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JAM LION'S rannsoss.i. ossesiss.
more is no name dot is more frequent
ly in the mouths of Abolitionists, or of-
toner quoted to suet* their eansi - D, than
Vat of the 'noble old Democratic /4ervi
and statesman, Amur, JACKSON. For the
purpose cf showing what really were
Jammes opinions, we have conclided to
publish in our next here hit Farewell Ad
dress in full. Theise who have never seen
it;will find in it much that is ayplicable
to the present crisis in our National af
fairs, while those who have reed it before
will suffer no harm from reading tt again.
We" shall publish &larger edition than
usual, to accommodate those who want
extra copies ; and all such should send in
their orders before Wednesday morning.
The Abolitionists may suppose that
'they can crush out all Union and Consti
tutional feeling in the Mirth, * vilify
ins and misrepresenting tltuee who enter
tain it, but they will find themselves
sadly crisippointed. Persecution never
makes matt altei thet; minds, nor feel
any strongcr affection towards the people
hat practice it. On the contrary, all the
- eiamplass of history teach that the more
men who believed tiseinselves! to be striv
ing for great principles were despised and
abused, the more 'firmly they adhered to
their opinions. The early Christians were
tried to be put down by this method--
they were crucified, they were driven
from place to place, they were stoned to
death, they were obliged to submit to the
most liorrid,crueltiee, but in spite of all
`these they remained steadfast to their
faith, and the fruit of their labor and suf
f,irings is seen in the spread of their roll
/eon over i,every part of the civilised
/ world.
In later days, the experience of •our
own revolutionary forefathers, the late
Italian war, and the condition of the pee-
Pie of Ireland, Hungary and Poland, all
prove as strongly as facts gut evince,
that oppression, mismanagement and con
tumely, only serve
.to weaken the affec
tions of those towards whom they are di
rected, and fill them with a determine 'on
to wreak vengeance on the rulers and he
people who are the cause of it.
If the Abolitionists really,desire to o
tain that blissful state of public ikrelin
which they so earnestly profess, when all
the 'nation shall o be of one thought and
purpose, they surely take a strange me
thod 'Of mousing it. There was a time
in the Whirs of the country when the
k m"
pawle stood alinostiu o 0 man in their
opinion of th e °Weals the war. and
the manner in which it be con
&toted. Why is it, that Were is now so
much diacordl Certainly Abe Democrats
are not to blame, for their: principles are
the same now as they were when the re
bellion broke out--they stand on the
same platform on which the President,
his Cabinet, a unanimous Congress, and
nearly unanimous people declared that
the war should be prosecuted. Had , that
pledge been faithfully kept, bad not the
Administration, been driven from its de•
elated policy' into one of fanaticism and
disaster, had the perils of the country
not been made the occasion for feeding
and enriching hosts of corrupt partisans,
we firmly believe that the war would have
been if not entirely closed, at least so
neer its successful end, that there would
be no cause of foreboding for the future.
Rut the Abolitionists—and in this term
We include more than two-thirds of the
so-sallied Republican organization—were
determined that It should be fought
out in their own way or not at all. Their
leaders boldly alleged that if the fight was
not conducted more for thefdestiuetion
of slavery than for the lustoration of the
Union, they would lieither encourage
ethers to go, nor nasal themselves. They
hare been steadily going from one grad.
of folly to another, until now it is no
longot to be denied that an far at least as
the Administration party are concerned,
the mu , has been totally wrested from the
pure and patriotic purpose with which it
was originated. At the same has they
have k tup a oontaneed storm of filthy
denunolation and nnparallelitid falsehood
in rdicard to the Democrat,* organization,
which Is no less shameless than it is dls- 1
inmost and disorgafitstng.
'We tisk Republicans, do you in candor
want the States again united? Are you
1 . 10 1 / 4 14 in your declarations for the unity
of the North? If so, how can you expect
to be successful by your present course /
Will men bullied, imprisoned for opi
ohm's sake, slandered, deoeired and out
raged as roemocrikts have been, BlPilii to
combjne in an amicahle political union
with those who bare so meanly treated
them, Wituid they be .trus to their ow
manhood if they did) Would you, if
yogi were placed , in like i ciroumstanoes t
We ted the opposition plainly that if
they expect to succeed in breaking up,
partisan feeling to the North"ley are
taking the wrong worse to abet it. If
they Wet read history they will find that
foul-mouthed abuse never done any per
=Dent *jury eavapt to these who used it.
/f 'they want a slab!' country, lit them
give rip their own partisan setszoos and
aspiritions, let th!iteeease e their vile slan
ders itnin WhO are as alftiOlifi for the
prosarritiOn 4 or the 17nlonas titian:wives,
let them being back thp star to the policy
with wi3,14 if originated, and let •
drive fidi rod, Place thflogrnal4 hirelings
who are diving their arms up to the pile
into the people's coffers, no matter who.
awe tinge is high or low Nation.
Wile* Oki, 4 damp. we promise them that
Deinqcota gill support Ake Administrap
tlon kt lb bits mast ardent beads
°mkt soloh; hid Ow any 4 44 ,4.4. upon
It, thallso pear will while it, eaadanes
lb present visionary and mischievous
eounn,ionthMuswhas it aboadd-be dm&
and uteladied grin when it should yield,
and witiameging instead- of puniddig
these who are doing so mush to dbgrnoe I
and ruin us as a nation.
I: is a bet worth rententbering, that,
directly after the adjournment of our Con.
Jiro gold mat down in New yoris, an d
ap in Nktimond.
QI g . 40, - -..+says
MAWS PlIAMMIlira Min V. Rs-
We published lan w e letter- from
HoW.FintautDo ' • th e
rebels had made prop it for
on an honorable basi a l i whichre
jected t y the - Adtfilhisitrathio„ now
find the statement confirmed in a recent
speech by 3 (r. Vit.t.aitatonag, et his home
in Ohio. Surely time gentlemen would
not dare to make so important an user
thin without good foundation: ...._.' .
" On the 12th' of last December, when
from the city of Richmond information
came to the city of New York that there
was a disposition to compromise and re ,
turn denying to the National Gowen
and be obedient to the Constitution and
laws, and thus restore the Union as it
was, the President, on that day, rajecited
the pngiosition, and the damming owl
dams of that tageetbm mina is New
York over his ow' autograph, Wine of
"hear, hear,"] but there as an obbeiniww.
of .sewecy at present, and the letter has
ayaie bens Liam no the public.. The
a• the , iii army cecesea the
Rappahannock into Pnitioricksksrs. en
der the belief that Richmond was to htll,
Betiou end the Rebellion.
s, Abraham Linooln rdettd d 2l
Ipropositions to retorts, over his own 4
11111111lre ; sad the day Air, the hoptlllof
the blind man in the White Acme wisu I
dissipated in the defeat a% Fredoritiki
burg, and the loss of 20,000 of our seas
end brothers. Es could have entertained
the propositioWeu the 16th of December,
but he heedlemly and wickedly drove
away all overtime," .
It h worthy of attention, that, although
Kowa. Woon and . Vs.u.imsonam seed*
these statements several weeks ago, not a
single person connected with, not area
of the Administration, has undertaken to
deny them.
If we are to believe the numberless sto
ries which come to us from the State Cap
ital, there never was a session of the
Legislature, „ perhape,""when corruption
reigned morel i defiantly tban.during the
present one:
'The Pittsburg Gazette says that scarcely
any bill can be passed without the expert •
ditnre of a large sum of money. A 'ring'
is formed, which is omnipotent. Unless
its favor is purchased, even A• simpisat
and most proper measure will fall. By
the time the lobbyists, who Italie the en
trance to this ring, hive paid themselves
and the member whose voila are rem&
red, the parties seeking legislation are
very seriously out a pocket."
It is a burning disgrace to this Co.
monwealth, so noted for the high-toned
character of her people, that charges of
this sort should be.macie,without freen'on
attempt at refutation. Up to this period
they have only been general, bat regard
for the upright men in the Legislature,
and jostles to the scoundrels, requires
that they should made explicit. W.
call upon the / /Philadelphia lkdkan and
Pittsburg Gazette, which have been ? the
foremost in asserting the exisienee of
corruption, to give us the names of the
guilty parties. We promise to do oar' fall
sire in holding them up to public ex*.
oration, without considering whether they
belong to our own party or ihe4positibn.
Tim assaults made kor 1M Abobitioo or—
p.m upon Ticiu.oir . Wasp `iro sot appear
to deter him in the least from tailing tit*
truth about them. In a late number 01
the Albany Journal, be repeats his opin
ion of the evils that they have caused, in
the following language :
"Slavery and Abolition are 'like im
practicable. Neither, alclik could have
worked up this Rebellion. and both aim at
an inevitable Dissolution of the Union:—
The Tribiois and its sympathisers demand
such a prosecution of the War as constant
ly strengthens the enemy and weakens
oursehrea. Mori strugleinow m eve it an
extreme Abolition chareater. thus fatally
dividing the North."
Sox. WY. Horraits, of Washington 00.,
has written a letter positively withdraw
ing from the contest for the OubernsAo
rial nomination. He thinks that at this
period particularly no man should make
any effort for the nomination, but that
the selection of a candidate should be
left entirely to the people; and noun, but
a person of the strongest firmness, the
straightest consistency, and moat uuas
sellable • personal chewier should be
placed in the field as Sur htandard
bearer :—to all of which we give our most
cordial aseeiit.
Tie term of Hon. Wires Lowe's, pro
sent Chief Justice of our Supreme Court.
will expire next December. He has made
an able and upright judge, and his recent
decisions In Philadelphia involving prin.:
espies dear to every citizen, have increseed
the public confidence m hi. capacaty and
Integrity. and given him a firmer hold
than ever Upon the /hearts of Use people.
'Mak he will be mocalusted without, op.
poeitioo we Save not a tooteent's doubt.
TR: Dart.—"lon" write. from Wash
ington to the Baltimore &a that (ago
of a hundred thousand men or more will
be brought into an instruction camp by
the first of June. The demand of the
army now in' he field for 1111111f0/08talinta
will be pressing by that time, not only on
amount of absentees and deesetion, but
of the expiration of the tarot for which a
large number of the troops were enlisted.
14ts election returns from almost. every
part of the State show overwhelming
Democratic pins. We have carried ma
ny towns and townships that went oppo-
sition before.
A moan► of outs says he has ootioed
ono cations hest, that the ,110-a dlei "Wit
DINICLOCTSW" seldom go to lb* war. •
Radical and OaosarvatitiN
When the distinguished founder or the
publican party uttered his akebraled
Ein er grad ig =to= jl ll l : 4lwella.
a truth of thessosinnenentons and
imp =tent character, and erred Only'ht
ftW. g those ideas and prisonisentrielt ft*
is reality "opposing end Ileftrft."
WOO began MOM Mae 61111011111,01 two
grant conapowas.sawaPil at
with each in the oseminot vanas
ailhars, et in their nature, sato-
Rin their abets.
edissikes and Oonsernalkee boos bane
tv 14 71 at war witirsmeh , refit . tlMd ' wilnt
amararatill*raY, owl malattinde its wet.
ierity with but tampon reelseis ilror
whenever we look at the —lb ful peen
sr its bloody arrebuieng, its an ruby
ar °rife. " 1 4111V00.10111 '
its ezospens
at' libertic iu lat though Wrote
and viol t pertheme aq lusre bens=
for a time el power, lad per.
bops may have epos obriliesios
son= of their etrousoustheada, yeSeer.o.
ty has invariably head Its most atebls
foundations in the egtablislammt diem&
end extremes the despotism of her Emikr
en swept awry her greatness ; under the
auspioes of order she pve to mankind
• progress has been unable to w
pm, yet she host her homes, her virtues,
her eats *nib', nadhnisdity when violence,
lewlesseass. Imo" 'snipped the
places of justice, order, and liberty.
Cromwell and his of fanatics tri
mplimitipr kinse, be Eng
land lawless liberty oestreled only by the
of P=lollBlo=l. M and this
g dmpothm e —miligimis privilege,
enai bigotapaint only in the re:
turn to the husdamental principles ol their
versumilikin thito triumph of Conserve
and meson, did the loglish people
find freedom and - Altar govemnent sta.
Why. Radicalism plunged France in In
mesa of bleed, made Christendom
at. im anemias', swept away the limn
define" of Religious mireality and Libbrty,
and recovered only whim Rama rammed
army; sway_ over Panaover Br tickm Order aver An
inmay .
Radios/1m burnt and Ming old wanes
as witches. and sailed Quakers and
Bpisoopelians from the very soil that Pur
itanism had consecrated to religious free
dom. Oomervatlan, though it could not
eradicate the principle yet, wiped out the
foul dimness from the virgin miss of
American Ingialstron, and ipive to al the
benefits of unfettered 7corship. Amid the
throes of a revolution just completed, our
W Wks tremtded fora time on
the of anarchy, but found
in thesui7 ouil aioderate counsels, the
cultivation mutual concession and for.
buiranas„the station of-that prosperity
and greatness, which endured for three
quarters of a °outcry and was lost only
when disregard et fixed principles, and the
temporary ismer of 001410011 and fanati
cism, swept away into the gulf of civil
war, the old and time honored principles
of moderation and conservatism.
Conservatism slowly, surely, and faith
fully builds up a structure based on ex
perience, cemented with virtue, crowned
with wisdom. Radicalism, with tire and
sword, dismantles the venerable temple
and casts its dishonored fragments into
an mean at desolation.
Conserrataas nests oontsat i with the m
olt diamond of present prosperity and
happiness, - and awaits the uiet wo of
time to im e add adotn q ; Radical rk
rail, dn6r an into use nistried futoure,
Wiper a glitbering bauble that terns to
ashes in its realm bead.
, Consernthen looks santiously at those
new dogmas' that are advanced as specifics
for all political dilemma, and hesitates in
aakstlyures=the condom of public
; emperiseents as rashly
the vitality and lifrolgoed of the na:
tion, as a=p r hysician with a met
a marl of mimes with
"i t a l eistinee of a helpless brute.
Conservatism peeserves, maintains, and
defends those long , Sitabliehedi works
which time baseborn la be, if bet parfait,
at least as ha vMg oonduend to the publics
welfare ; Raidie undermines, over
dames and destroys, thr the remote ;thanes
that from the ohms of Reseolution may
spring a more period ezistence.
Oiaservertirm le adriN n Z amg
ble ; Radicalism ii violin ar s charita
bitrary, and
intolerant. The one Its course by
the enduring menumeents of wise
fij la
tic% that remain the bemon_lights
does for centavos ;—erts that speak of
oivilisation and stability that
thine the brighter amid the dullness of
desolation and anarchy ; the other strews
its path with ree, blood, and deeds of
barWMms, and Waves behindonly lbotprint
the wis
s of
desolation to be awed
dom of more moderate These
are indeed "opposing and enduring" forces,
the one admirable in its constant and un
tiring s&rt to preserve and perpetuate the
tried institution sof our country—theothor
detestable in its reckless destruotivensin.
Yet the shrieking advocates of Revolution
still cry on ! on I either to a more desper
ate and overwhelming destruction, or to
the establishment of an empty name, par
chased by the loss of liberty. and the sub
version. of fandamental law 1 Yet men
boast that they are radicale—glary in their
shame and proclaim their infamy I Would
that we might hive looked in the history
of other nations alone for the blasting re
cord of the triumph of Panatioism and
Radicalism; would that upon our land the
tempest had not fallen 1 -
Is it memory to my that , the American
people have been blind to the teachings
of history, end in embracing violent and
=tram principles have wrecked their lib
erties, their prosperity, and perrhance
their nationality I Shall we point to a
Constitution consecrated to our bands by
the vigils of statesmen and the blood of
now trampeiled under the feet of
of crowds ,
.riashial rushing rh e grasp
d tb o e f
dountry's bets IZT Shall we listen
to the boisterous clamorihg in in
sensate for a centralised power
by the bermes of a deceived
—eons likely to be established ?
Shan we of the dismemberment of
the the untold horrors of civil
strife of that fair land, ber flowery plains,
bloc= eternal Speing. her teeming
soil forth to a waiting world the
fruits of her industry, and pouring into
the Italian's hands the goklen tribute of
foreign lands,—now hid - from view in the
mucks el battle and the dust of trampling
hosts I Ethan we. tell of the
Ir s
, - perms, and sedightened N :W iilf .t=
wheels of her martufactories perelneti sad
nay —its sons gone forth to oonquer and
eztorMinate--its daughters weeping by
their lonely besides for those who some
not heck to meet the esubraos of allsotion,
or, more wretched still„ treading with reek
less step the paths that tend to shame and
degradatiton 1 Shall we speak of those
of warship, where ,Iledigion
Meth her band ening, and
raised her voice to to Quatee
and Peace,-,--ocrw the. desecratedntms,w
where the once reverend ministers of 1
Quist grow *antic inting envy,
hatred and malice and pro paga ting
t These
thispp,in all their tremendous eignifloanee,
are brought 1101111141 to the American People
—thew Inevitable multi of the casting
steal 6tiYansurvetheritieiple, and follow-
Mg UM' Which ill and imbed.—
Let thenallowksieen their Ithirties are quite
lost ; era th e fundentestal principle. colour
(Unnamed are destroyed—ere it be too
Me. Let thrash . ' uproot, that Bohm Upas
tree Of Rniitniime,'whieli,hridi ages of the
wand, has poisoned the they air from
which he .11111111180411 breeches have drawn
again brmeoktite. shelter of
i`kh a more r
and ensue domestic Uwuffity,,
securethe idessings °Tarty firr them
'ohm and their posted. • •
A limn:m.4mi Vos t garmana.-.414_ Gov
tellabOot enlisted a ocatpie sokliers at
Mt. liCiebigen,a Saw nigt, Aloe,
an der peeniier eirenialliamoes. A
mat llepublima named Dutton qli
sad Dem:ma, me matinii
to := 11 44) mid I , lxprealing his views
8- • now Olios, Zen., an old
soldier endimatitenek Bowen* heard the
1111161 kammtitalltP•4 be Deems to map;
Mid ttat4or4o_ptommuti ho did Kt. Sob
iiquesithrubii Doocollriod to book out on
the plea that be was United States Draft
Otentakeloser, tad be tried to hire a
anhatitute. but Mr. Min sad the author
ities held the Deacon to the term of his
—Outeatirelaw is the late cavalry fight
by Averin's men, was 59 killed sad 21
prineen--80 la all
~~ ....,,.e-N ~..-~ ~..0.-- ~—
aunt be pieserved. The Seenstionists and
Abolitionists must be both Pis chwo• So
declare the true patriots of the land.
dispatch to fit. Lodi. •aya that Lim
Union gualioat Clulionihithonthaphp4 F !
Peinbiritin, on tbi Munn. for tiro days
without decision repodis. Beideroeineota
were going forward, and it wee
that the ibet,wordthoosi be reducedthought
The village of Illssais4 StortiaL Ken
tucky, issaid Whey* town °told by a
Zabel force under Col. Clary. ool,Batur
day morning. There was • abszpibui ir
regular light fort hree or four *rs, but
the Union troops were compOid -kr sur
render, and the place was burned.
Denys, a correspondent of lb*
New York Amid, kes been eanwieted by
Court Martial of publishing( contraband
news and eentaneed to cis months bard
. Gen. Hooker bee roadttrod An la
bor, and oat the offender beyond the
lines of the army, never to return.
How to cum a man of Abolition :
dead him to the army of the rob:tome, let
him board and lodge with the private sot=
diem about a week, during a Wavy snow
storm, with full opportunists' to tee plen
ty of nigger'. It We 11 . 111111 of IMO* h•
will be sure to come beak eownerted.
A dispatch from Murfreesboro says
the rumors herelleore ipven of the pro-
posed rebel invasion of Kentucky are so
las well-founded that it is expected ihein
ousioii Doss dread] begun. A body of four
hundred rebels stewed the Cumberland
on the 18th at Rawsua. Ky., and it was
reported that a large fore. was following.
The southern troops known to `have Wit
Virginia are said not to have reinforced
Chin. Bragg, bat to have concentrated at
Knoxville, Tenn. The Chattanooga Rebel
of the 11th says : Bragg's army is
in better condition, better organized, bir.
ger, healthier, and more bent upon. Its
mission than over before."'
We bare Richmond pipers to the
18th Mohair Gold was at VI 25 en the
14th, having Ansa 200 per cent within a
week, thus bringing Confederate=
down to 23 cents oa 6 var mia ry
arithmetic such paper he worth
three times less than nothing.) The rear
sons dfor this rapid rise are, the
f is rfan Pr =elfide a r l ac i ywiroVarMsnag the lArit
Woggri id any price, the position of
as to a tax bill, the arbi Imo
prominent of food, in UR lat er,ews
doelanie that in Fredericksburg $6 to $6,
60, in Confederate paper, are freely Aired
for gold, $3 60 Confederate for $1 green
back. At 116 50 Oorshderatopepw is worth
a little-over 16 seats to the dollar.
Major General E. V. limner died at
the reddens* of his sos-m-bar, Osi. W. W.
Tea. in Syracuse, on liattuday morning.
of congestion of the 1 alter as inners
of live days. The Gegin was under orders
to report to St Louis for duty, and was on
the potat of stanaug when be wee ma il ed
the disease wits& terminated his Mr,
had been is the swift nom than 43
yes". and las justiy distinguishird (otitis
magnanimity. His
words were, ave my country—
** United States of America." Miaow*
of his death created a deep sensation
Waahiagton • and is atithary ads isa alt
poet of the amain. the Army of Ws
Potomac be was cousidered one of the
most heroic and daring' Jaen of age.-„
has often orpr the wish to die lag
the thickset of the light. :A greet sears
has fallen, but his life was starred with
noble deeds of devotion to his country.
Tie Alum Aro sa Pstn.—A Washington
dispatch to the Philadelphia Inviter says;
"Secretary Chase has_pleeed in the hands
of the Paymaster General a saleient
amount to pay the entire army up to the
first of March. A salcient amount has
also been sent to pay, the western army."
The Delhi° Chaim- learns front an in
telligent putlastanjust arrived is that
city that the
1. 1 of gold in Colorado in
the year • • J as tat,' 1863, will
Dot fall sh 600.600 f area tronte
of $3OO for every men. women end child
the Territory. Deemer City hu st present
a population of 5,000 Inhabitants.
Clarr.—The Richmond Dicarai of March
sth says that "gold an Saturday last was
soldst $2 20 sad $2 80, advsociack duri ng
the day ;" and that "yesterday edam*.
day last) it went up like a rocke it
reached $3 (Confederate scrip,) being an
advance ( from Saturday) of forty per cent."
Admiral Porter telegraphs that he
has Warmatios that oa tieMk ear whole
=pedalos waived ia the Tailaimachra,
giving us sontrol of the heart of iLissianip
pt. All but sue of the vessels got through
la Wing trim. The rebels were very
moth alarmed, and ware hard at work on
their= We add that there is much
suffering in lriairobaug for the wast of
=OIL he people live chiefly upon corn
♦ Cincinnati special dispatch says
On the 19th a squad of soldiers were•sent
to UM 6osnity, Indiana, to arrest some
deserters, and succeeded in capturing six.
While on their way to the cars the desert
ers were resessoi by 100 mounted "Butter
nuts" armed with film Two companies
of infantry seat from Indianapolis recap
tured .the deserten and 'tattered the
The olicdal report of the omelet near
Milton, Tem:between Gen. Hall's Brig
ade and the Bebe*. has reached the War
Department. Gen. Ilaseoraris says that
the Rebels numbered eight or ten regi
ments of Morgan's and Breckhuidge's
sa l ad that Gess. Hall, after lbw home
and drove them with a
lass cm sx= l l 7 killed and 31 wound
ed, includbmg osse ceiptabs. The Rebel's
lam he says, was 30 or 40 killed, Including
3 eacniaissioned rakers, 140'woundesl,and
1.2 prisoners, among which were 3 commie.
aimed odious.
7 - The oirtmat intelimi . was re
ceivedlast that the gunboat Diligent,
belonging to Admiral Porter's lest, had
in entering the Yezixo River
above Haines duff, by way Willie Onus!.
and Steel•'s bayous. She bore one regi
ment of volunteers, and was followed by
tour iron-clads and a large Federal force.
The position thus attained will enable our
fleet to between Yaw city and Haine's
BM, placing the latter between two tires
and rendering the evacuation of Vicks
burg certain. This intelligence, brotight
by a gentleman just, arrived above from
Vickstrg, is deemed authentic.
Returns from all butt towns
of New Hampshire alww 951 for Gil
more, Republican for
32,804 for UAW" Nelloorat ; and 4,458
for Barriman, Independent War Demo
crat. This gives 615 maty against East
man. RolOns, Repub lic an, for Congress
in the ihni District, has about 300 nudori
ty ; Patterson, Republican. in the 3d
trict, has about 3N nisioritli. The Ist Dir
trict is not yet settled-41 a very close.—
The Council stands : 3 Republicans and
2 Democrats ; the Senate, 9 Republicans
and 3 Democrats ; the House, 187 Repub
licans and 142 Deamtrata.
The Atlanta Onsfetkraey contains a
detailed would of a brilliant and nooses
ful federal raid in North Oasolina. The
expedition, accompanied by twobosis,
reached Tuscumbm February 25, gun where
the gunboats destroyed two ferry boats,
anotYer at Flarence, and afterward drop
ped down to Tussunibia. The Federal ad
vance guard dashed into the town after
dark, dispersed the rebel cavalry, and took
possession. Wesel Odtwin, commanding
the expidition, bad issued a preohmmaion
levying mesmaisats on wealthy rebels.—
On the 25th ult. be womeded to the in
terior, taking "omsile plunder" with
Eiossetaiosi prisoners lately veleassd
have made ailklacits to statsetsasts of cru
elty preetiood up* themselves and man
pardons by the authorities that equal
every story of wa t on barbarity practised
by the Meow hem yet bees told.
Thews men were. lured by bloodlidttada,
arid coedited in unisons without light
for several mmitlis, and handcuffed at that
the whole period. Of the °vigil"' party
,immured seven were hung 'lately. The
government intends to adopt suitable
measures of retaliation.
—Admiral Porter reports hasping anseeed.
ed in humbugging has be a second time
into westing ammunition .and bunting
guns by fining at • bogus gunboat that he
had floated down by the rebel batteries at
Vioksburg. It was asps time been the
enemy discovered the huge practical joke.
Unless speedily sup lied by the Govern
ment, the Admiral to build more
gunboats for himself.
General llooker has been vindicalfd
from the imputed *gouty that be had
testified to the War COlSeeillee that the
failure of the penholder eampsige was at
tributable to the incompeteacy of General
McClellan. The best authority declares
that be DOW uttered Mach a statement.
We hear by telegraph of a fight with
which took place oear Blue
ring, Yo., No., on Sunday. The Minis out
numbered our men 4 to 1, said the latter
were compelled to retire with a loss of 9
killed, besides several wounded and mim
Tr Rebel papers (111ohmocid) of Yestor
say that no attack is expected on
Charleston until the high.t , spring tides,
which 000ur about the of April. There
is much suffering among the poor at Sa
vannah; they cannot get provisions, be
.osuse the Government monopolises rail
rpad transportation.
Oen. Burnside will 'periled° Gen.
Wright at Illincinnati, and his new com
mand will he more extensive than that
held by the former Goners!. It is said that
Gen. Burnside's business will be to protect
Xentucky from the threatened rebel in
vasion, and possibly assist Roseerans in
East Tennessee.
—Oar special dispatch from Washington
gives some summit there of the probable
intention of the enemy to abandon the
lines of the Rappahannock and fall back
ii4lditichmoad; also, that the Secretary
War believes that the Confederate seat
of government bl to be removed to a
more southern ciir imp
Syracuse has bad a touch of the mob
bing-nevi epidemic. One day last week
a png of a hundred young white men
amused themselves for several hours in
bunting nerves, betting them with clubs
and otherwise tormenting them.
Within the last ninety day. c • 7 .
Childs, the Philadelphia publisher,
handed over to Parson Brownkm $lB,OOO,
his shore of the prate from his book in
that time.
A bill has passed the New Jersey Leg
islature providing that any negro or mu
latto going into that State and remaining
ten days, shall betransported to Liberia
or some Island in the West Indies where
slavery does not exist—the expense, not
exceeding $4O in each ease, to be paid by
the Governor.
The bark American, which arrived at
Philadelphia on Tuesday, reports that the
rebel privateer Retribution is pos4ively
reveling in prises. She has oaptered a
number of Amerisan vessels, run them
ashore, and sold their cargoes.
Secretary Chase,it is said,bas received
from a celebrated banking firm in Ger
many an offer of a loan of $100,000,000
worth of bonds, at something above par in
nazi rosemr.
Lei ClAllialiks bona of des& la war,
Lad Itlastrels tea. Orb soft
A nobler tibias my heart It Alb—
la sobs of limmies sistailiss Pub
lw boss sae bead us ovary bed
-1114 Rusles see Atries awl
?bar 1 / 1 11.1411110/1
halsood by Iliaboca's
Don 41sous / 44 sot tiosbt
TiM Osorwo/mg oomposool will oostoit tt oot,
M oplo poor mien ill,
U ol Am to limoors
=rildle for dll—bo* old dad youski
psaw en as s• tea=
Diaries disammtil--s• lemays
Maw we are Mims' with Zianset's
cr It up with Illaglisk flpuslak, Germs sad Praia
diesetleia Ides Swats per box. /star mast Ise
ea Wad page. Tor sae by ardsVabl
They 'with strostimat ISt lavieotabs
They stasta • Itaaltby sppatli
They saw sa sathlott to Awes of luster sad dirt.
mor everems• elbsto of 4111 d is sad Ista 1104014
They Use maws lad eiglivss lbw Wed.
?joy petriont altwatilis sad tatintitaist boom
They p. tie brss* sad oddity etas atesseds
Tim, wars Dysporls sad Clowt•pailim.
They ours Diardras, Motets sad Clothes Idoebss
TINT ooze Lbw Complaint sad Morrow ilasaitato.
They aro Na beet Wawa la the maid. They mike the
weak me Asia& sad see eabethebed sane% great pa.
seam. They no nib elpeue lL Cloaks Li" the eale
bathed Collage Deethallethasi bid^ ail 4 see tebea all
Ow pleasure el aMalmo stead Nisei is sue or lino
el day. Pssiloodatembig to gelleile pews
reveirthp a geatheelemehat. lad by all Geessee,Dreg
gkils, Beadisesel Selesea P. N. DIA= 100.,
jethi to theeeaway, lf. T.
Ds. Tabus IL asses, it Ilertmoath„ Uses blea4.
says ofUS treaty-saves years' imipss this ased
bias. beano Ws bellet not le very ire ebb valid the
Pliplelesta serviase be smiled U Pills Iran
preoptly wed la lb. Getty obese of abeam."
J. J. Owe. publisher et tba Dean, at Boulairios,
ars :—"Brastholi's PUbmsesed M at Dyspepsia tribe
way other beau had 044 sea I was basally gives lip
by wry physteleas sad fl de."
The sear Issaleseay le ebbs by N. Buse. Nee s tbs
barn ewes. at WUllembarg, sad thintsebb of elbow.
Ilettbsie bulb are well Mows; la fall doses there la
se ewer Impairs; le Mart orbs lbw sat as a goals
tillnahrk Maw sublvesees Sad pari4teig Um Wood.—
They are rimy ay airing theeeimia irks an assased br
eueble that biessed eissflabe was used. Marital
Mae, tw CLUAL sugar, lint Y.*.
said by Dr. L. anions. iris, sad by all mepestabie &e
-lm le _.ebbs. jaal-tai
UfnaTAIILIC 1111101 U 1V
11' 13 NOT !DYE, but restores gray bait tirihe origi
rd eons r by ssp Allay the cdohlary taboo will Wand
sesftwasee, Mpirmil by sip or disown W lastsasoas
bars on sonywowt se Lamar emistie, destssytag tbe ti.
tally sod Pasty DI the halsoust aisell of thepoolve•
less insalag. Itsinstnet's Wadable Conslot set oats
inlisets barn es mend ease, by ea any preens, but
item tbe lilt a LIMINANT BEIM% pommotss Its
pow*, plonk
its .w. st, swadienis Essand4, sad
Insets bawl& said pousabsess te the Met It Ma
Mon Ae test of Use, Wag the original Fisk Cohirtag,
Ind V ootwitsatil laanialsig is ken. Used by boil
patlonsi ad Wks. It is sold by MI respeetabh Ass&
sr; se saw Is rowed by Ws of tb• esamsedsl
sin% D. 16 lams hCo ,101 inedwar, If. T. Two
*as. 40 ants std jsaMILIM
As 4 s Peditv • sad apsollillismety aK Disesses of Os
Gm* 10“117.
Olio& Irealcomy
all essios of So I:Maw ,
See Alreetbelead t tact er bitessa. at It out,
mil be the lbabbout
lew-40m Ulf 00mrzierzrra
= TiAlbiM 111111ZNOS f ff ai mprj r d ote
oulls as madm= w =lbsa. ohm
Assimsbi by lbr. Mews,
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_sl WAs mermicas ILLSOLVM.
sa4 Is err momthe plam WA Mier Dym.
misomMe holliiThom IA
bor. Ism ilmmurlisloi sell iimaik,
OM* roil glob Ihe psalm. ....W. ebbe eir
bobs% wan MI wi41104rp4, 14. N . i_ _ i
_pisdesw e ie
/WWI& $141" ai4 $1 per Se
Orisiadowirs Hair Preeenigh , e,
IN tovellembls wlth No Ille,as It Wpm* Ow Missal ma •
= tkii susibersibitibm. oad gnu Manly Is t&•
aim a es* SI sad illor WU% smieraAl ei.4 6 iim.•
This biblikdd setiale for prosereisi and
besetlfpleg tb. hums& late begets put ap by the oriel.
eel gitsprider, sad is sow owls with the ruse cant, eliW
sod 'Maks, wbbisdrst Motel its leassesee sod ow
peesedeeked sibs of level ogre saillkin bottle. ao woolly 1 it
le dill sold ell ld bats b belle bottler Two million bet
ties on ewes bomb le • pees vibes it is again beows
Ikeit b not only thip loose delightlal hear
Ittesittag la the world, be that it cieetowe lb. scalp of
sent and dandrelf, gives the hair • livelbrish, le nazism
growth, sad poneets it front foreleg gray ?WWII eve
1101144111f141111211 word knowing. The ILatkelron ban bees
tested isir over twelve yews, sod is waresetod as deal
bed. eoy heilly wits weenie beestidel heed of Mir will
ass the gatkolree. It b Seely performed, damp wad eel
eikke. It is sold by LS respectable dale.* throughout
Iles world. D. S. SARNO k CO.,
Awe New York.
- f -
Dd. 701111/18" 1011111 API LI NI SAM
Bee Owen noire/teal satiabatioe doing tbe 14
ribs it bib been lotrodisood Ia o the United States. af
ter being tried by saillioas, it has been proel tho
Pia destnerer of Übe world. Pain ..wool be o loos this
Ilebsset b Sfellet If said dirsetsd It samba and
DIM% hate felled la a Waite hastened. For selds, coughs
sod blooms, It weal bie best. Oise Si met bottle will
sore ell tbe above, bctides Wag aside, in every family
for maim saslll.sto sack se bona, eats, scalds, issect
Wag; be. It IA priestly insocoat to take internally,
sad *se be Orem to the oldest perms or yoaegeet child.
Prime 1111 astie mote a bottle Mae SS Coarthordt St.,
Nil* York Sold by all Draggiste. ste7-4w.
Ire 'sallow miry' Y lOC 4
The advertiser hewing bees restored to h knit in
• few weeica, by a very wimple reeled, Attu basis; suffered
=yaws with • severe lase &libation, sad that dread
le s=loe. to undo 'mows to his
Wiens-= .— witswo ci ears
To all who &sin It, he will seed a copy of the prr
seriptkre seed (tree of charge), with the directions for
reparlog sad seise the saws, which they will find
The wily object et the advertieer essidiair therrertrip;
Doe I. to beaelt the aftliated, aad spread latereastkiE
whichQbe ill coaceives to toe laminable, sod he hope, orrery
ealereticr try his rem as seedy, it will cost thew &ottani,
sad sookeprove • Istewriag.
Eiscp Comedy, Kew Tod.
DILI BIZ —With jeosoa, I
1 1ralt to say to the madam of your paper thib I will mad
by Mara mel to all who wish It, (free,) a iteelpe, with
fell dandiest for essktff and SAWS Idkr Vitestabl•
Baba, that will die ear, names, la 40 gait, Pimples,
Blotches, Tan, lredkles, lad all lapsed/ e of the dkia,
Warta( tie seas soft, dear, smooth and beantilal.
I sin also man ft* to those having Bald Mends or
Bare Agee, simple dlreetisme and Informatloo that will
enable them to start a fell growth of Lassulea si *
Whiskeys, or a Wonstarbe, hi less than 30 days:
palmettoes answered Winn wail without eb
NeepeettaU7 you%
Tam. T. CHAPYLX, Chemist,
rho. $3l Broadway; New York.
iruoor/Se v iau Wit MO'
However revere, way b. alleviated mad cared
by the am et Salaam Woe ruder. Curative siassig:
Tide lamilailbte medicine peewees" the extraordinary
power of re/awing imezediseely Whooping Cough, DUl
catty of Smatlnee, Hoerseoese, Suakinees sad Tickling
el the Throat. It loomei, the Pliers, and wiU be Seed
to be eery terweable to a taste. It is not a violent
remedy, b emolieut— warm, marebtag sad east 1 re.
dea be •a by the oldest person, or yawned at d.
For by all dragnets, at 11 and II eta. per bottle.
w zi
10k cularstist ARID ILXIMIIII•
KOOS OW A .TIMPIO 111A1 1 1.—A
baeiti t bees sand Use notalto of early sr
nor and dims" , from et et 1111101M41141011, mend
to those who request it, aso of tks abort, hit/westing
sarredire, pabliabarl by This little book is do.
so a ~nisi sod to wing masa and those
il li rr i sollbr fr om thinvocis D , t or linsioar,
PasocariThilsosir, kr-, as , ispolylog at the same Weis
the mesas of self curs Sinele copies wUI be seat ander
seal to a plain savatups,— graham'', charge,—to ay who
renown it, by sadressing this author, _
CHAS. A. Lkkitakil, los,
ausifireTag. taressipoist,Long blood. if. T.
Oa .ad after Agee let. the pace of rte. hobo Woe
will be edema/ Irtfty Ca. volume. Two
that deta, the sale of pera t from No.. 1 to 24, will be de.
maltase& Beek Me At iteliellioo Record" will be
sold oat, la Wows Porshassre sad Weathers who
bare set tesspleSed the tour soh,. toast st owe do so.
The week witiosettrae to be petals/ad lo at 10
seats—each put Inseasted with two po teen steel.
Telmer V. will sestpriss was porta. icultL
THE RANO has boss ostoofidvsly maid in this arid .thee
aosaltrlos, sad is approvedCov-tte
This Coale oralipw , e• favorably with, and Li by way
prollortod to Rio sod Jays t aad lo
a l IA dead pot up la Tim foil paper to lib path* •
tk labels that read—
" =LEW
la lb* oustrr
Observe 14
tt4 bet parrilcalm
4 are patUartip
:. • p
an inferior ar
ticle, to re
/4=W the
law permits.
of which is a
eat of • Lady
bolding I cof
fee pot. Tbe
Wien &11l red *
yore amid I lee
sad are
It is peeked la white wood boxes of 60 lbs. each; also
I, balk la kip sad barrels. Also os head,
Of Pastier sailAty, la Tlit Foil papers sad bozos ;rid
to Sea*.
Dealers wUI please send for Circulars and List of
Orden' by somil or Express promptly executed.
L. P. HDLNAN, 36 Rerrlsou
Sole Argot for the United States. New Tort.
;, / td-kgj
*l‘P4'/ ofyienize
COMM or YAM IlifilOZCA gnizzls,
Is as islyselsoi Uak ill the gnat shout of NAtIaIIIAL
issacwovna posAsess. 1 hi Ow bilowla I attest
osomoo, sAurr Loms Aso Tosoliso.
• liamilasehlip Immod (mei R.. Coeheirop
slits the bedew to snood either or sill the•Collegee
be as ualladied them
Tb• &Ws. 01 (bees loodalattooo, to=
to you, am awl ladles, • thoroggri, practice/
Thema Oa" ssome are orgaanied and emedneted upon
a bade whisk mist mime to asap unto lastitatioa
the beat penal,Utile ter imparting a thoinsigh ma
al edamtlea, amireader It aa Mwhole, the woe
eampreimenve sad complete menial la UM country.
Illeak.llLempiamia its depantaimeta,Taleipapidiie,
Ommisecial Law, Commercial Arithmetic andeoman
shi, are taught la the most thorough and pmetleal
TM Ilpenieerinis Bimini et Penumanktp, is
tsl==c7 , l sad a i r s x
lr =ii . egad: sec
=n l incial Y st Enialo r. Bt . .
For halm lararaintles4 p;oes• neE Colkels ,
Roar" cee 89ad for Catelers• sad Clinalar enclosing
kilns damp. Address
‘lllll3o. N. T.
Letters Tionenestary oa tail Notate ot Salaam
deemed, late of Ways, tewashtp, trio 0o 1%
, ,
lia_ iii;w il lemrited to the aaderaiened dl p. is.
*NW to setae us 1 sallied to
ottlioat at y. aad ail pumas claim ea=
estate to mead the lass duty authenticated tot settlt
neat. BLUR Plinin,
Wayne, Ilniali 11, Ilitirouillvi, Iltatestoti of hoed.
He ms mbilegbor b. w,., to w Osaka r Ups
wn of Ms tAA Risky tMy have
nig to ida *Wog no pima II yews. Ho ram
wtabirs te buy
80,000 11 II BHELBI
AM it All tils *Alry the Idgbast ioutst pk.
Br* ed. 4-412. Cul"
11 1104111•111.1 MAW, II
Maur, Pork, Beef, Salt, Grain
11,3ra0 Moak
Atom Sifie and MO os, P. 4
GMAT "LIZOICAZ 11.110111
H[LYBOLry el NA ritAc
A rc►s/rns 1110 Priam IMMOT
/ILI 0011. KID/ft/S, , 01A /EL AND 010?
isodictse lacrosse' limo paper of lis t ,
suing no AYtlOttiClFl,l Isle hieettloy salsa.
well se pais sad ladassessilloos, sad Is
c fro. Ewer" Habits or Mslllatios,
hodiorrotion or obese,
• to 111Ortion, Lose el
of Memory,
W Nemo, TombLiag.
• nor of Dhieers, Wabobilasa
Dimas of V Pala la *el
traiverval Lesid i tte of the Floolatai of
;soot , Systtm
Tet f-M
01 0 L memami.
firYaese of the Ma.
Thew qmptosos, If aDovel to p os,vbbii
invariably reloorso, Imes bOov
to In ono of *bid' tbe ma alio- motto ea
dull tbey are net y Ibllowed by th
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Yaw" aro aware at Ow awe of
mow .111 confess. The
and ~ rwswato=m
wi= to the =Um
The Constitution' Ono* ASlnctO
I organic Weakness,
lioquirva tbo aid of median* •o .7
ate the a) Min, azz,msow = 60 1. ,
invariably does. A trial t9l.
fa teeny aßectloae peculiar to AMNIA/ the
Bache V aseiealled by say other reausity,ar '
eta et Reteatioa, Irregaiatita.
or theOtitoost7 Bioorated
state alio Uterus, Loosortliso or VWts s.
ail compLatata taeldert to the arci,
from bolimrelloa, Sibiu of DtiapaLios. es is the
Take DO Bs.lsom, Moreary or Usploorsot
L'oplossont sod Dasworoos Diarorro.
la all thtlx stages; at lane esprore; Little u p amp
Itemises frequent desire, sag gives striae& to Grim
thereby removihg obrtrustiosks, prinestiNg sad aril
Strictures of the - Urethra, a/layiss pats sad WWII
tips, su trei l usut th this class of atmesisse sad swag
PIJ/50:10US, E 4 S E.D 4 'OAS OUT 114 Tm
fltifiliat 9•310,
Awl who have paid HRAVY IMPS to be wed ins ant
Um, have found elm were deiteirsd, Ya a ti
ton" has, by th use of "Vowswfal"
dried up is lb. to brook out lir ani ampluent
form, and
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Tnii 111141NAKT 0111151• PIS,
Whether existing in MAILS or
7if4LA from rim
ewer mass oseginolin& sad no mnelier
Dismisses of than Ilagaas main Um aid of Drumm
Aid It 1, certain to hove the &mind Whet ia ell Gs
awe, for abash it Is recoassasaasd.
Imbold's Highly Coacasttisted Compimind
• ,
Fluid "Extract Sarsaparilla.,
Ma le as ' Ylketipa of the litLocmi;aad atiasks
Orpark, Wangs of the New, Sere. Thews. Vivi
pip., sad other Mumma hasher, nab% he=
In ate fora el Ulcers. Mehire sduA
ratlike Ilte Mood, sod risommis ail la* Ided
UN Shia pia/ telltale Oneeithethele• Me,
Color. lt
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to a matey .seat the& uky other paperatioa d hr
Kebab*ld'd .11. a• Weak.
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Organs, wising boo Wits cor diesiptalos. cued li els•
mottos wits, the Iltettecie "Melts sad Illateepasinkl ,
such disece•Mas recommended.
trilidede ed tb• wit rforwiAt sad Pi/With drier
ter will &magma/ the meaciaes.
MWight to twisty you" etsaremp,lrttli sumo kern
itNel AND /AMC
Oft Medici! Rosalie. of IWCWI/, Dispasstarl
limited Masa.
See Prodeesor Write: rideable works oa tbe hec
tic* of Physic. t .
Gee roomette aced. try the We allebrated Dr. PSI
SILL. PlaDarkallphia.
asa•ramsrlea made 17 Dr. BPAtRALIC IirJ)OWILL.
a celebrated il'ivoluisa Illoshast Ike noel °my
of thirgosse. treissd. and pabilebeit la tie Ibarmeetleei
of tie EU; sad Quesn'a toirsaa.
• Ise diertioe-Clumigini Beef" published la It
MIN TR/ Yield, renew the floysi College of ler
S h e. moat of the bite Steadied Works as Diedicise.
irniturr Boom SI OM pee bottle, or 6 for 16 •
liaaaataiuu.a, 100 • • ..01
Wean= Zoo Wean, ,1 60 • • &
Or bait ft dress of,asel lee 111 00. Wee will be 0
sleet to eine the nest obetbrille elm& if direetieee
adbered to.
DsUnroll tory s4diess, spearoly peeked from door
ler Den.Kreciotome Ia eoesieasiestioes —
Ceres geimielecd. Advice yetis.
Peamealy appeared beide Jae aa Algoma. 0 ( tha
etty of Plilladelphia. R. T. 9tu.ot , who. beteg lab
neon. *Mb mg, bM reganiblvae eestala is asreelk
ew saingary, or eilter bejetimee' dray, oat are
vegetable. T. Mil le
Sawa lad sabearlbed bean .., Ws 1 1 % , 1 A1 ( 2 g r
ember. lOW Wit. P.
/atm" Xiattrateett. abeamltae. MI 6
Aolltres• Lettere for lallaseagala la
B. T. 1114.11)0 1"
Depot lee teetb teatlanekeelt, below I. ea&
1111MAIlit Or TPOT IZ
Wbo eavor r diegese .0P 111112 0 t.s' tad
" other" slat , ea taw repatatket indeed by
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" tattiest Swim
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Lueereved law Peal&
Sold by ailDreggteb everylaeek.
Oat eat Mee advertimmeal. sad seed tot It. g m
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