The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 21, 1863, Image 1

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• tub. rtl twt•uty-n.. $2.5 of Oft) , Pr, 666
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• 0.• " 199 " 141
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Apanteabigrut ph,aarinr. Ilu
. o ,arra -3 month, Id, d months, faa; 9 mouths
)rar , 616.
d•tran •••• aplarra—our yOar, $7O; 6 MOTlitailt,
3 rtadate 2o .
• • serti.lln ihr Nostra.. I.lrart.lry at 3.3 pea
hl , 'la. a allowed 1. IL Card, orrr MIN, rod aded
Jr:lrics or Tu.. . oeh
%k e k, Frtrich ot•reen Fifth anti
FII hit utwils.
11141 T lila rtibami 6,• ea.,
r,.• priolor. Thls old liatabitabed How.. hay
rrt Laud• the prrment soronis, has iinderlron• •'‘
. , L.• c. Limed Wen thol..dgilly RI.I.II , I: ITSL
t ,rri.v. W. twoloondldent that ft 4 no. wt
tA •SO) in the (or the 0....44 , rte rad Cubialusiotib-
• •tman tor A.letrit Class ktul••1 febl6-27.
ti fi 4:ii a ICt & CO.,
14 4.11.11*1101 S *Aid Dealess be
• 604 Win.. antLaquorsodso than,
Prat;, O. mad Agents (or kluthas
• *rod a Oeumbibreisl Ituadiaga, North olds
ID* Pa.
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. • • •"] r"unti at hot u
• • ~ ,r nt.r of Pub,tc• Jukt o. of
NI , Hot - St
liartet Rtrret
• .mint, uttrrn,
PI - I lb
k var. cx,c Roo( Vafr p.eyr
v. •cid Atcyr . • Ittroierarelit *1•1“...A. I,le, l'a
n SOW, Straet, near Wt. 1. L. • a 1, Am.' ,- an
..mood lion the banding:cc-cured t.r F &
..okor. BO wlli alway• tn. 1 , nod in L. eke., Lod
paaetualor at Le 0 ,1,1 1,,
r htik it. CUTLER.
4 Troll:WIT AT L A W , re—i, En* C.•yolx,
orisons add Mbar bastooss stssatiod to with
oss sad dispatch.
_ _
41144:1ht J. MOUTON.
FORIMILIAING and Counnuntona Merchant,
•re, Erie, dealer in Coal, .Lit, Flab, Flour and
I HI Ht;E.4l+ S l'O..
• Strrot, - Roan,
.11‘ lIKALI & CO.,
rOll , ll JADING and Corntnuiatoa liorchnota,
• Ll.l Coal, Flour, Flait. and av-at : a 4401 11/J• of
at• Strainer% PI:We 1 4 .:urk. gr:..
Arrofura r .r I. a - (MS., rvtnor..',
w•rit of (Stmt* freot, oc t'A4- •ide tba
F pl.
ATTOR‘ry 41 . tu I - .7 ir
Wt,' practlo. io tiie .4.e, t cr t ' • t
one yrmrii,t and tait.leu: att., tlvt, to I.
hes tunas, either 11A.LI Att.., ury • r •
-r mot. to Esepte. cornet of letato. And lab
I tit, ELL. d: UltI4H.
ti•vr ',wry-Korea nr stwam gbtiaeaßotlers,
asrterltaral implemrots, Railroad Cant,
skNi.oatu a t-tik..
imuutits Baia oteds,
A Doposit. he. Sag ht eiCia&D it. on th• prin•
•.. • Leasntir f..r lute oeicoN.• 9 Rae, Ronne
• ~.. e, En*
t• • P... 6
C.TT f.ff C. `` 4 ..
f I S.. trot* owl PINSISIMITIMUI k it.
i rya ! ..1 4 ACK Proprietor. Order. awl ao
~..t all boort et the cloy or mrht
1,1 11.45116.151.
La all kAchla t:oal,Sa,t„ rault•r,liour,
„ a, Public D.. Ir., E. ie, c 51
- J 0. 1.,1t{31
Dete.sent tu Cloeks. Watchiee. Fine yer< i kit KT Irolitlh, COMM (' IL T.
Phitod Wsr... I. o oHar i•Vri )RPOR TX], )610 CAM 41111111.110.-
•:e•re sad Finey Hewed*, Psrscrn Feu acting, Hl ; T C• ALLY\, `eery
4 • • : I'Lrt pow reset et
•41: Lit,
..acc - t••••• I • ...tear., I 4 ....maser,
• a ,Lito JirrA/A. ItUOGIST, r , l ( L,
- •F rie, D•fitle r t.s.capherae,
ay. eurallic lirusbea, &c
h. •. ssALBIL/LUTIL.
1T ?VILA ET AT LAW 6tC.tre•t,
• •b• Court Hons., Eras. Ps
E. •
d•Rri sr, U$C au t4.orn• l b/48••
• -• •••• - •"a 5141/ at tbs. Park, kn., k'a•
ivq. 1 t01NP4161,1.,010. AT 1.4111
lal agou lii.Kk, ileux ortik
•••• • • IPt o •L. Ynt Ac M 1..,
an! EI*I3IL ‘ l lreett, itvelar..l. ' =
tit SPA it
flt.ok 5t!...121 ••D ar.nw u, &Ls:
a :. - .•r • • Waal Eto.Att ►nl R r:tla C Int
•trfrt•-- t!43
Lit Ilk. Z'fi LAI. a is Co
Lk, :4 au
• WloDiera;‘- acJ Aincriziu,
kJ..., Va. -44,113u-43
EEL) 1401.3 E
PA_, A, N. Gt - Propriator
at.. bouae ALA.. hay.. emry •ttorti Lion, to
sty ucortbui t.. ant Ipmn AA:
tl-RICK At tit LOON,
voior Lamina it t+.1%0111 ILLs„Cli,x T
eattslac_Doc2„ Last .a(3iat. st o nt,t_ Ca
r/Howie 11Rall Maid Crostini. Ed..
vot, Tknz, Plaat►t, Rater LIMN`, St: .
i —Care atinning to isi..ltrinn Cana: Wan!
Joan Ba•DY, Propr,t.y• r.rri
tint Streets, (tomedtat lr firor. Lag tAe Cep
a -atm ri, Pa. Tereus moo na.4.r &ecocua, odat h.&
.as isiet Hotel to the city , sc.!. It.. Be. a. w a
with di* choicest 11.,cors.
1101.144ALS A.X;. tt/ti t , • sibli II
-• as: Pr. 'imams I Mar ~0 , :
vs at., ;poi, Lb:irons, TAllier, 4 V,•,• .•:•1•
us..- Jw,r South of Fl rth, s. e Ya
• t t KU !it
ts • N.. Laura L., '..s.
L • • f )(al Creak
t ittokeitlN
BOdeSULLik tad Dkra&or Stativt Art
lietimpopm., et•tt t 1.4.,
: I A at. Ir.. • ri raft
kuKt.• N ii.1.P0k",%
R.w. r. • ... •
•s Oie`r
:W0046 4/1/14b./.. V tor. fe r. titerra
wilt:bat twine um*. r Lao Mr'
Salta Coirt,,Tß.o4 lA,
Nalor to Cathliga.,
E./Lit Corzer of ►.4.4 late
r.c..4 —lO
*raw 0(34 and Mark,' aft , llarrt.eare. E
• •:: i,aoi, 11 W V b.. C: 1.1.•
.1%!, 44:1 tlO annoeiltuaist+vas tb•
sad Um Wins rodarattab/e. /1 ua t tei La Ito
b=ra. part of the au. Lad •al 0r the
upping plates in the oonntry Inni'n;tu.
Y. 1..At;t.1.N,
S , rraTT Prat re afro G0r124.: CoLt_tc -
tAsct •aWrT. Ostiootiesa Lod, Lit bauoei. Lc
' tun promptly att►-i/id to Arrtteatiora for
Lod Potiehs booed o - ttLoat dolor. to
- "•'^rr,aaxv 1.40.. wrist's Dower o!
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-• . •trwti, Lno, Pa norsrsitt
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rr.AA Cll.Nata
FAN. 14,-41'
kiANicat a to.,
r -1111 4114 J. D •JUTL.
•'• - ao.i 071144 , th l, t * .ei ;
a- 1 aGa nit Wert. sear Caula.
L ' aVIV 6 4 I J a al TM • 1 Li.
• . I.ltErr %ON.
s•T - AIM sa "F.
• • • • 4.• ‘14.111.411•
starlitl Etc,.ort
`•tK t t KIK U H 4311%.
I. yes loam tb. vvr 7 t.. 1 ;t ats , cirri
-•t, • • DU'S la ta. Mar lion, oa.c. to v 3
4,1 (N kit UM %lE-.
% PI. EirLL, Varna, les.five C,,, hi
a Lit :
L. , :vw 4!1<,,e
\ 11 141•1 V 4 4 111.11114,
44 Aipor- •S 1 C0L5 . ..1.. , a•)11,
trio rs.aat , 1"•. Ly A Liu :.c 4t: Y, • •ia San. CA1.4.• *Aid hollism4 Facet
thois A4..mplaq 44.0 Oil C4wassomo-...n 4411
liii N l . 1141M1114
Daum' or Das Guam. Gotiemittat.
tiatdelds,tams, haetee, etc. iese•
Krott '44 PaVac Nom" Lex, IN A.M.
Boots and Shoes !
The t.a•tue-e Ntll 0.. eoo,litete,l b. WSI titar.
•13 , . I.&P nett* SWIJ to K. lie with 'der to become. a per -
gam <Aar 1., and teoJers to the trade grate. ally
ud t., .1 f, ea in% it•fieba to LA I I •It 4 %aquae
th• 0.
ul.l) Fit EN
I 'l' H E 11 I. A F:
I I. I.
. NI flan' is -t t
'.pt W-1;
alLatt.. Ira
tnctti, tra..
oaf •nnoallr. a‘vratz
e rir► sattatactotu • a•.at.t»a
uothinc tt a t u• path o•
tae4 by the prtn-ipati yhJ►i
cianei to the l Nitt`ti ell
e au tIJ ct &red with ► U ral
%Arr. Rotes 24 rout*
one doilar. Full la
ructions e•th each boz.—
Warraot+d 'ulterior to any
Pills 1410 re the public
Ii k HP
Cure to dye pain. and weaknem of the bream, ri Joi
suit back. 111.1! Htir ornatic complaints is equally i Lt i ors
1-eriods ' , resit On beautiful white lamb akin,
tbeir um. anbeet• the wearer to no incourenlettoa, and
each on. will wear hero one Berk to three mouths
Price IN IA recite
Herrick's Surat Coat.-. 1 •tof Kid Plasters are
nv Itruiruste so Merchant. In all parts uf the Cnitrd
Cacia.las avid S.O atoeicra, ar! may Le übtatoett
v for them 1 , • their tall memo
,eVrell, I Dr I 14 HERRICK It Co, Albany, N Y.
H , l,Peon &ail St. Clair Sta.
Till . : Largest eoturnereml Sehool of the
ulted -tat.*, w ittl a patronage of aeszly S,t O.
eicadenta, t, .airs, fru... .1, Jr.rita, and the oalf
ODS r •li •CroNia G . O tDpiel. ao4 ~ .;tab„ mot radio° to
all the 6 brincbe., •
/terra h. e, hisisjacturet'a, brow Baia, ibut ihNst fi-ad
Baal N.o: Keeping
11 , 1 li!•IT lital /LAI
. Om/mental Rogascohtp ; sits°, Sitrvelluir., tag &ad liatbeakauesgeoseally.
* 3 ,7) . U 0 Pny s for a Corati.real. COW!et • a#6114 , 51141
reityr and r..... a: se• tim.. Wishmars•
tultio• at da.lf•prico
For I st•.o . sua of 66 pair.a. Spocuo•os of . odors sad
re anus rrnmaaaLip, as.] a bewattful c.(.11. 0 •w.. of
• , tv•N• r.rt, metal aloe a r ea.t watlety Wrens. Let
term: • Vlo ti
rtaaig. InCloat 24 mots us stamps to taw
reipala s JINKrot5 lIM
gamy rittobonc. Pa.
tr r•st C C WAITE. Seery
CE in the al ove old and reit
at:- rornpanlr4 , L an t.eobtaioed on pitostton to
R 1P RCRSILL., iremat
Ti l ). THI. P.4.11i KITH 4,CTOR IN int WORLD
1..1 Bl - PAIN EXTrIa. TUA • .1 care gruuakts all
Li A 1.1. is AIN C-ItiLiCertlii o eabdu. ext•rnal
PAIN Ex 7RAt Cu • 4., pray, szt
-111 , ,r116,1.t.ns
z , I' UN KITRACTOR cure , ban:. .1 ail
DALI.K PAIN CTTRA4". , •R Leal& bluters In* of
jam nu. mark
%1.1 EY'! , . FAIN ESTR IR neutrahao. all Pm.on.
infa.o.l by Aatoala, bericiA or Reptues.
E , A1.1.8r: 1 PAIN EITIUCT , IR • 11 cure 131 , 1474.
Web , at-
LULU: 1' 3 - PAIN EXTRACTOR wlll rare *41% Ris.bie,
!ten Hrs 4
:.ALLEY'S rAIN EITRACTOR Ir1:1:411.• chapped Windt,
:•.cas. kc
`ALLEY ekIN FATiLI,TOR rare C. ram, Cart up
ta.s. Warr, ite
!lg liearekeeper about,: rs'et b. ottt•out a box Lan
dr For use- 1 - b• Wooly ix.* of • stogie WI may prove ,t
csnre ral u• t LAM 100 t 16144 Its tort
Parram t• y tva bore • sea to tJa• Aram, •••1,4 Ltm
a Hos , 4 1../Jrry • hot, Extractor It may b. t ,-wons
of asx,rro Lta L. ~r the Idor of • colored*: ler it Ted ears
ec•lods all •to,!• •.tt,Nut pai/a Try the ei p er o rwo r •
a be d••••• >k.l t. :c4t you bot Lkttl•
‘teter• *. —lt y.e bare a char Brother ID the Army,
sere.'. • 13,1 I.a.:ey'• YAWL Batrece ;br It Tlll
cg,e•minas a all kinds.. iithi it may be tb.• twang of far.
ic libja rn aiti r D t r‘ e ' ra th" . 2 lll .. te . you a I.:radon* In the Aney. oho
ao Jea,sr than itod•J • pool! tuna Box of Dal.
• ••,n Ex:tutor. It will aim of an, kinds,
• pmmetat mayibn lb* m.114.1:111 al ear•
bid to.• hh
r • -If a f-tent in t 1..• Army, sena lila%
lilbalcsl Pula K•tractor It may be fia•
r.mar, of 5a....1 • hie It y.o haw no ova renlaneit
• it.... al it tr %Mil It fill iaiit you but i met*
{Zsta‘ - .- I •V. et Rot • and in like propertloe for 60 et
•r..1‘,/,Ju But. Ibe lams boxes oostala more br the
manly tt
%alit* - T tI.I.EY'S V ad:l,-AL PAIN LITRAC
ToR wilt do &bill:64i MO awry than we claim it will, we ,
else to •LEXTIN R /WIT. and lintrineda of other
etaio.rat I 14,p1t....“,..111a..1 : 4 1.11 - cones, besides millions of
..r u,. kart .1.. IMMO rood lb. [a tf• ;or
sea , •gt7,t.: tar "vw for tba poet 20 741 , 4411
, •• ' • ••. tty
LtA dB At (VAAL. Aaw eta,
C.rteismrigh Street, bow 1 ora.
L. • d. t all either wan, Postage pad, to say
, . 24.611.4,,, on risessiot, la mosey or as
THAI the variety of new stifle Red
.te*.is. of llotave, costae, cwarraw..lioaad Car.
nor. Carai; 3o a. loser 1404 mod other pattern% with
serportl s sad strut f.nat, baadsomely vosearod ilarmas.
is lemmas. Lksl.g , Breeirissi, Onstre awl mbar TIMM
frl.s'o , te. , 4 oak", Stands, Carpi and Deantab Loas i roa,
Scot Inodo. tin,: and Stu Gram rat>raawelFeallbor Beds
Led /3—ngtrrs with o:bet nowtowbol4 1a item, gkw
Rya wiLeta fr‘ m ...V oreggeowd Ingebmw and :aptly
laibrrga.-1, by as rot •rirmanek and net by
td.- For styhr, gable, and - icor . ..rims I relll=e
to, prioo des/ors w aniermil ma. Fawner" WAWA mai
toed lab. rwriut, Redeneek legedart. beaus&
Norse Le! Meer amaze ad Eageters Lad brggwegra eater
'seen, ar• b weary dongiwPd sod glued. asekter Item se
atmaig r gstbor part or Us* than, abort onion ends
aB.l sol,r arr asai..s, and ity ao sses-s durable. Wood
Wier!sor, Rooting, !toning sad Warm, aro dam ot Mel
wood mend. etivweet! threag b the vent ant glued. war
-anted to stand. If y mustool. sad wit /as hes
•Jra for„ p.-tee and Utah Sfttat teda. l ham
a i g4 ono. 3 Led bare the hisfloras wish a
tut ri:o• a all roads mat ow 61mM:saw Pickrag
tad ?roe
news t.. yrs-, expezence aa.!. r-ateadiair with ass
0. - itoord two ponce doolors i I we thrtersafeed to 001 l
oas pruo to ail. lire worth for year pay aa4 to oft*
to all we. trwd. with gee.
Lezabe:Lgetb, &benign, tie* Stock, ersioaa4 Roland
gw I L!. „ taise at bar umirbet lease
M: pay iteszeastri. lb. 1,...5er, beet werwww et Sib streni
•a. 7.1.41...: V' s 4i r ELLSIY.
nee liossfootr sad Cbgegagga: a 4Lbowegan
1 '
L . ---.
- - ~?.
Th.lii, ERIE -''--.'-'''".'• .....
... ...:,.
.____ _
•or wuor to CLAIM k NeCoRO.
XlO. K .11' N. I.
...a i iLr ).,lk awl V. •i<.<l.
, Erd E. I'l
F 1 n 4IL11•1\•
/ .
T tom borsht moods sad tootowoot tint
be is st.t: Is lits old etaael,
Wore be ~.flea there to ton sod wake Ws
Ris "wee to so bra said fiected
as uy In Kris, sod b y riwdrd sot to to
dedeese44. No boo pot reerhyd %vest
•t“. 3 at
brureglit to trio. His resete b amb boa et_,
0 1 24. AL 11.1., ere pries. sad taut airs Mirireol. Q wom
r- what time, are sgeers.t.d they shely bakaphord.
?Ike • Nl4ll tt
nets ammo BaLliee 11111yarb.ftessasoi wow
AV lid be pea. 22% east% verle s pad bet ,
Oak at It Cle.
rams rosTsv.
Let Cbtettaioa bout (damp& is war,
awd ll(nativists'', tbairwerset
A politer theme my Aeon it Ma—
io proles of filuuuot's malohleu PUha
Their eared are 61t104 tw every Mad—
'Mid Ramie' —and atria'. mai
Their woodrosa wort+ -dm= M s.
Isr,idneed by Butaiew's ma
Dom down.* ate , ct you / do not doubt
Thu charming compound will march It out,
And health again goer systems 111,
If you dy M great to illinICIE • POW
They' r* set. for All— both old sod torte(
Their praises are 05 every ton=
Disease disarmed ILO Inter
eine. vr• ate blessed with iiaaice'a Pilb.
cir Pot op with rogiiah, Spanish, German sad lreaeh
aintcUous. Prior 24 mate per box fiver aralloi &se
advert enuent us lbird veg. Ver rale by all
to line
S- I‘4ltl—
C:4 YLaarATiox narkai
They purt'r, atrersitleert mad I/trigs/ate.
They cfta4. a bnaittly Appetit..
I aey are as sat dote to change el eater &ea &.t.
Tiler ovarc..u.e ettecu dhodpitiott dad bats boom.
They strvoltb.a the system, and stair's tie adod
They provetft miasinatle sad Intormibleat Move's.
They porif the breath and acidity of the stomach
They cure Dy.pep•ia and Constipation
They cure Lharrkhaa, Choir:a ►od Choices Mortals
They can Liver Complaint and Nervous Headaebe
They ace the deer bitter, to the world They make the
weak rota •troog arid ivit ozhaaated aaterw's gnat re•
storer They are ma 'a et pore at eras Busta the eel*.
basted C diaart 4rk, roots and !herbs, and are bakes with
o.lllllptealu , Y abe r..rary with,ut regard to age or thoe
of Part , rmiorly re , actunande I to delicate pertain
requiring. a gent', 'aim dlacit Sold by ail Grocers, Dreg-
H , te • sod Salo ark 1' 11. [MAK* k CO ,
Ja24a... scrt Broadway, N. T.
1312.1 N D I/RTLI•S PILL
TRRY CVRR nydegreiA, Ktiourct,
t ••o TTPIL PRISCIPLZ 07 rnmiss
De Tod e is R. li sz inn, (4 Portsmouth, Rhode Islam',
says "That tomtit-seven years' experience with this seed
idea, smithies the Whet in very few eases sreald the
Physicians earsices be reqiilted if Braadreth's Pills was
PrtifiSily 111114 in the early stages of disease."
J Coal, pehheiser of the Sairso, at Besusintea, Vt.,
says :—"Brandreth's Pills eared net of Dyspepsia edam
'eery other weans had faded. and 1 was saissallyatees ap
by my physicians and friends "
The same testimony is given by N Hitt Ism, the mall
known damn of Wiltlonisbarg, and thousands of others.
But their merits are moll known; tr A full dams them to
n.+ surer perratlV.; in smaller oases tbay set as a patio
ntin.ulu a , enting e .stiveseas and purifying We Wood
Tn., are every dry cones tboasands who mu dewed Lt
mashie uatil tats bnosed amileimi use need. Poiniapitl
011! or, 2911 CA NAL ST/Mgr, Nen York.
by Dr 1. STI Eno, sod by all reopectibie <1.6-
Jeri to natmficuie µ2l-1•3
T YON'w bibIrHALRO:4I,
I This delightful article for presentee tad
tisawtlf) tag the burnt. half Ls again pat up by the origi
nal proprietor, and is Dow mad* with the MUM care, skill
sad attention, which first crested its lounsnao and as
proe.,,tented sales et quer ono million bottloisaannally t h
is still sold at 24 neut. in largo bottles Two &Wort bot
tles wri easily to so:d in a year when it la again known
that the Katbairon 14 not only the incest delightful beds
drossisg ld the world, bat that it deacon the scalp of
seert and dandered, we* th. hair a ilvely, rich, luxuriant
growth , and prevents It from tuning stay. !Moe ass
constderatlons worth knowing TIN linlitairoin hos boss
tested for ores twelve loam, and ls warrastod r desetl
bed. Any lady who values a Washita! hood 0( hair *lll
nee the Kathairou. It la finely perfnueed, cheap sad ?la
asb/. It le sold by el respectable dealers throagiboat
use .0111.1. D S. Lots= a txp.,
J 4484. Nov York
IT Is Nor i a usetessee irmy bar be ue °rip*
litlettAY stye&, the capiiiiry tar selthamessal
surtenneak Impaired py sweet diareise. All tustaserme
dyes are re:hyaena! of I•nwr Castetta , dieetroyiae the el.
ta::ty sod i.caaty of the haw,aw4 &Surd ol" themselves
oo drter of Ilrlabstreet's laimttabis Catering set
redrioree hair to its ruitaral color, by as may proms. bst
tresr the Lau • LUX Ca/I.YT IX4 V rir; promotes Its
growth, presto Is rtr Llltog pit erectus/re damiralt, awl
lospors health and pleaaantriamt to the head It has
5t0,.,1 the teat or time, being the Irtenal Harr Color's&
11114 is roestaatly mermater te fever. reed by both
gentlemen mid ladies It Is sold by ell resywludste deal
s, or cm be procured V them of the eommerclal
acute, D lilAttuse kCo , Art Broadway, N. T. Two
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am 47-21 - Duwim* I (WIWI, .140 s.
The telegraph has already announced the
arrest of Geo. Francis Train at &. Louis,
where be had an appointment to speak_ We
have received from the gentleman himself a
printed slip, detailing the circumstances as
narrated in the Alton. ill, Democrat of the
h inst and containing the following spirited
Awrox floves, 1
At.roa, Feb. 8, 166.1. 1
to ILINar-Gen. Curt* St. Louie:
1 was arrested at four o'clock yesterday, at
the Planter's House, and 'Mitred to pack up
and leave Missouri is firs mimeo. Your or
der was peremptory—time hatted.swoon
not given. Your officers forbade ay going to
ill* office to pay my bill, or to speak milli say
oat is the house—your carvings was at tint
doer—your escort se attentive sad obliging
they accompanied me to Mao* wharfs by tie
Independent action of the people at this
4 =4 /
box, It is not sow coasidseed aArtas to
for dm Claim.
Oa ow way to MaUnload, ti11,~1114 &
delivered my eerreilly-fifth and seventy-sixth
speeches at St. LOU* ealh. on the audience
both nights for cheers for the Union, the Con
stitution and the Laws. They were given with
a will
Although I am not in the liberty-/oriag
land of the Routanot, the Bonaparte, the
Bourbon and the Hapsburg, I make bold to ask
why I am arrested
Is it because the audience cheered when I
said that I agreed with the soldiers and the
natioa that McClellan wan the man to lead SS
on to victory
Is it because I spoke of Seward's patriotic
course and splendid amusement of our for
eign relations!
Is it because I endorsed the financial policy
of Chase, which I believed to be the salvation
of the Country !
Is it because I commended the President for
his vandals! sagacity in destroying the Jaco
bin party by his illegal arrests and issuing the
Is it because arrangements had been made
for Mgt to speak is the House of Representa
tives tto-morrow night. at Jaffersoa Oily •
Tell me, General, why I am arrested
Is it because I called the-Democratic party
Unionists and the Abottuon party Seoo*.illll
- Abolish slavery or abolialthe Union, is
the cry of the Robespierrean flunkies. I call
them traitors. I want the Cann any way—
with +tray or without—ac motet, if we can
sate the Constitution
Your officers did not forbid my rettirsiag to
Bt. Louis. Before do's, so to fulfil my en
garments, I respectfully ask when it may
suit your pleasure' God forbid th at I should
offend the majesty of the law, or do aught to
injure tie glorious cause of the Republic , My
crime I bare bO4, Mange nor having trilite
mall OS ek. arms Or, perhaps, because, unlike
the Christian pulpit, I preach from the Sermon
on the Yount : "Blessed are bie pecco-leakiov,
for they sAall be call 4 tie cAilirafs of Grad."
Another thought strikes me. 1 alluded un
fortusately to our officers being so successful
in their cottoa speculations while in the ens.
my's constr7. Believe me, I did not refer to
you. General: for anything you hay. done in
that way I am sure you have passed to the
credit of the Government you so ably rem-
It seems, moreover, that tie arrest in St.
Louis, wee followed up by another military
moeesiest is Altos The Dfseocrst says :
..oecirge Freseis Trois, u is well known, is
stopping is this city, sad expects to - lecture
ken this evoking. This pregnant*, however,
possess claiming to act Reder authority of
Gemini Curtis seem disposed to perrest. Two
mom, calling themselves military officers, ar
rived here yesterday for the avowed purpose
of errestisg Mr. Teals. This, however. Mr.
This was sewillisg to have dose jest thee
bed be wordisurly discreetly abeested him.
-Hs rho coarse of the swain. however, two
sea Ince fogad *akin arouad the press/see
at Capt. James W. Davis, brother-ia-law to
Kr. Thtia, sad oa Capt. Davis tellewiag ties
M. the ewer to aseeettia their besiasts, they
told his they had the seder of Goa. Carus to
angst Mr. Troia, at as woe Ws desdariag
that they believed Dawes is be Troia lbw&
!Ida, basome, ha disied, se Woo his kseviag
stria.' of trade's whereshoute. apes whia
the name egad Capt. Davis 1,1 the seek
esesaleg that be tbdl hams where Troia omio.
sea dot he one 6 teaks; seesabell, &A., its
Thy as bawd Ida through tie sad tow
esebothei pert el the city is iimateniews, mad
omit tow AWOL
sr Lamm •. V. retiorr.
Over tie Near tbs. deeitea
Loved awe who've eressed t• the BOW Ade;
The gloms of titer fray robes am,
Bet tiair velars are Ilatered lathe nislidag tide.
There's eae vitt daddide iittlidell Pak
lad era, tb selleediee edimeidrailießß Ws.
Be ereseed is lb. tertliski, gr l add told,
Lad the pal. Wet bid Ile boo aortal vim,
We say eat the bards whiettedW atm,
Ms gals of La siti V. aralL aid eer,
Ova for thar, IMIt La Lau
My brotker Asa& vanity to mamas as I
Cleat the river the beaters pale
Carded afeetber—the hoesetheld pet.
rkr brown curia "'avid la lhe patio grate—
Naha( illarala I I Noe her .Yee
81e atemead osier boom Isar dleepled WOK
Lad hariesaly eatared the Autos balk ;
V..emi tt Ode tram the lateralllik
Astall .sr weehts• roe altaaapirleek
We !how tie la ash .a tee tertbre tdiv
Where all the reaeosed and earth be l
Orme the river, the myrtle liner,
4111dt:iced's Idol la wants( kw S.
Yar acme rebus from these quiet lima.
Who uses wtth the beaters sold sad pan
W. tree the dap et "oldie sera,
Lad anal' agleam of the mow, seLY—
sod they hare pared treat our yeralse. hearts
They erees the stream and see gawk ibr aye :
We airy met sander the sell apart.
That hides erne ear elides the pest el day,
We only tee, that Week buts so mete
lay sail sit► as o'er hies stoney sae ;
Yet foesesellenk t ►eels, se the 116111 NO r►nrt
They mink sad bealsea, sod watt 6► ail
dad I sit sad think, whoa the sunsets gold
Is Bahia( rtort, bill sad shoos,
1 shall os• day stool by the water eold,
Aad !Lt for the sound of the hoshaa's oar
I shall watch for • gleam of lb* Sontag ;
I shall hoar 411 bast as it galas the *sad ,
I shall how Us/loved ohs who have the bc to re,
dad joyfully sweet will this aieetlarbe,
Mem over the Her. ters possollai
Tho easel of doh shill eseeysae.
The Arrest of Geo. Francis Train.
May Gar kart merry on die rale'
they made him lay dome oa the Feud, di
vested him of his mat sad vete * a atm frock
mat, mad bleak silk vest, sad lb.. permitted
him to vets= to his home st a tate hoar, dives
ted of his elothiag, which the Minas so doubt
-Caps Davis is moil Iriseentlisre. Is a rode
nt oirmar, sad Ims sow wrier as Doesbon,
Shiloh. sail shiewhere. This fast may makes
iim matter moss molest*"
Gov. Curtin o Avbitrory Arrests.
ltxecurrrve Ceases',
Hearaiseveo, Feb. 12,
fo tAe Senate aid tar ihel,4 of Ityrovisksteres of
tde CommouvealtA of Pattuylvonia :
fitutnsites : I desire to call your attention
to a 'abject of moment.
When the resew infamous gad God.coa•
• • zed rebellion broke out,was not
eeesion, aad the oceurnaft e rt a state
• things not having been foreseen In former
lams, no adequate legislation had been had
• meet it. At the same time—the INe of the
- • uatry being at stab---it appeared imagery
some mesas should bf taken to eau
. the wadi bead of traitesi is the loyal
sates sow to primal them thimmateinations
whieb might be Worley* if not rasa, to the
• .ttal cause. Under these eireamstampes
• a general goveraareat ' , lmparted to the spies
• f military arrests of diagerous perseas, and
• Ting thus commenced acting under it, have
• utilised (at long intervals in this Slate) to
•ursue it. The government of the United
:tutee acts directly on individuals, sad the
to Executive has no suthotity or means to
aterfere with arrests of citizens of the United
made under the authority of that, goy
- • . •t. Every citizen of Pennsylvsais is
• a citizen of the United States, and owes
to dubs M well fa (stibioet to tato
• visions of the Constitution of the United
:tates) he owes it to Peansylvanitt.
If be be unlawfully deprived of his liberty,
is only redrew is to be had at the hands of
• e Judiciary. In such times as the present,
• is more-than ever necessary to preserve re
'ty in official action. Great efforts have
• sad are, perhaps," still being made, by
one blinded or ill-disposed, to throw us
into a state of revolution that 11 to say, to
create saarehy and eonfusies.and ultimately to
.riag about the dintrualoa of life sod roper
&moat as. Aay irregular, assehasere
httartereate by year lizseaffini with mat
which by the Constitution see net harms
, to his cognizance, sad *spatially any such -
Wartime* with the action el the Ezeoutive
• f the Called States, or with the sanctions of
Judiciary, would be, is the existiag crisis,
1 „,,;,. • . y dangerous ;it woald have a di
revollitioaary tendeney —in fact, it would
to commotion s nivolnties.
The courts of justice are opal, and so doubt
ail pe-soesl Imago eau be propesl7 redressed
La this course of law.
L do sot know how many arrests of the kind
hersiaberien to bra bees made in
Penney ivanis„ sa I have at no time been privy
to the making of them ; but Lkintieve they have
beer few I was ander the impression the t
there would be no nec\ssity for more of them,
otherwise I might have referred to them in my
manual message bat recent siring
shown that the impressioa was error , I
deem it my duty now to invite your att4tion
to tie subject.
The contest in which we are engaged is one
for the preservation of our awn liberty and
welfare. The traitors it the South hate the
'reit t ody of our people who are loyal, and
hate and bitterly despise the few who are ready
for submission. Unless the rebellion be effec
tually suppressed we must lost our pride of
country, the larger portion of our territory,
and the elements not only of greatness but of
prosperity, and even of security of life, liber
ty sad property. Notwithstanding all this it
is, I fear, an undoubted truth that a few wretch
es among us, false to all our free and loyal
traditions-44u to the memory of their fath
ers and to the rights of their children—false
to the country which has given theta birth and
protected them-- only stopping short of tech
nical offence of tresson--in the very madness
of mischief are actively plotting to betray us,
to poison sad lauded the minds of our people
by treacherous inhirepreseatations, and to so
aid and comfort the rebels that our date may
be either to abaedoa the free North and become
hangers-on of a government founded u treach
ery, fraud sad insane ambition—or, at least,
to dissolve the Dino& under which we have
prospered, and to break this fair and glorious.
wintry law fragments, which will be cures 4
by porpotaal discords Ilit lwris and by the con
tempt sea in-image of foreign nations from
which we shall then be too weak to vindicate
cares! res.
That sue+ offences should be duly punished
no good eitisen cos doubt ; and thst proper
legishaiou by Cosy's@ is required tor that
ramose eau be as little doubted. Whether
non legislation should iselude a suspessioe et
the writ of kebeets everts in say and what parts
of the twouutry, is s question whisk belongs =-
elusively to tie kpsistose extioritien of the Chewed
States, who under the Constitution hate s right
to does-seise it. That met writ =Pt net to
be =speeded melees to the Irides of Caws=
the present necessity shell appear to be argent.
• Therefore I reeosunesd the passage of a
joist resolution earnestly request/8g that Cos -
gross shall tot-Livia pees lairs 4ellalsg and
punishing egeseee of the etas, Mutes referred
to, sal providing for tie fair esti ipso* trial
by as ispereiel jury of penises eltarged with
sorb aliases is Libe loyal sad sumlisturbed
Stales, so that the pithy 'nay justly taller and
the isseeest be Missed. A. G. Carus.
Mk By dabs of Jodito—Deddle Jesse. I eh
die t. t biserablo bsd whits the mod. lab
st• bily eatebidg eold ;by dose is ~WA
idly ribbed up, so that I ereseasii talk plaid.
tried everythids is the staid to porn& it:
gabber sad wither, it is oil the mho I
broolte threstrb by booth frtos Jedorry to
Doestiber. frob the begiddisig to the edit of
the year. l've tried every wash of Wield,
bat id said. AB kids of talk &oho aid *id
'Wore destrabe have hid triad : Pie awl-
Wood sdessit of dish to anvil ho; hoes do
isse. Dethidg adder heaved cad beep by tot
ersiiN &shim keeps be bob estehli l / 4 odd.
ami, A ea 12,111 b mob is a Ow days tor
a Coeveatios is New York, ea She Ilth et
Mara sszt, 1 dl gh. Deseestala siseledl la
the awl Cower. tar the payee* et deiler•
slates Me petty to be pirated Ily tie pasty
is 31116.11“ to as W. The eaterprise la
madetwast se he syyssmed by the Deseeesete
la ad 1N Compow
• Under this hooding a ootemporary mires
the repent of Ilannscor arising, of lowa, upon
aubjeat of obartofing govorosnest trona
porta sad sons op wins of the principal
stoteciosis al WIMP :
The report referred to is that of kileasrar
grimes, of lows. upon the sultieen of ship
and steamers chartered to transport troops
sad supplies. In the very outset of it the
reader will Sod an account of the charter of
thirteen barges and steamers at Baltimore
that will serve seen illustration of the whole.
In that transaction it appears that these thir
teen vessel' coat their owters-- i s l iddb zior,
AS natal—s6s,2B3, and that they were char
tered to the government at the rate of
$346,C65 per annum--on annual profit of thr ee
hundred and trolly -fire per rent. Among these
wu a reties old hulk called the Patapseo,
which was purchased by one of these middle
meat for $1,200, and then hired to the govern-
Meat for $B6 per day, and the barge Dela
ware, which east $1,600, hired for 870 a day.
This russisaser =paw, of this 'suer vessel were
about iiit er seven dollars a day, and all Oil
rest were the profits of the culprits, whoever
they are. These vessels were hired by a man
named Ball, who had a monopoly of the bust
au*, under the direction of Col. Baer, As
+detain quartenhaster General, and John
Tucker, Assistant Secretary of War. When
it is borne in mite r that two hundred mid
sweaty fear vessels were chartered by this
man Hall, some identmay be gained of the
fearfal amount of which the government has
been plundered by his operations.
The fIVXICif operasid4 trim this:—Hall, as we
have said, was a " middle man," and through
the action of Mr. Tucks ir and Colonel Bolger,
had a monopoly of the business of chartering
vessels at Baltimore. Nobody who had even
a *ail boat to hire, could get access to the
government officers except through him. He
was the agent of the United States, selected
the vessel*, and fixed their prices. At the
saga time he was the agent of :hors who
owned the vessels, some of them being his
own, and others having been bought up by
his creatures. In every ease he charged a
cominhision ranging from five to twelve per
out. on the pus earning" of every vessel
chartered. Lit course the *her the we the
snore this careful agent of the government was
enabled to pocket
The whole report is reeking with exposed
enormities. It is impossible to estimate the
plunder. Millions will be required to cover
IL The committee censure some high officials .
—they recommend court martial for another—
and they demand what the public voice should
echo 'in thunder-tones, that such ill-gotten
pins should be Discoaokti. That word "da
rer' should be the universal cry, until jus
tice is done Arli — public treasury, and then it ,
should be seen whether criminal indictments
will not tier against all those speculators on
ttereoentry's calamities.
Thurlow Weed in Reply to liren27
Ward Beecher.
Last week's independent contains an article
written by Henry Ward Beecher, in which this
clerical demagogue undertskivi to demolish
Tharlow Weed. The reply of Mr Weed is
characteristic We give the sum and substan
es in the closing passages -
"No man's seal, in favor of • vigorous pros
ecution of the war: exited, my own : nor has
eishcitisde for the welfare of my country occa
sioned in others more anxious days or more
sleepless nights: nor, under mental pressure,
have more hairs turned gray upon any other
man's head.
-The so/mantle m now intensitied by the
attitude, arrogance and insolence of abelitdon
journals, representatives and lecturers. In
assaintag to discover, in the President's prii
elantation, a •tiewp>itcy,' and J une which con
verse the war waged in defense of the Govern
meat and Union,into a crusade against slavery,
1 see sure and swift destruction lu Wen•
Jell Phillip's avowal that the ,abolition thAto
"death to slavery or the • indorsed
by the Trairtsis and Par-per:fent, I see, unless
the treasonable sentiment be rehuke,l, a diri•
ded North', with two-thiris people
against ibis fanaticism.
••While there i., much inviting reply in the
Rev. Mr Beecher'. article, I will n...t waste
time nor paper in noticing what is merely per
sortaL latlt t desire Is) make this record: / . f
it comer to de understood Oust glee mew and pokls
ef..feurs. 5,.-uter, Greeley, W•ndell Phil eply
Ward Beecher, , -Strut In Ito waders
the 1•67 a ,;: rmat art IC iterl. :341 of c
soseramott and Union, and a ersievpii for redel-'
leas and sleree-y. Tara LOW WARD
- Here is a Boston horse-man's opinion
of Gen McClellan. Being an enthusiastic
admireeof the General. a livery stable keeper
near that city, called upon him during his
visit there. to shake hands .and have a word
with him. He was observed to examine the
General very critically as if to emir* himself
with respect to his personal points, and as
sequaintssee who marked his close attention,
asked hint what. he thought of the General •
Briefly and characteristically he replied, " A
perfect Ethan Allen"—{meaning. of &cm,
the champion trotter
Fszisoir vs. Porc—Get.. Fremont, is •
aster to the New York &clung P... flatly
oesstresicts the report of Gen. Pope to regard
to ►is corps. Gee. Fremont salmi
Uader tie circumstances. I feel justified
is saying that Major General Pope's remark
coecerning my corps is not supported by the
authority of Gen. Sigel, is contradicted pea&
dray by their eronduct on the f eld , sal is, in
my knowledge, without founds :on in fact."
Upon the testimony r# P"pe and his liber
als. Pit: John Porter s as dismissed
Tim Oirsoo Starnes. —At the town stet--
ties, hold is Owego, N. T.. on the 10th inst.,
the whole Desseeretic ticket was elects& de
PortmL: s Desseerstie temph has set se
carrot in this tows bdore for twesty-in
years. The wept* tote waa eery lane-
foll. the Repabliess Ns** on eirrarsor
is this tows wee it sad oa Seessesry of
&see, is 1864 it wee 303. las yaw there
were but two Deateeretie Owitervisers is the
sossety. This year there will be few—per
haps tee.
Asteundial ftr:r) of Public
Ilk,. A Tusks* bag invested the " America:
skirt utese he lanes. *1l& does tks issai-,
sees by plan s striag. his Just the thins
Der noddy smstAke.
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lisiehrstod fad OW - ' 4 or I VIVO
chinis - -41***. •,,, • ... irnarita - J SET Eli•* **Hi lon
*. Thet4MWir x hilli ilital—
ecillist s fool FT. hiss I " 'Pia ii or,, -'
Rosy ii vit. r: , -. 0- *Sati Ibeli o iribt a "
ssuo &Odd itooir f k •.• , • ' 4 ' ." j ''' '<l i_
a. sivitin What' A . S k
" 7 g. ' " Pa
W. Tea irtikbhl:li *I ' a l'. l' i f i r Wittb - :.izio
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.thi. ris* . i m o on tio: ~
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Iffr The pubtlestiso of the Asseiver du
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the prtheiplee of the Repubtfooliparty
sir The Boston ThereUss , Lloo 1811441
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TIELAT . s So.--Jamea Brooks, C. eeeet
from the city of New Yolk, says, "The ?re
sident is just as mash the Greater* it tive
Constitution and the laws as • Constable, and
hu no more right to enact Proclaseigna law,
than a Constable has."
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*sr Senator Wilson reported a bat "as
Monday authorising the appeintlieat of thirty
additional Major Generals (whisk yid Ames
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of a Major Gleseral, iselaibtf ltb iteir t it
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41,840,000) to limo annul expiates st the
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