The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, September 08, 1860, Image 2

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B. N. 61.A.M.N. Ectstur.
Tza XS: I/ 60 PAR XMAS 111 A.DV •DIC 16
SATURDAY, *E'T..ti, Ibtk
ICLECToIicA AT t at:lt
1 FILICI , A STIR Rit, 14 IA tit( IlLeKnom
WM 1' PATTERII4II. 1 - ) (Ira 1, JAK.t.t.
1 Jo+LPII eIIOCKETT. lei .1 A int,
4 J (1 Blimce:m, 17 J B )visrm.
5 G A JACOBI', 18 .1 •It es4wroat.,
O (:11A11.LIM EtI.LX Y . 19 11 N Icy.
7 IP I" 3Ateirs, :.%) .1 13 /lon na.i.,
s 1.1 , ,1 ii. SCHALL, ...P Isi P. FITTRIAMAS,
9 ..1 L Licialtulte, '22 8A)11( xi MAitmiltlLL
I() s : 4 BARBIE. 23 WILLIAM 804,11,
11 T 11 A, 21 B. I.) 11• mos,
l' S $ Wiwi. , ..'0) (in% Lunt, 1 . 111 BAH
1:1 JC, , E1.11 LAI BM:11,
Democratic County Convention
.1 he Denman-Bev of Erie County are ri.--
q ui•-teil ta meet at the a-nal plaeool
ing electivii- in the ,everal borough- anii
t4aVii.iiip , on
Saturday, Sept., 8, 1860, at 2 P. M.
t .4 7
mid Hi,p,)int two tiPleg te- c ad' to meet in
County t 'onvention as.tetnble Hi the elt‘
tit Erie on the Coll g Woine, . St•lot..
12 at 2 P. M.. In e action at reittliott to
1101111114 ting it I 'ounty ttek et, t'atiulatt—
fur CottgreA , awl Judge, rapt t.uolt 001,1.
liu•oneA- 3.4 11111 y legitilllatel) ...onto I,OC it ••
the I '.mvent tow.
l'he I temocraey of the city of t•;rte %%11l
meet at the Common and Select Council
Room, to W'right' Block, at 7 o'clock P
, the aunt> day, and elect two delegate,
trom each ward, to attend the saute
By order of the Corn mince,
B. F. SiLil AN. Cti Llllllll
Erie. Aug. Z, !mitt.
Unfurling Their True Colors
Notwithstanding the attempt made at
Chicago to engraft a semblance of conserva
tism upon the Republican creed, by them
corporation of a resolution declaring. in
substance, "that while the people of a Slave
State may agitate the Subfevt or abolish
slavery, any attempt on the part of others
to interfere with them is a crime against
the Union," we find, if we scan careful
ly events as they transpire about us, that
this resolution is a mere trick, calculated
to mislead the conservative vote, and 'in
veigle conservative men into the support
of Lincoln. Look at the campaign docu
ments advertised by the li-dnoie--I - telpet's
Book, Sumner's speech, and others equal
ly as radical, all proclaiming unyielding
hostility to the 'peculiar institution" of
the South, and urging a crusade against it
wherever found, matt as well as terri
tory. Listen to Republican orators, from
the highest to the lowest, from Sumner to
Coffey, and denunciation of slaVery and of
slave holders is the theme with which they
is discussed t, by them—no co l lier theme
deemed worthy of their cloquehce. Is this
conservatism ? is this the "feast" to which
the men who supported Henry Clay, are
invited when Lincoln is elected ! But, to
drop general facts, and come down to par
ticulars. Last Saturday evening a flag was
presented to the "Wide Awakes," in this
city, and the man selected to perform the
ceremony and make the speech was—who ?
A conservative I—a man who had learnt
his political A. B. C. in the school of Clay,
and Webster, and the political teachers of
the old Whig party,—a party which car
ried the flag and kept step to the music of
the Union from Maine to Lee/isms? By
no means! No such man was selected, al
though there are hundreds in Erie county
who now support Lincoln, having been se
duced into his sectional party because they
had,. no where else to go. No such politi
cian, we repeat, was selected—on the con
trary, the person chosen was the only man
in the State who sympathised with John
Brown's crusade in Virginia to the extent
of inducing him to leave his business, his
family, and his home, to make a pilgrimage
of hundreds of miles to visit him iu his
cell, and extend to him and his cause his
countenance and sympathy. Is this the
conservatism so boastingly proclaimed in
the Chicago platform. They make lio war
upon the institutions of the South in their
platform, but wherever a radical and an
ineenthary is found be is their chosen lead
er their honored ‘pokastrian! Nor is the
instance we have alluded tea solitary one,
The other day the Republicans of Massa
husetts nominated a candidate for poi
ernor in the person of Mr. •liilin A. An
drews, who is now stumping the State of
Maine for Lincoln suit Hamlin. Mr. An
drews presided at a .John Brown +vinvit
meeting, held in Boston on the path t N.
euther last, and 111 a speech mad,. ou Ili a
occasion used the following language -
"We are to-night in the presence 01 3
great and an awful sorrow, winch ha, tat
len like a pall upon many families w borne
tkearte, fail, whose affections are lacerate.!,
and w hose hdpes are crushed no sympa
thy for the it !wog and children of the mur
dered men df Harper's Ferry )—all of hope
left on earth deNt royeil by an event,i Judi
under the Providence of 430,1, I pray will
be overruled tor that good which wa.+ r,,,,-
~,iptateri as, iniendrdhe dehit !Inge,' ',nod, •
• *
I pause not to consider, beeit - use it i.
wholly outside of tibe4luty or the thoitidit
ut this assembly to-night, whether the en
terprise of Sohn Brow n and his a.-i.eiat.-+
in Virginia, was wise or foolish, right or
wrong, I only know that whether the en
terprise itself was one or the other,
HIOWN utusittor vi As HIGHT."
"1 sympathize with the man. I s, tare
thize with the idea, because 1 sympathi/e
with and believe in the eternal light."
Massachusetts Republicanism, in State
contention assembled, has endorsed tlii'.e
atrocious senuments:—it has openly 1.10-
claimed that war. rapine and murder are
true arguments against darn?, en the N'latr , ,
and sends its John Brown candidate for
ttovernor to stump other States for Lib-
coin and Hamlin. Erie county Repul.ll
- endorses the same thing, in , wlecting
as its orator the Tily man among them who
tpecame a pilgrim to the cell of the "sal nt • "
/What has Erie county conservatives —the
men who voted fur Clay, and Taylor, and
Scott, to say to this? Does our once con
servative-neighbor, the Ga.:rue, any that
"John Brown was right 7" Do the mer
chants and business men, capitalists and
property owners of Pennsylvania believe
th4t ".John Brown binLelf was right," whet)
be murdered unoffeuding citizen at
night at II I vii\
t•N 1111111 M, • tli I ttII It ol in, o 11.1 ni..l i ..1 1
to tin in .. 1,1 IN II hi. It • ,:i I lin I 3 vat
eign Mato pr.), Linn IL- -lljolooott to t ...Al
and rebellion " EN en t otegiven/if° Lt
ectln and Hamlin lii l'ettn , *.Lilia
.13.1nr...,•1,1,•nt 111.1311 enoouracement 01 Ili..
(;:trri-otti..ll dootriitt..--, of ti'. Nt1..,...3e1ni,,t1t4
soic,ol .0 lie' tol.lican t•in F.% el y tot eh
1.11 , it 1,14u.c , in such a etuse, it , t ittl..lllo of
'a ar and r.l pine : CoLatervaleifea all'Agiesaa)ft-
Vatlifl, (1,/ toll I.IIV that •• .loltu Itrtta a him wt- right '•' Whigs. I ktruoc rat..
.1 aka icaff , , snen of tll partioN. what Fay
VOL! :411111 1,1 , ,tlll` N I•Plit't in ,Ilell ttll kith' .
! ••••
oFli 11 KF:111
for 1111 1),.11•,,.- A month ;ig,),
the If arrisbita,:: I rar,t. almopt ever) Iwo-son
\•a.l) to the election of Lin
coln rho nt the Demoeratic par
ty timnpot tidy pat •tl).:ed tine csiergio-, an d
-lepre-- - ed the Lope' of the conservat t ti era
of OR; cumin v Nit there lent been a
great react The union turn etnenk
throughout the e. , uittt) 11.110-1. COI lel iVed
th it t h e 0:1% nou wears it
fire front %lilt it di( in the
and ,oftein
Th.. Lti
.1,1 to the a,stiralico
that 1..i.t..1ti • /..
••• , 1 .t. - I.lcn the Roptildiew ,
hay.. Int the I thhing 1 • 011t1 , 11'Llee lb. - )
telt. and Lcgnl t,. hoot. .It-Jecte4
1 .."-peet tit • 1 .11.• of the denunei
the iiiliettle the irgiimeritg. the threat+,
the N..•‘‘
iiie ovpouents of ltopialti
ealti-rn in th tt -mite tiro about pertectinv
L Ls...anion n hi, It w llf -,,iiredly sweep the
State iu N..‘etuLei nest, if partie• 1.11)
lath The Itepublican party IM in a L tear
iii:ijority in only a fee of Ow Stated. and
the only prospect of carrying enough elee
total yot,•• t-. etc, is lit the diyis,
toil of /11 livti lilt Chum W.:-, the proniwyt- ()I l.tltenlu tleclutt.:
and it ...le , al.l...nring. rapidly. The
ple set 1.1 111. 14.iltorrar) of Pennsylvania
of ninon for the sake of the Unlon t. Mach
lug other Nt:t1.4.,, the lolly of diviaion and
the neeessitv of en operation to
, att. the country from the terrible ennse
quences that would tolloir the election of
Lincoln The innet 11,,pettil are constrain
ed to admit that Ule inauguration of Re
publicanism at Washington in the person
of one nt it' most extreme disciples,,wonld
subject the Union to a fearful shook ;
while many sagacious and thinking men
unhesitatingly alllrm that it would pro
duce immediate disruption, Couservitive
I men of all parties see the danger, and are
ready to forget for the time minor differ
ence,' of opinion and unite against the foe
to our domestic peace. This feeling has
produced an ahnost ',effect union of the
Democrats of Pennsylvania upon a com
mon electoral ticket, and a thorough union
upon the candi.late for Governor. The
Election of Henry 1). Foster will seal
the fate of Lincoln in Pennsylvania and
secure the electoral rote against him.—
Conservative voters of all partied appreci
ate this truth, and intend to act upon it.
The clouds are breaking away.
nulninuT doers not
like our calling it a " parasite of Forney's,"
and indulges in several very refined and
gentle allusions to us personally therefor.
It says the eliarge is not true. Now it is
not generally necessary to prove a self-evi
dent fact, and this is one. One of the defi
nitions of parasite, according to Webster,
is "a bird which seizes upon the nest of
another bird for its habitation." Forney
has made his "nest " outside the Demo
cratic organisation, by proclaiming his
hostility to the Reading electoral ticket,
and the Senthiti has seized upon the same
" nest," and is therefore to all -intents and
purposes a rani.eite of the lerk of the
House. The feet is proved. according to
Webster—not David!
or When the 6'./7,-th• says Curtins
tragic orator, Coffey, did not "start out
for Buchanan in 18(4," it ig nine,' MlS
taken as though it had lot a part of its
linen. I n 1:-56, Mr. Coffey come to Cincin
ati as one of the otheets of the Keystone
Club, huzzad. got drunk, and made a
splurge generally for "I old Buck :"lietheri
went home, and in due time. "came out"
for Fremont, and the Republieatt papers
made a grand pow w(sW over the con versiOn
Oran officer of that famoti , club. to
we only .4ate common reports-14d the
events of we were personally cognt-
LAM or a 1.101 of th,111! - Art. the Lrot horn
sausti.4 I "
bar' NVo hate further intortnittion front
6,41. Walker and 111. 1.1t1.( ol
The , .1. . ‘)Ior, 1134 lit Nt.t
11t lr:m l u l tt.etsn, tvith.lifty to,ai out
6443 , 1, to the ;tut of alt 111.1 \VAlker. The
lilltho4ter t , till At 1 •lorltljeng
111- :in tilt' k from
tiu traiol.l een tin night nl tl.. lilt, vial'
The iitil i l , it II t Wei , le ivinQ: in laro. nuts
1,0 , yr, lot Itt: v..: v rnnrh Irtiftit,nogi
tL 1.14. t ,r 1 h froul
Wall.. r .111 1 , )1,11} .1.11.11 i, .1 it. Xt.* .
1,. 111,
co,in t..
Net% 1 oak p.wer. 11141 tia.• Palliate 01
\Vaticµ haul ha , h n. out. mail the Ikaripti..aalti
the I. k 4 -horn f (ma the tiend ~t the inn
roN3It. .t 111
, 411 I.lloe ilit• Lielltt
Der II Ow :11-
ti, le in our 1-su, of the till (hat ‘‘t ,
I ,Aterdod el., 11.111 of Litli, , lll, itaN
wit, an enti-trua tion Itpott
our tli tt That
l.rt-a 15...M1.4f.. 4 , 1 I , OIIIZII ayii
led by the people. we W.. nut prepar
ed to -11 1.111 It 1101- not therefore
that Lincoln a ill lie un th e , ou t rar y,
1 . % Are nail:Tiling daily ktoifig, to show
the met imhle defeat of the Republican
esiiilidste Ito liepla.llo:til Vitt!. Ili the
North test. • tr.oliger in 1" . ..0G, Ittlzl.ll It to
day f;,..iii•as then -bleeding," carry -
ing wtill it the si tap:dines of the people.
No such •tate of affairs exists now, anti the
only hop, of Il.eputilicans i• iu our
ions. Those di% ibinos cal,d, and will exist
dousudieient to dile:it a I ) tuovilat
befii= provir kilt "itch it stale of at
fairs biffi• the consereatiye men of
all parties to the neces•ity
~m,thing to enact the defeat' of Liueoln
tience the union in Ni , ar York, and the de
termination of the conservative Ilion of
Peniklaylvania, to elect Fria in this State,
thus taking away the pretitage of liepubli•
can strength, We have wateiteml the poli
tical chances i•et years, and we twstire
Our cotetUporssrl he roust preliisrs• to hat e
the cup he hail almost to hi- lip- ila.slird
trom tutu - the itiu.l Writ 1111 1 on 111 0 1% ill
Curtin i% doomed, and ro olil
40.-•. ....06- 111...=
1.••11 ..1 Penn
Curtin and Coffey at Meadville
4 . •",,.„.... tflbe Obwrrov. , 9.
%IL V ILLE,ttept. 4 .
I: alz N. 'l.O % , i: 'ou hat) eark ol)
•e4l 1 our p 1 li/an ilk Ors a cat for .
a . Ma,. Meeting '" l in this place, at whic
theireandidate for tftwernor, Col. Curtin,
a Mr t 'offey, and other notables. were to be
pre.ent Well, the affair came °iron last
Satunlay, anti I propose posting your
remit-it-3, briefly - , es LS the result.
Some days previous, a largo pine pole
was brought on to the Public! Square--
soma after a hole was dug for its reception,
and but little further progress was made
towards its erection until near noon of
Saturday, when it was finally raised, after
much tribulation, to a perpendicular.—
Somehow, things iliil'ist work right."
There wa, a li, A somewhere. but not be
ing '• behind the (5,11;,,," 1 couldint exact
!) say %here it was.
About noon t'ul. Curtin arrived in town,
(-At-meted by a motley retinue of his ad
mirers. It reminded us of Falstaff's com
lettly somewhat. it is true the only evi
dence of a ultimo y spirit WAN a cracked
fife and wheezy drum or two, and a small
corpse of the latter in the tams
of a tew sallow looking women, who had
001110 to.tew n to - aft the elephant "- and
one of whom wa , performing the maternal
aM4 of furnishing lacteal nnuriqhment to
11.0! young' Republican ! All things, how
ever, muAt have an end, and the end of
ihi , proce.teiort Noon occurred.
Atter dintrer the meeting was organised
on the Public, and soon after Col.
:urtiu made his speech. I beard hut a
part of it, and I have only to say, it it met
the expectation- of his friends, they are
rail) please 1, Some feeling of this sort
mint hay. , Iwen elitertiiitteil by the Col
onel who made his standing apol
ogy. for his bad cold," tits principal
objection to l're4ident lirca.vv•N seemed
be, that he " slept alone!" and on this
point he dwelt some thine. lam told the
speaker was interrogated as to his old
Know Nothing proclivities, but declined
to answer any questions on the subject in
public. Note word, lam informed, was
said in regard to his policy, if elect"lOot , -
ernor —it WII4 the " everlasting rawer, - first
and last.
His friend Coffey followed in a. short
speech—the beverage was weak and washy
and did not amount to much. No other
speakers were brought forward. The spec
tators were evidently weary and an ad
journment took place. without any resolu
tions being offered.
Take the affair all in All, I really con
sider it fell far short of what was antici
pated--certainly it was not what the dem
ocrats expected to see. From the blowing
and bragging of their papers, I expected
to see something flr better than was real
ired. A large number of Democrats were
present, attracted by curiosity. Upon
these no impression was made, except to
confirm them in their intention of voting
for 1 irn. Foster.
Of course our unscrupulous press will
give a " high-fainting " itccoluit of this
letters, and
a goodly sprinkling of exclamation points.
The Josrnal of this place, far instance, has
given a highly colored account of the
proceedings and the credulous public
abroad will be deceived into the belief
that it was-an immense and enthusiastic
outpouring of the people. But its account
is laughed at as absurd exaggeration of the
facts, put together for effect abroad. Its
account is flatly contradicted by one of its
own party—by the editor of the Conneaut,
ville Ceurier. The Journal says: "At 2
oclock; a von multitude, numbering
not kw than FIVE THUIL7SA N 11, assem
bled," &c. Per contra, the (hurler says :
" We held the attention of his au
dience of over rwo THOGSAND persons," &c.
Here is a difference in the estimate of
these two editors of some three
Again ; the Journal, speaking of the escort,
says " the procession was A Nits LONG!"
and was " preeeeded by a band of music
and a company of mounted men is impaired
in number." The Gime? says: "He was
preceeded by some fifty horsemen, and fol.:
lowed by a line of vehicles a full este am&
in length !" But enough. The Courier is
much nearest the mark full high, but
quite reasonable under the circumstances.
I refer to the discrepancy to prove my
ctfitemeet. The doi.nml'a account is what
was ‘l, nn,l by it. 4 friends—the (;•Nrier gave
the fact.. as tl,iy were.
I will close by saying. that although the
1 femocracy are divided on the Presidential
piestion, all are united, as one man, on
l'osvta. for Governor. I will not
i.rediet what will occur in t fctober, because
no one can hut I will say, confident
ly, that we will much better here in
Crawford than in 1' , ;11;. A beller feeling
ht growing up among our friends. The
compruniise propo., e d by the state central
'onunitive is approved by the great ma
juriis of our .t , reflecting voter- , and,
if is hoped, will ) tit see the propriety of
giving of Oleo adhesion to so fail it plan
to I..itt the (-mlllllOll enemy.
k i r The Repuhlican paper., with the
help of the New York have discov•
ered a plot of the Democracy to buy up
Penn•olrania. and elect FOSTER t.;overnor.
The -tory i. that senator ItiGL.RR ha, been
user to New York, among the " merchant
princes " of that emporium, and raised
fltst,oist for the purpose. What the
wealthy New Yorkers, who have so much
money they don' know what to do with it,
want hosts tiovernor for is not stated.—
But that is of no consequence ; the story
remind , us of a little anecdote related of
Col. Cuter! a, by Wuu, of the Albany
a'. while in Chicago after the defeat of Saw
a an. and whet, he felt very bitter over the
defeat of his favorite by the vote and in
! tluence of the Pennsylvania delegation
under the lead of et RUN. Weed said last
91,1 ing, when the Mayor's election in Phil
adelphia we.. pending, RTIN came over
to New York and told the friends of Mr.
Sas 41U that it was absolutely necessary t o
laise illo,ooo to carry that election—that
they thought the sum NSA rather "steep,"
but an consideration of the Important
bearing a SEWARD vieftsry in the commer
cial emporium of Pennsylvania would have
upon Mr. Saw ARD'S prospects, his friends
raised $6,000, and sent Andy on his way
rejoicing. And, continued Weed, the first
man we found in Chicago, claiming that he
could'nt be elected if thtwasto was flood
noted, was this same Andy ('urtin. Now,
we tell this story *twits told to us, and
we beliese it to he a fact. We know the
reward men were very totter against the
delegstion from this state. oue of them re
ntilkedia tpt after the isialtittatialt 'that
ti t
wli delegation could -1 Itra * been
Wight r $lO,OOO, but that " tho old
my"— eed—did'ut think it neOcietary.
where fs_ ('ovate and his-committee t
Iff!)... The Republicans of West Mil'creek
have stopped "moving," and commeneed
"dropping." So we see by the (Ix-,
That's a Oar sign ; bat whether they
"drop" corn, or blood, or barley, or beer, or
something else, we cannot say, except as
we are enabled to infer from the resolu
tions adopted when they "droitped." The
first declares that West Millereek "disre
"gar& the threats of civil war, blo o dshed,
"anarchy and revolution made by the dis
"unionists, and being pledged to favor lib
-erty by ouraneestors, they will perish in
"opposing the spread of human bondage." I
That indicates that the writer had taken a
"drop" too much; it i. only when the
"drop" IT in, that people talk about -per
ishing" in these days. The next one .le
(-hues that West Millereek nothing
"by force---it does not propose to t alse
"armies, nor levyitaxes, norcrush States--
"nor tread down any man's liberty"- -all of
which thn.,e "States" t hat fear bein a "crush
ed" by IN'est Millereek a ill be lutist plaguy
glad to hear, tie expect- next dee lures
that the "Republican party is the guardian
of the liberties of the people," which is de
cidedly kind w the "republican purly ,"
the people can now -.Trop" burin. - ,.'
of gnarling their own --libet ties '• And
thus having contributed t -drop" to the
,th-, West Millet-eel: ropped" the
subieet ho' the pi esent.
the 'I,4W
A (loon Sun.--We notice in
ford /*macre , an address to the leineeriev
of that 4 'ounty, signet! ta aor three him
tired of the party, VAI It i•11 , / , n-ink
the ('re-se n t Compromise. mud pledging
themselves to sup's,' t the R.-Admit Elec
toral ticket. Among the name. , tie revog
nite Many friend, of Doti g, l as, awl ai- doubt
not a unuority are such. This is a good
sign, and indicates that the ettiirts of For
ney, and a few others, totransfer the State
to Lincoln under the gui.' of peculiar
friendship for Judge liouglt. will not win
in this section of the State.
ate. There is a great deal of distress in
the West, occasiassed by the drought and
failure of crops in the country \Vest orthe
Mississippi. There is much :-utlering in
Kansas, and we learn of a movement to ob
tain relief from the East The rhociaw
tribe of Indians are also about to call on
the General Government for assistance to
procure provisions for the people of the
Nation, as their crops have almost entrely
be+in destroyed by the drought. We learn
from good authority that there will not be
corn enough raised in the whole Nation to
last them until Christmas and as the ap
propriation of the money due to the Nation
failed in Congress last session, they are
going to appeal to the Government for as
sistance in some shape.
ilft,_ The thiwie says Mr. Coffey is a
"thorn in the side of tho Democracy."
.. I .....oiengLosquito said when
stung the elephant !
Mr Senator eattexcle has been recently
on a visit to Sengttor Seward at Auburn.—
Report says that; Seward is to take the
State Department, and Cameron the Treas
ury Departmtnt under Lincoln, if he
should be elected. Would'ut that be a
fine arrangement? Cameron in the Trea.4-
ury department-4-he'd " take" it, in ever•
sense of the word, and keep it, too!
1.8. At Adrian, Michigan, a man lost a tea
cupful of brains Isttely from an injury received
from a threshing Machine, and it is the opinion
of the physicians that he will recover.—&-
eh waste
If some of the politicians we have heard of
this year would lose that amount of brains they
would have none left.
Atiosv or SUSIIINsa.—The Lincoln pa
pets and political expoctants are in agony of
suspense, over the proposed cooperation of
conservative men in New York. They are
sure somebody will he cheated in the ar
rangement, and they feel sorely for the
victim in advance. We do not know how
it may be about the cheating, but. we have
the best evidence that the Itepublituttis
will be terribly disappointed, if the union
is consummated. Won't the emiservative
men of the State contrive to quarrel just to
please the Lincolnites It nouhl t, cruel
to beat them in New York. :mil
the sweet morsel of power which they now,
with open mouth; are waiting to receive.—
lountalel linntheree.
OF A Simstrivr. Vot TII. ‘l.
town, N. .1., it young man n uned Ifu lnn
killed himself because the principal of :
boarding slit -x(1 riinn.l it lor•-leitAT :tat 1 ress
ed to bun by one or ttie rentale : a n
read it aloud. A b•tter -Os • :
"The young twin, it M 441 lA,. it a
fancy to, and Mel I» ,•n
caltionally with a )..ling Lett u. or ii.•
itlairito% ti. Elie principal ..I
hat tug found ihr.
Lade the correspondein et en tt tote
himself to the young Lel), lici
to bend the )oung loan am more hate!
She, howet er, continued to tt 1t..., it
happened. a day Or tWO 6444,r,
eurreil...., that the plum! man kneed I,i
drop one of her letter-,, which letter tt i+
found atol isrneei 1.0 Johnson I mlead of
returning the letter to the Noway. man,
with much a.I nlMntion. wit good
judgment ought to - have sugge-ted. he
it publicly trad Lefore the n hi. h
wrought upon the young titan's nontl. Ili it
he at once tleteruntied to put ate t..
own existence The Attune. a. lie thought
it, of such public expo. tire, n a., mlt. tIA
he was able to hoar.-
( ' l::• , ..- , I.: NV AG4 )
t.tve of
delphia, has declared for hell a n d Evert•tt.
Mr. Henry is too honee4 a wan to stay mu
the Republican party : an.l since they bat e
declared their hostility to the Cow-mutton .
and the LIMB of our country, he cannot
congeientiously co-operate with them.
kin•t has been convicted in the l' S.Court
at Auburn, N. V. • of paming a counterte•tt
half dime upon a fruit dralet sentenc
ed to three yearA imp? p.oniiient in the
Oh the lei iom by L. M Voi.l. EA, I . Mr
BETAL.nI \ AWRY to olt.l AEI:EN
/kith) ,Il of Elk Creek.
Oil the evening of the 27th ult., in Fairview,
Mrs. N %NCI - ' , IItER:4ON, wife of Saninel An
derson, Emil , junto tilst year of her age.
In this city, on Friday the 31st ult., Mrs
ANNA WALKER, relict of the bite John S.
Walker of the United @sates Navy, and daugh
ter of Robert Dray, of Canada, aged 24 years
At the residence of her son-in-law, David W.
Brown. in Bunnnit township. og the evening
of the Ist inst., Mrs. MARGARET BUIS, con
sort of Harry Bays, aged 74 years,
l a Milloreek, an the 2 let inst., of consump
tion, Mr HORATIO A SPRAGUE aged 4 , )
y ear , l• menthe.
.Jr -
6entral fttvo.
-1 1 .- _- -
The grand4l gitilln to Lb. Prince let
Wales in Mon et:MS.4O,OK ...
The potato r has todolts Opearnnct in
Nur(hern Nei Jersey. -
The fruit crop in Massachusetts this year,
will be the largest ever gathered
A Bell-Everett ticket was noiainsted in
lowasio Friday. About half the State was rep
Fortune knocks once at least at every
man's door If she ever knocked at ours it
WAN when we were out
llon A It Stephens spoke at Augwtta,
(leo.. on Saturday to a very large crowd. lle
took ground in favor of Douglna.
The Bell and Everett men of Lancaster
had a torchlight proression in that city on
Tuesday eventng of last week.
- The ren.otm of the rity 91' Dubuque, lowa,
rhowA a ,lerrea4e in population of 4,000 within
three pears Three years ago the popto,4o
Was 17,000, now It 19 13,000
- The President has iesued a prUClalllllll. , ll
fur the .ale of uue and a quarter tuilltuu reresi
of pulite land..., in the Ft Dodge and Shiux
duttricie, ill IN uvruther,ll4.!ll
Some dirty water left by the Pttie e ot
Waits tu a basin to bis apartments at Quebec,
was buttl•l Had .iold at four shillings a vial lu
some 011114 toadying admirers.
Ent!hall paper maym that Jaw , . t•n„p
er, who wam enaeltinen and general atteutlaut
of the ttr•l Nt.ipoleia In 1 4 1 Helena, of yet alive,
and, in eightieth Sear, 11 riling at NUM
- - A Sew 1 urk capitalist of distinction he.
purchased the salt meadows of Bergen cu . N
.1 . and will fatten frogs for the market un :la
erien.iN e , ii. It is said to he a great specu
Colonel Siohkins says that out to ludiana,
where he keeps tavern, the hoosiers drink au
murk new corn whiskey, that ••taa+et9 grow
put through the crown.' of , heir'hata. and the
hangs through the-button hole , ' of their
tro w tiers.
(ov Sprague of Rhode Island, with his
aids, will accompany the Providence Light . in
fautry to Cleveland, 11 , where the Perry Mon
ument is to be dedicated Commodore Perry
was a native of Rhode Island, and the city of
Providence has donated $4,000 for the expens-
A gentleamst of careful observation and
judgement, who has been traveling in the in
terior of Pennsylvania, reports the e rust ence,
to his surprise, of a very stroneßell and Ev
erett feeling, with indication that there is a
political combination by which that clement
will Rapport Foster for Governor
The radical abolitionists of New York
held a convention at Syracuse on Wednesday,
and nominated Gerritt Smith for President, and
Samuel McFarland, of Pennsylvania for Vice
President At the same time,
,Fred Douglass
(Black man) and Charles Hammond (White)
were nominated for Electors at Large.
The census marshals report that seventy
two white females were startled to negro§ in
the State of Massachusetts last yew?. This looks
as though things weregettingiaixedilconsid
srakily. Ike nagroes are a prolific race, and is
may be reasonably anticipated that a strong
tisrucrom or --wtcso 0w...4"n b in prospect at
I/0 instant day.
Mr. James T. Beady WI
,sceepied the
nomination Orr Governor of New York, tender
ed by the Breckenridge State Convention
which met at Syracuse on the ith of August.
Me. Brady, however. deems the defeat of the
Republican Presidential candidate of infinite
ly greater inportance than any other issue of
the approaching canvas's, and counsels a union
of the entire Democracy of New York to effect
that result.
—ln New York, on Thursday, a young fel
low named Connell; was arrested for assault
ing his mother. When arraigned he escaped
from OM officer, and rushing at the old lady,
felled her senseless to the Boor, and while she
lay prostrate before him, he called her all the
rile and disgusting names he could think of.—
He threatened that if his mother had him sent
to prison for the assault, he would on being re
leased, murder her. He said to her, "Het your
coffin simile, and buy a rope for me, for I will
certainly kill you if I hang for it."
Cottsiderable excitement exists in Han
cock county. 111., relative to a rumor that the
Mortuons intend returning and settling atNeu
van, under the lead of Joe Smith, Jr. A mass
meeting of the citizens was held at Carthage
on the '2l; who protested against the Mormons
returning, and declared that they would not al
low them to do •o The Alormuns have like
wise been titling up their old temple at Kirt
land, ti lately, and rumors are afloat in that
region, that a company was expected to return
from the West and commence operation. there
PHI STF Rat wito plan renlatula, llnkt 010, eau la.. th
Mat art. la n( Xewx I Ilk arra uta•d, usanatactun,l l, la
II h... 1.101, taut, ?Sew Hann, et the Obliesper alt
Mee, L•r fild. par p•uud: and b.grr than that arra, t
the, I. MI, nthar a.tabltabnwut Waal nt Buffalo that
tuam./, a• tun.! an &rile& tar L•,..,,
MI% hi% t. uowtl w printkoK t 4.•
Pre.. 01.1 %pro tea*, R..urd, ..uur•ut ►u4
Jirarmal mud Iliertiohrnot, nog 1 11
•••urt.. SILAS K. TKF.L, Fair, a. JILI
K •uk\l'. ...haste Int R.l eter oa.l Ktt of d.r, •uLj«t
to the ~.te of the p+•o p
Xlll+. WINnI.OW, uurs
4nd &male phyractata, bait a t 4 tutthinti nip fu
thittirtn tor Welt Krvatlr 6ellltate. tto. prttcrttx
ctootottq In gotta 1.111,/ the R1...v. rt-tluelne ..illauunattou
~II anti) ►ll patu and is 'Orr ta, reguim- the troy eh, -
ttelletri 111,011 It, &oration, It boll K i,. test 1.1 totUrrelves
a04.«n.1 ao.l health It& 'oar &blasts Vert...ell, salt. to
II . 5..• re ad I eft.4ll4old Iu atiothel 4,110,111 A 111:
lIIVNIKIILL'IN 1,1141.1111C1iT.
The recipe for making Una md.1•1•14.1 LW...east
...obtained by a gentlemen elide r otttAog for Turkisb
Kin pi re, a few leas.mace, while t lore h. w 'teemed .t.
Um •ii.n homely and no remarkable were the owns, ho
com-liolni to purchase tlut recipe for making it fur bin
osi a tree, auditing more After nturuaug to Oita et.uu
try, he . , and tried it in several m.o. of 'well
rigs, rheumatism, bruise., etc, and found it to cerement
speedily than any article ever discovered Becoming at •
gualated with the gentleman, 1 purchased the recipe, and
have made and used it with gnat success, and rogation.
half had Dever bees told of eta tatnaeie Yalu, tor Mee
realism, Spreicie, Ptlni in the Back or Chest,
Cramps, swelled Face, :tors Throat, Neuralgia, Tooth
ache, or Swellings el ever) kind—it is warranted to cure.
For }I ontesdpreined,Cbaled, W Ind-Oallect, Cracked Heels,
eta., it ie the roost valastragUedletue In vogue. The pro
ptietor, knot/Mg full well Its merit., will authorise every
&put w refund the money when perfect nitilthet.lon to
not gl roe A large camber of eertilitete. enalit=ren
If necessary, but one trial will ristl.:y the moat
It is perfectly pare to tali la enmity in ea e of Cola. or
Cramp. The Lige:limit is for *ab by sit
J. IIf:RRILL It CO , Propn. • •
New-York. Sold in Erie, by L. 1 Bald Reed
House, and Carter It Bro., Park how tpro2*-47
HU Y A ?IV P11.3.7/01WIC W APRIL*
I Srri certain sad *piney rontedV roar d&roiroroi for
oil Doorooso y as alrot sad Leogs, Loa.
ma, Ones itooorkilso. Hadraroess,
vvh Brest of, Sore Throot, 4-r, tr.
Tilltsiet WAVERS five the nitwit iustantaasous and
perfect relief amd when persevered with secordiog to di -
rectioos, never fail to egret &Ask! sad lastlag care
Thousands have been neatened to perfect health who have
tried other WWII to vets., To all classes sad all cousti
tutioua they are squally* Waning end • core—none need
despair, no matter how' tong the disease may have feint
ed or however .evert ft may ha, provided the organic
•tructiale of Um vital organs is sot hopelessly &rayed—
every ons afflicted should give them an impartial 'rod
To Vocative Asa Psalm Beluga/ea, thee" Wailers are
peculiarly rateable; they will in 0511 oat remove the
most *ever* occasional hoarsest's; sad their moguls: a..
for • few day • tilt. et all tines, lama.* the power sod
tte s herlay of the voles, greatly improving its tone, tom
paceami clew-nem, for which par they are regularly
lased by a many profassioual • late
Jolt ltOtlitt, Solo Propriter, Rochootor, N. T. Prim
2.: relit. per box For Dais by Comer k Bro. sad I. I
Baldwin yuly 7111-Iys
DR. VALPEAU% 4.! A N KEW' N E. -
The Greatrit liooroo•ry col tko. 41,! ' tto
a aße i rnatoiatatteloua rule 1.1 canilP, iMe tabus la, 1L...µ
or •toorooh ihndeltiog from zwilrlat Ina gik Tii,ll.-
or any toliwr oil.. rot.. ml. oktat•••1 -moo.
soror of oil k mkt, btonoth, kr.
It a the teraftoriatev,loq qe I,reat or 441 •111
offered to the public
To whitoo aid phr.orr. tko 1. rtlt. swill. 0111, t.,
It will lostantly reto.ita uit toortat utetrlitto u out.
statmee, brad Issr. Clot 16.-tbo .bite 110 , 1 I .•
It Is eatitely free m•st• ..ce- ,o' • •••n
be given tofu. aorkut slit, {A•tterl oaf.
It lea valuable au te 1.. lot •••,•••,' limit, to 10 1, '
bootee, ea it will Mans. peso Imes rote atuJ k 1.4 rt.. y.u. L,
shoo ackytblog kat,vr n Mr will warrant it ie
faction la every roue hire 25 1,0, bottle
J. BURRII.I Y 11. , l'r.prtetors, lot.t t, .'o
York. it
_ . . - •
Hold fn Blip, by 1. 1 Floletwhv, No 6, 11.4 'Wow", 5.4
Cortor k Bro , Pork Roo
'o-Ilat(s :Ikdrertiotments.
By Dodivorth's Celebrated Cornet Band,
Fitt N YI IRK, 11 .
N•49.73-14-4131...191. 331C.A.LX4.
TI .:Erricliiikst I 111,
Tic32x..otis CBCP Cltisc...
F n v:•• n•ryn'•, Arbor-1,0 N rllsny • Fiol
Yarr►i •
A lit.te.lll,...ntwr rd T.-krls will hp‘t rwrrT
rPi reii rip •u Its 111 g Virat t.
4.. t. fi., !, ute.:er pAr.. , f age
Lad at lbu oiept 1- 14
Fri is i will Iwi irganized ,in
Mon.lay, the 1711 ttiat..ftt 111.• ,• •of Yr,
liatnot, euruer .4t4t, and F root
It.. d .. 40 1 " 1... f Mily
will bo two tlrav4.n. joef t.. ••••• L. •1. I, ..•••
4titting of 111,0 la.rteni,r,ioreiscoo.
I.Viar.l and Ft, i U... in all benortkra, 1 , . , 1
PAlrltlng.l..., 10. SUM , pot 16 Kobe •
Slay I'lipll% 14,4ic14... per gnarl,
L. in :„Ity
" Primo, on
lot tali 1 -114 1 / I .ill A1',1.1. 11..1
Agricultural Notice.
P II Isill 1 , .• 3 'fleeting 'k4 - 11.i
• I 111.• .• l'otiOty A,11.•.111,11111 ~,
al their itonns,. tiaitarthy th. t..-t, 1.! n' t, 1'
11 A pail.ol. It alit...ll"We of all Vas ,z.
1,41 Al 14 A. A ftll,e,
.apt • 11 . ..oert t lArt
rrH E Filth A tutill-ti F: (if filo•
taro oltitral t . t sill lake Ilv. to
trtrartl , TO nod F odor, Sept 12th. 1-11,
and 14th. rstril Ih. I'los Ili, Mat. h ,),to••• tot %,...Inevtti.,
the ttrvt de) of the air Ito, the e• rout •Iv,
Prot C•vor will mote so a riot or, ..ostou to hi. llkrp. and
spletlt.l Mali.., the ft..a.l tII, f
th e -t o ebot,'• I, ronotl• IL« Iferrotstum .111 Goo
ws,l•, f etnent. for the Iriti•ti4ll oI Ili. i:11.-..0 Or.
1111.11 lit Mad.' Mr p,ll.onally toltat,{
same. Frnot our trereottal knowledge of tier F`rofeeeoe,w•
hers u.. Isasittwer in itredreting for it a grand afl•it Sr
ratitrumebta have heel camp!. tett • tat th. G var.' 1.‘,./ i.
Fine hide C pair), the 1., Cl.114•111Wes .of V a l rt ,
for • Grand Ullitary Eurairopatoost and a -haul 1-'4l4t. A
Spirto4hl Bras. Ban,( will Is in atletulanee also, thartne
lb* /air to vnlitra the whole, and lethl ouch tottor•ot to
the aoeorr
A rreagetneute lir ill al., be r,th the Reit t.,
Auction Sale.
M. IirTIIEB.FORD would repeettul
u ly inform the citizens of Ens City and County that
be lima owned eo &Wit...a and COMI.I3.IAPIOD Store eu the
&eat rade of State street. atinre Serenth, where be will
be kiippy to Nee all of his [lien& and the imbibe in w. Lor
al, on Saitanla•, Bth, when he will ofler for ••lir •
11•11{, Int of Reidy Yute ClA:ailing, Dry Goods, Hoots,
Shoes, Cigar", Baskets, Brooms, rubs, Washboard", Yr.
wade, Jrwelry, iureiture, Gana, Putted', ('rotten, Turn
hien, "fin Ware,gerrors, and &number n f other articles toe
numerous to mention.
Eteanuota, the owth of .tept., •t Ruthrtiortf. ,►uel.uu and
C0n100a..04/ I.tota, On S tat.. stroet. •bove s•arnlh, Ea•t
/kept % I I
Wholesale & Retail ! !
Low Prices Inaugurated' !
Ladies' Cloaks and Cloths,
011 C:110tIlais cfbcs.
Rept --- . 2rn 14
1, vonstantly up with all Le:tiling
Artiee.4 in the
‘lany ltnn In th. PRI , N 1.410 N I INF Tb 4.•
eh:Riot-a:tali SUGAR CI - RF.II HAMS't Fre twat Tb
DRILL) 8E1.7.1. aal : 4 1.101,6.11T0N111 In. ery ur.r.
/111.11(21(01.14:1, So 7. WilfTl.: 1.1 4 11, . 4 1.11q1i .ten., r
slino listablishtural
3PZUCTXT arBR.llll,
t4n41.4, tad a , •11,1 , sr..t) .$1
S'rl l NE WARE, NV( 14 , EN tin.l \v II It IN%
WAIiE, BI N') I AIIE" , in Al.nn.l inco.
Andou .4tort,lll. loqt ••1..r1.4,1 • 4 T4.4 I. - 1.1x.l 111 11'
too- am van tic foun.l an any - 1 1.. r.• I iL« Land an 1.
Call and •44.4. Jll ..11 it
septh- 14.
Rare& Valuable Real Estate for Bale at
Orphans' Court Sale
sirtue •01'.4 11 (.I.ler tn.tli the t
ou 14.1! domed, I •100 l sr.
to le at V ,/ oid I t • ou Sat unlay. lb.. .1
day of burenitiot uo v c• . Y, •t the oun
HOW., I o the rits • • • deserii..l Yry
Estate, borouging to • ~ ~ w ..„ I..ddru I ti, ..r
Saminiallriviinaliip, dery
A 11,41 sat certain piece a .11 , 1 •11 I t3llllo um
Mit 10.11110thlp. bOtlladf.d as . ILiginuing•t t•. u \. rib
West corner at a post' thence by tract \ North
44 deg Fast, perches to a cu. owl., tn. Ti,- ore by
tract No NI, South 26 deg East los N.fra,r, t is p
thence by the resodue al tract hi. do.f, • •iouth 64 dog %t at
167 perches to a beech lb lid then , r t trio t al. North
26 dog. W••• 1(91 perch,. to the plus , of beginning 1011
acres, of whirl, about so rye improved and allowance,
and having etected thereon , * Food Ursine bons« and barn
Also, The following dowelbed Real Estate in the city ni
Rein, hem ( part of In 1”t lefet and the whOlY of In - lot
No. 1:167, 6onadod on the North br part of in-lot No
1400 and in lot No 1199. on the gnat by 10-lot No. later:
on the ttouth by sth Nrri4 and on the Mist hr "rats•
street, bro.. It.! fr.! ti inches on State >trrat and li...foet
on 6th 't rout The above described property will be nut,
diyi est 1.. suit purchasers, intone.. part. or Nub diiisiomi
to no to give a front of &boot 26 feet on Stoke street, rz
tissuUng back WO feet to an alley 12 feel wols In lot No
1327 will he divided into two mitts, if divided by the put
chaser", of fret front on t4th street and lc. fret deep
Al'., This following sub illvialessi of out bet No 279,
adjoining lbw tint seetiou of th•Tu•o of Erne, mad, b r
said James Liddell deed, and ',corded in lived Rook \,
met 661, to wit• sutodiviaioom Nos 2. 4, 4,14.10, ill. '4,
32. 11% 2& 30 and 3':, and Ihe South half of tub divisions
of Nod 1;3 and
Tarim Of 661• —One fourth in band on confirmation of
th• sale, and the Imlatle• In throw equal &lianal los'al-
MOWS, with monad internat on the whole sum unpaid, to
be encored by tudgemet bond and mortgage on the prom
ises R P KEPLER,
kdsu r of Estate of James Liddell, de, I
rept6-- 14
- •F:1.1.k I
M i; V \
~'rrolcnr. i I I/I Nft.M.l.l.Olts 1..%s
ylilt '...t
1110Wein * ,
0 4 1( . 3: - I aH - •
( -- 3,... t 4
Fu Ihr 141 m Jrrity d Prnn<<lisiiin
Apothecaries, Druggists, Grocers g
and Private Parodies.
‘% purr Cej so n r Brend a.
Wolfe •rare Iletdo.ria, %herr, nl/4 port %%
Wolfe'. Pure Jimmies sad MI. 1 roll II tar.
IA eu r II•d I rkil .4 hilokr•
%LI. IN 114/TTI.E...
I 4las yr Is. c.. 1) I t.. ~,,, 4.1 t
o '
~ I Do. vim W .11 11.. 1.., 1•u....
II .TOTI pun' ..I 11. -• . mill , lot It 1.611 It • !. .1 fl.arla •:
, 1 4 ..cumb...i. ~, ,I vv.* I 1 , 11r 1 u I . 0. b/. !.t: t .
~. ik lug uf 11z. purtl• uf la.; W.sza J 1.1%.1.../k, ..."
I 1. ,:t •tat• .u• ...1.,(4'1. n •• s tits 1., , u, .t.u .a.. s- .
u.... hsut .., tu,nt v VP." , r•••i•or• on tb. l. C. r , .
I nrit, that •i; th. BM 4 N 'I aro* %* s.c., whir-1, 1 tuo.• t ,
h..' ~,. ' , 0r .... ~.i.orte•!. nud ‘.l Mo. I.•Piot ,1114111 V. SW i • ..
...! tio•ai P.% •••• • r• punt law, I w.r, I. 111* h...., .
tut ~. 1.., s u•Ille flil ti, , wa .. I.lld a W. *male .•I h.,:
15•141 , .. "II tl.• roriyo at. I
• it... 1 11 , kaki ilk II h. ra)..
1. 0 ik I t• 111 Itro • 4/1 I I. • bli•Airipi•
••, N., Id•rket et , Phi
1.. t SO' 81 41, "It( 11%, %11l louts lilititct!••t
N. as. hallo t., otOortn our. Lllll4 .111,etla 111.1 Lhrn .•
at, Wu.. in out cltt w Leto 1t,,. Itlt)•trtact, itio , tattrar.
and country tncrt.l., •. •in 31. II o, Isaac vitro it -
arnl I t ,1
1-troo• 0 1 ... fte d r
no of lbw boat yial,t.
ti..l Intend In Lelaborat. deperiptlnn ~ 1 11.•
In,n haul r V. nu, hlt will 1.401 rcpt..
has •tcutt,ott nr onto., to • tt 1 14,t.clitt WairlWel cttlt,
•owtt uttrrhourte, No.. I', 1 Z.% Bearer *treat, Nu.l
17, I', and 21, karlictticld strect BLA .tort n
s 5. n*l4. 011 load ...114• fn. , lalinlint.tlt , 1,11.1 ant bare torten
tt •• than tLtr't llotuttutnt • Brano aonit•
tr,„,onM'.l tlitu,:t t . • I I% tn And 1,4:A, and Inn thou
sand ~t anti Port Win.. 7 4.,,a ‘ h nit
Iri•lt b Ltod.r, J awake , an I t Huu,, •ttuutc •
•nd ctittsl to any in tin... ountrr 11. lan las 4
rv-Ilar., ti11...1 a otb, 14 an, fir,, Its ranks, uu .
Custom (10n.. kr), 1,4.1) Mr Wol • -
of ricluuppw lant 1 .,r • LW...IW. 1 to KnEldll4./ an
It llintman.l.loltriD. Sad 110 hop.' la Ivo% than ,a • •
MAT irt• ell/ally 441[4:11.11411.11 .11li lA. HIT 041.1.• 1111 . 1
H. human. tri. rsl- I I.• pal r..itacv I I ...II ,', •
.pear. Priv*lv , lalltillle, wllf, •I.h wire Win. ii ~
110 TO for mesh al u. I.nd their order, d, rent Ti I
Wt.L t e, unfit er. ry Apni h.,-art &nth.. land make up In.
d. to dterard the pots stud (row their •belt
0..1 rept/tee It with W.. 1 tire pure Mirth Lod Lowt r.
Mt aaderatairt Mr Moue', for the areomutotuttod,
YaaL dash ul in the c"itutry. puts up warted
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( PROM, ra'
Fifth Grand Quarterly Distribution
4)t limygmi RTI , I F \V“HTII 53 1141 , 01141 ,
Which will hr v I 1 f..r lOtorter, 1.. the purebteer of our
(ir ooLitem PENS kT 30Cre PER HO o ur o n id, u ,
the beet ever need. Antie e•rrAnted not to corrode
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the Gold's. Pan
The fon.a.u t z 1.4 .1 liq,uq articles will be distributed
among our pontos at 11{1,011 wae►, and anti not be paid
for until we Inform the purchaser which of the falknrine
article we will well ►lr for 11,00 and then' It la on
dismal wr►et►erbe rends t►e INJILLAM. take*
t►e GOODS ear ant.
firr" All goo& 4n I.e returned at oar expense within
ten data after the joirrha-er receives them, iulesv th.
are satis(acto4) sod the imovey will be reftioded
riant.a, t:011.1 A atchea, (told Watch....
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Caine. M. , .•1e lid Jet trnuebe.. lama and 1.1.
rout.IFF. 1.•- I ral. Emer-.1.1, and opal 8r00ch...,
Cain... Ear and ict Ear Drop., Lama and
10.. p•, Emerald/Lad
Ear Utellate and Caniro
&lel. Ise, a, Fab and Rititant
- ct• 0i sta..., Buttons, Plain Ring%
elabo. Jrviviry, Canton Crap.
Ito I. 1.111,1er,l Lalltea, Iran. b and r
r:•1.1 I.A. LP It' t.,:• } rpneta 1 al.coos, and otb.
Ladle.: 1 or. .... .1 s t..o.tbot loth ...
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I / latttof I'l,olloin I 1,10 f.a rat l'resisious
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ill wi I p.of • dui tar are plar"l
.1 .1 I. u% •h 1 . •1... .e.isl arraltimmeut of Prem.
otos' I. thatlit Iya. It rtt‘tyrlkt.., th.r, 1. 00.
Hoop Skirts,
4od awre v• of ••i••• t. .pl. redid Preintimat mrarh
wrtineato I. 3rtino a tin* J hawl , or Io• • •
t'attorn, or a h.•aulJul artolo uI Jww • ,l / 7., e p c i 0 .,.
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mewipt u reut. 14 will Peliti von Ho% of 0411 . 1 m. I
en Pwtia, awl a'•.ale.l uot we of for artielw which vr.•
sell for 11 (W'I'RY IMES_ JO
piticE:: .441EN'N, ISTPAIII
N. B. —With each Package of lOU is .r awe prea«nt t ,
purchaser 1(10 Certificate*. nne of which Le guarwoiced
contain one order for a Ft N F. W or Sewing Macho, ,
or by "niering 541 ten... in one package you We our..
1•••11.11 - 0.10LICOrttnenle.11 , 14t4111114, one tinier for II 1.1,1.4. I
SILVER R Al'lll, 111:c• hut:ll6er other
vtaus.bin pr«. 116 sent gratis, upon 1,
Ittlent lon of suit person de•111.11( to act MI Agent, • kWh
Ina) f.l.l.bit• him I 1.1 . ..enve • valuable ',remain Upon 11.
I ti , l.
el 1114 Machine. , ko chi and .4 01 , / n • °Mull
anon A r art, -le will be w tit to U... ~,antr , a t il l ,. L.,.
cot Wholt.inle Peter.. '., •e 1.1 :111.. ot rent
1111..... a Oa I .r.artinz
appet( ato4. of A.l Irrto nlll . olOolLllOll..ona to
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I. ,1111 t• A. 1 0-iiernl Al4rul , .
I•. , "...Li f i lo I..kurth • ,, trret, 1,..1. , w ( 11.01.,0, Ptills„.lelph.
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tikentA, urf 1,, 1, r. for sou 1 , 1 1 0. 1o1:ou Inc rr•II kr,. .
o-nt I. In ti ...I 1.11 ,1 11. -- I. 1.,
Hit F i rilesi t I N 1 1..1r%, I , ( ~ . h.5t....11..., N• • •
usurel 111 , / . 1.1 . I'lloier, 1t„ last , !., II A. 1.1 Jewell.,-
1%41..1, 1 .I,,it I: % N m 1,.. 1....., , .1, 0..11.1, l'lttit.Flelplitt
INtrl k . ,e, F- , le a. 1,... I t,. t I. -•r• Kentmelei
.t 1.1,60,..i N ikter ••• t. '. e Ar , L. l' 11.-1.• Pral I••
1:•3111, I , itHi tii i 1 4 Ill...! -.1,..t•, Hulls .1 i' Ililler.
V..., . I. .-,1.1% Nat a '. 1. Wili-il, F—, , l'.iiiii.le i
1 tJil,, •1 l ,l',ult II Fl II •!•i , ,i st t•1•1111./a Rank. i.•
I 11 it.ll•*. LI I ~r. 1.. (. tl, rl.. t wept --lell
Painting, Paper Hanging, Glaz
ing, &c. 4
ti uL IL.t L, 1•• k‘•• t ht..rtil th
la. p..' •'
,• , t rvpart.,t ~,
t II 111.1.1... r 1 ;h131011( •
1%1,, h he' ti) , ll. 4111 •,
t. tuAnstfit ttta4
4 t, I .• • 1„ ••••• 11. Sir
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,r lit, lire. tit I I..dt .111111.11.1,MM It
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eII to )., 1111• It
I •tn, I.• n,. . 1..4 I• I r We l •r. I
/g I A ALAI% i.t • t • • -1.11•Mr1/1
,111.11 tt• I. I .• I, a.. ‘..•, . 11 rllllll G , l
-to- •
•• • :11 , I,n• 1. I. ~..,-twill rntner, the A,
11,01.1.0 • ‘ ,.11 , 11,1it. .1. 1,•••1 nu n,l , an , l toile irrall •t,
.-1.• •r.. •1•1•1 ••• • t••• ••••,tit, mud ..r. 114
till. •11 S' M. • at..l • tial4 tl.•
1••• ••• 11, 11, 1 4 . 1. ..,•:•• • .• • -.4111..1 al • ••• t. Min{ •
•••,...• 1 t t•••••• t. to. ••• 1.1. t • n Instil•se ! •
, it, •• .• .11 I It. I,t
`i“ Alfro• • , t „ oni,
AG I 1.% 1 I. h,..t•• ••. I.llle la.
w0rtu ,, 01n., , 0. 11.. • 1 .1.. ,i.• , a them Itat t•
ala.ut Iu tnu.e IVA Xl 1.. li,. M.... 1, inel I/. 1 rno , Slll. It 1
1 . 01111/oe. ta,a z actin advt.,
ti, P.II. I .•atur.ti t.• W.. a twenty r•,..• •
lan. 9h. t. •.1. •a. I • • • th• att. rt.••••ai and ono at
'tor. slit In than I.all ats 1.••• at aftrt 1) iga Jowl. ••
1... a , •Pe 01..1, night, mad Drat a
ten a f••ally •...F•tn..l, 1••• th to intad and hod.
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rort•ini, rrzat.l it a. .
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It,. rein l'alr,•ad, "Mal 1 I•V 11.1(14
as.l n•• s I t•lrt her an•l art.lll. la.n. • .
••• gratc•on ; I..••• •1. %h • ha.. I.r.ett sib IS
r‘m.l.ltota Cs•La 11111) .11.1.-r01..5.1. I • pi r••• •••1.0
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thy... /%110. .1 it ITHRY
N..ltltt ta.t. tl. 1 . 0.511 I 10. • 1 1 ••• 1 IS
l'unfertionrr‘. linker. and Fruiters,,
I.„, k it,. II t. ot.l 11..-
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ph ,rttr, ti ,t prier. that
lIF 1.1 I (011'1. FITIII!!.'
• Copt
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g elm .' • I.I! 01%110 4i 1.1
1 , . Is.. *Mt ..
rant Work*, Fain - , Art4cloke, •,
Fruit*.ege .,Clam•, I nl•tet. k.
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J N Perkins 1••• Ur tuanufactut.
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to the w•nt.. ot 01, eu..lotorr.
..r ler. It , tu A • h-tau, e ;II !IL ;
A su►l IILATIIft.
4 Nri D EP III°
7 -_
- AND --
I.• 1..11.... ow tr..,'h. Pi rir V..rk
I . lll.l:Ltur.kci)'::
L iii /
GOLD W_A_'l"ol-1,
Ito% t* •11.11 4 Coortidiextm
to do io io
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do lOU
H.. 4yrnl• want..l sea err low• ( areiol.Sef •el
To whom it may Concern.
lTl• 1, 1.1 14 1 • 1.1.1 11; 1“01 .V,re Op.
• .4 • • • ',1...1 1 phy1.1,..r,
t.. got ■bout aquo,..b
I f..sts "0..4 t, t i ~tlialtt".. 44,1 a....
L. B. PLATT & CO.,