, if
,they-oeiotrorert:arsoment by argu-
Ment, It they betreni ottlyllegit eloquence,
appeal; in, Ayerof . thclr, views, they sre but
elercisio; tti,u ri4rAts whiek bel9mg to all fru.
A Litigator Virtir Borktan.--I . 3eme time
slaw we - advised- that some one. et, a profitable
Moray epesoilatlen,' should coital and • pub
lish a ,book of jokes by his exesilleney the
President. •We observe with rstificatioo that
the hint has beef taken and that the book is
timithoanting. i T.lll. Darby, publisher. New
Yin*. advertiins r follows: We copy_gratiet
BARB 400,11.--OLD 'ABE'S JOKES.--N
Fames conk &mattes Boron.-The
following see amaig the contents : : :'
Waal/ the Shsokasses for Cot's Alice.
. • Old Abe sad the Bullfrogs.
1. , Old Abe and his Ted.
Got the Itch. 1
A Peddler medh to lifiallow his own Pies.
Lincoln and MC Wooden 'begged Amateur.
--Old Abe and the Bigger Barber.
Old Abe's iloheii.kre the Qaintessenoe of
Presiding, Llguolu'e 1,0 0 . , . , I
Bold by; Boakintlart aid loliwadealers every
where. Pelee 2ciente. - •
AO gine . ,resdin iron this advertisement will
bit, - deny, • siti,”.Old Abe " is a remsek
ail* RN. - Wbolbat be einid base conducted
fir three years 1 the bloodiist war known, to
hhitoeY; and $t the llama time .applied matter
f!ii 04e faittiescijif,it7bbt in litersitire 7 1
• intollbiSt I liwtsoi.i.-LA swindle of s some
what impnient: mature was, perpetr 'tea ovi a
reaidentwf . et Cincinnati, one
day :last week. r lie was • standing before the
doer of one bf the Cincinnati banks, jest after
closed fir the day. when two genteel
lOolting went to the door and find
ing it looked. were loud in expressions of ,dis:
appointment i 4 not being able to get their
Shook for a, Or t rossa4 tinkers cashed—in fact
they were milted naleste they could get ;the
money, anvil only two minutes too late !Ont.
Crawford country friend pitied their ,00ndi
tion, pureli* tab. — emelt 'for $940,' and
learned sett morning, on presenting it 'at the
bank, 'that k was good! for uniz." Itatker
had tell, niGi
. ; - 1 • -__:__ ,
CbSkat. 'Pc toxa.:—Thei Newburyport Her- 1 '
Irldfßepabliellty thus ;i.teuehis * raw" no iil
leltillfi tabel on the' ethektslsetation .sid•li I I
" ill The Ne lrdelt Tithing attempts Itcr show!
thsSliffireneeliotweenuthe 'propookloo, o r. ; m r „
01111Wity, - et , Faissegis. tO• the hist, bloom's, toi
recants@ lb. Satoh, and lde Lowe". of Ohio, I
to do the Dila thing now. It nays that Con
way's tuition woo prompted by opposition to',
alevery c ealLons's by opposition to estanoi—,
potion. It !apologises for. Conway; •it de--;
nounoes Long. The ?taunt sympathises with
it Idea that its beccitsleg very popular, that,
tlnstnin loth" floustitution is justifiable if it:
is for euinntpaticsai l "ad we rosy 'hurry the
. osou try to Ots ; (eviLif it iidone is hatred to
•theilsollt." i. •t ,
44 1liN0i .
Slimivol—dood . Ohl Paris* Brow*, kavini]
Sciakto• te spina eight at • hotel, was as-,
1 44 MA • rsoinia,bitisk . Mare. were three sin:
'igte beds i t inwet whirls already eostaiesil se t
enimada. Boaraftse timlithi "nu extisidshod
a man in las of the Mbsts.bspos ,to mums CO
c•loks11,81!•PI, The
towult wi ttesied its be night wore *Way, an.
tip ft - 'ia t trieletely !sera I T.° pr three
theMsorer turned'
bid; is,' sidetnis groat statiosai:
• Mit ( irtio pimVii, • stp l ie4ettiho third
geatissm• to be aalm, until, at this jauture,
,hikAmisrd . fiest!ki" thank
OtPdtk,hli 4 1110,17 t'. • .
. ,
lonotrt ct - pJ 71
Pelee Mises:
. .
iisaiwased Ifs*: Ja!isa t ,
1 8, "OM tot; be Wools' ;
• !Asa AM Ws wee %Wets.% be i;bld
, Wort nessin beim MAW : • .• • .
, • load yeas irsaissil einist row •yee.
Ftarr rar ittesis;
tke 'WNW' ip skrbig,l4
the Ways. •
. .
Be sad the Etaket we nest are,
I , If tt mai ,Mt a 5 heirs' t .
t' Awl that the lorreidest illueilttlisie
, i ti'veur mai eel every hp+ r
Ne Mind the thICIS LIM/s4a, sail WO!
! ♦ Sac tee kis sea Dm% -
And played that In the other wert4
No Deuressu be eared.
Bs amid ths war was j we; sail !IMO
BS:netted with do sad !lie;
had say visa sgts the wse
rassair this. ninon
Aid yet thla hug Jona voulA it y
Arose Idirplp And nett*
White oast men tent up Asir gem
' t And nundul away tobettlik
Bat Wpm thaw draft vas made I. Cara.
i Pow Pole' 162 pi dratted ;
dad whoa Iv told tits patriot NUS,
It soma the almatt halt dead.
Than Pang wait itekt og and iota
patitit. art Mae% Rollie.
Oss bane, idea stases, tan Deities a ints r
As 4 int three Jlinsulnal diUaei.
i thos la rata Sko Illoashal of,
DU NM It woo aoS right, air,
Thatm eh good ostrio t•lblks
' &eail *Mu psy or Bin, mfr.
1 . , .
/Ad this suns maul, saasod Wog Jews,
YU sorsa for Abe Linable ;
lad vises this %liar broke out, bs sale '
I ?Imes liana be ae lollaktag.
Lose year one earl inalat rue Mr.
nom on yoar
Rang tho ' , rebels" all sky high,
' ltasnolpate the Is
[inn filo N. Ir.llnaing Poi! ) (IWO
I Our limmatimi 'lmager.
In the rapids which rue faster and. faster as
the Niagara river approaches the place where
itnhoots over the rooks, ate bostaisskls warned
of his danger by the increasing •ssiiftnesi of
tin currant. if he gives hiel in Genoa, he
may steer his boat safely td
land, lint it some:
.times happen, that he allows himself to be
carried so 'tar towards the proclaim that no
strength of arm lan areal him to snipe, and
be is swept over the
1 We of the Vetted Staihn,:linaleiellyospeak
lig, are in a beat milleh a rapid. current is
berrying towards a pitaipiee. , We speak not
' stomach of thieredlt of the government as of
the stete of -our currency. As a measure of
Value. our currently- is performing the sante
Part which it performed twenty-dire years ago.
The oessgion of specie payments hu brought
itsto full play its quality of elastioity„ and its
expansion has changed the pries of everything.
The necessaries of life grow dearer in
Those who live an axed boomed, those who
receive salaries, those who oannoi. wily in.
arena the oomnpenaation for the services they
Vender, those who raly for subsistence on the
interest of a modernte "sum invested in air
manner, wake lip on a line morning and find
themselves suddenly poor. The evil increases
om day to day, Ind we'see no remedy likely
to be' applied. Whether the' mischief is 'be.'
yoncithe.reseh of a remedy we will not under
take to say ; but this we must say, that ;the.
current is rapid, and its swiftness and . Me is
increasing, that:the boat in which re sit is
drawing nearer and ' tearer 'to the precipice,
andehat, , unless something *frond be done,
it will go down with the waters of which it is
now floating. . .
( The meals of speculation, sad Ws isiation
if o paper currency re-acting on sash other
with' the full license which an exemption from
the necessity of paying epooligives them, ex
plain the present state of the money market.
the issue of Government paper, no doubt, has
ben kept within moderate bounds, bat the
,liberty, which the Government has claimed, of
not`peying its notes in coin, has been imitated
by tlieanks all over the country, and there
never yet was a onspension of specie paym eat
without en inflation of the earraney,' a deli.
Lions rise Of \ prices, epeculatiou stimulated to
madness, speeelators soddenly becoming rich
or ruined, and‘the more industrious end regu- .
tar part of the ammattlty - impoverished.. The
old State beaks eie,poaring forth their louse
with no"reitionsibility for the payment of their
notes, the new bents, `crested under the law
Of Congress,' sad called `National Banks, are
imitating their 'sample, stocks rise. the gam
blers of the money market, beat backward
and - forward tb'e "shuttlecock sof speculation,
striking it higher intirthe air with every new
blew, the necesearies of life grow` dearer, the
steamboats increase their fair, the +sty omni
bus owners nearly doable theirs, ,sed \ he!whe
paid iliteen cents' a, pound for eager tea days,
since, pays tsrentriLve cents a pound to-day.
When will this stop aid where! It will mot
probably stop till it is checked by a visits aid \
a awash—by the rain of tosoy.e general loss of
cooldenoe and i sullen itud.glcomy lethargy
pervading all branches of commerce. This is
thk ordinary experience in such cases—that
is the WNW bewail of all the' experiments
Made at building credit on any other basis
than the old fashioned one of prompt and due
Butis there no remedy, it will be, asked,- no
way of preventing the evil tram resales '5
gee at,e,r height, bringing back the currency to
a mote wholesome state , ,and curbing' this
madness of speculation without convulsion ?
Our readers know what our opinions of this
matter have always been, ai4,we have swine
'Nilsen to" °ituit/ !hit itie•,'
'taken ' step of a currency without' a basis Is
retread, the less violent will be the conse
quences to be apprehended. We know that
some saute iii Errs are of opinion that there
are othor melt... to which will effect a gentler
cure, letting down speculation easily from its
fable altitude, instead of daehing it in pieces.
If there are, We 'should be most happy to ea
them tried. The prated state of things should
not be allowed to last. •
To Rawer. Cute.--Joha Ayers, of Collins.
bus, inch., slates through the Genesee, iiltr.
my, that be bas found the following remedy
an excellent one to prevent crows from pulling
oorni • Remove the whites. hots half a. (loses
eggs and insert e little strychnine' ; piec, these
around the cotalield at crew tine. Haag up
the dead crows se fest se they are found.—
Three have been found lying beside one egg.
Its Lynchburg, 'L I on the• 6th, beef fell
from ave . dollase pot pound to three dollars
and fifty cea(s.. Point*,
.whiok had Imo.
,sellisti for Afton or twenty dollareper bushel,:
old for, tea. . . .
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to seed *de 'arm sow
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bond 1, nu Maras s damilidb‘
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ti - 7 1 *taliff 4 - , e:TM.
There are said to be eight plains is the -
Bo,* YON,- ifOro“. 311011411•-11014 1 1iiitred , •
ItiebooSd, purls** Salem Lynch-
Iterg;;DaisellieCl 741)sitiiii1C11101i1eqi6$ At
lanta. • t. •
The PerthiSd IMO Airs 'WON Utilid*
sdadetreties sews* to eanj as,
,third; its
mass, quits, eetire sreaslpvP 4l lP 6l "'
gee. ifeelellai as it does. against, Jo 4 ,Degie•
Misoram Dumnurrioa.."%iristio oft ses
sioltasos ddoaibddkisuomouitna t. "Tho
best sour I Imo druid kakoul4 dlo
60 00*d kVar I 11 . 1 0 WC. itgs 4 ,ll B A°o l o "
,Ttta Rem Cosomuistooo.-rotio,Alsiconto
rebel, whoa salmi whether AbllTlNmoNlitgoi
floes" t h ee., eddy
they dint They take way. moo :whey WWI
hien rigid more thew two dayon, !::
Too Dtmasoom—ln isseribiog tie Mer
it no begonia artsiomwey. sad dangerously, it
was wittingly wad istßimile &Mars
-41.1 GE" *on who',bill , kop ter• s.Alvdniksthe
orimetwooy thitme,wismi teahersolOadliefiL
The loolaville Awed she : IPrediketeass
thinks tbYI ~
the blacks .eM 11411.1 r pt rid of
mugs mischievous *ass wept by anta4s
station with thi ro doubt this is the
only wey to pt thi kinks one of their lisside.
Is pnlattilly evident &WA Congress loos
not main mit* tho critigal condition of,-pub-
lio affairs, or the profound dlseatiefsollon7lo
nee the 'mildest term—rwkieh ife emus* for tke
past few months has osiossioned.—Bostros Ad
'seats, (Re.) .
Nsw Teat, April. 20.-A rebel; dispatch
from Mobile 16th, reports a greet battle be
tween Kirby Smith andlissks,in whisk Banks
was defeated with alone of 14,000 nisi killed ;
wounded and eaPtured: Thsi stoic is wild.
The Mai Leon correspondent of the Forki
says: "I have been privately informed that
Senators Samna and *ads, whom I mentioned
as supporting Lineobt's re-election, repu
diate all intentions Of that kind, and •have de
clined I. participate in the measures already
taken by his enpporters to that Week
. Aarototis rulintS.—A Boston Inn has gone
into the manufacture of "rtlecial arras and
legs—the company announcing a guarantee of
9 per cent. dividends to stockholders, and a
special permit, from Beoretai7 Stanton to sup
ply the rebels ! This concern dot:f:Alegi' goes
in for "the vigorous prtentlon of the tiler."
Eta Taw" or 8 . Biota issse."—iftiole
Jetise K.' Dub% the replithilcan State Auditor,
and probable reptblimut candidate for our
nest Governer, was lately driven out of the
raid by a lei of seldieri, who called him 4.a
d—d old eopperhead" and demsadedthelitole
road.—Book Island Awe. ,
The Laporte, Ind Denneed, whew printing
establishment wee destroYed by a - mob of sol
diers, est oa by lawless wbolitionistei' te. few
Weeks back, Yee bass - rovivell dad ware in
in enlarged &ad. very atAraeties . farm, The
Democracy d Laporte hay& nodded the 04-
denims that similar aututges hereafter wail be
punished byretaistilon itsidad. r , This notifi
cation will probably,rweervethe peace ip that
community. . ,„
Thi mErP. II 9.?Aa fii*Lkss.2•• lot scan
to fraternise: - At Tort Riparian; irtmeks,:the
other day, - the negro battalion . of ihe' : l4th
Rhode Lund artillery shoired - eyldeniee of
inettbordinatioh, diirigertling tha orders of
the whits °Seers, and &attuning generally an
ofensive sad oveibiaring'sitilude. 'At length
they becalms ptedtirsly 'mutinous, but' `Here
brought to their wheel •tiy the lippeatineis of
the 16th (lb Li and s' battier oft artillery
pointed epos their eanip:' Tom' Waite te re
calve their pay, and deilare limelieddilbe out of
Bassoinhantrf us Fe. ?vet itr limas -
vss.-111he emaisap Is *NV / renames
How Is ft that with asidlinintY of kill 'msg.
utility, of Wintry; eitedry sad' artillery as
we have in that department area 'With .ftrrtift•
cations of nob Immenie stfeatth &Arline the
Tennessee sad Mialselppl
. tivershoirls it
that the whole oonstry Is oesselemßy traversed,
trampled ape., sad Its inhabitants butchered
by rebel beads? Bow Lou that the guerrilla
honest, with a few thousand freebooters, has
bees allowed to tide to sad fre . for •sts Weekly
captariai lawns capturing forts, and playing
halve Wherever be amass'? it •is the most as•
fano Shim to our one that &wawa. Cawsd
in the camas of Foam. •
Twit RlTOOltri Of seems
that the way same abolition• member' of the
Roues whit 1/0116110 anziodo West* Mr. Long,
have sabseribed the largest:for *opts* of his
speech • for gamest cirealatioa among their
emetitemati. this prone that. they are ulth,i
inhere er •knperites..., If Mr. 'An, has
preached. trommo, tkey are s. better . ,tban
trailing for ,o4enbiting lalsl mat gents noder
frank sid *the **pease <tt : Ake government,
If he has sot preached Owen, it is sheer
hypoorlay toir them to claim that he has, 'end
attempt to epvil hint therfor, and
, tken turn
pedlare aid hueltstri of kis speech, for the
role object of f ai ! lma i; little partisso , onpltal,
as they suppose they will by ciieulatiog it.
The whole tittackon,long politilialdodge
and it itmt failed as limb, mlserably.* ; •'
A Heirra4iirr.- I 'he ClistPlitio of the U. B.
Senate, like her Abolition humbug', having
made a recites of notifying thiLOrd of what
he weals donti,, is lids prayers," Senator
Saulsbury, ofDelmirare, has 'offered 'the fol
is Reroleed,"That tketklipisin ai ttie . Sainte
tie *iieli•eittint'releeeted: itimitifter - te prey
end supplleste Atiattittloa oar •behalf,
Mid lot' edture i 'llibeidiw Hint; under
the' pritibibi it pester.; tiliqetie mid Chap-
LtiVeyepledvale edemas to fie &it as the
~Sy ; sad that the mid \ Cks WI be
Author requests& Its steralikk act, under the
farm of prayer, to teeter, the Swale is rela
tion to the questions-before the bedy'..\
Reim (6 Vex.. Hoomarm—Seme Mti the
newspapers are new pabiiskiag ivriport"of
Gen Hooker, detailing the 'eperatiole of his November lest,: at Okattiusebges.
This report metes to be -he the- haat* - .of a \
substitute. for Nit report just after the *little \
of Lookout liountala. , • It is &lied nookont
Talley, /Or 11161 V hemmer/Met to '
On Halleek• 6} l l4looa , ,hity rimed !Pia It
fantlttut 4 01 KIIIttlag, ItitioTesitetd , t
4 , llesinostfulli forrarded, to. 141or_ General
Ir. W. Halle* Wookinitioa t • D. C., ; I ?MY of
no o bj ect i oa sf L ot. eebetttatiog of this, for
Mal. Goa. lloner i e nig*/ mow, KN. op
erating bout 0f.p•14 16 -ohmturnt.
"Atiistiß 4 le 4 0 1 4 u.,lk 4„Pf at i o t„ t 4 is "
item, ,
411. • gmb i ra "
IA" ,S CII51 "! 4 1 4 ,• th. 'WO W R i 0 .1 )1 1.11
and,ll6lll Mai irlife‘k Ir•Oftekess
"Ala() alai a