The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, January 10, 1863, Image 1

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    THE ERIE osalßirsit.
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ArrnwrrT • T I A lp —MB., remand to
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r F. DOWN) NG.
k'rT , IR).IY.I •
arn , rsi.C . l or ?rib
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Pr'm Pi .b•-t foitik'n ' t!-to to all ~ toglooms
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rr0,0,1 %;,. t. AT I.AN
)r .( laragon 13;ock, near No,tb
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• A ars Idea.. at !tali 1•os4 Crossing, Ext•,l'a
• • , ifsb, r•• ur, r•sater, Wstrr Lune, Q r
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el, Pa tenni requuou•n.•
lite Pest d•tta/ the et:: , s:.l 1.44 T II le •
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Hint 4J
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retely 1 3 R H TWAYIR
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It Cl'ititU ii Mc
/I 09 mit lb. von bort Pater Carol
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-(tpp./.1:” Ow Polo NEC*, State It.,
I I) PRE E. E. S,
T S"TY r; T 1 PEW,
ninticir additi•ol to et: • se
*.o.ortiz.ot nt 7./p.• fot
J l B r RINT!
hal t'J "14 • 11bi , 10 C.g:Xlll.l 1 ftil
, "r tb• Lear Cities.
..r tee rei,:yotneet a
n , • J' 11. 4 10141b ., 0 •A r • •
13IENT q• .101-t
'a 'rr•i I•vir..•l lb.
I' ll l.'N DRIES IN filE UNION,
t• 71 •Lllll7 Id rOWILT4o4 WWI
IV, rr,parvi.l to rnet 411 Mad,. at
E' A3l XL El,
.11. E BILLS,
R I Elt EA A..) Ks,
\ Elt
A • Ji CLi ECIiS,
y tblog that. nal yus•lbly be orneoleel-..1e as
t rwJ .2.1,) 1., mot M as reasonable Mee ne tt
iu to. by bay (Ain la Bellibote
la Cie...lmA
COLuit, oli. NUMBEI3 OF
i - ersonl to waut of Job Pristiut u ri
speetfully lorltekt to r•e us a call tad asaza•
Jar epecltnens.
1: 116 p.sce 1,1.4 !via' tita4a, soattor la at
3111'5 5.1 kn btAND, IN Tliag P.O
w• l, its 1utt1..4 tau law tad sitatostt. as at the
de .1:2 raa.Cli.llUkvtlg attairl,ali the siaatpal Se• T.
.10A, ~e4vr, Ils.satv and Fraalt Les
ap•r ad, tab sad ti..rmar, Hatiess's M ssitly as 4
uetratr.,l haw. , w .seeLej
ti.aette, Knelt, a It,t, tsit a.
ALL 111 E, bA,IIY L'A.V IBS 1
ALL Ri.LIGIOUS ?knits!
• vier, p yI.o•LOAIAANIS that is ativatiy bop% co teaa4
by Neit , iettorup
.•:_g • r • rtatzt f Crtasiaal &INN!. :itaiatio 2011
N ivatuar at. Ow Llustritle
1: 4
• • ;, n*.tug. lArt ler mid Nu 14 Pap t, ?We hal Tarry
Luve. , tale SOClig Book*, Dias,
R. B. 111
NN T LD respec t tfutly inform his triends
an c ' be pa but grooerally, that b• Was cesteposeed a
Tin, Copper 6 Sheet Iron Business,
•,, ua VX"'' , .. 4 9et Ne 1, IliTbtl SCALDING, *el
Street, erpootte Wrigtit's Meek where coal be bee laik
at all t tames,* rod Gamy 'Puy Ilae4ylislbet
ter. , b.? e'ttb a lattei efoorissest of
Icipaintil end lintleauea Wan,
.tbduou..v....i.h.. Goods seawall".
Jobbtog sod itopsirtog of oh kgods attoottod to prompt
ly god thoroughly. hoofing, (+utters sag Cootbietont ;
at rap et short putts*.
Cn ,llthost yea% of a.u.o hiug to ray tine, I woad
Ka. Rig, tut. a all. aa I fiai bouoyi DOt to ha Nat to ragout
ch•arory• r rc.,Llay of roods. April, ia,18•0.
AA ICI 1C LE for the Toilet, IN-
H-t,• O -1 PAILS . ? Irlit.'NTAIN HAltt
n 14.• las • for tb, kussr, iitbout
:i„ tOn 11.1‘.4 • Ur 4•41 t Lalb* prepatSlloll4l %lOC
r• axe tee 2 k. rttiet a marine if issi4llissill ti. sae of
•; Saar ssila•r, oi:s, et., si outoparsd with Loy otber
M.A. . 5i.2,...1.1; 'beta ds sows ot they. artiews coat
(row mot r• t Wlttliti.. thla is tmatier al MOM
tue bur ritbout soloni the deters,
:2 .I.—• leey • ate g 0.4.• y hair "12 Lottlee,
u.urleocorr artirse Limp • t.e tempos, het, be-u.h
e re ,61.1,s lb. .p.aoto ty 01 [l,, L urn:, t 0 • Lrup,
ton ue the moat 6•nratel. tot et artteis DO* in oar
/i En..•:113 k •
A Fact both True and Strange!
1' no medical l'repuratiou rvtUato
11 wor, ltJgr, put forth f.,r popittat tam, over Kok
r•ft• y ter apt-aat: to. nyWly, atookt 10 1 ci•••••, se
art.-r • Loraposal .6":4•.a Nowt Via, Dar is tbts
vopatallty a trau•teot thing, If ta ~f :VO Use MOO to Deer
t .ro., tut ot to , ...rraatuot fa•or lbw., who tt j bed IS
ors!, r utt• It artth hze.reapad treble* 104 11011.
.erne-• , o It. euelitlee qualm. p sod Dow it may (al ri f be
tf tbere to a famuly ambits say dbortriel wiser, It
u, pt for 11111 e that ha, tint a t..tti• of It by them, a• a
sotuatt ourotroq• t; la to arbitch tba Anti to
The tow. of the tetreet bids fait to be as est/moire so
be hoillti st tee from which it tO
T" Men and tbu Public. I have
avi 1 'coots, both torelgo
.0 • 1.,• • tee, oaribedetas all tbe eariosUes istuallo presiosabod
tor. *orb.. Ports, Moilefiey eiboory,
Ut.ret !Sock. ( '...ret and Dative Wiwi*
suO t. rots Kum; llulland. Sltiet 4 law wd hue
I,:p ft)• and ilifttlnD(lol , ol.% Wbidlroy,
tbeeo KM. due 0..1 Eiraudieslol the not cee
t 1-,111.4 'R. Very superior
et the.. are tempera btgh to prtee, y.t Ylt
iney are tourb cb cheaper to tbei paretwer, sod
r 1 . ...Pi priAl to the dealer, than those lever priced
kind. ebirb • fll but teettgtiebs.
T• se. ar e the purity 413,1 obtaki ter burst risalitiri,d
'bra. rtl6.• rear/ caution thot pruckat.e• oodospel tiis"
•-•, .uggsst La... been employed. and so tars. It U
st , • t,a. ••d bits boon secured. The value of pigsty, t.
artict.• lit losporteot both to PUrlachiee
, k • tb.t assursetee is out, ottot , apary to rota,
enet9ls/ti J.'s , / et CART!'
• To:z rAis txTßAcrogu;nit woko)
txritAcrou. will curt *Ands
• iteds
Ir''S ^Ate EXTKACTOR .111 vzt•due *al • x t..rec , o
it .1/41 EXTRACTv/K prvvezit La.] i.otru;
!)411.erS FAIN XTKACToR wid core barer of all
,a ,• •
r EX 1 02 TO L eala c..Urdire Its of
Rain r,t matt
)":5 ?Al" E'S.TFACTOR, n.mtrattomi all Pobtoodi
tut, •.1 of Ariumis, insmwt• r.r R.pti,,,,L
•1-rrti VJI CR sit:TUX •tll e Are Crok,n Breaotk
••• Nlpplir,Plis., dic.
D 1..%'3 CA ••• • X rK4e - roR .01 care 51,1 t Rb. 0131.
NL.44 Held.
;1‘ •I-•• .1 • V CTRACT(IR ...tsclupp•-•7 bap.*
~.00.1 Ar
L • A • • int.l ,- 7011 .111 ram Corm, easrbitt.• 1
r Nar,. 4
110.i•rigeeplr.f •t ,, ,111./Iri•r t. teLtbout s trot bas
•so .4 • *tusks b.t may prove of
. r..a 'b....1,0 ',Moll Itlt welt
I Air - :I• 4.10^ lova Al 1d...
Anil 6, A•li
• .'• • tractor It RA) h. •. e LA. In.
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t), r.:-I.l•re I low/Avow to Its Arov• stip
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, FAttrs..tos. It sill as Sasso. of aU Ms.*
.06..somotAma, satioal b. UN 1•••011 of oar
laeg• kosi US.
Itirugs• t . I—lf you 1t.., a &teed I. tb. Amy, wad him
bithol...l Yaw altimasit ma; be Mir
•t P. t tut(• ilk I f PHI hays So cOlavelitellu• for
.. a do:: it, .13 4 it Wall It *All soft yos bit • cross
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LA t• Ca.rter
TaAT the variety of DOW MOD Bed
es.* at atietlit, Cottav, Cowan. Bsad Cot.
wt, Camp eats jimmy Lfut tad other prism, inta
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glarnatoo. DOW enlibdada, Gotta* sad otito Tablet,
Wtmulotti. gei.ter Carpet sod Nowt I *own
Sole &AL Mae alien 4lntoe Olablintenma,reatim o•4a
bad ilqlssers wittt alter ao•••bitld taratearth dm, •1i
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.ofd. Camp •••L Parley'. ll•delidati. lotoulatag, &ming.
Nue* sad stale Malta .4 lo owl WeAtimra stoma
nurture, an blekOry dolled Lod glsed, mating Arne aa
woes u say tither part of tbs absdy,oterra abed" mis•d•
sod Debi ank only slid by no naaa..a durable.. Wood
Wisdom., Reams& disonag sod harms, an amen at lon.
wood rousda eltoclod through the goat r e s
eed, oar
noted to debt Inalitbodbelf potittod, sod oat to leo.
leo fee Amos lb, peas vied taloa. dating 13••••• m
sold ova soa yawl bar* toe blirittet taptia•••l•ls v l tb ••
list ef passe of Oil twille spal , aittea. Tbetias
and abipping Irmo.
after Owe nano eopettenes t etiatesittaa vita sa
p•inelp•Lid leo prim T shod detartolatid t 0 rill
Pik• pest* to all, /tee worth ter year pay, sod do ).stew
to all olio trete erteh sot.
Lumber, latts.Bk W's, Lies Moak, Crodiand Ibrosed
06, gnu". Pay, Produce, ire , taken at tan market value
Mr phi itainsesber Ow% fs•at einuer of Btb auto*
co Plate, Brie, Pa. 6, W. BLIAMY
ase:/•tf Wattutbirt and Cbilagliell MIOOIIIIIIAIII.
AME to the residence of th
alabaieetbor, some time Heatlke 124
day of Ws moots , RV) CON .boot keit
Tara old Th• *law is lamb! recaosted
14 ems forward, prove properly, pay chilies sod tali*
her away, otbawarira sbe wtl bo di.oefts of basediag
taw. (nairli3w2 l ) IN A ILRLN
CIA rioN.
Lecture Course for 1882 and 1888.
E tt boy*. twCirse oi twelve lectures will
eutaliesea at Fever Hall, Wedosodty oreldrqr,
Doc Ist, rltb 4. literary ell tertsbrompat LI the belebrotod
Chsesa4l4 Itardersool gloortboidel, t • Z. In7111)0CA.
Fay , to be (epos. d tp otter diatiatioro statbrolosi
daring the winter.
tip uctlittftlit" cis Ise tm, at Eissign'a.
*here a iiievete el the bsU sa be ion ow bad attar
Newly, Nev. :Vie. sod mow bowed for tae otoroo.
?nod of 3•1111011 Tlrkttt, i tidet $2. do 12.73.11 do Sl,* 4
do $7, tdi a Aeries tickets to *sob Isotors t 0 %etc
Iris, Nee. 22-42.
trsoloo. or to CLuallg 111 11.0 110.
Boots and Shoes
as IBS
Th. Im4ININK %nal M oroolactlot br Wit IL IoiIaCCILLIL,
who boa Warned to trio *IQ a otre to Immo* • pot
ossooot roolklook sod *ohm to the trade seaway
.ad *l4 Made, as Wm ltslasea le WI sad ezattais
tb. above
STOCK Al' No 16,
ortb Welt enrosr of tbe Tort *ad heel Btroel,,
:opt. tr ERIE, TL
11.4 Mel badly Ca diorite,
tbs W ortd,tued i * Put! Ye,
penw , oe sososily, sissy,
Klee estielsoties soateves
siottitse to)orioas :_pittor
owl by the priest oil 'bye.
chum us the UtilOW ;
testi; e. cted "VA snriv
Rcitoo a rents 6 ,
Roses one doilst Ydl 41)
les-tines .111 swell hes.
Werscuoteil *epeeist le se!
Pills belles" the peeslis
on lodes hours, pots, said IVIPSIISIIII9 of the breast, ride
slid beck. and Itbessistte courploiste In estuslly 'hen
periods of time -owed os Missal/el white lame Alm,
&bolt owe ►ui9eets the wearer t.• so toevoreeleisee, sod
*sob owe will wear from eras amok to throo tonotbp.—
Price ! crab.
&triers guru Coated 1 ills sod itid Misters an sold
by Elsoload ilkmoliasto 1 W parts re( the Coiled
and *nib Aipsioro, and may be etrtethed
by earns( kr them by their 101 l naID•.
Patrifly) Dr 1. R RWRHICIE tt Co, Alosay,N y.
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ToIM Lariewt t, 1
alte4 ti.tvo, ..:., dkaal of the
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deetir. it( Os tetra, Lo .a .. t•ltiT2B. sad tbo ougY
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at the fo,luwthig brat...b.., via .
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gu.* 14*k Emmet"
Ellie:1 PIM:111i NI
C. 4 '. 40 4 " . •• , L , tbt•l r , a s
icarinio fa: sad liftthemattc, vele , blif •
111 .4•• lAy • ter' • '.01712,12., .011 C• ‘0111.; dt4eYrou
out.: ren.o.vr mix ttm.. Mssileten , pow'
Ilion at With
for CIMA.Ort• of M fu. Itp•4 tuaemot r asd
0 , witattitul i•attrualuis••.l • 61,4000 Coll y• "my al
' , vier. fvet, c.m g tulnin • g .a 4-844) nt Writing. Lot
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lea seethe before. The Rm. Mt. Eleshesteem la Me
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let Nash, Galas Minh ea Set riseday s seek aptly
remated Tessysea's famous sass el Me "Cleerpe ei els
Witt Brtisde," at Beleklast, as t. the part
Slam by the leStb messed Is this debt, with eilight
alworatioe is lb. Dumber of a sad tie shaalalas ef
ti►o.s seed. The sasease se* hy tkel usee•ndgssU..
ism to this pee. has ameed vast law+, fee it, sort ye
thereon) give the oriels! coeseles :
"forowtd th• Ugh* Brigade r
WS. Int r• • moo dionnyed t
Not kw' tbovoldlot* lures
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Therm not to maims raply i
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Theirs b.t to do sad dia ;
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Coss°o to tho left st tiro ;
Calmat la frost of Oast
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tttimseed at wttk tkOcrit sod *Ate
Boldly they rode agettweil,
tete the mouth el hen -- -
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FleaWd al; thou saber* boo;
as they **oil * ear ;
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leaved ta tette* molteirk
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Litt of sis %lionized.
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i'l QUI! rot hundred.
Dr. Olds on Arbitrary Arrest.
o t Christmas day Dr. Olds Dad a moat en
thusiastic reception at Lase sates, Ohio, and
addressed over tea thousand persons Wu
give t..te per ions of his refs themstaaing to
his arrest and imprisonment :
On the 12th of Ai:isnot Istat,„adeer 10 enibeit
at sight, my hoses was fundbly , i entered by
three gateman's( raciest, WIN /MA *faience
seised my person, and holditteiTanlver
my head, demanded my sormSdor.,..,
*tan, after my saptam e I idenesmilind to
knew by what authority t bay den* desiemediely
brakes into my room, and -byliftet nittilueritY
they had thus seised my pekb, they teary
grumblingly informed me 44,19 Mini Mk
Lag sada aches/A; jet alts
I then demanded to be shown their weneest.
They !affirmed me that I bad ne right to make
any such demand—that the order which they
held woe for their protection, ad not for my
gratification. They, however permitted me to
see it. The document was signed by she de
pletion Secretary of War—was dated st Moat.
iagton city, August 2, 1562. It was directed
to W B. Scott, and commissioned him at tabs
with Bien one &assistant, and to proceed to 1
Lancaster, Ohio, and arrest Edson B. Olds,
and to convey him to New Tork and deliver
him to the commanding "Seer of Tort Latay
sue : sod abet if be was resisted is the exe
cution of the order, he was directed to call
upon Governor Tod, of Ohio, for such anis
teens se might be necessary. The order ease
tamed no intimate.* of the *.nature and
mina" of the accusation against me ; indeed,
it charged nee with the commission of no of
fense whatever ; and when I demanded of my
enters to knew what were the charges spines
test they replied that they “did sot keen."
The., my friends, was I dragged from a sick
bed. for f was at• that time, and fbr missy long
and weary days and nights afterward serious
ly afflicted with an attack of the bloody Dug.
In this condition I was hurried into a emit"
and during the remainder of the night drive*
to Columba, and just at daylight placed upon
the cars and taken in my sibk and exhausted
condition, without a moment's delay, to Yen
Lafayette. After this degrading epeesalos
had ban performed, and beret* menduatiog
me from the commandant's room to my dun
geon, sll the other prisoners about the fan
were locked into their rooms, that 1 velegbisst
be seen ad recognised, lent peradventure t.
formation might be given so iL. world and my
m e nds (If •• I woereaboute and the cruelties
~rout t toi practirld upon me. One of the
prisoners bating karucd a few days atter
verde. through the medium of the newspa
pers, iL, the 1..;:ter,04s stronger was, wrote
to a filen 1 ,f fur -teat fir tilde, of Ohio, had
beau brought to Fort Lafayette and placed in
eolitary.sottiueluent lila :utter was return
ed to him by the comtuku.l,4u, requiriug him ,
to strike out so cinch of it as referred to the
care of Dr. Olds. My dungeon was on the
ground, with a brick pavement or floor over
about the one. half of it ; and so great was the
dampness that In a very short time, a mould
would gather upon any article Mt tinee,. lits
floor. My bed was in iron eneetchem wide
very thin husk mattress upon thin in
deed, that you could feel every Ithu VW in
the to•Josent you lay down upon it. Tee bets\
floor, with all its dampness, would Mae been
for more oomfortable thin thlo iron and busk
bed, had it nut been for the mu an f the vet
min that lofestri the room I hod also to a,
room a broken ` table sad a elute: a *IVA et
government brad, with en obi stinking rasej
tin of Lincoln coffee, wilt a slim of bailed
salted pork, was my fare. 31.3 L only dank
other than their assay Doles, wee to to-water
I was famished with no foal, soldier avid
any entreaty procure one for me. leti
could I Winos my Jailers le let me have s
candle doing my lag Wiese siell WOW.
No entreaty could procure for me abs roman
of the medicine *Web bed bees lobos kiss
me when 1 was essrehed. Again and again i
.egged for the little bit of .pies to name
my suffering. which had Non isbites 'slot
my pocket with my other enedisfae, ton ill to
solo. Alter tan days of scab IneismeStMati
steel /t4eAM& MO we 11 1 114-40 , 11011111061A4
the gad beaugise brawn asikbas /alai
be isbonert 100, 11611.11111.011~ •
.4eir eaten Mg. 'nth .111410011"
.le .3 7.7..
*bad al NOUN hattag maw saw vie or bees
info sod by lit of ay soaditioa. With a.
WM ha sty fa, with at oat to give so sea
• 'Mak of ralawstat i rot Ise wail isogiamo
that I .salt at teas the mmiliseem 1 did
sat taw boa that any Who dasigssi to pa
sse ma. Their prowitias inoloatat jaattiod
ask sa apish's. I as& imp ay shit that if
1 dish is Pert La she, I aeadd dis • amoral
daseis, amass isalsed isioasis allered ice se be
triad by a draiiihotel eassasartial sad shot,
which 1 hit be had se meek right to de u be
bad is arm" mad Lyricist me is the manor
he bad Ileac theist , sash trearatsat, sad by
this time, yea easy well isagiao Lima I bad
gat s mar am ma I sad ills I shish,
Wiped to am 'lay life, for the track is, I had
get to be too mad to dia. sad so thanks to
Liaasta, Ism sashay a hissi hi:videos* I be
gan so pot taaaliillessa that Liao oa. If any
thing' soak mid hi its ersoity initiated ups.
ma dor* those keg daps sad 416ina of my
*balm sad amihrbogg i , it woo the retail of
tba sossaasisat to allow me the sae of a
Bible. DV alter day L begged the largess'
to, proms ow for ao. Hb oessmat oasawer
was, “the ocusassadiag edger rays you saes'*
bate oae. I begged Um to 'naiad tit. cow
mitediag akin that we livid is a Christiaa,
and aot a loathe* lited--.4.het I was se Amad
eu' althea. sad sou a costiosaued felon. Still
the answer was, 'Mite commanding Amer says
you a aa't have one. and you need riot ask
any n o on ;" and a Wll4 tot until after Mateo'
days of such son than boatboalith treatment
that Col. lurks. of Fort Hamilton, upon tie
importeMty of my 110 a, zat as ord tr to the
omemantLant of Fort Lafayette to let me have
• Bibld• It was upon the Matoenth day of
try ItMety imptieettamet, dist my son, npue
eh owlet hoe the lieeretery of War. was per
mitted to sea so. sot bay bawdy all bat is
the smostivassiigisaes It "Ma
wish some 4111 May chest, ores as this time. I
was able to Salt from my tell to dui cow
imeadaat's roam. This was the Gm time dur
ing ay heprfeentatet that Leas able w ob
taut se interview with the commandant. In
tits-eery larpostios at the prisoaert be kid
etre nifty amoidod y dos gees. No kindly
mosonge of !agility se to ay watts sad son
dithin bed over reached me *tie him I sets
ad apes thioappertmaity to let Ida hew abet
was a hsmss beta.. lasi ilf MA. willed to
bummer ~suit; teat Audi a Was as re
flag it wanner • Bible was unknown in
say etwflised oftwestaity. this armor war
that be arta mot "emitted, sada. his onion,
to to as hare oat. 1 had gross reason to be
tbsokful twat my no's visa Ors Gls aa op
pettely to ,em the ootaleallidaat, for from
tbas timi o tattimegik bap is Stuitsry ssallaa
lON lay thimilillath time title oleo masiesset
It A Noir . teatttmor its put "pea troy
rah Won or • themes
WleCO4.oedite eai swiss, I Wen
~ pinhiedi hada inestruall lie from the aesk
?UMW OW Mao entopellmil ev obit
I sips sky wilt Oteihi Bleak thi llivoretary
Maier to thal'effeer,"befhre he Gadd
eh es vitle ISHII en hit hanged hew I kad
4peane‘ V rsdlatersld ‘llmmedieteip t.
Watadurten, usi 1411 the seadellaweeef every
kind friend, reeared s order fres Secretory
Blanton for say rehmee free .solitary eon-
Ithesimi, mad that I should have ill the pri
vilege. auerttot is the other prism/ire. And
thus, altar twenty-awe days of this loathsome
sad worse that beatheitish treatment, my
disomoin.dons mae soloolusi, sod I was per
mitted to hold hmostewroe with my fellem-pri
suers. Such, my fries& le *pieta Matesest
of the manor of thy eider, and the treat/nest
I received duties tits. tweak/ -two days of asy
Watery eoutlaeasemi; It it affords oar grail-
Beatles§ to . tks. itopmhikmos who eseuod
arty serest. they are welcome is it. Their time
will coma some dray. "Mt radii/ not yet"
After toy r !lease from solitary 0444.4111111 t.
was put into souse/sate with Sarre, ethers,
=Aloe twelve of sorbs a roma tioaimailisi
by I feet. In this room we Wept, soothed mid
eat is it were ear beds, chairs, table*
trunks, cookies sleuth, table furniture, he.
We were looked Isla oar rum at susdo as.
sad unlooked again at surto*, Through the
day we were permitted goateed , . or sit is boat
of our *ell impleito the fort. We tad, mortis(
sod fuels* what was milled a -walking
boor." Tide hour was sometimet sea, sod'
tometilosa thirty minutes loon just s' sut , ".l
the writ. or whim of the sergeant. ..Our
walking aroma wu iaside the fin. We were
parmitted to walk baeltwarde across the arts
of the fort, which was perhaps • little larger
them your City flail. We were permittod.
through the otamauillas officer to suostir sad
coca our own food ••• wort compelled to
.use ,„i. sitter for all purposes—cooking
lashing. and dnsking. Each and every time
that we 4res , any from the cistern we were
required to trot obtain otriniseiou from the
set-gelato of the gusr.l. This, Ike all cistern
ester, we, roteetitnes quite Inablo eeti some
times quite offensive. sire Chiidt. one of my
mese, it/formed me that as one time during the
hoer part of last whator, to eousequeuoe of
the accutunistion Wiest in the gutters, ell the
Imelda. sod sopnritip trout tee soldiers'
Iversen' run Into thy cistern out of whisk the
prisoners wore awl/petted to dr.vw the water
which they used—that tie-water Ipectstue so
Wit, that they bid to I. )11 tt Sal Wont off ;he
11th hedge ming ; au-i that no/hematite/A l
ing they , bad three other ouneras inslil4 the
fort, full of eompsratircly 4411‘41 wow, yet
she oomunsading oßioer compelled them to use
this tttby mesniags from the bolters quix
wilt. wit\ rur peremtewm, my fibrils.
rest sivaPer la:. I.vit 4)216.3'4,1 wit's F
L •0 )ustr.nts, sn bestbssis'l 64 a -
ottilltags skid bundles
s. assi to ms by an api alums, Maid(
p ads prloo.tars referral to 'beet ma.s
s. ode tins °sailed is ono of lb* rrsats of
ghat 100 tho tv.ttsir?. 4 timorwely Js
ciritiod in (formai. Ntoralrad'a
aonsa't4irtf prima*. Una of tags* poor fel
airs rriairoosrated oloitaisoo 6,a4 mar
OW &stk. Mike ems ea sod it was shooed
aai, the peer haw cnold apt lees esti! EWA
;NV TO fratosoro GAS tool la sal sera wits
IMO On au. Aiwa 414 for VW an
miiiht, - stlysa, OW eight bi pooletall
'111 , 4 e Ugist is Oasis prises, awl tiv*Vail
NI IL may lima. Lids mow Ina mortissikni ,
is s twailuo4 lead of Parse Ours Issivoi
6 /0, obalases wWi the tlrtikt,
ap Is iblik Ohio 4eumprderil eight s
0 , 410 Sir tivir 111 0 ‘11 giner
• the t lia*tatilw leghnor
whoa all Immo mall sad husked ; sad
whoa morning troko is upon that loathsome
daspea, death bad don, his work. This
peer steam of Littoolsl's despotism had oeassd
to live; his re:eosai spirit bed gone to that
world where she smeary are at rest, end the
wished aeon hiss troubling " There is to-day
eastatel is one of the oafs of Port Lafayette
a poor prisoner. esid to he partially deranged;
Nees last February he hes boon is solitary
soalluemeat. His mil is darkstalsd ; a sentry
mershos sight wad day before his prison door ;
he la permitted so tIitOIPSOUrSO, not 01011 to AO"
the other prisoners- Ton sea wsii imagia•
how strict his ;wiliest:teat is when' I tell yea
that his •goi ;tad widowed twa.her, Imo for
minas had bola seeking to otiudtt en inter
view with her nos, at last bevies .yhtsinad the
least sought for wait, mu* sat "Sabbath
day to visit hie
boron the prisoner woe takes from hie dun.
pore to the pommasdaat's room, in which his
mother was permitted to see him, the other
prisoaers, myself mass; them, were all looped
into their rooms • Ale of moldier. was detail
ed to purl him from hiottell--sidoubie guard
plead in the silly-p,r: Arid whet slippage
yes was this clan's offence, that for so many
months to Lad thus boon so inaurnanely tree
sod 1 Why, *amply tuts : On cno dark, stormy
night, with a life.presereer mule out of oyster
eons, he jumped {nio the 9.,1 and attemptel to
'War .
09,1," fey I. , •wee I 'Ns a boy t i ert
tom/tool the aft verb I spaAk tt • mo a
snm ,,,
a boy in toy slue Wital e (ut
sad roadie. aad 111 4211 214
I " II* " "°
$ or Plikk : or Igor.
a. ba••••• 111 Sk liliklowa, Awl War 11•••••
4 41 411ramma •aamas. Ilia foamy, hosapasir.
Mai wild's/dip—ail lowliest Mu/Miami
of bilb- er 1111Pailk. low .callta Maas /anise.
Imam, wain abet ifellialc *nom aisastast:
to blab at Aboliabla mastimapi s d asalisilks.
Ilabia washes. Nowtarkwa I, int I
masilislaatlifask • 4101 , Ni
44s 111 me 11.11110110 (4141011 f
11104 1 1 1 11504 SIAS* IP* 46 ` "
,t 1 tJ - •
And to oonolualon, my fnenkl-, porent me to
say, that although I would•no• .•zake the oath," I
attempted again an 4 again to t-a foreed up-'n
me by Mr Ltse-,lts, is a coniftion 1.1 my re--1
lease, yet, when In two weeks trot, this time,
I tskh my Jest c. your rePreseatalrire in the
Legisisture, I stall mast ohoerfally take the I
oath of allegisne• to boil the Conititut ton of
'he United States and the Constantin of t:le
&Me et Olio. Tbet *Mk. notwithstanding it
the estsmples of both Lincoln and Tod to the
eontrary, I eh di maintain inviolate. All those
94.Z•red guarantees "'bleb both there Cooetitu •
•ions throw oround•yott, to protect you in your
toe;ieriable rights. I will endesror to enforce
the stoat of my ;oar abatirty, to dilieuee
.f deeputeat of both the Presiding. and
be Gessesee. shltungli by cc doing I may be
rovreed to dry lonely cell in Port Lefty.
trite. Apia, sty friends, for this extritordi.
sari reeeptiou--for this most oerlial gremiag..
I WNW yen al ibeitesteit timmits.
♦ ritutoric LNTIIi II
OM sent Am toad is poem.
rive AM .oiled 1
Ilem* s• trambes Mom.
AM lAM ail imic PM mos.
Ali pemdai MA issomik,
Ail *mi. beglitilmg.
Ty ASS' !copilot. wield,
101 041zird a* as ;
tity 'nisi Meng
heis WOO "sr angry SOIL
emirs at *Mom raid—
Tkpr 011*-4444as se.
iftsese bob* IMP lumsel.
no.. Mop**.
Übe *a, le am sad 11$4
J., bilis swairas,lpea
rsty air veer. 'rpm.
Nabs ss vest Lad Is Dead.
Pod* leroly WOLK
Meatier Itg byelaw Shed.
MI greet. geed weeks espied,
fled sera oar noble lend,
tree sad lathed
Lotto, From lesior Zook Downing.
1 1 1',,saushiros, Dee. d, 1862
Ka/. I sal glad to ass that Congress has got
tegotliar. mad tho Message has been rod aad
dilated. The Kemal worked bard eau, on
it, I tell you. He wouldn't let Seward onc,baso
have any thing to de with it, but he just stataied
it all oat himself. The scat day *nor tee
!doesispe was seat in. Sass eare easa in sad fed
the Mess* wun't pulaistikel is all its parts
I tolled bias that of gnawed if ha bad to work
wooed short banters, es tits lf.sreel did. willi
es& plan tripped y i p. be would fled it mighty
bard work to got eveo thing Jest aaeordie to
graistaar." I tailed Was "gnawer won't of
say aehoont s wile the rebeliyua lasted—that,
like thf Clinetitnshin, the grimmer was sue
vended. or looked up where babes korput
eoulda't get at it. In toot." sea I. "kir
sure, I think say mos who tante about it's
bens neeessery to observe the laws of grit:tuner.
or my other tans, lira the *within is ins depth
struggle with mauve. is* disloyal person, as
ester be sent to Fort Ls Flail.", Kw I eau
Samson turned ail torts of colors, so
dies be, "'fel, Major, yerhapir you're rite &Dant
'rammer; but I think you octet- spell the
President's ammo rite is your letter. It's a
disrespect to ths(''''neof Makforetrats not to do
it." ~v risu," se, I. •• 1 11r. %manure, I've got
my own ideas on speno rpeillp is a gout
deal like sparkin tho galls—Ws ism!. as &feller
take, a noshin. hly tdee is, if I spell a word
so as to get I , s so•rad, Nu rite. au I 41..n't beer
whet you sty . it'd tl.e orf..: , rule of spell n
that holds g.iod to the :our run. Now, ' sea
I, 'tf L't spolt Linkon, what on
si•h does if spat: '" That deep:m.l to stump
hies. '.l3ut," ses he, "Nlsor. there's sonic
g;.unerel thv r 1. , oleserved—rd, e s
that the !•44.. r, ..1
don't itoow much about doh° mu I the
Kernel don't nuther. I went to school bit
weeks, sad the Kernel nes ne went six mantas.
School le en is laity poor truck to prat into s
roller's tad, onless he's got a good dee: rat
brains there. There's mere edlosted fools now
:et the world then there art fuols of eay other
sod there's a great seeeny of 'em. Lord
town. And." eetl, kit's these edleete/ fonts
sles4 snake ell the !rubble."
••Wky. 114j0r." ma 4e, "yo* ttio't $t enemy
triteasloo. hope."l,
«Wel. ado. Mr. lioutitor. us enemy to
odiostton; 1 only bete klateass4 fools."
Si. be, , •N.jer, Ost d,) you moan by elli
ostod fqols ?"
• IWO Verdi
ter •‘....0 d 1$ yob
111," SI 614
' aft I asoffkaad phtteta tbif :
&reel, who had lea demi 011ie to get his
boot-Jack cue is. Iso be, .4epoof morels,
Mr. fluasoare. 111 bet you one of Chisel
greeabsoks," ; sea hw •••thet yes oia's tell why
tip RRlti is tirsts-einklir." Out. —
%dare .ho .4410. Ail Val," see Ate Israel.
'impious* ft sticks close to the heels of the
I tolled tie Iternel how that golehltte eett
that. the Massie warn't grewanatikal.
see ke, .4 believe everything goes rent tenet
I became Preaidint. The country is upside
"'a ; ale si/11 111 1 en mere tiwthisti , t Lisa ever
before; the white men are outing ens anode
er's throats, an it stoma in it Region was kiti
love; an now the gramme, has bees vielatait
[ley say. Wal, d wonder eat on earth I'm it
for. I never suieseded well is flat bottle.; I
allers had poor craps mita / tried to be a fans
or , I wise too tall to split rails handy ; asti,
a Layer. I wairu't enything more than from
poor to middling. El 1 can't be President, I
dant lee oat on crtb I was wale for."
"Wel." seta "Karael, perhaps you are like
the old Quaker's dug." Sea he, "Saw was
the; Al:Ajar!" “Wal," sus 1, "I'll tell you, 1-It*
story. Up Metes, not far from DoWnisg•
rills, thus used to lire so old Quaker named
flesakish Peabody. He bads yeller dog that
was silos loungin around tits house. One day
Sol Hopkins, 111 rough old feller, sue along,
sad Imo be, 'Mr. Peabody, Parent *dog to haat
foxes: do you think your dog is good for fus
ee 1' 'New,' says the Quaker, 'neighbor Solo
moo, I Dover tried the dog on foss*, tar the
hunting of any animal is not my Waimea; bull
if thee wiehea 14 dog for foxita,ectoording to the
Rcripturee, this dog mutt ti o I , go od dog for
forte. 'Wel, will you warrant him a good
'1 eau not do that, neigbboi
Einlouion. ft: 1 saver tried Lim ou loxes, but,
arcarlii.g :a the Script tires, yc can be sure the
.log gud fat fozee ' old eul, thinking
th .-Icepture pro fmu he pod, gave the
Qu4kei• fve dvilars t*..r I:.e lie took him
:sum, en 11: 0 nett h.. tiovr o fox runnin
of hie lots he called the dog
tat show cd him the fur, I,t.t he wouldn't stir an
tech arum.. Litt. This made old Sol tarrltted
med, en the next day he took the dog book to
he Quaker, end se- he. to his rough way,
:Mr Peabody, this dog ain't worth a dial
•Tat, tat, 'might:kr boh,man, thee shouldn't
speak protanely wub thy lips.' 'That may be.'
see old 8 , 4, 'but d,dn't you tell me ibis dog
was good for fazes !"Wiah' sea old Sol, item
do you make that out!' 'Peal, neighbor, the
dot -lotuses say that there is nothing reads is
vain, an as 1 bed tried that. dog en every
thing else es.oept fox. huts in. I thought that
;het maw be what he wan made for!' Now, sea
K erne l, hope it, won't turn out that Jon are
like the old Quaker's dog, 'made is vain,' or,
as old Soles.; reseed it. Snot worth a d— t' but,
ma I, of you don't restLre this Union before
your term expires, the people will think you
were a giod deal worse than the Quaker's dog;
for el he wart good for eaything, he 41441
do my particular harm."
The Kernel didn't seem to like this story
much, lot see he, "".'sr, I think you angst
tin kinder personal." See I, "No, Kernel, I
don't m :an to be, but you knew stones will
sometimes it closer than you think for when
you begin to tall them.''
Jest here Seward cum in, with his eburolt•
yard smile. See he, "good esorntn, Mr. Pres
idasit; Pre got good news trees England.—
?Imre won't be any interresehin now, an the
mballynn will be weer in silty days. id, kiwi
feed Wake so, tea"
' , What's up, Boss l'" lies Linkin. That's the
-same he calls Seward by. "Oh." me he, rub
bin his s hans, "don't you see by the papers
what a large amount of money the moschants i
of York are subscribin for the poor, patient.
warring Engliah workmen ? God bless 'eta:"
Here Seward drew *.deep sigh, an sea be, "11,
will produce such a good effect in England:
Intervenshin is dead. The rebellyun is crush
sot all by this grand an noble idea of mine
to feed the starving poor. What filanthrowpy
will do when it is done rite :" An here &woad
kommenced rubbin his hens an walkin *boat
the room; an actin like a gal that is gout to
get married. I didn't say stapling, an the
Kernel didn't say enything either, an it wasn't
minit before Seward dodged out of the door
*gin as quick as he cum in. After he had
gone, lies 1, "Kernel, how many times has
• ewer,' lird the rebellyun suppressed!" "Oh,"
sea he, "he goes to sleep every night with the
saran beleef that the Union will be reit:mad
by daylight; that Jeff. Davis will be hanging
on $ soar apple tree by noon, and that he wilt
be ideated neat President by sundown."
"Wel, sea I, think you're get e
queer Cabinet." •*Yes, I bar," sea be. "Sew
ard thinks that his ruin letter,. to Eltraphi
gain to overthrow she rebellyun Obese Wake
i t be dune ezoept by his gressibaohe led
&nein 'mere. Old grandfather Wells is
revs there is notlitia that will restore the Union.
except his gunbor.,s, while Blair feels sure
tlitit he ken do it by stoppat Demycratio pa
pers.' bus I , "Why ,t11:1•C you change 'em ?"
"Wel," see he, ..what s tii.e use of enappin
jacket's'. There nowt nothin to be made by it.
'o, I won't change my Cabynet unless Pm
Iris. to 1:. Its bad moonlit now, but the Lord
only knows what it alight ho it I only under
take to change it."
I ssas u. I eauld Induce Lakin to pin
to soLie we wen, eel get out Seward, Chase,
Stan.tu and biter. ISut it Ano use. So we
suall ain't; a.t . t.r the old I:tehtou. Where
we oh atl be in th. Sprtug, DV irlbe kin tell.—
Cougr:: Lea guile to w rb iu ern:at to 113. cp
td,e': P, ,11C1 tite eair that the Detnlarats
.cue t„r .uspeultug the habil'
k;lrpu. Th: h , iuthrupkst+ ararlaisy, end they
are goia k ; to g,vs. all the uiggers hero a Chris
dinner, which, i suppose, is expected to
last ern the 3 ear vomit'. Satin Ilk, a Turk
out clay art starstu te, 11•Ceatdit to 113'
idese, a poor tray
Yours Lill della,
REPUBLIC:AS Doctitals.--Itt the debstaks;,,
the Se.ante on the I uttioci of arbrit4vpubilmha
Sene4or Merrill thus ►vowui &A the Coa•
memo% ou the subject.,
etautioo : are the taco or the
The 1115". mete IA day and our condi
dgy ; ga d in diet glens* it is the highs;
14* ; it is Lib, tow .Dove the Constitution s 4
above sit 1 ,4 e; it ia the law of ow argasdid l e,
1.,,r our ',List mos to-Jry. Our ewe lady;
ttiet taste icnowo to oatious where the lava
are sliest. Your mamaipat regdations sad
yew Qtaailtation lava no *aloe tor me sit
0006.1.12 &JO cm* a maw"
Or Et Governor Psalter, +WI Ottlersibli,
betas, stone, 'Arent Third street, sbealk,44%
o'clost on duodey wee beibionly
*ow, fhb a sisdeut, sad easeedieill deep**
one 41110 16 As 1 1 0= IS piss be was oar
ssatik,se 14st sesidasse. by people *be Mae la
1 0, 61 1 1 4 4 , 0 4 11 4 4 Ae• !hilte wars! beers
~14frise, booms esavaboarboli 444,
ilarib49 l l4 "PA a dArt•-41.110100
M A Jos JA ot Down,* si