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ERIE. PA., JANUARY, 30, 1861
Onus Vniriason VT MI Pions is sna Puss es
I[llll3oAll ISMIT —Aires Jackson.
The report of Gen. McClellan, about
which more curiosity is felt in the public
mind than in regard to any documleilt
that has been written for matiky years, has
not yet:been issued from the Government
printing office. It is, now more than a
month since the Republican papers an
nounced that it was preparing for publi
cation, and for all that we have been able
to learn, the work is no, nearer comple
tion than when we were first notified of
its transmission to the printer. The Ad
minitration deaervesiympathy upon the
perplexities which have attended its ef
forts to present this famous document to
the public. First, we were informed that
its enormous length would require/a very
-long time before it could all be I put to
press, but thirs'excnse was answered by
the proposal of half a dozen newspapers
in New take it off the Adminis
tration's hands, promising io issue it com
plete in less than a week after they re
ceived the copy. Then we were informed
that there were many valuable and costly
maps to be engraved, but a respectable
firm has offered to supply them at. their
own expense, provided they will be given
the copy-right of the book,and they pledge
themselves that it shall not be delayed a
day later than the Ist of March. At
rength, the Secretary of War and his
friends, finding that no excuses will sat
isfy the public, have ceased any allusion
to the subject whatever, and the whole
country is now as much in the dark as to
what is being done with the report as
it was two months ago. The plain in
ference to be drawn from all this is, that
the document must contain something
which the Administration looks upon as
damaging to its reputation. On no other
suppposition can its tergiversations, its
hypocrisy and its falsehoods be accounted
for. If it afford*. no proof of facts which
Mr. Lincoln and Secretary Stanton dread
to have the people know, why should
they hesitate to let the report hr.- the
light ? The friends of (ion. McClellan do
not ask that it shall be printed at the
Government's cost—they only request
that they may have possession of the
original, and they will print it, without
one cent of charge to the public treasury,
And, indeed, if the few random extracts
from the report which have now and then
got into the newspapers, be any criterion
by which to judge the whole, the Admin
istration may well feel alarm at its antici
pated effects on the national jinni. It
presents their incompetency, weakness
and lack of true patriotism in more glar
ing colors than they have ever appeared
before, and proves beyond refutation or
doubt the disagreeable truth, that while
the army was gallantly fighting its way up
to the very gates of Richmond, and the
whole "loyal" North was elate with the
.hope that the downfall of the rebellion
was near at'hand, our rulers, the men in
whom we confided, and who should have
been anxious above all others to bring
the campaign to a successful termination,
were plotting to ruin the General in com
mand, and retard the overthrow of trea
son, until they could accomplish other
objects, necessary to their persenal and
party interests. We state the case Strong
ly, but every word we have written can be
borne out by the evidence.
The Cincinnati Centmercia/, a Republican
paper, which we presume is on terms of
intimacy with die public printer, has
obtained possession of some of the most
important feature's of Gen. McClellan's
report, and published them. We have
already given our readers two Or three
extracts, and we now furnish them with
the General's letter to Secretary Stanton,
written from Savage Station, on the.2Bll
of Attie, after the hard-fought battle and
repulse of the rebels at that point. It
will he remembered that Gen. McClellan.
had informed the authorities at Washing
ton of the large reinforcements which the
rebels had received, and earnestly im
plored—yes, literally begged—them to
send him • some of the troops that were
lying, totally useless, at Fredericksburg
and in-front of the National Capital.
What honest man "can ' read this earnest
epistle, and not feel his bloOd- tingle with
indignation at the stupidity or malignity,
not to call it worse, which perniitted our
best-army to be sacrificed at the very
moment when victory was within its
grasp: .
; June 28, 1862-12 as A. M. Jt
I now know the full history of the day.
On this side of the river—the right bank—
we repulsed several strong attacks. OT
the left bank our men did all tha• men
imuld - do, all that soldiers or • A i ld
push; but they were
superior nu , overwhekmed by
hrouirghtho 7r
,there, even after
lc • .eservee into action. The
w on
.adea is terrible. I believe it
will Far
• *to be the most terrible battle of
• • . war. The sad remnants of my men
Debars ts men; those battalions who
fought most bravely, and suffered most,
are still in the beet order. The regulars
were superb, and I 'count upon what are
left to - turn another battle, in company
with their gallant comrades of .the volun
teers. Had I (20,000) twenty thousand or
even (10,000) ten thousand fresh troops to
use tomorrow. I could take Richmond ;
but I have not a man in reserve and shall
be glad-to cover my retreat, and save , the
material and rassozoist, of the army. If
we have lost the day, we have yet pre,
- served our honor, and no one need blush
for the army of the Potomac. I have lost
this battle because my force is too small.--
I again repeat that I am not responsible
for this, and say it with the earnestness of
a General who feels in his heart the loss of
every brave man who has been needlessly
sacrificed today. I still hope to retrieve
our -fortunes ; but . to do -this Govern
ment must view the matter in the same
owned light that I do. You must send
me large reinforcements, and send them
at once. I shall draw back to this side of
the ehickahominy, and I think I can
withdraw all our material. - Please under
stand that in this battle we have lost
nothing bat men, and those the beet we
have. In addition to what I have already
said, I only wish to say to the President
that I think he is wrong in regarding me
as ungenerous when I said that my force
wastooweak—l merely intimated a truth
which to -day hoe been too plainly proven.
a t this instal, I could dispose of (10,-
000) ten thousand fresh men/ could gain
the. victory' tomorrow. I know that a few
thousand mere men would have changed
the battle from a defeat to a victory. As
is o the iftraiusent must not, and can.
trot. hold me responsible for the result. I
feel too earnestly to.night—l have seen too
many dead and wounded comrades to feel
otherwise than that the Goya:amen". has
not sustained the army. yffiu dos
do so now, the gsme is Mit. Itlf I s•
this army now, I tell you p/ait!t thilt I
owe no thanks to you, or to any person In
Washington. YOU HAVE Don. YOUR
Ciao. B. Siceutta.sw.
To Hon. E. ?d. Stanton. •
After reading this letter, there will-be
no difficulty for any person to understand
the reason why McClellan was relieved
from all active ditty, and the abilities of
the best officer in the nation 'lost to the
public service. Strong as its language is,
however, there is not a well informed per-.
son who does not know that it spoke the
sentiments of the entire army at the
time. There was not a letter written
home, from
, officer or private, not a state
ment by the correspondent •or a single
newspaper, Democratic or Republican,
which did not express the Conviction that'
the " Government" .11,z1i "not sustained
the army." Even
. the radical Tribune;
which had not esid word in McClellan's
favor for several months before, but kept
constantly reiterating the stories of "Qua
ker guns," .tc.; to ridicule him, was forced
in a mordent of honest impulse, to sharply
criticise the conduct of the lAdministra
tion ; and its welt-known correspondent,
Mr. Wilkinson, who acBompanied Mc-
Clellan all through the Peninsuls cam
paign, wrote to that paper as follois
ON Tat Dirac¢ Tnaouc¢ THI WRITS}
OAK SWAMP, June 28, 1862.
Outnumbered, surrounded, liable at any
moment to be cnt off from our base of
supplies, and have our possession of the
York River R. R. wrenched from our grasp,
McClellan came out at star•rising from
the fight in which lie bad shared the perils
of the common soldier, with a Napoleonic
conception of the - only salvation for his
army from annihilation by fire, or loss by
capture. He ordered new roads to be ins
stantly cut through the swamp that separ
ates us from the Charles City highway,
and communicated to his Generals his
purpose to change his base by a rapid
movement to the James River.
We marched now through White Oak
Swamp, to change in twelve hours' time,
the base of a great army—doomed where
it was, .and having now but little grace of
delay accorded to it by an active and brave
enemy, numerous enough 'to encircle us
at any point and to outnumber _us at all.
The movement is bold, soldier-like and
brilliant, it eminently hazardous. It is
made by the light of the burning of every
one of the bridges, which We have so pain
fully thrown over the Chickahominy, and
within, hearing Of the destruction, by our
own hands, of the railroad which gave us
supplies and was to secure us retreat. The
movement will probably be: successful,
though its trial will be bloody. The world
will regard it as a masterly stroke of
genius. The army will so regiiid it, and
will feel for its commander the admiration
and gratitude that saviors of men ever en-
kindle in loyal hearts
But the brilliancy of this movement
- will not for an instant dazzle the eyes of
the wronged and wrathful men of the
Army of the Potomac, nor will it dazzle
the sight of the angry people so as for a
moment to obscure their perception of
Me crime against Me nation,. which has made
Mit change of base and front imperiously neees
s4ry. Tuts CRI/16 is THE REFIJAAL TO BUN.
folteE UCCLELLAN. I don't care about the
question—which legislators, soldiers and
politicians have debated—of this Gener
al's fitness to command. The York and
James River Peninsula was not the place
for that discussion. The hour of the junc
tion of Beauregard's and Jackson's forges
to those of Johnston is not the time for
such a debate. I care not for any criti
cism of Gen. MeClellan's campaign on this
Peninsula or'o he Potomac. I have
blows, but not word, for the untimely
casuist, in or ut of the administrative
office, who, u der the roar of rebel can
non, sweefieg nr ranks with shot and
shell, meets the demand for aid to this
army with a chronological measure of de-•
lays at Fortress Monroe, at Yorktown, at
Williamsburg, at Seven Pines. I don't
care whether they were delays or no de
lays—whether they were McClellan's de
lays, the Quartermaster General's delays,
or the delays of the elements !
No man, no party, no interest, Shall
with my assent or my silence, be permitted
to mix up with the sacred right of an out.
numbered American army to demand
help from their countrymen and tq
promptly receive it, collateral questions of,
fitness, of vigor, of fidelity. When loyal'
New York regiments, lifted from their
feet by the fire of. rebel brigades, cry out
of their wounds and death for help—when
the choicest of New England, and Mich
igan, and Pennsylvania 'troops, Outnum
bered in front and on both flanks by whole
divisions of the enemy, beg for reinforce
ments, I say that the blackest crime that
Power can commit is to stalk upon the
field of peril and say : Soldier., I have
no faith in your commander, let your
martyrdom proceed. ' And 80 says this
Army of the Potomac. And it registers
to-night vows of vengeance as it marches
in the dark from a . position which their
diminished numbers disabled them from
holding, but which is consecrated to them
forever by their sufferings, their labors
and their wrongs. ' The politicians ands:ales.
Man who left us here to be outnumbered and cut
of from our supp lies and the possibility of re.
treat are d men. S. W.
We trust, if the Administration wilt no g
print Gen. Keefellan's full report, that
he will place a copy of it in the hands of
his friends, to wake such use'of as they
t i !Lnk proper. Every interest of the na•
tion requires, every patriotic impulse de
mands, that the truths which it contains
shall be kept hid from the eyes of the
people no longer.
WE DO not kOow whether the following
was written in earnest., or is intended, as
Artemus Ward says, to be "sarkastical."
Perhaps some one of our readers can tell.
We find it strolling around in the columns
of our exchanges : • •
"We hop? no Democrat will be guilty
of discouraging any of the Loyal Leaguers,
"War Democrats , " or Negro Emancipa
titmists from volunteering to defend the
Emanciplition-Proclamation, in the ranks
of-the arm y and on the field of bittle.
Remefaber banishment is the punishment
for such a criKae.
As =enemas says the "rebellion is on
its last legs." 'We should really like to
know how long these "last legs" are, or
What they are made of, or whether they
are "iron clad" or not. Republicans have'
told us for almost three sears, that the re•
hellion was standing upon them, and yet
it continues-to stand. May be the rebels
have procured an extra supply..
Tag official vote cast for Governor at the
last election was counted in the presence
'of bosh Houses of the Legislature, on the
14th inst., and declared as follows :
Andrew G. Curtin.
Geo. W. Woodward,
Curtin', Majority,
Erma. delegate thus far elected to the
Democratic State Convention has either
been instructed to support Gen. McClellan
or is understood to be in favor of that
gentleman's nomination.
The editor of the Chia' voltam hashed
an interview with a onions of *moo.
e r' ll ikk 2 1 _ 6 4 4 1 1 4r_ + 6l i,
sinoCanceeviM Jim wwne otelitees:4nir
reaf ` fate 00 1 1 011 7;"! Ilefr‘telei 3 je4 l6 .
Unkit seMirdine of the . titati* being
largely itillie - uutimity. 'and bas no doubt
that Georgia would return Om the basis
et the
,Constilutiorritini Union. There is
a free expression of opinion concerning - all
question of government policy. k large
*tyliraditlitieleetlettof T. But
ler Xing to theVonfederate &Bate. This
gOntle'rnau; it Will' be rementberekin a
letter which we recently published; main
, %deed that re-union beetle& the North
and South, was possible on the - baits aim
ply of the Contititutirin. licarguCti that
the North - Could , not with honer accept
any !per settlement and thtit, Ihit South
Wight, with , honor. accede to - itheoetorms.
Mr. KingLe,election to the Senate on such
iPlatiorm, would, be a iiitniftmat sign of
the times. It would show how easily the
Width might be reclaimed to loyalty on
the simple terms which *loon the govern
ment ham ei right to make, and also how
far we are from peace so long as the ad-
Ministration insists on making the war a
crusade against the social institutions of
the revolted StitOe. -
Yashiogtoo correepoitdent l of the
New York Express, gives the follorte' g so
oount of a recent scene in the Howe of
',The House presented a pitiful specta
cle to-day. when, the .death of Senator
Bowden of Virginia was announced. Af
ter the cliatotniu7 eulogy from a Virginia
member, a Republican member from the
West got ap, not sober, if not drunk, and
began all sorts of gyrational and gesticu
hitionsf which soon . indicated that if he
was not drunk he was not. sober. , Consid
ering that the Republicans claim all the
religion and all the morals Of the country,
and all the education, and all the learning,
and that hitherto not twee atavebolding
barbarians, have ever presented this sort of
a spectacle in Congress, we may doubt
whether Abolitionism is really refinement
and 'civilisation. Another Republican
member shuffled him off, and relieved the
House from the spectacle.";
It is curious to observe heir careful our
telegraphic agents are, in keeping ill
such bits of news alibis above out of their
reports to the smociate persup. Hail this
congressional. ■waggeriog devotee of King
Bacchus, been a Democrat, we would have
had the whole scene graphically repre
sented, causing every Jacobin Peckaniff
in the'country to woep crocodile tears for
a month.
• A!errible state of thing's, says the Buf
falo Co Crier, undoubtedly Preiails at the
South. The Richmond E.rivniner of the
11th announces that orders are to be im
mediately issued for the eonscription of
all persons who nave heretofore 'furnished
substitutes. Bills have also boom intro
duced. into the rebel Congress. declaring
all persons owing milltaiy serviee, who
shall abscond or leave' the Confederacy,
alien enemies, whose property shill be
confiscated. A general hopl rings 'through
rebeldorri, in . consequence .of these new
severities. All sotto of dodges are resor
ted to in order to avoid the inevitable
militarY, doom. Only certain office-hold
era being exempt, the rush fcir offices is
tremendous. One gentleman in Saran
xish had offered $lO,OOO to be put on the
night police and high bids are offered for
cribs in all the - government departments.
Verily the way of the transgressen is
The thanks of the public in general,
and of newspaper publishers in_ particular,
says the Aye, are dui3 to Min. W. H. Mil
ler, of Dauphin, for the resolution intro
duced by him into the (House of Repre
sentatives, on last Monday. The ad-valo
rem duty of twenty per cent., imposed by
the act of March: 3d, , 1863, on printing
paper, is needlessly oppreesive ; and as it
is really a tax upon the diffusion of knowl
edge, it is one which should be straight ,
way repealed. The pa):•er manufacturers
have made such eisermows profits In the
last few years, that they were able to.or
ganise a very powerful lobby list year fer
the purpose of carrying out their views ;
bat as every one, excepting them, is inter
este4 in having the tax repealed, it is to
be hoped Congress wilt act in the matter
without delay. The present tariff bene
fits no one but the manufacturer, while
those who would profit 'by its.abolition in
clude every one who is able to read.
Our readers mast not be disapposnted
at the barren state which our news col 2
tunns have presented for the last few
weeks. , When there is nothing for us to
give, we cannot eve anything, and the
daily papers have not'furnialted so little ,
matter of general interest sinee the war
began, as they are doing at present. Ow
are quiet in every quaker, and even the
audacious rebels have ceased their fre
quent raids for a time, leaving the hun
gry editorial news gatherer in a state of
mind, that, to use e strikingly original
expression, 'tan better be imagined than
described." We do not expect any im
portant moves for several weeks to come,
and, until then we edible those who may
feel disposed to Muni, the printers, for
not giving them more exciting war news,
to "bide in patience.", •
The Democrat's of New Hafnpshire have
nominated for Governor Hon. Edward W.
Harrington, one of the ablest and most
Popular' men of the State. It will be re•
membered that last year the Democracy
bad a majority of the votes in that State,
but having two candidates, the election
was thrown into the Legislature; where a
Jacobin was elected,contrary to the wishes
of the people. Our friends in New Hemp.
shire are now thciroughly united and feel
quite confident of 'mom. Mr. Harring
ton is a man of true geit i ond will make a
gallant canvass. He is the pare* who
threw down stairs an Abolitionist who was
tolling s hell for old Joho Brown, an act
which at the time was the inkiest of num
berless indignant editorials in the Aboli-
Linn press. . '
Z 4,171.
Oxs or our local ooteurporaries copies;
in last week's kure, the long sines sainted
statement that the White of Goa. Meade
to attack and defeat Lee's army In the
late onropoign was owing to the drunks* ,
nen of Gen. French, one, of the Ihmer's
corps commanders. _ _ _ ft — hrlignow to ea s y _
that all at Gen. lea dims
bore idgned a esedfoind put:Mabel it in the
Sew York perm; empligioally denying
Ab 6 story, whit& valplabsed **lime origi
witb a New 164104
amid indignantly protestbig wing the
habit too common simile many penman
styling thenneltee "loyal.", of eirculidang
damaging reports abotit heave and well
tried alders. Oar eotemporary, in justice
to Gen. ,French. should waste no time in
publishing the testimony given for his
. .
The aspect of Europeon /Ws
the Triboae, is, becoming more more
warlike, and the opiaiou that war is,,inev
liable' seems to ba universal. From all
parts of,,tbe European continent it is re
ported that the excitement ii on the in
armee, and it ii reasousbly expected that,
the Silt-shot, in Schleswig would be the
signal for Popular risings in Hungary, Ve
netia, the Danubian Principalities and
probably smoother places, while, at the
same time, lEmight give an entirely now
aspect to the Polish insurrection.
Taw is a groat, strife,
.says the Hartford
Theo, between the towramin Connecticut
to procure volunteers for their quotas, and ,
often one town bids above another 0_06:
cure men, held by brokers, who sell them.
A neighboring town has been very active
and sent agents abroad to purchase ne
gross. A few days since they made re
turns, and had three more negro
teen than the town wanted, and one of
the agents put them up at auctiOn, seve
ral towns bidding, but Vernon, bidding
the highest, took them.
Ws Tau thus octesiois to contradict the
report that the members of the Loyal
League here volunteered in a body to join
the army of Oen. Meade, and help pin
down this "unholy' rebellion. It is a
foul libel on that patriotic and highly in
fluential society. .
Las? Timis should. be any /misunder-
standing on the subject. we hasten mazy
'that a tio•csillec i l "War Democrat" bears no
relation whatever to a Warrior Democrat.
Latest War News.
—lt seems that the Rebel 'Gen. Vanc e ,
recently captured near Strawberry , Plains,
Tettn„ was a Major-General, and that four
of his staff . . who were captured in his
cowl:any, were recognised as haying been
paroled at Vicksburg.
—One of the 117th New-York Volun
teers, having straggled sway'from the line
of march during Gen. Smith's late expe.
dition in West Teakiesseq, was hung up
by the heels and had his throat, cut by the
Rebels.—Tribune. -
—A Rebel mail was found a fen:lays ago
in West Virginia. Most of the letters had
remarks confirming the stories of suffering,
disaffection. and despondency among the
Rebel,. We have had the same stories
though ever since the war commenced.
—Dispatchts and letters from ; Port Hud
son state that the enemy are again pun
centrating a large army in that vicinity,
and about Baton Rouge, and that Gen.
Ullman is almost daily receiving ,priso
ners from the rebel lines, who express
themselves disgusted' ith the service of
the Confederacy. Many of them, it is
said never heard of Mr. Lincoln's Am
nesty Proclamation.
News from Chattanooga is to the
23d. Trains were then running regularly
to Nashville. The greatest distress is al
leged to exist in the rebel' army. Deser
tions are frequent, and sometimes, the
dispatches tell us, number over a hundred
in a day. The Tenpewiee and Kentucky
troops are said to be kept under guard to
prevent desertion. Union recruits are
arriving sufficient to balance the umber
of veterans going home. The rebel ar
my at Dalton is reported to be 30,000
strong. and so reduced in supplies that
they are killing their best mules for sup
plies of meat.
—The stories of an advance by Long
street, toward Knoxville, are contradicted
Our forces are in Winter quarters. and
Gen. Foster says he is able to repel any
attack that Longstreet can make. Per
contra, a dispatch from Louisville to Vie
Cincinnati Gam& says: "The city is filled
with rumors of an intended Rebel raid in
to Bast Kentucky: It is said the Rebels
will enter the State at three different
—A special dispatch to .The Cincinnati
Cbeicitercial from Chattanooga, dated the
21st.inst., says : The Rebel orders requir
ing soldiers to "'erre for three years
or more is causing hundreds to desert;
Fifty-dx came in today in one squad. _
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11%* any west glib. rhatkaise Is .sdtae the Tnerati.
Ike Yes Una the pldei, ad hdbrastkm
whin he assestess to be tentselite, and lie hens ang
saint Viii try kb raany. sit it will sat thus nettling,
sodas peen a limit. •
kirks Welker the pnwsriptlest wan planes nee..
list. =WARD ♦ WIWI,
TO anstrarrins.
ounumommegwa ri I Naive velvoeis pm!
seiptim kr Oa gm et Ossonaptioa. Aatbm l / 2
slats amit Orrhserlasi Luse eimilaus, (Ike, ft inst.)!
byssalei %sir Mama to
WNW& iliellikiksetai6
A lumaud. usiumug. ,
FM petit, lin flied aphid eartslilltillstr Op&
12011basimits pis A sagaalSsi atspasaity
lAN adoptai is Oliadritarl - • •-• •
cluierAnwurir sus PYI,
wimsteralii• raises: h mairovaa blaeliaa tie
kik 10k 134 Milt. ft b • 101.110 1 . aunkiii4 sot •
banasejlaid. tdoea sot laaatans• satt u slllailamo
tar lactate tiarukbat dues bar ows •ie hags Its
soollag allilat le Wang. Ita n .olt.
sal/ans. It our feat.' - I]
ltasilistarsi by J. OBI4FIDOIIO, NalA Astor Ho."
Nis York/ sad by all Draggista and applied by ail liar
Drasitto. ' , jasl.l.lm.
WAi It 'makes high P ridesSaponifier
Mips to redoes them It neap for Pear
awn • lieald by using your kitchen franc ,
CAUTION.. ds orideas Lyee bet offend Om
be austaf,and only bay tat Patented ortltio pat tip la
Iris cum, °Mimi bilis' Ce a eteribits.
• ebibdobble.—No. 1# Walnut Street.
• Pittsburt—pitt :Moot 1021 Whqaeese Way.
♦ enlaces» for Pains and Actica and intrranted
=Perin t.O MP/ other: Creep it paaitilwly cures; raise
is absolithily sure immediately attar II» used. Mothers
rentsmbic this and arm yourself with n bottle without
delay. -limp Is ► Cows which 'even no dOttioN
Attaitionlits Chilfiiil the deiiololll . Or night ;
before a Physician can lie scuinnoried it may be too late.
Ennetaber, the Venetian Liniment newer
Priee 25 and 50 tents. Sold by all dtantsta. • Oleo,
be Cortlandt. Street, New York. jaalo.lm.
PsitilUnmsd ter the Damn and as a matins lo young
men; and othms, who suffer from if moos thobtlity, Ur"
ly Deasy, owl limb Undo* Ribaudo—supplying OM
means of self-enns. one who has curd kinnelf after
losing • victim of misplaced sonadostoe in imsil fekl hum
tog and quisliery," By enclosing la post-paid enselispn.
Angle copies may% had of dm &litho, igasnumns.
5•111., Esq., Bedford. Kings Coantg, Not York. Jalirl.
to-fag'.s gAvatiiitments.
• -
ci ,
, •
minfi & wzaavit, 1
Preettsio in Elk, Wean. Cameron sad Adman =suit**.
J. C.!C WWI N. [janlollll-lr) W. W. WILBUR.
Farm for Sale.
Tilz Subscriber often for Sale his Farm
j Summit tp geie' Co., Pa.,eomprisker Masts
acres of good soil. nine miles from Erie city, on the Wm.
%Wort Btompike roadoind four miles from Waterford
Village, well watered, with rood butl4tnge, bar fruit and
thirty iatres of wood land— apply ow prewar kee further
Information. Will be sold on reasonable teems.
- •
"LT BATES, Aietioneer, ?rill sell at the
Store No. 4 Wriglit's Block, Biota Street.
Ps., on Wedneseay, Jaw. 27, 111434, and following dam at.
2 awl 7 p. ea, the larret assortinss4 of Lathe and Oen:.
ttemen'e Fars Sleigh Robe., ke.,ewsir introduced into this
Market. ita the Stook MUST ISIC SOLD. great bat. ;
Eaton nix, be expected. The Rock oh Itahib.tion and ter
fritte Salidurin ithi time. SALK POSITIVE—.TEI*4
CkB.l. For particulars see handbill'. JanIKAIL
Administrator's Not i c e . l
LETTERS of Administration having
been granted to the andemikned on the estate pf
ltuj Melinlty. decease 1, late of preens tip., Erie Co..
Pa.:l notice is hereby given to all persons knowing thole
selves indebted to the same to make Immediate payment,
and.those having elating lislast thl estate will preset%
them for settlement. ALICE IieNCLTIf,
i Administrators.
Alt persons inrie County, who Ars
hob eto tax by amessment under the "Milted States In
ternal Reeving' or "Cleat Las," approved July I, 1114,
and; the lass emending the same. ate hereby notified that
such taxes or duties have beceloili due and payable, and
that I will attend to receiving the MN at the following_
times and places in said county. td wit:
For all tax payers residing in the city of Erie and the
townships of Ifillereek, Greene and Rue:unit, at the later
nal Revenue Odle*, hi the Post Office Building. is the
sit+ of Erie. on the Ist, 2d and BI days of Feb, Ism._
'For all tax payers unildorth the borough of Girard ha&
to the township' of Girard. Fairview sari Springfield, at
the Hotel of A. Yarns, to the Waugh of OIrsod„ on the
- t
Ath day of Feb„ 19111,
//small tax payers residing In tlis borough, of Albion
and in the townships of Conneaut and Elk Creek, at the
hotel of A. Rally, to the borough of Albion, on the Bth
day of Feb., 1584.
For all tax payers residing In the boroughs of Whither° ,
andWiddlebuo. med la the townships of Wash
*Wean sod Franklin, and that portion of WateVA
townabtp lying West of Erie and Ilaurribri Suraptkli, at
the' hotel cif-A. Robinson, in the borough of Edinboro, ea
the Sib day of Feb., 1864 11 ,
all tax payers tieing in the horeragh of Waterford
and to the township of Leßothif, and that portion of, War
*ford township lyisof East of the Will and Waterford
TMnpitiskt the hotel of Wilson Room in the borough of
Waterford, on the 10th day of FAA, 1884.
For ell tax payers living In the borough of Claion Willy
aid in the township of Union. at the Petrilimas House's
the borough of 0 Won Illlie, on the lith day of Feb„ DM
i i For all tax payers Hying In the townships of Wayne
• sod Concord. at the hotel of J.llmoari, at Cony, 01l the
12th day of Feb., 15511. ,
'For ail tat payers living in the; borough of Watteburg
IA the townships of Venango and Amity, at the hotel
olLyman Robinson. In the borough of Wart:burg, on the
Foray of Feb, 11164. !i
all tax payers Using in the borough of North Oast
sad in the townships of of North' East, Harbor Creek and
Greenii•ld, at the hotel of llobt. hill, in the borough et
!Milt East, on the 16th day of Feb , 1864.
And iv! perilous who neglect to pay th e datlessad !anis
u aforesaid 'Reseed upon them; to the Collector, within
the time spemeed, shall by Ilableho pay TAX PIS owertm
additional upon the amount Hereof. coUscUons to be
made by distraint. ' :
1 nu sour* applies to all persons liable to take itat-11•
asses as well as to other tame ender said Excise Laws.,
Alt Distillery Coal Oil Distiller* Brewers and Yana.
hewer* are hereby required to their tri-monthly
and monthly reports and pay 114 tax t may be dm
thereon to roe, at tea foragang those and lases. ;
i All Distillers and Brewers at tie time of lying their
Lianas. will be required to 'Mir into a nd in doable
the amount of their probable monthly tax, with two sus
lent sisistlea, conditioned for alai:brat compliance with
said Act of Coupes of July tad,' 1:62
L 411 or p ryments must be mad. :ht Coned Stator funds—
Whe above appointments hare bien •
made with e view
incosonsis the tax payers aillittle as poesible, and the ,
andersigsed trusts that a punctual :espouse wiUbs and.
Illeret°', ! J. W. DOUGLASS,
Collator at liatl *menu* 19th DIM. Ps . .
&le, Jan. 30046441.,
i l isaitnt, anti ' f sad Carat .,
The Sixth Vaisya C0M111014116 with the Jana** bans
bar. thie Waited the weeks' of eminent and pear
gee Ay' ..i.troollstn, Berticaknrallets, Stock Breeden
WI Bee Kamm, tee conedeatly offer the current *ohm*
ea one of heat i ern Wand- for originality. yraatical
thought and reliable inforarsan. Send fora Specimen.
Jeralo-Sor. ,
4E646 UMW
W. G. P. BRINCELOS, Ponta:gm 011ice--23 Barth
Sixth Street. ?acme—SlM& year.
Edited by Tho l m)ta Meehan. •
• Ham—Mower Girds* and ;Plessare Ground
Gard /. ; Vegetable Gard, inAow quikallPfl,
a *mottoes , 001011.
EMIOwb.Yw, del.
G I - .0 tP .J&D-30.1:681-41w
czoshil s itrip i • N t t iptaAzinz Fos
, 96
Km= Ise mknitat. arr
8. YOU
62 NG itoo.,
Rata ua Sired. NileNpliia
dreinirmaitcots-:ustorscin the views of the bait
tram oa Hortiesitare, si tore and Enrol Mbar*
ti ntwasax,—Glivinfiethe LOWY' dews on the important
notticultaral Improvements, i
Saws AID Qessium—iire irnits,new Plants, Dauer
tie and Foreign Intelligence, !Foreign Cenespomisem,
Horticultural Notices.
Witheabit Depsztoset bandineely Glinstiated.
These general - &Mum win be retained, end Use pub
lisher pledges kilowatt that No labor or expects shall be
spared to render the succeediseg Limes of the ilammine
oro7 war worth/ a the taw with Odds his previous
efforts bare been amply rewarded: , Send fo l ly si tal
4 W.
_,.._.. •
mem rop. Tag Low,,
BY 1208.1111TW4t11.111Pl• Willta•
The undesidned bare jdat PaI:MAW a series of 811
soils and Roles, eartitled safeties' t
..iii Love is .a the Ratthi-Geld."
'The Matta shall sot Din" ,
Nino Chr? Coreadindnisl.
nbe tt reiVid Voleatenr." ! { . r ,
wrbe Son who was his llotbrfs Prick," ,
The words la overt sue by Robert Kr*, Rat; Ile
state by atinnapilabied tiesssimare. The spirit aw tees
are alike stirring and patricttliti and altogether tatted to
the tiros.
Tist pries is Rae Dollar prr copy for the oath. or %
ants kr say one tom to :be Sint to wry part of tie
MOM Slates. tree of pestiUstaisiblti aid Aosta
nuittlag Sto will teseire sit at . Maws'
.. LW! a W , , 72tCbaita nas i=
- Hawk 1 Ti*teen
Nj Bounty VW be join by the Bead itemaiiisseen
et ItlllenelL sp. to loch pawn who will volunteer to
the limit Ct said tonna* glider the list preelows.
thee et the froldiewt,, Mile; fm• Nolontooreome ems
swatered b senvien to the myna Of sold township.
ra ElRALiggi,
) ' -
%To ilimilds24 Me* Us link ;MA elks on both j
Milli t 14:101 kin ibliiik Wl' tina thqo4l owl silk Itva LI, :
slaskroptioablikOkririiiiiali otigoh Kublo..• deli ..11
High IA cuthisi. ciA, Wail. Lad e.•.. and arts t. :
alree.itimin !!":yotbr, :re wins' litS , blO. 10 U.•• t t...
!request &biases and irre it Taney ..1,...r.hg t. t i nt. , n
i • tailor. for tboi 4111 ••• !ram . n . I n t .,„„ ~.,a , ,,...,
1 on of Marseille.. witbnat.t.youg, no.' 01.k.-74.•‘......t.trt.
jorreet. or tram thq la-it roll to thy ....,,r0.... I. • - ve .
01.04 or rico th. BtAut.ot harue.o. 1e41,1*, .“!..ot
chastise the fonl,:nor.lto or Illusion, .r r.,,lC•ir .., ~d
' kis" 'Aiiiiii atiltiatifite whitairert! t ' . • '
They are olotp'olo oonstrocuu o and coolly tion2.-rt t .,,,d ;
..d LI soy par• I. lorok...ti by &rail. .1, It a 4 ron.l }t r.-
. 1 ' P!a
T c e4 '
WINY" aril PINIOI'L Mt PACT.. UPI .01 i r, .: A r f ../..tri....
; tbo shot« also, intelllgiat boyer •
i '
r Plow* ClOl sad Ksoodnie or lend (or Ch'eullr.
N. 0 —Local A e l coU irsoted io •wetlorll tott yet n. •a
perd. Address. •
FBMKI.B Ile LYON, S. M. ('O.,
esp6'63-1: . 1344638 IMMO iVAY,i ns.
ra lSu o bser ► t i o il' s
rie r IV n gu a l t !resi , ) , e m c , t•
that he Is still at his old staAd, - As Z z,
Witabligtaa fib Market, New York,
1 Ae4 As • prepared to tams',
with the best
The's:whet &Sorts, at Wholesale end ILetoil,. et Alio rt
settee, sad it the Lowlier Lresso Patcati. '
ar AU Orders from tho Country Promptly
Attended to.
N. It.-o,stni sad Clime Pickled to , Irder.
New York, June 20, 1861-Iy. 11. (;•i'FolY.
assiommigsr-.. - _,'
IioNZ4Y. JAN. 6. HlB4.
• 1 .-.111 ,
will lam Dawkizk al il r ut th r followtke; ..1
Tti 2 • .* .
Basterard Bound—Depart.
ralit !morns .. 5 ... ....' 4 10 r, x.
. 8 341 •. x.
Steak . ii .. ...... • . 9 44 A. X.
last ?Weal , . .......... —.....4 an A. X.
' Way 11144 K StOA. X.
- 1116iit gzPrri s raj!. "'tat MINOT. Oriel •zu ni.
Erie A: Pittsburgh R. 'R.,
ut sy.Jsa.4th,
4 4 4 P. W, A 06 011 2 104 at10n. stops at all Etatioos add
aniyes al Sharon at It SO P. M.
26 A. M, PrMint Na. 2. stops at all stations aid sr.
rives atSh►ranat3 16 P. M.
10 A. 111., Accommodation. stops at all St Awns sod
arrivcost Girard at 12 is:.
TOD A. II Piglet% No. l, Mops at at all Stations exernr.
Clarkniiis Aspywilla, Cantre Road, Spring, cis
and Croton ' s, and arrives at °trawl at 12 15 Y. Y.
Freight aeon will run to and from Erie.
jatiff64tf. ; • B. N.. 811.0W5i,
Tie N. T. herald of Commerce.
Ire conzratulate oar readers on the mann* of itneoer.•
whisk has attended our labors, to common with ail otb 4 r
adneslesofeaoserratirepyrioetyle,. We invite the all
/revery reader in the dWeerninatios of the old; tel.' 4
&marbles taught by Washington, followed-by the ;neat
wfeat men who hats made oar nation Illiagfr
ith they tonllt, and we omit proem strong. the
We edeoetie ea new doethnes In rellnlon. !es e r
.1110d111 lift. We are known u the earnest deleud , re
the faith of oar fathers and the upholders of ,
aelnat every form of attack. We support THE FV/V).IIN
iltzuleTT Op TN, P 5051.1 or Tut errINAL Slav a. re,
Ogedstog in these two sources of strength lh.. uri of
our greatness as people, and the only pledge rif our
natty. power and proeperitp. heinng to nu
Wiveparty. and owe no allegiance teeny faction.
Wive oppeor4 wad than eon' epees() A BOUTIo3I six
rue the element of diarord, the extern) of Union lhr 11V. ,
el fo• of the Constltetion, exerting a tall ign I l ator. tit
aoeiety. in the.eiturcli and in the State. We opt, so
82616110.711131 as a political heresy whose blood) ftu.t..
are viable all &Antra us, and we look earnestly fora
whenthe COnstitution abed triumph over the to an
well as the raised hands of all its foe., North .1 4 ttoth
TheJourial of Commerce will prrout a.. the
richest and most useful tab!. of con tit uta r f e•••.t.
Staper 1.12 AeDeties. MARlCSill'of *veil tied, N awe Iron.
all parts of the worth, AOKI' Ziswe up to 1t5t.1,1,-x d
toDeched and commented on by a large edltoriii at.ol
will be regularly furnished to our reader; to.o-tht r I.
the miscronaneons metier that will Aiwa)! he atetcull..l
Laths holly circle.
The tonne of the Weekly Journal it Cor.ttnerie wt.
Welsher be as follows •
Weekly. le:advance, o us j ear
" Tecate'', to one address, •
s 6'N 44 1, •
46 10 1 46 64 I
21:1K M 41
additional copies aims rate.)
" - teopy. stz months 1 c , )
An theta Orion Of note. if the address la - written o u
each paper, will pay each $1,60.
recesettGtea of 20 en extra copy will to given tt.o
woos sending tlia mouej.
The terms albe other edition% are as fall
L4W3I: DAILY.. 41i,Y.
In adroaei ono year, $lO,OO In advance 000 tICO
Six nom. Is advs.:kap, 5.23 Ra mos. advance, 3,5 J
Lod °lira six moo. 5,(0) 2 copies ono ad dreas 11.1.0
Toe ono month. 1,0) (addit'l copiev avow mt.'.)
}Lowy way mated by mall, addreasad -
TEARS, the time-pleces name factored hy jho Ane.rir•in
Watch Col, of Waltham, Mam a have geine4 arm I + o 4 l
epos the fasesiataleapablie,aod now, no irn theo 73,(00
of theta arespeskiogfaitlielneelv. lnlit,potketk -- 41:,
people. From a very loslgninamt beginniez,..tle Irer , - •
nem has Increased until we aw inatifled io ata•orx that
HAZIC MORE THAN ONE HALF of all tie watch to
soldlln the United Stabs. Repeated enlargement our
Auden headings, and the labor of SOO operatire:,
and me alusminntlo supply the eonstantly lnrielsin,z
Rand. And we may here observe that motel thstaidiq
the Melvin of labor and materiale, we actualy
oat products at len prices than those current fire yearn
We rib" to these acts only for the purpose' of proo-r
-ly 'anodise:in another subject relative to our mlnufac
tare of watches. Hitherto our chief object has toou in
makerrcid watches for the million, at the lowest
It. meshing to take the place of the make
believe watches caUed .Ancrea," "Lepioem," "Engheh
Talent Livers," ate., annually thrown upon tile market,
constbme numbers, by Rnropean work atop.--watches
which are the rebate of their fartoriea, unsalesble at
hams sad perfeetly worth is. enemy where,
This object we have acoompliabed, and , now we liars
to annonsee, that we have commenced the manufacture
of watches of the very
unequalled by anything hitherto made by' ourselves_and
noomptioril by anything made in the world or ibis
rupees se isavethe amplest detlitia. We hey. erected
an additioa to one main buildings expressly for tb:s
broach of mu business. and have filled it with the best
werlamia la ear servies. Profiting by Mir Mug experi
ence, we have remodelled the form of our watehee, intro
dicing nal haprovemeata NI bay. been inagruteil and
premed to to good from time to time, and have in•titut led
nen end Omura tests of isoehronirm, idiamment and
ennstassisdles. New machlnes and applbuicei hare bewn
wide' perform their work with consummate
ise=exactitudis, and the ebolceet and molt op
proved lasterials only are used. Notting is fact is
wanting :eitber is Et•Citilliella prinelplrs. materiel or
voriumeasidp to ensure perfection in time result.
We esustinue to manufactru-e our ottai well-known
qualities seder the following same*:
_ "APPLETON. TRACY tr. C 0.," •
• - tuna the Bowie. Wateb."
"Wll, ELLERY."
The falter. the lowest priced watch we make. la a pb
etuntlal, asdiable time piece, nand to sterile: silver—
Meths( 'pattern—sad is not liable to get not of order
en/rein marching, Adler or fhirbtloft. rA 11 the abort.
dowelled watches, including the Just, which is named
WA= COSITiNV are sold by watch dealers
geoerally throughout the wuntry.
litolllBll/14 dir, APPLETON).
dilate for, the American Watch cumpenT.
182 Broadway, New Vera.
• seertliewerder leidde.•
Valiable Property for Sale.
Tilt Subscriber Offers for 'sale the val
uable Stead. at precept occupied b him se aStort,
cf.mi* Otimems. Ma county, Pa. T he Moro is 20
fest iiswidth by thi Is length, and hes Irmo occupied for
its pressed pupas twelve years.
Ms% the tease home adlacent, used by the subscriber
aresidswes- She house is 19 by 40 feet W else, with a
ilea[ Wedged ltl2 $l. • good barn on the premises.
Also,* Wood Lot, half s mite from McKean Corner',
mmtsising I.ti sera, welidia.bettA. ' - ,
The above property.istmoipt the most detirabie In
osuisty. It is sawed is a rick said thiekiy Wiled
portico* of the comity, mid is every way desirable. ily
Mau selling moths! I desire to in to the West.
D. i;! HELUS,
McKean Corners..
ILEMIK. 1 j 11.411.1.
This tree line traverses the Northern
mid loithvast arraattas of Ponoarlva,iia to the city
Ma t ost Lake Yrie:
It hashes& leased by the Psaeorke** Reibirsi Cow
pasgs. sad %Mar their aaspiese beiag rapidly opened
%bromism% its entre Issattk. I
It is are Is aas br Peampopr and ! 'refight boeinm
boo florgilbasote Rinperinto, (19S ) on the Kasten.
Dhltdess. and Seer alssilleisl s tate. Ott mile.) -on the
Instant //Mato&
ttaa op PASSIM= 111.1111,Ay aria.
to r ga Leseroa.l 4 10 P. x
Iran X
10 60 A. .
=la 7 25 A. a
Villi?nix Amino 2l r. It
bitomotkas nysettarga;anter businem Apply
Id se & r. ammtiltk aid Sad* DU., sad for Freight
binianO OSUMI Osespaara agents,
ft. It lIMITOW, Jo, earner 13th end Market Streets,
J. f. Iris.
J. IL alma N.C.R.II„ Baitimora
ROUBTOtkasaeral Freight Agent,
LIMB L. NOWT, Gemini Tietet Arent, Mises,
aoikaiferMloweilltsat i er, Williamsport.
Jan. 111; 1864.
nad. O. L. KLLlerr a emit,
Save OT
mini-vao la Naafi
Mk warria-
Af:KNov,'I.I:Td;ED Ti) Br:
, t. L 7 .-, '4 , 21 r t;.e
170P.1.1)*-: FM% I 0 c:,12, 2; l':1)17-TPIALErm a:
"(P/N, P.tro .t; -. ti; tl. C1.WRA1..4.-.Lq
t'dt;* 4 1`;•41 . 11TIF,
L i I ••• E.1.1`; , rid.elp‘.l4,
cif %N I(' 1errY11,..4. , 11
- C rn, 1. y., 19
• ,tzot it pyo•y
It en'plov. n" It Is allAnkk s_
In IC/ rperatiou; v ILa 1111 p: oven en's T•ndertr,em
NO 13,0T1N , : Et;r:It::c) FO:t ANY 1.11.0
,Ton , :i.r.t•e It mill pntforri all we e - %!ea. L t
sp•ml ) nu- too; o for a :I. , rthil:•!: art.clo w: L
1141P:1 r potation, tut Evt antaan.l.krl Artie...
- -
tIMI, FELL. cOlirk, flll,lO,
A' D QUILT. any battle g nt preparation of Wo.r.
L? C the in operation '
to,Atantly nn Lana th' I^rt iptol Thr.A.1, 4 1
Machine Tf e'!ten, (iH,
janl6 , 4 .
Physician to the Trey Lung and Ey
gienic Institute.
A Tleatip• en t's , 01.11,1 . 1 el - Early
Avt , titan Peop l e tl:e env* , P.bni!!, C.;
kete:,thse anrl. Marto:leek
LI one or big!, moral tree, remote•
yei ihriain lan peahre, and appeals directly to to
cohorts:tone.* of AA, fieiRE.NTS and linertiat
de'athse onenitic and releab!e aide ard tcte
I: will: , .- - mt 1 mall on tle r , ^eipt of lA,
Qom' l'a:tntn 3,,a Guardian. , ' Foil c‘ , ". to
wan,. not to kvn 1 an I zot
f t. La .;I , ' w , : to,: 1•11 , . t11 , ... at wno d c.,r,
A Wui d of -.Writtn, Consetrntlon+
Nl.llO will 1:C11111.1.
A „• m rearfiti•lteat
r..tumt 1U0. f .50 youtEe
t• Thef.o. dtkeaer.
' • 7.. 71,. it external mazi:
hr.- errouc tlity, Eelavo:o:
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