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    drit Obstrinr.
SATURDAY, ItAy . 215,' WM'
Us Cm= Ass m
stall.-01111 AMP
Iv rs a fact worthy of record, that rota*
of the Republican more of this 1100iiCO.
have sampled our pr4osition .of • last
week, challenging them to prove, that
single Democrat in she North had ever
advocated s dissolution of the Dalin.
'Pas radical papers publish a long and
characteristiCally egotistical amount of
testimony given. by (lea, ,:105 Homes. be
fore the "Committee ou the' Conduct of
the War." In this, he criticises With. great'
severity, the course of Generals M'etzt,- .
LAN and Beassma, and tabors to give the
imyression that had die been in chief
command the country would have seen a
different result. - Gen. RooKea is now in .
the position-he has so long coveted, And
We venture to suggest to him that when
lie does something thst is worthy -of ap-
probation, the pilblic will b h p better pre
pared to weigh hhropititons \Of .other and
more modest Eitnerals. .
The Senate bill to secure \the elective
franchise to soldiers in the Army. autho
rizing a vote by prosy. paised the N. Y.
,Assembly on Thursday, the 23d inst., by
a solid Republican vote against an equally
solid vote of the- Democratic members.
Gov. Seymour exhibited' his great regard
for the man wise are fighting our country's
• battles, i,y ou alleged constitu
ticinll grcsind.. Caminent is unnecessary.
- -
Oar neighbx. lies not iletiy that the
hill, is unconstitutional. If 'that be the
case, will he assert that it was not Gov.
Santous's sworn and soleruniduty to veto
it ; or, is he, too, , one of the 'many Rekiub-,
hound who believe that Coustitutistia nu&
oaths have no binding effect':
Tag New 'York Wor an Tuesday of,
the piesent week, cot/Wine! fortpseveir
columns of advertisements, , the largest'
amount, We are told, ever. .given in it sin-.
gle issue of any paper published in 'this
country. It gives us unusual gratification.
to notioe ench 'an- exhibition of prosperi:
ty, for it is well deserved. -The Worl¢ le a•
journal of which any - party or country
might be proud. - It has long been noted'
for the reliability of its statements, snci
in editorial vigor and ability is Without
a rival on the Continent. Taking it calm; .
straight-forward, statesmanlike coarse, i
has min .its way thoroughly Into thecon
fidenCe of. the conservative- public, and'.
done incalculable service in' the cause of
the Constitution and Union. • SuCh . 'pa
pers as the Wri t / are ! the 'kind that, it
should bean esOcial pleasure to Demo
crats to au 'port.
The (*Pryer will find in courerof time
that everi the reputation of a a bhiek
guard " will be infinitely more honorable
than that of "traitor" or sympathizer with
traitors and rebellion. —Dispatch.
The Dispatch " will find in .cottroo
time" that the clati of. Cilium in the
North who are now called.'", traitors" and
"sympathisers with traitors and rebellion",.
by Republioan paper% 4)o:uprising me they , -
do one-half of our • popfation, Will be,
regarded is the =true patrietaLef • those
days, and lie hawored aeeerdingly. 'Then ,
men are not - to be put' dowel by slang.
terms or bitter dentuseithidin—they are"
striving for what they believe to be the
good of the country, end:limy wiltpersel.
‘vere in their faith,' Apt:dim of die via
lence of their 'political enemies
bake of traitor, when applied in its cor T,
. 3 rent sense, they , regard as the most odious
iobelanguage ; but sylltin used as it sow
is by Republicans tawardis bein#Urista. is
a mere Partisan epithet,, they care -an
mere for it than they do for the hundreAs
of others in which the 4)ppoaition vocal).
Wary abounds . . , •
• The editor of the Warren Mail, who is
a clerk in, one of the departments at
Washington, writing to his paper: last
week, the lets us into the -secret of an
affair whir luuheteci the suite . ct of much
For a week or two_ past there has
ye" a great deal of figuring in Pennsyl
vania politics. Washington is the grand
political centrr' and the man_agers -of
State politics frequeently come hither to
organise a political campaiga,,, Whim far
. Gov. Curtin and Hon. John COTO& bate,
been regarded as- the most prOrninerit
candidates for the Republican nomination'
for Governor in our litale. Bet lately Gen.
Cameron and his \friends have stepped in
to the ring and deolared undying hostility
to Gov. Curtin's nomination and his elec
tion in case he was, noininated. This was
the consequence of a feud existing for
Tome time between them, somewhat in-'
teositied lately by. Gen. Ososeron's at
to make the Senatorship, in which
tie claims to have been disused l i hy Abe
Governor's opposition. Hence a new
combination had to tismade by the man
agers. Goo. Curtin and his friends have
been here several timeavrithia two weeks ;
Mr. Covode has been here almost cot:l
-atently since Congress sellostrned,. and
qen. Cameron has keen here on frequent
occasion. Those who' ere booked up in
tke movement of Men could some
time ago that something was afoot- Row
it is developed the Governor's sppoine
meat abroad and his retirement, from &h 4
'contest. Whom his frierlds will 'bring out
in his place does not yet appear. Wein
while his. Covode's friends are confident.'
They think hie most -ftermidable rival iM
out of the way."
Tan long threatened :con federate lova,
'ion ottifiesoort 10, It ahem; reatly com
nonsied: pen. StelAimra' s titics 1e astually
in that agate with Co siutg—hOii large or
to What state of Oficietkii ,is riot itnciwo,
but. he la al 'eider to be (*ruled 46"
ter what torte he 'ilea frith ' Mit, It is
fortunate for the Unio,
Davis has halo .P
oakum keo . 4intia 4 11 1 . _
. .0 164 groundupp
the war coatioaoooti• mukskitinel , baee,
matters roightnesrhanwihod• a iron di.,
eat and scotch ISMS- app ,reef na tisk
other We at' theafissaseippL' . . The pro , .
portions of this sisordarsaire . st.ars ml ma
yet keown. Several Unreels's; hoinpre ti
Deer caper- end: docinesse• aumul
News to be alasineck evlee hes exiled out
the mill* of the weetkiew &miles f 6
thirty doll ttl beat back the bon:
federate forces: The talon camels Talk
(unite 113 hilvieittvoTvery ealiable'cd‘tai
—nii4etele Ind
'&41114 ' , 4rhe rra'lMP V'it
• . eno w i l briVe, eaa „ they wpops
:frodevestabg. , save thit greet _state
fOrCe i s confederate
. _
We publibh on our arab pope
well written ootrununies+.onthis b
jed. It wo'fi handed ELS we o,
bUt in the crowded shit* 1 ns,
ire have ben unablao t *fore.
The writer t )gots into& thorough tileoussion
ot the en ea, end: vivre* alt
words can oxpreee, that the measure pro
*and would Vot 'mai- be a violation of
but allkot*lligniolibiitle•WeidAin guilts
soldier himmlf, end, tif4lte citjaeq. .WA
geed dent , iiiine rwasarlri t „ !fa
will content ottraelf, with Pap .Lellowmt4
enctract from the declaim of our Borman! ,
*loud, when the subject of soldiers Ito tigg
WO before it far isdiudieetion.. The opia
of the Court was given by Judge
WOODWAIU4 widely knOwn ',end honored '
moth lot— his powers of mind, and the
ptirity of bis character
" To '.44iir to vote' by ballot, is to . pre•
stmt ones self, with proper (pialiticassons,
tat-the time and place appointed, and to
Make manual delivery of the ballot - to the
officers appointed by law to receive
The ballot cannot be sent by mail or att.
pram, nor can oast, outside of all
Pennsylvania Pennsylvenia el districts nod certi
r iato the ty where the voter hes
his domicil. e cannot be persuaded
that the Consti ution ever contemplated
any such mod's of voting. mind we hare
idaindant reason for thinking that to per
mit it would break down all, the safe
guards of honest mange. The Constitu
tion meant, rather, c that the voter, in
propria persona, should offer his rote in an
appropriate election diatrict,in order that
'his neighbors might be lit Watts eritab
lish his right to vote if i&,were challenged,
or to challenge if it were doubtful."' •
It Was in the face of a decision like thie, ;the highest judicial body ill 'the
Cooonookeeltb,-3 Wort which every
citizen. the inetabers of the Legigiture, - i
even the Governor, are boutid to obey.,
that the RePublican majority of - the Slate
&nate: cal &roe ito4 to violate (e ximahosi,
passed an act permitting. picky voting by ,
soldiers.. What, respect me hoses', minded
men have fee the,conduct of such legia.
lators P.•
TIM Alinlr.
"The'attenticiri °tall' the oriontrY‘ii
directed to the Artily of front
the PotOmat, fro
Which news ought soo n to be heard - of the
most active, movements. lithaie,'ver Miy
be the opinions of thn . lll eren persons as
to the merits of particular genprela, there
can be but one hope bresals, , and
that the most earnest. for speedy success
on the part of 'General HOOKIR. .Tits own
prornims.andli3x.presiioris co•nAlle c Le,3 in
hintaelt"..haire led to the forming - of high
expectations, -and all good citizens wait
for their accpmplhdiment.
Meantime let patienCe and calmness be
cultivated. War is not that rapid work
that the oonnis7 was a w6/41 ago misled
by , Abolitionists to think it.. Dniester and
I defeat may, Mint .be expeck4 at times,
and wa . mot week to boos them with;
equanimity,. ..This Army of the Potomac
is. Ail& has always been, one of the noblest
armies isi the world. It is capable of great
things, and if rightly led will aosomplish
great things. - '
• The ierreriab,virying stated the parhtiC
mind is not What the. expiwiletice of -two
yeitrOought to hate ntruielt.' 'lt thew
that we settled down' to one woil ' 4 L and'
• ;
look it - malady and , pitientli 'Ooki:
eo doing shall We aticceed/iVii • have
abiding a nflde4ioein the - Am: Arican.oo
- and hope for the 'feline, 'when • the
peepleiteedcteated tetheii
educatic' in comes slealf; a,nd we all -need
patience, which, with - persetemnce;
save us,
We "advises our readeekteho on the look
tau t 'for, an 'exoeedingly - dangerous ans•
terfeit which is now in , extessive cicalas_
tine throughout the ocantry, and in this
section particularly. It. claims to. be a
pure, irreproachable) and . undying Abi ion
man; bat the proob of In - him chestier
an too plain to deed,. any but the most
ignorant. Its principal signs-are abuse of
.all citizens whe do 'WA, agree with it in
opinion, az "traitors" and "rympathizen ;"
denurciation of publio' officerz,. who have
shot& reel ability and seal in defense of
the nation;• sneers at the oonstitatiou, and
sacrum for iiolationia 'of that docutnent.—
It his recently organized what it styles a
rfnion League, the title of which stionitil
really ber - Itoyel League, aa . it is the palpa
ble design of the 7piincipal managers of
the concern to.set ups despotism 'in the
North. - The correct impressions ire the.
i.notrererso of all this.. They believe in
the Union as it-was made by our father`,
the Constitution as it is, pnty and ability
in public officers, arid such tdanigerient
of the war as will create a oloipartY in
the Sciutli, instead of co4solidittog the
people of that section in e*trenie hatfed
of, the old am..
It - appears that ins were •ineennitt - in
stating host week that she renew Demo.
mein Tienni7 in Was% wig the Brut one
gained in Many years. Mr:Butansw, the
Mayer elect; was chosen to that positicre
last yam; by a largermajariti than he had
this. Bat the contest on - tlmt 'occishin
was •
;able a persons* than political one,
and invert)! prominent Reinlollmuis; io
chiding "Long Jona " Waxvtos s. were
Mr..Sumessaes supporters . The last ele'e•
Con e 76 ceetiislegl eetireli on poll*
im4e4 c4inigi4 the ClBPnoi-,
tiOn' that taey*ported wend thinnilitni,
of, voteitsrlor the
,eephelen. Under ' th e
ciicumstanapa, oqr'parks friendi there-nO ,
gard..the !ichst Taws& attraordinari one.
" is „ tp:4R,r entarked., Wk. that to* As
yam pievioio to -1842,4 he
held uninterrupted sway in "tiikotrden
eitraf : At . ia West.," , lost yew tie City
Compile was equally divided ;.. this year
the Demootatalumn.eighLmajority.D.
. •
' ''''' ' t AN INVASIOOS mo im '
t 0 0v . ikrigit ! lne.Wide alie . atindiii
clog r the viit# of tiiio4464 i . * 7 iota
brtt,:eithj "attefitioa tO,,tho f ollowing - Gr
in' iiisraiitriiaititviiit ttaiitaiitidiPta' . 34 i '
t. • -4; , - .W
1 4 , 014Wrar i r47, --.
1 alnelerlit 4
11141 tiailite
from the service of the Unite 14
, * • , Liget; da:: /4 Bdorlep, 4sk' New
U*mpsbbta4 VOlNiallaWolhet.
CoPParkPalti gettelii e' eke t=n = 4 lr
matatit; 11-`.' • I (Ml T:f tt. i ILI
„BrApileilft Abe iimirsido. letylVent,6:l:
4.4 o Nlig4 nii . chmail ,
W 9 Atkiligrrriuzir,,, tit '- . .-.,,
-I.4llor c iwr. Adti,.,4 ftr i i _jAlliT
that r bave ample erldenna tbat7thia or.
der wee lamed in the ter, 'above re
ibillpilllN79 VOVINSWILIT.
i s.
The lensatiott . sf Icep;4l', in pa '
o r this arrest of o lien
..„, n own
wht.' ti l i war
ea regilt,Anilhe
tor es of n , fr.*, lStne i t
1. , 5 , ' ki w i tiou. Imelit . I, true.
on the arrest' of one by atiatake iu ill?
Wir Deportment. who was ? peedily L ev,:
leased. I,
They - publish a card, challenging's ffilt
uttered 4100711 * word,(Arindini'l I. as
follows: further solemnly and' we
quhraealq lechire that we have ' never
w r ittati One word or sent:Vent 'a 791,bia
senuter to any human hein in thes4itii
on any shbject; nor have'wa over in One
inatanonreeeivesi a letter written to either
of us from the South since tie commence
ment of the rebellion." . : '
On. Briassit's",POsicv. Oti Satsirday
of last week, Gen. WitCox ? lcomiiiandant
at Lexington, Ky., issued orders forbid
ding the circulation .of ttl) Cincinnatti
ii that Stiteror il l admission to
the mails, and instrucleACCelnincy, com
mandant at Covington, to Owe guards at
the ferries, to, prevent tha pee i l from
crossing the river. Gen. Bilraside as re
voked the order, and saysi that e has
discovered nothing in thelissnos of that
I:Apes-offensive to the Unit d States Gov
ernment. • •
13[111,NSIDIeS ORDIM No. B,t o referred to in
reoen( Congressional intestigations, but
never ishibited to the public, appears in
the New Yorrllcrald of , Vitedneeday. It
demands the dismissal of hooker for iii
imixmllinate criticism 'in - the army before
Predwicksburg : of Prank] n, Smith, Star
&and Ferrero. who were Aiseleee ; and of
Newton .and Cochrane, foi l . going to the
President with impertinent criticisms of
their columender. - 1/4
Lamm /Nom Kik' 'your.
CAMP do. Stuatns,
Near Lexington, Ky., ril 26, ISM. ,
%AI Oariravin :—Whett II last wrote you,
thiagewericomewbst mixed," but now it is
(with the excepiimi of that con
founded fife and "dreint,) aid , jactglig from
present indications; will eoitiisne so, in this
'section, for some time to coite. •
At I stated in my last, large bands of guar-
Ikea tad' entered the State,'. and were prowl.
inirabont.the country, destroying and carry-
lag away the property of citizens. At
Shat time our fore° in Kentucky was suT
iciently large to protect it against the' sup
posed number of rebel inviders--their force
being, estimated at iron) , 26,000 to 30,000.
Since then; however, we h ak e been reinforced
by'the Ninth Army Corps, General Wilcox
commanding, (formerly Gezi. Burnside's goat-
Mend). It was encamped here a few days,
but is now somewhere in the Southerly , nfiii
of. the State. Tide , cove Its compaedkito- '
;ether of 'Eastern regiments, and has, in its
many eoatests on the-,Peedmmla, won a as
iional.reputation. The rebe ls , probably learn !
ing of tide relzdereement, and, thinking (like
the Irishman win a row,") they- Hamad see
as well tit. little ways-off,'-took advantage of
the first opportunity and lift the State.
On the 30th ult., a rebel cavalry " force,
about 2,000 Wong, under command of the
*foto:foes Gen. Pageant, mimed the Mistier
land river, and attacked &roes it'ili;suir-
Ky. Our troops, unsibur . bi g about IMO
men, were under ' the rar e mend of Oest. Q: A.
tllz aim aor i e, who, It will be .emetaberetit com
et the reduotien of Ettri-Poluki / 6,1
tfi ril tirtf . eittTh%f A. battl lasted
" re bs five
Whr•hours, resaltiag
• driven
c,k, "in great confusiOn? " " to the Cumber
land Ty , rebels. lost moat five. hundred
Often, and four. hundred beta of , cattle, whioli
}ley had, taken from loyal] men. Our loss is
itstinteted 4 1 —haven't bred. A number. of
totted peisoart were tukenl l who were brought
to this city, and a morn dilapidated, degraded.
411114 1 puidleahnisualo#ftig squad of men .
k saver before hitvit assn. Thai were nearly
destitute •of-ehithing,looked and so
; 111 ffl i : "something to l eer Was an entire
'banger to them. ,
,Fleoit t el famous rebel regi
kmat.paelisiimted in the light. •
Baltimore and Washington may bout of
their li&PgP number of sbjmlder-strapped Ju
di:slangs, but. I' gill wager all i I own (two
postage stumps and a ping of the weed,")
that the small city of Lexington could send
pat" two Al regiments hf those "Jokes',"
kr% are doing - Waiting:list prowling &beat -
eke city, pitting "five dektire,"• - apitting
beeesi-jnice, and louden*. bound oiltot class"
whisky-shops. It is slot ..... 4 itrUy staled that
time their snivel here savers' miaow have
keen opened far their epeeist use. Where they
hall fives, where they ere jetting? or what they
contemplate doing, nobody hat &minim
know, and I do net think even they could
satisfactorily answer the littler.
We have left Camp Elia Bishop, and are
I *tow encamped in camp 3'4. Shields' which is
titnat e ett tone miles from the city. The wea
ther is very pteasant here 2, The • ono fruit
trees are now in full bicktui, and the stavound
ing country looks beautiful. "More anon."
• I Comanaleste4.
Mn. Eorroa: I notice you offer SS AU
iusiendment to the cell of ?, A Director," that
111 the candidates for Coakley, Superintendent
give their views on national questions, sad
tender the use of your columns' for dust pur
pose. In complying:withi your wishes ivutil
eopline • myself to . the one' -I consider most
trial to .our , times: isi not, say purpose ie .
Iridieisto vino. on "poilind hobby ;" yet I
**WA prefer dans so, tolsot getting twat all.
o t hr.ifft Ono of the' opinion that politics
ould never be a test of Ithe' qualiticsitoem of
teacher, or any giber steer connected with
Unr - ionusson' schools, unlesel nano
'TuslitieS. But in tunes like .these, now, Jig
at this parties's, time,ire present, when, W
'fintlini U
. strettling to; preserve Hs 41 1111•
itioinditY,": Saran: ther pollgelaus' of our'
!party. sea gaols their, -poi:diets with
;yeses maw - se the-expense of Uncle Sam
,:ivni„lt'is-tire duty of bevy eltisea Of this
'idSmiuutat'lo yield obedience, both ia RHO;
;made. 'saki sad *ROM, 'is sorry ,Paans
: Red fee the Rpm** of the rebeilfea,
'even thotigit, theme Masai should be Raking
* the , h's blOod . ot i , the ,Mition, sad •
malataii ltdlutpaired the 'national pasty,
la prbeeiple Rd terviteriat botaciary. tins,
in yieldibg 'obedience to; the of the ail- -
anilattedtem,;(ealled by imps our no-puty
iertythe Governmest, )41 Mumble opiniesi
11124 41 4 uisT by on ones seekeescso
wed* ' aim ailitt.--1 balm
tiuslaimeated -Rim& del ke, the
shousaid *nit , say, whinlie
said Rama sod !Ran i be preserral.!'
I—that memstass—ibr Re, &MINI wiling -lie
at Oasettovettmexteetudoss„" el
tikokkjil'h4W- the '6rterdSif to
4 714 1 &, - nat /04 doniiitt'
hers , gif ie. ifrita m 7 lte : ftjr,npp6tt
(this doesn't mean shOaiderhsg a musket,
please remember,) to the use of every Min
: 7,..1,1"3.11.,,P=r.2.1=1Z.R4110
staplilyed by the
IMOllO= - 411Cirlstl"
Ilhbellion gain &sr Vise shall
"It In triumph 0r11 , 11*001114 .
t:k ; m P kiaT WORWI III 4:I If!it
Tam. Buoisso: WALLThe
hue becoaie historical is the an
jiylvaais poUtice, ae the ""Buy
.mm 74 in the yeti 1838, at Ur
asi wee then Goveretir iitke
Vettairr'MaMa• - ttikall2gtely
IL Porter had bees *del a
majority of nearly eight ihooson.
Thaddeus Siever s this aria Commineioner,
and Thomas H. Burrows: fleorelaril of the I
Commonwealth, the master-spirits of ltittier's
adminiatratien,-laid the pint . to "treat Or elec
tion as if it had not been iseld,"- and to keep
themselves power.' It was a bold • plan of
revolutieu r ead to set aside the Popular wi
expressed et the ballot•los, but it did not
faceted.' The Democrats took the alarm, and
flocked to Harrisburg from airp'ert# of the
State by thonsaads. The leadiag men gut
together; and organised a Committee of Public
Safety, of which Hen. Adem Diller, of Len
caster,was Chiamitin. 'ltillnieritiiiCalled out
the military, and several comrades welt from
Philadelphia. The Democrats having 4 clear
majority in the Seasite,thatbody orginised end
proceeded to, business. Hut Barrow.,, as
fiecretary,of theCommonweilth, hating given
certilicateli of election to thecandidatee fur the
House of Representatives, who, ran against_
the Democrats is the county of Philadelphia, '
and were defeated—thus created a contest for
disputed ware--that body was -unable to or
ganise, and a wild tumult ensued. The Dem
ocratic outshine, convinced - that a great fraud
and $ great wrong was about being committed,
rushed le a large body into_ the , hail of the
Roam and drove out the coaspirsters ; and it.
was then that Thad. &atom made that cele
brated acapide lam the "hack window,"
which lute beeoineas memoreble as the "Buck
shot War" iteelti . The Democratic members
kept possession 011ie Hall, while the Biomes
branch, we think, met at Heckler's, and was
known as the "Rump House ;"' but. as anther
had a quorum, neither tumid proceed to . legal
business. Finally, Jobe hlontelies,of -Union ;
county, and Chester Butler,'of . loumme, weed•
.l from the "Rump," tad Went over to the
- Demeerite. Thi s gave them a gamma ; they
admitted the 4gally elected members from
Philadelphia canny, and Ahem "everything
looked lovely sad the goose hung high." . And
thus was defeated one of the moat ishautelees
conspiraides to' defraud , the people of their
rights that we have on record.—Philedelphis
Braday Mercury.
Thu distiegutsbid Republicin addressed the
Union League of Chambersburg on Tuesday
'riming last. The ediiisi of the Velky Spirit
lays - of it "We esnatit refrain from express
ing the opinion that his speech' was a most re
markable one to be delivered by a' Republieen•
speaker ate Republicah meeting.- Ile - com
menced by adtoinisterieg a powerful rebuke
to his' partisan friends for stigmatising as
"traitors" all who dicareed with them in poli
ties. These Men had gone from our midst
side by side - with RepUbllcans, their blood
was shod upon firm"' battle Geld, - their dead
bodies had been carried thro' oar streets, fol
lowed by
_a whole community in tears andcor-.
row. "These men are not traitors," said the
Colossi, "sad yoa know it." He that spoke
of the BuitimikpMion Proolmeatiom • Ifs was,
not prepared to say he Would hare - inked: IL,
had he Wit la Mr. Liss:toles positiew, sad • his
new &elated that lf itslood is the Way atthe
restoration of the. Ualoi tt ought to 511,that
the Republic may lire. • TIN meet nanaticablo
feature of the spied' wee that it dhl• sot :"en!
dons axis& measure ef the .adudaistratioa
while the speaker concluded with the dgsiti
etas deelarstiow.Lhat he
.coishistad - his Oral
duty doe to kio oottatry, arid weiddlhilew that
ditty, though it might lead him into &Martini
path hem that In which he • had harldefore
traveled. It tsaeargdy acesessly to add Aka
this portion et the Colours spank met with
no sympathy or applause from theteeguers.' "
—Pithiarty Pod.
A ENI*I/10.411! FACT.—You cannot and a
Democrat north of Mason aid Difon'S tine that
has nese uttered a desire or wish for the dlsso
ludin of the Union. You cannot End one
that does not claim .afaithfial aldermen of
the Constitution and the' du: ezeintioinf the
law. this cannot be trntitlidly laid of the
Royalists. Men who are in the lighestlivor
at' Washington have called the Union 1163-
cuise4, and the Constitition a compact iiith -
Belzebub and yet these are the men 'who de
nounce Detiocrate aslrafthrs; sad who bow
deilre to carry out their long elteriihed pur
pose of disruption by force, Intimidation-and
fraud.—Eudeiye. ' ' ' •
"Air Tie Abolition oegaas, fail to quote the
Micowiti 04 1 0 boil : JIM AR* l . ll l 4 r.
speech. Ha sprats thus of the EltSillle3 at
the Republica* party;
f agree that nawisi. I agree they
its stupid. I agree they:hayi lathed - the
Routh, sad that they have etiftl.the Worth:
I agree to another Wog, aad lon sea% se.,
peel se as a Rampant trilladlintßwith,titat
—; I agree that they prostrated' t%. Republican
party in every itea-slaveisadiag Male if this
Cmfedersey mat. gave tha . Deinsenits.the.
eendaney. sad 'nobody will expect as
fault with them on that siocount; Nett Test.
'Peansylveala. Ohin, Indiana. became Detive.:'
create as tie matt of arm aaalank lot Ate
toss to SO lash with that."
The Republican poi has brestitet
its last. It is alca:4st is hard kk .1114 &
now who acknowledges that hi belonged: to it,
as au Ti Pastelist. 'A new eigiallitlek
'calling Itself tlui "Loyal Lamm' hal stepped
into its eitst otrgaimeabOrad hopes to de.
Olive ilegotple by Its fresh gales, but its
Wince we, titisilot•will cone to as sutenutt*
an end as that ef the eld mischief sestet.
—liii-Oriessie dates tote 194 amid
hind, and bring good ewe;, Ow. Minks',
Cralai; the Tech. .xisiict ' Red
b has been h4hll sticeiNfl.i OW
the 17th he reached Yar ml ht.
Labyette Parish (nearly writ heit Remit
Rooge), after a severe light at the erase-
Jim of Vermillion Bayou, where thellta=
resou tepersta
bets made a ' redstance, "but
were with camihistabitoisse ea
both .sides. &Waken himisimer
from fortglektke 4 4
our possessksi. l i ri a 1 4
of thxpedn,
• . .' by the Rth&therilidierbt idoesi
or MOM Oboes", awe verypeiewid.gen.
boat eidekkei:with railroad's/ma the dee,
trued= of the 'bean of the ; Wes and
Plans, the d.f.! t or ak• Rebels Wherever .
they Made a s WO ? th, 6411111101 i of a
large quanity, of antininitlieltid pi*
dons, and thee braaktmrephilt(pisidie)
tit fbr , Ittexwmtara ot;Neet w reane b
liaheM one Z
of Oen.Dier i tior eon or ..
sY7 Titylor. Ms ii4is - tillsterii' ' or
Imams, Vim% die eik'filtddik
and' swanstik lamed- btplatetrahli
bit a,' astlta,Ohert theltibetabriedtias
strongest in that Staii.oThskj=
~...„(ilsootallimpathe otjtkßitalinX. J a.
141 qtr
i . I =Zr.‘,. 111L PF "P i rri7 ..fIo:PEFCSV
. : 1„
The best news from the Potomac and
Rappahannock region iathat the weather
is good, and the road. are rapidly drying,
Tho Ove . ughed NW! - 1111110ers.
visa d .if iis, f---- T.T - is , • 1-4 • .
-i Id, bite al escaped
ilthat di II which
itlia 'oiii i rank of
,ssiral by the
41 has - been "pock•
it, and will not be ac- .
', entering"into the
pronounceckby the
.hest officers, there
in which it institut-
The inquiries were
i doora; the officers
whose prof. ionitipartn - 'net was impeached
, were noithe Allowed to be present 'or' .to
he represen by Sounael; the,videnee
was entirel y xpitrte; and nO record of the
proceedingi wea l kept. Of their 'charact
er, some isl e may he formed! from the fact
that againe • several of thil !officers over
shinghe.l lb se Was not a scratch of the
pen on the ks of the Department.
It was n to,he expected that decisions,
so ouirageo mlyitnjust, awl socontrary to
`all ilegsl id constitutional :principles.
would be s 'ern.) to Pass uttchalittoged."7-
Apprala were itOcordingly !made to the'
President oti behalf of twn Cr three of the
shelved thr
( elifies on
bent of the
their cases ek to the Navy Department
with a reco mend slims that an inVeitt
gation be d ared: The Secretary of the
Navy, th e h admitting their liaideihip.,
stated that e was IlOwerleas to apply a
v l s
,remedy, as the act under hick the ' Ad
visory B. was appoint s left him no
,ill the matter.
All that 130 e/ remained an appeal to
Congress ttself. A bill w s accordingly
•introduced!, providing for the relief and re
instatement of those officers who could
make out their claims to redress. To show
bow rierfeetly fair and untlivested of all
improper influences was this measure, I
will briefly state its provisions. In the
i/irst place, l it authorizes the SecretarY of
the Navy to order an open Court of inquiry,
1 whose duty it shall be to carefully scrutin
ise the mental, • moral, physical and pre
fessional qualificatiocus of those officers
who were not recommended as worthy of
Anther promotion by the Naval •Advisory
Board. Said pourt is ordeind to report in
writing, with I full stateinent of the tes
timony in each case; whether the 'officer,
'before them hies the necessary qualifies
tioncto petfoln e ffi cient y, -both at sea
and on shore, all the &Ili of the grade
to which he would have been . promoted
but for the nation of the dvisory Board.
The finding i in each cese•tobe submitted
i t
to the President for his pprocal, and if
approved by hiiiiihe is a thorised to nom
inate the °Meer for proni N tion, or to ap
point him during the recess of the Senate
to the grade to which the decision of the
court of inctuiry shall assign, him, accord
ing lo seniority. Where the finding is
adverse to the officer seeking relief, he is
e l
to be placed .ou the re red list in the
grade to which he at pr eat belongs.
The other provisions o the bill regulate
the pay of the offitlers s promoted, and
direct that for the futur these Naval Ad
visory Beards should kee a true and faith :
ful record of their proce ings, as svell as
of the testimony taken in each case, the
same to be subject to the appiovai of the
President, withoutwhici. no report or re
commendation N to be lilted upon.
The bill passed both flouses of Gong
gas almost; without , a dissenting voice.—
No measure introduced during the session
in fact secured such unanimity of support.
It was felt that a great injustice has en •
done, thatprivate animosity has been al
lowed to subvert constit tional 'andi legal
principles, and that the interests Of the'
country and of the se ice wonid suffer
unless redress was awar ed. Aid now in
the face of these facts, o . aril' told 'that
the President lia3 refus , tosign the bill.
and to give it the au .ority of la*, al=
though he le vested by i with full diacre
lieu either to o.uation - siotaside the de-
Ckkins pronorced and it.
,The Fa 'ye surely . . ,sot mean to
indantify himself with . • .. -.'. go of
the Naval Advisory : , which have
met with the unanim. reprobation of
ilm o tiremand the count .' Mr. Lincoln's
feeling and sense .f 'justice will, st
tube hoPed, praven his committing
such , a blender, the mo a particularly as
no Pci li ticaldiiierest is be subserved by
Although the - time al
his signature to the bill ,
form of bier; has elapsed
his power to order a co
Individual cases, and to
effect to:its decisions, u
an opportunity of re-en
*iieenres of relief.
[lt is well for the pub
the officers• who hare
*laughed appear- by the
cently issued all on aCti
for their Conntry's Flag
be asked, who are the
and what duties have tl
they sowperforming ?
be personal. but it wo,
est the pt d to lesia.]
Miro 11104taty
• .1 lain
We hare'show
in the arm war
service ' bier
voted the
the Filtnooth
of tits Proilde
lowing: • I
"A piece of
may chaplain:
~r.P H.
the envie* tit
came directly f:
withoot. the use
like • thunderl
tim. The'calu
=. to the
; to: his
which itsroma
rilillassi 4/E
- ou
ha% cad tAiat
do mate, Jai i
dediviemota :
man, and ete
oar ail: 'lie
needed, aid an ,
to his worth iar
loins must i hews&
abeam. • oot to
Mokie4l for it
itching round for
tars to Lo
term in New
moms, width
British Govern
privateers 'or
soy it Moir
atiymoreaf tto
are gI4 to hear
kes the greatest .
the tart of the
fact is tort tar
possible fec - th‘
penaltting whe;
the Clyde and
ia theam4 jai
the, 01E10 .Unicm
the Beamslonists. Iron
ssalpesinteis skt hie cl
Vetriettit Mtn shout
AbllNOPlrti. "Each
his true level- - -the *I
of the Abolitionists,
bosom of the Seoessid
1 4 4.....`re••••" 0,, W0Mm, ~, N traerx...ternmarrir.ra,
_ _ _ _ _ _
_ r
~ 4 1 was ,nototiau4, bad bpi.,
ugh motives of perannid ill
he part of individual mein
t iard. Mr. Lincoln rererrei
owed him to affix
and to give it the
he still has it ,in
I of inquiry in
temporarily give
til Congress has
6 • ting some fresh
• to' know that
been 'thus over
avy Register re
e duty, - fighting.
Let the question
Advisory. Board,
ey been and are
• of desire to
breve Lieutenant
dismissed from
ilonipshire be
\et. Now, is
have tbo foi-
"of interest to
t transmitted.
of tkte lst U. 1
'milted from
The order
:ution, and fell
testi of the vie-e,
He went
me be reskded
there delivered&
ootregaon in
ants w hich ins
theaniny, pasa.
fAiNtr, 6ore
• epy reporad
• was punished
an excellent
east a cloud
fere braver* is
Y chap
get leave cif
in favor of
ey, can
be About as trap
as ifie;Northerti
forget - toAesionnee
ould speedilf find
tter in . the bosom forrnor in the
ao-gilt etti,6cliktitt..:..
~.......:____..4 . ....._...._ ...„___,.., _
-, ~,,, cE.
IF4 T a ; S igned ' 4 b'on , tO-...0". I e t-r 1
j the te ilerir il, e• c.ese.l , bp ei el Fre
at ilt. co• h ereb r, ran to all heriog claim' ,
t t o to lipftwut 'tom for .411.m.nt
en or before the tat of Ate e tuetl Ili aid Owee boors nq
thin:Dieter's Indebted to the same are required to to a..
paywat, are r r bawl the oriole perl , l•l
' . P.TiALI,
Executor or d« ,..,,,,. I
-.......Taiwirmisaisoks4.4l.aft&Wixel46#o.4l4 , 44 ,
D' mutual onnsont, 41.nolve thn partopnasip 1 the
buokitss curial ou DII 10ent antler the o.nto and IV to of,
Kendal k Kautern. Tho haitintos h.q. 11, • (afore will hol
rained on by W. (1. NCO , . who nlll p.y at 1 debt,. dui by
the *aid firm • W.ALTTF.4,
Curry. Pa, April Wlt KV.NI)4I,
A Elitism*. &
is A. YA)titioxiiiut T !1A. , . mill
AgPnt. for Plant, A Klnvoreit Patent
—the frit in u, -State Stare!. hi.* e'en Btl, and oth
Erie, Ps. Cdcfhint taus jointer Ile 6004 Al3 r .,k,
PYIWS-to.: „., , r ! •
.. e_ •
'rIKIEOIt ot• r.1,4H tlSO*,,
QUAlti F. IS Jul It \ Al. 1/1' GRAND MONDE
Chas% too 4* s4o.(ilineot in the *arid.)
Nutt nanthrr Cont tint hurt and Usaainuott colored
etre% 4 41 env aye I rmihil iPlatos,Splendid
of el ti,. Itaffhinemble Paris Novelties for Ladles' Drew.,
ipe'Lniwfifillfnafittilniiii. Keening. 11 111114.
sad ►.nurittasses Waists, !looses, istenials. Wraptors.
tlsf Ir., tin ler garment.. Jewe'ry, ilea.l•drneffee, (Nye',
liteame owl I afantie Dreie:fie ; Nee and Enegant Hildd stud
lindmfil Mry Patterna.Trimmlaga Vestal tfloveltlffe.ele 4
ate Four life-size Pal terns, cut ready for tw. rombird
thi ch-spest, most neeful and peactfeal 11.tortine her
Mothers, Milliners, Dream makerstand I.sdielf generally,
aver leaned i 3 this or any °titer taunt's. •
Panitshaa salamis. °annalists's Foursnunttot Fashions,
41f Heiadway, N. Y. Yearly. tire., with a valu
able preirsiarn j mingle "cniffee, Twenty-Ben Cents A
apleitiflid jchance I,r ageola mid I priimiunis!
estraardiguire premiums! Including 'tire, - Patterns,
aystom al 'Diets Cojttnit, Ilsrathres, Photographlt At
.bawl, Elegant Gilt or tteet, aids and Back Combo. Le
Running Stiteh ?felting Machines, healer At Wilson's
Sawing Machines, and patent freer Gold Watches ; any
of is above valuable potnatisaa to IA tabtainsti without
paring aiv tonney for them. Fnr particulars, see the
"Mirror of Fashions," or semi fro a Circular. •
The scilbscribe, would respeatfolly inform the cameos
of graistid Tidally. that be isAbout to open
n itwis Binc.k. Stahl , street, Dearly oppostte thP'
- Ottlee, when' I, • will offer tar sale .
• -
:!; _
From Utelollowlnieetebrated PllllO Forte and Melodeon
Manufee tureen '
Light k Broilhu ry, New York.
Steinway k Soria, New Tort.
Wm. Koala: St Co.,ll4l.litiort,lU.
Boardmaa it. Gray. Albany
, .
i. 9. Dunham; New York. . '
United Kum Fotte Makers, Folic York.
gortzono Mau!, Bolfolo, N. Y:
Geo. A. Fano k Co , Dufla'n„, N. Y.
Corbat t, ,Net4ltankit'So,,NeW York.
• store littotill itoo weeks
All persons wishing a first rate PuutoPorte or Melode
on, aro invited to sell-sod exit:aloe our instruments be
fore purchasing. elsewhere.; Ciroolaro trot freis to any
te a , ' Z tallTti..
3.—Sri In4trum•nta. crfrranted. Tor fire testi
may 2:63 lr. •
T e PUBLIC are cautioned Lgaiteit the iiPURIOUS
artlidee et I,LT foinitaklair BOAP. droit, now offered (or
The '
only ONNUISIR , and PATENTED l.te is that
!NG COMPANY, their trade mart far It being"AA PONI
MB, 7311 CON C IiNTILATED I.Y U." The iireatSUCCE'id
of the ertiels UNPRINCIPLED PARTILA to en
deavor to IMITATE it, in •iolation of the campus'',
thaisSFURIOUS kyta, ars /wetly NOTIFIIIO that th
CUMPANT hate empin3 aa their ASTOINETS,
GEORGE ` ARCING,. Eli of Philadelphia, and
OARMIFILL, ibeq" etPtttAmf,
otl. la Tioisilos of AU:Witsof lb, Company, will be
P SD &S OW.' •
Sale stilhailseares,liseesizAssiCaritear iliepsim •
Thetra 1 TIM 2r.reo Ctlizt:ll. COCAIN Weatoro Ms trial
ofte . !allMbraill4l9_ll 510. 1 of illay Term. in ISt; in mall of
PANY we. TOO 3. G. Cll.l B / 4 deem,' to the CompanY,
on NovainberlG, 11162, the CIdLUdIVIC etillat ranted by
• patent owned by them for the sAPoxir lER. P.tont
.dated October 91,1816. Perpetual liaittiothet awarded. _
127 Wsbut Stmt. Philattelehls ; Pitt Street and
Duquesne , • opt-la itielde.
The - • • • • . tp heretofore existing between
}ho alsdervilivaed, A is • the arm lame and style of Itawle
prtennaat,errel• te,el Erie, Per., Ina this day
dissolved by mutt ealisset. Tbetiebitieselritt be eon
tiese‘liby zesty' :•, • turbo *rill older tily•tbe strain of
the late arm. aprl4-3t) away gAurrx.
.4toticia street, White* 4th and RI Meets,
biGN ttiO PhUadolphis 4t licht Railroad Depot. &ie. Vo,
Loeb Simenteiter. Naphtha/. . liateoalea accommoda
tion for ationscra and travelers. Board by the dm ot
week. Good stabling tttiebtod. • . 4,12,5:u;51-
MAW - . E. ii7sTEni.ty,
Would respreatiltily finnhenoe to tls tidies of Erie /tad
that she 161101*ra
• TII,ESDAY,'4I,:IB63,
It the corner of French sad Fifth atrode. two 14041(111
North of Wayne Sill,* burs 144 Weald anwortrurrit
of •
/111/0 1 1 111111 E GOODSI •
Fred' tram New York City. embracing every *Aide
usually rentained In abet elms estabitslinseat of the
llLitArinfla,redslNCl eflal
notai -Bait._ 4141..444 airs . Llt9 13 : 1 1 1 a ne0 0 : 11 4 1, 0
mes.ll. baring had eitsasiee eljezia L ser le th e l'ual"
seas, flatten herself that she can re event re satisfaction,
'a plane pairouste is nag:Peeling" - i,ted. •
aorfaeCiatt. .
441 gOtt . morrET BACA'
bat • • ' •
Freftelt Se, 2 door *math of F.urth, gait side. -
' •
F.: Collin, Fl t end Shia Desks,
respedELl Public lEct he
naaseuseireiftlas •
1A0•Moto Xmas •
on French skeet. t doors KWh of Ob i
whdrr he tastiest thid,friontLtawlesstomers to glee
Particatar nt on slew to REP...OR/MG. Llarlog
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htmeltalbstleeett 00441111 a
sell AVI lois as atty etlies . pesses. in the' illy.
Good fits - - 5pr26133t1:
8 I N C A: I n s
PHOVOOMA - 141 .1: 6ALTIRY !
• . aosciaigurs
West of the. Put, Rut Dmer friont state Street.
Atittetht for past utili*liiiitWiibir roi?eelluff:
Ihhies the citizens of Me sod etelnity, thzt ekes takez
zed relined the fialleq receetiy occupied by D. IL
Obashere. whoa - 144e limited it* I aseut4:-- ,
,P Ii O T • 0 G R' APRS,
• 14i! 0 3 1 FR b iL Y*TK. 1° - •
•L, I=F 'E 1 . 1 .
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LraniEttl t itTE.s &V.
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Amu, WI.
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s+ PTO
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W ILETA/I; Malta; IN
krtaa,T• 0044D,8. -
!WI ada4 at Vii'w tick Mow
paid, W paul Droving
3 II blocihdAdeaL maasu
) Pkirdei ,
. 3.6llkߧ' ' NOTICE. _
.. . lattaneentarje on thi; , &We of Sla
bad otilrappertieraship,inie co 4 ,
thattsilentedeppe‘ail po . * H.
'at sm=aseltisisbraotissittaii
aghast* easi.lll pesseashavinie claim li a I s d eAlV i g
'Rotate to present the AIM Italy authenticated for setUe
tibent. ELIAS PERKINS, •
Waxes, limb 11,1863-ral4w6. , Executors of decd.
Comp - Wog alike the Rstrry Coingtel'ation If lilt A
• •r deeil•ped ID
141r1. 1 qlo ittrisnlemt
L sting flymnasis I
' A fpNiipc 11176.4441;
Puotomitmc W i
a 4 s genersi melange of the elegant and Wined tnti
the l'amslao School commingled with
eiesi .ttraeln re of tim Grecian mad Roman Models.
Will Exhdat at Veit on
Monday A& Tuesday, May 4 4t 5,
The most peTt•ell ' i organised and sit:wire nhful,„
retabilibrel on Ude cantle/at, Waded t0gen..2 44
etbihited uod.r one Mararnotb GltANLto,
YO TIVE PHOCI4OIIOK, ll* worlds( of ths K a *
tlon, fir the 'pedal purpose N giving ell MI opportu b
of weep the moot 111111411liellit BAND CILIUM , l a - 1 7
trotted Mateo, width for 'wigmaker dlagday tin
thing ever before attempted. eostaiMag • pin t_
selected imnsi thy. principal Instreeseetel Opera
4es, kit Toe CCM 1011, the Champion Bogie,*
drawn by a magoino.nt cortege of rsebly arreresigNA
Arabian Ittirietc__ .
,or the Starry Malaria width creapriast Ltat weak
mid exeetrierearrobloation of the elite of pirteraceol.
ntst In the galaxy le j
J 44E14 mistiming,
The Nonpareil Eloreernia, egad!: irelt known
etwitcal and daring act of Equitation, laud Ir
wed in America and aftergrarrar farina,/ Mao
tilt. of Championo f Europe, and the est*
Back Rider of the wo rld, le now the Bright
Star glide colonel exhibiNert. Next velai
And his dusk act, the Flight of the
The acknowledged Champions of the dank
Amis. daring, aUM'at and nowslieled, Ina
the eXade the far fausedjimaitne Brother,.
Voltigaer Acrobat, Gymnast lad the'gnatast .
the world.
In the 0,41 and tardnatlng Posea._,preeested
Most celebrated eitatestrieoeser, is the fair and bail
Mlle DAN ~..........,
The celebrated representative pi 4.l
rent Eastern rip
The:pet Squestrian of time Ilhossoond &boot (
Weil stele, =nap sod Mire SU Satin, and who f
blo pesitionan the motley_ reek. of 'aeletattles, is r
Taunt and excialai te Vomit& The Coast aide,
11., represented by
The original leiter and Hanarrist and Itreally
modern exponenta of the mythological God of
, A triple corps of Equestrians, Pantozobalsts
genre, with I fall complement of Ismer stirs hi
Arimanent, will make cemptste Una slims' 07
• the beautiful stad of finesse and Pailesie •
wltb a New for display of blood and beauty,
W ucated animals an pronousmilanispsaled la I
Feremoet Is the trained home -
• G E N . ERAL .%(3 0 TT,
. litxhibited by his Unison.
MR. C. W..MOYEB. ,
TunsE COlllg MULES,
Will bs introduced by Abele' teacher,
Nothing shalt Le wanting to Wake this a i4oril, '
lectual and amusing exhibition. Notwithstasd"
Innumerable variety of attractions and the
ted espeuse of ibis unntalleled manbleatim
ti 7 ._
of admission sill be- placed the extract
figure of T WENTS". FIVE Cen Reserred tt,
A; ERIE R It. •
This visit Us* bassists the Noels.
and Northwest enmities of Pears, Isaais to tis
Erie, On Lake Eris.
It 1.,•a leased by the Priastlvaais Itagraii
posy, and under their auspices "is being rapidly
throughout its abuts length.
it is now in use for Passeciger and Freight
from Harrisburg to Dilittrood, gd rork, (Irt mile)
Eastern ritrisiou t and from tShtOkld !a BAN R'
W..4.1.4n1 DivlsLoo.
14it into Lau
Accointondstion Train Leaves.—
Matt Train Arrive.
AcnoMonolneion Tram
Irogjedierostios respecting, Panninger
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11LinfintiN, Js, corner 13th and Mutating
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1. Y.LitILL, agent N. C. R. R., MaMinor%
H. H. HOUMlN,•43kseral Vieth* Apnt, FtUs
LEWIS 1.. HOUPt. General TW4at Agent, Prdlefi.-
t JOS. D. Patti, General Manager, Wllilarasat •
xsa l s. . 1.
-nt; and after )(nada*, April _
ILJF Pasiongar Trains Wtp ran on ttds
6 0)- A. AI, Nei! .Jet Mores/ at 8.40
North East, Stab Line, ir, selled,l
Brocton„ Dunkirk, Stlverwedtjtesig and.
arriving le BOW°, at 965 A. lL
4.10 11., Dar Evros., stopping at Korth FAA irf
rtagDrt.rk Silver Creak sad Agra,'
arti at Baileho At 10 r.
7.15 P. Y. M du irati Jetiwera, stopping at Watt
Danlttrk and Sliver Creek. sad Arens M Sdl
- at 10 10 P. Y.
I ...t) A. 'IL; MOS_ Lyres, stopping at Wad
Minket sad Intro* Crook attires at Baba
4 20 A. 11,
Tho Day Expecu connects. at Dan/kirk and Pia
the Express at Battik, wain with Express to
(or New York, Philadetphia, Beaton, he.
s •;.) A M., Mail 4. Jeer...toppings& Ek=kura•-••
Evans, A sw irstag,aser that*,
ton, Pat astioni, Wary, State lAA
tart sad ' Cask attliviai u X*
P. N.
6'3J LM . Mar Ewes; ategoing at Sliver !
Dunkirk, Weeded and North Nut, anima
it 10 as A. H. •
A.. IMF Express stopplag at Angolat 111)1.
Cies!, Duchark,lllllo6Mlaallorth 145 1 . 80 "'
• •at Edo at 1 P.Y•
10 10 P. a 1.," A
a O/ sura
Dualdrk a.l V-estrkid,ai at
l li at Eris st
liallruad time Is too minute. Guitar than Eris Oa ,
April la, 1864. - N. If. Hamm sec
tioN . ...MN'. APRIL :0, 10611 ,
Trains will tears Dunkirk at shunt the follselgoll
sus :- •
Eutward Bousl--llepart.
• 0141st lirmi 1 15 I+ l ,
Stock Riiresa - 10 00 /.11 , '..
Fut ?might .......4 ill LA •
Way Freight 60$•• 1
I •
Stack Express runs nor, (iv. -
• CH49. - lIINOT. G. 4 ° o ' .-..'.
S E"-
Go) bushels of GOODRICH'S weedlingr, rowe l
the following varieties: d
ri °
Garnet Chill, Cusco, Central City, Cal o
lhartyroat. Also, 60 Imahela of It arty JILDIMI
Pries V.,60 per bareal.tletteered at the PI t Woo
The barrel to contain as many of the - aorta la yell;
- Paekagekof melt sort teat by mail post paid at
=sit to accompany all orders.
it P. 8 'Mgt
aprll3-3t. ftyaspau.Luseme
Ingest & Best Stook of
in the City
ram his okt triends and enetomere that
he kno removed to the solendul wow Store
Boom .
Wiwi ha invitee Won to all and examine hti
goods; HIS dank Is enlarge and well 'sleeted
nn} la Kr* and ha is deteradned not to be
sarlersOld.• L. was jut sentised the largest -
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Ever brought W Erie. Illsmotto to the beet
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No is barteby given that ha Han 5i 0 4 41.1 1
ttattata kith, Umtata at Matta Walling. ,01
ofilaraanleld tp , th the County' al W eill*" i i i iit
tdtbe ilutrerlber. All persona Wetted to As_ jdo p
tate-ars requested to make Immediate pay 0 200 !„r.,i05 ,
hay Ina claims or demands wawa th e estater.r—
,ratio{ duly authenticated, t a AletalF
' ' • LAURA ANN W . ~..i i i k r
_loterc2_ eld, Rao Co., Apr11.25-dt,__AtimS_ I._._
GARDEN TooLs.' Troo ,