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    he grit *Wag Ohm Tar.
it E, PA.;7',ATURDAY APRIL 4 1863
PiENTIMENT FOR Ting 11.31135.
Utiler no possible emergency, not' even in In •
. rrection, OR AMID THE THROYS
.IVIL WAR, can thii government justify
,6ia/ interference with the' Freedom
;,ereat or of\ the Press, any more than it can
the freedom of flte ballot. • The licentious
of the tongue and of the pen is . a minor
it compared with [he lwentiousness of Arbi
tory power. --F. E Bi.sia, Sen., father of
he present Postmaster-General, and Alp
l El 6n:fate friend of ;Gen. Jackson.
la English and German, printed at this of
ou as_rossonsble tenni as they elm tH
one at any other establishment.
-Address O. W. Crowell & Cu., No. '2ll Supe
ur Street, Clevelam& Ohio. febl4-61n.
We have for sale 4 .tat ihiinoifice a $25 War
..t on the Iron City College, at Pittsburg,
bleb we will sell for $2O. The school is one
f the very best in the country. To a young
an wishing to attend a conitnorcial school
ii is an excellent opportunity,
The Democratic Club Room, at the curuer ot
uU Street nud the Park, is, open to visitors
tall polßicsl creeds. Files of the - leading
°very:it ive papers in the COuntry are kept on
sad fur the convenience of - the public. A
nibs' invitation is. given to strangers in the
By order .of the Standing Committee.
A Democratic meeting will be held at Kid
m' Corners, in Conneaut tp , on Saturday
erring, the 18th of April, 11 .. 30. All in favor
"The Constitution as it is, and the Union
it' was," are invited to attend. Good speak
s will be on hand. •
NAVIGATION OPEN.—The steamer New York
ff Dunkirk on the 27th ult. for Cleveland and
oledo, arriving in Cleveland about midnight
the 28th. Capt. Monroe reports the lake
+ear of ice between Dunkirk and Clecs'and.—
e propeller Owego, Capt. Briarit,left Cleve
nd for Toledo OnSaturday_ntorning last.
Elkotx FOTIXDBY.--We direct the attention
f our readers to the advertisement of Messrs.
eery & *ant, proprietora
. of •the Eakte
oundry. They are both well known, a
od inielligent men, and will do all they pro
,iffe. •We heartily recommend them; te,.the
atronage of the public.
Frartv.u.—A Festival for the benefit of the
lb Si_ Catholic School House, will be hold at
leugel's Hall, corner of llth and German
trcsts, on Thursday evening, the 9tb iust. 7
•he price of "tickets is fifty cents. A couple
of carriages will be in attendance for the ac.
ommmodstion of the 'ladies. A grand time is
ipected, and will undoubtedly he had,
CARTflell SMART Wean.—This is the seseoti
! year. *len rhemptiiiin is apt to
nd taose, : who at cLattlicted with that disease
'ill be glad to Bear of a remedy for it. we
're aa;taied' by \, pirtiers tliat Career's
[tract of Strairt We..l is certain to give
peedy. relief, ami •tu ta2,st cases to effect , a
ide.' It ha's been used by iuthy.peisous,' and
•ever tailed io 1,/ all "that was recommended
Boy Iles Ovsitln Friday night, two btiys
timed Henry Fisher and Fred. Linneman,,
living tit ifuffalo, — t - ook ,a position underneath
- car of the •Lake - Shoie train, bound west, on
portion of the brieaking machinery. As the
rain approached Silver Creek, 'time of the boys
Henry) fell, or was pushed liff by his com
pinion The wheels of the car cut off both
ligi,•and inflicted other severe injuries.—
He was picked up, a few minutes aftertiardi,
ad taken to Silver Creek,w here he died;,—Ptod";
Curl - OFFICERS.—Tho I city ettnncils, on Mon
ay milking, elected the following additional
fficerq: Clerk. Geo. P.'Griffeth ; Tieasurer,
1. Felton ; Rubor Muter, John Cane ; Ser
e►nt-at-Artna and Clerk of .the Market, J. E.
pley ; Colteotor, West' Ward, Charles Mil
ler EastlYar I, L l'tfomeyer.. For the latter
office, OCorge Demond, a dischirged soldier,
who lost a litab in the bittle of Fredericks :
'iur i g,.and a Itepubliein at that, was presented,
tut every member of the Opposition in the
ronunon Council toted eigainst
well,'knowl2 musical associa:
lion !mown at; the "Leidertafel," will give a.
concert in Wayne • Hall, on Monday evening
nest, for the benefit of = our German Free
Schools. These schools.isre among the hest
conducted in the pity, attd entitled to the :
encouragement- or, the public.. As the enter
taimilent will, undoubtedly, be very agreeable,
sod the object is so worthy, we have nohesi—
tatioti inteemsuuending our patrons to be on
O tIVITCHFCIT Soult,Hur country readers
'nay not The- -- tware that the fifty and twenty
cent scrip of the city has been •extenekvely'
'counterfeited. Large.lamounts of the bogus
article lave.been circulated,' and the 'scound
-1"els engaged In the business must have made
'e'en 'by' it. The connterteite can easily. be
distinguished from the genuine scrip, And no
one need be deceived who takes orlinary can-
In the 'fifty cent ones, the block con.
• linateg the figures 50, in the ;ippoer right
toed t porner,.touobee 'the coat of arms, in the
origirtal, white in -the counterfeits they are
iotneilistance apart,. In the for Mer, the
v(ritke:,ecross the name of Mayor Metcalf
gdeite , lhe f; in the latter it only reaches to
the I.: There are other marks to distinguish
!13;4 hitt these will be'entEeient; The twenty
cent belinterfeitshavre the, letter li, in large
type'. over, the left handsigniture; this is not.
on th'e gentifie.
tiers to be on the alert
cittythe county scrip,
t o imitate than the
otice that imitations of
'orders have been put in
• We 'caution our r
also for. counterfeit
which is sail more
ciiy currency, We
the Crawford county
wide circulation, an
"we can. scarcely expve
ape a like fate.
, UT, awn money to es
Roues Tagaiates .—Our old friend, P;of.
Frarer, of " vo,litio ". fame, seems to have
been 'treated rather roughly at Girard.. The
Cajon claims thaili feats were discovered to
be the result bf oth 'causes than he alleges,
and pronounces hi ,a -humbug. 'fA,t, the close
• .. !
of the exhibition, a s that paper, "attrowd of
bobs gathered 'arm' the professor;eittO was
Dow hastily gathering up his traps, jostled
him, punched him, hauled him about the room
with •ropes„ grabbed a, pound of tallow can
dles out of his hand and brithe theul over his
hairless head till it shone with now luster,
pushed over his Retainer, tore up his hand
! bills; jammed his new straw bat till it looked
' shocking bad, griased his coat, PlaYeLl'eudre
so his head, and bullied and buffeted In
,enersl, in spite- of his' entreaties and bursts
of - Anger. At last the old Man Was offered
peace if hew make a speech. He made
it arni pouch applanie, and threw in the
beautiful case knife trick as a guaranty of
his friendly disposition. But the country her"
w.ts.uot satiiified—he waht-d dnothor •eather
to hits hat, and so the oil man Fa:
to more tossing and bullyine y..:
pla know, which was kept 'n ' -
praetor cf the hall int erfe e•I • ll,'
and secreted him in Is I,..use I ;I. ~.. fine
busy. of tbir country: gentleman had sub
BRIEF PA.IA.GI-11.A.P'216;
- -
sir The °Moe of the W arta l n Led.qm th e
only Democratic paper publialrettialthit count
ty, is offered for sale:
see Mr. A. J. Foster. of this city, Is an.,
pounced as a candidate for the County Btap..4-
Itirthe cases from this o'owilty were argued
before the Supreme court, ip Philadelphia, last
week. •
get- We are compelled to postpone, until
next nesk -47 the publi4tiot of several QOM.
mtwications from the army and elsewhere.
• An, The.- bill compelling the Erie Canal
company to keep in repair the bridges made
necessary by the coettioction of that improve
tarot; ha I passed the Equate.
IRA,, In Crawford county, as in Eris county,
the late elections resulted in favor of the Union
candidates generally.- 7 -Gozate.
The “butch have" also "taken Holland."
4 1 e ir A resolution has passed the Legialature
authorizing the Hover+ to preieut new Rags
to the.B3d and 111th regiments, their ,
have been entirely worn tout by lo i lsg service.
Michael Ryan. who I, , zin
death, in Dunkirk; last week, hi
member of the 111th regiment' lie waa a
br.ive soldier.
Soy" The Gazelle 8 ayi that " the pioject of
building a new Proteitarif, Episcopal Churcli,
in this city, has been revived." We hope it
will succeed.
Oft. "Artetnus Ward" was announced to leo ,
cure in Ashtabilla on Friday evening last. When
may we erpeet the witty showman to give our
city another "touch I"
The Pittsburg Gaza eiaof the opinion
that a railr t on be ' built giving a eon
nection b wean that city and Erie, Ily . way of
Franklin and the AlleghenY river.
sir The Elmira & Williamsport Railroad
has Paned into the hands of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company, and through trains are to
bo run between Baltimore and Elmira. "
1.6„. The township andixirttugh eleetidis in
-Warren county are to be c4nged to the first
•Tuesdayln February,the present time of hold
ing them interfering with / the arrangements/
for Court.
on. By the now postai taw, which goes in
to effect °o r ate let of July, tit* postage on all
letters, papers and packages must be paid in
advance, or they will be seat to the Dead
Letter office.„
The lovers of Ithe Weed will find at
Bliss's store, a large assortment of chewing
and smoking tobacco. Blies prides hiinself on
his stock, and well he may, for it a one of
the largest and best selected ever b rought to
Erie. .
Itilar We Understand that Prof Bibbets has
beeti'meeting with excellent success in getting
up classes for the study of Elocution. He
will give a public exhibition in the course of
a fee weeks.
OW Mr. Jno. C. Belden offers for isle a
large variety of Garden Tools, together, with
new and elegant Wall Papers. Persons need
ing articles in his line will do welt to give him
a call.
• vs: The Copt. McKinstry, whopommanded
the Ni,onongshela in the receiit ilfsilr at Port
Iludion, and was wounded, formerly common
the Nliohig ,n. lie is a brother of Gen.
McKinstry of gt. Louis notoriety.,
A retrolento Trading Convany " has
been orgaitifed in England, with a capital of
$500,000 1 , ' who intend 'establishing a line of
steamers between New• York and Liverpool,
fitted up expressly for the carrying of oil.
kg. Col. Cobhsml of the I I Ith regitnent,
wilo has been home On ti visit, returned to his
regiment on Monday. He reports the general
health oft, the regiment as good, and says the .
°boys" are in capital spirits. _
skr boring the past couple weeks, a con—
siderable number of deserters living In various
parts of this cou'fity have taken advantage of
the Predident's Proclamation, and returned
to their regiments?" ; •
{,.lt seems thalthere is going to be trouble
in getting the issue of small notes:by the city
legalized. On the 17th ult., in thei House, the
Judiciary Committee reported back, with a
negative recommendation,' the bill foi that
purpose. , 1
t ar Persons buying furnituriwillio well
to call at 'the store of
, 14r. G. W. Furey, on
Slits street,- Ms stock is * large,. and com
prises almost.every variety: . Mr. Missy is a
pleasant man to (le business with, and strives
to give satisfaction to his Customers.
Itsn,„ The yirteland Plain Deakrolaims to
have information;, of an "outrageoul cue of
GoVernment swiMiling," in which.
Greeley, of Wayne Township, in' titht qg
oin, 7 ;
is said to be concerned. We shall publish
particulars, as soon as received,
Rte' "Lieut. John C: Teel, .44 the - 111th'
Regiment, was,- on Tuetiday • evenink, preseir
ted with a sword by a number of his friends,
in token of their appreciation Of his merits as
a soldier and man. J. P DoWhing, Eeq. i
made the presentatfon specioti.
M.. The little town 'or Yeungsiille is enti-
tied to the '"ltantter.": From a voting pep:da
tion of 75, she has sent 32 of her / sons into the
Nitional service, air of whom entered without
bount.y or a draft; and not a single desertion
hts . oo:nrred among the lat. -
mar An officer iti the Illth regiment, *ci
ting home, says, " Little Mae Still remains the
idol of the soldiers.• Give hint back to us, and
if the:Administrationlets him alone, we will
promiie to be to Klehinond before the neat Alth
of Aufy." •
ipel„ It is stated - on pretty good authoriti
that the Pennsylvania R. R. Company will soon
oomtnenie the construction of a branch rail
road, connecting with the Phila, St Erie et
Garland, or some other station, and running
down Oil creek 02 Its month.
The quarterly. meeting of the "Ls—
dies' Aid Society" sill be held st their room ..
in Wsyne Block, on 1 Wednesday. afternoon;
April Bth. A general attendance of ige
dies is most earnestly solicited, as officers are
No be elected for the ensuing term. By order
Of the Society.
or J. Edgar Thompson, Egg ,President of
the Penneylvsnis Rail Road Company, has
- written s letter, stating that on the *impieties
of the Philadelphia ,f‘ Eris Rail - Road, the co-: ,
porstion of which he is the head will guarantee
the stoek for establishing a direci lins of steam
ers between Philadelphia and Europe.
ad— The "Loyal League" unnentent, on
Thursday evening of last week. mined llre
It was found that the assistance of an Indivi—
dual from Pittsburg was required to put the
thing in motion, and the meeting adjourned
to ;soother pericial The idea of being obliged
to gets person from abroad to regulate
political alfairs. of Erie county, is to* au—,
premely ridiculous to: need comment,
• Day- A letter from the Miesiuip=
ron informs us that the GunboatT
commanded by Lieut. Shirk, of this city, is
now at Vicksburg, or its vicinity. Shil is one
of the finest vessels in the West, 'and mill
doubtless be prominently heard frontiluring
the -tormy events that are likely to "on take
place in that quarter. The gun boat on which
the nrilority of our Eric boys'ere—vre forget
bit mi.:lei—was in company with the
bra. on her way down the river, end is W. - .
Probably stationed in the neightorhisod of
dg• •
The load' elections throngitour\the
county were ooaducted
N it r al grounds hi
almost every township.
—The greateri th o *ban, for men who it
ibis age of the World hove not learned titian°
*more "dlsarswful or dishonorable business, is
followed than that of engaging is ,politloal
quarrel., while this evil hes well nightleprived
ue of a county", and is now pop= the
land with widows and orphans.—
And what miler has helped. more alma the
.Dirpatch towards fostering these " political
quarrPle t" From the, commencement of as
war, it has done - 4
much at least to mit RP
tin.rtyind personal feeling as mg other Jour,
nal in this section. • Calling itself "Independ•
ant," has taken especial *nt to favor one
side, and that the side of Abolitionism, and
while styling 'Democrats by the. Most orprobt
ous titles it could think of, it ha t s yet had the
presumption to solicit their patronage, sad ask
them to support its favorites for once. I ns
puhlie fully understand it, hoWever, and It will
deceive no one in future.
I The loss of Mr. John McClure, whose
barn, in !felt liarhortreek tp., waideetroyed.
by- fire, seine( time:ago, is bout $l,lOO. H.
lost all his'iraiii and hay, a everything in;
the , buihling , exceid the cattle. There are
proopeces . thathe win - be renutnerated ty the
Penns. R. R. Co. for the whole or part of dm'
loss. Mr. McClure; desires eis to fetus *
thanks to his neighbortrand frlissels, : for their
assistance on the oceusiou,of .the fire. -
• sm. Col. Vincent., of the 834 regiment,
was at home in the early part of the wesk : .--7
ile•speaks veil of the condition' of the Pato.
mac army, and says Gen. Hooker has u.csoded
Ali espectations as a commander. The Coldiell
4ifferi widely ttom moat of his political [Asada
here In reference to Hen. Pits John Porter.- -
He thinks the proceedings 'in-chat ease- were
disgrace to the country.
liars Crr* • Ines Woans...—Very few of sues
citizens have anything like an apprectative
idea of- the large e t mount of manufacturing
,kill thitt is employed-la Erie. We °sofas to
hiyl‘gbati our otfit viewe on ate outdid very
considerably enlarged, by a Mier visit which
znpaid on.Menday, to the establistoutst the
eof which heads this article. •
"iihe Erie City IrOnWorlts 'ere slimmed et
the corner, of State and 12th streets, and ie
connection with the large stove otteilishmest
of ,Messrs.' Vincent, Tibbs* Shirk' k Co.,
"oeenpy the main portlin of the Spare en
which, they are located. It will be imam
bered that the old buildings wore burned
down in the fire oflskt fall, together with
most of their contents. • -The proprietors,
Messrs. Liddell and MoCarter with unsur
passed enterprisi, at once comment:tea the
building of a new concern, and notwithstand
ing the severity of Lk; winter, they have
Already, completed arrangements for doing
business on an extensive scale: it is their
intention to put up an additional building
during the ensuing iumnier, the present ones
being insufficient to 'accouiedata their grow
ing operatitins.
The business. of the concern iscludes the
building of every sort of machinry, from the
largest to the smallest. Nothing can *sewed
the regularity with which every operation of
the works is conducted. Each department
has its °Ws separate ,room, so situated as 'te
be most convenient. We know of no more
interesting way that one can spend a spars
hoar or two than Au going through these'
works, and witnessing the' many ourioueand
wonderful operations throngh which the Sr
dales manufactured have 'to pats is Elting
them for their respective purposes.
Perhaps no establishment in the count ry of
ei;nilar sirs has turned; out so much work,t in
the same length of tilbll, as this. The grand
total of . , its earnings. for essh.ysse must
amount to several hundred thousand 410110.
Take one item, for instance—that of stills for
oil works—of which over five hundred hare
been sold.
do Wendt* ear factory le Also :coaneotod
with the works, 'and ,doing s luge bumble's.
They an t!or engaged on a oontraet to far
'iish 150 cars for the Buffalo & Brie B.
11, anti eir facilities are wok that they
are enable to tarn out,.on an arerege, one a
The eitablishment:employs from 160 tol2oo
workmenk several of whom are amongst the
`best of tbeir clan to be fontid in the country.
The forsti,!n of the diffirent departmen , i are
men tho l ioilghly acquainted with their ditties,
and are ;not only good workmen, but kind and
cintni4ons luhcir conduct. ' •
.:The Merit,. of the concern entitle It to a
more *Min led. notice at our hands, but we
Sad ounelt too much restricted is .ream to
do' no at present.: linttire' ostimot'adolii on!,
article without samplimenting Nana Keen..
ter tt, Liddell for the enterprien sad ability
they bsve. displOed, in tie maingetasta
their business. They here buill'up a trade
that is really wonderful in ( its asteat‘ and
there are few firms in the city who hare done
wore for its iutyratagei or who sii isere,,da
serving Of the wiiin regard of oar allinias.
poprlti troupe is anniuneed to appear id:Far;
car Hun on Tuesday evening, the - 7th inst.—
They have been in New Orleans awl Cabo near
ly aliminter, sad have just taken a .hurried
run , through the Canada*. The Montreal
TY•anseript of a recent. date, sayi _
"The anecdotes ant dialogue, which form
the interlude between the soap, are very
laughable—in fact the whole entertainment is
of the most attractive and agreeable
Not the least prtimixtent part in the programme
is taket( by two diminutive, but weEktoiduct—
ed, and, comparatively speaking, good looking
specimens of hwetutity, who era called by the
euphonious pumps% af Com- Petite and Col.
BmalL They are said to be the smallest new
Jiving—being ahead in this reapeetto Geist
al Tom Thumb, whose last sensation, that of
getting married, wag certainly his greatest:l
- are 28 !art old,yet only 28 Isobel high !
..v twe shrug each ,bbt 22 pounds. The one
c a lk- ,eubible ; the _other dances tokely ; and
they take quits a prominent Pat in the pro
gramme. There is nothing treahapely about
these little men -' The)" appear to berporfbetly
formed; are conscious that they terriblydiffer
in respect of eke from the great orowdiasoind
them ; bat otherwise see to thick tallaselvee
no small potatois. The are quite elegant in
,their dress, which Li atty as it is sues and
neat." - •
itortat:iii6it% o—Prof. Esau, thi well
known hotting' r;Rill gfie a sclentiiin
tion inFarrarHall, ea Monday asd.llyotinesday
evenings, of aet4 roil The Profiteer comes
to us with witltio reputation, sad L pinlisd
high terms by thotWwit* have is his ishthi,
lions. He recently visited Dunkirk, sad the
A sila i; that pima; sMisod itie, i t tbr ilia
ityartinvoit ootiddaime long* the *peals;
peregreph reeding se follows -
"We believe it to be the uniform testimony
of those who witnessed the estatesments
&en by Prof. Bands, at Union Rail, on Mos.,
dey and Tuesday *windup last, that he pre.
Bents ism* 'a conjunction of amusement with
edification as is rarely given - to popular sue.
nom." •- • • • • '
Tickets may be- purchseed, , at Key's aria
stand tatd Etwigtt's beolt.etortl.
• PEssist,i.—Peopt• Irlin pay - s prettilllm.fat ,
pirsiati arP per?iettrtiOt aware tin! thialii,4"
Sr . 7.1t1,. 9t
cin n!if y of cents st par for . :arenas's& our
naistmeg W a riaiSitirlAetiais;
. 6k311;, , , OR 1111-UttliiiSaT.PS.
I• • lurch 171;*
;. A mown of the reranoleskoned Weer, of
,lbo 111th Bags. PIMA Voltutteliii; 'Meg at
the quartets of Gapi.JOlts D. 114*1116111Lor,
&CA P. IL, for the parrs* of Poling t. W
hets of respect to the'memory of u*P‘viohn
% B en, of Compaq 1, 111th at. INlna's
IL. who did at , Ws residence at
Rust, Brie Alrle County, Pa., on the 11t11
The Ineetfig deb to oidsr by appointleg COl..
Geo. B. Cobbino to the chair, and Lieut. J.
R. N. Boyle secretary. •
A cote:slue, of tire, consisting pf
'CoL 'Walker. major Boyle, • Col 4; ' Sabha
decker, Capt. Ferguson; and Lieut." Kinn
bury, was appointed to draft resolutions ex
pressive of the sense of - grief they feel in the
demise of Capt. Braden, who reported the
following preamble and resolutions, which
Were naaniboasly adopted:
Whereas, We have heard with deep regret-
of the demise of Capt. John:Brden, of the
111th Befit P. V., who died at -his residence
ei Neel-East, Erie Coady, l ot -tarmac"
diarrhoea, contracted in the valley of .
gide. We bow submissively to 1 e Madigto
of Heaven while we amount , the less' of an of
so brad, es loyal, and se aempstent
As a inert of respect for oar deceased • com
panion in eons, be it •
Albeerved.. That Capt. John. • Bread was is
Au specimen of an American soldier, a true
patriot, loyal to his Government, and brave
and prudent in the field, one who fr om the
erganisetipa of this Regiment neve r eroded
any Longboats responsibilitioe, nor neglected
any of hie duties—whose judgment was *leer
and reliable, and whose disposition Wu open
and honest—a men who despised equidea-
Goa and dorpfieity—whose stature wee-upright,
and whose mannerwis.emphatio and sincere.
Raohti . i,' That Capt. Braden,eddbited
the courage and skill off true sololier,• not
only in the organization and discipline of his
oompany, but especially on the field at Coder
Jferateirs, lariats" and other battles, when
he braved danger in the ablest of the fight,
sad fAsaceds death for the honer of his ooustzy
an d .
litiornd, That we iympathlie with his ,be
reared wife and children, and hereby sincerely
tender then our heartfelt condolence beir,
eel aikidos.
Resoles{ That a oopy,of these - medal ne'
be forwarded to the widow of our lamented
,Taos. M. Natal',
' - Manisa of Coannitsse.
After the readlngef the resolution" nest,
approprinin; ond touching,' address on th"
may virtu's of Copt. Bruin,. in his wllitar,"
as as sods! was triads by Major'
On sisties.tasstang adjourned.
(81gnoil.) . Con. Geo. A.. Commit.
lasor. - J. A. N. Bourn , Psesitleat.
CATINIS TOIL Taw..—The following' ire Hit
CSWee est dews for led aka* session ofCettri
oczniuttnaing on the 4th Monday of April :
.Reid, Trustee otlfindhiy, vs Gray & Parnir i
Plassburgh vs Flassburgli. .
Botha= vs May. '
Kauffman vs same.
Hart vs Townsend. . I
Hanson it*lllterrett vs Lambkins, et al.
• Ifirsaville vs Silreriltorn.
Walker vs Zang.
Hassell, Barnett & Co. vs King. . •
Caldwell, seal, vs Fagan,. et al.
Wrightvs Marvin.
•Rant of Came' c o l ra same .
,• Bums vs Sams.
• '
; * Barne vs Base.
" Logs! & Bunnell vs Barr A Bro.*
Marvin A Co. vs King, Brown & Co. _
• Clark, Adm'r of McCoy, vs Arbuckle, Es'
Eiturgeon.vs Erie Canal Co.
'Geer use Harper vs Merrill- Laird. •
Oliver vs Oliver: •
, Hall vs Galbraith, Atiner, &a., et
Bourditan vs Dean. , •
Loeb vs Mier, -with notlec&e. •
Drake vs Phila. A Erie R. R. Co.•
"Duncan vs Addt'r of Thos. G. Colt.
Hindsisks, Assignee, &a.; vs Pinney.
Undstry re Mete.
"-Abbott vs Rl. •
f l ogle & &ors vslioore, rt Al. .
hes. • • -
.ladcbi"ei PetreiHu . g •"' *
McLean useGritnt vs Marvin.
Owls,' vs Quinn and wife.
The following win. bti. ivied. at : the .0o
commencing on the Id Monday in Dlay
Cooper vs Oibbetf
Lowryls Fox & "Van Reny.
(rereedaies Of Woad, Oh
MUM Afrrlol3l4stB ;VHS URIC
! •
General Deirsum takes Pileftdr—Ria Pnope4ty
Ou„f seated,
.Not Wog able to get the official report of
the great battle; I will .give you e t . few m re
m i
details is reported: General Dorman was .
pared of the morning of th e 26th of ,
by surprise.
.He was, transported to Albi ,
and a portion of his , property conttscatibil, ti
the avails of which General Scott and s
stair faired sumptuously at the Albion Houk,
. until some of .them were vat. “utellow," and
an armistice agreed upon, and both • of he
generals and their :14y, guards retur 4ed
home. Probably , peace
.will reign a, short
time, if not, supersecid or court wtsithil j iti
There appears to be a number of under fa
bets anxious for more active service;' 4 is
reported that the money eitracted from Gen.
Donna by the eoniseation bill will be uWlrd
In fertifyl4, or. fir some other public,kezMit
for the oily of Roghill.,
I will enaleavor to give you theas
soon as it eau be obtained. ' -; e ; ..,
• • Years, &42., it ;-oi.
MOM, Much 28, 1868. -,-", -: . ,
linnets AWS - Erfall LIM-, v 3;1111% ,
lensing Pod lays a small lot: 61( Bale lied
&Stepp Ball Bold Stnokll4l44:*_l
age Orgill, ter 176; but a . bi #l.lll?‘tieedd
sot bring oat as& Wok. Fristembe; ;Felten
learn. of tils cootpcmation. - *1 ~ I bl XlO
Ceiwitr. we seeped Omit evailradent otter
a des steak will de well to 101;11, for I the,
shares of this line, 'as well 014ose of Like
Cleveland, Painesville and Ast*Ablit, are en
. 4
tire!, tut of the nostet. 54
. he: it* up 500
shOss of either . road welt4ihttir ' le,
silliest offering a large idveniel item th last
reported priers. , :.*:" •-•.'''....-x.--".7 • - I - .
Etas.—At the InneleiraiV eleetion at Igrie,
the eopperheeds have bees otitunisheied, anl
loyalty to the Goverment is • the per lent
eskOment in that losality.-44/8"Ottl4 rale-
Astohisning, indeed ! Can the I ffigegrajoi
us lilies •loyitite: has not bees the llireltient
attatitnent" dads °wand/tit," 1
IlartenaL Britt.—A newilank,, wi • this
title, hit been organised in tltlit fay, irnder
the United States Law. The Prinoipalparties
concerned in it are Messrs. fisaford Co'.;
gentlemen of well known means and relinbili
0. The capital, we understand, is to-be 4100,-
,900, with power to increase if found adviiable:
Low. LOAotra.—An orgsoissOoo: 4 air
wart - was , warted 'op non*, oveolOg,. In
t 4 Hon farls, °Nulled by th e 13coto of
; •
DIM). ' H
Is New jest. ea V* Ilis. UTZ CIIigATIIR
Winiorti el awry 11:74rofth seed sr ram
Ssipal'o gkthiMisesuits.,
gas% Bass, Notim eberrolsPetts. Trowel%
oak 107 . C. B# ,A
VC% WING tiADE. 1863: `
a:. PA litA2o3l B.—Heir gad smitctsmigas
strap* Ruislip sal Borders just rseei.
C. SCnd sad • llt
mid very low tor 4 Espial ' ' TUMS.
LVITON 7 • • •
niiileglirtsereMp bonlielle• isulabiglitimpen
Jos. Ilieboollsab, Jr., and 0, Magtoluirt, %now the waft
wg 1 * ofjnovla ilabealstib S Ca., LAW dal dlamedre&
itinitstion. ale aaatistia tlas °Aim W*06 6 1414
toe 1116.44 of C. re,,letia-rt, V, 413 aitgad RD
,11.4. cattle.
steroid, acts r • nr•,. tr .fter - thigt date, rveh
66th . .41i• • •ib' ..• • • ••I .haall.• .111 R.
pia e• .0 1- • ; . • • t
. 11 . 80 Apni 1,111103-34 4:- ,
socim7.—A Spada giethig of th• SimkoMori
14We:sown to hiM at dolt m" la no Cowl
How, es W•domohly, eh. 5a.141.7 OM auk at I
WetoPli, P. 1111., to take into tamale:atm' • propodtio•
sob hztb• Thome ConnoUtio. Att•ly ponetosl sttosdarob:
Le ourost roportot. BAII,IIII. P..BE RCHIA
afra - Itectelary...
•I . tovAL '
Mn.Y M. (Vita too timorodltoratook of 1111111sost
And Gook to the Ws Sok Ridillai_ i Ulm aeon
Wool at lkinme stud. hers olio bola lover le
eittillooto to mot soitalbobor Ifroottmostom. •
WV- •
• wx. waist. ,- a. H. **TAM:
--- . Prod it. dam tit Jlio"lo liosi, trio. Pc
, oismais t• misaailtaik : 1
- ! - Ighimmernisie sir : . •
..1 1 0: a Saw M oir -.
IND 41.6 *MU °Pi MINI :O . iffINGS.
ihyry Stove mold try so oftwOhOtto r oa
Kettle. Sliolib.ohoos, Bad I,ll ! lhoilli,ifti or ma
'am:tiled to seam , .„-
Pumas* how Perm otroollWaso aim,
bintyaimpos koidt. AMa
...AMLldalletear situ
doom all aro met. usoins ill BRYANT.
, sf do
All petioseholdhet
the et le = 7 .l 4 2 I =are di e i the
OW slows a rositortsbk boos 'Lars thus aim
ao albino sad who b vtUtag to sake bossalfisawallts
assearts tb. toms, as a cootpsasation toe Issiboard.
mill Address. , Bos 7SJ, Ma, Pa.
Phindoisa to the Troy Ling sad Hy gigolo -Institut&
A Treatise ea the Cleanse of Early Medial Dallas oti
Americas Peopli ; cause of Pithily, Con-
Amelia° and Idassamia.
7111 is sod is fee el kigk Isere'Seas, wages in cialls,l
pit Witting teurrege, sal Aridly ie. mei*
wErciatessa ILL P 4111ZSTS aid Gleardienempsoi.,
at* r.taitiar scisatila anitritisiii mid liermilmenefer
It will tM post by mall on the treelpt at two . (3) alma
aroato book. sod Guardlais t MI tot to mod sad ob.
alLosog min 1 Ta ll not to send sod got Ws book
*Liao I Yon too alkoold at Goo, osouroo copy of
A Word of fictioovo, Coosoloitioso Advfoo ttl
Mow wb von! Italleou
A class of maladies prevail :to a barrel West ia the
atomised ty, dooming at lemel9o,ooo youths ot both sem
se annually, to an warty grave. Them dimmests savoury
impirtesstly atimamed. Their 'Menai Amailastatto;
orsymplames, are Nervous Debility, Relaxation sad ix.
hanattos; larmassas or wasting an d cosmaaptloa of the
tissues of the whole bo4; abOrtastsot breathin or bur*
tied bnathing on asost a hill or light*:rs; groat
palpitalosot tits React; Adana. Bronchitis sad mom
Theme: stables of the Hands sad Lista; aversion to
misZ t r ealassa or a stmiyars tr e i r_ettye b rAb i l,
fa redoes parts qt the body:7llas in thenia . "or . tube,
tambegois or indiebstion, _itlassiarit/ at Use
lame*, diars suesstlese of the Hidamrsi sad other
;lamb of Lady, Lsaaarbas or SIM BaillbtL 41 !rAk .
aim Hplis - .Upstarts sad IferreatllmA lN ,
itoirjak a afa• awes bat ot
mit the oboes 'Maid disort%ale and • - Far
named, as Oonsumptios of*, tans mai la.
slams mad wily loam of Donrasoptios of the B9Mal
Herres, known as Tibet Domeier, and Tabu liensatiteri•
ea, hare their teat and might is diastase' OW !Pelvic
Thome. Moms the want of maccies on the part of o/d
school practice I. Cloths symptoms only.
Dr. Andrew'Stone; Physician to tho Troy lung mid
Hygienic balitattan is saw engaged in tnatengthisettas
of modem caladium with the mat amasiehing surcess.—
The traaamat aditallud by Hie las=roll L We; it is
based epos stienttie irdistroWe,' aesr thselsemied
reatedies,irlthoatsdaseal• tir pima Tat ilmiattas of
corolla seek timitgatisataass be isredae Hair
in any garliellas 01111141,41fteliediulide damr4it i net
their II" by imam milhareliamadisbileelf br igea
or empties Painted ( at Printed falls tbrunweded ra
Ottani Mimi abeam eititterbroatebrad
as art :Vetoers oflbe paisate as at tits lastitatiesk
by atineNag Nis.Usaililtedliatod lagamso Hammitto
?toes, with Weal& sn it; aspire directioasiter their imolai
'direct aarremoadsses. -
Patients apply hog Mr istarr.vataps or advice, InaM,
sedate return stamp, to meet attention. • -
The attending physician will be found at the lasing.
time for emanitatfon, from 9a. as. to 9p. m. , lad' day.
Solidly in the forenoon. !Address,
DR. ANDlittir Efforts;
Nara to thi Troy Lin arid llygleale /mato*
and Wean for Manses of the Heart, 'Moat and
Lungs, Funk Street, Troy. N. Y. isnraYl•
Erie City Steam Bakery,
• 7 S soatias.l
SPICES, plums,
4 . • . o , i 1
. - ..4 1 "'
PIC-2410,' ' c'Y'
1 , .
1 . - suast. _ !
acIDA Sift
-II IT.‘'
ERIE CITY ', STR I A 'BAtutßyl
_CAN l i i! / '
. .
--.- r • 1 ;
I. , •
_•. •) ---- r —,•i' ..
J. 'C. iiII ESE; & CO.,
loto3it3. itaite. 4 t-rfl, Ftnitz = ,
to *hero Pn.t . r)fac.•
SANO• Alfa upqat. COFFEE.t.;
TI , L ,1\„ II . ;
r.ern aztengitiv , 4.,...11-1 thi , r'! - .'..r.y .
~untrts. qw , Is hizti • , 7,t- ...,, 1,. .•
VIM , . kL - Vuzi. tigAl..Till• • i t. %N. Nr•rii 7,n
i'4I.:ALII Lir r
Thio Cob. c o assisio taTio*y 'fa. &*d is by min,/
ptotoFrod to Ri sat Javli, s
lila grocuid and pat up In l'iP ton paper to 1.11/ PAC krii
gm with.labils that ma-- • , 4 . 1 •
• 5 01;rie no, La
-1 ,
. : lisloarthatir
' 1 ! i' . r 7 .li as partlis
- 4 ~:x aniputtlftup
, •
aft liforisrar.
. /lir • _ 1341%
. to
• , seiatote tb.
v goosiaasam,
as iier aa tb•
- ,
. .
. . . .
la Itt• amino
of abiell 1• •
eat at a lady
hallos •tor•
he pot. Tile
gross sad us,"
as I are
. ei j!
q Sc , t.
sAIO , CO'F TU." .
lib r imiw la *bite wool ‘rortaiii Ms. smut; sk*
ie balk is keee esiteesals. pea ea bail,
Muse Oas oiroxemine, JAYA. luamussikas. Nom
oca Rua Dionesaes LOD to 0017111114
Of reporior quality, to Tin rell ppm aid bite ; Web •
las to Sias.
Nam 1411 please mot 'be Omaha awl ZIA of
Merit by ilea Repteet poemellyosee .
14. EFOLlLUl4ll . llbeelesalblir
llogAgeolk *ebe V aitel Mew •
The sabeettber bop Irv* to mare hl. thaihe
Tamers at lbie Coasty. On the Barley they We.;
sold to kl darbbe the put 22 yam. As we ; . •
j wishes to bay .
801000! u a a.* $t
Aad at all thaeslol p 7 th. lytLreloarliet WO*
oat, 44:
AWN bearing Womb
settled t> i t lamest en
&tot April neat,
'' I
' I
1 °
1 '
'7 •
j~ 1
CopiTamEs,to-,..gisin public favor arvl
deemed in all melons, sod after the thorough as
partame of sixteen year; its reputation for /Mosey ,In
oaring Throat and Lasg fflemlift is fully sustained:—
Whererrt this, medic* Ia ea* known its meritstimo es
tablielteff the greatest popahrtty sudden:mad. It ham be
• mime a standard mouldy with many people for cosies
nary eomplaints and is kept In. their bourns for
est wberimerrequired. As a
cure for Coogh it is
y sad stalssads-emildest esquirlogmene toga cub*
le cams • Ough ad may weeks steedleg. Tor curing
Pup It is wet eleselled,laW a a seektly floe Aids& Its
,Wassestey maul Its dubbed, Wags restored assay per
sets to heath after =arise a loag term of you with
this miserable disesse-Yor Bronchitis sad Elommesie It
Reds and reliable , quickly removing irritation from the
ir i was ir . ' i n WhmTiolle•wilh llee heady he ofgrest
valust—it promptly tessera, Ile trequeney sod violence of
thoool and shortens the disease one half from Its or
diaary Wiens emu& '
I ' All diseases of the lungs so! air 'sure depend open
imitation or inflammation to the lining auras membrane
sad ma the vomit am of thorough melleirte to at
:Willmar rem oval. Hairs Coegh Remedy is mak aped;
an? effectual in its operation—ls adapted to both emu,
to sal ages and camel ti:liiDal. Bray person afflicted with
[ either utile following diseases should use this pleasant
lasedy amid their wakes will mos atingle with others in
sesseimeedhog I merits to aghast °tighten sad
I use Hall's •I.lmg/i Remedy it cures OAR.
MI6 Use Has Cbligh Remedy it cures Gro up
rr AWN. • , :•• - • - • ,
aft. Use Hall's CheigA Reinedy it cures AMA
' ma or Piithisic. -
ft. Use Hales Cling, Remedy for Catarrh.
NIL. Use. Hall's llegA. Remedy it Strengthens
the Lungs. ' .
'SS. Use Hall's angle Remedy/or Bronchitis.
NI. Use Halls Ciimok Remedy for Hoarse
." • IWO.
11116, Use Hall's (Ugh Remedy it Strengthens
at Voice.
UseHt#ll. • Omsk Remedy far Vaospiltg
itter;W U.: Wince of tbladiassas and abor
ts& ita name soar e r oarbalf from its ordlaary data-
Usu. •
Wring* of amatiffiefli sad base Ingtatloaa—eall tor llr.
r. Hari Celebestod Cosh Itlamody sad pm that-has writ
twitlEsttue la upon the wrapper and dtratiou.
We, tie anderalood citizens of Erie City and vicinity,
aiscli aSed Dr. P. Vaal Celebrated Cough Remedy with
greatnteoser, Is settee dbeassa of ths Threat and Longs,
wad toile ta reettausouding rte use to the aflitsted
as s and etrestsud remedy, tally worthy of public ,
hoseThougsso . Matthew Bintittou, D. Sh
Jokes Kethata, kr . -' J. W. Ryan, Richardileet,
Joha A. Tn."; Robert Cochran, J. T. Case, .
Jobs W. WWl', Daniel Bak. , Daniel Liner,
Joha W. Hays, . J. Robin's..., C. K. Riblet,
John IL Cochran, ! W. F. Rind.rnecht, J. Mooney,
John IL. Duman, P. E. Burt,.:.,J. W. Cults!,
Jaw E. Walesa, Alamein Shateotel, Wm. H. Nay,
JOhn frown W, H. Coops, 4. . , A. IL Tazbeil,
R. 1.. Yorster, Jbire;;;! neewer, E. A. Bennett,
J. W. Hull. perk ;:rant, , J. Balibpry,
Osdas idadth. Lucius A. Hull. '\ IL Mayer,
C. Dews, Thomas 111 , ,e, J. 1.. Long,
Ft O. Coot, W. IL Gallarher, J. Robinsonad,
II tie....n KW& Chas. W.Relau„ Mull, Finch,
Distil Minos, Dr P. tasty, ~ 04 G. Rowell,
C. B. Wright. ; SOLD IN ERI E 'ONLY, BY
= F.
Kaiinhicturer lid Solo Proprietd 1111. V. New Building,
Stale St. 31. TO 711•Cgai IS PER. BOTTLI
AGIDETS IN Mr. CO.—Joutr. A. WWI,.
111144: .10.911110116% 'Fairview; Cowlaskllptingfitald: .
Wan..ll.l'nnaildt. Miadoni.; F. - Lame% legoso; E. B.
ibispor, Wolowford; BUM Slat:wood, trzuoa; W. B.
Gni% Wiittabargk r • G. T. Jewett, Sorel gad; H. 0:
Itridnio.l4onvillo; J. O. lirlowors, Albion; —l , lbir,
Looltport. and by admits tionindly.
al BOTTLES of Ott! s:ti lo . han been sold in' the
vicinity of its prrraration, ein'P its introduction, and
the sax= attending it has he2,.eryreasarkable, Thais
is warmly an ill that ocean in far:All:a ' bat what Its
thusly ass has either eared o- Abundant et+
dens has been shown that it c.ry uccautu! to curing
all forms of
r' •
—IT Ct7ITI:S—,:
Ministers' and Lawa - ore9 or.) Thr.)at
Gives' prompt relief in Asthma
LrrT Titilthte is
ntisurrse4 as a
In Bottles a s t2s and 50 Cte.
USoldn ited by all respectable D•i••7l' sts and Dealers in the
nibs& •
IE. WARD WNW& V' NotOSS and 130 William
SIM% New Yowir,_Miboieerk E•eate,by whom orders
will be promptly tiled. •
Prepared and mold by :GEN S. CARTER, Erie, Pa.
. , Also sole linirrieto; of \
Jan. It '63.41
(13.,pt) •AEEN I
l e irouLto liggPitdr FULLY in..
beta big efil trisettswed customers that '
be Is still le his old stated,
when be Invites them to call sadism:nine Ilia
goods. Rls stock Is as large and well selected
se any ia ICtio,atfd Itolo dotorottoee not to bo.
oadonalit.". luta lo 4 rOptived" the loisoot,
stock of :
Best brought to Erie. Ale motto It the best. of ionds,
quick sales, one price, and the t the lowest. If good'
Mt not what they are raprommate4 t h ey way . bonotwerg.
etaltetalt: • '
THAT ale variety'; at new style Bed- -
OWL Of Gulb , o, COL' ;^, Congrilt, R nin.,l o , r-
Ilf r. C+l6 llp Z.. , .. . dra , lll,ir al.l I IVA Of ilri '41.11.1 , .. T . T.:, .1112 ,
•t"; . ...1 . 4n: a ,, ( 1 0tr ,, 1 . C7it, 1101, , i qMi.:ll Vl`V.!..stil ..11 , rrnr el,
'u . . ,‘ • - ' , Lair 4.17 i :ie. .9.1, - l'l•t•cr4l s l', - ;•1; 7
- ,
I. r.z•..y,. .4".. ..I!. -' . ~. r;•4. - .4 , v tlt ~..1, cc.p
• --,• ..- ~.!- .^.. --• ' 1 - e.:1.1.1( c 4 ~'. i. 11.1
. .
.: , 0 'ln ...r, NIA! :‘ ~.c.icsr,
• ' .-, • - 1 7, f z'?;,.t. rrilii•d Wedet:i :...c...-
4 -' .' ' I ' P,l mid pauvl, maltnit: 11 ~.+1 ...
strswg ~... ~, •,./. . ~., . _I Ow ilmar,where ot4orm Mad*,
sad sold are Maly ad I.r so MAN.* durable: Wood
Wledoor. Etneking.Seirt.g and Nam, ars theirs* bard
wood rounds ctlachrod teroagb the seat sad deed, war-
ranted teased. Haadxo,ly palsied. sad asa't be bas
ter ler strength, phew awl dark Spring li4ol l have
wad over lIDU and hare al* higbmit 1..1.1,, , ,,iaU with ri
lit ° l : b rae/tot a/limed* pent op on. Packlag
ali ttest a • g iyaise trilL esperteeee cad ciuktruti t ing with on.
pat tepa two price &leers, I am datertroa,d; to .14
cap to all, sire Worth tor ,yoe; kph sitxtdci: jolly
to Illto ttede with me.
Lember t reth.Beas'ea; LAI D'Skick. (trade and Rediiid
01143tere Pay, - Prodnort Are, Wien af. tar iniutteestee
billystate, • Eri Remem Pa. ber the Our.. al roerELLBJC of Bth street
1 . .
_YA r,, •
ilauelact't Wed lielemeam.
~ . , , latter. etardiateletretlow haelds bees
pea* to =Ewa the of .1 It. lobo
..ef Elate say Brie Co; Norse.;
r=etheeetv etso to an ha Woks *gaud the
'add ealb4le te present Olt ul C.a. or re Sato=
rvimink,,uo 404 own wise t
4% an! APCCAU4O.OI Make billeedilitit
settlaniet. Dr.IT J. JOIDIEON,
. . • .Itrib J. E. JOHN**. ...
Idierbb...•/0 8 4 44 ...A.1104.01401110dd.
-- - i -. ". sinklei..+l'.'lioi kykil;,+.... ' s'.,
. ,-- .• 1...., ~nuni. ~ -1,1 to blotching. coloring
u.l„toi pivot, Eli;
Li VO. ii. - COMP Li INT, I J'Y§i'liPSLA r
latuarx, 'Chronic or IYervoys' 4).404ft Diso;! ,
of a e Idlauys, and all Diseasr.; arisingfrom -
7 o; disordered litver or Sf,:ntach,
ruing of the Head,Hartiad and difficult Breathing,
Fl taring at-the 'Heart, Choking or Slelloeating een -
eat inns , , el, , a in a lying posture, DisitoP6llo VlllO4, kir t
or Mr*l tmfore the Sight. Tem and DaU la the
llra 1, !lel:Weikel Of Peteptintio6; T 9 of
the Shln.and Eyes, Pan 115 the aide,
r 4 h-st, Limbs, Sadden Enehes f
• neat, • Flaming in the Elea!, Con
etant Imagination of E • 'II,
and 4 grestDepree
ston. of
_ , spirits.
They 4.1001 tie "POT. (pieta". i!
Oataa _dm!.
Indue. : te the extensive sato wad r_r
of Soot Gernieri Bitters. (punt
of igtsr, Quacks and unscrupulous
opersd a uttering burgs:Wry_ th e L .
trams ir. ti.e el peat rcor whLikey,
drug", hMd Chibli•Ded "
slid But •r,
Benart t • the enumerable array of
Ilona -.leltorto bottle., and big bell!.
modest •Ilation of, Bitters; which
only a e- ate diseas e,
.4nd leave the .
er. in deant!.•.
mew sad untried article, b
3aat of El '4-40 years trial b 7 the an
their re` - 1:illoa and tale, ate not 14!
The Titer fetora have tionsiuldp et I
iY3.I EN,
Teitifyi^i, bf ther own person:el:know t.tigs, to the LI,
!dick' t.!Teets and nledlealivirtise e' the.e Ritter.
/deems J Nolte NAOS, D, feer-i.-
-" paha bf Religious Altleservigs.
Althatiet not dlepogod to favoier iocommend pat^.'
gediedrests general, throat!- &strut of their Ingro
entekoteflierteL I ritt pow of so ear dent rue=
• man trey not tomfto the bus* ..b.o believer
An have rextved lboas any simple prepuce Son, In ea::
hhese DJ. t he may Mut eon tribute ts bbe benefit of other..
4 I do title the mete readily in regard to lloolland's C.= •
roan Miters, prepared by Dr. C. Y. Jackson, of this 01,
because t-zess prelndlned against then for runny par.
ander the Mrprendoi that they sere chiefly as Or,
Iniztar6 I anstndebted to toy friend Dobert Elboanalur.,
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