The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 28, 1863, Image 1

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!erAlrg 81 KELT, tef4l . 4lTh. Till Y .sT
OFFICE, ik.Ftlr, 11,KK A
Ti •nbaeriber4, In &dirt:leo
01 twenty-114r 816.—Glum of tlftv S4,J, •nd
i. , for larvae Club*,
Fir Trek . * or 11•401121• Ar • v i U.lllll
one wink, i On. Nunn. 3 months $ 3 0'
•.I w .. `• lAu ,/ri. o ‘4.
• Int* , tic,* • 4:_
7-• I $
ntl • P. •,
sj Total
” O
2k) $ - u, G mouths,
' • •' 3 mootha,lolo.
.• Dmort•• u tta. .1•• at
Ft per
,aca 1,. hi...400*r. '..r k • au
elti, A na t: !aorta •h • .•1.• gio
and tw . tr— K .
au. yetial
t a. Out ti
, t tal
r ai,..141r4
Ira ‘, , ,*rn , 1 ,• •-• alt.“.•• I t•iOlf141. pmarrr,
• 3.3 • • ••i el.arra
Ir. pr
ti.n. t . • 1: , t•t b•••
• I
at 1•••• • 1•••.t,...u•r0t0 re•lalrr.l a ajyanaa..._
. •
early mattlerttaluz .1., k
/i.l2All' • 1 1 0.11C904,1
%% t r)t BICE:CUT,
rub tallr•ri
J ti 1 tizacut
_ -
riff 1.0 moot, TT,
J01T14J11...r TOR
k, tot* -c I.lflll and
t 6fl Is It 1101'..E.
k &ILA •4 ••A. H. arg. l'•.,
is I.,rtat..r rb,. Hutuee
prement sgiram,u, haa andarcAia
••• y • CIIIILICtI sad bon, tboroutibly HE NOV ATKIt
b 1 ri Li) We d , el o ,malhh..t that a. fa nay nut
114 au State fur the comforts wail cosataica
. y•rtalo to a First Clam Holed tahlB
It. '.. l'll'l/111KI" &r
UlitouraaLa Gaocaita, sad baslere In
and Itaportrd WlLwa aid Liquor*, also Sagan,
Fra.4oiall, , Ott, and Apm to, Molds BORalu
, a. I sod 1 (ouluaor,m) Buildinga, Nortit aide o
Erie. Pa.
411 F. C. REID,
Tio/%NWT •XI. Col , SKLLOR AT LA w
• Oa'ag 114.111.1. We puttee of Liaptuleaakp
• be found at 1.1.. o fli,c, • u F r•-larh
• .1 eerier 01 t'4' ftre .1,0 6, 61.
1 ( )Iiiti:•4 1 )Nt111USE.
Market street- vv..y as re 0.11... t ul
r 4 tehan .ce. Warren, Pa. '2' , -17
rtt•AK 14 ,, o1( 1l AACP/WTCI4III,
, tnry of RIISaPTIIK k, Prue. Pa
‘k 1N r. 1V I I
ITTORNET k CorktiN. ^x di I Air. Erie IN.—
near the in the A 113e111121
•.•nd e tnry the I e , 11p04.1 k
ter. He will ialerayr e. toond in bin Ake*, and
pkuckULlly itt.43,1,1 In
• I(4l.iii H. CUTI. UK.
ATTOPLXIIT AT Nits. 1, F.:e County.,
other baste... attarulw.l to with
..... %h..]
_ -
.e *.F: J. MORTON.
FOll7 • PIUI /(11 p 3,1 C.onmouion Merchant,
kNek, Frio, dealer in Coal, Salt, Flour and
. az CO.,
WHOLIIIALI DEALki.. .;14.,^Kfut•
. street, Nin 7 Finoinell
MN II t if.C4 & CO.,
VOIMARDING t.nd l .11111.11.10, tirrcharts,
Cawkl, Flew, Flah. and hoot tnr of
1..11., Pahlie RH«. Is
Arrow(it tt I or-- remove.! to
•,11.1111 w 114 tof Ate. e , Inert, uu the flora, etde of the
p•:r I'&.
K. DOW 7 , 111,411.
Artolll.llr7 AT 1.4.11 AND 3( 4T ICk.of ?IS
el, MI ill practice In th. ...rernloourto of F Ha. Cm, ttt•,
;'Tr prowl. t and fiztkr,d•tu.,itte. tf, yll n u , nv . en
-I.lto bit hunt', either tut •ri A tturtry or Magistrate
r .111, In Km{ irt rk, cornet rd Stet* and Filth
I t11)Xl.1 ! ei .1%11%11,
•lorr•oTr R Ito co..t.oktia t.r. tar*, Rot:writ.
situ r. -0: }tot 4.2. 1671,
• .• 11
%MORD at
1 11 1•Liki Iv (;04.4., srlyrr 4••11 SoLes,
• 6 k , Du thv
Ant 46.1 LI 011/1111
t t t. 1:.• 4
Ft.rret.ioul P..tins.',ltn.a Ti R
" i • rt•Jr X..
L .U7l or nr rliht hodoi_
la.a an 114/4.14 s.l lour
t. Pubite Dot 1, Cr to Yu 61
Pf ‘t -Tv%
U 113 elneka, Watches, Flu. Jon
he, Plated Ware, I re,kin4
t err and Fancy C .a, Partki ,n Building,
4 e.l Park near Peas h rt.
bautedwur .(eloutit ¢ " , , , erfedr-,
li.XT•IL I , kt Gd;:rlT. d block,
„ t nn, Po-, i)daMoi ILI P. tii:n, Latnt.bed,,
t.A.1.01, U 4.o . ing a.
. 4.
krrukAkr L•W dth - eget,
„ . ..... l,urt liottilo, • ; a
t ti
dUNTINT, (r.. .?. ,G s. ~,
• L ,t Crik, 1..,
• L LI: J. M A I; V I
CU( :`4.4.L 1.1.11t*. A'l' L4VI
I I' l' at agon Itic, •k, zwar In
• g r, .r tht 1111. : , 41tille, }./m, •
LI Ll ki.t. II Ut !.16
p R1,,1 .1, 1 . 10; I .4
let vikr
IitAJILOYLLLIt J arlto• •
- tun, of Bank Ho Ak,. 1'',6441
tglt.C4l,, Mato Wert
11/11LNLALEI .1 CO
LL, ~ b.
• at, .
N.revt. Lr.e, I ‘. ,Aarct...l4l-443
kU 1101 SE,
/14/Ik, .1.11 (KILL, I'mprirt,a
{I.OPLA Or U.l4llllol.l lo iluill Lay., .rety attention,
/may &cwt./a,* t ircall
, LltEkt 8t 4111.1,0 N,
roavrakorsu It C010114510} YlYCe♦are,
4 a:, (louse, Public buck, Last of State :51rert la
+Jou* at Ball li..wd t, roealug, kixte, l•ealer•
4 / 4 , lour, Paster, Water Lane, Se.
• —Caro :alining to and from Cabal Ware How.
/1004 E,
Job• HR•LT, I r ,, pnet..r Gomel u
Thirl3treete, limmarltatnn tr.allOg the Lap
I'a. Terms rvawohabwo , accommodation
the treat Hotel la the eLty , tuw liar aI a I,
4 with the e4acc•t
WIIuI..I4I•LY •.vit RieT . 1 .RAI
••• Wu Frv•iitioel hlwur &od Fred , 11 0 ,, Is I/ • I
door `out!. of k t tor,
• • LIZ,I
Ir l t till SOl L (
ht., %At, ....11.1 , LALL111..
.1 14111 Creek. lJ
P ir.rtniarg,
11:4..41 - In •lAL•ourly ,
inpor, 11 &guinea, SiewnpaFol ., ,ar. Country tioao•rs
wt rq4 , r• Under Brown', tiotr,trotinue the Yart
NGII WElp4&s
kiAkIIRK ql!lor,.SULloo •
P...{. Odic*. -
•ttt. bed, where i ron tien,n an
. o, wwwlves withuot being anno)rat tor .11.wordw, if
BAJICIL •NU Cua 1C710216) 3 / 4 Wlatwenta:t•
NhitZer i Caudle, tsar-Arm Catitea, kc., "el'y
• li•Jupry," beat tof uor of bilk anti late •tzveta,
• iuus6-1,1
sr•sr o. 3d &ad Market ,10 , fi at I , t/ I
5,0,1 wetl•tistswu I,ogiss as :At« 1 up ,a
cet e r , ,,•d scyl- lLs actualliao.l• 14.
aza tits ts. ins rsoss.ustb,s. 11 is in sat.
yatt at We wt.) and Itil.rda "us ~ 1 (Its
Cwt s k i o Lui place' lit tae Country 1.44 oar.
1.. l;a(:GIP4,
OT •lIT Yrlll.lo A.Yu Gad CVLI.LetING
'et1 1 4 , 1( . 1, socrt. lot Icebloni 1,14144,-11
pruinytly atte 1 , 4 d to Arp.wations :or
, and Polk!. a Imicted wanout delay, to
Vinot !!lock, noen-r nr
• * l 44etreeta„ Erie, Pa nov.r.rnlif
rus, ►Y7II•
I" & DA VIA,
A rr oar r. S AT Law. CLessu u
Feb. i b-37 '6l
IieNNEDY tft:
oxtr.,./Liti.kai A • Lt cru..ll y T•
- c ru 1111, ).
14 , 4 012 fit.'t %trawl, hoar eau,:
&pi 1.1!Ily I 3
rts I . F.I.I.ItITT ".UN•
t.'4 aTr tit
;. •3. 3.- ' 4 % 1 W./ gob/1131,
(. ‘tt l lltl.o H tH•i.
o'r.A.ilr•cit 'he T. 4., • 1...; , urat • 'tire. 1
tl.• U•rit•l, 11 10-1
r.A . RI
EU. 1101.4 x,
J Warren, Y. sr • 1, i
pug 7'89
It 1114,11 at W (ROHN.
}OIW•CIPXU uX1111111.u• 141111CU•Nrat
•r: b rt. eouttt• l'• ,by A tlat. 9 l. It ft WR.
5•• .•.I,Ast.t, Ir. r., .1. 11.:1,1 Itt•lne,l Petry-
Ali labd. of :Aiktikiarag ALL. 011 011, 1.141. , , n• Sat
•110R3IT AT LAW, Harrisburg, Pa.
a hard ativot, opp..alt• Us Coaaty AL
Boots and Shoes !
TLa t • s ave., .4 CI he ontoloeted be WW.
iote returoo-d t •'rte with a view to brace:am a pet - -
inane:A r.'•dlro t and trades to the trade tenet ally
wed to ha a d fl lauds. an Itivitattoe t• wall sad •Itlal/tI
LDa .11,, • t
r al- Wee' C , .rn•r ~f the Park •nd Peach Stre,t
5,14 It EtilE, l'A
i'ittopF. , F.rlM
t.,A hunity 4:attisztla lu
a.. A orld,u•••4 twenty 'ears
I.IV k: 1111.UONS
ut p•-•-ong aunuary; always
Are astieketion ; contains
notb'ne patron
ised by tb« I rtnripal t hy-i•
tins in the UNlng , rlr
gamily ea •ted with sugar
laarge.l 111121.4 . 46 COWL. ; by.
Hoxeo one dollar. Pull di
reet,us with teach
Warranted superior to nay
Pll'a ..tore taw public.
E It / 4 I CK'S
- -
Core to See bouts, pains aad was/Lases of the briast, tide
end back. and Ithrumattc complalots abort
periods of time - preed so ban Will wirtio t its . skin,
thotr tier sublets the wearer to so twouvikotepos, L ad
each one wtl. wear from os• weak to Owe* so • tbs.--
Price l8}( pent*.
Hermit's ritgar Coated I Ills end Kid Plasters We sold
hr Drugetata and Merchaute in all parts of the Dotted
.tataa, Canada+ and South /anthers, and ay be Obtautai
by calling for them by their fall eaubs.
wire'ly 1 Dr. L. ft. Li CERICK t Co., /.1 Nay. N. T.
I'lTTi6[ KAi, P,. Roru•r of Pena •nd Kt C-tir qt.
THE Lurveht Om:mem-lel 4chool of the
r,l t. t.., with a patzvnar. t f u•ar/y 3.04111
N•tudent•, and thr only
nn" q eqmpirte. led re:talkie lesstnacthe In
ake Via t
Menu/ /6 l Vawdruwren, :teem Beal, Rat' Rime( •w/
/Ilea Book 6opten4/.
F 110. T Plni3l LL:3/1
au I ilituust mai Ptionum•hip tido, Suit,' lug.
I.g azd Vikt.b.-maties g•nerallf.
4•S 3 • U U F•i. §. fur a Comoasna u Cloerse; Studgabta
.-4 all 4 rest! • t and tllia44l r•P 1101111 ., at 11.0•0%,
t tit , qgve of err 1,11/11111, 3peCiOll.ol3ll et •416144111 lad
Ornamental hrosiattahip, east • beastlier College rue or
• square fe.4, to.,tal alert • rain variety of Krttlarg, Let-
Ar.l Viutirishtog, inclose 'it beets le sleeps to the
f'rivcipaL s JZNKINA t MUTH,
ti.4,1111.c. I r Pillsbury, Ps.
Fl NC>. , r t et T C. Ai..l/73ecy
I 1 ( 081 ()RI TII.D 1547 n CAPITAL 11.50,004
H Billf kit:4. I not 0. C. WAITE, &ley.
N ItA NCE in the above old and
able. Companit. MA be obtalutli on wttaitton to
mart R. W. RI:MILL, Agent.
dr' -- 44 .
VITO. aCTuR IN THE Wultl.l)
I) ILIA. 1 - t'A \ E rhAcruti .iti eurr vretbdi el an
Liss •
.1 la} 'S VX rkiA cruet atU aatgfata ail ea tera^i
kallaknacustt , Oo
• LAY rA I EXTRAcTO"! pr.v. ut ALIA .le•tr”y
;ALLEY cure bw.ue .1 al.
iJALLY • " PAIS I...XTRACI , .k IMOLA Waters free 11
pain Gr mark.
I).ti LI rz.4 PAIR F.XTRACTOR oeutralfsea &II Poasons
iut,... b• Animals, Insects or Reptiwia.
• ?Ail% EXTRACTOR will cu'lru broken Orr Asia,
Sun, Slpplyi,Pliee, Lc.
()ALIA:J . S EXTIiAI7UR will cure "twit Rikeelu,
serJ, , ulA, Heed
I PAIN EXTRACTOR will raze whipped hadds,
eb,lllns, he
D A I.LEY I - Al i.XTKACTOR will cute Corot, Col.rtma
dee, L leers, Warts. BoUs, &e.
Ho lloweekeeper abould over to without a box bee
dr lor now. The timely um of laffiltigle boz may prove of
more ?al.. than 160 tanwa Ita wet.
Parents I— have a eon in the Aram, nand him
a dos : Dallsy•• Peon Estrectur. It may be ti
of ea•io.; tos lite, or the Weida comrade,' for ft will sore
wound. o: kieds without pale Try t he experiment;
if Its does oat tteo It. it will cost y on but tittle.
Paster. !—lf you have a dear Brother In the krniy,
send him a Box Ltallay's Pala IC:troche I lot it will
rule wound. of .11 kind*, and it may be tht.ll.lolllllolsay.
it your brother's We.
Da fights. rie I—Hav• you a foredoom in thu /my, who
is dearer to )uu than Ills itself • Bond him a Sus of Bal
my'. Kt tractor. It will cure wonnda of all kinds,
and ps-v.nt infiemasathsa, and may bother mama of ast
his life
Reader !—lf you have a friend in the Army,esnd kim
a hoe thslley'• Magical Pam Bxtractor llt may be the
means of ...ring a hie. If you have no tonvenienee for
Rending It, send It by mail. It will omit you but 9 cents
oetmge for a 23 ct Sue; and in like proportion for 60 ct
and sl,w Box. Th. large boxer eontaft mons for the
money tlmu tLe 2t ct.
Notice —Toe! 1/ A LLEY'S 1f 4GICAL P LIN RITRAC•
via lei" do sll arid even more than we claim It will, W.
Mee to Dr. V ALEN TIN E, MUTT, and hundpoda of other
vroinept Yhy.icians and Surgeons, boobies millions of
1,..p1e etc over the WWI. who bees peed the LAU-actor
'I. err milling rem rent for the past 90 veers.
,ale by all Draggling, Lad by
11.4 I. L. dr. it CCILIEL, Assuan
318 Greenirteit Street, New fork,
Who 4n....a,d a Sox or either sass, Postage paid, to any
4 ,1.1.,••• ,11 the United etates, on receipt, o money or 10
Post r amps. aal eta. for the sisal! Mee, or bit orate
Ch BLO. or the toediuln and WTI Edina
the variety of new style Bed
of Gothic. t otters, Courses, Round
crvoi..toft, Jenny Lind and other palterer, with
serpentine and strait tont, handsomely veneered Bur.ausi,
Lat.-ninon, Breakfast, Centro and debar Teaks.
Whatit. to. Quoter Btaads, Carpet and Pai=Et
au'r lie • •. Hale •ed Bee crap Mattramosa,
and lictess , otth is her nousehold tnreftro, .11
san fkr•turrd (pm well measeto lumbar and bovlthr
1104..6 ~ b. expo isnot./ workmen and not by appi4 retina
•t, le , quality and low prima 1 will 6e47 oven
two•rrlor dialers to undersell tee. risathorr boner,t and
ane oral. l'arlor, Neoromn, Kochi , 7, rowing.
N; woo and other theirs, • ( Eaatern and Western OnDia•
dictum, are hickory dolled and glued, making them as
strong ea • o v other pert of the enen,whero gibers made
and ere by DO ISODa.ll4lDribk. Wood
indsor. WK./Ling. Sewing and Norge, are chairs of bard
rror , d rounilocisechod through the vest amid clued, war.
reutael t , , stand. ilandeosois painted, sad caul be No.
tom f.t . strength, price a , ,d dash. Spin( Bevis I tam
1170 . :31.1k, • D,I haws the highest lostinioniale with •
:tot of vices all pods seat on apploatUon. racking
DOA hbt ',wog (toe.
nee years experience sat , contending with an
tort poled too pri.:4l ...ales., i ow detonnia.d to mil
one prise to all, iv. , worth for your pay, and do justice
t a.l oteu is wi.l3 me.
I.tina , ,er, I alb. Sn tugloit. lave .Wck, Crudes/pi Reamed
rm. •t. r Pr,,doce, ke , taloa at fair Coariet TON
it. the rue , , cielt of Stb itti•rt
ru':••• ne. r 41 W
„, q. , ,ufact r and ialemnaD.
4 T
NILT4) l• 1.11 R EsPECTF I'LLY ic
y f hl. n,d trita,a and cinnamon that
he teat!' 11 b., oil mead,
Wbera be lorivetithata to can and *asinine Sits ji
ion .:r. Fits it , ge Is to large sod well esteetett -9
as any in P and be is determined not to be A
undersold. lie has isuit received the largest
stock of
Ever brought to Erie. His motto ls the beet of . geode,
glad' sates, out price. and that the beweet. Er gee&
meet what they are regolorated they may be retheseL
fyi Piet:3 choler Brilliants, 800 yardsoottotaad won
AV Sod dregs goals sta2M wor i 7 It, pest let.
gib% it Y., AL •06
THF 1. ,
• . Ai fFr a zr: 7 ,-
P. .-kRBU(',K.I.E,
u e•sur t cl.,►k¢ a mahißD
sToCK AT N. Pi,
Govirnment Transport Frauds. I
Mr Grimes, uu behalf of the Select Com
mittee of the Senate on transports for the
War Department, has made a report disolowing
heavy frauds perpetrated on the government.
The committee express regret that tie time
allotted to them fur the performance of their
duty was too brief to allow more than an
opening of the vast subject of the employ
ment of transports generally by the quarter
masters of the army or by the agents of the
War Department. The examination of wit
nesses was commenced on the 26th of Decent
ber, and from that date to the 15th of Jas•
nary the cuintuittee devoted their labors prin
cipally to the investigation of the facts re•
:sting to the chartering ,orf trau‘ports fur the
Banks' expedition.
Among the extraordinary developments of
this investigation are the facts relating to one
Charles Coblens, of Baltimore, Md., in whose
business relations with the governmeat, fraud,
bribery, and perjury struggled for the most
prominent place.
This Mr. Coblens is a Prussian by birth, an
!entente by descent, a pealler and a borne
jockey by profession. He is wholly unfamiliar
with commercial pursuits, aside from the sel
ling of Yankee notions at retail, and tea ling
horses by the head, and he testifies that he
can neither read nor write Ruglish. He ad
mit' that he hat already refunded fifteen hun
dred dollars to the goveremeat which bad
been fraudulently obtained upon Wee of
horses by bribing the iespeotor, that he
bribed three of the clerks in Oelouel Belger's
office, and that he bad some eonnAttien with
• sale of damaged corn to the government.
He appeared before the committee as ansef
tensile shipowner, and would now seem to be
• very wealthy person, rejoicing in the pos..
se leioU, in whole or in part, of ten (10) steam
era, three`bargeti, and otghty acres of veluahle
land in the vicinity of Baltimore, though gut
a few months ago he was comparatively a
poor man. The vessels owned in whole or la
part by Mr Coblens are the steamers Patap
ace, Baiuui, re, felegi alai, James Murray,
Lioness, Edwin Forrest, Fairy Queen, Ceell,
Uasweli, and Lily, and the barges Delaware;
)kiss \lary, and John Warner, all of which
arc now it have been under charter to the
The following :4151e, compiled from the tes
tim)ny of Mr. eothena, Mr. Hall. and
Mr Juha F. Pieknit. L and the 'reports of Col.
Br!ger and Gen. Meitit4 exhibits Mr. Coble's.'
tranaacti,ns with the goverttamet in the char
tering et• transports for the War Department :
Name of Vend Cost of Vessel Rate of Barter.
&easier Patapeeo,` $1,200 $B6 psi day.
Baltimore, 21,600 260 "
Telegraph, 7,000 126 ••
•• Jas Murray, 9,833 100 "
•• Lioness, 1,,000 46 ••
•• Ed.'Fcrre.l, 4,600 41) ••
" Fairy Queen, 4.00:: 44 "
•• t 34.) ••
• Haswell, 3,004) 40 "
Lily, sG "
Barge Delaware, 2,600 70 ••
' • Miss Mary, 2,2.50 26 ••
4. Julia Warner, 12 "
Total, $0,183 $947 ••
The rules of arithmetic show that Mr Cob
lens was receiving money from the govern
ment at 'lie rate of Pt:, .;56 per annum on ►
oapual of :. 4 6;:4V`43, which iv equal to 649); per
cent ~o invevtuient.
But Co',lens is not alone in his enterprise
The report says further, that "between Mr.
Coblens and one John F Pickrell, of Balti
more, there ezisted a curious and extraor
dinary partnership, not the least remarkable
feature of which is furnished by the conflict:-
ing testimony of the two persons themselves."
Mr. Coblens testifies under oath that Ur.
Pickrell is his general partner in the boat
business, as well as other business transac•
ticllv with the Quartermaster's department at
Baltimore. Mr. Pickrell testifies under oath
that he Is not Mr. Coblens's general partner
in anything. Coblens says that although he
and Pickrell were general partners there was
no firm name, nu firm signature, and that
ueith was authorized to sign the other's
name. The testimony of the two witnesses
agrees as to one thing, namely : that Coblens
furnished all the money and Pickrell disbursed
it and took half the profits, besides charging
a commission of 3 per cent. on receipts and
'2l percent. on disbursements.
The report says: The committee submit that
a partnership, in which there is no firm and
no common signature, where one party, hav
ing tittle or nothing to begin with, furnishes
all the capital, and within eighteen months
prosecutes a business with the government
yielding ae the rate of $345,664 per annum ;
where the other party invests no capital, but
reoeives half the profits and • large commis
sion on gross receipts and disbursements;
when the party furnishing the capital does
not know how much to be furnished, and
knows nothing at all about the disbursement
of his tends, nor whether he is now worth
anything or is insolvent, and yet is-perfectly
satisfied with the arrangement ; where the
party furnishing the capital cannot ten who
recommended to form snob a partnership, an
when the other party cannot give an maid
ligtbis account of how he ewe to form the
partnership, presents features so astounding
that a jury would not give the slightest ere
dares to the testimony which supports it
The committee are oompelled to believe that
Mr. Coblens is only a oonvenisnt,tool in the
lands of more astute If not more unprincipled
It any turther evidence is needed content
ing the nefarious alliance between Coblone
and Pickrell, it is l'Airliistied In the testimony
t aptsiu William T. Rice, of Baltimore, the
formet impel of the steamer Cecil, of which
more particular mention will be mid* in 11.110
ther place. The only pet son commie:fled with
the government, go far as the cetntail toe have
discovered, vibe enjoyed the boquaintasem of
Mr. Pickrell before the breaking out of the
rebellion, was Mr. John Tucker, lat. A ss i s t
ant Secretary of War, who testifies that he
has known Pickrell sight or nine
years, and
that be has heretofore had business treatise
tient with him. None of the wheelies. seem
to have known Mr. Coblens before the glom
moacement of the war, .and nearly all speak
of him in contemptuous terms, as a person
orno consequenee, whose precise position in
estssection with the transport 'orris* Sr my
Ober business is not divulged.
Mr. Aspasa C. Hall, of Bahilmore, - has played
a %tory conspicuous pert in connection with
the chartering of transport vessels at that
port. Hardly any vessel has been chartered
there during the prat eighteen months that
has not been secured throniti his agency,
and, of those earnings, from Bin to twelve
per cent. has found its ereyi to hie pocket.
During that time it has been understood
among ship owners, agents, and brokers, that
no vessels (mold secure a charter of the quar
termaster at Baltimore, unless she was fferril
by Mr. Hall; and l of thorn testify tlint,
knowing this, they were compelled, much
against their will, to resort to him to do their
So singularly ezeingire was the monopoly
of this business enjoyed by that it at
length attracted the attention of the quarter
master general, who called Col Belgev's at
tenth)n to it by two letters, printed in con
nection with his testimony. Assistant Becre-
I tary Tneker's attention wu also called to it
more than once by Gen. Mettle (ace 06D.
Moles testimony), but neither of these offi
cers seemed to have made special effort to
correct the abuse The eviJence furnished
by Hall himself in hie letter. to Col. Bolger,
throws mush light on the etbeesise intricate
question of his monopoly. lie says, " The
Hon. John Tneker, Areistaalt•iluretary of
War, is aware of, and folly understands the
nutnre of my business transeeeious wish the
soverenteni as an agent for 60 owners and
masters of vessels, and I 'weld respectfully
refer to him for any information that Line
Meigs, Quartermaster-General, may require."
This intimation seems to have put a stop to
further grumbling, and Mr. Holt went on as
prosperously as before.
Amelia, to the "list of esthete chartered
by the's Depot went at Balti
more sine. July 1, 1861, brAktieliel James
Bolger," furnlebed by the •Quartermestorr-
General of the United States Army, of the
200 steamers, brigs, tugs, sektooners, shies.
and barges um ohartered. 168 were shat
tered direetty from Hall; and the testimony
shows that 92 of the remaining 49 were
owned by parties for whom be acted, and
who paid him net less than Sr. per cent. of
the earnings of their respective vessels. The
committee are quite confident that, if their
time had permitted them to pursue the inves
tigation further in this airsick's, it would
have demonstrated that Hali,• in some way,
received a broker's olmmi stun on nearly If
not all the remaining 18 of the 200 vessels
included in this
An namination of the *elision of prises at
which these vessels were chartered will fur
nish data by which to show the *stannous re*
venue derived by Hall, when Mime la—column
tton with the facie abundantly proven, that in
no case was his brokerage eoemassion lees
than five per cent upon the entire earnings
of the vessels, and riegitiffraifekure to
ten and twelve per cent.
The eaminittes have failed to Wooers's any
satisfactory reason why UrII was permitted
to enjoy this monopoly of chartering vessels
There was nothing in his antecedents or
character to jastify it He was a poor man
eighteen months ago, with a character not
wholly above reproach; he is now rich, and
fist growing richer by the resoupt of a Itrge
daily revenue from commissions upoy the
earning* of vessels still in the gotirnment
employment. The bestowal it . i? this Dirge pa
tronsgs almost exclusively upon him cannot
be reeonctled with any theory of strict in
tegrity os the part of government officers.
Although the testimony may not warrant the
conclusion that any officer actually shared
'with him the profits derived from his business,
yet the fact that these officers, who knew all
the circumstances, acquiesced in the continu
ance of this monopoly, should subject them
to the mast severe reprehension, and it Is not
easy. to suppose that motives of charity alone
impelled them to throw such vast sums of
along into his pocket. The monopoly itself
was unjustifiable and blameworthy, but more
especially when it I. known that Hall was ex•
toning exorbitant commissions from the own
ers of vessels for his pretended agency.
It Is no apology for either Mr. Tucker or
Col. Bolger for them to say that they did not
know, until • recent period, that such com
missions were charged,. It was their duty to
exercise at toast ordinary core, attendoa,- and
The testimony of Sir. Hall leads to en ex
amination of . Capt. Richard F. Loper, of Phil
adelphia, whom the committee find to be in
receipt of enormous ues from the char
tering of, triuterts,_derived pulls com
musiou, ree .14.1 u 4 vessels where he acted
at chi same time as ,agent of the government
and agent of the owners, partly from the char
ters of vessels belonging to transportation
companies, of which he is a large stockholder;
partly from vessels owned by himself, and
chartered by or through himself, as govern
ment agent, to the government ; partly from
oolleetions of money due to others on trans
portation account, and partly from his " in
fluents." Mr. Hall testifies that he paid
Loper $13,000 at one time for "getting busi
nese for him." The Dimitiess referred to was
the chartering of several transports for the
MoClillw eapetiitioa. la answer to the goes
uon, "liew mush, in imidttios to wh at you
nave already paid him (Loper), do y?iii con
addict yeursell osier equitable and mercantile
obligstiou to pay hiM Hall replies, " I
*hostel consider myself under obligations to
pay him ono-halt—that is 21 per
,easels *bartered fur the McClellan
Captain Leper is a wealthy man, who di
vides his time between Potioingwa, Cannes
ticut, and this city of Philadelphia, his man
mer rosidouos being in the former plane and
his business princepally in the latter. He is
an eigensive ship builder and snip owner, and
the president of the Philadelphia Swam Pro
peller Company, item/bit:lh he owns sixty or
seventy thousand dollars of stool, and he
wilds for the benefit of the l'hilsdelphil
Steam Propeller Company one-third of the
gtook of the New York Esprees Stisamb‘lat
Company. Capt. Loper says that he
4-neglected everything since the war broke
out bat to bused to and try to assist the gov
ernisent and servo kW eouncry as much as in
him lay." He assured the committee on moo
oral 000ssions that be hod money enough be
fore the war broke out for himself and his
dandies (be had been as agent in furnishing
gesseblottlat trensperts during the Menke.
W, And that ko bag boos situated solely by
Ma •11•1 A C NULL , Of Intl/101e
a desire to ald in crushing "this unostsful
rebellion " \lr. John Tucker assistant
secretary of War, who has eartalely 'known
'him long enough to forte in Opinion of Mal,
attribems to Captain - Loper great purity and
patriotism. Captain Lopees sonnocttisi with
the chartering of transpani for the (sears
meet dories this war onalasseed as early as
April 20, 1881, at whialt dim he was sp.
pointed Assistant Aran of the War Depart
ment by J Edgar Thompson, prod/lest of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Ocespeny. The ':oona
mittee are unable to say by virtue of what
law an "assistant arat of the War Depart
ment" was appoiated, or how the appointing
power came to he lodged In the hands of the
president of the Pennsylvania Railroad Coo
piny. They would refer, however, to the ap
pointment or commission itaelf, whisk pur
ports to have been given by.hir. Thoingson
"in accordance with the antlierity vested fa
me by the Secretary of War," the Ron. Simon
Commeaciag op the 20th of April, 1801, t•
act as • "assistant agent of the War Depart
ment," be comineseed- en the sante day to re
ceive five per cent. commiaeloas on the earn
logs of vesseis chartered by his agency. The
first vessel be took up eau the steamer W.
Whifidia, April 20, 1881, owned by Anthony
Reybold, at $176 per day. (Senate ex. deo.
37, page 2, Thirty seventh Congress, second
sessloe.) Mr Reybuld testifies that the Whill
die remained ie the service under that charter
to the present time, although her rite of char
ter was subsequently reduced to $lB4l per day.
The receipts of the sesame, Whillthe up to
the time of the delivery of Mr. Reybold's tee
timony, must have been 'elsewhere betweest
$97,660 5ed5118,926, os which Capt. Loper's
commissions were between $4,883 and $5,748
Mr. Re)beld eharterid the iesembr lispripes
for the government through Capt. Loper, at
$175 per day, the Star 'at $llO per day and
the John Tucker at $BOO per day, paying Loper
Ilve.per cent. on their gross receipts. Titre'
lifetime generous agency!, Mr. Beybold °bar
tered the Dimmed Bums! (876 tone) at $2OO
per day, the Swan (860 tons) at $2OO per day
and the Gen. Burnside (400 teas) at $BOO per
day, Dept Loper himself being part owner of
them. Mr. Iteybold testifies that his own re
ceipts from these charters were about' $l,lOO
per day, or at the rue; of $401,608 per year.
Mr. Loper's emandesion on Mr. leybohrs beats
could net baste been lees than $2O 000 per
jest, tor, although be charged so eonsmisidon
on the three boats of which be,was part event,
it must be preowned that the amount he de
rived from them over and abort a fair mercan
tile profit was at least eqntil to tee per cent ,
otherwise he would here charge:l the eommio
enn If the go.erume-t h.d bought W.
Reybuld's ft.*. t at the cutest, :mead of
Capt. Loper to charter (Lem. It would
hate saved an immense sum of money
Atiother extrsorilluarrivisilition of tuts is
developed in eocuseotion with this steamer
She wu an old vessel, and cost her owners
$26.000. She wu chartered on the recom
mendation of Capt. B. P. Loper, by Assistant
Secretary of War, John Tucker, though the
latter4entleman has failed, for some use:-
plain/41 reason, to isichide her name is the list
he furbished the eolnatittee, of vessels ohm.-
tered by him or under his direction. The ori
deuce shows that the Matamors wu not only
,paid for at least four days' services that she
did not render, amounting to $1,900. but she
Was repaired at the Espouse of the govern
ment to tbs. amount of 4.447 62, and that du
ring the time she was undergoing repairs, said'
by Baker to be fourteen days, she received her
charter-party pay, $461 per der
LOL. JAXIS 1112021, Q. 1
Col. James Belgtr is the Quartermaster at
Baltimore. Mr. Hall show, in the list ren
dered to the War Department. that he has
'•chartered for Col. James Beyer," between
April 14 and Sept. ft, Hie, fifty-three schoon
ers, ffty-three barges, two brigs, one sloop
and one bark ; in all, 110 vessels. It has boat
shown by the testimony of Applegenth end
Rhodes that Belger knew all about Hall's five
per cent. oommissiotts as early as Jemmy-or
February, 18d•', at least one month before lay
of these charters were effected ; Appkgaeth
tried'to charter his vessels directly to Belger,
Baying that the five per cent. could thus be
saved to the government ; but Bolger told him
he must go to Hall. Rhodes tried to charter
directly to Belger, and he too was driven to
11111. The committee are not informed wheth
er Cal. Bolger first became acqualntad with
Hall through Mr. Jai.. Tucker or otherwise.
All the foregoing facts and testimony point
to John Tucker, late Assistant Secretary of
War, as the person through whom these gi
gantic and shameless frauds on the govern
ment were chiefly perpetrated. Tucker was
the Only person in the government employ
who had enjoyed a long acquaintance with
Piekrell. Tucker selected Loper to "examine
and recommend," and Loper brought Ili his
old acquaintance of forty-tiro years' standing,
Amass C. Hall. Danforth is one of Tucker's
familiars. Tucker chartered all, or dearly all.
the vessels for the Burnside expedftion. She
McClellan expedition to the peninsula, the
McClellan expedition from the peninsula, and
for various other enterprises. The testimony
of Capt. Henry C Hodges, assistant-quarter
master, who signed the charter-parries for
the McClellan expedition, brought to the Do
tics of the committee a letter from Gen. M
C. Meigs, quartermaster-generel, dated Feb.
19, 16032, directing Capt.. Hedies to ehartet
vessels under the advice of Mr. John Teeter.
A lei ter from Quartermaster General Meigs,
do the 6th hut., writs.. la reply to a
inquiry from Seastor Grimes, dealer's
t Tucker was -empowered by Secretary
Cameron to exercise this authority.
There was aothingtin Mr. Taaker's sates*
dents to qualify him for the buiriestee of pro
curing vessels fur the War Department, and
'La thing in his official position poialting to the
duty of superseding the quartermaster or an)
of his aseistanu in this important branch of
the public Nemo*. Me. Tucker testifies that
be received hat 6r=t appoint ueut as trattepoe
'put from the late Seoreuiry of IVar, 111 •
Cameron. He gays, also, When a 0 u, a0. .
in the heatirtk the War Department,
about, van year ta,o, tie pressor. Secretary of
War asked me to act as assistant, to which I
releetantly asseekted, and have so eeetietted
to set until the 21st last., when the *Mos
Tke ground oovere4 by title report Winds*
only a sisal! portion of the duty assigted to
the eoentaittee by the resolution of December
22. As previously. stated, the time was tot.
short to afford w•ue than a beginning, an out
liae, of the work which should be undertaken
at cues by a competent military commission;
ud proaseuted through all the channels of
the transport service, between the 20th of
April, 1881, sad to the present time. The
amnia We* are 0 1 / 1 1114111ZIed with astonishment
nod sorrow by the revelations which have
been facade, but they believe that nothing
*blab so vitally cameras a free.peraple should
be concealed from them, and they hope that
thl ignessaSalloat may semi to a more honest
and efoonontioal administratioa of the depart
sent Of the public service to which their at-
Wades has bees directed.
- Blocking Condition of Breed Ne
With fisw eiteeptions, amounts agree in rep
reheating the seadition of the nesroes freed
by the pique, of oar armies, as pitiful in the
extreme. Here is what* correspondent of the
Milwaskoe Non says, writing from Helena,
Ark., Bob. 6th s
'llsolt of Gen.'Wetabburn's headquarters hut
a shoet.distanee, is a peach orchard, the little
graves lit 'Tows so close that one can hardly
step between them. Here, about two feet un
der ground. an ever s thousand dead negroee,
and day after day others who have starved
to death an bang added to the nameless list
had there are a dean negro graveyards in
lielena, sash rapidly being filled with negroee
who were son happy and contented in health
and mired for, of use to themselves and to tit..
Yesterdny, la eongutny with Capt. Sher=An
et the $4l wiesonsta cavalry, we rode by the
drat tamed negro "pleat."
Poor Orkin had just deposited on the
ground a met negro, dead as a door nail.—
Ills woolly head and dirty feet protruded from
under the worn out ham blanket which 'aimed
as a winding sheet.: One of the brio)/ wfap
4lowly digging a trench, the 'others stood
"Hollow, boys, what's the matter with /noir •
. ' , Lt.'s dun gone dead, massa!" and they
shackled to think we eould not guess why he
wag then.
"What's the matter of him 1"
"Too much hard times, muss De nigger,
osa't @toad *bell ting."
"Niggers die pretty easy here, don't they?"
"Yes, massa,dey get shut of theyselves right
smart now—dem's hard times for niggers :"
And so thought we as they were left behind
.o conduct their funeral to • terminalion. In
Lalt au hour some thousand dollar chap wi'l
be left to rot and add riehness to the titbit
which will hereafter grow larger peaches than
tear before
In the house of Dr. (haat, where I boari,
le andsttelligeut African girlibout twenty-four
years old, owned ty the Doctor. The other
morning, while she was sweeping up the
hearth, I
"17mph--tamph—dia chile it too smart for
dal Dere ls no fun to sleepin' in de mud.
stare's' to death, no medicine when
you are sick."
"There ars lots and lots of niggers in town
who have run away, ain't there, Millie!"
"trutph—umph—right smart lot of 'sm. -
"Well, Millie, ain't they better off than 1p.6-
foe they run away !"
"Now wat's de use of foollin. you know bet.
ter. Would you be better off without clothes,
and u bed and hense to sleep In, and somebody
to look out for you, than if you had 'em
De time was here when us niggers had our
parties, and heaps of fun; and we had good
clothes, and was Jos as god as anybody. Be
fore die war begun a wa4on load of Diggers
didn't dun gone deed every day as dem does
sew. Dis oldie knows sounding yet, and dat
to to stick to mittens."
"Weil, Millie, cannot the niters take care
4 themselves •"
"Lord help you, no About one in s bun
t ad la smart enough to the and de o , lders
would dun gone dead right smart W'at•wat•
wat•wet de niggers know &boot buying stuff
and taking care of demselves—ley never done
'eat: De MUM always buys for de niggers
Just like u It dey was his own family, and
when dem Is sick he has 'em ..I..ctored up
Umph—umpb de white Yankee folks skin de
last ohicken out of de nigger fore It were
hatelsod if de niggers took care of demseives
Deed dey would !"
"Well, Millie, you are a very sensible girl,
stiok to your house, and you will be better off "
"Deed I will. We've all dun gone got sick
of Yankees long ago. Nebber had such thieves
in town dose. Dey beat de niggers stealin',
and some of de niggers steal right smart too,
I reckon."
"What do they steal, Millie ?"
dey steal all dey see, If two men
don't watoh it all di time. We nebber had
whiti folks in de lag hers till de army come,
end sow dey is in der all de time."
"Don't you look on the white folks whe
come with the army as your friends !"
"Umpla—maph! Not now ; derii too wick
rd. Wat wat-wet-w it dey etre !or nigger,
wheel dey lets dem die here and won' vet
dem nothia ? Niggers don't know muolt, bu.
dey learns tinp who em der friends right
And there is a world of truth In her ideas
The army, with It. ugly eye, care. little ft},
the rights of any, one. Nigger, are good
enough to kick and en! around. A drunken
Ifieei in the Northern army is the most abu
save to them. Three times ha. ewe within .
weak interfered to pro'.'et eon a poor "boy,'
1111 AI ZS .le nigger, ar rl.ud, from their cru
eity and tyranny. A pod mule is here worth
a hundred dollars—a nigger is not worth a
cent, present or prospective.
In one year from now, wherever the rode
ral army pins s foothold, the negro popula
tion will be reduced one half. This is not
%tone my opini,n, but of scores of officers i
.a•e lately convened with, irreepeotivet of
Au.* as Ins; die off, et) will the laud
.verusUed. As a pueral thing the;
uut wort for wages. One day last woor
we saute upon a plantation which nunabsre.
sixty-four Depose. They were slaver ono..
but on the bat of January they were I , lu
they were free and :Dust support themselves
Of this umber only Ave would work—th.
:get Wen MAUNA to slather the corn yet stand,
lagb ibis kW, or to pick the °woo hanging
"Millie, are you a slave'
"Oourse I is, why t"
"Why don't you run away and be from;
irri = from the •, . le Weld 444
..8 has •3 , I I ": w :row lie=
env: . 4 w done with ' 4 thin'
Oat la His great wisdom only ktiows.
Stow it Works.
A letter from New Orleans, dated PM Bt.
Philip, fib. 8, and addressed to die Winston
Courier, dins refers to efforts for the military
ueganization of negroes :
"den. Butler organised thew% Into rerrinsisdis
as soldiers, taking the organisation (ot the
first regiment) from the State, designed to em
brace free colored persons, the geld and stag'
officers white, the line officers colored. Seat
vlivei even enlisted in this regiments While
the second and third, and • battery, were
mostly all slave, field hands, and of the rough
sort. They were sent out into the country
with Gea Weitzel, and used as guard for the
railroad. Recently Gen. Basks hos ordered
them itt, ostensibly to garrison this forts here
and baik of New Orleans, where it Is deemed
impracticable to keep white troops, utalsriotts
influence The order was given for the lb%
regiment to relieve the 18th Maine, which you
know has been stationed as follows two eon•
panics at Ship Island, under Col. Rust, two at
Fort Macomb and six st Fort St Philip. Be
f\,re the order was executed, Gen. Banks
deemed it advisable to send the negroes, but
'save the white soldiers. so that the forts were
reinforced, instead of being garrisoned by no
"Col. Rust was ordered to take command at
Fort Jackson, leaving his two companies at
Ship Island, under command of the colonel of
'he First Louisiana Native ()ward (negroes).
Col. Rust requested that his troops might be
allowed to do a large share of the duty of the
island, and be permitted to do it *operate from
the negroes, which the colonel of the negro**
agreed to ; but before Col. Rust had quitted
the Wand, an order was Wetted that the troops
of the 18th Maine at guard mounting, dress
parade and battalion drill, set with the negro
tstinlio-, and as a part of it. The captains
respectfully protested, but appeared ones. No
notice was taken of the protest, but the nest
lay a detail was made of a lieutenant and
.quad of men for guard, to report to • sirsrro
raptam. The captains of the companies,
larch, of Portland, and Varney, of Bruns
wick, declined making the detail, as they did
not mean to compel their lieutenants to salute
* negro, if he did wear shoulderstraps. The
4iptains were immediately put under arrest,
mid the command devolved successively upon
the lit sod 2d lieutenants of the coati &Dies,
who respectfully refused to make the detail.
and were likewise put under arrest, so that the
c.oteparner aria now without say coulemading
"These officers are to be tried by °onetime
tial, unless somebody backs down, and will of
course be sent home in disgrace. The Issue
has come and must , be met, and I am not sorry
it has thus come where it has, for no regiment
can show a record by a regular army di
cer that will compare with this regiment. Be
says that for all-.that constitutes a good sol
dier they are "eqiial to regulars." The ques
tion is, whether the government is to respect
this prejudice, that we all know exists, against
this making the negrn mtr equal. I believe
the result must be, that if we use them as
soldiers, they must have duties separate mom
white men. This is nature, and until you
change nature you cannot do away with the
prejudice. • As a friend of mine has it, we
cannot reionoile the idea that a 'slave to-day
can be more than a ottisen to-morrow."
HALO ON BRIOADITaI —Orpheus C. Kerr, la
due of his letters from Washington, is severe
on brigadiers. He says : -
-Captain, t bere's 'smelling missing from the
rear guard
Viliiam assumed a thoughtful demeanor,
aud says be
4•11 it • miss first'
"No," said Ibe lieutenant, agitstingly, "bat
we MISS tw0........."
"Not baggage wagons:" says Vallam, giv ,
tog such a mart his war horse fell upon hie
knees. "Don's toll me That two wagons ate
"Why, nc..," said the lieutentot, with emo
tion, "it's nct_two- wagons that we mime, lx4.
vro brigs iera
"Ah," said Viiiiam, fanning himself with
his cap, "how..lifif alarmed me I thought at
first it was two„wagons. Let the prooession go
nut, and send for two more brigs. the
next time I have a friend going to Washing-
They parity, strew/Wm and invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite
They we an ant'dote to °bears of water and diet. „
They overcame effects ot dissipation sad late hoses.
They strengthen the system and wellites the mind.
Tley prevent miasmatic and intermittast beware.
They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach
They cure Dyspepsia and Conatipstlon.
They cure Mintier, Cholera and Cholera Borba'
They cunt Lives Complaint and Nervosa Headache.
They are the beet bitters in the world. They make the
weak man strong. sod a-rt exhansted macre' great rll•
rtorer. They are ma's or pan, St. Crate Ram, the wale
hrated Canals Bark, roots and hefts, sad are tabsa with
the pleasure o' a beverage. withont regard to age or time
of day. Particn , arly recommended to delkate parseoe
roquirtait a vac. stimulant. Bold by ati Grooms. Drsg
giste, Bouts and Saloons, P. IL DRAgi k CO
ja24on. 202 Broadway. N. Y.
cssussa ♦ND =PILL I WI rturctiptx Os DMUS,.
Dl incistas R. HAZARD, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island,
says "That tweet) -seven years' experience with this
reiee, '<warms the baltat that to very few eases would the
Pb) &wastes svrvioes by required if Braodroth's Pills win
promptly used In the early steals, of dams*"
J J foot. publisher 01 the Beweesr, at fiennlngtoo,VL,
•.) • :7-"Brand , sat's 11,1 s cured en. 01 Dyspepsia wiles
•Ter) , other means had fa led, sod I was actually gives up
r m 1 pittaletans and from ls."
Tao seine tatlitleamay la give. by N. 81.148, tag , the well
Ilau. ei Wee of W 'Li snub trg, and thoneands of colon.
Mkt tticr mttrit4 Sr. wed knOlvi“ .. lll d ises Wore la
.1n starer parittliril, in entailer ones they set se a gentle
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