The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, January 03, 1863, Image 1

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the zapeckal N "flora
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ipt I flArrar
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TT. •• •A) A T I •• t•••;• J •••T rk 1.1 TIII
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1.1 , .Ek tout Notlil
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ritiug luk 3outh
t.., ' , Late strt,t marcL3o - t 14.1
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• .4 . • 41 • t.o Mb: from 1,1
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11.1.1 N.
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i,lo-ahot,• lot
• - `. I.' 1 .1 • In
• "th . 00 , • Ft' ot•L, comet
r .r ♦w. I It...taut
I.'• .7 'MY
•• I/1 d ( U. , s-
I I . lour. Plaster,
rs mar I anal
r 1.1.1111)
•rk 41: .41)N,
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tnarlhtl () I. K.l.L.,urr
if 11 itElf 11131 x.
If you .ant the'very beet SUP , Cur"
Qt#l,L k. the Ilsaket, the place to Pi
be Benner Stores
dL0•11, BOOTH 4 WON
`\'i )I .1 ' M h 33
ippw.lte llir V 0.4. I itl No l te .t
1' I 1 , Pit s Fs,
k.Ty J t) I t I 1' P
R e 112•11,,,, addithALlG
at a T%pe. tic
II) e,
ALA u•.. tol y &blot to CO , Mpr't Witte
uutPl.l. 16. 1 • rgt,t t 1,• •
4••• 1 11) ~ f • ,,, fr `V o'l, the Proluptuero
t. I , xp ut,l, 161.4enitIno
)l' It A , 4_)R t)};
hes been se,clc.ll.
ant comprises err ry racist use
tt • .•t. t nt.. rrd to lut 1,11 \Lad..
110:1: L A RS
s A LE BI! Iltl
LL 11 EA Ds
11. 1 1 F./. Elids F
I ER Iti 'K' - ,
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• ••••(!tha.: ro.t • a t. /••••-thl) ter ure•l• —in *a
.• Ir, and at m• rra*••nabis rstee 11./I It
tau t. ‘l,,tor by auy , thto Bo hai/
Clip* rla-lad
INI '.l ILuR, ult ANY 1;F
l • 1 ,1 L u R'.
l'easun• , In want ut Jul , Printing. ure re
4pectlLlll3 111 \ ile.l IQ give us a call an l eialn
Inc specitueit4
Tit t,, v,.t.r reading ,alter
H\l • . NEMO% EN TUE. 1.. (1.
.1,-, • IL LL•• all the lese ~1
14, • Lilt rat mi,munug others, all UP" principal 0' k
1 0 +1 , 1•111, N V Ledger, cur; and Wrakl I, crank
lie's raper 10 Engludi and tar magi, Hstp.C.l y an 1
11fiathly, Illustrated Neer's, Wave.rlez hlre.tinn, P.pIL
ihakette, tiostnp 4t,,
Al L 31A(FAZINE.-;'
Al.l. 1111. I , l'NNl'
11. L I'llE DAILY PAl'ElO , '
1.1. HELD; Li ot:•4 P \ PLR> .
Its •L ...cry pdt,i , cativo that , L./wally irLot Lint
~ 14:111 A • k' st• l tarito•t Leituue, tsato L.
S•.c Y,rker I 4,..nuerat, Neu Yorkrr /pi
A'e N t Wog, d. , (tor and Note Plado zul ...pc)
F 5t,..1 rent, Imo 4 4.,1, 6 P104.L., ht tut Son 1,.
S. . et,
W r • 1,1) respectfully inform hi', trien,is
public generally, that Ike oak COUSUllenned a
Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Business,
ah its earleiles, at No 1, REED'S BUILJ/Nti, on
-tate Street, opposite Wright's Block, where can be found,
at ►.I tuues, a r ... 4 supply °ratty and wrikrythiog ku that
together with a large risotto:seat of
Japanned and Briftannia Ware,
end Iluuse Furnishing Ow:Kis generally
Jobtsag •od ktepairing of all duds atteconel tL prumpt
if and thoroughly. Roam& Outten' 411.1 Couluet.•rr
put up at short noties
Tu all those Lo want u( anythlog to uly Itue, i roout..:
Gay gtrs me a call, sal am t>ouun out to Le beat In rano:
chouposew or qualaty ot goods. April, JB,lBlO.
AD ER' A RTICLE for the Toilet, IN-
for eptA lug ail Strootiog holds for the hair, without w,il
i hi the n o w elot or waetiog the preporottooo o o e .d.
I. guarantmcd to effect a saving of owe-thwd in flit. ore of
al: Lair washes, cola, tar, as compared with any ,11,rr
mean. of apply ing thorn As porno of thaw, kl
from (ma to tan nnilara a bottu , this Is a matter of some
Urtquoet the hair w i thou t itratiing tha finger.,
It dues away with grrawy hair oil louttlew,
It is a liandaotuer article than lb« ronaniou hair bruals
It mgoat t .a Uti• iti_antaty Buhl oae , l, to a ,trop,
Anil is the moat il.pyrabie t.,0.t ar LCle sor to stir
t male in !tine only by JoHit e. I,
t I ir b I -teLli Late Carter
A Fact both True and Strange!
TH Al' Methcal Pi su/awn Within
our linnarleihr, put lortb tor popular um, r rrr lr nk
A ., Ilpfead Own 11:1 • /a.m., 11.•
l'irtror's litompolowi Litr•ct of .•:mort H cad, n..r a thi.
pyU bnty ktrso•ieut thium se ”tteCi the rln new
111.1 t of iurreaaiii, faro, I h.... obi, trl.d it
arrib, coots'sue t.. crw. 1 witb “cteaoed 1:•-etiolo anti con
t1.1,d iu ita eUrati ire qualttiva and cow it may lurk pr
I.iubted If [h.q . ., io a tamp) within any diotrlct ctierr it
tr I,pt lot aiLle, that has hot • hotti• of it by thew, IL. •
agamet lb* Dumf.:l.u. ilia to which the Utah h.
u r ~r the r ltract bide fair to be ea etten sive el
Le ha...41e we.: (rum eittich„lt to obtalia•d
~,.,•t • n7tt
T" Nl.-.11,•a1 wen and the Public. I have
stork (debate, Wines and Liquors, both foreign
at. : I,.ti • eirinracing allth• varieties usually preveribed
or ea: r•
tor. Suet,. .a Perla, )ladeira, a herr • , ilatag•,
Clarid Honk, Claret and native Wines Hrandles Ja
matra and it Ms Hum; liollaud, ateheidam •nii Paw
App. ~m. H.. and liononrabela W blakey, as
A Inver are come lino old Brandies (•f 'be rintaget
ofl•biead . 46 Very superv.r.
these •re comparsti...l) t,qh In price, yet , o
ret, , , thee lire UtU:ki eti cheaper tt e tal•• r, 110 , 1
al .rd leas profit to tre dealer, than thwa« priced
t..h,r Itlnda, which 4re twit irnltaliccr
T urr t lir purity and obtain th• Par. ,
cAol 1 that pru an,.
• Nuggest turr• bewl •mploy.i. sad ••• as it 101
/al I • r . 4 Gas been v.. of purity In
• !,
at of articles la so ,
tu f b. of, lane
• Blida, that Insurance to only it.,...antry oiotr ,
to ,ttent,on n0v341'45111 .1 , 40 if
.1 1.1 F.XTR.At ron cur. » .1•
M, }'•. PAIN F.ArßAcrok dt•c.,,rwc
PAIN r..xTßAcrl) , , ,, i , yr. r, ut and .1
Dki lrl PAIN I. X 'Ft .111 cur. burns .'f
IL• I ark
ktn , lot
(I %LIE LxTRAcr. 'K beats toistors feel; 0I
1.6 r. ”I" math
(IA PAIN FXTRACTOK neutralizes all Poisons
tr.( ,eeel by A tiunals insects or Keptiles
l; t I F I' kIN Eli TRACT; IR' mil t ore broLeu Breast",
, dc
D ALLEN' • l'A INf EXTRACTutt rill earn kilt Rheum,
1.4 n la. Bend
ffk, I h I'4l ". EXTRACTitIi wilt. are cb•ppetl h•n.le,
I,t'alne Air
41 11. PAINM X rhAtltat ,
A arts, Noll*, /1.-
iltsuarlarrpr r tuoi f,er be et 01...ict • I.ox I.als
t ~.1. u e'lS%ll,llebox way prose of
r. 41u. that; lbw.. Iti road
entrails -II ‘tn; biee a s..n in ii., trio
~1 li4llet .8 rain F xrructor It roa r
or! toe lire tate of a ctfulrado, ff,• ,uf.•
•f owls ol all Linda without pain Trr the e..porlmeat
il I , fe• ; t ot u-e it. rt *Ol cost )ou Lot httle
•tairses!—ll youhare a dear Brother is tt.
.10 a ao f 1/alley's Palo Ettract .r, it
riii• of ail kluda, anti It May tf. IL AN. k
y OUT brother's hie
ileectifier•'. —Harr you a local one in ti.. A rr: v, • ho
tt rrrrr to ,ou than lit.' itwelf • Seo.l I.lw • Box of
let I; .in Extraeto•r It will cure wound. of 411 k 1044
and pretent inflammation, and may ha tin meant; of MO -
log him lira
lieliler!-11 1..0 h... a troscol in the A nay, nend him
a stl iialley'e Ya¢iral Palo Extractor' It fluty lt.e ;Le
rneene or waving • hie II you ha.. an. eoaveattOre
s...l,eling it, send it by wail It wFI I coat 7^u but 9 cent"
I ....tage for a ttli et Bus .nil In Irk. prOpOrti“ o for
:a1 rt
and 11,00 Box Ihe 'arca boxes contain sore for the
11,1 or, !ball Ihr Ya et wit..
/y,,K „,,i, d„ a l; ewe," ZOOT• thaa *fa 011,1111111 1 t will, we
fvfer to fir. VALENTI/ 1 M MUTT, aria hamenula of other
ilrlitaeot Physician" wed tbargafaas, besides millions of
people ell, '...r Use land, who care nag" thus Extractor
with weer lattlug sec wee tee the peat la 0
rot . able by all orange**, boil by
die loi/011LAIL, Ayes's.
thimemeNelli 19;/aow Vol*,
Who 1r ill seed a Boa either OWN r rod, to boy
address is lb. Uslited elletiora soe b meenipta mitikey 07 le
Pos e ltheel s44 lll4 flie dm fait eh*
A swan W seats
sad tor thiphodium sad a
1.04 )1i fi
TH .I'f OP vHnptv of new stile bed
sitselk, of tf,.thi,,, courpw,'ltnuchl Cue.
urr, Crimp Sufi, Jeoni Ltail a n d other pattern*, with
rierpen tine and *trait! ont, votwer.d ildr•-amt,
Itxtenrion, 1 1 Lnine, Hreaktruit, Centre Sad other Tatgem,
Aliatoota, 4,tual ‘4traohr Carpet mud liana.* Luutigea,
Fir.lot, Hair •nd Ftwa Fo & th,r
and Bolsters with other n0ur.41,01,1 furniture. kr, , all
nwirtafacits red NUM ~. II swasoured lux/der 1./1•1 hwalLby
wateriadi,bi let., I u orktnea and not bt apprentice
lad. For Atli, yn.lit. •nd Ina plea. I will deft *era
two-price d«aler to ut, me., Feather* brine, t and
it; • 8 •••11 "QUI, R(;i-k•l4, SOW kle,
yr AV i•IL. r I k •••'• • r , ' , .1 r.tern manu•
radii re, lire bt knit d I*d And eia• l mall.. %bib, as
atroog La 1,11! Ol li.ft part a 11.. (;;1•11% VI (Who 1614.6111 C• Wed.
AUd ...Id are hall .1111 E. ) suet s durable Wood
11 ludv , R.. kin,/ Ir , it 11 and Nu-se, aro rhaieri o 1 bard
wor.o und. clue b.- thelinah the seat and tined, war.
ranted t 0 stand. lia.lidwounol, pat iteti, sod an't be ber.
'eu for .tr.nitla, lu ,re a-d tizo.l, 'mini/ ft. 'A I haya
anld ne•i Aral hare th• hialrest toritinusaille with a
list 01 prte.e• of all gooda *dna 014 appl , cstioo.
nod 11;11; ; iug tree.
A. rr e- ee.tea Ipeneet. • e ,aterOleg with bite
ti.. 1.1 . 4 1 44 I Sat dleUltllt.llll.rd tit all
tate p ...le to •11 owe. arurll4 lot )..rA , µa), at i 4 4.10 Justice
.fl who 1,
I neuter, lat h. 'thine..., 1,1. w, cr0d.41.0 Reaupd
41, Pty. Frodune. ttkmo •t bett inautiot
f R••rier, , t,r ttr. I ee CUrn• •treitt
F.,., P, v N W. !NI 1./ 4 11 Y
nolact'r toJ t Ltd. a maleois&a.
Cto tlit- I.•tw, rtt,
KO., 'her, a.e.,r tiake labitut I. • 12'6
Cl•y LI IP A Ili' I ' ‘r /0..,A • Dv, :
yea. 1c: Toe er f• Oee,‘
1., e on, 1..-vir.r pp...par 4-1141 . 11V1 11.11141 late
hrr a• at , • toet • ter Olt be I -pooled of lo 4of Slug to
1.• •t% R r()CIT
. _
AMS 4 )-
Lecture Course for 1802 and 1889.
THE.4l•4tt P ( . 4,1/1 Ka" 01 e lectures will
r”1:11,13.. , It At Farrar li.l VA
kir , lrt,wrl a .lrtutll..Crt ..I,ll.rtot .) I ‘or tr;rl.l"ll, * t.l
r R H
• fel '0u.41 •Plor (HO iobo feat
6.1 t .e a.urr
I • . t
F ..
f " r 1 n
• Oh Ind st , tr
In, •0•1 11.0 !MI 1.. r thea.44.
i k •la, I II Atli/ 44,7 I
p 111 h. \l I \ ILI; 11:.1U1:'
\VI h Pi-. 1.41Nt, AN
V 11 M N T L 1, S,
M1'1:111-: 1.111t1:-;`4 I RIPN
L I\V I' ►t.l. I) I , 1%;) iii)ODS
1 f. 1N E T 11NKIT
1,.\ S
,"r“l.tL 1;r1 I:IFm, P.‘
\V M. l' HAI 1.--- ..,. tI i
r r I kl ,•4
H t.N1.1 AVo Is I.!su
Boots and Shoes !
IN 11.1. 1.0111-.111.d-
:\ I:I
t. , I, 1,1
Vrie 't.r a•ow to b 4., am« n per
ruanecit nerlid , •ut. 444 t. o. era t., , ro per.:
at..l ;•P lire !r.e.1 1 ,a, . • Lat. 11 tii ...Y . .. 414
Ih. it' .i're
:414wch AT Ni 16
:)vi.t .:.111.
f , }WENDS
I N I II I. I. It, II T p L 11'1'
I' I 1. I. - -
Th. ti•
u,,. b 1,u...,4t...4.4.t) v. t , s
1 , 111 . %I:1H 'N.4
Ou• .1.411.1i1101): 111.4 , 1•1111 ,
give wiUsfaCtin.. ,
U.0.1,11111111,U. oolit
11.41 h) lh. I rto.ipal
claw 11.
.(1110lit Atcd •rb 111,A 8 AI
rout. Ltt
ell th
ref,tl,..• v• ..s.
..upertur t.i a.
ti I. ICK"4
Corp it Mee)ou°. puny ud grelittn..* brout, ride
and 14 . k. 0,4 , 1 F0.1...0rr, 0,m1.:A1t,•• In tooa..y ehori
VPTI MY • jurs .on • I.,'r ' all Pkio,
%to , " aee the wearer lo o• too' tireukir , .. end
sat,. ~ne w n. .r'r in w•rk •'1 LA Tfint)6l4o,
Pri, youts
oii , r X , ' .1.',00 are .old
by Dm...Oat, triad It•rrh , ,, t• la par's of t.b, I•uit•d
stet•• • 4 IP • n , r .•t• .• ,t ay t ..,tk•asataA
, a " • :
yr2A y: Ur 1
( •
---1 •.-/
PITT rt . ,. IN
TIIE 1. tr.k
tat•ril •
Pi‘udente, 1.1.
no• %sal II alt. .•,4
ail thr tuliao*aiag brat, a• •
Airrrantf;e% s.ltovalf.or.u. • a i ta,n. 6.J/, rtio . Rua./ aid
I. rik K‘crewe.
li-T LI 11
a.. 1 11, caw, ..1 .•aa . , Mg.
04i Orr IL k Vat 'akartatar• geol.- 4
$ 3 3 • U ••• , 0 , 0'1.00
aqatt, anal it . .1 A.. tilr 111 /uktring '
tutt, a at ttaa'
r I at. I Sta iti.‘aLat ta L.tu I sort
CI IliaLS•..p. 0.6 II 4.l.,tifU: C. 114* 5.!
tart ras kt. . f 1 taiirag Lat.
tram,: a , •ait t•a , • ; 1. 4 1,
tsl..tra l'a.
1111:1 Int(11.1 lIN•VeTt( I T.
\ • ./t i'( •11 II • • 4 i') A
Ti Ni J 4 LA" •4.7
tf 1T1 , 4/ftfl I tw,•LinTici T. •
I . (l , Fri'OltA7ll , / 4 17 'el PlTAr.tusu,tou
H !TV ...Z.",
N• 4 f . IZA NI .{ -
. :II I t• ;WI /I, II 101.1 awl
om , , • ••• •L l • r •irnt , nn in
"' - ••!: . 1 , Iscunt..
~n~_ _~ ~/
\ \1 iris . \ I.
b.V. ;1/1. Ul5, ;Atit, .. I ; Y. TROY,
U L f r LO, 1$ R(.ir
Si kit I .
11001,TOILFINII. NAANoiltl, Ail/RAM
TIC, CoM/11.114/ I.4%, F utttlahlazrvlDATl It , Ate
pr A rti.,ll% I 01,1!
t, ne.sic uuars Uo ra..l local
und ••arb tlir mit antaira of all,
I IV• %L. 4 iur osai•artioji in-tirUirtien WAD
spy erlt., altni4at Inet , t Mew In lie
A t 2 eli.O.arDbtv ;rwed 1., any Oat n all sr an
TIAE hub Coiled.. brae been 'Amapa &domed,
and rolosowlbed In a 1/ nutuarar 444 1. noVr the
lordest had moat promo...roma CgwannuwiL In/tilts tine is
tha State.
Hreaut la it Wares aeries nI Tett Bamts,em=
goot-kaen.lag, mil n tlitnotia, sad Coat
Law, for male, and scut be marl
to" Var ralipartentiarsamilfw • wil 0•4311.110
20 ?wigs sada Brunimocopirdi,p i p w
tips dimen pods it MX 01101 1 ItOrl) -
Oats, 4r,, . r
k\ li \
- RI:1:1) II
}..C.1.k.., P.l
" • KJ,' K. A. Cu A Ihs,y, S. V
)1 cat
a'!7 3.1)4,0
. . • sr. etroU tug , ewe!'
I From Um PIMA'S 144 Cridim.l
?LL DISATO OF Taos gigpiimijia.
At 'midnight, no bk ogee {riles,
Fern., wa• domadiag aim low,
Whoa Democrats, la amdiaboaa Met.
8 auuld tunable at Ma power ;
la drrama, to Woolitairtaa L. bore
►tsetloa trim se esampamar t
la d rums, kis scot sillirtliaspliamil I
flies beard bold fkammat'a words of probe
Men, tbroagb old ♦br.a, wait • ratio
of troatteata, that ta Wen 10•70
me gala trout traesee weal.
•t mid nig kit, in asioldior Orem.
Tbe Donee'... Ode emelt balk
the good, Lb* greet, Ad why IMP theft
And with high hapss their. bassama irtralol
Thiry wer« Om Donn orth•lii wt deed,
se Snail ter shaft anatireleall,
la dare of Juiiii;
And now, thiii fait that, without ray
nuked fight am lean)) Oar yaw toaaa,
Tlt .. Cerastitattaa mil 116• 4 1,11,
La dld 'Mir alma( W.
As thaw passed me, reran mesh%
Trot bright dreamt IMO his lob—
wore—te herr the dads• /Mob
That bomb:led tlibe INK hat.
Of those who, for the "sesirtheibil.'
K,,01e flood with gory SW triply WPC
Aril madly tats rains erg
A gwverturicut by pwtrietolorms4
ind bold by eoespreeatee asharre♦
tie wets, -to bow his sore.
That oar epos the mooed etrod,
With those •he tow Wu emetey's good
Would ascribes timidr wraith sod
oupled with *yeti eliaate.
Hs woks--t v host all seed MS NV.
Thank God, thieved@ the reernenea per.
The .lot Is deed—he's bed bia
hd 'neat@ the Leh meat even esimer.
His traitor comrsdsg thee., mar
Him droop, when raw the reed I
And all his boon wan ark.
Then saw him clew lila Wile an..
od struggle to ite Mall 7 imp
ruttl hi kill dead drank
Come to the brtJal thamher.deoltht
Coma to the mother, '►es she hole.
For the Snit tiro, her Irrt.Mel•
Caere whoa the Wand maga
1 het ekes* I. l esaYea eean beein,
Awl wended dam wall lb satAa ;
c.,ase to cowman:Ahem', shantly Seem,
he eurthyoake's shock, the wean', Amu;
C, Ine whoa the heart beats high and yam
With banquet-6one, and dame, and 'tea—.
od thou art Werth** t ?le tsar,
I be gross, the limit, the pal, the Ilex,
Are drwelfol;—yet eonsamma Mac.
WI calmly Mao 012 Clam
Hutto the ninth whole pillared mei
With 'v.:7 'di thought Is asommig4
Thy not/co 'pounds UN/ a proplors wort;
And la Its hollow toads ate two*
Th. el.. of tomb who watt the daraa.d
John Turn*, I In thy traitor grave,
Condemned to laiusy thimairil lam,
Rest thee , there Is an grater tirw•
Storied la may Acne.
We tell thy dosia without • 404
Fur thug, ootorion• now, art lames—
OD. of the few &tooted Ammo;
Immortal In their tabu,.
r rrow the Cotinabes [0 Crisia.]
Horrible Disclosures in ileintion to
a Political Prisms
We speak wholly of the pgAtipi( pfi4eo
the prison of State, as we knew peados ,
whatever of what occurs la Ib4 .]truss
where - rebels taken in arms" at* kept....
that is "the prisoners of war.
It must not be forgotten th,eillel it leve
keen stz to seven bundged _ ical
preement at Comp Chas, at a ti the
• ; and
although several hundred bays bon le*
ly discharged without. trial. them art yet
there some four hundred—one or two
hundred of these have arrived therewith
in a tie days pAst from Kentucky and
West er Virgin ts. These mee,are taken
from their home., some from their beda at
night, some from their houses in daytime,
and s great many of them are picked up
to their field. at work, and never mitered
to see their families before tieing ityitilet
(AI to nhi,, and incarcerated in this .41..
hrnted wt rett wilt soon be m
Ismous Minot., itself.
The t lh loans are put into themes* pit.
sou with these men from other Eganaakand
from them we have learned eonse fasts
whioli the people of Ohio ought to knew.
Ninny of these mem have been kept in
this prison for over one year, a grenaviany
for five, six, seven and eight enosibia
without even seeing outside. or Whig al•
lowed tocoonnunicate personally with sly
one, not even wife, child, tatlisr, mother,
or st ranger.
They are furnished with ne44teng Imq •
single blanket, even then veld nights,
utile* , they are able to purchase adeliaJoe
al comfort: with money they way be able
to in mand. Many are poor men, end
un .11,1,0 to purchase: they were not ppeerr-
mated to hung alongaebanpofeletling,
and many had on when seiatodnethinsi bet
summer wear, and that has beams ilthr.
worn out, and scraoely hang upon OHO
They have no bedding. and are there-
fore compelled to sleep en the bee*
They heye not enough wood -
keep tiree up all eight. ansLises .4,1-
teriog Intersaified by I,biee44 •
I f th ey atter^s.. , * 4l Ar In
./1 tq out
, a. yard to tak e oft the art !earth' dreary
night, they are instantly shroutened to he
shot by the guards, as ordered by %oasis
Di . Allen, of Columbia *twit!, Ohm.
zii(.l Le laid on a bare board until his lip
wer e black and blue. The wood furnish.
pd them is four feet long, and they ea*
oompel.od. each mess, to ebnp it tip kr
theiurel% es, and, the provenotte bei ter
utehe,t r kw, they bevy to cook for
ee 1 % .3. Recollect, always, that these are,
priscaler-. whom no ea.
pt all , ileCUSer, sod on met II For
M Wed .
Ilia prison has beemue filthr—ewinlly to
—aud Like tatr are to domes. If the pri
buner', attempt to lull one of 14 0 10 ruts,
tlicy - are fortirldr.n,and threatened witkbe•
!rig pilot instantly. Recollect, drays, an
we above, 'beef% are political prtenoeve.
again it. whom Knee nesnoinew atipu!v.or
sit ts..per ha* crested a attapicionialfkaloy..l
- hul wlavae name ts kept ajownti ems
lit•t,t..• Ult.?* can be no trim.
The prison h perfectly 'Jive with hoe,
an.l chia nor is givisn to enema the h.
ins return. -A dead mast. ate at toe pri
1.4.446 Lb* other dayoartied out to
4ie dead baud, and laid there over bight.
aii4l when visited lb lb" blotting by other
prisoners, who heard there was dead
min th e m thee Round awhile on his
head sub with hoe mad nder-theLliwa atop
plug au his eyes in great slumbers, cad 06
he lay with his mould wee, tl4 rs were
thick crawling in and Out• la open
Not long sinoe tee of the Fristatereipat
into a south, AO try*" *00.441441 E ttittki
tinnily into a &Ott / okays/44i
sevet al other I,einorts rualorl Ed
when the guards %Ili the %biros*
Bred on them, kitties all 441Pasaaltralie
same Of Joan MOM Weillew
sod • hull gro ll ia4Aii.4llPlivilfrOOler k*l t
auti it edit miligspii 1 9,1
idled alio; actother - OT, tbe
110.94 h a board ar Malta!
ibt-ibeikapthil, Merl
lb* ludo& a-
1114 , ,4111P!*
u4.4-.4; 03
111 ..
s-ti 84.4, • .. ' t
KY 3, 1883.
W• might se further, but Ged knows,
this is inio:igh For aloe. It is enough to
make ono s blood run cold to think of it.
:low, if any one doubts ibis—if the
sistherities as camp or at the State House
doub4 it, tithe Lesilattare, when it meets,
will mime a esiminitigg. wliPepoi" to Itsia°
the winsome who, Hess& for, will, under
Qs* Provo all this, and as much more,
some ofirbich is too indeowit to print in
a noinpsper for the public ear.
Walsh, nee bring these things to light
fora ar other purpose than an sot of bit.
of respect for the fair fame of
Ohio, owl to direst public attention to
them Shast the brutal authorities l ot that
way no hove Atoll*, done awn'. The
of ohs *step its himself,
gosib•r of the Ohio House tat li-presen•
Warm. Me win no doubt appear on the
bet Monday of January to take hal seat.
bib/ esewee so his pew/ on timt loot
4.-les hies answer to his oo -aitueuts who
elected luta answer to the whole
people of Ohio. if be dare, whether ale**
Sislapaita so or not Ifeevon be blessed
M aiq4tttodlfioaticta omi be put upon these
Aniemssaions--eny t lowa of the moot W
t4lkallsSea, b 7 which the fume of Ohio
day be vindicated from the crime and
stigma Month otherwise must go down to
all Wine apse she paged of our history.
The Illonster !rands in New Orleans
The New Weeps Data, a psvpr law')
milder the eostrol of tion.ilutler, or some
of his minions. having manse a moors. at
tach on the HMI . Iteverdy J oliL, CI, 'elf
eonissisalosed by the Prerident to go to
that city and mule aurae of the dlliculttee
Butler had got the hountr% into by hip
ridiculer, esiper.ilerrhieable c,,niuct, Mr
Johnson, after folly vtodwattng bin act , ons
and refa tins the charges against him,
posse of Butler and his minion. ap,
The imputations upon the Commorion
er in iblieb rubbaitiona, and in several
prang esee, from tio Imam sosaims,
seem to have $ cowmen otitis. What the
motive inducing them is will perhaps be
sem when his report, and the actual state
esi thins ie New Orleans in particulars
not covered by the report, because not I
within the jurisdiction of the Commiss
ioner, shall bemuse known. Unless the
almost uaivereal belief of gentlemen of
litiaiiidesce and integrity in. the city, hay
in' Nay means of knowledge, be wholly
unfounded, and the reports of officers of
the highest etiersoter in the service of the
kievermneut. who have officially visited
the city sines it has been in the possess
ion Of ail Injlitery, be also wholly unfoun
ded,. get effread aril esrraption exists tAere
Aegis widow s perolfel is the past history of
That yon tieneral Butler 13 cognisant
of it, or would approve of it if he was, is
not for a moment to be believed. But if
be will uteri the acuteness and energy
which have heretofore hada different &ac
tion into the iisvistigsaiosi of the conduct
of some of those around him, he will soon
_dimmer that the people of New Orleans,
situ* they . have been under his sway, have
been perhaps as laiieA seamed against as sen
a v ; cad be will she discover why it is
that an allow who acted ender the iID
-11101$114411tommissine of,the President, aed
whore whole muse, after full examine
lies, has received his decided approval,
tad who, eel to disparate that Major Ows
mul, sad without subjecting himself even
to viitiiaolon of self adulation, may claim
to be hie equal is ixesiligsetes, political integrity,
end perusal Away, is assailed by some of the
piteous estowetsdwilh or soder AU eoutessid.
They cannot hat know that their wiper.
aims art sUerie Atha Gram* rleA Maa
s/au ex the neessitiss of the helpless people
(mad lAN, 6y eauortiotis ofessive eves to de
mo", they seem evidently to be under the
apprehension that the Commissioner's re
poet. er the litasswiedge which they fear he
of their conduct, may not
.1 :11 p be osses s
edspat as aid to their career of
Owe*, lee &I ssb, then m the ponidesset
ass s theiewisdaids. This nolieeof their se
swift is taken from any apprehension
the& his chariots out slider with those
who know his. The correspondent awl
the editor, ( WA* ere foth, it is said of/fears vs
GFOOk aftreticst ) by their exiuu
ides el theatoolem are individual/4y sailoorthy
ef "wed. TAN statteaSaLl antild aka,' erod
e sr♦eieneawr ever see in vulgar
an l
pretenses' to Falsehood. But tbe Com
missioner deems it dne to the cause of
troth, to the madden°, refuted in him
by the President. and to the information
of thi public, who have an interest in the
subject, that their falsehoods should be,
Si till 6 whims asoleset, =pooled and re.-
Wed. lemur Jonsoos.
(Preis lir WWI Jo.lusal.)
Venal Congressmen.
Canoes New York members of Cong
rese. are said to hove been detected in re
adying flew ftn proeurizt oomintssions in
the army, to one LW', abisrging s. high as
kor busie s () dollars tor their serrates to
pcooveioi a stogie am/mission o: a low—caolu Gb 6 1 .4sette.
We tiime similar rum Jrs, and they
•se Son. Alfred Ely, representative
t~ taw front the Monroe districts ip
tigit State. A ease like this is stated: A
yertusg gentleman from this dietriet was an
applfitant for • potation in the navy. The
*ook:sties was 'tiered For some but with-
Out apparent anoesae. when Mr. Ely inform
ed the roes on (bet thore wsa another
ippitistant for the place, Woo could be
bought off for MO. The linount was
bedded over to the member. noes-
Mission was so II after set . -.1 r.:llls,se
yrently, a. the story goes, it ••,•• . ~erw
ined that Were was not only no other
erplieent is the way, but that Mr. fly had
the eau • in his i.ocket eller 1,4
bergs . , for then:lol
Settee' diet asses, of smillir
are being hnsught to light.
"♦ Gouu HAVL.."—Ttile is the couacuen
dainty phrue w•itb which r morning jour
nal if/gradual' tbe following Tweoious pines,
of won :
lieversil soldiers belonging to a New Jor
soy regiment, on the recent advance of
our sexy swam the Rappahannock into
Ti.ciericitaburg ceptured from the vaults
0 Fredericksburg Bank ever 14.000
nd twenty-loiter gold pieces, and
quantity of bank notes. For some
it , e past 'libitum" have been circulating
p.• Lly freely" Luang the auldiers and their
cru.n&cit friends, the sutlers, located in the
ni Ighborhood of Falmouth.
For "captured" reed -stele" &Ell
we hare the amount which our contem
,portiry, Itoeht gisse of a similar outrage
%pc privet, prOperty perpetrated by rob:
41 - biding., its a loyal city. II the pernsia
lba-ef at ads mous weer by their com
mitted.* gad the apphiedsag at them by
tbta 1101 .sold to"dimourage
*gate" by iskineg honest men suppose
au army to bo ak t u rd of pilferers and
iftrimaink. Moe like to know what
kassahl haste thetellsel
fit• CNaiwr. is bisNosisia at Roth
vaS . people of that. It
gam% SWUM
Ibis* kr Aim!.
_ A
(Prow the I outs., PI, Doisotrit 3
Freeing the Negro with Ven
The Chicago Peat is somewhat down on
the plan for freeing slaves and . thus
speaks of suoh fugitive. as have been sent
or n.kee to Illinois by the soldiers:
"The result is that they do not labor Si
those who took them expected, and are
turned off They have neither mono},
friends, nor information as to what they
ought to do. The only alternsiire before
them is to labor bard, without the slave's
advantage ot having acme person to pro•
vide for their wants. They, therefore, be
come idlers aril outcasts. Under the laws
ot this State they are liable to arrest.
They are arrested stld fined ;. and, nut
Laving tnr mean., tr . an which to pay thei
tin—, they are sold to ti..t man who
w,ll pay their and take their atfureed
labor for the stiorteat period. "Joon the
expiration of the term for whi, _ :► t ti•y are
egain liable to arrest,.►rd 14-? ale, And t'r is
they hecotne slaves in the tact, if not in
The springtield • , rtuz/
the authority of thi: P r.-t - or as
stated to the Adjutant Goner.., • La. -t v
. contrabands have by. as
vagrants. The Director etas
The parties who tool; we ft, _steel
severally fined tnetu Ai th. are un
able to pay the amount, they are -.,,d un•
tier the stature of the State t , • meet thy
Now, we don't erri.-urii the reople of
Dltrois for adopting this
he suptireesirl. and
vagrants Rut it show" more rharly than
arguments What Is b. , u LI U, bf come of
the negro Lilo naturat cor,ciitiec
and a State or _ uutL 1 .;t t how
ever philanthropic. or ,op
posed to shivery in tL abs:i act, wh a the
crisis comes, adopt the same plan att the
slave State., with the exception that inter
est and the laws protect the negrq in ..lave
States better than the temporary expe
dients§ of free States.
Contrabands to be Sent North.
Notwithstanding the President, in Lis
recent message, insiste.t that the freed
negroes would not come Nut tli, they have
come and are still coming. Thousands of
them are suffering at Washington and at
other places. The National Intelligence
ay•, by authority :
"Arrangements are about being made
whereby the large number of 000traband
women and children, as also old men, who
have sought refuge in this city within the
past few months, will be properly cared
for. It is proposed by the military autho
rities to appeal to the venous benevolent
associations of the Northern States to pro
cure homes and employment for them,
the tioveniment bearing the expense of
their transportation to the various points
to which they may be sent. An officer
will probably visit the Northern cities to
lay the matter before all benevolent socie
ties, in order to ascertain the number for
which each society may be able and willing
to secure employment." . .
A large number of able-bodied men will
be employed near the seat of war ; the
women, children and invalids will be sent
here. Commenting on this pecuniary
means of relief, the Atlas & Argus, says:
"The Governor of Massachusetts, and
the authorities of President Lincolu's na
tive State, have refused to harbor any of
these helpless victims of the war. It is
hard ; for it i 4 an artificial misery that we
are called upon to relieve. But, let us do
our share. Let not the men of Sew York
act like the cold-blooded Abolitionists,
and turn the negroes awdy t. sta.:s and
freeze. We deplore the policy that drives
these belpie:4 hordes hither ; but when
once these I.'u' p eo pl e come wit h in t h e
range of ow -3 inpathy and charity, let it
be extended to them. They, too. like
ourselves, are victims of the madn.-$ and
folly of the hour."
A Stupid wad Dishonest Party
The Washington corretpondent of the
Spitngfield furnuthes the follot.-
ing photograph f hi! friends of the Re
publican party :
his idle tor stupid Republicans in the
Teat to hide the facts in this mattec.-
11bere is danger in these -srrests, as Sena
tor Trumbull stated yesterday upon the
floor of the Senate, and if the Republrcan
leaders have a spark of wisdom and fore
sight they will refuse tn_justify the loose
system wilier' Mr. Stanton has inaugura
ted. The people will not sustain them if
they do, and they will soon be without
majorities in Cowe.w and the State Le
gislatures. But like the old Whig leaders,
the Republican leaders possess a wonder
ful capacity for ruining their own cause—
an annoying lack of shrewdness. A good
many people here t, June such men as
Dawes. of your diets i.7t, IK--cause he has not
hero backward ,n t i rnituis and
thieving Eenerall:\ I-u that come
Or the defeated , ididatr- f, ‘r next
r.',ogrehe ( t nen3l-e, of ••• .... TT sore
over tbooperattow ,
getting comtutttet, bot
Le inre tigations that , Art thr 4 1). 4 r.
ly. !ha th# fr , vitif Seqn" ,Ur R.Tuhl:ean
friends had better pti.t. ate 'law aid ehear
10g. if they ciestra to t •tr« ti e 1 .. rt% en
boneat reputation, and not I fun.% 7.e
that oovering up theft& 'A ils • • H* . .
publicsa party, or any othri. -
then, is not only hon.-'et, out It" i.
shrewd. Eit, knows that it is the toret 1.01-
it . ,y for us to e hone&t, anti to to ,a.• war
up , n frauds.
AWFUL ilk:, :7.01.4112i Dare.—'l'l e kotth
papers report an scrirleui. iltough
L: invoked one life, contains inors of tl.e
Ue element 01 horror. s'.llll. ' Dore
sharply on the tine cherrit , human ter
ror, twin rrianv is great mr.el meaningless
tasitopio. Tt.„to • 1 LI J•or
, ^'!"1:‘ working on a, 314,1 I.,•,,kthed
near Wigtown, when she keeled over, and
the bulwark fell on his chest. The tide
was fast coming up, and it was evident
that in an hour the wretched man would
he drowned unless the weight could be re+.
moved from his chest. All the place
turned out to help, but the .weight waa
immovable, and the tide flowe,i on re
morselessly. A clergyman stepped fot ward
into the w,..ter, and prayed with the un
happy victim. I napkin was, at his own
re, mt, placed over his ferx, that he
rui r ••‘ not see the tide, a i d so, A pp a .
rend!, without complv.nt he 5: un ti the
waters cl”sed over .es.l. while the
triwilf men gathered t ~nil in helplesaneHs,
sobbed alou d.
You see, granduiamtua, wteper
forate an aperture in the apex, and cor
responding aperture in the base and by
applying the egg to the lips, and forcibly
inhaling' the breath, the shell is entirely
discharged of ita contents." "Bless my
soul," cried the old Lady, "what wonder
ful improvements they do make! Now in
may youncor dam, we kulit made a bole in
each sod, and tusked."
Tea Erriontror or TIE BLOCADC—Iiive
kneed awl tbeity Arse vowels seised by the
blockading equardrona. worth, with their
cargookirrig anthem 9f *llan Verily this
is a splendid record. oast yet it but faintly
tells the story of the actual emoueit of
swiss toptiered to the good tomes 111 this
engslose, 'sipping egnsy.--Na• Twk
rpm Os rbill~as
Int Magni etnailinta•
. th• Satz hipipiptdr..
The Allem el WO *he*
41=.1L 411."
illobed. •
The asthma mited bilmeth the shed i
Roil rated to the wow
?b. oust ares eft, thoweell woe I
'Row long. Lord, how tong P'
Row Ml's Ihrod Ye pearettir vase,
hod mothers whinielr died,
Led .4110•411se dtpbeitibart.iiiik
Asa sephireast Ire Mr Wird I
/lowly"' shalt adilteas lie to tomb.
A" Ma b. mid le ghee,
Led Peteele•ft wimp sod hate 1114 *eft
I/mho thy twi g meta
The Ter" dad, ea iy.ds,
Stir to WU Wady &rook
Lad oil rhossartywo or , hos wt
Coco thisaglog. wde Oo crowds—
Is then so holy, la ill UN earth
Is there Do 'right or Trawl
11. potirot, , lhsort. tbr Odd Is Jost :
yol, "Oh, Loa* how I soil"
Negro Oitiseaship.
The policy of Abraham Lincoln is—if
he can be mid to hate'a policy at all—to
buy the Southern negroea, at an expense
of $1,000,600,000, to be raised by a direct
tax upon, the people of the loyal States,
and then raise them to an equality, social
and political, with the whites. It bee al
ready been decided by Attorney General
Betel that, swan are chimes. Some
time ago the following ease was submitted
to Attorney General Bates by the Secre
tie", of the Treasury
The schooner Elisabetli and Marpret,
of sgar Brunswick, Is detained by the re
venue 'vomit Tiger at Perth Amboy. N. J.,
b cause commanded by • solered men.
ind so by a 'person not a aflame of the
Übited States. As colored masters we
immerous in cur *ousting trade. I submit
•0 you the question suggested ter CartAln
?if +-•.r the Tiger • -Are colored men
oitiv, x 01 United States, and there
`,,r4, to command American
Mr. IN.A.eo pronounoes the Dred Mott
decui , u vo,d snd of no suthoritv. and oon•
clud3r Li 3 op.alc . in these words:
And now, rpon the whole matter, I gil , e
it as my opinion the Fr
Man of
oolor men i lioned in your loiter torn in
the United States, is a citizen of the Unit
ed States, and, it otherwise qualkfisti, is
competent, according to the act of Con
gress, to be coaster of a Teasel el-gr.gsd
the coasting trade
Free Staging.
The first session of the present Congress,
(IS6I-62,) an LiOU'i to give a fair chance to
the dominant party to, steal largely, and
without danger of investigation or punish.
meat, paned the following act, which the
President approved July 17th, 1862 :
Be it enacted by Me Senate and Howe of
Representatives of the United States of Awakes
en Cbegresi new assembled; That the operation
of the set entitled, "An act to prevent and
punish frauds on the part of offloers in
trusted with the making of contracts for
the Government," approved June 2, be
and the same is hereby suspended until
the first Monday of January, eighteen
hundred and sixty three."
"Approved July 17th. 1862,"
This act, it will be perceived, suspends
the operation of the law providing for the
punishment of stealing until January,
1863. No wonder the Administration is
so warmly supported by all the public
plunderers—no wonder gross frauds have
occurred in all the departments—no won
der contractors and speculators, thieves
and robbers, have grown wealthy and im
pudent. Who ever before heard of free
stealing being enacted by Congress and
approved by the Prbsident
How Stand the Rebels To-Day:,
In the Albany Journal of last evening
Tbur low Weed, whose sagacity and ability
to judge are almost equal to aims of the
threadbare lilliputians in journalism who
assail him. takes occasion to say in allud
ing to alleged disaffection in the rebel
army .
It would be a fatal error to infer from
these isolated cases that tb• masses of the
South are abandoning the Confederate
cause. Individuals—entire regiments—
may desert or muting—may even lay down
their arms and "take the oath of allegi
ance ;"—but let us dismiss the flattering
unction that ontoordendy the virus of the
rebellion is subsiding. We us no endows
that the great CoYupsracy is gang into a dedina.
On the contrary, st ti full qj bit and vigor. It
toms ritvzit more arrogant and audaaioue—wivor
eicre oneortiprownsing in in heath purpesso—
than u a today. It there is disorganisation
strength is yet unshorn. And that
ngth must be turned into weakneess
by bard b: , R.l dealt upon the very brain
of the mean•-er. If we rely upon aught
else we 'hale be decnicnd.
Why the People are Heavily Tared:
A lately compiled table gives ua the
following numbers of now supoor•
ted chiefly, if not whi=t the public
At Algiers, Louisiana
At Port Royal
At Nrwbern
At Fortress Monroe.
At Cairo, ttc,
Total IVO°
These contrabands must Le clothed and
fed out of the public treasury, or by pri
vate comtribution. Have any of our ree
dery taken upon themselves the trouble of
calculating the expense'?' At the least cal
culation. tt will average forty cents each,
nZ (18.500240.-$7,400) seven thousand fors
n,ired dollars per dam; equal 40 12, 7 01.0 0 0
Sul? mammal GUI. Wow. aND )111. CaXS-
R FAcaz Ir Parlor ItiNT.--/(lsin.
Henry M. Warfield, Charles Howard and
Teakte Wallis, who have reoe9tly been
elttocqmi from eon firreMen t in Ft. Lafayette,
Fr..:tiv last institated proceedlngp
tne ~ urt of Baltimore, each to
r , "Or"t S2 (11, 00 damagef, for alleged false
itnpr . ,oomenr and tetention In Fortress
`fonr , ),. g on, Itfajor General Wool, who
waz• the (t..,w minder of that post at the
ti m e cat tile a re, ibry allege that ti.ey
were ( 11 d. via 1.; Gen. Wool. The
statue vilt:cA,v•kh trod l 3 • 'tizoort,
have im.v.tuted floc , 3rdinga at, e KUM
Court against Hon. simoo CaMertr: for al
leced false arrei.t and imprisonment. It as
stated that attachments have been issued
iganst the interest held by in the
Northern Central Railway Company. co , -
slating of stock, in ord r to secure the
payment of II large sum resulting fiesta the
anticipated verdict in the several cases.
Fox, the oelebreted orator, was one
day told by lady, whom he viti o ick that
she did not ca "three skips a louse
for him." He immediately took out his
pencil and wrote the following flues:
"A lady hai to:d an, mod I. bat alai halo%
nit she ears* set tor be three lids • , t • &now'
I Emily* th• dear enmity's far WWI OM imodid.
Stoop *onsets will talk of HIM nos 6 %dr Heed."
sir Sir William Brews, a pompons
sort of a man. being at a perish foaming,
made some proposals, which. were °ideat
ed to by a farmer. Highly mitmed, be
said to the farmer, "Sir, do know that
I base been to two wa .
sir," said the Ismer. "slat et that t I
had a calf that sopped two own. and the
observation I made was the 'awe ho smelt
ed, the greater calf he pow."
us. Hon. John Coracle, Member°, the
House fnma Poway en* and a
Dent 'member 'member of •the War BasiMeg Caw
mitten. Mali dons to itirmlorialmbere him
walk to mg& the ilightia& mid was
tetrad OW ha had WM*, *IA pod
k ireotr i r rl "
1111164 ailh.
a gi Ids mai%
ad sir
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