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    Por the adoption, amid op_
Rero.t,, of any system, is neis . ded the
.cuurcrezice, the steady rop—
ce the timely concession and comPro
-41,e seltlsh principles must be-held in
A curb mast he laid upon the iut
ile for the destruction of the same
i t 1 ., D eeded only that Ire forbear the
. e ,f the virtues and benevolent affix:-
1 glve full may to the seldeit prinel—
eemple of Diana of Ephesus was the
the ancient world. The treasures of
41 all the art. , and skill of the times
, n prefugely lavished upon it to render
ncitest and most magnificent of the
rf i of earth. Yet The toroh of Emitos—
infstasted with the ambition of lot—
:.c, though it should bg one of infamy.
.17Ecient in a few hours to lay it in
thst these reflections should find so
~ ttiiti in the eve:W.4 of the
s „ h, I s good Government: We
revolutionists in other
~„„1 , mei out t t attain, and no preten—
,,o-:oariship should have been ad—
uwen -ought to jar the system or
i of a knight of the middle'ages
tie pov4es(or of a shield of extraor—
le' and workmanship. ' The mate—
the finest gol.l, and the device Was
nel with the rarest skill of the artiat.
:,ele was of matchless beauty. It was
•figured- by a single blemish.- In an
J r its poiriassor listened to the pereus
AU artificer who proposed to remove,
The e..fsobjecting it to the heat of the
xperiment was made; but the
at which removed the stain also des.
'the—imago upon the shield, and the
was reduced to a shapeless mass in the
e. Ile might make a new shield of the
tht the one so cunningly sculptured,
'highly prised, W gone, alas! forever.
or b, of the Cnited ,States aro in the
a of the knig, and their priceless
is their constitutional Government,
tato. if you will, is the institution of
In the fires of civil war to which
pirieal artists have resorted to remove
y,be obliterated, but the Government
,edei the operation. will be dissolved.
,rernments may indeed be formed of
terials, but that of the American fa
ill be no more.
r Democratic rule, priter to the tri
of the ChiCago platform, -the nation
peace, united, prosperous, and happy.
of a frightful civil war, desolating
.1 and filling with strife and bitterness
the which lead to our dwellings, we
with pride to our national power, our
tee. Slur manufactures, our conslitn
liberty, to our national monuments and
of art, which everywhere decorated
e of our progress, and were held up as
.chies of a Christian civilization.
alas: the change. Byron, the immor:
et, when writing his immortal verse
le ruins of the Boman empire, said :
th. lofty city ! and &la
t,r Tufty's sole% sot Virgire lay;
tAtt's picturtd pare ; but those shall be
rrsurreclion ; all I,Bldd—decay.'
the gloom that avers the laud, from the
Atlantic, where the light of the' morn-
It is first seen, to where his setting rays
'a in the western ocean, without some
ie artificer to re-establish the broke%
of a once mighty Government, the
not be tar remote when the genius
terean liberty mac say, Alas! for the
\Ca•hington and the memory of Frank—.
.e eloquent stories of Irving and' of
u, the eloquence of Clay rind of Web
lesp may be her resurrection—ell be
c uric Oboerrtr.
To City Subscribers.
o , , , aitte , i the services of two new
, 1, ,lihtribute our city list, and hope
tiro t, have the pap'er delivered with
'ne•o , and regularity. Our friends are
f,re of the difficulty which we bees ex.
.1 in this branch of our business. It
Iren us more annoyance than all the
lepartments of our office, and - with all I
ae we can bestow, .we receive re
complaints that patrons do not receive
. )aper's. We trust they will take into
teration the difficulties of our situation,
lay blame on our shoulders, when we
log the best we can. •
;mild repeat, what we have said several
before, that it would 'be a matter of
accommodation to us, if all city sub
rs who can / do it conveniently, would
irrangemeOs to obtain the - Observer at
dhestion office. tt
, T WARD FIRE COMPANY.—The meeting
t Company was held Tuesday evening,
:h inst. T 6 following officers were
far the nextjix Months
, ient, Geo. Starr.
to President, G. F. Brevalier,
qtlry, - John C. McCreary
ocrer, E. P., Bennett.
, mic, W. 11. Steel.
.k..siliant Foreman, W. 11. Magill
S..t+tant Foreman, R. J. Felton.
:nation it was resolved that tho secrets.
re notice to the Mayor and Councils of
rganimion of the company, and request
to the 'charge of s hose carriage, one of
iei engines, and of the steam fire engine.
t 3 request the use of the Common Conn
.:in for meetings, and to ask an appro
:a for means to defray expenses.
:erring for drill was appointed for Tues•
he 15th inst;‘, at 7 o'cloat. P. M., at
te House No. 2.
1 regular meeting Tuesday, May 3d.'
Indian Relies.
excavating through a graVelly ridge on
ne of the Pittsburg & Erie Railroad;
two miles west of town, thd steam exca
suddenly struck into ' a large bed of
in bones. After examination, a' conclu
me arrived at, that they were the re—
'of Irttlisnv killed in battle.
Tian burying places are frequently die
ted in this vicinity, but in almost every
nee arrow•heads, beads, stone tomahawks
)ther implements and ornaments pertain
, A‘vage life, are found with the remains,
rn tatter were always placed with uni
in the 'graves. In We case, there
nAing found save the skeletons, and
appearing to have been closely packed
placel promiscuously for convenience in
lug The pits or trenches were about
feet from, the surface, and estimated by
:: , rkmen to have contained from two to
e hundred skeletons. It is is presumed
e are otters in the vicinity, marking the
where aierrifio Indian battle must have
'3 place at least 200 years since.
!tee evidence that, they are of Indian origin
the phrenological developments of the
.1 MCC' tte the ravage characteristics.
they were killed iMbattle is. manifest,
`'he fact that all that were, examined
to rn to bo mates, and many of the
brokan or fractured, in all pie.
"Y the effect of blow with the 4 , War
bleed 011. itecans.--:The oil fever,
tLe Iralv ilie Republican, appeArs to hare
~,f a out anew; at Mecca, 0. Several fame
re Keen bought with 11 view of putting down
treil•• Messrs. Phillips - S Co„ of Oil
hgye bought and leaped some of the
4al are now putting down two deep
Lt. It °ail they have been quite sue.
petit to 0;1 Creek. Some of the old farms
TO Leer, oeptiale'd for at $5O en acre, others
` 75 and SIOU per acre. This advance
S3u per acre, which was all it was wort4i
firmaug purposes, has been within sixty
Our Elector and Delegates to Chicago.'
The selection of Judge !tassels. Brown, of
Warren, as the Presidential Elector for this
Congressional district will give general satis
faction to the Democrats, and all no little to
the strength of our electoral t i oket. Re is
known In all parts of the dietricti and it le
almost needless to add, that he -is Universally
esteemed. In his capacity as Presiding Judge
of our Courts, he won the reputatihn of an
able and affable jurist, and was popular with
members -of the bar of every political with.
ins character in private and public- 1110
without taint, his devoted patriotism
love far the Union are freely admitted, and in
every particular he comes up to thip standard
that should be required of a candidate for so I
exalted a station.
The Representative delegates from this Is
trios to the Chicago Convention are Wm. A.
Galbraith, Esq., of this city; end Ho Wm.
A. Wallace, of Clearfield county. The fpraier
is too well known to our readers to require
any extended illusion to his merits. It is
sufficient to say, that the unanimous senti
ment of the Democrats of the distri4 has
long pointed to him as their desired represen- '
tative in that body, and this not through any
effort on his part, but solely by that common
feeling of our Natures which causes us to
wish to be represented in important bodies
by one of our ablest and most trusty leaders.
The flattering vote which Mr. Galbraith re
ceived for -Senatorial delegate in the State
Convention is evidence enough that the peo
ple of his own locality are not alone in, enter
taining* high opinion of his character. Mr.
Wallace is not so familiar to the people of Erie
county, bat we assure', them that he -is a man
of whom they will never have cause to be
ashamed. He is still quite young, but in the
debates which have taken place is the State
Senate, of which he Is a member, he has
given proofs of talent excelled. by few mem
bers of that body. At home, in Clearfield
county, he is extremely iopular,t and his
friends predict for hint a distinguished carter
as a statesman and orator.
With 1 men like Galbraith and Wallace at
Chicago, the Democrats of the Twenty-First
district, will be represented quite as well, to
say the least, as any other In the State.
evening, says an exchange,a young man named
Jno. Shoemaker, was killed by another named
Ranchelander, both of Randolph township,
Crawford county, under the bilowingcirmun.
stances Rouchelander had been -Married on
that day, and - in the evening a number gath—
ered around his house to engage in a usere;
nade," as is the custom in some communities,
composed of all manner of hideous noises , .
In this amusement Shoemaker, as we under
stand, was not engaged, but was insidirof the
house, being a particular friend of •Rouche
lender. About 11 o'clock severs' of the . seg.:
enaders entered the house, which \so incensed
Rouchelander that he seized s sti ck of fire
wood and aimed a blow at one of air', which,
being evaded, struck the deceased \ upon the
head, from the effects of which hskdied' the
same night. Rouchelander was cot:til:fitted to
jail on Tuesday.
HoUSII FURNISHING Goons.—We 'direct the
notice of our readers who desire to imprtire
their houses this spring to the large 'stock of
furnishing goods in tie store of Messrs. D.
Pierce & Co., at the corner of State and 9th
streets. They hate . ccoroplete assortment of
articles in this line, and offer them at modem.
ate terms.
Messrs. P. & Co. are agents for a new Horse
Hoe, or Cultiiator, whicb is represented to
be one of the best articles eyerjoyetited. It
took the highest premium` at the Pair in
*Chicago, over a number of competitors. Far,
mers will find it to their interest to step into
the store and look at this inar.bine.'
Las■ NAVIGATION.—The! heavy wind of
Tuesday night .pf last week, conudetely
cleared the Lake of ice in this vicinity,' and
navigation'towards the head of the Lake has
been open ever since. On Tuesday merning
of this week, the brig Paragon,,Capt. Cox
owner and commander, sailed for Port Sag
inaw, and on Wednesday she was followed by
the tug Fanny White, Capt. Culver, for Lake
Huron. Business on the Lake may now be
regarded as having commenced, and in a short
period we expect to see our bay crowded with
SOYSLRHAT Exerran.--The Dunkirk Union
says it published the Titnei‘Table of the Oil
Creek R. R. and forwarded the paper to the
'Superintendent of the road, but that individ—
ual returned the same with the endorsement,
" No Copperhead.paper wanted here." There,
upon the editor opens the vials of MA wrath
and lays :
" The miserable, contemptible, onei-sided,
bigoted pup Wonder if your road wants
any Copperhead support, you pusillasimous
whelp." • • '
order from the Provost hlarshalGeueral, Dis
trict Provost Illarshalsaie authorised to enlist
men for the naval mike and ne corps.
Ilecruite are examined the s eas for the
army, and upon their soceptan e will be sent
to the nearest, naval rendezvos. They are.
credited to the quote of the sub-districts from
which they enlist. These , recruits receive no
advance pay or Government bounty, bat are
entitled to a share of the prize money of
vessels on which they are engaged.
Gee. 011A11x come so Waswittavox.—We
understand that Lieutenant-General Grant is
to be permanently Incited at Washingtoii, and.
that he will proceed to that City as soon as he
can conclude some military arrangements
which he has on hand at the West. His prin
cipal object in being at the seat of Govern
ment is, of course, to be able to direct She
movements of all the armies of the Unioa, It
is rumorel that on his way back he will stop
in this city, to procure a pair of patent Plumer
made boots, at the store of Jas. Eichenbanto,
State street. If the General does this, be will
prove that he is a man of tuts.
Roe/wrens° Naw.—The attention of •our
readers - is directed to the advertisement of our
late cotemporary, Jos. 8. M. Young, who his
opened, at No. 4 Wright's Block, one 'of tho
richest and best selected assortment' of fancy
and useful articlei ever exhibited in one se
tablishment in the city. Almost everything
that one could desire may. be .found aG his
store. His enterprise deserves success, and
we have no doubt will receive it.
A New Coteson.—lt is pleasant to know
thiticinetallio currency in this country is not
lik 4 elz , to become wholly obsolete. The bill
under disaussien in the U. B. &mate provides
_for;a cent piece to be nearly all copper; also
for a two cent piece, which will be a decided
convenience. The composition will be 28 ptii
cent. copper, and 6 per cent. tin or lino. The
supply of nickel's already failing.
IiCtILD ON IILII.—A correspondent of tie
Chautanque Democrat intimates that the pub
lication of newspapers might as wen beleft to
the women. It the Draft-rat hi his prised*
reading we do not wonder at the conclusion.--
Dunkirk Union.
-0.8. Woodward has been commissioned u
Colonel of the 83d righnent, and is now meting,
as commander of the Pkupda.
"No-Pairs" POISTIOL—The removal of
Geo. P. Griffeth, Esq., as 'Clerk of the Con
ine% ll6gnakfialllfikm4Mill is a Dallaci‘t ,
is an act of petty malignity of-which those
concerned in it will' itiflisisi reason to feel
ashamed. • Mr.fighns2made a wet exeellent
officer,--confessedly the best that has filled
the, position for • numbei ye•rs, a fact
which we presume' wan 'the, Men•whe toted
against him will noelleny. 'He was e always
prompt in hie Owe: Arlisted all who
came into official contact 'JUL him in a gen
tlemanly manner, regardless of persons: The
record of the proceelings as kept by him, is.
a model of neataitat- end correctness. His
dismissal can be exotiete4 , on , no just grounds
whatever—not even on the principle that to
the party in power belongs the "spoils." It
is known to, everybody in the county, that
the city election this 'spring did 'not partako
of • party nature,- and some of the Council
men who voted against Mr. Griffeth owe their
seats to Dentocriatio support., They were glad
enough to bare 'Democrats rote for thens, but
it is quite a' different thing in their estima
tion to vote. for a Dentootst.: Take it in any
feature, ire regard Micas quite the best sam
ple of "no party" pailyism that has appeared
in our community since the intolerant "no:-
piety" party came into power.
Of DCaiWilli , the 'gear Mirk, we lure not
a 'Word derogatory to utter. He probably .
knew at ones that his party leaders were de
teindoed to make a,chstige,, and knowing so,
had as good a right to seek the place fOr himself
essay other man in the city. What - we desire
to point cat Is the faeonsisteney of a set of
man' who prate, ott,ivery street corner and
public place Of 'their determination not to re
gard party. -nits the, Union is endangered,
and who last no opportunity to slander the
character of neighbors whom they profess to
look upon al "pasty men,".. and yet whose
first official act balsa - all their pretensions,
end shows thee& to be buried feet, body, arms
an,a ears in the 'filthiest mire of partisanship.
Tex Ci?aaacroas.4;--This county Commis.
stoners hare famished to the Gaulle the fol—
lowing list of persons, appointed by them
Tax Collectors for the present. year :
East Ward, Erie, George W Riblet ; West
Ward, Erie:Charles - Miller; Mill Creek, Jack
son McCreary ; ,Harborereek, Alfred C Gates;
North , East Tp., George W Griffin `; 'North
Bast Bor., Orange 8 'Loop ; Greenfield, H H
Lewis; •Vessago, Georgs Rogers; Wattaburg,
James M Greenleaf: Amity, Nathan Rathbone;
Wayne, David Tuttle ; Concord, Charles 8
Reynolds ; CerryftWarren Fuller ; Union Tp.,
James Lyons ;
,Uaion Bor., Daniel Bumpus ;
Le Bcenlf, " Ho ward 'Peek ; Waterford Tp.,
Nathaniel Bowen ; Witerfbrd Bor., M. B.Vin
ient : Greens Tp., Wm Weed; Summit Tp.,
Wm Dunn; McKean Tp., Wm Grant; Middle.
born Bor., Job' Stafford; Washington Tp.,Wm
Canipbell ;. Franklin Tp., Mary M Jenataa ;
Elkoreek Tp., Chaunoy Joslin ; Conneaut Tp.,
Dexter Spaulding; Springfield Tp., James
Graves ; Girard Tp., iierataisit Davis ; Girard
BWr„ Hiram Benham; Fairview Tp., Daniel
Long; Albion, 8 A Banded*. •
APPLICA7IONS 701 L LICRNSIII.- The following
Petitions for License have been filed in the
Clerk's Offiee, and will' be presented to the
Couit of Quarter Bassione, on the let Monday
.in May next.: :
W. T. Boyd, Union, Mills Grocers License;
W. E. & C. M. McLean, Union Mills, Grocer's
License ; B. C. Town, North East Bon', Gro
cer's License; J.• K. Cross, , Greene,
License ; Louis Schumaker, East Ward, Erie,
Tavern License ; , David Boyd, Waterford
Bore, Groci:ro License E J. O'Conner, Elkereek,
Grocers License ; .fohn Anthony, East Ward,
Erie, Tavern Licensei r ,Ootticib Brown, Mill-
Creek, Tavern License; Anthony Knoll, West
Ward, Erie, Tavern License ;_ A. W.Vantaisel,
West Ward, Erie, Tavern Liestise, Robert Les
lie, Waterford Bore, Taverw"License.
We have noticed for some time past the
added freshness 'and interest of the local de
partment of lbw Harriabarg ' daily Patriot, a
paper, which from its home associations and
the ability with which it is conducted, we value
more highly' than any- on our exchange list.
We imagined that' the style of the Patriot':
"iocals" was a familiar one, and were not
surprised, therefore,on our late visit to Harris
burg,to find that our old frienil,Wm.P.Coulter,
Esq., was the presiding_genius of this depart
ment of the paper. Under his vigorous man
agement. we have Ito Aceibti the Patriot will
soon be the first in ci:culation, as it already
is the first in'point of talent, of the journals
printedaL the State capital.
PLEASIING larsixtossos.—A telegiam from
the Provost Marshal General to Gov. Curtin
states that it will only'require 1600 men to fill
the quota , of Pennsylvania, the State having
received credit for
, 10,000 in excess of the
number required under the calls for 600,000.
In this case the proportion required of our
county must be small, for,.. as remarked in a
letter received from a friend in Harrisburg
just before gelagitnpress, theofficial records
show that Erie Is not excelledin - prompt action
by any county, in the State. There is good
reason to ,h6pi 'that; - .br iieentinaanee of
county .or local bountjea , i the draft may be
entirely avoided in Peansylrania.--,Gazette.
OPSZING Dnve- : •Tke ladies of the city and
sioinikj illl, beinterested in learning that a
Vaud "apt4l2/r, lof fashionable spriag bo
nets and Othtir goods,- vrili take place at the
stare of Messrs. Smith & Gilmore, (late E.
Smith) on Thursday, the 14th inst. Their
stock consists of itnoch.lsrgsr Assortment , even
than usual, and cannot fail to suit all tastes,
embracing as it does•the latest and prat-
tint styles. Arm deserves to do well,
sod we hope to see thsir ,store crowded with
A returned'inlilfei by the name et Chase,
Wielding near ,Cesterwille, Crawford county,
Wu in town on Monday, and after getting
pretty well 44 corned,!!.pitched into Mr. Barnes
Greeley, against whom be (Chase) had a
grudge, Inflicting gait* Mare Injuries, knock
ing Mr, Greeley,into a pond of water, where
be was nearly drowned before he succeeded in
getting . ent.r The eMceretcatight the chap oa
•Illondly eirening.', - An euntinstion was held
on Tuesday remaking in A tine, of $l5 (very
low weiblnk) and-easts.- Mr. Greeley Is a
brother - of Harice 13teeley of the Tribune.—
lantestottai :
Kr" !rolot.--Messrs. Haughey, McCreary
& Co 4 have opened a ne . mi book and paper
CUre e lltitha pito* *mid"' opened by MeCord
& McCreary, No. 11 Union Block. Their
itook of booki,- tiaU friper,•stationery,
ii the largesiost, the kind ever brought to
Eria, and is vvell - wortir-the attention of the
&moot: liarrsas. , —aTiss Anna A. Golden
has been appointed Principal of the Primary
Department btt . b . wFits V itrerd schools, is place
of Misayemsen, mewed. The School Board
have deci4led erect a school building it) the
Bolt etreet, between German
aid Ifollatid:
-•vsumasi.: Arai- 13oinies,.—Brows'it
IfronehistilVoefe“ -will. be found vshutble to
the soldier is amp; WSIPPOIId to sudden bbillgre
--affording prompt [ells( ilk ogees of .eoughs,
- e 01 4 1 ,3 1 4 1 . For. offunts,und those who over
tax the vciiei;.th4 nrittopfbil ifl relietint ir
throats, sod. will render artioulsUon
'Oily. All thereon isiasSions, be we to OBTAIi
the genuine. • ‘,"" r'
" ALL is WILL TUAIP BUM Werst,Tbsts es—
claimed taint thiniisials-ater , tryieg the esla.
(brats* elostirsi• Selsisitus aG DeLead Co,
they say it lOW* like t Airs, sad they
alstqaSiftilniee light bread, biscuit, cakes,
ite. It awes tails.
The Meadville Rqnsbliews eve dismal! pox
is prevailing at Titusville.
The "Noble" well on Oil Creek 111111 lowed
803,478 bares of oil valued st $1,062,156
Better than s printing office.
During the ~OR of 1863, 850 Members
occurred On our Lakes. 128 lives weir lag,
and the tors of property amounted to
Public cionnunents and political speetthes
continue to shower down upon its, in grail
tittatititier. Thanks to you,. gentlemen, one
and all. . ,
The Conneautville Record thinks the fact,
that our city Councils have antharized the
purchase of s stuns tire engine is s sign Nis!
' , the world moves."
A bill hat passed the lower brutish' of Con
gnu, proviliog that the name of the Collec
tion District of Presqne isle be changed to the
District Of Erie.
Engineers are enraging a new rill/road from
a point nose Gowanda, N. Y., to EM I°. It
is designed to be an extension of the Atlantic
& Great Weitern goad.
A soldier ,writes that the most useful article
which gait be sent men in the field is a burial'
of woolen darn and s darning needle to send
their socks.
A large stock of new spring goods received
at 1k S. MOrrison's dry good* store. The
ladies will find it to their intense to 'call sad
examine them.
The Legit'stare hu passed the laws author •-•
hang the rs'-eleotion of the present 'ressurer
of this county, and increasing the compensa—
tion of our county Commissioners.
Mr. Allison, late of the Half-way House, in
Harbororeek, has takes the old BrawleyMouse
in North East borough, and intends keeping
one of the best hotels in thleountry. is
a good landlord, and will do all he under
The veterans of the 111th Regiment who
have not evi-entisted haze bees transferred to
the 109th P. V., to serve out the remainder of
their three 'years, extending until next fall.—
Conneauhills Record.
Is thitt a•ituniehment for refusing 'to volun
teer again, 1 - - -
The Dunkirk Journal sap that a woman on
the emigrant train was arrested at Dunkirk,
on Wednesday charged with infanticide, She
had•given birth to s child in the car privy,
near Salamanca, and threw it out of the win
dow while the train waa_under motion.
A subscriber to the Glenn's Falls Messenger
complains that the price of the paper has been
raised, and wants to continue the subscription
at the old rate of $1 per year. The editor
agrees to the offer, and proposes to take his
pay in good cotton sheeting at 10 cents per
yard, its old price.
A French Physician recommends essence of
turpentine as a specific, for nervous headache ,
and hamicrania, even when accompanied by
vertigo, to which females are especiallysub
The pzpress train on the A. & G. W. R. R.
lately mime from Corry to this place, {27 miles)
stye the Jamestorrn Journal, in 82 minutes.
This is fully at the rate of 60 miles an ; hour,
considering they have to run slowly through
the:"ltip Raps."
We extend our thanks to Mr. W. C. White,
of Waterford. fora haildsomely framed 'and
superior likeness of Gen. McClellan. Mr. W.
has for sale pictures of nearly all our leading
generals and 'statesmen, with or without
framed. lie is prepared to frame engravings,
&0., in July style desired, and on terms as
reasonable as can be met with anywhere.
The Democrats of Cass county, Indiana, re
cently presented B; A. Usti, the editor of the
Democratic Pharos, printed at Logansport, a
new power press, with a steam engine for run
ning the same,the whole posting about 0,500.
It must be pleasant to be a Democratic editor
In that locality.
It is said that raised greenbacks are in ex
tensive circulation. The work is neatly done by
pasting ones to pass as tens. Of, course none
but careless people, or those not. used to hand
ling money, would be deceived. It is to pro
tect such that we call attention to the altered
notes. The art of pasting and altering notes
has been brought to great perfection. and those
who look only to the figures on a note may be
easily misled as to its character.
We listened for the first time,, on Sunday
evening last, to the new pastor of Park church,
Bev. Geo. F. Cain, and were unusually grati
fied by his sermon on the occasion. Ire is one
of the most,polisbed and interesting speakers
we 6ave•eier Ward, and evi4ently poereiseis a
richly, cultivated and practical mind. The
members of the congregation deserve to be
congratulated on securing the services of se
able, eloquent and earnest a gentleman as Mr.
Cain for their pastor:,
here is a neat specimen of a “dun" from
Morris & Willis, of the Home:Journal: "Dear
Sir—ln the hurry of your engagements, you
have overlooked and forgotten, as a trifle, the
small sum of a year's indebtedness to the
Home Journal; but, as rivers are kept running
by drops of furling dew • so it is necessary to.
our continual:use that the fanny dues should
some punctually to the fountain-head. By
dropping your due Into the Post Office for us,
you will oblige. Yours, with respect, Morris
& Willis."
The' following curious advertisement ap
peared in a remote corner of the Diapaich, lasit
week : .
, .
"UNLON HALL."—A nieeiing of Republi.
esus Is requested on Saturday eve., April let,
proximo, at the (supposed). " Union Reading
Room," to take into consideration the expul—
sion of the " New York Tribune" by a clique
of Copperhead, Pro ! Slirery itepnblicans.
• „ HII/111A1
Copperhead, Pro-Blavery Republicans" is
docKedly good: We it. wit iri the ♦eoret of
the patriotic association monopolisiog all the
loyalty' in the eity, aid canniiellrer isti aritpore
of the proceedings resulting from the above
A. seriouirow occurred at'Deitz's breviery,
in the ekmmencement of the week, tit which
`We hare not been able to obtain tiie 'COmplete
particulars. From what we hare beer in
(Ceased it would appear theta zolsither of die.
orderly young moo vizifiit the Plane men
tioned, auk etsmtitineesi a disturbance
one of the -precise theY .
known citizen Of Alit-Grath. Ilr• WJEntit
ler, 1{ peace Able and estimable man, attempted
to quell she difficulty, wheti the rowdies fall
upon, and beat him in a shocking manner.
Two of tbem - bare been arrested, and Sued
in quarters in the " Swaney Rouse," and . the
officers' are in lopes' of -capturing the others.
Now that we have taken one step forward
in the parallel* hfAtifteltUr Are tingise;4why
not complete the Wines*• by establishing
water 'Creeks T - • The' city. irk !know. lir too
deeply in debt to untlellaki it I pieseUt, but
s Prints sosiPss.7ook sad itTalOd seT4 l4 ',
ly succeed. With the abundance of money
now lying idle, we do j_ttu:lloll,4, 'hundred
thousand dellais'Or do, nonbl be ebtelhielA a
few days. Let some suck publie
as Mayor Melilla. Wm. S. Brown, J. C. Bur
/pea, or William A. Galbraith take holCof tie
=riming, and the work will be . tinded
was before the fourth of July.l
the city "newspaper agencies" and other
',Quotas that send us : advertisements, desir
ing their insertion at. bee-bait and one-third
our usual Wet, may is wellisaie piper, ink
and postage. If they!, think we are so hard
up for patronage thatWe are obliged to ac
cept it at beauty rates, We 'ask them to look
over the advertising columns of the i Observer.
The business and .oiroulation of the ?am has
now reached a standard wbers we Can 4,eur
own terms, and we intend idherini to them
hereafter. t 1
A correspOndent of the erawfordDensocrat
make a severe attack on the orders issued by
the Commissioners of this empty. Be advises
' business mee t to "set their facesl ageing"
them, and save the bankers of Meadville will
only take them at 6 per cenf , . discount.' We
are by no means a friend of , piper 'currency,
bat since it has come,to be our mai circulat
ing medium, we think the notes issued on the
credit of our county areinch bitter than
twO-thirds of the beak traswhichl ' s flooded
t i
over thicointry. •
The congregation of Perk Presbyterian
Church have purchased the brick house of Mrs.
Richards, at' the corner of llassafrits and Tth
streets, for a pereonage, The sum to be paid
is $5600, and an an instance of the; liberality
of this congregation, we may add, that the
entire amount needed was hubscribid in one
day. A considerable amount of repairs is to
be added to the property. -I
We call the attention of the public to the
hoirid condition of State street, from Second
to the Philadelphia &. Erie' R. R. depot.. It
has been bad enough in former Springs, but
this year it goes way s ahead of all that: has
been seen before. Last week; we are informed,.
a wagon got stuck in the mud, and the strength
of eight horses was required to extract it.
What, a fine impression it must giveCtiangers,
coming in by the railroad, of the !enterprise
of our city authorities ! i
C. Ild f . Varney has been- appointed "City
bill poster," with the exclusive privilege of
distributing bills iand circularsithin the
limits of the corporation. We kn w Charley
to be &faithful and:sccommodatiog 'Mow, and
are glad to hear Millis appoietmentl i Persons
wishing to secure Os services will nd him at
Gray & Farrar'e store. i
A circular issued from the office of the
"German Anterior" at Afeedville i l informs us
that the paper has ceased' to exist. It had
attained a good , circulation, bi 4 the ex
travagant. prices Of all articles nsed in the
business were too much foi the pocket of iti
editor to bear. i'' • ,I • ! . • '
General McClelan's report has i obtained a
wider circ ulation In a shorter period of time
than any other boOk published in this country.,
tt has been printedby at least a dozen dif
ferent houses, and in all manner of forms,
from -the
, unpretanding 25 mint! edition to
the handsome MO dollar end a-halt one of
Sheiden & Co. '
One of our old subscribers writes to us,'
complaining of the advanced coot of news
papers, and asking whether we will not take
the _amount he aid in January, 1862, for
payment of anoth er year's mubsesktion. Yes,
most certainly, if Ihe will finnish: it to us in
paper, ink; or_ type, at the same rates we
then paid fer theiri. ,
Jas. A. Bliss, of this city, has'entered into
the grocery business et Titusville,, and we are
glad to bear, is doing wellj We regret to lose
so public spirited a fellow Ins Bliellfrom our
community, and hope it will not e long until
he makes large enough fortune i the oil re
eons,' to return I and settle down here, as a
retired m il lionaire. "
We Understand that. a fine new Hotel, of
about the came proportions as Brown's Hotel,
is to be erected during the coolin season, on
a portion of the site of the old eed Rouse.
We trust that arrangements will iihso be made
for building up:the entire tract litely covered
by that famous structure. ; I
The township In which Ashtebula is situ
ated has filled tip its quota under all calls.
Ou the very day the Prollam&tion was re
ceived, calling for 200,000 more, the citizens
went to work. Would that we had. i, little of
that sort of spirit in this section ?
The well inutwn property in North East:
township, known as the "Ross Farm," is of-,
fend for Bile. - We understand it to be a very
desirable property.,
The editor of the Oil City Monitor, speaking
of the high price of eggs, - seys hi has "thought
seriously of cinizting work and buying a hen,
and making sliving easier than in the print
ing business." I Certain it is that he Could
get at notmainess that 'yields Smaller profits
than publishing a newspaper, 'Si the present
oost of everything. • 1
The Petroleinit Briorter Office,; At Titusville,
his been purchased by Messrs. Martin &
Lake. We wish them success Lin a business
way, under all eircumatancee--politieally if
they are on the right side.
. .
The saloon at the corner of State and Fifth
'streets, - has been taken by C. Trask, .who in
tends keeping it in' the best manner. It has
been neatly derrated, and fitted up with con
venient stalls s l arid rooms, malting it a hand
s i
some place of
,resort. 1
We have printed a new Style of blank
Leases, to which we solicit pUblie attention.
Both in style end matter, we think they can
not help plecsinieverybody. I
Seamen are said to birmuch needed for the
Federal Nitv4, and some thirty *tweets are
now alleged to be detained in Eastern ports,
on account of the scarcity of men. By a late
enactment, persons enlisting In the navy are
credited - ori thel.quotas of the district where
they reside. ' ' I
?Jesuit: Upham & Glove lAN* opened an
engraving establishment in the basement room
below Atutiit's jewelry store. Their specimens
of wedding And business !arils show them to'
be'good workmen.
An intense speculative fever in oil lands
upon the Allegheny river and Oil Creek is
1 raging. Parties are buying and have bough
1 tracts at febrile°, price,. ! . .
If "Father Abratieml.-would give the small
pox to the swindling' army contractors it
would wind up the war quiCker thin all the
proolaroatioes be could lash"' between how
and the day of -his burial. i ,
Aldermen : Clapp, oft -the Boston &tardy
&ably, Gazette, callisthe - *4, whereof he is
Organ."° lo ; or.' 010'.' Fathoms , 4 Pie', city of the Big
" Wouldn't the "City of Great Blow
ers" be stern appropriate ?; -' • -',
,Geo. " i ßetnon, a wounded soldier of the
745th regiment, has been appointed Keeper of
the "Land Light 114 use, "; in place of John
(balding, resigned. , 1 : . .
At Parkersburg, Va., oil wells have been
struck yielding from six hundred to one thou
sand burr)/ ItOk day. -The; ezoitelient, is very
great in consequence., sell hvery man in the
place thinks twits", an Oil will-iilitt - teller. •
( loot out for bogus fifty !pent postage our- 1
, , .
limey. They are getting to be almost ss plenty I
A Voluble and Desirable Stand. for a
The Solday Time; says, aoeordlgig to — tali , At Irvine, iVarria Comity, Pa.
present &p i pearaneesj Gen. Fremont is dispoeed i the au nAttlecriata, ;31, XIII a en*. drf Var. T
leh AT ,
}VAR the Bepublican party just as he does his; r a gr i A t r, Ural= " -
her, i. e., part it to .lilt middle. . . 1 For Partiality'' , Wm°
Leto Fish are beginning to appear in one ; 2 falaftt. , - irvias, warms Qs.,
•'• ' ketini considerable abundance.. The priee,l
st , coarse, aka thit of everything else,' . In
steep. ' -. 1
(V. Wits atattiliattass to this 6spariassat Mhos Ob.
sans? tiOmpsfsoas of test stabs of optatow—welhilm
pallthsal or otherwiak—lt Wog saatrstood. of am"
that the irdit.*h to so soy to its WO issleasillis la As
or etatelMlNtil of his cortospondasta. All mild"
to ssausloss‘ihta, mast bssesosepsalat the rot rums
of tits sittlioo
The aqui'? Supertatendesey
Written for tho Ibis Observer.] •
EDISON. Eui 0111111V111.
question his been asked : Of what use Is 's
County Stiperintendent of Common Schools
in Erie County ?" lam not qua li fied to answer
the query.l It is said thst'not a school in this
put Of the county has been visited by the
Superiatendent during the school year that
*keel n ittne next.
-It is Wei, etted that the Rev. J. Devneier,
instead of} devoting his time to visiting the
schooLcituthe district over which helms bein
placed; tinitting sr clerk for Mr. Douglass,
Collector of Internal Revenue. As to - that part
of his :dutj requiring him to inspect teachers,
'tie thtfugitt It might be as well and profitably
performed by the several township boards of
directiirs,las by Mr. Degmeier. .1 know but
little of snob matters, but I am under the let
pressllm that a man to be competent to inspect
teat:llo4 br persons offering them elves as
teachers, of the English ,language, should
himself he able to pronounce `'\ that bocuage
correotly4 and not make himself the butt of
ridisittle of every clue he attempts to_ inspect.
If jo '7 cannot answer the question, it Of
, ,
what tts s a County Superintendent of pub
lic Sato 1. In Erie county," perhaps the
Gazetie aim, - A Smoot. DIZZOTOL
, 1 1
, ~ i Hard Pushed,
WrHten tot the Obiftrver.]
EDiTOR or THR ORAIRVIR regret to see
the edito of the Dispatch reduced to such a
staitl as he has been in, last week, in tarnish
ing mattes fot that week's issue, as to cause
him tC ritsort to his fertile brain in producing
the inonymoms article headed "Bridget is
indignant." Such a production, emanating
from the' pen of an editor, is, an eridetkoe Of
his detioleney in those qualities so necessary
to a man occupying his position, and only be
trays:a 'irk of wit, andlove of sarcasm and
ridicide,l directed particularly to a certain
portion of oar citizens.
in question, howevermay not be
devoid of interest, as the adjectives freely ap
plied,'slowing his claim to veracity, would
indicate i that he is aware of some of his most
prominent. qualities. In fact, few animals
are deptived of the sagacity of manifesting
by instihct, their prediliotiona and propensi
ties. j CANDOR.
Erie, Fa., April 7, 1864
Prdplipealiare invited for the erection of a
new ec , 00l house, in the East Wird. See
sdverti emet,t. •
T r
The blood meet be padded, sad all isteslielnes an
lett do sot possess the quality of Stimulating
the 10 0 to diseharire their Impurities into the bowels,
B airs' a Prue possess this qua li ty in a high degree,
an should be In etery family. They ate equally useful
for children and adults ; adapted to bOth Hues, and Sr.
u innoeint as bind, yet moo 1M0T.11,11 Al • WIDWIX•L
Th. Mkt. Jacob liepny„ cit Bptiagvllln,l d. initigi
Dr. Bisndrath under data of May 11.1161 :
•I haw need your Invaluable Vegetable galvenal RUIN
In my *fly since 1833 they, have always cured, even
when other medicines were of no avail. I have been the
mesinior my neighbors using hundreds of dollars worth,
end I am satisfied they have receivedst thousand per cent
in bleduid health through their use: They are used In
this region for Bilious and Liver' Disease; Fairer and
Ague aid In all Rheumatic eases eRh th e most parallel.
suca:rai In fact, they are the great rename in &tams,
and I ttiastlyour venerable life may be lo . ng spared to pre
pars 1mA:011mA a medicine for the use of man. • • •
• • • • Please •end me your lowest price by th•
Sold iky D r . L. STIA3O, Brie, and by all respectable deal
ers In toedlrdnes. Inazh-lm."
WALLOW two or three hogsheads ' of "Baths,"
BltTars,.. "Slarasparttla,r ••PfitrW.A. Any:
dotio,l Ice.; &c., &c., and after you are satisfied with the
resnitJthen try one box of OLD DOCTOR BUCII*N'S
Exaulu gnarl° PlLLS—end be restored to health
and vigor in less than thirty days. They Are purely
vegetable, pleasant to take, prompt and saistary to thefr
effects'on the broken down and shattered oonstitutton.
Old aid young can take them with advantage. Liver
ied add sold In the United States old,. by
;1.8.8-litrfLEß, Station D, Bible Souse,
. New York, Gaviria Agent.
P. O.—A box sent to any addreu on receipt of pries-.
whieli is One Dollwr—pent fres. inrlo-lio.
Uers the only Wields linear for alldteeaiaorthe
&int*, urtnanr and nerrout Systeme. - Try one box
and bt cured: • ONE DOLLAR A BOX One ,box rill
perfid • cot, or money refunded. Sent by mail on re
ceipt ;of prior. JAPES S. BUTLER,
Station D, Bible Roust=Yoria,
inrlo-ant. Agent.
O 111117 WIaU To 6!! IF
CRAWSS valuss SPRCTPIC PILLS mare. to ktr
than .30 drily the wend eases of N BRVO uvula+, Lupo..
tenet, Premature Decay. Seminal Weakness, lamnity,
and all Urinaryalpsual and Nerrou Affections, an mat.
ter tram %hat c ae produced. Pries one d"llar per box.
Sent; post paid, by aril, on reeeint of an order.
Address .ThMES 9. BUTLZR,
mrl.94m. Station D, Bible House, New 'York.
NEW TUn btl UNDER Ta 1361. •
' effect—instantamoos.
• i lilts coloring pow er—malchless.
! In all Its ineretheats— w ah4.
Ist its operatios—ay
In Its beantifyiag malta—enadaring.
l ln its
pteonpdeoGy-- p m ra o m s m ytalyllve.
Ie pronounced both b the World of &lawn and the
World of fashion, the !nset veparatioe inrer twisted
by In to rectify tits short Gormley! otNatatra
Wsnufastared by J. CRLSTADOBD. Na . 6 As lions..
Near York . Sold by all Drogystiand applied by all Bair
Dreams. - taarKea.
f i libllshed for the benefit and as t matten to yowl;
mea. and Ohms, whi oar teem Nerroae Debt*. Ur
ly Decay, and their kindred alimeate—eu plyla the
mains of self-cure. By one who bee cured after
Ming • victim of misplaced eonfidence in medical ham.
bap and queelitu7. By eneloaLug a post-paid earelmie,
ilgle °opts. may be bed of the author. N.A111111112.
111. gm., Bedford, Kings County, New. York. jsalyl.
DR.o ...
MENT.—In pint bottles at 50 cents, cries lantenow,
cats. galls, colic, &c. Reed the following:
i Botro;7aly 'My 1880.
/Da Toms :—We ham used foe the put sear your
Henn Liniment forlansenets, kieki, benWes, colic sad
cots, and in every instance found it the best article I ever
tried in this circus company. Please send its doyen. as
up the only Liniment we ass now. We here IDS borers.
mossier, valuable. and do not want to leave town will
oat It. WYATT Egos?. .
i Manage, Via Aniburgh *Co's. llansterie.
'Pries 25 and 60 *tuts. gold by ail druggists. Ofilen,
60 Cortlandt Strest, New York. • marli-lm:
Conrumptiro sufferers Ireoetv• Taluablapro
sertOttun for the ewe of Coniumption, Asthma, Brost.
Aria and all Throat and Lung /Motions, (fon of coot)
sendtag their address to
Rev. N. A. WILSON, Irtlllamsbarg,
Jarand-ew. Maga Co.. Nest York.
i Fee Rots. 31ter. Roselers, Asti, SOS RSV
;Meth* kls Nate, tVeistems, Am., leseets ies
!!hates, Feasts, .tnhonels, de. •
I : Pest up in 25c., 50c. and $l,OO Boxes, Bottles and SISAL
Is 3 and $5 aim for tioyzia, Prawn tartar:mews, M.
“only infallible remedies knower"
"Free from Pawns." 7. . ..
"Not dangerous to the Raman nadir .:
"Rate COWS mitt( their helot to die.
Sold Wholesale In alt arge cities.
B!o 11Rbiy n al X l D i
I r u 1
g 1
goifs a s a i de r s here.
gar See that "CortAliell" Maio fas on each Box, Bottle
and Flask, bebare yelailf. _
rN Address 1161 1 141 T R. COSTAR,
1 itet c Pazisturat 121M0e 482 BioADWAT, N. Y.
Sold by all Wholesale. sad Retail
1 , pa. Marl= In
V applied with Lases la, Tsq
sad ilisss, Fria Is
say irsatili. suild-Iss. UM BMW
Boner it aura Num
•! 111111111111 a 111111411111 W.
s inclasciAtac Ppfs,
AT 11111311111 di lieltailP"
AT amiss &
ARNOLD'S INK, Genuine,
A? BIMIZ & 1111711,4111111114
AT MIKIS • 11019216%
• Pluicunaltafk4
KM" La,
/ '
ATARI= & 11171011111 P.
Al , SWIM 46•1111711611111111 K
Boner It Burgess,
Erie, Mink 19, UM.
ri I ..P