The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, February 07, 1863, Image 2

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    ,yo. Ifto - Nwo. , c - epr.r,r . ,14p4,,..., ,v,i..,,
drit Obserber.
Tiot Zoos airD ray Cannsvnast—"Ni4 s Yost.
L ' -.4f
In A eetreentation recently held in Boi
len, Sea. WC Wien is reported to 1) ft re
said that he was preparing a bi.tory ggf
the Penitugular campa4m, whirl] will N.-
capt a large hire of hia time for -.lmp•
'sok,. The public will look for it with a
peat deal of interest.
Tai Leigialatere of New York, on Tue.i
day, elected Ex.Uov. Morgan United
States Senator for six years from the 4th
of 'Martsh next. The Democrat. F arpor t
id Mr. Brutus "Corning, nt pre.ent
member of the Howie of Ili
retantativee from the Albany cliQtrict. -
Mr. Morgan is said to be a ni;),lerite Re
publican, and his election
etriumph of the Wee,l ant
Of the party, over are r.t,11,-114 under the
lead of Greeley and Fields.
SOCUTARY ST•NTON ha. appointed to is
prominent clerkship in his departmetit
Robert Dale Owen, of Indiana, t wall
known infidel and cornmtinist Wh•r
will our political parsons itftw. to I.7ty to
this? It is a fact no less carious tlitn
tree, that almost every mtifito his dis
tinguished himself as an advocate of Ab
olitionists, has in some way or other ex
pressed his contempt for the practl,,e of
Christianity. W'm. Lloyd Woo
dall Phillips and Geo. WriL • 'la
torious proofs of tlii. t,tn, . tt.‘
meant action of 31r. Swucon 1.)1..-
he was • isympatbizer vvitla them 111 - -,, n
tigiso L ,
The 06server *mild know Chit Ileneral
Beenside'ties pugliely dt'nied any insert.--
mew by the Government so tar a. t l. a
WWI* of FreierickAiurg is cam-e. 4 1
slug h i s has assumed the P ntit,l
tinily of that titsa.ster.—G,l.-/-L.
The Gazer "sh )al. I Icn.,‘" ,• • .•
COUPS given by Gen. 13,iiii.11.? r hi• r•-
lactation is the very tiling Ivo rninpl4:ll4 , l
of--that he was c,natinu dl}
fond with by the authorities ::t
ton 1,--aal that, althouila he way La‘ e
bad kis own way in the o ptr:icular case
at Fredericksburg, it is a - ;ell l‘tiowv. fact
thet in nearly all others La much
easeyed and hampered by orders from
the ?resident and Wdr Depsruuent as to
snake hie position poiiuvely unbearable.
Wi could q note pare graph after persgral.h
flan the Mbeas, Tin and Rut—ali sled
Republican authority—to prove every
wont we have tread in this connection
Bat the Gaisits says further
"Gen. Burnside failed. not because of
issatorrassunants thrown ul his way t. , ) tue
President, or any one wan ec Led with to
Eikwernment at Washington, but beeaty.e
cis wantrof faithfultiegs on the p•irt of of-
Seers hr usi ermy." •
Gen: - de's ofrigeri were the .A 111 4 3,
who, under (}en. It'etellan, haq won the' .
battles of Williamsburg.. of Hanover. of
Pair Oaks, of Elbarpsbtirg, and the tteeiht7
glorious one of Antietani. Could it be
posilble that such officers would ever be
recreant to their duty They hare poov
at their '• loyalty" by exposing their lives
In defence of the country, and the tongue
thet. oink/ accuse them of a want of
&Witt:Linen should palsy in the m. , nth
of its owner. We are ashamed to kuov
that tbortiare persons in this community
who hate so little regard for the rive
MEM who have given up home, r7iends,
comforts, to battle for the Crl ai, as to
accuse them of a lack of devotion to that
mass for the sake of which they have al.
read suffered so many hardship
MR IMMO SOLDltili HILL rvim4Eo
Afters long and animated discu - zion the
4ilettle on Monday, passed Thai. S'.eretu%
novo soldier bill with but fifty-three votes
aphid Messrs. Kellogg. of i no;.:,
Granger, of Michigan, and
Ussosehnsotu, were the only Rei
who did not rote for it. The p.L.•
oda/lows no reerut tins in the tattlt3 or
districts exempted by the late proi,liata
tion of the President, and eonse•inently
not so distasteittl to the border ztate men.
Tie bill also Fuolubits sll ocantisoned
novo (Alcor& ConsidariLie douLt
as to its being conaideced in the sea ate.
as osotiuma twelve and thirteen of the mil
itia tot approved dune.; July of last •eol
, sista are believed' 6, many senator. to
co,' the entire ground of the pro,tht
' ♦ ettaxarct. instance o 1 :Le foitt: at,.
and mask tof indopeatieuce tie
mos of this State, is seen u
that without an except..)n :h'r un
take to defend Simon Canaerou azl.ll-t the
&imaging charges of corrui tion
against him by Pr. Boyer. Thero may
Lee been some point, in the
Dr. Boyer to which we cannot g:ve cur er
?coral, but that hLs :et:tient 1; en t.rel y
merest, we have not a particle of kl:)ubt.—
Itio szoonnt of deception can =vice
people of Pectosylvaaiii believe Cast , ;?n
CINIMPron is an hoses: MAIL 1.1 the Slur
nab that suseain !um will only z.nk tnein
oaken to his own degraded :are; .
Ir arrasss from the Frei lent% orier.
No. 2), that General, Bdrnsl,l-? an 1 sum
for were relieved •t theiz ow n re , it y,,,, t
sad that Gen. Franklin was not In II: ,
doing farewell remarks to hi- (Iran Di
dion, Franklin asks his ca:vr:, at! .4 , 7,
tiers not to believe that he parted ( -2 , :n
i=svolnntarily in the lase of th; T m.
a pod officer, a Pe:hoe:at, uni
mem frieed 11.4;(.4e11azi 'I, t e h.. 1
boo selected by Lhe I taia4.
as as next victim.
Tin Anneal Report of U. i ce;,
Melo" the Treasporb a ti on sod Talt t ..—saph
Depirtteent ozeies that the
defies et taw important caraab hire been
pedorebed astiefaceority aad e-e , e013 2 -
iomli7. we are well salusAnLeii k.
ist► and haw* tau to be as wed
Vi fbr the palatial he holtia, as any twin ,
timik mad be band.
litirgutatiat.-134m. Wadi., the inan who
thilimml fon the floot of the Seaate. that
1111 a 'WWI spoke of the astitatioa
pt. ma* trailer, hat been titb-eleeted to
1111, United &ales seam* by th; d boiition
imiristere et Ohio.
. .
Ma Elvrersunsibt is taklng steps 14), Ur
ANEW& lie mime of thi , taralt offersa es" a
s*likvitszola4 6 disellecya =Lii stem
nd deissa l ii butt e esot
a te Admi n i s t r af l oh, through ,t, mat
'try officer: , at Phila •' - .1 6 • Lien
Rutty' of tal outr tge *: -Lf t h i i qulty
and laws of this "'tat'' • , .eh I mak •
e...i y true I'tin,yl *.• 'a 11 1
11,:11,n i 'ft lift ' • leg, itrar '
BOILZAV, editor of the F..ww4g J...1..r.,...4.', Cue
only Democratic paper published in l'itil
ftdelphia, Altai arrested. by order of Gen.
' . ...tti.aiat.etiastnatider of the fort-t.- in that
-isety:----Tice-ssonasit• soak.plissitsakiassisasg,l4
in Xr.4tQltial '4 isuuse.„ and he w 4., int
rncdiately hurried off, by special train, to
Fort McHenry, at TtAltimore. The °Nee.
hot:table article was one contained in the
it.i.rp,-t: of that date, instituting a corn•
parison between the Administrations of
Frc:i....ult I.txcoLs not Jzre. "Dxvis, and
l ietkinz in terms of laudation of the
4.i.i'ut..4.-:= of the latter .
-it spylte highly of Jeff Iliacis's tutellee
tu .1 ali.i.ty, which John Quincy A•lams pre.
•licte•l soil :•lecrotary **ward dilated apes to
I.r ICu•-, 11, , I the London row. It quotes
fern ihe Ne 1% ‘ i•I k Loam the stlatissiou that
!,..- recast s peecties a t the Southwest were
orii,huagly truthful. it. q uotes with an in-
Lirattatut the to:lowing passage which is a
!.1. t 11/ ,: !11 ,. r,,,z.2,4, daily asserts and rq,iiiices
'The vets. which in its inception Rae
watt*`] for forcing us back into the baton,
having failed to accomplish that. purpose,
into a second stage, in which it was
atteral tea to i-onAtter and rule these states as
iu lepeudent pros Laces. Defeated in this se
eond design our enemies have evidently en
tered upon another, which can hare no other
purpose than revenge and thirst for blood,
and plunder of private propert." '
'• The article then credits J eff. Davie with
truthfalness in raying that the rebel armies
are larger. better disciplined and equipped
than uver before. It asserts that the present
tJ rat 1 , incapable of preserving hon
e r.•'‘'' ' .1P or winning victim in the
tiefd It qs-er irlutt is notoriously true,
tutu Jed: tattle eta. right when he said of the l'ructulttan that it was an in
t A!• S'Arth that they must prepare
t , t , epar.,'un. and that in the
North th,sce .4 a insionty whose kuinasnity re-
CO WI trom t participation in the atrocities
%%Melt tcat pro.:..ituatiou practically invites."
lu ni the next day, the
la, e er wis 0.1-4) alter two•
ot a., editio.l 'irtd Lean worked off,
a.iti fir. t..;aFts, another of its editors, ar
e ,red. l'he unnautiotursaut ut these pna
ceediams cause , i great excitement through t e city, .uid a meeting of Democrats
was, n t Weduesisy, at which the
.'m Suit Veit s`CUENCI n s denounced
in the severest terms. Resolutions of dis
apprt -,on were also 'lamed by the City
i_nuncils, and others of similar import
were introduced into the State•
Immediately on hearing of the arrest,
Sedge Lt -, who was holding a Court
in the city, cAlle,l the ''rind .lury
ther, and rot.tiod them that zuch pro•
c,vaings woro and eonM n.l: be
t qerated. Ito 41racted them to make in
,Lairy int ) the :natter, an 4 if they found
tie i rov_wed, t t4ke Tilt , l3l.lre 4 for
making the arrelt
111 , on th' o •:atkul
rl iii t , ;‘, : ad .'t slither column ,1-ue
rtr::ni TUrN r )1 Lug, . be , zi awl
-. 1 t LAIL1113.114; t4'. '/, - ..,u. iiippa.ired in emart
`with s that the D.s.triist
Ittochey ~110411 Laive k ; en. .S.O EN k It., and
ithe odiesra canoe.: tit:d ts.r h him, in I le/ e.l,
I and made t sutler in .t peusities o: their
1 crime.
We do not wish to tie utnle.xstood as en
dorsing to any ex: mt tee article which
I is given out as the e-mse ~C iiie.,,,e I:raooed-
I tags Undoubc dly it was an i l um:Lei f :4s
I and badly. , sonsidi red product:eon. sr.3
I althotigh expre.s.ihe F arab truths, should
have been omitted. hut we cannot, as a
8 lets-lovine citizen ot the ewe, allow
' soda conduct on the pert ot the National
I authorities to go hy without expressing
:lir determined thsapproval. There is no
I excuse for undertakmg to passaah any
8 perimms in thi- mate by any other than
1 the regular etsurtie of law. The poorest
have their rights here as welt as the high
( est. and we will stand up in the defense
of ono. ;vs =trendy as for the;s3ther. c 3
I Tong :,,s ',Le r)urts are unobstructed. and
1:1,..:- m .v , oil :n their regular channel,'
t . ,,, ,-,-... 1: :. t, ;1.,-tr tile r In•titut:on should
i to cart;:•:.;.;. r• ;t; 1.. , ,i, and he who violet. s
i Lae:-..a, 1. ,, - .....: a Ilrtzr. I:er-Cieneral or a
, i ',Law: -, ,:e.tetary, :- a.: iutity of :rime as
the w.e.5.,-desi trsitoi that goes LI uaung.
Az. has atece. Leen rele-ased,
i t wtitaug anti signing a letter, which
ia+ eaks 1.".)ott) for its uclepeudence of
char toter and honts4:. ot spirit. dial he
i stcodlXil mantutly tvr his rights he would
I have coot:slued tile syLapathy i f all right
trunking tieople, cut iip• humiliating
I method Will cu he ii is taken to secure his
:a•1 ion 1.... at a great •i&.l of that
114 ' 4 % he 'rotai otherwi.-e have faund.
ttr.. 4 , : h, the principle nt hip
1 ari•-••••••!. an,l .thould oprig.inue to
thrb• th vegh he was it..., verit"St
erlTi r. tn! ou the fa' of the
fns New 'iork Tnolo.• of few .lays
seo aa..t a row - tricsiole edttortal, aulgeft
log rcsnt pLais for the prosecution
of the wlr. vpvinz views of the
n ;he campaun nkote-1
ocia.iu,..te.i. Mr GREELEY conclude- ,c. t 4
the :,):krorin.: 41cr.ificant piragrapii .
"If ,- IOrY 014111eSt Lighting
*hail not a...4-v* LI make a serious :mtprea-
Non on tia , 3 re,o;---it the Nati of that term
1 allj. u ~ 0 :Luther advanced than its
Ins`..gnant Fate has
•ierreed that I.le R:.lod and treasure of the
Nstion shsil e,N4- squandered in fruit
' le, .lons---iet us &N.: t oar dZtle" y q't
azat :
inn .; 2 , 1 4.4 4, a +44sl#'d
Jf givng only ton
o: hundred thousand
.1. provided they Are
/teed weaty years. Ine amend
alt-nt —l7, . - '44 li ber*te the shires
wttlim a year, and gtve twenty in.:llclis :or
leant :notepad of ten The next step,
donbtle s, wall hr to h orate them out
right. The Senate has just as much right
trader the 4 .)onotinstion and to equ.ty to
do chit so what it l‘ropaiee to do.
A si.scut Washington dispatch to the
Neu York Traiwt- says Liam I Teo. k:airnt•-
ran ;nil soon resign tits melon to NUB la.
The same dispatch anocamoss that a g eter
al t...thervit tencient4 Iva sexy ices t the
War Departmaest on Toasliay to lcui a I,ni
sd .1e" ms pew iist • tits :wart of t;.r reeib If
the' 'general can only succeed to reviliatf
lizeinnoond: and were get hirlkuel on the
ittorealerate" Treasury. the rebel cause
will be 'gene np,"
TILL kreeddini Las appoinuwi fifty las)°,
sad Idepdietieberahit is 'zone of the
tr.r..lber actor:zed by
rh. tallowm r ti •
I.ritllow to , 11.• (Iran I ' Ir , a, ;, , i.
di j o r i.,..., ,„,..,t
) jioi!eso,' ~
eliier Ito' )0, 't NV . OOI rilti ;41 4 r Nia %mi.'
thr LIIII t - 9 , 4; .-
chg A ,Cl, • 'et ' :
IL 11 ,, i C...L.3 i; ' • . ~rU
in the Vast twenty-four ..• ~/ .11
this Commlnweslth and of
11.tis 1,44013 sudden ly arrested at his resi , lence
in this city. ;Ind ha, been t0ti...1.1y c-arried,
A.,wit e i r jusi will, be) on. I Ili.. limit. ot this
tat e anrifilrritritaNtrin rd this Court.
Suzh events, have here tofoi e taken place:
but, as we have bead atIXI3LI3 to support
the United States Government in every
way compatible with a proper discharge of
our duty. we wore not inclined to believe
that tho s e in authority would Attempt to
exercise a power under all circumstances
questionable and delioate.when temporary
excitement bad given way to reason. and
a patriotic and, I believe, an honest desire
to do a great Public duty had resolved
itself into a settled purpose to discharge
that duty according to law, and with at
lea't a decent respect for the laws of this
Commonwealth and for the cotedituted
authorities of' the State.
rile time lta.-; arrived wltt.n we can no
loetter hold our peace, when the obliga
ions imposed upon us by our oaths of office
compel us, at every hazard, to direct the
Grand Jury to inquire into and determine
by whose order and t.y what persons this
arra has been made ; and if, after an im
part4al examination, it shall appear that
any -citizen has i•ecn forcibly abducted
from till county, to inform the Grand Ju
ry that it is their duty to present the facts
in the case to the Court, where bills of
indictment may be framed and the accused
persons, if they have committed a crime,
be tried, and if guilty, be punished for
what, in that event, may become a crimi
nal act,
By the Constitution of the quite.[ States,
Art. vt. of the amendments; 6 1n all crimi
nal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy
the right to a speedy and public trial by
an impartial Jur ! . 1 , 011 Dist r i c t
wherein the crime shall have been com
mitted, which distti,:t shall be previous
ly a.certaiLed by law and to be informed
of the natute and (2.,tie of the accusation,
to be confronted with the witnesses against
him, to hare cOmpulsornaeocess to obtain
witne_ in his favor, add to have the as
s:atomic of counsel for his defence."
The Constitut.:3n of this commonwealth
contains the sante provision, Sec. Ix, of the
Declaration of Rights, with this addition :
"Nor can he be deprived of his life, liberty
or property, unless by the judgment of his
peon: or the low of the had."
These iuesurnable rights are thus guar
anteed to every eitIZPII by the Constitution
not only of Pennsylvania 1. , .1 al4-o by the
(...iwistatakm qf ad United &aut.
You shall see, gentlemen, that the Fed
eral and State Governments provided for
the trill of those charged with having com
mitted offences arainitt either, but the
framers of these Constitutions intended
that the citizen ihould not be arrested
iLhout having an opportunity to defend
It may be supposed by some that the
odence of treason cannot be punished un
der tae Constitution of the United States
excno. I v 14,.. k r.tce.r. Such,
bovrever, is not the, and that man is
not only ietiorant of the law, but must be
intentionally so. for the Constitution of
the United States erprehly declares t Ar-
Lcie tit. -;ection 3, that "Treason against
the United States shall consist only in levy
ing is-ir szainst them or in adhering to
their enemies, giving them aid and com
fort ,qo person shall be convicted - -of trea
son unless on the testimony of two wit
nesees to the same orert act, or on confes
sion in open Court." And many acts of
Congress, now in fore, declare before what
tribunal, and in what manner such eases
shall be tried.
fhe 1-e fi lature of Pennsylvania has also
prowl a law which declares it to be a high
misdemeanor far any citizen to aid or as
sot “any enemy to open war against this
State or the United States" in the manner
mentione.l in the act ; the otlence. if com
mitted, may moreover be punished "by
solitary ins.i./Is. - Inmetit in the penitentiary,
as hard ia'./er, for a term not exceeding ten
s an -1 LW:iced to a .1111 not exceeding
lays li14)1.1• i •1.-I:ars, or l ata, at the dis
cretion or the ('curt."--pct of ISth April,
l‘Al, P. 1.. pnee .11 ) • , .
You wilt thus observe that, under the
Cow:autiou and laws of the Unite./ estates
arnica ti tat e,14 . 6 r Lila 4, in point of
Ltiv a • or who a. lo tri ru aerial
way :ht• urzly, may b' t in.-'...1. and
that with severity, and he caz . ..l thus
to sutler. Laws then exist winch protect
the govern -tent of the State and of the
nation aga.n.t the efforts ut those who at
tempt to de-troy either. These laws are
amply sutTi,lent t t•o•.mt our natian and
State. unlee4 it may be within the limits
and in the immediate vicinity of our army
upon the field. and alvanelng. or about to
advauce, against a hosille :occe and in an
enemy's c3.intry . tamer.. r.n I in that ex
treme ease. n•-e. - --itv thi• rare - of
wellAPfined kw, .in I the will of
the commander becom e s the ruk of action,.
As laws then do extet—ss the tr.bisnals
of the 1'014.‘1 states g)vernment .:nd of
the State are open—a- Illaglsl rates: abound
at any c_orn-t- of tho'stre , t , . an I :Are known
to be loyal men-- reigns in this
county, arld d Inger deqtroys
the authority ut law as duly Administered
by the State t'.)tir, an aq power in
the , lu-t—}.y ttli st nett led
right can th. , th:q arrest
justify it' t' , rt t!nt 121.-)n the gr3un,i
of necessity, for no Iteeess.ty exists : and
certainly not upon I pretended executive
power. tor it »LI mast be—admit
ted that that pow4r can only exist when
the law i= silent, an I w• - . it,tv e distinctly
shown that by th.. Con=tittition of the
Unite 1 states, and the kw of this State,
the government is already secured, at least
IQ this Caurt, ag,a,tist th_ (.I,igns of those
who may 1 y Letlit:i to de
stroy it.
But, the Constitution
of the United State s declares, article x
of the amendment,. U. tt - the powers not
de;usiatd the Con
.stitutlou not ito the States,
\' - - - pc.„-
The zsupremP _hart tia.s taw h .ve
decided, Li. that Coastitu2:on
must receive c3n-trus.-t..)11. and,
viewing this tit's laLt , I ask,
did the peop:e of thi- Clmtnonwealtia,
when they entere-i into the Union. ever
agree to des- - ,lre upon either the Presi
des; of the Unites za;:ttes, Congress or
the Judiciury. afi ~s.uablned, the
porrrr to sa,pend the pr.y:lege of the writ
of n S:Z.If , or district when
the "p•IV: nr:•ty at" Trne,
at may be the duty of sortie department
of the government to judge of the name
luty, and to su-penz: the privilege in n
giYen ca., but public sentiment demands
that, in aty erect. tae sri - rit of the Con
stitution shell le compile! with and
when the Rawer It claimed ty a ainzle ,n
-disulatal, the people have at least the
right to kn.: ., w who uts,de the arrest, by
what authority it was mai". or what
charge was. or 7,0 r; ia, pref-rred against
the accused. It, in the case soon to be
examined by you, you diacorer that the
arrest was ordered b, authority of the
laws of the 1 - nitel State.- sal commonly
(*lied the "milittry - " 1.3 distinguiste,i
from Lae martia: ,aw - you will aute
tat fact, bec..swe it may that
gress has enacted such lowa as they
may by virtu^ of the Conr.ttu :son ;e i rany
meek and which. se thug affect the gov
ernment of the army of the United
States, wi t y j : - .r, and legal
when applied to those trb-, are aLnenable
to that pattx-ttter code of iswg. '
Gestimenen : I have alone taken the
reepottalnlity of addramin g you today.
It has not been done lc - about serious re
ftwtion. From the commencement of the
rebellion I hare endeavored. in evvry pos.
sible legal method, to support the consti
tuted authorities. Time and again qua
`lions of ono delicacy, and which seemed
t threatenbetween the r u it e d
Mates anthoilt a sad this court, have
I.een disposed of is segib a way as not to
, -(l2burises the NNW OPrerainent, while
• .ie rights off the gathans s e ry been pro
, .nd. We have milk tc , notice
the fact °facially th at arrests
have been made in this county. because,
as we have before intimated. we hazi
hoped that they would milt. That hope
has been destroyed.
A leg-il and moral necessity urges us to
this step, not to countenances any aet
committed by any man against the author
ity of the General Government, but to
sustain a right as clear as the noon day
sun, as vital as life giving breath, without
the existenoe of which the Government
itself is a stupendous deception, and which
if firmly maintained now and here will go
far to mule a people of immense resources,
and which power can yet be wielded as a
unit when, and as soon as the constitu
tional right of each citizen shall be res
pected and enforced.
I have now discharged a great public
duty, with no desire to do otherwise than
to support the United States government,
and I sincerely believe that the result
will be to strenfthen and not to weaken
that Union which ought _to be perpetu
ated to the latest generation.
I request you at once to suspend all
other business before you at present, and
instruct the District Attorney of this
county to send for tieneial Montgomery
and the Provost Marshal, together with
all other persons who have any knowledge
of this transaction, and alter you shall
have heard them, your duty will be
simply to present the facts to the court.
Thurlow Weed publishes a long letter
in the Albany Jourryll, of Saturday, in
which he states his position. He claims
that in all the ways and means in his
power, he has sustained the Adaunistra
tion, and that his relations with the Presi
dent and every member of his Cabinet are
cordial. He then utters the following
warning against Horace Greeley and the
- I have referred frequently to the in
cendiary principles of the New York
Tribune, because that journal, by its vast
circulation, exerts a malign influence
throughout the whole North. I again ad
monish my countrymen to slake of tAu incubus,
to emancipate tAemselva from their mental
thraldom, - before all is lost. Mr. Greeley, the
infatuated victim of the wildest Ambition,
will soon, amid the "crash of worlds and
the wreck of matter," be seized with a
"Itixoxas Tali 0011111 TOO LATS." I speak
not idly. This "Architect of Ruin' has
much to answer for."
Tug Cassaos Bansur Casa.—The New
York Pad, the most influential and res
pectable of paper!. speaks thus
of Dr. Boiler's charges :
" Mr. Cameron, we believe. holds still
the office of Minister to Russia. In jus
tice to the country, the Senate, by whose
advice and consent foreign ministers are
appointed, and which would seem there
fore to be responsible to a certain extent,
for their character, should at once inves
tigate these charges. If it can be proved
that Mr. Cameron sought to bribe a mem
ber of that body, his appointment should
be revoked, and the case handed over to
the legal tribunals. If innocent, he should
be acquitted at once ; for it is disgraceful
to the nation that such charges should
hang over the head of one of our most
conspicuous office-holders. It is impor
tant to our future integrity, moreover,
that our legislative bodies should not be
degraded by practices which, though long
common in the elections to the British
Parliament, are a novelty amongst us."
" AT rats very hour," says the Joursa: o
Commerce, "the leading r&lical papers to
the country are teaching treason mots
rank and dangerous than was over seen
in the columns of any suppressed anti-
Administration paper in the country.—
They advocate foreign intervention, coun
sel abandoning the war and dissolving the
Union this spring ; they rush from one
extreme of treason to another."
Tat administration has decided to have
in its twrrice none but firm supporters of
its policy. A number of clerks were dis
mined on Saturday last for expressing
sentiments antagonistic to the oourse
whisk is being pursued by the adminis
tration. More removals will take place
within a short time.
House of Representatives, at Washington,
on Monday, made an appropriation of
$52,0:0 for medical attendance and medi
cines for the contrabands now in the hands
of the Government. The amount caused
much surprise.
Lie li.chmon.l papers are all half
Sheets itn.l delivered to subscribers at
twenty-five oents a week.
BRIBM.—The World says the paper
manufacturers of New York have bridal
Congress to prevent • repeal of the tariff.
The litchmoad DukticA anticipates
an early reaewal of the fight at Vicksburg,
and sets the strength of the Union forces
there at N3,1X..11 men.
A \Cashineton dispatch states that
Gen. Butler and Col. Hamilton. of Texas,
had a consultation, Saturday. with the exe
cutive authorities.
There are now four Confederate pri
vateers abroad, preying upoa our etas
merce--the Alabama, (Z)0.) the Florida,
,Oreto,) the Retribution, and the Dixie.
Reports from Tennessee announce a
brilliant victory at Fort Donelson. The
enemy's loss is said to be 135 killed and
500 wounded and taken prisoner.
A multitude of petitions are going up
to the Legislactre from various soutions of
this State, praying for a law to prohibit
negroes and mulattoes from coming here.
Horse:* Greeley in the Tri.Lis denies
emphatically that there is any truth in the
report that he solicited intervention by
France in our National affairs.
The Ja&chivy Committee of the
House. of Representatives, Washington,
voted on Tuesday to postpone indefinitely
the confirmation of the President's eman
cipation proclamation.
The Providence Pas sa73 Flu John
Porter has fought more battles, won numb
victories, and possesses more brains and
patriotism than every inami of the Court
which tried him, and the hounds who se.
sailed him."
Han. J. J. Crittenden has written a
letter to GOV. Robinson, of Kentucky,
Alin g moderation. He says: "riot
the Proclamation with resolutions, sad
the rebels inth 14yonets."
A sec,:.. : ty - consisting of nee
bundre4 at, a .-ty men. under ocinunand
of Lieut. C3lonel Steward, recently dashed
into Van Buren. on the Arkansan river,
and captured a steamer ar i three hund
red passengers
The Weehi ngtop r If-tvurit, even, die
gusted with Lunen and uselessness of the
contrabands supported by Uncle Sens, is
that cit suggests that they be pot
cleaning' the filthy streets and et
forced to work.
Gen. McClellan was record because
he was "too Wow." The Premien& .doper
hopes the Ilecogrese" since hes bees anis
factory to the authors of his removal ; we
may safely my it has been to nobody don
,Csririte or PKIZILL—As a happy set-off
to the loss of our gunboat an the Stono
River, vfe have to chronicle the capture of
a rich prize belonging Ite oar dear Eng
lish friends.. This is the 'British steam
propeller Prisons Royal, which was
l'eaught on 1$ wsw into Charleston harbor
on Thursday of last week. The cargo of
the Princess Kara was most valuable, em
bracing among other things eight Whit
worth guns, four steam engines for gun
boats, a large stock of rises and powder
and a party of English workmen skilled
in the manufacture of projectiles.
The particulars of the capture 'of the.
English ship Anions on. the 6th ult, which
have just come to hand, are equal*phsaa
ing. The Astons was laden with st- com
plete battery of braes field-pieoes, a lot of
quinine, opium, several thousand pairs of
shoes, numerous boxes of tea. about are
hundred kegs of powder: Estaidd tides,
triedicines, clothing. ko., &c.
One more instance showing treach
et) the headquarters of Gen. Burnside.
A letter from the army dated the 27th
says : "The' morning that Gen. Burnside's
order ;v.'s real to the troops. announcing
that the auspicious moment had arrived
when we were again about to meet the
enemy the rebel pickets re•id all of the
'nnior across the river, to our pickets, our
men that getting knowledge of the order
for the first. And now every day our
men ire litiled by the rebels to know if
the "auspicious moment has arrived ?'—
Truly does the writer say, "it is about time
some of these traitori in the army and in
WAshington were shot, if only fur the
Intelligence is received from Fortress
Monroe of an engagement on Friday, near
the Blackwater, between the rebels under
Gen. Pryor and a portion of ten Peck's
command. Gen. Pryor's forces gevenoed
across the river and made a demonstra
tion with artillery on Gen. Peck's advanc
ed brigades, but were repulsed, and re
crossing the river, retreatod in the direc-
tion of Franklin. The fighting appears to
have been quite brisk, resulting in a loss
to us of about one hundred in killed and
wounded. The rebel loss is unknown.
but a number of "prisoners were taken.
Corooran's brigade was in the engagement,
and fought gallantly.
The drafted regiments of Pennsylva
nia troops mustered into service are offi
cered as follows : 15841, Col. D. B. Mc-
Kibben ; 165th, Col. Charles 11. Buehler
166th, Col. Andrew J. Fulton ; 187th, Col.
Charles J. Knodern ; 168th. Col. Joseph
Jack ; 169th, Col. L. W. Smith ; 171st,
Col. Eiward Beirer ; 172 J, Col. Charles
Cleckner ;172d, Col. D. Nagel ; 174th, Col.
John Nioto; 175th, Col. Samuel A. Dyer ;
176th, Col. A. A. Lechler ; 177th Colonel
George B. Wiestling 178th", Col. James
Job nson.
—At the meeting of the book publish
ers in New York, to protest west the
speculative combination of the paper
manufacturers, it was stated that a num
ber of new books, all stereotyped and
ready to be printed, are being kept back
because the publishers must either issue
them at an immediate loss, or kill their
sales with unusual prices.
Intercepted dispa,tched show that
Gea. Ilindman's rebel army in Arkansas
are almost destitute. The rebels, however,
are wonderfully recuperative. We have
had them naked and starved half a dozen
times, and nevertheless have always found
them on hand, ragged and saucy, if not
fat, when a battle was to be fought. We
don't altogether put faith in "intercepted
Gen. Franklin, having heard that
allegations of tardiness and inefficiency
bad been made against him to the Gov
ernment, has demanded a court martial,
which it is said will be simnel. The stuns
providence that protected Daniel in the
lion's den, and the three holy men of
Israel in Nebnchadneuer's fiery furnace,
may save Franklin, if he goes before •
Lincoln and Statton court martial, but
nothing else can.
Among the prisoners captured at
Arkansas Post were one general, ten col
onels, ten lieutenant colonels, ten majors,
one hundred captains, nearly two hundred
lieutenants, and a lot of . adjutants, quar
termasters, surgeons and staff officers.—
Jeff. Davis will probably now be willing to
exchange, instead of putting in force the
threats containvxi in his proclamation.
—On Friday last, at Pittsburg, Pa, a
charge of seduction was heard before a
magistrate, and the report says that all
parties appeared to be satisfied. As the
man accused was leaving the office, the
girl deliberately shot him, watched him
until he was dead, and then gave herself
up to the officers.
The U. S. bark Arthur, accompanied
by a boat expedition from the U.S. steam
er Sachem. meetly attacked a rebel
schooner filled with armed men engaged
in sounding digs Pam of Corpus Christi.—
The rebels getting the, worst of it, ran
their schooner ashore e ,7 deserted her. and
taking refuge behind a hill, poured in a
heavy fire upon um- men, killing and
wounding several.
It is now thought that Jeff. Davis's
order, turning Federal. prisoners over
the State Governors of the Confederacy,
will be disapproved of by the rebel Con
greet'. In case retaliation is practiced, the
rebels will be the greatest sufferers, as we
have more of their officers then they` have
of ours.
General Foster sailed from Hatteras
Inlet on the '_'4th, with three guabosts
and a number of transports, supposed for
Wilmington. Another expedition was
fitting out with great dispatch and would
soon leave. probably for the same destin
ation. This expedition is said to com
prise the whole command of General Na
gle!. .
The Surgeon-General's office , has
given notice that certificates of discharge
are furnished only by surgeons in charge
of general hospitals and camps, and that
the obtrusive efforts of persons claiming
to be special agents retard instead of
hastening the preparation of discharge
Dispatches from North Caro in
dicate that the great expedition will 100 U
sail for its destination. The outfit is omit
pleted, and it is stated that the work has
been performed in ap admirable manner.
The army is said to be in fie* 000dition,
and the men eonSidestt of the 'awes' ,of
their mission. Gen. Wessell is left in
command at Newham.
The appointment of Carl Shun, as
Major General, over such 7.3diers as
Stahl) and Steam*lir, -naitd German
soldiers, who have faithfully served their
adopted country, creates I s cyst deal' of
indignation. Shun is no soldier. and says
so himself.
Three of the Brigadiers who est on
the court gaartial that convicted sad sen
tenced to dismileal Gen. Fits John Porter,
have since been nominated by the Presi
dent as Major Generals. What speedos
that we make no progress_in subduing re
bellion, when we are net only Med by
imbecility, but sticking with corruption.
The Riolumped E.vvArster of irituru
publishes a telegram from Charleston • -
mg that the federal gunboat J. P. Smith,
=1 eleven gams and ZIO men. sur
to the :obeli as Friday alter a
sharp engagement on Stow river. The
federal km sr, of course, mid to have been
Gen. YeClellan is on a visit to Bea
ton. He leR New York very quietly. hat
the report got start of him, so fiat at or
eg=g plum Ito was mat by womb
and friends. welcoming bin
with speeches and borpitalit3r.
—Mime are straw Mond' 111 coming
from Beaded,. S. C., that the
oontramted North for oontrabearde e =
to them at high prima. ilio•Rtirdeadtere'
these, male and lemale. aim not peplum
with the army.
A report from Port Rural dittinctly
denies that the Montauk
boat, was compelled to h4'1,1.41 rlgtr•tte it •
tete bombardment of Forj., M4•AV.tater,
the mouth of the 4 igeciive r (ia
Warden lay under the ••.), hie t..,
four hours to try be. ve..el t 1,•
fell upon i$ SA it they had he. -•!. t .11--
The rebels thernaelve4 341111 C ' a• ' ii,” r
solid shot broke- in pit-1..., .1... LI
bor aidP.
AD attempt having been made t.,
sist the arrest of dexerters in Morgan
county, Indians. a *quad of cavalry
sent thither on Saturday, who 'ired
the mob, and cuiptureol the de rters and
six prisoners •
Nwral Battle at Charleston
The news of Wednesday aiti of n *fut.--
ling and unexpected nature. If we. may
credit the rebel accountF. the C'onfe,l,•ra
tee did a good ,lay's wotk on the alert ult.
On the morning of thit day
ham witn two of their gun-boat. attack.
and aurprised the Fe leral block-iding fleet
of Charleston. C . and after sinkit.g
two of our gun-I olts and burning or d,--
abling an ind# finite number of other TP--
t , Pls, returned to receive tbecongratult
tions of the citizen' and ,le,•iare the I,l.l'k
lute of Charleston formally at an end The
number of the blockading fleet at the
time of the attack I, said
to _lave teen
thirteen.. On the following dtv u%eiity
blockaders were reported as oil th'•
We shall wait with impatience nil the
other side of this affair is male public.
Ock the 20th nlt., at the vesidethee of the ,ri ie'l f4C6er,
Ia Rorti Rae; by Key. fly Ratbaura, B
ATKINS to Rule &RYA 1.. L.r/w KM * all of N. rtL East
la (Taloa, oa the 21st ult , Rev G W es, Yr.
G. A CaI:ROLL to ht.*. :1 .4 RARNi EA, all Union.
Ia title eity, oa Owe qr
loot, by . Rev. by. Lion, flu
R0815..405. of Craangu tp., to Wiu HANSII:I
N. DAVIS, at itarboregook
to this ed.,, on the 27th alt., by the *saw, U r r HCR
h AN to II iss SAR AH
lo !Lase county, 111, at the residence of her sou tl.•
alt., Mrs ILATMAJIIII IL MULLIN, ',Mow of likawa
noillirs, We of Ifsseogo, is this etmety, de:vveei
Mot Tl&lips ass wail and intimately knovn to this
sousty. Sbs Ins born Up Lancaster county, Po., in the
year 1775, wince oh* lived until IS27,whan she moved to
this esiostig, and lived bore until after the death of her
lowland, sad Is 1160 moved to her son In 111 21b* 1164
toes • losmoW is fall standing of the 14 Z. Church over
TO year; and is low dolly walk manissetoil a close
so the haft Or shat she professed, a.d passed
boss death wale lit. is the full enjoy meat of hliemg
done het watt well. Mee was t sister to the mother of
tie lots oeishestoil Doctor John Ebtrly of Ciscionatti
ilmocaster &ad documents papers solseue loopy •
They verify, grongthen and forigoiate.
They create • bealtby appetite
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They ovansose eff•ats of disupation ead Lau hours
rbey etreugthea the meters sad eatiren the irund
They prersat rolaantatie and interuateist freers
They punt. cue hreetb and acidity of the stomach
IL., cure Dyspepsia and Conetipsuoa
They ooze DiarThat.., Cboleen and Cholera .I.l.arba.s
net ears Liver Complaint sad Borrow Headache
They are the beet bitters fa the world. The: snake the
weak soca etrisag, and are ItittiMattai nature'■ great re
etenar. They are nes '• of pare St. emu Rum, Ole vele
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Paine. sn Bros:tray, Y Y
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male "1 .t twenty-Moen years' respettenee tni, bleu
kiss, molinsa the Witt that I. very bre taste moan:
Thystalan's suratom b. reqmired if Brandreth's PI
promptly ruled to the early stages of Minas* '
J.. PVC palish/it of the baimer, at Bear.uar. , ,,o, t't
:—"Bnimirrth's Pta. sand Dyspepsia Lt-2
every Mbar maw bast fatted, scd l was antaally g: tett .;
by my pityaciaas ao4 trusoda."
The mom Motraway Memo be X. RUC+. etil
knows anima of Wit:Jam...burs and thousands of others
Rottbalr merits are 1141 Irbova; to fa:l Bow there Is
no nem purgative; ea smaller oats they set as i ger.•.e
ottarolos. amiag emrtm.ams and pant, Lo 4 the
Tam &roomy day eastag taaamiads who aro deemed ln
earabile main tais biereed medicine .114 natl. Pr". ;J..
Ma% 124 CASAL. STREET, N.. York.
Paid by Dr L. braos,t, Erse, 21.: bf elf reepect•!..t dea
lers to toediette ;01-:w
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Prodsad atickics's matchless PHU
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