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:Unglues', Cards iuserted iu thin column at lb* rata of
71m' and rice Dollars per year.)
14,lnnas OF THI PIACI. Ofifee second
„ French Street, between Fifth and
th tonelb-2.
and Market Street —oar square wt of
Exchange, Warren, Pa. Rept. 29-17.
- - -
11. 4 . 11141.;
- 11(1111i BMW k, BLASI( HOOK ilaxcluerralit,
wad story of HinderurchVo Et iork, Erie. Pa.
, ~.‘ Itt u. I'UTI,EIt.
A i roRFkY 1.• w, nirs-11, kros County..
C...tieLtaoro •Ild other tit:tailless attended to with
r ,:roesit and dispatch.
( . (iiIHGESI4
tate Stroot, No. 7 Burwell muck
11.1,1113111 I.• IF nottorod to
el, .11 qt.Lifel4t rvrt..•u tlAr uorthaldo of th•
, C I IY iI prettier. in the enteral Cdutte of Erie County,
go , . prompt and faithful attention to ail business en
, to hie bantio,Alther an an Attorney or Mac Write.
t ' r (Moe iu Erug, n!Dek, coiner of State and Putt.
LIIIALIKII IN GOLD, SilTer, Bank Nutria,
•• - rpoeit, no. Sight eiehangs on thri join.
.tautly fot gale OftleeNo. V itritA House
bkatke to Clocks, Watches, lane Jew
, -iyet'Svm..,e, Viet.] Were, I.uoklug Glenna, Alit
~,1 1 ,,;k, Cutlery bud Fancy Goods, hiregou
IL Weit Perk neat l'each kt
Wll. I.
AT194,111 ♦T LAW' ntperou ettistroth
. h :/y.ppyukAte the
_ . _
_ -
E. 31.11111.1.,
Wlndt`ti ittxteLlile I ea..
the Fart, t.p.,„ „ ,
ar.Lopm mAavm.
P,J; N 42 I. "a. DI iitVAN
svrotiliiiars S utkLA•sEL.Lotts AT LAW
UtrirE, Paragon Block_near North
is ri.t C'oLer of the Publio Square, Erie, Pa.
hhte 110UMk., ?
11, • Klux, P•., A. Y. (Icit.u, Proprietor
Al 4, gueats of this Mose shalt have every attention, to
..te their stay agreeable. Ommbos to and from all
Juns }hunt', Proprietor. Corm.' u
`II.Ik and Thud Streete, (oninethately fronting the Cap
I' urrisburc,Pa Terms reasonable;accommodation
~r t., The tk.T. Hotel to the city, and the liar laws
with the thou rat iti,uurn.
and Prolisions, h lour LOU hued, Wood cud
Mqlow Ware, Wises, Liquors, Tobacco, Seism itc.,Stals
opi , door south of fourth, East sole, b:rie, Pa.
LIM ti l'AtittON 011. CO.,
itivlstas AND ifIALJUIS
e.,t Is re..c of 1i 11l Criok,
DV. is
e HOWISLLLIII. and Dealer 111 Stationery,
h.ll Payer, Magnate:tem, Ni.wapapern, au. Country dealers
Store tinder Firown'a Hotel.froutisig the Park.
Hcomer of 34 acid Market eta., Harrisburg, Pa.
Yols old cod well known house is now fitted up is the
Jost unproved style. The accommodation* are of His
~t order and the terma reasonable. It is situated in the
4„,t delightful part of the city, and afford, ous of the
maaaboat opplug places in the country. tabl'62tL
• •irTUN r::TTI3.
Arrosars Ts kr LAY, Chestnut
tr,vt, IlealTille, ra.
1 .) 0,.. 0. 1.. ELLIOTT it SON,
thccriwrs.-01800 in South -0°
Yarn How, Erie, Pa. An work warran- Iji
1 .1 ELL,( rr
[ mar 15t1 J U. L. ra-ucrrr
I Union Mills, Erie county; ?a., by Atlantic At 0 W. Et. -
Deslento Coal, salt, iron, Crude and Refned Petro
um. All kinds of.ibipping done on Commission.' ittf.
1$ INst 'RANCE AIA-NT. Collections and all bustnass in
•ied to tuns promptly atten6e4.l to. Applications for
•,,racce rolicit,l, and POlielPll issued without delay, 10
•t lass companie4. ()thee, ritrtit's Block, corner of
ptr...ld, hie, Pa nor.grBltt:
W. 14 11.1911011(E.
ITTOIINEY AT LAW, 111 Walker's G)(-
ua 'alert. Fate, Pc lag 7'82
I ()INTUIT, (lean '• It luek. North mide of the Park,
sprtl'63 tt.
4E li li ETTIE 111/TEL, •
.' Freueh ',treat, betvoreti 4th and foth streets,
r the Fhilselelphta d Frt. Ratlrdad Depot, Erie, Pa,
.14.1 Stiormaker, Proprietor. Katemove accomum,,ta
.a for atraugern and traveler,. Hoard by the day or
.1. Uood stabling attsebs.l. spe2sll3tf.
R. •
h. Mum , torn
tah stroot
Snot., street, nearly
its the Office.
.I , er Bow. e;ith4ou attar Led , whore ger.fleuieU eau
1101.ibelios riLGout being annoyed Gy du.rd.l
s •
stas :Cr elapse it Kay...Wm Patent Jai/ Slichin
E.t.a ku Stat.. Stroet, Antw pen Mb lad 51112
P. Clothes matte to older its the Chtelt Style.
11 4 1,11 1. UKIIKHE,
DIC•L../t. Dl4ll liiM I.a, GIWCYRII
ekory, Hs lam, Yalb, (Haut, PlaAtxt, otc., cc
Sixth ntri,t Pub.. ayuu n, 1•17t1.
v.W Vl.l ER
• 70ftWARI,INli S (01111i•MulS ■atu:H&lll
Wan 11..uee, Public Dock, Eva of Stehle Street. C
W►te iltuat at RAU Enel Croreing, Erie, Pei. Dealt
tit, {, }lour, Pliutur, Water Limo, /itc
i - uuttitior to from 011111,1 WIN 110111110.
il•arn ra (=RIMS Of Sitatil Kairtnea,Boilei
Gratlng, Agricultural iutpletnente. Railroad Cu
Err. Pa.
N mat after Monday, Nov. 16th, 186
l'useilifer Train' will run un this &aid as fall •
, Air! aatf .Irems., 'topping at if ar t.or
(ma Last, Stile Lib*, Qulncy,Waateeld, Port t
nroeton, Dunkirk, Silrerere"k, Irving and Ango
undo,: at DaPlAlo,st lu Liu A. IL
I bay /larva{ etupoug at North East, W
to J, Dunkirk. Silver Croak, and Angola,
tro :mg at Buffalo at E. 20 P. M.
. .
4, C19C14.111 Filtfts• ' 5t4.130114 at NV eat:
f~ankirt and Stlerr Creek, and lames at Bu
wt v 4o
A. K., My Expaess, stopping at Weattia
Dunk ark W, Salv.i Crork, .rived •t Buffalo
4 201. M
Day &sense tonneau at Dunkirk and Dueslo,
:ht Expreu at Buffalo only, wall Express trai
• York, Philadelphia, Boatoti, &c.
-M., Nail+ der'at.,stopplng at Hanabarch, Nor
Evans, Angola, Lrving,Sll ver Creek, Dunkirk, Lim
t,,n, Portland, Westfield, Quwcy , State Line, Non
East and Earbor Creek, arnytnir at Eris at 8
A M , 'Farah. ETPrge, itupplug at Silver Ca*/
IVertrivld awl North kraal, Whim at Kr
to uki A. M.
A 11, ()ley Elpress, pt , ,pi,ing at Angela, :illy
:1 - .4, Dal:kirk, ast.lN.alh Gant, art in
t Kria at 3.5, I. 11.
P. 11., .1 , 5„.41 Erpress. stopptag •t idver Cnmi
duo►!ck 414.1 WWalttlwl3 , arraluK at Lily at 3
L 4,1 Slur i., tau iuiuuli-+ Qatar thou Via time.
. _it N /MOWN. 'AuPt
1114 41PIN4M.11•1
This great line trarereem the Norther
16rttivr.t conclave of Peons,leant* -to the city
Litt Ertl,
been leased by We Pawl/seats Railroad Gee
OLLI 6[l:er ateirsiusplres Is 'being replilly 01,1112.
T. 61 Its snare length.
t... In it.. for Passenger' awl Freight buslael
l, t4 to fautvalunt, (145 toillm) on the gusts'
and from , hell.el,l to Fate, 44 (41 ti
, 'flak r•altladalt 11.1,11 C.
Leave,„,o ... -- • 3 45 P.
T r ,u Leaves— . 1v Vo a.
Iran arnwei 9 10 A.
. Train Arrive. , ..
.6 65 P.
ant nuaatioci rripactlog rumen/gel bust/Has app
. , L uitler flit' and .Varket eta , and for Intigl
..tie Company's uvula.
KINtisION, Jr-, curlier 13th and Market itreed
• REYNULOI4, gri d .
agent N. C. H. H., lialtuuure
Hot 141,N, Geuentl Freight Ageut, Phita :•a
IS 1. 1101.. PT; thueiii Tit:kat Agent, Phll...ra,
O POTCS, Crustal Manager, Wtllltuaapurt.
uov. 2R, 1963-
YON.' tir..NOV. 10. MI&
Duukirk atibuut ttwfollorlair boor
Eastward Bound—Depart. _
t.t 1.‘yr..1 : . .•• •- 416 p• -- "-- 1
V 35 • 4
. .. ... .....
- V4OA. a ;
Prligu.... ..... . ... • ..,......4 30 •• 24 . --
Pritibt ...... ......... , ..... . _IS 65 A. R.
'York Express sad 8 . 1.0 c• ..... ran . every day ' •
CHAS. 01% Gail 4,0;1.
Zile grit Wrtitig ilboratt.
ERIE. PS., gATURIS - 4CY:IIIE - C. -12 . 1863
PLIDOXID.--Caltin Davis, convicted at
August Court of the larceny of goods from the
'oars of the Atlantic & Great Western Railroad
at Corry, was, on Friday of last week, pardon
ed by Gov, Curtin and released f:om jail.
At the time of the conviction there was so
'much conflict of testimony, and his previous
good character was so well established, that
his guilt was doubted by many, and the Court
imposed a very mild sentence—four months In
jail—the other two defendants; convicted of
the same offense,being sent to the State's Prie•
OD for two years each.
, Recently facts came to light in reference to
Daris clearly exculpating him, which induced
Judge Johnson; Sheriff Craig and other prom
inent gentlemen at once to ask for a free par
don, which was immediately granted. •
Tuesday fore
noon last, the German Catholic Cathedral was
filled by its usual attendants, as well as by
many members of Protestant denominations,
to 'witness the impressive ceremonies that
accompany the taking of the black veil.
Sic ladies, most of whom were young,
passed from the world to what •may have
seemed to the uninformed and uninterested
spectator to be a living death. The cere
monies, though somewhat long and tediouq;
were solemn and impressive. Bishop Young,
in fall canonical robes, officiated, and de
livered a lengthy address to the novices upon
the duties, virtues, wi l d ets,eritices of their new
and singular life. As the, veil was spread
ovtir those who were henceforth• not for the
world, the Cathedral bell was tolled, the
organ pealed forth its solemn music, the
choir chanted in unison, the attendant priests
accompanied with prayers, and these maidens
looked their last upon the world_ which they
were then to leave behild,.'srith its sins and
bares, to find, it is to be hoped, " that peace
which the world cannot give.'- N.
Democratic Literary Association has been or.•
emitted in Cincinnati, Hon. Wm. 8. - Caldwall,
President.. A course of leettrreS has been ar
ranged and the following speakers hive
accepted invitations:
11-litieihard T. Merrick, of Illinois; Hon. Jas.
T. Wall, of New Jersey Hon. Henry Clay
Dean, of Iowa; Hon, James Brooks, editor of
thi New York Expresl; Hon. C,harles W. Car
rigan, of Philadelphia, Penna. ; Hon. Levi W.
Bishop; of Michigan.—EreAange.
We recommend the above idea to Democrats
in every part of the country. The Abolition
ists, with their usual ingenuity, have seized
hold of the popular taste for lectures, and
turned it to their own political advantage.—
There is' hardly a prominent lecturer before
the public at the present time, who is not an
avowed Abolitionist, and who does not, more
or lees, introduce his political view, into his
lectures, paid for and attended as they are,,by
persons of both parties. It is quite time that
Democrats Amid begin to take lessons on
these subjects from their political foes. If our
party exhibited but one-half the energy in
placing its arguments before the public mind,
that the other side db . ; we should, sweep the
Union at the next election, from Maine to Cali
HISTORY, OF THR ltasiLuoic—lt ghee ua
pleasure to anZfounee the forthcoming publi
catioh of a History of the Rebellion, by Rev.
John B. 0. Abbott. ,Mr. Abbott is an author
very igenerally knotty', and a history of the
war from his pen cannot to be an interest
ing, able and • brilliantly-written production.
We h f ave been faiored with an opportunity of
examining a specimen chapter of the work.
and recognize those peculiarities of authorship
which distinguish hie reach Revolution, Life
of Napoleon and other exceedingly popular,and
finely written works.
tax, to be fund
•toot south of
The publisher of this history iti Mr. Ledyard
Bill, of New York, s publisher of large expe
rienoe, whose valitable publloations have been
very extensively sold thronghtiut the country
by distributing ageuti.
Abbott'story will be elegantly illustrated
with numerous engravings, from costly steel
platesX, These represent portraits of promi
nent officers in the war, battle-scenes from
original designs, maps, diagrams. &c. It will
appear inelegantly bound, volumes, each em
bracing mere than 500 royal octavo pages. The
first volurn4 \ is promised 'soon, and the secon.l
as soon as the war is brought to a close.
Mr. M. Ramo, the agent of the , work, in
our city, engaged id canvassing among our
citizens, and we are confident that he will
meet with ready and abundant success.
The work, we may add, has been translated
into:German, to supply the masa of Gorman
readers..—lbiedo Blade.
pondent of the N. T. Herald relates the fol
lowing story as having been told by Mr. Lin
coln, at a recent gathering in the White House :
"As to. the 'war for the, succession,' about.
which tae Herald and Mr. 'Wendell Phillips
appeared crazy, he would say some few words.
Alen (demist betray and defeat themselves by
;ver-attiiety to secure their object, just as the
widow Zollicoffer's nigger did, away down in
Bourbon county, when he had been eating her
cranberry jam. The widow, while making
her jam, was called away to a neighbor who
was about increasing the , population. 'Sam,
you rascal,' she said, 'you'll beteatingzzy jam
when I dm away.' Sam protested he'd die fast;
but the ! whites of his eyes rolled hungrily
towards ,the bubbling orimson. ' 'See 'here,
Sam,' said the widow, taking up a piece of
chalk, , I"li chalk your lips. -and. then au my
return I'll know if you're eaten tiny.' So toy
ing, she passed her fore finger heavily over
the thick lips of her darkey, holding the chalk
in the palm of her hand, anti not letting it
touch him. Well, when shoes me back. Sam's
lips were chalked a quarter of an inch thick,
and she needed against him n o other evidence.
Now, it is much the same ab oat the presiden=
1 cy. A good friend' of mint: declares that he
1-wouldn't take it at any :priS ; but his lips
were thickly chalked when be rams back from
Ohio. Sa were Oen. Fret nont's out, in Mis
souri, when he issued his in mancipation order.'
i and Gen. ;Butler's . were no t only chalked;•bet
had the jam on, and had Ii thick. Secretary
Seward once chalked verj • badly ; but bed
! liven it up as of no use sin co his quarrel with
tire - machine proprietor of his own State.—'
tingled chalk and Sam mig ht be seen on the
lips of Gen. Banks ; while t ha same compound
: formed quite,s past* aroma 1 the orifice tbro'
which his goldfriend Goy. Seymour supplies
I the wants of nature. Ho h ad never seen ally
j chalk on the lips of Secrets; 7 Stanton or Gen.
Henry W. Haller:li ; but, will tame exceptioss,
there was scarcely a man a enseeted with. the
' / •
army irho tlad not okalk_his lips. He believed
many ofthie - General'i wool d compromise for
a brigadier's commission is the regular army;
but these' were matters too I grave to be joked
Tabout." . . '
CZAWFOIRD CO. --Jas. Mats media, of BOW
unship; is this empty, It ied on thi4th of
October lest, aged 99 yeen I sad 6 months.
Hs was peobsbly the oldest.—aisn in the cm*.
Movement to Encourage Volunteerhig.
The County Coomisoloners to Offer a Booty
of $3OO t
- -
The meeting on Saturday evening, to devise
measures for filling up our quota by volunteer
ing, was not so numerously attended as the
importance of toe movement led us to expect.
Most of those who were present were young
men, and in all th - ere were hardly more than
a hundred, certainly not two hundred, in at
tendance. Judge Marvin presided, and speech
es were made by Messrs Lawry, DeCamp,
Boats awl Lieut. Lyon, all in favor of the
proposed county bounty Lieut. Lyon stated
that the quota called for would exhaust every
man enrolled in the first class in.the city and
takii some w it ho ore in the '.ccond class. A res
olution passed unanimously. asking the coon.
treouunissioners to uppropridt - sufficient
sum to' fnrnish a bounty of three hundred
dollars to every volunteer , who will enlist be
tween this and the 51.11, of January. It being
understood _that the rommissioners were in
favor of the proposed bounty, but hesitated
to offer it, until :in expression of the people
could he obtained, the following committee
was appointed to 'call a county meeting at
such time mitt place MY they tOought best:—
Morrow II - Lowry, Prescott Metcalf, Selden
Marvin, Wm. L. Scott and (leo. W. DeCamp.
The Committee issued a stirringcall for a
meeting iit Wayne Hall, on Thursday after
noon, at o'clock, at it was announced
that Ilon. Daniel Dickinson would 'he pre
sent. 11 Nether it wt., owing to a want of in
terest in the publo• mind. or to li;t failure to
notify the people generally, kiss miscon
ception of the time. ue do not kuoW, but th •
attendance at the Incur appointed witits discou
ragingly meager. When we entered the Hall,
only about a couple dozen persons - had as
sembled, and It Seemed as it the meeting was
destined to be a complete failure. Finally
some of the younger friends of the move
ment had the cannon tired several times, and
employed the Band to perform a couple Hire,
which had the effect of drawing together can•
siderable of a g rowth.
Judge Marvin was again called to the chair,
and, after a speech train' Mr. Lowry favoring
the apprupriatiUll by the Comity Commission
ers, John W. Douglass, Esq., offered a resolu
tion that they be requested to offer a bounty
of three hundred dollars for each volunteer.
Judge Greer proposed to amend by requesting
'them also to pay S::00 to all drafted men who
will go or send a suhstitute, which •aused a
lengthy discus.nou, Messrs. Greer and Young;
of the D,.vpatch, favoring the amendment, and
Messrs. Lowry, Babbitt, Douglas, and C. C.
Boyd, of Waterfoid, opposing it. The propo
sition Was withdrawn by its mover. .'
A call was then made for the County Com
miseloneri, two of whom, Messrs. Boyd and
Washburn, were present. Mr. Boyd stated
that he was unequivocally in favor of the
bounty, which was heartily applauded. Mr.
Washburn was also in favor of it, but wanted
a further expression of the will of the , peo
ple. He did not regard the present meeting
as a fair indication of public sentiment. He
had seen measures taken in a moment of en
thusiasm before. and repguted of afterwards.
He would vote for the appropriation as soon
as he could- be convinced that the public de
sired him to do 40
Messrs. Lowry and Deramp replied, strong
ly urging Mr. Washburn to obey the wishes
of the meeting, and threatening him - with
popular clisapprobation.if he did not. After
further debate by MeAsrs. Boyd, McSparren,
DeCamp, Lowry and Washburn. the latter said
he would vote for the measure. Mr. Lowry
pledged himself and Mr. Cochrane to sign a
bond indemnifying the Commissioners for their
action, in case it was not legalized by the Le
gislature: Messrs. Buton, of• Fairview, John—
son. of Summit, and others. were called upon
to state -the sentiments of their respective
communities, and they alt asserted that, so
far as they - had heard, there Rai a universal
approval of the project. After the adoption
of a resolution retaining (he former commit.
tee,to assist the Commissioners in negotiating
the county bonds, calling future meetings,.
the assemblage adjourned Mitch enthusiasm
was eihtitheil, matt the proceedings were quite
harmonious throughout
'A th:PIL ULti "Glrek:Kklii..u;
ford Joar, , ,:, in. 4311 of th it
county., utti t, 't eXceol-
iugLy h 1.411 tot w: 1 :rtwer7,l,-, -1.) me -
r poit -14
iug eYtr,io 11 , 1,1 it, I & , t i how ite
put,lte Lii kl • p •...hote,t t 41,.~•tl of
le•tdiu g ; "iticer4 of katuilkist rxt.irm, aucl
14„, A Inttu i siou, completely turitirlied, was
'. It i. a shame hod reproach to Mr. Lin- I Presented to Bishop Simpson, of the Methzi
cola's i Administration that the Blair fmnily is dist Church,in:Philadelphla, on Thanksgiving
;leans! In the council
-I of the 0011011. - 11 day. The mansion is double, with side par
meaner tribe of unscrupulous demagogues
lore, each illudiinated with six light ohande
never hold power and place. They have
abused the contideuce of the President, proved liers, a hell and vestibule in the centre.
recreant to the principles of Republicanism, extensive back buildings, fine library,c sitting
and sought to every way to aid the Copper- roam, reception room, &c.
head conspirators who plotted lo embarrass
MIL. There is consolation for ladies of a
the Government. Unless Mr. Liocolit its
them off, with all his high reputation for hone certain age in the scriptural fact that Naomi,
esty he wilt sutler in the estimation at' thole I the daughter of Enoch, was five 'hundred and
who have been his firmest friends. There is l d
not a true:bearled, unbiassed, discerning not
eighty years ol when she was married. Cour
publican in the Free states who does not age, ladies !
consider the induenee of the Dinars damaging - There nevSr was a goose so gray,
to the President, :mid au insult to the party I But some day, soon or late, •
that elected Lint " i An honest gander came that *ay
one of the editors of the Journal was re- 1 And took her fur his mate.
Hon. Veniel S. Dickinson delivered a
moved 'from the Meadville Post office .by 1 ' Ogr,
Postmaster General Blair, but we do not 1 lecture in Farrar Hell, on Thursday evening,
i t
charge that this has anything to do ,with its !
to smaller audience. than his reputation
hatred of that gentleman. We think, how• iht , have been expected to gather. The
lecture, which I,as about two hours in length,
ever, that papers which use filthy language
was a every able production, but charaeteri7ed
with as Lillie il freed.ou as ilia Juarnul, in res
pect to the Prai,i,boit sill members of his , by Sir. Dickintlon's mutat
: bitterness against
Cabinet, should be t little chary, to say the ;• his political opponents. We shall give an ape
least, in their abase of ••Copperliesda," ' propriate limit)* of it next week.
I gir i, " •
In another paragraph the 'Journal ,pits its I The Pcistmaster ac t North East has .
spleen upon the Pre..-Adeut s intimate friend,' mad‘ it his especial ientioess for sonic time
Marshal Litman, of the District of Columbia : ! P mt iC ° t ie 4h6ilt• a n d endeavor to deticsge
'lt is reported that Marshal Lamou, of 1 tho circulation lot, the Observer. The fellow
the District of Celutabta, who acted as Chi e f ; is scarcely worth noticing, but, if we hear of
Marshal at the Gettysburg Cemetery Dedica- ' any more of his'trlcke we tempted to
lion, had among his assistants on the .ocea.
sion quite a number of the must disrepiitable lege ' teach him a ISee'on that may he tti his &dean
iu future. These rampant fauaties need
and, scurvy political camp-followers in the
country. We kuuw nothing about the matter-.I little attention now and then, to make de
personally, but the fan that S. Newton Pettis I cent inen out ofi them. •
figured as oueiof the assistant marshals indi-
elites that the charge is not made without M., Contributions of stooncl hand clothing
some substantial foundation." ' ' will lie received On next Wednesday afternoon,
Mr. - S. Newt t on Petite is a lawyer of Mead- Dec. Dab, at the room ofille Ladies' Aid So_
vine, who has received several positions of ciety;: to be sent .o the white refugees at Cairo.,
honor and trust at the bands of the Adminis- ! A notice of this ICU lately given in another
tration. lie wan instrumental in inducing' papet, but no day wits nwationed and conse
the Postroaster.Geueral to remove the afore- . quently but,very few articles were sent in.—
said editor, SO has had the Journal barkiug 1 We trust this appeal will bepromptly answered,
at his heels ever since. We do not know any- as • box should be emit immediately, if possi
thing about the particulars which have roused ble • i
oar colemporary's indignation against Mr. I ,
Pettis: and the Blair'e, but we do know that
if any. Democratic: paper said one half as'
hard things against the officers -of the Admiti
titration as the foura# has done in the above
extracts, the latter stotild : giot be able to find
mean words enough iu tice,dictionarY to ex
press Ictirsinger.
aUU retatu vieir reptvailllllS for loyalty
E that she has tilled her full quota, and has some
MATRIMONIAL AD% I:III.TIORMRNTA.—That _the to spire. It is somewhat. strange that, those
fools are not all delta yet, is shown by the who hare the ear of the authorities do not.
increasing number of matrimonial advertise- entaintor to base justlea dame the city in this
meats, indicating that there are those foolish resPliot• .. •
enough to answer thew.. The principal rage 'IL The Rochester Untont responsible for
just now •is for young men in the army to the fO 4 llowing.:—"Aa aged couple from some:.
. .
advertise for female correspondents at home,
with a view to xestriatony after the war is
over. A sensible person would not believe
that such rectitude would receive any atten
tion ; but they do, or they would nbt be so
I4Tely on the IuOMIO, aid tub doubt bun
ged' of girliiad ruing women at the North
are now carrying on correspondence with
men they have never sera, 'most frequently
aiainst the knowledge of their parents or
pi.oper guardians. The 'stories of wrong and
rein resulting fro* awleweriag each itilver—
tillements which now And then gef. into the
pipers, should prove a waralag bothers, but
they seem to be little heeded. - Only a short
tiles since several young ladle' were arrested
id a 'Walle t in Ohio, who hid become so in
fiituated with their correspondents in the
army, that they were about to leave their
pirents and friends and join them, and this
week a woman in New York who answered
matrimonial advertisement " just in fuu."
found she had got into the hands of a sitar.
Per whose purpose was to extort money, and
was obliged to call in the police fur protec
tem Now a great many young ladies who
answer these advertisements persuade them
selves they are doing so only in fun, but too
often they find that it proves a very serious
matter. Why don't girls take warning by the
ruin that has visited others from having oor
rrispondence with strangers, and why , don't
p4renta exercise greyer vigilance and pre
vent their daughters being so entrapped t A
man ur woman who cannot get married with
out advertising for a partner is not tit to be
married at all ; and depend upon it all such
advertisements originate with knaves or fools,
with •either, of which class respectable -- und
intelligent people want uothing to do.- , ---
Sprinytiehl Republican.
1 Brief Paragraphs. ,
SIV" The First National 13aitk of Erie is now
a f t. , &paw. Depositary and financial Agent of
the United States. •
1/1017' The Warren !Ayer recommends the
Commissioners of that county to otter a bounty
oi $2OO or s3ot) for recruits.
,Mr A correspondent of the Herald, 61e4
cribing the President in the act of rising from
his chair, says he " uutwisted the kinks of
his back."
Ver Parties getting up balls, can have
tlieir printing done at this office in as good
style as it can be got anywherl; and ou as fair
rte` A large body of recruits, slipped on
bOard the Michigan, lett here on Tuesday af
ternoon for Cairo. They belonged mostly to
this cif) , and county.
lar A full list of the lecturers for this
winter's course; and the subjects and dates of
their lectures will he found among our new
INT A battery of rifled guns, it is said,
his been mounted at Cleveland, Ohio, to de
felid the city against assault from Cinadian
rebel gunboats, should any wander thither.,
- gairliiixteen Parrott guns,says en exchange,
hive been mounted on Johnson's island, Lake
in position where each battery, seperate
lyp could sink any wooden fleet that should
attempt an entrance.
m ar Both j branches of the City Councils,
on Monday evening, unanimously passed a
resolution offered by Mr. Kuhu, asking the
County Comtnissioners to offer a t bounty of
$3OO for volunteers.
*lir" The friends of Rev. Dr. Forrester and
family, paid them a "surprise visit" on Tties.-
dsy evening,' leering behind as a token of
their gond will nearly two hundred dollars in
money and other artien.
11121' Rev. Mr. Blackburn, of this city, was
announced to 'lecture at Westfield, on Thurs•
d4y evening„ bls subject being "Worship of
Success." M. Blackburn has obtained a well
,deserved popularity as a lecturer.
Isar Ueorge Francis Train, whu had disap.
kared from public view for a few nianthr.;
hiis turned up as lecturer in tit. .1 r , Mis
sOuri. Probably , he is huntinc• his way to
Richmond, by way of the Illtli3ll, Territory
slid Texas
';jam Under the influence of the expeetea
ditsft, our costimunity Is again bicomingtlll4l
- eickly. ; It beats all What an immense
number of loyal young gentlemen have dis
covered that they are permanently disabled
trout performini: ae:;ve labor
: gar The • , '4l,uid (tile Senute" ("It. J. U I')
will give Alttilvet,at.: !Salle! the liolleury
I4use, iu ~n rkrinimas Eve. If
111 - t hat we hen . 4if the ••t: S. KT' be cur, eet,
we think it will tie dretAlr‘lly wuttit utteuttiug.
We Velum [hulk+ tor in invitutiou. '
C 1,.• lolioW
Mrs. GROVE H. JOHNSON, Pres't.
Mile L. D. grisont, Sedy.
MIL, A cowsiderable number of young meu
belonging to ille city and vicinity have enlis
ted in the navy, most of them doing so to
avoid the draft. We have little doubt that if
our city was criulited with the men else has
sent Into the naval service, it would be found
where in the country, stopped at tke'Welig:
worth House, Buffalo. a few days Since, ind
on retiring for the night biew out the gas. IA s
the room became tilled, the old lady conelniled
something was wrong, and believing the itas
pipe to be concerned in it, got up and tieii a
rag around the burner. The hustnid, - wlien
asked how he came to let the gas escape, said
he 'didn't know bothin'laboutsicktbingsibut
she old waroaii' did, and so he 'allowed her to
manage it.' "
. 4. Kishop Simpson, of the hbath ist
church, delivered a le'ctute on "The' Probhblo
Issue of the War," before a large audienci, in
Farrar Hall, on Friday evening o a f last, week.
We were unabfo to be present; but have heard
all classes speak of its eloquent, sootier
ate and argumentative production. ' Wblle
taking a decided anti-slavery view of his sub
ject. the Bishop did not indulge in any of the
offensive epithets and slang-ptimicsehielilare
so common with that class of the community.
If his temperate and agreeable method of Set
tine his views before the public will have the
effect of mending the manners of 'a few of his
followers in this city, the'community.will have
profound cause to rejoice over the Bishop's
visit to Erie.
oar We observe that unusual efforts are
being made in all the towns around us, to fill
up their . ctota by volunteering, so as to avoid
the draft. A meeting of the citizens of BM
cottvilie, N. V: recently lia..eled the following
resulul :
That n committee of five be ap
pointed- by-the t halrmati t to draft a note for
$IS,000:_ nod procure sienaturei 'thereto from
the citizens of the town of Ellicott, the avails
of which shill he used for the purpose of
filling the quota of said !Torn under the kires
ideal's eklk for volunteered" .
At Westfield, N. , a large and earnest
meeting ut the citizens was held on Thursday
of last week, to provide means fur raising
bounties. The following is a part of the pro
• •
"The Chairman suggested . that - some' plan
be adopted by witich the volunteer could have
his money as soon as mustered into thell. S.
service ; and following paper was drawn
up sod signed by some forty - or flay if 440rui
on,tht . spot .
" •We, the suli.Crilirs, itgree to pay to the
IV..sttielk, in the order in which our
names i.ectir, the * 01 Sax) each, or fur
nydi blukahle paper tor that' amount, which
sum is payable .o not a. volunteers ale en
listed end accepted into the U. S. service, up
on the quota ut the town of Westfield, with
the understanding that the same will be re
funded on the sale ut the town Bonds contem
plated by the Ite3ulutioita pasted this even
go-!a 's gAvertistments.
I bare made late and taro additions to ray Stock of
Witches, Ciocks, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, Mir—
rors, Picture FreMes, Gilt and Rosewood Moulding., Gold
Penn, Party Fans and Combs, awl Fancy Goofs,
prising a very desirable and elegant &motto:wit ot
eles appropriate for the •
To which I would invite thiatteatiou of all to 11211121i110
bellevisq that PRICES and quality will ere utiefsettezt
to the buyer.
Watchea, Clocks and Jevelry replalisld to ths best
ordar at the old rates. T. It: AUSTIN,
dirl2-3 gra
Young Men's Christian Association.
) )F isi;3-'64,' AT
Dec 14—Rev. THOS. M. CLAIM, D. D., Bishop of Rhode
Island. Subject: "rhe Living Rachiire."
Dec. IS= J. 0 Hor.I.AN,D, IA D. Subject: "The National
Heart "
per.' A. J./L'esos. .4ubioce :
Johnson as a type of English Character "
fn.,. Lei—Rey, I, 'ft': VINCENT. rturiject "Palestivie the
Meinonal Land"
Jan 5--.0:101LIND' KIRKP,' author of "Among the
Pines," t.c. /Subject: Poor Whites of the South."
Jan. 11 ur 14-11 TA null s a Poem.
Jan 21- 2 P/ Of. LOVIS AOAGRIZ. A Scientific Lecture.
(Time no used) —WEND r.LL PHILLIPS. Snblect
Lost Arts",
Feb. lot 1!--RATAleD TAYLOR Sulject . "Russia and
her People."
Feh PI—JOHN B COUGH Finhject "Peetillat People.'
the Committee expect to utile:lather Lecture to com
plete the Course, making thirteen in IC❑ J
ur Tickets 'or the Course. with Reserved Sects, for
one person $2,15; for two $5;15; for three or f0ur32,60
eseh ; for tine ur wore $2.40 4411—to_te bad of a. P.
at the Custom House.. After the tlrst Lettere a
deduction of tl per ant. will he wade on thew! prices.
'tingle Tickets ".25 Cents, for sale at Fnaign's Book Story
and It the inlay ' .4 . 11. cAt MIRY, •
C. C. SHIRK. ,
Lecture Committee.,
40 k"'
The hest Ilotriy Fir.taurants, Steamers and Private
Palm lie. arc earbor nearly fifty per cent. be using.
Gullies' Old Plantation Coffee,
Old Plantation Coffee,
Chillies' Old Plantation Coffee,
In pise« of other imported cufleM, much u 'kraut kucha.
it has 41•0 billy kilted lade by et& with the tineet Java,
end pronounced fully equal in nniformiti of strength and
richeeaa nt Savor, so that ate can, with more thin tumid
Clll3filiPtlet, recommend to our friend* and the - public oar
tine davored
As our late loyoiceg are by far llupartor to fortuer ship•
suentc The bean or kernel's fall, plump. and eery mush
Motto Mocha or Mountain Cloriee In itiape, and when
ruseufactumd by our new proems Is decidedly preferable
to the beet grades of blued Coffee; and we - would adrift
all who .1.4dr0 4 really reliable and healthy bereraing. to
Drink Dillies'. Old Plantation Coffee,
Drink Gillian' Old Plantation Coffee,
Drink Gitlin' Old Plantation Coffee.
It parked only in nn. pound tin Colt parkagetli. sad
e, pouiolu Ire: Leh paekar lytrittir a tne.sintile
our miunutun... 'Cho
IN for ,ale by nparls all the leading grocers awl enuutry
'toren throughout.the Vtotea ..:star, at
I.lborllctiieortit 't the .f..lihlthr thrt.alir,'Crodo. Tho
Plnntati lu CeiThr 'hop 1,1 he preemie,' the .1111110
nut . ether pole VW! VI,IIII, with the Additou of
an with the euitee , will idtt much to the lit
33, 130, 237 wetibillgust Strrei, V. V
NTI,E3IA ft.
',lied or Nervous Debility, incompetency, No
ma ure linear and Youthful Error. art iuted by • &API
to beset, t other., wino.. haPpl to Dunhill toga' who need
it ;frri• of chancel the recipe bud dwentious for matiag
th- wool. Iterroliy, word In lam Ciao-. 'Mow wishing to
prole• hy hi. r perir-nce—arrd poraolie a Valuable. Binned' ,
--will receive the NMI, 4r return mad frarelitllr pealed)
by addreosing JOHN a-OGDEN.
auirls-3tri. No. rid Naiuitu .ltreet, New York.
Stray Cow.
CAME to the premise.. of the Subscriber
In Ilitirreek tp., nu °atordar, Nov. 11th, ISM a
Stray Cow, Light 1441, with a white .teak upon the
billy, and is ab.ot 10 or 19 ya , ■ old. The ovum/ la re.
quested to come• forward. prove property, pay chariots
Kul tate her away, other/dee she will he disposed of as
catalog to law. i NI.III , WOLF.
Ilillervek, Nov. 111, 11163,4. 0
DT' Said eow has been running ou • the comma for
the la.t three month. • •
Dissolution Notice.
T"partnership heretofore existing un the title of 14 , 41111 HAN k WELSH. In Hie
grocery Walnut at Coco', R P.., waaQtssoivsd
br'stitost 'cosiest no Itondiy,; tan lank savember.
1011. ' Ile books and woad. V The WI Seel remain
with the undersigned. to whims aU debts oust be paid,
Lad who will not bold himself iccoastiblefor Lay of tlio
deltoid fiankaa k ! JAMES HORRIGAN.
Corm N0r71,1116 , 1 -OP ,• ; •
Spar Cow,
CLitliC id um"- premises of the
'ribietthei, la Hallo Vallav, about thalil ,
mat alternator. Dark Red Cow, about
years obi: Ms osier Is requatted to cotse
laniard. prove pritverts. Pse sod take kes away
otherwise /IS Sill be &pooled If assratlaie So law. •
ANDRhellsW capitol:
u.. Valley, Nov. Zith t 1 / 1 63 .1
0 ,
are now reeelvia g e daily,
mi w dy of CAN OYVIVa of oholea
quality We alkali pat particular attention 11/ \
tothe Retail Trade sod ourenetningewewarelv upon *-
tog supplied with FRESH and GOOD °patios at all
those. fa0g2113.1 BZWER k 3171tGESS:
i 9. 1 ,4414 oir trbsda 444 sae atzuvia
• • ' roorAri hut
;,. N
;!0:•••! .•
Opened aNew
:;) !i:
• • '
1 ' mrima-Aa•rr
C:0..11A VASES,
Nude inuuseats,
L ,
Plated Coffee Urns,
Spoon Racks,
Toast Racks,
Napkin Ringer
White Chin Tea Sena,
6141141 , 8ud Chins- To Setts,
- • H 56 rims, $16.00.
. At
Brown's Block. Pro' sting Park.
IL • SALAD Or j, !
T HAVE just received a fir N'eases of that
• celebrated Olive Oil of the Marto a i Gentler Bread.
Mardian& - ,ft if umpalkid la this g * e ar after market.
nortralltf. B. CIARTICR.
Si Pfaff& , $B.OO.
W. H. qLra JNY,
Physician to the Troy Lang and Hy
. gismo Intata.
At Treatise on ttis Causes of Early !I:pa& Deotura o
M 110110•11 Flop : the saes of Dery, Der
seseptiou sod lanawa. - '
flu reek is ea of 141. viand Lase, RYlei frairas,
let bias gsaire; sod "peak dihrify awe Nowa
c.anassaess of ALL P JRCATS 0•411111.311 aped.
arts. dstailisir sceestVie mod rdirsige grids roof troasseest for
It will too wont by mall oaths receipt of two (1) toot
Stun pa
Of" Parent/ and Guardians! Fall not to rod and ob
talo this boolt: -,
thgvilL'oa rig deo I Yail not to sod and got Wit book.
Loillool To too should at MAD EMMA 0 03 P/ of
Conaeloathroa ♦ivies to
I Word et !4•lerodr
th;ogiirike wili
• .
4 USIA of maladies prevail to a fearful Rfrl
_ha ihis
oounsioulty, dooming at least 10-0,000 youths of WU ma
es annually, to an early „grave. Them diseases ars vary
IPlPerfettle understood. Their attsroal tormilfestatioa,
or symptoms, are Nervous Debility, Helalailan sad Cs
hausUorii 'ragman or wasting and consomptha of Um
Tissuesor the whole body; shortage, of hmatlain, ew Inv
nod breathing on ascending a bill or flight °Jetsam; gnat
palpitahon of the Heart; Asthma. Broadside and sore
at; shaking . of the Hands and Ltnilia; &shallop to
a..-potr sod to bailor-se or study; dimness of eye sight,
lot- • . Memory , diviner of the Head, Neerialgiss Pain
in various ports of the body; Pains In 'theta* or limbs,
Lumbago, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Irregularity of the
hone% deranged meretioos• of the Kidneys ,a 0 Alms
gtaads of the body, Lencorrtices or Fleur Album. ate. Like
wise ilp(lessy, Hysteria and Nervous Spam. ,
Now, to shut)-aloe cams out of every one Amine,
all the above named di/arrive, and a Last of others not
named, as Comm o o of the Lungs and that mod H
Marius and wily form of tkinsumption of the Spinal
Nerves, known as Totem Dor-al .a, and Telma Iwo/entwi
ne, have their seat and t Loa In dhows o: the Pelvis
Viscera. Helios tho a Jot vi soccer on the part of old
whool practice in treating symptoms only.
Dr. Andrew Stone, Physician to the Troy 'mpg and
Hygienic Institution la now tugged in treal..og this class
of modern maladies with the most astonishing stfceesm—
The tosatonot adopted by the lust] tutkm Is dew; It le
bawl upon sclentifie prinelphia, with now diacovered
remedies. without minerals or 'alma'. The facilities of
cure &zenith, that patients can he cared at thole MAMAS,
la any part or the eountryarom wants ilesmiptloas
their eihsik. by lettari and have the tosslichs.. sant by mall
or express. Printed interrogatories will be forwarded on
Consumption, Catarrh and ctiseasta of the . broateurt
as well at the home of the patients as at the Institution,
by eendlog the Cold Unattested ISHALISO BALSAMIC VA -
roam, with Inhaler and itsple directions tor Huth use, and
direct currespoodenee.
Patients applying for Interr.gatives or &dyke, mast
enclose return .tamps to meet attention. •
The attending phymenin will be found dt the Institu
tion (or coomiltation, from 9 a. la. to 9 p. hi., 1441 day:
Sunday to the forenoon.' Address, : • • ,
Physician to the Troy Lung and Hygienic Lustatuo_.
and Physician fur Disease rif the Heart, Throat and
Longs, $6 Firth Street, Troy, N. Y. morddyl..
State Normal . School,
Edinboro, Erie County, Pa,
Send for a 'Circular.
J.s. COOPER, Principal
sepl2'63tf. • I i
# l O
-Fresh Can and Reg Oysters,
- *Calved every Day, and .
Er Orders solicited and promptly attended to.
LIT , i 0 :,4 of:1 , \,& a:lo IN:1*
the Unto-pieces manufactured by th e Aimless
: 11 r. r1 4 1., of Waltham. 11w., have gained • Arm bold
upon the furor of the publie,and now, no less than 16.000
of them are speaking for themesives inthe w.ketaof the
people. From a very lesignilleent beftnntns the bail
ors has Increased until we are I padded In stating that
WI MAKE MORE THAN ONE HALF of all the initches
"old in the United States. Repeated enlargement of our
trotory btaildinp, end the labor of 600 operative". still
And us unequal to supply the consthatly thawing de
mand. And we MT here °teem that noterlthetending
the high price of labor and materials, we ectailly
oar products' at less rises thanithose current dye years
We refer to these facts only for the purpose of proper.
ly betroducing another subject relative to our manufac
ture of watches. Hitherto our chief object ham been to
tasks good watches for the millioo at the lowest possi
ble prl—eomittliing So take Uni
mi place, St the make
believe watches called "Antral," "Lapin's," "English
Patent Levers,. Art" annually thrown upon labourite,
In countless numbers. by European work elope—watches
which are the refute of their factorfes, tursailesblket
home and polio-My worth eve every where.
' This object we hare accomplished, end sow we here
to ansoctore. that we have commenced the tosaufacture
of watches of the Very
unequalled by anything hitherto made by emirate* and
atorcepao-ord bieoy-thieglited• in the world for this
pm - poes wel have tam aro pl.*, Laellittee. We have erected
en euditi .0 to 4,Ltt L. 1101.1 Italian"' expressly for tbie
breech ut out Ouoisir.... Sad "have hVed tt with the brat
workman to our clrYt r PrrfilitAß too our long caper..
' 81.411. Ire har•riueetel al tio• ~n %..( our watches.totrv ,
1 during su , •ll imp• areal. c s as here beeil itly elatil lad
:it proved to to good front Buse to lime, 112. i bli‘tr'lolMitilted
, ~...e „ , ~,,d ~,,,,, r ., i e .., 1 ,1 ~,ochrooisw, 4illuolllallt 1,14
&Iv 4:Oirelasatltas. .N..w 11111abkar's and appliances hare been
vs oatructeo,whici• perform their work-with nonsimuniste
i , dik lime, and ,Vi , lit.ti4.., and the choicest arid moat ap
nrs.,ved materials only 5 ere used. Nothing is tact is
vr,mtlng, either ia•tuechanical principles, material or
yowl:oil:Ishii) to ensure perfection in the; rerun.
We conform to mantraeture onr otter welivilorown
Aura:fee under the following names: --
... .
- , .APPLICTON, TRACY lc C 0.,"
"And the Soldiers Watch," ,
, . eWIL ELLIERT " , 1 ' •
The latter , the lowest priced watch inmate, is a entr
stantial, ritia,kie time-piece, cued in steribur silver—
bunting patter—add ui sot liable to pt oat of order
either to martnhsg, riding or fighting. all the *pore
described watches, including thrilling. which la tamed
"Ag IlieCOalf Warr. CO AAAAA ," We sold by I...deb dealers
generally throtighont the country.
Agent• far the dinerican Watch Cumpear.
19.: Broadway, New York.
norr7 - 83-eowew inside •
Fall and Winter Goods !
Cloths and Cassimeres,
Overcoatings and Cloaking*
Brown an d Bleached
,hl':4l' RECEIVED, it"
7. tilltiY.-4int
HT "i; 33,L.0 CtK,')
STATE I TraBEL ER E '?" Alg i ß i.
Whir , a tall and choice oaeortsco,pt of
00.111r.T! V AND VOfIEI(N
WILLOW AND v we i r r
BL l v e g o , Bram 1iA164
an alwar• o. ,A.u""l•l2d Nita chaaPall
alit! V LUNY 8 Kay Gram,.
wadi Ogging.
Pr H E thiaerliii.Vieu l ,?ffe'll
i his, off,10«, to v le Olt `'`e ma I
WWI Digit , r. fle bap belted at the
ü buginrm w . u .t rlil yji r a o 4 4 .677 . 4116 16 4 P t
a k: d el% a hone, sow. sod
lock* the cheapest acid t eat way. Mont° iobn Shim k.
ou the Lab Road, Isaac bt lb, 'Lido Uted.,Noilk Benham '
Socualt tp, Isaac Ilwcer, litlicreek.. 'lad M e e i
l i E nty s t USTIMHOLTZ,
West. Mille nest. a se• Ateretttaalo.
marstt , wort, tient .of Rabbet_Goads.
Bruhn, Dolls, Dolt Bead I, Gomm wad AtVasecooots for
Clilldzeo. Yoram, rorto 11, tasalos.Tortgatet r.
1111`ie-Ita. " 1162i11RarAganti.
rtOAL dorisums RS will do well,to call
‘,./ at the Coil Yerti.aa Ilth Street. Canal Bute, be.
tors arehaett etrettrhere. We Itavo a soot/ "apply of
the b u st coal trom the coats . et& of Keroer eoutity,, moo go
whit:haw b Aetna the tell swims kind, :
bad all WI tat qualittes bro light to this mar k et. are.
as a eel at ta are gaarantoe btfolictiott.
doe6-4‘• • D. 3WOW & SON.