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    (frit Obserber.
TO Maar MCP tai • •
svai-Ass dap
La rase
ilea* bait been another difflettlty betweeir
the 'lrish and ;negro laborers in New York
city. The former are determined not to Let
the; latter work.--;--Onr State Legitdatnre ad:
jonesuod. on Wednesday, s i x * die:—Governor
Carlin, it is said, declines being a candidate
for ooiernor again. RnmOr has It that he
has been offered a prominent foreign mission
—lt looks much as if there would soon be
a desperate battle iti the neighborhood of
Williamsburg, Ya.—Allairs looks Owning
at New Oriesas. The rebels are :said to be
concentrating a vas►. force in its vicinity, and
declare. thilr rssolve to retake it The tel
egraph reports that the ironclad fleet lately
at Charleston his been sent there.--a If
the statements publicly made in England,
and apparently based on goo 4 authority, are
to be believed, 'the Confederates, within a
month, will have at sea one of the most for:
mideble theta that ever steamed out upon the
The RepublimM papers, in their ecstasy
oier the Connecticut election„ have eh
, Wel) , forgotten (to tell their readers that
Wisconsin, a State which has always here
tofore been deemed strongly and unchan
geably opposition, has gone Democratic by
8,000 majority, This triumph is as woh
derful as it was unexpected. The great
West appears to be fairly alive with • "Cop
perheads." Let the'Opposition chuokle
over their doUbtful victory in Connect
• icut—wo prefer one such as our poll
timo friends have gained in Wisconsin to
a.dhsen like them.
• The DeMocratio party, in a few months,
will Meet in its usual convention to no
minate a candidate for Governer and Su.
prem. Jidge of this State. For the latter
office,.thosre will be no difficulty in regard
to a choice, she unanimous senthrUmt of
: -- theeorninunitY:peinting to the re.nomi•
nation of the talented man and sterling
patriot who now 'occupies the position,
Hon: WALTIR H. Lowste. In reference
to • the Gubernatorial nomination, how
ever, there are many. "and conflicting
views. The names of a number 'of .lis
tinguished gentlemen are mentioned, but;
up ;to the present 'period, public ( feeling
' bits not settled 'ttpoit any ore to such an
extent as to make his nomination certain.
We regard the costing campaign as by
far the most important in the hi story , of
the Commonwealth . : Events now fore
shadowing themselves render it deci
dedly necessary that . the people should
use extraordinary caution in the choice of
their Chief Magistrate—that he should be
. a man of the purest integrity, the. moat
irreproachable private • character, •of un
flinching will, and possessing abilities Of
the highest class: " Where is that man ?'•
is the question that now courses through
the minds of every honest patriot in the
'State. "Can he be found, and if so, will
he consent to have his name presented
for a position that bids lair to be of such
unexampled difficulty?" Politicians are
abundant, who would gladly accept the
place,.and may even strive to ; obtain it,
but that is not the kind wanted. The
people are just now • anxiously looking
i ,
about for statesman of the right stamp,
and they care little or nothing for the
ambition or malice 'Of any . man es, set
of men: hey only know that they need
t, r in their next Chiet liagit.trato qualities
Of airaret riature—qualities that pre-‘enti
nently fit him for the etnergenoy,—and
they demand of their Representatives that
no one who deo* not come up, to the ex
alted- Jstandard of . „the occasion be pre ;
seated for their suffrages. .
- The Democratic, party of Pennsylvania
stands to-day in a position of; more irn-.
pintance perhaps than it has ever done.
With a proper platform, and nominees of
high-toaed character sad .undoubted pa-
triotism upon it,. victory is within our
grasp. No amount of duplicity, no de
gree of misrepresentation, no extent of
corruption on the part of the opposition,
can deprive us of success, if we are but
true to ourselves. Defeat can only occur
thrOugh our own mismanagement—thro'
t ‘ •
jthe desperate eflbrts of factions, deter
"-/mined on pressing upoo the convention
candidates whom the people do not want
—through the over-zealous. course of a
' few radicals, bent on engraftingtheir own
extreme views upon the platform of the
• party, regardless cf policy. 'Against . each
and allot these classes, it will be impor
tant that the oonv,ention at an early past
of ifs proceedings, firmly sets its heal.
We call aptr. our ...coteraporaries ip
every part of the Conurtonwealth, to give
this mater their eh - isn't attention.. The
evade:Cis mie of too vast interest to allow
kt to. be\_ \ otanaged by a -few hackneyed
politicians, , as has been too much the ease
' in the pas t Let the names of our strong
. eat men in each section be Intinght out at
once, so Alts 4 their merits can be tho
roughly canirassed, and the convention
thus be enabled to`• fli upon the most
available one.• For our Town part, we are
not the fspecial charitPion or the bitter
enemy or any certain individual. Our
object *Mill' be to secure the strongest
candidate possible, and in order to do so,
we shell not idq zits whether he oomes
from the North or the South, the Dug or
the West.'
Oza.A Bwriss i in his speech at New
York, which-hal beim so extensively ap
plauded by the *publicens, said : "1
have no loyalty to any. man. My loyalty
r is to the !Government, and it makes no
difference i me whO the people have put
into that !Government; so long as it has
been properly and constitutionally done."
This is true Democracy, and we are gra
, tilled to know,that the General, has not
become so entirely blinded by fanaticism
as to lose sight -of this one great prin
ciple. Republican leaders; since the open:.
Gig of the war, hate been endeavoring to
teach the people That they owe their
allegiance to the President, and not- to
the Constitution ; but here is one of their
aid met) whp'explicitly repudiates the
ides. -
Thollahles leOhOsedst was incnicated by
Hon. &way) En!orrr, in his late speech
at Boston, is which, Speaking of the Ad
minharation, he said ; " More is a loyalty
if opposition, u welt as of odf•port."
01/ • TUX rosvaiv.
It turns out that it was Ce i n, neotioltte-;
not Charleston—that waistmplurto *the
Administration. It is a foot worth
ing that this ie the fillstalfiettn w by
the Army of the Potosi* elioa Eisitand
ii► mg, for
:celellan was removed from command.
The following letter, written by a Xtochee
ter soldier,i now in hospital, and pntliahed:
in the :Min . of that city, •explains in a
measure, low an army pan be Used to
carry an election
April W.
llsra Fkraza * * must 'stale
to you a fact which Cone under my own \ :,
eyes here. A few days ago an order was
received at all the hospitals m this city
granting furloughs to certain Connecticut
soldiers who were able to travalloute and
return in twenty days. It• warn a great
mystery to us - who got the flirlOnghs for
the men, as a peatmany of them were
stout, able fellows just 'ready to go to
their regiments—in tact some had just
come in from furlough. It run along a
few days and the cat got out of the lag.'
Come to sift the men, every one of them
was found. to be a Black • Republican 1
They were ping kome to vote! They so
knowledged it themselves l And then to
*ink that it is said there is no partiality
shown in this war. • It is a provoking and
miserable lie. • There is many arxxo
dier lying in , the hospitals, dying by;
ches, who cannot get a furlough to •go
home and sink to reel arsons their friends,
but good, stout fellows can get furloughs
for twenty days if they are Republicans
And want to go home to vote. The feel
, ing ou t
h , been intense since it was
foundhow the thing is running.
Yours, ic.,
How Tax'Swim Sums Nolen .
is stated that $40,000 in gold was sent
from the secret service fool of the War
Department at Washington, to Governor
Morton, of Indiana, to enable bird to
carry on the State Government, for which
the State Legislature failed to appropriate
funds, owing to factious feuds among the
members"—National Interssencer.
Everybody who is acquainted with the
exalted- reputation, of the Intelligence;
knows that it would - make no assertion
such as the above, without good authority.
But Indiana is not Gamily State where
the AdMiniatration has used the Nation's
money lee means of aiding Republican
deigna. We'are reliablyinformed that
fu ds were drawn directly out of the Gov
ernment Treasury to assist in carrying
the Connvicut and Rhode /eland t o
tions,land the fact • has never been denied
at leait by the Republican papers, though
explicitly charged upon the Administra
tion. In conversation with a leading Re
publican; a tinir days ago, ho bojdly de
fended these acts, on the assumption that
the Democrats were as great enemies to
the nation as the rebels, and that the Ad
ministration was as much authorized to
use the public means for the piitting down
erotic as the other ! Such is the. inten
sity of Abolition . malice and fanaticism,
that we doubt not two-thirds of the party
would agree with this individual.
- The preachers of county, as a
class, are not in the habit \ lo carrying pol
itics into their pulpits, but we regret to
le c arn that there are a few whose sermons
partake generally more of the style of Ab
olition stump harangues than of `religioui
miniitrations.: To all such.we would rec
ommend the following extract froni\the
writings and biography of Dr. ADA*
CLARKE, the great commentator. It will
beaound in vol. 1, piles 160-61 of his life:
,"When preachers of the gospel become
parties in icirty politics, rehgion mourns,
the Church is unedified, and. politicardis
pijtes agitate even the faithful of the
Such- preachers, no matter which
side they take, are no longer messengers
of glad tiding'', but the seedstnen ot con
fusion, and wasters of the heritage of
Christ." * I*,"Though," says his biogra
pher. "Ifr.'Clarke had fully made up his
mind-on the polities of the day, and nev
er swerved from his Whig principles, yet
in the pulpit was nothing heard from hits
but Christ crucified, and the salvation
procured by his blood."
• The correspondents say Old Abe was
grotesquely funny during' the .recent
view. He dined with • Fighting Joe, and
kept the table in a roar with 'his humor
ous sallies.—Boston Post.
Several thousand pOor fellows had gone
to their "gory beds," but a short distance
from,-where the President was, only a few
months before ; and yet he could be
"funny." • -,
Our public delt is swelling up at the
rate of two millions a day, and crushing
taxation stares' the people in the face ;
andlet LI.4COLN can be !gunny."
• !Ulf a million of armed rebels are in
arms, striving to break up this hallowed
Union, with the encouragement of all
the turopean_governments ; and yet the
President can be "funny."
Two hundred thousand brave men have
found untimely graveC through the fol
liee_of the Administration, and five time!
-that many are clothed in mourning, for
fathers, brothers; husbands, BODO or
friends; and yet Mr. Uproot?! is "funny."
What. a "funny" man he must lie
The guston Traveller says we are now
in the fourth month since the Proclama
tion of Emancipation wait issued, and we
have yet to bear of four slaves who have
availed themselves of its provisions.
The Proclamation hail been a monstrous
failure, and is so admitted by all iti friends
who ore honest. It has violated the Qin
addition, divided the North, stopped vol
unteering, thoroughly united the rebels,
and discouraged our soldiers ; and for all
this where have we obiltined a shadow of
benefit ? Truly, oil bir:::LINCOLIit predict
ed, it has been a .'popels ball against the
Thz Nara , Cosrazzia.—The elections
held for the next Tfouse'of Representa
tives, so fat, give the Republicans 85, and
the Democrats 74. The States which have
yet to elect, are Vermont. 8 ; Western
Virginia 2 ; California 3 ; Maryland 5 ;
Kentucky 9 ; and Missouri 1 (to supply a
vacancy). It depends pretty much on
land and Kentucky which party will
have the controlling power in the House,
though thet4uinces are in favor of she
Republicans. - ° '
Gen.' McCall, wha , commanded the
Pennsylvania Reserves dttrin the seven
days' fight, has been ants t the
service. This peremptory act corn rom
the War Department.—Ayr. Courier.
Gen. McCall was the Dentooratm nomi
nee_for Congress in the Chester" district,
last tall. "That's what's the matter."
Tim city of Ifilwaukie ore 3,249, nut
jority for the Democratic ticket at the
late election, and the county gave enough
more to make it 5,000. The Denumrsti s c
strength lathe City is so decided that the
Opposition ran 1/Q .140k111. What. a de
lightful place that man be to live in t _
/ tArreoelPat",
Wa tuns heard the s .ty, of( a Quaker,
'who, upon being implored. by 11
; Fll~ail the `t °loa n 'efl
; I lisvig knOwn. t _ kaift ..* */*,411
INee*strip Akiiiiioals,
/rums +coaling. is a
sneerer at the' Uniuu, us al friend of the
Vika, as a filet Leaguer, land thou re
oollectest how many more titles and I
cannot trust thee When brother Obed
Tell from giaCO; teem:ie .- a
changed his name, mad bliss found that
whenever man 'design makiegtheir bulbs
by dishonest means, they tul ntsrayil likely
to do the same: If ever thee adopts one
name and set of pnneiples, tamp on
to them, for fifty yeark as the DeMocrats
have done, I may beglnlci gust thee..
Judge Isabel t Republican) of - lowa, has
decided the law allowing *there from
that State to vote to be unoonstitntlwil.
For giving a decision of similar , 'charac
ter, the Democratic Judger of the Su
preme Court in this State Imve been tra
duced by every Republican ; paper in
wita yizoo alrgorriori.
We have been permitted to make the follow
ing extract from. a letter wrileris bra young
gentleman from this city, nerw on beard the
gunboat Chillicothe, in the West :
11. 8. Gus Bone CiusecOritp;
.TaitritarnEnt Emu, Mum.,
Sunny, March 29,'08.
- The great Yazoo Yass Expedition which, as
the pa ai have it,- has taken Faso° City with
several thonswed sgionew Mid any number of
is still oeoupyiag obi:position
iu ra w iss i g rt s
Pemberton, or Fort Greenwood, as I
called it In my two last letters.; I suppose they
are waiting for reinforeethents, tor it will be .
no easy job to take this fort. It; is; situated
on the bank, just around ashort bolsi in the
river, so that the gunboats - cannot bring their
guns to bear upon It unless they go within six .
hundredeards of the fort, and then they can
everlastingly belt to frOm there. The Chilli
cothe can show about 60 marks from their shot
and shell, only two or dire. oflthem doing any
'damage, however. One which entered the port
and exploded caused one ofour own 'she ll s to
explode also , and time wkich struck our port
slides closed them so tight thst they could not
be opened, rendering our gun. useless. Only
about two fat of her is above water and five
feet below, and is covered with thtweinch iron
all over her decks and sides. Met boilers and
machinery are below the water line, - leaving
nothing but the turret and wheels Ibt , them to
shoot st. Taking her altogether, she is about
as good a boat as one can desire to he on. I
have been on. her over two Weeks now, and
have had no reason to regret being transferred.
Allef our officers are perfect gentlemen. .
Al very, heaiy storm pass•el over us last
night, ; doing some damage to the soldiers: It
tbundered,and lightened as Wooly canin this
country, and the wind blew si regular hurri
cane. Four soldiers were killed and two
wounded, by a tree- that was ; blown; over on
one of their tents. - They were buried this
morning with all military horiors. It is not a
very solemn tight to see such a funeral,--eom-.
posed of four pine boxes; each one narried by
six men, and a band playing : some eld'nigger
tube. All the Erie boys that are in this expe
dition are well and doing finely. -
It is now Spring in this country. ; MI the
trees and shrubbery are covered with leaves,.
and the fruit trees were inlbloutim over a
Month ago, while I suppose pin have', sleighing
and skating yet in Erie. (,
Tee LADY LIALS. A Novel. ;By Miss N. E.
Braddon, initiates, of "Lady Alidiesi's igeoret"
.fie. New York Dick 4 iikzgerald, 18 Ann
street. '
' . It le sufficient evidence of her 'cleverness
that the books of Miss Braddnu are the rage
in England, and are exciting Just; now the
reading public here. No miter creates a nen
'aitioit so wide as she, without the possession
of decided merits. The lady bet only tells a
story -well, but, judging 'by the novel before
us, with a power and intensity rarely known
since the days of Redd• " Tim Lady Lisle"
is a more stirring 'M book an Lady 1 Andley's
ii i
Secret "—a work with a plot !tnore intricate,
incidents better, contrived, and characters
standing out more distlnotls Yet "Lady
Audley's Secret" is one of the most popular
novels of the day. Lady Audis,' is rather a
startling personage. ' She &rim ent'quite an
other person from what Yon eapsot When you
first open the book. But the ittutin Uharacter
in " The Lady Lisle "4 -the is pelfsssed,
agreeable Major Vainey-i-haperts toths latter
volume en interest I beyond neat that of the
story alone. You sewn 'to dank the book to.
be his personal history, 'after;, he appears, so
perfectly does his adroit And pleasant villainy
win upon your mingled fiivor aid hate. He is
the sun around which the rest of the charac
ters ;revolve. Without hint i" Lady Little "
would be a fair, clever story-=w ith
Oi hint it is a
-masterpiece. l'. , •
Mr Strange ow I hare been jockeyed by
men ceiling the Ives Nursery Agents. I
paid $1 per vine for the Qoncord end Diane
Grape. Fay Is selling good vines at 26 cents.
My Cherry Current cost me ; 26 cents, and
spurious at that. 'Fay sells the pure Cherry
Currant at 12 cents. I paid a Rochester man
20 cents for my apple trees. One of my neigh.
hors went to Fay s and got better trees for 12
cents. I hero just been to Fay) with my wife,
to see his nice Evergreens, Eons, and magnifi
cent Chinese Tree Peonies. Re trotted us to
some extra wine made from the White Dutch
Currant.. Fey sells good Dutch Current bush
es at $6 per hundred. •
One who has been Uumbugged by buying
Trees Of irresponsible Agents. ;-
Address, LINCOLN FAY, Portland, N. Y.
ERALTEL-111011, is nothing more ielnable
than health I without it, the wealth 4f Crwmi
can afford no enjoyment, sad Ilfe, instead of
* blessing, becomes , a burden. Hoofiancrs
German Bitters, to those Motel with any dis
ease of the stomach or digestive organs, will
prove more ninth's than a mile of gold. For
sole by druggists and dealers Ii Medicines
everywhere, at 76 cents per bottle, *
Einazzunswr in zes Altar.--I-A dis
patch from Washington to .;the Philadel
phia Pius, has the folbming o "lin offi
cer in the Quartermaster's Department
has recently absconded with a large
amount of public' funds; intended for the
Fifth Corps. He was last.seen ill Wash
ington Vhe 16 th u1t.,1 when 13 called
upon & Co., to cash a eck for
some.; ,000. The money was paid in
small notes. Leaving his uniform at his
hotel, he took the care (Or Baltimore,
where he was seen in company with sever
al U. S. army officers. He Was traced to
New York, thence to Troy, and at length
to Toronto, Canada. The delinqUent has in Massachusetts. tis believed
that while in liquor he either lost' a por
tion' of the money at the, gaming -table or
had it stolen from him, and fearing the
consequences, took flight."
cum.—A correspondent relates the follow
ing aneodoti3 of the late Mri Pe4tigrn, of
Chsrleaden• A person
M eeting bun in
the street accosted him salt mad: " Will
you be ao kind as to direct tne to the lit
natic asylum f» " Certainit," answered
Mr. Pettsgru, " theieit . is," pointing to the
east ; "and there" poustingito the west ;
land there again," rointingto the north.
"You cannot possibly go aiss." When
asked an explanation of this singular di
rection; he said: "The wholeptate is a lu
natic asylum, and the peopl . are
" Our correspondent gi'vee the last
4a, as. the date of this conversation'
.ut whether he is "right in this or not
there are lettez in tlus city which show
beyoid quest' at Mr. Pettigru died
as he bad lived, fai tk to th s Union.
A bread riot occurreil'a-Retersbur . g
Ve.,, lag Wednesday, similar', to that to
Richmond, thewomen being the ringlead
ers Ind plunder:mg the stosehoases of
.In Richmond tweed , is now
I =bated gratis to families of soldiers.
• t
TTAA'-f.i I: 7 • s ' n
LIR FO ' a s j Sill)
16 -Atr .
From the - reire'Sqbe
daily papers, we make up the renewing
account of the, great battle' near ?bodes
ton, last week : , - - 1
tie drop, deg of the' Ail tier fag i ron
Atia-iithier-uierw i ektel&tritint
nearly cleared .asray., and there was no
further Cantle for delayjun, the ; attack.;---
Up to twelve o'cloick Reiterations for the
conflict were continued On the iree.,
clads.- Atli p. SC the pilot of the fits
ship ,at - last declared hirnself yeadY.-
move. The signal to get mider,say ;silk
made; and at fifteen Minutes. Wore --twit
the whole fleet was hi motion. • . •
•Short' before3'6 l okich the. 'fiessides
showed ' to her rudder. her
bow swinging to the strong ebb tide, and
threatening to bring her on the 'hens to
her right. She was, therefore. compelled
to come to anchor to stay her course.—
Meantime thifirst fors monitors bad con-
tinned on toward. the fora The enemy
allowed the' Weehawken to come within
500, yards of Fort' Moultrie, when tee
shots across her bow from this fort opened
the .action.,— , .
The /rotailes hail again got under way,
and approachedsvithin 1,200 yards of Fort
Sumpter, when she once more become un
manageable, and was again obliged to drop
anchor. The monitors ahead of _her bead
reached the converging point:of the fire
of the Cu mm i ngs Point battery, Fort
Sompter, Fort Moultrie, and a work be
tween Fort Moultrie and Ifoultrietille;-
known as Battery Bee. A sheet Of flame
and volumes of smoke, extending from
Morris to Sullivan's Mande, inaugurated
what has been undoubtedly the mot ter
rific cannonade of the *hole war,
i 4 in
deed, it was ever equalled in the hieing
of the world. A. parfait, torrent of -shot
end shell was poured upon the monitors,
wriPping them sometimes almost entire
ly in spouts of water thrown. up by the
striking projectiles.
The monitors continued their play, re
plying vigorously from their' batteriet to
the enemy. They passed the • northout
face of Fort Sumpter, but when they came
near its angle with the northwestern
they made out at ti short distanCe three
distinct lines of obstructiOns, consisting of
floatinglogs with toipedoeslittached, and
net-works of cables held perpendicularly
in the water , by weights. The Patapsco
got foul of one of them, and.....eiorald not
make her screw work for some fifteen
minutes, but finally got clear. A torpedo,
exploded close to the bew'of the•Weehaw
ken, without, (however, doing any dam-
age. t • - I
The vesselsell steering very heavily. the' (
narrow sewage throe, the line of ob
structions could not be reached. Attlee,
several vain attempts, the four , vessels
turned about imd'steamed back down the
harbor,. all the , while sustaiaing a heavy
fire, and responding with their 'guns as
vigorously as they could. The- Patapsco
had her 200-phund Parrots gurv'dimibled
by its own reboil early in the action. The
turret of the Passaic was bent in, and
cramped her l I-inch gun Bois to prevent,
its working. Shortly - afterwards, her tur
ret stopped, revolving, and she lost all of
fensive power:.
The Ironsides had, meantime, .vainly
struggled to CiNlle closet to Fort Sumpter.
The rebel genders finding her a fixed
mark, pied her freely with shot and shell:-
Her position was such that she, could not
bring her broadsides to bear until about
4 o'clock, when she sat en opportunity
deliv,er, ter, fi re at Fort Moultrie. This
the onlyoffensivedemonstration made
by her during the action. '
When Admiral Dupont found that he
could not readily move the Ironsides, , be
signalled to the fouriron-clads behind her
to pass ahead and go to,the support of the
four Teasels already engaged. in trying
to pass by, the Catskill and Nantucket
brushed the lronsides on the port and
starboard sides, but after awhile' managed
to get away mid moved 00.
They and the Keokuk and Nahant
came under the concentric range of the
forts and batteries at about the time the
other four monitors were turning back.—
They nevertheless advanced, with their
guns at work briskly past the' ,northeast
face of Fort SUmpter, until their course
was likewise impeded by obetructions.—
The Catskill, Nantucket and Natant re-,
' ceived the united fire of both Forts Sump
ter and Moultrie.
The Keokuk bad steered a little more
to the left, and for a while received the
fire cif. Fort Sumpter alone. ' She fired the
gun in her forfrard turret but three times,
when it became disabled. If er after gun
could not be brought to bear effectively,
and was thus. rendered useless. • After
continuing under the united .firos of all
the forts and batteries for shalt - three
quarters of an' hour, all the monitors and
the Whitney Battery , came back in obe
dience to a signal from the flagship. -
The Ironsides had already dropped back,
some distance out of range of Fort Scimo;
ter. At 5 o'clock the entire fleet was out
of range, an 4 the action' ceased..
The Erricison raft known as the Devil,
was attached to the bow of.the Weehaw
ken, but proved a hindrance" indeed of,
a help, by embarrassing the steering of
the Weehawken.
The monster torpedoes intended. to be
Connected with the *eft were not used, as
they required delicate handling, end fears
were entertained as to their success. The
Devil was lost the day after the fight, and
washed ashore.
• wlir rue Fleur WAS nor runrewan.‘.
It was the intenthm of- the edinfial to
renew the attack on the next
• day, but,
when the reports of the commanders of
tbsairon-clads Were rewired, shelving that
two, tlse-feekuk arel•Passale, were fully,
and three. the p L i stio, Naintieketi and
Naltan‘ were disabled, . the 'ad
'miral determined to win front,* contin
uance. In this deeltionhe was sustained
by the unanimities opinion of the oom.
menders Mall the ironsilads.
No words can convey an ides of the
terrible fire. The monitors were bit from
twenty to sixty times each, with the' ex-
ception of the Keokuk, which, from her
exposed position, was struck by - not less'
than ninety shots. Her turrets were pane.
traced a number of times, and her hull, at
the water mark, showed nineteen holes.
She was only kept afloat by plugging and,
pumping, until next morning, when she
snails on the her in eighteen feet of water,
her colors OM flying. • All onboard were
saved, but lost everything they bad.
• The Ironsides was hit fifty to six.
ty times without material - damage. The
enemy used only shot of the heaviest ad
ere. The most destructive of the mis
siles were of English manufacture. prin.
Whilvrorth's !tee! pointed•projeo-
Eleven large holes, apparently running
through the walls, some of: which wiiral
I about threaten wide, were made- on the
best face of Fort. Sumpter, showing that
our fire was not altogether, ineffectual.—,
,The monitors fired altogether about one
hundred and fifty rounds., • '
The numerical weakness 43f the land
force rendered their direct cooperation
in the attack impracticable. Upon the
navy devolved m L i e ab at ed the work,
and-all the fighting was done by it alone.
Reruns Lsw.—ln Boston, the city clerk
has to give a permit , betore a body can be
buried in a !graveyard. The question has
arisen whether the permit bad to bear a
stamp, and Commissioner Boutnall
that 'lt must. So that a man muri:
buried in Boston unless his friends best; pay
a ten oast tax. 'Thiele running them ue
law 4 ‘bsto the growl*" , - •
Thin comes rite ulna to &au k " copp e m
11011ka dead Melee eyes of - anything we
have Uri of
upon him as tf/ cirfieciiim ,
40thbvimis4480 — Tij' , nUisigius;of 'ati ales of ors
t i
ta about fifty. , .....,.. , ~;
.-- Eight sohlt4a Map? ned In : Fort
'Wtirrer, awaiting. '. court- dal, . made
their escape eniTtiesdernig , but were
ri l e
all drowned'. pnobibly in nsequence of
the upsetting ottbeir host.
i—Col. Wildet has rata front hisex l
edition,' via Lebanon s it . Outhage, in
Kentucky. He captured .. Rebels before
he reached , Snow Eill s sa dearaged 6, •
000 bushels of 'wheel and n ob corn and
bacon. lie alto brongbt 1 360 negroea.
.Our expeditions recently _ ve captured
700 horses and mules, WO F. sorters. 200
negroes, and have 'deal much Rebel
forage and subsistence
—Our" • Wa s hingto n pondent says
that iti ImpOrtant dispatch m Secretary
Seward to Minister Adams has just been
forwarded. and its conten are supposed
to speak very
. plaiely to th effect that if
-England permits any mor Alabama& to
leave her ports there tast y at ,no distant
day be an embroilment.— .
It: is understood at W hington that
i ine
our Government has sent *amber stole to
'Great Untie, ooncerning e sailing of
privateers from English . . protesting
tri very strong terms against such Madness,
and even, bin tin's that the responsibility
for leltingoot any more kitties) I crafts
ought to* laid to the doo of her Ma
jesty's Gave/amen&
-L- A niessagif received f Clarksville,
10:;: i an.; gar that on Wediietlay 1,200 reb
, under WoodwarcL capt sod and bum
ed the s*amers Lovell and . ',3axonia, kill
ing the giptiiiii of the f r vessel and
,weanding the captain of th latter. The
passen and both arrived •at.
i t
tiXarks. Col: Bruce tan , expe
dition lit he river at night in pursuit of
the 'abet force.. . .. "
Tht telegraph re . ' from Mar
freeabomr a ' boast of Gene is Joe John
ston and Bragg , that befo "harvest time
they WOW, porsess. themsrlres of Ken
wm.r. • t '
A oprrespondent at N4rfolk gives the
following account of the shpoting of Lieut.
'Col.l of this:Hawkins Zouaves : "I
learn Cot ball hq command of
the ou p
laket•guard,aid an during the
evening 141 en. Corcoran a p proached • the
post anditiras properly chid ged by the
mod. f nstead of giving the countersign
Gen. Corcoran simply mid • il am Gen.
Obrcoran.." Under she *Mtnnotanoes,
with a relrel force in close proxlinity, an
enemy might' hive said t b same thing,
and CoLlKimball refused let Gen. Cor
i:mean pars without tile pro word. Gen.
Corcoran attempted to rid on when his
bridle was seized by Col. imball. In the
excitement of the morainal Gen. Corcoran
drew a pistol and fired Choi fatal shot.
as. A correspondent eta)
gevernment organ of Fray
Tanis, Algiers, as follows: - ~.,
• '"Our College of philosop, is at home, may,
end 'probably do accomplish great deal for
the cause of science . but a Americans tie
the people to tarn these discoArerieivo preen
cal account . Wail of the m ervi• inventions
is use hero are American, one American
chemist, Dr. J. C. Ayer, o Well. supplies
much of, the mediator consumed in this coun
try. His Cherry Peso 1. Pills, Sarsaparilla
and Ague Cure constitute the staple aemedies
here, because they are of easy application,
sure in their results and hart the confidence
of the people. While
is carried to a higher 1
•coculary (France) than
Freachman ns a HUN 1
can Physician should
and remedies for our 1
e . are happy 1 to
superior medici
pie ipal Province i
Am rice may be ha
the'm stores. •
John T. Critic
[Lexington 41. ii
idate for Conga
'et, Kentucky,
la althea the lath
oaspur hot knows and
• this 'Athos tk• NM
assd Th yaw.
la*whetno, Semi., ea
at lhe,melassea of 14 i.l
talatiNalz lam a mildew
,Soltoblo for mix ili O n wi th
=aro arid elsor, wall orkod,
for torpootlae. Vo sale bf
ou, eat w taisabassi
=Wy..te Weak sod alba '
ofx°o7 MI GOONTY.--arenstrar s lo poressaaar
ad maw* of the Act of Ilth el Say; 1861. yoa an
hints 7
i w
i ß , iiii seat to eimmuai, at. t. Court Ustl mp e ea thellrat Monday 11 May , A. D. 1183.
ath yof Me asostb, at - 1 'dock to the after.
stoop, ancreelotiosire veer, by • see • ty of the whets
Wiliam of Dlesetees toss of literary AM
solestUte so; sod of esyssisseeia the
'art of teartilsg, es_Coaaty of
t, for the three
asseseedlairyeals; deloneineltre telrellill ta rlaka
'Swaging", ; art art* th e revolt the 8 Boyen
tatalaiallts at nanfabatt, as respired the 88th assdath
sec:Dees of said set. - - , If. eiral;
- artutkr attirdelooksher Iris .
• 8 10 1 11 481 ‘. MAI A lea--•~P ... '
• r
?be op.parimAip !mita; !Istria
kt. Loodarath Co . Having' Ws* Si the /th
iloy at Mown MI, blr Lisak**6oe. lotting t
to Jotut Lookorotia, the loodostissd.*4 the tonics= of
the toolootigood boobs oommoi a the OM doy of
1,143. to to ottolot ettla Nome stir. • Al 0 0 4 fAit
lasdoosigild stll, eorey so: bolowoo st, the
old otandordorin,~ bth. • • • let tibe but.
owl ot Ito /slob= att. Loodmistie Cool sod of the
bostatoo at
the oodwoloood. door thoriomo et IL
Loodotatb &Cs, sod oil rum who soy int bo
dobtod to L Lsottioalk ifs Co.. or, v , 1 4 umW •to
mono noir asoosols with w • • set %Mb
R. tootoooth. Is bowleg totololloro, dooms stotodoold'
Ida tutus Ulm* Is the mama% • - ie. et H.
Loadosolb it Co, to the oadoisigood.
, The postoondito harstotore
glialkonsd V. P. Wes, usage tl
ot Willa' Ohm, b dkoolved
The books Ned atooludo ors to the bas
at their haegorploos of barman, Sot
=OM to the latrine orel
popowit. • •
- ttare=4 "2 " C°18*1 • 168 1
WO-ft . D. p.
f a
. 0•111!
" . ri;ooo4o,4•«stunt. g 0 a - ,
. twine-TM:lz VORNk ill ,
taspethatryoularsr 4 ritmage.i , hi . ok! m.ods
• NIS STOCK OF 400D13, .
flee been .elected rah sad '
, fi
dsads 'Wag
i. k op cam sa
masiotbsedimbeitio th e . ' '
te mp
i n e opi ia; : urt t sa7lldag kik , law ustairitod
7 11 v a l res4r. r
biailnl a
i f
, t
sdA, et
or embr 4 . '
seakavadil '
449sps UM..
Ebintl e 4tNee ,
.070 .43
the ,
ewe aetteieef
feeeiingllS T
lii h r E taa
tbeir sttootkle‘
0 T
radx a
or Particular a
apr iv=
a sbsl.4ofU
tho following wartil
GerpPt Chill. Cased
austyeast. 4410,50
Mei $l.lO per.
?be barrel easteii
MP Cob to set*
fdMlr I.
• On State St" between Seventh - a= Rag bth
Theßebsertbera bate entered into law Cabinet iftking and
And propose mall
band a % l kin& of rwesiten tio order and harpies . =intently on
Orders will receive ppompt attention. Repairing done
' . oh short. notlee.
The subieribi re Will give apsetal attention to Ma de.
=Blut of Abair hiteleses. They' will unneiheture and
e ,conelantly on band a large ruteottment of hietallic
On= and Coigns, and- held themselves ba readiness to
.seeet orders is thin line, proutptlf a keen any pert.of the
country. Determined is spare no efforts to giro latish&
Ron both in the quality of their gee& =Option, they
bops to wenn a UMW dais al ;Wile
fineeresote to J. 11; Riatirr.
• P. A. BEMIRE, -
fforfh-East afra4r off & Pork # rfsack Strca,
Would rearpukfal/y call the attsailoo of Us* oinciaptalty
. • to Ida largo Stock of.
' Ablch ha la dem/tons town at tbo
VERt- lAK rthminsiat ,1111(111111
Hi. aisoftwoot of
SUGARS, • ;p ,
,••• AS. '
, •
oot ',rimmed to tbe city, al bO is prove to
all rho et* him Gala.
Its oleo teepicoustautly cot band slumped°, lot of
tow the wholesale bade, to which be dlteets tit; itteutioo
otibe public
His motto is. 'Klatt dales, swat Peallla- and a full
Equivalent for the Vow." aprllll3tl.
Seds:Pari a, the
e, writes (rote
From two to Os doU an oacl . a e r tattzot.of
COMBS. . •
hoes, Elagelo. Rubber find Flora.—ebough" to
map all to sett themselves. at
_bye Drug Store of
livery body coo be totted to tt.coo a:IWO by
, talling at tit SUN of slid Itt J. 8. CARTIER.
Very finely pound, and neatly put op in Japanned
Cam Capri r 634 JOHNS. CAWITR.
♦ varlet/ et the most choice kinds at the store
of [sprint.) J. 8. CARTER..
Wines Teatansenter, on the Dante of fitOlinnon .
ins, deceased, Itasca Wayne township, Erie Co , Pe,.;
=been plated to Os anderelprod, all persons ta
to sajd Wats ere hereby notified to maltsparnent
nitbont delay, and, sit *rum haring clams against add
artate to present the seam daly antbeartleatad for settle-
Woos, god' ii, 1563-nutairtlft Executors of deed.
Thitdolerhiatsalp heretofore existing. beteroea
Jos. litsteraboth, Jr., and C. Ilagletuut, antler the same
snd Arm of Joseph Lichealsab & Co., is this day disealred
by limitation. The accounts of the old drat are plead to
the bands of C. laglebart, who will attend fo the settle.
cleat of the war for sixty days. After that data, stab
to as hays hot tbiweetUed la moms shape. all bs
- • la the Undo of a proper perm for collection.
aria, April 1,1863.3 t. C. iI&3II4IIABT.'
,ww. 'sissy
• reach Si, aim Ms iftifels fir4 s , Pa.
(onecooooro to Ac)iuoo Benri,)
monza.oovioitas; PP
teary Store sold by ai warranted to g%v aatielsettOn.
J.B. CArrleß
Kettles inslgh-toss, sad Irons, ito on bind or ma
ntsetnrsd to order. •
Puma ant PLOW Potais otsspertor . nuke and darn
WWlia ..nnys on Anna. A eat sod tar trial akar aril
elis Irs ask. . - - HENRY, IS BRIAR?.
W a lt% &iht
J. H. canna.
. G 0 O,D . ,
Second Hand .Purniture I
GAseink,isa, &0.,. •
Taken to foils* rkekZei toe Min, or Car advanced
• ej W, "ELLakir,, ERIE, PA.,
awairodisit; ri• swap fresokiesak zooms,
razed balk Tarsitare. .ftsidib t fi*PAble dada. Bad-
Combs* Sate sad Milne Nomura. Looking
G2lgtateklVa /astnunantie Store
sad Ogee Dodo, Beak inaffflmnr Came Wardeedds: adPe
m=rea" =la subkat,
borepeomftratenalka Tenons leaving tin
dTh ebanging tiler reeldimesa, qadtitag bouve.kesalnir.
or exidproging faralteue, era do v,ll by idling on G. W.
Obey; orbs ;wanton quiet Wel wed rash pay. • -
(*seen the plene.—Tandpits "one Deets SO istriat,
White, Viet stAw , . - .
defog betimes O.
to suet sad style
legion of Ism.
1111 D. D.lirsUter.
setUesiest. AU
istrisi to maw
Assissi Affsitter
'AlSet t 00.
_NS •
Dszriot. ammo moo, North ohie **tart,
tato amt. trio. , aprir6l44
N '0
"• •
EYE xaattrK'aßweliar __
Witt/3k E Y,'
nty twat dlstilhttloa In 1814 I now alter It for a chart
them so quaatttlea notices than 3 yam,.
nit). W. BRANNON,.
Et - LC • • a.
Wheieu my info CORES/NI Maio& my 104
ofol olden du aboosted. bovoll July 14114
1I litho* soyjost outgo or poroestloa—tils Is to
Doti& afi pawls/ lotto falter or bust bf/Z as or, se.
mutt, Is 1 will** so Mots *tor Doses.
nun% SWETT,
-Conl. MU Co., Po, Apra to, The —stio
' • WART OF •11=11111 orals,
Pub ti Pei* at Won* osolt Out Pieria...4 lath
two pitittopo otigtowed ow steel.
- lOUS
Cloth. PA • Velum
......—.... ......... AA "
NW it
or Bait Itorooeo .... NW
WEIS iitillitt. LION Ailtoollll •
le NdisponaNde IN Wary RAIN sot Kivu* L*l77.
?Be Nur voltam Neale : : •
Iteetieg of Sou Cfs
s aosura Caufterson.firDee,
11111% to tie Septum* New Oiissa lashilm
_ _ „.'' I
NAM= et kat ea Heaths aad akOmishes that
hue .ecunsd attwiiir the War.
oyal s tIV4
•, l Mit. . , :•I , 1
routoginnt POIRINAIINearaved ea Nod. qt NW
osiebtated New of UN Use, and swarm ea
Nape sad Nos at Bailee. - ' • i
. . . v.
tlverl2lll2ll TBOUSAND leekleato sod Amodotas Cl
hawed Dallas sad Bravery.
••. "Ai a wadi tor elkaNsat xabiese• It le isolotatly to bo
relied ea." ' .. Jll. P.WWlNAN,Puldfsier;
• Casa. T. Wyss;' 11113 Itteedwai
' Beal Ai' t, NA Broadway.
Arrow, A'r LAM, Wane.. Of
boom deist; SAW hw i - see Mt
111111 \*.. • , Irruo, to to (rood
the MN& atom ed - . door mouth of
O* singt •
sat t 'll.
sqW bi
to "la* 1 4.:Fte.
) RAT Ii S ,
arrls pit vOurre iPO
S l'Z E i
liJil 10 Ch 1141013 •6d Coping
DRlClN*Opedlasgs, cmapitAai
&atm! City, Callao and Pinkeye ,
• bell of Orly JRUO/1.
.41allmeetl tr. nttatoo dept.
'may of am wietsiayom dome.
t mat by malt, pad pa d at 25 eta.
ay all orders. 'Wend even
Relsoss, Lussroo Co.. Ps.
AND tiimantAxiso
- It 0-0 X 8!
1 JD gt 4 iris= askolletoeftiel *slit'
F iNE r P-P , ,f/ . /41 . iV , G,,0 0 Dsi
Frenoh. 114 . eriapli, • all shades,
Reeeived-this Day.
• • • •
00 Fine' M e di um Quality
Fine Doe Skin - and Beaver
Medium and Low Priced
All the ISfewest Styles'
Simte,gii;Nub4ut, L
and Children'
JUST 111.
Just Received and on the Way.
Real Lace Collars -
and, Embroideries
WM. P. HAY= & Co.,
1 - 7Tr77mny
, Passrasse ?miss trill no we this .
6 0) , A, IL. NW sad Icessi n
Nadi tiot.stpLbie.Q/7..7191.111_,?'
,Bracto44 - Ithiikt.lll -- bnortiiali:lstia.
iniviacat Sullilthat 11 410 A. K.
2,13 P. U., Plc Zspvirs, "tarp's( at 11a111430, Dar
• kirk, Berth Ein, Silver Croak, sad 4logsbi,
10T1a1,46 at Beale at $ 11$ e. N. .
11 4$ A. /14/11 atipaise •11148111410
Daskat• sod allvir Crook, mine at Salilia
8 03 A. 11.
The Day Express connate' at Dunlark and liallahr,e
the mitt Express at Buffalo only, with .11Ytgrans Inns
for New York, 1141/1 6 / 6 41phla, Bestor4 Am •
11 a 41.. 11., Oq eqwas; stopping at Angola, Mir
Chou, Ihtukirk„ West Sold ant) North Ea/444Thu"
at Eris at 1 45, P. NI
4 10 0.1 i.. matt + Itx s., stopping ititia=l 4 lortl
Enna, an ver al', Irving, Se creek kw
ton, rottlair4 Westield, Warty/Waft Uskl WI
Last sad i arbor Creek, anteing at, Brie al IP II
11 3 P. It , L'orproa, stopiang at ittliar Clot,
Dunkirk and Weatilald. arriving 111. IMO at $ll
Itallroad time la ten 4411 notes hister than iris 11ata
Nor. It. 'Sat. - N N' meows. sue
!J : - rp t ti p_ ;
ON and after Monday, , Nor:l.7th., 1862,
.ad wail bulbar gotieg; mauve Timm 'nu no
dB lOno.ll.
10 01. P. 4.. bey Itzprosa. daps at Ilfillofteile_haw
Gaisvra, Aaitaimaballisaaaat sad •ft••ar3, sr
- dreamt Via at 1 34 P. • •
8 20 r. M.; 11a114ad aaosameatatits firaim i Maga44 .1
atationt, sad antros at aria at T SO P.l.
01' P. Y. MotLovas, Tula saw at
,41alitabalasad Gust*, oaty, sad ant:Mt
1170 P. 11., •
LEAVE -gait
3 04' A. N. Night dagger
_ . 'h_aluiNles lloasoljd,
Aolasholu sod 11.hwoovirl animal wits
t ad 1144.4. IL '
6 ob A. N.,l [ W
astoaltuar,itoggleg a 4
W tar otstrows' mid onitio Chowolead od it N
' A. IL , • •
2 Sto l l l=odwposteitiakllgriagoldlawswd.
Arillabalw sad PalatwoliNi mhos at
• Clovolwodati , ll P. IL
AU the through. tridas it =g age witio=rl
Chrrolsod with tralaeltpr tlr
*mutt, dw• • •
.1.11 tho throypilaulaw peg Oftwed e sumeNal Dar
ldrk with 'Nostril/1N of tie N. Y. At Iglaraibowds &add
Buildo With taw I. Lembo' and Itallohl arid IL T. Ch/
tUroada, tor New
York; Albuy i e no lolli f
ha di g aiad. . .
1111. • • • _ ,
Thus grist Use *mow thellesewire
SD4 Northwest sweattes of • Irsusessiesals to lbw (Ai of
Me, on Lau Ere.
It Ms hers lesetd ley the /11sitrawl Cop
had ssetsr Oats Is ;Wm Meier egswed
, -
It le wsw to see Sir Pairsow_wsta Ptihr u aisslartir
frontNardshoszt Ist Driftwood.
_alradrartp ea the
Nsebts Divisiosoptt from, ithelisla ta i Us. ago)
ow the Western Dirtstes.
save oat tassisaatresrat
••• rataLawees_ . ..". st
afecasaiodatioa Wald .
a. I
Wail Trala *Maw U dB
Astadouedatioa If nd.
ig •
'For kutontallos rageetiag Peim
at thell.-K. eamellile and Subst Ma Ihr
Waimea alba Company's epeatei . .-
5. R. KINGSTON. Ja... maser - Ugh mad Iladart Steseda,
. J. IL Dltll.l ft said N. O. 11.
HAL. HOIISTOW,_GaiaraI Pealed Agra%
LYWIS L RSVP% Gomel Ticket A t.
JO3. D. Pj)1114 Gamed Loam% W •
g E .R.A.11.7WA L T..
• mon , 4lr, 110 1:17.13ft • - " - .
• "Unman lanakataaaliaattbal
, • . lastwarißound—Dspart. '
VadMoe& 24911111. 9 49 • ! . / 111.
'Fart t at. -•
• Way SI
i SO -A, ii.
• ,-- m a= WlllO9. Gael cvyt.
- SPRING. 1884,
• (Leis Add BMWS ilellta4
E. H. , S'M TH, •
pas a ii =l3ll - GOODIL
with Cobb at Now Took Pl4*.
atioalkia paid to kitiosidai and ITroositi
ll.s tivadinf Block INidollt tot Ott
j UQN NV L C - • •
egieLsa CFO /{gyp '
vsagr•BLis, - Re, •
ALIO, alum"
,OYSTBRS, POULTRY AXD GAlfl;-In th. So j imost
No: 2, traey'sClilloek,•;loll
Cateer-Sies, taws Sr., t " Eais, ?a'
Orden from either the City or &tatty Oiled Primp*
• sad at knits isietit rain. hair
11.11.1111.TrUILD I VON141 IfATTI
IBICORPORATZD 11110. CAPITAL Ijllooooyooo.
CITY Mil Mt;MICE 0017011,
C. B. 60 TRW& Meat. C. C. WAIST. Busy.,
TNSURANCE in the 'above old and 110
.11...a2Mudas CAA time enizaddirett
PUNX ?INN TAR, the real North Carolhavarthia
just retsina at the Drag More of
apttrOttt, JOHN B. CANTO.
-1 bi
Valours, Poplins,
Silks. &c., &c
' 1111111