The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, August 15, 1863, Image 1

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FICE, ERI rE 251 RBEF, T, OTTOSII7. Tfli Nisi
r a oae 'aubscribertii it ;AM tit
!went t - tive tiftr $44, and
r. r,t , hat. Vanier CLuLp. — • .
t -;:ye , Triailvaa line• orlrcv make a Milti re it* '
, , 44 , • nine went, $ i \Ow , month' , 10 06
1 Oka One •
• thee I One °‘ •1 - •
for One o•hanealile h innanre, $lO. •
4.,uattato---•• 1110 , 1 th, 4111: T.jouths.
I t prat 31.:
roliuth,r year.
9;'fl months, Pl.
IDeetted tu the iliounes• iiireetory it%.113 per
• Foe line* allowed fnr earil,\norer and sara
, n
• sb•
s pa; , a ; at—,l'alitonal notice*, lu nutat a lane ; but nti
• • sent will be lunerteillitranfitr the Flpecial!intieeia
than one nollai •
• llrrehtat,stia other,. reyttring itegitent Changer
W,4 4 ..,1 4 , 4 4iainent0i will be allowed torn :.-iinaren,papreo,
car f la. For .1. - 1•Iitl.lnal spar., the ehalgee will
tc prnpnat , nn, and the anc,rtir,itients must be otrictly
. 54 ,„,1 4 .,tneieultarnatelanalnea.. nf floe advertiser:
• I CALL.itElladVertlAlllll.'nik require 4 in sairanee.—
r A c4r1.7 aJ,erI I RILE in! to urncente , t
atiolriro:ed to
ti UREfUT.
• _
, M —F.
1- .4 , 0:6 I. lira:Nix.
ir , rlr7 or beCOl24
lab and
r 1-2.7z=Ca the practice cf hi: prnfeszion
b felled st his obl 911 Freud)
r„ of Pubike ScLeirr_. Juli
• HULL, • FROPiii.Eirsit
aafl Mart Sizeet—,nc.pqz.6.:ro er..3tc.
Wzrzgra, [Sett. 2;-17.
Btavi Soy T. ii. , LTlZlLagirs. — s,
tcr7 of Ri zic=ccht's Bis.ckT
I f I IL. 4 ol'i,
770F.SZY Corx:-.1.1..4:: A 7 1a. , . Ezio
St•ft, tn^ ?ant., 1i tre Amerima
:LP OCCZpled & ZI
rt^ fr;cr, t . h otri.42,
- •
i,4IItGE: H••(7UTIFit.
A:TOR-NTT AT titrani, ritift COLMV.
2.a3 6:her hugazea ltrthae3 to with
.. tad tilapatch.
Sic , ', N. 7 Bonz-d
Arrorza7 LZ 1 w._oalce re=overi to
,c.;` r - ,lllte S. tract, or. thP zortatrids of the
I. DO W NLNG ' •
, - Arros.alur Jcsicici. ow ttls
ti'Dt pi... Lem in the several Courts of Rd* County,
- prompt and fLithfhl attzntin tn all basineas en-
P., hands, ether as as .ittnraey dr Magistrate.
02::± netpir4 ccraer CI Stale an? F ifth
•4 179 IFO RD ifis CO., -
D — ...ta.L.^.2 IN GOLD, Save: ' li•ar. Nate:,
c:,::-a S. Deposit, &r... Sight eicharags oa theprla-
It atiC3 constazatiprz: ssis. Oflicallo 9 Revd House
:;:lgottro, Eric.
3 -~. ni 6TII.
. .
is Clbcka, Watehea, Fins. Jew•
..,iacaa, Plated War*, Locktint Glassa;,, - Gilt
• or,, Catiery and Fancy Goode, Paragon Braiding,
Wert Park near Peach at.
Avroaxxt ♦T I.Lw—Offloon dthatrest,
iha Court HOLISB, Erie, Pa.
r L., iI WILL,
tha Park, Erie, Pt. qr.
E lc, ( & 31 A RN IN
I II Paragop block, near North
f „, ihrr ofthe ,-,uarn, Erie, Ye.
11017.4. E.
• 1:a11.. l'A„ 1. 11 Proprietor
linuse Khali have every alt•.ntion, to
and from all
, april3-45-
.lI.H. 111,10 Y, Propnetor. C..ruet u
ihti d Street', (irconethately f?nnting the Cap
urt o.urg, Term,' reasonable; enonanoniatlnit
• I, • 1 sr Hotel in the (it!, alit the Bar alas.
1. 11 .. the 0124,ic,t. lt,,nnh 1 6,14:3—:.M.
Yrnoxixxxx AND itx an. DiaLax to
g:, PreviNloas 'flour awl bod, Wood and
ut•=,l.L l Lao rh, Tobacco, ztegare, et.e., State
d o „, ef ' , earth, Elva aide, Erin, Ye.
~ , i I- 1' 1; It HIM Oil. CO..
NM Crook, 6.4 • .
HlScougnauxx 2.12 d Dealer In Stationery,
Pap,r, Itagarlues, N.wipaper., &e. Country dealers
Store under Brant:in liotel,fronting the Park.
Fativt4 iierrEL,
corner of 3.1 and IltzLot ata.,^llarrieburg, Pa.
Li, old and weU known hones is now fitted up in the
maprovodityle. The accommodations ano of the
or :or and the terms reasonable. It Is situated to the
.....lightful part of the city, and silorda one of the
rs.eute•t typing places in the country. lebl'62tf.
Feb. 16-3:.'82
, 41.1valr. Pr
R'. O. L. Et.LIOTT ilk SON.
DiNTIBTB —oiiire in Float h
nnw, FriP,l•k. All work warn's- ,
LuurlCott O c 1.. Ettiort
If. Attu., Warren, Warren Co., Pa
ang NV
rik I , tageo MN.
Mills, Erie comity, l'a., by Atlantic. k G. W. H.
Dealers in Coal, Salt, Iron, etude and Relined Petro-
All kind., of Shipping flow. on Counisaion.
bbrEANVE AGEZVE. Collections and all Dualities in
tPd to tam promptly attetiled to. Applications for
.ranee solicited, and Yollt:es issued 17i tbont delay, in
r'ass companies. Office, Wriglits Block, corner of
qtat• street... Et it.. 4 11 0 .,. noT23'Bltf.
ATTOENry AT LAW, in Walker's Of.
ci,S*serith streit, PAIN Pa. sag': '62 .
bryrzsr, Botty's fllork, 'Forth ra,fr of tbe Pint,
Ens, Pa ' aprlP63 tf.
French street, between 4th and 6th 'trysts,
rt Phlladelphia & Erie Railroad Depot, Erie, Pa.,
• ' , hoer:Aker, Proprietor. Ext•nslre accommoda
`.7 straagers sad traveler. Beard b; the day or
rood stab:ing attached. aptigiVAr.
BARZEt 2350:, SZ&TP
rogt. Office
-er' genltczez
Vteratelwas wiThott Pm:cc, nuanye,.l dicordent
LIEBEL 41: it3KOTl{Elt. i
zio:datia TAILORG wird
. .„.
trti :er. Fir.nnr & lia , L ner's •si Patent Searing Inuhtnes
6... hunt in urn —ll:ate 4trnet.,bity• - nen Bth rail 9th 3: t.,
--, Pn- Clethen =de to c,nr. in the finest style.
, _ .
IS/BALE:I rr Drs Goon, Ciaoorams,
(flazs, S.ed, Raster, !An., eon
th street and Ynblin SoprarT, Erie, Pe. jal7:l-
crcia n Fiona*, Public Dock., East of State fittnot. Ca
ilonae at Rail Road Canning, Trie,Pa. Dealera
' 4 3, Fob, Flour, Plater, Watt &4••
4 --4:ar, tuntanc; to and from t'anal Wart gnaw
I.\iii al: V I Ea*, .
SliCeettOT .Fintart . 4 inrla2ro
AND DIU7G61111", Wright'm }hock,
Eri,2, Pa., Denier in PnintP,Oils,
Fl.Jrnic4 k In“ 1,, A,.
Due LI., a; '4/cam:rive.,
• s(ascracrrccraottqaaramiguam,ltoLlsos,
A,1. - izaitqral Imploosuto. Railroad Clan,
wFirm.rskhr S RKPAII. DEA I.rtt
.t r & 'LIQUORS,
tho attention of the public to hto
11tfI 11 T - K 01'•11 00 !
Vihich ho ii.termio,(l to Pell sx
IL! of I,lqapre. rAnnot
largo &mortal:tool of firit.liar Boat,, Combo,
14, poll Re&la, fiasnon ant Aroasoments for
,!" 1/ 'INn• Pommt Porto Monroaira. Porfactery. &e.
pari-ito. \ BEN k BIJRGF.BA.
Noss blt Ms Lost brands or Tobacco and
A lar.• lot of Piptv, Cigar Tubes, Tabasco Box.
Lad Pooebos to store. - BENIERk BURGESti.
j Fruit, Toy*: Yotalita Nottona and Fancy Goods,
it tyLorivkl, at c myl6-Im. B. kB.
Dittes, Outset", Well, kr.
‘ 41,1 A 1 14t• ao4 tor Ws by
=At-1 m
W GOO 1 - )S!
• N4lw AWE.): A'l'
~wERAcp.u. ?UV 1. , v1:14 -‘f rt I !/1
\, •
A. 030, A LAVE. ,
tirfeWitTh &ND DOMESTIC; 00011 S
i • •
N .1 V? I -
. I
PIMP TOBL'Y (..i0O1)()!
a 0 . 0 1.1 BTYLEti.
•Go io
6.7 it
P box 182 U,
NIA)" ti- luw
• THAT • the variety of new. Btyle Berl
steeds, of Gothic, Cottage, Congress, Round Cor
ner, Gimp Sofa, Jenny Lind and other patterns, with
serpentine and strait front, handsomely v u fiend nue-MIS,
Extension, Dining, Breakfast, Centre and other Tattles,
Whatnots., Quaker Stands, Carpet and—Damask Loci:it/es,
Sofa Beds, Hair and Sea Gram Mattraimis, Feathi r
,and Bolsters with other nonsehold turnitutN , nil
j rtmaufectured from well mooned lumber cr. ;
materials, by experienced workinen and not hy apr.i 'Akio
lair. For style, quality and low prices f will ltni , n
two-pries dealers to undersell me. Feather lx•n.-lit raid
*old. Cane seat, Parlor, Bedroom, sev:i
Nurse and other Chairs, of Eastern aid . Western imiau
facture, are hickory dolled and glued,
_making them as
strong as any other part of the chair, where °there main
android are only nailed,and by no means durable. Wood
_Windeor,itricking, Sewing and None, are chairs of
wood rounds clinched through the seat and wined; war
ranted to stand. Handsomely painted, and cant be
ten for strength, pries and dash. Spting Beds. I Lairo
sold over 10u and hare the highest testimonials trap a
lint of prices of all goods sent on application. Pr, Ling
and shipping free.
After dee years-experience' and contending n
principeled two price dealers. I us determined to rill
tr all
de , give wome. rth far,yotir pay, and do justice
pr i ce a a with
Lumbers Lath, 8 mut 'es, Live Stock, Crude aad -hrbne
Oil, Store. Pay, Produce &c., taken at fair market talurd
for Pa, • •Reulember ;he [dace, next earner of Bth greet
ori State, Krt.', Pa. G. W. ELLSEY
nev2.l.-t4. Itsostaar sad Commie's' Salesman.
Notti-pist affair st/
the Park 4- Frenrh Str e gf r
Would respectfully call the attention of the entnrutruity
to hie lame Stock of
Whirl he is desirous to sell at the
'POP A (.:(
- b I'ISH,
I. not •orkaaaea to too - City, no hp. ,ropa'red to provc , to
all who IpTe tam • call:-
Ha alma keeps constantly an baud a saperaor 1•.1 .1
for4lP wholesale trade, to which he directs the attent.ou
of the public.
Hit motto to, "Quick Bal.; gmnll Pr.titt rat n lull
gintratent for the Money . " aprlllatf
89 111
aa after oncT i hi63 ,l
Pueenger Trains will run on tbls Road e.i i fellon-4
6 fi , A M., Mail mid dice=.. stopping It Harbor IL reet
North East, State,l4e.trslney,Westfield,Portiand,
'Brecton, Dankirt;§slson-week. irring and Angola,
arsteingat Entbdoott a 65A— kr.
2 00 P. IL, Dag Express, stopping at Nertia East, West
dead, Danklst,, Sneer Crt.ek, and Angel*, sad
arriving at Buffalo at 5 10 P. 51.
i 5 PAL Md•=•M'i Emus, rtoppins ar Wende34
Danlezir.and•Sllser Creek, and arrive, at Bank.
10 10 P. . '
t fi..3 A. M., /figni .fieirreas,• elopputg an Weatheid.
Dank= sod • Slilret Creek, arriTc a at Bnalo ct
4 20 A.ll.
The Day Express nn,...cts at Duaktre b attic.
the Night Express a Buffalo only, yid, Expresa triune
fet. per Tor)c, ftlladelphln, Boston, /sc.
- tax, 17 b band
Icor etnth %ot
zrz -•E2
4 20 A.: IL, Ara ;fr Aer'os., stopping at lifacitrar, - ,h; North
Erarts, itingola,Lrrin. Silver ereek,Dr.=kirk, Droc
• ten, Po:third, W•std•ld, Qttlisey. SWo Lto., North
East and Earbc Creek, 0..-:is'og et Fri" 15
4' SO A. U., To:edo EF, - , cm, stopping 'at Sjirer Cruet,
Restteld uni North Past, at rrie
at 10 OA A. 1d:
g 3.5 A. M., Dar DTress, tax — >ppieg Gr.gola, Silver
Creek, Dunkirk, Weetteld arul North East„artirn:g
zt Elle at I 30, P. if
i.eiJ P. ILS, Met Espy" _ a: Silicr Cruet,.
Dunkirk en 4 arrtria at r7.r10 at I`xl
A. 11.
- Railroad Mae Is tea MlGlutca is:, ter trap-ntle tnr.:
April 241863. K. N. DROWN. ;Supt.
Cleveland and Erie Railroad
ana after Monflay, April 2011,
O and natil &Abe: etWaTictsq i w i t r "
i tailors. Tis;
to P. H. Night Express Trait, stop. at Valuers-1. r..,
Astitatadhand Girard , an.l armee at its. •t.
I'o2 P. M.
42i 1'.11., Mall atvlAccoaunutkauon Ttain, to at S ,
stations, and arrive* at Erie at 8 2.5 P. At. -
4 00 P. Y., Cincinnati Express, stops at P1:11:11111V MP,
Ashtabula sad Girard, arrives at Eris at 7 Ot? P. 2.
10 00 P. 11, Day Erpreaa, stops at Wllloughby. Num
01111110TZ. Aabtabala.Coansant and Gtraid, ar
rives at Erie at 1 28 P. 11.
I 46 A. Y. Ni t SrpreaaTrain atop, at (limn:. Ashta•
t,nia and Painesville only, and arrives at Cleveland.
444, A: L.
6 60 A. IL, 'Mail and AiNximayklation frau, Mopping at
all the Anaheim and arnves at Cleveland at -P
. A. M.
9 (a A. 11., Toledo I , : sprats, stopping at all stations ex
empt daybrook, Unionville, Parry, Men
tor and Wickliffe, arrive* at Cleveland 1 4u P. H.
1 23 Day Expose, elope at (Ward, Conneaut. A shtatutia
aad Painesville, arrives at Cleveland at 4 45 P. H.
AU lb. thresth traitor going Weshrarcl, eotunen at
a•ratind with trains for TOW°, Chleago,Col %abbot, els
sizaati. Indisartpolia, kr. 433.
All th• throach train! going Ealtward,conneet at Pan
kirk with the trains of the N. Y. k Rrie Railroad: and at
Raki,:: with the N. Y. central and Rulfalo and N.Y. City
for Nov York„Alksoy, Dostoa, Niagara nata l ,
he.. Ito. H. 210 , 1114•11. Supwrintsadant.
Clevaland. April SO. 1163•
For mate at to mob pre palm& by
Amen .P T., 8. itiGa
myl4l-bor „
CI Ad Ivor tat ra• by
. , .
.. .
~, .
i .., _
Ir . ~ .
, . 1'
- ,
..--.:: 1- ,,
r , , :t• v_i
- .*?."
. -c.. ... -
_\ „.
, ~ - ---z"..., _ - :::::::\ \-
' J:''''
.. , ; (.... • .
_ ,
- . . RI
_ .
rito Wife St,
AIM amortcnout
rtt E'llA47 EI 4 LEUAI, ti.tat MOND.
CI By ordering!Calornel and , botrnetloop warmis' frost
the - apply tables,hom conferred a blepaing on oar lick
raldierc 1..-t ?lira noc 'atop here. feat him order the
lmontita'nu.thee of "Blemth.q," end the nee of If ItAND
\ Hi - T[l'6 PILLS la Vae plane thereof. Then rill rpm•
`ala Ile; .. nereera" io the prairie.. of Vedleine, shich
would 11. I ecrane emphatically,
!WV 1,4{ , tanght that at; tilllCUAll
, 1 1.. t i i,. Me!cur? 7.7 11,1ar raietW. TWO !boo
, .•
hu.;19.11 b 1•17 , 101,1i1 opt, i,a •• saule w linl. " by""icratspe
trr-t mudezaedreptables.
Al: D Pig ;r1 eTory %Maar). Hc4.
par,' raisi 7,0 5/MM'S DIARRHOEA, CBRON•
le Id iIRONIC DvSENTE.RY, i 4 ill Is
se. : tn.• BOWFIN roam - more rue.
it" ih 1116 kiald. BRAW/RETH'S
- t•- • •••,,,, QatniUz
RE,: 1,,, , t0un „lid 1,0.1 now stylr
Dr.' It hr. ndreth, Aeu .lork—Liras a private iu Co. F, I . 7th Regiment.. New
York Cola. While at flarriaon'e Landing 'and. on the
Rapphattnoc% near Falmouth, I and many of the com
pany wen' aide wtthbllions diarrheas. The Army 9122
seen did not care no, and I was reduced to 'Wined bone.
Amon.; the Company were quite a number of inembwe
-ho hri worked lap our Laboratory at Sing Meg. They
not sick. t hey :mod Brandreth's Pill& These
r rerailod upon roe and othorn to use the Pills, and
cured in fr0..1 ttro tq, Bee' days. , After this
bcy. used Ttrandreth's rilla for the tnbtut Item,
cc dui, rheumatism, sad In no axle did they fail to to tots
Oat 0; zrautrule to yctk for my good health,l seui you
wu , ch If necerirry the ezitireCompany troutd
srair.ctrallr, yonba,
1 - .0: 4 C0E K. WATSON, Sing Sing - , N. Y.
Fru.^.,p3....1:.:ce. :if Canal Street, Nei, Yort
sr!,l h ; L by all refp . aciable dtm
icri r.,..dirine. iTl.B4=
. .
st. Di it.
Tai - : ONLY wri , . .... , • . .._. h - et nation:
Tiri: on.y DYE:— - • Samna to tun palomino,
TAE ONLY Dl' F .. For a llTlag hto 'int.
Tkii . : ONLi" J) • .
_.• For h perfect blockt
TM". ONLY Dyn ....That dean tletettlott.
itiE MILT' DYE _That D. Inotsonanns.
.tit DTH F. OIiLY DYE '
_ .. .
. .
rcraii-horeame to haTp the color•of their hair Ava il ed
nitii mfety, corta!nty' ami rapiditr, In any stank% they
may Ac:tre.
Ilandactored by .1. RISTADORO, No. b'astar Hansa,
ties- Yort. eTerysfhere, ana applied by all Hal:
Drefael, Eire, $l, $1,50, awl $3 ;aroma, soooribag to
!Au.. . - aagt-lm.
Cristecioro's Hair Preservative,
iuulas‘hlc with his Dye, u it itnyorts the utmost ma
thA roo.t he ant ao4 great THUM" to the
Trirr:W, , i 2 per hcAti,-, g,Ccradiag t eta
7 his delightful article far peiatirtn i g and
bean' al log the human hair 13 spin put up by the origi•
nal propruttor, and ia now made with the assustounk
end alien tton, \ taKtslrtlral created its Immense and un
precedented talcs or seer one million bottlesiusinnaryt It
to Still Oqici at 25 cents in lame bottles. Two 'Wilton hot.
1/0 sold 111 s year Whin it is again known
that the Kat halron lv tiot only the most delightful hair
3re-tin7 in the world, hut that it cleanse.' the matalp
so cud and tlantlrniT, gives the hale a lirely,rielt, luatniaat
groireo nd jaerrutv it from turning gram. Thaw are
(IMF& dr tationn north knowing. The Hattie;lron has beau
Lsi 1. r over twt•lve years, acid IA warranted as demi- .
"c lady whn call:kens, beautiful head of hair trill
use the Ka thalruo It in finely pertained, cheap sod val.
oath. !old by all respectable ,dealers throughout,
POI krill. YOlit.
- I_l k• t .11sT It E ET'S I .
IT j.... ,l()T A DEE, but restores y hair to Its origi
usl rotor, by supplying the napltimy tube* with natural
utpktplianeo, Impaired by age or disease. All isatassasul
dye.. ~,, • rumpus .t of Lunar Canada, destroying the Me
tall ly and beauty of the bait, and' afford of themselves
no dri.i.:n i . fleimetreet's Inimitable Coloring net only
restores bair to its mitural rotor, by ter guy process, but
gireq the bair aeLITI:URIANT BEAKY, prosotee Its
growth,pieveuts its tallivaredr g empalmatee. eimintrutt, um&
inverts health and pleasantness to the Lead. It but
/toed the tel of time, being the originblllatr tcdortni;
ilia it -onstantly increasing in favor. Used by bogs
gentlemen and ladies. It is sold by all rcopretable deal.
eta, or can Le procured by them of -Pm /o sepal
agrrita t 1r.r , ,. Banns 1.:e.., 202 Broadiety, N. T. . Toe
sizes, LO coats and SI. • 1aa2163-6ea
BE Wleiki IN TIME.
IL, unt trifle with your Beeltb, Conettintion and
/r you .to Futf,9ng, IMP Dixemoeh for wkleh
in recommended,
It will Curet yen, nano long Suffering, allaying Palo
awl inflammation. an•l will twatorw you to
At Little EST PUPF,
And No Exponent.
ut out the A.lrertiveteent in another tolnlann. and
• r - en.! (0; it
.1:1 for llPlrOml4'd
he acivrrtiser having been reatored Co Wealth In
by a verk renukdy Atter haring suffered
EPS' era. rrert with a severe ince atiletion, and that dread
Consumption—hi unites to make known to his
uifTefer, the means of cure.
To all who d-tdre it. he will. Rend eoP oftbspese
seription tired (free of charge), with the t kir
preparing and nsing the came, which they will find
C'mie fir rits.ritertoN, A.11:111,, Ssioncinsti, he.
The only M-ijert of tho advertiser In seeding th•Peasedir
l.enefit v the &Minted, and spread htfOrmation
..e cortrelves to hr invaluable, and he hopes any
sufferer wit , try him remedy, es it will eost them nothing,
and may prove a Meriting.
County, Neir York.
r.. 1.14 :.1,,
Died of crony—What a pretty sad intatastitni
child I 62W kart week! But no., aTael it in no *nit
Fact Wee the ennrpriation of two gentlemen Minims
torn in the care. Died of croup I how 11=1;11 edge'
tr. Tobiat' Venetian Liniment in a certain care, if taken
in tin! Now, Mother., we appeal In you It I. not for
the pair?'" gain and proilt we make, hot for the sae of
ynar inf Ant child that now lies playing ations fast.—
Croup in a cinnr.,,iroas dieentne ; but nee Dr. Tolldas' Yens:
tinn Liniment an time. nod it le robbed 'of Its Imam.
Always keep it in tbo bonze ; yon may not Wont it to..
nicbt, or to.raorrow, no telling when—hut, armed eitith
thin Eminent you are prepared, let it ,erne when it will
P ice only 25'vunt3 'a bottle. 0111:e, Se Cratland street,
York. Sold or ail DrUgAILUI. :n`l-41s-
11'11 j la' long tested the truth that there are drat
pnociplcs in Mrd feint. is compounded on' prinolidae nun*
cd to tue manifold nabam of Kan I The fare of Colois is
f ke,pic.,tt era the pore . .., and cresting • guano Internal
a-armeh, s.d.l tali is clanA by the use.of tide Medicine.
its remedial qunlitire aro Mesa on Ise power to mist , the
healthy and :icor:Pas circtlation of blood through
p t
lar::1, it ealiTerto the rte,..„tlPh and /Math thOilkitt to
form fta dntleo of rdodatidg tho haat of the "yaw, and'
is ;catl; thrmyinr elf the wasteezbetesee 4 tress the snr
fsro of the 11417. It itt nct a violent remeor; bat a:Doni
on; Tsar:sin:, mmrchl az and efectfee. Sold by. an drug.
gilt , et "i; and cenl3 per bottle. , ir2.763.
EDiTiii: Or OBr4ii/iVrit,
nr.en 3 tr.:—Wlth your pertnintion / walk" t=
to the readers of -nytr Tr.per that I will send er
mail to all Irby) -,-;311 it, ki!ee s ) a Recipe. with fall di/1w
tir , os for matting and aria; a maple Vingetskle 13a/m s ,
that -Till nrno , a, in 10 dam lisrples, Illopir
em, Tan, Firckirs .Ma ail imparitlia of the Mho. Miring
the rarne soli, clear, =both and baantifaL
I wit I air° mall f: t. to thoee - having Baia ihalla of
ltilro Fays, simple direction/1 and information that will
enable them to start a full growth of Lwintinint. s aart,
.Whietsre or a 110 artaehe, in lent than 30 dm. Al l spe
plitAttane annaarNl by return mall withnof etu/rge. •
iterrertfolly yoaav ' : -0 ,
TITILSS. 1. 17171AP.UAN, Chant*,_
ine.l.-31,4 N 0.1331 Broadway I IVY. -
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W filliE11.81.!
i' E L A T it ts, A... , ' :7
This celebrated article a warranted to brinir,.pnt A
full rote( whiakers um tba ananothestfaen;oratse
of hair on a Bald hood. in kw than it vseks, asol Rill
in no way stab:tor Iola» lbw akin. Tiaw firmse6 4 l7ksiKa
is snanufactuntd by Dr. SE. Pi1..4TR14.116,ut Part', tad
the-only reliable arthqo of the kind: wUse •no
watt. 1 , 48,41,01.). Imported and fox Pala Wholippali
and Retail. by THOS. S. CEIEPSIAPI,
Ihscilst and Druq;tat,tl3l litionbrap, V.
Z.—.t Box of the Ong abut *oat to any
return maii, un rerripi 01 pries, and Ti coati (or pop
.110 1, 27-1 , 4% •
_NEOIrRISON & latintOtaiii.;
Flour, Pork, Beef,- Salt, Orlin
.OLOVER, rimorrir amp, '44.
No. 2. Wayne zoog..
Betweel: 'WA sad :Visa Mt..
lenteit.llrAhaled 'nat. PIM
eatatp. ke .st • mylll4se. • • II
E-N Z L.. E. . -. , .
AP Bedell*. far aolz_ief Zafidd i
'very pare and eke" sedued, sied
etiteUke turpeettlael Foutikktry •• ' •
*Pant +.4 4 4#frir*
I Wri Kink .t' lb. Obiserf.,
141,11111V0i the “Layal" Prottelin Party.
Alt : ii the stay that glamettelt mere foretol.ll
T boar that ihymins etatempan eine 1
AR /
with everythims that's old, , /
le 4 r giant Program now in lanir # . /
Awai"; with Conatituttone —Laws- - 7
iiorpnante with disa4i our siree obayaO
We Ihiow a tiobler,Disrher taw, /
Ttiail man or and littimell me naa.4‘ # ''
1 .
I I / •
Sf II 4.Til the lour& 0 0 .Irmletom bras,
We 'shield bar from the Vaal's blows
ill-Hi of &a chains of Alrbes elan,
4.1 d bind now on oar / pile-taciol toy ,
tura the day of ecluright-
Oottissn rights of Spmeb, of Prue,
But thity / f0 dabtoion night
Oilll:Calmat frdin oar rim exprra
RtartiMario' film% the akin '
Stii4l ram no mare irilhoo! c la - e_ •
50541 T air* I tbe trottonets kzsro
I Tlkei sake of hol Proms now I
We ido the van ordoloaci to th:o7,
Cl ton O'er tbo 1444
4aditiood sod gor-tagleoeostervii
TheChristiaa =grey of orL- hoe'.
hAli I trizeri,it Pro trees,
Leli:reegdog arphatis Was thy came
We will lieu atd ore; all •••••--
rt'ei COITUS nf.s6 zaillion stela i
e the • --
Irs ars the loyal cad the taste,
leerg, Ion& easy the red, ihite sad ea:.
(Act:tote then tea trieutgutirt esti •
kohoo whir g raaa =Julio aaw ours t
Brtiokl s station's 11140i:woo t '
oporitlho noble work 1 the hour
Rat Pow* of poreort kiwlttroirta
♦tt WI the bright end gknteus de/
)ambled Galati helpless Wads
In rain the people writhe sad pray
We aas the ralen—they Air '
end on our tnetty . now depend
' The following opinions concerning the draft
hive been given by Judge Advocate General
1101 1 , sod zasy be regarded es official
+lt/ son of aged sbd infirm parent or
pgrentsiis.not exempt unless his parent or pe.
rents ate dependent on hie labor for their
support) if he is in a condition to support,
and doeS support them without his personal
labor for that purpose, he is subject to draft,
hemusei he is in condition to perform military
servicOtithont depriving his parent, of the
sUpport;thp law designs to riesiurethetn. The
parents neednot he wholly dependent on the
labor o their son for suppoft. If they are so
depenthint for the principal part of their imp•
port thtil right to exemptionarisee. r
' In the case of a tridoti,i haVing four eons,
three of whim are already 'in the military
service, the fourth if; exempt, provided his
mother Is dependent oh his labor for support.
In the, cage of a widow having two sons,
one of whom is already in the'military sere
ice, and,the other has been drifted, the Latter
is exempt, as the only son liable to military
duty is the sense of the act.
In the ease of aged or inArmparents having
two or, More tens subject to military duty,
elaotionief the eon to be exempted inns! be
made before the draft, and his name should
not theti appear in draft•boz. If one of only
two sous of move parents is sissmtly is milila-
ry servite, the other is exempt, provided his
parents ere dependent on his labor for their
support •
Persofts having conscientious scruples in
regard to bearing arms are not on that account
exempt. 4 They are. not found in the list 'of
exempted classes,e and the act expressly de
clajres that no persons except those
tett in th e
, list shall be exempt. The Society
of Frieed, and others entertaining similar
sentimeets, if drafted, may find • lief From
their sct!uples in the employment Of substi.
totes, oti in the payment: of the ' .'
The ehildren of an iLlBllOe mother, who may,
at any time, recover her reason, cannot in the
sense of the law, or with any propriety of
language, be termed motherless children. The
father of snob, though they may be dependent
on his labor for their support, cannot, there:
fore, claim exemption from the draft. The
case is st'hard one, and *wonid probably have
been prfrided for, had it been foreseen., It
is, however, the law as it is and not is it tray
be suPP4B, it ought to be, That is to be so
enforced. •
In the case of a father, hiring four eons,
two of 'Whom have died in the military service,
It seeme?tear that the remaining iwo are not
exempt from draft. Before such exemption
can owed it moat be shown !bet the fath
er ban net had two &mull* the military iferTiCB. -
tithe ltitw,is written., Congress might wen
have acttepiett the loss of two sons in the field
se eguSdent to their continuance in the oer
vice, snit therefore securing. the same privi
leges to'heir nunily : but this has not here
*done. To bold otherwise Would not be totem
pretitioit, but legislition.
In tint asseAt ,aged andinftrna parents ham;
idg twd sons
to 'military duty, the
father, Or if be be dead, the'itother =7 elect
which" of them shall be exempt.. The rigbeof r
thin ezeniption does not rest upon the parents'
depeadttce on'tk labor of their sons for sap
port. MO law does not contergpleteaw7 such
~.According to the circular et troves., stir
shil_Cietieral Fry, whenever any,
"drifted 'man
shill sl4sw to the Board of Enrollment of ate
Dritrie4 i ip which he may bays been enrolieri t
hailing 'been when enrolled ',se alien, a non.
re *dent of district, not of prOper - age, or,
juihe riee . aa'At 180,.
shell bw, disidtirged by , the jEteerii, end his
place fi~lM frojuoeti,i, per ce ; nt.tireire,in
dition to the 41,44.‘ to supply : ve.ettneies crea
, 14 .Lemptiorts arising noer
, the
Iseetio',f, the 'Enrollment tint •
• , ,
• 1 • • TO BE .• •
- insttaid kiwi or tkpir auhuisuhin inv hi he
koki 14 Philadelpili Rom Iha ' tolkiliwg mum-.
.tile- 'pht - hhielptils. BEirkr,-Alontgorsory. Lt.
kiiik,- Ciiistirr, Whits* Nester, ''lVriyart;
B,quAllatiak, _Berke, lanekkier, liekuylkilt, ,
iiihkaini, Nortluutipion, Pike, Lithirse. '-...
Thole froki lb e following lionstifie qrits• be
bent hi 04111114 : Bfttiford. Ilryonkiag...BllllL
i4.,. t h
.11r ' ,irmiritsdfatettind;• piny;
fraakiin "Bedii4d, esaabriii; ' fiestikidoni,
.Centrl, koftilog, Pothi, Coldatbis, ktoatour,-
Piqrtitkm4rland, Sapirr, bauilkla, ' Yqrk,
j4Liiiii; righikiliotirrtiei; Blair. Maki, Chi
. , ikshrlkoas Abe Sokowing ocioaqier kte.4,41,
pint 4.Pittqbargi ~ Bria., ,Wszwaut *Wes%
gorew.llll4:.Csomnii. Aletermik 1 001010 1 4
Clime trdi lionotat //worn aeriawinf.
r. di INIPIA 1 ‘: Alialtbilli• _LW*
Mihaquaik, taverww,-Se j tvrie,...Widdmitas,
AM*" .: ...;-...:;. ::,-. L.: . - i. .: - -ii L ~.: !, f
.t...—r- - ...-:'s'r_..::.---440.2.4”!'.1 ill! rl c:-7::
7RIOILDIERI4 rnasuctrinio FOR
. The rpeent journey of Adintant General
Thomas to the flonth'-weet Warded an exam
ple tf the intolerance of the Administration.
Thoreau was sent out to mail in the array of
Grant; and sett if be meld find any Mikan or
soldiers who did 'tot Worship the' negro after
the fashion of Manton & e 0.,. of the War of
fice. The suspected, nffieers and regimanti
were reported to Thomas and he paid parti
cular attention to snob.. Among those' re
ported was the Irish Legion, of Chicago,
which had distingaishad itself upon so malty
field's. The men of that Legion were wining
to fight for the Union, PM Mel' Aid ,pot fitli
down at the ebony altar. • When Thomas ap
proached these' men they mat hint frankly,...
did, not, skulk or conceal their sentiments.
Here is -4 report or his investigations. We
propose to give it in his own tannage -se it
appeara quite as bad in :.
, that shape as we de
sire, to pr.e*at it He says,: ,
' "., I
wits compelled to spea k' to tie iroOpe
along the route--.-spraing ,one • as, some
seven or eight times- Daring vr, - tour lme
an :Irish regiment, 'the Ifith Vino* trogi
'Chicago--men slat read the Chicago Timm.
..i..fter talking to them awhile, I proposed
three cheers for the President of tit United
States. These were given heart s Three
cheers were then , proposid. for Settled
policy of the United States. This was met
by cries of , t No I" - , 'No !" The Cassei tree
absent, and the Lisautdesat Colonel. into is
command. , I inquired what such, madam.
meant 1' The Lieutenant tlolonel endeavored
to *Wm the men by saying that they : bed an
opportunity to thiuk , over the. reettlr, .1 Se.
plied you are not telling the:truth, elrl i l
know that . they have , been discussing ,this
question for a week past.. ‘ know the foot,
if you do not.' The °them: was considerably
mortified. I ordered those who were opposed
to Mb policy of the -government to step for
ward,' and said I knew the regiment had seen
considerably service and fought well i buil
also knew that there was but little dieelpline
observed among them : that I waisted a distinct
recegnition of this doctrine i that was the point
with . me, Several Stepped forward. They
were instantly wired and sent to the.gnatd.
bongs. -
thea lett the regiMent, telling them
would wire them a week to consider what
they would do. At the sewt.statiolia. met the
COtowel of the regimen, who begged that
watild leave the matter is his bawd; sad he
woild see t h at the view were. iewiht - the dwty .
of soldiers. I complied with the request."
These Irish soldiery are lot .eitarged with
any disobedience of miUtarY
.or4ent, They
never Named to fight oe oboyi the • commands
of their superiors. Their solo Orme M.a
Matter Of opinion; ' They valid sot lie and
ayy they approri• the setaed policy of ,the
Govettiment on the nigger quEilluii. thodgh
they would ohier the 'President. Foi,
they ere proscribed. We do not believe the
Emperor of Russia or Austrk.tirosbl plies one
of tee' regiments in theistgiir is such a
poliiion to doe' hike their Mistimente arm'
Government policy nit then euhloot them sto
punishment for frankly inviOng .what they
thought. ' In this respect the' sadism of ear
republic have less filmdom Of :opinion than
those of. the depotio *mere of Europe.
NEGRl:l'm:alma:lr IN TUB' 11011.1iL
' A correspondent of the Me*rhumb foureef
writes from 4:toohew, Orange coultil, New
York, July 6, 1868, as foitewri:
datirona . put you is patioesioa of a toot,
without comments, for it explains itself. Pour
farms are worked In this towaby slave labor.
Instead of slavery being abolahal in the
Southern States, dui war is planUng it on
Northern soil. From the window by which I
write, I can see a New York slave at work.
The farmer pay' a gurnmene agent $l5, and ,
two Contrabands, Male aid Inaisle, are 1111114
UM, sad he aim them etbooleitely, body end ;
soul, for two 'years, (quoting ifrom Boward'el
bell ringing speech);" No power on earth
cep*. the President of the Nailed Nadu can
release them." To effect this, families that
once lived together on • untiumet. plaStation
are now divided. The children', ro the Repub.'
licaris say, ire to be educated, an 4 when oldi
enough to work, bound out, eihd is the gm*
np negrou cannot , get kilning 'of thenteeli#,l
they must work nailer an “inetendter" for 11,0
years, liter which they oaf get wageo.,lf
they pro. 'Other Repnblicmin ibsa the fair
that T know Of are, illbQIIt: to 101
two Yea* and discharge their white 3 0clirs!..
They say they would be didaig injustice- col
themselves not to use the *testi Ike& Clod Aid}
Abraham offer them to 4 lfil their Nrins,-IMI
white labor is hard - to bee; to sad tiltet' the)
draft. icili lieetiik mote. scarce. - 414 the. Re
pro's condition is mach bettered, I can't tee
but, u the Gormamett mast bo supported, II
liars ' nothing to ' Itiotl'glve you 'the4
Shove &eta, And, ion.cith nii4e fists of them
7011 choose "
iirm ar4u4 Eir Aistirirjria-,i-1
BY th° ieoc.4 'Pr°O l saikti.., ri or QOY?toOr
Packer, Fig . Nev Jim?, ji efftlags Lbat, u,
anet has ban ;ordered" in thnk State. , UM
number required. to exempt- .iiiii , $ Mtn- *mei
the epethrioa of the:COnirriiiiset ii:1 8 ,1111
tali, e 0 Oar.Y . d 4 i 9 frc'Ri ilk . 8/ 0 4' t't! this
cloverimet • proeleauttioti tire . kyon
_l4- . .
them - by•volateisitiag, • ki theittaptratiaa: 0
that period:, if the frill nuinbirvis obtained
&pro will ha f a *rf: ~ '6 ilt itt 4,iioJ4lwif
I t
. ,
li:utile tip, there'iill Ite . ii drat; i 'Mike'
thy' deliciettax..l.YEtir we" rot same prlil
lege imitated ' -10- Poiimaylisabt 1 . 1 Id iambi'
hi st minibei4 voldatitort , •ilitilld Areal
senred..hoid:proper rueeatirei!!'itetor:tailiMi - li
the oPiqi* 'l4: 1 - 6 nitt Y?ittg2' I
traildi fs AA are bee : . ' ..‘
=litiveltad aim drat pagmemidiitu *Mil Mail
• emit* effort hid hate' Mae tillilibilith Its '
ealtalty. • !hit iseisie*ii hkrtiiiiiiiii
ilk wait 4i i i „ s4 : e 4 . o ii i a , : i4 o 4; . •
(. 6 4 . i iot i a
and through id* itileiWil robllk, .
lam t j t
Miley, timuhmide - the lookitetli: Ma. tats :
"wort Will be l ari but thitibilitotAiMkAlleii
ithylllitigli . thld tilte-iFtiy. '''. '; ':iiiimiedt7 if
t'imiii4igfie . ', 16 . 0 armicor4-
k iiiiir
thittmeet lippwit *Tie 4re
~ Ones* Clommuuteep.lsliii
rdllitisas f014._ mat ilifr
tioin*eitilvet elailiOdtar
04•044V - ir - iii4 • - eir
,41,vwci/A4 ,
rits: s l••.'dmi* ins Jesicomk reawtemitit
Ta . tbamb f '
4 / 1 1~_if
E -
11112 E
.: i ,
.*--•": 7 '
• • ' A$ Twalehltwg ,Intideat.
• following slorcesw, contributed to the Pbibuiel.
pl Nattieri, haw some astaswa pas. was suggests(' by
as mow is one of tisane? hapttse. 4 brava
hold yaws, belonging to a New Ragland regi,
leartallp wosadod st-Froderkkdaatg, sad wet to
tie at Clara Hospital to Washington, was anxionely
1 far no manias of tits mother. - AN his laat_hour
sad sight grew din, he cotatook a: wimps
lead p who was wiping the timing perapirstini;
his tombola& for the expected one, and, with a smile
die tip kit pale are, whispered tenderly,
(' . 0 1%5a," suit the writer, "drawing her
toward him with all his feeble otrengtb, he thetled his
beadtaheronestths s missaing What, and tires died,
with the sweet word ' , mother' on Ms quivering lips.")
I• miS ?SAT t"
Is that twatieebeet
. la do swig my. c ri '
groan tine to team before rne,
• Ski t—tap Oita U growing din
Comes she from the old boas
Out among the Northers hilia •
To her pet bzi, ayin slowly
• Of iezz's bat Usimmate and Int
lictherj oh we branly battle 4--
iikatiad till the day was done 1 •
While the leaden hail-sterie ntttleci—
Man to man and VIM to. ,
ant ye fehad.4.l I enlftsg..
• • PADS, Olga? boft•otto Seemi -
The:•—eee weeping—selfdenytng,
Noble &nes demand no teen
Feht fait arias will nroand me
Press again tny &eking had ;
flag Ws lallaby yin nag =—
I Kips aa, umather, warm dsad
Mesa /tidier 8e Tama Patziet.
• • i "•'
Barker, you cannot have my
. ghter's baud la - marriage until you are
Sr aqu is wealth and social position."
• • The spes,lter was &haughty old man of some
ftiiti yew. old, and the person whom he 'ad
di:upfd was a fine-looking ytung man• of
t . erenttflye. ,
With a sad aspect Magi:long man withdrew
from' the stately mansion •
monthe - later the young coin ittoo.l in
Ike sit.esenee of the haughty 011 area.
4 41114 int! you hat* agsio angrily cried the
old ilia:
"Ay, old man," proudly exclaimed William
lilairker. "tam here, your daughter's equal
awd yania." •
Itbe old eases onrled with acorn. A
deeiislee smile lit whim told features ; when,
violently upon the marble centre.
table anoworstotut roll of geseubacks, Williim
*l% cried
7114 x! , Look on this .wealth. And I've
td, more! Listen. old man ion. spurned
lie from your door.' But. I did not despair.
oenssed • contract for furnishing the Army
Of the with beef —"
"Yes, yes :7 eagerly exclaimed the old mast.
"--. sad I bought - up all the disabled
tieratty horses I could find —"
"I neel I see!" cried the old man. • , -And
good beef they make too."
'They do '. they do '. and the profit" are in-
I"I should say; per ,
aAnd now, sir, I claim your daughtees
"Bey she is your's. But hold! Leek me
. -
si the eye. Through all Ilia halo you been
1 "To 'the core f" cried William Barker.
"And," continued the old man, ins voice
husky with emotion. " are you in favor_ of
iriprons prosecution of the war ?"
am, I am
' , Then; boy, take her Marie, my child,
come hither. Tour WMiint claims thee. Be
happy my children r and Witateirer our; lot in
may be, /et us all support the 'averment !"
. 1 The telegraph has antotinead the military
deistic of kir.'llidliCee, et the St. Louis Demo
eirilt, srAtepahliean japer, on the ebarge of
publishing eautrabaad information. . The rad
ical press of the oily, which has ever, been.
earell2ol4 in advosatiag arbitrary., dealings with
I,tioPperhead" editors and citizens, sets up /1
Sad howl now that. the 4x gores its row. The
keer Zeit eve : .
!I' "The Prom Is demlared outlawed in the Be
, - of the Missotusi under Gen. Schofield.
o-Y he has .MeSee arrested because he
111Miataleara something from itil'o; to-mor
ioirhe may srrest all the editors, in order to
041fyitie curiosity. True, we knew Long ago
-obit military law is despotism: But we did
itM know or imagine that that law would IA
pee in the Most arbitrary-, insulting manner
to perseehte the loyal press. We are curious
iiiti c diz a r whether DKr. Lincoln, who has sent
d heee so reconcile the parties, ap
proves of it: . Curtis, at least, was a gentle
' !I' ll '
The . Zeureetals the whole animus of the
arbitrary arrest party itt its remtirks., "They
I4ew all along than military . law wed despot
fop, but th ey did not imagine the despotism
1 trOnid be - exerted; in the most arbitrary and
ilaselliigitleinsr, against them." When the
pita Oases hands, or When there is some
*lighike impartiality • shown in the exercise, Sane will bellair louder for freedom of
the'Prese and individual rights than those whO
itava been sh madly eager for the suppression
4,f both. We,are opposed wake whole system
i military interearddlinewith popular rights,
'bat the relies' Of' iiitu. ' Schofield in this in
atisisi.-istytiow- ii - . good effect, in tcheiiing
time Polities; inacke how their own medicine
, ' •. , .!...,7.: •1 : . - , ; .
• !Tat EVIL 1110H.-61R6 of tiio most ominous
of the times is Ike:fact our military
onnips tying oiskinWes toren the old abo
aawatiancitisinh :lave. been cherished by
t i "
t ilidnipling agitatooi far =my years. but which
en Profeli 4 init mere .tamierate. views. and
itseourageeunkvr tit c 'MUme
aa, -have Aug. dead to oonfeee. Yo
iliiimirmi, 'victory is not so somith the hatpin
' ' . wtfi Wording 'ground fur more
'tba intermix, of &boil
4111111MiM muilititme of efulesnent.i They
rnot consent_ to * .xettlement with the
iraOretse ~ Wit riy thin , in no par
-4lthkelifthrblit tether' to convince'. the Oahe-
Set*lt t 'eti4 ealsee' thweel!ee with 'the
'4444 04.0 1 i th likiAtitme selenium.
and, kaiaks are se earneetly
*MOW* Mom& ll* the chief niiie ft s!
&ad htf ca4tet, for their goidnise:
I 4 4 1 kr-i - r. 14 . kit; l oa itm.
:—So natal Wir . tli !lapis to ilestoo
iiit4ii spat bar rarstly seat ow Sr
111 iii,
4.91.14_611 to # 41 ,. C OI 40 ,am: 111141 4 if
Um OM i of wo peopear disability
.- , tom
--Es-ProoldniltokeS*awls *ow imit it 103
to Bedford aping, - Ws pima of punkt
sort4n former jests. r - - - -
—Edward Everett, ow tiaturday, pald, ooln
mutations for two of his twos who had boat
drafted in the Third district of Ussesohasstts. 2
—ln the Fourthifastaohniatia
Saturday, 11l men were a:unload, of whom
96 Were exempted, 12 Offered oubetitutee who
were accepted, and 4 ware ps, 411!oifi :;;;)
the applicants rim ezemptiori wen Thomas
Simms, tee fugitive Owe
, FITZ•JOHN PORTZB---410311. &mord, 44sita--
sou his prepared an elaborate and very shle
reply to Mr. Holt, the government counsel An :
the trial of Porte?. It is spoken of all giving_
overwhelming evidence of (lie innocence of
the accused, and of the wrong done kini
his - accusers. - • '
—Mr. Lincoln himself set s the bad toximpie
of disobedience to the courts: In his Oticagq
speech, July 10, 1854, he said : .1.
1 If I were in Congress, and a vote phould
coupe upon a question whether Slavery bhould
be prohibited in anew Territory, in of
the Died Scott decision, I would vote that tit"
• —,The- Galena'Adtyrti.7cr saya that.,!&great.
deal of farm labor is now done in the West
by women. The war has eo depleted the
country of ito male population that Elvizy of
the crops would remajn ungathered, parti-
calarly those uptas the farms of ahsent
dim's, did not the patriotic and able-bodied
lailes of the - West go in a body and barveig
their corn.
—Three,States hold their Annual Elections
is September—as follows.:
Each of them elect's a Governor. and Luis . - -
attire ; Vermont and California elect Munn
berg of Congress also. •
—Mr. Van V!sek, of the Kinderhook News,
is a wag. "He who steals Ely purse," says
he,." steals Postage stamps. They're ouri,
they're hie, and have been slaves to thou
sands, and when they get' dirty will do no-
body no good—bat he that appropriates to
himself our good name takes two P's we would
like to see him -get the epeniti, on." (Net a
bad parody, and not a bad pan.)
—One of the sabstitutes in the barracks at
Providence, by some means procured a Pair
of captain's shoulder straps Friday night,.
secured them upon his uniform, then sum-
mooing • the guard, gave them •renewed in
etructions to be watchful, as the fellows were
getting uneasy, and walked out of tie. dour
with. official dignity se handsomely ernbsti
tuted.that the guard did not, venture to ques- - .
tion the genuineness of his character.- -
Fon Dzsutnos.-Rev. O. A. Browgson • wtia.
a Republican candidate for Congress in lie*
Jersey last fall( and he must besood.autho.
rity in regard to Republican views and pur
poses. In the July issue of his Iteriew be
says : "It is no secret now that the • leaders
of the Republican party were prepared if they
could retain the 'Border Slave States, to Clef
South Carolina and the Gulf Stites go, If,
they chose, into an independent Confederacy." •
NON, &C.—The . Tribune sends in a bill to the
City. Comptroller for $1,871 89, ferlosies
the late riots, the most of which , is`, for de
fense. If
, this be a good, legal item; the Er:
press has a smart bOrto,send in for handling,
and lifting. sad shaking iron things that
looked like shells, that ite Printers: had pre
pared to throw •on the heads of the Rioters
whO threatened the Express °Moe after the
Fort Sumter. affair, stimulated; by the spirit
of the Tribune articles. Mr. Brennan, there
fore, will make ready to pay the Express, if
such Semi pass muster.—Y. P. Express.
Tax Dzarr.—The Pittsburg amnia!e says
that it look! as if the draft, so far as filling
up the old regimental with conscript's" goes, •
will turn out a failure. One half of that city •
has been gone over now, yet, exnhUdvi
substitutes, less- Hiatt - fifty of those drafted -
have reported for duty. The balance have
either procured substitutes, paid $BOO, ob
tained exemption, or 1, skedaddled." • In the
Flre irard the c' akedaddl4kre" pviglb4r over
fifty, in the Second over thirty, and so air
Of Bourse a large number of tkue men will
yetliumptnred, but it will be a tedious job,
and men who have to be forced into the ranks
at the bayonet's • -•point seldom make good
, •
Paratorton street conversation , over
heard by a reporter : .
Good morniog, G. ii4ady for the
o—. "Ready ! If my distracted country
needs mfFif she requires the sacrifice of my
life- 7 if the tottering edifice of our glorious
Union needs to be cemented with my heart's
blood—if it is necessary for her preservation
that she strides onward to victory over my
dead body—then, sir the victim is ready !
With a heart prepared for, any fate, and with
a firm trust in Divine Providence, I shall,
with a lively feelilig of doing my duty, and
nothing bit my duty, march , boldly mv—to
the - 'Dollector's office- and pity my three hun
dred dollars."—Harcrhill Gareite.
During the draft hr the Fourteenth
Ward, Philadelphia, a few days age, an mint
dent ocearred that give rise to mtioh .
ment. In the crowd there stood a pale-faella
Irishman, with hie hands crooned 'and arias
behind his back. He gut', intently as 'each
name was drawn from the wheel of destiny.
He imd sot icon heard to speak a word to
anybody. Presently he appeared to be oper
ated upon by some unseen galvanic •battery.
During his spasui he exclaimed in an F sharp
“Whert it round : whin it round i ;gone it
will ye!” shouted the man. He was wridenti,y,
fnilof dread suspense.
.••Whet'& the matter 9 "- said the
Prevost Marshal , 4 I
'! Oh, be jabero, turn is roupd a dose 4: of
times,- for 'toe man you drawed last is my
net door aeighi!or
Vermont—Tuee3v, Sept. let.
California—Thursday, Sept. 2d
_Maine—Monday, Sept..l4tb.
At this point the diaiversa . 1 latiet -
--Outcrie ci political etycles, theii se,i i •
to be but little interest manifested in - tito:ppee:
bable result of the Union flint* Contlenakny
to he,. held in• this .eitjr. next wit :lean
stale of affairs.bodes no good to the interest
of the Union party.
Thus poke the Pittsburg Dispatch ( utense ,
1$ liepnollead) on Thursday Of tut
And thb Diiitatee,' in This iristizioe, : eiviii . ari ld
coronae to the truth. • The people of Pauly-4,-2'
Gls'are indifferent 'to 'the. .setton -Of • 'le.'
Abolition to Convention. They haveleettaiti
the pies
.flPt period-or meetly 'throe , yule,' Md !ttrek:,
perthetly smashed , of their: titter ; inabilitpur.,)
Itoteetly, holoroblyi or imeee4ll4 adoilidovi
'04414 .sibire of either the - /tits eitite:nhe
. tion—and they, Lie Jitapk; hove dedienaheed fa J
a shine of polio?-and of rubes% Thos
intend "to vote for sad: elect the rite.: kigh,, •
Waded' sad huarttiPliblo Dosocni4 o .oVMA:.l.
for Governor, 800- George' • 1!7 14 1 41
*Ade . They leve• beep: dsoeired. terwromib i
soda.. hive falen from t4y . . „ ept . „ 7l
-.:- 1 :ii :-.--;'::::.i.*:i