The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, November 07, 1863, Image 1

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%LUNY. 51st , Str.—t, 11.,111v11.V.,.',.
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V:R. A. VALBICAITti. X .:?...
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Arrows - ET Ar Law -01:1,0,JU,1...T.P.:. ; \ "• • •= 7 7 ,i ' !4,i• ,
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trly oppositrttie Court tino.o, Lri...l - ... • 3.. ) - .."- . 1 / 4 "'... , N..1‘... I. tlikir. STIICK
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• - I .sf, -- .. -`. .'"0. 4 , .
E. .11.1 GILL,
111.yrt4r, Gffio.
Blbct.corth ride of
•.S. ztENI:EIt, 11A1:11 - .
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TTORNEII COCIV 4 I-I.l.(Pit. .‘"L' L t‘N
)kF1f•1:, Paragon No,i, 11.-;;;.• y;
Lr,t 1 c,rner Mb. l'ul Lr '
ERIE, , !• 47,,z
he ple.til of this If oure Flirt' h r,er, itt•
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pftedl Store utter 1.314, cl' 4 I , t 'trneltil• t a i, ik
Corner oC 3d and MI t f f .., :Imre, I,Le_ ,
Lis °bland well known boucio I. ;Ow U*.•,..! up
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'test opplug place. In the
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11...5. 0. 1.. 11;1.L1OTT & SON.
Dr:criwra.-ohl, S.mth
It It Etie, Pa All
T. J. PLI ay?
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1-41IVEK 11.0t:!%N.,
J It. Oil 1., \1 Art... 11.1%
terat S tageth !lee
YORWARINN(.; ANT., COi 111 1 ,,, C 31E,, I"'.1 <
IZELICria Walls, Km county, ra., by Atlanta W
Doll en In Cool, Salt, Iron, Crtoir al,•ll{oftn...i l'ot, •
rt. All kinds Shippirrg .iono .0, oi:,me•!••,n.
Al 4. P. GAGGIN,
NOTARY erfiL/P .411 i t; r. +r t
D AGT.L.Nr. ant 'IA .t 4
acted to him promptly attezdrd t.. A 1.111:.0 f
Janine* splinted, and l'ol.ciea 11-01.1 R{lllolll ‘lo{.ly,
st elan eompanted. Office, \t rit,.l.V•
• and State ottnfts, Erie, l'a. nor I:Solt.t.
W. WET.111,11146; -
Arroiturs AT of.
, on S.eyetith street, ie. Pa. LAI,: 7 •
beattfe BiucL , Norllt to.le of C., I' .1
to atave4 fir ft, ra. 11'6' tt.
_ • i'reueh ktri,lll,
- the PhLtidPlphis k F:rtor I{Atlroad ,
illoomaker, l'roprietor. sovatim:o.l,
slur strangers an.t traTelers. u.tun by•
L Good stabling attaulm.i.
11, •
Vl* Mndn stn o, on
•itith 'treat.
NUatiH WEllpoor
HAMMY. 10,1
Alta tL. Paat Office ,
Ives w.11..ut
• vrde.
(wt( for Planar & ibsypvr's Paten:
the brat bn ule - 8 t.sti , Stroot.t.rt St. ,
.s, Pa. tas,:e Gr ortr-r hl t',..
URN C. Bk:Slik.,
roct .9l , liarausra, Glum, r, tor
t ;at% btrert Ittati I%th:iv t, i tta
I • rotwa.aDor/i h coarst/1.45:0N ?:1 HINT%
ate War. House, Pliblie newt, Emit of , t,te •..
Wait Bowe at Rut /toad Croaamig, Ertl', Pat. le4kr.l
Salt, Filth, Flour. i'Jaster, Water t., and (rum haunt Raro
Simustor Iv !..tevcr: t,
lI.LIAALEI AAP RETAIL i)1IL OGlt,v, Virr . 7ht 4
4%4 IttlTEt, Elle - Pr, Elnalnr in Pau, „
la-AVAA, Burnine Fl ,4, lirm
1 -1 101 . 1 ELIttat : 1 /' CA Wet:7l •
I'M.. pa.
SlAXtirarrr Imam of S tc.arl F.r.
( o.insair, Agricalbarsl cr . :A.1.714.c1,, Ital froal Cue,
Tie nue to bet Your Money Bac\ !
State gttnei, Nearly Opposite the Post
K K !II 0 IA 1..
Cou g thri, Boot and Shoe Dealer,
"ilkeetfully laforme the Public. thit
414 snared bL atand to the Store Hoorn
,111 Stahl stripe, nearly opposite the I'o+l
c'Mte, where he inmitfn all hia old trimnilm and en , t
14 3 1 yekdoe • WI.
attietallt attention given to REPAiRI.I(I.
*relit mortinen o and enperiutendln g all him hlmit.em,
hilneelf, be believes he eaa r/...d
all at u low prices a+ any Ott., I A :mon to tl,e city.
FILL Warranted.
• 'Fruit, Toys, Yankee N 1.11141, :11.1 i:eqt V COCA
/411V , VIiVed, at air It.-'lll. ft. ii.
() way!' in don. RANG ES, ESIONS,
Fins. Pr:or en, e
b Patel, Clirrsatx,'l4..t..;
and f taly
Onr CroWitta And Osten of all kinds in solidi
lots lad away!' fresh.
; ni;_EN
NAP i BK. Lit
1,. .1,
I L TIMI: 124)
0 0 11 R 4i AI NS.
II AV r. oreilrl I lit• room .No. -2 French
'fr.,. iir to-.! floo 1., iiii • out the
t., ,„• ,„ alit/ I
nt• •• I " ~,, tho c,nin 12{.11, nn.11 , 1 , 1111:4•011 a 411 , <• 1: of
r 1., , , urr !Ink!.
it 1
, .
o, stove tlo• 11.• pol, Erie, hi
Adminis ,rutor's Notice. .
L 1 : f'1:1 or Skiniini ; , iration having
b.,.., ....Anted to 11, undersigned 00 the estate
/.., 1...., ....ed, Lite of ;re..e township, En. Co.,
I' ; , , N'otlee is hereby Os en • an I.uonin.: thenuilres
.11 , :0 , 4,1 :" the snot • state Z 0 ILI,' F. 111M114dijte payment,
• D.; • so•-• ha vat,: i.:4. lal AL'S 1114 he same, will resell:
tl.e. , . 0. •It t•-nti....,t•••!, for
. 1. I'iNNT•II - ,
- 1
~ ..len 4B e, ( l-
~ With
1 , 11.15,
r • 1!,. It.; • ,
rl:ti \ . I• N:oiety of new t,t)
II t
~ •••., t, J•••11:y I hu 0 4Pr
rot hn.; 1,0L1,11.020,0111r1,
•• •••, Centre itn•l other
1;11•.•.•, CxrpeL 51.1.1 Ihamank Lot
• :••••
flit i•ra•••• Frothel.
With eures,weld feruitte, 4, 11,,
nil' ge,l/01i1,1 lit cabrr ntl healthy'
U., Irt.ll.lden and ul4 I,V tlckril` , llle4
quality air.l low prsrra I vtli AKY
.ir.alo:n I. a ull , l , Feat her, Itr)o. ;111 and
AllO Parlor, Itfattouna, Itori.tLec - 2-t.V. tug,
°IF • alot other Charre r et' k:galern and Wetteru eurne
on o -e, are hi. loiry glut-. 1, making thew as
.iron{ toy cll:tr.r part of the , chatr,where other* made
aro out t arta by nn memos durable. Wood
tnlr an,l Nnr,v, no• elixirs of hard
round , ei inched through the sent and S lued, war
t.. r.. ILtailanuotfy painted, and can', b bea
ten t,n ptreuirth; I,rlee and nuieh. Sprinr ddeda. I kayo
lfloo. thy itglltat loatalasoUilla truth
1,,; I,Tioet, et all ,oa l ,o•ot ou ,application. I tal.hi.r
!IT.• and 110.
V 1,0 pri .. f. I ritn .h.t.,rialne.l 1., .-11
on, pl.ce r sol:1 pay, and .1.) Inttiev
to all waa t '* i t
1.11111'.... , r, 7.,111, S.ll/1:4 Crude Reel Do
I t-tor, Pay, hr.„ taker) at fair niartt.d. valued.
1.“" li,ustqn:/vr corner of ath attaet
Lrle, I „ C W. ELLSEY
10.1 t'r and Coiutnieti Saleatuan,
w LP: a lei TA Ile
\V hi It.u.s_A..Ll.l AN D RETAIL iiROUER,
,),,ri , ll'aqt'l;o,or of tko Perk 4.• rptytels'Slriet,
AP• 4 IDr,)
ri the. 04114.011 A
:0 111 1 , 12 0 Strict: of
t itt 'Eft I I. I.)lZi, VISIONS,
14.1.,ir0us to ro.II aLt tho
►Etc EsT efts-41131.E Pit tl!Ff...
iliF 19gorttneut of,
SI 7 1; ABS, '
sl" I? IT N,
la r...t rurpirre in the et,, L• a prepared to pronito
aft w ho giv e , l'itu a call.
Fle airy 1 eeps coueLtolic on Lana A superior lot Of
I'1"R1 LI Q 1") R S
(or the whole:ale tip L, to which he filreet• floe attention
of tLe puLife
llw mottr, and a fall
Equivalent for the Iloriey." - aprll'll3ll.
•% )11n.1
How Lost Row Reston!
.I,ud P01.11..b.-.1. in *Sealed Envelop*. Prieeiftept..
4 LECTUBIT, on the Nature. Trestment sad . Radical
Cure .d Sperulatorrhoes or 14 eatinell Maness.
SexnalDobillty, Nerroueneaa dinsalsatagy_Esoltolons;
inducing frupocy, Coneuzaptiun sad Mental and Phy. Debolitv, by
J. ct.L%ERWELL, U. 11.
telpertvat fact that the &what rontequen , ..* of
Veit Abu le mry be effectually removed without internal
m. dieltier; or the ,:..netrowt appilistion of canstira, in
. nt,beated bettgle«, and other eropinest
hero 4.l<mzontrated.erv: tho entirely new
an f b friar enette.efe l treatment an adopted by the osie.
brnte..l - 4.ltbor, telly elplalned, by which every one is
en4bte4 to rare htnnelf perfe.:tly, and at the leant med.
tile e‘.t, thereby ntobbott all the etdrertleed nontruma of
tl day. Thf« le. tut-;• v. ill pratesboon to thousands
aut thousands , •
, . ..
,•,,t olitt..r ff.•f• , ILI I 01111 eat elop,, to 10r sidtterfor, of
t 1,.. ~, ,I pt of .. . ro.:, or tr.() irff‘lff.,;fs crimps, he sa.
.:r.-..,,r.z, Irg. CHAS. J. - C. KLINE.
triflt•t:',.ty 1-:',' Bowery, Nrffy York,
Post Ottee Box. ism.
1882. HPRINA. 1882.
E 1101i3itT STORE.
E. H. S I. TH,
rirm LI linere ' , applied with Goods at Nair York: Priam
Particular Attention Out to Bleaching awl. Dranlas
F.troar, No.:; Hughes' tilock.StateSt. may3tl.
111.1.11TYOUD; (3).7OIiCUT/CVT. ,
HUN GTuN. heat. T. G. ALLYN. Svc/
I.hcon,"oli4TED - CATITArMia".
k:. s. itulStatS.i'mat. C. C. WAITS. f 44 1 -
• _
INSURANCE in the above old and soli
' g lair Coro rso hot obtained on mlicatlon to
bytte,ti:3-12. R. W. RI2B4MLL. Agent-;
Notice to 011 Refiners.
ITE areprepered to sell to Heßone 011. v rrazoL '
oDA and ULU IA at tbe loweet 6111 V,
tot pews. '.ce eau 'sell flit Vitro! by the cu load at the
mrtuvAr_turtn., therebY navirlC to the pi:tramper*. ex-,
eltence'aml wcorlng promptness in shipping%
svps:ott.— CALIGILILY SWl3lir3-1.
DW*LLING ROM, co Boor/A k i ph nisa sta.
awl Peach streets. losalrie of
Eris, June 0.1861.-K N 0.2, awl noia.
BF:NER h 31J1U3 8
• ;
.I.' , IIITLU t_ 1111. 1..:E STYLIB 1W
s-4), .t I.‘lzw‘ - q141: 1)1
C I;(1T 11. 8 ,
1\ . 11 I
"q \
vsla t 1.1
- 1 P.Fr. i. s Lumber ltagotl,,..i-/r
Iliti putt returned turn
'• Loth wkll
1 4 ~i is tlra4llLar,L.duradt
frn!, Nair( &meet Mere
AGENTS FUR THU 01183111111 i.
The (ollowlig gentlemen hare bass seteetsd Laver,
• ce.lits in the plares et hetether reside. Pereona drilling
1 to *end oubseriptione or Job tort, or to remit money to
u., mot do it through their Land- • .
.1. ,Sulliren, )
Copt. A. Pomer o y, $
tT C. What., (
.1.,1. Wahiawa, ) * : *** -• " " Wateeismi.
M Saley.. Rdinboro.
...• .
V. Schultz k iir, , . - AIM Creek.
li. L l'otwr Wsalorrills.
Capt. P. Wiliat.l,.. _ - ....Harbor Creek.
J. M. Imo, . . ... . ...... ..............
J.' &WM..... toot (from.
Lyman 11 , ,1ih-m., )
A. Y. }Mom. ,i • .111rattobatz.
.1 ' ii.,,oottei ...Bprlngfitt X. R'cla
}Woo Ntt00...../... . .... Weld Rpringtold
Itaipli D. amen,/ •
Ja...4 t' emir. n, s .
I. 'W.llertiott, .R.tsgsville, Ohio'
lit n. It W. ti tohihaou, Ginza. -
A..., :it ..w.,. . . . .. - . ... ..... Voirrier.
Nelson Sawa . Clam Mil.
Y lt. titraus au, (
ill' C op.
Jo, I. ehill po, ) • " - '--- •
1 0 . II Hurt, os, ..... ... . . ....... ._..Cobasibiao.
.I.l Bur p y, Worm.
...:. Seam° ~ ...- ....... . .._. __. .Garlaad.
4. G Huth ghlizi, gpartinsttirg.
ix. A. IL liibr, 'aissellla
Jae. Cm' NA
T. D. Chant:, McLean. '
.. .
('apt. 0. t l. lchitney,.. _ .. .... . .7 ousgsrllle
Amos Hestn, / . '--.Corry
W. C. °abbey, ) "•• ."- . ''
J.W.Royer, ' I.e Baia. . I
D. H. Donaldson, tilling Croat.
i... W. Howard, Waysia.
A. .1. * .. illincnou.i, -- SU waT t's,,,Pa
J C CLopitz, . ... ....... . ..... .. Ridgway,' .
):,, , ,t-i t'Osel to o, ~. . . • • . .. leader,
I Warred Co., Pa,
, - - - -
Physiological View of Marriage.
2rsk race,: AND 160 ENORAVINOB.— Price oady
RI Nagger -rim mom. Sent free of postage to a
parts of the Rohm. Op the loft:anise of youth and
tnaturlty,A,llosiny, the seenet kale' of both asset of
all :analog debility, nerroneneee, depression of
palpitall.o of the heart, suicidal i nations,
bloshiutts, defective memory, 6114:scion and es,
with contessions of thrilling interest of a Boarding
• sheol MtFA, a Crlle4e Stauent and a Young Married
Lady, &e., de. It la • truthful itlehter to the mantled and
those contemplating marriage, wtee entertain Wee"
doubts , of their physical condlUona, and who are con
scious of haring hazarded the health, holmium and
priellegee to whicheeety timeless being is endthid.
YOUNG YEN rho an troubled with "ukases gear.
ally, caused by a bad habit in youth,the sects of widall
are dizziness, pains, forgetfulness. smoothen a :intuit
in the ears, weak eyes. wsabrosas et the tom* ea tow*
extreailtieit, confusion of Maas, lass of nossory with
melancholy, may be cured ►by the slithers NM ralus
We have, for the greater porta the last yea, dratted
our time is •fsiting the Ktuopossis ilespitels, •
ourselves! of the knowledge and ressuchas the=
stilled physicians and surgeons in gerope.illia OR the
Continent. Those who place themselves under our care
will now have the full bitnert of the many New sod
Efficacious Remedies which we are enabled to hareem*
Into our 1111410 1 4 end the jmblie stay rest arnized of the
vitae zeal, assiduity, SECRECY aid attention bean 41
their reas7e, which has so enconiebillt us
heretofore. as 4 Physician in our PirAlgiadit
of professional practice, for the put terenty.flve years.
Isaacs Ptiatte Poss.—Ladies who wish for =Melee,
the earsey:whicir bait been tested in tboasands of oesN,
and nem filled to edict speedy cam without say bed
results, will use 110:100 but Dr. Deteney's Fatale Period
cal Pine. The only precautiontomeseezio be observed
UN that ladies should not take then it have navies
to believe they are in arras eireelies• [ • particulars
of which will bis found on the wrapper accompasying
,each bot,) though always en sassed healthy, so pale
fret ea attire rue they.
Price SI per box. They ma be mailed to any oar t
the Linked States.
TO THE LADIES—Who need sorafirindb4sediest
riser with regard to any of those toterestiog complaints
to which their delicate orgarthaton readers those Debi*
are particularly invited to mama as.
Tun .. Er.seincetLet.vezio Pecesortve—For tourfard
tidies whose health will not admt, or who have no do
mino to increue 'their families, my be obtained as above.
it I. perfectly a He, and has been imaasively need doling
the last eight years. Price minced to 810,
A Treatise made Otosil beast re Duty /Wars
war-acing Just publisitat, a Mai sheniie the tare .1
progress ma aveseimor uses, ;allots, tide awls Mid
0 1 E4 4 0 of Mitillgai ; puma, oat tiejetaiity teat
savansity astsay its victims, am diastaisigate steeds 're
gress, of the ItISCI4e fres the csmouracesased Lee sal
IS seal be rest hi knit .a rscefif else ti] enii Stow.
gAr Attendance daily, from Sin the morning till 9 at
algid., atoll on on Sundays from 2 t 91,6 p. m.
11.11eines ,with full directions sent to any part of tbs
mated States iii , Standee, by µMints communicating
lit , symptoms by latter. Loudness corresponds:too
oath tl runtadszitial.
Da .I..'s Mc* is atilt located as established, nn
der t sumo of pit. 1.4 CROIL No. 51 Maiden Li*,
Albany, Ni. V. '‘ . ang226l-
The 1 iversal Clothes Wrtsger
S . 1
No. I, Lane, Fa ill' Wringer,.... 31000
So. Sterlium Fe fly Wringer, .. 00
No._'„MediumF y Wringsr, t 2
No. Small Family t ringer,
No. S. Large lintel W ref. Itoo
No. 18, tiedlum Latina' sto mu &team t . 18 13)
No. tt:J., Large "t arbaud , 5 3000
No.. 2S. awl 3 llaseuoC e. Another/Lars rarratalet.
No. 2(s the sue generally ed in private families
orange Judd. of the. 'Andel AgrietilturaList.” aye
of the
Universal Clothe Wringerd
"A rbl?d ran readily wring Ott •to fall of clothes it;
a fmr minutes. It is to Teddy s CLO g. 3 SAVER,
'l' INC sAVER ' and a STRENGTH SA it The del
of geent& ill alone. pay a like per ea* on t I c * al.
We th iuk the nou IN thine much more than :A FO
itetKI.PF.VERY VL Al'.iutlieavingofgarm tat There
are several kinds, limit), alike in general trading,
but we 00n..d.r it important net the Wringer fitted
with eo.,s, otherwise a Limas 41 rirEnllo.3l rosy a g the
An.l the rollers ail'On tin eran't.thaft sllp.n tear
the clonal.. or the rubber freak loose from the
our °en is oue fit the that mat,, and it I. as GOOD
NEW after neerly Fier/ITEMS' CONSTANT C 33,"
No Wrieger eau be derallie vlebeetCer Wbeeis
A Goal CANVASSER nrantil In every town
Or On receipt of the pcief iron par when no one
ist.iiing, we will ReLld the 'raven= or UrilllSZ.
For mrtietthrs nod rtrOlnly Wont
.147 Brosanny, N.Y.
FINKLE& prows
These ltachloca snake Ile lock-ditch oci both
skies, and tee lOU than halt the thread and silk that tic*
single or doable thread-104v stitch lashings de ; wW
Rem, nal, Gather, Cord, AIM, Mad, Ste., sad aaabatter
adapted than any other Seirluilfactuao an ne, to thia
fry4Wint clutneac awl mai carte! of ;twang roigalrod La
a fatoll r, for they will seer one to twenty Web**.
ea of itarsetlies without stolpinir, and making; every &Utah
portent, or tram the finest taste to the Market brawer
cloth, or area the •tookat huntss loather, withottt
changing the feed, needle or tension, ur making soy ail.
juntment of Otath iue wittterar 1 • !
They ire sample is...onottottioa sad easily ututoratood;
and U any part le laretent by staldont, it is malty re
place 4.
Those ire PX.CCLIALIg F.1(13,..ta toll go tar to determine
the tholes ot any intelligent buyer.
Please Call and Rromte or aondfor Circular
N.B.—Local )14;eato susote , iin eoottnee oot yet oast:.
pied Address, '
LION. S. M. Ctho
"E X 0 L R "
ito9TzwEIG , B BLOCI,
Vast or th* Par% Prat DOOT tram Stab/ Stmt.
fitatcfol fia past hairs,the satieritar
farms am citizens ofEris and vicinity, that hi has tat
.ad rented the fillery Timely IN:caged hi D.
Chamber►, where behe prepared kr imamate
cr Porticolo4 attootios to Obi Mrs; ajwil
• Ptotkss.,-
WHEREkS. Mum .of - Agintinistestiink
to tha pule othbtshemsAlsreb, tel 4, has a/»
doed,lslollllll granted to UM 4111101. 40, Wt.
sous isdebtod toth• slid Mate In tweleeted is nabs
tatzwallio PUttnionnit these Wets( ditgetee eiemsed
await the Mete of the esii i deeeseed, .will mike *b.
stone known wilhotit &ley.
• Nair 1. IMIEVTOLDi 1 •
net24-4we ,Mayptstipor4.
. . „
10LAGS dal! aim an hand or ftingeiled
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strarlty Ws fief ionigf
-ox Tlll
Vic frit MA% Moan r.
EBIE 1 3=- 4 " 4 - 611Kif . Nifif
A., . A . - .I. MI
Mioney waited.
We ask those of our patrons who know themi
selves to be indebted to us. to settle their trot
eonntai if 'possible. teem the first day el
January nest. We have heavy payments tq
meet during the month et 3anuary, end Re it
is not ,our fosltien to cheat our creditors of
delay paying them when their money is due
we want to be prompt in meeting the not e
that will soon pi . eseat themselves for our *E T
Notion. Our beaks sh9w u , valance in oat
favor Mire than large enough to meet evert
obligation which we are owing ; sta we mini
not bat balier t e that the patrons who have ex!.
Whited so mitch;kindness to ns in the pas
will come .proniptly forward, now that the
are acquainted With our neeessitiee, and het
to relieve us from all danger of pecnnlart
embarrassment. We make this appeal to ever*
debtori.of the establishment. and hope that !
all will respond' without delay.
4. Political Conyers'Wks.
CRAM .1 Crrit4. Mr. Constittitiowil Denioorat:
1111 r. Abolition Repntilirttn.
k Vont;nu../.)
hshicerat—Welh sir, it depeule very ieueb
Oa Wll4 you - a C(tpperhettti. It by that
terra yut mean a friettil tit' the Colou—and
who want nthy Constitution maintained—une
desire's the old hattuer to waive triutuphautly
- over the'vehole country, with every 'der iu its
place itnti a Stlito tor every etar, then Cut DA
aahluu;e4 to be failed a Copperhea.l.
Bepitolica4—lt you voted iqr Wuu'lwari
you're a Coppekhead. I call all eopperitesili
who ditnlauethin the Government,
D.-4Whtt do you mean by sustainiug 140
ii,—LiirhY I Memo just this, that Luau whO
don't stand by' , slr. Lincoln are not true Enion
mon. Every man who' cries down the Ad'
ministration is a copperhead_ ind a traitor
and ought to hi hung.
D.- 1 -oh, thou all 1./angering are copper r
heada' ; --ara they
It.LNo, I don't say so. • • •
D.+Why you say that. the /awn who vote
for Judg• Woodward. are.
R.--Yes, I do,, sad whstW more, they daL
serve to be hung. A Northern .rebel is worst
then s Southern rebel. '
1 • i
U.' --I ad mit ' so, too.' I !tare nii epopathj
for any man who favors the dissolution of the
Union ; nwoh lees fora northern than a rebel)
one. , Hut how did voting for Judge Woo+
ward make a manw traitor! , i
R.+-114Kikuie, ho'a & traitor
D.4—How so. Has ke not sent two song
into .Ihe army' Did he not'equip a Whole
company at his own expense" Didn't hi
laboiwith all his might to avert, dissolutiob
and war' Hasn't his Whole life time bees
spent in prOtection of the constitutioni!,
What; could atitan do that he has not done,
prove himself a patriot •
f l I don't know much . shout him, but
do know one thing, he deprived the soldie4
of voting; I 'don't think that shows much
D. 7 --He did exaetly what you or I would
have done, ht‘i we been in like circumstanced.
As to disfranchising the soldiers, that is fool
ish talk, and the editors and stump spoake&
who told you that he had knew that they
were slandering his character. What he de
cided simply' was dust the soldiers couldn't
vote In camp: hut when iu roeir proper pled
floe districts; and if properly unalif,ed. they
had the rims ,' right as any one.
that so ? •
D.-31wit certainly it is. The Constitution
of the State days in plain words that no one
shall he entitled to vote unless he has hen
in the. State one year, and in the distriiit
where he offers to vote ten• days immediately
preceding the election, and been assessed.
You have been on the election board, end rp.
mai*? the:prevision ''' r
1 , _
pl—Yes. '
D.' Well,, now, Judge Woodward swore to
obeY, t at Ccinstitution. Would'You have had
him peri ,himself ?
II.;-4.(ln confused manner)—No: but then
—Will—l do 't know—you see—no, hal I
think the sold! ought to have a vote ! •
t how could Judge Wood
) ight in camp,? Ile wits
lain . the law, not In
1 'E .
' I
ward "giro them that
put on die bench to e,
make it.
I.—(Angrily) I don'► 144 eve iu such timid
men; give ma a -mon like Jackson ; he tool!
thWrespocudbility. _
li i .—So he did : but he neve'olatel. law.
Rave you ever read his Farewell At sage " It 1
tcll's us in tote most impressive lan age id I
preserve sacredly inviolate every fent re of )
out' National and State Constitutions till *ey i
sr" changed by the proper authority
B.—l never read' it, incl don't kri:.v, wit.•
thee it say" so or riot,
1).—I would advien yon,io get it when yi.o
go home, cal Washington's Farewell Milres3
also ; they; contain ,truthe that every voter
ghoul(' reed. Have you ever rena thn %Intl i
tution .',
,It.- 7 14: - -
,D.—l. thought sa : I find very fir or you .
Reptitiliesivi Who ° lime. ,
.. '
;R.-oa i a yassion)-1 don'i Irma you to
cell me q ItepUbliean 1 I'm nor o
,p ivy; man,
in tinie oil war. , ' q
D:—Keep cool, friend ; there's no nee of ue
clitarralllng over these matters. t,e•
to ask you what do yonntill Yourself 1 '
i. • .. •• ,
; lt.-rI 'ill myself a. Union , man. . I don't
believe In parpes now . . : , . ,
D.-;-You were a Republican once, were you
not ? • ...,
11....:,.--I don't know swami - mates much dif.-
forance. t , ; . , ~,;• . .
D.=--Well, Iwo you voted the Democrntie
ticket the lest ten yesre ?
. .
• 4?"404 toll •!ASTitr aFPRe. /°, , : • :
1.)..,--gave you, leit!tirk the last, ton? ,
- ger-Nk Illy, JIM • , ii RI 1 . 001 - „ , q l .
JD.--rlft.(44 ,you ; votnfor,tt yemocrat : itadir
PAY CllVAlPlYiliclit, .. .i , •
4f2" - t• W 0 41 44 be, was 1 ! . /( 4 41 . MAO'
• /" 11310 .• f1 YA 19 7 61 •
&—T,hr4.'s t, q user , gasa po.I must BSY'
#lll 110 Win•ll,o ( t SUStrignl thlk ClOirprament, of
w!tia do yam ,sneak Int, t3.9.Gar
8. tiak•Lao ; 107 ' 00:PT•00 4 ""
AumiCabtor‘ • , <
Lt Mr. Ll*oolo skoald, thtk,
41boirorw$ Medd bitakanikit,l,, z
R —flow, f don't-iinderitinstthat.
D.—Why hi case of . the Prisident's • ; death
the tiovernotent ceases' to exist At any
ohangi of 6 President, wo get a new Got;
ernment, do-we ? Let us see how msny, Oov
elements ire•vettsd then, since the forniation
of the Union, goasthina • like • siF.teen at
seventeen, isn't It ? •
R.—No, not exactly thie; 'but the Presi•
4mt sultuirtiaters the Cloveriment, and•'hen
you denouncelim you aanottoca
I).—Ab, there is Rome diMirence then The
Presithlit administers the Gtivernment
that's just what I believe, and I see a wide
distinction .between the Government and
those who administer it. The President le
mere mortal ; he may die ; any clay—he is
changed every four or eight years ; the Gov
ernment, I hope, will last forever.: tet me
see, 41d you suliain Buchanan's Administra
R.—No, he was an infernal old traitor•
D.—Did you sustain Pierce's • ' •
R.—Sustain the devil ; I guess nott.
D.—You were a voter when Polk. was in
office. Did you support hits
E —flow ! I don't see molly what yea
want to ask sneh questions for. No, , I was
Whig thou, and certainly opposed him.
D.- -Ah, yes, I knew what your answer
would he. The, Administration was not the
Government then. Von 'old Whige attuned
every Democratic President to your heart's
content, and no ono ever called you a traitor
for it.. The trio Gazettl said woree things'
ege4tl.4 Jackson than . ally . Copperlidil has
eve• said ahem Lincoln. [ got hold of n file
of that paper, the other day, printed . in
Jacky.on's time, and I am surprised 'at the
vertuui -with which it assailed that ivimi old
man. It traduced Martin Van Buren ton, and
every Democratic Presitika that--1
R.—(lmpatiently)--1 don't see'what that's
gnt f 4 do with the subjent of no party
D.—l did not olaim that it had, but your
own arguments have led we to it. ' I tind that
its not pleasant for yon to hear about the
past, and will stop (f you desire
11.—What I mean Se, that, you Copt—Dem
ocrat* are too bitter party men. Yoi'd ought
to forget party now and all go in for the
D.—Go in for the Union:ll why God bless
you„sir, where can you ever find a Dttutnerat
in the North who doesn't go in for the Union?
It's for our interest s to be Union men, even if
we had no patriotistn. But now, let rue teD
you frankly that I think you're morn of a
party man than I sou
it.. 7 —That's a d—d lie, and I wont iet any
MR Sky 110. I'm not a party man, and y o u
know it! '
L:—Keep your tempSr, sir. It's always a
sign that one's in the wrong when he gets
angry in debate. Now, I insist upon it that
you area party man, and will show ion how.
Take our own county of Erie. Loot: at the
men who claim to be fOr a Uniou of tali par
ties and see who they are. I went into the
Court House through curiosity, when
,the last
Convention met; and who did I see , Why
exactly the same old faces that have heen st
the head of the ' ! opposition for years', • They
put a ticket in the field, labeled it Union, and
all you enemies of Democracy went it just
the same as you always did the Whig, the
Know Nothing, or the Republican ticket. In
1511 wo had a real Union ticket made up of
men from all parties: . Vet you, and ,most of
the old Republicans opposed it, and supported
that headed 0' Mr. Lowry, which was the re
gular party ticket. So, too, we Democrats
put in the field title fall a most excellent
tickei, three of: whose members had; been to
the Star, • and : whose loyalty couldn't be
doubted, yet yet! Republicans bitterly, opposed
it, and defeated; those gallant soldiers'hy three
thousand votes; In your State nominations,
I - find the same bitter partisanship prevailing.
Curtin and Agnew are both old Republicans.
The Convention which nominated them was
made up wholly of Republicans or renegade
Democrats who have espoused Abolition doc
trines. Yet . you all voted for Curtin in pre
ference to Woodward, whom every men in the
State knows to be as Mr ahead of Curtin in
ability and integrity as true ahead
of shoddy loyalty.
lt.—l didn't vote against Woodirartl be
cause he is a Democrat. I voted apbinet him
because he isn't 'as good a Union man as
Curtin. . . • ';
D.—There, riur partiian feelings' stick,ont
again. You call a man- a Union man if be
happens to agree with your . 4 eleets;, if be
down t, he's a • traitor.. Now, may it net be
that a person can be an honest patriot, and
yet have very widely different views from the
President and his Party.:
11.--Nn. I. doge FAliimP he rsn
nand by the'Protttidont,
'll —so We Mint when he ober 1 1 , a Colima- ,
infirm. and acts for the hest interests of the
country. When he doe' not, it is tsar ((ttty to
to rontiemn his tossintree, ith‘l 1111 his
/ 3
p .es fit the expiration of his .te m with a
Pre 'dent who will truly maintain the honor
and in titiltions of the country. , Y n ftepub
beans w thl have the President th matter of
el \
the peopl Wi • Domocrats• heliepe him to
he their tier nt. it is a• singul theory.
and novei bete . heard of in this ion, that
the people who e ro. s pnhlio elite have no
right to criticise h i c r.
P..--Well,.its patio late, and 10 .
l have t
th\ ip\
?a We'll talk over rh e matte rt again. I
find you're better posted in t hese things
than I am, hat the next titae, , 'll ilh•resdy for
you. Good-hie " .
„11—(I'aking his hand) grind- e I tut
sorry to know yen ve gni so fivera n attack
of eopperlien.l on the brain. It's a rows
disease and makes ,3 great manyi oth .
good men' to lead unhappy lives--.hat .g
their neighbors, calling them traitors, &c.
I Think over what Fee said, mid you may Ind
relief; Fut if you don't,' take a good dose of
Constitution tea for a week. mired with eci
. tracts • froMlWashington's, Jsokion's, Wee
' ster'e 'Clay's and DOnglaa's writings, an di I
. •
*Haire' yon,yuti will soon get well. °mid-
Ile. , , —
, ,
, NASSAU' Eaceez.—A woman, suppsed,
to be dead, was removed to the hospitai . pt
illtdah, ht Algeria , for the•phrpose of, beuag
ghbjeekel to I pot morfem 4 buinination,
Comte° Wing" appeared Inexplicable to tke
toodisial mew who had attended , her. As the
tumgeoli *i about, to make use of the aerapiet
sad conseape her dissection, the supposist
emu uttered s limd Arial; sad eat up. She
heg,beept. In a, state of lathing, Mid mute
• c •
HE'S War giorouS Ginutry's Ode,
I , Llttls ;
Ha'a mu glorious trouatrir 'a ir,:te.
Little Slec.
fitei,s our glorious ZOlLuiry's
HO )Isa truth upon his side, •
Au 4 our fore wiry no's; dew!,
. Ltttle 1144., Lath, Mar ;
No; our twitt us'et Ast,o•
itriciamier. Oct. 114,1t04. • ?..jt rt. W
dad we stared Croat der to day
ldkotke dwarf' of Unites goo. b)
• Who, as Northeiu. info& 0 1 Y,
Do their shoulders keld the sky.
—Loads/leais Nfre.
:—. It is well said that the reasoning which
cOnfouhds the Admiuistration with the GOV.
errnment is just that which would confound
the ea taln of a steat
utboat with the steamboat
-.-4 eattunporttry hays, "that eternal vigi.
lama :is the price of Liberty." . No, sir.'
three hundred dollars is the price of Liberty!
Cosi Ton NVITSPAPLE Boaaorrzev.—Why ie
a newspaper like a teothbruah ?: D'ye giie it
up? Because everybody should have ono of
his own and not horror big neighbor'!.
Mize ors "FAST PIaiALP."--WO are pain
ed to :learn tint the famous trotting mare
"Flora .Temple," which ins got over the
ground in better time than any other piece of
horse flesh on record, died at Belfast,'Nftiinei,
on the 19th ult. 'She had. trotted at Bangor a
few days previously, and took a sudden cold,
which, brought on as attack et' the distetaper,
of which she did.
Tali LATpIT ,Sstenotaxa Dont: P..—There is no
end ti-the dodges resorted to in order to smug
gle whiskey through cur lines to the soldiers.
Eggs have been filled with r. g. whiskey and
shipped in barrels. Tin hustles charged with
the corn juice, have heen, imported into camp
by (mimic express. But now is certain enter
prisie4. warden has readied the climax of in- ,
gennity—stie, sports glom percha breasts,
filled with old Bourbon of the best quality and
greatest ago. From these the soldiers' quaff
copied, draughts. • It must seem like “coming
back to first .principles."
New liampshire paper says those who
went to_ Lebanon one day. last week, far
examination, were shcieked to see a white man
there;; followed by -hie young son, whom he
was endeavoring to sell at the highest price as
substitute. The man, at last, after much
bautering, sold his boy for $456, and pocket.
ed the greenbacks with the coolest satisfaction,
while , the boy dejectedly passed lets the Pra
vest's °floe to report for service. ,
. ,
—ln his report of the Chickamauga bend,
B. F., Taylor repords the following taot:
saybOy thinks that when our men are steeli
er' uitots the field they fill the air with cries
and greens, till, it shivers with such evidences
of agony, he, 4 greally errs. An arm is shattered,
a leg carried away, a ballet pierces the breast,
and the soldier, sinks down ' silently upon the
ground. or creeps away, if he ran, without
s martunr or ..omplaint the sparroi
falls speecitleq.sly, and, like that sparrow,
esrnestly hPlietie , fall noc without noteliy the
Father. The in,f, hones giv..s on , itSTearftil
utterance of shoos( hunrm 4utTerins, but the
men le , l ri,1••1. i i Mil
er.l.•L d* tote?, the r,tt ituuto,
the 6hrietz 111,- r. l•rt fed
eral .-hert.; ith.t dot al.l,,< ,. ..rihsb!r 1111.1/.llone
of g i ria•linef, •phnterinsc "-Ain&
rnak - e np of the tattle-tield •.
We Must
' .4 5,14.
is •
lilt( of Pretii.lont Lincoln , Ile rya% waited
tti.qtt with :t complain. alit
GOD. litaut drinks tna Hutch telthzky. • , eln
yon tell mi. wUrre Goo, Grant get. , whiii
ky oßked Iho bocoume, continued
he; —it 1 Oen find :tut. 1 . 1 attad every rierrril
in the 'held a itorrel or :"
eierla i 4 in circulation that r
some no hundred rio , l fiery twokere in Wall
et'i'et, who !lin you!! Elio wore worth nothing,
orlless - i hen nothing. are now worth etch from
$260.040 to $2;600,900, all from the exPen•
MOD of thr. rorr'ent! y WA the movements of
Government, tic qtr. I,CP3ttut tiror. ban
Qr bud in the Ilifferein arsenals throughoit
the country seven hundred tholviand stand of
oftfled hundied thousand of which are •
ire. The ntunber is rapidly increa.doit,
the - .ringtield nimsufactory alone turning ottt,
26,000 rifled tatiskets every month.
'Advertiser; in noticing the case of an idloilo
boy nametArshibald, who murdered a boy in•
the altshonso in that city. sayv:—" It . is a
fact, that ilioniti he known , that the parentsk
this :hey i hnie' . hed tweety•oue children, 411
sffirliesn r were iMbicites, ,and this, again, *W
11* to the ' fang /that. they were own cont-
Um What i •vrerning • should this probe
4 i, t h ose who wield marry hlood relations 'ad
thereby satiiii - on their offspring all the ilia
tb s t lash, is hhir t0."7 • . ,
j Luroaa's ibars...DArr."—yr. 'Ai w a l e,
bast :OW aostiaa Ma early Oros,
Bend Sick Little afar.
AIL Love. In Geraleak."—All
-Oh Lints blade era,
•64241 him Miele! ~ !r a
Ok t Little Xtell, awe,
dead him Seri
Ile's • soldier dear to roe •
Ind wad for his coantry
Ila Rd rather facht than Re,
itentl him blek 1 Bad bit) tack
Be wad rather ;edit than d*e:
~ : end his hark.
Ok Little !Lei ars!
, goad him back t.arL
OM LittkYsoY , awe,
Bad blm hart.
litei the 'idol of hit u.a/,,
aad hie worth , yt Come lea ,
Hasa wield Os sword or ken,
Road Weals& f Pond bun tact •
tie's at hose en' sword or ran,
:feud him tack
sonzettlint Left Undone
Litimir with w hat aal yon will,
4 nuiething AIM human,'
Solar thin, noedmplo 011
%Vait+the,rininZ of tl,r , fi• •
Llithe bedside, oe the fruit,
At the threshold, :Ask 14. gstes
With its nredsee or rte prayer,
I.lkb a amhilitint 1! walla.
Waite. sod will not igu- **ay ,
yratta, in will not he gs:opti.2
Li the fires of yosterds7
Car-11 today hnalec max,
Tak at length It io, or Remo,
Groster.tban oar strong% can bur :
dt the buidao of our ithosias,
l'reasinr, on us everywhere
Pen, Paste and Scissors.
i..a.,,~.+ , <s~"'ti+`+-tea"'
from which he drawl a kilos of political wilt.
dom. Act had once to plow with a lazy old
ham named Dar!
"It Was my business," says His Excellency,
to guide the plow, while my assistant, to the
beg ' (4 //II ability, with I two handed hickory,
kept old Davy in motion. We were all creep.
log along, old Davy taking .ottr blows and otir
abuse, when stuklealy he moved off at the pace
of a young colt just - put la ,the harness.—
.Wha'n the matter I enquired. - said
my brother, 'it's a great big horks-tly fastened
on old Davy'e'neek ; *ball I drive him off V
'No, no,' said I, 'as long as he keeps old Davy
going at thli rate. - let the horse-ily alone.
With his assistanco we shall get a heap of
work out of old Davf : '; - So it ie with Mr.
Chime. The next Presidency is his hortsty,
end it makes the Patriotic Secretary as lively
at his work at old Darr. Let the horsey
toga correspondent of the Bolton Post, in n
gossiping letter abont "Whet they do at the
Springq,' givel . publieiry to the follottitigits
or sip 01:
• "It chanced, the , other evening, at one of
the great hotels, that' a gentleman,, seeking in
vain for a, candle with which to light himself
to hie room, at a late hour, passed a
. young
lady who had two candles, of which she polite
ly offered him one. , lie took it and thanked
her ; and the neat morning acknowledged the
tmortesy in the following epigram. Luckily
for the poet (for his epigram Would have been‘
pointless,) the -young lady was no handeente as,
the was polite
TOO gate =We candle; I gars you my thanks,
sui add—as a c3oopllcaut jaatly your
`fhsre isn't a girl in Um* teminioe ranks, .
it ho she tria7l hold a ear.dle to you !"
—The indult of Digitise women into Now
Orlesrm from the mirrounaing country le al:
ready ft qubjeot of much local concern. Many
of them, who are utterly unlit for housowork
of any kind, tire ••tud to be Using in idlenes.
and want.
8. B. ellittenden, of lhooklyn, in a
letter to 3loses F. Odell, offers to pay3lo,ooo
to two hundred recruits to fill up the thinned
ranks of the Fourteenth Brooklyn regiment.
Where it the man in this vicinity whose,
loyalty" will impel him to follow Mr. ('.•s
—TheAbolition town of Torrington, Con
nection', sends tour men to' the war out of
twenty-one drafted. Oh, what patriots those
roaring, red-mouthed "war" advocates are.
Snoortmo a Cow.--Jacob Teal, of the One
Hundred and Seventh New-York regiment,
was committed to the guard-house at Wash
ington; lately, by Captain Todd, on the charge
of shooting a cow belonging to a poor woman.
The accused stated, in extenuation, that be
was sentinel on duty, and the cow came along.
'He challenged her, but she - not giving the
countersign, he fired upon•her.
Saocs:-tho DICTPTION well-known
eciestifir man in New-York city, some years
since, found himself
by boye,.who
rang his door-bell and ran away. So_the doc
tor ground out a heavy charge -of electricity,
led a win to the door-bell knob, and sat down
to wait. Shortly there was a horrible howl,
a bumping and a falling backward down the
front steps. } The boy was half-murdered by
the shock-Land the doctor's troubles from
that source where definitely ended. .
—Prosecutions of ladies in Volhynia (Po
land) for the wearing of mourning, are more
numerous lately. In our 'country, the mour
ners will .soon be (as is feared in Poland) a
formidable majority.
—The town of Dunkirk, N. Y., assesses
nearly 350 dogs, and what is noteworthy is
the' fact- that of the owners of these animals,
142 persons own no other tazalde property tut
the doge
—"Jemmie," said one Irishman to another,
the first time he saw a locomotive, "what is
tbat.snorting baste ?" "Shure I don't know,"
was the reply, "unless it's a stameboat splur
gite, to get to wather."
—A college student being examined in
Locke, where he speaks of our relations to the
Deity, was asked, "What relations do we most
neglect':" when he, answered,,with much sim
plicity, "POor relations, sir." •
—What curious people those Frenchmen
are. About ten kill themselves every day.
Safeties show that three hundred thousand
have thus• died in France within the preseni,
—The Albion says: New Jersey is imita
ting Illinois, in the endeavor, through legisla
tive enactments, to keep the irrepressible negro
from her borders."
--A single firm pays one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars a year to the London Titnes,
for advertising. ,
is reported that when pen. Hooker
was about to depart for hie aew command in
the West, President Lincoln informed him
that - he had an important charge to give him.
"What is it!" asked the General. President
Lincoln replied: "in passing through Ken
tucky, beware of Bourbon county."
—:Agnes Pattison, described as 4m fair
little girl of about. twenty years," has been
sentenced to death in England for murdering
her infant child. Her defence, delivered with
tears, was touching: ' , I should not have
done it, had not my father put me out of doors
three years ago.'
—According to a Chattanooga correspond
ent, the Georgia militia pas &rod upon by .ot -
der - of General Bragg, because they refused
to• go out of t6eir State, and - sixty were
killed: Correspondents are apt to tell big stories
how: imes however.
AliaLoikwtTlik,—Wendell Phillip' , iv plain
ly getantka little ..rat.lted" .in the h4.a , 1 on
the nigger .tot411 , •l/ Hoy,. ortr let
one of hie latr vpeerliev. Aiueh ntro,ly di eti
low real iile ihn prrfluetion ..1 a riPlll in )114
proper mind
-Anasignaintiou: retoctuber t ilk, lilt.
est of you :
_thst, on the fourth u 1 J u l y . Isu 3.
you hoar(' n tam say. ilini k the light of sh,
history, in virtue of .-r,,ry..4%gr• la , ever read.
ha was an :Liu - Motu ),Ikotii4t to the ittrusst ex
tent. (Applnuie.i I linve no hope fur the tu•
ture, ns this eountry lia4 no past, but in
tau' liat rsingliv . - t f race: iihicA 1J Gni :
mat Acid of eivWcimp and etc:Wing 11,e iccrld_ (1.6u4
applause Nnt the amalgamation of Host'
'Xiousues., barn or 41..1 , 44y—5nit the - rnin
'Loth rane4- 41111 that g ra.tuwl and sarricaisaiy
'union, in hneporalli 17wreittge, which has mingled
s it,,ther runes, And from ,which springs the
present phaso of European and Northern civ
this constant, happy flow of spirits'!" ""No
secret, doctor," replied the mechanic ;
here one of the hest of wives, and When Igo
to work. ehr olwcya lies a lin.l word of en
couragement for me ; and when I ;go home
she pnets tee with a smile and kin, and she
is sure to he reedy; and she has been doing
many things during the day to please me, and
I cannot fintl 'it in my heartio speak undid
to anybotly,!" What an influence, thee, lath
woman over the heart of men, to soften it,
and saki it the fountain of cliental and pure
media t Speak :gently, thee ; , a happy
nestle sad a kjad wind of greeting, atter the
tails et the day are oval; Bost noggin& and p
u trwerlissakiag skew loopy aloil postal.