The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, June 23, 1860, Image 1

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[iv B. F. SLOAN.
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LAD 14,1, 11,1.1 11
•Ir, Petal
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Vart, Eno. P.a. re -
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; P. F • Wrrrstrl
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.ta taaaartaa Proot, Prat
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WlllO. Alsoi ,16. U.
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p. ,t un,t, 14.
I )trl.l 1:••• ItENNItT'r,
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' 4 . 4 %I 141 \ 1' Writ ..,
. 11 \ I P. 11'0111'.
TT .1,1. .ICrr • 0 , 1•1
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ti'l'l' • it I N..
I't', w,. tt. ♦ 1.1 n, ,• ..! c... ' ‘'l,ler
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nth 1,or• M, 1 M 1 , , 1.. 3. a.
I' 14 • cr.. 1 • 11111 , 1 PrIPMptIT nt
at mt. 1... I`.-- 17 :4) tr
I, .
$1 a I NTI N.
ti Watris,, YID. Jew
1%0.'1 %V ,r«, I...r.king iiiit
Cutlet, ,13 , 1 Fit!, I. •• .•, P tkoilthor.
. f',r k •I
%..,e,•••• 14, •4.....1 A„lug I
I. ••i. I. T•41.1111tr. (~”! .4., 1.1 '`,loe 4n.)
it 4.4 e tf•, 4:11.45, t'sinpb.rot
t.... i r • m l, HT kr
VuLt 1%{1: 31
\ I T 11.1.1 %NI K. LANE.
.irrWUNIT AA U C0gY1141.1.01 AT LAW.-
otT, to corner menu of Roilimaarelea Block,
„r. 0., State Street and the Patine Eiquaris Erie, Pe.
Wl l airrlaT,' Office .n -.8a••••
t;iork north *Gin of Public warn, formerly oats). r n 1
ACo all work warranted.
- - - - - -
1TM..1, 1 4 11.1111AJT11.
A TrOlkErT At LA w Mex. dthstrrad.„
marl. oppoa l te the court House , Erin.' a
V •
• K. MI 11:11.1.,., Ar.
in Hozan - ' B lllllB.B
•‘• ith•ek, horth-polo the Park. Erie, Pa.
-- - -
W 11.1.1141 11 . 11 r ) , 11 , Pi 0 1;1 1. 1 .. .N . , 1..„.x.
menl Boucle and Mortgage'', Learnt, !Le., cunt ly and
r.fully drawn, ('than on tench, street, over IA S.
-I,,rptt, rocery More Erie, Pa.
.T. C. BITRGESS & ( 14).,
No 7, Bowiell Itiovk. Mate Stioet.;
1. no., 1141 /4, 1 6 i.r..9 114
mtc:".mall•Lzkavri c3rxv.
Scotch and Irish Whiskies,
P 4 Orr M AND
• C• 0111.1 1,
io , •• ISI•••,I4 • ila t•
116 , 9/10 - tii
%NI) El 1.
11,0. n loau.l tL. I.Arwt.ot and Rest Sel,ted 'tuck ol
Fine Old Whiskey
al, kn 1100,1 : , tateii, all of which fa high
11.11 , t , vij ag, P 341D1i1.1{TON
1. 4 North Frunt .L,
J. N. KLINE & CO.,
A no nr,
Wines,' Brandies, Gins, &e
\ • I •tha No 11 CAI 11,,,
. 11 1
t 4. 1489
Flour, Pork, Beef, Salt, Graiu,
No. 1, Commercial Buildings,
Nlacrit ' , IDE THE PARK
. o ..trn Mart und Prar4 %IS,
n R CA' A's"fel4
NOR 82 Chtunbors St. N. V.
1 1 - 1.1) fluid\ the Trade that this are
10..1(14 NV .4 A I , n )01.3u nfu I
r„N. „ . - I
4 i.i 1111
A- M. 0 S P , A. C - I .
.••• %%Lich t•lterh... ery Print tr. the •
0 .1, n 1 I
Ir. \la•hirr
‘11,41 . ••• 4.1 1,!% 'I 0.. 0 4.... MO:
1,0 1t1r4,44,1 I±l
- BRO'S.,
il..01;(E \\*. :4N11111.)
'Brewers, Malsters and Hop Dealers.
HVI NI, tirclia.ord th.• Ir., ult. !
Li . t:Filitct tt -MITIi.I, •.1 so . t;
Point Brewery, Pittsburg,
W.III. 1 ••••.r• ' t.. then uultro.u.,oo
n 4,1 the .1 :nu,, 4. ail r ..1 X. X.N.
1 , 1% •-•••••
tal 1 . 1111 ,1, .111
Ti ITT • LA% ;•I a 110, %;
.pt ; I
I. 1,14 I t .J 7
!11.‘Nid.ur .thmiNtsult.aii+N
H. 1. V 1 N., I lit• Murk Sulu
PoL!ttio. 11 4 • 14 Ito!real, I gyaor Bustoress ,t
r 1.1.1 P 111 Are .unnodate th. pub:, w ith
Co if oft I,(o,•ifits I.ll\l PRICES '
:4... h a n d .1 In r.olit IWO. It. h.., ! , 1,•
it E.N'T 1/ OA I S'h" '
!!! RYI.
Walt IV IN
HUSH AND s!! la!
I' h. best brands of
CIXX .A.l!bf(37' 1
rir at rant. d Yr, r 1.. r Vitrpo•e•
rrrner's Paiisilmsrg Air 1.1%.•
• Pall, the iaif it amok it 1131 1 / 1 1yr t it fell I .V.; 11
• f i I..+A Lu' , l,la
• ••I ".••1.•
, , , I .., rt. , h .;,e.l
.• i•nu
1 l•
'Win K.;
Magazines, Paper, Stationery,
. . . 3.
I. rt. r.4, ,:d, is:',9
W r i 3o 309LVI—X IP
WIT. 1.1 . (' E. thankful for the liberal
• patronage pieen him, antl..uacto that havrolt
~.rorwet.. U., asat t ataure .4 t: .1 1 ITF, he t• prepared to
.1.. all Sind- of Ihmtal cork promptly and in the latest
and t 00.% Improeed ray le., and the attention of the politic
i i• Bort', railed to that i;
~,,,!, ~, ha- b,.-0 en,,..'.4 to making tor U. part year,
to tho ord., Fati!fneti ti ot Mot pattona, that he to ouw
~.pared to pat ap Taal.* on
V I LI %NIZIII) itruitxtt.
~ h , h b..iti,..aroe stlvantarot protests...l by the (*.rutin
too. 4 sun N, It. IrNot tot it totanot 'ir -pars.. I.l' ii..- ACen
inoahttion 0. r..,,, 1114 et , into it , t he fa , . a titiolool 1. natural
exprtmalon, and for (lasts It to proliortblit to a y other
oult•rtal opt& an it r ill hot woo, the tooth lieth put
on Koh/ ..f Piker fur those • ho orator it
l'artirn'tt attention pilaf to ftlttnp , and prerteretne natu
,i teeth sod alto. Itt the eorre,tun, of Imeeularitie..—
~rr,,,„ in Flesttl', Mork, l'arl Ito.
1 }..rte, Dee 2.1, lantt—tttn2.l. ti H. LreE.
1 I_l - Elk; E SII EA Rs. l'runilig Knive;,
—— J 1'_ AftIiDEN • S
5.91,1,4, retaining Has ortronal ti... r. to small
ran. for nuttily tame, on rale at
It rte. Jana 11,11169-1
I • I 7. • i I itta. 4 I
.tnt, -i,eet, Kyle. ry.
t t•arir
bought Inc at 1. F. SKI.DEN'S
I nal pt , pared to turniah Settles of any kind of
to.. at much leas pintos than ever ivtore mold In this city.
Au 4 21.1 C. SRIAMII.
SPI( 'ES of all KINDS,
.t N.. 2, wriettr. Mark
4,60 SI 1.. M I , . RECIt WA N, KRNDinkr.
PAltls FANS. Cttlffss & HAIRPINS,
nr I rtegt St,lro,—juld opPnod et lb.
W,at Park Jarralry Mart. T IL AIATIV
Feb U. 1800
I. -•....---,,- . '44.-.7-.,-.-
-f-'.'-'7 l -I'4',, i --,, -7';'' . "- - r - ' l '''. --,#,"-!; i -, .. . .- - - -
i, , : ''/....i' ~ . ; ""' ,t•A ~. ..; ~^. r - • . 4 `i
( - -•s ; ' --' " %.,,• ^ ,
. • '', ' ›Ai , 1 . .
• w - 4-a , .........nwaeeaaea
, . ' c 4 '
. ' •• '
, 1 '
, -' I .
, •
~,• • . •
‘.. , -,L
'1 •
THE ......L____ _ . .
ERIE J , et,- '
:-- ,- k.- •
- .._ . I
EDITOR 4. PRI )PRIETOII . t•ee . y . . t ------
. „
o's' - t , JIVE - $B, 1830. NUMBER 3.
IP ' . • ... -,1;. .
~.: f that la your behalf ;it was his kisses and promise that he would never
we came here endow" smoke again." -
---- .• ~ --t- - -.'-‘'-', therms ,ifilit lletre meted' Iseult between Ms "Ali !" said I, as the secret of Tom's meta-
A BOY'S' -_ 7, ... , . ~..le- •
~. end children. For my sake, Term, think morphosis and his runt ' s Illness (11 began. to
Where th e pool. are WO* '_ „ .:''' - again before you take this Ismanirstep.". dawn upon my mind; o'how doe* Tom cones to
Where the pay taw* . ," : r 1 .7. . -
By the river and
4 Tem ;stoked quietly for a minute or two, know Julia Pisedie I"
: 4 ..•:, 1 ', "." .- . this proceeded to illustrate the miseries of "He met her on the train coming from Was-
Thies the way for
, • c:, •44 , :. Alika life , . 4 . ._ ~. . by pftsavdt from the life of Milton gow some weeks ago, and fell in love with her,
Where the b1•4114^1 64 111 - .. '' :" : • 'lntl Shelley, Caleridge and Byrne. and I know I suppose, and rho—(but you must not tell
Where the hawthorn b, • -.
• not bow may mote. He then began a brief him, remosiber)—she fell in Lose with Tom.
Where the Praline dale* .. ~
There the way for mi l t i . ,- extriiiit of Mr. 'Malthus' book, judo middle of Poor thing! she loves him to distraction, I be
' 'which I fell Weep and nearly fell forward into-' Hove. 0 1 Tom is there almost every after
where the mower. mow • --.... ' - . ' • •
Where the hay nee Wilk ,.. ' the are. so t got up and told him that it was neon."
these'to trier the . . .• '
Tharp the way for Billy as, ix Tom bade me good night with antsir of pro- self, however, 1 went home and found Tout sit
While the hotel bank lie , • -
' found compassion. sod evidently gave me up Ling ruminating over the fire
Whew* the shadow fats the
Wee the elusterinei net , , - ------ you smoking."
Thetis the way for !My - IP s 11.—A PaOlLall Welton is SeISISWALItontLY
"No, Dick, you won't catch me at that again.
Why i he bo l e should drive .' ' I lee," said he gravely, tapping himself all
It might be about • fortnight titer that, Tom
tint} sweet maiden, from • - , , over the waistcoat, "that Lam better without
or taws to banter and fight ' had occasion to be in Glasgow for *day or two.
it already.' .
Thalia the thing I never eo • • On the evening of his refuels Inotieed that he
"Dear me, already : Then Dr. ;'lout must be
Bet illitie I know, f tow* te -- . looked very abstracted. I did not pay much
Throne' the meadow, . . ' ]bays attention to the 'circumstance, but it struck me quite correct.r Oh : . h h a the way I have sad
Up the WSW r and o'er the ' that be wee. lie smoked by the fireside for never f or you, to-°4-I.'"
That 4 a the way for Billy awl,. "What ," enquired Tom• with a very lona
as hour, I am sure , before retiring ; yet all my ' .
--,-- r - ,
Of h 0 kr b . . Ittt• effort. to get hint to talk were fruitless. Wisest (we '
I turned, after saying something, and said, "I hear that your, aunt it dead '."
- .. "Rh ?" cried Tom, wheeling round in his
- ..... "Don't you think so I" or, "Strange that,
, -: chair, and giving me a look, of curious surprise,
• . - • wasn't it'" Toni nimbi start and ejaculate,
, . . mg. which is quite indescribable. ,
• "Eh r . as if he bad not the remotest Idea of
-11. -
WC .111141.1.VILLU L. . what I had been saying, as I reall y believed he 'Dead and gone, Tom, is your pour aunt ---
' , .14, ,
—....--- : ..,..... had not. yous mother's sister, you know : Mrs Pater-
I —TOY PIDGER L ' ' ; son—not Mrs. Purilie —oh, no :"
When Toni came home to dinner next day,
o- " • • • stmt. He '1 tits sipased to see that he had got his hair You should have seen Tom's face all ibis
44144 , 1 411 i° 11 ° , ofd cut. I would hardly have knoWn him in the time. Shame and werrimeut, curiosity and
--heart became mr ,„, it. chagrin, chased each other off and ou no rapid
la , , is not contain ~llsik,o,Tom I Got your hair cut ly that they sometimes appeared to be all mix
,"L" 3•us by falling "Tee," replied, Toni, with something of Irri- ed up in the same expression. ..I.t last the lud
da • a rerY hoe , tation in his tone, I thought. icrous prevailed, and Tout broke into shouts of
laughter which it:would have done your heart
It ~. • shoulders "bid you never see a Mow with his heir
.. • 1 • .011ndin, her cut before !" good to hear. lie looked very red in the face,
.„ ..,
d ''
• * Oat loan "I navewr.seen you very often, Torn." though, being clearly a good deal ashamed of
'before Be insidliiiio reply. and is It seemed to an- himself. He made me tell how the secret had
a, - ' • • fide- noy WM Y said nothing more about it. But come out, and finding that it really was out.
J ow l b lue d ra in y It did "L ou i s * ins ; an d m y astonish- he became quite gushing lie made Elie sit by
. ' I took; the meat was by no mennstlirainished when I found hits at the fireside and gave a minute and cir
... • prevent s the that next morning he brdshed it earethily— cumstantial account of the whole transaction
Co, 4
a•, , ty oil the o il e d i t , y o a.l etas cow l s "; : bra-het, I e ssm i —how in returning front Glaswow by express
pi , . presented me , n bags ofind.,„ o il hit his dim per one am:nth* he found himself in the same carriage with a
Id sugar, (wh:oh when I was bunting for a podkat.hatadharephitt fine old gentleman and his danghter—"such a
. •
,'- „ n ) bull wi r wh a t nest should I g is hi m &h ig h s * a pp ear . - beautiful girl, Dick :"—and how he and the old
. c , .„ l,,i *. 14** d om i s hi rt every " wa d d a y or so , an d gentleman conversed, and she listened—listen
•i , .
...., •--l i gyteffietips msse n mi; with_ .p r itA sm i sss e ed with such interest that he thought within
..,, p iio' - * ' iiii
firing, seeking the I • li ma came hitstslef, .. Well, here is a sensible girl for once."
: - '"1 1 0 11. 4 * :
13, 161041
~ bons, to Then how the old gentleman ensconced himself
s: '' ' • ••• • • -
and' • tiliapll ' ' 4luat teonld hate avers that Woes feet in asorner and fell asleep, and Tom found that
i ' street. tom ininaltnever get into theta. rdieetrreied, tab, he could not keep his eyes off the young lady—
* ' ; I,
* Mew. bet' Inkoist Mrs Ptitobnrd;) that Tdm had taken "the meal beautiful girl, Diek"—and more than
ty • •T. hat gTadp- litilthivhsg *imolai, and was daily on the out- that, he caught her every now and then Peer" .
tp • ,04 t h ou gh ; y - . , • . f a si gi lr es s„ •jel t , smssseset s, wa s -us., lag slily at him, and when be caught her bow
li • 0 .., :,.., :St '' : • • • •-•
''• ... • ' teblild not ferthelife of me iiesonit she bloshedl„ "And Ido believe." said Tom,
t ..= ~;.u ' . i .
~." 'hit , it i;:yetAlrittiraksewreak. la good one, su and, ••that I blushed too, I 6111. ya . eh a—such a sort
I „ l" .. •, • as I, ' Ina rehelfilg s t when I spok e at funny ailoven v on,, , ..,, ." said Tutu, with
ttc 1 "•,• 1. . . „tishisitieettil it test to keep quiet. Ink ei-OmmAjgr g ron, .4 r • bawl. .
ir . .', it ni .• . . 7 ...: ''
TolifiLk se Itildinstottor . 6 . • no. ikoL,ths . L , ;man woke up when
bo v. .
... , ► I .11,4:--- • i ,
i, ... „. 14 1... et:r4 , :,
.: , .„,. : : -7 ,.. , : the thilto%" .. yr _coital itr, and chatted again. ,
vs ' ''. ' '
.-- • , -,, , ..,..f. ',. 14. • ' .41 111 M 1 01 dbleintosed 14 the surprise and
' V!' '- " ,i- > ,,,,.., 4,
,„: -•-•'.-',.'„,. • - ,-•,. m - ' ~ ..,
_..1 , . ~- 1:! , y ! ~: ~ .p.• • , tbat beandTMn's uncle
- 51 f- ---: I:''' :4 4 ' : :t 4i" . - ' 4 : . - - .. '"if 4 7. 1.1 7 ;z not Arc ; • .. , :areal uncle this time—
. (
''.'",•.:•:"N"' '.-.• ',.• •:^•-, • , ..' " . ^ , : . • •
'- ' . i._ - ' 4 ". '; -j s ': ''
'''' ••
.)'". S 4 4, '.' .. ' .' ' ..k.>''4/t; \ -.. 1 ' Jr-- ; ' : l i o ' i !!' m td e T° l4 (
~ . • • • t ,
- -. _ .
- ..+ - his card, and told him to call w enever he bar
PORK, &c.,
ALS. 10.,A1
Choice Old Monongahela,
1i V M S.: 1311E9..
N 4. , A /./ N.! 4 CARROLI
I \O'‘oll'Llts OF
1 aci o 1 pixin.
t Pit for
11.4. ••••
i l / 4 I 14 ‘i
• I,l} i N I I"
Ij. \u
IL P. KNoIGIN. Proprietor
The phrase, "down in the month," is said
to have bees originated by Jonah about the
time the whale swallowed him.
Hon. Francis P. Blair has resigned his
seat in Congress. He intends to go before his
constitutents as a candidate for re-election.
The law prohibiting the manumission of
slaves in Maryland went into operation on the
Ist of June In view of this no less than one
hundred and thirty-six 'latet have been manu
mitted in Frederick County alone since the let
of March, when this law was passed. ,
-- There is a wonderful mean man up in No
ble county, Indiana. Some time ego he got a
divorce from his wife, who, biking left without
support, became a charge upon the county.—
The husband solicited and obtained thekeeping
of her, and he now maintains her at the expense
of the county.
- We are pained to learn thelJudge William
Kent. who went south in the Winter with the
hope 01 improved health, has returned, and now
ilea extremely ill at his residence in Fishkill.
Ile passed the greater part of the Winter in
Texas and New Orleans, and returned in better
health shout the Ist of May. Since then, how
ever, he has gradually declined and i■ now ly
ing at the point of death.
- Peterson, the Arctic voyager whu aC
cutupanied Dr Kane and Capt. McClintock's
Arctic expeditions, and whose services are hand
somely alluded to by Dr Hayes in hie "Arctic
Ituat Journey. - is now living iu a small village
near i'opennitgen His wife in a half-breed Ea
yonnaux. and is totally blind Peterson has
been cordially received by the King of Denmark
since iliS return.
Nlanaula Pinto, who was over one hut:k
ilted and twinty years of age, and probably
the oldest inhabitant of California, died at San
Benito, on Half Moon Bay, on the lat of May
in the full poossession of her intellectual fac
oliies She wit% a native of Mexico, but had
retiiiled in California a great many years. She
lett litany deeendents in Santa ('lara County.
Soul Sleepers is the name of a new relig
tons sect which has recently made its appear
ance tit Fairfield, lowa • Four men and one
woman, apostles of the sect, have been tarry
ing at that place and sleeping in a tent. They
are opposed to churches, deny the divinity of
ehriss, teach that the soul is a material sub
stance. and sleeps with the body until the re.
surrelet lon
Francisco Perez Pacheco died at his re.4i
dence in Monterey about three weeks ago: lie
was mie of the wealthiest of the old Californi
ans, pr rather Mexican citizens of California,
f.,r h was born in Guadalajara. lie went to
Monterey about forty years ago, a poor man,
and worked for a long time at his trade of wag
un In the course of time he succeiled
n getting possession of fine ranches and great
herdh of cai tie, which he sold at immense profit
ut .4g4 and '7O
St.tro •N•,
12RiL, Pd
A 'N 1' E POINT -I( is a nice point lo decide
e aq ly when n •• girl " becomes • '• young
' '
the cause turned upon the point whether the
defendant a daughter was a child. entitled to
he hoarded at half price, or a full grown 91.cei
men, of the female article, 'competent to have
the t-• question popped' at her, and to faint
away at an affirmative response. It i, now
Ve:tle.l that a young lady any delicau• in ti
ittloal tot the feminine gentler who will not
toush onions stewed in huller, or eat awe hoil
e•l attlittage. Thi4 great principle. which nopo
futtiver attttle the tittetstion, watt promulgate I
by t knowing witneis on the trial referred to
-o- 1)n the 1.4 lust • the renolence 01 J.,11u
if n,krit a farmer in prosperou. , . circumat
locate.) about nine ellen front St Lout... took
tire awl a:V.4 burnt to the grotool 11hile the
thone- were raging Hackett MRS vetted wit It a
beget thlt the bllliaitlff lifiti been fired by hi.
t-t !tut five year. old, and picking the little
fellow op he threw him into the tlatnea The
rhuht waa attnomt immediately reactied, by the
1) rt.tan.ler.t, but hi. leg... arms and other pot
Non. of hot body were go horribly burned att t..
proeltvle all hope.; or his recovery The 1111-
natural tallow Iva+ at - re-dell and held for ec-
11.3nRITILE. -A man with an umbrella in bi
hand called at Senator Sumner's lodgings on
Monday and inquired if Mr. Sumner was In"
Senator Wilson wan immediately sent tor, who,
upon reaching the spot, at once asked the man
standing in the entry what he wanted of Mr
Sumner ! Mhe man replied he had a little bill
agninst him for tapping a pair of boots Wilson
examined the bill, said it wascorrect, and Sum
ner paid it, whereupon the worthy cobbler
spread his umbrella and left Burlingame
soon arrived, but found no blood upon the
I' .Anut her man called the next day'
But no danger is apprehended ; tturlirgarur
there nOstral Poe.
A little girl of Mr L. Thompson of Klan
tone, e h4litalltifta live years old, a few
weeks since swallowed a gravel stone of the
size of a large bean. It lodged in one of the
brancheanf the bronchial trunk. After a few
days of irritation there it would be blown or
thrown up into the larynx, and strangle her
till she *ante black in the face then, as
the tensinn of the muscle relaxed, it would fall
back to the, former place She was taken to
Buffalo, and Dr. White mettle an incision In the
windpipe and removed the obstacle. The child
way pot under the influence of chloroform and
laid on a table. A cut was made below the
larynx. near the breast bone, and the blood
sponged dry. As the air entered the hole vio
lent coughing ensued, which threw up the et o ne.•
She was turned on her face, en inetrnmeat was
introduced into the passage, and the stone
taken out.
A good joke is told at the expense of an
attache of one of the ReptihLican journals of
this city. Last Friday evening he was hasten
ing from the telegraph office with a fresh dis
patch from Chicago in his baud, when an cc
quainianee stopped him with the inquiry:
"Who is nominated for Vine President!"
"Cannibal Animal, of That-001in. and a strong
nomination it is, too::
"But who is he!•'
"Why dont you know Cannibal Animal, of
Wisconsin ! Haven't you hard of Mutt"'
"No; I don't remember. Let me lookrat your
The dispatch was shown, and the acquaint
ance discovered that his informant got things
•slightly mixed.
"Why," said he. ••it is Hannibal Hamlin. of
"is )t "" said the attache "Well, it don't
make touch difference - -Attcree Atlas end Ar
45entta1 Itttro.
A Leap-Year
Tom Philter and I are
WWI one of my earliest se"
I loved him like a brother
so full of lore for Tom tht
it all, so I disposed of the
desperately in lore with hi'
nice young lady, about a
taller t hen myself. It.
te valentine, in which amt
was depicted kneeling iw a
a lady to whoin he was mak,
claration or lour in a fat "
from hi+ mouth—in whifth
litre:tut/on to insert in)
possibility of niktake as fo,
part). ,In return Miqa Pi
with a large pink heart that
Turn and I ate that same
own heart bhe re , •erved for'
er, to whom she irns mitre
%lien Tom an.l I grew
Edinburg—hr to College
we took room. , together in
had always been rather
now he heenrae intoherabl:
ally Lerame limp and naj
threw ow very lova,' hi
openly rentongtrated with
remained in ronstaat use.
wit of it by assuring' him
ken for en Irishinap ; art;
titilk-hoy with a peith e ito
your hatter'." hut. in
too, he wore till
the seams and•
the r , .rner 'f Worth College otrest, and say in
m) sterioue undertone. "Any old eloes,sie
invariably tiddrei.o.l hinrtelf to me. And re-
al!) a w,,uld have been a very gratuitous iw
auwpiion 11. hare slpp Mel that Tom had any
riot It older t 1.10,e he wore
A., to i n ., tiet t , t ,. I ot,t i to if he would el, Pr
hive chuntt•ed it it Id 11 , t1 l'nteltAxd mad.'
Loin, ttf t•tt, tn.! elenn stilr. tutu hi. bol-rocKit
every :stittriny tu. rtung lkowe I•unt Vl/1.1 UT, nod
.••trrytng the 4,ne
'Pont . Lair • tram +lteet neglect, becanie long
and frt. wic tine ht). I renleutlicr. when he
,Lobit ..eetue,i 4,, dry and
matted that I could not turttear reutuuvtraung•
• l'(),lthri). TOlll, 1 •anl. 'you must pay
rume attention to tour per,onal appearance
11Ity your head 1. 11'we a limp
Is it ' sold Tow ' Let it he. so It saves
I Iltit. •cud trutible
I would have urged that the ladles wonla
nes er look at him II he sent t•lt•thlttly. hul
. I knew
lbw to he a aottian lister -or rat her
3 W4111131/ - SeVrTIVI tut' he did not think them
1 wailed that point S'4l thinly.;
went on a , hefore.
wurth Luiug
I Was not a W.,41:111 hater, 1. r I had I.ecome
enamored ut Funny Lowteles— s or b a dear fit .
Ile tiling wooed her, nod, last Dec..nt -
her, proposed and seas accepted
-Tom, - .nel I. one nigh' when we were
Itleing our mmni pipe by the fireside tietiire
going to I.e I -Tom. )on know Fnnny Lown
-I've hear,' enough shoot her.".replimi Tom
-Well, she and I sire to be ;toweled, next
Tom gave a •hors laugh aq if he considered it
a good juke.
On my honor. Tom, we are
Tom's face becarue grare in an instant. and
afler looking steadily at toe for a few momenta,
to assure himself that I was serious, he slowly
took his pipe from his month and laid it on the
mantle-piece. "Well. Dick, I did not expect
this of you." Ile looked mournfully into the
fire a few moments and then resumed--•• Flare
you thought on this subject! Don't you know
as well as I do that once married you &redone
for, there is no baoking oat again' At your
time of life, too, with all the world before you
—why it's sniei4ie: moral and intellectual sui
cide oh ' it cannot be !—you are joking: .
"I assure you, my dear fellow. I ant unite
"Then you are demented," said Tutu, hitch
ing himself back in his chair. "Von think it
is all poetry, I suppose. Wait till the curtain
lectures commence you won't find much poe
try in than. Children, too ; why, my dear
fellow, you'llintre your house swarming with
them before you know what you are about.—
The rate st which children multiply is prodig
ious. Have you read 'Mr. Maldives' book—his
.Essay on Population" Read that book."
“I have read it." •
-Read it again, and apply it to your own
rase. Poetry ! you'll find precious little poe
try about children. It's bad enough to hare
these young Pritebards caterwauling night and
day in the nursery there, but wilt till you are
In the midst of the Babel and can't escape.—
Wait till you - hove to wipe theehikiron's noses,
like that poor, wretched Pritchard, and be
badgered out of bed whenever a ehild so much
as squeaks. YoU'll know what the poetry of
lovers is 'then, my Trojan,"
Tom concluded with a prophetic jerk of his
head, and proceeded to re-light hie pipe
"I have always feared it. might noose to this,"
continued he, "since that time Ton fell in love
with my sister lieggy. RerVeartying Balms
".1)1' course you would I've said so often.
Von should get one of those Ifighland cloaks:
they look very comfortable ; they are I.i.ltion
able, too ' And Torn aetually came home that.
evening in one, pre:eniing. I nine* say, a very
iuipueing appearance
Attl now Tout. 11110 could not be coaxed CAI(
of the hou•o except in college hours. evinced a
sudden propensity for afternoon walks—a pos
itive passion for then] ^Lick.'• he would say
at the very aim^ when I used to enjoy a read
"Dick, pnt on your hat_ and let us
hate a stroll
by thy fi rt. ;
I went, hilt it watt not x stroll. It RBA any
thing hot a 41roll It was It regular unvarted
walk to the : Royal eircoi, twice around the eir
co.+ and hank again. It was the coldest and
bletkc•tt aq l mo.t , li.ttal round which could
have lieett aclected. Yet tha4 rontr Tom would
take, and no other Soon however he gave
over a.king me to go--seemed anxious• an NO,
thht I shottl•lu't go tine day, in particular,
he suddenly appeared fully equipped. and said,
••Well. I am of on a a* roll "
“Wait one minute,' said I. "sal I shall he
with you "
••Iton't mind, said he: "I !than , be long It
looks as if it were going to ralt. - and hurried
out. The afternoon wore away--tea time mac,'
yet Tom had m•t returned He didn't return
till half past ten
••11a11oo, Tom, y o u hart. taken a tolerably
long ..troll to-night -•'
' I hwke•l up to see my aunt She's
not very well just now •
-Your aunt
"Aunt Paterson-- tier's sister I dou t
think you know her '
I certainly did not had never heard of her,
to my knowledge
Next day when we had finished dinner, we
drew our chairs to the fireside, and I proceed
ed to make some observations on the condition
of Italy
"Oh. hang it" cried Tout, clapping his hand
to his coat-pocket, ••1 have forgotten to post
that lettor.•'
Ile threw on his hat and cloak, and Was off.
Half-past ten again before he returned
"Halloo, '!'cm," I said, "you have taken a"
tolerably lung while to post that letter -
"No: I was up seeing my aunt
'•Ott. yes! by the way, is she betterto nigher'
"Not decidedly so : rather worse, I should
say. if anything
••I am sorry for that : hot come let us have
a quiet pipe."
"Not 10-night, thank you
"What !" I exclaimed in eonsiderable aston
ishment, for Tom smoked every night with the
regularity of clock-work vmoke before
going to bed'"
"No : I find that it is not agreeing with me.
I iiee Dr. Prout...howv that it rwins the 'tonsil-
So TOM retired, and I sat and smoked alone,
wondering whether Tom mould be insane, anti
where this extraordinary change might be ex- .
peetod to end.
Next night I was making some arrange
ments with Fanny for our approaehing mar
"Oh Dick!" die paid. •what a marry fellow
Tom Pldger .."
"Tom Pidger ! wore did you ere him!"
"Why, he took tea with ta at Mrs. Pnrdie's
last night."
^Mrs. Peterson's, you mean."
"Mrs. Purdie's Royal elms. Julia, you
tacna, was a school companion of mine. We
had such fun breaking the pipes in Tom's pock
et: and at lam, Julia made him get down on
penen . he neigborhoodofßoyal threw ,
Tom then proceededwitlithemuh.e.luent fetntl
Rhich he had got shout hall through when I
prevailed upon liiui to stop, for. he time tieing,
in consideration of the latene.s of the hour It
VOLS liet Lltaly I.IIA two to the uotrning "Now
to morrow. Tout, as we p tried for the
night, • we might call tOgethiel 1114 eee Jilt t'
VOll will be sure t,i,kit hi r. efie's •• , ucll bvati
tiful girl, Dick
Neat day we .1,1 call. and turned Out
to he:a most beautiful gid. I don t think I
have ever seen a sweeter little girl—Flinn). of
course exceved. The week after Fanny and
1 were married, and left town ou out marriage
lit -s I ICI LTI .kl - 1•1 kt T01:11.Y 1.%
The tuurtitug tolluwiug our return, I h t.l u
note trout 'tom, ,hat he would call 11141
afternoon ou very partl_ulry I iue,i-
Ituurd 11.10 Fanny.tvllaughed, furl
to know intuitively wilOl \ ••1 y parrwular
bustue.t. - way lout Colt' , to 1111; , . for tr,unrr,
but he ate neat to nothing, aud.vetlied urtuum-
Lrumly nervous 11 6..11 thing.; 111 ere cle:tee.l
away, and Toll] 1101 I %ere titling alone With :1
tumbler of heturo its!, I brOnelle I
-This cry part Inone" ut yourq.
Tune, what u. at '
-Well, - an id Toni. fingering his glass neorTou•-
ly ••I shall you it I- , 100 know
..11f course I do '
Tom gulplied down quantity ucgum. mud
resumed .
•Well, I have been thinking—ent thiuking,
in fact—that i , =-1 want to marry Ju
all about it : and Tom who 1'4,1 blushed the
deepest crimson to tho very roots of hia hair,
wade another Ralph at the neguti, and nearly
choked hitinvelf It was with great difficulty
that I could keep froru laughing at his enibur
rasement—but I dill
"Tout, - said I, very -ulcnily, ••1 did not ex
pect this of you at 3 our time of life, too, with
the world all before you : Why, it'ssuicide, mor
al sad intellectual suicide. You think it•s all
poetry. Its my boy, wait till theturtam lec
tures commeuce— •
"Oh ! come, come. Dick, this is Lou said
Tom. stirring his neve violently.
"But do tell me this, Tom : have you calcula
ted the prodigious rate at which children
? Have you read Mr. Malthus; book ?
Ho ! Tom, Tow I could refrain no longer.
and laughed right out, hi the infinite relief of
Tom, who Laughed right Quito°, and got e‘ce.-
sively jolly at his own eapenee.
"Ktw then, you know what I want, - .std he
at length, "tell me how to go about it. '
"Why, propoee."
"Propose' of course; but how to propose.—
there's the rub. I attempted it ou four differ
ent oecasion‘, and always stuck at the ticklish
hit. I thought to propose by letter. and began
half•*-du:en different sleets.• but could not
write one to please we. I tried poetry, and
failed there too. Now, Dick, what I waut is
this—l want you t tell pee exactly how you
tusgaged it, and perhaps I could do so to "•
pepped the pion ion in a very simple way
_quite unpremeditated. to ). I had been
lag an evening with Fanny. and at last got up
end said. Walling mit my watch —4 his one.) ••It
is late, I must-be off." "Oh no" she said, ••It
mane ten yet." ••Look for yourself.•' She
looked and observed the landscape on the face
.4111, what a sweet little cottage I the said,
pointing to it -Lear we. su Rid. I neverlook-
- 44 - aitisiitsedirty Wiwi'?" Ilfbitirmaldlymi
fay, 7iiiinj,ile frip *lag a gee li ttle *Wage
..Ilk'. that for cotreelvds, eh, and 'sending Musa
won?" Well, she blushed, and I Waled bet
and said, shall I, love ?" and she squeesed my
hand, which means, "Oh do." and so the thing
was settled."
"By Jove 1" cried Tom, striking Use table
with his hand, "that's admirable 1 !could ma
ss. that I think. Mak, glee me your wake
for a night ; there is nothing en the fees of
mine." The watches were exchanged in an in
stant, and Tom, who would not wait a moment
longer, put off for fiord Circus, in a Matte of
intense excitement.
It stems that on the way Tom's excitement
became so overpowering that he was obliged to
fortify himself with two separate glasses of
brandy. He reached Col. Purdis's about six
o'clock, and in the 'wares of half an hour or so
found 'himself alone with Julia. Apprehensive
that if he lost this opportunity he might get aw
other that night, hp pulled out the watch and'
said :—"Getting late Julia, I must be of."--
"Late ! why, it is not seven yet." "Isn't it ?
Look for yourself," maid Tom turning the flee
of the watch towards her ; "ah t your watch is
not right ; look here." Julia looked Why it
is not seven on yours either." Dear me," said
Tom 'with an assumption of great ipmeaishmest
"neither is it. Pretty landsciipettliat f—this
here.r "So it is ; very sweet cottage," "Very
sweet cottage !" repeated Tom with great ener
gy. I mil, Julia, what would yea—what would
you say—it would cost to engrave that ?"—Al
as 1 for poor Tom, ha had failed ones more.
Of this. however, I was ignorant, and called
next morning to ascertain how Imbed succeed
ed. Tom was out, and as I could not wait, I
sat down to scribble a note invitingiumupthat
night to tell me the result. I took his desk,
end was rumaging for a scrap of paper s /rhea
my eye fell on a sheet scribbled and blotted all
over s ith what I et once perceived to be Tom's
matrimonial proposals in verse. On the first
page he had collected a host of rhyming words
to he introduced as they might happen to suit
his turn There were bliss and kiss, sing and
ring, life and wife, and many other sentimen
tal monosyllables. Then there was Julia and
peculiar, with s query after it ; also Purdy with
sturdy, and hurdy-gurdy, but he had drawn
his pen through these. Ile had even attempted
Pigder, but apparently without success. On
the next page were his numerous efforts to put
these together after various models:—
"T e be or not to be, that as the quesUota."
Then a blank line ending with the word "di
gegtlon" scored ottt. After that came
* era 1 sp.ak, not a lettot or Dots.-
f"lbowed by two blank linos ending wick the
"(local-ion." Then cam* en adaptation of
a B4ular song :
t uSeitastal star t Meter
Twiakiiag ogre Etrjulass lihe la
that I arraid &lA*" WSW t
Star ttt say *moo ? war ammo r
After this were some curious hewoutitars about!
"His bear( bast cola sad Weak. sod Ida bane tall or
madams sad roam f"
and at least half-s-dosen cop*, with varieties
of his greatest and final effort, which was
fairly copied out by itself in the centre of the
last page :
"1 sat this,:
wilt Uwe he Woo
Tell se, bell ll* JollB 6.
Say Up, vordlle,
Darftag had*,
eau you kw* pea sem trotter
My heart as fond,
All parallel beyood,
/Übangi' iu peelere peeellar."
There were many ether verses, and fravnents
of vanes, but this Was cridently the
I had seareely iiMaked m7.ssts
came in. His deed loglt Obi
el l er;
hearted. Never .tay dio,you know, while there's
a shot in the locker
Tom shook hi hold diapairingly, as if con
hewn. that the I. , eker had been completely
emptied the night before. I cheered him up as
ceuld and left him.
"Fanny, sail 1, when I got home, "we must
intnage this Lusine, , for Tom. The poor fellow
is getting wore aml worse. Au idea struck me
on !he wa) home This to leap year you know
Now, don t )uu :link you could persuade Julia
to pop the que,twn
Fanny was exces.ovely shocked ii the idea at
first, but when I exhibtted it in its most favor•
able lights. she admitted the propriety of the
plan, and we consulted how it could be beat car
ried out. It was Wittily arranged that Fanny
.hotild gu and tell Julia all about it, show her
Toni s letters un the subject,' and tell shout his
cowiultat tun with me--that as Tom was to be
there that night, Julia should watch her oppor
tunity, and, in an off hand manner, ask him
to let her see that cottage on the watch-face
again -• tl i at when Tom expressed himself una
ble to ••caticfy production," Julia should say,
-Never mind, Tout, we can get one just like it
for ourselves, can twe This is leap year you
know I propoAe we should- - orsomething
id that effect And I felt sure, front the mis
cheriotts ezrre-sion ofJolia's eyes, that she
was just the one to lit it, though it were for
nothing but the fun of the thing.
Accordingly Fanny set out for Royal Circus,
and I expeete•l to hear nothing more about it
till her return , but just as I was sitting down
to tea, a cab pulled up at the door, the bell rang
curiously, and in the twinkling of an eye, Tom
titirvt into the room in a perfect transport of
delight, with his head more like a mop than
the lad I t , ild him it was, and a hat far too
for t of I'urdie's, It must have been
- on the very back of his head
-.hal,. my hand, old fellow," cried Tom,
stunitiliti, over the cat, and nearly overturn -
the te.l ihtng.. choke away, it's all right—it's
all right.
What'' , right •"
.•.ltilia, of course. What year is this '—the
year --he quick twin' Confound it! don't you
know what year it is" and Tom in his impa
tience accompanied each word with a poke of
ht. , knuckles
—Why, it t. IRtitt.
••Leap year' cried Tom, giving me a fright
ful dig in the ribs that sent me staggering
against the —Leap year, you old fool.
and Julia popped ihe question. Ha' ha "•
-I'6u : don't mean it
•• It's a fact, I assure you. She asked for a
look at the cottage— ou your watch, you know
anal I 111" tight, II! Whitt & Splendid chant*,
if I 113. i t, {tut . s f course I hadn't. Never
switi Julia getting very red in the fat*,
owl •tuuptug down to pick up something, this
is leap year, you know , so I propose that we
get uue. She did, Dick, upon my word. Did
you ever hear of anything so extraordinary
The very thing,you know that I was to have
said' Well, I felt some thing jump right into
my throat, nod noi a word could I utter, but I
ran over and—"
Tom could say no more for ehuskling, but he
made s violent. demonstration oft:clasping some
one in his arms, which was sufbeiently expres
sive: and then, in the exhuberanee of his joy,
began to beat s devil's tattoo on Col. Pnrdie'■
luu and to execute a dance, • shade or twq
wilder than the Highland sing, round and
round the table.
Tu which exhilerating exercise Ithall lear•
him, to advise all young bulls" who have beaux
like Tout rolger to glean front my story, and
Out lunge' the date.