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    kr ericarteltig Obstartr
U- der n n possible emergency, not eves in in
IN'IL WAR, - ean this Government
erkval interferenoe to to the Freedom
-eh ,r of the Press, any more than a
t he . freedom of the ballot. The heenlious
the longue and of the pen is a min.,.
ill compared sodA the lbeentiousness of Arbi
%try power.—F. P. BLAIR, Sen., father of
te present Postmaster-General, and the
timats friend of Gen. Jackson.
TO CITY sUtisclußilicti.
The postmaster informs us that after the Ist
f April he will discontinue the delivery of
iy of the papers published in the city through
, e Ace, which he has heretofore done in -1
)trit of aceolum.slation. We shall therefor,•
e obliged to resort to carriers, and as it is
itrieult to get reliable persons for this put
me, we hope our subscribers will excuse any
tivsions that may occur for the first few-weeks
lose who are willing to come to the office of
blication for their papers, will please notify
at the earliest opportunity.
lu English and German, printed at this of
on as reasonable tering as they can be
ale at any other establishment.
Address 0. W. Crowell & Co., No 211 Supe
or .treet, Cleveland, Ohio. febl4-6m.
He have for sale at this office a $25 War
d on the Iron Clty College, at Pittsburg,
'eh we will sell for $2O The school is one
the very best lir the country. To a young
wishing to attend a commercial school
is an excellent opportunity.
01. PLAC6.3 TO Lava is.—Cederburg, in
.ukee county, Wisconsin, giros 846 Demo•
tic - votes to three Repliblioan, but is beaten
1 3isrshfield, in Fond-du•Lac county, which
es 407 Democratic Tates, with nary a
for the Opposition
ei, in his lecture in New York, told his
hence that is England three hundred famil
controlled the Government, a few thotis
landlawfillitpned the soil, five men owned
fourth .e['aeotland, and five millions of
tlt INS Who 'Voice In the Government.
ontr's LADY'S Boost.—TbLe Superb =le
iis ever welcome to our table. The num
for April reached us in advance of the
rsdealer's copies, as usual. and is full of
things. If there are ary of our lady
tars wilt, pretend to keep house without
ley, we can only say, that there are many
lgs they could spare better.
Iris's() or NAVICIkTION —The opinion is
ty general among our lake captains and
len that the lake will not be opea for na
a ion 1111 about the first of May. yet some
it - as their hupresei,in that with will and
amble weather it may be opeu I,y the Eu
of April.—Cleo. Leader. •
UALLRRY.-Mr Alexander
:Isar having dissolved partnership with Mr.
her, will open on the Ist of April, a new
ery,in tire room at:present occulted by Mr.
umbers, opposite Brown's Hotel s Be is a
I workman, and will spare no pains to give
hfacilon Every kind of work in his line
o ILI superior style.
ATI NClL.—Tbts body u now organized
J• at follows
tale—Messrs Dunlap,
ler six! Tibbals, Republicans—Messrs.
me Brown, Mayer, Riblet Rod S tarr, 5
Ina, Wm A Brciwrk , Clerk, J. F. Down •
.on Counc./.—Democrats—Messrs. Boats,
ipson, Caree, Shannon, Siegel and Kuhn,
tpublicaas—Messrs. flartleib, Haverstick,
iry, Barr, Bindernicht and Clemens,
tideot atthew R.§ Barr. The election fur
will take place next Monday evening
AD Bore thou.— We wottkia't give s
ms for the opinion of smy man, on pub,-
subjects, unless he reads both sides.
amts aro usually far more liberal on
subject than the Opposition. We knui►
scores of Democrats in this city wEo
, onus Republican paper., while, on the
Ary, the Republicans who take Democra
iournals, are exceedingly rare. The man
only sees one side of a question must
necessity be bigoted and unkiani in his
lags towards the opposition ; but be who
fully peruses the journals of both parti
to regard both with more respect, and
,re fair in his conduct towards his oppo—
ENAIRLI —Amcing the resolutions adopted
ise Republish Club of Girard, at its Wit
mg, was the following :
centred, That while it is the undeviating'
unalterable purpose of this Club to sustain
liuvertiment in putting down the great
Ithern Bebellion by every means recognized
the rules of civilised warfare, at is recom-
Iciest to all members to abstain /P 0714 givens
te by sarcastic and bitter allussims 1u flow
sad measures about &lick truly men
ea opinion.
e commend this resolution to certain
Iply embittered members of the opposition
this quarter.
log bill, which contains important provi •
oi, has just passed both houses of the State
,stature. It is entitled "A supplement to
set to secure the rights of married women,"
Lfel the 21st day of April, 1603 :
It it matted, 4c., that the true intent and
:swag of the act of Assembly' to secure the
:its of married women, passed the I I th day
April, A D., 1848, and the suppletafts
!etc, are hereby declarlid to be that no
Itment obtained against tile husband of any
tilled woman before or dar%g Marriage
tall bled or be a lien upon hew real Matte, or
me any interest the' husband may be enti
to therein, u tenant by courtesy.
It is said that the passage of this act will
''rule a great deal of the difficulty hereto-
Ire experieneed by conveyanoers and the le
i, fraternity.
MA/011 Joies.—This celebrated orator d..
',red Le address in Farrar Hall, on Monday
'ening. his eukect being "Curran and the
.ee of the Irish ." The majority of hie
idienee were seAly disappoiated is him, sod
e doubt whether he could draw out half as
s hotusa on another occasion. Mr. Jones,
ear opinion, is neither a great speaker nor
ettriordinary man in any respect. Ilia
cture was well put together, but it consisted
itai t ly of anecdotes, which could have been
mutated to memory, and repeated nearly u
dl by any school bey. There was no show
laleat to it whatever—cc analysis of Cur
to a olisrsoter---no fresh nor eloquent tho'ta;
the whole was delivered in a manner so
to that had it been spoken by a less aistin
;,,,thed person, it would hardly have been
/gelled to with patience. On the whole, we
re compelled to pronounce Mr. Jones a vastly
oferrueil mu. If he has remarkable talents,
it certainly did not display them here, and we
Lae, of no subject that could have given him is
'car opportunity than the one he spoke upon
ni Monday evening.
B isticv F' ik It
me—Forney advocates stump /peaking in 114-
army to cheer the soldiers. Good • food wed
pr,,topt pay would be more noosplable.
act/ There is one prominent itepubll42,
at least, to this city, who does not endorse the
Administration's arbitrary arrests.
sis. The billiard watch at Meadville. be.
tween Miller, or this city, and Bluim, of
Cleveland, resulted in the suoosss of as latter.
tor The Invjority for Mr. Lincoln, in this
city at the Providential eleetion of 1860, was
gar We shall publish the list of newly
eleets.l township officers, with the vote given for
earl), in our next issue.
Do r• 'n he wife of, Maj. Oea. Sumnei is a
daughter of CoLiTtioutas Foster's, of this city.
Gen. Wright married another daughter.
A new Post Office has been established
at ("limed Depot, called Miles's Grove, and J.
A. White. of Girard, appointed Postmaster.
Stir We egret to learn that the T. M. C.
Association have lost money by their course of
!eel dres durrg the past season - .\
0.1).he 13th inst a vein of oil was
struck on he Mcllhainy farm, Funk territory,
Vecstirreounty, which is reported to yield
one thowand barrels a day.
gAgy. The Democratic party knows :no half
way supporters. Those who commence by
being half friends invariably end as whole
Gen. Toombs, the rebel, bssresigned
his commission. It is recommended that be
now hang himself and run the risk of being
as well esteemed as Judas.
WI.. The Conneaut Republican Ctub was
addressed on Wednesday of last weak, by
Geo H. Cutler, Egg So ii seems that friend
Cutler has gone over entirely to the enemy.
Ike' The project for dividing Crawfbrd and
Warren counties, and organizing a new coun
ty, with Titusville as the county seat, it is
said, is not likefly to succeed.
CWater, wo understari4, is to be let into
. nal by the 10th of Apsil, and navigation
will probably Commence atrd the middle of
the mouth.
s o r Remember that Mr Joeeph Black, the
"Spectacle wen," will remain in this city until
April 4th only, and positively , no longer. Of
fice st L. Strong's Drug Store.
gel. Philadelphia is at length getting awake
o the idea of endeavoring I. o secure a share
n the oil trade She iv "a diy behind the fair,"
as usual
air A meeting was held at the Republican
Club Room, on Thursday evening, to inks
measures for the formation of a so-onUed
' autos League."
kir Col 11. L. Brown left this city, to re
urn to Lea regiment, on Wetlueskley eftersoon.
He was escorted to the depot ty a Dember:cf
personal friends.
star We advise oar readers purchasing gro
ceries to - call at ths store of Ism. A. Bliss,
corner of State sad Eighth Areal& Ru bee •
fine stock oak aells at low *gores, sad is
• pleasant mita to real with.
s t ir Luther sap : ...It I tudght have, my
desire, I would maw choose the meanest
work of a poor Christian, than all the vic
tories and triumphs of Alexander or Julius
Caesar "
gagi. The Girard Union publishea no less
thin (our applications for divorce, at the May
term of Court—all made by females. This is
reversing the general rule in regard to the
10°••• Another large lot of men, recruited
an board the Nlionigin, was seat to Cairo on
Tuesday. Erie is certainly doing her full
Pharr tuwards supplying our Western gun
boats Several of the irun—olads in the West
are %lulus+ entirely manned by Erie "boys '
mi.. The proprietors of the new block, be
tween Brown's Hotel and the Hoed House, are
pressing the store-rooms towards completion
u rapidly as possible They will hardly be
ready for occupation by the Ist of April, how
10fir We are pleased to announce the pro
motion of our former fellow citizen, Goo. W.
Arbuckle, to the 21 beutenancy.of Co. B, 23d
N J Volunteers. George is eriood soldier,
and a man of noble impulses.
agL. A country girl was spilt from a wagob
at Columbus, Ohio, anti had all her finery
mussed and dirtied, awl lay for soma time in
sensible. liar first tremulous exclamation on
recovering woe: 4.1 hope there are ao editors
n Sight
Jas Sill, Esq , has written a letter to
lion 0. W. Scofielil i Adecliniag to be a candi
date for Provost Marshal, and urging that the
position be given to one who has seen service
in the Army. It is generally understo9J that
Mr. Sill had been promised the position.
gi/f O ",We are gratified to announce the re•
covetilf our friend li. L. White, after a very
severe illness. Horace is one of the hest fel
lows in the world, and has hosts of friends
throughout this part of thetate, who will
hear of his eke nese with regr.
ser The Mayor re-elect was, on Monday
eve ning,re- inaugurated, in presease of both
branches of Council, taking in addition to the
usual oath, the oath of allegiance to tie Gov
ernment, and making a brief address on the
s ir A. H. C hey, Seq., will deliver a
Lecture in Hall, on Tuesday erening,
the 31st i , for the benefit of the Soldiers'
Aid Society f this city. Subject.—" The War
and the Union." .
Refreshments 'will be served at the close of
the lecture.
ger The ears on de bake Shore Road met
with quite an epcident on Saturday morning
oa a curvii hew 4ilbl3.Ct eid t Three of.
passengeeciathee sills Ist 'Sleeping ear .
thrown from the track and befly - broken. No
one was seriously injured. The trait' wee de-
Woad about two hours.
Ma, Oa Monday evening, at the meeting of
the Commute Conseil, - Matthew R. Barr, Rel.,
Republicin; was unanimously elected Presi.
dent of that. body. The COMMOII Camellia
evenly divided, and the Democrats baying
gracefuo conceded the Piesident to, the R 4,
publieans,; the latter should, with equal vet
temper, give the Clerk to the Democrats.
sel6„ The treasury of the Soldiers' Lid Se
ciety is said to be entirely empty. We kepi_
to see a liberal 'Patronage given to any efforts
for the encouragement of this Association. If
we can have harmony in sushi'g else, let as
unite in a common purpose of alllorialini
sufferings, and making happy the hearer of
oar heave soldier boys."
Jane, what letter of the alphabet dsi
you like the blot ?" N Well, I don't li ke I.
say, Mr. Snob . "Pooh, notesense—tell righ
oat, Jane. Which do you like the hest I"
Well, (blushing sad dropping her l Al i
like you (U) the bed." They were
of course, sad Jane has ever sines
her Millinery Goode at the Store of ff.
wt. A Woolens editor grows pestle over
the rotate of BONI. Hear him:
"Well, Spring, your own at last, beeyou I
The poit set year bin a nulls in Old Winter's
Lap—now, aint you ashamed of yourseNti
'swats the old Wives Wit slum 11 row,. : 4
I should think Wilma fromyour bieth
A bein so cold—but that's they way them '
Old fellers be a doin."
haft, 'Phe 6 ossue defines the term " Copper:
ead" as only applying to i part of the Dem
ocrats—that portion which It says sympathises
with treason--asid thin nsakms the important
admission that "it is fbrtunate" they are "not
numerous is the loyal Stites." We are glad
to have our salglibor pit record to this effect,
and now we will see how consistently he will
tither**, .to assertion. The Democrats will
plaikkatilTdidate for ("overtime in the field is
a few months, and we venture to predict that
nutoryer ice limy be, the Gaseae . will call him a
`-Copperhead," and all who support hits.
sor "Why are nails designated by the
terms sixpenny, eightpenny," Sc. ? le Shef
field, England,• whore ismer* quantities of
sills are manufactured, they used to be sold
in small quantities by the hundred ; and the
terms fourpenny, sixpenny, he., referred to
such nails as were sold at fourponce, six
pence, &c., per hundred nails. The length
of the nails of that day that were so desig
nated,waoxactly the same `with nails that
ant now wn by, pulls designatiane.-4N
ckemillika— Aft
$ The Girard Union is not satisfied with
Mr. Babbitt's card, and gives him a " slap"
en the atewtgtl d le,tirldnli is motel tratilial
than sweet Here is what it says :
" Uncle Babbitt appear, in • A Card' in this
last Gazette, defending himVcte on the Third
Mileage grab. Hi* vote on that swindle will
seed a goad deal et • carding' before lA will
appear to the people much better than thiev
go. The A :Lanese NowAly for April haute**
received, /Ad is a number of groat intoroat.
It contains oontributioue from Joseph Severn,
"Ike Marvel," M. D. Conway, .
Mrs. 11. B. Stowe, Major Winthrop, Franc
Weiland, Jr., F. G. Tuckerman, Mrs. Jane W.
Howe, and others of equal merit. This Mar
wine, 'although one o! the 'youngest, has at
tained a reputation which pleen it at the head
of all our monthlies.
kir The Republicsn leaders of this county
are sigir set of WOW,. Sothing
befiliMirat when they eso be criticising
others, hut when the peso is tuned, it an
noys them terribly. We hs3e takea nossion
within the last couple• weeki, to speak of two
of :them se they deserved, and immediately
they stopped the subscription. We pre
sume they hare as ides sow, that our balloon
is ruined.
air While hunting aft/ deserters in New
York, the other dmf,"lite 17. S. dicers dis
covered is a toed where reposed a shamming
young lady, a very b'eletes. It
proved to be s soldier enveloped ins cotton
envelope, who, when pinched, rely re
claimed, "I'll fight the whole d—d crowd of
lie‘wes relieved of sock a task, how
ever, sad reclaimed to the serviee of hie
Uncle Bampule.
sar We are gratified to . 4r,turn of the pro
motiou of John Teel, of this erty, to the let
Lief Co. 1,, 111th (regiment. H.
ha very battle in whiCli the regi
ment has taken part, and earned his position
by pliant services. Melee. Teel hue bees
house during the prepense week, on s few days'
The following is the vote in the townships
named. The persons supported by the Dem
erste are marked with aD. The Stapublisans
is a number of the townships had Damearsta
upon their tickets, who neither adilliats with
them in principle, nor assisted them at the
Road commissioner, Christian Derma*
11, 304, John Barton 63, Tobias Fickinger 37 ;
Constable, Alvanus Thayer 3M, D, (no opp.);
Town Clerk, F. W.Hoillier, D, 259 (no opp.);
Justice, 2, F W Koehler,, D, 276,?tulip 84._
er, D, 251,•J0hn Warren 138 i G Russell Ib7
Assessor Moss Elebloredr, D *Mk, Jliektmzisllc
crew t 7 , Auditor. St Lamm , D. 22 1 ,
(loom& rowa 120 ; Judgp, John Barton,
254, John Evans 78, Peter Ffsher 32 ; Inspec
tor, George Sahoaf, D, 242. J A Yantser 97;
Treasurer, Valentine Schultz, Jr, D, 255, Jno
®lion no; Solna PirootOn, 2 , ( I odspesdont
District not voting) 0 hriatian Thomas, D,187
Eli Haybarger, D, 165, Jno Warren 91, Jar
L Reed 121, Isaac Mosier 28.
SUMMIT (ainjoritie
0 :1
Justice, Wm 11 May 73 ; R Com., D W
Nichols 31 ; School Directors, J C Graham,
Wash Spay d4O ; Constable, Jacob Sell 38 ;
Town Clerk, L A Hull 14 ; Treasurer, George
Reynolds 39 i Auditor Wm Graham (no opp),
Assessor, Jae R Graham ; Judge, John Slat
ford ; Inspectors, Jackson Graham, Orson B
Andrews—all Democrats except the last gen
Clerk, P F I Browse,D, 111, Joseph Lave
ry ga, OG. Hays 6 ; Aaditior, John L Bonsmil,
D, 108, W W Yaple 603; -Countable, Michaal
McGinnis, D, 108, 8 Davy 62; School Di
rectors, D li Thzoop, D. 108 Thomas Barry,
D, 03, R Cole 67, OF. Gunnison 76 ; Judge,
Sand Easel, D. 110, G illisrman.6B; lavas
tor, Daniel Bliley, D, 109, 8 1181bara 56;
Road Commissioner, Jas 8 Rooasy, B, 108, 7
M Barney 64 ; Assessor, Lys:6llllam D,106,
David Edwards 66 ; Tawbasuar, Cyril Draws,
D, 107, C C days 16.
7011111 BAIT TOUI&1P
The following are all the returns we have
received from North 'Rua township : Justice,
John Gramm" D, 2 lasi ; t lios4 Commissioass,
A lithtson, D, 11 msj; Treasurer, James
Welsh, D, 11 msj.
In Nerds' RIM bores* the ticket nootiss
todky ale Dessiqrstomid a portion of as
ReptstAhaitalradieseetillibl seal& 114,004
Ist candidatiWat be latter party, by large
majorities, L. Brookins, Democrat, being
elected DargeMby a mejority Of 69 vows.
In !MMus. some De esomfigs sod sours Re
publicans were elected. Ve sn not aware
that party indite were raised.
OATH OT taxissuncm.--The folkowinicisthi
of alleKance was on Mondiy evening taken ay
the lister and sit the members of the Coun
cils, witif'the exception of Capt. Junes Dun
lap, of the Salvo Connoil, who insisted that
u he hid always beenctrue to his country, and
never belonged to any sec: political society,
and sent three ions — to the service of' the no.
'on, it wassan ieut eceseary for him to swear
innewal y to the Government :
I, do fiffesitideihreid that I Logi 11011111' vol
untarily bonne arms against the United Bailee
since I bave.been a oitisen thereof; that I have
voluntarily given no aid, enuatesanee, coun
sel, or encouragementlidkperom , as engaged is
artealmetility there.* ; `thet I hate neither
songht nor acoepted nor attempted to exereise
- • %stover, under
%writ', In hoe-
I have not
.4 pretended
—tie or Wildest
,intest that, to the
4y, I will sup
Au of the United
woign sod dome
' Gad alloilissoo
1 1 1 1 14 10 1 fi'f
st 4:4'31119
sad f th
Mecham, _ • ea which
ale oboist to ea fie help ow God.
Vino; lista' 2s, 283.
Rum Oseaavtal Dear air,—aw mw
deed in your paper, that we should seed pm
oar *Wes rotaries, I will steeply soy; It
mullet quite eatlariataip to on ; betterthao
we anticipated. We boom sleeted rorr Jody
by BD nmdority ;' kediter; - 11'1 are bodied of
the Road Cominiest= 6 ; Aluesser 12 ;
sag base elodua De Moot DireeterO
is our ladepmdeat NOW, Ws Dalt lino
wet M amok pal, A sled notediostod es how
Worse ~oho • bed bad to As Ober.
t ea lt Nt rdtibbil 4 111011, go ilare l L
• ' ailloreamitt Mao,- hot
limo probable dot they bs*Al4.lllo
out tretheir weeny WNW 'We era ra w to
be a fact is not a few cases.
Yours, 64. Drutocser.
halvia .€B l r u Cfgati
Ilea, held ea Fri* 1001.1 Ifse-,essessof the
Imumilitatos supported 41 Out !Writs are
la the Ina *ohms - .
m roes rot
Beata Meteslt;
71 166
164 144
116 158
146 186
First Diairiet.
Beesed Markt,
Third Distsiet,
Fouth DWAIN.
lietealfe sesiwity,
gaff • imp.
Schou Dina** ' ileheoi.Direaws,
Joe. Gardalaw MIN. Pileat 191
G. A. Beeipam, 2641 J. 211
M. Knoll, 2 yes '241 G.a. Smaller 2, 198
mew, Ammer,
C. Es= i4 281 llellilas o =r 266
B. gitieberfw 661 U. /1441544"5tr91*
W. W. Debbie., D., and 8. 4. Otiothri*, 0 .,
were 'Weald Amnion.
&Am, Directors, ElehM Dtrectert,
Wm. B. Brown 588 Wm. B. Btrelfa, no 0 1*
Joha H. Buss 271 Jao. W Audios, 887
P. P. Lishol, 2 Y 248 M. Bard* 2 yr's 837
Anwar, Afkl"r ,
Andy Tarbell 258 Thos. BOWart 3Bl
Coartaids, ComPieJav, ••
D. Zinumusaa, 801 Join &silk 288
J. W. Hays and B. H. Boary, , 0., were
sleeted Auditors.
, laT , lnasurk ial
&Asa Cboasii. . oOisaoil,
Chas. M. THAW§ 1!8 Haw Man 123
Cow. Cowed, • Cbot. Cbsodi.
B. F. Mow L2l J. tool Thoispooo 128,
Jas. W. Bboossms VS JsoobNo+ I 119
Jobs Cares, 1 y'r 128 J. 8. M. 1' g, ly 119
D. D. Walker, D., was 'tested Ja3sa, aad
Nazis Fogarty, D., sad Jos. MeOhm, 0., I.
Con. Council, Cent. Coworil,
J. M. Inks 169 Joseph Blamer 148
C !Hegel 19 L. Meager 148
R. 8. Hunter, D , sad P. J. 'Bohotten, D.,
sad P. &Obi. 0 4 were elected Inspectors.
I D • 94421L1C1N
COOL . ' i Cosa. Corsed,
F. M. Were 107'14. 11.• Derr 140
• (harp Lou,ir 0., wag elected Joists, bud
F. Mutterer, D., sad George Decker, 0., In
&Stet Conseil, I Select Cenneril,
Ilearatawle 147, Jamsegkiaser 168
Cooped& I Cow Comacil,
Richard O'Brien 143 John Clemons 171
Jacob Dreisigsker 14.2 I. J. Itlawsuit 170
John Zissisarisy. 0., au Awed. J
and C. K. Briggs, D., and James Rost . ,
a, ;impactors.
ir onsumarosiamassist.
Mum Of 171 P. • •
111th Rift., P. V.,
Ma. ilarroa : Tiwasenes of camp, sad ham
of preparation, ars indicative of a forward
movess* , pf the -army. The rand army of
the P4iM es - c, so long the topic of political
and ereversatiosek circles, is avonsieg 'from
its comparative lethargy, and about to strike
one more blow for freedom. the Constitution,
and the Union. May we say is slew weeks,
as did the lameased Perry, " we have met the
enemy and they ere oil's." The discipline of
Lb. army, la oomairtad of Hooker, is becoming
ezoolisat, and Moe who disobey his orders
And that the way of the transgressor is hard.
Whilst the far-famed Lake Brie is bound in
icy cholas, here everything warns of ap
prow:Mug spring. ' The feathered sonptere
All eV* air- if* ningle. sad the. vegetable
kfngdom Is budding with the embryo flower.
The surrounding country near Aquia Creek,
Is beautifully diversified with hills, dales, sad
pro bayou. Its fragrant forest of trete
disappearing, and everythiag,,
shows the blight of war. The health of the
111th regimeat •is sampnwatiney good. ! -two,
only are tamales of the amp banrOisal. Prom
the 987 me', who left Camp,Reed under the
command of Col. Itehlanderkte, but 272 ap
pear on dress parade. The Wee of the
enemy and the disease! incident to acclima
tion, have made fearful kayo.. We miss
many a elteerfui onuntenance ara. bravo heart,
yet italo44 titiMlini in iliellmetims of our Wee.
oonily' `re wi endure' therivations of
another campaign, though bat few, if any,
will tredet to WU the tale of oar misfortune..
We offer omrsalves,a► Mein stibriatti volt the
altar of our esaats7ls good. If we are iastru
mental in eradicating from lint eoit of North
America, that phis of tyranni so luxuriantly
nourished by the oppression of the block, our
labor will be sailed, sad our mission aaorma
=mt. Samuel conuected with the
mister's department, died on the
last he was houses sad diligent ta business.
We offer oar madames to the sorrowing wife
and orphan shiltinta. Cape. Brads', of North-
East township, is missed by his oompany, and
his absence is regretted by his re gnant.
Rumor* of his death hare reached camp,
which, if tree, we shall lamest. The captain
was a biases eoUisr, sad alwartifound on his
post of duty and danger. -
Most respectfully yours, P.
Corravooclosos of tie Oloonic.
CoxirsAirr, Mara 28, 1863.
One of the greatest battles fought during the
war took place on Saturday, Marsh 21st, 11388,
on the Craven Farm, about two miles west of
" Hog Hill," in-Conneaut tp., Erie Co., Pa.
The battle was fought between Ora. &ott, of
Hog ILUI," Commander-Ls -Chief of the Seg.
heeds, or radical wing of the Republic y,
aimless. Dorman, of the Western Pa. s,
Commander-In-Chief of the eon "log
of the Republican party. The nom
messed by Oen. Seca nuking sena Oen.
Dorman. Oen. Dorman then m
dash on Oen. Scott, completely
disabling the right wing of Uri
a few more seatiaring shots and
Boom made " • *
with his rt.'
hitt°, and as sus
dap. la
fallen beak
Liao, whom
Scot' and
the Sane
to arias.
okodiall •
ble fisisettar
pat as sok
Scott sad
much taiga
The atom are tits particulars of UN pea
battle as near as I can ascertain tion=
reports, la this pea eratoasat sad
stets af Maim Nabluj short of lb* otelal
report wilt give fall details of this peat and
bloedy_fray. rears la bast*,
0. C. H.
Agmosalt to previous ansouneemeat, a
large sad enthusiastic meeting was held at
[adder's Centers, Conneaut township, on dist
welt .
14th inst. C. W. Creel coned to the
char, and Wm. Spicer chosen rotary. The
following commiuee was chose to dra ft re
solutions: U. S. Spiess, Wells es, Major
liapry, J. Solliamitoid F.ll- 444411. The
meeting was ably itddreated by A. Waid
'faiorib, Gilbert Surd, 1.q., 8. IL Peal, and J.
Sillivaa, bap The Committee milihrted the
fellowink trolled**, which was Adopted : .
Resolved, That If the Uosioa is sear rois
tered, sad tie lights of the Sates smiths
people are mideral secure in 0--it mast be _
done through: the co-operation and intluesse
of all coneervative and loyal saes, who be
l*ve is the Constitution as it is aad t
I Woos as it was, as the Italy heels of good
gevenuasat, of law, and order in our load.
The meeting adjourned to meet agaia
the seam ipites.oa itatairday, Iderelo=t,
obi oleieelf,'P. l ll. Demogreta aid '
the Unioa ionise mem el all parties are eor
d4ll7 bliissol to Weed. Come sad let as
Simon together. Asthma. nuked reties, should
Dow be the motto of every lover of his OOKII
KIV sad bar hslitatimm. Blind vigils's, I.
die pities of Tnisolom. Competent @peahen
will be is atteadasee. (Signed,)
WK. Sawa, See. C. W. Coon, Pres.
r wary Barna mold by vs wannaisi to give satideetisa.
Mottles glofirk-siroos, 3.4 tress, a.. oa Mad or sea
ailantarai to ordsr.
noes Aka PLOW Perm of sepwbz sake sad dare.
Witty always on hand. A eall and a ear trial of oar arti
sts la all weal*. - HLlfilrill .i . YANT.
liererlllll.ol, ... .
Aliii . _
All . •
for sew, as. le moUled •
Ps MON ems Aar the Id Awe( AprU me. I = _
mull • lIIPELXII lk Wlll
Oen seem e eninforliele twee ',berg there are
so ehildree siAirbels wins, jos Ibriatf7
weral lAr hoer. LI pease Nit boat
eat - Srie 8.-
. e
• ' •' • .• •
- *
fir •
A Treatise es the Chiuse et Itietr ?,Wet Dollop or
American People fte d
out et Dety, Cea
se Iliehriae.
174, sere AP eve ga = merge serillee eards,
psoaribiair istegetige, sod dig le tAo seerei
amicidurnessef IL& PI I sod Gleandlim week
eUp, &What aka** mad ratlike ailspilareiftentfor
St It will Ile =
aria by melt ea Ike rieelp• OS tors (1) oast
Panotita Lod Guardia= ! Pal set to mad sad
as 1 rod 'het to mil sad eiAl thtebeeic
Lease I Tsetse ebeele eteesosseare a easy el
A Word et Seileelli 0
will Iltea eibselemolielee Advise S.
does wipe see.
• clam of asoloaloo prevail to • lioadial sabot I. M.
toomaafty, d i = boot VIVIMI yetthe el birth sow
es snooolly, to so . swam Moe alomese mo very
imperfectly • TM& ozhirmi mellestatioa.
.07 symptom. se* iftwooss in = ilskastio• and Lc
"MasUo.; Karam= we of the
Memos of Ur wb* boil; shorter iifl o or Mr
tied Iwesthhos oesasMillog a 1411 or light se ; great
aAs•to• of WI Heart; /11•,, lholochttis sod are
' ?Most; skald* el the Mods and Limbs; moMime to
society and to bostmos or stedyl disuses of en airlit o
lose of Mowry, diesisess of the Rork Jimmies. Veda to
In ramose s ilk. body. Pubs Is who boat Sr babe.
Lontogo. or ii wegshisity ad the
booty* osenottem of who 'Laws aail other
g eode *Ma body, Losoorrhoos or TIOUt LINN, he. Like
s, Ws Zplllomy, Iliyabmia sad Norms. alarm
now, to Moog-sloe ream oat of orrery ... b
all the above mooed gmrdses, sod a b..t ef ewes i l
mamed, soOmemsptie• of the Lew sea , des !NW 11.
r e = m air=4 , 4 6 ll=
aa. rave Stole Met sad Mita la of
Tissues. Hams the want of samme ea the part It
soloedsoloed poetise la trialio
Dr. A•drew Maw to tho si ty LIME sad
Hygisais lastitatio• la sow ha boatmilliissisei
of modem wrisdlos with tiss astookidal seesem—
TM Mama adopted the bratiatiss is sow; it is
based apes seirottas with saw waked
remedies. without Maeda Sr TM ImUltios st
clue Sr. moil, that Wiest' ass too eased at thole ben t
la say part of the masitry, Moo meant*
iblir as d% te ktillei and have the amileiitowall
or mom!. Printed istorfogatoriso will he Ibrmiciail an
Want awl Mama of Me Throat mesa
twell at hosos 011ie potioats se at the IsolitalLss.
the Oold Dedicated lise.uwo lieteazio Te e
POSO I. :1 1 1% Inhaler awl marts dimeliossioe their ass, aid'
dhow waives/Wee&
TO se■ 101711L111
Mum, Marsh 28, 1868,
Having leaned tkai stoilos Sr. l °bailie
tics to the elect ,litat I did lot support the
Democratic amailmiii for Mayor at the late City
elootios, I take this oppeetalty to Mate that
there is no truth is thornWYligeTfir• I Itged
. .
tine hes again nude I. appearance, lined, es
usual, with literary matter, from t►e peas of
writers el estakdialied mutation. he frs►ion
plates, and the exquisite frontispiece, "lii•
qarrel," hare in them the material l• in
terest the thousands of tady readers with
whom the msgasine is as old favorite.
At the residence of the bride's father, is this
city, on Tuesday main, March 17th. by the
Rip. J. P. S i tting, JOHN 8. KNOX la
At kis reddest* is Miller** os Tsedlay
the 24th last., atter a brief inane, 11171)T
SHENK, sited 81 years awl • maths.
15•-!lig's gOlmtisainstL'
Peed a, Mom er. ischb And. irk ra
toot:Q.'llop to Aolissos s gloga,)
TIN a SIM 111011
Patireto argiyilig fee laten:= 6 ", advice, meet
enelesh retailistamyo to met
We attending pilyeidaa 'rill be Iliad at Hoc tomtit' -
Hoe lbor emieenHatien, from t o o, in. to tp. mob ley.
Soaday b the aireceee. ddielca, -•
aniMtto Hoe Trey Iola( and Hygienie
iaa ar Disraeli of Hoe Taeraa
Loop, de f Wok, Troy, N. Y.
111411111MMINIII Or
Erie City &Nuit.4ll(erY
CARR OT .*- •
01711 STOCK OF
. .4
4 g
_ff,4 44 C eg a till 41 , 4
Eitii - urtrSruiratitigT
• MANZ Or ?lUD' souams.
J. C. BURG 8$ & CO.,
Jaunt. 11124,1168•44. mit am above Pod 011 es.
01111111106111 WIMP"
Baum Sow, 111866 otted, wit/ r
peons liorihst 011 W.
Liw Dow below Washed. wimps gnaw= ow
Joy ftswilwirtlbast Wag wasysi by abowWlll •
LONTINUES to' gain yiublic favor and
IlamaOd la,lLimplialwarbd altar tie fiarausik es
=of amass jaws, rapatation for Weaey La
Threat sa4l teat diamaaaa ia fuUy sustained.—
Wltamor tits madielara la laftlftwirsrit IL awl to kart a&
. . i i =lja i t rlariti 7 sad dasplitid,, It has he
m soar psis** foe wise
fthroo:lary swop/sluts sad islopt In their- &Hops for
vwoe whomever regalia& dao ears for cough It is
yard reliablo—nektom requiring swim linen °5ab0t
......011411.i1l moil WIWI idamdlisg. Jro eerie.
lido ugh et a afitt Asthma its
emus" Isealig mew gm-
Imo to ober a of pears alb
tillhi isiasesids disease. res mad Boarreasosit
is sad reliable, quietly removing irritatioa tress tits
peauges. In Whooping Coe h this Remedy is of gross
loom the Tilasisom a
VW fall fhtwWWWWI O dlnri MI from thi aii ,
Naafi wane:
arram is dionsass of the leap sad air psesegte depend upon
or lailsonmatiins la tie lining seal= .stress
=llstatioil is iptertwof thalami weldbilme to 4
llinidg_, Ws" Wady
sa o =ollM — ar ' &WOW,. botimesii„
*ell ages sad ainatitostbas. Seery pima ailloted trtth
elibm (lithe following diapason should sat tbloplessaat
.vasedy sad their voters win soon min le with others ia
tossioniondbur ita moils is seighboes sad
SOIL Use Hall's Cbessol Bawdy it ewes (kiddy.
MIL. Uss'ilall's Cbugh Remedy it cures Gov
or Akan.
111111.. Ike- Matra Cb4A itemotly u tures doilt-
lima or Plautisie.
:.Uas Halts CbuyAßand*. for Calarrh•
Use Andra (M O lima& d StreA9thess
"mop. _
Use Hatrt aleph Himetlyfor Bronchitis.
SOL Use Hall's amyl Remedy for Hoarso
Vres gals CbstgA Remedy it Strengthens
the Voile.
1111%. CimgA Remedy for Whooping.
041 it/ tts
* twin sessiselds Um haltatteisr—aill for Dr
IP.Balre Celebrated Cough Melody sad see that hie Init.
lea deatare Li apes the wrapper and dtreetkrae.
V. the asdonigood darns of HA, City sad vteloity ,
s*,-usod Dr. P. 1i• .&. Odirerotod Cough Rolood a vai
graitionita b
resoarsoadMig earlag Mamas ailloltoo Throat sad
is us" to the
are siMistiral romly, filly worthy at /abbe
km* Tbmgoaa. lertSbow Hassiltow, D.
fair IliMbroi," Mr. ..I. W. Myra, tiohard Thros,
Jobs il. 'hag, Robwt Oroiraa. I J. T. Cask
Jam W. 111•Laire, Daniel Dear, Daniel Howe,
Juba W. Hays, J. Itoidasoa, C. I. Whist,
Seim L Cothran, W. T. itinderneebt, J. bloolie7.
Juba IL Donors, P. Z. Douloo,. J. W. Wm.
Aka M. Winos. Mamas aborwood, Wm. :t. is.
Adis& lbws W. B. tuggig, A. Y.
ill. L. PMT, bad Joseph ..
t, lioltir , , T. A.
J. W. Hall, . Groa J.
om.. Matti, Leh
Bar or A. 11
Hall. . bary,
CL Damao„ Tunas JrZoo. J. L.
II M Itoo t W. M. Gallogiuw, J. ihrbtaroild„
Weave hag. Chas. W.Holoo, Silas H. Irineh,
D rehri -Moo a. Howell,
e. a. irti c - - /OLD um ONLY. BY
J. it. SSTAI?
stateMsec st;PriAtra
AGM= of NUL CO3.—Jaanas A. Whit., Dr. No l tit.
rand; As liamaA laisajorr; T.& Cow*, Apringbigd:
11111.11,4EM1L1. •
l Uirters r. Lamm" WiCiani; L. L-
M ie lti 4l ane ls iani Ns ee l l i vi g. ai r i n; W g.
TrlnkakideaidUs; .41. Ammo, moa ;
1440 41 1 Pet. add b Wats morally.
AL .4 D
BOTTUM of thiaturtielo have Won sold In this
of its' shows nu laftisftenam i and
t ami ram= a It Ma hose nary rosuarksbls. Thom
Is snaccoly an 11l tha aware In families, bat what its
UAW, ass has oithor moot or soliorsd. Abundant owl
dowse ban twos shown that It is opry meeenstul In =ring
all hew of
SCARLETINA, &0., dr.
—I? 011708—
IlEb aad Lawyers' Sore Throat
gives prompt relief in Asthma
Is very valuable hi
is ansupsassit Ai a
Statby ill respectable Dragnets and Dashes la the
nited es.
W. WARD CLORI i 00., Nos. 12S 410120 Willies
dtreet. New Teek lus4. Wbelesaib Agee% by vbow mien
wiU be
hewer Z Pl ga by JOHN S. CANTU. Dia s 111 r
Jan. 3 . 111—U •
lona his aid Seeds aad mutants= that
bs la AM la his on atattd,
niters ka =vitas thus to all sad *minim. Ms
woo. His Own is so isms sad .on ..Need
mu le Ibis, ame he is dits.tletOmmi Dot to Ms
taihnold. as has jut otosffie Ow Wrest
D mir beinot te iinte m i l lis4 is the but st VMS &
l ays mdse. smilielas, sad nu Isms.. inroads
ewe set timethey we they say Istminet
Orli the Rat. 10 BM AL 12111114110, Prier IWs
nllllll AWN Clink.
Da. Jicasou-Dasitittls-1 lava bass •••
PILIVENTION is zETrEs THAN. Coll' j= 4l t• 0840011 memo u . t wilk •
t kWh at
of delicate health or ii t t e tptirti t nostl . 7Y w a i r= - h I Std e s=
Isadlyl;al - a - y wawa to eaf l n as= old &ar Yin ley sows 1. sr as rys.
wail sear a peesseptisa is iras ralielia-and 11 66 111inito Rdedost. *WA be AIM W. me
eft. awl WM* low Wee possullesd is widow parts se ,= to onlirm a/ Ihle idles Me t hs=
alos WA wail hr the port costaey. altbsestio the wads • °C la° rimeT tu m b r b
.........66.., ,11 . 4 5MAM Mes
Is wry elm, awl stag* vet it has wen r e o p t o half Couipl it Is a safe sad Is amp
plat bottles sad sold vary astrasewly at is exbarbitant 'ea"' i"." I" bat soap) I i •1111/1 be saw
wins afss rarbottle Um amakindirtionl proposes to tarnish ' • ' , Oland to than* she mar lam the mere assns,
ills maw for tbU mall i lt 111. b y the powwows of Tows wry unvostert iLassaass,
which ol d y ass so tosesalf with a parlSet
uard.reg oda% Ma at 21 male Blilltb below 9slows sly rum D'e7
par day ploysistaa sir WI you It Is -
lawsloss, sad of tootbsootak osa as
wzme i ress
dr Its algae t . Plat Waal port lerdi° llolllol /
spoUpt dill, by' addressing ..Poos 111 We 4 4 *maw
' sairSlllslyll. Dr. J. C. MIITICIAM
P. H. Box, No. MU Nov Hares, Cosa.
Gunturrosix, Jojar Z. '
I>a. C. 11. .1.1e):10/ -fie: :-1. ..•••••• taile r=
. tiro years ism la pre e• •
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midi iso las a pod imotattos ta
sow yntd i o ..ory Dag Paw sad Is tod gild la
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rrHAT tie variety of new 51 Pe Bet.l.
.11. deeds. of Ganda, ogees". Cosmos, R4Ull.' Car
..,t, Cap doh, 'elm Ltbd and other pa , 1.7 1: 1 ,1 4
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Dialer, Breantat, Metre bad ether
:rot% Atwater Stands. Oispetsmid %eau*
Illede,litdr aid Sas Grass Illatisesdee; F Lt r ia rit
and Bolitirs with other noneehobd hersibasec
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meterials, by experienced workmen end bat tir egrollt
lads. Far etyls, qabilty bad taw riots i wrn
two-prbse dealers to asdeseall se. Feathers boar 4n
sc o. Cabo seat. Farber, Redraws, Illaelther,, ...4a.
Niro aid dbor Cbous of &Warp mit4 lirentryi =IA.
per, In litekory. donod sad ' 11.4. molia4 thee I
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too "be troditirtti so.'
Lemur LothAltuteto, Lies dturl4 Orid==
! : ia. 9toray. _.with he, WWI at Oar
per the Omni mod *mew of 1111101.101
too Zs* Ps. G. W.
Illitnilltore std Cloodealiteles.
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the sea am noriesbeil It leras L
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stris, Pek. ,
rear rod 'gado, sa km seminal
241, yips saiumil
O.Noirbr. 4110. rshariMign6
In Bottle. at 2s and 50 CU .
Also sobs proprietor of
ENITRII7 tvinv:Azzat
Jatasther, 10froptie or Mereffit DAN', Dissima
of tAe Kidneys, and all grisly/raw
a disordered Liar or SibusacA,
es Cowslips
this iaeeme Ply
Ilei/sen sr Bled to th•
Head. Acidity at tb pow
1116, Names; IlkertlesmDlegolt
fee to "Maw sr Weight to the '
Stoareek Sew SWAM "II
Plutterisig at the ph of the;hbeemeh, Outs
dog of the 11 sedjleretedlead Minh Ikerithe.
flatteries et the Ileset„ Cheitag areelkierNagess
@shoes obeli le a Was pesters, Obaseie et Tide% Deb
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thee, Damon., a Pairiaideak. Teuerwi of
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Cheek Unto, ea, Seam MUM of
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stoat Lamination of irfl,
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Issieeed Use eztesahe We sad aehessal
of Hoollaad's oe/wow Bitten, Wisely
of Ismorant Quacks owl esserapollese
opened %ma • winks. lisaketty the htis " =i lu n Uwe.
vows to the shape ef pimps whiskey, vilely emspiewedell
with iajosisses drags, sad obsietowed Towhee. iliewashieli
and Bitters.
Beware of the enoinevaide army et ♦lsoWin 111N.NW:
Yoe. to plethogie betUea, and big beilled a e ls, 7ll4
sio4eet appellatios of Bitten: wid th el atillidh
est, awayste disease, aa4 Wore the seal.
es le despair.
Are sot • asser aad aatriral walla, but bare Mesa lire
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Ouse Masa
Fres J. Radon ltrass. b. 11, Misr of ti. Isytkr•
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Anhwei& sot to lase se oessiemed Pilau - ,-;*
bledlei to Ikon! aletnri et thole e
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I mu sey lot tiiiM to the bessit bo Whom ,
40 bey* emelved Ike. sq _
.0111,10 C=s* Is Ibil .
tow thst lit oss thaseseMbit
I is dile the sae sedgy le regoo le ittelliae -
ma Won. prege rl At Dr. C. Natilltolle. d ; Wm
iserode I vas dr
Mgr Iheilippmaiwk Ihei . WlB.7
older.. les WSW* le sr Ibehe
nie Z.Z inesse=e the resew& a this zam, br itime deerse Umbr a=
I X Llievol ta by t iall orso, ~try4 ll"lllle de.
a. et Imolai sod osislet =
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driosalis boise.esd bed ellt
t thOdere thealt died sad Ney idead di rebeille
the Ise ef them. .. .
- .
Isoo'o, Joni Lt, 111114 J. Itlll,lolt 11101r11.
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pinicipAL ovum a Kainfflamag,
0. IL MEM 1100 1 6
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Ms by Dfuegbil mid lisliebbollialm
♦ MU 10= IMMO
lial tat apslisse of
is ea Ilawciaams elt Nib MON:
NO. 631 MKS NUR.
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