The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 13, 1864, Image 1

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~;, fas F4llt Tills
,tut en:en have been *elected as not
.tr.t. , I ,ra ....dr.. rersonii
j,,T,alGr IL, Ur to retiLltlll , lle] tO
i t Ititoa:ta that kiwis
v ..... Alh!nn.
ana CI hl[
Weals% rate
ftftrbor ervrk
r . .... .. l; melt atm.
, .. 1
C L 0 T II S ,
AVE opette , l 01 , 1 room-N , ). 2 Prono
Strt, &.S Ilou , o, block, to globe out the
_ _ log 1 ot)
t , If 0,1 R h k•ep a stock of
“(iti cozocalte") Cigarh,
—i have ar.:d i Ptpel r.nx Lumber Wagon, eIf:LTV
1 7 .. P itl3t returned from
'ALL . • ' I".
Liu x
Foit P.:: 11.4 i-PAY
_ 6:14. , ,
v.trif!ty of i w Fty 11 , 41-
6.eatlA, ”ttA t ,,e, C.Ja veva ll , Vaaki C 4 1 .-
amp dual, J-111. 1.10: pmttertm s V.lth
luttne apt., ntrall t .•h% :1,-r• S Bur ra.,
[mow, I ‘...• , :n! and I that Tables,
/nuts, Quaker rat i...!+, t. at smash Lounges,
'drill. lied! :tvt: ttnathirr Bed+
itolptera with n I ,er h..W relore, . all
fae.tursd (row wall re.lanued I.llll' e r an 1 h't :thy
:halo, by err fie , t•'n VeJ wi.ranetu mud ant by u; ril rale,
Fir style-, atualit. and I 14)11 t'Lly y STD
nee dealer; to uudr:rell tee Yea tiler • anj
l'arli,r. r.
..hat other Chairs, r } , ,,otenu and v , ,..teiu...uu
re, ate hkirory it: I edam.: giu, .1, hhcatrbr. [Lein as
it It any o:1/,' psrt'ul tile c„,air, where utheis made
tt are only nailed, ltb.: no ran t,m durable. 14 004
'.''eking, Seirio; tlo d " , tara.-, are chair. or haru
4dadlLlCh,-1 thrott,!,l t! I. 1 at. and clued, ar.r.
liraudenme.f N. ttl• ,tat can't ba Gm-
Kiev and Cwa.. r i nit ale Ita
iv.' yid 413.1. have tb N7l!' r.
;out:, hen: 1., tbirikc-aLtila.
free. •
• e'l . 9 expeneuce vi evlteu , lln, - ; 17111.1
, to al:, lore vrorila tor your pay, au 1 do Jastlcc
„o xo.l. u.v
em, Lift. rru_lesn4
, of fvr sr! 111'1.e.J
-rber tr . : s e rlsc..,o”lC C,T. , street
**, Ent, I a.
511r,,t1f.te':r : , 1%11..1 4r.te=eatn,
LIuLES.ILE d I:El',\ IL .
(..140,2,ERY STORE
c..-rur of Me P.rk . ¢ Procii Street.
respectfully ca.:l t tho community
to Us 'to . of
SVlvt2 3r !e mus tnri4l 4 it tho -
ItY ‘V I:•?r PIJ .0.1 IS L E Es
lila Las 3rtmen
riSI!, LC.,
taarpossed is th• ho rrerareit to prom to
ho rite lakro w eta.
&1b /1141)1C011,tititty kl:lperinT tnt (4
PURE LI (;,1; ItS,
• e wl,nlesa:e re' attsiatinn
m - Atu I, "Q •toktrent, .ftn.i a full
t>it .1 fur gilt!! u.,:•," • trr] yd.
ALVN - 11()OD •
- 4011 11 ow Lost : How - Restored;
ku a -r r r i Enri. epr. Prtee CP Cents.
~, `w'
-' : - -
LE: '7( . 11 , :: na th.. Trwl'inent and Par!tral
Ur* o .. e"rn ‘to: , 1•11 nil Wl . ll; , nelle.
14 . utr, !r. • , •In.k , a, Fmm•lnrks.
Conrurnptp, 1 111 , 1 Ilental and rily•
Jr t
IColl'l' ( . :I .V I.!: I.L. I. 1).
• 61rt Ilia• the awl& , nomPflt,nes.a of
tp• . r , rif•r•-: ...illy - LA intern a
T Des t!IN t ' .ll:er , ull app'ac.tinn rau•tlca.
,11 ' - ttedm71,173.111 ea
.:.r• Z,. 1,14 . ' an I 'hs. •rrrinl7 new
anc,..•fto (-rant a. tb,
,p'asue.l. I anti npe IS
• •I (.1 cur nint..'ip.r'ecllvt an 1 'at file I.a.t postal
••r Ll.rrhr :r altnit all th. a I I nn.truta. nr
Thy lecture prore a Lone to tltatitaida
to nir !rex*, of
I le'Pt • - _ , : c0.1.1, or 1: br ad
-4 f
' Ltlor,rr, " 1 ' •
2. SPRING. 1862.
Late Mudd Store )
. 11. SMI.TII,
am2.9 , rapptit , t New YOfk PriCIPI.
N attrutl,n 1st!! g and Dr.-snag
' ms rat!.
Notice to Oil Refiners.
Ln• nrrpc,•l to 1 *O-, P , - , lnere fir!, V/ T 4101.,
CM: . -11 te,w•-it
•• r an Sr:t I' rul,,t,! !evi at 'he
tL r,•.. 7 r 1,1), I,lprCi.aier
rra,.:Ler.l inVOli. On;
L CAL;Glir..y
. -
• For
1 Rent.
APRIL , 1e.64, !Two First
cuasSIVILLLY Lad n:vers.l. OnloE.i. In
. Waterford
Springrl43 . lras
e.t Sprinitield
timrEsille, Obit
—Cherry Butt
1.1343.4. 1.064.
( N I :
r a . f r t ni er wi ll wt o li T ,, ln
t i , 'a ti n. 4th .: L 864,
6 a I A. M., Miraesd ACCOUL, stopping ►t harbor Creak
North Last , State Li m,4,,luioey, Woad old, Portland,
Bro.:con, Dunkirk, dilvarersek, Irving and Ascots,
srrivinvit Buffalo, at 10 80 A. H.
2 00 P. 11, Day Express, stopping at North gut, Wish
field, Dunkirk, .Stiver Creek, and Angola, sad
- arriving at Buffalo at 620 P.. 31,
Corr , .
f a:'mug .
ing Creek
I ne.
<teve'srem, Pa
6 40 P.M., Cassenkaati Ezpreas, stopping at Waits!lelg,
Dunkirk and Silver Creek, and wring at Buffalo
Fik Co .?re.
arren Co, Pa,
at D 4) P. H.
IOS A tl., Nstat &Inns stopping- at Westa•ld,
11tatirk aa.l SilTei C reek, arriyu at Baal° et
The Dar gzpreas enonecte at Dunkirk and Buffalo. &
the Night Expreea at Buffalo only, with Express tratzu.
fur New York, Philadelphia, Sexton, &a.
4 00 P. Nair ¢ ecesi., stopping at Haman:el, North
Et..ria, Angola, lrTing,Silver Creek. Dunkirk, Bran
ton, Portland, Westfield, Quincy, State Line, North
Rut end harbor Creek, arriving at Erie at a 23
P. M.
00 A. IL, 7144 Express, stopping at Silver Creek,
Dunkirk, Westfield and North ltaat, arrives at Erie
at 10 30 A. IL
11 as A. It., Das 6/yrses,. stopping at Sago* Silver
Creek. Dunkirk, Westfield and North East, arriving
at Erie at 3 40. P. M.
11 43 P. 11.. Nagai Express. • stopping at Silver Creek,
Dull kirk and Westfield, arriving at Edda at a 20
A. M.
Railroad time is ten minutes Later than Brie tuna.
Nov. 21 , 1103. Y, N. BRDWN, Suet.
1.364. WM.
This great Übe traaeriea tk• Northam
and Northwest coanties of Penuayleanla to the city of
Erie, on Lake Erie.
It has been leased by the Ponuyiesisie Ras/treed COlOl
- hod under thou' atomices is being rapidly opened
throughout itieratreTength.
It a 1:107 ill V4O iOr l'aviviger and Freight business
from llarrinbur.: to Emporium. (MS wiles) on the Eastern
Ihrtsmu, and from Sheffield -to Erin, (78 tittles) On the
Western Division.
Trat.o&Tea 4 10 P. X
cxprru Train braves..... 10 60 A. N.
Mail Train Arrives ... 7 26 a. is
Exkireu Traan A.rnrne 3 21 P. X
or [ra nimation. respecting riunonisr business apply
at the 3,. coiner 11th and afarkat sta., and for freight
business at .tie Company's agvata.
S. B Kl , OSTON, Js., corner 13th sad Market IS'assets,
J. R. R EYSOLnS, Erie.
J. M. DRILL, agent N. C. R. R., Baltimore.
H H. HUL • 4ruN, General Freight neat, PUlttht.
LRWI3 L. HOCH', General Ticket Agent, Philatra,
JOS. D. PO f FS, General stunner, Williamsport.
Jan. 16, 1861.
Q all *WPM MRS illiM
Trains tral leave Dunktra at about theronoviAghottro
, r,is :
Eastward Boand—Depiit.
Night .E sprats - 410 r. X.
MAII a 30 A. IL.
3tnek Evi.rees 0 40 a. al.
Fait Freight 4 30 A. K.
WR Y Frelyht 600 a. la
.!, lila Etyma runs every d. ,
Cif A 4. MINOT. 64rte9 qo et.
Erie & Pittsburgh
011ANOE OF TIME, COMMENCING, Jan 4th, 1684.
4ZOP. M , ez.linmodst otope at all Elation" and
Arr+VlS at "LA tvn at a (4) M. •
9 1:5 A. at.. Frt. g.t No. Rt. , ,toi at all eatiottaaad
rmls at :.- h %ma at 3 It P. M.
7 20 A. M., Accommodatt , a. otaan at all Stittoaa and
arr ce••t (,Icard at 1t 15 P.M.
7 00 .t It. F. glat \ 0. 1 , stops at at pH station exempt
cil.srtUe. rap • villa, Lcritr• Raid. Spriog, Welts
and t 2.0 sem RlAti ar tve• a•-illrard at 12 lb .e.III.
rrriata trains sal run trand'irutaiitte.
i.ratit! .H. K. BitoWN,Sopl.,
v,chic4, color;.;
-Theme Itsrhln a make the lock-it:itch alike ea Loth
*idea, and less than Leif the thread and en that thi
ringie or double th via et itch 11 , 4 chines de ; iili
Fell, Gather, Cord, Braid, Bind, Xi c., and are bettor
hd pted than any other Sewing litchi's(' in nie, to 1.13 e
fregnent changes aud gre it variety of sexing Sequined to
a isle Ir, fir they oliierir from one to twenty_ thicknees
w.thoutet,pping, and ratting every stitch
perfect, or (rout the tin-at gauss to the heavies/ beaver
c:oth. or even thu harness lestber, without
changits the fee t, needle or tension, or =kin' say ad
ins:moot of Machine whatever?
TLey are ■ieop'o in construction and easily understood;
and if any part is broken by acsidoot, it is readily re rtcrL,A.¢ users, tad will go far to detsrlitilne
tbsplloice of soy idtelligent
P.ea.4*. C4ll 65 , 1 Examine or send for Ciretilar.
N. —Local Agents *Antall lu seetzoas cot pit Own
pled. Addrevt,
FESIC Lg. & LYON, f 3. M. CO.,
FIE Subscriber would respect. ~.. r ,
full inform h'e fr ends and customer* li ht t.,
that be is still at his old stand,
No. 2 Washington Fish Road, New Toit,
with the beet
The market arron!s, et 151.4.1ria:e end Retail, at slut
acics, aud . st the.Lowel t Lortni Pxicsa.
a - All Onions from the Counta7 Promptly
Attiriatietl to.
S. B —ov eters sod Clam! Pickled to Order.
The N. Y. Journal of Commerce.
We onzratulate on r reads rs on the measure of soorwas
which has %grinned •cur labors, in COMIDOD With all other
alreea es .1 c' tlltnlktlTO I ringipirs, »e intitie the aid
nt revier .n the dis.ecoloat'os or the old, eostod
doctrine* taught by Washington. followeid by the great
amt good corn who have wade our nation illu•trloua, OD
whieb they ebd we Mast pilmorn Irrupt. the pll•
oi th*
Sr, alroeat• no n•w doetrnees in religion, politico or
eneml hi . .. W.. are known as the earnest defender& of
,•f our fathers and the notp . ,l4era of
'into , . ever, f .rnt of attlei. We eappoit Tile 0 Orilla
-11.• r 41 .1 .s•pr:•, :TATO AND pal iIGUTi AND "Of -
y ?Ha PrO Ting 11 , •11111..: , ?.?ka.
~ ,tult.a‘ in thva• tau yourees of the crisis of
oar e itneax as a pippin, sad the only pledge of oat
plrnet.tal unity, power and pro.perity. We belong. to no
(arty, On t not. tti, al I.gianee to any tantlun. Wit
an shall eon Pone to oppose ANVLIT/ONHIJI
R. Ole ole , i,ont dull ortl, the enemt of Union, thoavow •
e I n, of the Cohetit itinn, ezerting am , lign influence is
U. 1,2%, in the church. nd in the Plate. We oppose
:tr.eass:o.a tax as a politi al heresy whose bloody Vuite
ilea ',Wok all Iwonit t as. and we look earnestly for
when the Con.titutlun ahaa triumph our the hearts se
w.•l a. the raisr,l bands o(.•11 Its box. North and Smith
he Journal of Coninneree will present O Usual VIIe
reheat and Moil tuelul tab:, of cortootilf MIX MO*:
lops in ARIRtIr•. &1•111.10 Rof every khan, NLWiI (POI:b
-utt p • etc of the worlu, AMC! Nears up to the lateat dates,
hatted, and enruniented on bt a large editorial staff.
will be rezul arly furniatted to oar readers. tO4'ether with
the Inf.eelfauroua matter that will always be welcomed
in the remit. tittle,
• Too tortno or the Weekly Journal afCotamliraii will
hereafter be as follows
WsAll, to actrance, ono year 4 - --IV
3 coplii, to one address, 6.1.0
11 S 0 •1 16 - •••46, .00
/0 U &A 611 , • ' 'lB Ile
01 20 6/ 01 0
tul , ..!ltional costa MUM rate.) .
1 copy. sir. months • IIA
A:I elobs often or more, it the address is • vatted on
each pap-r, win par each $1,60.
I.".reac 1 CI oh of '.:O 1113 extra COO , will be liven thi!
' -
person sendlt I; tare money
The t.rms of the other editions are as follqwsi—,. ,
to advance sc. year, $lO,OO lii advance ;maps,. $OlO
-ix ova In advent..., 6.25 81z IDOL ii 1114•111C4, 3,e ,,
Lod of each els mos , 6,50. 2 east's otm addrese, 1!,(21
for nu* month, 1,03 /(Addit'l eoplse moss rots.)
Money may DI remlit.l by mu addressed to k
ji ill RN Ai. IJr vost 4 witillt. N.
it.ort !Mink it
Valuable Property for - SalW ;
13THE Subscriber :oilers for sale the 'val
uable 84n/1, at preiento.reuptod by Maas/ a240a9.
cltean Corner*, Err* enanty. Pa. M s s o ts i s z,
r, ‘ „, ~,, w idth as 04 in length, and tr/a bean ocCuold tor
its present purpose twelve years.
A I so, the te•me house ridlre•nt, ne..4 by the Illiblitebrf
~, a ' ,d ew -. The bones la 19 by 40 fort in size with a'
Won attached 2/ a 3t : A good barn oo the pre;aissa.
Alrn, a Word Lot, hair a mil, to McKean Comers.
eon/20meg ag acme, well u...ber• d.
The above pro peat ti atoolLst the mod &dna.% is
EriPcountr. It tir situated in a rich and thickly Weed
portion of the ‘oursy, Lod le ovary way clearable. My
rt aeons fir w lllng ata that 7 desire to go to the West
T. D. enigma.
McKean enraene. .
n Kn. 0. 1., ELLIOTT ilk ;•••
Dutrurri.-09a to /loath -•
Part Row, Brie, Pa. All.woit 'saw II a
' IA Stumm Nod"' alb Itrastors
• . " • " t I
7 •I . II I ;
• .. ,
, •• A • - • ,
7 •.1
, • •
)I , "'
1 •
• ,
1 ,
_ -
4 20 A. SC
7IXX or TA1133197.11 TRAM' AT VAIL
♦uU I impaled to rurotA
230111131V1 NOW TO XIX. ♦ Val Imo%
The sir fo `std mai liomosrod Hai
And goy with pomp of strips' sod atm I
( Bem for tie rhyme, yoall mew loa u stritO;
And hipPtly abode to allors.")
A nation waivers to the Bole,
Tru,th . to micatala ind worst to 0441
Oh p
re ail; • that the foe skill pied,
Ace promla ft with all year colikt)-
Rebellion rem hh rar peat heed,
And Rate hts loose the. dope et iron
Ohre speak about the ..gory bed,"
When here* are provided tsr.) -
.4at *bile the harts of hem,. beet,
And whys their hands MIA wield tbe nrs4-•
(Demuth* the pea,hto olemoise skeet;
Ind "haling on the trait .41 . horde.")
gagaMobs/Wu As battles gloc
The sold* of heroos 'sad as on I
(Hers Wash oo Tensoa's sacred tau%
And beans of glorious Wa.ditaros.)
Ths bstoilog stations hold their breath,
And guardian sagslathroos shy-.
(Hers talc of "Liberty or Death,"
And say we "congoor or is 4:0
Ths destinies of all . the rase
Bang on the i- s at of the boar i
(Biro (Ivo oonsidorablo
To sneers at royal po 1,1) sod power.)
For in the Wtst 4 Freedom's star,
Ani to the West is Freedom's crows ;
Mery Pay thet mantras fiir hod arr,
And also thrones, mast tumble down.)
Tor, boa to flee, sad harm to hand, ,
Welt lost the deqtard tref tore beak I
(Allude here' to "our native lad,'
And, by the tray, to .glory's track!) •
Till on e &gale from ma to'see
Oar Marry Tag shall soundly 1,1
Atter. serell "the oaths= of the tree,"
And don't forpt to swell It blew
And when et last the toot of truth
His crushed rebellion's serpent head,
(Here s ass way you mast speak of lena,"
Though any rhyme will 43 lnst*d•)
Shell hurt her lightning froze the Pin,
And b - tak the chalcui of all the world
(And that will dq--for all La done
When once the lightning's safely burled )
TIIII LADIta of East Tennessoi are repre
sented as unquestionably •loyal." They im
prove evisry opportunio to "kiss the dear old
flag," and now.and-tiren kiss its good looking
Wo tare to hear people tell good stories
while they are about it. Read the following
from a Western paper : ."In the late gale birds
were seen bopping about with all their feath
ers blown off."
Mae. I'AILTINOiON Is Of the opinion that
Mount Vesuvius should take sarsaparilla to
cure itself of eruptions. The old lady thinks
.11 has boos vomiting to , long nothing else
would stay on iti stomach.
A:; Indianapolis politician attending church
the other Sabbath, for the first time in many
years, stopped at the entrance;and looking in
rain for the beil•pull, deliberately knocked at
the door and politely waited till somebody
opened it and let him in.
Ir rages the treed negroes some time to
learn that liberty does not mean idleness.—
After a celebration at St. Augustine; Florida,
on New Year's day, one of them said, "That
Chaplain o , the Massachusetts 91th is a regu•
lar escestt. Lie told us to work, and that is
what the seCesh told us."
WASHOE must be a verpleseent residence
for a timid man, according to the Virginia
City Butigtin, :which says : "On Saturday
night last, we Fair around the stove at the
theatre, warming themselves, no less than five
men who had each killed a man within the
past fire months."
Quit.? is a great admirer of children and
says he likes the crying ones beset A matron
with is baby in her arms, 'smiled at his odd
fancy, and listed hint the reason of it. "Why.
you see madam," said Quitp, have observed
that la well ordered ?families as soon as a ehild
cries, they carry him out of the room."
Tux new Abolition Chaplain of the Rouse
of Representatives at Washington, in his
prayer a few mornings Once, gave the Lord a
full and very artistic description of the'statete
of liberty upon thes4tue of the capitol! Re
kuid previously described the :most noted ca
thedrals of the old world and other works of
art. he is Of the new order of "Gospel men."
- 4i ow lady said her husband was very
fPlati of peaches, and that was the only fault
het, had.
• I .Faultonadam," said one, ""how can you
call that a fault!"
"Why. bemuse there are different ways sf
eating them, air. • huaband takes them ilk
the form of brandy."
• VI AVM orSout Uss.—A well-primed lever
of the tiottle, who had lost his way. reeled in
eo o testa tal grocery and kicoapped,
do yon—keep--a--anything—good to take—
here?" "Yes," replied .the temperance shop•
keeper, "we hive excellent cold water—the
beat-thing . y.ou could have." "Well, I know
it," was 'the reply "there's no one thing
Chat's dons so much for navigation as that."
A Data on Dosztax.—The following la
conic dialogue occurred on the ears a few days
ago as they were leaving Silver'Creek Station.
between the Conductor and a passenger sotne-"
what under the influence of "corn juice:"
Conductor—" Ticket, sir 2"
Strauger, 7 ". , llain't got nif ticket."
, Conductor—.. Where you going 2"
,Stranger—A , To--bic.".ll-il, air."
contirictiii-"Twenty-five cents; get of at
the firtit - ititlid - I w r '"--"' • • •
as the trainiesk going West, the Coa(*tar
intended a dew* itpoa ' entarpsils:
lag 110,te'vitiiiiiitkitiCnizig tugs from us ha
e t iftt a re4: 4 4 :1 1 „ ;1 ,..44,6 Shire Mirror.'
"Can DOQTOA C.", yes kaolin/ see skilifial
Physicisn,"blitnt and downright, bin cot ad
dfcted to church going. 'Mr! 8., the sick
trader, sent for kiln. Toe : pillse was exam
ined, the pills .detili oat. sniff the dictation,
given. Bin .4 diellootet was toting up Ids
saildlebsggs, - 14r. B.,4araiwi him with a very
pions look.
, 4I hew,* Roles; ?ogee t to winks of you,
.Doctor C.
"Wb*.t. Of MU ? sQlostiis request of t"
s'lrel, air . ; I feel that lam • very sick man,
and iftild - nay time pa lei that I awk.itolnig to
ale, I want you should let me know it at lout
-dim days beforeAand.".
,what : ltt ths:. World do you want to
ItttOwthat: fort" '
6.1. 4903.)/40 w chat atft.PreP o Fed to 41.,.
sod I atilat"Wist Otitist two os Woo diACiar
.`1 •I
At Mat fo Path
i'• 477: g. r
QVlllt laird if *MOO. a few Sabbaths'
else;, thaw °altered an Lieicleat to the. Meth
odist Church which it will perhaps do so harm
to solids. A friend of the settled, minister
: eying offietated during the 'morning, as hi
customary, some of the members took occasion
-after the iliselarse ;to mdkert the brethren to
say weed of eaeoaragetnent.: , Among others
was the pastel's wife, 'who stated substantially.
that she believed , her daye*Pre numbered
that she sheohiCsoon he Gbame* and at rest.
with those drhe !bad - goal before, Whom , she
should meet, &O. Het husband, who oconpied
the pulpit daring thesis rilearks, sat rubbing
his hands, apparently with great satisfaction,
and shouting "Amen I" "Glory"to s C3od in- A
broad smite wais seen on the flees of the eon=
irrigation. -
• Conotairnous iftwisrik.—There is a
story of • traveling preacher whose opinions
in regard to horseflesh were, crate as ready
and orthodox as were the rivals of seripturel
doctrine with whieh he eali.etted his kale.
- woods andienies, who oatioNtopped at the
AIMS of a brtither of the esiiifsith, who had
reared a besitiful (olt. Istween the two
settless of.Saidsy, the two ministers visited
the barn of the resident prailitst : , - Viers the
latter introduced his preagling ;colt to his
traveling bra bar. The spelt tires so much
delighted at the fine painti of the animal that
be could not restrain himself, sad he blurted
out. the question, "Suppose it were not the
Sabbath - , brother B—, how maid you grad"'
Tat SUPSIOSTINDINT of s Sunday school
was questioning his pupils concerning the id.
drosses 'made to them during the previous
session. " Children, what did Mr. Phonny
tell you this morning?" No answer was made.
"Can't any one tell me what he said ? Susie,
can't you remember t•' Susie, a bright little
girl of seven years, arose, anti with one finger
in her month, bashfully lisped out "Pieathe
thin, he talked, and he talked, and he thed ath
how he loved nth, and he talked:—and—we all
thought he wath to . they something,
but he didn't nothia'." Those who undertake
to *liras Sabbath school children without
having anything to say, may learn something
from Susie. .
Naayhville Vnioehti thi following soon°
on the road between 'Dixie 'and the United
States :
Traveler, haling bought a pleas of oold ba
con and corn !mead, asked: "flow much do I
owe you for my snack ?"
Old woman de: epees—•"TweitySvs cents In
greenbiaks ; fifty cents in Ststo money ; five
dollars in Colfederscy."
Traveler paid in greenbacks.
110 X. ELLA positun, of Ithaca, Nair York,
having conceited the idea that the ladles of
the'llospital Aid Society of that village'could
progress faster in their work of sewing for
the soldiers if they would talk less, offered to
contribute fifty dollars to the society if twelve
ladies could be found who would sew all day
without speaking. The task was entered upon
by fifteen women, and fourteen of theta ante
ally acoornOshed 'this veiraifficult feat of
self denial ! . -
A 11•210$036 , 1 young bride was observed to
be in deep reflection on her wedding day. fine
of her brides Maids asked the subiect of her
instittation. was thinking." she replied,
"which of my old beaux I should marry in'
cue I became is widow." Thoughtful ores
—ln one of.the American towns the post
master, by skillful maneuvering, has managed
to retain his oifice through seepal suocessive
changes in the; administration, \ \Being asked
how he managed, he replied, "It would take
a mighty •smiirt altaintstration to change
quicker than be could."
UNCIVIL Cur.—A sleepy church wardon,
who often played at cards, hearing the mills—
ter use the Words, "shuffle off this mortal
coil," started up, rubhing his eyes, and ex—
claimed-" Hold on 1 its toy desll"
Rani to !lease.
Some time ago there , lived in Edinburgh a
well-known grumbler named Sandy Black,
whose often recurring : fits of spleen or indi
gestion produced some amusing MOSS of
senseless irritability, which were highly tel
billed by all except the brute's pod, patient
little wife. Otte morning Sandy rose, hint on
a quarrel; the haddies and eggs were excel
lent, done to a turn, and bad been ordered by
himself the premises evening, and breakfast
poised without the least cause of complaint.
"What will you have for dinner, Sandy'?" said
Mrs. Black. "A chicken, madam," said the
Mishima& "Roast or boiled," asked the wife.
"Confound it, Madam, if you had been a good
and oonsideratil wife you have known -before:.
this what I Illied,".Sindy growled out, 'an,'
slamming the door behind him, left, the house-
It was in spring, sad • friend who was pres
ent beard the little wife say, "dandy'* beat
on a disturbance to day ; I shall not please
him, do what I Can." Tho dinner time came
and Saudi and his friend sat d4wu to dinner.
The fish was eaten in silence, and on raising
the cover of the dish before• him, in a towar
log passion be , called oat : "Boiled. chicken:
I hate it," Immediately the cover
WAS raised for ' another chicken roasted to o
bits. "Madam, & wont eat roasted ohicken,"
roared Sandy; 4 ,0 e !plow how it should have
been cooked!" At the instant a broilid chick
so, with mushroom's, was placed oa the
"Without green peal" : roared thsgranitder.,
"Hers they are, dear," said Mrs. •Blank.. "[low
dire you spend my money in that wayi"—.
"They were it present," said the wife,' liter.
rupting him. Rising from his chi le and f rush- .
beg from . thit room, amid a' reiy:iif
-from his fria#l, lie ottani:died his list,aWiteltant-,
ed. -Haw dote gemranch e a Prlllott 1091111111
my : • ,
Nu. r 4 • iaomsh.fq-Ws ; hars
and Raleigh (N. C.) pspert.- to - tire: .The
Raleigh - Sionslarsl has- bees "regarded as
Colon paper. and North - Carolina ti s tittlek
State, ready at a mhoients warning to, came
bash and join the Norili
old tfwion and the ,old but we live boos
linable to nes say of the eigns-whinb,:liko
doming events, nset . .their 4ltiderws Work.
The Sterderal opposes many of 110 niimares
of the ContliJerste Presidenf., bat i4joriti this,
litanies tie ion impeaitiment wiiliate
Its own denial of tbwollarges now iasiag made
hi Northern dbelitioe papers, thw worth,
44We beili made no prop:44l)4't°' go littN)f
the Confederioi." ' Its opposltiod to
Ope n s of the tote the Confedarai4 cingresi,
Oho cone le based Lewd if thir, 'reels 191 to
41 a netilliorthCarelbai isinwparadyliiitgly
M 'Hobnail to the
Llamas, then will the war be to *tong one.
Tits. Otratr.oT Passtits. , ;—Myer"lfneit
townies writes an account of ll* pros
which Chu. has for Ostia' off kb essnen,ef.
Lincoln-Ole'Carmel) shows ki* thremittAko
aporioiont ,
Says the Kernel, this here saseltesm MU
to .pay , off ,Ginetal . Grant'. troops; tide !slim .
midi° pay, eff Ginervi Meade's troops; this
one fuel for Otherai Banks: &Maam ; 4stew
bUsifor ,Gineral Burnside, end has is t ons
completely, broken down-"It bsfiiteral Oil..
tuore's amebae 1" "Wal," ses I, "Mr. Seek •
rotary do you have meeker & for every Oitt
eral end every army ?" "Yes," us
"about that." "Wal," 'see 1, "what do You
do about the contractors?" '" Oh, I ain't
showed you tem yet. That's in another room."
ft-iu nigh about, ten times as big as the Ii t
one, and there Wife hundreds of main
niu', as fast as they could. "There,"a4llo;
"of these inacimess were to stop one „it
would swell Wall street into a panic. &hie.
times, when the belts give oat or the bolts
break, or the coal gigs short of paper ee
gigin in tlnse,,there is a good deal of bedit%
but I've got it so heed new, that I !memo
purty well. supplied." Ses I, ! "Mr. deaknp.
Lary who is your engineer?"!'Wei," 1114
"he's a trustworthy matt. "Ba r " MI 11 0 1?'
posd he'should bast your Uteri, What w#tdd
Wall street do then . 1 10, Inver tholjght
of that, but I guess there ain't no (taster."
ses/."stessi is inighl
santiaations have in mom . oases *sea
mach into the health sad well being the
negroes on what arw caned: the govomistant
plan:cloak NC:id the report showed 1611004
terrible 'mortally, equal to that of those #wfasi
"Judas pussies of slava shoe, - from our Want
recollection of whose reburial; we rouoiliwith
so much horror." A foW instant:so will Hero
as specimens: On the Old ilioko7 plattijition
four hundred and thirteen • negroes *ere
placed on the Sd of June, of whom twoNun
dred and fourteen had died by the 116 'of
September. of three huadrod ploce4 on
White Castle plantation only forty-twolwerh
found living on September 16th. OS the
Anthers plantation only one huadrect and
savonty eight were left out of four knell:v:1,
and a proportionate mortality was foetid on
rho Vintrom, Magnolia, Rishland and *lles
Taylor plantations. We commend then im
pressive faouuto the earnest consideration of
our northern nogrophilists. ' 4
friend writes to the Boston Marie
thoi~"ln a suburban town. not a hundred
miles from B3ston, the postmaster the
practice of volanteering some offensive sro. ,
marks to thole who mks the Boston Courier,
bestowing upon it unoomplimantary epithets.
One of the subscribers asked the postmaster,
a few mprnings since, 'Wbst are we fighting
for? He replied in the most eloquent em.
nor, 'Freedom and liberty, to evaybody and
sverythbaj.' then, 117 not allow inn
the liberty to take the Cowin' unntelmuttit i
The doughty P. H. misted • behind hie: letter
boxes, ' , lllogic' an undertone , Oh. yes, "
—We ask the - Regina to say explicitly what
General 'McClellan is I —.Pelkudiases.
Ile "is" at present a much abased Major-
General in' the army of the, United States—
was supercedel from jealonsy—got nearer to
aichmond than any other General his, and
would have been there a year ago had his ef
forts being seeontled properly by tie War
Department; he is an hocteit, patriotic sad
capable Mau, who would, wsitmlieve, end the
rebellion in sir months if lset ll i bad the charge
of its suppression.— Nis NOM login": •
—The Ohio E agle, a Detnot.ratio newspaper
published at Lancaster, that State, was
mobbed' by soldiers, last week, who wets far
nished pith liquor and excited to the work
by 'Abolitionists. The Democrats retaliated
by mobbing the residences of two of the latter
who had been 'most forward' in stiklulating
the soldiers. The Ohio lisp will not be
-again mobbed, and Democratic newspapers in
tlitsyleinity of Lancaster 44 seettre,agtinst
lawless violence: ' • -
,—The direrenee between s shoddy Demo
crat ands Republican is perfeetly described
in those lines:
" They are so near alai,
And like in all as well as 'eta,
That put in bsg snd shake
Or put in an oven and hick. 'am;
You'd not know which was which, unless
You measured by their wickedness."
' —Aaragedy occurred at Plaqueln, 1 - 11.,Ilast I
week. A Democrat was badly beaten by poste
soldiers, jincleadasvoreil to, make his eitispe.
Lie was Pursued; and was upon the' point of
being ought ' when he dreir a pistol andlihot .
nue Of the soldiers, indiatiag i serious itiand
Ms Dlniocest was arrested, 'sad was!tang
.taken to the care to be east to s lPringtlil for
trial, when three shots were Area npon3 ids
from the crowd. killing him instantly. ' 1 ''
• ,/
. —.The President says 'pi the people of ,Ar•
.kausti: "I will allow yog to. return ;ta the
Onion, hut not under yotir own Constitution
of the United S•atas: Yon muit'first join the
'Abolition pity, and next 'you inust Inskis—or
I will ,moke• for you-,-aa Abolition donlititn
tion and Abolition, laws_, if you dcieFt 'do
this I'll send as army Alteill in thrash Pia ttld_
you will do It." 1
Humoss or A CLIVAIIir•A Portlaiai pie.)
paper tells an amusing story is whieh' a Re
publican politielan and sutinieter fig* i Ise
the heroes. By mistake they ezeintisgisd asi-.
pet bsgs, and this one arriewd at a Repahlican -
nuts, Meeting with' steams, and the' other-a 1
a town where he was to preach with i' pad- .
'cod speech and a bottle of whiskey.:
.1 1 i '
•-- :low ' tunics f - -Yhe New rork . l7lll# T 111::
)piatij hid . ll;l7 : 0031iiia hrtiere aroeitliii thi
'.ria,,aleetion of Lin c oln; uionwlaitiit'a:aCof lia
radleafevinteiiiporariti ott.seriii‘: 4 'frow l i litilii
" wee a yew or two sz•yhtt t 2 1 .6 pecliii! 14, - 1
'tuned to szeatra ill.: Mp:Oil' 'atinri As
- ProtiaLit Liololti :head hi 4410 , ;iil f.'
. .. i : .. v . I:,
• ki* 9u 41 . 1 v s 4 ) '. 11 ". 1 ,7
4 Tl 'l " . ° P l3 li
CI, YOH. - 1
l 4
a !liming clsrk at . Kaihistgton, If p . k,,i
lately, stolen one, hutidred thonstand otters
from the ,puhlin treasury. sact, lists on ° 'sok
the oriole, fatuities himself ott , Ilia ' I'o p.t:
robbery on, evirf hand vial galas okliton:a
large soale,.andhe tioiaiist it *Otani In rush
liana get:_hif share.
_:...A leading Republican papereses that /
_"even it the AdMinlitration has committed
home mistakes, it is usellis to, ay Gigs spilt
milk." •nores," nye - Prentiss. "hut its asial,
help crying ova: needlealltf ildtill. blosiir
I;lranws + - Its. - • anais..:Apsdits wat.: 1118-
•Cl•llatectresposs..4ses woes use ibis . I.
the not •Polittal , pies ',lsla bissids. have:
' 114.Asitts abr . 1 ti '
POLITICAL, qcossfso
.. 7..] • '.. 4.. 4: i`t 1!.. : ,57,i; tl•C•i:1'4; 1 -11 - 1 ,„, 1...T , "'.,
' - .1 , If.:•• i . -•: - -"OfIbil '• .1
— t, , i e ~.
(4-t , 1
.NUAIBER,- . 3,71: • .!
'Main 'Or TUE - WBlllll
karst . hog iver !genii 4 i nisr,isis wee
Mid k Nur Yak' o4 * the Lida nit: It
weighed 1.856.
..blink gulls ',Sin discht;l94 liths
battle of Gettysbarg,, ibis were employed in
ell the *ilea Nsp - nison ever
-.lThiou gr pi r o nippnKi Pissi . dent
dusk; hi. sttatili ni.,,nrioloid, ie tisSigernusly
the 'mud!
toecnorty Senski :from
Oki's, : and sinditinte 14r the Vioe•Presi
duo in 1860; is in thi cattle trade in British
-Seven thonsand oat et thirteeis thousand
tau* hue perished in one corral at Chau&
*Dogs, otilog to the look of food mad propoi
-h-flearlyeight hundred Dalin soidfipmf died
frog watt aid' Mame it. Rlolimiukdering
the • Mouths of °etcher, November end Decem
T2l Latlrt.-4resly, at last stwounts,
; !li Tory streak ooadotlia Ibis: tbo back
boas of the rebellion 'may solely bo broken
bofoin tho lost 4th of July."
'.4-!Mr : Wood Wats that tho;war will have
one,., at its tarmtaatloa, at least few I.toostand
millions of its/Um and that three fourths of
this amount will remain as a stational debt.
.■•The LOOlll/file Avast says Reaettoty bee
been invaded by several tht.Aog hoods of
guinillas, who, are now' prowling about the
sonatiss bordering on the Cumberland River'.
' These elercianit eke Certainly censur—
able., Says the Lotdivipe Journal, who refuse
to iprsy - fir Mr. Llitisittt.' We blight• all to
for the "pdor, sod 'he is a might7•poor
+-An Mho is Lee's'arsty tarnishes the
itialunoad Swaim/ with - a-admires of his
mo t thees expenses Decieinber; Which he
sues as a fair avirage. The total is $365,60.
Aloag the items ii SSD for a hat.
;The Louisville Danoeist stye : "A Ogle
min from the frost says" - that in some planes
where negro troops are emplojed, it is Ito un
usual thing to Ind in'a witting Lilies M. four
negro soldiers lying around, killed l t i.y the
white soldiers : d i e:Hag thik night."' '
Tam lialleIDIUM4 BODY, Ott copi •
petty of Ohio eavalry,; ooinintiaml"l:4 t . Cept.
Bonsioti; or Elootestoo, has beta JiPP, O 4" 4
botirguardpo the'Fiesiasat.t They ail
tsiu4 an the grounds soutisof the Ident's
house.—Bagtioororoseserijoi: l- I
. •
irirtaken At.
rettrOod c eoerters•diriiiaa. Oa, New Year's
up as sigreenassuorktich hse been Unmet , -
• y amain, pledging that for every profaae
word uttered during the yei11664 they! would
pay mai dollar for the l bendi 'of the illUldiers'
Alll Fund
istrves '67 Mt 1:11477.—1t 44524 f out is
he lions. to'-der; in debste, that the , i.esulte
of; the draft last summer were •es fellows
Itiewpted Erie' disebility, 75.000; esiompted
toe other menet : T 4.000.; paid teom\ sa ntation;
41:000 mowed substitutes. ELMO ; fled
11,003. fr.sekivuue cortsapomient.
—Gloventor Letehm stated ie hisacigress at
CitSaville, Va., tliit.the lite . o stonewall7 Jack
son was ha favor - of conducting this vat under
this blade Beg, and so expressed send•
meats to him seven 'days after the debesslon
of, Virginia, proposing to set the ample
himself by liesfcarrying that nag in e face
of?,thti enemy. ;
;—Tbe Washington correspondent of the
Philadelphia LOOP learns that the third sate
atideessed by General Butler to the rebel an
tnerities has ma the fate of the .two Tedious
ones, mid beim aneneessani. ?The not* had
rife:Moe to an aschangmet prininkrs4seliich,
itis alleged, the rebels flatly and paitively.
refute to do through thiffilvrirollige. II ; •
;Assisi Pniitoss. 7 -ThWlLishmond / :yr of
hat walk him ce,ynopitistef the.repoll, of the
sebel,Baretaryof Treissiey, in respolite to a
wieelutlon of the.Basate. The funded' debt is
091,17,in.000; : Fan oertilicffku, $ 89 .QP 0 ,0* 3
interest-burin; -as notes, -5t 0 2, 000 ,-
000; non . .,in rest 7 beseing, Treasury notes,.
$720.000, lass the ; number of 'Tceasury
ditto on hand, $297,000,00.0
=The Bapnm~ Court of /few York has 'de
cided that a bond, ixeciuted before tjq , iieue
legal tender notes, providing dud the
Massy for which it wits .. steen should be paid,
specie, is
,canoillid by the payment of the
Muni* legal 4nder . ourrenol, en tt4" ground
that notes beiiig Mule a tonal , tender, they
ikand upon nasal with the payment
id', shine. The 'Bl..tpiever Court of 31tussaolui-
Setts halt nid'e a stadia. decision.
. 1 Roast DUILTIIIII.....reOOI the &ra l ly of the
*Melba , " ws learn that it - goitititill 'etre tm of
deserters' Is pettifog' Ittio'otir nos foe the
rebel army. On Sunday evening, The 24th
meaty' pt them same atoms, doe and
and gave themselves into , oar h ate le.
Te-dey, (Tuesday, the . 21111), Shirty rebel. &-
Mortars/tore mot to the Old Capitol. among
whom were fear men lobo had-deserted from
Abe !Intim army. ItTits:eamay has poeted very
Strong guards along the rime in front ocks
101 l to prevent :thel deem'st from erosstuk
lirisk Mastery firlogaras'again beard within
Eli entely's . linea "near gly'ailrOrd lisrly on
Saterday mottting , lito,, and pristineri' in our
h an d s 0 4 4 that the fkrittiwas coossionsi by
° whole regiment of Abe enemy. ettamptiog to.
4mtert.--4Vilseut -Wog. Con'
,Rails Pitarizarrows" tot rag Stars°
intelligent printer :who ar
rived from Biabmond by underground line.
atatee that the rebels are straining • every
;aerie "their negaioi, sad pnettlog
44u Qti teiei every ezeie - capable of bearing
01,--4ven boys of sixteen and old mss
$14 -five. see :
pitaorooil.tvy eon lea. and yes ?forma
,termit , r lhit;; .. l'; t fre tit ; ' iti6;'tfielx6i4aF'
0 0 TerW 4 4 4 ir4t 44! 4 j l ; 11 1 ta -!‘ArAi l ii
wi44 tit! ounaber • itatt elieetieewaro' of its
troops. lute army,t•upc ailioNstaad, boo not,
iseivocknoi!ay iattiforolanutii, !tiat'liAnoton's
array ka tlialo4l4 wait lj being,het;,ily sag
auby aeosatinttoss. thiaka aye is _
ao doubt aliat the reboil will GOO.• 0 : 4111001 - to
auhuga of prisoner% u they went their
mi bark-lb the tad, sag our prison:tars a
i litratio ikon.' • 7.' 1, I
The eonstrsuoide of the iron eladii.
,'maid has boss ebsaidowei...:The i!en which I
one inteedei to be need le• sieeantisotinu '
has him leek to Ckseholot sea . fhstiecash.
lo eimplieta avyrit, twat ors-being.
built there. A universal - feelinli*-- terror
4.ltirla"""elleg"6"is 046012:404 ,it
likagea 1 1 aNtift• 0 10
Map* the sum' of PoPolort-bikValigier.
la egalabi R.
tpaypiat 'se* i l virg 1
*am Or th 'ask 2,500 t *Sri hand
,landyli 12,000 containinglere Iseds,•ad 6,000
Wteh " Ara oulassiaii "
instances half a dosen balls wore driven '
.„ • sisals eharigiret powder... a some ins*
Irder, plactiag the 1501144ke buttiiii
aid for iowdsr on e 4.
1..„41.,hu5ir fiat Ome. iteadefe liesdlnerteme
,tilikthars has bben a 'dives of relligieviirtop
Ain't manifested by the soldiers of" late, stab
promisee to be tbo absorbing sensation. Many
if the tuitimeais aad brivoles are holding
protracted meetings in theirtattipoelileb are
641 to be lirgeiy attended and very 'clearest,-
ing, • very large number have already beim
hopefully -conveirtad...
otl! 7
n,. I -10
I, , }.,.
—Art roue Ward has lootured tweety
in Calfora4a... zmiPytrat
tura amb i uutiurta sl:7oo,4ivi ticbe sitooka
$3OO, , Th s
. Cote of - trio --ta , oSesils of lasi
!lasses" resshiod tits sum of $B,OOOlll gold;
for ,riblok he ; will probably get $12.000 la
groaabaeka, of his arrival in No* York. as
!MO Washowst last aooomits.
• •
-=The officers of i lifassanhusetts regiment,
which re'reentlY enoonntsied the retiete in4hs
Shenandoah - Valley, wort much sartirised at
the pet:Misr n3ias made- by•the enemy's ima•
0011. ;Upon investigati9n it was ascertained
that the rebel' had not fired either shot or
but haljtated'instead plioes of ridlioad
iron, and old horse *hoes fastened together
with telegraph wire. •
—The ICsotnoky jails are Ailed with fell•
tireelares frput Tennsysee and other States,
advertised tolls sold for jell fees, according
to Kentnoky laws. The Presidsiet, is asked to
intedirs in their behalf.. • ' •
-.Mho dril l
sad Navy logrotal , official
euthofity fu mating that, out of .the two
handrail and ninety thoastadmen con%oripted
undo! the draftiast yass, nal; stereo thopma t d_
obeyed the decree by going into the army..
—Brigham Young. in a late soldress: to the
iformous,„ asps that the present war is a
g•Tisitathin from heaven upon the people ba
lsams they hum the prophee of cod, Joseph
—The last and lowest meanness of s con
tractor is Isendiag bogus or tannufactured
virus to North Carolina for the purpose of
vaceiftatto4. • •"
• he N. T. Barvild estimates that $30,600
are esPended oath night t in plaes of 'amuse
ment in that city, or slo,ooo' more than in
--Oen. Grant', plainness la proverbial. At
St. tottie the other day, he registered ht.
nand simply as "G. Grant, Chattanooga."
—The German press in. St. Louis give out_
that i on no pndition will.they support Slr.
Lincoln for reelection.
The ()rues Sloe or ran STOST.-1. New
Turk letter says "A gentlemen and lady ar
rived in elite ;lisp t04a7,, the first from Mobile
on the T I BIA Anat., said the latter fram Rich
mond. on the 14th. The gentleman baying
important business interests in Europe to look
'after, obtained a pass through the rebel lines.
He Ilan actor, and has been oonneoted with
the Mobile theatre ever since the rebellion
broke oat. 'The lady had a pass from Jeff.
Davie. ißotit.thele persons give a different
picture l ot the condition of things in Dixie
than that which is usuitlly drawn by
genteontrabands." At Mobile there was no
scarcity, of the necessaries of life, and though
everything was very high, paper money was
plenty 'Wherewith to make purchases. Limn.
of'l, course, heat dill i lapPefrai t and whisky
was hard to get,-even eta dollar per drink.—
Some llttlitiappreliensicin of an attsok,on the
city was felt, bit the" getters( opinion seemed
to-b 1 that ibis place in front was almost as im.
pregnable Charleston, but. in the rear its
defenses against an army attacking' in that
quarter, were considered not so satisfactory.
The new eonsoription bill was doing its work
tb )roughly, and every man who could shoulder
a musket was marching or being marched of
to 'lie Army. When the lady left Richmond,
. sle she never saw nor heard anything
abott the removal of the Capitalto - some place
• r
fart . South. Notwithstanding' the many
reverses to their arms, she says allhands
seemed. to be as confident as ever of ultimately
achie dug their independence."
Thi Administration, in its humane efforts
to eleVate the character of the Africans and
wombs, them with the white people, two
•yearsiego, benevolently sent out from:Musa
chasets to Port Royal, South. Caroline, at the
ezpers of the whole people of the United
Rtatos, a few hundred spiastere to educate,
Civilias and reline the contra!) tads at that
plane; The New Hampshire Patriot, of the
of-Ottober, gives the result of this very
..besterOlent experiment of Mr. knooln in the
folloWing Ptragraph
"Private advice* from Port Borg sar - that
mtni of the female -abolitiOnisti who, went is
Port Royal to teach the little niAgers kow to
read and pray. have been obliged, within the
past I feW months, to &bend )12 their black
charges and aims narsexies GA their 'nwri pri
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