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    uric Atictitig tObscrytt.
pA., .4A-ruitt)A v. SEPT 10 -1465.
lbserver for TweutyFlye Cents.
Jer ihAl the er Inv o b ta i n es
irculxti„n sr 1)(14gil)1#. during the tew
hat yrt remain of the p.diticil cani
♦e have concluded to send it for two
fur twenty-tive cent•. giving subset-J.
prtvilege of cuturaeuciwg any period
t his date and the day cf election The
be promptly discontinued at the
an of thp INC9III month, unless other
mare given.
ust now that the friends of the cause
actively to work, and endeavor to place
of the Observer in the bends of each of
Ighbors. There le snore to he made
dissemination of trio Democratic jour
by all *UMW 'Meerut. 7 ,
Are You Assessed I
Democrat ahoujd lestnedtately see that
e is upon the asseaSment list of hie
p or election district.
t of this important matter may de
,m of his tote on the, day of election.
been and will be the game of Aboli•
store to neglect to assess Democrats ,
en asked to do so, and even when they
noised to do it.
Abolition officials, who have such idyls
sworn,duty, there Is no safety for a
sue vote{ but in feting his name PI-
u can get assessed to-day, do not wait
-morrow. When you meet the a9sce
se up the business at- once, and if he
ree that your name is re-
ope every Democratic voter in the
ill attend to this matter at the earli
. tanity., With a fair field and no
, the day is our own Venango Spec-
TUNATIC-111 Warren county the draft
weptltie Ledger office, hitting the pro
ad two of the workmen.
SACKS.—Tbose of our readers who
sour sacks will find it to their ad
to deal with hfessrs. McCord &
y, if this city. These gentlemen have
g experience in the business, and as
.ufacture their own sacks, can sell
r terms ihan any 'other dealers in the
They make both cotton and manilla
f a superior quality.
St Great Western Eaileray has estab
michine shops at Meadville, Penns.
erected a large somber of comfort.
am for its employees, which are
id to thitm at low prices. Every oc.
Aso pays is rent for ten years and
l r
in the Co pony ' s service that length
is then a ecitive a deed of the house
,Pitt urg Post.
procured ;by the Widows, Orphans,
of kin of thou Who have died in the
the United States; also, by Soldiers
. who are disabled by wounds re
disease contracted, upon application
Oitt!rsra, Licensed Military and
.ito Agent. Office in the Common
Room, Wight's 11h:telt. corner State
sts, (tinder. the Divatch office,)
The Girard Union has a conantunica-
Looltpori describing a Republican
at that plea.. which was addressed
Couse and Cleo. H. Cutler. Among
tags OW Mr. Cutler is represented
said is this:
there 'was but two parties now in
try, one for and the other against
try, and as _for him he belonged io
help the countly; say we, if Mr.
his class are the only men who are
t "saving" it
Dictsios.—The tenoning opin
idge Advocate Oeueral Holt, relative•
men who have failed to report for
important to the publio :
)N.—Undire the 13th Poetical of the
Int Act•tt Is - clear that a party drafted
ing to furnish a substitute or pay the
Lion must do so on or bet)re the day
his appearance: The privilege ex
lb that day. If he fails to report
and 'is arrested as a deserter, he has
right to go before the Board of En
and prove
_that he is not liable to
try duty. But if, in hearing his
nemptioa, he is held to be liable, he
inspe person' service. He is also,
toh cirsumstances, subject to lie pro•
against as a deserter.
, lamas B. Pair,
Provost 'Marshal General
CUJITIN ATCosts,—Our Republican
should keep a more watchful eye
Curtin and his ••staff." If common
Al Corry be true, the Governor's visit
place will nol be apt to, make him
Its amongst the moral portion of that
ty o
ether commune . V are informed
or three diffe rent' urees / that the
was in a condition much ate' few good
(4 Pennsylvania would like to know
it EZillelltille was in the habit of get
), and we earnestly hope for the sake
vple, and the respect that is due to
' station Gov.'Curtin occupies, that
rumors relative to personal hob
not be correct. It is stated, with how
nii we do not - know, that the Republi
'orry are about to send a petition to hie
ty, asking him to' refrain from visit
place any mare, unless hp desires to
almost: unanimous vote cast against
We hear curious stories about the
lent's dog" and one . other member of
La" having missed the cars at Corry.
li,soate one of our numerous patrons in
einity give Ili further particulars about
tier' • '
The Elk Adiocate,. - publisiied in ithis
tiontl district, Wetc the following
ion of • sad airair,•whinh bits caused
:table comment in our community :
(111/./1 Suor.—Mrs. Smith of Portland,
maty, was shot through tbs breast by
Provost Marshal, Andrew M'Clane,
rday night, the Cub, inst., about ha lf
'clock, when 'etsarding on the steps in
her own door. The facti in the case
1 5 we have been able to gather them,
Alone. Her husband, Daniel Smith,
t)Palled to be a deserterlrota the led
at, and consequently the marshal Ar•
kite oft Saturday afternoon. Mr. Smith
e would go aldnutritb him, but wanted
re and put on a clean` shirt before he
The marshal told him that it was
t. and while he would be doing so, be
get his horse hitched to the baggy.—
getting the bone ready, he called for
sad found hiuOmissing. lie then swa
t some two or three persons to his assist
and after night went to the house to ar
olth. The men that be called to his
ice were,etatloned at the back pert of
ISO, as a guard, and be went to the
trtoshen he saw Smith and his wife
ig on the steps talking. The arrange
r*, made, when he, left the party, that
ceded assistance he trauld,lirs a pistol
' which he did, and the Consequence
• Smith was instantly killed.
Brief Paragraphs.
Sisr. The I I Ith regitnest has been incress
e'd its niunber:hy the addition of 268 consort i s
end substitutes sent oil frow Philadelphia.
oar Persona having wool to dell ,
Ile advertisement of Mr. H. 8. Minter of in,
:oil' The huff*lo papers Gil that the *
steamer receive.l, km Monday il
. o
last work, .to addition to her armamest of
tWo ytelre poirud howitzers. 1
ger Wm. Galbraith, Esq., will address
a peutocratic meoiug 741 ilorlOar Creek, this'
(Saturday) afternoon, the 21st lust, at 2
Ael., The did regaueat has recekeed as
ditiun tti its riaks, of over a hundred can.
Betio), taken uts (rum Yhiladelplita, L.). Capt.
Nit- We have heard nothing recently of the
wan who evil—"lf I am dratted, I shall go."
The presumption is, that 'he bas gone and::
paid his exemption or get clear in some other
ger The /.114et Mass Meeting at Corry,
proposed to be held on the . = inst., bds been
postponed, on sccount of the Absence of one
of the principal speakers. The 44 and ar
rangements will be announced in'hautibilly:
ger Prof. Herring •will give a conceit in
Wayne Hall, on Thursday evening, the 24th
inst., on which occasion be will perform a
number of pieces on his celebrated instrument
the "Palmelodiatil"
lft„ The weather 'during the whole of the
present week. has , been veritarlkably warm,
resembling the middle of &Ili. Almoit
everybody we meet is siNctect by it—"spring
feveribb': like.
ger We had the pleasure last week of
calls from two of our editorial brethren—
Sidney Kelsey, Esq., of the Conneaut Repo,.
•ter, 'and F. H. Braggins, -Eaq., of the Con
nrautnifle Record. We like them both—all
u t their politics.
or The late boat expedition against Fort
Sumter was led by our gallant fellow citizen,
Capt. T. H. Stevens. We feel satisfied, from
what we know of Capt. S., that,hattit been
,within the bounde of possibility to capture
the Fort, he would have takeu•it:
gin. The-editor of the Gazette claims John
W. eorney as n the friend and companion of
his boyhood." If we are not mistaken, it' Is
not many years since he abused this n friend
and companion of his boyhood," with as M I
tlo mercy as he now displays 'towards Goy.'
Seymour and Judge Woodward. •
as. The members of the County -Conven
tion have our heartiest thanks for the very
liberal "donation to the printer," made to, us,
at ttte close of the proceedings. it. was the
more pleasant, because entirely unsolicited'
and unexpected, and adds one more to the
many evidences of kindness displayed to
wards us by the Democrats of the county.
as. While in Erie on dui 10th, we saw a
buggy containing three men, run over a boy,
some 10 or 12 years of age. Both wheels
passed over his bodyemd literally pressed him
Into the dust. lie immediately jumped up,
stood for a msment or two, as if to realize his
position, and commenced to yell
with a face and hair full of dust, bobbled .off,
more scared than hurt.—:-Ctmeraut Reporter.
Imo. Some two dozen conscripts and sub
stitutes left this city for Pittsburg on Wed
nesday. During the night, they were put
into a guard house at Cleveland, from which
five of the substitutes managed to make their
escapeL This makes eighteen substitutes in
alt that have "skedaddled," out of the num
ber railed in this district.
VS. A !tie in Buffalo, on Monday night s
destroyed warehouses to the value of $120,000.
;The property was the "Old Checkered Ware
house," occupied by the Erie Canal Associa
tion, Billings & Dickinson, ship biokers ; Fish
&, Joy, and R. J. Moe, forwarders ; Joseph
Barber, ship chandler and Protest & Son, sail
makers. Also, the warehouses owned by
Pease & Trowbridge, and the warehouse .of
Wilkins, Parkey & Co.
pa. Mr. C. H. Lynn, a brother of the
local editor of the Dispatch, and a compositor
upon that ; paper, was assaulted on Thursday
night of last week,- by -trio men dressed as
soldiers, who first gagged him, and then rifled
his pockets Hs struck on. of them a blow
with his cane, when the other iffecl a pist.,l
at Lila, the contents passing through his left
hand. The affair took plane its front jf the
Reed Housi.
awl. Andrew G. Curtin. has imposed upon
the soldiers by farming them uu t go his
friends, and then denying that ha had em
ployed them.
The shove is the testimony of the Pittsburg
Gasttle, tee lending Republican journal in
Western Pennsylvania. A paper of the Wm
name and political charaoutr, published. in
this city, calls t*Governor the '' . soldierti v .
k'risnd," with how much truth and propriety
e leave our reader* to judge after reading
he above extract.
hlrniri!Ram B. Reed is announoed to
iipes Meadville, away off in Erie county,"
II Is Meadville In Elie county ? Forney should
Understand Pennsylvania, geography.—Rcen
te,g Journal.
We were at a lon to account for Forneyi
unexpected visit to this section, but we lase
the matter fully explained - by the above.
Forney was probably seeking the location of
Meadville. cA„
sir A correspondent having made inquiry
n the infamous lines commencing
-Teardown the flaunting lie,
Half-mast the, starry tag,
erect in the 14. Y. Triburie, we have
la pains to hunt the matter up, and-find'
that the poem was first published in theitiun
ber of that paper
_printed 'on the 18th of
June, 1854. • .
6g6. The Capt. Benson," it seems.
has not subsided entirely, se we supposed; and
hoped, - for the sake of the public. Heise re
cently turned up as a speaker at a Republican
meting in Clarion county, and the edithr of
the Darsorrat helps him on the way to glorj by
th following , notice of his ef f ort:
"Nir. Benson, Provost Marshal of some die.
tries, took the stand and bawled loudly, ear: .
like, against Buchanan, Vallandighana, Jeff.
Davis, Copperheadti, &c., failing to give seen
ace or word of argument in favor of the
dininistration or the war policy that is juiti•
ed by truth or reason. lie was interrupted
py screachea from the faithful—took a sup of
ater (?) and retired from 4e stand."
We should 'like to hsve`heard the "valiant'
Captain's" speech. It Must have been a per ;
feet "extinguisher." (
, .
\ lei. The glass blowers are so well grnti;
bed with their visit, to our city that they'in
tenkl remaining until the close of nexewieli t "
iye have not bad an opportunity to attend
their entertainments, further than a few-tui
notes on Wednesday evening, bites* tar iie We
„, .. •
lizire seen, we are impressed im.ta , itriepsor.,.
he Messrs. Wooaroffe, are seallateitiOti the
I' , It sense of the term, and in all respects de-
!relax of 'patronage. If they Lad notitiatg
iae of interest to exhibit, their fait!Mad
iestu-engine, the Rost. tieitityul"pieei;of
soliattism we hate seen for • loirg . period;
made entirely of glass, and running :witbiliii
fpreol,..sion and safety of aa
I alone be worth the prkeloasiitihnOtlet tojeei,
TIIESI!it - , OCTOBER, Sth, 184.5.
We are:requested - to - annohnce that a
Of the Democracy_Of
.the - ,lsiorth West
has been detertnineeon - by the estate
Central COunnittee, to be: held in tliis
city on'tpe Gth of October. .
• Eminent Speakers will be present,
the names of whom -wilt be announced
next Ueek..
DICNOCIA.TICVO: Coyrsartox.—T h e County
COnventiou `ansembled In Wayne Hall, on
Tueedai N afterooou, at 2 o'clock", and Tout or
ganized by the election of CoL B. Y. , Norris,
of Summit, a veteran of the lite.trar vrith
Englend, as.Citeurneu.
Lloyd, of Waterferd trinship,
and Therese Mellen, of North East towisb!p:
were chosen Vice• Presidents.
ileortte W. Cinnuieon, of Erie, and Dr. J. d
Skiable, of Albion.were selected ea &tertiaries
The list of delexates virarLealleclower:lnk4*
'euusisted go follows .
-Erie District Shannon, Colonel
Benjamin Grant.
'24.1 District—J. %I. Kuhn, Jacob Boats.
Bit District—P. P. Liebe', J. A. Hasa; (start
stituted.for S E. Neiler.)
4th liistrict—G. W. Gunnison. Joseph 1.
Tanner, `substituted for J. Ross Thampson.)
Mill• Creek—Wm. Henry, John Burton,
Wilson Laird, John Ragan, Peter boeadts.
Harbor Creek—Jtunes Bromley, Wm. Divid
son; Jeremiah Canty, Winless Hohmann.
North East te.—Jemes Welsh, E. P. Hit
ford, Thomas Mellen..
North East born —R. A. White, Thomas
Greenfield—James Walton, Es q ., A. E. Bee-
Vemingo—James A. McCullough, Martin
V. EiOft, Samuel 44talps. --,.
Amity—Truman Stuart, U. E. Duncorabe,
James D. Phillips:. =• .
Wayas--Amos Heath, Wm. Brightman, jr.,
G. W. theacer.
Concord—H. Van Die Sa ri /Hugh Summation,
Tames Career. ' - - - ; -
Corry—Waller W. Lyle, bk/f. Johnson.
Union tp.—James liihreve, 0. Oars Smith,
William Gillett.
Union Mills Wm. McLane, Wm. Ira&
La Boouf—John 8. McLane, James Strut
hen, Simon Burger.
Waterford 141.—Joilals Osborne, Georg!
Middleton, Watts B. Lloyd.
Waterford Boro.—P. 8. Ensworth, E. Bra
dish, Robert Leslie.
Orton—James 9, Rooney, H. L. Pinney,
Hozie Brown. , ,
Summit—Col. B. F. Norris, F. J. Woolley.
McKean—E. Pinney, N. Amidon, Samuel
0. Colwell.
Middleboro—T. D. Challis.
Washington—Nelson Clute, M. Curtis,
M.. Serafford.
Edinboro—Dr. J. C. Wilson, W. P. Bared.
' Franklin—J. T.. Kimble, Jackson 744,11 t:
.Elk Creek—H. Pomeroy, Chain roma,
D. Al: Wood.
Conneaut—A. Pomeroy, Nelson Bawdy,
Albion boio—C. E. Lincoln, Dr. likields
kipritagBel4—qoMtiert -
Girard tp.— Edward Gall, James Wright, 0.
Girard boro.—David Olin, Henry Brooke...
Lockport—U. Pbelps, ' Lyman Badger, R.
Fairview-4. Beckman, Amos Stone, Sanel
Thitickee nominated is u follows, all the
persons upon it being chosen by acclamation :
Assembly—Cot Hlrsui L. Brown, of Erie,
Watts B. Lloyd, of Waterford tp.
Prothonetary—Lient. W. 0. Colt, of Water
ford boro.
Register ,1- Recorder—LieuL Calvin L. Ran
dall, of Girard boro.
Commitrioler—,Dr. R, J, Osborne, Waype. ,
District 7tiorney--Capt. b. W. Hutobiaaoa,
Girard boro.
Director of Me Poor- 7 -Joha Uhr, lifillereek
Auditor—H. L. Planiy. Greene. •
- Storgyor—lssna.B. Tyler. Waebiaiteo.
TrasteeslPrit Academy—John Gunshotloner,
G: A. Bennett, John B. Gunnison.
Triulem Water/Ord.:legal/v-ISW M. White,
James Stranahan.
It was agreed not to nominate s candidate
for Clerk of the Courts —Capt. J. C. Hilton, of
the 145th regkeenkw he leeks leg at the bate
tie of Gettysburg, baring been recommended
for that position by the officers of tie regl.
'meat, to the people,
_without distinction of
The following County Committee was ap
pointed for the. ensuing year : Gal
braith, Erie. Chairman; John. littmeon, Mid
Creek ; C. E. - litinecirabe r Atnity.s Jas. Strew :
alma, Lelltrue ; 1). C. Kennedy, Wayne ; D.
W. Hutchinson, Girard ; Flubs Bradiab, Wa
tielor4 ; Nelson Chile, :IMO:lore; Besjiuldri
Whitman, Erie
-Mier some minor bueinena, the Convention
adjourned, with thraaltearty °been for AS
State and County ticket; and the Union.
publican Co. Convention met is the Court
House, at 2 o'clock, on Monday atientoon—
skills old party managers being present. -
The iollotiltylolßears:weist elected : • ' -
President. 7-7.. L Webster, Summit.
Vice Presidents- 7 P. D. Bryant, Harbor
Creek; W. K. Black, Venango.
Secretaries—W. W. „4,yon, .and A. ft. Kel
logg, bothtof Erie.
Mears. Vincent and 'Twicheli withdrew
their names as cluiditistas for Assembly, and
the vole being taken on a nomination fur that
position retutted u follows: •
Bryan S. till, Wattaburg, 64; Philip Os
born, ,Girard, 20 ;John B. Clockes, Erie,
47; -P: P. Parsons, Union, 117: Geo. H. Vat
ter, Girard, 42.
Messrs. Hill and Cochran having received
a majority of the 'vet* were-dedared the
nominees of the Convention. •
For Prothonotary, the vote stood.:
George W. Colton, Erie,46; Hoary Butter.
fiebt Erie, TY; Cape. Dyer Loomis, North
East, 16.
Mr, Butterfield withdrew kis name before
the second ballot., and another• vote being
Laken, kir. Colton' wee ummisated, tha iota
standing far the latter 63, for t:nand* 26.
Capt. J. C. Hilton, of this - city, liras Mall •
mouely "nominated for Cork of the Court&
Samuel see, jr., vas vs nominated for
sister and Recorder.
For District Attorney, J. F. Downing and
Lieut.; Col. D. B. !McCreary were balloted for,
the vote standing—Downing, CS; liktePteirs,
27. • r
Ths rest of the nominations ant as fellow*:
• Cotomissioner L C Boyd, Waterford; Direc
tor of.. the Poor, Thomas Willis, Mill Creek':
Auditor. Owen, itesd, McKean; Surver,
P Holliday, Springfield:- Trusties Kiln
Academy, Jonas, Gunnison, Wm S Brown,
John M Justice. •
•Ttle COUNTY CONVINTION.—The t einem
tioP Syhich wvae:,ipin.
Theislar, list;
,Nr s tio ohe of -thysioat • hatisow
Pious' pnd • eitiossiastiei 'bodies thiit. Situ. ..Pet
ti: Trrie Cou Esitly 41striot lir the oottatb
419ktir I!o4:Fmiv="
lasliiff. ',old we atilt W 4 1141.4 Alleo.- 1 4 1 _ oa
the septa oT stklitotttpliAit i v iusti tptelligeace it
kU *ad rev syQpciopt~ig
A sa Cpwe4tioa aid
similar character taa4 -IqattAtpts : plattk.o4l4'
Ala There POSA,.!i.lne. 1 1 4 , ISIA.1, 0 110Mtio,
nasOiers, and thitt:6l 4 ottiositormiveist , lor this
mom and a Pros rApolifilit",:iisf•ittikii 3 Of
eicalOrteutber to-labs it pith all bis seer.
. •
are iree t j i s M 1,04
topther of -...Vmsellfiftlllit*
. toarls 4.1 6.lifity. thr .11:1411411Itlire 11 NOT ALCOHOLIC !
_was - Ifurrekttlehidintil-nf ike spirit. in each
section, and' the eucourse i lig-report, they/ ere
brought Lb, every delegate; if lb. iliaW 4 4
progress of DiviSp#aVy;4ao*, 6l 6
baPB PeettikiAir, 1 144..4ft5.
The candidetee preatititlA f u r . O l i t: P9P" I
'Of the people are ? ,ttielt - Vr
pattiotisqa. 4 , llrepotslieua tto!ti SO" l'ro 4 flj
of their “loyiliyal' ny gallvtit services in the
present wet,' adoitme was. 41.
'war with Mexico, and still another Was a
capato to nut Grit regiment (of three months',
men) which :deft'; this city to aid ii.' putting
dowa the teltsltl. t -We bit:ill have inure to
say of !ha ticket hereefter; and Meanwhile
we urge upon our friend' a united nod active
effort to give it; the largest support at tll
polls on the Oiti of October nett
WuultWitrit end ' Freed Ont.
ia - -!.aalrLa Car or fiararox
Yes, wi II !tidi l y: eonti.i:Atot Flag. boy.
Selig owe mile, -
Shoat* fra. Won Siesta end fur Freeiranz
We'll telly Mena the hillettet,
Well Oki!' Ikea the plaint,
Sheeting tot illtnntlwira and fir Fienniesa 1,
Clionn—The tlelneintever I hurrah, boys, burratk !
Taira with Oppressing', -
Up with the Law
%lOW we tally toned Our Vise, boys,
Rally ohne *pia,
Shanractor ilieeihrsod and fur Freedom t
Woorosrallytni to the polk boy*,
Three Isendzird tboustod more,
bootfig !qr Toadward nod for '
A IVA NIl tabilisAi flak 4.111411.
As osr &thy!s did of pot,
Sbourbop fax ifoolwari and for Potsdam !
Croats—no ballo:bosiererwri hurrah, boy born& I
Dots seith Oppression. •
Op wills the Lis
While id rally roma the Polls, boys,
Rally Naos onto,
enoailaritsr Woodward sod for firearm I
WI *al wolcoaio to our number
Ile Eloaos;;Troo au4 Bran,
Btioutl4 for Woodward and for Freedom . :
Altboagatio Ifiay M prow,
no Asa motor be a slam
PlboaLlag for Ittoirisirt awkllor Fpredotri
Cwoara—lhe !Jidda forms,
' IV* will blur* re the polls, boys,
i" rue tbo &Mt Ind from tits Wm;
illosslistreor Woodward mid for !remloss:
-►M well twirl Oppression's enter,
' WOM lb. doers and the rest,
To Most for Woodward sod for Freedom I
Caosual-ths ballet-box forstrer, de.
. A Ooon Talus.--Our beighbcirs in Ohio,
both Democritts and Republicans, .have been
soutenhai tutfortunate in getting candidates
with odd namesi t and not a few people Sad it
impossible to ancertain their correct pronun
ciation. -_,Wa halt . * heard that of Mr. Valles
digham, piononticed in balf-a•dosen different
ways, and Mr. *rough's quite u frequently.
The editor of the Logan (Ohio) Overt', who
is an invetarite jokir, gets oir the following
good thing upon the Republicin candidate :
2/12 WHAT Is IT. -
Brangh's mains is a "What Is It '!" as good as
itartmun's tapir ;
How to proliontite the carious thing, nobody
seems to knew— •
One old gentleman suggeSts: "C-o-n-g-h spells
"Therefore I 'ray certain* am, his mane is
" &op," says A baker, "you are wrong,
it-o-n-th *polls doe
"Therlitors I'll beta lair of bread his name
is Johluiy Bros."
A country pedagogue 'quaked out,"B-o-u-g-h
vela bow',
And so; bet my spelling book his name Is
Johnny, Brow."
A fourth thew lad : " Hn, swears and drinks,
sad It-o-nirk slosUswmft
Therefore I'll ,wager the isle all round, the
fellow's maw is Bre."
Rd whether Brut, or Brow, or tkoa. or lan
thee We Johnny Trot,
We'll best hint!like the d--1, we know, unless
you take him of.
Maws]) Paans.—ln spealtinL ot the Iron
City Colltm - ist - Vithanvgh, Pa.r, the well
known sothoil a'rl" distinguished - accountant,
John Fleming; who has bad a practical busi
ness 'mariners of o'er forty yews standing.
my . ; aii am ioqiiiii4tid with agree). many of
the (Indust.* of thil College. yet I . never
knew one wh i r) was not au secomplishal ac
countant and, i skillful book keeper." this,
though high praise, is well deserved,. ter It is
now pretty Otherstly known. - mad admitted,
that the Iran City College hes no tilde% in this
country as a first-class Commercial School.
- Dihnsay.-41 man named Arteinue Hay
wood' was aroised on the 1111; last., in the
tint lock at the-foot of the Eteven'adle level
on the canal: !He was_ eititen of Craneseitle,
and aced about eisty year,.
• kiwi, 11KatmestAcCoLoss, an.
-&4 tress U. W. Crowell & Co., No. 211 /lupe
:Lir-Street. Cloelawil, obi*. • fehUi-tiro.
kirriuts of Administration baling bees mutat to
tbo talleritoott use au estate et Atm. S. M. 14A.
pii, deastersV Ws of North Kant baronet. trio vows.
tart-04 Notioe Ls he given to 111 venom Imolai
me indebted to Wailes to sots bosoodloto pay.
Meat, and them hiving debts *ill greennt them tit one
for settlement. ' - ' - , NOM MU,
North ilitt. A l lij.lo, %Abu% _ ` Adarbeistrstor.
tatr e arcalmest of Rabbit Goods,
litzahss, Do)* U Bads elates sad Algoarommata
Children. Panic POT6ll.llagbasl4lB4 Perranaiiri. 4c._ _
myl4l-Im. MYR 4 BURGCIak-,
'W A NE D !
isapoit Popends Clow Papirr OW.
• 4 44664 0
144. 1 0 1 i7 (14111XL1 V , T
I N•C I. A_ R s
C,E LS I 0 R'!
•. , itosvairms .
, .
,Wseit of A i r Part, First Door from 5 tate ftes.t.
Giatetid far; pad favors; the subscriber reareireirelyi
kraal the dillies anis arid vicinity, ilwa Whirs tak
and netted the Gallery rsonithy versified if D.
Climbers 'riot* 14 to peewee to eterourk-
P TOGR A . Prff 8--,-
'num (mats •
PortlitolF ottiottoo to Chilitrao sod Copylas.
• •
B. It. tucti.Lv,
IroshitiolootlaUy aososoco to Abe ladies of %no and
. • vicinity, that she ,wttioloto,
i rtritElDAY .- , APRIL 28, 18641.-
it the woof of Vow* awl FM shoots; too door*
Ninth of Ways, fWy • Wive awl a•latothl assortment
Week bout; NN - York city. mbraqsw grelY Ortkao
usually oostolood In s drat alma fatablialuotet of tho'
Dons ha the Bast and Do the moot Hasooaatdo
ltta B. tut Loo had axtessita • co to the boo.
Mi l Sonora belga!? don At, mia otittra sittataitioo.
The pahlte patrosaige fig:added. • '
1.41.131 L
fIARDEN iroaLs. - - • .
, •
Hass,' Rakes.
ft.. Cot isle (*PadlistrUt Sbani. Pods, rmirole
Aebirmissm. • . ,
owe. of Nst-wouto , tkrtAllty. lososnoteitcy, Pre-'
D.Ol, oat Vostatal Wes. Wasted by a desire
:to heaeat otbors, will be Imports) Walsh to all sibs mesa
t ;tree at obaerst tie nidpi mad .iittietiots toe -wyklag
Ur awl. Mewl/ wed la Ists ease. Those srlshiog to
pse4 by bteas s r e stoeva=and pawed a Valuable
ib ltter4
, :14111 keastas oblie bit rata Wawa tegalhi Ity
9 , 10w...bit .: , ..p,_ J ... I 'JON Ile.0601."
~ segUslis. j No. 114 Mosso tltslet, New Tort.
' '
oat cradontsiiicia,mii kilWislifwau
asinrve, ' r
ses4o.- • • BOWL 21110111211.
• -
Docit,or tioofkind's
UK JACKSON, ratpArvst;
Jaundice, CIA ronic or Nervoks
of the 1144ritys, aridull.DiteaFesaiiaivinNT t
a ;isordcred Liva:or Storwick, , . !
each •
• • ia Comelier.
tlua, Instael rum. •
• f rellireee or ttlee4 to tbs . : . —•
• , b ath, •• Heed, Acidity of lite Sim- •
_ s
~N s i gn a i a i lltoleer sk itle uo r t"r u ol ia s." 6• l:6 "s l ri akine taithlgeor
Plettiting at tea plt of the nomads, Saha
sales (OW literlaterrted salt dUlleatt itreaabtas,
Fluttertag et the Hem; Chokina or Pelirsthlt m4e -
whea e tying posters, Ithoeseeo Villas, acts
or Webs belbre the dlebt. Fever and Dalt Pala hi tlit ,
Mad, Delkteeey al Pentoptrettoa. Tanorams ot ,
the *kite and IC lee, Palo la the Side. Beek"
' - • Clio; Limbo. Arc., Sadden Fleabie of
UHL Varela( is. the . Flab, Coo
.taet laimistattoa vi best, - •
sad treat Depr•el
eton 01
AND iIt,ILL rusiravki.r kitiCVIENT
Illy WILL Mu the above abeam nlavti-glae lilt/
eat ors b
, tn► YOU WANT
1013 W•Y
TO' GET RIP or.'NEkr)l7ss*:.''
' .1
E - NERqy.?
DO T 4117 WANT
_ •
4 .
4. you VU
hen J. Motets Drone, d. D, Law f the APlerVeief:
oohs 'of lthigicres llf easkAgs.
Although not to ram or raeommedi
deadens In through distrust et thek
iota sad ; I yet brow el se aelkiest
• inks easy oat tesWy to the hesellt be Wenn
to ben received rim say sizepbs la upk
,ofist that he day thug restribute to I •
do this the we* readily regard to it Gas
man litters, prepared_ by Dr. C. D. Judaea, el tra,
bemuse I wee prejudged them tee WAS
under the Laureates thatV gi vere Welty en
madam. lam Indabtad ts my !Amid Robert lade=
110q14 file the removal of this minds* by proper
and dr epassuavneent to try then, when enkelpg ben
gnat awl sesz e r la tiaged debility. The use of derseset.
oni or tune at the toptaded or thepeontyd.r.
yea Waned by ni t and neeswe lie ado
res' of bodily aNd mental Tiger Willa I bad 119 t: /Mr ft
all maths baturaamd bad almost dmmalved at
1 Omnibus tkmusk tuna Mid my Mead for direetirif ISO
the , we et lLem
Join 2.1,1101 .1. NCMTON 1112.0
There are many preparations gold wader the' of
/Utters, put up to quart bottles, compounded of the
cheapen whiskey or common ram, meting *milk b 40
der Seed. per gallon, the tastegallon, dirlialsed by As* orilidr- •
This clues of Bitten has caused sod will melee, to
pun, ea keg as they coo be sold. handreda to die •
death of the drenbani. By their see the spite, is pt
candionally Nader the fallasace of A limbolle Mime la
of the vast kind, the desire for Liquor le emoted ad
kpt ap sad ties mull (a el the horrors attendant •
Wee those who desire and sill lass a Liqueri RI
we pahlish the Ibllotrlng receipt Get OW BeWs
Mats alerauts Siam sad Me with Three of
Used &weeks, Ifeistsy. sad CM melt will lie p -•
ration that Wl.firr nal medicinal virtues ad •
excipileem soy of the noaero.a Liquor Illittieri in the
mutat, sod will cad Mak fees. You will bare all the
einem of firollants Bitters la ccommtkin with, a eel
artiek, of Livia?, at • ninth lees pries than Shemin
prsparstleas mid yoa-
Soldiers, and Vries& of •
We tall the attention of all having relations or
la the army. to tb• hot that ••BOWILANWS ;ammo
Bitters" wea» ninelantlis of the disuses Wooed by
asposame end Ovation Inaldent to camp la the
published alomet dolly to the oar the
anima . of the sick, it will be unused that a eery large
proportion are whets; from debility. Rom* moo of
mat kW coa hi readily oared bt Beidload's .werlima
litters. Diseeses molting from dimdus of the=
the orpms me opeeMly emoted. IN have oe
this in slat*" that. if throe attars were Beefy I said
Mona oar fabliau; hoodmide of lives it lght Is tared
that otherwise will Wilma.
Ifs call particular attention to the following '2efilark•
and well antlenticated can in one of tbaaation's
hams. whose life, to ere his own language, * hag been
we by the Antics : n
Pamarimmiu, August 11181
Akers. Jams + ifesee.—lf eh. Inathimes. year flea-
Muth Galosh Bitten has sand my llfv. Them Is no
mistake to this. It is wooded for by werakeum fir my
ieserfales, some (animas News are de; Pod who
were (say rogeleent etallthe clrcame4aar oiler moi
-1 am, and be, bees teethe last &or yea's. • ueseher of
ithonalm'eceisamted bettery, and under the laiseasilinte
command of Captain a. B. Apia. Through
ern intsodsat apes to enirmes donee, I was
in November hat with Iloso of the larTirl
was for smart- two dips la the boopit ‘I. Thlk was fol
lowed by put debility. heightened by an Wadi of dje.
ea 1 wu then removed trout the Whitolikami mid
met to this city on board the ! of Maier,"
ben Filch I landed on Ow 2lith of Jane. Siam that
Woe I ham bees stoat ea tow se any one meld be and
stitivetala a mak of vitality. For - a week or mere
was isitreelf able to swallow anything, and if IfW force
a moral bows, it wait inunsdiairly thrown uptsWm
t could not eras keine a ghee of wets? on toy otosneeh.
Lib meld not tut ander times reamamteartee• sod se
cordiality the phystehme who led beet weak* filth •
mil!, though amaccessfally, to mime me from lb.
grasp of the dread Archer, halal told ism Uat they
weld de no mom for mama adv me to roam Mine
nario, and to mike each disposition of my liniewal seems
as beitanited Ms. An angst/Mime who visklai at
the hrpital . Br. Feederick tlefladeeo, of;
iteni Street, &drilled um, as a Went
Bitter; and badlyprocured a bottle. i n it
s ta s /
coraosesord taktag them the gloomy shadow death ter
oriel. and 1 as sow, thank 0.14 fur it, butter.
Though I hare tekeibat two bottles,, have teed ten
pomade, and
,l feel moles of be ft
s peuni,r,to re jula
my wits ateldaaghter, imam whom! have bralel waking
for &Odious measia; for, gentlemen, l ma a loyal irk
from the vicinity of Proet Royal. Td i your to
rale Mitten owe the certainty of whkk haw
tibia the place arsine fears—to your itittenivrill 1 owe
the elozious Fidler. a spin Chteplng to My bosons
those who are demist to me halts. • .
• Very truly penal. MAC
- era belly colour la the trttkof tha altbtw
as we bad despaired of seeing ear tormado. Nakao
noseld So beslth :
Jog s Camases lstNew York Rattory. soma A.
Aim tier. C e . Ilth Lima Cusanuille.ifilliene
TortArsociaa. tat Art/MM. Battenß. J. 8.
r.siartu., Co. 8., 3.1 Voneout. HDST B. Co.
WI, do. Sident_T. ilmitiormAra Co.°, stikiOsoi:Jm
F. Wang Co. it.„ it& liaise.' Sumas KocsmCe:
Maw York: brass= B. Toone; C0..F.43th hiss&
Ammar J. gilfiliALL, CO. A., ad Venitoot. Jim
rise, Co. b., 116th Poona
Sea that th e Mirestar• of "C. V. Jaebeal •
+ll* the
'sorra' of earl lottati.
' '
Rides Il
per ipitle• 13 C 1,4 or Solt Nit. fir 111.
.. ..
Manta your lootreiiidnigiotitot Lawtlfipii
webs pot of by boy of the latostoottogy
the buy IttitlMl 10 - Ito ploo, but mood at lad us
wilt forward, Potootti PI , . b./ *lforgi•
. .
PRINCIPAL °MON. & 14ANUp*C10111/.,
NO. GM ARCH 13111,111 t.
• lOU* &
Oisessiroth too. N..f:A*4l NON.Y
. 0-is Au.s. 110101.1 k
toys la the Vahlatai
. DR. iL A CROIX'S ___.
-1 Oft THE • _
rhysiolo al View of Marriage.
f • ~•
250 PAGES' Attili . )3tr. Itatalittlend-4'riee oily
vevrivraer *errs. Feat free of postage to all
parts of the Unto po the lafirsoltiee of youth and
lellltntitte dieclest the eecret follies of both sexes of
lasages, cousin &lathy, nenrousness, depilation of
s irita,psipitsfin of ths hon. eutddid imsenatioas,
b taaes, &testi toemory, indigestiou sod lam 'tulle,
with eonferakuls of thrilliog- interest of a goexcliag
hoot blur, a , Ilese Stades:it and s YouOi liorrioa
I. dm, lee. ltds a flatland edgier to the married said
(1 0 .,, ema t i ga p b, 4 eijaeifeVe, who entertain secret
1 -*robin of Unit physical randitioua: cud who ere eon.
atioat of hulas ; Warded the health. happiness and
privitages to Math every human tattl is entitled,
I YOUNG WYK }hove tron/ged ail s weateeee poor.
alt' awed caused by • had habit to youth, the effects of which
00 diction". POO, Cirgetfeinese, sometime* w nights
UM* sire, wesirieyet weslisess ot the back and lower
elldleasiltlea, coatielow of 14sta, of *Amory, waist
ly. mar be mire& by tLe authors t.bW saws
Loioxnettittutuir I . • •
16 have , tot t greater part of tit* last year. devoted
time is visiting th• Enrol:Lean No petals, award:4
, 4111 at the
ahct.n to s i a ltd . ,4l ,,, sr . r t e o sente p s . o ft t . t j he n m t o t s ie t
Frigi l t! Thojewho place thern f seises under our care
lii low have • toll benefit o the many New and
Irdiciclons ILI les Whirl we ars enabled to Introduce
lap mar parktleek and the public may rest auroral of the
Now seal, aulddity, SECRECY tad attentiou being paid
rases, which IhNII so encenefully dististstied me
fore, se • rhyeiclan in our recuLtauft l ertment
Polesslowal prattle*, for the pest tereoty-eve years. '
',viatica Vsza*.a Pmts.-Ladies who wish for atedici fie,
*Scup which has been tested to thousands of casts,
Lem failed;tteeffee.t speedy cure' without any bad
pesalte, wilThe l unlash, but ;icem DeLahey 'aheomemy Female Period I-
lel rills. City = te be obeeteri
bei, that ladles a 1 ould hot take them if they have reason
!abetter. they are to ludas,' stleations [the particulars
et which will be touud•un the wrapper accompaoying
Koh bow.] thodigh always ao safe and healthy, so gentle
et 00 active are, they, .
nice $1 per box. Theyr Can be mailed to any ion of
the 17•1414 .../teee. , •
TO TRY LII.DtE9-*Who need a eetedsattel medical ad
her with rely•Pd to any of those interesting complaints
* which their Resta ograeltarloe render, them liable,
re particular* invited becalmed* ea
Tar "Fuel aimasic Piorttrres"-For retarded
dies who" ti th will not introit, or who have no de..
theta their fain Vies, may he obtaloed as
I sb t
i l l WIWI, battodlita been *Macabrely used dal
he last eight an. Priow reduced to 510.
TA t s oni:3 or YOUTH UN VIILED
it Thetis the Cause of Premature Decay - a &clan
. peldisted, a beak atouvr, the imagism's
egress mad . 141•Inice rosteng• saheb, i kefAlW4..fie 4. 1 "/
k i
rn4 =ititi f dl a°l l, 44lq ' Tai=lere t* P r e i ltiZe rW ir
etti st leillicirG . Mawrowerastessmat to the rid -
It Sikhs by Mag ea , eceipt 71 nee (33 Coat Sia*r.
it lir ettleadance daily, from ti 10 the morning till 9 at
olf i l=lt s oalllundaya from 2 till 4 p. tn.
with full directions sent to any part of the
United Statatior Catridae, by patients communicating
their symptoms by fetter. Business cornrspoodence
11, c _tly am Outset.,
cr. Ds. We Mot la still located as esitalli un
der the uses DRO : l.a. CROIX, ?to. Si Mal deo Lao.
Albany. N. Y ! afig22 . 63-
. .. ---
, .
•= re Solicited and Promptly
to, • , sug22t.f.
sir 0
E TPtg IMP THIRTY DAYSLr Photographs sash u ara wouilly mold for
• 0
- - AN a l minim Ans FOB FIFTY OEMS.
Scliatl I lly Colored for One Twenty. Fire.
: 1 711*6 Lie Wine that lam one of the Vroptistore o
.bleu POW Coloring prows for Cards Thentta, cat•
nerhed lisAE s t i l let. ahead Maitything hitherto disecrrerni.
tte for two dollar' per dozen, and all other
newt la p poet= ; iwUas l work low ae aupother
Nan la I hi en, for the air months.
1i11'634 . COL IL PLUM..
Wh9lesale and Retail
Hayti, plirshamodAticatock or and rented the 'tors room
tiopintly ocupliimtbs Charles fuller, la
1 • ;
Nat Lioor to clog BanAing efficy
• • •
eitieVoncee that be labia& continuing the
and ievites the ganneto give his cell. Ea
Inn ll 7 0,1 kialimi Wire sepetior stael of aviary:
wag Pie lieebtachnling
Gaiter", Balmoral', Shoes,. Slippers, &a.,
- ' MisgE.g',
141 g obtained his stock dln.ctivitrom the coanutat
tams" he May conddaaltairt as low, Lf not
lower t Ltaxi toy other dea . .- - , A •
Particular llleaden Wes to Cohn' Wrt.
l i .
Tithibratmb ot• basiorst alum under the superintend
ewe it Mr 011.fibtAtlti !GLUM, the. public /tool no
=seidsno• that that orders will he promptly and
' , attended to.
4 ,
Public are revert:rally Invited to give ale a mil and
are temeasehhes. ,! MI pertoct Tigitne• la ET, 'Min,
to igi CM* eltliattlin io lal Who later me with their
oist:Amor or, TIME.
This pest line traverers the Montle=
jfacttnreeit ewsitttes of Ptoutyliranis to the city of
le 06 LM. Eds.
it iintbeen lama by the Pv.sisois;amta Rouiridadi Cone
piettl i end Undo their In Loins fnindiy &paned
Ouvogiwut itilitspre length. ,
MA 002 In ; utce for Yen.errer and Freight 1.0. W. da
tiltLiiirrielmfg to Driftwood. ..1 Fork, (L mile.) on the
Ittrisinn, and from :3hudield tn. Er,e (id melee)
01716 . ;tifestetid Dirdeteni - -, i '
l'initinie PAIISIORIKR. 111,14, AT Call:
ILA Train 1.4m1. --...i .., P. .1S P. m
AproasiottiOqii Trani Erse..--, ... ....... . ill r i d , A . id
Reg ?ran A;rives. 9 :Li A. x
i6....dati ti Watts Arrtirer...__.. ....3 SS r. to
- F.r tutor, . t tion nivel:tins_ F . agiediger buslDefil. apply
st 16. .! co,t6er 1 it 6 awl Market. iits.,,iod for Freight
Dunmire re toe Company'. agents, '
8 1 8 KNolTotr, JR., corner 13th and .Ilarliet Mrneti,
Pbiledilals. .
J w.ktr
i4oLniq. in..
Jilt. DRILL, spat N., C. R. R., Baltimore' -
'IKE!. R0113TON„ Usual Veckglit Arm; Phlia..'...
Legit/61- HOUMGenera t Ticket Agent, Ffideire,
Jihl. D. POT rA, Oeumil Kaatager, WOOssuiport.
.... j - ' , jalr93tf
, ...: ....1.-.._....._ -....,.........--- ______
. E It 1 g RAILWAY.
1 ..,- uroc.-tr. atifs-stossa.
Inn leave Do nltirli . atiamettoo. frOrwitighenme
! ' 'eastward Bound—Depart.
Ih i tit Eva,* , , 445 P. 11. '
a 35 a. mi.
Stook tigress. ' ...:..10 10 a. a.
tact -..... ' 4
ft t . 14 311.
Wilt 1 4: 1- - -7.
Mow Yo Exprea and Moo* EltplieSSlll everi day.
1 VLAYI. MTh 0T...f3eal 4441.
-Wk: are noir receivin g a doily r ,
simply of C&N Or9Vitß3ut cholas
W. shall pat particular attention
maw Ratan Trade sad our customers . ears rele epos t»-
fait sappiest with Iltßall mei .GOOD •Oystere at all
*pea 1 isura'6l] asnec rt BORG CM.
waoLusami i arral I. REL.I.b:IS
f moor/ BLOCK, ElltitC,
Woolf Invite tM attoation of tho 'public to him
ILARG k: STOCK •or :600i)st
R># i• 4 14 1 0 1 9 g io sot am
Ciagar Taw.--cluisnicr
iori rtotiotl re nt anima eteeilod to North
-1.;••• ,10, •
Mita*POLII reilivirpotod. bY
L-W7. T 4 T., rfoirCl:
i SØ3
M\o AA
We take greet pleasure ID Informlas our patron' and
the Public the; we have adopted the READY PAY EU
TEM, sad are stow In rrorfpt of our mull supply of ,
nought!: ft Reduction from April prices of ;
40 Per Cent!
Aa to evidence of low exam *for the times) wi sac
flevry Brown Abetting (rum
Extra Theory do, tor
Good 4-4 Bleached 'Sheeting*,
Good MA Diractold ?Sheeting*,
Feet Wain Prins, good designs,
Mhilttp allest's "•Spnngnes," Ilanoluseter and
Dooteli Prints. - 15 to 20 "
New Styles Shirttng Prints, fast colon, '
Lancaster Qtrghuns, new dsorigna.
Portsmouth Lawns, latest stlies,
toCOI oad saaortineot sad a great Tuley of stiloroso 23
to coats . Sams styles x bolea *4 la ibseTorls, to
April, far
mono April, money.
liaadiesier A Patine DelAtises`a, atalikil
Very latent Styles and eanliful Deeigne, 3' eta
Soma Plaid York Cottonadea,
Thentnte. '2O to E 0
Kentucky Jeans, 25 to A 6 ..
Corset Jeans, beet quality, tt, ~
English Cambrie, beat quality, 20 • •'"
State Street, between Mb k I2tb.
Sun 20 ,tf.
25 Ceuta Per Pound.
LIBICRAL inscourrr TO nos TRADE.'
Is preferred by those whole's used It to the best Mocha
0? Java Coffee, it being supstiot in strength asd richness
ot thane to ths ordinary Imported Coffees. As we arm
the only receivers and manufacturers ol the •
we would caution our friends and the public against
purchasing any not bearing our *lgnatius, as. sines the
perfect success bf our
numerous mannlacturent are trying to piths off inferior
coffee at len price , saying. that tWre le M pod, better.
itt. some bees gone so far an to offer our minters !arr.
amounts if they wonld print a quantity of labels bearing
our name. ic. Others are putting up mixtures Isbell.'
in imitation of our genuine
A a we are the only receivers and menuftetarm of the
we shall punish all lutriogets of our copyright to the
fartherest lattaut of the law. The
Is put up to one pound tin.toil packages, a 6 End 60 M 4. In
a case, will tall directions for °tang on each paelagn.—
For saleiby all well regulated family stores.
293, 235, 237 Washington fat., N. Y.
To Continue my Agency
Fora brief Period,
dad until to rther notice, I dull continue to receive Sub
ectipUons to the
At Illy office, and et the dlffereat Bab-Agencies through
out the Loyal States.
JAY COOK, Subscription Agent,
114 BOUTS Tam SPAS= PH11.4
/tom the I °flowing celebrated Piano Torts and Melody:lu
Light le Bradbury, New York.
Steinway & Sona„New Tork
Win. Knabe & Co.,Baltimore,
Boarder= & Gray, Albany, K. Y
J. B. Dnatiam, New York.
United Plano Forte Yawn, New York
Lindeman & Sons, New York.
• Geo. A. Prince & Co., Datiklo, N. Y
Carhath, Needham /a Go, New York.
Fifes, Instruction Books and Sheet Music,
111 persons wishing a first rate Piano Forteor Melode
on, are invited to mil and examine our instruments be
fore purchasing elsewhere.
Rassra Block, State street, overly opposite the Poet
Office Z. SMITH.
112 P" P. S.—All Pllll3Ol lad Ilelodeone warranted for
eve years.
a. FULYNTIN(ITON, PreAt. T. le. ALLYN, Set),
C. B. BOWERS. Pivot. C. C. WAITF... 7.
:INSURANCE in the above old and
able Companies can be obtained on application to
mareb2.l.--42. R. W. RUS.S'E.LL, 'Agent
littUlt. DV FAI4tI lONA,
cir c uiglion An,Ouo (largest In that world.)
Each number toutatus Large and llogoifirent enlom.l
steel and engraved FILIIIO.I HAW, Splendid
of S l l Fashionable Parts Novelties ror Ladies.' frtpr.,
including Bonnets, Clasen, Evening, flume. Penmen& I.
sod k tame Dresses Waist*, S'ereTt.• Jacket*, Wv*Plw*,
Ratko, Under-garments, Jewelry, Efead.drossee, Eloy%
Hisses' end Infante' Dffilfres ; Nese soil Elemuat. Braid •nd
Embroidery Patterns ,Trinunings. Useful Norelti. e. etc
etc. lout life-site Patterns, cut rsady fur use. curable" cg
the cheapest, mood useful and practmal Rag-trine for
Mothers, MLU inere, Prees.makses and Ladlos generally',
eestrioetted 1 0 tile or any other eon Ors.
Publiabee et lin a.. Dassoascle Emporium of Valib Intl',
1134Iroadway, N. Y. Vesely, One Pollee, with a v•lu
able premiam : single copies., Twenty-firs Cents. x
splendid ebauce fur agents acid eplendi 1 premium'. 1
extraordinary premiums! Including Extra Patterns.
?Istria of Gress Costing, Magazines, Photographic Al.
bums. Elegant Gilt or itteel. Cid, and Back Combs. $3
Running Mitch viewing machines, it heeler &
Raving alechinee, and patantlazar Gold Watches: any
of lb* above wahual• pressman to twobtained without
paving env stoney for them. For matlealars, the
.Itivror of Fulttions," or won for a Cirtmlar.
Thews Democratic papers, lately pnbliabed by Aber*
D. liolleln. (whose conn ection therewith has entirely
reseed,) are nnw pabluthed and edited by ClLlitifiti
PUSS and ALFRED E. LEWIS. and will, hereafter, be
conducted fearlessly, as ORGASM or- row oases 1)5.0.
curic rawer. They .1) I defend the priuciples of the,
Coil/EitsEl oo . RIG UT/ WI Tilt STATES, and the liberties of
the peda.
The hvenlag JOarnal la published every afternoon,
(Sundays excepted,) at $ll per annum, or_ $3 for sit
months. parade In &deuce. It contains spirited arti
cles= the political questions - of the day, with all the
consul inters. Xarket and Moak reports, and all such
mathe ter as Is usually humid la a daily newspaper,
T Weekly
. Demberatic Loader, to • large dodhls sheet
paper, c oll aa-WS Alta Ml* forty-eight columns, of
reading mattes, and ta funistudf at the following rates :
Slagle Copes one year, - $ 2.00
ap ron 64 IS ' ....... 3,50
Three . " • --- .. ... .... 5,0 0 - -
-, i Fire " " . 5,00 .
Tweedy " " 30,00•
?Islay " "- .- - 42,00
Fifty " - "- " - 75,00
The Democrats of Penuaylvanla. Maryland, Delaware
sod New Jeremy, it is bawds will exert theruselve• to
give the Loader' fart* elriniatiou• •
PNS=f IS„ •
No 108 South Third Strut, nitre.
13r Write ter isreple number; which wlil be prompt.
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