The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, May 02, 1863, Image 1

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.11 . McKie •übecribere, If i t ahl is silvan. •
tiubs of twenty-live tilla—aubs of fifty Kis and
nr ,iue rite for Urger Inaba'
rir Twelve linwailitiene make a square."llol'
Out v4"444 OR Owl square 3 months $3 00
va t Otte
,th re - One " "1 El it
rge One equate • year, cholle at pleasure:3lo.
f,To N uares -3 months, no; 0 months, 18; Y months,
11 30: - i year • iIL•
tlnc cOl4llllll fl Nuares--oae yar, $7O; d months,
3 mooths;s2o.
• (
• .rt...oasetwilia the Ilasintow I timiovy pp
luau glowed ton • Card, weer ath, and 'luau .
ta, $5.
apecial ar3 Irditortal notion, le canto aline ; ant no
iv 'We news will be inserted among the Special Notices
l••• thAa one dollar.
I 7 liereba:a• and others regotriug Noises% (Mantes
th•lra lyettiaMents will be allowed two •quarea,ll49r
mad, toe 415. for additkmal space, tbe charges will
proporttou, sad the a I verturemeots mut be strictly
o f and to Use legitimate butiineas @gibs eareetior.
at fur traaldea‘advortimmeenta required Per
Ile G.r r early adv•rtleing , wlll3n. presented half- ready.
cuunnunieatlone sitoald be 'dammed to
. hall/NNW ,
J• 111121 1. lIIISCUT
Jcs einci7 tric :c o h r 401 P t sarm betw .
H• via SQ a PI, tianisbuil, Pa" Gan':
BOLTON_. prietor. This old established Homo hwy.
.hantird hands the present season, has audergone ex
-Iret to .truireaseyti end bee° thoionibly RICHOVATKII
!iv). We feel ituatideut that it bl now not
to any, in the State kw the eesaferts as/ caseesiem
which pertain to a Filet Class Hotel. • feble —27.
. I .KM Wag C UK V
Vi'ltOL/011ALI 10.00/1114. and Dealers la
suil Imported Wines sad Liquors:also
bur°, Fruit,Ptah, Oil, sad Age a
nts for Mots Ha
sloe , . sat 11 Commercial liailditias,Nottti side o
hot puma, Cris, Pa. '
4 11K14 Cs RE/ I), .. .
,p, ha . elswing resumed the practise al Ida probssreou
msoeeily, will Ss tonne at biz old ulnae, Oil FrMIC.b.
rt, PIM livetal Co. Oa' or Public :Nom,. July 6, 11.
•,. rner of Selioniii and Mast Street—one since vast of
coon's gsakaags, 'Oita, Pa. Sept 2S-17.
%I, , ,
Snot !Innis., tf wiz Hoot II iunniatvaita,
% - .."-4.343.1 Story of Etlodernecia's Black, Eno, Pa..
tt tit W 11.6041, ,
arroameir k Coaanac.tna e.l Law, Eris Pa.-
-. ea *tate Stmt. near the York, la the AUISTieLD
1..1111101111114017 of
the banding, Damped by T. & V
, e wicker, 11. arUi &law be foaad in lila ale% and
stmOluilly gianded
F ,, 1104C U. I:VeLaU.
TTORNYT of Liv e dtrerd, Erie Con Sty.
.Iliktious and other bague* attsmileci to with
-,• , etaw sad dispistch.
I:lilfta J. pastime". •
rotyr.somo sad Comistasion Mira:haat,
t iii Duck, &WIN ID Clll4l, Bstt, nab, sad
. . .
v. BVRtigfOi £: Co., •
WitoLawat Daum= is Giocasiss LID
muesli, 4tato l ltopet, N 0.7 SooadiU Block.
, Fetiranina and Onstainaton Ihrebants.
itnln'Giai, roar, Fish, and goat for &OM Ow ad
p.r„taka A tamers, Mlle ',net. Ibis, ft.
--- ,novae et. Len.-0111oe reenoend to
Latirthm wee *IMAM Street, on the north ilde of the
tic. Ede Pa.
Willdkorto the errand Drafts or Erta9wraty,
pro pt
ti lattdatni attarottoo to all business or
nod to him torolo,of tram as so /Mom, or limistrsta.
imo„ to r.iopuo ek, condor of !Usk filed ?IM
iiIIKLI. & MAatIU,
jla'vsaoseasasolSteao INginalljkidera.
Gearlikg; irieultand implements. Ragres4 Oka%
- - ,
i 49 . '4119'0RD it CO.,
DiaLika is 001.. D, SilTer, Bank Notes,
..ust. •RA ,Dopooit, to. Bight exobango on th• prim
, Ives corstantly for sago. OZooNo 9 Rend Hour
• 14.3091111, Elie. .
t f A 4: kt • 94
City acid P. 11111113101111 Dias 8.6.141151.
moot Street and Pantsylvacts ft. It. Depot.
isurrgb, Pars flivAoz, Proptioter. Oistara sad It..
• smote at all hour. of the day or olzht. ittbl6-117:
ItTT `.l. IL l ll4llil It, 1 la all kirolant Coal, Salt, Plaatar, Yloar.i'
ak, ie. Public Dock, Erie, Pa. 51
KOIT. I. i: Rasta.
- - -
H. ►l'rTll.
-Dwain in Clocks., Watcbes, Fine Jig.
+tiro Spoons, 'Plated Wars, Looking Glarana, silt
Cullity and Fancy Goo4Ul, Paragon Building,
Wagfpnrk war Pock st
(Sacnwrtr Munn 4 S(ulair,)
oaLit 'NIP Haman. Dareaure, Wright', ittoct,
Past&Oila, eanaphess.
nktilias, Burning Fluid, - Braabos„
_ _
Ammon' A? LAIV- - 0114.11011116Utstriiet.
op pal h• the Court House, IP*
Dar XimajOlS
Darns; Ude.
Ilock,iaorthiddll:ol die Par!. trio, Pa: a.
f -
okra k voimumiants AT LAW
iiCE, Paragon Block, Dear Barth
est terser of We nista Square. Es*. ft.
J. Buse, Proiinetos. oat
-9trt.eo. tamLod, 0. 116 N. -
iftperior and
Illogoir ti itrAvsoinur, sad
lodes sal Wrfdst Ist. , &rank
Mats Atilt. sardin—tati.
Aim of
DS/1111111 is Boots sod Shoes,
sad Pistils" Wlsolssalo sod Be ,lossrlean
Ws Street. trie s Pa.
PA, A. IL Gotta, Progenitor
oats of this Homo stall haws army attention, to
lir stay eigisoille. °mama to sad from Nl
A I.lllfit it GILSON
Man tfouse, Plane Doak, ICatt of itsta Street. Ca
ve Holum at Rail Road G Jrait.Pa. twain
nab. Mar, rioter, Water to.
—Can itsaolor to sod tram Cana! Wan Wows.
• .
~ . .
y e
Joffe BALD?, Proprietor. Cornet
'&l4 Stmts. Onsamanalaip treating tie Cap
arniderg.l'a, Tanmemasnribicaceoaresodation
tba Diet Hotel i 5 the city, and the Diu al wa
the cbateen Nacos.
sod Provisions, roar sod Fssd; Wood and
ram Winos Liquors, Toluca). Sews, /sr— Mato
,a door South of Youtb„ East sldO.Fita• Po.
EtrARBON 011; CO.,
Rzwass AND DeaLaira {ROIL.
►awl onfill Cr, kNe ' 2 •
01paitanaeausad Dealer l 0 Iltatloseci.
sr, Itegaslaas, Itewspapars, &e. Country dealers
ataresedscareeries Iletet,frentlag the Part.
Itazzaigro Comicrriusga s Who
tall Thaler la Cud's; Macaw% Cakes. le, 'Vitt
Bakery,"-twat Corona Eighth and State Ares%
Corer aid sad ll larhet ate/. Hanisbum
Amid well knows home to aoli 'nod up In the
owed style. The odationa in of the
and the fah= neennsbte. It is situated to the
htful PLO of the dlr." had affords oho of the
entog plum laths coghtcy. tobTIIEL,
mris. .
•ITlrs 4r.loAvl4c
Animists AT &iv Clisstma
Fob. i643.41C1
;MYEDY it 0111.,
loswanetsi ant COMIIMUCII 111MCWITIN
ga RiadodAnders& Oil, Co., Flow, lioster.
lad Yard eolith stmt. am Canal:
Vinny. [arlngyL] IL IL TILATZIL
. •
. o. L. %Wiwi" & ow% 04'
Dirrins.-0111ce la South
Ysa,aria 146. watinu :si
J. talon. [MIME) - o. L. Zu.sorr.
CURYD 111.14“. -
If youviet 4,2227 blot Sam Coed
Dr &ad 11401.7 LIARS la-the Market, the pima to pt
so is 42 %awn Mom
-- • • "
110UtIg i ,
J. H. Sou, Warns, Farms Co, IP*
IliNg V
/AtiAN t witamm,
no, ILA* mast ra,b Atheatle k W. W.
COMil, eat, Lige. (kWkia sad PrelgiA Pen.
All WAD of Attlippare ems es ComialaiLs.
P. ui •
NortmiT LIG ,aril 011111 AL Cuummag
bianuant Man. CottoottOtis mod MI Widow/ fa'
tnta litto=ptly Wooded to. Appliootloue fat
sad sc
M rondos lassotl oWm
ftbott . la
oo ' sooduzies. os,
' Wziott's Block. ooroor of
1 1 lad 81E4. otroothltrio. ro. aolArlfltf.
ArtoIXIT AT LAW, hi ifaitele Of.
mi Sorra strist, Lk, Pi.. swell
Row. • • to Jo bead
Il e ink gaol% rF4 et, : .` boor south el
awl 'IL
B E N\ E-R ‘ ii—BURGE§S,
i • -
T N " . ""r B to F. F. Adania,) • "
IPTH 8121. , ICRIE, PA.
N \
thipitied with
Floe French
•mans, Oranpiii
Best.,u, I)) et•
Received •very dry. by ewers, direct frovC; BatOliabie
Will pay particular altoottott to 11111ag ardor' for
find Goods to their Ilas.
LUMBER . A 2 4 11) STA VEB !
- ,
J. U. CFRltinvOi..l)
3,011315,015433.05 ar
ithASU &mom, a 14 old 16 tort
ia tos.
Sim, 1 laeb,ll‘, 11-2, 2, 11.2, $ and 4
warn WOOD LuniEß.
1,3.....4) at of 6-8 White Wood 21111.61eicam.
" 3114 hut Whits Wood Plank.
340,1101W30 " Whitolfood Calanass, 518,
011111 RY UMBEL
5 4 34.414141 fast of 4-4 Zooids.
somymma &d a p::
m iltid. lawns, 44 loall i r e a t %l ic r
1,2011,0045 Whit. Usk 34d. stay.* 04 lath Ion& 1 1.4
tads Wok 04 /Iw% id" 4 liOC4 WMs
dear , . sap.
Witco and Docks opposite P. It 2 It. R. D. t.
fete_l9 7. U. 021520,Lt)
N 0 T• 1 C E.
We take rest *sou* lodullnlittsi the Public., sad out
• autoeigne Patna' le puling's!, that-we haul
... -sob maws'
I ♦ad are prepared to all all onion 44.
parebamat a largo Stoat of hoe, prelims to
being bunt out, giros am a &Mod adnatago. •
(10 pries of tl.m.j eyes Mmes . :tonics "belie!, belied.
Iron at proisat high prima .
naafi I for peat ranee% we hope, by Waist alloatios
to tbip rant, of Customers, to coati/no to marlitbstr
Manta vumun.. =mama/NIUE 600.
comiste OP 811 TX 4W PI 9 3T3..
uiwe 'm fflespisthigy intern thank* tot
tho patronise, bennolbro old
astondott to him. and tooltatto a
bontinuanco of tha maw
or paging Biwa MSS/ of y4l& be bumbled
to do wort of that, kind se wit sad re cheap
as it cm be done In Maki.
• - Marla( had as • •
Wino Yam speed isr. the oshilio s =opt with
rollowsMosite wag ibalily to giv*
Done to order.
c oast/mil) ort head • Wye sakkly
Itarseerberthe arettrireet toner of State and .
Filth straits. sows/ . oat door t. Um ogaoslion
Eris. Jansag 2.lth, 11163.-lat
Patented b Prof. L. Hsu, June Pt. I.l*.
This Seabee been tberoly Wed by inenetedenne,
and Ito merit" lave stood the 'tented etiattny. It aer
be ataintatedated tar -
Wiiweso,ty treetram odbmstra .sooU. sot liable to
ezplon sad wPi sot soadsess to say lissountare or
It has • he 4 superior to the bort Coal Gas old giver's
mach more Wiliest light.
We 11011.0,f7•Wid to Whir the Iltnohrost a/m.4w
rates to the Pabitr, whish'most twootwelly take (1e plies
or all other Gam, owingil hasey to lits elesegaris with widdi It
terk be mei* itebr et lfortit, lb perfect .sapilei
sod lb thertsbility he snows when geed lig si ht le vo. ty
Q Y o u
r . private is dly or cosatzg, SWIM.
Chardbes, Iteteie, llowSwers, notarise. Pedals lliirdess,
jr.e., sod sea sully I. adapilsd to Gas Worts now In
'operstios„st very Pius . . - ,
We Will dispose of.RIAM I. br Cities, Towers, Chios*
or RAW, st snolseste Odes. for further parties's!'
.*PI I .I
,We . iIS Ward Slowt.,bthiebl44lPa.
• •
/ /
41 04.0 - 4 1
_/1 4 .id, /1.:/74
CORNIR OF RAIN IFE: 1 190/ 6 114g,_ .s. _____ oo ./4 11 4 01 j6
• Slahou arrarara,
sa Important Usk to the rya Ash of ileiiosaa
locacceriut °Gummi. located Bibs [Wilma g Cities,
A 19011•1•1 4 414411111111.4 (Mc em'. Veno
eatlasa the bolder to, attest Or
m NO* Or all the College*
for as aallaihod tiers
bars el din* Sasdassisms. r lis=
to yams as sod ladies, • • IJansgrik pratties/
whet/am •
TlSess Ville/is wtrissyd sollWilidasted spas
t • basis Wash mad aware ts sods sissinits lastitstios
twst postale Orstlitlas lispastist Shoewsisb eon
words* sad most It is s sato* tbs most
emptatta.drilski owissMts ts fasSll7.
lisekAtiftsiais ta all Its ollwastsgsisissapktss.
Costworsial Law. Couseatidsl AsiWswee sad, Pessoss
ship an tiegbt Is Itts out tbotosilt sod pesetioil
T es ke 1114iseln1ali 'WNW" et PelisSiStaillho, 'ls
Wombt b cos t sod expseissesu timbers. .
mak la Mynas,. M.
_c:o=opss y sad strestai :—so wastkows. _
s Tstwelysl st Bulb* J. C. Itsysair.
ifitutSur slaws 11 5 4:sti
isttaTh lliir
p• No
Mamaler Coldegyis mad
167-1.7. edible .
mras vams APID MlLAtei//
't Ml* op 4 MOM IrOCINUAI/..A
tea Won ftRuM alt tato risoltireostifir•
ror sod Illoomq, toiparffirot limpuprolltmok, soal
to taboo pie tie et Ulu ohms
sarTOTN 1 / 7 nib Was V ai n Ao.
i M
sWrgiao otonlogosi soaks topottaotioiot tlhoes
wio ofolkithosi jirloroft___,_ Pre Millours
Ptazikvonit woo, opoono; woootoir samo *to
taa maw at wow% =Om win k sun eas
Nal la a tidoobow—to ont olio
moot 1414 oO f illmt oslibtio,
OS IL 1.4117 Rove j
oor1191114: ' • Looli Wools Si. y.
i ,
WAlinti-FtRNITIM ' •
poi aistsiaase IrearWasoulaftat 0111.
plapaisal at Wawa and mit lt
Ir. MIAS% liart,
•i. • , t
• ,
- .
I .
. 1 .
. '
. .
. .
.. • - 7 .. .._ -- tI IIII !INICSIMININIPPrometrmws ,- ,,,ar-rp,•-sitalS,F 4 or11"-=',... -- -....- ...,...,.... ,-.0-.•-•-_,.,- , . . .-
. ... .
• I
. . . ,
. • .A.V,,j - j 7.- .
• I
N. , k....
. 6, ' . • :
-.... . •
‘ ' •
• i •••\...,: \ ~• • ••• • ••7.7..---- -- - - 2.- ,• . I
-: ' • I
i• ' •
I ... . . .:
—.XL TOIDoli, 14 :- I
7; 1
. .1 44 ..-. ... 4 . _
IL%Y•YS ritlati!
L 11. COLL
- -
Let Chieftains bout of deeJa to war,
Aod Illostrela tan* their rweet gaiter,
♦ nobler theme sly heart it Alla—
la miss or Hammen matching* PULL
Their mina is round thievery land.
Yid Ramie& anows--and A/ries mud
Their woodroge warts -the papers fill,
Prmieeted by itmenicen matehlast PUla. .
Doer disease afillet gnu/ do not doubt
This charming ouinponnd will march It out,
ad health agala year ghats fill,
it yea ei stews to nillVOM'll
They're sate for alt—botb old mid °MIS
Their praises are on every tongue;
Disease disareted-,no hinge, kills,
Sines we ate blessed withilintarers Pills:
cr. Pet opiate' En illah,Spantsh,Gennan and him*
direetlona. Prim ilh cents per be:. aura? seated. Sea
advertisement on third pegs. Fermis by all des
In tette. j I.
Q,-7T—liiiB4l X.
(MAKIN PlAtirATInN Wry's. •
They purify, strengthen led Invlgoiate
They create s healthy appetite '
limy are an antidote to clings of rater and diet.
ner overcome effeets of 41ssipatioa miff late hours.
"ie/ strengthen the system and actively the mind.'
The/ prevent miasmatic awl intermittent hews..
T. 47 parity the breath and acidity of the ettaar.l
They cure Dyepepsla and Corkatlpatloo.
They cure Dlarrbcea. Cholera and CholersWorlate
They cure LlverCumplalot•ml Narrow Uaa4icha
They the best killer,. in tli• world. They nuke the
weak num srtioog, and an exhausted nannies great se.
starer. They are tin in of pen tit. Croix Men. * tin nit,.
otellla/labia liotk,:rooto sad bottooma ate taktiomttlt
th lumina of a bouts" Ifit.blnt roped to ads or' /no
of Jay. Particularly rinustiuteediel to clolkoto pinkblto
requiring watts attractant . dula by ,at Gruom, Drew
glitz, Bated Salouus. P. u. litt.Mlt t CU..
pain& V. .
BitANDlttiTird ME.% NEW S'YLS.
BRA NPitlati'd 111.123, NiN,STTLE.
Are infallible for custbrenen, assns, lea o Appetite
duk headache, itadinevA, mete t 4 bindles atter seats:
&Anon, dram sasses and uuupuag psina, cud all dlenr7,
den of the stonneh and bowel..
D]l =
I orWual Latter at 294 Gust Street E Kew York
J. 1. C. CDOK, publither of the State Bastion*.
alogton, irty says he wet attacked with pritraystA, mad
itilltmed aoseeertly from it, that not a partials of hod
conld be swallowed 'without a oceaalmniog the , wet
eneomiortabta sensation in his stomach. Tor y•liri
he eadleted from this dresdhil anaphilat, visa he amid
.Bammuctifs PILL.s. lln first bon 411:1 notaitiato bar.
it him much, but the second produced • change. sad ill
the time be had taken six baste, a COUTURE CORR
elected. Husky. t Nally dyspepsia was gam% and my
expectation of an early death tanisited."
ASK FOR liKet arr.t.E.
Primelyil Mika, OM Cabal Sinai., Maw Yaw '•
Sold by Or L Saimaa. WAN awl by all reapattable deb
ten la tardiciaa
Thle iklfghtful article fur pre/amebic And
' beweUry tag the human blur 100 surala post up by the este
owl proprietor, and is now'rowle with the same cam, skirl
and attention, which tilt omitted its imams* Ned 00-
todit ia
pn a ever one million aowiented sales mmallg I ill
id still sold at 25 cents In large bottles. T . minion bat.,
Um can easily Leopold an a year whoa It is kennel
tIMI the Katheirus I, aut only the mod dolletisLtal lud,
dressing to the world, but that It eleamme the iii•ili. of
marl mid z WA, glom the hair • livaly,riali,Matett
growthoend 44 ate it from tuna's' gray. These ims
considered, , 't irth knowing. The asditaimin bait boon\
toted ler ue l eleeyears, sod la warranted u 44,1-
bed. Any t':- • o Talmo a beautiful head of hall will
ass the Kattualku. it Is timely perfumed, cheap andeals
table. it la wad by ail respectable dealers tbrowestout
the world. . D. S. BAR:TIM/lc CO..
IT IS MT-AVIA butniatores gray Nth -to Ito 0641.
MI color, by tiviily log tie Amyl ilary &littoral
taatenaoor, hilialred by age of dlariaae. 111 loataawaat
dyes areltricoOofed or Lunar Camille, deatnieng it:
Wily sad beauty'ol the Lalr,and afford of theateidavo
dresiropf flehartrrers ltdmltabile'Coloritrygotit
Neared hall. Be natural water, by an easjytoramai /bit
sleuths hatra ßEA vrt, preatotee tit
rrowtboreterila Its telllag off, etedlostaa dartrivikeriil
Imparts beelth J tikeittiateste to tie Midi .!t• lima
.Food tb. test of min, bad e tad offered lid r Calmar,
sold lac°l tly_Locreeelag Marv. betel
gtailemaar= l .lsidles. it la told by all trarpooliddla:Oreg.
aro et 011 , be \procured by them of tie ireemertiat
agents. D.P. Lamm al Co 1 son Broadway. N. r. Tw
stems. 30 mite add In. jeas4 , 3l4* •
Atar.--Firemore, tontines and ethers ems 'itintelkinue
rso remedy equal t ito. Ur. Tobias' Venetian Liniment, fy
dymetirry,ln, crp up; client c rheirosos; assets.
toettrach staidelrons, mita. lams, ewe !whim,
eld agree, esesquitialdtes. 'WSW
chest, back. he i If II does 'total's rend the ascses=
be refunded. An that is a. is a trial, and nee it se.
cording to the directions.
Oh. Tostae—Dear Er: 1- hare need year .Vieettas
Liniment In my family for a number of oars, iuribellevi
It to De the best article for what ft Is meonnesmted tLat
I have ewer said. 1 or sudden attack of sweep Ms trail ,
liable. I have no besitatioa in restennomdand ItIQ alit,
the nen pculesans to sum I has*. aoht ,it for racy
years, and It tired la th e atttrlYetloa '
Cfikr.S. TitiNNFIL:
Oessewrown, N. J. atay Ude,
Price 25 and 60 ants Sold by silt druggists. Otlma,
66 Cuartiandt Street New York. ." aprtl-4w.
VX1.76101101t. •
„rj ~ This only Seeparation that will Instantly prodaire
a epleedld brown or Meek 'kW, traltr4,vitareet 'Sari
to the hair or eetri the at of the fare or head, it
'•• IV MPS .. UAW
it Nis Wee eertMed by the Eras l.ll' America.
A. r. iii. 4111ILTONi p tar f speriiiip,
Isrioursubetasee, sad ha no equal i s the - sertazzitY ILO
" slits eperstion' .. - -
ro tl nfaetanied by J.CSISTADORO O , No. &Igor ;loom,
N.. York. • Sold 'reel where, and applied ty all 'We
Dream' t.- Price, $l, SI,GO,' so.I $3 pea oox„ sosordiss to,
..._ apell-10.
, .
oristadortes Utur -Preiwystives.
le urvaliablewithlils DO.*h iiktoltiettiO tot
the most basitithil iiba Odd ttollty to .the
PTO:* 60 ante. $1 aid is par bar. aseonitat fa $llO.
. • F44-1841-.13
• The iduatioselasviDg bees nototed to - II lath
♦fsw-weekihaf a ral7 akaPlarocmdhlOgle-riaItSITZJ
wind years with s wren fang sibetlee, sag 1110“
dime" Cemenoption.:4ameows to mike teceketie lib I
fedlow-eufferere the mesas of cafe.
To ell who desire It, be will oval a copy of fie por
oeciplieo weed • (free of chute), with the flimflam for
prepethig awl using the emee, whi* Aar la tall a.
sum Cuss for Caltalnerrlaa. antlaa.BalamilVellater;
The only object di the edrerrtieir anallag the Preherfp
tias la to bmWtt the afilded, sod speed ihdemwectow
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voting Ow prerst bow •1 NOW
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DERFUIttERY, SOAPS,' ',:-.-.,,,,.• „,
Jr. • ad reiperesiess to the Erik .4.4
imply ill if isnate stsdr at this skis of geses t '''l
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I' ad. imas,._
ERIK PA, 4ATUlttrAlelt_oosl.l444:MAY,,2, .1863:
She tted the mew envie • ' 41(
Int& she no WWI? Milk
Thisweesseolited with MP/.of hor,
441 with Me area &lived _
- She brushed vie "glossy
imill'eald "it The es early 1••••-'
• . What visig &Ws tbit stair
ilbe d. 'Come brow iiesr. stay !",
, •
• Heir bang Oar mart
WI% ail War oreired;
• L &dler weld 4igy , ' •
- WWI* Qua I was imi;nlr,e.i , i •
W• 'pater! at Hie '
Sir 'We ibaserrel ta scieneet I ,
"Pear Wee ems teteir4ere.
I mlaet--• ser aptiv eesal . 7
%Mika rqr the 9beiltret.
Why 41.bient EtoldioTs phoula : 100t Vote, -
, Not ie any way iseOnsisteet with tho usual
chum of the liepublieett or ribolilion party,
is the recast attempt to heap abuse wpm the
•Lientooregyeby repreheutieg them as 'enemies
or the valusiteers, and as desirous ,of deeriv
ig them while fighting its 4 th e s flelJ, of their
privileges of raters -which- they would enjoy
a home: 'This is ouly orta 'the large num.
Ler of Infamous atisteprowatedious by which
'Nbotitiewieux strives to eitialeMi its lettering.
Power, aid.which the sere of time
tn„Opt true to those immortal
eiples.of itati.those Itaalterablo was
brut of Willie _pulley that hare cheese:Larked
`its course through the:bright mitasidee of our
,epuntrY's prosperity,. the Demeereey adhere
ah' aver to the faselareeotel truths
,that imeq.
opiLtributed to ouraatioael.glory. seem itt then
thirk. sour that. th reat.., desire/Won..
/11, fact as one not laiLaatray by the zeal ilf
ilartiianship, of bliided by the passions of.
- • 1
the mount, can fail to . Perceive at a glance
the °reasons why the Suffrages of aoldiers in
thn &Id, in the time of a war likei the present,
ithetild be excluded: But I! . s the aimelnaiilLone
Orbits have beewmide to exedte in4lsettgads
If the aoldient r prejtialims against the-Democ
racy, ,probably with a vise to that bllathil
time *hie Generals Italleek, Milroy dr co:;
are ta L •iput their beelompon traitors at home,"
juStice to , those by whose patriotic efforts
thine the ootutift-hairiet 41 likedwrsed , as
wall as 4: theft brave mon, ,who however
mach they may have been betrayed by itn
tinprtscipled . (*Woe, yet. deserve -for • their
s4 4 .lg epi and ,bieuti e w .1 0 ,9ae Anjou tile ten
derail& aystpatby cud higliem,..honor, requires
thht the reasons should, be presented for ad
hering to; the principle that absent 'soldiers
shial, aoi rote. . ,
This •bao beau and is the rule in. all or
17.4 &onto mahout!, and has bees in•
a= l
t l.lll either into the ('institutions tor
: t ress snectmeatitof sunny of the States,
'hi es,, T on* while in others where it
truti hayst left. uneoticed by, the laws
With. part t . 4 .°Courts • Tr• male de
obliges .
.. - cif the goriaciple. :
1 • me IlintweE In rents upon those awes
iiiioi at Public poll s, oh dematad that the
ight. of suffrage abould closely guarded to'
tr \ti
oaluterthorpority•of the bpi - I j .f. t boa, ma a fals
brieemteeziur the ',people's° ill t therefore,.
hire ;logialatioa. previthlo that .11 Ise who, are
imiteitaboll biro tobeiga plaits .idutoo,.
.rr',who are radar raeiraist, us iittbli's le be.
than act Lhe peragttel to 4416 Unit ones.
BOldiers in an essetrieoute witittn.thien• . .
4 peraoss .; le as only sobiliara.moind • •
%ULM*, ienerai tetanus/44a epee the Agee - -
1 .
ofint i 4lllfato of *hick the vomit,. 44 eel
pslitleilvotentresta ; • they have: neither "the
tepittlaity, nos 'holism, to mike theutsubtan
e lallial , fell& the *MO of 9110 del; i# rs,
Il dier, he I *min seltreint. Though
hit is obliged to obey only those orders of his
tilperiers i that - relito — litlits military duties,
et there .lis:. 4 9. private or non - comeilsiien z ed
hiker who does riot know that 41119no
til,rus betereeti . those things which,
,are, ail , '
or / high ere not.lwithie tie ecoPeot . ti`e 'ofriCerls,
, thorit l iiisre l not regarded with Mich nicety,.
4 that" 14 like ,dieobey a . the - oomirlantio of
ssuperior,r, - eroo in the most ' private , aiid
h 4.
ttvial tuitteris, genertli pays the forfeit of
• 1 .., t
tt ludupenilence either by openpunishment
lir couertpl 4 .enicitT. •,:thie last oCi - Qtion.
lipoid out, t b_ or tuty_streng,t , b, *ere, 11. net
0, 1 : 1 4;11, P4 M9O 1 4 11 , 0 Calee rk Wi il ' Ws"
pee; their subordinates lola-their
' aerobia' positions - aid . draw * th'e*lleige sal
es' at the 'ill of-theoliereterrit War, or
t 'hail '
:Of' tie' N •
eeldent - 1:/f leuiiiiie Ibily
* nilittriteh'iturift.vs of dull/led* bate lthir 1
ilveti tient ifffee; 6.0 conceal alai vial apfu:
leas for i foarrof losing theft; laces: •Air ti:)'
hf,lot. h. i , _ r li iti
.i.. thißirdieik '
g r l p tmdli
1 4)4 14, Wg -4, 0VP 1 50 1 f eu'
iitts i evlkiv• booareaurat fat "ecfpar
ituilat,ivotboi , 4Bo „ hiHolvr'i•
- : • `
:. AgOIIP L AaII .:, 2 • . T
1 • :
-,9.• ~ mina ire S L ' " 1 °
ii !' nder Abe 'a r iameiwook or-eso igorerrimeat
ki4i44:,-o.llibib:ia co
irit , be ;done
, tty jtre*,i: .
*4 - 14;44rozo•iim:plyiii.een 4.44 1 40' 1
pins of the mod &womb mama to %wimp
loe of the Suffrage. thee -de dld • 08,11147 to
Ovoid to the dOrpr,6l7 . Ali, uopru .
toip,lo ;
enttforei it ittbtttui di
ltereni il3!ates either
tiroly forbliitian ei We(l4Pul around wait' - ail"
1 il," .kg /T ow' , of partleolsrit7rogl t uirel In
1 6 4 ap* , *?"4 l ei4 s P"' H B- #:! w k at, ° P7, 4
40a ii,,, e i i 9o ., plotisioup tik prevent
latcrtitni b(k.ascor i oetli t in i osuntr i i under
apF*lpw,,:o4 w here thehmti
trend o•Jii .
__kr 1t4 10 7 P i P eers s • 4. p d L u P"
!exertion In bebsi f of a certain party, or
507. - ys
heir 11. oraandimotumeata? '
Est' bees WWI *Meal fo all
ir4l,,` hitie yet.• I C)* 1 C13a 4;
tfli f 0 4-ak r4gi r P C . : 1 4 4 -14l ij k: l iff
ring -401,0%000 a quozokom.t e tNe,
04 . .ilaisit t:is new *llaijaiii4Et;Va;
Atfri404104, 4 # 6, 44.440 . 1 *
Mai fealibiliaiiiMldaameig , of jp4,0149, a, F 9,
inbraisitam Cosabluliabv
iitt *jaw 4r3,0464#14 7 ,
1 9 6,1 1 ,V*3 1116, ! 1 :**aliiffulf
OhbiaiffidlaorlitiLigt 011 */4 , 44.- - 0/ 1 4*;
cisaivo4tycorttlnsf * ixiglvis 4449 , ,
01041 1 thactiagd sa: ant:bid/0 ar'
fat ) 1114 *a.;
41#41tti 1/. - ! f e
e' may well triiiabte'li4,
W*4lll 44,44,14.4
0 . 1 4 1 7,. 1 9 1 04... 1 W?
liief# ,
fawm•6: l 4“,lll4 , gbaip . ool44.*
N issaii4.ll4:4Napi*unk,lrailtirmaNipshis
0114ildei40Pra ItioH-freir ciaakiibilat - tlO
a f titt t O t ; liii * *o3lll4":fii
I , l 4o4l4llli #T*o. ol4aSirc i
iw& ill4ll - 141:014i*S a tr
05014",4080dultbAtud000,$6.- vol. Ad
; Cipar 141 i, wioMist
I o t i tagoi 4e r tg
; 'of 147 7 1;I:
1 . • r.: . .!
.'1 • a • • .
•';,' r .1; ; \:
-f!! 4144 141 1,1 4 , v0te ; that is *Oitell l `, l #7 111
/.shared by.tha l lilueranie Ceurtlof-,thinfLete t ,
'The third artiela of
.I the Censtitation of
Permsylyanits referrin g to dr point ii pies- ,
~., • •
tibn, ii as follow,:
:1! .' Ta' olectinris ty- the ' ectlieits every; what
freemen.; of the ags'of tWiretY-oilif years, itarr-'
tug resided ialthe 'Stain ono year, eini, Swats
ikctioa district whore he offen.A. 0041riT ,thiP
iiinsecUately preceding such /Wi l ms * • ; 11 , * *
sisll enjoy the.righta of an steak:l." - i •
On the gal day of Jai; 1889,,art ant elm
:LPP.k97, 0 4 b.I. th* o9, ernoirr * 1 4 4 HIP rueful
eleitbullair ; iitti 13d section of this net pro
+led in sub4stiCe: . ' - 1 ' '
!; "Thee arty
_citizen, otherwise a ' titlaiiffteil
cater, who - -itight be hr the. military Service
ber:of the,llTeifed States or of theifitate,
ofould.n,escrtbehes be entitled,to vote Radio
' tiny ot n general election, at a place to be ap.
iWeal hyliii. Wilder coma/ending theletsch4' '
mit to Cosh , hadfdlonged." - A•.'L : 7 ,
This was passed in plain coattadiction
t tictilese of the Ctiestitution.aborei tittot .
t did•nor Come before the Courts Ma
02, when in a ease of contested elective be
tiseeti (Noe and Milleircandidatcs t for Pit.
iiict 'Attorney in Luzerne county, the Sup7ine
duitrt.dicided"thif the 4q . gectio q , 4,the Act
of '183 . q, being•in` cduilict Wbya . Cladie of :the
30.Areicli of tile Constitution; was ;therefore
null and 'void.
tilyL Thus nal e►ktter moo,' rktivisti
• it iteptifilleaO member ofthellentite ?flits
act; trite endeavored' to pin iutdilitrief is
Icte We; tottalltutiottl
sions or the; Sopietue•Coatt " • ;' ' I • -- 1
We do not fear that the soldleitt dwieseeltee
Awill be inituci WeeforAiredircirte "rite
belitionthi to the liel; of D'e6 b eraoy
itooeuut of tieir course In frAstler. It
'ie, only s cause ,of Fogies to the OlustitutlglMl
party; that the volunteer" of
s our emiy, IF"
qot freed from restraint And at ,kome,f4i take,
part react; ug their country from the demo
gioa of a faction scarcely less bet:Odes thew
tdUtt which Itelde tie reign Ia abs South. Rs
0 uot_deulat;thet they would fiat Piel slurp
of iiiiistielem; bigotry, ind'lMulerince, as
bravely ea on many Ltotiorable.teldi they
*nit {;routed the lion - ins leaden hail •of 'the
tlrQiad disu:nibuisis of our cpuntri.:
• Lie, Apriil 18th, 1863.
Politics in the Church.-
We /ogret to ass the Yeller bitielawis of
tolling to he . 43.1 pg a teil in • political soaves'.
ton, disployed in cOnveatioaa qmolegicei.. /1.
44 bees does to a worrowtal extent le ths
Ponievenos of the Methodist Chit* UM last
1 Ileum* in, New York,' where i the ;venerable
bishop ticatt presided, ' on the Oats
- id the amigo. Wes .preawitsil by itliv.JAlfred-
1 cookman. This -ilea amen t..• besides ezpVesaing
the fervent Wyatt, .4.ifthe oenfersem Ito the.
admituiaration r ,went aphis-to .repesi tit ear
ilint• eAmiltioa doom. risjosetint slavery.
According. to •the 'published ticeoitet if), lite
fn.:sting 1 ' , • , I
"The voiding of th e repori was'froitiently
Interrupted, by , lond applause. The pesolo- j
liorie which deneanced ;Lavery, Mid "treason"
the north,' - Ciliated a scene Of -Malt iffila
PUniani Arent/ - IP 1 madam AAA 1
narPkaci .40. PINT* ~of
f 4hdaft 0 Ac'ecosi
plopping of hands, stamping their feet on the ,
grouad,"and'other modes ofapplatisi to which '
I laaineittirreeeisads might be stisiosed al
itrasor.- • i • ,
' •....The Bishop mimed mast dimonsarted et.
he event, ant at once declared that he' dls
proved of the manner iri - ilddob the inemberi
leased the iipprovstof their repotal' - .1.-
, . L
ißohl vatidoni speakidefolicieed,la which.
inilttle - reepeet 'wait paid - to the idelittkei of
* idahnii,hen a Bole. tor: Ostal:i, *OM*
Piths, I),To:.edles u ghis' M1'1 . '194'44' 4 64:
.eitii,64l2.'\ite Bald.thati— • ' '' ' I-I - 1 '
i ? Duritilt the yearpao Manilla - lad ittee
tmloonatint Mete ofltialety adiea fits Ito
ovedwahantilptatellikilotto eamites — deviant
bvt . isa, deal Aberip,be iiTed—t infamotm,
cotirrheads were as \ thick' iii lookbeiries,
ant they were obstinate, too. I eit he ale
,lt'em deity heofteu hapwledthi ' gni
.. . \
' Y
, ,
. i ?AIWA APAii. isle . -ear tide
love' skis virtues.
+ l oot I!‘ meg „ le Fo,fflottlf, 11
, *sink 'Wows. Oa& lACt Ap: ,
lanes.) - It:Ae *tie' Piesidem. ' L dorm&
1 setrieetediesse the isteas tapas ',soh; ea. /
ntit 09PPerAtisde'• (AP I): \,l , ,
Mother divine-, • Rev, ble.-Be , A 4101 21 , i'sd:
a had hoots' , 4 woo ova=
co fionl." stsd sitar giving clorytto; Clod f•
me defeats, from 'Bull Blot the .fret to 801 l
the last, lisped- the. war would coatis ,
ill titelosliish, devilish • idea of eintenipt: for
' North was whipped mit ofSoothers
d: 'Miro . neemplidi -this oh' .:ho, :h/.'did
eko if
ere • the war weeds:on ,lar.. I on; lire. ve
Cl at
years." We quete.agaia: il i -..
Eoo', Rev. J: 13. Wendt, desired Worm -gm
fereuce , that 'the -proper
. wa ' to; treat a
oPpirheadWmi in Blimp their h ide on him. a
speaker Stainped his-feet viol ly en die
r, - which 'brought down' it. mu /tem.!
..In •remorhiog : • Ur.ollier, lillftfr , aids
t' on, inane a holo . in, the floor at Amer
I Tlie 'stormiest- seine ! ' of .the ainion was
paueed'by the vote of two clergy n; who bad'
hupported the resolutions in fitror ,of the
' FAIOA. tili ;410 s ikiiltied to Crotarie tile aeon_
lion deeliritiona of the report. !The: gentle r
linen; who . thoil espreaeeil amnia:Wei:a tree;
Sr, 60401, presiding alder of ti: Itilinebiolt
district, nild Rev. Mr:Ai:dock OfitlstrrCe. :,
i • ..:Lopil criea•werO raioil for , : . 'iiatted, • to
ex . Plain. iiintse . lf . and show his i Telly,' and
rvets& nirrabers pressed *One -Ifni. At
ettgtivbelippeared wear Lb, ph, and as
thma to mats. nook. sore **sem*:
biased be sheakt be Ipmseil. w4kkit ot4sl /1 -
Clidined'i *Bring him up ;' *Pitt Pie sdrets tili
?lute,' •4Mriot 'Bring
sad ether raved 411.-
1 . ‘qtr. CsUell said:be WA „bow dregge4. tip,
, ttlo,cl Arta to esplain his glair', aud If they
oirouW 'force ' him to ipeat lie' Mild do so'.
lite:ma -filsi hintifr ' werir• front b.' Pitratiwt
Istoeir, , awl.wers • esettih.lool
load- the Volga.- . But . , I,olliksza .
o mi t h e sti? . # not . '
swallow tb i el , rstootntliciit
, shivery . ' Vileses.)' Ten y . shun 'ho
was I Inyal rasa, istinst•fthoml , ' note pew
tinned tails , &kyr, wera-the re Med •31N•
•x 1 0 44-4 11 4 0 aPPOsi tend ,
.41, t ortunon L., , (Lona , hisses.) • lit•
tiatiOli Wok Supported - by lite'. he* 'NitititY
tlfey *evil not embittitiewl. welt ilia WM*
yeatiiihdleries at 'so. ins; '; nut IN&
1 411•04 - ... 4 0 i 44. 1 k kW. " ' 4 4 ° 11 !IM!
lif lIIPOId,int.OM I I I 4liiiielP i Ai of !pp,
kil t
sit - ToWn.') lie , would ' su p 'o Ihr• igoveriis
Mint in'every just omit vin
eartf on Outlier. tialbeleweld , terlifoll.,
ltisviAltlAP.RlP 9" 942 : ( 14 u :4,T 1 , 1 9.--- c:
• Semi preeeedings Died att. cling
ties thei'whiel • every, Woe. lidiliii,oo ll l,
• et ide ememairy;„ wilt' Insihniiroly sod • witir
imply , Make At kianselL • .14 -niches iell‘
devilish WNW satirdy :lid '•iselobelitistii
loin foist tow ehorpil litk. !ptittswitog
Weans Acne wpm Ur WitiOhnistoss
oast aolansity spew the
• •1 t• a
:Or g . . 7 P I
A ll "
44 111 4S i ia ll i 111 1 1 0( aii Walk
: ' Boy4-+Who you. willboy•!• 1 rye Washott ind
1ef56164 IMO two 'y
Writs 3 /:. •I - -1 . ••'
, lir A.nfersoliss la - Indiana county,. Os.,
, debarred Item the sOsaarsiss . tstolt .411
, ho,. in his' opinion, sr." , distsysl." • '
. sr I•lirsjinbson, Whero's your hurbseutr'
ti• Wirdyint, - nisrni(ssui 1 .don't wish anybody
disturb' hlui : ." • 'Wiwi ofisSidersti iroignn
oto eke.* tie windows will?". 4 9ek; uull-'
t . justidroak It, tied ittought If I breathed
o r t
r e ilium :it'itoul4 bk *II dol l same I."
A coaundruirk 14:tkitt Mailing, cOutrib- .
r mad eu/ly aqua, to Reeek. biiiiefoileiriag: 1
acme of Afermatitieinecteg the pliyertet al
ma of itiolegi.: what is tile loaq..thhig ter be
ui : !"itit'liei,louit lliiii aYoti the troubled
r 41;
al - ers.;''' , . •
11114 0/44tA.i044;dflieiiew&f." All* the
Ni mite'. TkWysaar sued Imetitakod• for a few
oatekLikaail tloolleiplIal,'“It Imo* like*
jackas, ticttoi, 'bur I 'tither - think It ' iti ,our
Ire' • !)* z: .
..../... / 4 ,
wor - ' AP enema au die - what of death,
0 . - Ut,hieetiik eta asefig a otiatwiltsties of
pbjailleis *rho'eren atestlng close by
N. . bobble, cfiletlremelaistat : ..thatligslio r
ii rift IRO* *Mai! it. /gall over, with mei"
NA, The trid rad the goo& the Woes of
1 • , ; iieir af. aka .4estig, are mere
,pemb..;tal Wok t• Memo item thaaithey . eget
_etert who prima awn amt. La tbsli
'loathe, they gave the WerlA a legatr of tbeit
. 44 . n ~
kr•-" Yl nt lab".l 1* , j am, •ifint WI
sir wlio"Uirribd. rot t,'4, 4," trot vo ia l
44447.04' shat' to tuti s ,a4*, IrkileNt) lea
biV": ' ''' ' • . '
willi,"'onOlifuo, filo kW arts tkit I should
Yale tam pair; four more , font' dourer, Mir
lie ror—and in ..., r , ooluitry roue dories : four,
olrays makes iixtruzi?' ' - -
1 1 *Oen 7ia a Olen 'P . 'wa s ' -
iit s4l 7o tli4 Itoc:o g '; Mi‘inty. * " . ' of . afiu o.
*indult, le iroultie An rooin.liliipod mean
os ) ipet and MI dolma. fliell'Oiiiifttrit bate'
Inagbtur, vi 4 'the Judie; -etch Ito' gm*
1t4: 1 47. , cried : —Unkfor;• *doe; 4sttlaile
isitilber it 04 thilaos.i,‘• . 1, : , ! *.; -, ~
,Igo L. ilia 44.31110re' 40 not ism to Lira for
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the benefit of our • readers Ttuq nave
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Seh, COL Aillo;a, on; of the Anon of pa-
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olonel ItatlttottoLilq, qte soldier, Traizked
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I liteell, sir,irhst wautif yolf ao if you hat
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. i Disirseseariotr es nit eosin—The great
dess Of Maio to new territories - Illustrates
ialiamini emigration in effeetiag a ais
,ia Lie MOIL The males of California
otalatanber the fatnahis bear itinepeenn %bow l . ,
tat!): about aawftfth of Hie population. In.
sseeekuiettaAtie females ew4asiebar as RithlgKi
' l + lo4 . ibirki. : ama theitaaa4lo bastard. Con
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°d *roan o{, miles ; Tow
, rei-sia thweaand ; T.r i usta P. ai a .foity-t A p, r e e
i ana- In . colorado - tha !amyl," are se twenty
4 one faun* In Utak *a nninberii are nearly
Iwinal ; white in New York there, 4 a 'Foal!
prepolderance of the Wailes; fl 12101} are
tam nalserona in Peaasyltratila.
How is is Dorm .}— Wm: Carr, of Ca.% %nth
Venn's resbnent, writing rfi3l32 Bin ming,
Va.. to the alert,* lirspiqvcri, 041aini th e
r 4l4lia ! ii 4i l) l l o l34 i 4Mo are het4 l
If 'die•raycerlies regiment was
on deem parade, timUolinil formed theM Into
a Whim minim taped inwaria t sod informed
theta that he ..Ludt some resolutions t• road
*Mak he wanted aJuptoi. The Ad;citaxit then
'read'ilie resolutions, which were adopted with-.
outs dicsasitiki voice, bad:iritA 'way a dirse . aany
ices!. Couipsay E, tie asys, i would hale" de
feated them try a two•tlitrds vete, !f their real •
eentlaunts could have been expressed in the '
*OW •
11116 Speaking of courting reminds u of a
fttis incident that oocwrred out 'West ono,
4poa a that. 1:010mile:eel old codger had a
likely Aasgiter, whale', opening charms attria
tad the *Watt= of a certain young aask.- 1
After soma Utde suancenverlig, he ventured tv
area. seertalilp. Oa the fait night of his '
appewrastoa la the parlor, air ald lean, after. ;
daaiag in hie chair sro
aaa patt l ies • 41 pa the the gold, e,a he left
Lturrooot, "There, Neaoy, when that log of
wood batty *4 4 It I. time for ,Tsmes to go
two" , • ' , .
ijavaA 4;maiaa OP TAX WWAAO
ISMOVIA aT atsrsa.a.--Jub K. Sweet, el
Lewtntt. kalhae county, sold hi; homestead
tecci~pTsr sad
,above insumbrgaces, $7lO
pit surnser. Thls As gsve to his, wife, who,
tlbr sats kick& kg it in the straw tisk.—
Bahassuently Mrs. Sweet ohavori the straw,
and, I ..withnat thinking of what, she hadt.hid
swat aet Are to the 01.1 straw, bwrning merits
and ill. The misfortune reduces the thatili to,
pov i arty, and
,saisoalittlan 'paper has been .
111 44 ,1 14k‘heig.0 0 4 ,- ,"4 2o f 2 ries TromoriPt•
Tate.Cesee•Abattotton.—lt is thought
'pat . iseaseree will Le ilikes by the executive
ltw rid •Weebbilgtott of a. trarglie of the negro
populatioa. it la islinistikt that thers are
law Is Ow 4Letriot rime 21000 aegroes, being
as hussies of nearly 16;000 dace . the war
Woke oat. ?clap aumhar are idle, gad cao
appeal IWO ham been male to atethemik ha-
citarisus - b aid.= supporting them bas
top feebly ,
Vstaistusr its %se P,lrauttillutz—bisst men llk. t 1 ite sansplososa, I.,Floss is to. be is
Itisowa street.,/pictir sr, than .othsi .
people. , 114 nary pun
ish s ploitpacket or other culprit, (what
th•Y krapioltibtti a label lo his
pick, with silicon , descriptive of his elate
achievement,", and- , ,ilading bits up and don,
the principal iscnueOrs'be ibsoired of
os Gat. the old
Ihesoio a friend at the Hennllama 'host time
bstbre Ida deatio-- " '
•1h• Abolition pout? i f a disloys.l orginisk-
Iti pretindid lore of freedom means
nothing more nor letie - than a dissolution of
the Union. - Honest megof all pa-ties should.
units In ex se their incentions arniirreit.
thew progresf."
darkey I►as told, the other day, the
negrosoldier bill tad passed, and he was now .
expected to go and fight. The announcement
frightened him, but - presently, tilting 'a
brastb,..he exclaimed; "Well; if 1 must fight.
/ must Patios !" And the Republican leaden
may yet try to hare it no. Bei before they
acootapiiii the degrading - imbecile, we bope the
aisamicay „ di m to aee.';
r sari is Odra, eat .tha lliti i
in . i nine par
pre were impel . fee treadles , pier} d"
pion, -rlreset ' tfia, the lota of L t errt7. They
04tpre.*94,14 'Me p.rerost Marshal -before ;.
bee.: 110 f 4 awl diencissed, the 'charges of
hoselity : to: thaAorittunted sad sympathy
lA* the Abe wlea•betg sustained.
4 'thitteetwil so sti:.l#l.lawart.iye. recent
piicaler'liniri liy "that • eienowhal notorionit
Atuditiesiet,.Wal.,L Tames, Collector of the'
Rah of Pidladelphisol, appetite that the 10°-
1111044 it itstotl±; aro shout forming mi
t:nude sad l iiity* for the ptirWe of overawing,
t ii !4P i Picri 6 L .1k 'r.• w 1 • . '
Water ty Tassil. 7 l4secratuacluilsetan to the
Abslitiss ta!liailla . usages," now routs a
toes' titter leelitae-that *Pam Calumet b as
honestthen , L : *Situ ' s itiottlentan; Prima; a
iii*it . 411 1 0,, A ,'Stukthitllatler returned frog •
FCC"; \ OAPP! , reoPIC testae, !Tit-. , , •
; vild‘,Tia Jim. Perk htelitetitek coastwise
hew. ititeted• the )appliestisa Of Yr.' Philip
*Fif fli9, o t'aci# l f4Wat 40 i idin!isie* *N . &
pnolol4r,' on'the, matt
, er hiti alined dlsloy
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abelitisit Issehtilteekoo4 16.0 Aseloerst•
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trimettinted sad Worm. Rea 'after they Game
Maw ?Ores, are not itarirised at` the daily te
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alike(e matter sad th‘Oreatlet
I d: up A ce s rerpartlauliti lath were
ilarik)illie titbit** iduci‘amilt e t
Isiosour bat, thin mu aook.
,tale' boiM ibbiirtgini, lOW 4 1 _ 11 . ‘ l 7
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Um *al Avo of &A
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