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13. F. SLOAN, Editor. or.
SATURDAY, AUG. 25, ietiO
SI) :JV.I :ñ:{ils)L.
I 3=
1 Fazu A. Ss . %ER, 14 ISAAC NECK HOW.
2 WY C. PATTARSON, 15 (Ito U. JAux+.o.,.
4 J U. BRENNER, 17 J B. DANNut,
5 G. W. JACOBY, 1l J. R. ettAwri.Ri..
7 0. P JAmes. 2u J 11 flue aLL,
13 DAvin SCH .LL. 21 N P. FETTERMAN.
10 S. S. BARBER, 2:1 WILLI 'Look,
11 T. H. WALKER, 21 B 1) Ilksium.
1. S S. WINCHESTER, .25 C. yLiißu CHI RI u
Democratic County Convention
The Den.ocracy of Erib County are re
.luested to meet at the usual place of hold•
ing elections in the -,everal borough-4 and
townships on
Saturday, Sept, 8, 1860, at 2 P. I.
and appoint two delegates cal li to tnect in
County Convention, to assemble in the
city of Erie on the following Wednesday,
"ept., 12, at 2 P. M., to take action in re
lation to nominating a County ticket, Can
didates for C'ongres's and .Midge, and .uch
other business as may legitimately come
before the Convention.
The Democracy of the city of Erie will
meet at the Common and Select Council
Rooms, in Wriglrt's Block, at 7 o'clock I'
M . the same day. and elect two Telerate•
(rum each ward, to attend the same.
By order of the Committee,
B. F. S LOA N • Chairman.
Erie, Aug.. 25 lgi;o.
We want no better evidence of the alarm
pervading the Republican ranks in this
State at the prospect that the Union of the
Democratic party will secure the election
of Henry D. Foster, than the attacks made
upon that gentlemen since the meeting of
the Democratic Committee at Cresson. All
at once the Republican press has opened
its batteries of denunciation and de
traction against our candidate for Gov
ernor, and Mr. Curtin has been spurred in
to unwonted activity by the alarming pro
gress that Gen. Foster is making in the af
fections of the people. It is too late, gen
tlemen Republicans! You cannot stem
the tide which is carrying lien. Foster into
the.Uubernatortal chair—and least of all
can you stay its progress by the disreputa
ble means you have adopted. It there isa
man in the State whose character should
shield him from the reckless assaults of
politicians, that man is Henry D. Foster.
His life is unstained by a single act dis
creditable to epublic man. Where he is
best known he is regarded with unexam
pled esteem and affection. We doubt
whether there ever was a man in Pennsyl
vania who attached to him more devoted
friends than Mr. Foster.' Theiihole west
ern country is ringing with his praise.—
Without once having done an act to court
public applause, without using any, of the
arts of the politiCian or the demagogue. he
has won substantial regard by his many
high and enduring qualities. No man ever
dared to accuse him of an ungenerous or a
dishonest action. it is well known that
hi, scrupulous honesty and the generosity
of his nature has absorbed the earnings of
a profession in which he has no superior;
and yet, strange to say, the leanness of his
purse is the principle accusation which his
enenfies bring against him. Certain charg
es have been truniped up, through the in
strumentality of John Covode, who, insti
gated by the enimily which little men feel
for great minds, attempted to torture cer
tain testimony taken before the Covode
Committee to Gen. Fosters discredit. This
testimony amounts to nothing, except so
far twit disproves the insinuations that Mr.
Foster received aid from Mr. Witte to en
able him to carry on the congressional
campaign in lisss against I 'ovode s , If he
ha- been assisted by his political friends
we do no see that it would tend to his dis
credit, considering that he was running
against a man who could spend his thou
sands without depleting a well filled purse.
If the enemies of Mr. Foster expect to
insure him before the public they must use
heavier artillery than this. His character
is too well established toisuffer from such
assaults. You must use some other wea l ,-
on than a popgun to kill an eagle. 'flit'
people have already taken the measure of
Gen. Foster, and pronounced it up to the
liubernational standard. They are also
tolerably familiar with the career of Col.
Curtin. They have not forgotten his con
nection with the Pollock administration,
and not a few persons have a vivid recol
lection of some of his operations as Secre
tary of the Commonwealth. He was noin
inatedby a legislative cabal composes! of
men who tkierstood their own interests,
and who nervNwere known to come out
losers at the end of a session. An atmos
phere of distrust surrounds him, which all
his oratory cannot dispel. His political
position is confusing and confounding.—
Having abandoned the American party, of
which he wag a prominent leader, lie is
obliged to swallow Lincoln and the four
teenth plank of the Chicago platform with
the best grace that he can. In so doing he
has disgusted and repelled many .of his
former friends, who are now his active ene
mies. These circumstances have all con
spired to weaken him before the people tp
such a degree that we hazard nothing in
saying that thousassis of the Opposition in
this State will cast their votes in tkAober
next for Henry 1). Foster, whose assailants
may as well resign themselves to the fact
—which every day is making more appar
ent—that he will be elected Governor of
Pennsylvania.—Har. Union.
,a• Still they come! The Luzerne Union,
published at the home of Col. H. B. Wright,
the President of the 26th of July Conven
tion, accedes to the Cresson compromise.
The papers that hold out against it at* few
indeed. The straight-out movement has
been whittled down to almost nothing.—
Democrats are not so easily transferred to
the Republicans as certain persons imag_
ger We trust our readers will not *Otto
notice tlo• cull for a County I ,tivi main In
today's paper The I tennieratn party of
Erie Count) i- not a untionty party, with
hall a score of fat office, to distribute
among it- followers to incite ttac
tivity. but it is integral patio(' the eat
whole, and et lOU` It C7i,tll iq Ot her
will count in the victory ire &Ink iPVt.
We shall win under the lead of IigNRY
FOSTER, for (.overnor. We say nothing
about the November soonest, because of
our -divided household :" but success in
ietober is wit4in the gra of the Demo
cratic party, tend in securing that we are
anxious this (."minty shall bear her full
share To iloithat organization is abeolute
lv necessary', knd the first step tee such or
ganization tOie convention called When
the delegate-;from the ditTerent townships
assemble, it %eill be for them to say wheth
er a ' Minty :141.1 District ticket shall be
put in the field or not. t hir own impres
sioutk that it ought to liedone— dist I)ens
rwratie voter- ought to he furnished with
a rallying point, and an opportunity to re
cord their prote.t against the tearty ruling
this county. A good ticket in nomination
--0111' composed 01 men w lice , If elect
ed. would elo honor to the party---will have
the oh., t of drowning out a lull vote., and
and a full vott• m eat we
it ww ill cement, and keep alive oar gmn .
/mien. And although some may imagine
the great I ienna rat ic pal t) is irretrievably
divided on national iluestions, and will ins like the wing py from the lied--
twat chess-1mm11(1 few 3 eollllollilli.mi
and new factions grow up from its rianain , i,
we a, firmly believe :is we do that the sun
will rise in the east, that four years hence
it will 14resent as undivided a front as it
ever eliel It, principles air as essential to
the perpetual) of the government :u. the
'onstitution Itself It has shaped our for
eign :mil debto-t le ',obey almost interupt
edly ever since the revolution, and it will
continue to do so to the tint. Factions and
combination., like those composing the
Republican paity, may triumph for a brief
sem.son, lint 'uch a success cannot be per
but we tli.l not etet nut with the ottject of
reviewing the past, presi•nt, and future of
the Democrat ie party ; but simply to invite
attention to the CALI. in i , 4-day'!, paper;
and to ark our friends to organiw for HAN
Ds_ We would not be surprised to see
Michigan wheel into the Democratic ranks
this hill. There is evidently a great reac
tion in that State. Changes are occurring
daily—perhaps not so much stimulated by
national questions, as produced by State
policy. The people of Michigan have fresh
in their recollection the corrupt and ruin
ous Republican State rule, with which
they have been cursed for years. They re
member how their favorite was tricked out
of the nomination at Chicago, and the be
gin to turn their backs upon the self-doom
ed party, and are learning to "march to
the music of i the Union" in the lead of the
indomitable bought.. The latest accession
to our ranks in the Sanilac Le.iger. This
journal, oneof the oldest and mast intiu
ental in the State, has heretofore sup
ported the Republican party. In its l as t
issue, it lowers the flag of Limioln, Hamlin,
Trowbridge & Co., anil hoists the
names of Douglas and the old war-horse
harry. (40 for thel,ed . orr ' "Still they
come "
sir It i. a noticeable fact, says an ex
change, that where there was a Know Noth
ing Lodge of any nuznercial strength, there
is certain to be a Republican wide-awake
club organizeu in its stead. compomed of
the same eletnen t-. having the same object
in view, and the ,arne politicians are di
recting its movements. A change of names
has not changed its purposes, nor a change
of dnrk-lantern• for torches will answer to
blind the observer as to their real objects.
Under the old garb. the united forces of
the Democracy would overpower the par
ty/aria who now hope to deceive into their
rank, -ome of those opposed to Know
Nothingii-m, by the use of a new title and
the resort to parade and show They may
psi tially successful f;vr a tiime, and,
when their scheme i- fully underitood. they
will fall into di-repute as suddenly as did
the oath-bound secret clubs.
llge. There k not a Repu{!lean paper,
except the N. V. Evening from the
Trtio,oc down to the. (i,nole, that, while
the) still profess to he in favor of pmts
lion, are not now doing it+ utmost to sell
out the Clay 'Tariff Whigs to the free traddr
Hamlin. who always denounced -aid op
posed the Ameriean protective system of
the lamented The "almighty nig
get •' makes strange Is.l-fellovrs in politics.
as. The lh•l'ublicans brag a good (141
about their ability to carry Illinois hit
the "find gun" from that state does not
look as though their claim is well found
ed. A special electumi%aS held in Gslsma
a few days ago for city Treasurer and the
Republicans made special efforts to party
it, but were not successful, the Demoerats
electing their candidate by more than the
usual majority. Galena is in the centre of
a strong Republican District.
FO.TER AND VOToßY.—There appears to
he no discord among the Democrats of the
state (whether Breckenridge or Douglas
men) on the .object of governor. The
voice of all is for FOSTER, anti if they all
vvo.rli for him earnestly and in good faith
the second Tuesday of october will crown
their efforts with ,weary. There is no rea
son why any Democrat should not vote for
Foster ; and considerations of patriotism
will, we trust, induce many who ATP not in
dentified with party, to give him their
support. Let us all, then, go in fbr Fot.crtg
•‘ VlrTosr.
be. We hearst great. deal from the Re
publican pr' about the corruptions of the
present admini.tration, and the reforms
Lincoln will inaugurate when he becomes
President. But the Boston Charier, in re
ferring to this cry of reform, begs to be
delivered from any such, if t eir reform in
the general government be ything such
as it has been in those Sta where they
have come into power. It says:
"There are no two ideas more in varruince
than reform and republicanism ; and the
short experimence we have already bad of
republicanism, in the States where it has
obtained the upper band, authorizes the
firm belief that its accession to power 'in
the general government would be the sig
nal for an amount of corruption. corn will
swearwhich all we have yet wi will
swear self-denying punty."
l er The Clumbervbnrr, Valley fo)an'il:
which curries the Douglas flag at its mast
head, and wits the first paper in the State
to raise that gentleman's name' after his
no ination sit Baltimore, refuses to steWo
R s : r.....
t In WIC 4 rifiniew and Haldeman. -. 'lt
... ..
. op s t ir n , , g ti rim Gasse.—Faffriey* .Ans
jib all the subdlty ft* which
if is no ed, e union of the entire Dem
ocratic party of the State on the Electoral
ticket formed by the Reading Conventian.
It is in a degree presumptions on the part
of Mr. Forney to step back into the Demo
cratic party, uninvited, and attempt to con
trol its action. ft - is becoming more and
more apparent every day that the Press is
secretly working for the overthrow of the
Democratic party iu this State. The signs
of the times clearly indicate that the pe
riod is not very remote when Forney will
tollow in tie footsteps of his illustrious
leader. Hickman, and land openly and
above-board in the Black Republican ranks.
It will be a lucky day for the Democracy
when they get rid of him and his treason
able scheming. While he professes to sup
port Judge Douglas he is straining every
sinew to circumvent him, and hopes the
party will be "gratified" with a ''clean vic
tory or a clean defeat," he is not at all
particular which it may be. In order.
however, to make sure of a "clean defeat"
for the party, he publishes a call in the
Press for a fleeting, at Harrisburg, on the
15th last., to get up an electoral ticket in
opposition to the regular ticket formed by
the Reading i ',invention. If he secwes
the attendance of a baker's dozen of [Dem
ocrats, other than of his own kidney, at
the bogus meeting, called for the 15th, we
will have a poorer opinion of the Democrt
ic party of Pennsylvania than we ever ex
pected to entertain. •
StAyr Isscaaarriosi Vianixi.L.—The
Richmond Despatch states that a conspir
acy was foftned one day last week, by the
slaves of Mr. H. Hairston, a wealthy farm
er of lialifax county, Va., to murder his
overseer. After stating that six of theta
induced the overseer to accompany them
to the woods, where they alleged a party
of slaves were preparing for an insurrec
tion, the Despatch says:
The negroes led the way until getting
into theforest, when they suddenly stor
ped near a newly dug pit, when the spokes
man confronted him, and, pointing to the
hole, said to him : "There, you d—d son
of a b—h, is your grave. You have but
fifteen minutes to make your peace with
God, or land in hell." Quick as thought
the overseer drew his Colt's revolver, kill
ed four of the ruffians dead at hir feet, and
shot the fifth one in the abdomen, seeing
which, the sixth man took to his heels
through the woods, and the overseer hav
ing no other weapon, he escaped. The im
pression prevails that the six negroes had
determined to murder the overseer, because
of some deserved punishment one or more
of them had received, and laid the above
plaas to get hitn off in the woods to effect
their ends. Hisnee of mind in tak
ing his pistol, ancr his coolness in the hour
of danger, when no white person was nigh
to aid him, doubtless saved him from a
horrid death.
stir The Forney-Halderman State Ex
ecutive Committee, appointed by authority
of a mass meeting held at Harrisburg, met
in that borough on the 15th inst., and sat
with closed doors. The proceedings have
not been made public, further than that
t bey have determined on fortning a straight
out Forney disorganizing ticket. Forney
is determined the State shall be carried for
Lincoln, and is using Douglas' name to do
it with, that's evident.
Pr The editor of the Centre Democrat,
who warmly sustains the Republican nom.
ineea, and recently paid a visit to Atlantic
City, thus alludes to the Hon. Henry D.
Foster, whom he met at that place. We
commend it to the perusal of some of the
politicians of this section:
"We arewe are in a hostile
position tow ards l Gen. as ter, for we like
him very much, and come what may, no
word or abuse shall escape our lips when
Apeaking of him, nor will we stand by and
hear him traduced by any one. The man
who maligns,him in our presence, will be
told be is mitaken ; if he repeats his abuse,
he will be to d he is a liar ; and if he reit
erates a thi time what we know to be
lathe, %se will smash his teeth down his
t hroat ."
stir At a meeting of the Douglas Dem
ocratic Club of Wilkes-Barre, on Saturday
evening last. the followingresolution was
passed :
Re :laved, That the Douglas Democratic
Club of the borough of Wilkes-Barre ap
prove the action of the State Central Com
mittee at Cresson, on the 9th inst., and ac
cept the proposed plan of presenting but a
single electoral ticket, as the one best fit
ted to secure the vote of Pennsylvania for
Stephen A. Douglas and Herschel V. John
son, the regular nominees of the Democra
cy, and to place our noble old Common
wealth where she belongs, in the front
rank of States which spurn all sec tiotudism
as a curse. and and all disunionists as trai
i The Philadelphia Pennsylvanian ex
plodes the story reported by the telegraph,
alleging the entry of Breckenridge men in
to the &lice of the Democrat at Fulton,
( Ps.) the mutilation of the form, and issu
ing Lira paper with Breckenridge and Lane
at the head as candidates, in place of Doug
las and Johnson, who had been supported
by the editor. The junior editor did it, it
seems, in the absence of the senior, and he
tells the story as follows :
"We, the junior editor of this paper, be
ing strongly in favor of Breckenridge and
Lane, believing them to be the true rep
resentatives of Democratic principles and
the regularly nominated candidates of the
party, take this opportunity, while the
senior editor is absent at Cresson, attend
ing the meeting of the State Central Com
mittee, on our own responsibility, to hoist
the names of our favorite candidates, to
express our individual opinion, and what
we know to be the almost unanimous feel
ing of the voters of this county."
Nur Yeas Aosierr LINCOLN.- It is now
reduced almost to a positive certainty that
Linooln will of carry New York, and it
follows, as a Matter of course, that be can
not be elected Presdident of these United
Stater. In regard to the voteof New York,
J. W. Sheehan, Esq., Editor of the Chica
go Than, the confidential friend of Judge
Douglas, ,clio speaks whew he knows, says :
"For the satisfaction of our readers and
the public generally, we can say that to
make assunnice dm/My sure, and to place the
result beyond ail nmtingency, there have
been and are now arrangements making
which will give the vote of New York
against Mr. Lincoln. That result will be
accomplished beyond all question ; the
vote of that State will never be cast for
Lincoln. New York will not only vote
against him, but will give a nutiOrityof ar
ty thousand against him. His election is, there
fore, an ascertained impossibility. The failure
to receive the thirty-five votes of the State,
will exclude the possibility of his election ;
he has no other State to fall back upon 'to
make good the deficiency. When we say
that the vote of New York will not be' giv
en to Lincoln, we do not speak unadvised
ly. We speak confidently, upon fall as
eurance, that what we say has been - reedy
ed upon firmly and immovably."
Stunt Ntitto.
Hon. John Covode has been re-notuinated
A grocer in Philatildpithi has gone for
y days to Moyamensinglitheon for using
Wee weights.
Some people use one Ignitor thekingesti
ity to get into debt, and the other half to
avoid paying it.
Judge Douglas has telegraphed to t , his
friends in Chicago, that be will be there ear
ly in September.
—4641. Susan Deeenr, the venerable relict'
of the late Commodore Stephen Decatur, died
in Washington on the 21stiinat., in the eighty
fourth year of her age.
According to the New York Times. Judge
Douglas is about to take the "stump" in Vir
ginia, oommencing on his return from Maine,
at the White Sulpher Springs.
--„; The prettiest things the republicans are
able to say of "Old Abe" are those compli
mentary remarks wade by Mr Douglas when
he and Lincoln stumped Illinois together in
I 8:18.
A lielperite, named Bland, if in jail at
Springfield, Ky., for circulating the Helper
book, which is in violation of the law proscrib
ing the introduction of incendiary pamphlet , '
into the State
A frog was killed in l'entreCroton, Mass
a short lime since, while attempting to swal
low a chicken three weeks old The frog mewl
ured nineteen inches in length. What a break
fast half a dozen such fellows would make
8. M. Boont.--This gentleman IMPS been
making quite a stir in Wisconsin,hut the lead
ing papers of that State unite indeclaring his
moral charac'er to be such as to render him
until to lake the lead in any reform
The lightning. daring a rhower at Balti
more on Wealneaday, ,trurk the la-I eiirriage
of a funeral train , fortunately, however, the
occupants; who were all huller, escaped with
out severe injury, although the carriage was
much shattered.
Mitts Delia A Webster, somewhat notor
ious for her philanthropic exertions to run
stares away from their masters in Kentucky,
and for her disreputable association with NT
lain male abolitionists, has turned up again,
as a lecturer, at Cincinnati
The invention of a new clock. upon the
principle of the thermometer, by the pressure
of air on mercury, is creating a gret sensation
in Paris. The cost of the clock, which goes
twenty four hours, and then has 'linty to he
turned like the hour glass, is not more than a
James Waggoner, the negro who was kid
napped in Ohio some tuonthssince, hurried off
to Kentucky, and there gold into slavery to
pay for jail fees, lately brought suit to estab
lish his freedom. The Kentucky Court has
decided that he was a free negro, and he has
been set at liberty.
A few days ago, in Indiana, n man by the
name of Horton was killed bY his own son, in
attempting to take a pistol from him, fur tear
he would kill some one else. The parricide was
lodged in jail, and in the same jail were three
of his brothers confined for different crimes.
Four brothers in one jail for crimt.
—L. J. Loverine, a school teacher, and
one who has preached at various time in some
of the churches, has been discovered in a se
ries of robberies at Valparaiso, lowa He was
apparently one of the most devoted christians,
and the crime discovered in him astonishes
every one. He has made his escape.
The new Custom House at Chicago is
completed and the contractor has delivered
over the keys to the proper representathe of
the (hormonal. The building Is intended to
secounnodata tbeost °flee, CuatomHouse, and
Federal emeriti': li VDV feet on Dearborn
St., by 78 feet on Monroe Street, and cost
1 / A special Providence mewed to protect
four little children sleeping in a room in New
London, on Monday night, when the house
was struck by lightning and the eubtile Auld
shivered one bedstead and tore off the foot
board of the other, without injuring in the least
the innocents who were there reposing on the
very bedsteads thus shattered and destroyed.
We regret to learn that the lion. 'Joseph
Fry, of Lehigh, a veteran Democrat, and warm
personal friend of Mt. Buchanan, died on
Wednesday last, at his residence in Allentown,
Mr. Fry had been a' long tried and valued
friend of the party to which he belonged—
having been a member of the State Legislature
the State Senate, and the lower house of Con
gress. He was also a member of the Conven
tion to revise the Constitution. Being very
popular. both in public and private capacity,
his loss will be deeply regretted by numerous
By a careful eternisation of the geogra
phy of the world, it has been ascertained that
the great artesian bore at Columbus, Ohio,
will, on passing through to the opposite ride of
the globe, come out exactly fifteen miles from
the great China wall on the China side. and
about 250 miles from Pekin This is a discov
ery of Importance. and must vastly encourage
the citizens of Columbus. if they do not suc
ceed in obtaining water, they intend, we are
told, to pass a telegraph wire through, so as
to bring Columbus in direct communication
wits the Celestial Empire.
A stone cutter, one day last week, was on
the top of the Sherman Howie. in Chicago, six
`stories high, and untied a rope attached to a.
derrick, in conseqnence of which the derrick
fell, carrying him with it, and killing him in
stantly. After the occurrence, a box was
placed where he fell, giving the fact that he"
was an honest, sober man, and left a family,
into which, before night, was drop ped $ll7,-
12. Rude workmen would pass along and
search their pockets for hard ea el coins.—
Ladies on shopping excursions ent, would
pause to add to the contents oral@ box.
A neat and charming maiden in Indiana,
the fortunate possessor of a considerable pro
perty, became engaged for marriage to a green
unattractive, clumsy boy of eighteen years.—
The day for the wedding was fired, and the
course of rustic lore was running smoothly
enough. One day the groom expectant ap
+eared before his mistress with wrinkled brow,
quivering chin, eyes tilled with tears. "My
father says I shan't marry unless I first pay
him for my time." This was all he said. The
woman at once sent him to the sharp parent
with instructions to kart the lowest rate of ex
change at which the time could be changed In
to money. "1 will sell yon"—said the father
—"for $2OO, and not a cent less." "And I
will buy you," returned the damsel, when the
offer was communitatted to her. She paid the
moony, married the property, and has since
so atuddnously cultivated it, that a great im
provement personally, *Maly, and intellectu
ally, has taken place..
--- •
ffsinttattead;' 'A.ugust 22..- - The State
Central 110-eintitittee of • Utit Constitutional
Unioti'plirty, met here to-day : every Con
greasitmil' tract was repiesented. Chefs ,
Ins accounts were nicely-ad from all parts
of the state, and a stun g dispositiOn was
tnaniNted for a union of all national men.
A Committee was appointed to select Pres
idential electom.
Letter From Land of Grease.
Fnim the Pittsburgh Poet.)
FRANKLIN, Auitnit 18th, 1,40/.
In an last notes of travel in modern
grease, prolised 'to ere some account of
the well el Titusville on Oi/Creek. I
visited these yesterday in co y with
Mr. Strati, ofMittehurgh, and iskj. Epley,
of Franklin, tom' Fain muds indebted
for valuable iaornintion.
As we drove from the town towards the
creek, we met Mr. E. L. Drake, the man
who gave the first impetus to this new gi
gaptic business by opeping the first well,
and soon afterwards came in sight of his
wait, the "Pioneer" and another bored
since. They are on the creek, a mile and
three-quarters below the town. The first,
which threw out thirty or forty barrels a
day when first opened, is now being pump
ed and yields eight or ten barrels a day.—
The other is just ready for pumping, and
promises to do as well, if not better. op
erations have been suspended for some
time, owing to misunderstandings between
the Rock Oil Company who purchased the
land on which the wells are situated, and
the Seneca Oil Company, who leased from
the former a portion of it, and in both Mr
Drake has an ifiterest. The difficulties
have, as I learn, been . adjusted,and opera
tions will he re-commenced with more ac•
Passing down the creek about half a
mile, we crossed over to the Crossley Well,
1311 feet deep, owned by Crossley, NV it lierop
co. It was pumping a large stream of
water, with very little oil, not more i ban
four barrels per day. The yield now aver
ages eight barrels per day, though when
th e ein was struck, one hundred :111.1
eight barrels were pumped out daily for a
Returning to the other side of the cret•k,
we found two men boring in the welt 01
Epley, Martin & Co. They had reached :t
depth of 1'25 feet, and had excellent Intl'
cations. The kx)le and cable, when drawn
up from the hole, were very grea-sy for set -
enty feet, and a quart. of oil could easily
have been scraped oft Near by, Eaton /t
l'o., at a depth I% feet, have a fair show
of oil. Guignon & Co., of Sugar tlrove,
Warren county, hate bored 60 feet, with
out any good indications.
Some twenty rods above, we found an
excellent well but recently opened, that of
M. A. Plumer & Co. It is 14t) leetldeep,
and yield, with a very inferior engine, that
works only about twelve hours in twenty
four, fifty to severity-five barrels
NVe next crossed to a small island in the
creek, with an area of something over two
acre.. On the main-land we observed sev
eral old oil pits, supposed to have been used
by the indutns or early French settlers for
gathering petroleum fifty or a hundred
years ago, and on stirring up the oil at tlo•
edge of the creek, large blotches of pure
oil and bubbles of gas came up to the sur
face. These `•rurface indications" are the
best I have seen in the oil region, and from
appearances on the island tt is probable
that every well now being bored will yield
a good supply of oil. The only well pump
ing is that of J. P. Fowler & Co., feet.
It. has been pumping only two'days,. and
yields some eighteen barrels. M. S. Adams•
Esq., formerly of Maple Furnace, has leased
the entire island, and is one of the firm
named above. The sub-leases are held by
Bliss, Wright A, Co., of Chautauqua county,
N. V., who are boring two wells, one at I-Fl
feet with a good show of oil, and one at (I)
feet with no show. Bridget. Ridgeway, A,
Co., of Franklin, 12;1 feet, good show, and
.lames Race, & t 0., of Iluason. N Y , with
a good show, at 116 feet.
On the mainland below, a good many
wells are going down, but none very deep,
and as each. well has its shanty of rough
boards attached, the vicinity presents the
appearance of a small colony, or a Califor
nia mining town.
1- I ,everal wells are being bored just above
Titusville, on Oil Creek. I)n‘., of these, the
property of Horner, Clossin & Co., has been
bored over 44.)0 feet deep, with a good show
of oil. J. T. WCombs, of Pittsburg, is one
of the firm.
Returning to Titusville, we met several
gentlemen from Tideoute; on the Alleg
heny river, thirty three miles above Frank
lin, where the oil fever is very high, one
evidence of which, is that on Thanklay at
least one hundred oil sites in that vicinity
were leased, the land owners receiving a
large bonus in cash, in addition-to half - the
oil pumped up. This excitement was oc
casimed by the striking of a most prolific
vein of oil on the 10th inst., and some five
others since. We could not visit the local
ity, and gfilhered all the reliable informa
tion possible, which I will give you.
The "Hackenburg" wtell excells any
thing yet discovered. On the 10th, while
one man was at work at the hole, then 115
feet deep, the oil was thrown up at least
twenty feet. The man, to save the oil.
placed a board on the top of the conduc
tor, but so great was the pressure of oil
and gas that his weight did not "avail to
keep the oil from running over. The hole
was plugged up, and whenever opened a
stream, four inches in diameter, of almost
pure oil, was thrown to a considerable
height. On Wednesday. the plug was re
moved and the well threw out thirty bar
rels in forty minutes. This would Is , 1,040
barrels a day, without a pump, but it is
scarcely possible for such an enormous
flow to continue. On the same day the
well discharged, through all inch pipe, in
serted in-the plug, fifteen barrels of oil,
mixed with water in twenty two minutes.
It is not much wonder that with such a
well the oil excitement should run high at
On the island, at Tideoute. Rodgers
Hall have struck a vein at 1'25 feet, which.
promises an immense yield, but not as great
as the Heckenburg. At the Waters' well,
a short distance above the Monster Well,
oil has also been struck. The Vosburg Well,
on the opposite side of the river, 14Q feet
deep, is pumping, and; yields thirty to for
ty barrels of oil per day. This is on a tract
adjoining that owned by W. W.. Wallace of
Pittsburg. On his farm the King Well is
yielding, with a small pump, ten barrels
per day. i in Friday a large vein was open
ed on the next farm below, which promis
es to yield abundantly. From every indi
cation here, it is apparent that the yield of
oil iu the vicinity of. Tideoutewill be great
er than any other locality now being op
IfsTaisimi..—A brief and doubly sad
case of love, courtship, marriage and de
sertion took place, as We are informed, in
one of the wbortleherry swamps a few miles
distant from this place, a few days since.—
Two young ladies, of whose names we are
not informed, were tnet by three men,
equally as strange to us, When a spontane
ous feeling of admiration and love seemed
toSaianifest itself between the two and two
—the third representing himself a preach
er of the gospel. The courtship, though
brief, resulted:in an engagement with the
two young men each to take one under
his lifelong protection, and then or there
be joined in the holy bonds for "wea[ or
wo," to tread through the ups and -downs
of life's slippery path together, and share
with each other the happiness that seem
ed to brighten up before them in the dis
tance of years. But, "A: is ft/I rarity
of Christian charity;" their hont : loon was
asbriefas their courtship, and taker merg
ing into civilization, where some respect
to law and system is observed, the espoused
failed to be recognised longer as partners
of the joys, feelings and pride of their liege
lords, who had been married 'just in fun,"
not being aware of the validity of such a
contract. The bogus divine had left, for
parts unknown, and the other two are un
der arrest to' appear for trial tkmorrow.
Flint bemoan:l.
A Bu Tuns is Isois!!is.—The.Wahash
Intilligeneer has the following story of s
"bee tuner" in that place:
One of the remarkable sights on the 4th
was Mr. Twinning and lus queen bee. The
day before he came in our office with an
old plug hat. He had two holes in it
about midway to the crown—one in 'front,
the other in • e back part. ?folding the
hat in his hand .d turning it over so as
to show that it we. empty, he sael, ••You
see now that this ha. s empty. To-morrow
I intend to have asw • of bee, at work
in it, mulling honey, Urn intend to wear
it on my head with the bee in it '• Sure
enough, on the 4th. am we we • going out
in the grove, we Ilan,. aeross r Twin
ning. He was located under ash tree.
and was exhibiting to an admiring owd
of men and women his wonderful pa
bee hive. (in his head was the identic•
hat that he had shown us the day before.
it was literally covered all over with bees,
busy at work, going in and out at the or
fews before mentioned. All the spare
space in the hat was tilled with new comb,
that had been made within twelve hours.
In his hand he held the queen bee, which
lie was showing to every one who would
venture near enough to gaze on and admire
the wonderhil little insect. !tyj,•ing all the
time he was giving an elos t uefit and in
struetne lecture on the habit-, worth, and
rate of In-e+
FM. LAILL , -Th.. Detroit Trebtine in a
late issue pre•.cnts a toll list of the vessels
film' the s oreat Lakes which are now
gaged ui the European and coasting trade
The comprises fifty seven vessels of art
average capacity of three hundredawl sev
enteen tons. We know of:nothing which
more plainly mark* the onterpe,e of our
countrymen than the rapid u n •re.c-e 4.1 the
tonnage on the Lakes and the total di-re
glint of distance and danger evinced liv
such men ► the leapt:tin of the little
gehtamei lately announced as having ar
med at Con-tantinople trout I locago. The
aggregate capaeit) of the-4. seselst•
tons. The Ted .ays inyurnc, for
vessels to load for Liverpool. t ;ad ix.
ton, etc., are now stuste ckitarnoti, and it
adds, "if' this had been predicted six )ears
ago. there is tint au old taker but would
have smiled incredulously." s one of the
steam tugs belonging to the fleet to carry
ing cattle front lirazo. to tu b a. she is a
nice little steamship, and has had her en
gine changed to a low pressure, and an in
genious self-conducting invention connect
ed with it, for producing fresh I%.ttei from
salt. • Se la misi,.—Fully live
thousand people gathere4l upon the bank
of the riveAtt Cincitmati on Friday b wit
ness the feat of Dan Rice's elephant, !Alla
Itookh, swimming from the Kentucky to
the I ) hio shore. (hi the lirs4 attempt sev
eral skills laden with iwople accompanied
the elephant, but when a hundred feet
from the shore Miss Lalla evinced an ugly
dtvosition, and chafied them all out of the
water. The I ',unmercial "At times
nothing but the end of her trunk would
be , ‘, isablc.„ then the top of her hea , and
again she would dive entirely out of sight,
rentanung under water until tho,e on -bore
began to think she was drowned, when of
a sudden she would come to the surfaeo
with a .urge that would throw her huge
b u lk h a ll %%ay out of the water
lost:mix MI sur..a. —A daughter of Z.
iiritiltb, of Milford, Delaware, wa, found
inur.lpr.-.1 and ‘lol.iu,l on Sunday la't, het
tics ty being concealed behind .4ome bushes.
Her skull was Iwoken and a rope %%as
around her neck.
s t i.p i ein .eented to rest upon a mulatto
lad, about eighteen )ears old, who gi‘e
the name of John Wa,hingtoti (lent)
non. Ile conterwerl the deed, and .tated
that he mime up to her at the bar-. and
an nmweessfu I ell; irt t 9 riVi.ll her
he deliberately h.a, to prevent an
expo-tire of his wicked attempt Ile knee k
eel her down. then choked 11 , 1 ttule 111.5
hand's. lent her user the head lin
chili and then for fear that , fin w.•11;.1 ~..Illt•
to 4 lite he tied a %tring tightly around her
neek and threw her into the elite i with
her fitee in the water
Valley (N. V.) Register relates the folloa
in,g singular eireurrrstance • "A little 1.n% ,
about thirteen years of age, son of Mr. Cul
ver, had made arrangements to attend the
baloon ascension at .ttratoga. lltw mother,
however, the night previous to the aseen
sion, having dreamed that her little sun wa ,
called hence by a voice from Heaven, would
not consent to his going so far from home,
being unable to repress the fear that ,orne
calamity was about to befall him yet, to
lessen his disappointment, allowed hint to
accompany some einupaniuns into the tie!, l
herr) nig. I n returning. however, t hey tar
ried at the river, when by sour nu,-tap the
little tenon fell in and wa. , drowned Hi ,
comrades tried their best to save 1110, but
their strength was not sufbs•ient.-
ciopedad ilotices.
nr. CARD.—The Undersigned takes this method
of expreering his gratitude to the citizen+ of
Erm for their efficient aid in oar init hi, property at the
fire on Monday morning last He has ourvlved thr ca
lamity, heavy 14 it was, and may now be found at No .1,
Perry B lark, where ha would - be glad to owe his friends and
the public F.rie,aug,lB -II H .11RECKI.
A W dew.. 1,. return
his grateful acknowledgements to those von
tlernen who so kindly and efßeienUy aided hum on remvo•
ing his stook of furniture on Sunday night last during
the fire no State street. Owing to thaw promptueroi and
energy his too. was romparatively light —thusFllllAm;
him to continue the huminera in his new location ,r, the
'Mop lately occupied by Mr llehadey, decueed, where I.
will be happy to owe has old custom.r, a nd tr i , n d i
Erir,aug lb—lilt.
PRINUNN nth please reinetuber that they can Ley the
best article of Nairn Ism eyet aae.t , manufackfne4 I.y S.
H. Hamra k Sox, New Hayek, Conn , at the Oirerrere of
fice, for 22 ate. per pound. and chef/fi r er than that evt.n,
there fa any other establishment West of Batfififfebat w .11
turrosb as gfxsi an scads for less!
This Ink biased in printing the Oistererr, fiaulte, free
Press and Spectator, Erie: Rreere, canueentellie; and
Jeatrea/ and Republfesta, Mead, ills. aug
nouns', SILAS E. TEEL, of Erie, as so IN Dk:-
itENT Candidate lor Register aud Recorder, X U 11,Ot . t
to the lots of the people.
One pined of which it is said will kill a Veen
oft ars sold at a int pear, a 'beet by
junc3o-4 CARTCHk BFtii
srorita !SPONGE-Well adapted fur
Tbritalicer isle, a most aninhle moortment
at t • Drug Btorepf CARTKIt lz Ilkto
- -
MrIN Di (it) MA UDR bt-thchromate and Prao
slate of Potaab, ziu,rar of Lead, Cassia and all
other articles oiled in Dying of the very drat quality to he
bad at the Drag Store of I'ARTER Willi
tarUPI. WINSLOW ;la esperi.mccal nun
and female physician, has a l.raottliglir lyrup fo
thhuren teethia4g, which greatly facilitate, the process o
eeethlaig by matteatrag the gums reducing all indammation
-will allay all pain and is sure to rive/ate the bowel.-
Depend upon it, mothers, it will give met I. roureel, ea
asalrelief sad health to your katabta. Pvrlivrt I) safe to
II due.. Sr* adnirtierinent in amither column. Iyl7.
The recipe fir making this oelebratsil Liniment
wasoutained by a gentle -iota while visiting the Tartlet'
Empire, few yea:sniper.. W bile there he witnessed It.
use sport horses, and so remarkable were the cures, he
concluded to purchase the recipe for making ft for hie
own use, if nothing more. After returning to 1.1)/. Cu...
try, he made some, and tried it to several case. of melt
up, rheumatism, [truism; etc., and found it to curt more
speedily than any article ever discovered. Becoming ac
quainted-with the gaitletnan, I purchased the recipe, and
have made and need It with great mucoess, and found one
half hut never been told of its latrine.- value. For Rheu
matism, Spmfos, Chilblalsot, Pains in the Back or Cheat,
Cramps, Swelled Pace, Bore Throat, Neuralgia, Tooth
ache, or Barellings of slivery kind—it warranted to cure.
isor Donee Rprained,Chafevi, Cracked Heide,
etc., It la the moot valuable LIMedICII34I in vogue. The pro
prietor, knowing full well its merits, will authorise every
wont to refund the money where perfect saUsfaction
not given. A large number of cartlikatee could be given
If timasmary, hat one trial will mile). the molt skeptical
It is perfectly male to take inwardly in ease of Coin ur.
Cramp. The Liniment is for male by all Druggists.
J. iiiIFIRILL t CO., Proptiettent, No. 102 Steam mt.,
New-York. Bohr In Erie, by I. Haldwiti, No. a . Rxed
HOUND, and Carter t Bro., Park Row. april=s-47
The tuestest biscovvey of the Age l—Per the
almoot instantaneous cure of danker au the mouth, throat
or stomach, resulting from Scarlatina or Typhus lever;
or any other cause ; sore nipple*, ulcerated gum., burn;
sores of all kind., Impure breath, &c.
It is the best purifier for the breath of anything eery
oileced to the public.
To whiten and preserve the teeth, apply with a brush ;
It will histantly remove ait tartar and other 'invite sub
stances, and leave-the teeth a. white and clear a. pearls
It Is entirely free I airpolonsons an Warms; and ran
be given teen infest with perfect safety.
It is a valuable article fur every family to have in the
home, as It will remove pain from cute mai burns quicker
than anything known. ice will warrant it to give esti,
faction in every sm. Petro II ants per bottie.
J. BURRELL & Co.. Proprietor; lift Neiman street, h ew
York. aprtißB--47
Sold 1 WA; by L. I. Baldwin. No. it, Reed Nov.., auk
Cuter r Bro., Park Bow.
THIN alltlelT REMID.
Fir MIR J A Idb C
ELA CelebrsteYd
malo Plila. riaritante Liernots NY r•Taln
l'•epored frau • proweriptieo if J t Limit, hi 1,
Pkiincsa• Eslrsorghaany So Me qua*
Thu livraluabl• to...diem. id Odifil.iling in lb. "f
°ln I and 410,01 . .1.111 eiiedbadd to 11 , 1.• Ch the
Vailitliatp , n a. subjfet It inallorato• all *.e•ss &ad ,
t 00... di] Obotrnetlooo, and ► virfro.fl• ce re may be r..,.
ais preullarly •uite+l It rill, In ■ short time,
the monthly period with regularity
garb bottle, prier. (hW Donal, hear• the 14 ottootto,t
itanip of (treat Britain, to prevont counterfeit.
CI.A.:I7 • XvirCOZ47.
nese Pule ..layeld wet k obbibb by /m. 4. ifY ,, br tae
f'/AST THREE' MOIrTHS al Pregnancy, AS they err
re to Ina/ a. Agseinarnyee, tat at arm Inner hoe face
yr e.
In II wore of Nervous, and tepinal Alteetione, Pao.
the • and I luo., Irathru• on alight exertion, Palpita
Urfa r.f t Heart, ityate“co. and Whit..., three hill,
elect aCu when all other wean.. haw. failed. and
though ap. Hal remedy, do not contain
antlenony or a. thing hurtful to the co rfahtuU.n
rail directions the pamphlet arond parka.
which .bould by ca fully preserved
Solo Agent for the +Wei. a., 1
JOB , Lat. I Ilaidam
N, 1
N H —fl,oo and 8 p.atAir ot•Itil • otir 1...,,, ft ,
thortsed Agent, will inoure tile, c
by return marl.
For sale by Carter k Bro , and I. I ELI la n. g,
ang 1-Iy9.
On the 1 4 ,11 i In (Iliad pivot- n pr.,l rat
Ird and painful- illneps. WP ti
Christian fortitude. JOIIN I I; \ Ili, H,
On the 14;th inst , lifter a potivAel
59 year..
Suddenly on the I 7th ingt ol 4 hokr % I T ,
fantunt. RUDOLPH l' yotinge.t dilld of Dr I
and r aced 4-, months and ::.1•.v•
Z'o-pai(o Adrertiotments.
German School, Perry Block.
Til E new school ) rar ut tilts In.tant,,.l.
COMIXIOOI4.II on the third of September Th. •
innn abd Latin Languaa, will he taught thorringly
The orisont year, of 44 week•, it divided into qua n„
tram, of 11 week,
For Grit/310 and lAt it. it:Oin) per quarter
For t,erman or Latin ..1.•11•0, attend/tone donne, • ti•
whole day $3,40 For attendance half a day . .0
School hence from l in Itt, A Y., and from 1 to 4, l'
tug 26-2tllo. 1,01 . 1'4 WAGS F.R
"The Black Tongue and Scarlet Fever,
Ia creating quits an alarm in o' neighborhood, soil
•ant • fettle of CASTER'S EXTRACT nF aY ASI
WltElf, to be ready for It, 'it mbould make itaappearao. •
smong my etold , m, a. I hear it highly recommended ll/
each eases nlslopg my nelgtibC•r*— •of them .ay the r
are never without it in their liourrea " such were then
marks of a Fmmer at our counter priderday as he called
for • bottle of this moat valuable Ettract Let other, rt
eretrie the Baum prudence and be prepared with such ..
as en...deuce has allow it to be most sale and reliatir.
auk 2:4-12.
Tll E Partner' hip before exktitie
the nano. of Bar it Kolossy, in lb. Hoot %Lk •
bnainr•ss, va• this dal dissoirwl by mat nal runori.
The buNtro,, a 11 he vocmou•ii u heretnrom n 11
"Ib" .111b01 Net •I I the bu•;••.•
Anus her eliik-nge in t he l'ruprictur-thip of i he
Reed House Drum Store !!
k itTER have lairella•ed MT
Acid Laaocoited ..It tnetn a• Partster, ft A LANDON
to • 1 the li/ooe•• 1.. 1 1 m /ture tae coot/octet] node,
lite I.ame so I Otto o .1 A, I.A N 1111 N & Cl) 1[1110:m.1u
tin tom 1.1 " the P...toset..r, lo reirtaii acid replao.ab IL.
prraeot .M a rk, and in avere au pains or expeoire Dress...
to make Ilium Katabliallmosit one of the must extenaive la I
complete in this part of the connt • They drawn ample:
the I,eat are, lb Ig, ottferio,t !Item at pile.. Ilia ,
will astiodaetory t air reaaon&ble pr - rbt2.1.1
They feel witt•liroi that the fiomer cuatomet• t
t•l•me hiltl, on let the preseut areal:wen:seta sultoo.r.•
toloceitteul l .• 4.11.1,1UY Iwir ...i• as ItrletattrP. and lb.:
• larce p0t!,..,. .1 the Pot lII' will Is. ii.oluee.l befote
lug purel.••••••. stt 'ito. to glee Hot... • e/tli t
thtlS anus-. I , lollist hes that ht. , . gt • t ••
promote.l at Ao o. Po .1
ao; LANI.O. Al.,
).X ON% 1 ‘, It% 1 t..:h
W • nmid,
IA Ill•r IN •4 , 111/ , 'N....,••••
...1111,1 4101 •11 , 1 n,004t.
he 11.. tel hx• • , tt . • :.•I 1 .6410 gme•la, .1
el lOU cotnp'irlr 01 alwl Illiel/1011.,r 141.
..fa hundred pr loan. • to L koinfor OAT nested ••
(hr (slow( t. 4 to inn pulii.looma, and nottilL,
that wroirlu m.l Lan .'.•.1.41 for Mr enn•rniener nod a ,
riot drat I ra Way ban ow. It. I
I” il• detail,
aril repo:. ion et It, butane at home anal
aterirealfrom its Its superb appointmentk•L
It. ken, far towforis sued farrnes, ha. been oobanca-I
er are ye, nr Ili. oitintvarlod .‘Prttooo of the Proprtetue•
: ntl2 HIIC F. 1.1., WHITCOMB &
Thursday, August 30, 1860.
ID A RTI ES washing to attend the
pi...Pflug at Warren ,in t 30th inst., will lAN atlia
ed an opportunity of going or., and rrinrnlog Sam, Jai
at kiall-Eare.
Cars will leave the v•rlous Stat.,. on the iantury k
Vie Re.4ltoad, am tollows
9 00 A. 11
".n,l, 10 02
I'n on, 10 2% •• I'AtinLel.l. II 0.. 11
Couro,,l, 10 J 1 •• 1 ~u pgr I r, 12 1 , . P 11
Columbuc 11 In '• I•. me, 1:40 "
Retaratnic owl lease It ...en at thk), P II , and ter,
at Erte at abnut In lt, I' II
Quo *4 rrl6n•, Frir I
Aug 22, Psfor
TH E F#ll fet m ot the ERIE At'A Et EM Y
„,ii ,„ i m, „- ....n the I Oth el Kept. next, under
th e ,i,,,,.n0n t
rd F' A I. ti F, A Id , with competent U.I.
and F . .. 011, •111,WITItA. nod fi.4IIIIUIP fourteen weeks
I be N inter Term w,ll rflanenc...o the 2.1 of iwno•rr
ne,t, and eon Unne t4.urteeo week, and after • week ea
ration, tow Spr.o, Term • ..; sod conttooAt
fo .1 neva weeks
Terms of Tuition, nu Follow•
R....ling, IV ritmg, A rithturtie, English 4kraniniar
and t4.l.lfraphi, 1.. r trran of fnurtrisn
Latin, Gra,dt, Aliebra, 6..ornotrt, Trignnomelr,
and Survoying,
t T. API (111.1111 V, Natural. 11.,ral
and 1124,11... Anal l'hansophY.
Enroch an•i brrmau , . se h Extra,
I. A I r tia;,
auk 3112
ton cal I. Qec'•
Painting, Paper Hanging, Gl,z
ing, &c. , &c.
I .IIE SuL.rrilt•3 lieg , lea% ts to into' lu tit
1 , 0 hi , that he ha. purl haged the buetor•a of th
late firm of Utar &1. aorta, and a prepared to et •
all jOhw of I'ainttna • Paper Hanging, and 131 min. •.•h
•hich the public may favor him in inch manner n .
inch priiva as cannot fail to Omar. Be also defiiel t.
return thank, tor the •err liberal patronage extend.! i •
the tate erm and rreperttully soltcut a continuance oil ,
same. All the 1./Ink accounts mod busineme of the late
trill be settled by the undereiKned
aunt 9-11
A1)E1.11 . 114 . ` , . 1:,•1t•rago and
Tnnir ueed h) alumet eiery Planter. Home•te.l
and Ranch in the Try'. 4 It t, elver...lly adapted to tt e
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orholooome and ,iehm..n. Tout, in the wort I F
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Three Weeks from Canton.
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Goods from Auction !
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Linseed Oil ! -
1 0 BARRELS of Raw and Boiled Lin
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