The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, May 09, 1863, Image 1

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'lngle tabactibent, If paid lu advs. a
-t'intn t went cllve ta—Clutar of fifty slg, u d
ra.lo Cube. •
less taasa a agitate-1M
s igsr p, one wOlt, 6,14 One alaara 3 mouth,' $3 66
two I 60 tia• 6
tar. 115 eau ". 9
yrnr, ••1.114 0 eilit•10. 410.
, iu mvs .Ikntio, id; d na.0 . 1.
0., fa; u
ye..l it 0.
&ORM --ohr yo/11 . . $7l/; h month',
tooaths,t 2o .
I)sorf...t •I'hr ;Waimea, 10nnotory at SS tali'
Po‘ »1104,4 for n Card, nll.l' At*, an.lgad,r
Arl Editorial uotlats, lu cent' • 14_6,3 bat AO
er tie,/ ml/1 hr ,nftettenlatiatmg the Spweialhatgaii
MA" on. dollar.
and irqUiring lrequetit ehllllo6l.
.tr • 1, el lIPIIIVIit• .01 be allowed two sei}erlis, war;
.„ 1 . fo fl 3. Vor idlitloust apace, the chax(esAwill
, re pp4l,,s, and tiles tverttreaviio la matt be strictly
te'the legitimate business art he wive:timer. Pay
,r traualent advertiesulests required Ih advazittiL—
) earis a,ITC ril , t3ng grin be preurntenf hat- 1,.
owmrnbattour ehnolci he schireksiid to
11 I T.ll tNI At riArECHT,
/Laren 1. Swots,
4'N %if ttlT.t kN
PfljLtl LlENNerrr. . •
lorries o► fee Piteci. °Sloe second
we) le.;„ Stock, •Yrenett Street, between FUth end
, Elf JCR. iIUVAti,
AILICZT S.,tana. alarriabrarg,
.I.ruat Jr , printer. Shia old eatatallahed Howe hav
:hanged hands the present sea., .o, has undertono ea
re impmrsmeots and been thoeoughly ARNO VATRD
( 1'; tirfk.o. feel coendent that It ht `now not
1:1 - a any to the State for the Casliorla stud calsotaiss.-
.ick p.rtlin to tel First class Hotel. . robl6
wuoms.u.s Geoovaii, awl Dealers In
....11.uportod a.ud Lknors, also Sagan,
u.c., /LA, 011, and Agouti tor li.rat.a Buffalo
and sllCoinuerelat Bulitliuta, North aide
IR: -Juane, Erie. Ps.
%OKA C. 11E10,
tiavtog rrinaLued the practice of hie protexalon
iNeatly, will be ton.oJ at lift oh? (Vim, on Enoch
~,uth-rast cornrr Publle Square. - July 6, %I.
...nwr of eteeond snekiarket Street—nnelonare east of
,nrnn'e Elibange, Warren, Pi Sept. Zill-17.
H. COL Li, . ,
Roos-Buguirm, Eli.A.lnc Room. ItAurrracrretiti,
In ',a.m.! story of Riuderneelit's Bluek,Erie, Pa.;
ilt.l 4 v. WALSON,
-impeanat,dt COUNIVILLOS. Ar LAW, Erie £4-
4 nit 544411 elm; that to tbs assericia
nneusidstorref the building, oeenred by T. k k
miebAni. tie vill alwa ys be found in his cables, sad
t.,, g nein punctually attended to. i •
r. , 11611 ff. CUTLET?. ~
. ,
f Ai-tomer AT LAW, Girard, Life Countx,
collrctlotue and other bulgier! attended to ',with
~,,pteess,suld dispatch.
ytt rti:E' J. MORTON.
Fdtwasnina and Comm:Annan Maidnint,
'le Dock, gigs, .I.oalar la Coal, Salt, run, Mout sad
norItIONII, State Strut; No. 1 , -Banikell Blnek.
riiti HeARN
ioaarAannta and Cdromiagoa Msrchants,
is Coal, 'Floor, Viol, sad agent for daily' lino of
p.r take , fttessiefs. Peddle Ftwk. pis, PA.
w. Opt:O&M% 4 . 5
• A.rreamii, ar ortooTed to
bonding weft of State Street, on the northride of the;
rari, lirie Pa.
o f
.. F. DOWNING. - •
ix.ra.Will practice in tbortororaleaorts of Me County.
mad rive proastptswl faithful attention toott httatniarin
.ted to his Lando, either /J an Attorary ar
fr Wake, Kaap'!N Inc*, ec , rn.r of Slate 410 Firtt.
Frio, Pa.
I I 111)K1.1., ar MA RAH,
1 .4 V A .r'imrrestitne of St.ara F.nginos,Boilen,
4,1 ..,•,..srLog, A 1, , , - v. al terra implanwe.taK. Rai I ros4 Can,
A. .;natty. . -'
• Dillt4C34llo
• 101. D. Silver, Bask Noble,
Certifies!' sof Deposit, Ire. Sight evehange on th•priti
eipal itleaeoustaetly for sale. OffiesNo 9 Reed Holies
pub as Square. Erie.
t AV. V. !4 .CITT acd PABSII3IISX Arms° 3.0.c0car..
Corner of I.ilortF Street tai Pennsylvania R. R. De^t . ,
P ‘ dtownth, Jona! SaT•GI, Propr i etor . ()Jaen and RC
Irrithatents at all hour. of the y ornight. 6618-37,
` 2 Corr / RANKIN.
Z) in all ktukla of Coal, Salt, Plantar, Flour,
V &c.; &a. 'Pabllo Dock, Erie, , ,
, DIALLit in Clocks,Watches, Flu! Jow
•ir,, 9prions, Plated Wares Looking Cilaaseg, Gilt
Y~r,tk no , . Cutlery and Fancy Goode, Paragon Building,
Wait Para near Peacla et
silMels . Al.ol
/ • (nussesserts , Sissafri y Siacisir,)
nun kXT4U. Diaiontla, Wright's idlcx...t,
nite dtrtet, kis", Dealer in YaihtiUtL. eniaWbuiet
ye -Staffs, Glass, Burning Fluid, Brush?", td.
_ -
• ,
\V M. A. tiAl , LellitA jti lTlI A ; Lior r.
,_ofikeeon •
~pposite the Court Hbuse, Erie. Pa-
Ikr E. 31AIMILL,, • • ;
1 , Once in Rosen -418
.knock; north aide of the Park, Erie, Pa-
3. 3, srst:cga, . SELMA ILOWIA.
trrogroictro it COUNAEL LOAM AT LAW
UFFICE, Paragon Block, near! North
NJ Welt Comet of the rut:Mo . :Naar,. En.. hi
•r J.Y. &ui, Proprietor. Ccre
avt Superior and Bank 80eeta, Cleveland, 0. 38 31.
• • ,
PAlOxisal.aa axo arioxxx, and
alan utacturer of Blank Books and, Writing Ink. South
DAM 01',11xyl000' Mott, Mato rinet. urrehao--tna.
J. iocum.m.4co oi co..
, Daaitaa la Boats and Shaw,
I.4:thaioad, Wholasailiaad aetau, Andartran
Moak. Ma* Unmet. iris, 1% , warch3o--43.
UU AKLII 1101:16X,
Kin, PA., •. Goma, Proprietor
The glitatt Otthis limes dual hale every attaution, to
nuke their •staff agreeable. Omnitme to and from all
trains, aprll6-45..
ake Ware Vows, Platte Dock East of State Street. Ca,-
Agar* Howe at italtkoad.Croleiag, grie,Y6. Dila**
Instit /loaf, Plaster. Wet* lame, Ike, •
41.1astatag to and trout Causal Wari Douse.
lean UOUSE, • *
Jolts Bans, Proprietor. Cornet
blotched Third Stripe* (breerettilitels troutlat the Cap
ku.t, Larideburjr,,P6. SesionneeeohaMeteeeriousodation•
coal to the but Hotel in the city, an d the Bar alga,
supplied Pith tha.ehokest liquors.
. ,
yr .
- _ Wnobacabi AND RETAIL [MALIN IN
tooaries and Provisions, flour and load, Wood and
W Mow Waxy, -Wines , Liquors, Tobacco, &Iran, he., State
Rival, one doar.Sontli of fourth, East std., eta, Pa.
gammas Aim Thearzase laOilL
worta remt 'et NIII Cm*.
" ri moisture, "
,4 14 /1 1 .. and Dealer in Stationery, suppiestose
usd Neintp!pects, •e. Country dealers
nasirinu, int Brown a liotal.fronting lb' kirk.
N ru.aves, ,
Morse 4.. YD Co ltrarvom. Wholonia
soeigetail Dodo. in Oman, eneak ale, N air
Omani! Bak e ry," Bad Corset of Eigh sod Stale stmts.
Ens, Pii. . le —lO.
tiff BOVILL,
U • (: order and awl itarkek'ats., Harrisburg, Pa.;
Me old and well topers house is low etted up lu the
moat lm proved stile. The sceouuhodattezis art of the
Met °rut mud the teem elesenatde. It Iseltested in the
soot delightful pan Of the city, and **swig out of the
lewdest upping places to the oeuntry. febTVA4
1. A SWIDX 7121111.
patrol & Dins,
.1.17011111111 A? LAW, Monza
Crest, ifeadvlrls, ra. Feb. 16-37:62
t i AN. KEN:VEDIC dic Wy
Formalism's Aso Cciamisaiox Illsocaa.rra,
awl daalitala UMW aad Crook On, Coal, /noon Motor,
ata ogles sad Yard on Bth atm% MK paid.
J. I.IISIZDT. [aprlWB2o.] ' It. a. 'MUM
I)RS. U. L. IIiLLI.OI4 1 Eft MON,
Donuts.-01110 in,Sonth ---
t'avic Row, LANs Ps. All volt wairaa. I I
[ssarl/41.3 0. t. tt slats
it yes wart Use vst but Suess. Cared
Ulitt and IIEtOOLDgRat U tio gasimit, tie tame to get
les k tie !keno won. '
f • lade r • kLOAK. MOTH k IiattICARY.
.1. I. Warns Co, Ps
calcionkl StairrOaleo. ' wig 7'si
at Ciftoa 11111 r, It So eonnty, Pc, bj Atlaatte *CI W. K.
K. (M ere tR 9444 Salt, Iron, Crud. and Relined Petro.
km. lliad* Of 'eftliping done oft Counniamon.' ED.f.
NOTLIT eau° Amp 014111111. rou•termla
%xi? Immune ApErs. Collection,. lend all baldness lo
i..ted tobitti promptly attended to. Applications for
osurstve solicited, and Policies Wood without delay, SI
fret clam companies. Mice, WilKhre Block, maw of
beh lad nude stmots, Erie. Pa. noe'graltt. '
• Arruustan LAW, IC 'failures Of
oaSanath fittest, We, Pa. . ang
and Properotkno for thebonooti:hled
largely to my fottore stock of this , class of goods, and
now hies the best assortment In the . cit .
artltt. city .
COILNER .irxrE AND FIFTFI ars•, knit, PA
vaurre,"lirwrs, ha.
Supplied with Ica eftliEll. Fine, Cakes, Fine 'Cit.lie.ll
Piniiol!s, fruit, ke.
Flue French;Coaectloos and Pais Candi.% of er”ry
Leavitt*, Omura, Cocoa Nuts, Italslas, Fig*, Pates, /se
enAcaEssi , efi*pxmisi - -
Heston, ()) stet., Butter, Soda and Sugar Crackers;
'ALWAYS leitkSH!
Received ever, day, by aFpreas, 7 direo r t from Baßim"
Wilt pay l
pettlealarAttartton to filling orders iv soy
!rat!' ' Gooda to their tin... •
- J. H. t..4.4tKvv0r.../..),_
11 1 14, Nits *Evil it it Bs
3. 000,,w0 1,, 14 .na
la length.
• SIAM. I Inch, 1 %a', 1 1-2, 2, 2 1.2, 3 and 4
• Plank.
14804040 fork at 6-11 White Wiod fall thkikarga. '
soo,oeti 4-4 0 0
miaow 3 it 4 loch White Wood Plank.
seo,opo whit, Wood Columns, 6i5 , 62.6,
_ .14,434
300.04141 feet of 44 boards.
-- STAVES. ,
3,11411101141 Red Oak Blot. Stavei, 44 itnib long, 1 inch
Wok, on helot 044 e„ and 4 kinh, wide.
1400,000 . White Oak :45aves El inch knmr, 1 1-4
inch thick oa heart edge, 4 loch wide
clear of asp
(ace and Docks ono:site P. & E R. R. Depot.
fetdls 83-2 m J. 11. GRISWOLO.
N u e ;r. Ica E.
W. take great pleasqre in informing the rubric, and oar
aomerous l'atAns in particular, that we have _
again resumed,
hod ors polplitOd to Al tat oi l tidois 'tor
a - - iof Iron. previoaa to
being burnt out, errs nea decided advantage„
(In price of Storee) over liarintattirers who have bought
Iron at poosent Wilt pricer.
Tioinkful for pant favors, we hope, by strict ittleetlon
foo the Inints of Customers, to tontiane to merit their
E x I n E
• C
The Undersigned would respectfully return, thinks for
the patronage heretofore suotebdied to Win s and solicits a
continuance of the mune. l
He haw recently made ettenilve Imprdeetnents,
which are a -
for paging Blank Booka,by maana - of whlch - be is enabled
to So work of that kind saws:, and u cheap
' as it can be demob Buffalo.
Hamlet had as •
believe lon appeal fur the publht patronage with
fell coolldenct to my ability to give eithibetioci.
Dote to order: Constantly on hand- a large etapplioi
B L alooßs. - •
Remember the place, booth-west corner - of gtatoiriti
Yfftlatreate. maenad atom IMO door to the .-Gasetter^
office. • K. M. COLE: -
Erie, January Nib, 188.1.-am
/ 04 fC4,
/ //: /f -- - : 1 , / ////../)
i.. & r
. .
cuttsra OF NAll4lkSElrrail l Erfalgrra, • ' " ,
" • '
eafriaporlaatlok a-the t &as of sof:Mu.
gsrunsvits COLLIIO,III. la ties rollowieg Cites,
'A elebelar•h/p brae! Ow* U.lal. College,
entities the holder to attend either or all the Colleges
rot an Nolillate‘ Yma . , ,
Tt fl oldiArt ateie tootttitteisa le to invert
to young men Lod ladies therelikk, ?radical bretorae
'rheum ileilleitiSM are t‘copielned omilemadieste4 open
a basis whish mast wan to *mai aseneate institution
the test possible biellitt•slor impsittite • thorough coin
mannel edewtb•, MAN it as a. whale. the swat
comprehensive and elespi•1044011411 ooaatri.
■. Pi. bet! . 1
fobl —ly
vat Aiming boa =Mrs, ma mails at *iffy irsi
ror Reid Maass, will, from uativea boaavolones 'Dead
to those slip restasflit..* 11 , 4/1 Ur *hove kolutaitlat
Darnell% palpiNwpa by liMudr. This Inns book is de.,
RI gned Ea a wand/via/ magas Mayes* NOM 1414 %awe
who wain' beet Satotoa• Dlastm, Loma or laxoar,'
PtintAtelti DOW, Sty ha, sapplyiNg at gaol time,
the main of ail am, Oa& MOO WM b. mat Oast;
sed ins bialavoirabipar.oritimatt sillmniorr-to say lobo;
mind it, by addressing the iathor_
• - CilaSpa. I , •=IPT; Rag,
iiaItWWWG. Grouping, Loot Ishumi. N. Y.
- - —-- - ,
* ' ' ' ' TRPtnir CIX
. NOTic OF D.,-.-.-1:171, _ . 4..}
The eapartmessiblp,kodotorore ssistildt#lLolo
ft. towitarsti di Co . boatog.took-illasol Mk Utb:
day oLttutry, Int .by 11 lOoedinttOr4 014111111 e.
to Jo LooJirst.b.tbo,p tad tbo
421 i
the DOd61111k; 010114 DO - Ad- day of
1163. to the escriodos, to afoot et ff. kV*, Itok'
uladershrtmed will. Übe's& 'Wm Ms WIWI St tbo z
obi stsod.sod will MLttnwasadtoth, settkotioitselbll basil
nisi of tho Ist* dm OM. totodoestk 4' ad,' Wolof tbo!
buskin. of tlvo tusdelodisod.• dolma to The ,sksos aril
toodootk k Co, sad all Omni tree if:taffeta int, ts
dobtod to 11.Lsodusth 1 Co., arolt'i
mottle ti oiskotota wi th tbo sada= &Zit:llth
ii. Vososioitb. fof kowtow kftFototoss. as obey, stated, sold
hip Werra to tho *moults, Stock. is, 1.t.f1.f
St Co, to ths.stidetsignod. " - "
aprlS-4w JOBS !ANDS/ten: ;
Can .11a4 u tatartmant of Wlodar, Serabi
Doors, Watts Waal' sad other Bnuthea , at this .toes of
aPaSS4 J. IL CARTItft.
Th. co pestoership/wis•ta ' skam existlng
16. 11 " 48 10 . 7ftgi. i n i.,. Lig Style o b rnit
tiposat, li. at- li. ra., Ira this 7,
Malatyad by sodas! consent. Thelmslause will be can
tinas! by Henry law* who will dose an tbe Whin of
tile I.l* Om t0ir2440 1311241 T RAWLE.
•• .
. 6
• • '
1117. 1 .rA:
Lt•ti: 4 • •
(SAtecnaors to.F. P. Adam.,)
taxis Iv
. gstiralo. X: T.
PItILK lUI TUI . , .
Cblettolos boast 01d...). to tear..
kti.l Ylnatrelitaor that/ . sweat guitar, -
A noYer theme my ,hest It line
- to philse fiItRIBICAVIII Catalpa Mir.
` Tbetr cures tot Giusti ' to iee:ir lama—
Hussia's pnowe'— and At e. Rind
,1 twit toodroua ur orbs -tbo pares .
i - roducod by tilt...omen so.tehleas P
goes di/Waft afflict you? do net
This ettirultag tonstpousdritt ...soh tt oat,
ad b.%11.1.1 Aptiu yurr system fill, '
It you tly Wince to 1111Ottcit 1 fills
mare fur all—both old apd riming .
Their pralaea are on every t!olufnef
Dissaes'aisa,6 ied—uu Inure kilts,
:quer we strbleased with Ibutatet'akills.
ar rit up with Eincit.b, Spa Web., Gezmeit red Fnracti
alrentions. Trice .2f) eenta per box. Sags? coated. Sow
advertisement or third pyre. For ex!. by all dtuggiaki
In Erie. 1 jdsl2yl.
T-1 SNO —X.
They purify. etrv;iairthen and tolerate.
They R healthy appetite 41
They an an a•Cdote to chance of sitar WO att.
•Tbej overcome afTecta of diselpalloa tad fat* hogs*.
They strengthen the iyatein and tallien tAitded
They Prevent uliannattc and Interrnlltelat fevers.
They purify the breath and acidity atlas stammer:
They cure Uyipepela and Coastipatioa. •
They cure [Karim% Cholera' and Cholet,a Itobas
They cure Liter Complaint and Norval's lisadasem
They are the Nem bitter.' to the world. Thee make tYa
weak wan 111 tto g , and are reit uste4 *Mures ,great rip•
starer, They are cos le <At pure St. Croix flaso;. the Bile.
tasted Calls"; roota aud Jrerbi, and araAaltap w ith
thr pleaeuraor • beverage, without regard b ate at hoe
et day. rsztivilaris rcoutnesi.;o.l4 is delicAla repo'.
requirleg &Air at tuulaq t >3ot¢ Lyarl groaara,Pear
data klotals aeri Saloooa. I'. 11. 1/0411 ♦ cp. ,
VI.V.S i.iLLs, Nem isTimg__ . .
1311ANDRBTH'S 1'1L1,1,.71KW . STILE
iIIiANDRETIPS PiLL4. NNW filTl.4:- • : '
Dna N int erali num% ?tow allruti
Are infallii.le fur coati Ur liPlants.losa a eifidite ,
ilek beadacte, glainria, • nee of Ltastfac eta Weal, -
diulnere, I . SIMI.Ii am* and taping pales, esiiia Able
,herli of the stoma and da
ft:it OF KAN Y CASK/. • • , -
S' Origins! Letter at .44 Canal Street,
New fort: -
.1.: I. C. COOK, publielter , of the Stele italmits ,iber.
ningt.e. Vt., rays he war 114t4sbed with Mimeo*. owl
sulfured aofervorely (mai it, , that not • particle of feud
could be swallowed withbut occaalonleg the - soon,
uncomfortable aeniation (olds otesiseh. Wes Ilvoyeliero
hose/Need from thin dn•adifn I ootoplaindr late be 004
Ilaseheirre's NA& The bid boa del not Neese to We
ft him much, but the ate.ocui, prudeee4 •c..l4r 4l ,•atar
She time he bad taken are betr*,• • COM
ea! effected. iiesaya: "My dyspepsia wan gess,,,s4 way
expects 100 of an early death. saufahtdil
ASK FOR Nlter irtlrlat.
Principal Office 294 Canal Strtet, Nov Yotit..• , '‘ •
fold by Dr L sisolto, Krio, bad by all rfspoiltial, ass.
Or* (n medicine. inpak-iis. •
Lir.0,04 K aTILIIKOPIy . '
f Thin dellyihtfa I opals for praterring and
beautifying the human hair ia again put up tty thiiiirtgl
rial 'proprietary owl Fe now notary with tba,ssuaa4l,lei
and attention, which that created tie r bxuse Tie *d its
,preceleated sales o:floret oua
ia ettllaoid at '45 cents In large ti We*. :Tie nallion.hat
Idea mu easily be . limgd 11 • jesiz s irben it L again. 'known
that the Eattialrou la not only'the moat delligitirilltafc
&rasing to t;borweirld, but that it eleiptua tike . 804 if
&tart and dandruff, Kiln the hair a tfrely,i*llt
griathy and prarenta It tinsel turning mg. ratgli
eonFideritions .r.rth knoiriag. TLe Rathairnit haihian
WWI for over twelve years, awl is warranted is erwairi
had, Mt" lady who 'flue% a beetti6l..hiagt thf:Alr it/1
woo the Aitalltairno. 1t la finely perfasledaialit tiad ill,
able. It la y.. 1 ,1 by nil roapectable dealers thxoeghpit
the 'A4IOI. 1). 0:1141..NEH k Cele
jezield. • Neer York.
IT IS ItTIT IDTE,butputoreneriti hair to hi efigi,
•et color, by sup plying the capidary tubes erttlreatassi
t i l nipaired by ige er - disease. Alltaitaneous
dyes are ppaid of Luster Canitin,dentrojitti4Jsevi.
tailty and beauty el the halr,and effort d
. Ibessintine
no attar ug. tree Vs loinstbablitebstiasgasfeesis
restores NO to tut assures tide; br ietOlat 1/4 11 4 1 1 1 00 1 0 1 4
gioes the keine. lA/XMAS? RS4 VT:r. PitamAto 51 4
irwrth, presenta l 4 falling off, eradicates dandriN
imparts health sod pit.irsatuess to the L8,4 % ,41.. LM
stood the test of tim.ta be 1,41 U e Grilf 1 / 1 11 x
,P ° l" 3 / 1 ,
and ill eonatantly tame:ming in (aver . tried, kr
! gentlemen and ladies. It la sold by all reepeptableOsah.
ols, or can be practiced by, them of the eoms aeretaf
wax, D. . AKM I 3 CO., - MI Bp:maxi', r.
r li l d
sizes, 50 cents and $l. i"/fr4'e'°
tru m:4141)111 in% if Us.
The adrertiaer having tees resterisl ti twp si o : " . 4k ie4U a
slew ee y ke,b aver,. simple r e m edy Ai.,
orrikkl i a a Nevem luso alleetimi. sad droll
disease, Charm toe— is soriess to mate bums t? kii 1
lellow-eulterero t e means of cure
're eill who Ire it, he vrtil sea] sae* al& pmet
eeroptiou unit ce of, oilier), with tieo dizeiS.iame.iea I
prevail* awl . sin the seam, trbihta tbil Vria 40441
sea Celts In (ossrarrios, A svoire i eiteiteart* ibii;
The e
thin is, to loeueht the ealicted, and optima Ittlatit#
which Le conceives to be intliUlll4o, end hi ti 4 )41
aulLrer will try his rented) as It will toot Uieft 6410614,1
• • .:. • 'el
t"" a bi"" tia g. r. Etailin A WILOPK,
witthimeti4 • I
Rin g s comity. New wo;ki
.MYt— :
DWI Sui With your peraidat il l
b to say to the nadir. of your paperthie Venn
reture mil' tortl wbo *gab ib ifeere,V
Neil 011;004 lee mallaild red *and a aim* Vent**
Balm, that MO Ole& ualry remove; le 40 dayi, , fiesplella
Blotebea, Tan, 'Teraina and all Imperillee of Use Ski%
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11211-41 t. A dadatstisteis: •
. French street, between 4th an 4 Ith
the Philadelphia AI Krie
Louts ahoetrisker ProPtiet4r. Ki
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set. Good stabling attached. a
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lathe rear. Ailate en the 18th,of Sept.
recollect, Oh It* gra" of Oea. INallosk, is
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L;960, *nett. As in instance of ths condition
• relime•of the troy ys tdiatiraiinioi; thappen
to ricalle t tt 'the r.maim et . the 'Viet Corps—
itii&lioeBer`e the Morning of thdlBth,
Whieh there were *honk ' 3,800' trien'iiper.
ted inisettt"for duty: I think the, taking
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fisturtlai • the ,oitisso of New' Vision
otoaii,y, were 10140414 So nausea i scone, the
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s44igi sta 90 et
5 'lth P.tartioz-The Nei Tait 'Wor/d,"alludingi
aeinsid of the 44i:flit - titration' Ortits)
that there shall be t tedipeeirtOn of all Tiiity
not until the waiToTeis, says :
coarse .of OoOeeiilnAs has been tried, :
illniot l tiork. - There wai no isartz, or;
'iptOtittitli . #One.'fbr thei eltliteeti notate i
oC the Whit ` - dame of It: 'Arbt-i
tttiel irtistii; - iiirOirisoielOir "of newqaptiia,
iiii*Nf l idteiiise' of
. 14Aser, tdattle'
, .7 • faitittlaim la hilt places,
ihtitelk asidiorinpdoik in iittihe deparlatithis
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ithst aite esoutit til thiii, : 'sortt %stealer
.iiiirlakuirsii % Oppiststoirvatii—fist, bt
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orders 'tor 'Piimitin iiid Stunner were
.n thronit me, batty direction of General
mice' vsocoirr bre Llit.Llo4l9o TAIT.
Tka igiog4iala Aso. ths imam wars Rot folk
gad vitit sulk** vigor .attar tka bOttlo, is
In this plain slaAizw4 a facts;
, : i 7 4llteprais,LX.MetiisOmt orinspondent
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dielintuiahed FronA : ptliestr wool /hoist,
greet 'natter, Itnaidagge sail elnielstrativi
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Iliad of n; War' isArtntent.: in the 'nest;
aitininieiini' is not 'lrian I' dedre
serve under, satLissiig.iitiLnatsfif
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zucsatmag? , .: 6 .o.44.r APPolnteas J.WWeiles
norer, pre ;et ,sookitels to Alava that .
Cenercm slew dabbled is frosts ;, that
Gulf snide =may, out of taineports ;
qiiit • Fremont tte'er epsOitiated in . Austrian .
muskets ; tha t seii4d- and . 13i on violitad
no isar"la mabtog arrest z that the Conatitu
don required Blair to **ado' Democratic
isitfotirirfrom thimails ; and that Chase is sin
cere, frank, and Manly in bin conduct ; haw
ing his 'heart an his' sleeve - ; 1 -neier shying one
tit* and. messing another; and withal, n
pare national patriot,- holding `himself above,
all seetiOnal:prejedioat / •
6419 e hold r aiorticretr, ,that t o coadnet, of
the ust t ime been marked by a series
of the most wendeefal vicitati except a flew
lastastees of disaster, caused rich copper
heeds as hiociellan and Buell:- •' -
**We stilt believe that this wicked -
will be squelched In the original ninety days,
and that the only reason irhy a few old women
slid not whip the rebels before-breakfast, was
because. Father Abraham, In the kindness of
his hearf,i(see Tod eta &airfare) failed to eon- .
aoristt thim out of tenter regard for age and
" We don't believe the.t any bOdy's hurt, the
erisLi being purely artificial. ,It is oai belief
theta large sum is inora easily, paid than a
larger one; and we are glutei; from personal
experience, that it is e..tsier to pay' when we
hive the ineans of paying, than when we hive
not. - • •
"The National debt wo oo a der a mere
trifle; as we harithsen 66tirincea, by an arith
metical calcoistiei, that our women can churn
it out in ten years. , Conte, butter, come.'
"We believe in. the Union-Party ;' that is,
wa don't tielieve it's a party at all; bat de
vised for the pure and holy purpose of putting
down tbil wicked rebellion, and saving the
best government in the world. Its levies, are
all holiest' patriota, oaring nothing for office,
except. Wien it is forced upon- diem. Mete
motto To the devil with 'yoar emcee I
Ware fir our countri—our whole country:—
sad our - home Is In the briskt setae sun!"
"We ere verb much in' favor of ceiling
Democrats 'Copperheads,' and enemiei in
our midst.' We think they all ought to be
_killed. Burning •at the stake would be eml-
Wendy prOper. Sharp_ pine iplinters ought to
be stuck into their Mesh, and set_ on•fire.
Union maw should deal with them, except to
take their ininsi- . .-nevet; negleatiet to esti
thew traitors as sau . as they lesee.the store
or ettepr
loth, first min who breathes dist:Mott
deaeriii to be imaged on a gallows as high as
The Ilireldityi everybody* New York
is frying to rend 'mouire. 6 pericent. sad a
good many %woken are supplied at 4.
L strong-Waded Tom= is aptio marry
a meek-minded mat, Ttovideicac having or
dained that a couple ahall,generally kave• but
the average amount of mind bseersen them.
Strachemiies havegoade their appearance
la Nov York, but they are held at juices so
ositorbitmat that nobody but an army contrac
tor oast look at them.
- cioap.--I>nzioithe past wick the itactuation
4 the sale of gold has been front, 4$ to 64 eta.
It eontatimpa pries iII Woe during the same
4 4 y two
, or three pints.
4Orirlai l ains.—"Thero are now about Are
tboniand contrabands at Alexandria, _Va.—
Most Of them do not knoir what to. do,. and
thi white people do . not know what to do with
Gene. Fremont, Sigel sad Butler, are 's
aged in addressing ki Leignei." -
*Chive not"*On it. stated that recruits for
*army have been obtained at tiny of these
At the meta election at Franconia, Mon-
Martel.; Pa., Charles Frederick was elected
,Jade, Jahn 8. Frederick, Inspector; John
'FredirleitrCoisteblo; Henry Frederick, As
eleller,•aaOherles Wilder* Auditor:,
—lllfinitind Also says it has been al
ea:tidied Icyrielard count, that three thousand .
soldiers were'whlidraini from the army to
+elide iteintbilcari' 'ticket in etanecticta at
this lint Veoiloi.: •
unibriala itt the army of the
*Olounta; z the gift of smell girl to her bro.
Aid; who it a private', to ' Protect him from
expciiive of the long marches‘ It is a subject
of much trlrtli"sationf the soldiers.
In a vetch delivered at Indianapolis on
the 24th nit., Gen. Burnside, according to the art }
i eniirked tiaa the military wag sub
'ordinate' to the civilauthority; - thus repadiat !
of the foster to override or
i!ito . usissorl.--Tp to the 4th of March,
'lBBl, Oirr:GOiiiingnent'had been known to the
irple • blessings Which it confer
red urn them ; - since, that disastrous day it
bas been knoin ' , oil* , by its oppressions and
its !11. 4 .9! 1 °"^
correspondent says: "It is possible'
,qktostonteta somewhere, at some 0ut
. pAgoe.,Ottered i threat to resign,
but I de not b i elitm,he has soberly done go in
the preienei of ritigragible 'lineages." No'
Inch lack for the Mmitiry.
i=.olt-sairn'l G. Howe, of Bootee, Col. Jam s
of Net -York, aakitobert Debi Ow
of liitlians, • have boa* appointed by liliatitei7
swa mi a 'I prosiotoolt Oommioaloo,s , to In
quire. into Oroosaliks 644 propeo4 of the
ootsinoabds M Aar - wins
,Theigegroets will welcOMO their appostfoo.
A limn rebellion amend in antiooly- -
Congas, Oki* lea trek, awed by the intro
&Won of a. nitro sia4hat teem Oberlin.
telnaleoreiritedrez t oe mu" bet the ,
woorteviimod •7 %bow .WO
ogles, with Weer sialenle, N M le evald Ike
offensive samosistiou.
Life mud beTer;tat la OMAN, U
jidg• from tie .tollowlus Mini hoar a
uotelipor•vr : wife tiet i beend to deay.illat
oat of our Lawn pi4AL dog/ 1 GUMS
bay ay IA oz la be inAbilf en , boar:
Ifis.sidollMllltlilli la 147 QM OW Offal
hado llll ollolol.l l l, ib lot &lam et kin
thi pa aet slum
Wale gei la, in Woo tat u.l, siosoat serer
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