The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, January 03, 1863, Image 2

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    t Obserber.
.-ATURDAY, JAN. 31+, lsGo
fax L 119 01 AND re■ ('oxtnrrtiox—'Z.r A.AD rOt.
Si/Mr-WIZ •wo LIE
I.)nr,ag the Ism week we hare sent bills to
large iluinl . ter of oar subscribers wno are in
arrears. We woull not Jun' our patrons
Were we tha ribs , Iritely cumpelied to Jo su In
revers. i • •,•• to • L e,.aut4 roe.) - be incorrect,
bat nun- ,J.L.cept by accident, and in all
loch ::t3fane,.s, we tettl take pleasure tq
righttng them, when the leet• are brought to
our know!, Ige We trust that_ those who
know thel,i.. •to I.e to lebted w,ll rchpond
promrtty 11, •halt,..itt juitice to oureeltres,be
compelle4 . 'tr,it , the netnei of all Subscribers
, ff the 11-t whr, do net respon , t to those 1•e•
fere .he 1 f January-
Tub •rnocnits adhere to the old !tag of
"red, and blue." The Abolitionists
1:10W tllripu., into it—
01 black
li uut u little curious tliaL uoth Pres
ident Lincoln and Jederson Dew:, are na
tives of Kentucky The former was born
you v and the latter
in load ouuty..
A .orriiroatair la oftte impression that
there web really no troublelin the Cabinet
at all mut that the professed difficulty in
that body i, only a , tort' got up under the
management of '4evrard, the Fox, to draw
attoot.on !L. 1/.1 the blunder . s which laid BO
in•n!, ..1 iirtt r 4.)1411t•T. , 0.,1,1 in death
n the ultiln n. wr I redericlodlurg.
A Is of nen the Atiolitlimiat,. Imagined
tip , ' ha i ^ ir< tr i the destruo-
1 1 . wr.crAtie I. &rt . !, loit to their
great oiku. 1..11 Neu lore
strong rid gilt c%er Ibe result
vertfie. It the t.tron'ge , t luanuel air truth
•f the I..)et a
1 ,
r l• •
aruima•:.l writhe. ..
her w .r-!upl..t
"The it,ofit,in Pre— , litut arid
eiasperste.l the whole I,eople of the
South P, tt• for tlin , perpetual stimulus
the rebel chiefs would have been , leserted
by tikeir t)ow levotP I followers "
Tll Thurlow 1Ve.,1, under .late
of Wahhington, L. 1, in 3 Ltter :uteri
sled wdeten‘l Mr •-• :rnr , l against the al
Meeks of the rftd rvi ,e,t , ter, in the Sen
az- c - dmitr e : •:hltti.o of glob
-tatt,ltitz ,t!t..:11.- the as.ertim
will not.--be repar 1t..1 tes trealoctable."—
Lit N% hat t 111 4 " Ahofiti , n Press that
eu .rl , rual ouTitiloq •' to the
e b,i ' it h it v‘l.llCll, 11€4:01"-
,ling to Mr. \1e,..1, tlats have• been
,tesort 14 by tht .r no o' tloyoteti followers ?"
not :nl three-I , ,tirtivt nt
of the jourou',3 ~mit:.); the I:opub
heap organizati.pi,, at, t would not such
I,tivr- 't. I: which
t h t . • ; ( re•. , ,mn1 , •u,10 , { to thy
of tt- ..1. I-, t:,f , 1'4111.,10 !
it.cLi I
Zia elta u& 1 , #441 I y C t t hti
TUE ►mil a'
1.1 in hinted by of uur
nas not yet I•eelafteniNl by aoy
opt the 1,1 mi 114 ,Lbat paper IS
grixout. U h ;tut Leaufurt, .-,. L., on
a lat g. ,2:414e 1 u 3heet 1 , to be of the
51A4. 01 the New 1 'lt K wilt be
tir,OtPri to tbi -hv,ry onu-e. The
I,l,l.lte a t-, type, toil of ptimer
havready art ive.t, 441.14 w larr. 'toe ("I
in,ier palls is to iv. sent out It 1- ill,'
th%t the whole t taii i t.. he at the ex
',env,. 01 the I intnent, an I th it the
papers, II they Ldculate at a nom
inal price will be 14,vf.t: away." The es
tabliahasent of 4 plper, be it ever so
ably raite , l, ear, hay e 11 , 1 goo 1 elliket ;vhat
evrr. It i. null known our army
at Beaufort cannot penetiste into South
Carolina more lawn ten mile- ,At the far
there-4 trom the c0.,..t atel who ter papers
are to be ‘‘reulated %mot - n.. 4, unless it is
the soldier, an i w •rtlikos negroes at that
post, we etnnot :rnsg,.l.•
in reterence to m r , •-sari, it may truly
be said t hat, dipluultaut., he bao had
great pucce-03 ant F eu many enootuiumis
from f.uroi itic. Ilia treat
ment of inter Uati it, ti I.ltious which hay*
arisen, hag been Adna.tALle, and the vol
umes of cot ret.i.ondence Le La, ,ut,mitteci
to Congress will e , )n-titute a lasting monu
ment to his indo,try 1 5 6 la ) sad sagacity.
—Er,t a ac'te
Our cotemporai) uavaig alas hLghly
endorsed Mr. z-ewsrd, we pre•url it will
not of !eat to endorping also the follvwmg
opinion. v.zpressed Ly hint in one of ht
dispatches to Mr Adamit, our Minister to
England •
"Loyal iietut,crata ,n cons,derable num
her retaining the name of I ietuocracy trona
habit, and not : r because thv) oppose the
rnion, are clasattfied by ti.e other party as
"opposition." it is not necessary for the
information ()Lour representatives abroad
that I shou] , l descend Into any examina
tion of the relative pr:neiples or politics of
the two parties to say• that
whit ; 0,77 plat, 1 , ti,r, dot et , t../d
. fut potazcat
dom an •r: • p und, and while there
may be .i.thort•tp.,.- .zl , ll,ion between the
two parties as the Ile4sUres feat
sled to preset ve the l'n.on and restore its
authority, et it is ro: t. l.s ilferrt , i that ether
party, - .n.iisfer/I'..portisn if (4(pr/op/eV
tke dw , nseil t • (li-ceps dis , vuon un
der ‘l , l r-. up , ,ri. an!, t, rvo. It is
rather to understood that the people
have become an confident of the stability
of the Union that partisan combinations
are resuming their sway here, as they do
in such cases in all free countries. in this
country, espesially, it not only en
brstp cunsistent Leith tAr Ghastitutsin, but even
essential to its stability, to regard the ad
ministration at any time existing as dis
tinct and separate from the government
itself, and canvass the prof vaings of the one
without t4c t4ouyla of disloyalty to the other."
The "detest" of Oen. Burnside, a, it is
milled by the "croakers" and "sympath
isers," is one of the most extrsoidinary
in all history. The man. u k 4, 40 o f it th e
bakr we hte it.—PlacaddpAw Pn.l4.
So no doubt do the Richmond rebels.—
Tor onoe at least the President's dog and
the secession whelps cry in one pack. In
the meanwhile the nwro the northern peo
ple hear of this shocking disa.ter the /64:
Obey like it.
sir Tito :Superior Court el New £ork
MS dectidid that when s hatband notifies a
Atis4eennia that he will not he reeponntble for
~ ile wile's purchases, the opus or proving that
ttse go•Alafterittkrde quid Act lier were aeon.
tMV sad etatalde to her oelmilijawia Lite, Petite
Prom th . N.. vo,k World
w .. Ripipom•!PALlC 1111111. tilt
xitiv k i n " Mk Mel K
h e what° investi;: toe tbo U•Vit
and fix Os! resup,nt.iLtlity of the %pilling
rever ,- at Frolerick.berg merely 'eut.tudi
t e a the naked testimony taken Esters
them without any attempt to discus. its
character. Thu omission renders it more
necessary for the press to exhibit in d
tail the bearing 4)1 the evidence ou ibe
capital point of responaibility, ,
of which was the main purpo-e of tn
veatigation. With such a body bv
testimony, covering the 'a( /le
us, we are fortunately under no 11,,
of going back to the unofficial sourc,a of
Mfdimation on which we were previously
depen lent. When a great 'rime
startles and shucks the whole c,•riiii..l:l , l
has been c:oininitteu, the public leitea ou
tie accounts given by persons near the
scene of the outrage until hard
testitied under oath at the trial, aa,.
which the judgment both of the 03,411• au , I
the community must be guidi- I ent.i eiy
by such swofi testimony
The evidenee given before the senatorial
committee locates the respon,ibility
the Fredericksburg disaster Fo inconteeti
hly at Washington, it lays it so undenial ly
at the doors of the general-in-chief, as to
make it the clear affil imperstive duty of
the President to remove that ntbcet .it
once The disaster at Fredericksbuig
was due to the non-arrial of the pon
toons, which would have enabled tifeneral
Brit/taws to cross the Rappahanno('s
and seize the heights before the eneiny
could have confronted him with any con
siderable fork e Che testimony of all the
generals concur on thin point . is gi‘..n
with a positiveness and em) basis which
evitiee the deep issiprewoon wale on IL, it
naiads by that costly and fatal nehlr. t
Pray, mark the earnestness with alp( h
Gen 1...x.14.1.1i. ,it-livers lt+3LiUlolll
this point
would like to impress as finely upoi ,
the committee as it is impressed Upon wy
mind, the feet that this whole disaster ha
resulted from the delay in the arrival of
the pontoo n bridges. Whoeee-r 14
0.11 ~
disasters te/iavi lye followed. We were rat her
astonished when we came (lown here to
find that Sumner had been here for 9.) Intl
days, and had not received the pontoon
bridges: 1 think that is the main cause
for this disaster
This opinion, given with An
new, which betokens the utmost streagill
of conviction, is corroborated by the
runny of Generals Flues/sins, St•sess. ,
Houses. General Si - lists testified as
lows .
4. Do you know any reason v.iiy tee
pontoon bridges did not arrive earlier
A. I do not.
A. I do not, I expecial, a. 4 i mutter cr
course, (~ rot thorn Acre %viten / •am, or V.
soon tiler , Jr,.
Q. If you had iound ttrrtu here, no you
expected, what would, in your ovinl-.11,
have been the result
A 3i 4(41 /,1 e tan,. I
*: I,ol ° tn. ot
Not. considering Fretlericksburg rte, I ,
01 any coni•quetice i•xce l ,t at , {Ming on th e
road to Eichtnuoil. I should li.tve
through the t twt, And takett po, e,siun -1
the crest.
Ali i .04. 1 it
.;en hi.0.K11%, .n reply to Intim
tomes by tur• conarnitte. - ., the fol
lowing statvmeuts in tk. hl
ready quoted
Q. Do you know what the PXppctat.,
war sus to the pontoon+ being here ! n
the arrival of the Pir+t .trtny Corps th
would get here, wda it expected that the
pontoons would he here
A. Certainly, it r ! , It I. %.f
4.4 You know nothing on that suluect f
W bat waa•thist corps ,
pontoons had ilel.ll In
A That corps was to have rrintise‘l at
Once and taken pos.emaion nt the height?
7144.1 tl A , "A
l• ••/. tit 1
In the light of this testimony it is !ear
that evoti if the assault on the Frederic Ls
burg heights at the late day when it was
made had been a success instead .d a
failure, there would have been even then a
terrible responsibility, resting some , vhere,
for an utterly needless sacrifice of li
Gen. IlAttr.cs, with the blood of ten thoi
sand soldiers, shod by his neglect of dot ) ,
upon his hands. would, even if the tardy
battle had been successful, have deserved
removal not lees than 13 , 11 V. The Lloyd of
these brave men cries from the ground
against him, for a general woo eaus.-s
needless slaughter of his men by his ne.!
lect of an obvious duty. to whieli ho at
tention has been urgertly by a 'id
ordinate, is guilty of a wholesale homicide
If Gen. Ilai.t.scs.'s military pereeptionr
are so blunt that he did not appreciate
the importance of the peetoons, he lb
Wholly unfit for his place If tie
swollea with insolent self-importance that
lasi will not attend to the most vital thing
in the most Important campaign in the
war, because, forsooth. he classes it as
"detail, - and tl_inks it does net befit his
dignity to soil his official tingers with the
management cf details, he is a disgrace
not merely to the militiry profession. hut
to human nature. What, in the name ol
sense, is a generalin-chief for, if not to
secure the necessary concert of artlon
among his subordinates, to quicken their
diligence, and to see that no detriment re
sults from their i .attention to the separate
operations e‘ii which the success ntta
combined movement depends! If there
is any particular point on whieli succe.s
essentially hinges, it is his clear duty to
direct his supervision to that point, awl to
be entirely certain that it is mceivizig
prompt and proper attention. If he has
taken a matter of that kind off the hands
of the officer who woull otherwise attend
to it, he is under still greater obligation
to make it his especial business. But if,
as in the present case, the danger of' delay
is presented to his notice, and he peremp
torily refuses to give an order which would
have averted the peril, what vengeance
can be too swift to overtake. so ce,lossal
and heartless a crime ?
W last a portrait is this which (len. HAL
LS( It draws of himself u his testimony be
fore the committee I He paints himself
as a general-in-thief without either head
to devise a plan, or patient* to see to its
execution. He represents himself as a
fifth wheel in the military coach. He ditr.
claims having rendered any amistance to,
or incurred any responsibility for, the
most important campaign of our, army,
operating in the immediate ricinisy
of the national capital 1 This nondiesciipt
general-in-chief maintains that eniEnr
Ittrinsinn is wholly responstisin,,for
Fredericksburg slaughter, inasamollins he,
the general-in-chief, never lifted ,* finger
oither to Itol or obstruct any part
liapvtticies!, fi f i fill, pre c r n , in,
'ftbse4ulit net er imq. 10 1 the
nQthlrit: to I t it,,t, r t IDS
Ineitr.44-tica lightaq a ti f I
I , rot e,........416J ai• suddenly Jig ved pet'
him prudently abstaining. as a gener.a•
in-chief should, from any other co-opera
tion than passive and supereilliens sequins
-4.,-uce, and by this original aid *genial's
i•rivrehre of gresfunill
trocu any retposaminikty Roe th•
tAilute '
T • '•• it roroPmbered, is itle portrait
wt,,i". (I drawls of leinnialf 1 4411
0.16+ 40u poistiga R l i woor. Mai lie
re. ( ion . tK4. iIINDi Do nitsistanoe in
•te 1 ,, ni..+1,11 of 'Mil plan, ntill . did troth-
It, 1 .1 , ,iu As execution, almost true.
• ' 11%4 oaterpose to 011Oittad and o&
struct he afterwards flatly rehired to
lift .1 lin gi•r to erred the coneequences or
.k IQ I / 4 1). the ilk:setae!. The teetimony of
1;k isikur .Ikowii how entirely re
,n tie!, if AiLecr. to fatflll thee:Lima
t kt, r l h o Lai mused respecting tllOs pow
un I. how fatally 664: Bwassins
tic krk , l •
1,1 you understand was ter
4i ,on.ib! e for the forwarding of the pock
tot,- to Falmouth ?
I understand that t seri. liattaoasona
to ;v .n the order+, and than the othoers
Vf t.11(Illid receive the orders were the
/meg re, l onsible for the pontoons oonting
her I eould have carried out that part
of my plan through officers of my own ;
tait tviviug Just taken command of an
army Pettit which i wll++ but little acquaint
, I, .1 ivris evident that it was as much as
could attend to, with-the eastriaams of all
otv oflicer4, to titange t)orition from
Warrenton to Fredericksburg : rind I
felt —indeed lex pected —that, the parts
the plan which were to us executed to
We-hingtott would be att./Pawl to by the
olltcar, of that place, under the direction
the ditl•rent departments to which
t „,,.• pnrt4 ot the plan appertained.
Did ion, ur not, naderstand that
iv re to lie responsible for seeing that
ti,•••t• ,rlerit were carried out
A 1 do not. I never imagined for
, 1.11.11J1 1 'tint I bad to carry nut any {king
that required W toe done et Weshinstos•
k.euel Al Mete• told me disueetly several
lwy Ago. in ‘Nashingion, that be never
snw my plan of operewou until I showed
st b.lll day.
‘S , ho produced this impression on the
mini nf ir. , . liCRN511)11, but Hitititx him
' it then, after neglecting—nay,
meet tho expectation he had
thin : after tailing even to notify
ern I tiN , lr , E that he must atteed to the
poi 16,11- hitu,i•if, after positively refus
gudo an order which would have
tivertivi the t. rrtble oonsequences of the
'lel a art...r thus not merely coldly and
puke any al
lowatit•ii Lit (Jet/. klitititstus's newness to
counuand, but deceiving
him yawing- false expectations which
n..pwingly dinappointA, Gen. If 4t.t.tcx
L., the att.A..lOUl, the indesctibsble wean
s. sew:inapt to cart the whole blame
nir t h.• failure on been. BRUMMI
1 t . LV. U of the nine iron : tieds of the
Xtuuttor i.atteru are now cotziplated and
%%,d V e read), for active operations by the
einse of the present week. The Monitor,
I'.t--air , and Montauk &re now doing duty
601110Wheliti along the coast the Wee
hawken, Patapsco, and Nelms& have had trial trips, and the Ostakill is nearly to have hers The Lehigh and
which complete the list, are
not yet finished. Including the ironsidas
nn l the tialen t, the Nairy Department
n .w nine iron-clad vessels, armed
tuo-t tremendous guns known to
modern warfare, at its disposal. blow and
unentervrisine as Secretary Welles has
•bown hirn.elf to twe,.it is pot possible that
this ti e ,,t, w ill l ong bo ia ps,
t horleston, 6svannah, and Mobile, are yet
to be taken, and each of these cities prom
ter•t‘ the scene of a leverete and nu
navel conflict, We can' form
Bomar tle,t of a fight between iroeselade by
the Merrimac arid. lioninaradscoaster, but
th. talus of iron-ehris and 15-inch guns
,g,,r tp t -tone f is stilt a Matter of ex
p. I,Ln,nt. Put not only will the. south
ern hart) rs be defended by forts, but by
irntl rind ve-sels and floating batteries,
-urns oC,ahuh ,vii unJoubtedfy be very
tortuid-Ue.' 'llse taking of these harbors
not, we appreisend, be so easy a task
qotne -Anguine people have supposed.—
t 1 1 ,1.. v.'ry little doubt of the final
r, -"It. V 1 War 1
H k the ht , Ad "A Poiknight !Lance t "
di.. Cho:ago TrtLuA, (radical) of the 19th
. a glowing prospect to be nab
evl in on Now 'ear's day throuib the influence of 31r. Lincoln's precis
ike 44% erY • 'us/awn —the ...4.3 a s o oh
uutold evailu the Nand--cisee
heath the horizon down intO the sea,
of the lutterneis-of which it was born.—
The Preaulout's proclamation, giving lib.
erty ,o nearly lour millions of hums
souls,l‘hose enfoiced ignosenoe and btu-
NelU at once the danger of their
ownurn itu , i the opprobrium of the nation,
hush the wrangling 4444 allay the
y which our politics kite been
atrite , l We shall have peace that will
he etitiur,Tig—uot peak* built 911 a boon
‘istion ul :•and—ast.l iu winch our people,
long di,tract.ed, will have leisure and op
portunity to uenvw and perfect all
of that glorious structure that the i::
er., without a thought of the portentous
sillueroions that slavery would
l , uilt and vomeuted with their blood."
W,. put the T'fli,une's prophecy onreconi
for future. rrtneuibrauce. foolish, and
enthubtastte as it s, there is no geestion
Oita ln-tliirkli of the Ropublieseis believe
all that it promise`.
'rho reparto of persons who have been
at Richmond and in other cities in Um,
rebel State', show some of the effects of
the war and the blockade very forcibly.—
hotel fare at Richmond is now five dollars
.Liy, and the living is very poor even at
that price. Eggs are quoted at $1 par
dozen ; chickens, $1.501014 • Owls ; lasiP
ter. P 9 to n,r , () per potted. MI other ob.
tn:11 , 6 of food are equally high. Seep sod
salt can malarcely be obtatiaaed et way price.
At Murfreesboro„ Tennessee, which hes
long been omtrpfed hy. the rebels, boob
sell at $4,5 ft pair;" jeep trouser, ; drbe
mat*, $80; needles, Oventj•five polo asigi;
inS, seventy-&1e oasts apaper r amed other
th in IlieiNNM4ol2.—PAilcidelp4aa AWOL
"OIL . The GOelh laketa
to les i s.toaoe-alibleti jinn*
1 .-:s i tcoa'seitisitoA L VAl4 4=7 ,
PaAii ' PO"0 1- 041614444.P.EVA *it
11111110111M01141 111111710000111541
aimal some opposition to otir Ws op
~" :i
Fru ark aresieg rees arassl ass 1
r sues.
It is ael i olies of fifteen
huiningkiwr 1111/1 "1" te in
tatpedattan left
t day to day as
Will tug put iata different blerbOretodie
treas. One of them, the Steamer Thames,
wee towed into Port Royal last week, ut
*Or disabled, and wee condemned after
She had on board the
114th Regiment of New York Volunteers
The Niageze, an old lake steamer, entirely
uoseaworthy,lwit into Philadelphia yes
terday ja a leaky condition, and the sol
diers who inept her afloat ivy active primp
ing discovered that her timber., were rot
ten She had on board five hundred Wen
Of the sUth iisestschasetts lA:4lwatt t.
a third rowel of the expedition, the quip
cy, carrying the 42d . :•.!:azontohusett* Regi
ment, and ono hundred moo of the :Ir4th
Connecticut, is reported at Port Royal
with defective boilex.s.
The heartless speculators who palmed
off them rotten tube upon the Government
deserve instant and were punishment.
It is enough that out brave soldiers give
their lives to their country in honorable
warfare. It is too much that they should
be ingloriously moaned to the cupidity
of soulless contractors who fatten upon
the muifortruser of the nation. l'be men
who own the .liirigara and the Thames
kncw the condition of these vessels before
they chartered them to the governuent.
The, kuerr that ►t was perilous to trust
trail end worn-out wafts at sea. They
kuew that they would not have permit-
ed the wetuberz of their own fatathee to
take a pleasure trip on board of either.—
o one but a fool omits to ascertain the
exact condition of his individual property
—and these ship-owners are not fools.—
They are knaves, who swindle the govern
ment and regard our soldiers as no better
than castle.
ix fluter of the great damage that the
privateer ♦labame is doing to our ship
ping, we oPonklsuggest to the President
whether it would not be advisable for him
to issue a Proclamation declaring that the
Alabama no longer belongs to the South•
ern Umsfewlersey, sad preventing it from
committing tnrciaor depredations.
Drina Wasps or • Basra Max.-Captaia
Gibson. Third United States artillery,
in a letter to a relative, in York, Pa., publish
ed in the Press of that borough, gloss the fol
lowing interesting but mournful particulars of
the last momenta of (lea. Bayard:
"On Yriday, when the fog lifted, our troops
became exposed to view, and my battery was
in a warm place fot an hour or so. The next
day the enemy continued the shelling and I
was nearer to death than I had ever been be
fore. I had boas talking to Franklin and
turned away to ask Gen. Bayard to go saki
get some beach. He answered with a smile,
•.Well I believe I witl"—when I telt a shock
across my back which stunned me for an in
stant. I turned and poor Ba y ard lay pros
trate at my foot. I stepped to las assistance,
sad in liftig him found that he was mortally
wounded—his abdomen and thigh shot away.
The shot went through my overcoat sad car
ried away my sabre, cutting the slings and
waist belts.
"I watt up with Oen. Bayard all night He
died at noon yesterday the (14th.) Poor fel
low I hawse eo have bees married to-morrow.
He dictated throe letters, one to •• • sad to
***and one to Col. •• • He said in it—
"Dining the short time I we. with him, I
cam* much attached to him He was a true
representative of his name, •vows poor et tam
Fast vita 146rn Ban tussv.—Tke following
is • copy of • private letter written by Ira
B. Jackson, of Cep'. Oliver's Co., 146th regi
ment, immediately after the battle of Frede
Faausakazaiusa, VA„ SUNDAY
Nooa, Deo. 14, 1862.
Dam Perm& said Fronads et Ilows•
leg that you will be very anxious to beer from
me soon as possible, after the first day of the
great battle of Fredericksburg, I write to
you, and can inform you that I pared thro'
the eagagemeat of yesterday without evdti a
Derma. We entered the fiedd of bottle about
10 A. M. Brigade after brigade had been cut
down before we commenced taking part in the
fight. Our regiment forms the left wing of
Oen. Oaldwell's brigade, and our company left
of the 1411th The rolltle had s grand posi
tion, with their pus bearing down upon us
fur over half a mile before we could come in
to position to Ire. Therefore we bad to march
that distance exposed to one of the most rat
ios cud deadly tires that ever as army went
through. I will compare their position to
some one shooting at the ground covered with
pigeons , be being on the top of a bill with
pod shot pm, raking them along down the
side of it. You can Imagine bow think the
dead pigeons would be, exposed to this ire for
fully fifties admits. Two shells struck our
regiment about the some time, killing sad
woasiding s good many. Ocs struck our coo/-
away on the third tlo from me. Four of out
boys iraPtaiiii ea* blood tying all over as
This frightened out boys, no. t felt my cour
age come ap, and attar that did net even goo * .
I could not thel that I was in dosser, but
threw my blanket, rubber coat sad haversack
to the wind. My politica is in the rest or that
company, and my orders were to keep every
man before me. Therefore I urged them on,
and kept the most of them from falling book,
but we became somewhat scattered before we
got upon the advanced line. our company
lost several killed and a good many wounded
before getting there. About 25 of us went is
safe. The air seemed as if a swarm of bees
were oontlaually over ear heads, so thick did
the ekot sad shell from the rebels fly. Our
position wait jest behind a ridge, within less
than 100 yards of the sneaky. We loaded
hassling sad would rise and lire. The most
of ear regiment, swoop ettaapany B, retreated
Within IMO dela lb stissier. What was left
of it stood their pronnd nobly. We were soon
reinforced by other topmasts, but Weenie
much soottarod, mew of as In one regiment
and same la another, bat we trod ten times
the number of rounds of any other company
in the regimes( 1 stayed on the field so long
as my pm would ire. Come to look for our
company I amid not Gad a men. Bo I made
my way book to ear old position in the city,
the stet sad shell flying all wend me. Os
my way back 1 *keel up $ haversack sad
blanket. I same et of the field about ball
room two sad found shoat 100 men of our reg.
lest rained around sew lags. Ose of them
was oat Is tiro by 6 &all, and both show the
WNW of Ike battle. Capt. Reynolds took
oraego of via• 064 shwas Josh we taimiall late
lies asilliseked our vac Cook molar as
ly 11 men Is our seispasy, of which I took
oeilaissd, Wag the oa>wy Arm present. Sees
oiler dark, bemoan Capt. Oliver sad Wats
aniotaiim ist milk, II owe wiea. Tbdp flared
weibe limit boils salii after bet, mom is
Mane sad all is soh plow WINN it Why
Is their peskielbss 111 Ski ,asst.
IN 'KWH OF' THE, wicEr.ii.
- Gen. Beaks &Loved at N. trrleauz,
ou the 14th and arsumed command of
Department of the Gulf, General Butler
being relieved therefrom The latter oat
ek.r issued a farewell address to hie troops,
sod Gen. Banks Issued a proclamation,
announcing in general terms, the line of
policy be intended to adopt. lie also
promulgated a number of orders, rescind
ing, temporarily at least, some of those
previously issued by Gen. Butler. A por
tion of- the vessels and troops attached to
Gan Banits's expedition proceeded' imme
diately up the Mississippi and recaptured
Baton Moog.; severe engagement is exp e
tads; Port Hudson, but no apprehensions
were felt for the issue After taking this
point the force will proceed up the river.
even as far as Vicksburg, wainst which
en attack will probably be made in con
nection with Admiral Futter's treet and
Gen. Sherman's expedition. Thus the
movement for opening the Mississippi 14
fairly inaugurated.
TUE liteims AL.AIN tN MAkci LAM, The
Weabingtoa '4, ~, se/0 kat+ a special diapatca
from Frederick, bid., believed to be rah
able, as follows Lien. .1 F. B. Stuart
crossed the Potomac at the Point of Kock
last night (Tuesday) with 1,500 rebel cav
alry and a battery of living artillery, and
is now in the doutte of Maryland Ile 1,
believed to be moviag on Frederick with
the intention of destroying the bridge over
the Monooacy river. Plans are complet. , l
for the capture of the whole rebel hire.
It is raisin; heavy and it is hoped thst
th• river will rise so se to preveut
Labor dupatchos cuutradict the al , •)+,
story entirely.
Carsasi or ♦ itiTSAMER iLe l'Eitil.
Ines's*, Ariel, while no her outward pa-sage
to Aaptawall, was captured by iLe rrl,el pr.
'steer Alabama The privateer made ber sp
pearonce off the eastern point of CO a, it,
the Ariel vainly endeavored Lu fr.u.
her. After detaining her a prisoner f,,r
days, with as armed price crew of .:11 thPti ~n
board, Captain Semmes released her, having
first received bowls amounting to s26t),ulio
a ransom for her, to be paid , six months after
the recognition of the Southern Confeders4 y
by the lotted States.' The pirates took s'.,-
600 from the Ariel, in green back*, and w•!•
having a sharp look-out for her curisort, tire
Champion, which they expected wool I Lss.•
large amount of treasare on bowl.
Jeff. Lavishes issued v.
dated Richmond, December 2
the following points FiNt rcrn, Butirr
and his otlicert, if captured 1
rimer, are to be hung, in ret..laitr)u tor
the hanging ot Wuu li toltluatorki t•NS
Orleans. Second. - The privilei under ti.v
command, not being free agents, ere to t. e
caroled according to the usage., ot %vs'
That all slaves captured in al ru
shall be delivered to the authmitie, of the ,
states to which they belong, to he dealt
with according to law. Fourth A hke
course shall be takes with all conitn.4,ione , l
officers found serving with slave. ,
(ien. Grant is retracing his ?dep.
the Southwest. He has already fallen ha, k
to the north side of the Tallahatchie, and
it is thought that be will make Memphis
his base of supplies. A report is to ciicu
latiou in this latter city to the effect that
a large Union force has ast.:entied the Mi.
siseippi, the naval portion being under
command of Admiral Farragut ; that fort
Hudson has been taken, awl that the fleet
is within twelie miles of Vicksburg the
report is confirmed by a Vicksburg paler
- ity the arrival of the Etna we have
four days' later news from Europe. I'n--
'dent Lincoln's Message is the ehiif
American topic of discussion to the jour
nals. His schstmee of_ emancipation are
deemed impriptticahle. The rth , 4 calls
them the dread of a very weak meta. Übe
Message is generally regarded as a bet for
peace. It is reported that Nlidell has had
another interview with Napoleon, and that
the ministers of the latter favor the
—A body of rebel cavalry, Apo. , , tiong
provided with artillery, has socceedel in
circumventing Gen. Buriibile'it arm). Anti
since Friday night, has flown over the
country frem Dumfries to Bull itue. foe
expedition was notsuccesstul usual!
The rebels were clos followed up by our
troope,beaten in a small engagement, and
only carried off as spoils empty wagon,,
ten full ones and -to prisoner.
John Morgan. tb• guerrilla, enter.- 1
iilas Ky., on Wednesday, with twoi)
cavalry, and forced the few federal,tnxips
there to retire to Mumforlaville. Ihe
next day the rebels advanced to Bear Wal
low, near Cane City, but were driven hack
by our troops.
To a late request of Major (leneral
Hooker, asking that Gen. Stone might be
given a command in the division of the
'slimy under Hooker, Secretary Stanton re
turned for answer, endorsed on the a t ti,_
cation—"Nol granted."
Ere Wiz! leen eared of the resulte of early or
ror sofidlowess, from motives of benevolence, AMI 34
to theolo Irby tpwet It. a ropy of the abo•• interesting
wristlet, pabileled by bkinaelf This little book is do
irl Aka warning sod caution to young' rasa and those
ainallsr from Mumma Dawatry, Loos ..r
Wantatroso DaeaT,le, Ac, impplytag at the same tube
the wens of pelf fort Single copies will to e,ut under
seal la • Fiala envelope, - without etiarpo, -t.• aoy rLe
request it, by addrreitui the author,
tiAg A. LANNERT, "E.. 1 •
bowie' Cud, Greempoint, Long I.IaoJ, .
W EBB A KELI.4 ki(l,
Orcuraew Witht. q Kilisig,
11•111UFacrtigas or gym orakcitiliON
Botireen KJ sad Sd Sts, o the C.•. 1,
117, -tt ERIK, r•
IHEIiEkIY give Notice to the .- ) t o ck-
Hoklars of LE. Ens. ft North East Railroad C., ,
rasa Ow plums! mooting for the .I.l•ettoal of pacers, w , II
M haw at their once, to the cit., ~ EH*. nn Taseday I"
lath day of Jammu, was., ast•aeo the boors of 10 at 1 12
o'clock A. M. JOHN M W•LI0.111..
*sot r its Z. R co.,tiec,t4 ,
EH*, Da, 17, M i
t dec2ol.4.
Notice of Dissolution
Tag CO PlllAlD•rettip heretofore •iirtio,r ber..., o th a
eabeertbers, ostler the OTIO D&Ms and sir 10 .. 1 ... .1( Lt.
Leh sad Perry, (RelLoars an,l Jester . . to Oil. ti, .1
Zit% PS.,) Is WS <ley dissolved _by mutual eunpro t, kl r
Perry having sohi bas Lavin-oat to Byron B rorottatt, it,:
retired from the firm.
'l'de bILIADOSI of MI late eras will to oitti t .il by ll to
pintos Perry, solely. wkie Is hersby authorised to uss the
same of the meld late are for that purpose Dead .t
iris, Pa., Des. 10,1142 ALLEN tir RIGHT,
De5..116-42.-looe Y AI'OL'STU.I PERI?.
NEW I , IIIII.—TERRY 011, W(iltK-;,'
mus t TA. The eaboaribefo Aare !brier4,o el , part
asaalap ifme the Aria sod ammo of Wright, }latch, and
Persoss, sad hal ocrothaao the bumped. at Kenning sod
011 a„ he., at Übe el/ 44114, foot of Tooth-41 ,
I r a (liaara oolhohod. Kilo, Dec 10, 1 , 504
411.1111 X WHIG T,
Doo. JO. 011—loo• BYaoN B rettNiNs
WINTER, TR 4111::
tisertmset of dimdtable and swatsaisbie
WINTER tiouDs!
•luck will to mold at stbramasio or r•utl as obese .io the
*depot. [ diesewt• 1 JOHN C. IlkLb6
CAME to the Farm of the subseritiel ,
la Grease tiews•aelp, shout ore oioatli *go, thee.
rorftag sittlw—Ose a red stoor, soli • a white Use on
the book, mid the otbwr • rota better. No ether marks
?be ovular le sigeostot to coos beard, prove property,
aieta aW labs thee ewe,. tose they will be
ofaseeritaa=r. Z 0 PINNKT,
NO". Ilk 1
lknal Dyeing "gads Easy!
THB finest, Shade*, viz : Blue, Black,
RYA Tallow. Or Parplo, Ptak,
Elafa, 4l lll 7ap ap to pedlar, .1 1* or jlll coati
'at* dbadboas lot maim Ss amines say
41= .Oa heal sad be mi.
JIM. S. CARTIM. &Maga Row.
_ _
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E lMil Ileart Desitt
11611/Lit. J. U. TM W.
FOR THE' lit►I,I1) \ \
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reobr,aa". Dot t.u.y ,t•L'at, is it
nu 1.41,-, • • , 111 ,•1 I
Paean t. I ..t A • • 4 s!,
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tb. F:k t. - k •
k.:t o r kr.• k
Br1:1113, Mrun. Int. I
PY•0I•111 &H 11A •
in t u. -
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Th•t , 11011 1.. ‘lll,l. a, t• • r ' C. • I
journal to 1 la•Ul At 1• •H . . •
of eltvu—try •• 1•11 ••
LI et .1,'1.1.4 1 .• t aki 1 • I k
Ye. LOT, 141,1.• • • , ••
putt. trqs.g pubitt.:.e: ft. .n
practit ' • ~t•
141 . 10.4411•1 .1 1.
Altaic. as, If ttl• t.,u Let •.
tau' from au• ut , , ,
are ;o...freed a,ll V« fi r m dt• ,
A aa11,,0•• , ' noel Impr. • viy).,
plemoul. tw•ing I.lcrtrat•. , ll,l
TICK VA.- To mall 11. — • -
Uric I) liar fo• f off • P.- lu
na th• -at itr ..4,r f. I I t. .••
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to remit e
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ri.„ rum - 1.1 cif
Erie City Steam Bak
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tBALTISIi 'it E 01 ;:ii It S •
R, ceive , i 1)411) 1111 I
Always an baud la isablitheh 1..hu0 1,,,.'1
tate, Parties, nasally.. Saloon. and 14 J. r.
NY arirsimpenerate 1/ Ith produaar. aro •t,...1, , h.
ighy goo.* In see and Laos dally, th aw ,' • „
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lig•Ut, . 074111111 hO4ll as poi ut•• It 1,, • '311.1.
pima reads' kasha( out of Itt .. will P.. htlh.: h
With alba. dispatch 1701 1 111lble • MO tatt,s
bendelfeno as Mail OS at eastern cud.i and ti
idoattilt the beaad.
D•pot ti taeser of State aid Fifth Mit,
bOtt. /1. F I.
Dlt I G00I) :;
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The L' e • '
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